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25th May 2012, 7:49 PM
Pokemon White

Just so you know, this is after I went through the Dragonspiral Tower and before the Relic Castle. I know I need some more training but don't know where. (I also didn't go to Relic Castle earlier when I had the chance.) Tips?

The 6th and final spot for my team is being saved for a Duosion.

Samurott; L40
Ability: Torrent [Powers up Water-type moves in a pinch.]
X-Scissor (Bug)
Revenge (Fighting)
Surf (Water)
Razor Shell (Water)

Galvantula; L38
Ability: Unnerve [Makes the foe nervous and unable to eat Berries.]
X-Scissor (Bug)
Electroweb (Electric)
Signal Beam (Bug)
Electro Ball (Electric)

Gurdurr; L40
Ability: Guys
Dynamic Punch (Fighting)
Brick Break (Fighting)
Low Kick (Fighting)
Rock Slide (Rock)

Simisear; L39
Ability: Gluttony [Encourages the early use of a held Berry.]
Shadow Claw (Ghost)
Will-O-Wisp (Fire)
Flame Burst (Fire)
Incinerate (Fire)

Whimsicott; L40
Ability: Prankster [Gives priority to a status move.]
Grass Knot (Grass)
PoisonPowder (Poison)
Razor Leaf (Grass)
Mega Drain (Grass)

[B]Pokemon Black

For this is one, it is after I defeated the Elite Four and main storyline. I don't know where to level up for things like Kyurem for this either so tips on that please.

Eruption; L63
Ability: Blaze [Powers up Fire-type moves in a pinch.]
Heat Crash (Fire)
Flare Blitz (Fire)
Head Smash (Rock)
Flamethrower (Fire)

Beheeyem; L63
Ability: Telepathy [Anticipates an ally's attack and dodges it.]
Protect (Normal)
Shadow Ball (Ghost)
Rock Tomb (Rock)
Energy Ball (Grass)

Zoroark; L63
Ability: Illusion [Comes out disguised as the Pokemon in the back.]
Shadow Ball (Ghost)
Shadow Claw (Ghost)
Foul Play (Dark)
Punishment (Dark)

Carracosta; L62
Ability: Solid Rock [Reduces damage from supereffective attacks.]
Hydro Pump (Water)
Rock Slide (Rock)
Surf (Water)
Dive (Water)

Mienshao; L63
Ability: Regenerator [Restores a little HP when withdrawn from battle.]
Reversal (Fighting)
Hi Jump Kick (Fighting)
Bounce (Flying)
Drain Punch (Fighting)

Virizion; L63
Ability: Justified [Raises Attack when hit by a Dark-type move.]
X-Scissor (Bug)
Aerial Ace (Flying)
Energy Ball (Grass)
Sacred Sword (Fighting)

25th May 2012, 8:51 PM
I like the Pokemon Black team for the most part, except for the fact that you are using a Legendary.

Beheeyem's ability is priceless in double/triple/rotation battles and should be coupled with an ally that uses a move such as Earthquake, or your Carracosta's Surf, (but I think you already knew that).

Zoroark probably isn't the best decision for a Psychic/Ghost advantage, (which is what I am assuming you chose it for), I would recommend a pokemon like Gengar with Hypnosis and Dream Eater, followed by a dark move of your choice (Dark Pulse works incredibly).

I have no idea what 'Eruption' is, so I can't comment on that.

Good idea allowing Mienshao have Bounce, as that will be good if the opponent 'quick-switches' a Psychic type.

Virizion should be discarded completely, Legendaries are, though they seem good, usually bad choices for teams. I recommend a Scizor/Scyther to take it's place, as you can get Steel moves in there as well as the Bug/Grass/Fighting moves you already have.

Other than that, seems like an ok team...

I give you a 7.5/10. Work to fix those weaknesses and you'll be alright.

As for leveling up pokemon, that is tough even for the best of players...

Victory Road doesn't put up much of a fight, and after you beat the Elite-Four once, they became WAY stronger..

I would say to just level normally, EV Training as usual, and make strategy changes based on test battles on the Battle Subway, and over Wi-Fi.

I hope I helped, I'm trying to do my best as a critic myself so I can come up with strategies of my own. :D

Aura Sensei™
26th May 2012, 1:17 AM
You should make two separate threads for the teams.

Conkeldurr @Muscle Band
Brave l Guts
• Mach Punch
• Payback
• Stone Edge
• Bulk Up / Drain Punch

26th May 2012, 3:46 AM
Item Life Orb
Nature Timid/Modest
Ability Compoundeyes
Move Set
Bug Buzz
Energy Ball
Volt Switch
Don't use Physical Attack move on Galvantula because it has lower Physical Attack than Special Attack.
Thunder not Thunderbolt because Compoundeyes nearly make Thunder always hit by gaining Thunder accuracy and it has a lot more power than Thunderbolt
Bug Buzz for a powerful STAB move, also it has high accuracy
Energy Ball for more coverage, also it help you to kill Rock type Pokemon
Volt Switch to switch Galvantula out immediately after Atttack
Life Orb for more Special Attack by 1.3

Item Life Orb
Nature Rash/Mild/Lonely/Naughty
Ability Torrent
Move Set
Ice Beam
Air Slash/Grass Knot
Waterfall for a powerful STAB move, also it can flinch your opponent Pokemon
Ice Beam provide more coverage, also it can freeze your opponent Pokemon
Megahorn for more power or X-Scissor for more accuracy
Air Slash give some coverage, but it has 30% to flinch your opponent Pokemon or Grass Knot for more coverage and it help you to kill heavy Pokemon

Item Life Orb
Nature Rash/Mild/Naughty/Lonely/Hasty/Naive
Ability Gluttony
Move Set
Fire Blast/Flamethrower
Focus Blast
Grass Knot
Rock Slide
Fire Blast for more power or Flamethrower for more coverage
Focus Blast for more coverage and high base power move
Grass Knot give a lot of coverage, also it cover Simisear weakness
Rock Slide for a bit more coversge, also it has 30% chance to flinch your opponent Pokemon

Who is Eruption? Is it Emboar or not?
Hope this help

27th May 2012, 3:13 AM
I think Mienshao should have U-Turn instead of Reversal, because U-turn will take care of those nasty psychic types and at the same time, switch out, activating the ability Regenerator, restoring 1/3 of Mienshao's HP.


27th May 2012, 8:05 AM
I'm assuming "Eruption" is an Emboar.

]Emboar@Choice Scarf
]Lonely | Reckless
• Flare Blitz
• Head Smash
• Wild Charge
• Scald

31st May 2012, 11:34 PM
If you have beat the Elite Four and completed the main storyline, Then head to the Giant Chasm, and go into the crater that leads to Kyurem. Once in the crater, you should come across a dark patch of grass. Train there before making your move to catch Kyurem. The pokemon in the dark grass should be about lvl 64-65, so it should do you good. Besides, you're close to Lacunosa to heal, and when you feel ready, you can follow the maze and "awaken" the in-game curcumstances needed to reach Kyurem. I hope I helped.