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20th April 2012, 12:26 PM
Hi everybody, I'm new to this end of the forums but I figured this would be the best place to seek advice on this particular subject.

I have been writing / illustrating fan doujins for several years of the typical hentai variety and have been under pressure to produce a pokemon themed one to put up for sale at several upcoming conventions.

I would like anybody that is willing to help me out by submitting ideas, couplings, etc. below.

If I really like your idea, I'd be more than willing to send you a digital copy of the finished work, a mention in the doujin, and, if the idea is particularly fantastic, I wouldn't mind adding a cameo or guest appearances into the book for those especially bright contributors :)

Please keep submissions here within the ToS guidelines yada yada, anything particularly filthy feel free to send in a private message for my review.

Serious suggestions only, please :heart:

General Concept of Doujin:
The first edition will be chronicling the journeys of Kuro, a young pokemon trainer traveling through the Unova region, and the misadventures, sexual situations, and hardships she encounters.

As of yet, I'm trying to keep the doujin strictly human x human, but I know at some point it will take a turn towards pokemon x human, so feel free to make any suggestions, regardless of species, race, gender, or creed.

Any and all throwbacks to previous generations of pokemon games [those prior to Black & White] are acceptable as long it's kept to a minimum. Human throwbacks being more acceptable than pokemon as there are few to none of the original pokemon in Gen V.

No flames, no furry hate, no BS. Love, live, and let live.


20th April 2012, 1:43 PM
This is, first of all, a forum strictly for actually posting fanfics - as in, every thread in it should contain the first installment of a previously written story within the first post - which you would have known if you had bothered to read the rules of the forum before posting this.

Second of all, if you had read the rules you might also have noticed that this forum does not allow explicit sex, so even in the Authors' Café subforum, where something like this should have been placed, a thread explicitly asking for suggestions regarding hentai is clearly on very dubious grounds.

The Shipping Fics forum does allow NC-17-rated stories (unless they've changed it since I last checked), so you could possibly ask there, but please get into the habit of reading the rules of forums before you post in them; it's generally a good idea.