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8th May 2012, 10:31 PM
The Masqueraders

“Kate Stone is back in the battle, getting her Gigalith pumped!” The announcer’s voice rang all around the stadium as the crowd watched the intense battle between the champion, Kate Stone, and a challenger, Jeff Smith. The fans in the Indigo Plateau were cheering their heads off, rooting for a great battle. Kate had three Pokémon left. Jeff had an amazing five still able to battle. “Gigalith, use Rock Slide!” Kate screamed out. Gigalith struck, and the challenger’s Charizard fell into the Stealth Rock set up by Kate’s Onix. “Charizard is down!” The crowd cheered for Kate’s comeback. Jeff sent out his third Pokémon. “Go, Blastoise!” The Stealth Rock hurt Blastoise! Jeff’s first Pokémon was Venusaur, but it was taken down by Kate’s Aerodactyl, after Venusaur beat Omastar. “Blastoise used Rapid Spin and the Stealth Rock disappeared.
“Gigalith uses headbutt! Oh! But Jeff’s Blastoise uses Hydro Pump! Gigalith faints! Will challenger, Jeff Smith win against the champion?! Kate Stone sends out an Aggron! This particular one was given to her by her husband and former Hoenn champion, Steven Stone!” At this Kate blushed, but ordered Aggron to use Double – Edge.
“The move takes out Blastoise! It probably wouldn’t have fainted without the damage from Stealth Rock. But Aggron takes a significant amount of damage itself. Now that both trainers have lost three Pokémon, we will take a halftime, just introduced to the league. Let’s give a shout out to Brendan, May, Red, Blue, Ethan, Lyra, Dawn, and Lucas! They were all amazing trainers, now in retirement.” The trainers gave a wave to the crowd.
“Now we continue our battle as Jeff Smith has Primeape against Kate’s Lunatone.” “Lunatone, use Psychic!” “It does a lot of damage! Primeape down! Kate is once again tied with the challenger, the only time since the start of the match! 2 Pokémon are left including one on the field. The challenger sends out………………… um….. Why isn’t anything coming out of the poke ball?! Lunatone gets hit hard, but not down. Oh! I see it! It’s a spiritomb! Lunatone strikes home with Rock Slide, but not enough to finish spiritomb off. Lunatone gets hit by Dark Pulse and faints. Aggron is the last one for Kate!” The crowd roared with excitement.
The announcer started again, “Things are tensing up on the battlefield! Aggron jumps out quick at spiritomb! Spiritomb can’t dodge quickly enough, and Spiritomb is down! I’ll bet I could hear this crowd from my house in Unova! Back on track, I see a Pidgeot come out for Jeff. Stone Edge takes out Pidgeot! Another challenger falls to the hands of Kate Stone!”
All of a sudden smoke billowed all over. It enveloped everything in sight. People screamed. They couldn’t see a thing! A voice cried out, “Poliwrath, use Focus Blast!” That was the point where the TV blacked out. Ben was thinking the Focus Blast hit the camera. On the news the following night, it was reported that the champion had been kidnapped by an evil group. Ben’s father relayed this information to Ben, who had explained what had happened on TV. Ben Fisher, only at the age of 6 at the time, vowed that he would save the champion, Kate Stone. He looked out the window silently making the vow, as he saw the Pokémon Lab of Nuvema Town in Unova.

Just posted, I am in the middle of chapter 1 so far, hopefully much much longer than the prologue.

Hope you guys enjoy, but you might find things you may not like.

And by the way, I'm pretty sure this fanfic should be PG- 13, but if you don't care about mild use of language and even maybe some romance (not sure if it will come or not) and you're younger than 13 I guess the rating doesn't matter.

9th May 2012, 2:33 AM
Just a little update, I actually kind of lied in the first post. I was actually pretty close to ending, and now it needs to be edited. It will be up maybe the day after next.

9th May 2012, 10:10 PM
Chapter 1
“Hey Duke! What’s up?” Duke, the family’s Lillipup, excitedly jumped on Ben’s leg. It had been 5 years since the champion had been kidnapped on live TV. Shadow, their Purrloin, leapt out at Ben from her hiding spot. “Ow!” Ben exclaimed, “You guys are so rough!” Ben had just walked down the mahogany stairway. He entered the kitchen and grabbed some Poke-Os and some Oran juice. Man! Ben thought who’s flying a helicopter at this time in the morning? He had looked out the window, finding a sleek black chopper flying its way over the town.

Ben devoured his breakfast and ran upstairs to tell his parents about the ominous helicopter, “Mom! Dad! Someone’s flying a helicopter, and something seems weird about it.” Not a single sound could be heard in the house besides Duke, Shadow, and Ben himself. He dashed into the master bedroom only to find the place empty.

He quickly searched his sister’s room and found nothing in there either. He and Shadow prowled the mini-aquarium only discovering their pet Goldeen. All of a sudden, the house shook wildly. “Eeeeeeekkkkkkk!” A piercing scream rang out throughout the house. He sped down the stairs and raced towards the source. He found his sister curled up under the kitchen table. She was a year younger than him, but with a lot more sass and attitude.

He grabbed her and took her outside. Shadow and Duke were still following close behind. “What about Aphrodite?” His sister asked. She was inquiring about the Goldeen Ben saw earlier. “No time. We need to get into the woods now!” Ben answered frantically. Mysterious explosions littered the town. Ben nor his sister dared look and see what was triggering them. They quickly bolted to the forest that was usually prohibited. It had no known path, but they went along as fast as they could. Duke and Shadow had no trouble keeping up with Ben and his sister, Zoey.

Zoey meekly pointed to objects falling through the air when they stopped, “What are those, Ben?” “Oh, sh*t!” Ben muttered under his breath. He said in a louder voice, “Zoey, those are bombs.” She cringed with fear at the sight of their own hometown being bombed by people who in her mind were crazed lunatics. She started to sob uncontrollably. Great Ben thought It started to get worse before it got better. They could hear voices now. Zoey tried to muffle her fit.

“Should we check the woods?” said one of them. “Nah. I don’t think anyone would be in there.” When Ben couldn’t hear them any longer he let out a sigh of relief. He whispered to his sister, “Come on! Let’s go before they can change their minds about sweeping the woods.” She whispered back, “Stupid. There isn’t anywhere else to go. When they leave, we can go back into the town and get to the next.” They heard loud snoring that startled only Ben. He fell to the ground, because he thought they did after all change their minds. Zoey started to laugh more than cry. “You’re so stupid,” she said, “It’s just the Pokémon.” Ben felt like an idiot.
After about an hour of more explosions, he shook the Pokémon awake because he thought the mass destruction had stopped. He was right for the time being, but there was much more to come all over the world…….

“Admin B, how nice of you to join me. Has that dump Nuvama Town (Meant to misspell it, just to show his carelessness for it.) or whatever that little queer settlement is… Where was I? Oh, yes. I remember now. Has that place been bombed thoroughly? I want to wipe that smile off of Professor Juniper’s face.” “Yes it is my lord,” said Admin B. “Splendid Admin, I would like to promote you, but you still haven’t chosen a Pokémon to use.” Admin B answered, “Actually, I would like to use an Onix, sir.” “Very well, you may use an Onix. Give me a moment please.” “No problem.”

The masked man walked into what seemed like a closet, but it was filled with shelves and shelves of Poke Balls. He found the Os. O-N. O-N-I. O-N-I-X. “Ah, here it is. Have fun little Onix,” the man said as though he was talking through the Poke Ball. Admin B happily took the Onix, and was promoted to Captain. The masked man now started to say some things, “Now that you have been promoted to Captain, you now get a new name and a partner to work with. Your name will be……. Leonard. Your partner will be Admin A whose new name will be Duncan. (Like how I use San Antonio Spurs last names for them? :P) I will be watching….”
Ben and Zoey examined the ruins of Nuvema Town. Ben suddenly scolded Duke, “Duke! Don’t eat that! You don’t even know what that is!” Duke frowned and spit out a glob of rubble. Shadow was poring over what was their home until it was bombed.

“Do you know what happened to Mom and Dad?” Ben asked out of the blue. “They said they were going to Driftveil Market,” Zoey said, “They told me, because you were sleeping in, to go to Hilbert and Hilda’s once we had both eaten breakfast.” Ben was just plain confused. “Why couldn’t I see you when I came downstairs to eat breakfast?” “I was in the basement checking out the crap down there and I took some Poke Balls.” She wore a devilish grin on her face. Ben asked, “What else did you steal?” She took out a Poke Ball and out flashed an Abra. She chucked another Poke Ball at Ben. “It’s a male Ralts, it told me. So you can evolve it into a Gallade.” “Yes!” Ben celebrated. “Gallades are so bad-*ss!”

“Excuse me?” two voices, male and female said in unison. The male spoke again, “They’re sick!” the female scowled, “That is not good language at all, Ben. And don’t encourage him, Hilbert!” “Aww, come on Hilda, why do you have to be such a killjoy! You’re not the boss.” “Hilbert, how many times do I have to tell you? Swearing is not good.”

Hilbert broke off from the quarrel. “So, how about going on an adventure with us? We were going to someday and we think it should be today.” Zoey replied, “Let’s do it. I don’t think Ben or I have a choice. I also want to know who bombed our homes.” So together the foursome walked off into the distance…
“Leonard, what’s that old f*ck doing? Is he giving a speech?” “I guess you’re right. But I really don’t know, Duncan.” They were in a crowd listening to a man called Ghetsis who apparently was working with a group called Team Plasma. There were guards flanking him at both sides. At each end, there were flag-bearers. The symbol was a blue P with a blue Z cutting right through the middle. The background was a shield, one side white, and one side black.

Duncan and Leonard began to leave to report to their boss that there’s a team that’s trying to liberate Pokémon. I have a very interesting report for the first day on the job. I wonder what my boss will think. The both of them thought at the same time.
Underground Pokémon Lab
The four young trainers read on a sign right next to a hidden staircase. “Where is it? The Lab, I mean.” Zoey asked. Duke trotted happily over to a spot, and started digging away at some leaves on the ground. Many leaves had fluttered to the ground that autumn, and now winter was just beginning.

Ben and Hilbert struggled to drag away a heavy stone block that was blocking the steps. They finally moved it, when Duke came over to show off his muscle. Ben joked, “Duke, you’re such a show off!” Duke had a silly grin on his face, and he barked a loud “WOOF!” The group had a good laugh over this as they began their long adventure by journeying down the stone steps…


I actually haven't started chapter two yet. I would like some input on the story, please. Also, if you want to be on the PM list, then just ask me.