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3rd May 2012, 9:44 PM
Hey everyone,

This is my first fanfic, so it would be really nice if some people could review it, and tell me where to improve. It's rated PG for mild swearing and some violence later-on in the fic.

A short summary:
Just before Red of Pallet Town starts his journey, he finds a book written by his deceased father, for him. By reading about how his father and his friends tried to protect Kanto from a lurking danger, Red will learn everything he needs to know before leaving home...

I'll try to post chapter one by the end of this week. Have fun reading!


Pallet Town was small and rural, situated in a corner of Kanto, like some god accidentally dropped a few houses there while creating the land. If Oak’s Pokémon Lab wasn’t built in this town, one wouldn’t even have heard of it. This morning, Pallet Town was quiet, like always. However, noise was coming from one house…

‘Where are they, where are they?’ a young boy with black hair cried frustrated, while digging through the socks in a drawer of a cupboard.

'Argh! Not in here, either! Have you seen my Pokéballs, Poli?’ he asked, while facing a blue Pokémon, who was sitting on his bed.

The Poliwhirl shook his head and the young boy let out another irritated cry.

‘Red, please, don’t be so loud. It’s only seven a.m., for Christ’s sake.’ It was Red’s mother, Lavender, who was dressed in a bathrobe. Her long, black curls hung loose around her face. ‘What’s the matter?’

‘My Pokéballs, that’s the matter. I can’t find them!’ Red stomped on the floor.

His mother sighed. ‘Can’t you search them later?’

‘No, I need them now.’


‘Because I want to have anything ready soon enough! I can’t come back easily, once I started my journey.’ Red replied, and he started browsing between the socks again.

Red’s mother smiled. Of course, it was about the journey. Like every other ten-year-old, Red was about to travel Kanto, together with a starter Pokémon from Professor Oak. Lavender could still remember the start of her journey well. She had forgotten so many stuff, she had spent the first three days traveling back and forth between Pallet Town and Viridian City.

‘Maybe they’re in the attic,’ Lavender suggested and she left the room.

Red got up and thought about it.
‘Yeah, that would be logical… C’mon, Poli!’ Red and his Poliwhirl went up the creaky stairs, to the attic.

It was dark, musty, and packed with all sorts of stuff. Everything was topped with a thin layer of gray dust.

Red’s hand searched for the switch. A weak lightbulb flickered a few times before spreading a yellow light. Red shoved an old chair aside, while Poliwhirl began checking the contents of a damaged wardrobe. For at least fifteen minutes, the two were busy searching for Red’s Pokéballs.

‘You found them yet?’ Red asked his Pokémon, but Poliwhirl shook his head.

Red started pacing around, mumbling to himself.
‘They can’t be gone… But if they are… I need them…’ His eye fell on a cupboard, hidden between dusty clothes.

‘I haven’t searched in here…’
Red opened the cupboard. Tons of books fell out, hitting Red on the head. The boy fell on the ground, his head spinning.
Slightly moaning, he got up, but as he saw what was covered under the books, he cheered. ‘Finally found the Pokéballs! Okay, now I can go- Hey, what’s that?’

A black-and-white photo stuck out from the pages of a small book. Red sat down and took the picture. On it were four young people, of about sixteen years old. A boy with rowdy, black hair seemed very familiar to Red. The same, brave look in the same, light-colored eyes…

It was Red’s father. Red’s father, Andrew, died of cancer about four years ago. Andrew had given Red his very first Pokémon, a Poliwhirl.

But Red had never seen this picture before… He looked at the other people. On the far left was a boy with short, dark hair, a forced smile and cool, unfriendly eyes. A cat-like Pokémon with a jewel on its forehead, a Persian, sat in front of him…
Next to him stood a light-haired girl with glasses. She smiled faintly and her eyes looked slightly surprised in the camera. On her shoulder rested a black bird Pokémon Red didn’t know…
And there was his father, an Abra at his feet and a Bulbasaur in his arms…
The last one on the picture was a black girl with curly, combed-up hair, a wide smile and a Ponyta at her side.

Red flipped the picture over. ‘Me and the guys, about to leave Lavender Town,’ was written on the back. Leave Lavender Town? Red never knew his father had travelled. He took the small book and opened it on the first page.

For Red, were the only two words on that page.

‘For me?’ Red whispered and he flipped quickly through the book. It seemed like it was used as a diary, as Red saw large pieces of hand written text, but there were also drawings and photos. He went back to the second page. Someone had glued a hand-written letter to it. As Red noticed his name again, he started reading:

Dear Red,
If you’ve found this book, it means that I have died before I could tell you things, things you need to know before you will leave your mother and start a journey. I have written about the adventures of me and my three best friends, whose faces you can see on the added picture. We have experienced things I wanted to teach you. We have experienced victories and losses, pain and sorrow, hate, bravery and love. Please, Red, read the book, in where I try to teach you what you must know before you leave the safe haven of Pallet and enter the big world. But do not worry, as you will make great friends, friends for life. I think I can tell you what’s important, as love isn’t bound by borders, not even by death.
Love, Dad.

Tears welled up in Red’s eyes. This was the only thing his father had made for him, for him alone. Red wanted to read it immediately. And so he sought a comfortable place to sit down, with Poliwhirl snuggled up to him, and he flipped the page, to the beginning of the story, which had the title:

“An Abandoned Bulbasaur”.