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5th April 2012, 8:52 PM
Rated PG-13, Enjoy.


A Eevee, another Eevee, and (you did not guess this) a Ponyta we're sitting in front of a large flat-screen TV. On the screen looked like a game with a teeny tiny red man, a green, tall man, and a guy that had a mushroom on his head who was twice the size of the teeny red man.

"Oh, shut up." The second Eevee who seemed to be the one called "Maria" had replied, her eyes focused on the TV. The mushroom man hit a yellow brick with a "?" on it and out came a mushroom exactly like on the mushroom mans head. Once getting it, the mushroom man grew twice his size.

"Give him a break, Mario Bros is the best game that existed when we were alive, and he stole mushrooms from you all the time." The Ponyta said with a hint of strictness.

"Katrina, Could you please just shut up and play the game?!" The other Eevee asked through gritted teeth. "I'm almost up to level 10."

"Comet, you are on level ten." Katrina told the Eevee called Comet as she picked up her controller.


"Hey look, were up to Bowsers domain!" Maria announced, and fiddled around with the controller while they entered the castle.

“BULLET BILLS SUCK, THEY KILLED MARIO.” Yelled Comet after 10 seconds on that level, after she got hit by a missile that had a face on.

“You know that was Luigi, right?” Maria told Comet, but he stormed out of the room. Maria and Katrina looked at each other and giggled.

“Boys.” The said together and followed him out, after turning off the device that seemed to be powering up the TV.


Comet went outside, and strutted outside for a bit. He was starting to abuse his powers of being dead, such as causing a tiny fissure and breathing a bit of fire. Then he calmed down, made a swing set appear out of thin air, and swing for a bit.

"Hey Comet! Guess what?"

Comet hopped off the swing and looked around, but couldn't seem to find where the voice was coming from.

"Oh, you can't see me. Coming dowwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnn....oof!"

An rather large Electrike fell down from the sky above, landing right on Comet. Comet stood up and the Electrike fell down, then came back up with a look of apologys on his face.

"Sorry...at least I know my Invisibility spells and teleporting spells work...Well, teleporting kinda..." The Electrike confessed, and then pointed toward the forest.

"I'm having a picnic-"

"-Wonderful surprise-"

"-And was wondering if you would like to come."

"Sure, sure."

"Alright then, see you at 3!"

The Electrike ran off, and Comet wondering if he really should come.