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RaZoR LeAf
13th March 2005, 12:29 PM
The Authors’ Profile

This idea was original put forward in the Fanfic Cafe by Ryano Ra, and with his/her permemission, i've brought it here too. Here, authors/RPGers can post their own profiles about writing. This way, RPGers can give out writing tips and give other members an idea of where their interests lie. When doing you profile, please include the following as a base. Once including these, you can add whatever you would like to.

Name: Your username, but real names can be placed here.
Age: Your current age
Gender: Since RPGs are about interaction after all.
Strong Areas: Your strong areas in writing; for example, you could list that you are good in length, plots, and descriptions.
Weak Areas: Your weak areas in writing; for example characterisations, description, post length
Type Of RPG: Your favourite types of RPG you like to write; for example, you might like to write Romance, Humour, or Fantasy stories.
Type Of Characters: What type of characters do you like to write? List however many type of characters are easy for you to write.
Current RPGs: List all of your current RPGs that are out. Summaries are optional. List rating, star-vote counts, genre, etc. Also mention if your RPGs are open for sign ups or not.
Future RPGs: List all of your future RPGs that will come out. Summaries are optional, but recommended.
Writing Tips: Here, give a few useful tips that can help other RPGers that are inspired. With all of our combined tips, it could really help many people. The tips could even help yourself.

This topic will be stickied, so feel free to return and EDIT your post and profile whenever you need to update it.

Name: RaZoR LeAf
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: I'd have to go with plot details as my best skill. If there's a plot idea I have in my head, I can write a rather long and detailed history around it, before I even reached the main plot itself. Off on that tangent, description is one of my strong points too along with character development. When I make a character I like, I get hundreds of ideas of what to do with them.
Weak Areas: Tricky to work out what my weak spots are, but I think character emotion would have to be one of them. Excitement and general positive emotions are quite easy, but trying to write about fear, anxiety, distress, these are much more difficult, and I often worry I haven't put across the full emphasis of how my characters feel.
Type Of RPG: I love a good, well written fantasy RPG. One that isn't a boring old 'save the world by fighting evil overlord' type of thing. I do love Zelda RPGs and assuming they are also well written and have an original idea, chances are I will join it.
Type Of Characters: My characters are usually run of the mill in RPGs that don't require heavy detail and history. I like to give my character very visible faults. A disability, or a state of mind that makes them less than perfect.
Current RPGs:


Future RPGs:


Writing Tips: Description is always important, but try not to go overboard with it. Describe your surroundings, and how your character is feeling yes, but do it in a way that is interesting to read. Don't describe every small detail that could make up a scene, just write about the parts that would give the reader a solid idea of what's around.

When you are in an RPG, be sure to read every post between your last one and your current post. Other RPGers will give out details to their location, and what is going on, things that you will need to maintain or else your characters will be lost and out of sync. This is especially important with the Game Leader's posts, as they will often include the important things like time of day, weather or important NPCs.

13th March 2005, 1:21 PM
Name: Hakerius (or Les to the very few)
Age: 16, almost 17
Gender: female

Strong Areas: I feel that my strengths tend to fall more along the paths of description and length. I do my best to imagine what I'm seeing and then get it onto the screen. Length I'm also pretty good at, usually it's around at least three-quaters of a page or more, though I do prefer more.

Weak Areas: Definately plot making. I'm not much of the plot maker, but I'm more than happy to join the ones I like.

Type Of RPG: My favorite types of RPGs revolve around the darker ones, not so much the "lets-go-make-daisy-chains" type. Those scare me. I also like rping in fantasy and sci-fi ones as well since there is just something I just love about them.

Type Of Characters: My characters are the infamous geeks/dweebs for the rps they would fit in with, or just the general loner that doesn't really get along well, the outside-looking-in type of characters. Every so often I do create a more happy and outgoing character for a change but I find them a bit harder to play than the char in the corner that just seems to tag along. Usually for my characters, shyness is a major factor for them to over come. Another character could come along and say "hi" only to get either a blank stare or a leave me the hell alone type of response. I don't like playing as strong characters but not to the point of damsel in distress, so strength is usually sacrificed for more intelligence, but not always common sense.

Current RPGs: none currently

Future RPGs: most likely it'll be Stri's Blood and War if it gets off the ground. Otherwise I'm off wandering about looking for an RPG to join, which more than a few haven't struck me as my type.

Writing Tips: Dan took two of the major points: detail and reading other's posts. Aslo, don't be afraid if you get an RPG block. I find them quite often but usually they are homeowrk and stress induced. It's not like you have to be actice every second of the rp to ensure it doesn't die but not so inactive you can't catch up. Usually during this I listen to music that fits the mood/theme, similar to writing fics, and let my mind wander over what I can do. The more I force myself, the less I get done, so just relax and don't worry about posting immediately after someone else.

Perhaps I might think of some stuff later.

13th March 2005, 1:32 PM
Name: Lemurian
Age: ...
Gender: Male

Strong Areas: I never do anything without it beeing accepted, like if I were to join the team ( LSU ), abandon the team or play out of the plot. I never sign out of RPGs and if you accept me in, I will follow the RPG as long as the keyboard accepts.

Weak Areas: My length=horrible. I keep most of the time over the limit, but it's still chances to drop under it. Descriptions...not too good there either, but you can't describe something when you don't know anything about it, can you? The chances for a mistake is very possible then... Plus, I'm known to have horrible grammar. And it's probably true too...

Type Of RPG: I like mostly futuristic RPGs. Preferbably on the earth, but I wouldn't mind jumping into a space-scened RPG either... I'm not too fond of everlasting RPGs but I can survive XD. Preferbably where you can play good or evil. Fun...

Type Of Characters: Assasins, hackers, thieves. There's my character. Always in trouble, loyal and with a sense for evil over his goodness. Either that or a very quiet guy who has no feelings and loves to kill. Hey, there's the assassin again!

Current RPGs: The Great Easter Egg Contest. It's in the Sign-Ups.
Future RPGs: As I said, ideas! A dimensional war, Ubersquad RPG and a murder-RPG. Maybe I can make that Ubersquad RPG soon...
Writing Tips: My tips aren't much to follow. But here's one:

Making a good character doesn't means he can't be evil...and vice versa.

13th March 2005, 2:00 PM
Name: Ytnim AKA Minty

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Strong Areas: RPG ideas and Battles are two things I would say I'm good in. Making those ideas into RPG's is a different matter. When I say Battle I don't just mean pokemon battle. I mean almost any type of battle be it hand to hand, medieval weaponry (swords, bows, etc), modern weaponry (guns, etc) , futuristic weaponry (lasers, etc)

Weak Areas: Sticking to my characters personality. I am guilty of accidently changing my character's personality over the length of an RPG.

Type Of RPG: Those fantasy, medieval RPG's really do it for me ya know? I don't know what it is about them but I'm just drawn to them.

Type Of Characters: I'm pretty versatile when it comes to characters. I have a few 'born leader' characters, one or two 'quiet/loner' types, a practical joker and a guy who no one can trust. Well they are all 'good' so to speak, villains just don't work for me.

Current RPGs: None.

Future RPGs: Possibly one based on D&D but I'm not sure yet.

Writing Tips: Don't put all your effort into making a character then not keep up that pace in the actual RPG. I have seen many RPGs fail because people sign up with magnificent characters but post little to nothing in the real RPG.

13th March 2005, 3:04 PM
Name: LilyPichu
Age: 13
Gender: female
Strong Areas: Emotions portrayed > >
Weak Areas: Lack of descriptions < <
Type Of RPG: Suspenseful, unique, humor, and fantasy
Type Of Characters: I prefer sarcastic or optimistic ones. One or the other, they're quite amusing to control.=)
Current RPGs: none for now.
Future RPGs: I'm planning on doing one, whereas the idea was based upon the RPG I've started last year. I'm sure no one remembers.
Writing Tips: If you are struggling with RPGs, try looking at the other people's posts and sign ups as an example. When I first came here, for the fear of making a stupid mistake, I closely followed PX's example. Eh, I don't do that now, but it helped when I was new. Also, however boring or fun it may be, read all the posts in the RPG you're in, or else there's a chance the interaction went wrong. Oh, and just because the other person has a truckload of descriptions doesn't mean you should. =D


13th March 2005, 3:25 PM
Name: RagingDragon (Strider/Shadowfaith)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Strong Areas: I would have to go with Description, Emotions and Plot making. Description has always been my strongest point. Because I have a strong imagination, I always find it easy to describe surroundings and monsters; this also helps me in plot making and characters emotions.

Weak Areas: Hmm, leading an RPG. Sometimes, when I am the Game master, it doesn’t seem to go as I plan and it takes me a while to put it back on track sometimes.

Type of RPG: Fantasy RPG’s have always been my favorite and my strongest. I love making up my own monsters and using extraordinary powers and weapons. I also love a good Trainer RPG sometimes, only if it has a few plot twists as well.

Type of Characters: My characters Vary. Some are cold and sadistic where as others are up beat and humorous. I would have to say that I prefer to play the upbeat and humorous because it suits my real life character more.

Current RPGs:

Master and the Beast

It is still running, but I haven’t had the chance to reply because of school work and of course the forum hiccup.

A Fantasy RPG of a beast who is called to release a master in a native country. Members of a small native village set out to stop it with numerous weapons and magic’s.

Blood and War

Waiting for Isis to give her Sign up, but otherwise, will be started soon.

Another fantasy RPG set in medieval times, a tale of a group of warriors who set out to gain 3 legendary weapons which will restore peace to their kingdoms.

Future RPGs: Hmm, well I’m thinking of making a Final Fantasy 7 related RPG. But it’s still running a trail through my mind at the moment.

Writing Tips: Always keep you’re descriptions…well descriptive. This is important because it’s what gives not only length, but feel to the RPG. Describe you’re surroundings thoroughly too actually give the feel that you are really there. It is also important that you keep you’re made up characters and monsters descriptive to give other members a good description of what they look like.

Emotions are important to, and I will advise you all to use them well as it shows who you characters really are and this is what you use to interact with other members’ characters.

The Admiral
13th March 2005, 3:38 PM
Name: Arashi
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: I think I'm good at describing situations, especially if they involve things I'm reather familiar with. Other people have said I am, and I think that it's probably due to familiarity. If I don't know it, I can't write about it. Of course, sometimes I do try. >.>
Weak Areas: I can't write a long plot very easily without losing my mind, but I'm working on it. Everything else, I think I'm about average on.
Type Of RPG: Fantasy-centric, sometimes futeristic. I've been conditioned by PSO, you could say. x.x;
Type Of Characters: Most of the time, the characters I write are loud and quick to anger. Quite a bit like me, I must admit. x.x;
Current RPGs: None yet. Hopefully one will be up next week.
Future RPGs:
Black Blade - A Milennium of Chaos - This RPG takes place in the far future, where the mysterious group "Black Blade" is gaining much power be confiscating the souls of random citizens on the planets they control. Their influence spreads out to one whole dimension. Warriors from many dimensions (The people who sign up) gather in this dimension, then, planet-by-planet, exterminate Black Blade. The group will not need to stay together, either, but in the end, everyone will get a shot at fighting the thing that Black Blade has brought into existance, which now threatens to destroy the entire dimension.
Writing Tips: If you have difficulty writing a plot, start with a name. A name often influences basic thoughts of what the RPG is about. For example, an RPG whose name references Pokemon, will be immediately believed to be Pokemon-based. However, if the title notes something in Pokemon, that has an opportunity to allply to some other subject, then more people might take interest. Also, do not write an RPG on something that's been done a million times, e.g. a Trainer RPG. You should only do this if it's high-quality. Also, remember, quantity does not equal quality; you may have a three-page RPG plot, but it might be three pages of dingo's kidneys/********/some other negative term.

Project Alpha
13th March 2005, 5:43 PM
NAME: Project Alpha AKA Sitekick_Unlimited AKA Crystaldeoxys, AKA Ken

AGE: 12


STRONG AREAS: I'd say that I can pretty well integrate my characters emotions and personal history into most of my posts. I'm also very careful about Grammer and Spelling errors.

WEAK AREAS: I'd say that sometimes I'll join like 4 RPGS at a time and get so busy I'll go overboard and won't be able to post that often. I also am not a fan of doing things a piece at a time, usually rushing things out and if a good post gets deleted, the second time I post it, it won't be the same quality as the first.

TYPE OF RPG: I like a well done fantasy/adventure/action RPG where there is some sort of shadow hanging over and is always on the move. I also like ones where you are not required to wait for everybody to post before you can post again.

TYPE OF CHARACTERS: My characters have two qualities that remind me of myself. First is they're usually very stubborn, and always charge into things without thinking. If they're not that, then they're very dark and mysterious people who would rather do things on their own, and hate whatever source of evil is there for their own reasons. They're past is a mystery so I can intergrate it into my posts.

CURRENT RPGS: None that I've started.

FUTURE RPGS: I'm still thinking of starting that Final Fantasy one, but it's still going to be a long while. Pokemon Kingdoms should be done in the fall, and I have a brand new RPG idea coming July 15, 2006.

Iota (July 15, 2006)

Perfection. In 2012, this goal was attempted by a wealthy man. It seemed perfect. It didn't have the flaws communism had.

The idea was to make sure that everyone had jobs or were students, and had at least one thousand dollars. All the poor people were given this money too. Law, order, and living the way that could create a society were led by humans, influenced by cyberetic enchancements. The beings, known as the Iota would make sure no one was smoking or drinking or doing drugs or slcking off. Anyone who tried these things dissapeared

Eventually it was agreed that the world was perfect. Everyone did their routines in accordance to the Perfect World rules. However one man didn't like these changes. That man began a rebellion to change the world back to what it was.

A war broke out. Those who desired perfection (perfectors) and those who wanted the world back to normal (Normals). This war has been going on for a thousand years. During this time all the Iotas were shut down in a rebel assult. However, now certain Iotas are reawakening. This time, they have free will. They have a choice. But which side is right? Which side is wrong? They have no clue.

Pokemon Kingdoms (Fall 2006)

In a world before humans, ruled by Ho-oh, all Pokemon await for the day of the month known as Wish day. The guardians of Ho-oh and the leader itself join in the sacred Wish shrine before awakening Jirachi, a Pokemon of dreams that brings a new Pokemon species to earth. On this day however, the other Pokemon, who was born the same time as Ho-oh, the Unknown plot to take over the kingdom. They fly into the body of this new species Deoxys, as Jirachi summons it to earth. Deoxys lands and, flooded with shadow power, snags Jirachi, using it's power to seal Ho-oh and all the legends in Crystal. Only twelve heroes can save the kingdom before it's too late.

Final Fantasy 2 RPG: Yeah. I have no clue when this is coming out. I'd say 2007. I've also am seriously changing the plot.

WRITING TIPS: Spare time. Don't join more RPGs then you know you can handle. Set a limit for yourself and you should be fine.

Medical Meccanica
13th March 2005, 11:16 PM
Name: masquerainmistress/Emma
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Strong Areas: Good in thinking up plots and history for characters.
Weak Areas: bad at writing the plots I think up to make them good.
Type Of RPG: Fantasy/Pokemon
Type Of Characters: Pokemon characters. Usually a Cradily, I like RPing as one because it has no hands or actual feet. Makes things easier and more interesting.
Current RPGs: None.
Future RPGs- A Remake of The Promised Land-
I'm not giving a summary, I'm too lazy. Sorry.
Writing Tips: If you're making an RPG, try to think up something new. Unlike fanfiction, RP's that don't follow canon can turn out well. Create your own universe. Remake any plots that turned out well and make them better. Just be original.
When RPing-Remember to follow your character's personality! Also, be descriptive or nobody will know what you're doing.

13th March 2005, 11:50 PM
Name: Miyu-chan
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Strong Areas: Following the plot-line, keeping my characters in character...
Weak Areas: Not enough description, I guess... >.>;
Type Of RPG: Fantasy, or highly original RPs.
Type Of Characters: I try to range them, 'cause I like the experiment with different personalities.
Current RPGs: .::Utopia - A RP::.
RP is currently open for sign-ups, 6 more spots left.
A RP about 8 teens who are skilled in a online RP, called Utopia. They are invited to test out a virtual reality world version of it, but something goes wrong....

Future RPGs: None in planning... >.>;
Writing Tips: You should control/create characters that you know. You should know how your characters should react to everything and everyone. Keeping you character in character is very important too, a shy person wouldn't go up abd say hi to everyone. o.o; And don't make your character to be a 'mind-reader' it gets really annoying. -_-"

14th March 2005, 3:05 AM
Name: bronislav84 (AKA Bronislav, Bron)
Age: 20
Gender: M, but I am also very good at playing Girls. *laughs*
Strong Areas: Describing my own characters' surroundings and environments have always been my Strong Areas.
Weak Areas: I'm very bad at starting off the Plot for an RP. I can't be the first person to post and need a General Setting before I post. My RPing also degenerates if the other players only provide me with converation pieces.
Type Of RPG: Fantasy and Video Game based RPs. This of course, includes Pkmn.
Type Of Characters: Name the General Setting and I adjust. I make a character based on the Plot, and can't just say what kind of character I play, because it depends on the RP. I usually play a different character each time, but maintain a basic similarity between them all.
Current RPGs:
Rockman.EXE: Dark Future, Remake (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=74673)
-by Chaos, improved and co-GMed by me (Taking Signups right now)

Hell on Earth (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=74673)
-by Lady Myuu (Of course, it's not mine, but I'm putting it here because I'm in it. It's currently taking Signups)

Future RPGs: Working with Castform on Golden Sun RP Fix/Remake. (Where is he lately?)

I'm in the process of making a Teen Titans RP.

Writing Tips: I find that writing an RP entry is like writing a Fan Fic. Description makes or breaks an RPer. If they don't describe, they leave less material for others to work with. So, my Tip is "Describe as much as possible!"

14th March 2005, 6:30 AM
Name: Batesy

Age: 12.8 (Might as well say 13)

Gender: Male

Strong Areas: Description, exploiting plots and if bored, displays dark sides of chracters.

Weak Areas: Sign Ups. That's one thing I hate. Sort of weak developing good personality.

Type Of RPG: Fantasy and Pokémon.

Type Of Characters: Ones that are kind. However, I've felt a little evil lately.

Current RPGs: None. I'm getting back to my RPing soon...

Future RPGs: Pokémon To The Past: Legend Of The Green Kabutops.
An RPG coming to SPPF in a few short minutes. Several trainers go in a time machine built by Silph Co. However, little do they know, Team Rocket may be following...

Writing Tips: Don't try to be a writer that you aren't. Just because everyone else is, don't start copying their style. You may not quite understand it...
I write complex sentences but not too complex because I don't understand REALLY big words. XD

14th March 2005, 9:19 PM
Name: Xkraid (Meh, I might as well say it: Craig.)
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: Im good at plots and writing out Poke'mon Battles/Fights.
Weak Areas: Err... When signing-up to an RPG it takes hours for me to do a personality and when its done it sucks! So, yeah, Personality.
Type Of RPG: Fantasy RPGs with good plots!
Type Of Characters: Battle-loving, kind-hearted characters.
Current RPGs: None now... My others are dead...
Future RPGs: Im thinking of making one but i don't have a clue! Maybe a Naruto one...
Writing Tips: A long story plot! And make it about something that peaple like!

14th March 2005, 11:57 PM
Name: Trinx, aka Brandon
Age: 12, 13 in October

Strong Areas:Well, I usually always just write something up, I can always think of a idea to post in a rp post, I suppose i'm pretty good at description but I can't use all those fancy big words, :P.

Weak Areas:Sometimes the big words, sometimes I lack some emotion or personality, that kinda stuff, =/.

Type Of RPG:Fantasy

Type Of Characters:I usually like to roleplayer characters that are sarcastic, but overall have alot of intelligence. Sometimes I may make them do sacrifices, because you can see that I'm sort of a negative person when it comes to roleplaying, as in most of the bad things happen to my character. They make Foolish decisions alot and sometimes like to just be alone.

Current RPGs:
Everquest:The Rising of the Orc Clan
The First RPG of a Planned Series.
Sign Ups are Open

Future RPGs:
Everquest:Revenge of the Orc Clan
Second RPG of the series, will be made after tRotOC is finished.
Plot:After defeating the Orcs once and for all by a mysterious group of rebels, another strange occurence has happened. The Wayferers' seek help in order to destroy this menace monster.

Writing Tips:Try to pace yourself, do NOT use a word if you do not know what it means, try to rp with your own style, just make sure to describe the area around you.

15th March 2005, 12:14 AM
Name: FlamingRuby
Age: 19
Gender: female
Strong Areas: plot and humor
Weak Areas: I will admit that I do have a bit of trouble with description.
Type Of RPG: Adventure, Fantasy, Humor
Type Of Characters: I like characters that are based on those I know, and don't require fifty pages to learn what makes them tick. Now, if said fifty page history is important, then I'll make an exception.
Current RPGs: None so far.
Future RPGs: I'm thinking about ressurrecting my "Adventures in Pokesitting" RP, and I might do an RP based on Pokemon Snap...
Writing Tips: There's a balance in describing your surroundings too much and describing them too little...the trick is finding that balance

19th March 2005, 1:49 PM
Name: KaiserMyuu. Just as easy.
Age: 12
Gender: Dude
Strong Areas: Good sign ups most of the time, descriptive plots and some other crap.
Weak Areas: Inspiration. End of discussion. And sometimes I use unusual words.
Type of RPGs: Fantasy, maybe a bit of Adventure
Type of Characters: Insane and sometimes evil whenever I get the chance, with usually an explanation. They usually have some sort of believable weakness to go with their personality, but it all comes down to what the roleplay is about. Oh yeah, I don't use the same character over and over. My memory's kind of bad.
Current RPGs:
The Unnamed Roleplay
Based on my old fanfiction, Flux.
Let's say there's an alternate universe behind black holes, collapsed stars in the arm of the galaxy.
Now, let's say a large sort of portal-thing was called a Star Fissure, and a forgotten being lived in between our world of pokemon and an alternate, barren, desolate world.
Strangely, fluxes have begun to occur, disrupting the universe. Some of the legendary pokemon have met up and discussed it, and they agreed not to use their powers after the demise of the three Regi pokemon. Meanwhile, on the other world, an evil god has found a crack in the Star Fissure, and that means he can come back to the pokemon world and finally rule over it.
So, some kids just decide to waltz on the worlds, and find a something that was supposed to be forgotten.
I guess ancient chaos does repeat itself.
Upcoming RPGs: I have something in mind, but it's hard to spill into words. Should be coming soon, however.
Writing Tips: It's okay to misspell words, just as long as people know what it means. If you can't decide what word to use, put down the word on a writing program like Word and use the thesaurus, or just use thesaurus itself if you're not too lazy. Don't make descisions for other people, don't take over a roleplay, blah blah blah. If you're trying to come up with something, just wait for a bit and see if another person posts, and you can try to continue it. If nobody posts, just try putting a few paragraphs or so into the roleplay. It could be boring, but it may help another to post. And don't forget to hug a kitten.

Elite Eevee
19th March 2005, 2:47 PM
Name: Elite Eevee
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Strong Points: Plots
Weak Areas: Post length, long entries
RPGs: Fantasy mainly, but I always love mystery
Characters: My characters usually are calm and collected, but take in alot of information. I also love playing someone wise and smart.
Current RPGs: Don't bother. All three are at the bottom of a dark, dark pit.
Furture RPGs: I have loads of ideas for RPGs. Mostly revolving around Dungeons and Dragons, but several other hold strong, including a murdur mystery.
Writing Tips: Post what you want. Don't be intimidated by other's long posts. You can post, but don't blather to make it long.

23rd March 2005, 2:30 AM
Name: Isis
Age: 13
Gender: Female

Strong Areas: I'm very good at emotions, discriptions, and plots...

Weak Areas: I often change my character's personality as a roleplay progresses, or I slowly change some other aspect of them to suit me more.

Type Of RPG: I like a good, well written, plot. I don't have a real preference towards what kind of RPG I like, however I like fantasy and sci-fi roleplays.

Type Of Characters: I like to make dark heros. I like assassins, and people who don't care about killing... I'm not like that, I can just write that way.

Current RPGs: Shattered Eternity
Status: Open
Summary: In a world separated into two, a chosen and their companions must travel to reunite the world, but that is just the beginning...

Future RPGs: I'm thinking of making (yet again, for the final time) a Genetics Labs RPG. I'm also thinking of an assassin RPG.

Writing Tips: Be sure to read all posts and signups in any RPG you're in, and make sure to keep your post length up.

23rd March 2005, 7:44 PM
Name: PokeProf20
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: Description, actions, interaction with other characters
Weak Areas: Post length, thinking up good plots worth writing
Type Of RPG: If I could think of a plot, I would write something with action, I like to find a new sort of plot no one else has thought of.
Type Of Characters: My characters are usually loners; I've only made two characters that were the type who like to be around other people. My characters usually hide secrets about themselves.
Current RPGs: None
Future RPGs: Still brainstorming. (I like to give RPGs a really good thought before I pick something)
Writing Tips: Don't be afraid to make really long posts. That's my biggest problem. Write as detailed as you can possibly get, and proofread often. Once deeper in an RPG, if you fall behind in posting, CHECK ALL POSTS BEFORE POSTING AGAIN. Do not ask someone where you are. Try not to have your character in a completely different setting as the others for too long.

11th April 2005, 2:38 AM
Name: Yamcha888
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: Post length, characterisation, actions
Weak Areas: Plot,
Type Of RPG: Fantasy, Action and Adventure
Type Of Characters: Mainly characters that are loners and are heroic but I only have 1 character right now.
Current RPGs: none right now
Future RPGs: I am not that much on creativity to come up with my own plot.
Writing Tips: not that great at writing so I can't give tips

Golden Tropius
12th April 2005, 3:07 AM
Name: Golden Tropius
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: Description, post length, good plots (when I can think of them).
Weak Areas: Conveying emotions, overdoing it with signing up for RPGs.
Type Of RPG: Action fantasy.
Type Of Characters: Characters that are shy at first but warm up to other characters quickly. Recently I've been trying out other personalities as well.
Current RPGs:
Pokemon Freedom
Started; NO LSU's.
It is the year 2331. The days of the great pokemon trainers are long gone. Following a stock market crash, the whole planet became like the old South of our world, with plantations being the dominant feature of land. Pokemon and humans were enslaved, and soon pokemorphs were made. Now there is a group of escaped slaves trying to make their way to Hantura Island and freedom.
Future RPGs: None yet...
Writing Tips: Try to keep the plot moving. Try not to post if it is off topic or twists the story so that it is really weird.

6th July 2005, 1:08 PM
Name: Nikki (TR_Vixen)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Strong Areas: I'm not too sure to be honest... I think emotions and thoughts are my strong points, though I do try and add lots of description. I like to draw out my character too, so I have a image of what my person looks like because it inspires me to write so I guess that could be a strong point.

Weak Areas: Spelling mistakes and typos. Also I get really impatient at waiting for people to post.

Type Of RPG: Fantasy by a long shot. Anyting I have watched or played (or both) I will join as long as the plot is good.

Type Of Characters: I like to play the innocent character who is loyal and careing but ditzy and humourous. I think I could probally play a shady character too, but I feel that it is too commonly used and people always want to be the "dark-horse" all the time...

Current RPGs: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=68798 - A kingdom hearts RPG

Future RPGs: I would like to join more, but have yet to find anything that sparks my interest and hasn't already started ...

13th July 2005, 8:40 AM
Name: Hazy Aurora
Age: 12 (I can't help it...But please don't let this influence the way you treat me)
Gender: Female
Strong Areas: I'm good in description. I have a large vocab, and enjoy using it to the full. ^^ I'm a pretty good all round writer as well.
Weak Areas: I seriously need to work on post length...
Type Of RPG: Any really. I have no favourites, but I like Fantasy and Pokemon related ones. I'm a sucker for Pokemorphs. XP
Type Of Characters: I write both Male and Female, easy to get along with and pains. But I'm best with Humans, and secondly animals.
Current RPGs: None at the moment. ^^;
Future RPGs:

Adventure of the Moon and Sun

Wings of Change

Writing Tips: I suppose...I don't have any at the moment. My mind went blank. XP

13th July 2005, 11:31 PM
Name: Blivsey
Age: 17 (as of August 2008)
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: Character creation. That's always a load of fun, and I like to think that I'm good at it.
Weak Areas: Creating coherent posts sometimes takes hours for me.
Type Of RPG: Fantasy/Sci-fi when possible.
Type Of Characters: I try to do all types, but I subconsciously tend to lean toward female or nerdy characters. I try not to restrain myself to humans.
Current RPGs: Applied to Smash!

Future RPGs:

- Unnamed Transformers RPG

Writing Tips: Enjoy RPing. Seriously, most people write better when they enjoy it, which means you'll be happier with it, other people will have better installments to respond to, which means they'll be pleased and write better, and the cycle continues. Love is infectious, kids, and it's the right kind of thing to spread.

23rd July 2005, 10:04 PM
Name: Regi~Castform or Richy (real name)
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Strong Area: Thinking of an RPG, and writing in it.
Weak Areas: Planning out RPGs.
Type of RPGs: Adventures, and action
Type of Characters: Heroes, Villans
Current RPGs:

Team Arqio: SAVE THE REGIs: This RPG is about an ancient gang of villans that capture the Regis and destroy half the world with them, they were called team Gangzo. Luckly a rival team of them wanted to save the Regis, they were called team Arqio. They raged in the hugest battle in the world. At the end of the battle the leaders of the two teams dissappeared. Many, MANY years later traces of team Gangzo where found, meanning they are back. Richy the leader is trying to put team Arqio back together and trying to stop team Gangzo and save the Regis.
~STATUS: Dying

Future RPGs:

Fusian Masters (Working title): Evil has gone through the world. A new method of saving the world has come, fusian. 7 heroes will have legenay team, like the Regis, the Latis, the little legendss (Mew, Celebi, Jirachi), the major lengendary birds (Lugia and Ho-oh) the legendary birds (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres), the legendary dogs (Suicune, Entei, Raikou) and the Deoxys combos, (story in work)

Tips: Stay in tune with your RPG AND your members.

24th July 2005, 1:05 PM
Name: Knightblazer (Lucifer_Elemental)
Age: 13
Gender: Female. (Wow, who expected that?)

Strong Areas: I'm usually one who comes up with the wierdest (and sometimes great) plot twists in an RPG. I'm OK in descrpition, although I still need to brush up a bit...

Weak Areas: Defitenly post length. I somtimes tend to type shorter rather then longer ones. I als tend to write it in script format, rather then novel kind. And my spelling is horrible, I guess. Loads of work to do... *sighs*

Type Of RPG: I prefer fantasy than any other kind, as so long it ain't boring. (Yes, it even refers saving the universe many times over)

Type Of Characters: I usually make lone characters, with a mysterious background. I can just add the background bit by bit as the RPG goes on. Its more fun that way. Sometimes, I add a carefree attitude to the character, to spice up things a bit. I can do almost any character, exepct female characters... how ironic.

Current RPGs: Hybrid's Tale

Summary: An Rp about Team Fusion, a team that is hardly heard or spoken about in the pokemon world, has finally made themselves known by unleashing an army of pokemon fusions. These pokemon fusions are created and trained by the Team itself to become the ultimate soldiers: Mindless killers. However, there were 10 of these Fusions that were considered failures by them. Team Fusion left them to rot in the outside world. The legendaries, enraged by the team's actions, cruel treatment and therefore horrified by their evil plan, decided to take action, but yet they did not want to be known by the humans, or worse, captured by Team Fusion and turned into mindless fusions as well. So, they decided to ask the help of the 10 failures, asking to choose a human trainer that they considered the best and team up with him or her to twart Team Fusion's evil plans.

Status: One special spot left. PM me for details.

Grene: Pokemon Fantasy/Futurstic?

Future RPGs: None so far. Maybe I'll start a make a new one up when my first one starts...

Writing Tips: Make sure your posts are long enough, proof-read your post, be descrptive, try not write in script format, and make sure you read ALL the posts before signing up any RPG.

24th July 2005, 4:07 PM
Name: Surfman

Age: Will be 16 in August

Gender: Male

Strong Areas: I play characters pretty well, and I'm good at coming up with interesting plot twists.

Weak Areas: Overall, my description could use the most work.

Type of RPG: I prefer Pokemon RPGs. This is a general rule. There are exceptions, however, such as the Mario one I have in the Sign-up forum right now.

Type of Character: When it comes to characters, I'm fairly versatile. I have a slight preference towards calmer, wiser characters (see Jethro in Mewtwo's Last Stand and the coming sequel), although I can also play a good villain (Natalie near the end).

Current RPGs:

Title: Mewtwo's Last Stand

Summary: Mewtwo has hidden away, and has left clues in the hands of the legendaries. Now, it is up to Jethro Baker and several others to find Mewtwo and keep him safe from the unknown leader of Team Rocket.

Genre: Pokemon. Adventure/mystery?

Status: Currently at the epilogues.

Title: Snagem vs. Cipher

Summary: Team Snagem has come under new leadership and has turned against its former ally, Cipher. Now, its goal is to Snag all of the Shadow Pokemon from Cipher and purify them.

Genre: Pokemon. Action/Adventure.

Status: Nearly dead. Plus, I lost all my information on it when my computer crashed. I think I'll just let this one go.

Title: The Last Straw

Summary: Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach... again. This time, Mario and others are headed to Bowser's castle to deal with him personally. But for one of them, something happens that is the last straw. They're mad - mad enough to kill...

Genre: Murder mystery. Mario.

Status: Three participants signed-up with ten characters still available.

Future RPGs:

Title: Mewtwo's Last Stand II: The Quest for Rukario

Summary: Jethro Baker and company are on another legendary-searching quest - this time, for the elusive Rukario. Their search will take them through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Orre as they find clues, battle more organizations (Snagem and Cipher), and try to get to Rukario before Team Rocket leader Natalie Baker does...

Genre: Pokemon. Adventure/Mystery?

Coming after Mewtwo's Last Stand finishes!

Writing Tips: Try to make your character someone you could play relatively easily. That way, you're less likely to mess up.

26th July 2005, 2:39 AM
Name: Tyler AKA Tyafu or Biodude123
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: Not many but a few are beggining story, and cleverness???
Weak Areas: rest of story may come out "confusing", grammer
Type Of RPG: Action Fantacy and a little romance but I like all of em'
Type Of Characters: Funny Adventuros and Different.
Current RPGs: Im creating one right now or at least trying
Future RPGs: Uhhh little to soon for that
Writing Tips: I may be the one in need of tips...

27th July 2005, 4:24 AM
Author Profile
Name: greenlink777
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: Coming up with characters and Plots
Weak Areas: Adjetives. I lack that a lot.
Type Of RPG: Fantasy, Adventure.
Type Of Characters: All types.
Current RPGs: this is my only one.
Future RPGs: Have no plans.
Writing Tips: realism is a key part. Don't say a water-ground is caught on fire. Or say that a steel in general is on fire. Steel just rust due to fire, not catch on fire.

Raichu Master
30th July 2005, 12:46 AM
Name: Raichu Master (RM for short)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: I'm not normally modest...but this is a rare occasion for me. I couldn't really tell you my strong areas. I like to think I'm a well-round rper.
Weak Areas: Consistancy...*sigh*...at last, not all my post are created equal...it'd be great if they were...but they aren't...
Type Of RPG: It really doesn't matter. I'm an all around type of guy, I rp in what I'm interested in at the time, and right now I'd have to say I'm interested in Harry Potter or Pokemon rps.
Type Of Characters: I've heard it said many times that a good rper doesn't have preferences when it comes to character selection, and a good rper should be able to rp anything with equal enthusiasm. So I kind of follow that philosophy.
Current RPGs: None, I'm new.
Future RPGs: Chimney Rock: School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. But 'tis a secret for now, check back for more details as they develop! ^^
Writing Tips: Quality post, is a must. Make sure you've put good time and energy into each one, if you don't, it's easy to see. Character creation, don't put together a quick 2 minute character, take time and consideration to make sure that you've covered everything. Best way is to do the profile on Word, then come back to it, and add or subtract what you think is needed.

T.W. North
8th August 2005, 10:32 AM
Name: T.W. North
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: I'm good at description, well I thought I was, and I am compared to most people I know IRL, but I'm nowhere near as good as you guys. I'm also good at fight scenes. People here often have a different opinion to those IRL so I can't really say anything else.
Weak Areas: Personality, I'm rubbish at this, I really am. My character's personality is meant to come out during the roleplay. I'm alright in length, but it's definitly one of my lesser areas.
Type Of RPG: Fantasy and comedy mainly. Never Pokemon though.
Type Of Characters: My characters are usually big and strong, more often than not pretty damn good fighters.
Current RPGs: One, but it died in it's Sign Up stage *sob*
Future RPGs: None that I can think of. xD
Writing Tips: My main point is to take criticism. If you don't you'll never get better. Also, don't argue with the game-master, I know from experience that isn't wise.

8th August 2005, 5:59 PM
Name: Tensa Zangetsu AKA Zangetsu AKA Tensa AKA Josh
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: I can come up with some interesting plot twists. I'm also good at creating original concepts to use in RPGs.
Weak Areas: I'm horrible at names in general. Characters, worlds, attacks, whatever, I have trouble naming it.
Type Of RPG: The stuff I come up with looks like something out a shonen anime. I never go with plots based off of something that already exists. I might borrow a concept or two from existing works, but I try to stay away from that. In other words, I create orginal RPGs with a DBZ-type environment...minus the "I'll just sit here and power up for three days so I can beat you by sneezing!" bit.
Type Of Characters: I'm good with villians. I don't know why, but I can get those kinds of characters down the easiest.
Current RPGs:


Past RPGs
Curse of the Demon Aura

In the near future, Earth is prospering due to an increase in raw energy that occurs every 5000 years. With this increase comes many things. One of the most unique, however, are auras. In the early 2060's, 99 percent of the population had the ability to cloak themselves in their own energy. However, in 2064, a new type of aura was discovered. This "Demon Aura", caused by a build-up of darkness in a person's heart, had the ability to corrupt the user and turn them into evil beings. At first, this type of aura was contained. But in early November of 2064, a person being used for Demon Aura research, Tiemrhon, went berserk and destroyed the laboratory where the research was taking place. He then began to gather other Demon Aura users. This sparked concern with many Normal Aura users. A group calling themselves the Normal Aura Militia vowed to fight Tiemrhon to the very end and, hopefully, wipe out the threat of the Demon Aura.\

Future RPGs:

The Soul Weapons:

I have no clue what this is gonna be yet. All I have is a title and a concept, which is how most of my ideas start.

Writing Tips: Listen to music while you're thinking of ideas. You never know what some song lyrics or even a song title can give you.

13th August 2005, 4:56 PM
Name: Psychic

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Strong Areas: Original plots, posts and characters, emotion.

Weak Areas: Description when not provided with enough detail by the RPG Master

Type Of RPG: Action Fantasy

Type Of Characters: I know how popular dark/loner characters are, so even though I love writing them I try to avoid them. I think all my characters are different, but I keep away from the 'dormant volcano' types and try to stick with characters with slightly clouded judgment and a touch of na&#239;vet&#233;.

Current RPGs: Meh, this and that.

Future RPGs: Will not be revealed until certain things are finalized.

Writing Tips: Don't try to make all your characters the same, and try to avoid dark, brooding types. Always give them strengths and weaknesses and don't even think about superpowers. And their Pokemon don't all have to be fully evolved! Plus you can give them personalities; I once made a Sharpedo that hated its trainer and loved drinking blood, and a Flygon with a terrible memory! Be creative, and don't just give your character a team of powerhouses!
When you want to make a post, think of what you're going to say first, and try to get it to help advance the RPG. Four line posts are useless, and if you're planning on having a conversation with another player, don't just make the whole post one sentence from the conversation. Describe things - people, settings, actions, emotions - and avoid just having mounds of dialogue. Also, don't RPG in first person - it's a pain-in-the-butt for everyone else because they may not remember who you are.

And remember; no matter what kind of character you play, or how small you think your role is, you can still have fun with it!


Xeno Metal Knuckles
17th August 2005, 12:41 AM
Name: Forbidden Fire Youkai (FFY for Short)

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Strong Areas: Post length and Emotion,I tend to post 4-6 line posts but sometimes I make 15-20 line,3-4 paragraph posts. As for Emotion Anger,Romance,and Sadness come into play in the Rpg's I participate in. But Anger is the Emotion I use most.

Weak Areas: I can't make good plot twists. other than that I really can't see any weak areas for me

Type Of RPG: I don't really favor any

Type Of Characters: Usually Character's with a History of violence. other than that I can't say I favor any type of Character I use

Current RPGs: none but Iam participating in 2 Rpg's that some other people made

Future RPGs: none

Writing Tips: Try not to go too overboard with you posts.

17th August 2005, 7:47 AM
Name: Butch
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: I keep the RPGs alive and kicking until the real end.
Weak Areas: Sometimes, I have no way with words.
Type Of RPG: Dark, adventurous, ones where you can play as a Pokemon.
Type Of Characters: I like to be noticed, so my characters are one of the most important in an RPG.
Current RPGs: I'm now playing Wolfhunters, and it's almost over.
Future RPGs: I'll be creating my first RPG: Grand Theft Auto: 7dreas. It takes place in 1997, 5 years after San Andreas. CJ Johnson & Smoke find out that Tinpenny's actually alive and has awoken from his coma. And now, this crooked cop is now making a new army more powerful than the Ballas. And it's up to the Johnsons and his homies to finish off Tinpenny once and for all.
Writing Tips: Be smart, be accurate. And don't start an RPG near August. Otherwise, less people will be coming because they've school.

Sonozaki Maya
19th August 2005, 2:38 AM
Name: Kyuukyokumiko (RL name: Jonathan)
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: I have a decent vocabulary, and it makes it easy for me to get involved. That is, if I don't go LSU.
Weak Areas: If I lack ideas, this hampers greatly my length of RPing, and this is mainly when I go LSU.
Type: Mainly fantasy, doesn't normally involve Pokemon.
Type of Characters: Normally, this varies between RPG to RPG, but they are mainly intelligent in one way or another.
Current RPGs: None at the moment - I am not regularly posting in one but I am continually signing up in order to improve my somewhat rusty skills.
Future RPGs: I'm not too sure if I'll have one, I need to check some stuff. I have only one teaser - it's name: An Epic Quest: Chains of Fate.
Writing Tips: I'm not one to give any sort of tips, but I have some pieces of advice - Try not to depict your post so that it appears that your character is ahead of all the others, and try not to leave any other RP players under the dust if, they do not post, ie. They have school, they're busy, etc.

29th August 2005, 1:44 AM
name: Rioku
age: 12
gender: male
strong areas: description interaction
weak areas: length
type of plot: i like adventurus plots
type of characters: loner
current rpgs: none
future rpgs: dont like making up storys just plays along with what ever is happening.
writing tips: just be yourself do what you want to do.

19th September 2005, 3:56 PM
Name: Katiekitten, Katie, or even KK if you have to. XD

Age: 1. :o

Gender: Female

Strong Areas: I am good at description, length, delving into the characters feelings.

Weak Areas: I find it hard to comunicate with others in the RPG, I am mostly a loner.

Type Of RPG: Descriptive ones, with good plots. I will join most of them, but I don't like to be overloaded.

Type Of Characters: Mostly happy characters, that reflect my real personality. Insane, anooyed, male/female, I don't mind. :)

Current RPGs:

Pokemon & Shadow Pokemon War 3: The Final Resistance. Link. (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=84920)
Status: Open/closed
Summary: I believe it is still open, but as it is on the 10th page, maybe not. It is the third part of an ongoing war that has already been done in two other RPG's. This is the conclusion, the very last one.

The Wind of Change - Cdra1617 (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=111675)

Essence of the elementals - Cdra1617 (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=98905)

Sins of our fathers - Razor leaf (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=118912)

The form we take - Lady Myuu (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=116392)

Future RPGs: Nada, can't think of any.

Writing Tips: Try your best in the entry form, even if it takes you hours. In the end, if you are accepted, it is worth the effort. Also, when writing in a RPG, try and stay active, or your player will be forgotten. Post nice and long, so people can tell that you are trying your best. :)

Power Shot
11th October 2005, 1:13 AM
Name: Power Shot (this is ,y profile, I do many characters that are to many to mention right now)

Age: Sixteen

Gender: Male, I want no confusion with this

Strong Elenents: Keeping a plot fresh, originality, smelling nice, fight scenes, grammer

Weak Elements: Diolague, short stories

Types of RPGs: Action oriented, but I will do others. I'm not all that great with romance

Types of Characters: Lone wolfs, or lack of a better discription. My area of expertise is men who can rely on themselves, don't need others, but will work together if they need to

Current RPGs: None, I'm new

Future RPGs: Depends on if I can find one with a good story

Writing Tips: No one can be the best, but tying hard is always a good thing. Remember to be original when you write, find your own method of writing that seperates you from the pack. That's the best advice I can give someone. Oh, and use grammer, if you can't read it, chances are no one else will.

__________________________________________________ ______________________
Give me a character you want, and I'll create one based on what you want.

19th October 2005, 6:04 PM
Name: Siegfried/ Drake/ Shiny Flygon

Age: 14

Gender: Dude

Strongets Elements: I'm a fanfic writer, so my posts are very detailed an my RPG has a detailed plot.

Weakest Elements: Impatient, not good working as a group.

Type of RPG's : Any, but usually Pokemon/Digimon/Final Fantasy. Great plot helps, and nothing against romance since I'm a sap. Don't like horror.

Types of Characters: It is always Sieg or Drake, lone wolves with unusual pasts, lot's of brains and tactical skills, but no group skills or patience, or Nylf, a shiny Trapinch seeking vengeance for his parents murders, and who is terrified of ice attacks.

Current RPGs: Metamorphic Battles
It hasn't started yet, but I've posted the sign up. It's a story about fourteen trainers who are given the ability to morph into 14 certain legendaries( Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Groudon, Kyogre, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latios, Latias and Rukario). They go on a quest to stop Team Abomination, an evil team who use Morphs and Shadow Pokemon, and who have captured Lugia, Lugianti(Shadow Lugia), Celebi and Deoxys, which they have now turned into Shadow Morphs. There is a mysterious force running things. Ho-oh, Rayquaza, Cheloly(A fakemon), and Uniceera(Another Fakemon) guide them. You must read the rules for it before you sign up.

Future RPG's: None

Writing tips: Persitance. What more can I say. If you give up, you lose. It takes a lot of effort to be in an RPG, so you must never quit without a reason.

5th November 2005, 8:34 AM
Name: LiLi
Age: 23
Gender: Femaaaale... though I normally play males in RPs.
Strong Areas: Grammar, spelling, punctuation? XD I'm not sure. Maybe setting up the feel of a scene. And my writing style's pretty good, I think.
Weak Areas: I'm really picky with what RPs I join? >>; And I'm slow at RPing with people cause I end up being a perfectionist with my writing. ^^;
Type Of RPG: Hrm... probably fantasy, realistic drama, and a pinch of romance tossed in. Oh, and end of the world scenarios. XD
Type Of Characters: I've been... the badass loner, the head of a superhero-ish household, a talking magic homocidal plushie, a Gundam pilot, a Saiyajin, a normal human hospital patient... I'm really eclectic. o.o
Current RPGs: None here. ^^; Ran quite a few in other places, though.
Future RPGs: I'm thinking about a Dragonball Z one, but I'm not sure, as I wouldn't want it to be training/power based. Story all the way, yo.
Writing Tips: Write something that would look cool in someone else's head, not just yours. Sometimes, when I'm writing a big fight scene, I think to myself, 'what would make others go ooooooh?' And I'll go from there. Also, I personally like keeping people on their toes, but that's more GM-ish than player-ish. I like tossing curveballs at people. :3

5th November 2005, 1:14 PM
Name: Elliot AKA /\Triforce/\
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: Sign Ups.
Weak Areas: Post Length and my posting frequency.
Type of RPG:No real preferences, but a subject that I know a lot about.
Type Of Characters: Cool, calm and tactical thinkers
Current RPG's: Zelda: The Rising Darkness (LSU's Accepted)
Future RPGs: None, for now.
Writing Tips: Decent sign ups will always impress a Game Master, spend time on them.

7th November 2005, 3:30 AM
Name: Charster15 (Adam, or Seth "nickname")
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: Interactions, Descriptions, Having Fun!
Weak Areas: I can not make a RPG but i like to join them instead. Emotions are another weak thing because some people I RPed with tend to not know what im feeling.
Type of RPG: It depends on the plot at hand. If its an interesting plot, I join it. The only plot I have been to would be fantasy.
Type of Character: My characters are more of a get-along kind of dudes. They have some weaknesses and they have some strengths. They like to relax and never stress about things. They put info into use and like to just be themselves.
Current RPGs: None...(new to site)
Future RPGs: Anything that sounds like fun.
Writing Tips: Don't stress on what you write about. Try to stay on topic and not ask people where you are in the RPG. Read the plot carefully and don't be scared if your accepted. If your not accepted try another RPG. Always be sure to check other posts to get a feeling on where your at and just have fun. Be descriptive on your writing, MAKE IT LONG IF YOU NEED TO! And thats about it. Just Have Fun!

23rd November 2005, 4:33 AM
Name: Ski
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Strong Areas: I am pretty good with starts, intros, that kind of stuff. Although I am a little weak on the profile side of roleplaying. I am mostly decent at roleplaying, and pretty good at almost anything, but rarely shine.

Weak Areas: I could be egoistical and say none, but I cannot create roleplays at all. Nope. Also, another thing is that I sometimes suddenly change my character quite permanently for the sake of continuation. After all, one can only do the selfish *** for so long. Not sure if that is a weakness or not.

Type of roleplays: Plot. Let me see that plot. Nah, actually I usully get much more interested in the setting, seeing as how I have a longer history in board roleplays as opposed to forum roleplays. (So this sometimes makes my length suffer, but whatever. I get along.)

Type of characters: I try to be as diverse as possible, creating as many types of characters as I can. This sometimes gets a kick in the side though, seeing as how I seem to lack originality and how I hate being helpless and all.

Current: None. I am considerably... New to this site's roleplay section, although I have been RPing in plenty of other places for years now.

Future: None. I join more than I create.

Writing tips: Description is not always everything, sometimes it amounts to very nearly nothing. Although a physical description is always required early on, or after every major event to note changes, the description of emotional state, personality, and even whether you like someone or not should not simply be said. It should be acted out, whether in speech, in action, or perhaps just how you breathe. Another thing is, if you are a newbie at roleplaying, perhaps you might like to draw inspiration from things you have seen. Be it a wielder of a Buster Sword as a character or someone who acts like the Prince of Persia. However, in time you would want to either fuse those ideas to make you ripoffness a little less obvious or create things entirely by yourself.
Oh, and another thing is that you must remember what time period you are playing in. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, put any mention of jeans and t-shirts and whatnot in something that took place in Egypt three thousand years ago. Although beer is entirely welcome. No, this does not require a degree in historical study, just a healthy dose of common sense.

7th December 2005, 2:06 AM
Name: Exxthus
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Strong Areas: Basic writing flow. I like connecting sentences so they feel good to read/speak. Also, I'm a stickler for good spelling and grammar. I'm good at sign-ups.
Weak Areas: My writing ability seems to vary with my mood. I'm not sure why.... Some days, my writing is very clear and detailed, and other days, it can be described as average "blah".
Type Of RPG: Any type, so long as it isn't overly-cute, and has a really good or open plot.
Type Of Characters: Any types. I like the ones contrary to my own personality (it's the challenge). Don't care if it's human or otherwise.
Current RPGs: An E-mail RPG. I wuv my updater. <3 And other stuff.
Future RPGs: Truth be, I rarely join RPGs unless one happens to strike my fancy, so I can't really say. But I'm always sure to make a good sign-up.
Writing Tips: Always, always read the posts from where you last posted to the most current. It annoys the heck out of other players when you don't know what's going on. Use good spelling and grammar (this isn't an AIM chatroom; you can take your time), and use a lot of descriptions. Always be polite to other members, and don't be shy to really type up a storm. Try to keep your posts to a reasonable length. Once again, use descriptions everywhere. Not just in the setting and characters, but the mood of the moment, and the emotions you/your character(s) are experiencing. Most of all: have fun. If you don't enjoy the RPG, then the other members won't, too. Make an effort, and really get into the story.

Music Dragon
29th January 2006, 9:45 AM
Name: Music Dragon (MD)
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Strong Areas: Character creation and length. I have made a big bad bunch of characters - small, big, evil, good, funny, serious... I can also manage to write posts that are fairly lengthy, but that depends on the RPG itself.

Weak Areas: Character interaction. My characters tend to get very little contact with others', which sometimes forces me to resort to my creativity to not get left out.

Type Of RPG: Basically any RPG where I don't have to roleplay as a human. Humans are boring... Well, I wouldn't really like "Adventure of the Pink Hamsters", but you get the idea.

Type Of Characters: I can write nearly any sort of character, but my absolute favourite would have to be... VILLAIN. My roleplaying reaches its full potential when I am allowed to roleplay as a really nasty someone...

Current RPGs: I have made none - I prefer joining others' RPGs rather than making my own. I've signed up for Super Smash Bros. RPG and Wind of Change, none of which have started yet.
Future RPGs: See above.

Writing Tips: Even if you can make the longest posts in the world, a diminutive sign-up will not get you far. Even if your character is the most original one since Nelus E. Loi, he/she will not help if you can't make good use of him/her. Even if you have become a good roleplayer, you will not get accepted into many RPGs if everyone knows you as "that guy who sucks". Even if you're the new Einstein, introducing yourself with "hi!!1!!" will... Well, you get the idea.

Neon Lite
29th January 2006, 8:26 PM
Let's give it a shot...

Name: Evan
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: Interactions with other characters.
Weak Areas: Description and parts involving me dying.
Type Of RPG: Sincerly, I really go for ones with interesting plotlines.
Type Of Characters: Characters reminding me of real people, and ones that often come off of my personality traits.
Current RPGs: None that are here on SPPF.
Future RPGs: I don't plan any at the moment.
Writing Tips: Try to stick yourself into the situation as that character, and make sure his/her actions have to do with his/her personality.

29th January 2006, 9:13 PM
Name: Latias_tamer_3

Age: 14

Gender: Dudette

Strong Areas: Plots, pure and simple.

Weak Areas: Post length

Type Of RPG: Pokemon/Fantasy or sometimes crossovers

Type Of Characters: Character that are usually depressive and are fond of the darkness. Either that or a Latias who enjoys chili made with Tomato Berries.

Current RPGs: *sigh* None Yet.

Future RPGs: Wistfull on creating one already. Title is: The Council of Legendaries: The Thousand Year Gathering. It's about all 21 (yes including Mewtwo) Legendaries who gather at the remote island of Naguta, to debate about the condition of the planet. Humans are strictly prohibited from attending this important meeting that could decide the fate of the world.

Writing Tips: Imagine. That is they key word. Imagination knows no bounds and whatever spills out of your sub-consious could be gold. EX. Chronicles of Narnia. The author got the idea from dreaming of a faun with an umbrella walking in the snow. Pretty good, so far as I think anyway.

30th January 2006, 1:21 PM
Name: Ejunknown

Gender: Female

Strong Areas: I am good at descrition, grammar, spelling, third person and character profiles.

Weak Areas: I sometimes make long posts, but they are mostly medium sized, sometimes small.

Type Of RPG: Fantasy and Adventure ones are my favourite.

Type Of Characters: Intelligent, anti social, thoughtful, good in a bad situation, have painful pasts are all the characteristics that I normally have in my characters.

Current RPGs:

Rise Of Team Dark - ***** - Sign ups Open/Started - Seraphinu - An evil group called Team Dark take over the Pokemon regions Hoenn, Kanto and Johto. Will you join them in the never ending search for power, or fight against them as a Rebel? - Fantasy/Adventure

Wind of Change - *** - Sign ups Open/started - Cdra1617 - An experiment gone wrong creates a war between the scientists, the Tainted and the Pure. Which side will you take? - Fantasy/Adventure

Future RPGs: None at the moment. :(

Writing Tips: Writing as Yourself helps. It makes it so you can relate to the character, really describe their feelings, and know what to put in detail. Don't do it all the time, though. Writing with a variety of different characters is often fun. Other than that, just enjoy yourself!

5th February 2006, 8:29 PM
Name- Seraphinu, or Alex

Gender- female

Strong Areas- Describing the feelings and thoughts of a character. When I have a good history formed around them, its easy to figure out how they will react, and what they will feel at a particular moment

Weak Areas- Describing what something looks like. I can get a clear image of it in my head, but its hard putting it into words.

Types of characters- I can't seem to get away from anti-social, short tempered characters. ButI seem to be able to play characters well that are like me in some way-- slightly pessimistic, with a hyper-active side, and a touch of sarcastic humor. ( <-- Yes, I do that a lot. xD)

Current RPGs-

Nothing at the moment. I can't seem to get any clear plots in my head.

Future RPGs-

Same as above. I'm too wrapped up in other forums to write a full-blown plot.

Writing Tips- To play your characters to the fullest, try and imagine a deep history around them. Think as though you know them personally. Try to imagine yourself in their shoes, and think about how best your character would react to certain things. That's basically how I play mine. ^^

5th February 2006, 9:02 PM
Name: Cdra
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Strong Areas: My grammar is, in my humble opinion, very high-caliber. I cringe when I see grammar errors in posts, especially blatant ones. I also use a wide range of vocabulary and somewhat advanced syntax, and loads of crazy punctuations. I love punctuation. =D I find that I am not shabby at describing my characters thoroughly; my sign ups are a strong point. Plots, also, come to me well, but I tend to not post them or leave holes in them, mainly my plans for them kinda drift off. Meh. :P I pride myself in my creativity as well. Oh, and let's not forget sheer variety. I have played characters of every imaginable type and written rpgs of a multitude of bases/storylines.
...that looks like I was writing a personality. >: I'm weird.

Weak Areas: I am definately a failure at dialogue in posts, and my spelling ish bad sometimes. I also have a problem with inactivity; I tend to vanish or just lack the interest to continue posting. Not posting hurts me badly.

Type of RPG: I love mythology and fantasy-type roleplay. Games that are not often made into roleplays, like Spyro (once upon a day~) or Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, things like that are great. Other animes like FMA or Bleach are also a turn-on, as is Naruto (in a well-written situation) or even something more obscure. I'm big on original roleplays: if you made the idea yourself, I'm very much attracted to it. Mythological and magic roleplay are love. Pokemon ones must meet stricter criterion; I don't usually like trainer rpgs or many at all, but some of the more creative ones appeal to me. Hybrid rpgs, when executed well, are wonderful. I always gravitate towards longer, more in-depth rpgs that involve creating more than one character and giving them all depth. Also, anything involving alternate personalities or dual characters is love.

Type Of Characters: Any character who is stuck outside the box (see Alba Gatillera) or struggles with a part of themselves they can't control (see Xiphias Haruspicis) is good. I also have my eccentric/dark characters (Laxurla) and my quiet ones (Rain), my seductive ones (Ellie) and my really-out-of-gender ones (Aurari), my tomboygirls (Natalia) and my tomgirlguys (Sauda), one really evil midget (Zo Kachina) and a pair of godlike figures (Hikaru and Hanakage)... Look, I love character variety. Nothing escapes me~ except I have been meaning to play a rockstar... and a pirate. hmm. <3

Current RPGs:

Nonsense Game - signups open - You're just browsing a forum when you suddenly get sucked into a mysterious game run by The Orchestrator. Together with a companion from the nonsense, you must survive and escape a world where sanity has little meaning and the only sense of order is called the Orchestrator. - Highly freeform, a bit of adventure, kind of silly in design but less so in practice.

I've joined Kingdom Hearts: Renewed Existance, The Zodiac War, Bleach: Advent of Destinies, and The Form We Take.

Future RPGs:
Saevenati (title pending) - What are these creatures? They look like humans, yet they dress so strangly. They act human, yet their language is hard to understand. They seem human, yet they have strange genetic codes... In a world where pokemon are seen only as tools... these Saevenati, these fierce tribes, why do they live in the wild alongside the last pokemon populations? - Pokemon rpg, freeform, lots of character options.

Artifacts (title pending) - Long ago, the legends created items to represent the elements. These were meant to become weapons in the far future, when great calamity would occur. Not only are these Artifacts the source of the calamity now, they are also the only way to stop it... and pokemon, they've become humans to stop it. - Adventure, prehaps Freeform as well, and fighting.

I'm trying to write: An rpg with mythological creatures, another original featuring demonic possession, and a spyro rpg. Also going to revive several golden oldies; should you have a particular one in mind, message me about it and I'll try to get it coming. Golden oldies by Cdra include Winds of Change, Something from Nothing, Scarred, and a few others I might have forgotten.

Writing Tips: Have fun with it. Give your characters depth; fall in love with each of them. Even if you seem insane, talk as if you are your character to yourself. Make them alive, not just extensions of you but individuals. Never be afraid to step outside the box, or outside your own personality. (In fact, I find it fun to interview my characters using very thought-provoking quesitons and seeing how they answer. They become minds of their own, I swear.) Describe, and make sure your posts are good quality. Read all the posts, especially those of the GM, and never be afraid to ask questions of the GM or other players. And please, for the love of all that is holy, obey the fricking GM.

Mimori Kiryu
7th February 2006, 9:21 PM
Name: Mimori Kiryu

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Strong Areas: Interactions with characters, some description and emotional scenes

Weak Areas: Possibly length...I don't like to write a lot in one stand ^^;

Type Of RPG: Fantasy, Romance, Action and Suspense

Type Of Characters: Adventurous, Friendship, and sometimes Outcasts types of characters.

Current RPGs:

Yugioh: Rise of the Kettou Seven Star Assassins (LSU Accepted!) (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=103862)
(Set almost 4-6 years after Yu-Gi-Oh GX)

Summary: Duel Academy is back with all new dangers ahead. With your spirit partner in tow, with all of your friends at your side, can you face the danger's of the Shadow Games? Come on into the world of Yu-Gi-Oh and see it from a whole new perspective!

Star-Vote: 4 stars

Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Suspense (Basically, everything xD)

Future RPGs: None really ^^;

Writing Tips: Description is good, but remember, if you've got your point across, then you're okay. ^_^ Even though it's a good thing to have, sometimes too much can be a pain to read, even if it's really good.

11th February 2006, 5:41 AM
Name: Wee Boon AKA JimmyKudo.
Age: 15 going on 16 this year.
Gender: Male.
Strong Areas: NA Seriously. I'm good in creating crazy fantasies though...
Weak Areas: Don't know how to describe the story very well.
Type Of RPG: Fantasy, adventure.
Type Of Characters: Those characters that have sparks together, like Tai & Sora, Ash & Misty...
Current RPGs: "Animon, The Begaining", still trying to delete all the flaws.
Future RPGs: "Animon, The Other Islands", a sequel to "Animon, The Begaining", it'll be featuring our characters landing on the other islands in the Digi-World, where Geovanni (how to spell his name?) will gather all the dark masters to bring an ancient curse to the world, cannot say too much, people will get confuse.
Writing Tips: NA My writing sucks, seen my works?

17th February 2006, 12:42 AM
Name: Jonouchi (Character name varies from RP to RP)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Strong Areas: Character development and plot

Weak Areas: Description is lacking

Type Of RPG: anything that interests me

Type Of Characters: Friendly and serious characters

Current RPGs: none

Future RPGs: May do one in the future

Writing Tips: Description, description, description!! Also to have good spelling and have characters that people will like to see, don't give us bland characters that never develop in RPG's and fanfics. Give us characters that we'll enjoy reading. Kinds that you can pull off quite well

19th February 2006, 10:24 PM
Name: Ex-ty, or sometimes it's Razblade
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: I'm told i have a good imagination
Weak Areas: I'm new
Type Of RPG: The RPG's im gonna write are based around pokemon leagues
Type Of Characters: The characters i use are basically me
Current RPGs: I'm currently begining work on a double-battle pokemon league. And that's it.

21st February 2006, 2:33 AM
Name: Kiruria aka the Kirlia Kid
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Strong Areas: I'm good with post length--my posts are longer than most. I also usually pick original and well-thought characters so I really get into them when I write.
Weak Areas: Other RPers. I'm not that good at interacting with other RPers--usually I end up seeming to overpower their character or beating my own character up in the face of them. Hardly ever is it in the middle.
Type of RPG: I like anything that's not based too much around technology, war, or romance. I also tend to hate RPGs where you can't create your own things or characters, though Pokemon and Neopets are the common exception. I also like small-sized RPGs (about 3-10 people) that don't move too quickly.
Type of characters: 95% of my characters are female, 85% of them have some sort of magical power, 70% have psychic powers, 75% are outcasts of society and are usually not people people, 80% are smart but physically weak. Wow, all those things describe me or rather who I want to be in the case of the powers...
Current RPGs: None that I created
Future RPGs: Be on the lookout for a Neopets RPG called "Where Have All the Faeries Gone?". About 3-10 people will be accepted. I already posted that RPG in two other forums and they already have two signups each...
Writing Tips: Really get to know your characters. RPGs are a great opportunity to develop your characters--in fact the most successful stories that I wrote have characters that participated in online RPGs. Make the most of their thoughts and actions--really think them through. It's the heart that counts.

14th March 2006, 1:25 AM
Name: InnerFlame
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Strong Areas: I'm creative and have interesting ideas, I put a lot of hard work in anything I do, I'm somewhat good at descriptions and I usually make average size posts.

Weak Areas: Sticking to one idea, spelling and grammar(Always spell check work and reread it several times) I tend to use bad word choices, and it take me a while to write a single post.

Type Of RPG: I like Fantasy/Adventure RPG but I will give anything a try as long it isn't too gory for me to handle(slowly trying to get used to it).

Type Of Characters: I made many characters that seem like they're always happy, out-going love to talk and hangout with people. And a lot of shy, doesn't like to interact with people and rather be alone by themselves. Now I'm experimenting with different personalities making a whole new characters, each different from the last and everyone of them has their own unique name and personality.

My current character I notice had different personalities but the always and some characteristic personality trait that I contain.

Current RPGs: None

Future RPGs: I have my RPG Imbalance: Two Worlds Collide I'm just waiting for the right time to spring it into action.

Summary: With a tragedy many things change... The pokemon world was thrown into utter chaos, knocked of its orbit and was nearly shattered into pieces... But instead of death pokemon found themselves in a new world some combine with the digimon residences. All was fine for only a short moment until Ho-oh joined and tainted by a powerful, evil digimon lead an army of evil digimon and pokemon/digimon mixed creatures and captured the Legendary Pokemon. Now a group of kids and their partner: a pokemon, digimon or the mixed of the two, must find away to freed the Legendary and freed Ho-oh from the digimon that controls its very soul...

I have so many more ideas I hope to one day bring to serebii but only a few are completed and the rest are just incompleted ideas just floating around until I get around to it. I may put couple here someday but for now I'll just keep them a secert.

Writing Tips: Listen the advice that people give it can be useful and help other RPer enjoy themselves more. If you have trouble improving yourself just ask for some advice. Don't Worry, Be Happy. We're all here to have some fun and there are many that will help you out if you ask nicely so don't be afraid we just want to help you have a fun time in RPG. Also work hard put a lot effort in your posts, trust me it's worth it.

16th March 2006, 3:28 AM
Name: Desert_Rose
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Strong Points:
I'm really good at giving a description of whatever it is I'm talking about. Also, the emotions of a character are very important to me so I try to extend them to their fullest.

Weak Areas:
Sometimes I repeat myself and go on and on about something. I'm working on this.

Type of RPG:
I like pretty much anything fictional. My ultimate favorites are Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Adventure.

Type of Characters:
Hmm....Pretty much anything. I adapt to the story. A lot of characters I've written usually have some sort of mysterious past or something bad happened to them in the past.

Current RPGs:
None sadly....

Future RPGs:
Hee hee..... That's my little secret.

Writing Tips:
Use your imagination! The possiblities are endless.
Don't let anyone make you feel bad about something you wrote just because they don't like it. That doesn't mean it's not good.

25th March 2006, 7:17 PM
Name: unholylssj(aka unholy, Chris)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: I'm pretty good at description, writing up plots, developing my characters, and making my characters profiles. I can also rp as both genders incase my character needs to be female.

Weak Areas: I have some problems dragging out my posts and I still have trouble keeping an rp going for as long as I possibly can til the end.

Type Of RPG: I liek to write action, Mystery, Horror, and of course, comedic rps. But I also like trying my hands at rps that have a little romance in them. Of course, a good percentage of rps do.

Type Of Characters: I like rping as chibish characters who are completely dull witted yet will do anything to protect their friends/family/love interests. I also love rping as those who are couragous, intelligent, yet extremely shy around the opposite gender. Along with those, I also can make annoying, extremely distant and mean characters who seem to complain about how worthless others are. And I sometimes whip out the random perverted character who doesn't seem to get that the opposite gender doesn't want to be annoyed like that.

Current RPGs: None of my rpgs are active since I haven't written any, but currently I'm in Yu-Gi-Oh: Rise of the Kettou Seven Star Assasins

Future RPGs: I haven't really thought of any new rpgs yet, so keep checking my profile and you might just see me post a plot to a new rp.

Writing Tips: Try not to come up with bland/unoriginal/overused rpg plots like the usual "ZOMG!! TEH EVIL TEAM'S ATTACKING AND ONLY WE CAN STOP THEM!!!11!!" and "WOAH!! WE'RE GOING ON A JOURNEY AND WE'RE GONNA GET ATTACKED BY AN EVIL TEAM DURING THE MIDDLE OF IT ALL!!". But if you're going to make an rpg like that, atleast spice it up. Have it so that something happens that completely twists the storyline, but make it so that it fits into your original plot.

25th March 2006, 8:40 PM
Name: Tenten
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Strong Areas: I'm pretty good at describing people and background areas, plus I can type up to a long length.
Weak Areas: I'm bad at typing up battle scenes, but I could try. Also, I pretty much fail at humor.
Type Of RPG: Fantasy, Action and Romance RPGS. That's all.
Type Of Characters: Some of my characters are shy, kind people who have trouble sticking up for themselves because they want people to like them. Then, I have some characters who are tomboyish, outgoing, and really tough (literally) with some set of obstacles they have to overcome. There's also a laid back and carefree girl who knows she has to do something when she needs to and is a great weapon master, and is based off a Naruto character who I named myself after.
Current RPGs: None

Future RPGs: Sorry, I'm the kind of person who can't think up my own ideas. I just like roleplaying in other people's RPG...=(

Writing Tips:
-When making characters, make sure you create one you know you will like and can really get into. Don't make characters that are perfect, they should have their flaws, too. It makes it all he more fun.
-If you've got an idea you think is creative, don't be afraid to show the rest of the world your idea! It might become popular, after all.
-Listen to other people's criticism. It can help you improve in the areas you need to work at.
-Finally, if you do get an idea, make sure you develop the whole plot. Don't make the plot something overused, get creative. That's why you have an imagination.

Kazuki Yukimura
25th March 2006, 9:14 PM
Name: Hazuki

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Strong Areas: I am good at being the oposite sex, and, battling.

Weak Areas: I suck in describing characters, but I am getting better at it.

Type Of RPG: I like Action and Adventure RPGs... I think that´s all.

Type Of Characters: The most of then are sad, lonely, or cold hearted, but, sometimes, I act like happy, almost histeric.

Current RPGs: Golden Sun: The Rising Star and, the dead Pokémon:Virtual Reality

Future RPGs: I really don´t know

Writing Tips: Try to be not repetitive in your dialogues, believe, I know by personal experiences.

Make characters that you can interpretate well

11th April 2006, 12:55 AM
Name: grodon909
Age: 13
Gender: m
Strong Areas: I am good at writng rules to a piont where the is no loophole
Weak Areas: defenitly plot making
Type Of RPG: fantasy
Type Of Characters: i like to make characters like the one you would see on D&D
Current RPGs: working on the final stats for a game called "Rise of the CHaos order" (i am also not good with titles)
Future RPGs: look above
Writing Tips: look at the big picture

11th April 2006, 1:05 AM
Name: Spideyjvc

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Strong Areas: Im good at using metophors, and good at describing with vivid details.

Weak Areas: Dialogues, what I have in description, I lack in dialogues sadly >.>

Type Of RPG: The ones without idiots -_-

Type Of Characters: I really make random characters, almost always different from each other.

Current RPGs: N/A

Future RPGs: N/A

Writing Tips: Use descriptive words, and expand vocabulary.

11th April 2006, 1:07 AM
Name: Ivy or Ivyon
Age: 15
Gender: male
Strong Areas: I'm think of a lot of ideas and I like to make characters with unigue appearances/personalities/attack styles
Weak Areas: Writing, interacting with other players, other stuff I can't think of right now
Type Of RPG: I don't know what the topics are so I'll just say I like to play Sonic RPGs
Type Of Characters: I like to make both male and female characters, as well as give them diiferent personalities and abilities (for sonic characters I like to pick unique animals).
Current RPGs: I'm currently playing Sonic the Hedgehog: Winds of Chaos and Xiaolin Showdown/Sonic RPG: Chaotic Struggle
Future RPGs: I am aiming to make a Sonic RPG in the future, though I am still mainly in the brainstorming process
Writing Tips: Use all kinds of characters, it is fun trying to get into a different personality in each new RPG you join.

11th May 2006, 11:51 AM
Name: Kay

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Strong Areas: Imagination. It can be very farfetched at times, but I've been known to come out with some ok ideas.

Weak Areas: Probably detail, keeping the reader interested and avoiding dragging on with useless info, while what I'm trying to do is add substence to the story.

Type Of RPG: Fantasy, mainly. However, it depends uppon the nature of the story, its depth and feeling. These are what I value.

Type Of Characters: Modern or fantasy. I have trouble making characters from eras in history. History isn't my strong point.

Completed RPGs: None

Dead RPGs: - s u r v i v a l - Reason: Lack of sign-ups.

Current RPGs: Down with the Dynasty (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=123341) - status - Doing quite well, I guess.

Future RPGs: None so far

Writing Tips: Being a newb, I can't help much. I'm only just begining to define my own style of writing. If it is of any help to anyone, even just one person, I'll make a contribution:

Never write something how you'd watch it on TV. It's VERY boring. What you should try is putting yourself in the place. Surrounding you is the people from the scene you are writing. The smells, noises, colours, anything of significance that can add to the atmosphere you are trying to create. If it is a tense air, you could add minor details that would be distressing, but unrelated.

Not very helpful... I tried.

Kev Chi
11th May 2006, 4:27 PM
Name: Kev

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Strong Areas: Imagination. I came up with my own charcter made up from a game I played. Now I pretty much use it in all my RPGs lol.

Weak Areas: I think description and post length can be a problem. Sometimes I just can't get everything I want down (writers block).

Type of RPGs: Fantasy. This is probably my best area. The rest I might do good or bad, just depends on the story.

Types of Characters: Mostly smart, strategic types. Also keep them pretty fit. Might start changing to sort of brute types. All of them are pretty much based on a game I play. (This game has had a BIG influence on my life and my story writing. It's Dynasty Warriors jic anyone wants to know lol.)

Current RPGs: Only in sign ups at the moment.

Future RPGs: I don't know but I'm working on a fan fac pretty soon. Hope people will read it. :)

Writing Tips: Just put yourself in the main character postion. Just image how would feel, think, say. Just image if you would in a video game, what would your dream person be? Just go crazy lol.

Shadows Follower
21st May 2006, 10:45 PM
(I'm surprised I haven't put one up sooner.)

Name: Shadows Follower (or SF for short)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Strong Areas: My imagination for sure and my description. I like to make my posts sound interesting and I guess my humor too?

Weak Areas: Not re-reading my work for spelling areas. Also I have a bad tendency to over post. I need to learn to wait for other people.

Types of RPGs: Fantasy - Enough said.

Types of Characters: My characters are usually the life loving people always making (not always funny) jokes.

Current RPGs: Sonic the Hedgehog: Winds of Chaos (I'm in more but this is the only active one.)

Future RPGs: Necromancers: War of the Undead

Writing tips:

First off, read the rules. Even if you have read them again. The amount of non rule readers at the moment is incredible.

Second, always add as much as you can to a post. Give it some description, movement, feel to it etc. If you can't write a decent post then don't bother put one up.

Finally, listen to criticism. They might sound harsh but they her to help. (Renegade being one of these - shes only telling the truth, not to tick you off.)

22nd May 2006, 2:03 AM
Name: Diljabar (not Dil or even Dilpickle ><)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Strong Areas: Creating plot twists in the shower XD, grammar, spelling, keeping track of all the characters in the RPG, interaction, using romance.

Weak Areas: Sign-ups in general; anything about them, I'm bad at it. Lady Myuu might even hate my name, age, and gender! (that would be funny) Post length, detail, communicating ideas and/or concepts, attitude.

Type Of RPG: Anything really as long as the plot is good, the concept is within my understanding, and the topic is interesting. I'm just often rejected for my sign-ups regardless of how well I role play.

Type Of Characters: Usually charries like me: goofy, agressive, happy, kind, romantic. Most recently, I'm the opposite: shy, quiet, brooding, cautious, and way bigger than me! XD

Current RPGs: ~Wind of Change~ (dying), Apocalypse: Four Forgotten Evils (sign-ups closed, waiting for start), ~The Hybrid/Scientist War~ LSUs accepted (signed-up, awaiting approval). Was in Essence of the Elementals, Vulpix Steam Café, Zodiac: Race for Time, and Velkyyn Valley– ALL DEAD!

Future RPGs: Don't think I'll make one alone; maybe with cdra1617…

Writing Tips: Please work on spelling and grammar. For those of you who have poor spelling, use a Word app. for your posts, etc. to check spelling before posting. BE CAREFUL! There are some typos that look just like other, correctly spelled words! Ask someone else in addition to the Word app. For grammar, you have very few apps. since some will correct grammar and/or spelling when you don't want! Ask others for grammar help since some people have to strain to grasp your meaning without apostrophes, commas, etc. Lastly, be gracious when rejected, try to improve, and go to Lady Myuu's beginner's school for extra help.

24th June 2006, 3:47 PM
Name: Uysl
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Strong areas: actions, battles
Weak areas: Post length
Type of RPG: Pokemon, fantasy
Type of characters: My character Damien is dark and mysterious. But also kind and loving. He can be a flirter and stuff though.
Current RPGs: Pokemon Universe
Future RPGs: I dunno...
Writing tips: Uh, maybe soem soon.

24th June 2006, 4:19 PM
Name: Ollie

Age: Fourteen

Gender: Male

Stronger Areas: Writing as if its a fanfic ^^; I suppose that could be bad in certain cases, though...I do enjoy creating unique, unusual characters, however.

Weaker Areas: Settling on a post, meaning I'm bad at getting a post up quickly, I often delete ones I've written and try to replace them.

Type of RPG: Fast-paced ones. I do love a free-range RPG as well. Trainer RPs, fantasy RPs, romance, horror, whatever, I like them all.

Type of Characters: I strive to create unusual and odd characters, different from normal people in some way or another. I try to steer clear from cliched personalities as well, such as 'dark, mysterious and skilled' or 'flirty, bubbly and confident' or whatever.

Current RPGs: I own none, but I'm participating in 'Pokemon World Circuit' and 'Kanto Adventures', by squirtleking and Yami Ryu.

Future RPGs: 'Feral Forest'/'Celebi's Forest' or something like that. Its a thriller RPG, involving mystery and the struggle to survive within a group of people.

Writing Tips: Write as if your post means something, dont just write a few lines in the reply ox in order to speed a plot along or let people know your there. Write in Microsoft word, or notepad, and make sure to use correct grammar and crap. It all contributes towards a decent post.

5th August 2006, 2:43 PM
Name: Seiryu, a.k.a. Andrew

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Strong areas: Characters! A number of my close online RPing friends have complimented quite nicely on how well I handle my characters. I'm also good at making long and detailed posts and character profiles. For instance, one time I wrote a page or two dedicated solely to my character walking through a cave and his thoughts as he did so. >..>; And in one of the RPs I've joined elsewhere, probably at least five of my posts number more than 10,000 characters. Oh, and if I do say so myself, I can come up with a pretty good plot, and I work to cover any plotholes that may appear (and kick myself when I realize their presence when it's too late to do anything >..<).

Weak areas: I find it difficult to efficiently describe many locations. And even though I don't necessarily consider it a weakness, I don't often have the kind of "purple prose" vocabulary that some others might.

Type of RPG: Modern fantasy. Meaning, it has magic and stuff, but set in (or close to) the present day. That way I can try to incorporate some of my own previously-made characters.

Type of Characters: I have quite the variety of characters, ranging from shy to hyperactive, nice to...mean, I guess, and good to quite evil. If I'm feeling creative, I can create a good character in all of about ten minutes, and no matter what the character's like, I can play him/her quite well.

Current RPGs: Well, I don't own any on here, but I am a member of Seraphinu's Rise of Team Dark (currently in sign-up phase).

Also, I am one of the co-owners of a series of roleplays known as Truth Quest, found elsewhere. Currently, we're on the third one, which has been separated into three sub-RPs: The Great Power, The Quest for the Keys, and Journey Through a Perilous Dimension (tentative title for the last, as that's the one I'm heading, and we haven't gotten there yet). Unfortunately, it seems to be on a bit of a hiatus (read: the current GM won't get off his lazy butt). Here's a teaser for you:

"A fierce power has been released into the world and threatens it with its very presence. The embodiment of all magic seeks to destroy all who might attempt to destroy it. In order to defend their world once more, the past Warriors of Truth must band together with new allies to seek out and seal the four Nexuses, the being's source of power. Even then, their work is far from over; one man's quest to mend an interdimensional rift will send them to the far reaches of outer space, and even into a parallel universe where evil runs rampant, and one in particular seeks control over both dimensions. If they fail, it will mean the end for everyone, and even the power of the Truth Stones may not be able to save them this time..."

Okay, maybe I sort of ad-libbed the plot of the first third, but that's the basic gist of what happens. Technically, sign-ups are always open, but they might as well be closed at this point (unless, of course, your character's not from Earth O..o) If anyone wants to read what's happened so far (and maybe even the first two while they're at it; they should be in there somewhere), then...I suppose you could ask for the link via e-mail or PM. I don't wanna accidentally break any rules by advertising here, so... (If this counts as advertising, someone tell me and I'll edit that part out)

Future RPGs: Truth Quest Four: The Magic War (tentative title). Yep, I'm gonna lead this one all on my own. At present, all plot ideas (save the war idea and the few bits and pieces of the basic plot behind it that I didn't alter) are mine and mine only. I have no idea when it'll come out, though, and it most likely will be on the same website as the third and not here...but whatever. Teaser for ya.

"For many millennia, the world had been separated into two major sections: one with magic, and one without. Approximately two hundred years ago, the exploits of a band of fighters known as the Warriors of Truth revealed the presence of those with magic to the world of those without. For nearly two centuries, the magic and non-magic humans and other species of the world lived in peace. Conflicts were settled not by armies, but by the most powerful and renowned fighters of the involved nations in single combat. Massive tournaments were held to satisfy those who still had a thirst for battle. Even an alien race known as the Enkin sought out trade with what Earth had to offer, even though they remained neutral to all conflict. Everything seemed perfect.

However, about five years ago, a series of mysterious "terrorist attacks" on both the magical and non-magical communities left the world with its leaders at each others' throats. War erupted soon afterward with the magic beings on one side and the non-magic ones on the other. Even secluded races of sentient beings such as the mythical Dragons were caught up in the conflict, and the golden age of Earth turned black in the space of a few days.

However, not everything is at it seems with the war, and a sinister being will enact his plan to utilize the true power of the legendary Truth Stones to control the world--and recreate it in his own image. Now, a new group of heroes will band together, unfazed by the boundaries of war. Together, they will forge a path through the fighting and carnage. They will continue the legacy of the Warriors of Truth..."

*looks around and grins sheepishly* Sorry, I wanted to make it seem epic. ^..^;;; Can't say when it will come out, though. If we're lucky, sometime in 2007.

Writing Tips: Ah, yes. So many things have been said already! Advice, advice... Oh! Here's some! Y'know that section of the sign-up sheets that asks you to detail your character's personality? Well, sometimes I feel that folks interpret that a little too literally. I mean, in a long RP, things are almost guaranteed to change about your character. See, I interpret the "Personality" thing as more or less a set of guidelines for a person to follow while he writes his character. As in, at any given point in time, they're probably going to act how their profile says they do. However, if they're put into a particularly stressful situation, then you've got to think carefully about how your character would react to it. For instance: say, in the middle of the story, your character has just found his entire family killed by some random bad guy. I should think that no matter how jovial or playful a personality the character has, he would be somehow permanently changed by the event, right?
Basically, what I want to say is this: don't treat what you put for a character's personality as the be-all, end-all to how your character acts. If you do, then you'll likely start to feel restricted, and you won't have as much fun with that character. Have his personality fluctuate slightly depending on his situation! If it's a sad moment, make him sad (unless he's some sort of unfeeling bast*rd)! If it's happy, make him happy! If his best friend just got killed, or he just got royally insulted, then it's certainly within bounds for him to be angry! Give your character's personality a bit of room to move around and grow, and your RPing experience will be much better for it!

13th August 2006, 9:49 PM
Name: Skinwalker (Craig)
Age: 17
Gender: male.
Strong Areas: I'm not sure. I guess I'm alright at character bios and descriptions, and description.
Weak Areas: Sometimes I tend to trail off, going into too much detail or taking my character off on his or her own adventure. I'm working on it though ^^
Type Of RPG: Fantasy, action, thrillers. I would do romance but you don't see much gay romance on RP forums.
Type Of Characters: Characters I can relate to. Usually ends up as a loner, with trouble speaking or mental problems. Or, the kind of person I would like to be in a fantasy world.
Current RPGs: I'm still settling in here and I'm just starting out at the moment.
Future RPGs: I don't like to start up an RP myself because I don't want to end up with noone responding.
Writing Tips: Be open minded to new ideas, try anything once. Some see RPing as a chance to be someone you're not, but sometimes it's comfortable to just be yourself.

16th September 2006, 5:05 AM
Name: Evan, Xenos-Roxas, Nibbles, Gnosis, Moogle, Anarchia, Roxas, Axel, Gnokraden are some of my RP names. (Real name is un-important.)
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: Description, character creation. Long posts.
Weak Areas: I have trouble following an RP and faithfully and frequently posting.
Type of RPG: Fantasy, hands down. Fantasy and Sci-Fi.
Type of Character: My characters are very secluded and lonely. Sometimes they're great people. Sometimes they struggle within. They're normal beings who make mistakes.
Current RPGs: None on Serebii
Future RPGs: Anything that sounds like fun.
Writing Tips: RP's are supposed to be fun. Respect others, and try to keep up. You'll get better at RP'ing eventually. ;)

16th September 2006, 2:42 PM
Name: Rane. I have been a part of these forums earlier as both Play2Win, P2W and T.Z

My main RPG character is - and has been for over 2 years - Ryan Matthews.

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Strong Areas: My strongest area would probably be dialogues between characters. I'm not too into the whole explain the surroundings and all, I try to make the dialogues interesting.

Weak Areas: Well, to me, writing half a page with meaningless words is like writing a book without words. So, you could say that I tend to write short, but the more interesting posts.

Type Of RPG: I'm quite a funny guy IRL, but I actually don't like to write humour in my RPGs

Type Of Characters: Well, my favorite kind of character is the modern villian. I mean, the old age villian is big, dumb and ruthless. The modern villian does not come swinging like a madman, he uses his brains instead.

Current RPGs: My activity on these forums have hindered me to join any new RPGs, but the one I'm in at the moment is Silent Tears: Red Sky in Johto. I'm not sure wether or not it's up for Sign-Up at the moment, seeing as we're almost 13 pages or so into the story, but we've been discussing about bringing in more people. In my own opinion, Silent Tears (and it's up-coming sequel) has some great material.

Future RPGs: As I just mentioned, JohtoBlaziken and I have planned to release "Silent Tears II" as soon we're done with the first one. A little sneak peak on the alpha ideas (Remember, the RPG is still active, which means these ideas can be changed completely):
"-In Silent Tears 1, Team Rocket took control of the major part of Johto and secretly developed a virus that could give persons and their pokémon immense, superhuman strength and other abilites. A small number of people escaped with the knowledge of this virus. Now, this time in [an alternate region], the escapees are striking back."

Writing Tips: I got one thing to say: Imagine yourself in your characters situation. How would you react? How would any normal person react? How would you be feeling? etc etc.

Trainer Mehmet
30th September 2006, 2:14 PM
Name: Trainer Mehmet.
Age: 25 years old.
Gender: Male.
Strong Areas: not longer than the upto 8 to 14 Lines.
Weak Areas: Not so much only with the talking script are mine little weakness but that must be stronger.
Type Of RPG: Fantasy, Adventure and battle storys.
Type Of Characters: Pokemon Character like May and Erica.
Current RPGs: Pokemon and Digimon not sign it yet.
Future RPGs: Final Fantasy and Zelda.
Writing Tips: Take some story and Mix up your Story of Advanture, Rpg and battle story maybe it will help and for me too.

3rd October 2006, 12:41 AM
Name: Tenrai_Kaze.
Nicknames: Tenrai, TK, Keen.

Age: 13.
Gender: Male.

Strong Areas: Always post a length of at least one good lenfthed paragraph, a detailed writer, and very creative.
Weak Areas: Sometimes loses interest in an RP very quickly.

Type of RPG: I stick to a small group of RP's. Fantasy, Adventure, and Sci-Fi. And I also like to do a Pokemon or Digimon RP every now and then.
Type of Characters: Well, they change from what ever kind of character I feel like RPing as at the moment, and what the storyline is. But I usually stick with ambitious, arrogant, concieted, and stubborn characters.

Current RPG's: N/A.
Future RPG's: I'm planning on making a Final Fantasy RP.

Writing Advice: N/A.
Quote: "Wanna a Cookie?!?"

Kusajishi Yachiru
3rd October 2006, 5:59 AM
Name: Kusajishi Yachiru (My real name is Desire Morr)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Strong Areas: I am strong pretty much in idea, collecting data, trying to be descriptive and making the most vivid image I can with my vocab. I plan on building this skill when I RPG. I can get down my ideas onto paper pretty fast, then organize it in a orderly manner to make it seem good.

Weak Areas: It is getting punctuation and spelling. Though my grammar is decent, I could stregthen the little areas that could help me write better.
Type Of RPG: Anything as long as it seems fun
Type Of Characters: I write characters that are kind and helpful, one that will pretty much act like a pushover =p; also I am good at writing characters that are dark.

Current RPGs: I havent made any RPG, but I signed up for RaZoR LeAf new adventure RPG

Future RPGs: N/A at the moment

Writing Tips: Always go in depth in what you are writing. Make sure your
writing shows: This is my potential, my burning passion. =P Never never never try to write and never show any effort.

Requiem's Eclipse
5th October 2006, 2:59 AM
Name: Mirage Mew

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Strong Areas: I'm good with grammar and sentence composing.

Weak Areas: Really bad at trying to start a RPG, also at making different personalities then mine :)

Type Of RPG: Pokemon Based ones that have a really Good plot

Type Of Characters: Male Characters that are always carfree

Current RPGs: Serebii Contest Hall(Co-Owner), The Re-Rise of Cipher, Pokemon:Legend of The Flying Islands, Pokemon Zone Challenge (Co-Owner), Pokemon: The Shinou Academy, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Future RPGs: N/A

Writing Tips: Use Vocab and make well constucted sentences and Paragraphs (if necessary)

Fiend Ryu
5th October 2006, 3:19 AM
Name: Fiend Ryu
Age: 12...now shut up. Don't stalk me.
Gender: Male. Doh.

Strong Areas: Not many, I suppose. Howver, I do fing writing to be more of an enjoyment than a labour, and I try to make my posts as long and descriptive as possible.

Weak Areas: Probably...well, maybe my wording. I sometimes go off with it.

Type Of RPG: I'll settle with anything, really. As long as it's not porn.

Type Of Characters: What type of characters do you like to write? List however many type of characters are easy for you to write.

Current RPGs: None as of yet.

Future RPGs: Eh. I'm gonna make a Pokemon Pirate RPG sooner or later...I'm also considering a Skies of Arcadia RPG.

Writing Tips: READ THE RULES. 'nuff said. (I never did read the rules, but whatever :P)

23rd February 2007, 8:35 AM
*looks at previous post* *jaw drops* Gee, a lot of that information has changed about me... Time to repost!!

Name: Kiruria
Nickname: Muumaaji *waits around hopelessly for username change*
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Strong Areas: I have a tendency to make my signups rather detailed, and also to make longer posts than most other people in a given RPG... Let's see, there's also grammar, with the exception of a few typos. And then of course there's character development. And if I bunny someone's character, I always try to match their personality and such with their actions as much as possible.
Weak Areas: Well, I also have a tendency to exercise a little control over someone else's character in an RPG, as I'm used to a site where people do that all the time in RPG's. And, often times in an RPG, I either have my character be completely on his/her own, or try too hard to interact with another character. And I think I hear my conscience telling me that I "tend to act selfish and disrespectful towards other people" in an RPG, but I'm not sure if that's true or not... Maybe another weakness of mine is that I help other characters clear obstacles too often in an RPG... Another clear weakness is that I tend to post once every few days, so I often miss out on lots of things in fast-paced RPGs...
Type of characters: It used to be that about 95% of my characters were female, but nowadays I RP an increasing number of male characters... It also used to be that about 85% of them had some sort of psychic power. Now that number has dropped down to less than 10%. But, about 80% of my characters have a strong belief in the supernatural. Roughly that same number believe that "anything is possible so long as fate allows it". About 70% of them prefer to be alone, and 95% of my Pokemon trainers care deeply for their Pokemon. Also, nowadays I have a tendency to RP the exact same characters over and over again, to "dig up" characters I have created in the past.
Current RPGs: I'm in none of my own, but the ones I'm in are:
-"Digimon: Dawn of the Damned" (Masterwannabe), currently waiting for it to start. Zuri, my character, has been used in past RPGs, and her Digimon is made by me.
-"Pokemon: An Island Without Humans" (Cyan Water), currently confused on whether version 3 died or not. Hopefully I'll be playing a Muumaaji there. I was this Muumaaji in the last version, as well as a Kirlia.
-"The Rise of Dartex" (Espeon Forever)--yay, this one actually started. I'm a guy named Kitsuneki who holds the spirit and powers of a Ninetales and has a pet Chreinbo. And--oh, wow, Kitsuneki is a newly created character--rare on my part!

Future RPGs: I'm planning on restarting a couple of RPGs I made in the past. Those would be:
E-Connect: A computer-based RPG where you create a creature called a Virus Buster to help fight a slew of mysterious viruses that have been plaguing computers worldwide.
Harry Potter: Voldemort's Earliest Schemes: A Harry Potter RPG that takes place in the year before Harry's first year at Hogwarts. The main characters are in a club called the Dark Arts Investigators (DAI for short), who go on quest to find out what the Dark Lord is up to. The past version got a five-star rating, but died for a reason I think I can correct this time.
Where Have All the Faeries Gone? This is a Neopets RPG I tried out on a couple of other sites. It deals with a situation in Neopia where all the faeries have suddenly disappeared. The main characters are pets who set out to find these faeries and the cause of their disappearance, a quest from the only one faerie left...
Bonds and Journeys: A Pokemon RPG I was foolish enough to test on a non-Pokemon site (and thus got ignored completely)... Anyways, this RPG will only contain five people at the most, but it involves a Pokemon journey similar to the one Ash and friends took, and through Kanto as well. But the timeframe is around the time Ash is wandering through Hoenn. The goal is getting into the newly reformed Indigo League, where a new battle style is introduced. And another thing about the RPG: All generations of Pokemon are allowed as starters, as are made-up Pokemon.

Writing Tips:

1. Have fun with your characters. RPGs are a great way to develop characters. The best story ideas I have are based off of characters that originated in RPGs I joined.
2. When bunnying someone's character, ALWAYS look carefully at the character's signup, especially the Appearance and Personality sections.
3. When posting a reply, it often helps to open the sign-up page in a new window, so that you can review the basic idea of the RPG as well as character signups while you're posting.
4. If you reserve a spot in a RPG, try to either post a signup within a week or so or tell the RPG master you changed your mind about signing up.
5. Before replying, it's usually good to have a general idea of what's going on in the RPG, especially where all the characters are and what they are doing. ("Okay, where is Yuki at this point? Mmm... I don't see him mentioned anywhere here... Wait, I see him here.. Ah, here he's in the desert, and... ooh, his Absol got beat up... All right, I think I got it. Yuki is now standing outside the Pokemon Centre, and his Absol is injured and is still outside of his Pokeball. And--Yuki said hello to my character! I better respond to that!")

25th February 2007, 8:50 AM
Name: *points to username*
Age: 18
Gender: F
Strong Areas: None
Weak Areas: Designing a realistic character, keeping the reader interested, avoiding typos, coming up with catching ideas, creating a RPG that people want to sign up to.

Probably loosing my password, too. Used to have an old user name at these forums with a decently running RPG I had created, but hotmail deleted all my mail and I didn't think I'd forget the password or username. Sorry. Anyway, from that past experience it was a struggle to get sign-ups. Perhaps my ideas are too strange or uninteresting.
Type Of RPG: Fan RPGs based on pokemon only, anything else an original. I like adventure RPGs, avoiding complex storylines and technicalaties that I might loose track of or not understand from the start (such as millitary-style).
Type Of Characters: Fantasy, may and may not not be human (animals too), but as realistic a history and personality as I can possibly design for that character.
Current RPGs: None
Future RPGs: An idea brewing based uppon a current pokemon fanfic I'm writing.
Writing Tips: Sorry, have nothing to offer.

11th April 2007, 5:52 AM
Name: PikaPower!
Age: Not telling, for privacy reasons.
Gender: Male.
Strong Areas: History.
Weak Areas: Starting posts, Personality.
Type Of RPG: Sci-Fi/Action/Pokemon Based etc.
Type Of Characters: Characters who are like nerds, because I know what nerds are like, being one myself.
Current RPGs: Pokemon: The Uprising. Signups are currently open.List all of your current RPGs that are out. Summaries are optional. List rating, star-vote counts, genre, etc. Also mention if your RPGs are open for sign ups or not.
Future RPGs: There is one under RPG Ideas, but I haven't got a name for it yet.
Writing Tips: Don't be afraid to do something really crazy. Read the rules, and DO NOT USE CHAT/1337 SPEAK!?!!

11th April 2007, 11:42 PM
Name: Neon! I got meh name changed :D
Age: Be of the FOURTEEN now :D
Gender: Female
Strong Areas: Fairly good at plots (particularly tweaking old and overused plots to become absolutely bizarre), and post length. I'm getting better at description. Also, SPEED at writing. I've reserved in your roleplay? Expect an SU within two hours.
Weak Areas: Personalities.
Type Of RPG: Humour/Drama, epescially if you get it right. Also magical RPs if the plot is good.
Type Of Characters: Young kids. They're really fun to play if you know how they act. Boys around my age are easy, as none of my friends who are girls are valleys, so I find boys easier. I've only used one girl character, based on me, and I will use one in a future RP. Also, despite what most people like to do, I find hyperactive idiots immense fun to play. Go on, try it!
Current RPGs: None, yet~
Future RPGs: Creature Feature- Several animal/human hybrids are spirited away to an island... To star in a reality TV show.
Writing Tips: Look about. What do you see? Incorporate this into your post, ie: Jason glanced around, not caring about what John had to say. He spied an old man in the distance, sitting on a park bench, reading a red book. He could not see it that well, but the vague lettering on the front cover allowed him to guess it was entitled Vampire Blood. It can be anything, as long as it makes sense.

10th July 2007, 7:44 AM
Name: EspeonFan
Age: 12 and 3 quarters
Gender: Female
Strong Areas: Expression and Length
Weak Areas: character naming and Plot
Type Of RPG: Romance, mystery, action
Type Of Characters: Shy or Bubbly girls, and kids about 9-13.
Current RPGs: None
Future RPGs: I've been accepted in Pokemon Piracy Shutdown, and I'm the GM on Spellbinder Creatures, both on Serebii
Writing Tips: Don't be afraid to get a little wacky, experimenting is a very good way to practice. Also never give up, if your denied once don't think that your the worst ever, your just a little inexprerienced.

Trainer Evan
11th July 2007, 5:35 AM
I intend to post another one of these, seeing as RPing is one of the main attractions I find here.

Name: Evan. I think that's pretty evident.
Age: 14, physically. Mentally, you decide.
Gender: Male.
Strong Areas: I say I'm fair with anything. I don't do much extrordinary, but I wouldn't say I suck.
Weak Areas: Self-conciousness; I don't know what people think about my writing, at it just makes me wonder.
Type Of RPG: Pretty much just standard adventure RPGs. I love things with a long plot and very nice backstories, stuff like that.
Type Of Characters: Oh, a variation of sorts. Sure, maybe it seems like exhausting the cliches, but I often stick to one main character. In this case, it's Evan, who's basically just a trainer.
Current RPGs: None at all. Though, one of my friends is working with me to post an RP on another site, if that counts.
Future RPGs: The one on the other site. I don't intend to make one here untill I get ideas.
Writing Tips: Don't. Give. Up. Don't give up on the idea. Build off of it, edit it, improve on it, I don't care. Just don't give up on the idea unless it sucks.

Razor Shiftry
28th August 2007, 11:37 AM
Name: Metagrossiron_fist (aka Meta or Fist)
Age: 15
Gender: male...although i regularly RP as a female.
Strong Areas: description and the amount i write and also action and creating intamancy. i always try and aim for a page of MS word per post and aim for a bit of character development in the RPG from what i've written in my sign up.
Weak Areas: i find i struggle a bit with personalities and histories of characters as well. my interest in an RPG can also waver very quickly.
Type Of RPG: pokemon and Magic interest me the most, especially pokemon battles or contests. action and fighting along with a splash of adventure appeals to me as well. i also like to daabble a bit into romance and love and if allowed, sex (although that VERY rarely happens sadly :()
Type Of Characters: i like to write emotional or mysterious characters in general, maybe a little badasS and ruthless or carefree and relaxed. i never try to go for a comedic character or extremely cheerful or 'emo' really.
Current RPGs: the only RPG i have open at the moment is my 'mewtwo's destruction'. in this RPG, it is a poekon RPG set in the real world where in place of animals, the are pokemon. it is set at around the present time and is about the creation of Mewtwo by a russian scientist. Mewtwo awoke and in rage, destroyed the city of Vladivostok. the leaders of the most powerful countries met up and discussed a plan of action against this formiddable foe, being that pure force couldn't take it down. it was deicided that they had to fight fire with fire so they set about finding and possibly capturing a legendary pokemon - Arceus. this involved finding the shards which were the 'keys' to bringing the creation pokemon from another dimension. so the leaders of thew most powerful countries sent 8 characters to hunt down after the shards. they just have to hope that Mewtwo doesn't find them first.
Future RPGs: in the works, i'm working with my good friends JayStar and Skeith on the making of pokemon battle island V3. this is a relativly popular RPG which helps quite a few people new at RPGing on serebii and generally has the plot of a group of trainers being invited to an island to which a rich property developer has found and developed into a 'resort' of sorts for trainers. the main points in this RPG is that there is a tournamant and the mysterious 'shadow pokemon' which roam the island and cause havoc and destruction and is incredibly powerful...and needs to be stopped.
Writing Tips: develop your characters and make sure you keep up the description. RPing is not all about talking with other characters. express your characters emotions and how they react to different environments and always try and maintain a solid background to place your character is, being detailed enough in your decription that the reader has a good idea where you are but allowing their imaginations to 'fill in the gaps' as well which makes the RPG involving and fun.

28th August 2007, 11:45 AM
Name: Blue Milotic/BM
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Strong Areas: Descriptions, action, profile-creation, anti-Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu-ness
Weak Areas: Plot-creation
Type Of RPG: I don't write them, I join them. But I prefer adventure, fantasy and stuff
Type Of Characters: Short, innocent, and usually clueless and young
Current RPGs: Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the King Emerald (taking sign-ups, sign-ups closed on Sept.1), Discovered! (A Digimon RPG) (I think it’s dead), Pokemon Elites: Partners for Life (nearly finished)
Future RPGs: None, I like joining, but don’t make them
Writing Tips:
1. Try to think outside the box. Some people here don’t like Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus.
2. Try to describe your posts well enough so everyone gets what’s happening.
3. Go wild with your imaginations, but not too excessively.

Ze Cookie Fairy
31st August 2007, 12:34 PM
Name: Ze Cookie Fairy (Phebes is my nickname in real life. So is Phi-O-Be One-Kan-O-Bi, but it’s rarely used in writing since I can’t spell it ><)

Age: 13

Gender: Female (Would a guy call themselves a Cookie Fairy? XD)

Strong Areas: I haven’t been RPG-ing that long so I have no idea what I’m strong on. Probably lengthy description and writing plausible histories. Maybe post length.
Weak Areas: Following up accepted sign-ups and actually playing in Role Plays. Researching what I write just in case it doesn’t make sense. Overlooking minor errors. Summarising things.

Type Of RPG: Fantasy, with a lot of humorous skits included.

Type Of Characters: Characters with quirks, mental issues, or strictly individuals or rebels. I haven’t ever been able to come up with a character that is completely normal. Usually I tend to write better for male characters, most likely because I despise most girls of my generation.

Current RPGs:
Guardians Of The Universe- In Training: To put it simply, there are eight little kids all under the age of ten. They all have at least one parent who was gruesomely murdered. They all have special stuffed dead animals. And also, they happen to be the future Guardians of all the universes (yes, there’s more then just one universe in this RPG) and each have the power of an element. The elements themselves are electricity, fire, water, air, earth, light, dark and emotion. This RPG is co-GM’d with Bao Dragonite, and sign ups are closed.

Future RPGs: Possibly at least 3 sequels to Guardians Of The Universe (if it manages to take off sufficiently and doesn’t die out). The first sequel would most likely be the Guardians as teens. The second sequel would be about the next generation of Guardians and how their parent’s lives have gone so far. And the third would most likely be about the creation of some new elements and the universes going out of line. As for anything that isn’t to do with the Guardians, well, I’m too busy to think of anything else.

Writing Tips: Tragedy brings more plot twists, but comedy attracts more following.
There is no such thing as a description that is too long.
Practise brings improvement (as far as I’ve seen, there is absolutely no such thing as perfection).
When in doubt, ask another writer’s opinion.

15th October 2007, 11:40 PM
Name: Pikaman
Age: 12
Gender: male
Strong Areas: I can think of a RPG idea in a second and apply it
Weak Areas: I've never had a succesful RPG, and I'm not exactly good with RPG examples. My spelling isn't too good ether
Type Of RPG: Adventure
Type Of Characters: I tend to have kind, but clumsy Characters
Current RPGs: I just created one called war of Evepa, where the pokemon land Evepa is in a civil war.
Future RPGs: I don't know of any future ones I'll do.
Writing Tips: Just following the rules and getting the bare minimum isn't going to get you in a RPG.

24th January 2008, 12:43 AM
I've never done an RPG before, but I may in the future.

Name: Griff4815
Age: Do I really have to say? (let's just say it's in the teens :P )
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: Characters (particularily pokemon) and character developement, length I guess, plot twists.
Weak Areas: Plot, maybe descriptions (although I'm told I'm getting better)
Type Of RPG: Adventure/Drama
Type Of Characters: Well all of the characters that I write about are very complex, but I can go from comic relief to a very deep, philosophical character. Humans and pokemon characters mostly (I prefer pokemon). My absolute favorite is the Treecko from my fic :) There's another too, but he hasn't been introduced yet.
Current RPGs: None
Future RPGs: None
Writing Tips: I dont have any RPG advice but general writing advice: You can let your characters think like you, but it's more important to think like your characters.

Universe Chaser
6th February 2008, 1:44 AM
Name: Universe Chaser, Formerly Legend Hunter
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: Descriptions are my very best area. I'm also good at not overpowering my characters (a nice trait to have, I think.)
Weak Areas: The actual samples. I really get stumped about what to wrte about. I also have a bit of trouble describing non-humans, or using characters I haven't created.

Type of RPG's: I'll go for anything that catches my interest.

Type of Characters: I have two chaacters I like to use. Either the constantly depressed and mature one, or the punky fake tough guy (in certain Rp's I make him/her an actual ough guy.)

Current RPG's: None at the time or writing.

Future RPG's: My muse hasn't spoken to me in a while.

Writing Tips: Don't go with what everyone else does. By that I mean, come up with new ideas for your characters, not really cliche guys.

16th February 2008, 7:15 PM
Name: Brad Matthews (darkbradlor, soon to be Hexagram if my name change request goes through...)
Age: 14 years
Gender: I AM MALE!
Strong Areas: I'm good with plots, description- but not personalities as much. My plots can be considered good, but no one ever sign-ups for them...
Weak Areas: My Achilles heel is my overpowered characters- just ask any GM who hasn't accepted me.
Type Of RPG: I'll take mostly anything- I do not like RPG's about obscure series, Digimon, KH, etc. I also dislike trainer RPGs. School settings are one of my favorites here, as are fantasies without franchise.
Type Of Characters: Umm... cold, dark, quiet characters, usually overpowered. Trying to work on this. I'm still expanding- but I do not like happy, optimistic characters- I can't imagine myself as a character of that archetype.
Current RPGs: Due to my lack of success on this site historically (when I am GM), I have no current RPG's. I have some in waiting- Pokecommunity is my launching platform- if it works there, I'll bring it here.
Future RPGs: After the Apocalypse- After the 4 regions suffered more than a century under apocalyptic disasters, the world is cracked and beaten. Most of the legendaries, save Mew and Arceus left. For 77 years, the two slept, letting the world rot. The mysterious plague that attacked the continent devastated a lot of Pokemon, humans, and plants. Hoenn is in chaos. Parts of Johto, and all of Orre and Fiore, have been merged into a hellish, lawless hole of scum. Kanto is struggling, and Sinnoh is actually alright. However, this may all be threatened by a new evil team- Team Nova. This team is not like the others- they are smarter, stronger, and much more ruthless. They strive to take control of the world, find the old legendaries/new Pokemon on the new continent to the southeast, and recreate the world in their image. Meanwhile, Arceus and Mew have created new legendaries to help the new world- but word of them has gotten to Nova. Who will win in the end- Nova, or the rest of the world?

Titans- This shall remain secret.
Naruto- There is already one, so this description will be edited in much, much later, after The Doctor's RPG is done/died out. Hopefully fully completed- I wish on no one the death of an RPG.

Writing Tips: My advice sucks- I am overpowered. I guess my advice is to be creative, don't be overpowered, and be descriptibe. Look at the profiles of the others, they are better.

16th February 2008, 9:58 PM
Name: Elementman-Novapoke

Age: 14

Gender: Male.

Strong Areas: Well, i'm good at character creation. And describing in general. I also think i'm good at the personality and applying logic to RPGs.

Weak Areas: Well, I think I have a few:
~ Sticking to a personality - I can write a good; believable personality, but I have to really focus on keeping to it.
~ Post length - I write tooooooo much!
~ Rambling - Sometimes I sorta ramble on and on trying to describe a simple thing.

Type Of RPG: Fantasy RPs are nice, ones that involve magic or powers. I also like journey (pokemon + digimon) RPs.

Type Of Characters: I always go for the same character. I go for the quiet, smart, 'never had a friend' type. I like those types.

Current RPGs:

Future RPGs: I've a few, vague ideas. A digimon one, a magic/combat one and a 'god' one.

Writing Tips: I've a few.
1). When describing yourself, start from top to bottom, describing every detail.
2). Use the 5 senses when talking about a location. Mainly sight, smell and hearing but the other two can be used.
3). KISS.

Manaphy Mare
9th March 2008, 8:09 AM
Name: Manaphy Mare
Age: 17
Gender: male
Strong Areas: Personality and character descriptions
Weak Areas: post length
Type Of RPG: Action, adventure, or fantasy
Type Of Characters: My characters are emotional and hyper but at the same time kind, gentle, and calm
Current RPGs: Draconia School of Mythology and Yu-Gi-Oh! The Tournament
Future RPGs: None
Writing Tips: Use a character who's personality mirors your own, you can get much more from them that way.

Dark Myuutsu
14th April 2008, 4:31 AM
Name: Jesse (Dark Myuutsu)

Age: 24

Gender: male

Strong Areas: Addressing the actions of other characters, description, staying in-character with canons, conveying the depth of dark or mature themes, combining quality and quantity.

Weak Areas: Maintaining interest with partners who are less skilled, playing female characters, over-use of certain phrases.

Type Of RPG: I love serious RPs that blend drama, adventure, and romance. My favorite theme? Probably "troubled lovers" - two characters who, with the whole world out to get them, somehow manage to have a happy ending after all. I prefer fandoms over original RPs, simply because I've been around long enough that I've gotten tired of cranking out settings and characters, only to be disappointed when no one joins or the RP fizzles out; with fandoms, I've got my setting and characters, and it's just a matter of finding good RP buddies. My favorite fandoms are Escaflowne, Berserk, Last Exile, Avatar, Legend of Zelda, and, of course, Pokemon.

Type Of Characters: Brooding anti-heroes and "damaged goods" all the way. The fun, for me, is taking a hurt or broken character and playing out the process by which they heal or evolve.

Current RPGs: none

Future RPGs: none

Writing Tips: Don't ever underestimate the challenge of writing a fandom character within a fandom setting. People are always telling me that it's so much easier to write a pre-existing character than to make up your own, and it's just not true. If you don't believe me, try it some time and ask for critiques. I think it's a wonderful test of your skill to play someone else's character and do it well.

2nd May 2008, 5:03 PM
...It is time for me to 'update' my profile

The Authors’ Profile

Name: Chris
Alias: PokemonBreederChris
Age: Eighteen (18)
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: My strengths in writing are of the philosophical matters. I hold no quarrel in constructing, and I will always attempt to achieve maximum potential in my motivation. I am well endowed in ideas and assisting others (though they must ask, politely), as well, I hold an essence of creativity, and love to use the imagination.

Weak Areas: My weak areas, most probably, is my ability to Overkill, when I write, I place too much butter in between the bread. Though my writing has gotten better through organizing thoughts, I still have ways to go. This has annoyed Game Administrators in the past. Also, when constructing a sign up, I often go for simpler characters, not as complex. Though I am trying to broaden my horizons.

Type Of RPG: I will write any form of Role Playing Game, that has a motive for creativity, though, I try to stay away from pure romance RPGs, Romance is not my thing.

Type of Characters: The type of character's I more over write, usually depends on the RPG. Though, I tend to be more the nice timid naive or young female character, who struggles with herself internally. Such examples of this are Ashi (http://serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=7043086&postcount=28), orZilah (http://serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=6964105&postcount=33), Plum (http://serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=7732665&postcount=9), Freya (http://serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=6862365&postcount=14), of Tundra's RPG. Freya though, is opposite; she is very extrovert and charismatic. I suppose, I find myself creating Female characters, more then Male characters; I much prefer putting myself into other people's shoes.

Current RPGs: (I have no PBC-brand RPGs out in the market yet, and the RPGs I currently am a participant of, are under a unintentional stalemate of sorts; though I have interest in a few, and am writing Sign ups for them, and will post them when my schedule lets up.

Future RPGs:

Nine Times Inferno: the idea around Nine Times Inferno, is within its name. This is inspired by the philosopher and poet, Dante Alighieri and his epic masterpiece, the Divine Comedy. There will be many religious elements that predominantly follow the Christian, or more so Catholic faith in this RPG, because as the Divine Comedy goes, Dante goes on a pilgrimage to describe the horrific aspects of the Underworld, Hell, and the punishments for the Sinners who showed no remorse. There are two possible plotlines that can go with this RPG. The first one is that you portray a character, blessed by Paradiso (Paradise), and you must “invade” Inferno (Hell), to bring out some divine retribution; though I plan it to be more freeform. The second plot idea, is that your character is a sinner of hell, who showed no remorse in the major sin they committed, but, the thing that is most precious to them, free will, was not diminished in their punishment, they are given a second chance at life, so now they try to escape Hell, in attempt to purify themselves; though the latter idea might be worked on more so to make better sense.

Fate/Stay Night, Abyssal fountain: This RPG, is split into two names, Abyssal Fountain, and Golden Girth; both representing mythical, yet unknown artifacts of ancient myth. I am still debating which artifact to use, for depending on the artifact, the plot would change. Basically, what this RPG is is the story line of the Fate/stay night franchise. You are a Magi, known or unknown of your powers, and you take part in a tournament, held every X amount of years, depending on how much damage is done, or how they must reconstruct the tainted objects. You are known as a Master, a summoner of historic souls from the past, it can be anyone as long as you can explain why they fit their class. The heroic servant must keep its identity secret from the others, for if their identity is known, their weaknesses are exposed. This will be a freeform RPG, where it would start out as the usual competition of Master and his servant, against another, but as in Hollow, the sequel to this franchise, a darker force comes. I am still working out the kinks in this RPG, but plan to have it shortly.

Fate/Stay Night, Golden girth: ^ see above.

Claymore RPG ((Untitled)): This RPG, was always a draft, and a few ideas, though I have been total lack of motivation through it and am trying to find a new spark to construct it better. I do enjoy crafting this, but it is rather difficult. So far the plot is that you are renegades of the claymore organization after a certain event happens, the “prequel” which would be the start of the RPG, and your RPG samples…

Harlem Nocturne: This RPG, well in truth is not titled, and is not really worked out. It is an RPG, which The Doctor and I have co-created, or are still creating. It is a noir RPG, in a futuristic tone; I plan to have it within the century, of the future, in an urban city setting, the Big Apple, New York; however ideas for this are still on the drawing board. It has splicing though, which is DNA modification, where one can become a “mutant” of sorts.

Old World: Covenant of the Damned: This RPG, is an RPG, dealing with the Mythology of old. There are four realms, the Realm of the North, the Realm of the South, East, and then West, respectively. Each realm has a different mythology of sorts, ranging from Greek, to Egyptian, to Mayan, to Norse. You are a sentinel of the Gods, and are “awakened” to save the world from destruction; h’oh boy. This is loosely put together, and still needs a heavy load of work. It was inspired by Shadowfaith’s Kingdom Hearts RPG, and Sir-forgets-alot’s Myth RPG.

On Hiatus:

Spyro RPG: An RPG that I have been kind of working with Cdra1617, as of currently, this RPG is on hiatus, until both of us have the time to work on it. The basic idea of it though, is that you are a chosen dragon, and from birth you have been trained in special courses to help take down this dark evil dragon who’s been taking over the world, you are the rebels against him; etc. Still very loose and needs a major surgery.

Pokemon Battle Academy: Once Night Blazer’s, then Clowsui-RMelody_009, and Hyuu’s, Then Pokemonbreederchris and Hyuu’s, this RPG-an amazing idea, has gone through quite a few many generations. Though, it could be resurrected any time, for the current role playing crowd, I must wait for my dear friend Hyuu, for assistance on this part, and both our schedules have been rather difficult as of late.

Writing Tips: My advice is here (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=316674), if you are ever stuck on character organization, creating, or you simply what an organized system/database for your character. Coming up with the character idea is a difficult task. Basically, this whole forum (http://serebiiforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=115) could aid you when ever you have a block or need some format of inspiration. As seeing there is all this advice here in the profiles, I do not see it nessisary to repeat any of the words fellow Role Players have said.

The Doctor
2nd May 2008, 6:15 PM
Decided to majorly update my profile.

Name: My real name is super, super dull. Therefore, I shall be known only as The Doctor.
Age: 15 years, 5 months (give or take)
Gender: Male

Strong Areas: I think description is one of my real strong points; it's a tough process gathering the character together, then finding the right words to make it appeal to the GM, but believe me, it doesn't get dull. Personality, I think, is something I'm good at, mainly because it's fun to write how people tick.

Weak Areas: History is a tough category for me, mainly because I feel they have to stand out in some way. This is a real challenge for me. And while my post length is the legal limit, sometimes they feel oddly cut off to me. Activity is also a little issue on my point.

Type Of RPG: I'm relatively easy; however, I doubt I could do a Romance RPG, having never had a girlfriend, or Horror, as I'm easily spooked.

Type Of Characters: So far, all of my characters have been male. I have a lack of understanding in terms of putting myself in other people's shoes, so I've yet to design a female; I'm only really good with the male mind. I don't believe I quite understand girls yet, but I'll try, damnit, I'll try. My boys have a variety of personalities: the recurring ones tend to be the shy and quiet people (Toby (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=7928229&postcount=26) and Artemis (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=5295163&postcount=38) spring to mind) and the calm, lackadasical warriors (Kenshin (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=7859721&postcount=31), Kazuki (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=7430584&postcount=28) and Alex (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=7888865&postcount=27)). Also, a particular favourite of mine are the sarcastic (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=6930784&postcount=20) and the effeminate (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=7302426&postcount=38). I also like to include references to outside works of literature and entertainment as well, for some reason.

Current RPGs: I'm more of a joiner than a starter, therefore I have no RPGs out at the moment. I am considering one, however.

Future RPGs:

Harlem Nocturne: This is the slug title for an idea Chris and I are working on. As he mentioned, it's a type of futuristic film noir style of RPG in the mould of Sin City. It's set in a type of city; the current one, as the name suggests, is New York, although I may just end up creating a new one, and genetic alterations mean it's possible for individuals to gain abilities, but it's still a rough idea.

Writing Tips: Don't try and restrict yourself to creating a single template for a character. Re-posting sign ups are fine, but if all of your characters share the same name, description, personality, history and similar abilities/powers, then you don't vary yourself. Always try and experiment with your characters, and don't try and establish a type of safety zone regarding that. Never be afraid to spice things up. For example, add a little quirk that makes them stand out.

...This still feels short.

2nd May 2008, 7:29 PM
Well since everyone else has done one...

Name: Skeith…
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: My strong points seem to vary with the character/rpg I’m playing but usually I find history quite easy to construct as well as powers (if I can decide on what powers I have) and, occasionally, description.

Weak Areas: Personality for sure, I have difficulties deciding on what traits to give my character and whether I’ll be able to play the personality I give them.

Type Of RPG: I like any type of rpg as long as it can grab my interest however, like the above two posters, I usually steer clear of romance orientated rpgs.

Type Of Characters: I like to do characters with interesting quirks such as Hive (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=7734039&postcount=16), Ryan (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=7288692&postcount=28) and Xydis (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=7639006&postcount=59otherwise) otherwise they usually end up something like D.Pire (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=6482384&postcount=15) or Toshi (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=5810742&postcount=26). I have also done two female characters (both with the same name) which I enjoyed playing however I don’t really consider them to be a strong point of mine so I’ll usually stick to male characters, anyway here’s Young April (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=7024748&postcount=83) and Old April (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=6539815&postcount=34).

Current RPGs: None, I have yet to create one however I’m participate in many

Future RPGs: Currently I only have two in mind

Battle Island: I have been given Jaystars permission to create a remake, which I may do in the near future. For those of you unfamiliar with this rpg, in a nutshell, it is a pokemon tournament rpg where you are only allowed to bring one pokemon and all the rest have to be caught during the tournament however as the tournament progresses strange things begin to happen…

The world ends with you: I’m currently playing this game and can see a lot of rpg potential for it however I have yet to come up with a descent plot for it so it’ll be awhile before it shows up.

Writing Tips: Um… I’m not the best person to be giving advice but, for beginners, I say make your character someone you can relate to so they’ll be role play.

Very short but meh its a break from writing my sign ups.

Gentleman Skeleton
2nd May 2008, 8:05 PM
Thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and redo mine as well.

Name: Gentleman Skeleton
Age: 20
Gender: All signs point to male

Strong Areas: Plots, unique bios (sometimes a little too unique.)
Weak Areas: I have some minor problems with post length that are currently being worked on, some of my characters also tend to be a tad overpowered at times, though rarely game ruining overpowered.

Type Of RPG:
Favorite: Action RPGs, or RPGs that turn the tables and make the villians the main characters.
Least Favorite: RPGs based on ongoing series in which the plot involves all of the main characters being kidnapped. To me, that just seems like the ultimate cop-out. I've done a few to varying degrees of success and I've regretted all of them.

Type Of Characters: I like doing heroes who are intelligent and villians who are charismatic with a slight hint of sadism.

Current RPGs:
The Experiment: A group of Team Rocket experimental children who were implanted with pokemon DNA from birth escape from captivity and fight their captors for their freedom. Sign ups closed a while ago, but lack of interest and a large amount of coursework on my part sealed the poor RPG's fate. I might restart it at some point if I can get interested people when I'm done with exams.

Naruto Second Dawn: In an era of peace, Akatsuki reemerges and begins to tear the shinobi world apart from the inside out. The sign-up thread died before I could get enough people. Like The Experiment, I'll restart it if those who have already reserved still want to do it.

Future RPGs:
BLEACH El Rio de la Muerte: My long talked about and planned Bleach RPG that was put on hold due to Draco Malfoy's BLEACH RPG. Now set 150 years after the main storyline, the Gotei 13 is a little shaken up after an incident involving the Vasto Lorde killed many high-level shinigami, or drove them to quit the Gotei 13. Those who remained face a more terrifying crisis when a river is discovered in Hueco Mundo that has the power to turn Hollows into Arrancar more powerful than anything the Hougyoku could. These new arrancar are lead by a charasmatic general who wants nothing more than the desruction of the Human World and Soul Society.

Mana Wars: Set some time after a great cataclysm destroyed all but 10,000 human beings. These people embraced the magic that lingered after the earth was wiped out. But some want to destroy those who use magic and place technology back onto the face of the Earth.

Death Note: The Suicide Club The plot is in the RPG Ideas thread. I don't want ot post it here because I want to avoid people still going through the main series getting mad at me for posting spoilers.

Writing Tips: Be creative, try many things and post RPG plots that will not only get the best out of you, but your players as well.

2nd May 2008, 8:24 PM
Name: Levi
Age: 16
Gender: 'Twas male last time I checked.

Strong points: It'd have to be combat scenes. I can picture them clearly in my mind and then describe them. Expect some... Unusual strategies in my posts.
Also: Emotions. I myself may be void of emotion most of the time, I can describe my character's emotions really well.
Weak points: Length, and continuing the story. I also really need to get worked up for writing a post. But when I do, I could write ten posts in quick succession.

Type of RPG: I like almost everything. From Zelda to RPGs in which the players are Pokémon, I can enjoy them. I tend to be biased towards fantasy, magic, swords, etc. I like romance and humour in an RPG too. They add that little bit that REALLY makes you want to go on.

Type of characters: My characters tend to be at least a little like I am. Quiet, reserved, but unleashing the fury in combat. My favourite character is actually a bit of a berserker.

Current RPGs: Note that none of these were created by me. I merely participate in them.
-A full scale Zelda RPG, Zeldafront.com
-The Eeveelution Evolution RPG, a club RPG on these forums.

Future RPGs: None right now. I try to keep up with the ones I am in at the moment.

Writing tips: When stuck, use your environment. Describe something trivial about it, like how a forest reacts to the weather around you. Perhaps there's a traveler or animal to be seen.
While it may not matter to the story, it adds both length and content to your post, making it feel more real.

23rd May 2008, 8:53 AM
<+ Personal Information +>

~ Name ~

~ Age ~
13 Years Old

~ Gender ~

<+ RPG Information +>

~ Strong Areas ~
I'm good at making plots, cause I have a very LARGE imagination. By sometimes, the plots of the RPs I make are usually almost 3-5 paragraphs, but most of them are fantasy though, I love fantasy RPs, especially when it is game-like based. I'm also good at times when you post at an RP, they say I sound like just like the person I would really need to portray because for my opinions, RPGs aren't supposed to be spammed or to be played with, it is like an online adventure, you traveling using just plain words, so in my side, RPGs were meant to be taken seriously.

~ Weak Areas ~
Hmm... particularly none, because I may be Filipino, but I speak English like a professional. But still, I have no weaknesses in RPGs, but if this would meant "troubles", it would be popularity, my RPGs aren't that popular. I wonder if some will be popular here? =3

~ Type of RPG ~
Mostly fantasies, I really love 'em, especially since my mind always has some thoughts that are about fantasies. If you have made a fantasy RPG, PM me, I might join if it is fantastic enough for me to join.

~ Type of Character ~
I'm a Magician-lover, so yeah, I create magicians most of the times because of their powers, you really feel that they're somewhat smart to handle magics by themselves, and it sort of relates to the real me... I'm more of an educational person, I love to study so I really am like a magician myself because of their intelligence.

But in Pokemon-like RPGs, I would prefer to make a person who is more silent, because my character is somewhat shy because of "peer-pressure", but when it comes to battling, my character's pokemon are quite a toughie. I like Dragon-types pokemon though.

<+ Other Informations +>

~ Current RPGs ~
So far... none...

~ Future RPGs ~

_'~> Final Fantasy 1 <~'_
My Final Fantasy RPs have different storylines from the originals... so you just wait for my Final Fantasy RPGs to open because it is limited only.

~ Writing Tips ~
To all those reading my RPG Profile, I just want to tell you that when making your own RPG, you have to be realistic. Sure, they're a re-make of a real game, but to be so original, put some twists in it, so that many people will get interested on your RPGs. For example, you're making a [dot]Hack RPG remake, to be original, add your own servers and add some twists just like I mentioned. As for the twist, let RP Gamers use pokemon, sound interesting huh? See what I mean, just one tip, be original.

Thanks for reading my RPG Profile! ^^

24th May 2008, 4:44 AM
~ Name ~

~ Age ~
15 yrs old

~ Gender ~

<+ RPG Information +>

~ Strong Areas ~
I enjoy making plots and storylines and im good at giving suggestions to the Rpg itself and sticking to a storyline is something im good at and staying within the demands of the GameMaster and the rest of the rpg players

~ Weak Areas ~
Pretty much the only three flaws i have with RPGs are spelling and making the Bio it self and sometimes im Lazy and mess up up my grammer

~ Type of RPG ~
A Pokemon Digimon or even a Power Rangers RPg or a modern or past war RPG

~ Type of Character ~
More like eiether a Shy Person or someone who takes over like a leader i rather play as someone whos normal and learn from mistakes that they have made etc....

<+ Other Informations +>

~ Current RPGs ~

~ Future RPGs ~
None at the Moment
~ Writing Tips ~
Try to make your charaters someone who is closer to you becasue it's easy to help build a charater with a personality that you now more about or if you dont get into an RPG keep trying till you make

24th May 2008, 4:51 AM
Name: Cacaruka/Erirudo
Age: 12, turning 13 this year
Gender: Female
Strong Areas: Plots and descriptions especially. I tend to use English that people my age don't usually use...I read a lot of books.
Also I have a lot of spare time, and when I'm not drawing or reading I like to write up sketchy plots for later use.
Weak Areas: I can't do romance. AT ALL. The best I could write with that genre is probably a friendly partnership between two people. Also, I tend to be very very dramatic. I can't really write all those 'day to day' things, otherwise I'll just shake it up with 'SUDDEN DISASTER' type stuff. Also I like to make plots really complicated with intricate details. This could have been caused by my fear of plotholes.
Type Of RPG: Adventure, Action, and Fantasy. c:
Type Of Characters: I usually write villainous characters, or villains that have been dragged into becoming heroes for whatever reason. I love them, they're just more interesting than 'GENERIC BORING HERO-TYPE OFF I GO TO SAVE THE DAY LA LA LA'.
Current RPGs: None, at present.
Future RPGs: F I N A L. C O M I N G., a multi-crossover RP. Mostly Mega Man based, however.
Writing Tips: When making your own RP, try to cover all bases in terms of story. Don't just say-if you're making a new region-that 'la la one day region (insert name here) just popped out of nowhere with all these new pokeymans'. Anything could be responsible for making a new region. Maybe the region isn't new at all, but one that sunk like the city of Atlantis. Maybe Mew was bored and decided to make a new land, and the rest of the legendaries went along with it. Maybe there's a war going on, and amid the chaos, the legendaries accidentally created a new island. You know. Put detail into your story-it will definitely help you. Make your RPs interesting, basically.

The Admiral
24th May 2008, 5:15 AM
Name: Aya Brea Arashi


Gender: Indeterminant Male

Strong Areas: Plots, particularly driving them (though I've done enough plots that have gone absolutely nowhere); staying close to character.

Weak Areas: Getting things in on time.

Type Of RPG: I prefer fantasy-or-scifi-themed RPs, usually fandom-linked; often I'm not too interested in RPs with deeply-rooted romance elements, and typical RPs of choice feature great amounts of combat.

Type Of Characters: Usually, my characters are self-righteous, arrogant, and often rather volatile. They tend not to make good relationships, and some have tendency towards e.g. panic attacks.

Current RPGs:

Future RPGs:
(none planned)

Writing Tips: When preparing an RP, avoid something too cookie-cutter; if you're thinking of having an RP in which you have five kids play through the plot of the Pokemon video games, you may want to reconsider. The same applies to characters; some things are just overdone. Unless you can add something to them which few others can, try to avoid the cliches. I do tend to use them, but I attempt to go for something mildly parodic and/or humorous when I do. By the way; your characters needn't be 100&#37; angst. In fact, they SHOULDN'T be, because, after some time, that gets effing annoying. Play a variety of characters. If you're in a new RP, pull out something new.

5th July 2008, 1:37 AM
Name: Killian
Age: 13
Gender: Female

Strong Areas: Hmm... I think I'm good at plots. I like giving stories a slightly darker edge, or having a character with a dark past. I'm into fantasy and I like Pokemon RPGs.

Weak Areas: I'm horrible at writing stories with a completely happy plot-line. How can life be so good? Even normal people have bad days and family/friend deaths. Also, when I get writer's block I get it bad and it can go on for weeks unless something inspires me.

Type Of RPG: Fantasy and Pokemon. I can't follow others as well because I haven't watched/read/played enough to get it.

Type Of Characters: I like making characters that forgive easily and make impromptu decisions, sometimes though I make darker characters with mysterious paths. Most of my characters are fiercely loyal and determined to do their job.

Current RPGs:


Future RPGs: I can only think of one right now.

The Seven Fates

A Pokemon RPG about seven trainers gifted with supernatural powers, though they'd don't realize it. All they notice are strange events seem to happen when they're around.

Writing Tips:

1.) If you don't think you've spelled a word correctly, check it by using spell check or even just typing it on google.

2.) If you don't have time, don't hurry and post a sloppy post. Wait until later and write a good one.
3.) Space between paragraphs. It makes it easier to read.

4.) Don't write one big blob. It's hard to understand and quite annoying.

5.) Clarify how you write. Do you use italics for thoughts? Or do you use two apostrophes instead?

6.) DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPITALS!!!!! See how annoying that is?

7.) Do not make your character like Ash. Meaning: Don't make a Mary Sue or a Gary Stu.

Not all of those are problems I see people on serebii having, but I've seen them on other sites and they annoy me to no end. Some of them are rules already posted here, but once again I'm just putting down the obvious.

Peter Quill
2nd October 2008, 1:30 AM
Name: Moogles4ever (or Moogles I dont give a rats)

Age: 13

Strong Areas: Making Characters: Quite frankly I love the prospect of becoming the figure that guides your character throughout a amazing journey. It proplels me to do lot's.

Weak Areas: Length: I can't seem to get the length of anything right.

Type of RPG: Mediaval/Fantasy I tend to like to go with Pokemon RPGs too. I'm not the one to go for complete anime fandoms, unless I really find it good.

Type of Character: Any, Snobby, Emo, Gary-stu Slap them on me! But I tend to go with a silent kinda character.

Current RPGs: Angel's Requiem (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=372046)

Future RPG: I'm planning on making a Horror RPG that will hopefully become a great sucess. (Another one)

12th October 2008, 1:54 AM
Name: Zincspider (preferabley Zinc)

Age: 15

Strong Areas: Sign up sheets, and making exuses why somthing works. I am great at thinking somthing up, and making an explination that makes sense.

Weak Areas: Trying to make an PRG of my own. It always ends up deleted somehow. Everything else? I'm not to sure, but I know there is definatly somthing else. I GOT IT! Making the personallity last more than a line when I write, thats whats wrong. Plenty more too.

Type of RPG: Humor, adventure, progressive(getting better as story goes on). I don't like pointless ones though (SIMs or School ones)

Type of Character: Bring it. I can make it work. I really like doing the happy drunk, and the Big-headed stage hog (Rawk Hawk anyone?) I like doing skirt chasers too. It makes for great dialouge.

Current RPGs: None

Future RPG: I am planning a Paper Mario RPG, and a Marvel Superhero RPG (Ironman FTW)

12th October 2008, 11:01 AM
Name: Ventus3
Age: 13 (Life sucks and I'm so emotionally scarred! xD Just kidding)
Gender: Well, I'm just going to leave it up to the interperetation of the fellow users O_o
Strong Areas: I'm still not really sure about this one. I can't say description because there are people a heck of a lot better than me at that. Nor can I say my sign up because they definitely aren't as explicit as the Doctor's are. So, somebody recommend me for something? xD
Weak Areas: Ooh, this is something I can answer! Making RPGs; they can come out like bad chapters, either that or they're just too plain boring to draw attention to an RPG'er long enough for them to actually sign up. I could probably use quite a bit of help with grammar as I'm always trying to correct my posts and not getting all the errors.
Type Of RPG: I don't really write that many so I don't have a favorite
Type Of Characters: No preference really.
Current RPGs: *None that are open or that I need open*
Future RPGs: Well, I am co-writing something but that's a secret for me and a certain someone =P
Writing Tips:

1. Make sure to adhere to the rules when writing something. People will give you heck if you don't because you were supposed to read them all before even posting in here anyway.

2. It's always good to try and describe the situation that you're writing about in an RPG post in more detail. If you can, try to keep things as explicit (detailed) as you can as long as it is something that adheres to the rules (that means I'm not saying to be explicit about romance, now go get your daily nose-bleed somewhere else *gets digital staff to ward digital perves off lawn*

Well, that's all I got, if I am forced to edit against my will by moderators I shall. If not, I'll probably edit it anyway since I'm on here after an all-nighter

14th October 2008, 3:42 AM
Name: ShadoWolfDemon (Shadow is good though)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Strong Areas: My imagination is my strongpoint in RPGs. Plot-twists are the fun of these little games, and I'm just awesome at making them. I also think I'm good at making my characters and having them evolve in the RPG. Furthermore, I also enjoy doing good fight-scenes, so I guess I've gotten good at that too.

Weak Areas: Grammar and spelling for sure. Especially the later. Sometimes, I don't check over my stuff well enough, and my words come out jumbled. I also usually rely on dialouge too much, and should work more on description. I also tend to make my characters a bit overpowered sometimes, although I think I got better at that.

Type Of RPG: I personally like a good fantisy, sci-fi, or horror RPG. Adventures are fun too. I also like things that take place in ancient times, (you know, like warlords and dragons and horseback fighting. lol). I also like RPGs based on mythology (probably my fave)

Type Of Characters: Usually my characters are ones that I'm testing for a story that I'm trying to write, or based off one of my favorite characters from an anime or TV show. If it's not one of those two, its my usual music-loving, punky type character, which was my first RP character from when I started...a while ago, and I have developed quite nicely.

Current RPGs: None

Future RPGs: Most likely a Warrior Cats RPG, and a Digimon RPG. I may also make an RPG based off 'The World Ends With You'

Writing Tips:

1) If you're having trouble making a character, and you need help making sure they aren't a mary-sue, then use this test (http://www.katfeete.net/writing/marysue.html), for its helped me create characters for RPGs time after time again. You'll make much more original characters that way.

Cameron Oakley
30th November 2008, 3:48 AM
Name: Cameron Oakley
Age: (um...that can remain undisclosed)
Gender: Female
Strong Areas: I guess my strong area would primarily be length. I type very small in Microsoft Word to ensure I have a decent sized post. I kind of got carried away with this to the point where I normally type in 7-7.5 sized in the Verdana font, single spaced in web layout view. The smallest I've ever typed was in 3 pt Verdana single space. So I guess length is my strength.
Weak Areas: Oh gosh, I have a lot of those. Description can cause trouble for me along with grammar. I try to learn new words everyday and try to use them correctly in sentences so I can expand my vocabulary as well as cut down on using unnecessary small words. I guess you could say I'm OCD with description as I have to describe every little thing, but I'm trying to back away from this. I'm expanding my horizon when it comes to character creation, but I can't deny that I greatly love mysterious characters and those that like to talk a lot of trash. ^_^
Type Of RPG: I like any type of role play that has a decent plot and is just interesting. There are times, though, that I will enjoy just a simple Pok&#233;mon adventure role play just as a casual way to relax.
Type Of Characters: Gosh, I think I can do just about any type of character if I put my mind to it. The only one I haven't done is an evil character. I've done rich and snobbish, weak and pessimistic, mysterious with the wounded past, the classic heroine, and the boisterous character.
Current RPGs:

PG-13 for violence and language
Sign-ups are OPEN (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=369822)!

What happens when all of the Pok&#233;mon disappear and the only way to save them along with the world is to transform into one yourself?

(Yes I suck at summaries too. This is the first role play I have made and I am hoping it goes well. I don't expect a bunch of people to join in one day because (1) it has a lot of information and (2) I'm new here so no one really knows how I role play. I do like quality over quantity though, despite my posting length. If its one thing I have patience for, it is for role plays. Like I said, quality over quantity.)

Future RPGs: Don't have any role plays planned for the future as of now. I want to see how my first role play will go.
Writing Tips/Role Playing Tips: Patience. I believe in patience even if it's for writing fan fictions, comics, or whatever. Patience is also needed because all members are not in the same time zone as you are and people do have outside lives. However, this is not to be used as a scapegoat for just not posting. If you want to quit a role play, then just tell the game master so. This way it won't waste their time or the other role players' time waiting on you. Make a nice in-character post of the character's departure instead of just up and leaving. I think that's all...

1st December 2008, 3:37 AM
Name: Slipomatic

Age: 18

Gender: ♂

Strong Areas: Plot, Character profiling

Weak Areas: length, scenery description, interaction, and a lot more :(

Type Of RPG: mostly action, some romance, serious stuff mostly

Type Of Characters: mostly female i can do well, haven't made many but can do various females and male characters, mostly with background that people in the rpg won't know unless told by the character

Current RPGs: none

Future RPGs: none

Writing Tips: Always go for an original RPG theme that is refreshing. Perhaps use a little bit from other RPGs you like, but just be sure to tell where you're getting some of your ideas from. (Not that I wouldn't have a problem. I always try to make something new :D )

8th December 2008, 11:55 PM
Name: Copygoo

Age: 11. Yeah, I'm THAT young.

Gender: Male

Strong Areas: Ooh, toughie. I guess I'm good at interacting with other characters.

Weak Areas: I can't make a big post. Nor am I too great at descriptions. My biggest flaw may be character personality. I can't RP as a character with a personality different than mine well. I usually end up inputting my own personality.

Type Of RPG: I dunno. Fantasy I guess, unless it's a really good realistic one.

Type Of Characters: I like RPing as funny, open, happy ones, I guess.

Current RPGs: None

Future RPGs: Paper Mario: The Oblivion Portals. A mad man is trying to unlock great knowledge, enough to make him immortal. He needs to find the Seven Sacred Shards, powerful keys that unlock the Master Portal, which has the knowledge he needs. The Seven Sacred Shards are scattered through time and space, only accessible by the Oblivion Portals. Will you step up and take him down?


9th December 2008, 12:41 AM
Name: JolteonShock (or Jolty)
Age: 13
Gender: female
Strong Areas: I'm good at making up random ideas for plots and typing some up. They aren't necessarily good plots, but I improve on them later.
Weak Areas: interaction; I always seem to be off when it comes to meeting up and talking with other characters.
Type of RPG: hmmm...I like adventure ones, with lots of fighting
Type of Characters: Exitable ones...someday I hope to play as a shy one for achange
Current RPGs: Pokemon: DaRkSbAnE
Future RPGs: I was thinking of making a Warriors Rp, except with wolves instead of cats.
Writing Tips: SPELLCHECK!! I am always annoyed of anyone who can't spell. And space your dialogue too and make sure they have tags. Nothing is as annoying and hard to read than "Why are you here?""I want icecream.""Why?""I'm thirsty!"

9th December 2008, 3:24 PM
Name: Son_of_Shadows, but you can call me Josh.
Age: 15 (but I'm almost 16. w00t)
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: My strongest area... I think it'd be plots. I love to think up plotlines, filling in holes as I see them.
Weak Areas: Description, description, description. I'm just really rubbish at it!
Type Of RPG: I prefer fantasy, but romance interests me as well.
Type Of Characters: I try to base my characters on people I've actually met.
Current RPGs: I'm working on "The Wrath of Regigigas", my first RPG. It's open for sign-ups, but I haven't actually started the actual RP, if you know what I mean.
Future RPGs: I just want to focus on "The Wrath of Regigigas" for now.
Writing Tips: Practice makes perfect! Seriously, write all the time, and have others look at your work, so you can hone your skills. Get used to writing free-flowing prose. There are tonnes of creative writing websites out there, and there are plenty of nice people who will give you suggestions on how to improve.

9th December 2008, 10:48 PM
Name: Stoc15, can be called Stark too.
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: History, the length of the post, getting into character.
Weak Areas: Description, creating a certain feel to the post.
Type Of RPG: Fantasy, Actuon and the legendary Adventure.
Type Of Characters: Loners, heroes, people who are destined to work at the same place for the rest of their lives, and people with cool glasses.
Current RPGs:

A story of freaks with unique elemental and psychic powers, seemingly destined to fight off other freaks for the rest of their lives. Is it just another doomed adventure RPG, or is there something hidden about this plot?

Link (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=371476)
Future RPGs: A D & D Mario RPG, a Pokemon RPG and a possible Animal Crossing RPG. And finally, an original concept!
Writing Tips: Remember to always make your RPG posts at least seven lines long, put good description for the post, and always stay in character.

Tearen the Absol
9th December 2008, 11:11 PM
Name: Tearen the Absol
(aka Tearen Wover)
Age: 17
Gender: Physically male, mentally androgynous

Species: Absol

Strong Areas: Characterization, Dialogue, moving the story along, action sequences

Weak Areas: Post length, posting on time, tendency to seperate my characters from the group

Type Of RPG: I like RP's with humour and action. Things like saving the world or defeating an empire are always good stories.

Type Of Characters: I tend to be the comedy relief/insane deviants. In combat oriented RPGs, I like to play stealthy characters. But I also like to be the ambassador, or peace maker.

Current RPGs: Wrath of Regigigas
Island of Lost Souls
Girantina's Awakening

Future RPGs: Jack Trumpf (to be posted)

Writing Tips: Never assume that your character necessarily has to stay with the group you start in (unless the RP master says otherwise, of course.) Betrayals, being a double agent, and having your character manipulate a situation to their advantage can create dynamic plot devices. The most important thing to do in an RP, is keep it interesting. Make sure the story doesn't die. If things seem to calm, try and give the RP master some ideas to keep it going. (Though you shouldn't press them, they may have something cool planned.

10th December 2008, 6:14 PM
Name: Shadowfaith (Strider)

Age: 19-20 (Will be 20 in march ^_^)

Gender: Female

Strong Areas: I loooove my sign up's. I know how to create all manor of characters even if I do tend to lean towards using my favourite's in RPG's. I have a good imagination for this sort of stuff...daydreaming alot does this to you XD I'm also pretty good at plot making for the same reasons, though I do lean towards making RPG's on existing things even if I am capable of making an original RPG.

Weak Areas: I struggle with my spelling and grammar. I'm not the bast at either and that's normally what gets me declined from an RPG if the GM is hyped on that sort of stuff.

Type Of RPG: Mine are normally RPG's which have been based on something already made, such as Digimon or Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts. I like to write and particapate in things I know alot about. I do like making the odd fantasy RPG, but thats normally the way I go.

Type Of Characters: Lazy/laidback characters or cold characters are normally my favourite to write and play as. Lazy/laidback because I am generally that sort of person and cold because I use to be very much so myself. So simply put, I like to play those that I am ^_^;;

Current RPGs: The Island of Lost Souls: Simply an RPG on a group going out and living lives as pirates in search of a long lost treasure.

Future RPGs:

Kingdom Hearts: Similar Opposites: I have made this before and I am determined to make it work lol. Simply another KH RPG with my own little twist ^_^

Digimon: Retry: Another of my retrying RPG's XD. Always goes down hill because of my absense ;-; Simple digimon RPG in which a Digidestined and her digimon are trapped in the digital world and sent for help.

Writing Tips: My number one rule: DO NOT GET INTO CONVERSATION IN RPG'S! I know sometimes it is difficult, but make it as short and sweet as possible or at least add description when you are talking to another character. Do not refere to using script in RPG's as it simply is not fun to read XP

11th December 2008, 6:17 PM
Name: just call me Sophi

Age: 16

Gender: Female ( technically...male-turned-female )

Strong Areas: I can add a lot of description to my writing and with my seemingly large imagination I hardly ever suffer a writing block.

Weak Areas: Length, spelling and grammer, all of which I'm working on but length is sorta my worst area.

Type Of RPG: Romance and Fantasy have gotta be my favourite

Type Of Characters: Most of my characters tend to be shy at first but become rather playful with others as well as quite calm and laid-back.

Current RPGs: none yet

Future RPGs: none as of yet

11th December 2008, 6:31 PM
Name: Handymankg2
Age: Yeah…No.
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: I consider my strong part to be description, but that can also be my downfall, as sometimes I have spent too long describing one object that doesn’t contribute to the plot at all. I also consider character creation one of my best areas.
Weak Areas: As stated before, over description, and also emotion. I quite often forget my characters personality, and make them seem emotionless, although, to be fair, most of my characters are meant to be like that.
Type Of RPG: Anything really, as long as I have any knowledge about the fandom, I’ll join. I also quite like the idea of fantasies, unique ones with many races, similar to Lord of the Rings, yet have seen none.
Type Of Characters: Well, most of my characters are made to be emotionless, but sometimes I like to create a character that I feel akwards Rping, this makes me a better writer, I believe, overcoming awkwardness.
Current RPGs:
The Ultimate Winter Brawl
A tournament, of all races and all of creations wonders fighting across the stars in a huge stadium. For members of the Roleplaying club only.

Heroes: Fight or Flight
A RP based on the TV show, heroes, which documents the escape of several people with powers from a base intent on keeping the world safe.

(Yes, I suck at summaries)
Future RPGs:
None planned, although I have several different ideas for RPs, I’m just in too many as off now to consider running any more.
Writing Tips: Don’t be afraid to mix your own personality in with your characters, as it makes it a lot easier to RP with them. I need to follow this tip myself.

11th December 2008, 11:47 PM
Name: Glajummy (but I'd rather be called Gummy)
Age: 16
Gender: Male, but I've been known to RP as females from time to time.
Strong Areas: Well, since I have a basis in writing fanfiction, I think it's safe to say I have good description and planning of plot. I've also been told I make intteresting characters.
Weak Areas: I lose interest in stuff pretty easily. I mean, if the other RPers and the GM is active, I'll be active too. However, if a few people are slacking off and the GM doesn't do anything about, don't expect me to be working my butt off.
Type Of RPG: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
Type Of Characters: My characters really vary. Sometimes I feel like RPing a loner, other times I want to be one who unites. Lately I've been playing very selfish characters.
Current RPGs: Tales of Machina (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=9180785#post9180785)
Future RPGs: Dunno
Writing Tips: Lately I've seen a lot of RPers sign up as intriguing characters, only to completely disregard his/her SU when RPing. If you sign up as a pessimistic character, then don't have your character smiling at every chance he/she gets.

Zearen the Raichu
20th December 2008, 11:17 PM
Name: Zearen Wover
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Strong Areas: I have excellent grammer and a good vocabulary, which always helps. However, my best strength would probably be my originality, I always enjoy coming up with something new.
Weak Areas: I'm a slow writer, so I often have to choose between short posts or long delays. I'm also not very keen on description.
Type Of RPG: I like action and humor, preferably a combination of the two.
Type Of Characters: I play a wide variaty of characters, bascially whatever I think an RP lacks. It can be any gender, disposition, even stereotypical.
Current RPGs: None yet
Future RPGs:
Jack Trumpf (As soon as I stop procrastinating.)
Summary: An original idea of mine, it involves magic, playing cards and France. That's all I'm gonna say for now.

Writing Tips: Don't be afraid to make things happen.