View Full Version : Modified Retort/Lucario Deck

21st April 2012, 5:47 PM
Please note this is not a deck for tournament use. It is just for fun.

Deck List: (19 Energy, 9 Trainers, 5 Supporters, 27 Pokemon)
-Fighting Energy x13
-Electric Energy x6
-Dp Black Star Promo Lucario Lv.X x1
-Call Of Legends Lucario x2
-CoL Riolu x3
-CoL Hitmontop x1
-CoL Groudon x1
-CoL Ampharos x1
-CoL Flaaffy x2
-CoL Mareep x2
-CoL Donphan x2
-CoL Phanpy x2
-CoL Jolteon x2
-Majestic Dawn Eevee x2
-CoL Pidgeotto x1
-CoL Pidgey x2
-*Base Set Electrode x1
-*Base Set Voltorb x1
-HG & SS Cleffa x1
-Unleashed Life Herb x2
-Potion x1
-HG & SS Pokemon Communication x2
-CoL Research Record x1
-Emerging Powers Cheren x1
-Emerging Powers Bianca x1
-CoL Professor Oak's New Theory x2
-CoL Professor Elm's Training Method x1
-HG & SS Fisherman x1
-CoL Interviewer's Questions x1
-Majestic Dawn Quick Ball x1
*No energy attached. I'm just using its PokePower so i can use it as energy.
All of the pokemon that don't get evolved end up as walls but the main wall is Cleffa, due to its ability and it not needing any energies.
Oh I should also tell you that I don't use weakness/resistance.
Thanks for rating and giving tips! Have a great morning/day/night!