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Hi Everyone! Here I am writing another Story!
This Story doesn't have much violence so I would rate it PG.
This story is about a young girl (10 years old) who finds her way into a completely different dimension, far different from her own home. I am going to try my best on this fan fiction story and I have great plans for it. If there are any spelling/ grammer mistakes please don't hesitate to tell me! Enjoy!

Across the Unknown Dimension
Chapter 1

I hung up my coat on the rack and trudged over to the couch. I sunk into the seat. I had a rough day at school. Idiots were very common in my school especially this guy called Jamie, he just made a fool out of me and I was almost jumped by a group of students on the way home. I picked up the T.V remote and pressed the button. The T.V screen flickered and slowly switched to a channel. I stared at the screen as it slowly changed into shapes and colours forming a cartoon. I wasn’t that bothered to be honest, life was always slapping me in the face when I never needed it. I wish I could have a different life, less strife and friends and family I could count on.

My parents were ALWAYS at work so I never spent any time with them, and when I tried to they were always busy with slideshows, presentations and what not. I dragged myself to the kitchen and got out my ingredients for my Triple-Sandwich; I got out the chopping board and sorted the vegetables slowly placing them on the sandwich. I never wanted to be alone at home, no one would welcome me when I got home, and no one would tell me "Well done!" for completing and passing my tests. I was just the black sheep, while everyone stood with their friends as I stood alone.

I walked with my snack over to the couch, and sat into a slouch, nibbled it and watched the screen. The T.V was quite new and above it stood a small photo of me, but no one ever paid attention to it. I heard a noise. A strange and eerie noise. Rattling, knocking and the doorbell could be heard. I slowly pulled my body from the couch to the door, tired of the insane knocking. I looked through the eye hole. It was a tall, dark long haired Woman with a brief case and wore a white dress with Dark Glasses. I opened the door.

"Who are-?"

"Lara Whitegate, yes?" I looked at her with a sharp eye. How did she know my name?

"Yes. I'm Lara" I said sarcastically "Why are you-?"

"Here" She handed me a strange device "This is from your grandfather" she explained. The device looked really basic but the colours and design looked as if they were not from this Country, or planet for that matter. The woman quickly walked away.

"Wait!" I yelled, but by the time I did so she was gone.

I went inside and had a look at the strange device the woman had given me. It was a touchpad device; it had a note stuck to it.

Dear Lara
I am sure you have received my gift; I heard life is getting too boring for you so I decided you are ready for this
With love,
Grandfather Whitegate

Why didn’t he tell me what this thing does? But knowing my grandfather he probably wanted me to find out for myself. The drop down menu had four different options:

1. Teleport to dimensional space
2. Home dimension
3. Register
4. Change Location

I wondered what these meant. I fiddled about with it for a while, studying the unique structure. Then the phone rang, I picked it up, fearing who it might be next. I looked at the name. It was Violet. Violet was quite tall with black long hair and wore the same wary and bright. I shouldn't tell her what happened to me today, She may have well thought I was crazy. I answered the phone.

"Hi Lara!" She said excitedly.

"Hello Violet, Why are you so excited?" I asked

"Well...um, how do I put this" She stammered "Darren just asked me out!"

"Oh Great Darren" I never really liked Darren. He always kept Violet away from me so I didn't have any friends and was nasty to me behind Violets back. "Well I'm happy for you (not)"

"So how was your day Lara?" She asked with certainty.

"Well apart from almost being jumped and Jamie making me a national fool at the school, the days been Fine" I said.

"Oh, sorry Lara I must've caught you at a bad time, I never knew your friendship with others was so bad..."

"It’s not my friendship! Everyone at school HATES me" I shouted "They see me walking in the corridors and start throwing rubbish at me! Then they take and drop my lunch in the litter bin!"

"You never eat your lunch anyway..." she said quietly

"That’s not the point!" Sometimes her attention to most things was annoying "It’s like I'm on one team with about 3 or 4 people and nearly all the schools on the other!"

"Maybe I'll talk to you later when you calm down!" She snapped.

"No, wait Violet!"

"Bye Lara" She Hung up.

No one would ever understand my life and when they did, they criticized it. I went back to the device; I decided to register my home. I searched for it and registered it. Then I saw the option "Teleport to Dimensional Space". I decided to pack before I pressed it, because I had no idea of what I would find. I packed my coat, some food, clothes, first aid and my bag. Now I was ready I could press the button. I tapped the option. Then there was a bright light, the room turned into a sparkling star. I had to close my eyes because it was so blinding.

The light faded and became a valley full of green. I looked around staring at the trees; it was hard to believe I had just teleported from inside a gloomy house to cool place like this.

"This is Incredible!" I exclaimed "wow!" I have never seen a place full of plants and flowers of different shapes and sizes. On the high trees there were coloured berries that had a rough or smooth texture. I climbed up the tree; it looked like it hadn't grown fully, and sat on the branch. There was no one here, but why wasn’t there anyone? This place was so heavenly; even I could stay here for all eternity. I thanked my grandfather in my head.

I picked one of the pink fruits and ate it; the taste was like something out of heaven. I could definitely make a pie out of this. I tried all the fruits on the trees; each one was as sweet as the other, apart from one berry which was extremely bitter. Yuck! I stared at the cloud filled sky; this place IS perfect for me and anyone. The breeze blew in my face causing my hair to blow all over, but I didn't care. My nature was in sync with this blissful place. I packed some berries in my bag and started to set off. I had no idea where I was going but I wanted to explore a bit.

Then I heard a noise. I could hear heavy breathing, and there was a battle cry in the area. In the corner of the clearing stood to be what looked like two animals. One of them was backed into a tree and was stood on four legs. Its tail was in curls and it had a curly hairdo with a red body and soft, padded paws. The other animal was large and blue with a spiral on its belly and was standing on two legs with large hunky arms. I stared at those animals; they didn't look like cats, dogs or any of those things.

"Poli...wrath!" It cried as water burst forth from its spiral and hit the red, curly animal.

"Vul...Vulpix!" the poor thing crashed to the ground, whimpering in pain. I HAD to do SOMETHING! The awful blue monster walked closer to the crimson animal, ready to strike its last blow. I picked up a nearby rock and threw it at the terrorful thing. It turned and started to walk towards me, and when it saw I had no one with me, it smiled frighteningly.

"Run!" I yelled to the red creature.

"Vul...pix?" it said as it saw me being followed by the blue menace. It managed to stand up on its four legs and stared at the creature with determination. Then it opened its mouth. "Vul...Pix!" It cried as forceful flames shot out and surrounded itself and it charged into the creature. The blue creature still shocked from the impact, turned and ran off.

The red creature walked over to me and sat in front of me, hurt, but still smiling. It licked its paws where the scars were.

"Wait, I've got something for that" I said as I reached for my bag and rooted through it till I found the first aid kit. I unlocked the box and searched for a bandage, while the animal just beamed at me with curiousity. I took out the bandages and carefully grabbed her paw, she hesitated wheather she should let me touch her paw, but she let me and watched. I wrapped it around her paw, she winced a few times but was fine. She stared at the bandage.

"Vulpix?" she asked curiously.

"It’s called a bandage, they help your paws get better" I announced proudly.

"Vulpix!" she cried happily.

"Well my names Lara" I told her.

"Vul! Vulpix!" she cried.

"Hey! You need a name, don't you?" I asked her.

"Vul!" she answered.

"Okay, how about Flame?" I asked, she shook her head, "What about Firess instead?" I asked again.

"Vul! Vulpix!" She cried happily.

"Ok, Firess it is!" I said. I walked across the clearing, and then I realized I hadn't packed my tent.

It was getting dark, and Firess looked as if she was getting tired.

"Vul!" she yawned.

"Hey Firess, do you know if there is anyone here or any towns, cities?" I asked her. She looked at me with a sharp eye, and then thought for a moment.

"Vulpix!" she answered and she walked in front of me and pointed to a bush with her bandaged paw.

"Why is she pointing to a bush?" I thought to myself. I stepped towards the brambles with Firess right behind me, when I heard something. It sounded like crowds of people bustling through a street, children shouting and playing and animals making sounds.

I walked through the bush and found the streets which I had heard, as hundreds of people were busy carrying briefcases and bags. I wondered where civilization had gone! But I have never seen this city before, maybe they just built it? No it couldn't be that, you couldn't build a city straight away and then people start coming. Then, while I was busy thinking, Firess walked towards an orange building and gave a cry. I suddenly snapped back into reality and saw what she was in front of. The building was full of windows and was very large, there were pink creatures scurrying about inside. I followed Firess, I'll tell you, the building was bigger than it seemed. On closer inspection this looked like an animal hospital. Then a lady with a pink outfit and nurse hat called us over from the desk.

People stared at us as we walked past, they looked at us as if we had been dragged out of a bush (which indeed we had however my hair seemed straight!) but Firess didn’t seem to care. She just limped past with her paws and her head held high.

"Oh hello Vulpix! How’s your paw been?" the kind woman asked "I trust it doesn’t hurt too much?" Then she looked at me. "Oh you have a trainer now it seems! It was just the other day when you out there wild in the forest, but look at you now! I simply must tell Joy, she'll be pleased to hear such news! Well I'm Nurse Joy!"

"Um I'm not trying to ruin the conversation, but what is this place?" I asked, feeling utterly stupid upon asking this question.

"Oh dear, don't you know?" she asked, puzzled "The city is called Vilo city, and well, this is the Pokémon Center!”

"The what?" I felt ignorant now.

"The Pokémon Center, We help cure and make your Pokémon better!" She announced. There was laughing and giggling in the corner of the room, obviously someone thought that someone like me was too stupid to learn around here.

"Um, ok. What’s a Pokémon?" every second I asked these questions the people in the corner laughed even harder. The nurse paid no attention to them, smiled at me and continued to answer my questions.

"You see Vulpix here? She is a species of Pokémon. There are many different kinds and sometimes you can tell their species by their cry or their appearance" She explained "But people are saying there are many NEW species out there just waiting to be discovered! Like legendary Pokémon are exceedingly rare as sometimes there are only one of them!"

"So there’s more like Firess?" I asked curiously

"So that’s what you called her! That names perfect for you Vulpix, oh wait, Firess" She corrected.

"Vul! Vulpix!" Said the happy Firess

"So yes, there are more than one, and I know there are more than 400 different kinds or so" She answered

"Whoa" I said, this place was AWESOME you can do whatever you want and you don't have any parents to boss you around.

"Well would you like some help with that paw?" She asked kindly

"Yes Please! I'm afraid I only had a bandage so I couldn't do so much..." I trailed off.

"Oh that’s fine! We'll fix her right up!" she exclaimed.

"But, but I don't have any money" I said sadly.

"That’s fine, you don't need money because the Pokémon Centers free! Because a Pokémon’s health is more important than money!" she said, trying to cheer me up. Believe me it worked.

"Really?! Thanks!" I told her. Firess walked onto a tray-like bed and waved her paw at me, I waved back and off she went into the hospital room! My goodness this was SO much better than doing tests and homework! I watched through the window as they examined Firess, put on a clean bandage and she hopped back onto the tray. Her paw seemed to be getting much better, for which I was relieved. Then a large and pink Pokémon, using my new word, pushed the tray back into the room and was smiling at me as nurse Joy went back behind the desk.

"This is Audino, she’s just come here to train as a nurse" She told me gleefully "Firess is much better now! We have done a check-up, she’s fine and we have took off the old bandage and put on a new one"

"It seems that Firess paw is really getting better!" I said even happier now.

"Yes it is!" Nurse Joy replied "By the way have you considered going to Training&Pokemon School?" She asked.

"Where’s that?" I asked.

"It’s just east of this Pokémon Center next to the fountain, you can't miss it" She directed

"Sure, I'll check it out. Sorry for asking loads of dumb questions" I apologized

"Oh its fine! It happens all the time!" She said. Then she passed 6 red&white balls to me.

"What are these?" I asked, yet another dumb question.

"Poké balls, you catch and put your Pokémon in them to rest or just to keep them safe" She pointed out.

"Ok so do I do the same with Firess?" I asked.

"Firess, can you see the small button on that Poké ball?"

"Vul!" she nodded

"Touch it so, what’s your name again?" She asked me.

"Lara, Lara Whitegate" I replied.

"Lovely Name!" She complimented "Ok, so push the button Firess so Lara can keep you safe and when she needs you she can just chuck the ball and you will be out again!" Firess did as instructed and pushed the button. Then she disappeared in a bright red light and the ball started to wobble. Then it stayed still. "That shows that you have managed to catch a Pokémon, but be careful some Pokémon are very hard to catch!" she told me" Now chuck the ball into the air!" I did as I was told and Firess was out again!

"Wow! Technology’s really great these days!" I said, suited.

"Yes, indeed it is! Now quickly off you go!" She told us "Best be off early yes? You don't want to see the bad side of Mr. Monly" She advised.

"Ok! Let’s go Firess!" I told my partner.

We walked east of the Pokémon Center and by the fountain, and soon found the school. It was so, well, small. Where were we meant to practice? We strode inside and found a rather large space in the middle of the room with some quite big gym mats. There were quite a few students already here and they looked from what looked like age 7-11. I walked in and found a mat with a little girl sat on it; she looked about 9 years old.

"Hi!” She greeted me with a high pitched voice "I can't believe it! They’re going to give us our Pokédex today! They identify Pokémon and tell us about our own! All we have to do is flip it open and it tells us! By the way my names Alicia"

"Cool, my names Lara" I said, glad that I don't have to ask what a Pokédex is.

"Cute name!" I stared at her at loss for words. Then I sat down on the mat with Firess and Alicia.

Then suddenly the door swung open and a shadow cast over us all. He strode into the classroom (more like a hall if you ask me) and stared at the children.

"To learn how to fight, you must battle your way through every challenge I give you, then when you are ready you shall battle me, if you win you will leave and graduate" He shouted "but be warned if you fail...well you don't want to know what happens if you fail..."
All the children were shaking now, even their Pokémon were scared, but Firess didn't care and quietly laughing at the lot of them.

"Firess!" I whispered sternly "Don't be mean!" She turned her head away and stopped laughing. Alicia's Pokémon was small and yellow with black tipped diamonds for ears with a small round body, pink cheeks and a small black tail. I had to admit it was a perfect match for Alicia with her blonde pigtails and rosy cheeks.

The teacher was wearing a karate outfit, I guess he took fighting seriously. Maybe Nurse Joy was right about being late. If I was late, uh, I don't want to think about it. Anyway, he was very tall and had brown hair and bulky muscles, he wasn’t in a kindergarten school, I could tell you that.

"Now I want ALL of you, to practice your moves or battle with your partners" He told the children, yet again shouting "At the end there will be a tournament to prove who will go against...ME!" Again all the children shook in fright at the mention of battling with Mr. Monly. "Now Begin!" He commanded everyone.

"Wait, I don't get this, we battle our Pokémon?" I asked Alicia, fearing being burnt by Firess.

"No, no, no silly! We battle each other with our Pokémon, not us battling them!" She shook her head, tutting.

"Ok let’s practice separately first then have a practice battle!" I decided.

"Ok let’s do that! I'll practice with Sparky and you can practice with your Pokémon!" She squealed happily. I was quite happy she went with it otherwise I would have had a very hard partner to work with. Then Mr. Monly came to our mat, he eyed me with suspicion and gave us an element-proof Pokémon dummy. Then he walked away to the next mat.

"What’s wrong with him?" I asked Alicia.

"Oh, never mind that, he's always like that with new people to the class" Answering my question.

Firess licked her paws, she hadn't done that for quite a while, and she wasn't limping anymore. Maybe it was time to take the bandage off? I picked up Firess carefully and unwrapped the bandage. Then she started acting as if she was in pain, closing her eyes, then opening one to see if I was watching.

"You’re fooling no one, Firess" I said smiling. I continued to take the bandage off, unwrapping it. When I finally unwrapped it, Firess stepped back onto the mat.

"Vul! Vulpix!" she whimpered, feeling a little numb.

"Just shake it a little, Firess" I instructed. She did as she was told and shook it a little, she stopped after about 2 minutes. And walked again, so it was good as new!

"Okay, let’s start" I told Alicia. She nodded.

So I needed to train Firess, but what should I focus on? Attack? Defence? Or maybe agility? Yes, agility! That’s what I'll focus on!
"Firess, I want you to run in a straight line! Okay?" She gave a tiny nod and stood at the start of the mat. When she had mastered agility I can teach her to use both her agility and attack towards the dummy. "I want you to run back and forth till you get faster!" I instructed her. She ran forward, pushing her legs and paws against the mat, she ran back and forth like a turtle which slowly evolved into a rocket. Then suddenly, her paws began to glow as she rushed forward. "Okay Firess! Hit that dummy!" I commanded her. She hit the dummy with great impact as it fell to the ground with a massive dent on it.

"Vulpix!" She cried happily "Vul! Vul!"

"Great Work Firess!" I praised her and gave her a sweet berry I found in the forest. She ravenously ate it and sat down, licking her paws.

"That’s quick attack!" Alicia recited "That’s pretty advanced, no one here knows that move, yet"

"Really? Well Firess learned that quite fast" I said, it was really great no one else knew the move because that would mean we were at an advantage.

"Okay, you know when you did that thing when your legs glowed Firess?" she gave a quick nod "Well that’s called Quick Attack, so when I say that, it means do that move alright?" she understood and went back onto the mat.

"Vulpix!" she was ready for more training.

"Right, Firess use Quick Attack! On that dummy!" I ordered. She did the same as she did before, gradually building up her speed as her legs started to glow. Then, she charged into the dummy with a massive impact. Maybe I should try endurance now? Yes, that’s how I'll do it! "Right! Firess use Quick Attack repeatedly on the dummy!" I called. She spun round and pounced on the dummy then jumped back, spun round and did it again. She was doing quite well until she tripped on the corner of the mat. I think she did it about twenty times in eighteen seconds. That was quite good but she had room to improve.

I worked on her speed and endurance for quite a while, and then focused on something else. I think it was time to work on her fire abilities. I told her to practice aiming her fire at the dummy, she did great on it. The flames were quite small but it was thick throughout the flame, showing how much power was held inside. I sort of made it into a game for Firess, saying if she did well she would win a prize, and I had LOTS of berries so that was nothing to worry about. Then, yet again, Mr. Monly came around the mats. He eyed me like he did before and gave me a red device, passed one to Alicia and left just as fast as he returned.

Alicia stared at the device, her eyes shining, and slightly drooling. It was a little embarrassing seeing her do this. But why was she so fascinated by it? It’s just a red device and moreover looked like a regular video game. Then it spoke.

"Please state your name" The device spoke, I assumed this device was the Pokédex that Alicia was going on about earlier.

"Lara, Lara Whitegate" I replied to the Pokédex.

"Welcome, Lara, what Pokémon would you like to study today?" It asked a loud tone. I decided I should check on Firess's profile.

"Vulpix" I told the device. A loading screen came up and as I waited there was a tiny animation of a Vulpix running about, and the background was of flames. Hmm, nice touch.

"Wow, I think they set it up to each other’s first Pokémon!" She cried excitedly, I saw her animation of her Pokémon joyfully jogging about with an electric background theme.

When the device loaded it showed what Firess's moves and abilities. I was quite thrilled that her ability was flash fire meaning it was able to transfer an opponent’s fire attack into fire for itself, strengthening its fire type moves. I learnt what her attacks were. I hope I can remember them. Her moves were: Tail Whip, Roar, Ember and the move I taught her, Quick Attack. I was happy I knew what moves she had now. I guess tackle was the same as Quick Attack only it was slower. I tried Growl, but all she did was growl at me. It wasn't called Growl for nothing. Alicia and her Pokémon were doing great! They were like a tag team together and I learned that her Pokémon was actually called Pichu, it was an electric mouse. It was time for our practice battles now.

"Now! It’s TIME for your practice battles!" Mr. Monly bellowed "start NOW!" All the children started to battle each other. But it was our turn now. Alicia was really confident and stepped forward with her head down which slowly rose up.

"Let’s Battle" She said a highish tone.

"You know sometimes you go a little TOO over the top Alicia" I said, chuckling "Ok! Firess go!" I called, as Firess jumped onto the mat.

"Go Sparky!" shouted Alicia, as the small Pichu leapt from Alicia's shoulder to the ground and ran to the mat. "Since I'm such an awesome trainer, I'll go first!" She announced. Firess stood there ready for what Sparky might do as he stood on his two legs with his arms outstretched. "Ok! Sparky use Charm!" She commanded. Hearts started floating towards Firess. Uh oh, this move looked bad. What could I do to counter it? I know!

"Firess! Counter it with Ember!" I yelled. Firess torched all of the hearts as all of them vanished in a puff of red smoke. All the children stopped battling and gathered round our own battle. Wow! Was I really attracting this much attention?

Alicia stood there thinking. Then, suddenly she decided.

"Be ready Firess..." I advised her. Firess nodded, even she expected surprises from the duo.

"Ah hah!" she shouted "Sparky, use Thundershock!" Thundershock? That was definitely going to hurt her. I needed to think, and fast! Sparky was building up energy ready to fire!

"Piiiiiiiiiiii......" murmured Sparky as he was nearly finished charging. Oh, what could I do? Oh wait!

"Firess! Quickly! Dodge it with Quick Attack!" I shouted to her. She ran, gradually speeded up as her legs glowed, she dodged the shock.

"Not so fast!" Alicia waved her two outstretched fingers "Sparky, control the current!"

"What?!" I asked in shock. The current stopped and turned following Firess's tail. "Firess! Behind you!" I told her. Firess turned. "Set your tail and fire with Ember and use Tail Whip to hit it back!" I ordered her. Still running, Firess forced fire from her mouth with Ember, she looked at her body and fired. Her body turned into a strong sea of flames as she became stronger and stronger. Then, finally, she set her tail on fire and hit the incoming wave of electricity.

The flame merged with the electricity and fired right back at Sparky.

"Pi?" It stared at the whirlpool of fire and electricity, asking Alicia for an answer.

"Sparky! Dodge it, and fast!" She yelled, but before he could I decided to strike.

"Ok Firess! Trip Sparky up with Tail Whip!" I smiled, I was going to win this battle! Firess ran behind Sparky, who was unaware of what was going on, tripped him up and leapt out of there. The beam hit the stunned Sparky.

"Pichuuuuuuuu!" It whimpered in pain, unable to stand up. Everyone stared at me, shocked of how advanced I was.

Alicia picked up Sparky, cuddled him and said to me "Great battle Lara, You taught me alot"

"Pichu....pi" Sparky mumbled to Firess, saying well done to her. Then Alicia walked over to me and shook my hands, as she walked out of the classroom towards the Pokémon Center.

Everyone started crowding around me and Firess, making a fuss over us. It wasn't exactly hard was it? But most of the children said it was, and said that I may have a talent for it. Firess was very happy for the attention and was petted by most of the children, who started to stroke her velvet fur. Then Mr. Monly stepped from the crowd, and looked at me, all the children stepped back in silence as they watched with anxiety. He watched me and then turned to the other children.
"Remaining winners fight other winners, and..." He turned to me "...you fight the other students" and he quickly walked away.

I fought through all of the students one by one, each of the trainers had either energetic or exotic Pokémon, of which I had never heard of. Many of these Pokémon had skills and tricks of their own of which I had to avoid. But if you ask me, many of the children were either holding back to escape the chance of battling Mr. Monly or beating everybody to get out of this school and escape the wrath of Mr. Monly's mystery anger. Then after my last battle, I was the only one left. It was time to battle Mr. Monly...

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Separate each line of dialogue from each other so that they are double-spaced. It looks like you double-spaced all the narrative paragraphs, but the dialogue exchanges are all clumped together. Do the same with them as you have the other paragraphs. :)

28th May 2012, 8:24 PM
Ok, so does that mean pressing space twice? If so i will do the double spacing when i get my internet on my laptop, as i am using a phone to reply. Thank you for taking the time to read my story :)

28th May 2012, 8:36 PM
No, pressing Enter twice. Not space. In between each line of dialogue, like this:

"Hi," Jim said
"Hey, Jim," Steve replied.
"Want a donut?"
"I do!"

That should become:

"Hi," Jim said

"Hey, Jim," Steve replied.

"Want a donut?"

"I do!"


28th May 2012, 8:56 PM
Oh, I get it. So there is a space between each speaker? I will keep that in mind for the future and when i get my internet back on, I will change it. Thanks again :)

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Ok everyone! Heres the next chapter of "Across The Unknown Dimension!"
Same rating applies: PG. Again please tell me if there are any mistakes, and I will correct them as soon as possible.

To be honest, I wasn't at all scared of Mr. Monly, even though he is quite mysterious. I was wondering what sort of Pokémon he was going to have. I had a look in my Pokédex, but I couldn't find anything. I was sat there on the sidelines watching Pokémon battling. I sat there thinking about my future. Maybe I did belong here, maybe I should never go back to the human world at all. But was it the right thing to do? If I continued my journey, when would it stop? Who would I meet? All these questions were giving me a headache. I still had an hour before my battle test. I thought I should go for a walk.

I walked out of the building and into the local gardens. I walked around, kicking my feet in the gravel. It was almost sunset, as the clouds separated from the sun, I looked around and saw a child playing with her Pokémon. They were laughing in the sunset, and rolling in fields of wildflowers. While her mother and father sat together on a bench, happily watching their daughter play in the field. I smiled, at least some people were happy in this world. It is also making me think otherwise about leaving. I mean, back home, I was hated, had little friends (that didn't even understand my life!) And my parents never talked to me. A life in this world was better than the one before.

Then, I heard Pokémon laughing and playing. I turned around to a familiar face. I saw Alicia's beaming face, she was happy. The child was happy, the parents were happy. Why am I not happy? I stopped thinking about it and turned back to the sunset.
"Hey! Lara!" She called running up to me, with Pichu on her shoulder. Firess was there too, she was running close behind Alicia, smiling at me happily.

"Hi Alicia" I said it, short and plain.

"I came to wish you good luck before the battle" she said gleefully, "I thought you would have been at the battle by now"

"The battle?" I asked, I had lost track of time already.

"It's going to start in 5 minutes!" she exclaimed.

"Oh no, we better get going Firess!" I told them.

I ran to the school with Firess following me close behind. I entered the building, as I did the whole class was staring at me. There was a huge space in the center of the room and all the mats had been put away. I walked forward, seeing where I was supposed to stand. Mr. Monly stepped forward and stared at me, his eyes burning with anxiety. His hand rested on his red and white ball. I looked at Firess, Her eyes were filled with Determination, just like that day she went up against that Pokémon in the fields.
"We shall start now" he echoed as his voice filled the halls. He pulled out the Pokéball and threw it into his side of the space. The Pokémon was fully black with yellow rings round its ears, and has a yellow circle on its forehead with gleaming red eyes with soft, padded, black paws, and stood on four legs, just like Firess.

Then someone from the crowd said,
"That’s an Umbreon!" There was a distant chatter throughout the hall, obviously no one had seen Mr. Monly's Pokémon. I pulled out my Pokédex, the tiny animation came up of a Vulpix as it loaded.

"Welcome, Lara, what Pokémon would you like to study today?" It asked.

"Umbreon" I said calmly.

"Searching...searching...Pokémon found" It answered.

"Great" I clicked the info button.

"Umbreon, the moonlight Pokémon. Type: dark. When agitated, this Pokémon protects itself by spraying poisonous sweat from its pores" It told me. Firess stepped forward, since she was the only Pokémon I had, she assumed she would be called out. Her light paws stepped onto the floor, as Umbreon loomed over her. Umbreon had a wicked smile on its face, and was staring into the innocent eyes of Firess.
A child stepped out from the crowd, and said

"Go!" It was all so sudden.

"Umbreon, run up close behind" he ordered. Umbreon suddenly leapt behind Firess, its paws were so quick. Firess turned around, as she did Umbreon leapt behind her again. She kept turning around and around, if she kept this up she was going to be dizzy.

"Firess! Stop turning, just run!" I compelled. She broke into a run and as she did so her paws and legs began to glow. Umbreon was in close pursuit of Firess and wasn't giving up. Umbreon didn't seem to be getting tired, But Firess couldn't run forever. I had to think! Firess ran around in circles. Circles...circles...circles, that’s it! "Firess! Run around Umbreon!"

"Umbreon, spin around and use Shadow Ball!" Mr. Monly called.

"What?!" Firess ran around in circles, but when she heard what was about to happen, she ran around even faster, looking at me for an order. I was racking my brain out, what could I do? Um, what could dodge that attack? Then suddenly a memory came into my mind. In my battle before, I used Tail Whip and Ember to hit the electricity back. Could I do the same with Shadow Ball? I had to try it!

"Now! Umbreon, fire!" as he said it, Umbreon shot dark purple balls everywhere.

"Firess! Use Ember on your tail, then use Tail Whip to hit them back!" I directed her. Her tail was like a baseball bat, it hit left and right while she set it on fire. The dark balls were either incinerated or hit back. They didn't seem to hit Umbreon directly though. Then suddenly, Firess hit a large dark ball so hard that it forced right back at Umbreon. Luckily for Firess it hit Umbreon directly.

Umbreon staggered back, looking at the smug Firess. For the first time ever, Umbreon was panting. It seemed Mr. Monly knew that the Shadow Ball technique was fruitless now.
"Quite strong I believe, but the battle has not even started" he said calmly.

"You haven’t seen how Firess battles yet" I said smiling. I think now it was time for me to move. "OK Firess! Use Quick Attack on Umbreon!" I told her. She started to run, her legs were glowing with might, as she charged up to Umbreon. Suddenly Mr. Monly smiled a smug smile, and Umbreon waited and looked at its master, also smiling.

"Wait for it Umbreon..." he said quietly. Umbreon waited and waited as the enemy rushed forward, then willing with strength, it turned to Mr. Monly, waiting for some sort of signal. "...Now!" he yelled. Umbreon suddenly jumped to the side, it’s paws shifted elegantly, and then yellow dust came out of nowhere and hit Firess in the face. It looked like…sand! Firess’s eyes were no use anymore (for a while). She would have to use her hearing; I was hoping that she would have good hearing otherwise we were done for.

“Firess, Listen!” I called to her. She looked in agonizing pain, I wouldn’t blame her, having sand in your eyes would hurt…a lot. Umbreon was behind her.

“Umbreon, Shadow Ball now!”

“Firess, behind you!” I called her. She turned around, but when her eyes finally opened (and stopped hurting) she came face to face with a dark purple ball. Her eyes grew wide as she was pushed back into the center of the battlefield (floor). She lay motionless. Was this over? It couldn’t be! “Firess! Don’t give up! You can still do this!” I encouraged her, hopefully she could hear me.

“I believe I will be the victor…shortly” he taunted “Umbreon, finish it off with Tackle” Umbreon ran across the floor, ready to deliver its final blow.

“Come on Firess! You can’t give up now!” I shouted her again. Then, suddenly, Firess started to get up, her paws withstanding her body and her eyes filled with determination. Her eyes twinkled like a fiery flame as she opened her mouth wide, staring straight at Umbreon, on target. Then a flame bigger than her regular Ember hit Umbreon, this Ember was a lot stronger than her previous attacks. Umbreon skidded across the polished floor, and almost left the battle boundaries whilst at the same time startling some unsuspecting children. Umbreon’s eyes were dazed as it lay on the ground, it did not move, it did not make a sound, it stayed still. Just like a regular, stone statue.

“I believe I am now the victor” I smiled proudly. Firess walked over to me, it’s paws were battered and almost broken, but she was proud that she won, and I was proud of her too. “You were amazing out there Firess” I told her, and I didn’t want to hold back the compliments either, she was truly astounding. I got out my bag. Firess knew what this mean…Berries! I gave her 4 of her most favorite berries and she gobbled them up within seconds. I smiled at her then looked over to the other side of the battlefield. Mr. Monly slowly left the battlefield, muttering to himself. There was something strange about his behavior towards me. But I ignored it and walked into the reception of the school.

1st June 2012, 6:58 PM
Hi everyone! heres the next chapter for "Across The Unknown Dimension!"
Same rating applies: PG

“Congratulations! You are now an honorary Pokémon trainer!” said the receptionist, she handed a laminated piece of paper to me. It had my name, photograph and details. “This is your Pokémon license, it is what you require to venture out and battle” I left the school feeling pretty proud. I’m sure Firess was proud too, she had just beaten a Pokémon much larger than her. I had Firess in my Pokéball and walked up to the Pokémon Center, where I had started my journey. I let Firess out and held her. Then I found Nurse Joy at the desk and ran up to the reception with Firess being carried in my hands.

“Oh my, It looks like you’ve had quite a match, bring her here and we can examine her” said Nurse Joy kindly. I rushed up to her and carefully placed her on the bed like tray once again. They rushed Firess quickly into the hospital room, while I sat in the waiting room, staring at my new Pokémon license. About 20 minutes later they rushed out with Firess on the tray and handed her to me.

“You seem to be in a rush today Nurse Joy, what’s wrong?” I asked her, curious to know why everyone was being so quick…also why she had been so long with Firess.

“Oh it’s nothing Lara, don’t you worry one bit” she said “It’s just one of those days, isn’t it?” I nodded and went out of the Pokémon center with Firess beside me. I turned to Firess.

“What do you suppose we do now?” I asked her, I already I had my Pokémon license, but what are we meant to do next?

We waited in the square for a while and then went for a walk in the public gardens. Then there was screaming. The gardens were so peaceful, why was it being disrupted?
“Give me back my Pokémon!” there was a cry from the middle of the park.

“Foolish girl, you have no idea what to do with such thing” said a stern voice. I rushed over to the middle of the park, where I saw a tall woman staring at a child with a struggling Pokémon in her hand. She was medium in size with hazel hair and her eyes were covered by some black sunglasses. She wore a formal uniform with a black cap; she looked to be in her twenty’s.

She was holding a Pokémon in her hands; it was small and blue with a float for a tail.
“Azur…azurill, azurill!” it cried as it tried to get out of the grips of the woman’s hands.

“Mama! Papa!” the child shouted, she turned to the woman glaring at her “This isn’t nice, give back Azurill now!” The child looked like the same child that was playing in the sunset earlier.

“Or you’ll do what, little girl?” she teased, chuckling. I had never seen an adult do this before. Stealing was wrong, but stealing a Pokémon? That’s got to be way worse.

“Or you’ll regret it” I answered her fiercely. Firess stood next to me, her eyes were angry. I knew in her mind that she was disgusted, and I was too. The formal woman turned to me, and gave me a hard, stern look.

“This is none of you concern, girl. You will leave now” she said sternly. The little girl was hopefully staring at me and Firess; her parents were not around to protect her so I couldn’t just leave her. I stared at her, with a disgusted look on my face. “Will you leave, or will I have to make you?” she asked, smiling wickedly.

“I stand firm” I told her fearlessly “you will give her Pokémon back, otherwise Firess and I will make you”

“Ha, ha, ha” she laughed “you? And what are you going to do to me if I don’t?” at that queue a Pokémon stepped out from behind her. A cat like Pokémon elegantly walked in front of it’s master and stared at Firess. It inspected her and then walked away, high on it’s paws. Firess wasn’t intimidated at all; she was just more pumped up, wanting the fight to start already.

“Me and Firess may have only just started our journey, but we are NOT walking away until you give her Pokémon back, or we will fight it out of you” I told her, heroically.

She stared at me “Might I remind you, that I am not alone here” then right after she said that, someone walked out of the shadows. It was a tall boy, he had chestnut brown eyes and icy blue hair, and he stood in his uniform and large boots that fit his feet perfectly. He stood still with no emotion, and stared at me, smiling darkly, as a dark Pokémon hung on to his shoulder.

The Pokémon jumped down from it’s master’s shoulder and stood next to the cat-like Pokémon. It had bare fangs and had grey, unpleasant and rough fur, complete with red devil eyes and a round and red nose.
“I believe you are outmatched” she said, grinning cunningly.

“Wait!” called a voice. I heard running, the gravel being pushed about and a familiar voice. “Lara!” I turned round and there was Alicia. She was running as fast as she could, by the time she got here, she was out of breath.

“Alicia?” I asked “What are you doing here?”

“Isn’t it obvious Lara? Those guys are talking about a double battle, so I thought I’d join the fun” she said. To her everything seemed to be fun and when she got over confident, she would often lose her chance to win. But what did I have to lose? The little girl stared at us both hopefully. Oh no, not the puppy dog eyes!

“Alicia, this isn’t a “fun” battle you know. Those “guys” are talking about stealing a little girl’s Pokémon!” I told her.

“Oh, really? But they look so cool!”

I slapped my hand on my face and muttered “good grief”

It was like Alicia and I were ignoring the two completely as I tried to explain to her what had happened. They seemed to have pride and patience as they were not leaving. Goons were more likely to run for it than them. The woman folded her arms and tapped her feet.
“Riley, Delcatty, Poochyena do me a favor and cover your ears…now!” They all covered their ears, and oddly, closed their eyes. What now? She told them to cover their ears, but why were they closing their eyes also? They looked like they were about to cringe.

“Um…Alicia, she’s going to do something” I whispered.

“Well duh!” Alicia replied.

“EXCUSE ME! ARE WE GOING TO BATTLE OR WHAT?” the woman screamed.

“That’s so loud! No wonder they were cringing” Alicia said.

“There is a very large change of formalness in the air” I added, trying to stop the ringing in my head. I felt sorry for the Pokémon which was gripped within the woman’s hands.

“Who cares about formalness? Let’s beat these guys!” Alicia encouraged. I nodded. I have noticed that Alicia seemed to be a lot more…well…different. She seemed to be fired up around me, and had an attitude now.

Firess and Sparky stood next to each other, staring at Delcatty and Poochyena. Even though they were small, they weren’t at all intimidated. Delcatty smiled fiercely while Poochyena snarled, viciously. The atmosphere was tense as we stood there, on the composted ground. The dark shadows disappeared, as the night suddenly became young. The lamps were lighted in the dark, very much like the stars in the sky. Both could easily be mistaken for the other because they were so alike in the night. As night came, I wondered how long it would be before the actual battle, we seemed to be having a very big staring contest. Then there was a noise. The woman looked at her arm towards a device like a wrist watch but it looked a lot more…complicated. She walked towards her team mate, and whispered in his ear, and then she walked towards me, and handed me the Azurill. I gave her a puzzled look, even Alicia was confused.

“This isn’t worth my time” she said sternly, then she pointed at me “You there, girl, this is not over”

I watched as her and her partner ran into the night, disguising themselves with dark cloaks so dark they were like the night sky. I did not hand the Pokémon back until I was certain they were gone. I held it in my arms, it was scared. It was still gazing to where the criminals had left, feeling insecure and unsafe. After a while, her parents arrived, looking for their daughter, wondering what had happened for their child to fail to come home. The little girl explained the whole story to her clueless parents, while the stars twinkled showing that midnight would be drawing near soon. Each time the parents would gasp or sigh at parts of the story. When the girl had finished it, the parents turned to me and Alicia.

“We can’t possibly thank you enough for helping our daughter” her mother thanked me.

She handed me a small necklace with charcoal attached to it. Then she and her husband, and daughter walked into the night, with the little girl waving right back at us. Alicia waved back, but I stared at the charcoal. Then I saw Firess staring at it admirably. I went towards Firess, knelt down, and put the necklace around her neck. The charcoal dangled from her neck as she happily walked around, showing it off. I smiled, then stood up. Who were those guys? They were strange. What kind of person would steal an innocent child’s Pokémon? Whatever it was, I had better things to worry about.

Alicia stared at the sky. Then suddenly, shock came over her face.

“Oh no! I’ve forgotten about my mother! I had to be home by 6! She’ll be so worried!” and with that quote, she ran frantically down the gravel road with Pichu running quickly after her. I sighed, I decided to go back to the Pokémon center. The Pokémon center was quite busy on a night, as trainers came to the reception. I ran inside along with Firess as the center was crowded with trainers from all over. I went to a less busy reception, which was labeled ‘Rooms’, came to a receptionist. The sign said that any licensed trainer could accommodate rooms with tea, supper and breakfast for absolutely free. This reception was hidden behind a room divider, so that’s why there weren’t many trainers here. I asked the receptionist if I could have a room. She asked me for my license, so I got it out of my pocket and gave it to her. She examined it and then swiped it on a card reader. My name came up on the screen and she put a mark on a room table saying ‘Non-Vacant’. She passed me my card back and gave me the keys to my room, and directed me up the hallway.

There were many doors in the hallway, there were also a lot of trainers in the hallway. I walked up the hall, looking for my room. Suddenly, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I bumped into someone.
“Oops, sorry” I apologized. The person looked at me. It was a boy, he was medium in height and looked to be the same age as me. He had hazel brown hair and crystal blue eyes. He was wearing a red t-shirt with jeans and trainers.

“That’s quite alright, but please watch where you’re going in the future” he replied politely. He carried on walking down the corridor up to the café. I walked up and down the hall for at least 10 minutes until I found my room.

We walked into the room. It was very simple. A T.V was in the corner of the room, with a set of table and chairs next to it. There was a double luxury bed which stretched out below a large window, next to the bed stood an end table with a small alarm clock also with a small, grey table phone. And there was also a small bathroom suite. It was quite small, comfy, but small although it was better than living out on the street. I sat down on the bed and lied down. This bed was comfy. The window twinkled as stars came out from their hiding, showing up the beautiful lights of the city. I sat up and stared at the sky. I was starting to think. Did I really belong here? I never belonged anywhere. I was hated, ignored or even despised. And if I left, who would look after Firess? She would be alone without me. If I went back, would my friends leave me and ignore me like my parents? I didn’t know the answers to these questions…yet. Then Firess jumped onto the bed then onto my lap and lied down. I mindlessly stroked her head, staring out to the unknown world…

3rd June 2012, 1:11 PM
Next Chapter! Same Rating Applies: PG

The next morning I woke up from a wonderful sleep. I yawned, and sleepily brushed my teeth and washed my face. I got my hat from my bag, which I had recently received along with my trainer license, and put it on my head. I got changed and put on my white t-shirt along with my purple jeans and trainers. I collected my bag and my belongings; I made sure I didn’t forget anything. Firess had been in her Pokéball all morning while I got ready, so I let her out and she followed me into the hall. They had a meal time table in the hall, and everyone was crowding around it, trying to find out when breakfast was served. Firess jumped onto my shoulder then to my head, then started jumping on other people’s heads. It stared at the timetable then ran back, again jumping on people’s heads. A lot of people were rubbing their heads after. Firess ran to a nearby low clock and pointed at a time. 9:00 was when breakfast was served. And that was in 3 minutes! I quickly picked up Firess and sped walked down the hall towards the cafeteria. If it were not for a sign saying ‘café’ I would not be able to find it, because the sign in the hall had been removed, strange.

The café was just opening up when we got there, the chefs were getting ready to fry, grill and cook. I got some money out of my pocket which I had also received along with my trainer license to start me off. Firess and I were the first to get our breakfast. I was relieved to this, as I gazed at the massive line which suddenly appeared behind us. Firess hopped onto my shoulder, staring at the delicious food, hopefully wishing to get some.
“Don’t worry Firess, I’ll get you something” I told her, grinning. She playfully licked my face in a way of saying thanks. I looked at all the food. With my trainer license, we only get a main meal with our room. I looked at the food; none of them seemed as different as they were in my world. There were scones, toast and a lot of other different meals. I decided to just get some toast with some apple juice. I looked around for something for Firess, hoping that there was any breakfast for her. As I looked around, I saw some refrigerated shelves filled with packets and treats designed for Pokémon. I went over there and saw a variety of flavors. There was even the camping version of the food.

Firess looked over the packets, eyeing the food inside. She carefully pointed out with her paw which one she wanted. I picked up the one she wanted and some camping supplies, hopefully this town had a camping shop. I bought breakfast and sat down. Firess sat there, munching her breakfast. I smiled at her and asked her:

“Is that nice Firess?”

“Vul! Vulpix!” she said, happily licking her lips. I packed the camping food in my bag. I also found I would have to go and pick more berries, as I was running out. Firess stopped eating her breakfast and looked up at me. Her face was so messy; she had it all on her face. I chuckled at her, which she then replied with a puzzled look. I got out my mirror and showed her it. She stared at the messy face looking back at her. I got my bag to get a cloth, but by the time I had she was looking at me, licking her lips and sat with a clean face. I was just finishing my apple juice, when I heard a bang. The bang came from the chefs area where the cooked the meals, you know the kitchen. I looked around; no one else had heard it. But I had, something was in the kitchen.

Then everyone looked to the kitchen’s window, and saw the chefs running around the kitchen crazily. All the servers ran into the kitchen and then started to panic as well. I saw a kid who had ice cream in her mouth; it suddenly dropped onto the floor, as her mouth gawped. Firess calmly walked to the sturdy kitchen door, ignoring crazy the screaming behind her. On her tip toes she jumped onto the kitchen counter to look through the window. She called me over, so I walked to her and looked through the kitchen window.

There was a Pokémon that was running about along the kitchen floor. I saw them running after it, they had frying pans, brooms, and you name it. Gee, I thought these people were meant to be Pokémon friendly. I heard them saying lots of things like “Get that thing out of the kitchen!” and “Eww, don’t let it get on the food!” and “Ah! It’s on my head! Get it off! Get it off!” I had to admit, the last one was pretty funny. Then the Pokémon ran past the window, I got a good luck at it properly now. It was pink, and looked like a cat. As it ran past, it trod on lots of pots and pans, which somersaulted through the air and hit the head chef on the head, as spaghetti hoops spilled all over him. The Pokémon turned and laughed at this, then with a tongue sticking out, it left the kitchen through the back window.
One of the chefs exclaimed “And stay out!”

We walked outside to the back of the kitchen, wanting to see where the Pokémon had gone. While I was creeping along the back window, I heard the chefs talking.

“Wouldn’t we get done for Pokémon abuse?” asked a tall, thin chef.

“No way! That thing…ruined the kitchen!” yelled the short, plump chef.

“There is dirt and food all over the floor!” exclaimed the head chef.

“Not to mention your face” the tall, thin chef replied “Its messed up”

“I guess I shall reduce your pay” the head chef roared angrily “now get this lot cleaned up!”

“Yes, messy one” one of the chefs jeered humorously.

“Shut up and get back to work!” The head chef yelled, even angrier as he wiped the hoops off his face. As they continued making jokes about the head chefs face, the kitchen was still a mess. Firess and I walked down the street, following the shadow of the Pokémon. Then, it jumped onto some bins then onto the roof of a house with utmost balance. I knew I’d kick myself for this. I jumped onto the bins and climbed onto the shingled roof. I wobbled a lot, constantly looking down to see the low surface.

Suddenly I fell off the roof, only to hang on to a washing line. Thank goodness it was strong enough. I started to go across, using my hands carefully. I returned Firess to her Pokéball with one free hand. Then I finally got to a flat roof, where I saw the small Pokémon watching me. I got out my Pokédex.

“Ski, skitty?” it asked curiously. The Pokédex automatically picked up her cry and identified it. A picture of the small Pokémon came up.

“Skitty, the kitten Pokémon. Type: Normal. It can’t stop itself from chasing moving things, and runs in a circle chasing its own tail.” The Pokédex droned. At that moment the Pokémon started to chase it’s tail playfully. Then it stopped spinning and looked at me. What happened next I didn’t expect. She jumped onto my head and jumped off again, running away from me. The Pokémon was scared, because it was running so fast with tears raining from it’s face. It started to rain, which then turned to hail and finally, thunder. There was a storm coming, and now it was not the best time for that Pokémon to be alone as she seemed young. I stared at her running away. I had to find her before the storm really started…

3rd June 2012, 2:19 PM
My next bit of advice would just be to slow down. :) It's really great that you have both the time and the passion to write this much of the story this rapidly, but it honestly scares off readers. When I see someone post at a once-per-day pace (and, heck, you just posted 3 chapters in less than 24 hours!), I think "Oh wow. I'll never be able to stay caught up with this story, so there's no reason to start reading this". It's intimidating. I'm sure most, if not all, of the people here who could review your story have a job and/or school, AND a personal life, AND other stories they read here, AND their own stories that they need to work on. So they (we, because, you know, I'm here, too) aren't going to be able to keep up with a story that moves this quickly.

That said, like I mentioned it is very awesome that you are obviously passionate about this story, so I'm glad to see that. Just let it marinate a while before you keep adding to it.

3rd June 2012, 3:05 PM
My next bit of advice would just be to slow down. :) It's really great that you have both the time and the passion to write this much of the story this rapidly, but it honestly scares off readers. When I see someone post at a once-per-day pace (and, heck, you just posted 3 chapters in less than 24 hours!), I think "Oh wow. I'll never be able to stay caught up with this story, so there's no reason to start reading this". It's intimidating. I'm sure most, if not all, of the people here who could review your story have a job and/or school, AND a personal life, AND other stories they read here, AND their own stories that they need to work on. So they (we, because, you know, I'm here, too) aren't going to be able to keep up with a story that moves this quickly.

That said, like I mentioned it is very awesome that you are obviously passionate about this story, so I'm glad to see that. Just let it marinate a while before you keep adding to it.
I just wanted to post another chapter as I had 160mb left at that time, and that much data for me gos off VERY quickly. That being when the internet goes off, I will be able to write the story while offline and post it when I get back (probably a lot later) Thats why I posted it. As you said, I am Very passionate about what I write, I have read many and many books in my time and I aspire to write storys Like that in fan fiction. I just hope I dont over do it. Thank you again for revewing my story :) (P.S I sorted the Speech out like you said :D)

20th June 2012, 8:26 PM
ok everyone. Sorry I havnt posted the next chapter for a While, I just get busy. Heres the Next Chapter, in this chapter I decided to do something a little different, from Violets point of veiw instead of sticking to Lara all the time. Same Rating Applies:PG

A few hours earlier…

7:00 AM. No Lara. 7:30 AM, Still no Lara. 8:00 AM, Still no darn Lara. I was in a foul mood; she had completely ignored me all morning and all yesterday. If she wasn’t going to answer me, I was going to answer her. I decided I had to go to her house myself. I rushed down the stairs, my feet making utterly loud banging noises. I got my coat and cap and headed out, up the winding and cold lane. I walked along the cobblestone road, keeping my hands in my pocket, wearing my hat, scarf and gloves. I noticed it was quite miserable today; strange as it is was very warm all week.

It was truly cold, even my coat wasn’t warm enough. I saw Lara’s house in sight. I looked at my wrist watch. Hmm. 9:37 AM. I walked up to the gravel covered drive, pebbles all around. Lara’s parent’s car was not here, so her parents weren’t home yet. I walked up to the window and peered through it. The T.V was on; Lara was probably watching her shows. I saw some bread crusts on the side table. I knocked on the window, banging loudly. I think Lara’s parents were somewhere out, maybe out a lot longer than they intended to be. If her parents were home, they would clean up. Mrs. Whitegate was very particular about cleaning. I walked to door and opened the letter box. Looking inside the hall, through the letterbox, I called Lara’s name. There was no answer, and the hall was empty. I rested my hand on the doorknob. I turned the knob, only to find it open. I knew it was bad to enter a house without permission, but anything could have happened to Lara (plus, she is my friend!) as she didn’t go out anymore. I entered the hall. The polished wooden floor stood out among the black and golden wallpaper. Lara had a great house, the problem was that she didn’t have many friends, which made her grouchy and miserable.

I entered the kitchen, to find the ingredients to Lara’s Triple-sandwich still lying on the chopping board. I entered the living room. The living room had a black designer sofa with a large Plasma TV. On top of the TV was a small picture of Lara, it hung there balancing off the edge of the TV. I peered around the room, looking for some trace of evidence of why Lara was not home. I silently walked over to an end table, which was filled with letters and papers. At the top of the pile, was a note from Lara’s grandfather. I read it. It didn’t give me anything to make evidence or a theory of what exactly happened. Then I heard a knock at the door, I slowly walked towards it, daring to peer through the small eye hole. I bobbed under the doors window and hid between them, peering through the high eye hole.

It was a tall woman. She had dark brunette hair, which was so dark that it almost looked black, even in the sunshine. Her hair was up in smart bun and she had dark glasses like the midnight sky. She was carrying a medium sized briefcase. Her hat tipped upwards. She looked like a professional buisness woman, but there was something different about her. She noticed I was staring at her and knocked again, waiting for me to open the door. I didn’t know this woman nor what to react to her. I hesitated, and then opened the door. But she was nowhere to be seen, and lying on the floor in her place was a device. It looked a bit weird. Why would a woman be carrying around this thing? It just didn’t make sense. Then suddenly, my finger slipped and I pressed one of the buttons by accident. The device started to glow.
“Oh no, It’s a bomb!” I didn’t know if it was really a bomb or not. I just guessed it was. I started running around the room crazily, trying to find a place which could absorb the impact. Suddenly, I crashed into a cactus. My head hurt and I was knocked out cold…

“Ugh, I must’ve hurt my head pretty hard” I muttered, rubbing it firmly. I looked around the room. It was dark. Had the power gone? There were footsteps and then I heard voices.

“Yeah well I heard something down here. And there shouldn’t be anyone down here.” said a voice. I quickly shuffled behind some hidden crates.

“You sure? Cause I haven’t heard anything” said another voice.

“I know I heard something. And I heard it down there” a dark shadow pointed towards where I was hiding. I gasped, which wasn’t the right thing to do if you wanted to get by unnoticed. “Ha! I told you!” the voice snickered “over here” They started to run towards my spot. I carefully curled up into a ball, hoping they would not notice me. It didn’t work.

“Well what do we have here?” asked a voice “It seems to be a trespasser” The people stepped from the shadows, it revealed to be a girl and two boys. “You two, tie her up and put her in the lab” she ordered them. They walked towards me.

“Hey! Don’t you touch me!” I yelled at them. But they ignored my hollering and carried on their order. They tied me up, taped my mouth and carried me off to some unknown place. I stared back at the room, as I was dragged away. It looked like a basement, but how did I get here from Lara’s house?

I was put in a light, but cold room. I stared at the high lights on the ceiling. They had left a girl in the room to watch that I don’t “escape”. I turned around the room, inspecting the area. It was filled with completely different things like test tubes, chemical sets, books and tons of other strange stuff. One thing that caught my attention the most was a huge test tube in the corner. It had some sort of creature inside.

The girl saw me looking at it “You’re in for some real trouble you know, the boss aint no pushover, so you better do as you’re told” she advised sternly. I gulped and nodded. Then a creature stood next the girl. It looked like a giant purple scorpion. I gulped again. I sat there for what seemed like hours. I kept glancing at the scorpion, which stared at me half of the time. If I had tried to make a run for it, and the girl didn’t get me, the scorpion surely would. I sat silently, watching the rooms entrance. So this was what being hostage felt like.

Then, after the clock chimed 9 AM, someone else entered the room. It was a tall woman with icy blue hair in a plat. She was wearing some sort of fighting uniform (but not karate). She wore bright blue lipstick and had crystal blue eyes.

“It’s her” said the girl from the basement, pointing towards me.

“Is it now?” the girl with icy blue hair stepped forward “Now, what might your name be?” she asked, taking the tape off my mouth. I gulped. Suddenly a dark smile came over her face. “You shall tell me, or I will deal with you properly”

I stared at her, shaking, and stuttered “Vi-Viol-Violet, mam”

“I thought you would listen to reason” she said “Now, Violet, why were in our basement, hmm?” To be honest I had no idea.

“I don’t know, mam” I stammered.

“Don’t know, hmm? Well I believe you were there for a reason. Nobody else would find this place so…easily.” She told me.

“I believe she should be punished, miss” said the girl from the basement.

“That might be the solution.”

“No, no. Wait! I didn’t do anything!” I yelled

“…or it might not be the answer” she said icyily, looking at a machine at the other side of the room. I looked towards where she was looking. It was something strange; I couldn’t explain what it looked like. It was just strange…

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ok everyone, the next chapter wont be posted for a while due to my laptop being broken.

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Heres the Next chapter! Sorry for it being so late.


I stared after the small cat-like creature as it jumped over many buildings with such elegancy. Then, it suddenly flashed it’s eyes behind it, and saw me staring. It smirked, and continued to leap. Unfortunately, I can’t jump over buildings like the Pokémon. Sigh, I wish I could at times though. I stared at the cat as it faded into the distance. The tears from the cat stopped. I thought I should investigate. The things I do out of curiosity.

I peered over the edge of the building, wondering how far down it would be if I fell. It wasn’t a pretty sight of a height. I gulped. How would I cross that thing? As I pondered, many people gathered around the area I was in. They were not here to look at me. I turned, as I saw a boy with hazel hair and crystal blue eyes. He was on the roof just like me at the opposite side of the street, running and jumping through the building gaps, obviously chasing something or someone. I stared at his appearance. He wore red shorts, a red shirt and a belt with some sort of device attached. I stared at the faraway figure. His face seemed vaguely familiar. I let it pass.

I looked at the size of the gap I had to jump. Ugh...Maybe I should have stayed at the Pokémon centre? Never mind. It’s too late for that now. I steadied myself and stepped backwards, preparing for a long run. I closed my eyes.

“Here goes nothing...” I muttered. I pushed my legs as far as I could as I leapt over the gap. I landed safely on the next roof. “Phew” but then I saw the other roofs “Ugh, for Arceus sake!” To be honest I had no idea WHY I said that phrase, it just came to me. I don’t even know what Arceus is. Is it some sort of Hot dog? Or burger maybe? Is it a god? Why am I asking myself these stupid questions when I should be chasing after that pink cat? Speaking of food, I’m hungry although I had breakfast this morning.

100 roofs later...

I finally came to the last roof. Thank Arceus! Why the Arceus do I keep saying that? Ugh...never mind. I’ve just seen the cat jump down that side of the building. I peered over the edge. It doesn’t look so far in height from here. I looked to my left. There was a slant in the roof. Perfect. I don’t have to go parachuting...parachute-less. I carefully looked where the end of it landed. It led right to the ground. Strange, why would it lead to the ground like that? Is it a tradition to walk on roofs in this city? Oh well, might as well put it to good use. I walked carefully to the front of the ramp. I was about to walk down it when I stepped on something. The roof transformed into a flight of stairs. Bamboozled, I walked down them carefully, only to find myself in trouble when I reached the bottom.

As I reached the bottom I was grabbed from behind. My mouth was covered shut, so my screams and yells became muffled. I was dragged into a dark building, feeling slightly dizzy. I was pushed into a chair and tied up in seconds. My mouth was free at last!

“What in Arceus’s name are you doing?” Again I used that word. I stared at a figure in the darkness.

“What are you doing here?” asked a voice which sounded like a girl. The more I thought about the reason the more stupid it sounded. Sigh, I’ll have to tell the truth.

“I-I...was...chasing...a...um...” I trailed off.

“Yes? You were chasing what?” she asked impatiently.

I sighed “I was chasing a pink cat, alright?” I finished with little stuttering.

“You mean this cat?” she inquired as a pink cat walked in front of me. I narrowed my eyes at the cat and then the figure. It only took a few glances to figure out what was going on.

“You. This pink cat belongs to you! You led me here on purpose! But for what reason...?” I yelled.

“Heh. You’re pretty smart for someone who just followed a cat straight into trouble. Yes, she is my Pokémon.” The figure stepped forward into the light. I finally got a good look at the person who grabbed me. She was quite tall, and had black hair in a long ponytail. She wore fingerless gloves, with a t-shirt under a zipped up jacket and pants with trainers, all of which were black. I stared at her. She stared at me back. She looked vaguely familiar to me but I couldn’t put my finger on it (literally, I was tied up!). I struggled through the rope, trying to get free, but I was well and truly stuck.

“You let me go! You have no reason to have me captive!” I screamed. My Pokéball that held Firess shook, and she emerged from the Pokéball after a bright light. She shook her head, then turned to me. She looked very puzzled. “Firess! Get out of here! Quickly!” I ordered her. Firess looked around and saw the figure, still puzzled, but then she realized. Another creature appeared from the darkness. This time it was a purple cat which had a jewel on it’s forehead. Firess turned and ran out of the door.

“After it, Skitty!” The figure ordered. The pink cat rushed after Firess. I could only hope Firess was alright...


I was running. Running from what though? I have no idea why Lara wanted me to run, but when I realized the situation I did. Someone had caught her and tied her up with these strings. Now I was running for my life from the cat which Lara had recently followed. I glanced behind me as I ran down the street. I was looking for that crafty cat. I skidded around the corner and ran down yet another street. Then it occurred to me. I looked up to the rooftops, and there the cat was, running on the edge of the roof and following me. My paws were getting tired, and so was I. I ignored the thought of stopping and ran as fast as my paws could carry me. Then it struck me, I reached a dead end. My paws shook for some reason, not responding to the command I gave them to run and jump. I saw the cat come towards me. I growled at her.

“Leave me alone you horrid Pokémon” I told her.

“Guess what? I don’t intend to.” She snapped back. I began to step back, my eyes still focused on the cat. She slowly stepped forward as I stepped back. She tilted her head at me. I stepped back faster. Finally I turned and ran back the way I came, this time climbing on the roofs. I ran and ran but got no where. What about Lara? Would she be okay? I needed to get help. I glanced back to see if that terrible cat had gone. I should’ve watched where I was going.

I bumped into someone. Not just someone, a human, another human on the rooftop. I looked up, it was a boy, he looked like the same boy my friend Lara bumped into when we were trying to find our room, but he looked different, he wore red. Maybe he could help Lara? I started tugging on his socks. He looked at me, confused. He knelt down and patted me on the head, thinking I wanted to play. Or so I thought. He stared at me, asking me to tell me what was wrong. I continued pulling his sock. Then I remembered my necklace that Lara gave me. Maybe that would help him understand! I sat down and put my paw on the charcoal. I showed him it. I knew the charcoal might help. He seemed to understand a little and gestured me to go on. I ran over to the area I had climbed up and checked for the cat. I pointed my paw to where Lara was being held. Hopefully I wasn’t too late...


“Ugh...” I blinked my eyes a couple of times. For some bizarre reason I fell asleep. I remember looking at the purple cat with the gem in it’s head. It was weird. Arceus knows where I am now. And I was still tied up! I can hear noises too but I’m not sure what they were. They sound like tons of different cries of Pokémon. I looked around. Oh. My. Arceus! Cages! Cages are everywhere! I bet you that in the cages are the Pokémon I keep hearing. They’re keeping lots of Pokémon prisoner. Now that just isn’t plain nice! I felt a pit in my stomach. Maybe Firess was locked up too? That thought made me feel worse. Here I was, locked up for absolutely no reason despite curiosity, and now innocent Pokémon were captured and put in cages. Its just not right! I struggled through the ropes again, accomplishing nothing. I wish I could do something about all of this, instead of being stuck in a chair and watching all this happen. There seemed to be no hope for me right now. I sat there for ages, wondering what to do. This wasn’t going to solve itself.

“If you’re planning on escaping then forget it.” spoke a voice, loudly. I turned my head around the room quickly, looking where the voice came from. When I finally found the source of the voice, it was her.

“Do you seem to follow me everywhere, or is it just me?” I asked her. She didn’t answer me. I sighed, “Are you going tell me why I’m here or just keep me in suspense all the time?” Again, she didn’t answer. Ugh...this person seemed so...so...um... oh forget it I can’t find a word in my mind right now. I’m too busy trying to figure a way out of here. Despite what that crazy girl said, I’m busting out of here, weather she likes it or not. But I couldn’t leave all the Pokémon here too. What was I going to do about them?

“The boss will wish to speak with you later. I, however, have matters to attend to. I can’t babysit you here all day can I?” She asked, almost chuckling. With that comment she walked out of the room. What’s all this about? The boss? Is this an organisation or something? If it is, that makes me putridly sick. I had no idea how I was going to get out of this. Arceus help me...

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