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16th April 2012, 2:18 AM
I've had Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky for a long time. Whenever I beat Darkrai I evolve all my Pokemon and then get all 7 relics or something. Then I put it down. Once I go through my Pokemon nostalgia all over again I come back to this game. After a while I've played with close to all the combinations of starter and partner Pokemon. So finally I decided to make a team of four that have to do with some of the most creepiest pokemon in the history of pokemon, or so my opinion says.

Pokemon: Hypno
Name: Somnus
Dream Eater
Shadow Ball
The main leader in the team. I used Nightmare to disable outlaws and bosses. I added Dream Eater because if you have a move that buts pokemon asleep then you have to have Dream Eater. Shadow Ball is for a long distance shooter move, and Psychic is a standard damage. He is used for disabling the big strong boss pokemon so the rest of the team can go all Kill Bill on that target pokemon.

Pokemon: Marowak
Name: Solus
Bone Club
Ice Beam
This pokemon's main abjective is if a single pokemon enters the room with the team he sniffs it out and kills it. Fast. It has Bone Club for the standard damage move. Bonemarang is for a double kill from long distances. Flamethrower is for a long distance standard killer. Ice Beam is for a status condition long distance. If you go up against Solus then you best be getting over to him fast!

Pokemon: Dusknoir
Name: Demise
Shadow Punch
Dark Pulse
This is just a powerful sweeper. Shadow Punch. Again. The normal powerful move. Will-O-Wisp is the status maker. Dark Pulse is like a "GET OFF ME HOE" kind of move for everyone around him. Psychic is a powerful regular move sweeper. Nothing too special about this one, just a powerful sweeper.

Pokemon: Spiritomb
Ominous Wind
Dark Pulse
Sucker Punch
Shock Wave
This is a in my eyes a "U Can't Touch This" pokemon. If you enter the room you get the most annoying move in the Mystery Dungeon game. Ominous Wind. Then if you surround it it is taken out by a dark pulse. It has the Sucker Punch to take it out normally. And the Shock Wave is a long range cool looking power move. Like I said "U Can't Touch This"

So there's my EOS team. You can make alterations to the pokemon down below if you want to. Tell me any way to make it better.

18th April 2012, 5:50 AM
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