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23rd May 2012, 8:52 AM
Me and two friends are having a competition involving racing through the first half (beating the elite four the first time) and then battling in HG/SS. I'm the only one with SS and level grinding isn't allowed after the elite 4. Also, no legiondaries, and I'm avoiding any trade evolutions to help keep my team secretive (they're the only other people I know with these games). Here's my team plan so far, but we only started today so I'm ok with changing it:

Blissey - obvious reasons, although I'm worried catching and training it will take too long

Tyranitar (from lavitar in safari zone) - also for pure destructive power

Heracross - for the megahorn/close combat STAB, and because I don't think either will expect a bug type

Skarmory - for defense and spiking

Starmie - For solid special attacks

I'm considering Ampharos, Jolteon or Poliwrath for my 6th. I kinda want another special attacker, but I could be easily persuaded into other choices

None of us have ever played in a tournament and besides the fact we were in elementary in the late 90's, I wouldn't say we know pokemon inside and out. That being said, I know both will be underestimating heracross and blissey. Knowing them, I would say that their strategies will be based almost solely on powerful moves, diversity of move-pools (ignoring STAB) and trying to gain a type advantage. I'm taking this into account with a team with lots of resistances, ignoring that they will try to lower stats or cause status effects and I know they won't use complicated strategies or combos.

I must stress that play time and the fact we won't be entering kanto is a factor. Any help is appreciated =]

Blue Harvest
23rd May 2012, 9:28 AM
Please read the rules :)

This is not even close to what is required for a competitive team.