View Full Version : mugged: bisharp/weavile

14th May 2012, 5:19 AM
This has been an idea sitting in my head since next destiny's came out, and with my anime con coming up in the next week we're going to be having a game's room, so we're gonna try and host pokemon tourny's and play pokemon against new or unexperienced player's, so I thought hey i'm gonna make a mid level league style deck.

4-4 bisharp NV
4-4 weavile DE

4 special dark
4 dark

4 communication
4 level ball
1 dual ball
4 N
3 cheren
2 crushing hammer
3 dark claw
3 dark patch
3 skyarrow bridge
1 battle city
2 super rod
3 rocky helmet

It's very simple, t2 120 with weavile, folllow up ko with bisharp dealing 70 base damage, or any other kind combo. I would have liked to put in the new minun, however I only have 1 and it's seems redundant to only use one.