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11th May 2012, 2:59 PM
This is my new Planned Pokemon White team, this is a setup then Attack team, so any suggestion in putting more support move on support Pokemon would be also great. Changes were all in Bold

Support Swanna
Item Focus Sash
Nature Modest
Ability Big Pecks
Move Set
Hurricane/Air Slash (any suggestion)
Ice Beam
Now I'm thinking to change Swanna role from being a Special Attacker to a Supporter, so I use Tailwind. Another 3 move is just for more coverage. Focus Sash help Swanna to have more chance to use Tailwind.

Dual Screen Bronzong
Item Light Clay
Nature Impish/Careful
Ability Levitate
Move Set
Light Screen
Zen Headbutt
Light Clay to give more Dual Screen to stay for longer turn, I don't use Gyro Ball because Tailwind will Double Bronzong Speed which make Gyro Ball has more less base power.

Special Attacker Galvantula
Item Life Orb/Focus Sash (Archstaraptor)
Nature Modest/Timid
Ability Compoundeyes
Move Set
Bug Buzz
Energy Ball
Volt Switch(Aurawarrior8)
Life Orb for more Special Attack for Galvantula. Thunder because Compoundeyes already gain much accuracy for Thunder.

Mix Attacker Simisear
Item Life Orb
Nature Rash
Ability Gluttony
Move Set
Fire Blast
Focus Blast
Grass Knot (Aurawarrior8)
Rock Slide
I like Fire Blast more than Flamethrower because it has 85 accuracy (which is not bad) and Simisear need high base power move because it will help Simisear to OHKO your opponent Pokemon more easier. Grass Knot to kill Water, Rock and Ground Pokemon, very useful if my opponent Pokemon is heavy

Choice Band Stoutland
Item Choice Band
Nature Adamant
Ability Intimidate
Move Set
Thunder Fang
Fire Fang
I use Stoutland as a Revenge Killer, but Retaliate will only have more power than Return after it was use after my Pokemon faint, so I am not sure about it.

Shell Smash Crustle
Item Leftover/Rocky Helmet
Nature Impish
Ability Sturdy
Move Set
Rock Slide
Shell Smash
Shell Smash really help Crustle to be a lot better, so I won't take it out, other 3 move are just for more coverage

I never use a Galvantula before, so I need some suggestion about it.
I'm also not sure about using Swanna or Bronzong as a Lead, so please also tell me which Pokemon should be a Lead.
Please feel free to Reply Back some suggestion

11th May 2012, 9:37 PM
I still think you should use Gyro Ball on Bronzong. You can always switch to another Pokemon or Stall out the Tailwind turns with your Dual Screens.

In fact, is this for Singles? If it is then Tailwind isn't very useful. It only lasts 3 turns and the 1st and 2nd turn are used by using the move and switching out leaving you with one turn to capitalize on Tailwind. In that vein, a special attacking or mixed Swanna is probably the best. Of course, if it's for double battles the it's fine.

I would go with Grass Knot over Return to help you deal with Water, Rock and Ground types.

Return > Retaliate. It's more powerful in the long run.

I would go with Volt Switch over Thunder Wave on galvantula. Either that or Hidden Power[Ice].

12th May 2012, 5:31 AM
Thanks for the advice Aurawarrior8, I will keep Tailwind. All changes were in bold. Which Pokemon should be a Lead? Bronzong or Swanna

14th May 2012, 1:54 PM
Any more advice, everything is not improved yet.

5th June 2012, 3:10 PM
AuraWarrior makes a good point about tailwind-it's only really useful outside single battles.
I'll give you some ideas for Galvantula:
Agility,thunder wave & Electroweb all create a bigger difference between you & your opponent's speed-boosting electroball's power dramatically:it can be a base 150 power move,and could work even better in conjunction with tailwind.
Energy Ball's invaluable coverage,and voltswitch is also extremely useful.Using these moves requires an opportunity to set up,however,which could be difficult with low defences.May I suggest a focus sash over life orb,as it could be seen as over kill with a special attack stat that high ;)

5th June 2012, 5:04 PM
Good Suggestion, but I think it is pretty hard to play. I may use this team for Double Battle more than Single Battle. I may try that combo someday. I will put Focus Sash as a option. Thanks for the advice