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8th April 2012, 6:52 AM
my first Pokemon is Serperior. it has high speed and high defense so it can use moves like toxic and it won't take much damage.

moves: toxic, leaf blade, energy ball, grass knot

held item: miracle seed.

stats: ATK- 80, DEF- 80, SP.ATK- 70, SP.DEF- 88, SPD- 102, HP- 117

LVL 39

PS. i don't Ev train

my second Pokemon is bouffalant. it has great ATK so i can use moves like head charge and giga impact to do massive damage.

moves: giga impact, head charge, mega horn, swords dance

held item: none

stats: don't know. haven't got it yet

golett- golurk

this Pokemon is good because its super effective against electric, rock and fire. has high atk meaning i can take out electric, fire and rock Pokemon with earthquake.

moves: earthquake, hammer arm, focus punch, heavy slam

held item: light clay

stats: golett- ATK- 61, DEF- 40, SP.ATK- 31, SP.DEF- 48, SPD- 34

Braivary is my 3rd Pokemon because it is friggan cool. need i say more?

moves: brave bird, thrash, superpower, hone claws

held item- none

stats. n/a


this Pokemon is buff and tough and can pretty much stand up to anything. its ability is solid rock, so electric, ground and fighting atk's ARE REDUCED!

moves: crunch, surf, smack down, ancient power

stats: ATK- 93, DEF- 117, SP.ATK- 76, SP.DEF- 55, SPD- 35

lvl 38


zoroark is another Pokemon with high atk. its also got high spd and Sp.atk, so i can switch it in and quickly take down the foes Pokemon

moves, sucker punch, shadow ball, foul play, scary face

stats: ATK- 87, DEF- 61, SP.ATK- 100, SP.DEF- 60, SPD- 88

Held item: black glasses

lvl 37

8th April 2012, 7:44 AM
Your format is slacking, Fix it and more people will help ;)

8th April 2012, 11:44 AM
Braviary@Life orb
Adamant Nature
{Sheer force}
~Brave Bird
~Bulk Up
~Shadow Claw
Shadow Claw for defeat those Ghost+Psychics because that wall Superpower, and Superpower for deal with Dark/Steel types thats wall Shadow claw and your STAB. Brave Bird is The STAB. Bulk Up for Helping Sweeping.
Careful Nature
~Stone edge
Earthquake+Stone edge is a amazing combination. They complement it other very well, and is even better with STAB Waterfall.
Curse for help sweeping.
Good Luck, friend ")

8th April 2012, 5:18 PM
Take light clay off golurk.

9th April 2012, 4:10 AM
Please use the format laid out in the rules, this is very hard to read.