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14th April 2012, 11:25 PM
Orre needs a king
By Aduro

Chapter 1.A Hare-Brained scheme
Contains reference to alcohol, anime style battling and mild strong language

For the first time in over a year Wes gazed upon the Outskirt Stand. It still smelled of gasoline and dust. The heat was as maddening as ever and he saw the same man he had seen there the year before, ushering him towards the bizarre diner.
“Wes!” exclaimed the man before him, he wore a beige jacket shot with crimson marks. His most striking feature was his spiked bright pink hair, a common colour in the Orre region, the reason why had never been clear. “It’s been too long since we’ve tangled, I haven’t had a decent match in ages.”
“Yeah,” said Wes grinning “It has been too long Will. But still there’s something I need to talk about first, believe me there’ll be more battling then even you can handle by the time this year’s over.”
“This is what you mailed me about right? This is going to be another hare-brained scheme isn’t it” asked Willie, “let’s hear it inside the bar okay?”
“Sure, I’ve come all the way from bloody Sinnoh after all, I could use a drink”, muttered Wes.

The two men walked into the Stand and Willie hailed the barman, “Two of your least warm beers, Jim” he shouted over the general chatter of the place.
“Now then,” asked Will, putting his feet up on the table between them “what brings the hero of Orre all the way from bloody Sinnoh to a trashy place like this.”
“I’ve got a proposal to put to you, and several other skilled trainers from around here” muttered Wes, he turned up the jukebox. The music was fast and vaguely sinister. “I’m going to change this region”.
“You already did that Wes, this desert has almost no organised crime now and the rest.” Willie stopped for a moment to take a drink then paused .Hang on, where’s Rui anyway?”

Wes spat out his drink and coughed loudly, causing Willie to burst out laughing again. “Trouble with the ladies eh?” said Wes’ smug friend.
“No.” said Wes, decidedly but just a little too quickly. “She’s err still in Sinnoh, working in an academy as a guest instructor.”
Another grin split across Willie’s face as he finished his beer. “Interesting, I think you’ve given me a rather brilliant idea. Why don’t we have a match and if you win, I’ll help out in your hare-brained scheme. If I win then I’ll stop pretending I believe your foolish excuse and you’ll tell me what happened with your young lady.”
“All right then“, said Wes. There was still no hesitation but this time the youth had his own grin. “What’s the conditions?”
“I’ll take you on two on two, double battle, no limit on choice of pokemon.”
“Bring it” said Wes
“Oi!” Shouted Jim, the barman, “You better take it outside.” At that all the customers, who loved a good brawl raced to the window.

The two men stepped slowly in front of the Stand. Wes reached sideways with each of his arms, each arm held a small red ball which suddenly expanded to the size of a tennis ball. Each ball fell slowly, spinning and suddenly erupted into flash of light. From the pokeball* to his right a burst white confetti surrounded a pale, lavender espeon, half the height of its master with large* opal eyes, shimmering in the unforgiving sun. Beside the creature was another of similar size, emerging slowly. The second pokemon was the darkest of blacks but with golden patterns of light across its body.

Opposite Willie had called forward two sleek, white Linoones, the two were clearly fast and dangerous with their agile build and sharp claws. They even had brown fur in the mark of an arrow, twisting and turning as they moved.

Without warning the two darted forwards towards the paler creature. “Headbutt!” cried Willie manically. Moments before the two reached their quarry they were blocked by the presence of the shadowy umbreon. The three collided with devastating force. The umbreon faint attack overpowered its opponents and left them stunned. “Espie, use confusion!” called out Wes. The smaller of the two linoones rose into the air and flew across the earth stopping just short of its owners feet, fainted.

“Dammit,” grunted Willie “Linoone finish this with giga impact!” he roared, furious at his own weakness.”
“Umbrie, Espie, use sand attack” muttered Wes, the command was quick and was followed without with an instant of hesitation. The linoone collided with a wall of loose earth kicked up by it opponents and rushed straight past, blinded and crashed into some junk. “Game over” said Wes as Espie used helping hand to boost Umbrie’s faint attack. The Umbreon dived at the linoone’s left then in an instant shifted to its unattended right flank. The linoone staggered for a moment then fell.

“Wiped out again, huh?” said Willie “what I don’t get is how your umbreon blocked both of my linoone’s head butt’s with one attack. My linoone’s are near impossible to stop in a straight line. You didn‘t have time to set it up a stat booster.”
“It’s simple really, distance.” said Wes, slightly smug as ever after a victory. “Espie set up a reflect at about the same time you started the headbutt but your linoones had to cross the field to make contact. That gave Espie plenty of time to reduce the damage for Umbrie to counter.

“Damn,” cursed Willie, “I guess I‘d better hear you out then.”
“I‘m gonna get the Orre Region into the pokemon association.” Said Wes simply, “and I need to gather you and a list of other talented trainers to persuade them that Orre is just as strong as the rest of them.”
Willie looked at Wes critically for a moment, he shrugged his shoulders and said slowly and calmly “Look, Wes. That‘s real noble and all but Orre’s just not…”
“Not what? ” interjected Wes defensively. “We make half the products used in the association, we have trainers that could put some of their very toughest to shame, we don‘t even have the crime they have any more, not since we sent Cipher packing.”
“It doesn’t matter Wes, do you know what they call Orreans in Kanto? Do you realise just how harsh they can be?* The association is good enough to take our earth and our metal but they wont touch our trainers, there’s way too many thefts involving pokemon. You should know that better than anyone! You were the sna..”
Wes grabbed Willie by his jacket and hissed “You wanna shout that a little louder, I’m not sure Sherles heard you back in Pyrite Town. Rui and I managed to cross 5 regions keeping my past a secret then in five minutes you‘d get me thrown in jail you pratt.”
“Alright, alright, no need to go psycho on me” whined Willie. “For the record your deal‘s noble but idiotic but a bets a bet. I‘m in.”
“Great,” said Wes “Right now I‘m planning on finding a few more.” Wes pulled a list out of a pocket of his trechcoat, it had the names of thirteen men on it. Eight to become gym leaders, four masters to become the elite four and one trainer to be a champion, the strongest and wisest trainer in the region.
“Can you point me in the right direction for any of these?”
Willie looked at the list and whistled long and loud. “That's quite the list, you'll have trouble getting the last few for sure.”
“That's why I'm starting at rock bottom.” replied Wes “D'you know where I can find the rogue known as Cail?”

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Just letting you know that you posted the same thread twice, so the other one has been deleted. :) Also please keep in mind that all chapters for the same fic must be in the same thread. Please be sure you're familliar with the Fan Fiction Rules. :)


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it would help if you spaced some of the dialogue. Anyway, i couldn't get a feel on the story. It was all dialogue and that was it. It felt like a script. Maybe some more information about what's going on?

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I like the idea of getting orre recognised by the pokemon league i think it has alot of potential