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13th May 2012, 11:27 PM
This is my Pokemon Crossover. It features the Total Drama cast being turned into Pokemon when they get swept up in a tornado. Enjoy!

Pokemon/Total Drama Island Crossover:

Total Drama Pokemon Quest!

Chapter 1

“Welcome to the new season of Total Drama!” Chris Mclean said, “Our contestants don’t know what we’re putting them through, but just so you know, we’re in an abandoned military camp! That’s right! We’re putting them through military training. It’ll be the most grueling test yet, all for $1,000,000! Here come our contestants now!”

“Duncan, welcome back!” “Are we at a military camp? You’re a cruel man, Chris!” Duncan said. “Thanks!” Chris replied, making Duncan’s insult backfire.

“Here comes Gwen, Trent, Geoff, Bridgette, and DJ!” “Military camp? Really, Chris?” Gwen asked in disgust. “Yes, Gwen. Look! it’s Courtney, Leshawna, Noah, Harold, Cody and Sierra!” “OMG! I have something else to add in my fan blogs!” Sierra exclaimed. “Yes, you do, Sierra. And here comes the final contestants! It’s Owen, Heather, Alejandro, Lindsay, Izzy, Katie, and Sadie!” “Wow! A new season! We could totally win, Katie!” Sadie said to her best friend. “I know! It would be so awesome if we went against each other in the final two! We would both win the money either way!”

“Ok, now that we’re all here, time to get to business!” Chris announced. “You will be competing at this military camp for One Million Dollars!” “Yea!” everyone exclaimed in excitement. But just as Chris was about to say his next statement, a random tornado landed and was headed for the contestants. “Where did that come from?” Duncan screamed in awe. But just as Courtney was about to answer, the tornado swept everyone up, and disappeared.

Later on, in a forest, Duncan woke up and discovered something strange. “Why do I have a big tail? And why am I brown with stripes?” Duncan would soon find out this would be their next great adventure.

Everyone woke up a few hours later. “Where are we?” Courtney asked. “And why am I hungrier than usual ?” Owen asked back. But something was strange. Owen was a short, round figure with blackish fur and cream skin, while Courtney was a little green spider.

“AH! SPIDER!” Leshawna screamed. “Where?” Courtney asked. “You’re the spider!” Leshawna replied, while she was a blue tadpole with a swirl on her belly. “I am not!” Courtney said in anger. “Wait, why do I have spider legs? Oh, no! I am a spider!”

“I know what this is!” Cody exclaimed, who was a green lizard with wheat in his mouth.
“We’re all Pokemon!” “You mean that little kids game?” Gwen, who was a ghostly puppet, asked. “Yea!” Harold replied. He was a little yellow and brown creature who was teleporting. “I know who all of you are! Courtney, you’re a Spinarak! Leshawna’s a Poliwag, Gwen’s a Shuppet, Cody’s a Treecko and Owen’s a Munchlax! I’m an Abra.” “What are we?” Bridgette, Geoff, and DJ asked. Bridgette was a blue and white penguin, Geoff was a yellow and cream sheep, and DJ was an acorn. “Bridgette’s a Piplup, Geoff’s a Mareep, and DJ’s a Seedot,” Cody said.

Duncan was a brown, cream and black rabbit with a big, bushy tail. Izzy was a blue and orange elephant, Katie and Sadie were little, blue snake-like creature, Sierra was a white and pink cat, Trent was a blue crocodile, Heather was an orange chicken, Alejandro was a green, orange, and black creature, and Chris was an orange ant with a head. “Duncan’s a Sentret, Izzy’s a Phanpy, Katie and Sadie are Dratini, Sierra is a skitty, Trent is a Totodile, Heather is a Torchic, Alejandro’s a Larvitar, Noah’s a Gastly, and Chris is a Trapinch.” Harold explained. “I always thought Chris had a big head.” Gwen joked as everyone laughed.

“Wait, so you’re telling me I have to be a fluffy bunny for the rest of my life?” Duncan asked in grief. “No. You need to evolve, and then we’ll have to find a way out of here. But in the meantime, we just have to ride it out,” Cody replied.

“Well at least you’re not a spider,” Courtney said in sympathy. “This is unexpected.” Chris said. “But this is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game. We just need to find Wigglytuff’s guild. Maybe we can make a competition out of this, Chris.” Cody suggested. “Yea. OK, people, we’ll split up into teams.” Chris announced. The team captains are Duncan, DJ, and Izzy. Duncan chooses first.”

“I choose Trent,” Duncan said. “I pick Sierra,” DJ said. “Noah, come on my team!” Izzy exclaimed. Duncan ended up picking Gwen, Courtney, Leshawna, and Harold, DJ picked Cody, Katie and Sadie, and Heather, while Izzy picked Alejandro, Owen, Geoff, and Bridgette.

“Ok, now that we have teams, it’s time for team names. Pick them now.” Chris announced. “We should name our team Team Shiftry, because it’s DJ’s final evolution.” Cody said. “We should be Team Furret, because that’s Duncan’s final evolution.” Harold suggested. “We should be team Donphan, because that’s Izzy’s final evolution.” Owen suggested.

“Do we have team names?” Chris asked. “Yep!” DJ, Duncan, and Izzy replied. “OK! What do we have?” “Team Donphan!” Izzy yelled. “Team Furret!” Duncan exclaimed. “Team Shiftry!” DJ shouted.

Now that the contestants had their teams, Cody and Harold lead them to Wigglytuff’s Guild. “Here we are!” Cody exclaimed. “Wigglytuff’s Guild!”
“Welcome!” A bird with a musical note crest said. “I am Chatot. You must be here to join the Explorers Guild. Follow me.” “This is a nice place you have!” Leshawna commented. “Thank you! We should be heading to the Guildmasters room right now.” Chatot replied. “Guildmaster Wigglytuff? Are you here?” The contestants found a big, pink ball of fluff. “Hi!” he screamed abruptly. “You must be here to join the guild. Well I accept you into the guild. We just need to know your name and you’ll be officially explorer teams.”

“We’re Team Furret,” Duncan said. “Furret is a nice Pokemon,” Wigglytuff replied, “What’s your team name?” he asked as he looked at DJ. “We’re Team Shiftry!” DJ replied “Ooh, a mysterious Pokemon. Now what’s you team name?” “We’re team Donphan!” Izzy replied. “Donphan is powerful. May your strength guide you.”

“Now that we’ve got your team name, we now need to put you in the register. YOOM…TAH! You are now registered. Here are your explorer badges and some bags with a few good items inside. Happy exploring!”

Later on that night, the teams were shown to their rooms. “What a weird day,” Duncan said. “Yea. I wonder what will happen tomorrow. DJ replied. “I’m excited for this,” Izzy said. “Good night,” Duncan said as they all fell asleep.

It’s been a weird day for our explorers. They became Pokemon, and faced the truth when they discovered it. Now they are on explorer teams, so can they live up to the expectations of explorers? Find out on Total Drama Pokemon Quest!

1st June 2012, 3:01 AM
Chapter 2: ADVENTURE!!!

Last time on Total Drama Pokemon Quest,

A strange tornado took all the contestants and Chris to the Pokemon world, and were all turned into Pokemon themselves. Chris finally decided to take action. He turned this phenomenon into a hit! With teams made, our Pokemon are just about to get their first explorer quest.

Stay tuned to find out more on…



Pokemon Quest!

The theme song plays, and it goes to the contestants and Chatot.

“Now that we have teams,” Chatot said, “We need to give you your first Explorer quests. Team Furret, here is your letter.”

“Hello. I am Spoink. I lost my pearl at the pit of a mysterious cave, and I am too scared to get it. That pearl is my pride and joy. Please Help Me!” Harold read. “Team Shiftry, an Abra needs rescuing from Beach cave. Your job is to rescue him.”

“Oh, they get the cool job?” Courtney asked in grief. “Yes they do,” Chatot replied. “Team Donphan, you need to recover a Warp orb.” “You got it!” Izzy exclaimed.

“Ok,” Chris said, “First 2 teams to come back with their completed tasks win immunity. Now GO!” And the teams went off.

First we go to team Donphan. “Ok. We have to retrieve a Warp Sphere!” Izzy exclaimed. “I believe it was Warp Orb…” Noah corrected. “Oh, who cares? We’re here! Pitch Black Barrow!”

“”It says Pitch Black Pit… but it’s probably in the Barrow, so we just have to find out,” Bridgette said. So Team Donphan went on. Let’s check on Team Shiftry.

“”We’re here!” DJ exclaimed, “Beach Cave!” “We just have to find the Abra on one of the floors and return it to the Guild,” Katie said. “Seems easy enough,” Sadie replied.
As Team Shiftry went on, Team Furret arrived as well, and they were already in. “Shivering Cave sure is cold,” Harold said. “What was your first clue?” Duncan asked sarcastically. “We still need to find the pearl for Spoink,” Courtney reminded, “So we need to head on.”

Team Furret went on through the cave. “What’s that?” Duncan asked as everyone looked at a black and red bipedal creature with two claws on each hand and a red feather on it’s head, as if I couldn’t be clearer. “That’s a Sneasel,” Harold replied, “It’s very fast. We need to be quiet no sudden-”. He was cut off as Duncan charged ahead. “You’re going down, Sneasel!” The Sneasel then woke up, and started to run away, but couldn’t as Duncan used Scratch. Remember, kids. Duncan is a Sentret, and can use Scratch naturally.

“So much for no sudden movements,” Leshawna said. But The others had already started to battle Sneasel, who was agile and graceful, only getting damaged a couple of times. It eventually fell to Gwen’s Night Shade, who, as a Shuppet, used with power. “Is everybody OK?” Gwen asked. “Yes!” Everyone replied. “There’s a staircase!” Duncan said. They went down the staircase, and ended up in The cave of the Ice Masters.

Going back to Team Donphan, they were on a roll! They were defeating hostile Pokemon with ease. They ended up on a pit. It was completely dark. I guess that’s why it’s called Pitch Black Pit. “Why‘s it so cold in here?” Geoff asked. “Geoff, can you make some light?” Alejandro asked. “I guess so,” Geoff replied. He made a light, and they all saw some scary Pokemon.

On Team Shiftry, they we’re to the point of the other teams. They saw Abra in reach. “Oh no!” DJ exclaimed in fear. “Abra’s being held captive to those Pokemon!” They saw a strange bat with no eyes and blue and purple skin. They also saw a Purple sphere emitting toxic gas. “It’s Koffing and Zubat!” Cody exclaimed. “That’s right!” Koffing said, “And if you want to rescue this Abra, you’re going to-” They then looked back to see that Abra was gone, and suddenly realized Abra had used Teleport, and was with Team Shiftry!

“Hey! Bring Abra Back!” Zubat screamed in grief. “You’re going to have to fight for him!” Heather said. “I’m a girl!” Abra said. “Sorry!” Katie and Sadie said together. And the battle began! Zubat tried to capture Abra, but Katie and Sadie used Wrap together to bring Zubat down for a while. DJ was protecting Abra, and Cody, Heather, and Sierra attacked Koffing, and the two BFFFLs were still holding on to Zubat, who eventually gave in. Koffing went for Abra, but Sierra used Double Slap and Koffing was down for the count. “Let’s Bring back Abra!” DJ exclaimed as they went off.

Team Furret discovered the pearl being guarded by Froslass and Glalie. They battled, and Team Furret prevailed. “Don’t Hurt us Anymore!” Froslass screamed in pain. “Give us back Spoink’s Pearl!” Duncan commanded. “Okay, but that pearl is the best thing to provide our cave with resources after we lost our Ice Prism,” Glalie said. “You mean this?” Trent asked as he held up a blue sphere. “How did you find it?” Froslass asked in shock. “I found it on the way here,” Trent said. “It looked nice.” “You recovered our Prism! We honor you!” Trent switched out the Pearl with the prism, and Team Furret went off to the Guild.

Team Donphan found two Gengar who proved to be a challenge, but eventually went down. They handed over the orb, and Team Donphan went off. But they got lost on the way back. “Alejandro!” The team screamed. “Sorry! But this map is confusing.” They eventually found their way, but lost to the other 2 teams.

“Aw man! Now we have to vote someone off!” Noah exclaimed. “Not exactly,” Chris said. “This season, there will be no eliminations!” Everyone cheered. “BUT… there will be points given to the teams based on several categories.”

“Team Furret. You came here second, but did manage to pass through with ease, and Duncan Proved to be useful when Scratching Glalie senseless. Adding the difficulty, you get 9 points!” Team Furret cheered.

“Team Donphan, you came here last, and did get lost, but handling those ghosts was awesome! 7 points for you!

“Team Shiftry. You came here first, and Katie and Sadie were ruthless against Zubat. You get 9 points, adding the fact that you worked as a team, and the other teams did as well. Remember, you’re a team, and you have to work together. Keep that in mind throughout the show.

Team Furret and Team Shiftry tied, and they are currently leading. At the end of the season, the last place team loses, and the other two teams battle. The team who wins that battle will get points tallied for each member, and the points leader of that team will win the game! Now let’s eat some dinner Chimecho cooked. And it looks delicious!”

The contestants went through their first dungeon. They founbd out how to win, and can’t wait for tomorrow. Join us next time on…



Pokemon Quest!