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17th April 2012, 1:26 AM
Hi, i started this fanfic on Gengar and Haunter's forum, before i found out that no one uses that forum anymore, so i will post it again here, this is the first 3 chapters, and is a work in progress, i know there are some mistakes, but i fixed those starting in chapter 3. hope you enjoy, please leave comments of your opinion, and criticisms. anyway: the story

Falling From the Stars

My Pokémon Fan Fic

Chapter One: Dreams Don’t Come True

She looked up into the sky, and then back down. So many thoughts were going through her head, she hadn't slept for days. This was all just so new to her, she didn't know how to travel on her own, she didn't know how to survive without a family to help her at all times. She was gonna be so alone... What was the big deal anyway? Why did she have to go? Why couldn't Jesse have gone, or James even, she didn't want anything to do with Team Rocket, nothing at all...

Suddenly it hit her, and she knew what she must do. She ran to her house, sneaking back in through her bedroom window, and quietly set about to packing everything important to her.

Just as she had finished packing she heard a floorboard creaking right outside her door, the knob turned, and in came Jesse and James.

"What are you doing sis?" Jesse asked, sleepiness still in her voice.

"M mm Brmmm mumble," James tuned in.

"Nothing guys, just go back to sleep," she said, and before they turned to leave she ran up and hugged and kissed them both, hoping that one day they would make the right choice as well.

They turned to exit and she heard them scuffle down the hall. She closed the door, finished packing and pulled out her only Pokeball, and released a Sneasel from within. Sneasel looked at her quizzically.

"I'm leaving Sneasel, if you want to come with, you can. I just don't want to join Team Rocket ever, and one day i hope Jesse and James will make the same decision for themselves."

The bag was packed now. She moved to the window and threw her bag out, then she looked at Sneasel, “I’ll understand if you don’t want to come with me Sneasel, I’m going to become a Pokémon Trainer, and catch lots of Pokémon, but if you chose to join me that would make this a little easier…”

Sneasel reached out his arm, and pushed her out of the window, jumping after her.

**************************Ten Years Later********************************************* *

Allisa sat down and looked at the barkeep, “A whiskey for me, and milk for Weavile.”

The barkeep pulls out two dark mugs from underneath the bar and fills the orders, then slides them over to Allisa and Weavile, “Bad day?”

“The same as usual Tommy, why?”

“Just wondering, so you gave up again huh?”

“No, just gonna take a break, probably another ten years worth of one, I just can’t do it, when I left home I thought it’d be so easy for me and Sneasel to become champions of the world, but it just doesn’t happen, we can’t even beat Brock’s replacement, and we couldn’t beat Brock before that either.” She paused, took a drink, and keeps going, “and after Sneasel evolved, I thought maybe we’d do better, but it’s no different… What’s the point in trying anymore?” she finished sadly, taking another gulp of her drink.

“I’ve told you before Allisa, you’ll never make it with just Weavile, you and Weavile need to learn to make other friends as well, there’s a world of Pokémon out there and you’re too blind to see it,” Tommy spoke softly, but almost accusingly as well.
“I don’t know Tommy, we’re just, well, I don’t know okay?!” she said, suddenly angry, she kicked back her stool, stood up, threw some money on the counter and walked out curtly.
“Do you think we need more friends Weavile?”
“Wea Weavil Weavile!!”
“Okay we’ll give it a try tomorrow buddy, let’s go get some shut-eye for now.”
Tommy watched them walk away, towards the inn, and as they faded away, he looked up to the stars.
“I hope she achieves those dreams one day soon”

*****************************The Next Day*********************************************

Allisa stretched out, blinking the sleep from her eyes, and looked down at Weavile next to her and scratched behind his ear, “Another day buddy, let’s get ready to go and find some more friends.”

Weavile nods his head, and starts prodding Allisa out of bed.

Once up Allisa begins to undress, and heads to the bathroom to take a shower, coming out thirty minutes later. She then puts some fresh clothes on and brushes her hair. Then she pulls out her belt, and straps it on, once that is done, she attaches 5 Pokeballs to it, and then motions to Weavile, who then jumps up onto her shoulder. She tosses some money onto the bed and walks out the front door.

Once in the streets she sees the same bums she always has, the same stores, the same stalls of men trying to sell women pretty (and fake) jewelry for nothing but a small token, or a kiss. Allisa had fallen for the trick once, she needed money in a bad way ten years ago when first arriving here in Pewter city, and she’d seen the jewelry. When the vender told her all he required was a kiss, she was ecstatic and pecked him on the lips, took the jeweled necklace, and tried to sell it at the pawn shop. The pawn shop owner had hated her ever since, he took the necklace, examined it, yelled at her for trying to sell him fake items, and kicked her out the door.

Of course that was back when she was innocent enough to believe that everyone had some good in them, back when she’d thought Team Rocket was the worst thing to be a part of in the world. But now she sometimes caught herself thinking that maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad, at least then she would have been a part of something, a group, and maybe even friends.

Upon reaching the edge of the town Allisa starts to hear the sounds of all the wild Pokémon in the area, the Pidgeys and Taillows in the trees, the Wurmples and Snivys in the tall grass, and the glub glub of the Magikarps and the Tirtougas under the water.

And directly in front of her and Weavile she sees a shape. A dog like shape, but unclear, hidden by the trees, and suddenly it was gone.

“Squiiiiiiiiiiirtle!!” a cry from beside Allisa, and suddenly she was drenched and laying on her back.

“Why I ought to..!” Allisa sits up and looks around in bewilderment for a moment, before catching sight of the Squirtle.

Weavile had already jumped off as soon as the water hit Allisa, and was preparing for battle. Allisa stands up, and points at the Squirtle, “Your mine,” she says contemptuously.

************************************************** ***********************************

Chapter 2: Making Friends

“Weavile, use your bite attack,” Allisa shouts.

Weavile nods slightly and jumps at the Squirtle with lightning speed, clamping his fangs around the Squirtle’s arm. Squirtle’s eyes grew round as disc upon impact, and it began to cry and shake its arms frantically, then the Squirtle stops suddenly and glares at the Weavile before turning its free arm into an arm of ice, and punching Weavile right in the side of the head, twice.

Weavile releases the Squirtle’s arm from between his fangs, and drops to the ground, dazed. Squirtle tried to run away, but Weavile recovered itself with a vengeance, and blew ice needles out of its mouth at the Squirtle. Squirtle dodged the first one, cart-wheeling into the air, stepped on to the second one, and then its eyes went wide again, as it fell to the ground from the third needle poking it right in the chest. The fourth and fifth needles proceeded to pound the Squirtle relentlessly, and the sixth sent her flying through the air upon impact, landing about ten feet back.

Squirtle lay there for a moment, and then attempted to get up, quickly falling back down on to the ground, and passing out. Allisa pulls one of her Poke Balls off of her belt, and tosses it at the Squirtle. The Squirtle is caught by the red light of the ball, and is drained inside of it, and the ball falls to the ground, and shakes…. Then it shudders….. And finally the ball lay still, and Allisa walks over, picks it up, and places it on her belt.

“You should have been nicer,” she said pointedly to Weavile. “We can’t make new friends if you’re always going to lose your temper…”

“Wee weavle weavile!” was the sad apology.

“It’s okay this time Weavile, just remember, this Squirtle needs to be our friend to, or I’ll have to release it just like the others, because I will never keep a Pokemon that is unhappy.”

Allisa turns around, and walks back to town, Weavile following in her steps. The first place she heads is to the Pokemon Center. Walking through the pink and red electronic doors, the Pokemon Center is huge, and crowded. The walls on the inside are the same colors as the doors, and there are several nurses floating around, working with what seemed to be endless lines of patients.

Allisa steps into the shortest line, and waits. The line has about fifty people in it, better than the others, which had hundreds, some carrying Pokemon knocked out from battles with other trainers. But even so, it still felt like ages before she finally managed to get to the front of the line and finally say hi to her friend, Nurse Joy. Then she hands over the newly filled Poke Ball.

Joy takes the Poke Ball and places it on the Poke Healer behind her, then presses a couple buttons, and the Poke Healer begins to spin, faster than the eye could hope to follow.

“How are you today Allisa?” asked Nurse Joy

“Fine, I’m trying to make friends, again. If only Weavile would stop losing his temper, maybe it wouldn’t be so hard, and they wouldn’t hate me so much,” came the disheartened reply.

“He’s just protective, that’s all,” Nurse Joy smiles, and rubs Weavile behind the ears.

Suddenly the Poke Healer stops spinning, and makes a sound like a bell, before opening back up, and handing Nurse Joy the Poke Ball.

“Here you go Allisa, have a nice day, and good luck with this one.”

Allisa nods her thanks, and turns around, walking straight out the door, heading back to the inn. Once there she goes up to her room, and releases the Squirtle from the Poke Ball.

Squirtle looks around, confused for a moment, then spots Weavile staring at her intently and hides behind Allisa’s leg, trembling.

“It’s okay little girl, he’s really quite nice once you get to know him, and he gets to know you,” Allisa says soothingly.

Slowly the Squirtle pokes its head around her leg, looks at Weavile, and then decides to come out more and stick its hand out towards Weavile. Weavile looks at the Squirtle for a moment and sticks his claws out, and shakes her paw with his own. Then they both look up to Allisa, and spray a bit of water into her face. She swore she could hear laughter as she tried to dry her purple hair with a towel.

Over the next few days Allisa took Squirtle out and trained her, they would train all day, sometimes against Weavile, sometimes against a wild Pokemon. Squirtle was knocked out quite a lot at first, especially by Weavile, but slowly began to match up to Weavile in speed, endurance, and strength.

After two weeks of this training, and daily visits to the Pokemon Center before going to the inn to fall asleep, a wild Ivysaur appeared, Squirtle challenged it to a fight without Allisa even realizing, and she was quickly beaten. And the same Ivysaur was there, every day for the next 4 days. Allisa noticed him on the second day he was there and tried to help Squirtle, but Squirtle still lost, over and over again, everyday for all four days.

On the fifth day they walked out of town to begin training again, and the Ivysaur was there again, and upon sighting Squirtle, he lashed out with vines, Squirtle jumped out of the way, but while in the air, was unable to dodge the razor leaf attack that followed directly afterwards. Squirtle fell to the ground, and kept trying to get up, but she couldn’t, finally she fell to the ground one more time, and started to radiate a bright light.

Weavile walked over to examine what was going on, and then ran back to Allisa. Just a mere minute or two later where Squirtle had been laying there was now a Wartortle standing, and looking at the Ivysaur vengefully.

“Wartortle!?” Allisa exclaimed.

“So, we finally did it…” Allisa mused.

The battle began again with the Ivysaur, more vicious and challenging for the Ivysaur than it ever was before, Wartortle was faster, stronger, and wiser than Squirtle ever was. This was evolution, this was power… finally Wartortle outsmarted the Ivysaur in a fatal way, dodging around another vine whip attack, Wartortle got behind Ivysaur and scratched at its flower, then as the Ivysaur turned around in surprise Wartortle took advantage of the chance, and moved behind Ivysaur once again, and uppercut it from behind, flipping it onto its belly, before scratching at its tender stomach, and then punching it in the face, knocking Ivysaur unconscious. Wartortle then returned to Allisa’s side, and passed out.

Allisa leaned down, and picked her up, running to the Pokemon Center, afterwards going to the inn. As they prepare for bed, Allisa tells Wartortle and Weavile that while in the Pokemon Center she heard a rumor that Brock was on his way back, and would be there tomorrow. So she asked her Pokemon if they felt up to challenging Brock the next day.

“Squirtle,” she replied with conviction.

“Weavile,” he responded, with a smirk.

Chapter Three: Comrades in Arms

“Okay guys!” Allisa said, “You ready for this? We can do it this time, I know we can.”

Both of her Pokemon nodded their heads in agreement, and then entered their Poke Balls. I know we can, she thought to herself. Turning back she looked at the room she’d sated in for the past 10 years, trying to beat this stupid first gym, and failing every time, and she blew a kiss, before turning back and walking out the door.

The walk to the gym was slow. Allisa took her time, hoping the fear of failure, and the hope of winning would stop making her feel sick long enough for her to collect her thoughts and play the game a heck of a lot smarter then she had in the past. The buildings passed in a blur, the vendors’ shouts were dull in her ears, and the smell of the open restaurants was weak. All this was compared to the sight of victory in her mind, the sound of screams of failure in her memory, and the smell of opportunity. This would be it, she had promised herself that, she would win, and they would move on together, and meet more Pokemon and more people, and never get stuck at a gym again, especially not for 10 years.

Finally in front of her were the doors of the gym. They were made of some kind of smooth black stone, and were about eight feet tall, with gold embroidered handles on either side of a very thin crevasse. She pushed on the left door and it swung open upon smooth hinges.

The inside of the gym was made out of the same black stone, and at the center of the gym was a battlefield, a familiar battlefield with obsidian rocks surrounding it, and creating the pedestals for each competitor to stand upon.

In the back of the gym a smaller, wooden door opened and Brock stepped through, he was a burly man with dark brown hair, and darkly tanned skin, and a constant smile upon his face. He looked across to view his challenger, and stepped on to the pedestal in front of him saying, “Hello again Allisa, I wish you better luck this time around.”

“Thank you Brock, but I don’t need luck anymore, I have my friends,” she replied.

“Well all the same,” he smiled.

Allisa stepped on to the pedestal right in front of her now, and both pedestals rose up into the air about 10 feet, and a holographic screen appeared in front of both competitors and asked enter your combatants. Allisa typed in Weavile and Wartortle, depositing both Poke Balls into the pedestals slots in front of her. Thank you, the machine said, the battle will commence, say the name of your first choice Pokemon please.
“Weavile,” Allisa shouted, “GO!”

“Geodude,” Brock replied.

The two people and the two Pokemon stared each other down for a moment, before Allisa told Weavile to use Ice Beam, which Geodude sidled away from, and responded by moving closer and punching Weavile square in the stomach.

Weavile doubled over for a moment, then looked at the Geodude, jumped back about ten feet, and took a running charge at Geodude, right at the end, before the impact happened, Geodude stuck his fist straight out in front of him, Weavile dodged to the side of it with lightning speed, and ran around the side of Geodude, and then behind Geodude’s back, before scratching at his back five times with his own vicious claws, Geodude roared out in pain, before dropping slightly closer to the ground, before materializing a huge rock right above Weavile’s head, and dropping it down on him. The ground exploded with dust, and the gym shook.

To Allisa the dust seemed to be taking forever to clear, she wanted to see what had happened to Weavile, and hoped with all of her heart that he wasn’t hurt. She stared at the cloud of dust intently, until it finally cleared, on the battlefield there was Geodude looking at the rock he’d created dumbfounded. Allisa looked up and saw why, the rock had fallen straight into Weavile’s clawed hands and at that moment, Weavile decided to throw the rock straight at Geodude, who wasn’t fast enough to escape the rock, and was sent flying across the gym to collide with a wall, causing more dust to rise up all over the gym. This dust seemed to fall away faster as Geodude sped out of it, across the battlefield, and straight into Weavile’s head, throwing Weavile back several feet, and on to his back.

Suddenly Weavile was back in the fight, right in Geodude’s face, scratching, and spitting balls of ice straight in to Geodude’s eyes, blinding him, and then Weavile jumped up into the air and slammed both of his feet into the top of Geodude’s head, sending Geodude crashing to the ground in another burst of dust. When the dust cleared this time, Weavile stood victorious, his leg propped up on Geodude, his claws stretching to the sky, and Geodude not moving an inch.

“Return Geodude, you did great,” said Brock. “You’ve improved Allisa, very much so since our last battle.”

Allisa smiled, and asked Weavile if he felt like he needed to rest, he shook his head stubbornly, and turned to Brock, awaiting the next challenge.

“Woobat, get out there,” Brock said calmly.
“Get ready Weavile!” Allisa shouted.

He nodded towards her, and looked at the tiny blue bat, his next opponent, and smiled. Suddenly Weavile disappeared from vision for a moment, and suddenly appeared above Woobat, pointed itself down towards the bat, stuck its claws out, and drilled downward. Woobat responded faster than Weavile expected, flying slightly to the left, and allowing Weavile to slam himself in to the ground below, landing on his face in an attempt to catch himself.

Woobat continued to take advantage of the situation and turned to Weavile throwing sonic waves at him pounding him further into the ground with the force, and then Woobat tackled him over and over again, each time rising up and slamming down again at full speed. Finally Weavile let a whimper slip out between his lips, and closed his eyes, relaxing the muscles in his body, and passing out.

Allisa sighed, the same as before, this isn’t looking good, I’ve never even seen if he enters another Pokemon into this battle, what am I going to do?! “Good job Weavile, come on back,” Allisa said, pressing a button on the pedestal which sucked Weavile back into his Poke Ball and released the Poke Ball back out of the pedestal into Allisa’s hand.

“It’s time Wartortle,” she whispered.

The pedestal shot a red light from its core releasing Wartortle on to the battlefield. She stood there for a moment, contemplating her surroundings, and proceeded to jump directly in to the action.

the Woobat flew up higher in to the air, and tried to slam down on to the Wartortle, but the fresh Pokemon wouldn’t have that, she dodged to the left, and as the Woobat started to swerve its flight path so as to not do exactly as Weavile had just done, Wartortle reached her paw out, and grappled Woobat by his wings, and started to spin.

The spin lasted for a few moments, increasing in speed constantly, before Woobat was thrown out at maximum speed. The spinning turtle then proceeded to move towards the grounded bat, spinning at an awe-inspiring speed, and slammed into Woobat, again, and again, and again, until finally Woobat lay still, doing nothing. The turtle stopped her spinning, and looked down at her fallen opponent, before jumping back on to her own side of the field, and awaiting the next combatant.

“Come on back Woobat,” said Brock. “You really have gotten better Allisa, your new friend Wartortle is amazing, but can she handle my ultimate Pokemon?” he questioned.

I hope so Allisa thought to herself.

A red light shot out of Brock’s pedestal, bringing out the next combatant, and the only thing standing between Allisa, and that first badge.

17th April 2012, 2:56 AM
Chapter 4: A Final Push

The red light shot out of the pedestal releasing the final challenge, the only barrier between Allisa and her first gym badge.

The Pokémon was huge and grey. It looked as if it was made of several boulders mashed together, but each one looked indestructible, and shiny. What am I going to do? Allisa thought to herself. I don’t know if we can…. No stop thinking like that Allisa, have confidence in yourself and your Pokémon.

“Onix, this is it, we can’t lose now,” Brock stated matter-of-factly.

“Don’t worry Wartortle, we can win this, don’t be discouraged!” Allisa shouted.

Let the battle commence said both pedestals in their feminine voice.

Onix was the first to move, for being so big, he was amazingly fast. He had already curled his tail around Wartortle before she even knew what was going on, and so he began to constrict around her, tightening and loosening, before quickly tightening again. Wartortle screamed each and every time he tightened around her, and every time Allisa flinched. The Onix continued doing this, until Wartortle could no longer muster the strength to scream, she just sat there, constricted, than no longer constricted, able to muster no more than an occasional moan of suffering.

She needs my help! Allisa thought. But how can I help? I’ve never been good at giving the commands during battle! Her thoughts whirled through her head, crazy and unorganized. Okay, calm down Allisa, think about this… she started to organize her thoughts, picking at ideas one at a time, almost losing track each time she heard another gasp of air come from Wartortle’s crushed lungs.

Come on, come on!!! She screamed to herself, finally the idea came to her… yes, that just might work…

“Wartortle, honey, if you still have the strength use your rapid spin attack next time he loosens up!” she shouted.

Wartortle looked up weakly, the strength fading from her eyes more every second that went by. Finally she seemed to comprehend, and once again the Onix tightened, held for a few moments, and then loosened again, instantly Wartortle tucked into her shell, and started to spin as fast as she could with her weakened strength. It was half as fast as before with the Woobat, and half as strong, but Wartortle didn’t give up, she kept spinning, pushing herself faster and faster, and finally she managed to pull out of the giant creature’s grasp and landed on the ground next to him. As soon as she hit the ground, she stopped spinning, and stood on her own two feet, instantly crumpling on to her face as soon as she’d managed to get up.

Wartortle moaned again, then pushed herself up onto one arm, then the other, then to her knees, and then further, until she stood on her own two feet, and managed to stay there this time. The Onix looked at her and stuck his head into the ground with lightning fast speed, the rest of his body right behind him. Suddenly he’d disappeared underground. Wartortle looked around confused as to what he might be doing.

The gym began to shake as Onix started to rise from the ground at an amazing speed, right underneath Wartortle. She managed to dodge to the left, before falling on to her back, and letting out another cry of despair. Onix moved his tail towards her again, preparing to wrap it around the exposed Wartortle. Wartortle managed to get on to her feet just in time to see the attack coming, and jumped back, managing to keep her footing this time.

Wartortle released an angry shout in the direction of Onix following it with a shot of water. The water splashed in to Onix’s face at mach speed, knocking his head to the side a little bit, giving Wartortle time to shoot another, and another, directly at Onix’s center boulder.

Wartortle did not stop, she was furious, he’d humiliated her, and she wanted to do the same to him. The blasts of water kept shooting out of her mouth, over and over, each one slamming in to a piece of the Onix’s body, knocking him back further and further. Suddenly the water blasts stopped, and Wartortle was sent flying to the side, Onix’s tail in the spot where Wartortle had previously been.

Wartortle lay there for several moments. She did not move at all, she barely breathed. Onix approached her to finish the job, raising his tail over her body, preparing to slam it down on top of her, he dropped his tail down, barely trying, figuring he had already won, so he did it almost lazily.

Suddenly Onix’s tail stopped just one foot away from Wartortle, and Onix looked down curiously. Underneath Onix’s tail was Wartortle! It had been a trick; Wartortle was holding Onix’s tail, and staring at Onix with a smile on her face. She then released his tail, jumping up and landing on the tip of the tail, and running as fast as she could up the side of his body. Once she reached his head, she jumped up on top of it, and then jumped further up in to the air, and aimed down at his head, shooting more bullets of water at his head, pounding him down in to the ground, dropping his head lower and lower.

Onix roared and tried to raise his head to no avail, so he tried to move it away from the blast, but he couldn’t move it enough. The bullets pounded in to his head, finally Onix managed to get his tail up high enough to slap himself in the head, knocking his head out of the line of fire, and hitting Wartortle in the process. She let out a cry as she was sent flying through the air again, this time slamming in to the far wall and sliding down to the floor, before laying still.

“Oh no!!” Allisa cried, “This wasn’t supposed to happen! You weren’t supposed to hurt my Wartortle.”

“She’ll be fine,” Brock said apologetically.

“I… I can’t believe we lost again… Me and my friends… This… This wasn’t supposed to happen,” Allisa began to sob. The tears wouldn’t stop, they couldn’t be stopped, and they just kept coming. The pedestal pulled Wartortle back in, and released the Poke Ball out to Allisa.
The pedestals lowered themselves to the ground, and Onix looked down apologetically at Allisa, and licked her face as if to say that he was sorry.

A red light surrounded Allisa, and Onix, and suddenly Weavile was standing next to her, and looking at Onix.

“Weavile!? What are you doing? You’re too weak to keep fighting buddy, we lost…” cried Allisa.

Weavile shook his head vigorously, then pointed at Onix, and then himself, and raised his clawed hands, balled in to fist. A challenge to Onix, winner takes all.

Onix looked down at Weavile, and then slowly nodded his head yes, then looked to Allisa and Brock to see if they also accepted the challenge.

“It’s your funeral,” Allisa said sadly to Weavile.

“If you want to Onix and Weavile..”

Instantly Weavile leapt on top of Onix’s head and started to punch him again and again. Onix roared and shook his head, knocking Weavile off, who then flew right past Allisa and Brock, who were watching the battle, and landed on his feet, before running straight at Onix again, and shooting ice needles the whole way there, and still shooting them at Onix as he started to climb the Pokémon’s body once again.

Once Weavile reached Onix’s head, he jumped on top of it, and turned his claws in to ice, and started to slam them down in to Onix’s skull, first the right, then the left. After that Weavile went to the back of Onix’s head and jumped in to the air.

On his way down Weavile used his ice claws to slow his fall, using Onix’s back as the friction. Onix roared, and then crashed to the ground, raising a giant cloud of dust in to the air Instantly out of the dust Weavile ran stopping just five feet in front of Allisa and looking back to see if Onix would rise from the dust.

Onix did. He rose up with an angry roar, and coiled up as best he could, before springing at Weavile through the air. Weavile watched the beast moved towards him, and as if in slow motion he jumped to one side, and slashed Onix down the side as he flew by. Onix just missed Allisa and Brock, and slammed in to the wall in the back, crumpling to the ground. All down his right flank and his back were trenches in his skin from Weavile’s cuts. Weavile started to walk towards Onix, shooting ice spears from his mouth the entire time, each one hitting Onix and smashing on his body, leaving a crater behind.

Finally Weavile stopped, and stood next to his opponent, and started to punch him in the side of the head.

“Stop Weavile!!!” Allisa screamed. “That’s enough Weavile, it’s over, we’ve won, calm down!”

Weavile stopped, and turned towards Allisa. He looked at her, and then looked down to the Onix on the ground, and back to Allisa. He slowly started to walk towards her, stumbling and tired, and then he crumpled to the ground halfway there.

And the victor is Weavile and Allisa! The pedestal voiced.

“Well, I guess you finally pulled it off Allisa,” Brock stated. “That was an amazing battle, those are some awesome and reliable Pokémon you have there, keep them close old friend, now take this badge, and go east through Mt. Moon, once on the other side of that mountain you’ll reach Cerulean City, Misty is waiting for you, I’ve told her a lot about you. Good luck Allisa, and thank you for a great battle.”

“Thank you Brock, I’m sorry about your Onix, I hope he’ll be okay.”
“He’ll be fine, don’t be a stranger, I’m always here if you need help,” Brock smiled, then put the Boulder Badge into a badge carrier and handed it to her, “There is room in there for all the badges in every region, I know if anyone can get them besides Ash, it’s you.”

Allisa took the case, placed it in her pouch, turned around, and walked out the door.