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So, it seems I’m a writer now. Rated PG15 for Violence, Blood, Fatalities, Occasional Swearing, Moderate Sexual References and Themes, Torture, Political References, Romance, Interspecies Romance, Light Alcohol References, Brutal Crushing of Dreams, Hope Spots, Depression, Lawyers, Narm, and Charlie Sheen Nothing more extreme than most of the movies that manage a PG13 rating nowadays.

Here’s a description of the story if you want to know what you’re getting into: Alternate Universe in which Wally from Pokemon Emerald has the ability to talk to Pokemon, being the only person capable of it. Powers vie to control him as he attempts to become the champion of the region. Note: The events of all of the games after Gold/Silver/Crystal are considered non-canon. The size of the regions involved have been dramatically increased, as they are tiny ingame.
Chapter List
Chapter 1: Talk of the Town (Scroll Down)
Chapter 2: False Start (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?569173-Messiah-Complex-(PG-15)&p=14460931#post14460931)
Chapter 3: Coming Soon!

Did you get a choice in life?
He didn’t.
Even I made choices for him.
But I just wanted what was best.
Everyone else wanted to use him.
Abuse his gift.
Abuse him.
He deserved better.

Chapter 1: Talk of the Town
A skinny, green haired, modestly dressed teenager nodded along to the beat of one headphones as he walked through the forest, the Ralts he held in his arms nodding her head along to the beat of the other headphone. “I’ll say it again,” -In the Land of the free,- “Use your freedom of choice!” -Freedom of choice!- They sang, walking along the dirt road, their singing the only thing breaking up the otherwise tranquil silence of the path.

As they came to the entrance of what was supposed to be a small, quiet town, they were surprised by the mass of people gathered within. –I thought this was supposed to be a nice, quiet occasion- The Ralts sulked, crossing her arms. Removing the headphones from his and her ears, the boy shrugged, looking down at her with a smile “Hey, it’ll be alright. It’s just a bunch of people.” The Ralts sulked, turning her head to the side. It was only supposed to be him and her. A quiet affair, not the talk of the town.

Of course, normally, there wouldn’t be a crowd. The boy, Wally, was just another kid becoming a trainer. Sure, he was doing so in-spite of his sickness and frailty, but it still wasn't a big deal. It was his fifteenth birthday, sure, but none of his family could’ve shown up. His Aunt and Uncle were in all the way in Verdanturf, as per his request that he do this by himself, and his parents were…well, he missed them, at least. The reason why so many people were there was simple.

Wally was able to talk to Pokemon. He had learned this fact five years ago, after being aided by Norman, the gym leader of Petalburg City, in the capture of a Ralts. The very Ralts that he held in his arms. At first, everyone thought that his ‘conversing’ with the Pokemon was just him bonding with her, but upon his introduction to another pokemon, he started to talk to it as well. After some experimentation, it was learned that he was actually capable of speaking their language, at which point he became a national celebrity.

Everyone wanted him. Devon Corp wanted him to help them develop their translator, scientists wanted him for research, and less savory types wanted him to aid their quests for domination. Just to name a few. He had gone to Unova to receive his pokedex in the hopes that nobody would follow, that he could get away from the crowds, but word traveled quickly, and he was once again faced by a crowd.

His arrival in Nuvema Town was attended by anyone who was in the know, which was a sizable number of people. The usually quiet, small town was full to its limit as everyone lined up to get a glimpse at the boy who could supposedly speak to Pokemon. There were enough people that even the local Unova ranger force was taking part, serving as crowd control for the potentially unruly mass of people.

Walking past the crowds, Wally gave a light smile, much to the cheering of the crowd. –What are they so up in arms about…- Ralts murmured, rather upset. Wally just hugged her to his chest, his nervous smile quivering “W...well, but they mean the best, so lets return their affections.” The rangers parted the crowd, making sure that the boy and his Ralts had a path to the Pokemon lab. Walking up to the it, Wally was met by an exasperated looking female professor, digging through the pockets of her lab coats, staring down into them as if the act of looking would help her find her mysterious object faster.

“I swear…” She said, chuckling as the boy walked up to her. “This has been quite the day. Never thought I would see Nuvema so crowded…” Shaking her head, she looked back up at Wally, analyzing the boy.
“It’s not every day I get to meet someone like you…Wally, was it?” She asked, tilting her head “Ah, uh, yes Professor Juniper. Nice to meet you.” He said, smiling and setting down his Ralts, who proceeded to look around nervously, keeping a eye out. She did not like the size of this crowd.

Wally extended his hand to the Professor, who laughed “You don’t need to be so high strung, Wally! While this is a day to be taken seriously, that doesn’t mean that you need to be high strung! Here is what I need from you! What I want to hear are the courageous words of people who will blaze new paths around the world! I want you two to travel to many distant places and meet all of the Pokémon in the Unova region!” She coughed, clearing her throat “Oh my me, it’s been so long since I last got to say that. You’ll have to excuse my indulgence.”

She pulled out a pokedex and a trainer card, staring at Wally solemnly “So, can you do this for me, young man?” Wally nodded, smiling and gulping “Of…of course, miss Juniper!” The professsor nodded, handing him the pokedex and trainer card "Well, normally, this is when you would receive a starter, but, well, you already have one!" She said, chuckling. Smiling and grateful, Wally took the pokedex and trainer card and placed them in his pockets, nodding “I’ll-“

He was interrupted by a girl pushing her way past the rangers. “Wally!” She screamed, her distinctive white robes dragging along the ground “We believe in you! You can bring us back to the path promised by-“She was interrupted by a large, bulky ranger tackling her, dragging her back into the crowd. Wally stood there, paralyzed, his smile twitching “Wh…”

A grizzled, elderly ranger walked up to Wally, tilting his hat at Professor Juniper before saying “Sir, with all due respect, we need to get y’all out of here. That there lass was crazy as Tauros in a basket, and we’d rather you get ta’ the next town safely then risk ya’ getting ambushed again.” Wally sighed as the man finished; things just couldn’t go well, could they?

Picking up the furious Ralts, who was about to chase after his mysterious assailant, he paused, a furious cough overtaking him before he nodded “Alright, if you say so.” –I could’ve taken her,- the Ralts said, her voice trembling with rage. “She was just a bit too eager to see us. I’m sure she had good intentions.” Wally replied, both to Ralts and the ranger. –Are…are you alright, master?- The Ralts questioned, realizing that he had been coughing his lungs out “Fine…just…I just need some air…”

Giving the youth a dubious stare, the ranger led him back out of the town, two more soon flanking the teen and his Ralts, forming a triangle-like perimeter around him. “Err, rangers, I really appreciate this, but it isn’t necessary!” He said, bowing to the grizzled one “She was just being over frien-“

“Boy, she was damn crazy.” The ranger, interrupting Wally “And y’all sound like yer about to fall over from a coughin’ fit, so yer gonna have us on yer rear come rain or sn…what in the name of sam hill?” The lady had returned, walking towards them with a brisk pace “Now lookie here lass…” The old man warned, preparing a pokeball.

Suddenly two more similarly wide-robed garbed men leapt from the nearby trees, grappling the other two rangers and pinning them to the ground. “By Arecus, what is going-“ The lady lunged, a crackling laugh filling the woods as she tackled the ranger. “Run, my master! Be free from these chains, so that your flock may join you!” Grunting, the ranger struggled to get the surprisingly strong girl off of him. “Geroff me, yah crazy lass!” He shouted, attempting to pry her arms off of his body.

Panicking, looking around wildly, Wally turned tail and ran, running as fast as he could. A small rock, stabbing out of the ground, a inconsequential thing, intercepted his foot as he ran, sending him stumbling to the ground. Coughing furiously as his body collided with the harsh ground, he hugged Ralts to himself tightly to shield her from the impact, the Pokemon wincing in panic.

As he struggled to maintain consciousness, he saw out of the corner of his eye the rangers starting to get overpowered…a flash of red, gushing out of…no, it couldn't be the old, grizzled, powerful-looking ranger’s throat.

There was no way…it had to be the red beam of a pokeball releasing the Pokemon inside, coincidentally right were the ranger's throat was. They…they wouldn't kill him, right?

Ralts squirmed out of her trainers grasp and waddled in between his gaze and the fighting mob in front of them, her arms spread wide as she started to glow. –I…I wont let those crazy people lay a finger on you, master!- She shouted, her voice fraught with nerves. Wally forced a smile, he knew she wouldn't let them. But there was no need for that... His voice a shaky whisper, he forced out the words “Its…*cough*…ok, they wont hurt us…” …Would they?

These were the last things the skinny, modestly dressed, green hair teenager saw and thought before he passed out, from the impact of the landing, and from the trauma of the violence.

Even back then, they tried to control him.
Why couldn’t they let him be?
Why did he have to be born with shackles?
He never asked for this.
But he was always smiling.
Forcing his sweet smile even when faced by bloodshed.
Smiling as those bastards played him like a marionette.

Although it may not seem it, this chapter is fairly important, as it establishes a few things: Wally and Ralts' personalities (yes she will be getting a actual name eventually, don't worry), the strange, robed people which will be elaborated on soon enough, and Wally's popularity.

Mostly the reason I decided to cut off there, however, was because I was certain that people did not want to read a behemoth of a first post.

Also, damn Wally, you are a wiiiimp.

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Oh great... I read your one-shot. I know how this is going to end!

18th April 2012, 7:34 PM

Seriously though I promise nothing. I do hope however you enjoy whats to come.

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Without looking at the spoiler tags I could tell that I was about to read a fic about Wally just by the description. I thought it was really interesting. Sounds like this story is going to build up into something good.

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He was so innocent back then.
We were going to take on the world.
The elite four seemed like nothing to us.
And then it all ended.

Chapter 2: False Start
“For those of you just joining us…”
That was what Wally woke up to. The soft sound of a TV as the daily news streamed by. He struggled to get the world back in focus as he blinked a few times, starting to force his way up. Through his hazy eyes, he could recognize the mug shot flashed on the television. It was that ranger that was with him…the grizzly one.

“Robert Cruz, loving father, dear friend, was serving as the personal guard of the ‘Pokespeaker’, Wally. Ambushed by a member of the infamous cult “Team Anion,” he was k-“ *Click* The television was switched off before he could hear more. Just as he managed to sit back up, he was knocked back on his back by something tackling him. Arms wrapped tightly around him, he looked to see a Kirlia embracing him. Not just a Kirlia, his Kirlia, who’s eyes he saw for the first time, open wide with joy –Master! You’re ok! Thank goodness!- Smiling and rubbing her on the head, he laughed “Of course I’m ok! I-“

*Cough Cough* He was interrupted by another coughing fit, Kirlia’s face becoming downcast with worry. Sensing her concern, he moved to comf-

Wait, sensing? “Ral-I mean Kirlia… You’ve evolved now, you aren’t a Ralts any more. I can, uh, see you’re concerned…and I’m OK, really…” Wally said, nervous, not quite sure how to put it “But I can…feel, it.. too?” His words came awkwardly, he really wasn’t sure how to explain it. –Well, since you were out, I did a little research with the Pokedex we got from the professor…- She said, still not relieved of her concern –And, well, it seems we have a bond. Of sorts. Emotions and what not.-

She bit her lip. She had left out that it was still possible to block the flow of emotions somewhat, but that was info she’d rather keep to herself. “Ah, neat!” Wally said, grinning “Guess that means I don’t have to worry about knowing who keeps stealing my candy.” Kirlia crossed her arms, fuming –Totally isn’t me.-

A nurse walked in as Wally started to sit up, Kirlia sitting next to him and resting her hands on her lap. “Ah, M..Mr –“ Wally raised a hand, smilingg “Just Wally is fine. I’m no mister or sir or any of those.” “Uh, right, Wally.” She trembled, bit her nails and tightly held a clipboard to her chest.

“S..sorry, It’s just…ahem!” She clears he throat, attempting to salvage her professionalism. “You passed out, but it was only from shock. You have a clean bill of health, so you can leave at any time.”

Wally nods, stretching and reaching into his pocket. “Oh, no no no sir!”
She quickly interjected “There’s no price! Not for you!” Kirlia looked at Wally with a amused grin, adding her own take on the situation –Seems that fame isn’t all bad.-

Ten minutes later, after some back and forth between Wally and the nurse which ultimately ended in a very insistent Wally paying half the regular emergency visit fee, the green haired boy and his pokemon exited the Pokemon Center, taking in the sights of the town they had been taken to.

While small by Unova standards, Striaton was nonetheless a booming suburb. To their left was the famous Striaton gym, both a café and a place for battling. To their right was the local pokemon school, students pouring out after a long day’s lesson. In front of them were the houses, the place of residence for Striaton’s inhabitants. Kirlia inhaled deeply as she took in the sights, looking up to Wally and saying –I think we should take on..-

Her voice dropped as she realized he wasn’t responding. He was frozen, an awe-struck look seemingly stuck on his face. She stood up on her tippietoes and waved her hand in front of his face –Hello!? Helllooo!? Earth to Wally!- He can’t hear you. A voice said, coming from behind her. She turned, only to be face to face with..,

It was hard to tell, really. A grey humanoid figure with a purple tail, wearing a brown cape. As his brown eyes stared directly at her, she meeped. His aura was overwhelming… Relax, I am not here to cause you harm. Quite the opposite, in fact. He outstretched his hand, a three-pronged talon-like hand, to Calvier. Inside of it was what looked like…a red rare candy? Time is running out. I cannot run direct interference here, as I am needed elsewhere, and I don’t have the time to explain. Once Maxie and his goons show up, ingest this. You will need it.
Taking it and tilting her head, she asked –What…who are you?- He turned, crouched.. Someone who has a vested interest in keeping your trainer out of the wrong hands. ..and then he sprang up, soaring out of sight as he lept from rooftop to rooftop.

“Wow, what a big city!” Wally suddenly chimed, whatever it was that the strange pokemon had done wearing off. “It’s nothing like Verdanturf!” He grabbed Kirlia’s hand and started to tug, smiling “Come on! Let’s go see the gym!” Hiding the rare candy behind her back, she nervously said –W..wait!- as her master tugged her along. She needed time to think about that strange pokemon, damnit, not go fight a gym leader!


Inside of Striaton’s gym, it was lunch hour, and everyone was happily munching away at their meals. Tables and tables of people, all enjoying the reason why the reason why Striaton’s gym was so famous: the food. Three youths seemed to be running around, their distinctive hair colors –red, blue, and green- making them stand out from the crowd. As far as Wally and Kirlia could tell, they were the waiters for the gym. So where were the gym leaders…?

Luckily for Wally, nobody seemed to recognize him, so he had a chance to go up to the-

He didn’t have a chance to go up to anything. With a loud explosion, the sides of the gym were blown in, black smoke filling the room as humans in strange, red and black outfits started to stream in. Fire gushed everywhere as people screamed in panic, chaos ensuring. Zubats and Mightyenas started to tackle people left and right, bringing them down and causing screams of pain. Staring at her paralyzed trainer, Kirla realized that this must have been what that weird pokemon had been warning her about.She quickly gobbled down the rare candy that she had been given earlier…and nearly puked, clutching her stomach. Everything started to get blurry as she looked around. What…what was in that rare candy?

A red haired man with a coat sharing the colors of the rest of the humans who had flooded the gym walked up to her master. Her eyes closed of their own accord. She forced them back open. She and her trainer were on the ground… Her eyes forced back shut. She opened them, desperate.

Now they were being thrown into a van. Mid fall, she looked down, noticing something strange. She was…taller, now. Why was that? And she was -wearing?- what looked like a white gown?

None of these questions were answered, for she collided with the floor of the van shortly afterwards, the black returning as her eyes forcibly shut themselves. This time, they stayed shut.

That was the day it all ended.
Any chance of him being in control of his fate.
That was the day his life ended.
Arceus damn them all.

Whew, that was chapter 2. The real fun’s just about to start. Damn you crappy yet necessary transition chapters!

If anyone wants to be on the PM list for when I write a new chapter, feel free to ask!

Also, I have decided to stop describing particularly common pokemon, such as zubat and mightyena. Please weigh in on if you think I should continue to describe them, or only refer to them by their names.