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Palkia thought that her spacial powers were useless and would rather have temporal powers. However, living with her family for two weeks made her realize just how significant to the world her abilities were and just how special she really is.

I was given the go ahead to create another thread for this story since I am redoing it. I want this story and characters to still be what I visioned but I added and changed some things. With every story, comes warnings. That said here comes to be expected in this long story of Silver-ness:

-cursing (some characters might throw the F bomb but this will only appear no more than five times. Words like damn and hell will appear alot in dialogue and even in the narration once)

-sexual tension/romantic moments/sexual themes (when I say this, I mean scenes, involving Dialga and Palkia together in bed, where the characters get very close to each other to where your mind will infer what might happen next, but it wont be the case in the scene, only off camera lol)

-sexism (I have a character who is a male chauvinist. self explanatory, wherever he goes, 30% of the time, his chauvinism follows)

-shipping (not alot of people like shipping, so be weary, shipping in this Pokeverse is there. There might be more shipping than the Navy.)


the protagonist and another female character will openly say that they like the sexist character. Serious note, they might glorify him a bit. He is one of Palkia's role models so in future stories with Palkia, you might see him

There is a 14 year old girl flirting with a older man (who's a really good guy!) and that gets nipped in the butt so it's only for one part of a scene

Should I put that in the scenes where they wake up or go to bed, Dialga and Palkia might be partially, non-clothed?

the characters are humanized

“Space lives on your breath…”

…a phrase that never seemed to leave my mind.


I don’t know… useless maybe? I was supposed to learn my powers when I was twelve, however, that was the day I went to school. The kids started to laugh at me, especially this one girl, who was a goddess, when they knew about my powers. They probably know more about space than I do, and if they are laughing at my supposed power, then it MUST be useless. Think about it, kids do not make fun of your powers unless they are deemed useless. All I know is that for starters, I apparently have the power to bend it to my will and two; it’s a power that has the kids at school laughing at me.

Because of all of that, I told my family that I did not want to learn to control space and ‘till this day, I have no concept of space whatsoever. They were upset at me, but I had to do what I had to do to protect my dignity. I wanted to be the girl who was normal, yet powerful. For a long time, they have been on me to learn my powers, but I kept telling them no. I’d wish that they would understand how much of an outcast these powers have truly made me.

Space is space. Useless air from the term, like the space in the corner of Dialga’s dimension that he left for the clock tower he’s been eying. Is that what I control? Open spaces between furniture? Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it’s a useless power, like most of my other powers. Maybe even more useless than my whirlpool; you know, the water power I’m still trying to perfect? It’s a good move; however, getting it to aim at your opponent was the hard part.

I layed on Dialga’s waterbed, with these thoughts and many others were flowing through my mind. What am I good for in life? This was a question I’ve always seemed to ask myself. When was I going to be good enough? I lied there, looking at the blue, diamond filled sky, just filling my head with these thoughts. Sometimes I wondered if I am even good enough for Dialga. I glanced over at the blue haired young man sleeping alongside me, with his arms around me. I wondered; how am I good enough for him? He’s strong, good looking and controls time. He could get any girl he wants. But he chose me…

He chose me…

I eventually sat up on the waterbed, careful not to wake up Dialga, went over him and proceeded to get out of bed and on to the floor. Once I got to standing up, I tip toed around the countless clocks and toasters he had scattered around the floor, put on my dress that I had folded on top of the nightstand and went to my vanity area I had next to a floating mirror. Since I was living at Dialga’s, I needed something of my own, and my vanity area was very important to me. Everything was still in place when I looked into the mirror. Same pink striped halter dress that I just slipped on and my long pink hair was still neat.

I sat down on the mini stool and began to put on my make-up, since I was going to school. I couldn’t leave the dimension without it on. As I stared at myself through the mirror I asked myself what Dialga saw in me that was just so darn attractive? In my mind, attractive is having beautiful blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes that are irresistible. I have eyes that are so red; they can be compared to an apple and skin so light; that if I were to play in the snow, you’d have a hard time spotting me.

If there was actually something I liked about myself… well I am a nice person. There’s also the fact that Dialga has made me felt things I’ve never felt before but the biggest thing I loved was my bracelet; the gold and blue bracelet that sat gently around my arm. Dialga had made it for me, but it’s more than just a piece of jewelry; it’s something that, to me, greatly improves my self-image. You see, the medium sized blue stones in front of the bracelet are called time stones. These time stones hold great temporal power, according to Dialga.

One of the three stones, the one on the left, that’s the one that gave me the full usage of one of the strongest and greatest powers of all: Roar of Time. With its power, I felt invincible, however, as powerful as it is, it’s very tricky to get it to hit accurately, more so than my whirlpool. So, every time I got better at this power, it felt like a huge accomplishment. Not only does it look like a pretty streak of blue when it’s used, but it also has the power to distort time around the opponent or object it’s trying to attack. It’s really an awesome power and it’s boosts my confidence in school battles and in regular battles.

The gem in the middle is the gem that allowed me to feel the bends and twists of time itself. It’s a cool ability because I felt like I could assist Dialga in time related tasks. When I could feel that time was being bent, my brain would start to twitch. Same with Dia, except, he feels the pain more than I do. I can float in this stones aura and feel the stability of time for myself.

Last but not least, the gem on the right gave me the power to distort, rewind, fast forward and stop time. I was still working through the manual for this one; however I really look forward to using this power. It had everything Dialga can do, which made me feel like I was just as powerful as he was. Thing is, I begged Dialga for this feature on my bracelet. At first, he was reluctant to give it to me because, well, he possesses the same powers. But, he felt bad for me and decided to give me the gem and teach me the powers. He only wanted to see me happy, and darn it, when it gave it to me yesterday, I was happy.

As I looked more and more at the gems, I fell even more in love with the concept. I just loved my bracelet and it has given me a huge boost of confidence. Confidence… is was something that I lack. Without Dialga or my new found powers, I don’t know what I would do with myself. Without Dialga, I wouldn’t know if I was worth something. He gave me the light I needed, though I get made fun of, he was the only one who truly cared about me.

I was putting the finishing touches on my face, putting on my lip gloss, I could see him in the corner of the mirror, getting up from bed and putting his jeans on. All I could do was blush at the moment, while trying to finish my make-up. Then I saw him coming up behind me in the mirror, coming slowly behind me to put his arms around me. All I could do was stare at him through the mirror. His blue hair that was shaped into a bob cut, his gray metal face pieces on both sides of his head, and those dreamy red eyes. Those were the same color as mine; however, they suited him better than they suited me. He didn’t have a shirt on however, this WAS his place…

“Good morning, beautiful,” Dialga said in his normal soft spoken voice, a voice that made me melt.

“Good morning, Dialga,” I said as he knelt down and give me a kiss on my neck.

I got up from my seat and faced him. Dialga also got up from the floor as well, and opened his arms as a motion for me to embrace him. I wrapped my arms around him and began to rest my head on his bare chest. In that moment, it felt like everything just disappeared, it was just Dialga and me, standing there and rocking back and forth. I was taking in his scent and pretty much everything. His strong arms made me feel safe and his heart was beating at a normal pace.

“Hey Palks, wanna sit at the table and eat?” he asked as he took his right hand and used it to stroke my hair. “I’m going to go GQ myself and I’ll be there.”

I looked up at him and gave him a kiss. We unwrapped our arms around each other as I went over to the small dining table we had not too far away from the refrigerator. It was a round table with four chairs, even though it was only Dialga and I who lived here. I pulled up a chair and I sat down as I waited for him to “GQ” himself. Even though, from what I am watching him do, it doesn’t really pass for GQing. He puts on his usual blue shirt, whilst his almost tan skin was shining in the light. He then reached down for his metal chest plate, the one with the blue diamond in the middle, and proceeds to stick it on to himself. For a finishing touch, he shakes his hair and calls it a day.

“You call that GQing yourself?” I laughed.

“With my like, totally awesome charm and good looks, yes,” Dialga smirked as he went toward the refrigerator.


I squinted my eyes while he was trying to scoop out four decent sized restaurant containers and a gallon of orange juice. He also got out a whole gallon of maple syrup and cake icing as well as well. That all points to one thing: waffles. Like every morning, we have waffles for breakfast. Actually, Dialga is the one who has waffles all the time, except he also has waffle fries but he puts maple syrup on those as well.

“Left over Sweet Apple Massacre?” I asked with a smile.

Dialga looked over his shoulder and winked. “Dammit, you’re good!”

Oh, and the Sweet Apple Massacre, is the name of the waffle stack from the restaurant called I-HOW. Which, to say, that is Dialga’s favorite restaurant, and his favorite waffle stack. It has fifteen apple flavored waffles stacked on top of each other and on each waffle, there is caramel apple sauce topped with powdered sugar. On the top, it has pieces of baked and fried apples, nuts, apple pie filling and apple butter. Yes, the name first perfectly. It’s just so much apple, it’s a massacre.

Last night, Dialga got so full from the stack, that he actually had to take home the rest of them, thus for leftovers. From what I knew, we have eight left from that platter, amongst the three boxes we had.. Dialga brought the three boxes to the table, plus an extra one he puts in the microwave for a minute. He took the other boxes, a gallon of maple syrup and a carton of orange juice and proceeded to sit them down at the table.

“So… you’re not going to even heat those up?” I asked while lowering one eyebrow.

“Nah, Palks we don’t have the time. We got school, ‘member?” Dialga said.

After the microwave beeped, he then went over and took out a fourth container. He then came back over to the table and slides it my way, while winking at me. I opened the box and I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was my favorite entrée from I-HOW. My favorite was the cupcake favored waffles. They were three waffles, made from cake batter and they had mulit-colored icing on each one, plus sprinkles. They were really good, especially when they also heat up the icing. It was truly a cake paradise. I looked up at Dialga and gave him a big smile. He must have ordered it to go and wanted to surprise me. He then pulled up a chair next to me and ate his waffles.

As I opened the container in front of me and slowly ate its contents, I couldn’t help but smile as I glanced over at Dialga drinking from the orange juice carton. For some reason, I thought it was cute when he does that. However, as I saw him glance over at me, I quickly turned my cornered gaze off of him and focused on eating my meal.

“Want some?” Dialga asked as he handed me the orange juice carton.

I nodded as I quickly grabbed the carton from him and sipped a little juice from it to mostly wet my pallet. After drinking the small about of liquid I wanted to drink and finished my food, I put down the carton and began to ask a question I’d wanted to ask since be brought up school earlier.

“Hey, Dia, about school…” I started as I quickly got his attention.

“Yeah?” he asked.

“Well, since school doesn’t start ‘till eight o clock, maybe you can help me with my temporal powers?” I finally got to ask him.

Right then and there, Dialga raised an eyebrow at me as he had a serious expression on his face. “I have wanted to talk to you about that, Palkia. Please… pull your chair up closer to me,” he requested.

Feeling anxious about what he had to say, I pulled my chair up closer to his to the point there we could lean on each other without feeling uncomfortable. Many thoughts were running through my mind. Maybe he was going to tell me that he had to go ever the manuals with me again, or he would tell me that I accidently made a tear in time. That or maybe he’d tell me that I’m not making any progress.

He then took my hand, and brought it up to his metal chest plate, while still holding it with both his hands.

“Now, Palkia, I don’t mind you having these powers. But sometimes it can be like where… you know… I feel that you are talking something away from me…” he started to say.

“What?!” I asked in complete panic.

“I feel like you are taking away a part of who I am. I mean, lending you my strength is one thing but you want my Roar of Time and all of my temporal powers. And while I love to see you happy, I’m not feeling happy myself. Those powers are what make me… Dialga, you know?” He said as he was squeezing my hand.

“What I’m saying, Palkia is that… I feel that… I shouldn’t teach you anymore than what I taught you… and I won’t.”

As soon as I heard that, my eyes instantly started to well up. The thought of not being taught anymore temporal powers was making my heart sink. These powers gave me a boost of confidence, confidence I thought I’d never have. They have made me who I was. I had fun practicing with Dialga and also having practice battles with him. I loved to show off my skills at school, and show everyone who made fun of me that I am powerful.

“But… Dialga, you’ll take away something that made me confident…” I said as I started to cry.

Dialga reached over to me and rubbed the back of his hand on my face, trying to wipe my tears away. “Palkia, you need to listen to me, alright?”

“Now, it’s not like I’m going to take away your bracelet or the Adamant Orb which has my strength. I’m not going to take away from what you have learned. I’m saying that I won’t teach you anymore. I mean, Palkia, these powers are what make me Dialga, the Pokemon that controls time. When I use them, I feel special, but when you use them… I don’t feel special anymore. Get what I’m saying?”

I nodded my head, while still in utter shock. “Okay then, then what makes ME special, Dialga? Tell me that?!” I almost yelled.

“Palkia, you ARE special. You can control space. You’re the space to my time,” Dialga explained as he tried to calm me down.

“IT’S A USELESS POWER!” I cried as I slammed my fists against the table.

Dialga actually gave me a surprised look after that. That was rarely something I would do when I got mad, but then again, I’ve gotten a warning at school before for hitting a girl that makes fun of me.

“Space is nothing, Dialga. It’s nothing. I got made fun of in school when I told everyone that one. Remember? You were there, Dia. You were there!” I cried.

Then, all of a sudden, he stood up and crossed his arms. “Palkia, why do you even give a damn about what people think of you? If they don’t like you, then screw ‘em.”

I sat there, with my tears flowing at an even faster rate, extending my arms out to him so that he could help me up from the chair. As soon as he grabbed and pulled on my hands, I was off my chair and proceeded to wrap my arms tightly around him.

“Palkia, I… I only wanted you to be happy. I think… you should learn about your space powers. I want to see what makes you, you Palkia. You got me?” he asked as he wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug.

“Yes…” I said as I rested my head on his chest plate.

“Don’t cry, Palkia. Everything’s going to be alright,” Dialga whispered into my ear. "I don't like to hear or see you cry."

At least, I can spend some more time with Dialga before we head off for another boring day of school.

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]remember sexual tension/content, is kinda here in this chapter

Here I am, walking arm and arm with Dialga to school. I have always treaded going there and it was because every Tuesday was Battle Day and Battle Day was the day that we got paired up with someone, and we battle for a grade. Easy, right?


Especially since your battle partner is a pretty blonde haired, Barbie-looking bully who always picks on you for being weaker. Month after month, she always beats me, and then gloats about it, saying that she’s better and that she’s stronger. Well, she IS stronger, considering that she always beats me with her psychic attacks but she just provokes me to the point where I want to hit her in her pretty little face.

“Righty then, we need to hurry up to school before Arceus hits me up for money,” Dialga said as he grabbed my hand and ran.

“Wait! What makes you think he would be around?” I asked while I tried to keep up with him.

“Palkia, I know he’d be around. I don’t have any money to be giving him to take his precious Giratina out on another date,” he said in an annoyed tone.

Honestly, Arceus wasn’t asking us for money for the last few weeks and Dialga and I have seen him out and about with Giratina. But when he DID ask, it was really to take her out to a fancy restaurant, assuming there were no God discounts. But, the one thing I could say was that he loved Giratina very much and it seemed like she was enjoying him as well.

“Let’s just worry about school? I’m pretty sure he’s not going to ask us,” I sighed.

As I followed Dialga, I can see our school about a couple of feet in front of us. I could see the big green sign right in front of the school, on the left side of the grass. Here it was: Foster’s School for Legendary Pokemon. It was a small school with brick walls and a brown roof. It looked like your typical schoolhouse that you’ve seen in textbooks. As I said before, I dreaded going to school and I didn’t want to come on Battle Day. However, I had to, since I had a perfect attendance record to maintain. I just hoped that today, my fist doesn’t meet that girl’s face.

Dialga let out a sigh of relief when we arrived at the school door. We walked inside the building, to a small classroom with blue walls, and an alphabet strip on the top of the black board. It also had green tables and chairs and the floor was lined with purple carpet. The other kids were laughing and talking amongst themselves as they were waiting for class to start. Our table was on the far left side of the room, in front of the bulletin board. Dialga squeezed my hand as he led me to our table.

We both pulled out our chairs next to each other and sat down to observe everything around us. We could see several kids talking to each other and some were even making paper airplanes and throwing them anywhere in the classroom. When I turned to Dialga, he lifted his arm as a motion for me to move closer to him. I moved my chair until he had enough room to put his arm around me. I honestly needed his comfort, especially for today. I know that the tormenting is going to begin, and his breath blowing on my face made it a little more relaxing in the moment.

“To be honest with you, I’m also dreading Battle Day,” Dialga whispered.

“Why, Dialga? You’re the strongest legendary in class! No, in the whole world!” I exclaimed.

I’m not trying to suck up to him, but, Dialga is actually a very strong legendary. In fact, according to the statistics, he’s actually the fourth most powerful Pokemon in this world. His only counters are of course, Arceus, I mean he’s GOD. He can beat everyone. However, at number two, came the great Gothitelle of the land, plus her little girl that’s just too damn powerful. Other than them, Dialga was pretty much set. So why is he so worried about Battle Day?

“Thanks, Palks. I’m worried because my partner is Cobalion and yeah, Sacred Sword… yeah can’t you see the DANGER?!” he almost shouted.

“Dialga…” I started as I started to wrap my arms around him as if I was hugging him. “It’s going to be okay. You’re strong!”

Dialga took his free hand and tugged on a piece of my hair, repeating the process about five times. “Now I know I’ll win, and it’d be because of you,” he whispered.

As I closed my eyes to enjoy Dialga’s company, I was interrupted by the sound of footsteps. The sound felt like it was coming near my table, and coming at a quick pace. Not only that, but I heard other footsteps coming near my table as well. I opened my eyes and saw a girl coming towards where I was. However, this wasn’t just any girl; it was the bully. She flipped part of her long golden blonde hair to the back as she gave me a smirk on her face. The vertical yellow and pink stripes on her dress and her yellow moon shaped crown on her head, made her look taller and much tougher.

When I looked at her coming my way, all I could do was cower at her presence. She had an aura so strong; it felt like she was the deity she indeed was. I stood up as she finally approached me with her posse in tow, anticipating her torment.

“Hey, Palkia, guess what day it is?” she asked in a show-offy tone.

I just stood there, watching her flash her blue eyes as I tried to find the answer to her question. Deep down, I was afraid of her and it was very hard not to show it on the outside. I was shaking inside and looking around the room, for an answer.

“It’s Battle Day, Cresselia. Not hard,” Dialga answered.

She then folded her arms and glared at Dialga. “I believe, I was talking to her here, not you,” she snapped as she pointed to me.

“Hey! You don’t talk to Dialga that way! Show some respect!” I yelled as I almost got in her face. However, Dialga pulled me back a little.

“Well, excuse me, Palkia, but I am the goddess of the moon. Do you know what that means? That means that I’m more important than you and your boyfriend will ever be. So don’t babble about respect,” Cresselia snapped as she lowered one eyebrow. “Anyway, today is Battle Day, which marks the seventh time that I've beaten you this year. Better be ready.”

I slammed my fists on the table so hard, that the whole class turned my way. Gasps could be heard. As much as I want to say that was embarrassing, I had to toughen up in this situation. I really wanted to give this girl a piece of my mind. At the same time, I was slipping my boots off. If I had to fight her, I want to be comfortable doing so.

“YOU better be ready, Cresselia, because I learned a new power that can kick your pretty butt!” I yelled.

“Oh really?! BRING IT! Show me!” she yelled even louder.

As this time, I was shaking as I was standing. My legs were trembling the most. The more I wanted to rip her to shreds, the more I quaked. Cresselia was almost about to get herself a beatdown. She was treading on thin ice. I don’t give a damn if she’s a deity. It’s not gonna stop me from teaching her a lesson. As soon as I was about to “show” her what I have by using my Roar of Time, Dialga began to speak.

“Hey, Cresselia, do us a favor, get over your damn self, and leave Palkia alone. Unless you want to eat a big fat time loop, I suggest you go away,” Dialga yelled angrily as he put his arm in front of me and push me down to my chair.

Cresselia took one look at Dialga and then stared at me. She then motioned her friends to follow her back to their own table. It was cool and all but however, as she was leaving herself, I looked over her shoulder and glared at me. She then took her right hand and she put up her middle finger at me. To me, that was the biggest insult anyone can do and she was in for a rude awakening.

I sprang from my chair and began to run after her, with fumes in my eyes. As soon as I got to her, I grabbed her by her pretty blonde hair and yanked her towards me. At the moment, I felt as if I just blacked out. I know that I pulled on her hair so tight that I could feel parts of her hair falling off. I couldn’t see what was it that was I doing to her; however I do know what I was actually doing by feeling. I was hitting her at a rapid pace, trying to strike her in her head. I also was trying to use my fingernails to scratch her, which I have missed her face and scratched her head instead.

As I was fighting, I could hear many things being said at once. In one ear, I could hear the other kids saying ‘fight, fight, fight!’ I could also hear screaming from some of the other kids as well. However most of the screaming came from Cresselia as I was trying to hurt her. In the other ear, I could hear my name being yelled out many times by Dialga, who, was trying to pry me away from the fight. I felt his strong hands on top of mine, trying to get me to stop pulling her hair. Inside, I really wanted to stop fighting, and it was mostly because of Dialga, however, I really wanted to teach this girl a lesson. That I may be weaker than her, but it doesn’t give her the right to mess with me.

I could feel my hands slipping away from her hair and someone’s arm, which I assume was Dialga’s, holding me back. As I was trying to break out of his grasp, he wrapped both of his arms around my torso area and lifted me to go back five paces from where I was originally having this showdown. Right there and there, I felt secure enough to stop fidgeting and try to catch my breath.

“I got you, Palkia. You’re gonna be alright,” Dialga whispered.

I can feel him, once again, lifting me up; however, I felt that he was trying to bring me back to our table. This time, I didn’t even try to struggle out of his grasp. In the moment, I felt very comfortable that way. Because I knew that he was trying to protect me from everything that was going on. To me, it feels like a blur to me. My eyes are open, but I felt like I wasn’t really grasping everything that was going on. All I knew was that I was trying to hurt Cresselia… bad. I don’t care to see if I have done the job or not. I just really wanted to get out of here and with Dialga by my side. I felt that I have gotten my point across to her and anyone else who chooses to mess with me.

As Dialga put me down on the ground, I turned to him, as he took off his chest plate, and wrapped my arms around him tightly and burying my head in his chest. I was letting my emotions out as Dialga rocked side to side, while having his arms tightly around me as well. While I was crying, I shouted his name a few times out of distress. As I was doing so, Dialga made shush noises to calm me down; however it was so hard to be calm at the moment. I was still in school, a place I didn’t want to be at and just pulled another girl’s hair. I finally looked up at Dialga and started to look into his eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Dia. She provoked me,” I said softly on the verge of tears.

He took his right hand and with the back of his hand, he rubbed it across my face, trying to dry my tears. “Everything’s alright. Just know, Palkia that I will always protect you from getting hurt, whether it’s physically or emotionally, alright?”

“Yes, Dialga,” I said as I was beginning to calm down. I, once again, rested my head on his chest for comfort.

Then suddenly, I heard a familiar voice coming inside the building. However, I was just too exhausted from the events to lift my head to see who just came in. But, I could hear this person talking to the other students and what they were saying as well.

“Now what’s going on here?” a woman’s voice asked.

“Palkia pulled my hair! And then she hit me and scratched me!” Cresselia cried. She sounded like she was really in pain, however I really didn’t care. I wanted to give the girl what she deserved.

“It’s okay, Cress,” I heard a guy’s voice say to her. “She’s a loser, that’s all there is to it.”

“Yeah,” I heard a girl’s voice say. “Everyone knows she’s just jealous because you’re better than her and you’re pretty much the only deity in this class. Entei’s right, she is a loser.”

At that moment, I want to scream at them; however Dialga’s strong arms were preventing me to do just that. His grip was too great, and plus his comfort was making it useless to want to backlash. However, it didn’t stop him from wanting to give them a piece of his mind. I could feel him turning his body the other way as he began to speak.

“Hey! I don’t give a damn what you think about her, but DO NOT disrespect Palkia that way in front of me, alright?” Dialga said in a stern voice. “She is the love of my life and she’s NOT a loser. Cresselia was attacked because she provoked Palkia.”

“I just want to get out of here!” I cried as I was clinging to Dialga even tighter.

I could feel him prying me off of him for a moment. At that moment, I took my hands and used them to cover my face and eyes to hide the embarrassment. I knew that after the comments made, the face of a loser shouldn’t be shown. So I bowed my head down in shame, just waiting for Dialga to come back to me. I then felt the gentle pressure of his arm wrapped around me and his breath blowing on me. Ah, that comfortable feeling was coming back to me.

“Everything’s going to be alright. Just close your eyes,” Dialga whispered in my ear as I could feel his arm wrapping around my legs.

With all of his strength, he lifted me off the ground and held me tightly, so much so that I didn’t feel the need to hold on to him. Plus, I was just too embarrassed to take my hands off my face. I could feel him walking; however I had no idea as to where he was taking me. All I knew was that he told me to keep my eyes closed and that everything was going to be alright. So I melted in to his arms and rested on his chest plate, waiting to know where he was going to take me.


“Okay, Palkia, you can open your eyes now,” Dialga said.

I took my hands off of my face and opened my eyes. There, I laid eyes on the blue, diamond filled sky while feeling the motion of the cold waterbed underneath me. A smile stretched across my face when I realized that Dialga has brought me back home. I turned to my right and saw him sitting there on the bed beside me. As soon as I laid eyes on him, I quickly sat up on the bed, and with all of my might, moved closer to him.

“Dammit, Palkia! What are you doing?” he laughed as he saw that I managed to get on my knees.

I put both of my hands on his shoulders as I brought my left leg over him. As of now, I was sitting on top of him and a light blush came over my face. As for Dialga, his face was almost red as he slowly put his arms around me. I knew that both of us were digging the position we were in. I can see it on his face when he gave me a great big smile.

“You’re so beautiful, Palkia. Did you know that?” Dialga asked softly.

I shook my head no as I blushed even more. At that point, I didn’t know what to say to him. Every time he’d say that to me, I would be at loss for words. Even when we first met, I never understood why a guy as good looking as he was goes for a girl who wasn’t society’s vision of beautiful. So every time he’d tell me that, my heart rate would go up. I could actually feel a cold wind of confidence come over me as I smiled at him. However, I knew that I had to change the conversation or distract him.

“So… how did you get around to sneaking out of the school?” I asked while changing the subject and quietly reaching for his shirt. I softly tugged on the collar and began to unbutton the small buttons that were lined vertically on his shirt.

“Eh, I was quiet about it. The teach was talking with Cresselia and her friends, so I saw this as a perfect opportunity to escape. I stopped time around them and resumed it once I was out. I know I’ll get written up for it, but I’ll stand up to the man,” he said with a smirk on his face. “Plus, I wanted to protect my Palkia.”

“Mrs. Applebee… is not the man,” I giggled cutely as I reached the last button on his shirt.

I finally got to unbutton the last button, which Dialga would complain that it’s the hardest button to get to. All the while, he wasn’t noticing what I was doing. I just smiled at him, while secretly admiring what I did.

“Hey, what is that?” I asked as I pointed to the top left of the dimension.

Dialga looked over in the direction that I pointed to look for what I was apparently talking about. While he took the bait, I took both ends of his shirt and I separated them, exposing his torso. After I did just that, I rested my head on his bare chest. Then, I could hear his heart beating at a normal pace as I melted on to him, taking in his sent.

“Uhh… Palks?” Dialga said somewhat hesitantly.

“Thanks, Dialga, for everything,” I murmured.

“No probs, Palkia. You don’t need to thank me. I’m always there for you,” he said as he took his hand and rubbed big circles on my back.

“I wish I can find out how to be strong though, since you won’t teach me anymore time powers,” I whispered.

Since Dialga told me he won’t be teaching me my powers, I felt that my self-worth has been crushed. However, if I could find my own path to being a strong Pokemon, then maybe I can gain it back and some confidence as well. Maybe it could be something that Dialga could help me out with.

“You can Palkia. There are many ways in fact. You could read about strength or you can also talk to other Pokemon who are already strong and learn from them. Meaning someone other than me, of course,” Dialga suggested. “Have you seen the list? Maybe you should talk to those who are higher up than you.”

“You mean like the top-five strongest Pokemon of Unova?” I asked.

“… Yeah, that to. You could also ask them since they are the strongest,” he said.

After hearing what he said, I thought it was a wonderful idea. If I talked to all of those Pokemon, maybe I could learn some new methods of strength, other than from Dialga. I mean he IS number four as is, and I know who is number one, two and three, however the person who is number five escapes me at the moment.

“Who’s number five? I want to ask them all in order,” I asked as I sat up.

“Number five is Latios, but be weary. Latios doesn’t think highly of girls,” Dialga said with a serious tone in his voice.

The only time that I’ve met him face to face was when we were all at Blizzard Beach. That was the day that we ran into a troublesome little girl, who ultimately, caused us to almost get harmed. Yes, I remember Latios well, and I don’t think he thinks highly of me as it is, but I was still going to talk to him. Plus, it only makes me stronger.

“Well, since schools not going to be out for a couple of hours, why don’t we rest?” Dialga suggested as he slipped his shirt off his arms and threw it on the ground.

So with that, I rolled on to my side of the bed as I slipped off my dress and I lied there, next to Dialga. He then put his arms around me as he got out a book about time and temporal powers and starts reading it out loud to me. I then fell into a peaceful sleep…

13th May 2012, 5:34 AM
contains sexism; bleh

Many hours have passed since I rested. When I woke up, I quickly put my dress on, grabbed my pad and pen and my make-up pouch and went out the door, ready to begin my quest to become a stronger Pokemon. Many thought were running through my mind as I was walking to my first destination. I often wondered what kind of advice I was going to get and how I would use that to my advantage. I wanted to make sure that I listen to what everyone has to tell me and I look over the notes carefully.

I soon arrive at my first destination: Latios’ house. When I rang the doorbell, so many thoughts were running through my mind. I wondered if Latios would even consider talking to me. Dialga’s words kept repeating itself in my head: Latios doesn’t think highly of girls. I was honestly afraid that he would not tell me how I could become as strong. Not only was he three years older than me and was a foot and six inches taller than me, but he was also five times powerful than I am.

This was part of the reason as to why I told Dialga not to come with me. Because for this particular visit, I wanted to show Latios that I could take him on by myself; that I could handle his opinions without Dialga always jumping to my rescue. I just want this guy to actually respect me instead of seeing me as just another fragile female Pokemon who’s weaker. Plus, I wanted to take this journey myself. I wanted to find the path of strength on my own, since this was about finding what makes ME strong.

As I stood outside the door, it finally opened. At the door, stood a young, fragile little girl with long pinkish-reddish hair and an old school styled dress that was red, had a white sash and had puffy sleeves with blue triangles on them. This happened to be a little girl that I really did not like. However, I had to be nice to her since she and Dialga and the rest of our group are good friends.

“Hey, Latias, is Latios here?” I asked politely while trying to hide my dislike for this girl.

“Yes, but I cannot get him to the door,” she whispered. “You see, I’m grounded, and I can’t let Latios know that I’m out of my room.”

“But can’t Latios hear the doorbell from here?” I asked.

After I asked that question, she looked down at the ground with such shame. I sensed that in her mind, she knew that Latios could hear the doorbell ringing, and with her at the door, it would give it away that she was disobeying him, again. This was pretty much the reason why I disliked Latias. It was because I found her to be rude, disrespectful and she thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips. Dialga thinks she’s an angel however, based on what happened with us on the beach, I see differently.

“… and what do we have here?” a familiar male voice said from the background.

Through the door, I could see him coming towards us. He was a very tall guy, indeed. His blue hair was cut short, he was as tan as a wooden table, he had a dark blue sweatshirt with an red triangle in the middle and his light blue pants made him not only taller, but leaner. He glared at Latias as she turned to him and froze. She was so busted.

“Go to the kitchen,” he ordered with not a lot of emotion in his voice.

Latias started to walk to the kitchen. As she was doing that, he slowly walked over to the doorway. From that moment, I was shaking in my boots. He gave me a smirk and narrowed his eyes at me. I was, in a way, afraid of him. When he stood at the doorway, I felt as if he was staring me down. I really didn’t want to look him in the eye, but since I am here to ask him some questions but out of respect for him, I managed to look him in his dark red eyes.

“What do you need?” he asked in a voice that sounds as if he was annoyed. “If you’re here to play with Latias, then you came at the wrong time. She’s grounded.”

“Actually Latios, I came to talk with you,” I said while trying to hide that I was shaking.

Latios raised an eyebrow when he heard that I was here to talk to him. With his eyes, he double-took twice. “Hm…”

“Talk about what?” Latios asked.

“I want to talk with you about strength. About what could I do to make myself stronger,” I replied while avoiding giving him a long story. “Basically, I need your advice.”

He then stood up taller as he crossed his arms and let out a light chuckle. I was pretty sure that he was laughing at the idea of me wanting to seek his advice on how to be strong, especially from what after Dialga told me about him. If a dainty girl such as myself came up to someone who was respected because of their place on the list, then I would be laughing as well. I don’t blame Latios for laughing.

“Oh that’s cute! You want to seek my advice, huh?” Latios asked while still chuckling lightly. “Okay, girl, I can do that, but know that I have strong opinions and I never hold back.”

“First off, my name is Palkia and second, I’m strong enough to hear your opinions. Plus it will only make me stronger,” I said in an annoyed tone.

Sorry, but I just hate it when he doesn’t remember my name. Calling me ‘girl’ was pretty much taking away my identity; a blow to my self-confidence. Plus, from our first encounter and now that he talks to Dialga somewhat, he should know my name. I am strong enough to hear what he says to me. I promised myself that I would not cry if he says something I didn’t like. Like I said before, this was part of the reason why I told Dialga not to come. Because in this situation, him defending me would make me look bad in Latios’ eyes.

“Very well then, Palkia, come in and sit at the table,” Latios rolled his eyes as he lead me into the house and into the kitchen.

After closing the door behind me, I followed him through the rather small living area and into the decent sized kitchen. The kitchen had a bar-like table in the front. From there, Latios pointed to the table as a motion for me to sit there. I went over and grabbed a stool and sat down at the table, with my pen and pad ready to take his notes. Latios went around the bar table and looked straight at his little sister, who was standing there waiting for him. I guess that he wants to have a talk with Latias first before talking to me.

“Alright Latias, you were grounded for what?” Latios asked while crossing his arms.

“For drawing on the walls,” she answered in her normal soft tone.

“… and what do you do?” he said in a stern tone. “You disobeyed my orders. I told you to stay in your room.”

Latios just stood there, glaring at his little sister. I looked to my left and I saw where the young girl had made her marks. The wall had all kinds of crayon marks all over it. There were also some faded marks as well, so this might not be the first time she’s done this. There was also a pail of water right by it. I was assuming that he was getting ready to scrub the walls until either I came or he went off somewhere and now he had to deal with me. Either way, Latios looked like he was extremely stressed out.

“Go to your room,” he ordered.

However, this time, she actually did what she was ordered to do without hesitation or back talk. She walked, with her nose up in the air, to her room and slammed the door. I know that if Dialga were here, she would be defiant about the whole thing, but since he’s not here to protect her, it’s a whole different story. All I was doing at the moment was just letting Latios’ accent flow in my ears. He then turned to me and began to lean on the bar table.

“Okay, what do you want to ask me?” he asked as he stared at me.

“I need you to give me advice on how to become as strong as you all,” I said as I readied my pen.

“Here it goes. You can become strong, Palkia. However, you can never become as strong as Dialga, or me,” Latios said. “I don’t think you’ll even be top ten worthy.”

I could never become as strong as Latios or Dialga? Why not? This was a question that was racing through my head as soon as I heard him say that. If I’m not at least as strong as those two respected guys or the guys in the top ten, then I’m not strong at all and still in the bottom with most of the girls that I did not like. Some of the girls there were strong, but then some of them were very annoying to me.

“Why do you say that?” I said in my neutral voice.

“Well, Palkia it’s simple. Biologically, men are stronger than women when it comes to combat. We have more, say experience when it comes to battle and strength,” Latios explained. “You go to the legendary school right? When you do the history course, they tell you about all those men who give their lives for Unova to become how it was? Same with the region, I originally came from. In Johto, they teach us the same thing.”

He’s right; most of the Pokemon I have seen in ancient battles have been men. I knew that from last year’s Men’s History assignment I had to do. Most of the Pokemon listed in the top ten are male. However, there were females at the top as well. Giratina was number ten and then we got Gothitelle and Gothorita, a seven year old girl, who were number two and three. Remarkable huh? A girl, same age as Latias and two inches shorter than her, could beat out, comparatively, a big and powerful guy such as Dialga and an intelligent and powerful guy such as Latios. Those girls ARE strong. Especially, Gothitelle; man that woman can kick butt, and after my meeting here, I would love to just know how she got to be so strong.

“There is truth to what you are saying, however, why are girls like Gothitelle and her kid stronger than most of the males? The only male that beats them is Arceus. If they could strong, can't I be strong?” I asked as I wrote that all down. “Giratina is also number ten on the list and her kid is only a notch below her. I know there can be hope for me. Is there any advice as to how I can be stronger?”

Latios paused for a moment at my question. When I looked at him, it appeared as if he couldn't find an explanation as to why those girls are strong.

“Yes there is. You need to become strong as a person first. You, Palkia aren’t very strong as a person. I can tell from when you rely on Dialga for everything. Even for him to protect you from what I say to you. My point is that you need to stop being reliant on men to do your work and do it yourself,” he explained.

As I wrote that down, I got to thinking; he’s right. I do rely on Dialga for a lot of things, even for powers that I can use to mask my own. I never really thought of it as making him do my work though.

“Are you saying that I rely on him too much?” I asked.

“Yes, and you need to learn how to do things for yourself. This is the reason why I don’t like you; it’s because you’re one of those girls who cling to a man and make them do all the work. You want Dialga to be the one who jumps in to protect you from every little thing. I remember when we were on the beach, you know. You need to learn how to suck it up, Palkia,” Latios said. “Believe it or not, Palkia, women CAN think for themselves.”

After I wrote that all down I closed my pad and stood up from the bar table. “Thanks, Latios, for taking the time to answer my questions,” I said.

“Welcome. I just want to tell you this, and this is something I hardly tell a girl unless they are worthy of me telling them. You have potential, Palkia. You really do, and I can see it in you. If you are strong enough, I’d like to challenge you to battle me. How does that sound?” He asked as he flashed a smile.

A light blush spread across my face as I tried not to look at him. Me? Have potential? Coming from a guy who doesn’t think highly of girls? That was a HUGE compliment, at least to me. I couldn’t help but smile. I think he’s said this to a few girls but to think I, Palkia, could be one of those girls was a rewarding feeling.

“Yes, I’d love to. Thank you for the complement,” I said as I was avoiding becoming emotional.

As I stared to walk out the door on to my next destination, I heard him call out to me one last time.

“Palkia, is your next stop going to be Gothitelle’s laboratory?” Latios asked.

“Yes, how come?” I asked him.

“I’ll be coming by there so you might run into me again,” he chuckled.

20th May 2012, 10:38 PM
During my long walk from Latios’ house, I finally came across the laboratory. From a distance, it looked like a huge white one story building, with gates built around it on the sides. However, it had no gate on the front of the building. In the front, it looked like an ordinary home, but inside, it was a different story. Believe me, it was almost like a mansion adorned with machinery. It was pretty huge alright and it also had a battle school in the back if I remembered the last time I visited.

As I walked up to the door and knocked, I was thinking of the many things Latios was saying to me. I felt flattered that he felt that I could be strong and that I had potential, but to never be in the top ten saddens me. Mainly because that was one of my goals for when I became stronger; secure a place amongst the top ten strongest Pokemon. Problem is that there was truth to what Latios told me. Most of everyone on the top ten was male. There were only three females on the list; and two of them were much respected females to boot. One of them, well I should say two; I’m waiting to ask right about now. Also, maybe I could talk to the other League members.

I stood there, just reading over my notes I jotted down from Latios until, the door started to open. I looked, and there stood this girl, a tall girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, lightly tanned skin and was sporting a blue bikini. This girl looked a lot like Cresselia; however this girl happened to be prettier. Her back length blonde hair, which was curly, was lighter and so was her tan to a point that it looked perfect. She was also taller as well, model tall to be exact. In fact, while looking at this girl, I swore I’ve seen her on a cover of Teen Pokemon, where she posed with Giratina, the young one.

“Oh, hello… ummm…” I said as I was trying to remember her name. It’s there but I can’t wrap my tongue around it.

“Milotic… the name’s Milotic if that’s what you’re trying to figure out,” she said in her normal English accent.

Bingo! That’s the one; this is the girl who posed with Giratina on the Teen Pokemon cover. Man, you have to be pretty darn good looking to be in that magazine let alone be on the cover. Not only that, but this girl had been trying to get with the love of my life before, even when I was right there. She eventually stopped but now she’s after another man, using her fem charm and her body. Which to say, I envy so much. I wish that could be me, with the perfect figure, getting all the guys’ attention.

“Oh.., my bad, I forgot,” I said as I rolled my eyes at her.

“Seriously, Palkia, how could you NOT know who I am?” Milotic smirked as she twirled a piece of her platinum blonde hair.

“Whatever,” I scoffed.

Not to be rude but sometimes the way she presents herself comes off as very annoying. She’s always bragging about how beautiful she is and how she is well known. It gets very aggravating and it makes me feel even worse about myself. It makes me feel uglier and worthless by the minute and it’s because I could never be as beautiful or popular as she is.

“Sorry, Milotic but do you know if Gothitelle is around? I came to see her,” I said while playing with my pen.

“She’s here, but she’s out back. However, I don’t think she’d mind if there was another visitor…” she replied. “Just follow me in.”

I followed Milotic inside the house, down the long hallway adorned with family and team photos on the walls. At the end, I could see a huge, circular, white dining table in the kitchen area. When I stepped into the kitchen, I could also see the laboratory on the left side. The kitchen itself was rather plain. There were no patterns or color; just plain white and clean spaces. To my right was the living room which was also as plain and big as the kitchen. Yet more interesting because when others come over, they usually watch TV on the big screen, play video games or play board games.

Sitting at the table was a cream colored haired young man. He sported parts of his hair in a rather spikey fashion, which bears a resemblance to icicles. He also had a plain light blue sweater and off-white pants. Despite this guy being an ice type, he was relatively tan for this typing. Normally, they would be almost as pale as I was, so it always amazes me as to how he would develop a light color that was almost similar to what Milotic had.

“Hey, Milotic, what about our battle?” the young man asked as he gave her a smirk. “Don’t leave me hanging, girl.”

“I had to answer the door here,” she said as she smoothed her hair and went over to him. He made some room for her on his seat as she went over and sat right next to him.

“Oh! Hey Palkia!” he said as he noticed that I was there. “Please, have a seat.”

I pulled up a chair and sat down, across from the two. Milotic was hanging on the man's arm while leaning on him and he was busy doing something on his P-Phone. Just looking at them, they seemed like a couple, though, they really weren’t. Nonetheless, I waited with my pad and pen, still looking over my notes. However, then I looked at the pair once again, I had an idea. I could ask them for their take on becoming strong. Yes... even Milotic. I think she’s more than just a perfect figure, but also powerful. I mean, Cresselia is a beautiful girl as well and she’s powerful.

“Hey guys,” I asked. “How do you guys become so strong?”

“Well… I don’t know how she becomes strong, but with me, I just practice my powers every day,” he said. "Oh and by the way, Milotic, can you please not hang on my arm? I’m a little uncomfortable."

‘Practice every day…’ I thought to myself as I wrote that down on a clean piece of pad paper. Well I do practice my powers, but not every day. Maybe this could be something I could work on. The more practice I have, the more I can accomplish with my even worthless powers.

“Well… practicing, yes but if Vanilluxe was right about one thing, it’s that he doesn’t know how I became stronger,” Milotic smirked as she lets go of his arm. “Anyway, pageants aren’t just about your looks, but it’s also about your powers. Judges pretty much score you based on the way you carry yourself during a battle.”

“Wait… you battle… other beauty pageant contestants?” Vanilluxe asked.

“Yep, we do. I’ve won each and every one of them,” she bragged.

Wow, even pageant contestants are very powerful, which makes me even more envious. They are beautiful and powerful, two things I could dream of being. Trust me, if I were both, I would be the happiest girl in the world, seriously. Maybe in the future I’d ask Milotic how she got to look the way she does.

“I see. Anyway, what about your battle? Maybe I could get some inspiration from your brawl,” I suggested as I put down my pen.

“Actually, Palkia that’s great, but I was wondering if you could be our referee for this fight,” Vanilluxe suggested.

You know, that’s not a bad idea. If I observe their fight, maybe I could get a better understanding of not only how to battle but on how to be stronger. “Sure!” I exclaimed as I stood up with my pad and pen, flipping to a new page.

They also stood up from their seat as well, distancing themselves about five feet apart. I came a little bit closer to the middle to call the fight. I raised my hand as I started to call it:

“Ready… set… battle!” I exclaimed.

As soon as my hand went down, the battle began.

“I’m gonna get so hard to beat in this battle,” the cream haired man bragged as he licked his lips in a mocking manor.

“Oh really?” Milotic giggled.

“Yep,” Vanilluxe chuckled. "Let's get this on!"

For her first attack, Milotic bent over and blew an endearing kiss at her opponent. She also flashed her piercing blue eyes at him, making sure that, in the moment, they met his piercing gray eyes. It may not seem like much of a strategy, however, Captivate causes the foe of the opposite gender to let their guard down. So in the process, their special attacks get weaker by two stages. When I looked at her foe, it seemed as if he could feel himself getting weaker by the minute. He just stood there, looking at the pretty teenage girl as if he was in love with her.

Vanilluxe then tore his gaze off the girl and retaliates by using a physical attack, which was smart on his end. He used Ice Shard, where his fingers were starting to transform into long dull icicles. He then swiped his hands at his feisty opponent, scratching her face. Though it looked like it would hurt a lot, backed by the fact that she doesn’t have a great physical defense, the attack didn’t do much damage due to Milotic being a water type and ice type moves are not so effective on those types.

The blonde haired girl then narrowed her blue eyes as she stuck her right hand right in front of her, trying hard to focus directly on her target. When she did that, she summoned a huge stream of water, from it, so powerful that it knocked her ice type opponent into the table. Hydro Pump was indeed a powerful move. Since water type attacks do neutral damage to an ice type; it got rid of more than half his battle energy.

“Oh yea? Two can play that game!” the agitated young man said as he got up from the ground and dusted himself off.

He then raised his arms for a few seconds in a high V and then lowered them. Vanilluxe narrowed his eyes as he stared at Milotic hard. All of a sudden, this cold wind picks up from inside the house, wrapping a bit itself around his opponent. I could see a whole mess of snow being carried over by the winds, making itself into a blizzard. As of now, the whole kitchen was covered with about an inch of snow. The wind stopped; however, I could see that Milotic was freezing. I felt bad for her because she as only wearing a bathing suit and having to deal with the snow. Though the Blizzard attack’s power was very high, it left a little bit of energy on her part. Had Milotic not used Captivate on her first turn, she would have been history. Smart thinking.

“V-v-v-very f-f-f-funny!” she yelled as she was shivering.

Milotic was so cold, that she couldn’t think of what attack to do next. At any rate, it looked like she’s got him. I mean, Vanilluxe had less of his HP left, and if her next attack was one that could do neutral damage, he’s done for. As she was trying to figure out what to do for her finishing blow, we could hear heels clicking at a fast rate, followed by an angry woman’s voice coming closer to the kitchen.

“How many times do I have to tell you?” a familiar voice asked as it made its way to where we were standing.

We all looked toward the hallway and see a woman, looking very angry. She stood there with her arms crossed, narrowing her aqua eyes at Vanilluxe. This girl was very… curvatious to say. She was thin, but she wasn’t pageant thin. She was dressed in black, had a somewhat short black t-shirt on along with black pants with her chained weapon wrapped around her hips as a belt. Her black hair was about mid back length and a small part of it was tied with a white bow. This girl was gorgeous, but she was so intimidating, that all I could do was cower at her presence.

“I’ve told you guys many, many times not to have battles in the house!” she yelled out in a stern voice.

“But, I managed to get the Blizzard to only happen in the kitchen,” Vanilluxe said in a voice that sounded like he was aggravated. “I didn’t get any of your machinery.”

“Still, I’ve said no battles in the house, Vanilluxe. I’ve said it many times but you don’t listen,” she retorted.

He came closer to the upset female and wrapped his arms around her, while giving her a kiss on her forehead. “… and I apologize,” he started to say. “I promise you, Gothitelle that I will clean up ALL the snow from the kitchen.”

“Hm… very well then. I shall leave you to your devices,” Gothitelle said as she started to leave out the hallway.

However, before she could do that, I quickly got up from there I was crouching and proceeded to call out to her. “Hey wait!” I yelled. I could hear the door opening and closing, however, I was a bit too excited about the events to check out who it was.

She turned around and looked me right in the eye. “For future reference, I have a name and I suggest you use it. Now, what can I do for you, Palkia?”

“Oh, sorry Gothitelle. I need your advice. You see, I’m on a personal mission to ask all the Pokemon in the top five how they become stronger. I’ve already asked one of them, so my next stop was you since I already have Dialga,” I replied as I put my notes on the table.

“Well Palkia I can guide you, as long as you know that the journey is yours to take. Right now, I have to finish up my work but when I come back, I will help you,” Gothitelle said as she shook her head and left.

All I could do is smile, because now I’ll be able to get some information from one of the greatest fighters of all time. I began to collect all kinds of questions in my mind. Such as: how do you become so strong? Or, what are the best powers to have? Maybe, an important one would be: as a girl, how did you get to be stronger than most of the guys? So many questions in my head, but, seeing that Gothitelle was a very important and busy woman, I won’t bombard her with my childish questions.

"So, anyone want to help an old coot clean up some snow?" Vanilluxe asked as he got out a shovel.

I’ll think if smart questions to ask her, after I help Vanilluxe and Milotic clean up the snow.

23rd May 2012, 10:09 PM
Wow, if I thought that cleaning up all that snow was easy… I was dead wrong. There was over an inch of snow in this rather small kitchen and picking it up and putting it outside was very hard work. I sat at the table, exhausted and out of breath as I tried to reach for my notes. However, they weren’t on the table at all. I frantically scanned the top of the table and rummaging through papers for my note pad, but there was no cigar.

“Where’s my notes?!” I whined as I almost started to cry.

Those notes were very important to not only my mission but to my self-confidence. They had everything I’ve jotted down so far from Latios and I’m going to need to study them along other notes I’d write in the future. In short, I need them to become stronger. When I realized that the key to my path to self-confidence could be missing, I started to cry. However, that was interrupted abruptly by a hand clamping on my arm. A rather chilly hand to be exact. Though, I didn’t really have a weakness to ice, it was so cold that I was trying to hard not to twitch.

“Palkia, seriously?” Vanilluxe said in a stern voice.

I looked up at him as he was narrowing his piercing gray eyes at me. From the expression he had on his face, he wasn’t all too happy with me. As I looked into his eyes, I felt myself shaking not only out of fear, but from the coldness of his hand. I tried to wiggle my arm from his grasp but he was just too strong to the point where I couldn’t even twist my arm around.

“Now, I will tell you that I do NOT tolerate people whining. Alright? Now, think of where on the table you last had your notes. I think maybe they fell down,” he suggested as he took his hand off my arm.

Following that, I got up from my seat and knelt to get a better look from under the table. So far, there was nothing, not even dust was around. I crawled under the table to see if there was any place else it would have fallen. I stretched out my arm and felt underneath the table to see if I could feel my note pad. I need those notes, I thought to myself as I kept feeling around for them. Then, I could feel a light tap on my shoulder.

In shock, I quickly got up from under the table and turned around. I saw a young girl, standing there behind me, with my note pad in her hand. However, this wasn’t just any little girl. When I looked up at her, I could see Gothitelle. Except for the fact that she had longer hair and wore a light black trench coat dress and wore bow ties on her neck, along her dress and both wrists, she looked just like her. I got up from where I was kneeling and reached for my pad. She gave me my pad and she ran her hand through her hair.

“Here, Palkia. I saw that you were taking notes on how to be stronger, so I was looking at your written page to see if you were getting the right information,” the girl said.

“T-thanks, but, how did you know what was my mission?” I asked.

“You had the names of everyone in the top 5 written on the front sheet and you wrote down ‘ask for ideas on how to be strong’. So that’s how I knew,” she replied. “Also I saw that you crossed off Latios’ name on your page. So I took it as you already spoke to him since I saw you had a whole page written with stuff he said to you.”

With all that stuff I have written, I should have known that she would come to that conclusion. Yes it was true, I wrote down their names so that I could remember everyone I was supposed to talk to. I also wanted to keep track, as I said before, of everything that they say to me so that I could look them over and study them. The more I study them the more I could take in the advice given to me an act on it, to make myself and my powers better.

When I opened my note pad, however, I saw that a page was ripped out. An important page to be exact, this was the one where I’ve written my notes from Latios. And now that it’s missing, I start to panic. However, careful not to whine again and annoy a certain ice type Pokemon, I turned to him and the girl and there, I saw that he was holding the ripped page. As he was scanning the page, he looked up at me and raised his eyebrow at me and then looked down to keep reading the page.

“Sorry Palkia, I saw your notes from Latios and I didn’t like what I read, so my dad’s reading it,” the girl said as she looked up at Vanilluxe reading the page.

He then folded the page in half and handed it over to the young girl as he whispered some things to her. As soon she walked away with my page, I quickly got up and tried to run after her. However, I felt, once again, Vanilluxe’s cold hand clamping on my wrist. He was trying to keep me from either going into certain parts of the house or chasing after her. Either way, my frustration has gone up quite a bit. This little girl has taken off with my important notes, notes I need to become stronger. Not only that, but these were notes from someone I was beginning to look up to.

“Sit back down, Palkia,” he said in a stern voice.

“But she has my notes!” I yelled as I tried to break free from his grasp.

“Sit. Back. Down. I will explain it as soon as you do that,” he said in a more agitated tone.

Hearing that he was going to explain, I did what he said and sat back down on my chair. I was trying to fight back tears as I was waiting for him to tell me. What if this girl doesn’t return my page? What is she going to do with it? Those were the questions that were running through my mind at the moment. I was very confused, and so was Milotic as she just sat there in her own chair looking around.

“Now Palkia, I know you’re confused and frustrated, but, I’ve told Gothorita to take the paper to Gothitelle so that she could get a read on it, alright?” Vanilluxe said as he was trying to explain everything to me. “Maybe she could help you with that since you are here to talk to her.”

“I understand, but why didn’t she like my notes?” I asked.

I was puzzled as to why Gothorita didn’t like what she read. I mean, I made sure to listen to Latios as he spoke to me. Maybe I said something wrong or maybe there was a detail he left out. But for whatever reason, I sat there, confused. Latios is a very intelligent man and I think what he had said to me had truth to it.

“So… you talked to Latios?” Milotic asked.

“Yes I did, before I came here. Some drama here and there but I got what I needed from him. Plus he told me that I had potential,” I answered.

“Lucky you! He doesn’t like me at all,” she laughed. “Anyway, I’m sorry, go on.”

Vanilluxe got up from his original seat and proceeded to sit in the seat that was on the left side of the table from where I was sitting, closer to me and across from Milotic.

“Now Palkia, after reading those notes of yours, I was pissed to be honest. Not at you, but at Latios. We both didn’t like what we had read. I want to tell you that as a man, your gender has no bearing on how strong you could be. You could be as strong as any man if you believe you could. In fact, I’m male and I have two girls who are stronger than me! My own wife and daughter, can you believe it?” he started to chuckle towards the end.

“It is weird that a seven year old could out match a twenty-six year old,” I laughed.

“Now then, I would take everything Latios says to you with a grain of salt. I say that because you know that Latios doesn’t think highly of girls, right? Hell, he doesn’t think highly of his own girlfriend. Like you, he tells her that she has potential, but what it really means is that you have potential to be strong but not as strong as a man. He’ll challenge you to battle when you become stronger, but only because he’s super confident that he could beat you. How do I know? Because he’s told Gothorita the same thing some time ago.

He told her that she had potential to be stronger while she was training herself and asked her to battle him when she was strong enough, although she was. So being the strong little girl she was, she challenged him at that very moment. He was hesitant because one she was a girl and two she was very young. But after insisting, he agreed to battle her. Guess what? She kicked his butt, and he was pissed,” Vanilluxe told me as he was telling his story.

I would understand why Latios would be upset. In his mind, to be male and lose to a girl is embarrassing, but to lose to a seven year old girl who’s more than half your height, what would be enough to not show my face. Especially since if I was a very strong and respected person. I could sympathize with him on a level but he would have to get over it. In fact, maybe that’s the reason as to why when I brought up Gothitelle and Gothorita in our conversation, he dodged it. He was too embarrassed to admit that two girls were more competent than he was. Even if he did admit it, I would still look at him in a positive light.

“I could understand, but he would have to get over it. He’s still a man,” I replied.

“To be honest with you, I wouldn’t say he’s a man per say. I’d call him a guy, he’s male but he’s too immature to be considered a man. I hate to toot my own horn, but at least I am secure in myself to get over the fact that my wife and daughter are stronger and better battlers than me and not let it bother me. Being a better battler does not reflect what kind of person I am. Or a better example would be Gallade and Charizard. Those guys aren’t the strongest guys out there. In fact, if I remembered correctly, you are higher on the list than they are. However, they know that it has no bearing as to who they are as Pokemon,” he explained.

That is true. There are some Pokemon who don’t care about their placement on the list because they don’t let it define them. Heck, there are Pokemon who don’t even want to be on the list because of that reason. They don’t want to be judged or hurt by their placement and that’s okay to. For me, personally, I look at is as progress. Am I getting stronger to a point where I could move up a spot? Would I have people asking me to battle them? If that happened, I would be happy.

“I don’t want to take away from my wife’s future advice but my point to you is that I think you should aspire to be something more than just someone who can battle well competitively. And if someone says something like what Latios told you, question it. It shows strength mentally to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I respect him as a competitive battler because he gets me going, however, as a person I don’t like him. He can be a better Pokemon, but he needs to be secure in himself. So do you, Palkia. You can be strong if you believe you can,” Vanilluxe concluded.

Yes, Latios is still stronger however hearing everything I’m hearing, I’m starting to wonder about him. I was also starting to wonder if Vanilluxe was just saying this because he didn’t like him. He did outright say that he didn’t like him and he was coming off as if he thought he was perfect. However, if I saw Latios, I wouldn’t confront him with this. It isn’t my place to do it. Instead, I just thanked Vanilluxe for taking the time to give me advice.

“Changing the subject, since Milotic has been left out,” he said as he winked at the blonde haired girl sitting across from him. “If Gothitelle didn’t end the battle, who would have won?”

“Well, since you only had under half your HP left, Vanilluxe and it was her go at the time, she would have won the battle,” I replied with a smile.

Milotic sprang from her chair, jumping for joy. “Yes! You got beat by a fourteen year old girl!” she said in sing-song.

Vanilluxe just smiled at the teenage girl has he stuck his hand out for her to shake it. As they both shook hands, “Great battle!” he exclaimed.

As we were all laughing along, we could hear the doorbell ring. We all looked at the door, wondering who could be here. Milotic got up from her chair and pranced to the door. I turned back around and just rested my head on the hard surface. All I wanted was to get some advice from Gothitelle at this point and leave. And hope and pray that Gothorita returns with my page. While I was in my train of thought, I could hear a very familiar accent making its way towards where I was sitting. It sounded very annoyed and presumably annoyed at Milotic.

“We meet again, Palkia!” the voice exclaimed as I felt the pressure of someone touching my shoulder.

31st May 2012, 1:45 AM
Psychic's edit: This contains sexism and misogyny.

sexual themes

I looked up and saw the same tall blue haired man from before, Latios. I just looked up and smiled at him. In a way, I was happy to see him but in a way, I was kind of worried about what he might say or do. I mean, I loved hearing him speak because of his accent and his intellect but as of now, I wasn’t sure what he would think of me. He said that I had potential but did he really mean it?

“What’s up?” he asked me as he got a lounge chair and set it between Vanilluxe and myself.

“Nothing much,” I replied as I shook his hand.

Now, I wasn’t one to look at a person’s shoes, but not only did I notice that Latios changed his pants to jeans, but he also had tall, black, rough-looking combat boots. They certainly made him look taller, leaner and tougher. They were thick, had a heel and they looked like they could help him kick some butt. Nonetheless, I just gave him a smirk while observing his style choice.

“Nice boots… they make you look tougher,” I said.

“Thanks. I wanted to wear my other ones but my girlfriend wouldn’t polish them like I asked, so I got pissed and decided to wear these. These are good for combat,” Latios said. “Anyway, what brings you here?”

“Sorry about your others not being cleaned,” I said in a consoling voice. “Oh and I’m here to gather advice.”

“From Gothitelle eh? That’s nice; anyway, I’m having a battle tournament with the guys here. So that’s why you happened to run into me again,” he said as he was smoothing out his hair.

Battle tournament eh? This could be more inspiration right there. Seeing not only the guys’ battle but Latios battle as well could give me something to write about, since he happened to be in the top five. I nodded my head in approval as I looked over to my right. I saw that Latios came with another guy, a younger guy that looked around sixteen. He had short but messy off-white hair topped with a small flag-designed beret. He also had a plain red shirt with wings on it and faded blue jeans.

“Hey there,” he said to me in a southern accent. “Yous a friend of Latios?”

“Friend? I say we respect each other, but we’re not that close,” I replied as I twirled my hair. “He said I had potential to be stronger but that’s it.”

“Ello there, Braviary,” Milotic asked as she made her way towards this guy and proceeded to pull up a chair next to him. “Lucky, isn’t she?”

All I could do at the moment was smirk. I mean, sometimes Milotic amuses me. She was a very friendly girl, and she loved people and the people loved her. Nonetheless, I thought she looked better with him than she did with Vanilluxe. Maybe it was because he was much older than her and this guy looked around her age, I don’t know but whatever. I could see her looking across the table at the older man, just trying to flash a smile at him. None the while, he just looked at his phone.

“At least she’s luckier than what Latios is going to be in this battle,” he bragged as he puts his arm around the blonde. “Oh, and hey there, gorgeous.”

“Wait, you’re battling to?” I asked as I pulled out my make-up pouch from my pocket. With all the people here, I’m sweating to the point where I feel that my make-up is melting off and that’s not good.

“Hell yeah! The moment Latios called to challenge me; it was one I couldn’t refuse. Oh and also the fact that I never refuse a challenge. Besides, I learned a new move that will kick his butt!” Braviary exclaimed.

'Wow, confident guy…' I thought to myself as I proceeded to retouch my candy apple colored lipstick. I just nodded my head as I heard Braviary brag all about his newfound attack called Crush Claw he’s going to use on Latios. I really wanted to laugh at him; I mean Latios is in the top five, he’s one of the strongest guys here. So it’s almost impossible to beat him and the odds of him beating him were slim to none.

While I was finishing up putting on my lipstick, I could hear the sliding glass door from the back open and close. Whoever came in closed it to the point where it was slammed it shut. Normally I wouldn’t pay attention to those things, but the sound of the door closing made it impossible to focus on applying my make-up on. So I glanced over and saw a young girl, forming a huge smile on her face. Her long sand colored hair was tied in two low pigtails which both draped over her shoulders. She had a small yellow tank top on with matching red and brown ragged styled hip huggers, with rips on the brown bottoms of the legs.

Upon seeing her, Latios got up from his seat and walked towards the girl with his arms spread open. She ran towards him, throwing her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. In a way, that reminded me of how I would greet Dialga if I were to see him. Dialga… now I was really starting to miss him. I haven’t seen him in some time and we usually don’t like to be away from each other for a long time. So, I was hoping that Dialga is alright. Latios and the girl then came over to the spot where he was originally sitting and as he sat down, she proceeded to pull up a chair beside him.

“Oh Palkia, have you met my girlfriend?” Latios asked me as he pointed to his fire/fighting type girlfriend.

I stuck out my hand as a motion to shake hers. “I think I’ve seen you around before. Gothitelle teaches you, and your name is…” I said as I was trying to remember this girl’s name.

She stuck out her hand and proceeded to shake mine with a smile. Though she was a fire type, my skin was okay with the heat. “Blaziken, and yes I’ve seen you before, By the way, if you ever come by Latios’ house again, you’ll see me more since I would like to move in with him in secret,” she explained.

I glanced over at Vanilluxe, who was rolling his eyes at the conversation. And like Milotic and Braviary, I couldn’t help but laugh as well. All I was thinking was that Blaziken was in for a rude awakening when it came to Latias. I hoped that she could handle being disobeyed a lot and not snapping when she slams doors in her face. Yes she is a fighting type and could stand her ground but Latias was defiant to the bone. I mean, she drew on the walls again when I got to their house.

‘Good luck! ‘I snickered inside as I put on my foundation.

All I wanted to do at this point was put on my make-up. If I was going to be around a lot of people, I would need to look presentable, plus I don’t go out of the dimension without any make-up on. Without it, I’d look very ugly and old. I had spots on my face and I have a few pimples and I shouldn’t be having them. Plus people make fun of you for those things. It takes me about four appliances of make-up for me to be fully satisfied with the end result and it’s to the point where Dialga would get annoyed. I pulled out my compact mirror from my pouch and opened it. From there, I looked at myself in the small round mirror to admire my work. I was almost happy with the result, just one more appliance of foundation and I was good to go.

“Oh, I’m sure you’re going to have a great life together,” Milotic said sarcastically while she and her friend were snickering under their breath.

“Oh shut up, Milotic!” Blaziken shouted angrily. “Seriously, Little Miss Eye Candy shouldn’t be talking.”

Milotic started to laugh at the young girl’s insult. I knew that she hated being called eye candy but I couldn’t help but laugh inside. That is the same line I’ve heard Latios used when he argued with Milotic. So to hear his girlfriend say it to is funny, considering that Milotic once wanted to be with Latios, but she was quickly shot down from what I understood. Nonetheless, I just minded my own business and slapped on my eye liner. I wanted no part of this argument.

“Man Blaziken, take a chill pill,” Braviary said as he laughed. “No need to resort to insults.”

“I wanted to say something witty but Braviary beat me to the punch,” the blonde haired girl said. “Anyway just because I’m beautiful and I’ve won many pageants doesn’t mean I’m JUST eye candy. I’m much more than that, honey. Of course, you’re just a kid so you wouldn’t know.”

As the conversation progressed, I sat there shaking my head and laughing inside. I understood that Milotic was defending herself because she really was more than just a beautiful girl; however she really can’t talk about Blaziken being just a kid when she herself was two years younger than her. So that made her a kid as well. I wanted to say something at this point, but I just kept to myself. This was not what I came here for. As they dished it out, I kept looking back and forth at whoever was speaking.

“Which is sad because she has self-respect and you don’t,” Latios interjected.

Upon hearing that, Milotic had a shocked expression on her face. It looked like as if she was about to cry but was trying her hardest not to. Yes it was annoying when she’d prance around in heels and talk about how she’s won so many pageants, however it didn’t mean that she has no self-respect. It just meant that she loved herself enough to want to flaunt it and it’s not a bad thing. It’s just for me, it got annoying since it only reminded me that I lacked those qualities.

“And I have no self-respect because I live by my own rules and I don’t let anyone hold me down,” she said sarcastically. “That’s cool. But I DO have self-respect. I don’t need to be like your girlfriend to have that. At least I won’t surrender who I am as a person to please anyone like some people.”

“At least I have a boyfriend and you don’t,” Blaziken said in an annoyed tone. “And it’s not about changing who I am; it’s about realizing that I have to grow up if I want this relationship to work. Latios doesn’t want a girl who does nothing and has him do all the work.”

“But… you didn’t shine his shoes…” I interjected. “Irony…”

I got up from my chair and began to stretch in boredom. I needed these guys to switch to conversation to something more… you know, fun. I don’t want to talk about relationships and hearing them chew each other out on the subject. But I am afraid that if I said stop, than they wouldn’t listen to me. What else could I do? I already applied my make-up and admired my work. There was really nothing else for me to do but listen to what was going on.

“All I’ll say is that I’m waiting for the right person to come long. As of now I’m alright with not having a partner. Sure I really want to be with Vanilluxe because he’s everything I want in a man, but he’s married,” Milotic said as she got up from her chair. “That’s all and we should stop this.”

“Wait, one question,” Braviary asked with a look of sadness. “You… you like… Vanilluxe?”

“Yes,” the young girl said while blushing madly. “I really do because he was the only one who didn’t see me as eye candy. He treated me like a real person and has acted mature around me and that’s what I wanted.”

As Vanilluxe gave the girl a serious look on his face, I sat back down in my chair, relived that the fight was over. I wanted to hear them talk about their tournament instead of their relationships. As I was looking at them, Milotic walked slowly over to the other side of the table, where the cream haired man was sitting there, in shock. When she asked if she could sit with him, Vanilluxe looked up at the girl and raised his eyebrow at her. To me, he looked pretty uncomfortable letting her sit in the same seat as him now that he seems to know that she loved him. He wasn’t sure what to do at the moment. With that, Vanilluxe got up from his chair and preceded go into the hallway without saying a word.

“So Palkia, while we were all fighting, you were just caking on the make-up and checking yourself out,” Latios said with a smirk. “Very typical of female Pokemon…”

“Well, I wanted to look presentable and not scare anyone,” I laughed. “Plus, I didn’t want to talk about relationships but rather wanted to hear about your battle tournament.”

“It’s not like all girls cake on make-up, Latios,” Blaziken remarked. “You meant to say that it was very typical of Palkia…”

Latios rolled his eyes as he pulled his chair closer to the table and proceeded to put his hand over mine, which caused Blaziken to give him a weird look. “I wanted to tell you about that. I was going to discuss it only with the guys, but since you are learning about strength, I want you to be there as well. So you’re going to be the only girl there in on the conversation,” he said with a smile. “Plus I have some tasks for you relating to the battle.”

‘Ooh wow…' I thought to myself as I just sat there, nodding at him. It made me feel special to know that I’m the only girl who’s going to be at this conference the other guys are going to have. Plus, having tasks to do only made my mission more exciting. So far I’ve been lucky. I escaped a messy situation at school, Latios said that I had potential and now I’m at Gothitelle’s house, with advice so far from not only her husband but a famous beauty queen. All I needed was the second strongest Pokemon, which she would be with me in a moment. Wow, I am a lucky kid. However, Blaziken was not happy...

7th June 2012, 11:01 PM
Wow. I really like the concept going on here - it's really imaginative and the plot itself is rather decent. There are only a few jarring points to it, though:

First of all: the constant references to self confidance are wearing a bit, as well as the way that every couple of paragraphs there's a statement about her life in general ('I just hate it when...Personally I just...) which makes this seem a bit too - erm- like you're taking us by the hand and telling us what's going on (coincidentally, this is one of the man mistakes Dragonfree pegged me on when I started mine).

There's just the odd spelling and grammar mistake, far and few between, such as the misspelling of the word 'scent' in post two (with the intimate scene with Palkia and Dialga). At the top of post 2, the word 'treaded' does not seem to make sense.

I also think that there are some occasions when Italics would be more better suited than CAPITAL letters, as italics are better at placing emphasis.

Speaking of which, Dialga's outburst of 'Can't you see the DANGER' seems a bit out of place with his usually calm attitude and makes him seem to hysterical to be taken seriously. Definitely for this occasion, Italics is better.

To be blunt, I don't like Palkia as a character much, with her self-centredness (with getting Dialga to do everything) and the piles of makeup she puts on makes her look shallow. On top of this, the metaphors she uses to describe herself are a bt strange (there are green apples) and the semicolon is unnecessary.

All in all, I think that with some minor character development and a bit more of passive story-telling, this'd be much easier to read, as at the moment the constant self-confidance remarks are, as previously stated, very repetitive and Palkia seems to tell us too much. Apart from that, I really enjoy the story so far and can't wait to see how it comes along.

10th June 2012, 2:55 AM
Thanks for the review and yes, I will fix the italics. As for Palkia, she will evolve later on in the story but she does rely on Dialga for support.

warnings: sexism, violence, cursing, tension, misogyny (?)

“Why her?” Blaziken asked angrily. “You told me that it’s only the guys in both aspects of this tournament. What the hell makes her so special that she could listen in?”

“I did say that, however, since she’s learning and won’t speak out of turn like a certain girlfriend of mine, meaning you,” Latios explained. “I decided Palkia is smart, mature and strong enough to be in on our meeting.”

“Whatever,” she scoffed as she crossed her arms.

I nodded while taking everything in. I thought it was kind of funny that Blaziken was jealous of me because I got to be in the conference and she didn’t. I mean, damn, it’s only a conference. It wasn’t like I was going to be in the actual battle. If she wanted in next time, she might have to learn to listen to what Latios wants instead of everything always being about her. I sat there as Latios turned to his girlfriend and raised his eyebrow as he tried to explain everything to her.

“Blaziken, we’ve talked about this when you were with me yesterday. I told you that you could fight in the second half of the tournament but not -,” Latios tried to explain.

“But that’s a wildcard battle! Wildcard battles are only for fun. I want to be in the MAIN battle, Latios. You told me you would let me fight you,” Blaziken yelled as she cut him off. “You don’t see me as serious at all do you?”

“Blaziken, first of all, don’t you ever disrespect me by cutting me off,” he said angrily as he raised his voice. “Now second of all, you knew that my main battle was guys only. Plus I said that in the halftime battle, I would be your opponent, did I not? I do see you as serious, but the main battle is for strong fighters only.”

Blaziken was fuming as she clenched her fists; the steam was literally coming from her head. So not only was Latios going to have a main battle, which was with the guys but he was also going to add a fun battle to it, in which us girls could join. Actually when I thought about it, it was a great idea. Because we actually got to see a more professional battle with strong and bold battlers first before we jump into it. It could be a great learning experience for me on my journey. Not only would it be good for me, but for the other girls and some of the guys.

“If I could add to this discussion here, but I thought we were told that if we made a tourney, that we should allow everyone to sign up,” Braviary interjected.

“Well, if they willingly do not sign up for the serious half of the tournament, then it’s okay,” Latios said as he tried to articulate a defense for himself.

“Key word there, Latios: willingly. It don’t mean that Blaziken gets pressured into not signing in,” the red haired guy explained. “SHE has to decide for HERSELF if she wants in or not.”

It WAS true that Vanilluxe and Gothitelle told everyone that if they wanted to have a battle tournament at their house, they have to allow anyone to sign up. Which brings the question of: why didn’t Latios have this battle at his house? At least he could do what he wanted there. Here his wishes won’t be respected as much in favor of the battlers who… don’t really know what they are doing. The reason I was excited about this tournament was that I was going to get see the strong battlers fight and learn from them, the masters. If weak battlers got to wiggle their way into this battle, then there would nothing for me to learn. I could have battled for that notion.

“But I wanted to see the stronger battlers fight,” I said sadly. “Blaziken and I aren’t that strong and Latios and the others are. I want to learn from them. I am here to learn how to be stronger right? What could I possibly learn from battlers who can’t even beat me?”

When I asked that question, Blaziken and Braviary both looked at me with a weird expression. Even Milotic, who was pretty much laying her head down on the table crying, had to look up at me. Blaziken looked like she was about to blow a gasket judging by the redness that spread all over her face.

“Shut up, Palkia!” Blaziken shouted angrily as she slammed her fists on the table. “I like I wanted to tell Latios, I AM strong. I’ve been training under the best physical combat trainer in Unova for a year and a half, someone who is naturally strong and had to work her way up. Even she says I’m strong. So don’t you dare say I’m not strong, got that? Especially since you are sitting there like a skinny little twig.”

“Oh yeah? Well, Dialga has taught me some tricks as well,” I retorted. “Unless you want a big fat time loop, I think you oughta get out of my face.”

As I quickly stood up from my chair, so did Blaziken. We were both giving each other the death stare at this point. I was trying so hard not to punch her in her face at this point. Just because I was thinner and had a smaller frame than she did didn’t mean I was scrawny. I weighed less than her, so what? Let’s not forget that she’s a physical attacker and my specialty is special attacks. Also, it didn’t ignore the fact that I was higher up on the list than she was. I was still technically stronger than her, even with all that training she has received. She had no right to talk smack about me to cover up her own shortcomings.

Just as we were having our stare down, an arm appeared right in front of me and pushed me down to my seat. At that time, I could hear Latios chuckling softly.

“Cut it out,” Braviary said as he looked at both of us. “Palkia, now that was just really unnecessary. Blaziken, do we really have to resort to name calling? Latios, you shut up. Now, I’m going to go comfort my friend. Y’all best better not start this crap again…”

As he went to go comfort the upset blonde, Latios looked up at his girlfriend as he raised his eyebrow at her. He clearly looked aggravated at her, yet amused at our fight.

“Now then, do me a favor and go get me a drink,” Latios said to his girlfriend in an agitated tone. “I would like some apple juice.”

Blaziken frustratedly got up from her chair, kicked it, and proceeded to go into the kitchen. In that moment, all I could do is just sit and stare. For one, it would prevent her from saying anything else to me that would cause me to pull her two pigtails or give her a black eye. Second, for that comment, I was glad that Latios had done something about it. She was at the refrigerator, just looking at everything that was going on in the dining room. I wanted to give her a “ha ha!” look, however I didn’t really care enough to do it. So I just glanced over at her as she was trying to find the apple juice.

“You’re lucky I want to make this work…” she mumbled under her breath.

“Yo, what’s going on here?” a familiar voice asked. “Can’t I have a relaxing and calm talk with my wife without you guys starting a fight?”

I looked over at the hallway and saw Vanilluxe, just standing there with one hand on his waist. However, his clothes were different now from when I first greeted him. He was now wearing a white shirt, about two sizes too big, tucked into a pair of baggy, elastic blue pants. He defiantly looked more comfortable, however I have no idea why the change of outfits. Upon seeing him, Milotic lifted her head from the table. She smiled at him, as she was excited to see him, however knowing his reaction earlier, she was careful not to spook him. Vanilliuxe motioned for her to go outside to that they could have a talk. However, as they got up to head to the back door…

“So, you have a wannabe man for a wife and you attract useless eye candy. Wow, Vanilluxe you need work big time,” Latios said to me under his breath.

While I raised my eyebrow at Latios, Vanilluxe looked over at him and me as he was getting ready to go outside. However, Milotic quickly turned around as she stared at us hard. I could see the tears forming in her eyes as she tried to lunge at Latios. Before she could even try to hit him, Vanilluxe stuck his arm right in front of her, keeping her back from doing that same thing.

“I am NOT useless!” Milotic screamed in tears while trying to break free. “How dare you!”

“Hey, Milotic stop okay? You’re better than this,” the older man explained as he has his arm right in front of her. “Now, don’t give a damn about what Latios thinks of you okay? I’m your best friend and so is Braviary and we know that you aren’t useless. Plus you beat me in a battle, remember? You have strength that you will use, however know that you don’t have to be a good battler to be useful. You being a good person makes you useful. ”

Latios let out a laugh that was so loud, that the sound waves bounced off the plain white walls. We looked at him, with expressions of blankness on our faces as we tried to figure out why he was laughing. Blaziken just stood right in front of the open refrigerator, trying to figure out just what was going on while trying to avoid getting him his drink. When he was done laughing, Latios cleared off his tears of joy and just chuckled at me.

“Palkia, did he just say that he got beat by that deadweight?” Latios asked.

“I don’t think Milotic is deadweight…” I started to say. “To answer the question, I was the referee for their inside battle, a battle that was interrupted. However if Gothitelle didn’t yell at us, then it would have been Milotic that won the battle, I even got it in my notes,”

“Hah! Well good thing you get to see how a real battle is done,” he chuckled.

All the while, Vanilluxe seemed like he was trying his best not to respond to what Latios was saying about him. It was pretty hard for him to do so as he kept looking at the two of us. The look that he gave Latios suggested that he wanted to kill him. However, he wanted to save that energy during the tournament. The tournament… something that I wish could be brought up again instead of a fight about Milotic’s usefulness. I really don’t think she’s useless. She’s annoying but she’s anything but deadweight, and it makes me sad to see her cry.

“Now you see what I’ve been trying to tell you, Palkia? Other than strength not being everything, you need to always question what others say if it seems off to you,” Vanilluxe said in a stern voice.

“Don’t be jealous that I am a real man…” the blue haired man whispered loudly.

“Latios, a REAL man wouldn’t tell a young girl, who is trying to find her inner strength, that she would never be as strong as someone who was born with different genitals. Finally, a real man wouldn’t boss his girlfriend around and order her to get her drinks in someone else’s home. Especially since Gothitelle and I have told everyone many times that no one, except us, was allowed in that kitchen. What kind of message are you sending to Palkia here? Males are always better and a woman’s place is serving her man? You see, I saw the crap you were saying to Palkia through her notes. I will give you that males naturally have an edge when it comes to biology, however it doesn’t mean that they are always better. Women make great fighters as well and you experienced that firsthand, didn’t you Latios?” the cream haired man asked.

‘Women make great fighters as well and you experienced that firsthand, didn’t you Latios?’ When that thought came up from their conversation, it made me think of when I was in Latios’ house asking him questions. When he told me that men were naturally stronger but I asked about Gothitelle and Gothorita and he said nothing to me on them. It brings me to the question as to why he didn’t respond, and now I felt like asking him. However I didn’t want to embarrass him further, so I whispered my question to him.

“Hey, why did you dodge my question about those girls when I asked you at your house?” I whispered to him, not realizing that the others seemed to have heard me as they were laughing.

“None of your business, Palkia,” he whispered back loudly to me in an angry tone while hitting the table with his fist. “Stay out of it. Go put on your make up or something.”

I just sat there, with my heart pounding. I didn’t realize that I have just offended Latios and in front of company. I was really hoping that this doesn’t ruin my chances of getting into that battle meeting. I mean it was an honor to be the only girl listening in on the conversation, but not that could be ruined, all because of what I just asked. Worst of all, I thought that I was being careful not to embarrass or offend him, especially with other people looking at us.

“I’m sorry, Latios,” I said as I almost had tears in my eyes.

Now, I can’t do anything to Latios for that one because he was stronger than me, and he was male. So if I were to attack him for the insult, he probably would think its child’s play. Plus, he was more respected than me, so I have to be really careful around him. If it was Blaziken saying that or if Latios was a girl, I would punch her.

“Palkia, it’s alright. He’s just mad cuz he got his butt kicked by two girls, that’s all,” Braviary said. “I get beaten by girls a lot. I don’t see what the problem is.”

“Oh, I just went easy on those girls. I knew they were weak, and I didn’t want to crush their egos, so I went easy on them,” Latios explained. “They thought they were manly, and as the nice guy I was, I didn’t feel like putting them in their place.”

Now, Latios is a smart guy, but I knew that what he said wasn’t true. Mostly because Gothitelle was the type of fighter that would never let her opponent go easy on her and she wouldn’t go easy on them either. She’d expect a fair and rather tough challenge. When it came to Gothorita, she would actually be offended if someone were to treat her battling as if it wasn’t serious. Some Pokemon often don’t want to fight her because of how small and young she is, but I knew that once they accepted, she can actually kick butt out there. It’s impossible for Latios to go easy on them; they’d never fight anyone who’d go easy on them. Plus it didn't seem like something he would say. With that, I just sat there and shook my head no.

“Bull! They have beaten you fair and square and YOU know it,” Vanilluxe raised his voice as he started going towards the fridge. “Blaziken, do you mind going back to your seat?”

As Blaziken started to go back to where she was sitting, Vanilluxe was picking up from where she started: pulling out the juice and pouring it into a tall glass. As soon as she sat down next to him, Blaziken looked up at Latios with an angry look on her face. She was clearly upset at him for embarrassing her the way he did, however for what she said to me, she kind of deserved it.

“Hope you’re happy…” she muttered.

Blaziken looked away as Vanilluxe was standing over the kitchen divider, easing in on the conversation. I was not sure about anyone else, but I could feel this conversation getting tenser and tenser by the minute. All I want at this point is for everyone to get along and to talk about the battle tournament that I got to listen in on.

“Cut the attitude, Blaziken. You’re lucky I’m not entirely mad at you. I’m mostly mad at everyone telling me those two gender-confused girls could actually beat ME in a battle. Next time they want to step to me, I’ll show them their place, gladly. Especially the fat one,” he whispered angrily.

I slowly started to get up from my seat, just looking around in shock. I just couldn’t believe he said that about Gothitelle. I mean I understand that he snapped from the embarrassment but to call someone fat is an insult to anyone and I personally would never resort to those types of attacks. Everyone else in the room was very surprised as well. Vanilluxe just gave him the death stare from behind the counter as he brought over the drink. However, as he was about to get closer to the table, I could hear someone coming in through the front door.

“Your door was open, sorry. Anyway, looks like I got myself into a tropical storm here,” the somewhat nerdy male voice said.

“More like a hurricane,” Braviary interjected. “Sorry ‘bout that, Haxorus.”

I turned around and saw a young man with a young girl. He had short and choppy puce colored hair topped with a dark red baseball cap that read ‘I love baseball’ in big blue letters. He had a short dark brown vest over a red t-shirt and also had matching brown pants. Now the girl hanging on his arm was a girl I disliked. Not as much as Latias or, at the moment, Blaziken but nonetheless. Sure, she had pretty medium length blue and black hair for which she’d wear a red flower in it. She also had a short kid-like, long sleeved blue dress with two vertical red stripes on in the side. The bottom of her dress looked as if it were ripped, however it was just the style.

I found this girl to be very airheaded and annoying, especially when it came to her needing to be rescued. In short, she thinks that her boyfriend rescuing her is indeed romantic and would say it a lot. I noticed that she came with a big yellow ball and was slowly rolling it on the floor. I just rolled my eyes as I looked toward the kitchen, at everything that was going on. Detecting that there would be some fireworks between those guys, I took my make-up bag and notepad and slowly started to ease my way to the living room. Even from fifty feet away, I could feel the tension of the house.

“So, you wanted apple juice right?” Vanilluxe calmly said as he stood in front of Latios, holding the big glass in one hand.

Latios nodded as he gave the older man a confused look. “Yes, I need something to drink badly.”

Vanilluxe just stood there, narrowing his eyes at the blue haired man as he moved the glass closer to him. When the glass was about six inches from him, he stopped and continued to stare at him. He had fumes in his eyes; he looked like he really wanted to give Latios a piece of his mind. While on the other hand, the young man just sat there with a deer in the headlights look, wondering if he was going to get his drink. However, something happened which changed the mood of the room in a matter of minutes.

“Well drink up, Latios!” the older man shouted as he jerked the glass forward and purposely split all of the apple juice on the blue haired young man, also getting a good amount on Blaziken as well. However that was on accident.

Gasps could be heard from around the room as Latios doubletaked at both his dripping wet self, his shocked girlfriend and at the irate older man standing in front of him. That wasn’t very nice of him to do, I thought to myself and I could only figure that everyone else must be thinking the same thing. The blue haired man then got up from his chair, with that same fire in his eyes, just starting at the other man.

“Blaziken, move out of the way. I don’t want you to get hurt,” Latios said as he motioned for his girlfriend to leave the kitchen.

As she quickly moved out of the way, Braviary moved closer behind Vanilluxe, hoping that maybe he could prevent him from doing anything reckless. While Milotic stood behind the red haired boy with both her hands on her face in shock. Both guys as of now were still staring at each other, while the cream haired man made a fist with his right hand and began to pump it.

“What the hell was that for?” Latios raised his voice.

Then, all of a sudden, Vanilluxe, with one hand, started to grab Latios by his sweatshirt collar and started to speak. “You can talk about me, I clearly don’t give a damn what you say about me, okay?” he said calmly with an edge of anger.

“But…” Vanilluxe started to shove the blue haired man about four inches from where he was standing. “LET ME GET ONE THING PERFECTLY CLEAR OKAY? DON’T YOU EVER INSULT MY FAMILY!”

The older man was breathing rather quickly as he gave Latios the ‘I’m going to kill you’ stare, in which, Latios had the look of fear in this eyes, something so rare to see from him. My heart was beating quickly as well as I saw Haxorus trying to protect his girlfriend from everything that was going on. It made me wish that Dialga was here to shield me as well. His strong arms wrapped around me, whispering to me that everything was going to be okay. I needed that at the moment and bummer that I don’t have that right now.

As Vanilluxe started to lunge at the blue haired man, Braviary ran up behind him and grabbed his arm, thus, preventing him from moving any further. He was very resistant and wouldn’t go down without a fight. Haxorus had to jump in and assist the red haired boy in keeping the older man under control. I just stood frozen in my spot, the annoying black haired girl kept calling out for her mate, Blaziken ran to Latios and stretched her arms in front of him and Milotic was crying hysterically, pleading with her crush to stop trying to fight.

“Blaziken! Move out of the way!” Vanilluxe shouted while trying to break free from Braviary and Haxorus’ restraint.

“Please stop this! Even though he pissed me off, I love him!” the young girl yelled.

“Okay!” Braviary called out. “It’d be best if ye took Latios outside so we could handle things here.”

As Latios and Blaziken started to walk to the front door, the older man had one more thing to say to his target. “OOH YOUR SO DAMN LUCKY RIGHT ABOUT NOW BECAUSE I SO WANT TO TEAR YOU APART!”

Please guys, stop fighting. I did not come here to see you chew each other out. I came for advice and I hope I get to hear some soon…

Mr. Ribbles
10th June 2012, 2:59 AM
Ooh....Pretty darn good Fanfic you got 'ere. Two Cubchoo paws up!

10th June 2012, 4:25 AM
thanks y'all :3

10th June 2012, 1:53 PM
As I have said before, I do quite like your writing style. It's interesting how you portray the human forms of the Pokemon (especially Vanilluxe, as it has two heads).

That said, like other readers before me, I am a bit... concerned. While I can deal with Palkia being a bit shallow right now (as I presume she will learn and therefore stop being like this later on), I am a bit concerned about her attitudes towards Latios' views. When he said that the girls were excluded from the actual tournament, only being allowed in the minor matches later on, she didn't seem to react much at all. She doesn't seem to care. That, and she acts as though Blaziken deserves to be left out, because she doesn't 'obey' Latios. I don't really see this in the way she acts, and it almost feels like she isn't allowed to have her own free will. And, besides, wouldn't you find it fishy if someone left out their own boy/girl friend out of something, but allowed a total stranger to listen in? =/

That, and I am also a bit worried about how you portray the other girls in your story. They are either very childish or jerks, the only real exceptions being Gothitelle and Gothorita. Not only that, but Palkia also seems to dislike them all, excluding Gothitelle and Gothorita (again). I think they need to be a bit more varied. For example, you could make Blaziken more feisty and tomboyish, whereas Cresselia is prideful and vain. Right now, many of the girls act the same. That, and you really need to introduce some female characters that Palkia actually gets on with - she's okay with most of the guys, why not the girls? It just seems weird.

Look, I don't mean to dishearten you or anything, but you need to look back at your story and think for a bit. I have no problem with Latios being sexist, if that's how you want him to be - but I have a problem with Palkia randomly siding with him. Also, you need to bring in some girls that Palkia likes (or at least is okay with) - otherwise, you keep giving the impression that there's something wrong with girls.

Anyway, good luck with writing your story! =)

10th June 2012, 5:55 PM
I’ll think if smart questions to ask her, after I help Vanilluxe and Milotic clean up the snow.
This threw me off a bit. I think if is meant to be off.

“Don’t cry, Palkia. Everything’s going to be alright,” Dialga whispered into my ear. "I don't like to hear or see you cry."

At least, I can spend some more time with Dialga before we head off for another boring day of school.
I thought this was quite a cute concept. I think the dialogue could be worded better though. It feels a bit unnatural to read at the moment. Maybe something like, "I don't like the thought of you crying."

I thought the story was interesting so far. You have a nice writing style that makes it easy to read. It did remind me of Mean Girls. I think that if you work on characterization a bit more, then it would be lovely. At the moment they seem to be flat and one sided. I'd like to see more sides to their personality.

10th June 2012, 6:45 PM
As I have said before, I do quite like your writing style. It's interesting how you portray the human forms of the Pokemon (especially Vanilluxe, as it has two heads).

That said, like other readers before me, I am a bit... concerned. While I can deal with Palkia being a bit shallow right now (as I presume she will learn and therefore stop being like this later on), I am a bit concerned about her attitudes towards Latios' views. When he said that the girls were excluded from the actual tournament, only being allowed in the minor matches later on, she didn't seem to react much at all. She doesn't seem to care. That, and she acts as though Blaziken deserves to be left out, because she doesn't 'obey' Latios. I don't really see this in the way she acts, and it almost feels like she isn't allowed to have her own free will. And, besides, wouldn't you find it fishy if someone left out their own boy/girl friend out of something, but allowed a total stranger to listen in? =/

Palkia isn't a total stranger to Latios seeing that they met in one of my fics (one i havent finished) but doesn't know her as well as he does now. The reason why there was no reaction form Palkia is but there was one from Latios' girlfriend and some other characters is because Palkia prefers not to be confrontational, (unless someone really pushes her buttons) also these are issues that she doesn't deal with so she doesn't really care what happens. Also she sees this as "this is Latios' battle". Since they are better acquainted and receives her better, she is starting to respect him.

That, and I am also a bit worried about how you portray the other girls in your story. They are either very childish or jerks, the only real exceptions being Gothitelle and Gothorita. Not only that, but Palkia also seems to dislike them all, excluding Gothitelle and Gothorita (again). I think they need to be a bit more varied. For example, you could make Blaziken more feisty and tomboyish, whereas Cresselia is prideful and vain. Right now, many of the girls act the same. That, and you really need to introduce some female characters that Palkia actually gets on with - she's okay with most of the guys, why not the girls? It just seems weird.

I kinda fixed that in this rewrite since the original was really bad. As for childish, most of the characters in this story are children. Now it seems like the guys are the most mature, maybe save for Latios at sometimes. The different between them is that Vanilluxe and Braviary are almost politically correct and Latios... he prefers to follow his own beliefs and doesn't care what people think. The girls aren't as politically correct either, actually the only ones are Gothitelle and maybe Blaziken because of her backstory. Yes, I should vary personalities and that's what I was trying to do in this version.

Look, I don't mean to dishearten you or anything, but you need to look back at your story and think for a bit. I have no problem with Latios being sexist, if that's how you want him to be - but I have a problem with Palkia randomly siding with him. Also, you need to bring in some girls that Palkia likes (or at least is okay with) - otherwise, you keep giving the impression that there's something wrong with girls.

Anyway, good luck with writing your story! =)

Whiten the story there are girls who she is friends with, so we don't think there's anything wrong with them lol

anyway thanks for reviewing :]

(wow i gots lots of comments lol)

Mr. Ribbles
12th June 2012, 5:13 AM
Small question, since I havn't really figured it out yet..Are Palkia, Dialga, etc..etc...Human? (Ya know, Humans, just with a pokemon name.)

Also, this Fanfic totally needs more Cubchoo. Cubchoo makes every fanfic 20% better. >:3.

Random 'Choo joke there, anyway, can't wait for the next chapter..page...whatever you call it, lol.

12th June 2012, 12:21 PM
yeah i pretty much use giikinka Pokemon. so yes they are humanized but with abilities and titles they have as Pokemon.

General note: I finally finished rewriting and can resume on to the battle scenes. I think I did a good job. sexism still runs rapid in this chapter but it's my character who is and plus i handled it differently. Actually to be honest with you, I think this chapter is pretty normal, except for the ending but i still have the warning up.

It took some time for everyone to settle down from the ruckus; however things were looking pretty calm as of now. I was sitting at my original seat, Latios and his girlfriend were back in the house, plus he took off his sweatshirt and had a plain blue polo shirt underneath. Vanilluxe sat a few spaces next to him and was playing poker with Braviary on his P-phone while trying to explain to Milotic as to why her actions from before were bothering him. She was also wearing a different outfit than before. Instead of her bikini, she wore a plain black dress. It was mostly because she was told to change if she wasn’t going to use the pool. Meanwhile, Haxorus was sitting to my right with his annoying girlfriend sitting next to him. She was leaning up against him while he was doing the same and rubbing her back in comfort. Blaziken just sat across the way from her boyfriend.

“Hey Vanilluxe, even though I don’t like you, I –“Latios started to say in his normal tone.

“Yo, I don’t like you either,” the older man said as he turned around and cut him off.

“Ignoring the fact that you cut me off, which is disrespectful, I want to apologize to you for saying things about your wife and kid, alright? I said it because you were embarrassing me in front of everyone and it wasn’t cool, but what I said under pressure wasn’t cool either,” the blue haired man explained. “In fact, to also give apologies to where they are deserved, I want to apologize to you to, Palkia. I snapped at you because I felt you were helping him ruin me.”

All I could do was smile at him. It felt really good to hear an apology from Latios. The weird thing about it was that he hardly apologizes for what he says unless he didn’t mean to say it or that what he said wasn’t something he wouldn’t normally say. Plus, by the tone of his voice, he sounded like he really meant it. So with that, I nodded my head as I gave him a big smile as my way of telling him that I accepted his apology.

“Hmm… well I hope you are being sincere about your apologies, Latios. Though, I don’t doubt your honesty, so I will accept your apology,” Vanilluxe said as he nodded his head. “I shall apologize for spilling your drink on you and shoving you in return.”

“Apology accepted. So are you still in for the battle?” The blue haired man asked while pouring him a drink from the pitcher placed on the table.

“Hell yeah I’m still in. This was why I changed my clothes. If I am going to kick some butts, then I want to be comfortable doing so,” the cream haired man replied with a smirk.

I lightly chucked at the clothes comment as I began to put my head down on the table in boredom. Many conversations were going on all around me. Haxorus was talking to his girlfriend, Vanilluxe, Braviary and Milotic were talking about the poker game and Latios just sat there, smirking. As everyone continued to talk amongst themselves, I was feeling kind of lonely. All I could think about was Dialga. How I wanted him to wrap his strong arms around me and just enjoy each other all day long. I wanted to enjoy his scent and lay on his bare chest when I would unbutton his shirt. Most importantly, I wanted to be in his messy room, eating waffles with him and watching the time channel, but not really watching it.

“So… you’re Palkia right?” Haxorus asked me as he tapped me on my shoulder. “I’m cool with Dialga, so I was just asking.”

“Yes, I am, and Dialga’s my boyfriend,” I replied as I slowly began to sit up straight in my chair. “I wish I could see him. Seeing everyone with their mates has made me miss mine.”

“I can relate. That’s why Hydreigon and I are always together, like we are now,” he said. “Besides the fact that I can’t sleep without her to spoon with, I tend to emotionally miss her when I’m away from her for long periods of time. But anyways, Dialga might come when you least expect him to.”

‘I can relate to the cuddling’ I thought as I laughed inside. His words about spooning echoed in my head. For some reason, I cannot get the image of this kid having a thing for cuddling with one of the most annoying and airheaded girls I know, but hey, it’s his choice in girls. To be honest, I would like to do that with Dialga soon. While talks about his clocks and waffle makers he bought from the store with that soft spoken voice that I would just melt by listening to.

“So, when are we going to talk about the battle, Latios?” I asked him.

“Be patient, girl! I know it must feel good to be the only girl there, right?” Latios replied with a chuckle. “Anyways, the battle starts when all the battlers I’ve called get here. I’m waiting on only one more. You know that this conversation is only for people involved in the battle, plus you right? Well, this is where your first task will come in. When all the battlers get here, I will tell you what you need to do first.”

“Hey, congrats Palkia. I’m surprised to get to be in the battle meeting considering that I know Latios pretty well,” Haxorus said as he patted me on the back. “I’m also going to be battling in this tournament.”

“Well, Palkia is here to learn how to be stronger. So I let her in on the battle conversation so she’s learn how to battle effectively. Plus she’ll see how a real battle is supposed to go,” the blue haired man explained. “I told her that when she gets stronger, then she will have the privilege of going head to head with me in battle.”

And what a challenge I look forward to. I hope to get back out there and have people asking me to battle them plus have the privilege of battling strong battlers, such as Latios himself. Now that would be an awesome boost to my confidence. Especially since Latios doesn’t battle girls unless it was in a wildcard battle. I would probably he his wildcard, but who cares, as long as I got to battle him. Maybe, Blaziken should have really thought about that. I mean, she gets to battle him and show him what she’s made of. What’s the fuss about being in a serious battle? Wildcard battles are more fun and relaxed and you get play around a lot.

As we were all talking, the doorbell rang. I glanced over at Milotic getting up from her poker game and prancing towards the door. I was too much in to my conversation to even crane my neck to see who it could be. However, all of that changed when I heard the voice greeting Milotic and thanking her for opening the door. This wasn’t any voice, but this was the voice I’ve been dying to hear. It was soft spoken and humble, how it made me melt. I turned around and my eyes widened. There stood the guy I needed to be around, the one who makes me feel better about myself. The blue haired boy of my dreams…

Dialga… he came.

“Hey, Palkia!” Dialga exclaimed as he took off his metal chest plate.

“Dialga!” I screamed in joy as I ran to him and put my arms around his neck. In return, he lifted me off the floor. “I missed you…”

“I missed you to, Palkia. It’s been hard without you,” he whispered. “Want to go sit down? I brought a few things I want to show you.”

After he puts me down, we both went over to my original seat. Dialga went over to where the foldable seats were located, by the kitchen divider, and picked up a foldable bench, big enough for the two of us to sit. I took my chair and moved it near the divider and went over to join him. After Dialga shook hands with both Latios and Haxorus, he lifted up a big white cloth bag on his lap and started to pull some items out of it.

“Okay, I went to the library before I came here and had to get a card, which was nerve racking because you weren’t around. But, with Haxorus’ help, I was able to get it and check out a few books,” he explained as he pulled out a thick book on spatial manipulation. “I felt really bad about having to tell you that I wasn’t going to teach you any more of my powers. It broke my heart to know that I was the one who made you cry. I was close to caving in and telling you that I WAS going to teach you. I only wanted you to be happy, Palkia.”

“However, she’s not going to be happy if she relies on your powers, only temporarily,” Latios interjected. “I told Palkia that if she wants to become stronger, she needs to stop relying on men to do her work.”

“To your first statement, exactly, and that was what I realized when I spoke to you and asked you for advice,” Dialga continued. “Anyway Palkia, I decided to go to the library and get a book on spatial powers and how to use them. I know you don’t like your powers, but I got this book because I thought maybe it would be good if I taught you from the book how to use your powers. I can read it to you and I can show you, how does that sound?”

Even though I thought lowly of my spatial abilities, the idea of Dialga teaching me was something I couldn’t stop smiling about. This was a great way for me to get to know my powers and with someone that I care about. We could both have a lot of fun with this and would be a great way to bond with each other as a couple. I could learn a lot from Dialga and only he could make me feel better about my powers.

“I’d love that, Dialga.” I replied with a smile.

“Great! We can start when we are done here. Also I bought this for you,” he said as he pulled out this big pink glittery purse from the bag. “You should look inside it to see what I also got. I know you are into your make up and to make you happy…”

I opened the purse and saw a whole bunch of make ups that I’ve needed or that I’ve begged Dialga to get me. There was an assortment of nail polishes, press on nails and stick-on eyelashes. There was also shimmery foundation; some eyeliner and eye shadow, something that I’ve have been begging him to get me. Plus I’ve always wanted a real purse instead of just a pouch. As my token of gratitude, I leaned over and gave him a kiss.

“Thank you, Dialga,” I whispered. “You always make me happy.”

“I also got myself a clock that’s shaped like a rocket ship and a waffle cookbook. Neat huh?” Dialga asked.

“Yes,” I giggled. “You always find the coolest things.”

Just as I was about to lean on Dialga and take in the fact that he was here with me, the sound of the front door being welded shut scared me. I turned around, and there I saw that same annoying little girl I saw when I was at Latios’ house except she wasn’t wearing the same clothes as before. Now she has on a plain pink tank top and gray pants. It looks like she’s not punished anymore now that she’s here. I mean her brother never mentioned that she came with him. Latias came with another girl, a blonde that was a year older than Blaziken. She had a light tan, shoulder length hair, blue eyes, had a white tank top and a short brown skirt on. She also had a light stress mark on the top of her forehead and a small black sun tattoo on her right upper arm.

“Aww, don’t be mean to the door, Latias,” the girl said in her soft spoken voice.

“But the door doesn’t have feelings,” Latias replied.

Just by looking at this girl and her athletic physique, one would know that she is a fighting type Pokemon. I just happen to see her around more than I see Blaziken and I know that she boxes, but her personality is a bit of a surprise, never mind her voice. As soon as she saw Dialga, Latias ran to him and gave him a big hug. She then gave me a hug as well, and though I didn’t like her, I still leaned over and gave her one as well. She then skipped over to Latios and gave him a hug as well.

“Can I have a drink, Latios?” she asked.

“What do you say?” Latios replied.

“Please?” Latias asked.

Latios got out a plain white sippy cup as he asked her what she wanted to drink, which the blonde haired girl volunteered to pour her a drink. After the girl pours her some apple juice from the table, she hands Latias over her cup. Once the young girl thanked her, the older girl came up to Latios and gave him a hug, in which Blaziken gave her a weird look. She did go over to Blaziken and shake her hand, as they happen to be friends and be taught by the same person. The blonde haired girl than went back and pulled up a chair next to Latios and sat next to him, making her friend even more uneasy. Another thing I know of this girl was that she also had a huge crush on Latios, even before he went with her friend. She’s still in love with him, but remains mutually friendly to him out of respect for Blaziken.

“Hey, Palkia right? I’ve seen you before but your name escaped me,” the girl said as she shook my hand. “I’m Primeape by the way.”

“Yeah, I’m Palkia and this is Dialga,” I replied while pointing to my boyfriend. “I’ve seen you around as well. I do want to ask you something though. Are you going to be in the wildcard battle?”

“I don’t know. I really just wanted to be a cheerleader for Latios and I’m also watching his sister. Maybe I’ll battle just to see how far my boxing skills have come, especially when I learned to block attacks with Latios that day. I DID wanted to battle him as a wildcard, but only if he grants me that privilege,” Primeape explained.

During the whole conversation, Blaziken just rolled her eyes. Her eye rolling has gotten to be really annoying right about now. I mean sometimes I wonder why the attitude. Was she jealous of Primeape? That next to her, maybe she’s a better choice for Latios than her? I mean, gathering what I know about these girls, if I were to compare them by traits; Blaziken is outspoken and wants to be more involved. She generally doesn’t like to be ordered around and will say something if she doesn’t like what’s going on. Primeape on the other hand is very docile and a pushover. She has a passion for boxing and she’s good with kids.

“Okay, why the hell do you girls treat him like fighting him is a privilege?” Blaziken asked in an annoyed tone as she sat up on her seat. “He’s just like any other battler, but stronger. And I was also talking to you to, Palkia.”

“This is your boyfriend you’re talking about. Are you being a bit too harsh? But anyway, it’s because he’s a respected and experienced battler. He’s helped me a little with my boxing and has been great,” Primeape explained. “I’m saying that he comes from a line of strong Pokemon. Actually he comes from a line of strong and brave warriors. So he’s gifted in power.”

I just nodded in agreement to what Primeape was saying.

“Key word, Primeape; gifted. He’s a legendary; of course he’s going to be strong. I love Latios, but when someone talks about themselves as if they were the greatest, I don’t care who you are, I’m going to call you out,” the sand haired girl retorted. “I mean, it’s more of a privilege to fight Gothitelle than Latios because you know something? She may not be privileged but she’s been were you and I and a lot of others have been. Like us, she had to build her strength from the bottom up and now look.”

Dialga and I were trying hard to understand what is coming out of this girl’s mouth. Was she saying that because we are legendary we are “gifted”? If they are supposed to be gifted, then why am I number twelve on the list? Why Giratina and her mother are number ten and eleven on the list? Except for Dialga, we are pretty much beaten by most non legendary Pokemon. So I pretty much had no idea what they were trying to say or imply.

“Wait, I don’t get it,” I said as I looked around for someone to answer me.

“Well Palkia, if you were born a legendary Pokemon, then you already start off strong. The more your body matures, the stronger you will naturally get. That’s what Blaziken meant by gifted. You were born with strength,” Haxorus started to explain. “We regular Pokemon have don’t have that luxury. We were all born being at the bottom. We have to exercise and train ourselves in order to become stronger. The more experience you have and the more you train and battle, the stronger you are.”

“In short, Palkia, we have to earn our strength. Yeah, you may be number twelve on the list, but the fact of the matter is that your strength was served to you on a silver platter and if you train, you could go higher up on the list,” Blaziken said.

Now I understand what they were saying, but then something bothered me about what they were saying. I practice my Whirlpool once every full moon and I don’t really get stronger, just more skilled. Dialga does get stronger every time he practices his temporal powers and better at them to. Maybe that would explain as to why he was way higher up on the list than I was. He does train a lot more than I do, but I would want to know if everything they are saying is true.

“Anyway, now that the battlers are here Palkia, this is what I need you to do,” Latios said in an annoyed tone.

He got up from his seat, came closer to me and whispered: “Tell everyone who’s not in the battle that they need to go outside. In short, tell the girls to go. Of course, I know you to be extremely dependent so you could ask Dialga to do it for you if you like.”

I did however; get upset at the dependency comment. Especially since I was trying to do this mission on my own, without Dialga’s help and I would need to know how to do that even if he was with me. Like I really needed this to be brought up. So I got up and lightly hit him on his arm with my fist, with a smile. That was my way of saying I know you’re joking but please not about that. Latios tapped Primeape on her shoulder as a motion for her to go outside with him. As he was getting ready to leave with the blonde girl and his sister and tow, he looked back at me and stuck his tongue out.

As soon as he left and I stopped giggling, I began to do my job. I stood up tall and began to speak. “Excuse me, guys. Um, will everyone who’s not battling please go outside and wait? The conference is about to begin.”

“Whatever, Palkia. And by the way, I’m done with Latios. I’m breaking up with him, Blaziken yelled as she was about to storm outside. “Seriously, I don’t need this.”

“Wait! Before anyone leaves, you do know that we allow anyone to sign up right? Well if you want to, now is the time to do it,” Vanilluxe said as he got up. “Of course, what Latios forgot was that the roster is always open. You don’t need to be in the conference to fight, hell a conference is optional.”

“You know what? I’m going to mull over those words, Vanilluxe. Especially since I’m not with him anymore, I guess I can be in the main battle if I wanted to. After all, the roster will always be open. Its house rules,” the sand haired girl said in tears as she stormed out the front door.

Everyone else mulled on it for a little while and decided that it was best not to get into the serious battle. So with that, the girls all kissed their boyfriends near the heart, as a tradition. When a Pokemon is about to go to war or a battle, their partner usually kisses them near the heart for good luck. I will be able to do that with Dialga when we all leave to go outside for the battle. Since Milotic couldn’t kiss him, she gave Vanilluxe a hug before going outside to comfort Blaziken. Hydreigon followed after with her stupid yellow ball. Now, the conference can begin.