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DISCLAIMER: All rights to Pokémon Special/Adventures belong to Hidenori Kusaka, Shōgakukan, The Pokémon Company and all those who've worked hard to bring us this awesome manga. Keep up the good work Mangakas!

SUMMARY: There is never a dull moment for the Dex Holders. Even ten years from now, these fifteen young heroes are out living their lives, where a single day is anything but dull.

RATING: PG-13 for language, mild crude humor and SHIPPING!

CHARACTER AGES: Red (29), Green (29), Blue (30), Yellow (27), Gold (26), Silver (26), Crystal (26), Ruby (25), Sapphire (24), Emerald (24), Diamond (22), Pearl (22), Platinum (22), Black (21), White (21).

TIME FRAME: January 8th, 10 years later.

A/N: Seeing as how this manga series is totally underrated in the Pokémon fandom, I felt like showing my dedication to it by writing the first fanfic I've written since forever. To avoid any unwanted headscratching, I feel like I should shed some light on a couple of things.

Yes, I know that White isn't really a Pokédex holder, but I'm going off the prediction that she'll become one in the not-so-near future. She, as well as the other Dex Holders, may seem a tad OCC, but that's mostly because they've matured in the last couple of years...except Gold.

The time period for this story is set ten years since the Platinum arc. All of the chapters, excluding the final one, will occur on the exact same day, but not necessarily at the same time. Nobody ever said their lives were gonna be easy.

Feel free to ask any questions in the reviews, and I'll answer them the best I can. Happy reading!

Chapter 1 - GREEN and BLUE

(Celadon Department Store, Celadon City, Kanto Region)




"3:17...only forty-three more minutes, then I can get the hell out of here."

Green stared at his Pokégear, checking again to make sure the batteries hadn't died. He had only been waiting for a couple of minutes, but felt as if several hours had gone by. He knew it would have been useless to try to leave, what with an overseeing Wigglytuff standing right in front of him, but nonetheless, he felt the frustration build up.

"Relax, I'm not going anywhere," Green said, taking note of the Balloon Pokémon's stern face. "I'd rather lose a hundred gym battles in a row than deal with your trainer's incessant nagging".

Luckily for him, the trainer in mention had not heard him, as she had stepped out of the dressing room. She was wearing a slim, pink dress and had her long, brunette hair completely curled up.

"So...how do I look?" she asked, posing in front of him. "It's not too over-the-top now, is it?"

"It's okay," he answered, shrugging his shoulders.

The young woman was not amused. "Well, how about my hair? Should I keep it straight, or leave in some of the curls?"

"It's fine."

"Well, what about my shoes?" she snapped. "Maybe I should show up in Running Shoes, huh?"

"Maybe not."

The girl cupped her face in annoyance, and recalled her concerned Wiggytuff to it's Pokéball. "You are such a typical, arrogant guy, Green!" she groaned. "Would it kill you to say something encouraging every now and then?"

"Why bother?" Green said, smirking. "You'd look beautiful no matter what you'd wear, Blue."

Blue mentally slapped herself for falling into his trap, then playfully punched the Viridian Gym Leader's arm. "I hate you, you know that?"

"Can we go now?" Green asked, getting off the bench he was on. "I still have a gym battle appointed for today, and I really don't want to explain that my tardiness was due to shopping."

"Just cancel it when you get back," Blue answered, her back turned dismissively.

"You know very well I can't do that. Doing such a thing could get me a demerit."

The Evolver grinned to herself before turning to face him. She then proceeded to put on her trademark "damsel-in-distress" routine. "Oh, I'm so sorry, honey," she whimpered, her eyes already filled with tears. "I didn't realize that your duties as a Gym Leader were much more important than your friend's happiness. If you want to head back to the gym, then go ahead. I'm sure I can manage everything by myself."

Blue dramatically ran up to her husband and held him in a tight embrace, sobbing all over his shoulder. Green, who was used to her antics, rolled his eyes as she continued the façade. Once she let go, he made a reach for his shopping bags. "See ya."

It couldn't have been more than five minutes by the time Green had returned, and Blue had finished changing back into her usual attire. She gave him a cute smile, apparently not noticing the Viridian Gym Leader was glaring at her with his arms crossed.

"Alright," Green demanded. "Where is it?"

"What ever do you mean?" the Kanto woman asked very innocently.

"Don't give me any crap, Blue! Now where is my Charizard?"

Blue giggled as she reached for a Pokéball from inside her messenger bag. "Oh, you mean this Charizard? You really should be more careful with your bag, Green. Somebody could just unbuckle it, and take your Pokémon when you're not looking."

She let out another round of giggles, which did nothing to soften Green's face. "So...," Green droned. "I'm not getting out of this, am I?"


The Trainer sighed in defeat, and grabbed Blue's shopping bags. "I guess I can take a vacation day."

"Good!" his wife beamed. "Now come on, we've still got to pick up the corsages!"

The path to the accessories department was only two floors above their current location, so they didn't have to walk too far to get there. Their time was greatly reduced, however, as the two Dex Holders were besieged by trainers, trying to get photos and autographs. The couple made their way through, with Green politely declining their requests. Blue on the other hand, took every chance she got to take pictures and sign merchandise, much to her husband's chagrin.

"Blue, quit fooling around," Green grumbled. "May I remind you that Silver is expecting us in an hour?"

"Relax, Spiky" Blue retorted. "The boutique is right over there."

Sure enough, the store they were looking for was right in front of their eyes. As the couple stepped inside, they noticed that the interior, albeit small, was beautifully arranged. The walls were as white as snow, and the shelves were stocked with the most gorgeous outfits they've ever seen. The whole place was no doubt of high class. Behind the counter was a rather effeminate looking man with lavender hair dusting off some of the displays.

"Why hello there," he beamed. "Can I help you folks with something?"

"Actually, yes," Blue answered, walking over to the counter. "We're here to pick up an order I placed last week. A set of Sinnoh corsages, for Blue Oak?"

"Well, you're in luck, because they just came in about in hour ago," the salesman replied, pulling out a fairly large black box from behind the counter. "Here you go, ma'am: a deluxe set of corsages, imported straight from Sinnoh's Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop."

The Kanto woman peered inside the box in wonder. "Oh, wow!" she gushed. "These were made with real Gracedia petals, am I right?'

"You bet you're sweet ninny they are!" he said proudly, then recoiled at Green's disapproving stare.

"So, how much is this gonna cost us?" the Viridian Gym Leader asked skeptically.

"Well, with shipping and handling, and with Gracedia flowers being out of season, the total cost should be..." The clerk paused, counting off his fingers. "5,000 Pokédollars."

"5,000 Pokédollars?" Blue proclaimed, gawking at the man. "That fives time more than I was charged for!"

"Well with the recent snowfall in Floaroma Town, supplies have become very limited, and there's been a high demand for Gracedia goods, what with it being close to Valentine's Day."

"That is total bull," Green protested, surprising both Blue and the clerk. "Floaroma is an all-spring town that hasn't had a snowfall in ages, so don't even try to play us for idiots."

The two males were now glaring so close to each other that their noses almost touched. Blue quickly pulled her husband away by the arm, fearing that a fight would break out. She then turned to the clerk with sympathetic eyes.

"Sir," she began confidently, "I'm sure that the two of us can reach an understanding. You see, when I placed the order last week, I was told that the price would not exceed 1,000 Pokédollars."

"Last week, I didn't have two Dex Holders in my store." he said smugly. Blue tried to her best to not kick him between the legs, and instead, forced a smiled on her face.

"Fair enough," she said very cheerfully. "Would you mind holding on to it a while longer. I'm afraid we're a bit short on cash right now, so we'll have to stop by the ATM and pick up some extra money." The lie traveled smoothly through her lips, and judging by the worker's softened face, he had bought it.

"Not a problem, darling," he said coyly, earning another glare from Green. "I'd be happy to hold on to such an extravagant gift for such an extravagant lady."

"Thank you so much, sir," Blue responded, winking playfully. "We'll be back as soon as we can, so don't you go anywhere."

She and Green then made their way out the door, walking as casually as possible. Once they were outside, the couple walked a few more steps so that they were out of sight from the store. Once they were certain the clerk could not see them, the two Dex Holders smiled at each other knowingly.

"What's the plan, Blue?" Green asked, raising an eyebrow. The Kanto woman smirked as she pulled out her Pokégear out of her bag.

"You'll see."

30 minutes later...

Back in the boutique, the clerk was very busy wiping the top of his counter with a washcloth. He was so engrossed in the cleanliness of his store, that he almost didn't notice someone come inside. The door's ringing bell snapped him out of his work, and the employee looked up to see a rather strange looking man walking towards the counter. The mysterious customer was wearing a large trench coat, had dark sunglasses, a scarf around his mouth, and was sporting a brown fedora. The clerk also noticed that he had arms in his coat pockets, and was facing down the whole time.

"Um, can I help you with something sir?" the worker asked cautiously. The strange man didn't respond.

"S-sir?" he repeated, starting to become frightened. This time the customer did respond, and in the blink of an eye, the clerk now had a pistol pointed straight at his face.

"This here is a stick up!" the gun-wielder yelled in deep, gruff voice. "Now, gimme all the money ya got!"

The clerk shakily reached for the cashier, his eyes never leaving the gun. He fumbled through the cash inside and quickly began stuffing the money in a large bag he had laying behind the counter. When he finished, the terrified worker tried to hand over the bag, but it only made the gunman press the weapon against his forehead.

"The box, too!" he demanded, eying the black container sitting next to the register. "'Ah want the box, too!"

The clerk didn't think twice as he immediately reached for the box of corsages, and stuffed it in the bag with the money. The crook snatched the bag from him with his free hand, then ran as fast as he could out the door. The salesman ran after him, yelling to get somebody's attention.

"HELP! ROBBER!" the clerk cried, as he chased down the thief. Unfortunately, his legs gave out and he collapsed the ground, unable to keep going. The clerk panted as he watched the thief in front of him disappear from his sight. As he tried to call out for help, he was surprised to see Blue and Green running up to him from the side.

"Are you alright, sir?" Green asked, helping him up.

"Robber..went that way...stop him!" the salesman huffed, pointing straight ahead.

"Don't worry," Blue assured, pulling out a Pokéball. "Go, Abra!" She threw the Pokéball in the air, releasing the small, psychic Pokémon. Blue grabbed her husband's hand, who was holding up the fallen employee by the arm.

"Abra, use Teleport!" the Evolver commanded. Her Abra's eyes glowed white, then held up its hands. It and the three humans were immediately covered in a clear veil, causing them all to disappear in a flash of light.

Meanwhile, the thief was making his way to the department store's front entrance. He was only a couple of feet from the door when he came face to face with a blinding light. When the light dissipated, the crook froze at the sight of three human beings and Pokémon blocking his only exit.

"I'd be running if I were you," Green said, with a Pokéball in his hand. Taking his advice, the thief attempted to backtrack, but didn't make it far when a tall, red Pokémon with huge pincers appeared right in front of him.

"Easy now," the robber whimpered. "'Ah ain't here to cause any trouble!"

"Too late," the Trainer answered. "Scizor, cut the bag open with Slash!"

The Pincer Pokémon clenched its claws, then attacked the bag with a series of graceful slices, instantly tearing the bag to shreds. The money inside was left flying all around the store, panicking the robber.

"Abra, use Psychic!" Blue quickly ordered. The telekinetic Pokémon levitated off the ground, surrounded in a bright light. Abra's eyes glowed blue, and every single dollar and coin was now being held up in midair. The black box remained completely unscathed, landing safely in the clerk's hands.

The empty handed thief stood motionless, frozen in fear. Unable to grasp the current situation he was in, he bolted desperately in the opposite direction of his captors. Realizing the man was trying to make his getaway, Green calmly raised his hand in the air.

"Scizor, Bullet Punch!" by the time the criminal had heard Green call out the move, the bug/steel type had already made contact. Feeling the full force of the high-speed attack on his legs, the much slower man toppled over in a heap, face first on the ground. The crook moaned in pain, then yelped in surprise as he felt himself being lifted up by his arms. Blue's Scizor had him trapped in a hold, his arms forced against his body. The man struggled to break himself free, but failed miserably as the Pincer Pokémon carried him over to its trainer.

"You have a lot of nerve," Green hissed, glaring right into the man's eyes. "A lot of good, honest people work to make this place safe for trainers, and you have the audacity to just take that away from them? Absolutely sick."

"Have mercy!" the criminal blurted, sweating profusely. "'Ah surrender; just don't hurt me, please!"

"Let him go, Green," Blue said, stepping up with her arms crossed. "I don't think this scumbag wants to see what will happen when we don't go easy on him."

"Y-Yeah! What the lady said!"

The Viridian Gym Leader stared at the man for few seconds, then cocked his head towards his Pokémon, signaling it to release him. Scizor nodded back and withdrew its grip, causing the defeated criminal to land painfully on the ground below him. The man scrambled to get back on his feet, then ran awkwardly as fast as he could out the front door, whimpering all the while.

With the danger finally over, everybody in the store broke out in wild cheers and applause for the two Dex holders. Green modestly gave a small wave to the shoppers, while Blue bowed as if she had given them a performance. Once the cheering died down, the couple walked over to the clerk, realizing that he was still visibly shaken by the ordeal.

"You alright, man?" asked Green, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Y-Yeah...I think so," the salesman answered, his breathing finally slowing down. "I thought was going to die back there."

"Well, you're safe now," said the Evolver, giving a reassuring smile. "I don't think that robber will be giving you anymore trouble."

"I-I honestly can't thank you two enough."

"It's really not necessary," Green responded.

"No, really!" the clerk insisted. "I owe it to you for saving my life. If there's anything I can do, please say so."

"Well..." Blue said in a sing-song voice. "Now that you mention it..." The Kanto woman stared longingly at the black box, then stared back at the clerk.

"Oh, of course!" The salesman gently handed her the box, then spoke in his professional, flamboyant voice. "A deluxe set of beautiful, Sinnoh-imported corsages, absolutely free of charge!"

"Oh my! We couldn't possibly-"

"No, no! I won't hear of it!" the man interrupted. "Consider it a token of my appreciation, as well as an apology for my disgraceful behavior from before."

"Thank you so much, sir." said Blue, bowing gratuitously.

"No...thank you, Mrs. Oak," the clerk said, bowing back. "Now if you'll excuse me, I should really be heading back to my store. Who knows what sort of filth that scoundrel brought into my boutique!"

"Sounds tragic," Green muttered.

After thanking them for the final time, the store clerk made his way back to the shop. The two Dex Holders stayed put, waiting until he was out sight before heading out the front door. The moment they stepped outside, Blue and Green looked back to make sure no one had followed them out. When it was clear that they were alone, Blue called out towards the side of the building, seemingly at no one.

"Okay, you can come out now!" As if he had heard her, the disguised criminal appeared from around the corner, carrying the gun and limping towards the Dex holders.

"Great job back there, Ditty!" the Kanto woman acclaimed. "You too, Bill."

The pistol in the man's hand rearranged itself until it toke the form of a very happy Ditto. The Transform Pokémon jumped into its trainer's arms, glad it had successfully done its task. The man in disguise, however, was far from happy.

"What the hell, Blue?" the man yelled, pulling off his hat and sunglasses, revealing a very agitated scientist. "Ya'll didn't say nothin' 'bout getting by *** kicked during the plan!"

"It was circumstantial," Blue replied casually. "And besides, it wouldn't have looked real if we went easy on you."

"Yeah, well ya didn't have to go an' nearly chop off my legs!" The curly-haired scientist rubbed his legs in pain, still glaring at Blue.

"Sorry about that," Green said apologetically. "I didn't think Bullet Punch would do a lot at only 40 base power."

"Aw, forget 'bout it," Bill grumbled, which he followed by holding out his hand. "Just gimme back the Pokétransfer installation drive you stole like ya promised."

"No problem," said Blue. She pulled out a small flash drive from out of her messenger bag and handed it to the scientist. "It was taking up too much space, anyway."

The inventor sighed and shook his head in disbelief at the married Pokédex Holders. "Honestly, Green, 'Ah don't know how ya put up with her."

"You learn a few things," Green answered, grinning at his wife.

"After ten years, 'Ah don't think so," Bill chuckled. He then pulled out Pokéball from inside of his pocket. "Anyway, 'Ah really should get goin'. 'Ah've got a lotta things to take care of before the big day, ya know?"

"Tell me about," Blue agreed. "Be sure to say 'Hi' to Daisy for us!"

Bill nodded embarrassingly and tossed the Pokéball in the air, releasing his aerial transportation Pokémon, Farfetch'd. He then grabbed on to the Pokémon's legs, telling it to take him back to his Sea Cottage. As the Wild Duck Pokémon flew off with the inventor, Bill waved good-bye to his friends, who waved back as he disappeared into the sky. Green and Blue started to walk back into the store when the Evolver suddenly stopped in her tracks.

"Damn it!" Blue cursed to herself. She frantically pulled out her Pokégear while Green simply stared her with a confused look on his face.

"Something wrong?," Green asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Big time! I'm supposed to meet up with Silver in less than twenty minutes!" The Kanto woman stared hard at the time displayed on her device, then dropped her head in despair. "What am I going to do? Silver's waiting for me, but we've still got errands to run!"

"Didn't I tell you this scheme would take up too much time?" her husband chided.

"Shut up."

Green pondered for a moment before sighing heavily. He knew Blue couldn't blow off her adopted brother, but at the same time, it was imperative that they complete their errands as soon has possible. "Tell you what," he said reluctantly. "Go to Silver. I'll finish up by myself."

"Really?" Blue looked at her husband in surprise, then pointed her finger at him. "Don't you tease me Green Oak!"

"Silver needs you to be with him Blue, and the rest of these errands aren't going to finish themselves. It's only logical that I do them while you go on ahead."

Blue wrapped her arms tight around her husband, then pressed her lips long and hard against his. "Thanks so much, babe!" The Kanto woman said, coming up for air. She then starting fishing through her bag again. "Here, let me give you back your Charizard so you'll have a ride ho-"

"You mean this Charizard?" Green interrupted, smirking and spinning a Pokéball on his finger.

Blue's jaw nearly fell off her face, realizing that her husband had somehow taken back the Pokémon she stole from him. She pointed at the Pokéball, then at herself, unable to make any sense of what she was seeing. "But...how did..you...?"

"Like I said, 'I learned a few things'."

"Ho ho ho!" she chuckled, crossing her arms approvingly. "Impressive! I've gotta start watching my back around you, Mr. Oak."

She took out her list of errands to complete and handed it to Green. The Dexholder then threw a Pokéball in the air releasing her partner Pokémon, Wiggly. The Balloon Pokémon took a large breath and began expanding its body. Blue got on its head, and in the no time was she high in the sky ready to take off.

"Just one more thing, Green," she yelled down to her husband. "Just when exactly did you take your Charizard back?"

The Trainer hesitated, expecting this. "I took it back while we were in the boutique."

Blue smiled softly, resting her hand against her cheek. "You're quite the guy, Green Oak."

In only a matter of seconds, Blue had disappeared from sight, leaving Green standing alone in front of the main entrance. After a moment of silence, the Viridian Gym Leader walked back inside the Department Store. He skimmed through the rest of the tasks on Blue's list, and frowned at the next item that needed to be completed.

#4. Schedule an appointment to have Green's hair styled the same look as seen on the 2012 cover of PokéChic magazine. Pay with his credit card.

Green groaned as he stuffed the list back in his pocket, and headed off to the nearest magazine department. "Pesky girl."

To Be Continued...




NEXT TIME: Gold looked back and forth between the two Pokémon, sweat dripping off of his forehead. "How the hell am I gonna explain this to Crys?"

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Chapter 2 - GOLD

(Pokémon Day Care, Route 34, Johto Region)




"Gold! Get the door will you? I'm on the phone!"



"Gold! The door!"




"You rang?"

The answerer came rushing inside as fast as his skateboard would take him. The Day-Care Man took one look at the him and frowned. His assistant was covered head to toe in dirt, his clothes were tattered, and his hair was completely disheveled. The man looked as though he had just fought off an Ursaring, and that's probably what he would tell everybody. Despite his train wreak appearance, the man was grinning ear to ear, as if nothing had happened.

"Get the door, you nut!"

"Sure thing, old man." The Johto Man left the living room and made his way to the front entrance of the Day Care Center. He turned the knob and opened the door to find a pleasant sight standing before him. A young man no older than himself, along with a Raticate, was at the front door carrying a large knapsack. Gold instantly recognized him by the man's rather distasteful pair of shorts.

"Joey!" Gold exclaimed, wrapping his arm around man's neck. "What's up, bro?" Joey winced when the dirt on Gold's arm caused him to sneeze his way out the embrace. He dusted off his shorts and gave a forced smile at his so-called "friend".

"Hey, Gold" Joey greeted halfheartedly. "Do you know if the the Day-Care Lady is here right now?"

"She went out for her afternoon jog." he replied, not really listening to him. He was far more interested in the contents of Joey's bag. "Did my order come in yet?"

"Yeah, yeah, I got it." Joey said, rolling his eyes. He reached in his back and pulled out an envelope, as well as the latest issue of Oak Monthly: The Hottest News in Pokémon Physiology. "You seriously bought this magazine just for a one inch photo of DJ Mary?"

"Damn straight! I need a skin for my new C-gear!"

The errand boy sighed, then handed his mischievous friend his mail. "By the way, your invitation came in too. Whoever made it really went all out. They actually scented it with Roselia perfume""

"It was probably Senior Blue. She and Senior Green are pretty much doing all the arrangements."

Joey nodded, which was followed by a slight pause as he noticed the mess on the Dex Holder's clothes. "I probably shouldn't ask, but what the hell have you been doing?"

"Oh, well, you know." Gold began, flexing his bicep. "One of the Ursaring here was causing some trouble, so I decided to rough him up a bit." The Johto Man chuckled to himself, but the disbelieving look he was receiving told him Joey didn't buy it. "Okay, I was grinding by the mountain habitat when I skidded on a rock and landed in pile of manure."

"Aw man, that's nasty!" The shorts fanatic backed away slowly, holding his nose in disgust. "Next time, take a freakin' shower before you start answering doors!"

The Dex Holder laughed as Joey ran away, trying to get away from the putrid stench as fast as he could. Satisfied, Gold closed the door and threw his mail on the counter top. He grabbed his skateboard and ran towards the back entrance to finish his chores. Before he made it past the door though, he heard something behind him that caught his attention.

"So how long will it be before she's out of the hospital?"

Gold curiously peered his head into the living room, realizing that his boss was still talking on the phone. The Day-Care Man was listening intently to whoever was on the other line, and his face was plastered with a mix of annoyance and relief.

"Okay, that's fine...yes...uh-huh...Thank you, sir. Have a good one."

The elderly man hung up the phone and plopped himself on the couch. He rubbed his temples and heaved a big sigh in frustration. He failed to notice that Gold had made himself visible, and was now walking up to him.

"Hey old man, what was that all about?" Gold asked, taking a seat on couch next to him.

"Hmm?" Day-Care Man mumbled, before looking back at him. "Oh Gold, I'm sorry. I just got a call from the Goldenrod Mercy Hospital. My wife's been in an accident."

"Say what?"

"Well, caused an accident." he corrected. "You see, this Roughneck lady creeped up on her during her jog and my wife kicked her in the, um...hoochie." Gold stared blankly at his employer, then after a slight pause, widened his eyes knowingly.

"Damn, I knew the old lady was a badass, but I didn't know she could 'bust someone to the ER," the Dex holder laughed.

"Well, it turns out the Roughneck only wanted to ask for the time," continued the Day-Care Man. "Now my wife's being held down at the station where I'll have to sign her out. Problem is, it'll take me a few hours to do so, and I don't have anybody else to manage the Day Care while I'm gone."

"I'll do it!" Gold proclaimed, springing up in excitement. The small, old man stared uneasily at the Johto Dex Holder's cheeky smile.

"Absolutely not." the Day-Care Man declared. "You have no experience whatsoever in running a Pokémon Day Care."

"Are are kidding?" The goggled-man pointed directly to himself. "Have you forgotten that I'm Gold?, AKA: "The Breeder", AKA: You won't find anyone better than me?"

"There's more to managing a Daycare than breeding Pokémon, Gold. You have to run daily health inspections, answer the door to trainers...clean up the manure." There was a clear emphasis in the man's voice on that last one.

"All minor details." Gold argued. "Trust me, sir. No one knows more about caring for Pokémon than I do. Just let me have this, please?"

The Day-Care man remained silent for a good long moment before he stood back up. "Very well, Gold." he sighed. "I really don't have any other options, and it'll only be for a couple of hours anyway."

"Sweet! I promise, I won't screw this up." Gold put a comforting hand on the old man's shoulder. "You just focus on getting the old lady out of the big house, and I'll take care of everything over here."

"Alrighty then," The Day-Care Man pulled out a small piece of paper out of his pocket. "Here's a copy of my work schedule for the day. It has all the things you need to take care of while I'm gone."

"Yeah, yeah," the Johto Man replied hastily. He grabbed the sheet of paper and started pushing his employer towards the door. "I can handle it."

"Make sure you feed the dragon-types' their afternoon snack. They tend to get fussy when hungry."


"You also have to replace that old fence down by the ranch division."


"And don't forget to return Crystal's Megaree to her house by the time she gets back home from Unova tonight."


"Did you even hear a word I just said?" The irritated, elderly man was now standing outside of the building.

"Sure I did!" Gold said indignantly. "Give the dragon-types' their Unova fence by the time Crystal gets back from the ranch. I've got everything under control. Say 'Hi' to the old lady for me!"

The Day-Care Man opened his mouth again to reply only to have the door slammed in his face. After an awkward moment of silence, the little old man dropped his head in regret and nervously walked up the path on Route 34. He paused briefly and looked back at his beloved Day Care.

"Don't let me down, ol' boy." The Day-Care Man sighed and slowly trekked up for Goldenrod City.

"Alright gang, lets do this!"

Back outside, Gold's team of Pokémon cheered in approval, ready to get to work. The Breeder smiled confidently and pulled out his pool cue. He directed it towards his Ambipom and Sudowoodo, using it like a pointing stick.

"Polibo, Togebo, you guys go over to the pantry and give the dragon-type Pokémon their afternoon snack." The Frog and Jubilee Pokémon nodded happily and headed off towards the food storage.

"Aibo, Sudobo, get to work on fixing up that old fence down by the ranch." The Human-shaped Pokémon saluted their trainer and scurried away to get some supplies.

"And Exbo and Sunbo, the two of you are in charge of keeping Crys's Megaree safe and comfortable. He's been pretty down since Super Serious Gal left, plus he's never been in a Day Care before. Crys would be all over my *** if I took returned him looking all mopey." Exbo grunted understandingly and dashed off to find its friend, with Sunbo following close behind.

With the troops dispersed, Gold headed back into the Daycare, as he had more important matters to tend to. The Johto Man jumped over the countertop and grabbed his mail, along with a pair of scissors. He laid himself on top of the living room sofa and starting flipping through his new magazine.

"There you are!" he chuckled, finding the page he was looking for. "Looking smokin' hot as always."

The googled-man was just about to snip away at DJ Mary's photo when a loud ringing interrupted him. Gold groaned out loud and reluctantly trudged over to the main lobby.

"Excuse me?" asked a slim, petite woman with incredibly long blonde hair, ringing the desk bell. "Is anybody here?"

"Yeah, yeah, whadda 'ya wa-" Gold's eyes widened at sight of the lady at the front desk. He straightened himself out and strutted over to the young woman, laying his arm coolly on the desktop.

"Hey, babe. What can I do you for?" The Dex Holder arched his eyebrow seductively, which only served to make the young lady feel uncomfortable.

"Uh...yes. I'm here to pick up the Pokémon I left here two days ago. A Skitty and a Wailord for a Caitlin."

"Never fear, m'lady, for I, Gold, shall return shortly with your Pokémon and will ease your distress!" He took her by the hand and gave it a light kiss. Caitlin immediately recoiled her hand, repulsed by his lewd behavior and narrowed her lazy eyes at him.

"I suggest that you do not do that again." As she spoke, the young woman's eyes glowed a dark pink, and her hair began to rise into he air. Gold became unnerved by the sudden change in the woman's appearance, and slowly backed away from her.

"Y-yes ma'am. B-Be back in a jiff!" The Breeder ran as fast as he could to the backyard, trying not to look back at the strange woman. Once outside, he stopped in the middle of an open field and looked around frantically.

"Okay, okay," Gold told himself. "Skitty typically stay in the fields while Wailord usually reside by the ocean. If I can just find way to-"

"Toge, Toge!"

Gold turned to the direction of the chirping, and was surprised to see his Togekiss flying above him, spinning in circles. It only took him a couple a seconds to understand that the Jubilee Pokémon wanted him to follow it. The Dex Holder hopped on his Flying-type and they jetted across the Day Care. Once they arrived at the dragons' habitat, Gold landed on the ground and nearly keeled over at what he saw.

"What in the name of Arceus is going on here?"

The entire area was totally massacred. The grounded dragon-types, such as Bagons and Gibles were slamming into each other in distress, tearing up the ground beneath them. Overhead, the Dragonairs, Altarias, and a Salamence were aimlessly releasing their Hyper Beams, instantly destroying anything in its path. In the landfill, Polibo was trying desperately to stop the Vibrava from creating another Sandstorm.

"Togebo, what did you guys do?" Gold asked fearfully. At the sound of its trainer's voice, Polibo bounced out of the landfill and handed its trainer an empty brown bag that was laying nearby.

"Oh crap!" The Johto Man stared wide-eyed at the symbol printed on bag. "You two fed them the food meant for Ice-types!"

Togebo and Polibo lowered their heads, ashamed of their mistake. Gold went in close to comfort them, but a loud explosion had caught all three of their attention. An enraged Dragonite was bellowing in air, a tree tumbling straight down right behind it. The goggled-man instinctively whipped out his pool cue and got into a battle stance.

"Time for action!" Gold proclaimed. "Togebo, use Double-Edge on that Dragonite!"

Togebo charged for the roaring dragon, gaining speed and fiercely slamming its body against the Dragonite. The orange Pokémon cried out in pain, but quickly recovered from the impact. While Togebo was staggering from the recoil damage, Dragonite clenched its claw until it was glowing blue, and delusionally threw a wild Dragon Claw at Togebo's face, knocking it straight into the ground.

"You okay, Togebo?" The Flying-type got up and grinned wildly at its trainer, signaling it was just fine. "Let's go for broke! Use Metronome!"

"Toge..Toge...Toge..Toge.." The mischievous Pokémon flew back into the air and began waving its wings back in forth. After a couple of seconds, its wingtips flashed a bright light, and out of the blue, a controlled whirling fire was now engulfing the Dragonite, preventing it from moving.

"Yes, Fire Spin!" Gold pointed with his pool cue and turned to his Politoed. "Quick, Polibo, while we got the chance, jump onto Togebo and use Hypnosis!"

The Frog Pokémon launched itself high into the air and landed on top of Togebo's back. The two then advanced towards the raging Dragon-type until they were close enough to attack. Polibo focused the psychic power emanating from its body, and directed the hypnotic waves against the Dragonite. The rampaging Pokémon was unable to stay airborne, and in seconds, was laying on the ground completely unconscious.

"Awesome job, guys!" The Dex Holder patted his Pokémon appreciatively. "Now let's take care of those other dragons! Polibo, Whirlpool!"

"Poli...toed!" Polibo bounced into the center of the terrain and raised its arms in the air. The air surrounding it started to condense, and a spiraling wave of water was soon submerging the entire field. The grounded Dragon-types were immediately caught in the vortex, followed by the aerial dragons that couldn't fly away fast enough to escape.

"Quick, Togebo! Now use your Air Sla-"

Gold's command was cut off when seemingly out of nowhere, a herd of Tauros, Miltank and a Bouffalant came charging into the area. The stampede of Pokémon ran straight into Polibo, knocking it away and ending the Whirlpool attack. The Dragon-types, now soaking wet, were angrier than ever, and furiously launched their attacks against the herd.

"Where the hell did those guys come from?" asked Gold, dumbfounded. He got his answer when from his right, Aibo and Sudobo were rushing over to him in a panic. "Let me guess...you guys screwed up the repair?"

The two guilty Pokémon smiled sheepishly, and their hot-headed trainer surprised them by smiling back. "Don't sweat it guys. It's my fault for being such a half-*** trainer. I left you guys to do all the work that I should have done myself. Some breeder, huh?"

"Ambi!" The Long Tail Pokémon crossed its arms disapprovingly, and Gold instantly got the message.

"You're right," Gold chuckled. "Sentimentality doesn't suit my image. C'mon! I've got a plan!"

The four Pokémon raced across the Day Care, with Gold riding on Togebo's back. The stampede hadn't gotten far, so they easily managed to keep up behind them. Unfortunately, the herd of Pokémon were much faster, making it impossible for Gold's team to reach them.

"We've got to find a way to get ahead of them!" Gold exclaimed. "Aibo, use your Agility to get closer!"

The bi-tailed Pokémon eased forward and increased its speed, allowing it come up to the stampede from the side.

"Now, use Baton Pass to switch in Sudobo!" Aibo leaped backward and tagged Sudobo with its tails, passing on its stat changes. The Imitation Pokémon moved in at triple the speed it was going, and easily overtook the stampede.

"Okay, Sudobo. Sweet Scent!" The Rock-type gracefully shook its hands, releasing a fragrant aroma that flowed throughout the whole area. The Normal-types and Dragon-types were overwhelmed by the attack, and any animosity among them was lost in the need to indulge in the soothing scent.

"Hehe," Gold laughed, jumping off of Togebo. "It's a good thing I had Sweet Scent Mimicked from one of the Grass-type Pokémon here."

The Johto Man's team grunted in approval and gathered around their trainer, who was walking up to the herd. "Alright boys," Gold instructed. "We've got work to do."

The next couple of hours were absolutely brutal for The Breeder. Sudobo led the captivated Tauros, Miltank, and Bouffalant back to the ranch, where it and Gold worked to repair the fence that had gotten totally destroyed. Polibo used its Hypnosis to put the escaped Dragon-types to sleep, and Aibo and Togebo carried them back to their habitat. To make sure that another rampage wouldn't arise, Gold brought out their (late) afternoon snack, which the dragons could eat when they woke up. Once they were finished, the Johto Dex Holder ran desperately around the Day Care, having forgotten that Caitlin was still waiting for her Pokémon. He found her Skitty and Wailord playing by the waterside, and brought them back to the front desk, where Caitlin surprisingly hadn't left.

"Here you go, miss." Gold handed her two Pokéballs, then turned his nose up haughtily. "I told 'ya it I'd be back in a jiff."

"Liar." Caitlin mumbled. She paid the Dex Holder the labor fee and without another word, walked out the front door. The moment she was gone, the goggled-man heaved a tired sigh and plopped himself back on the living room couch. He only got thirty seconds of rest when the door suddenly opened up again.

"Gold, we're back." answered the Day-Care Man, walking inside with his wife.

"Huh? Oh, hey guys." Gold responded, slowly getting back up. "How'd it go back at the station, old lady?"

"Aw, it was nuthin'!" the Day-Care Woman boasted. 'I just gave the cops a peek at my "Love Balls", and I was out of there in no time!"

"You were placed on community service for a week and got blacklisted for sexual harassment." her husband groaned.

"All minor details," she retorted. "So Gold, how was it running the Daycare Center all by yourself?"

"There was nothing to it," the Johto Man replied casually. "I had everything under control, just like I said."

"Well, I for one am glad to here that," said the Day-Care Man. "Anyway, I think its time you went home and got some rest."

"I here ya."

"Just don't forget to drop off Crystal's Megaree on the way."

The Breeder froze, and chuckled nervously. He did an one-hundred and eighty degree turn and bolted for the backyard.

Back on the Day Care grounds, Gold cupped his hands over his mouth and called out for his Pokémon. "Hey Aibo, Exbo, Sudobo, Togebo, Sunbo, Polibo! We gotta go! You too Megaree!"

One by one, Gold's Pokémon came rushing back to their trainer, and the Johto Man did a quick mental count before stopping at his Typhlosion.

"Yo, Exbo. Where's Sunbo and Megaree?" The Volcano Pokémon grunted and pointed towards a small hill right behind it. Just coming up said hill was Gold's Sunflora and Crystal's Meganium, who were proceeding towards the gang at an almost cautiously pace.

Where have you guys been?" Gold asked, running up to them with his Pokémon in tow. "We've got to get Megaree back to Super Serious-IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?"

Sunbo happily nodded and opened up its arms, revealing a light yellow egg patterned with green leaves. Gold's team stared at the egg in awe and cried out excitedly to the two Grass-types. The Johto Man instead let his jaw drop as he stared disbelieving at the Pokémon egg. He quickly recovered from the shock and gave his Sunflora a caring smile.

"Damn, Sunbo. I didn't know you had it in you, girl." Sunbo blushed and turned her face away, embarrassed. Megaree nuzzled the Sunflower Pokémon's face affectionately, and Gold gave a wholehearted laugh. "You know what, Megaree? I never would of thought one of Crys' Pokémon would have the guts to-"

"Aw crap!" Gold looked back and forth between the two Pokémon, sweat dripping off of his forehead. "How the hell am I gonna explain this to Crys?"

The seven Pokémon watched helplessly as the Johto Dex Holder was running through several ideas in his head. After shooting down each one, he gave up and took out his Pokéballs. "Aw, forget it!" he assured himself. "I'll just go with the usual plan."

Trusting that its trainer would take care of its child, Sunbo handed Gold its unhatched egg. Gold then returned all of them back to their Pokéballs, and ran back into the Daycare as fast as he could (without dropping the egg, of course). He swerved past the living room to retrieve his skateboard, and rode past the Day-Care Man as he headed out the front door.

"Later, old man. I gotta prepare myself when Crystal shows up and I show her the Pokémon egg that Sunbo and Megaree produced!"


Gold didn't answer back, as he was already riding down Route 34 by the time the Day-Care Man realized he was gone. Every minute that went by just made Gold more determined to reach Violet City. Normally Gold would've flown on Togebo to get there, but he didn't want to risk dropping the egg if he went airborne. Thus, he took the challenge of getting to Crystal's house on his skateboard.

"Don't worry, Eggy Two," he said, caressing the egg. "Gold's not gonna let Super Serious Gal get her hands on you."

To Be Continued...




NEXT TIME: She leaned in forward and squinted her eyes, her nose almost touching the Frontier Champion's face.

"Um, why are you looking at me like that?"

"Nothing, its just...you have freakishly long eyelashes."