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26th May 2012, 10:36 PM
Hello everyone and welcome to my fist ever fanfic. I've tried before and failed but never posted, but have reviewed works of others. This story does not have any mature content and will never have any. There are no teenage themes throughout either. It's just a take on a well known story with a twist. This story is original and is only based off of Pokémon. There may be clashes in animé, manga cannon, but nothing too obstructive or difficult to understand.
Please sit back and enjoy as best you can. Comment, praise, criticize, tell me what you liked and didn't. I'll work to improve.

Note: This story was seen in my head like an episode and so all chapters will run that way.

Thanks in advance!

Chapter 1 – Why the letter?

Whoever thought that the life of a 62 year old farm-woman was dull, either didn't know all the things that kept her busy, or their name wasn't Adelaide M. Farmer. This woman did everything and was extremely busy constantly. However, she thought it was as dull as, “a Pidgey squawking first thing in the morning.”. At her well matured age she couldn't be bothered with another mundane task of dressing herself in fancy things. So she kept it simple: with her silver laden hair in a tight bun. For an average-sized woman this was the look, or so she thought.

A hiss and a very slow purr and meow came from the fireplace where this old woman was peeling potatoes. She looked down at her fat tiger-like cat and sneered,

“Quiet you...” she hissed back, watching as the cat got up. It flicked its tail towards the fire, jumped off of it's cushion and patted itself down. It then turned to face away from it's owner. Adelaide looked over at the stairs toward the other end of the kitchen/dining room in the old farm house with its low wooden beams and cosy big fire. She could always tell when her daughter was coming into the room, it was just something she could always tell.

“Amelia? That you dear?” she tried to call in a somewhat raspy voice.

“Yes mother, I'm just coming down with some laundry...” she continued and entered the same room as her mother. Amelia looked like a normal mother, perfect hair, always on her feet, smelled fantastic and knew how to control her children. The only trouble she had was with her youngest, Edward.

“Where is that little eel?” she huffed while folding some clothes into a pile from a wicker basket, “He's been gone a half hour, the mailbox is only at the end of the path.”

“Boys will be...” the older woman started.

“I know mother...yet you never take an interest in him.” her daughter snapped back.

“Oh sure I do dear, I tell him to get on with his school work. I tell him to do his chores around the house. That's good enough for any boy his age,” she stopped for a second and remembered how hard her own childhood was to her “and what I've had to do my whole life, mind.”

The pair of women stayed at there places and carried on without resolve when suddenly, interrupting them. The large farmhouse door was swung open and almost taken off of it's hinges by a smaller frame, with which they both looked at in awe. Adelaide swiftly turned round again on her stool, and continued peeling more potatoes: A repetitive action of a potato being picked up from the large sac on the right and having it thrown gently with a soft thud into the pot over the fire when she had finished peeling. From the door came a small dark haired child, running over to his mother and almost jumping on her.

Amelia looked down at her small son in that knowing way that she was just about to scold him.

“Where have you been young man?” she asked him, not waiting for an answer, “You've been gone a full half hour!” came her own reply of sorts. Then her 10 year old son handed her a letter addressed to himself.

“Mummy, open it...I wanna know what it is!” he looked p at her with his adorable blue eyes.

“It's for you.” she replied while finishing folding the clothes, “you should open it yourself.”

He beamed at his mother as he took the letter back, leaving her chuckling to herself. The little dark-haired man ripped at the white envelope and started to pull the letter out and handed it directly back to his mother who just tutted and read the lined of black type on the folder A4-sized paper. Her eyes focused and looked from side to side as she read. A smile crept across her face showing that climbing happiness she felt inside for her young son. Amelia put the letter on the table and embraced her son to which he pushed her away and quickly enquired.

“What did it say mummy?” the impatient little man asked his mother, squirming in earnest looking up at her.

“You got it...little Eel...” she cooed affectionately as the young boy started to jump up and down until his mother put her finger to her lips.

“Go say to your gran” the young mother ushered her son.

“But...” he started.

“'But' nothing young man...she'll be thrilled just as I am.” she turned to her mother and called a little bit louder over to the old woman pottering about the fire.

The young boy moved towards his grandmother and shuffled gently at the other end of the table away from her and stared at her action over the fire as she stirred some nice smelling liquid into where her potatoes went. She sniffed the air and put the lid on the pot with just enough room for the potatoes to “breathe”. She looked towards her left side and noticed her grandson, his face nervous, his small hands behind his back, shuffling his feet on the solid wooden floor.

“Boy...if you shuffle anymore you're going to bore a hole in that floor, then we'll see you fix it right up, good and proper.” she stated, forceful in her execution at her age. Edward's face drooped down and he started to mumble incoherently.

“Boy, speak up!” she said moving towards him and sitting back down on the table bench closer to him this time.

“I.....got it.” he squeaked out, nervous and unsure of how his stalwart granny would react, if at all. She may pass it under the carpet, she may be happy, she may be sad, it was really anyone's guess, and he didn't want to guess wrong.

“And who told you that boy?” she asked not really expecting much. Perhaps the Professor herself let her grandson know.

“That's what m-m-my letter was a-a-about.” he stuttered.

“A letter? She sent you a letter?” Granny blurted out sounding more agitated.

“...I've to go up in the next hour...and get my Starter Pokémon.” he tried to state calmly, backing away from the old woman. He had never felt as scared of the old woman as he did now. Edward looked down and fumbled with his fingers.

“We'll see about that...” Adelaide commented, moving into the cupboard for some dishes and taking a large spoon off of a hook to the left of the fire and dipping into the large pot, with the lid now off and placing some of the mixture into the bowl.

“Enough of that now” the old woman starts, “time for dinner.”

An hour later...

The small family sat at the table. Amelia patted her young son on the head and smiles, looking over at her own mother, nodding in acceptance of something unsaid. He was ready and excited even though they didn't want to let him go, it had to be done. Edward had waited for this moment since he knew that Pokémon Trainers existed through hearing stories about his 2 older sisters. He knew some things about these brilliant creatures, but the ones he did know never did anything special and he wanted to change that. The young boy jumped down and ran over to the fat cat laying in her bed. She had a soft spot for the human and she nuzzled his cheek as he came in close for a hug, licking his soft skin with her rough tongue.

“Nyaaaaar...” she commented somewhat enthusiastically. Her tail no longer able to fit round her plump figure. Her comfy bed stretching due to her size.

“I won't be back for a while Mama.” the little boy said petting and scratching the cat's head just between her ears. Adelaide had never named the Purugly, even as a Glameow. Young Edward had given the cat the nickname just after she evolved when he was 2 years old and its stuck. She started to purr as he stopped, sighing discontentedly as the abruptly stopped petting. “Wish me luck!”

“Do you have everything packed Eel?” Amelia asked her son, hugging him lightly.

“I thought Dad was gonna be about to say bye...”

“I'm sorry little man, he's busy a few fields over...give him a wave as you pass and he'll see you.”

The old woman in the corner started to put her short jacket on, he apron stuffed into a bag on her agéd shoulders. Edward looked at his grandmother and picked up his backpack, slinging it over his shoulders.

“Granny where are you going?” he asked, waiting for an answer while he headed towards the door.

“I'm going to see Aurea, to sort this letter thing out.” she stated herding her grandson out of the door closing it behind her. Amelia, stunned and shocked, just shook her head and went upstairs.

Amelia pushed her mother's bedroom door open an started to tidy up, putting some laundry away and dusting with a cloth over the windowsill and a light wood coloured dresser. She took a look in the mirror and noticed herself, fixing that small fraction of hair that was out of place wiping the surface of the dresser as she knocked some things onto the floor. She cursed herself as she bent down picking a few photos and an old black case up. Laying herself down on her mother's bed she looked at the sepia coloured photos. Looking hard at the pictures that she had never seen before, she set the unopened case upon the bed. Amelia managed to recognise her 10 (or so) year old mother with an important looking man, with long hair an very tight looking eyes. He wore trousers and a top, the colour couldn't be made out, he was fairly tall at least. His eyes couldn't be seen. She looked all over the photo and noticed at the bottom right hand corner was some writing and a signature. Tracing the lines of the black pen, she couldn't make out the name but she could read the print writing on the white border.

“Pewter Gym, Pewter City, Kanto”

Amelia’s hand came up to her mouth as she put down that photo and took up the other two and looked at them side by side. The one on the left had a woman with long wavy white hair over one shoulder, and her hand on the shoulder of her 10 year old mother. This woman was so beautiful, Amelia found it hard to take herself away from the photograph as she looked at the one on the right. Her mother was in this one too, this time with a few extra people. A large man in a vest and camouflage trousers with his arms folded over his enormous chest while in the background a slender woman held a small blonde baby while wearing an apron. The first photo read as:

“Cerulean Gym, Cerulean City, Kanto”

While the second read:

“Vermilion Gym, Vermilion City, Kanto”

She squinted her eyes at the signature of the first photo, but couldn't make it out. If was fancy though, written like a high-lass celebrity. The second was written in block capitals:


Something clicked in Amelia’s head and she thought, while looking out of the window in front of her and jumped off of the bed while looking at the woman and the baby. She put two and two together and she smiled knowingly. Picking up the first photograph again she looked over her mother tracing the figure with a few fingers until she came to a hand of her mother's. There was a black case. That could only mean that there were badges...real Pokémon Gym Badges inside that case. Her brain flurried like a trapped bird and dropped the photos on the bed as she picked up the case. Amelia had never known her mother to have done any journeying at all. It was the sort of thing she never even talked about, if she talked at all. Amelia slowly felt the case which was velvety, and blew on it gently to remove any dust. Her fingers carefully traced the lines of the hinges and slowly but surely began to open the case. Inside were three, very worn looking emblems, placed into indents inside the case. The first was a grey looking one shaped like a stone, the next one was a tear drop that had gone clear with age instead of blue and the last one was a many pointed star-shaped badge with an orange jewel in the centre. Amelia scanned those badges and then closed the case, getting up off of the bed, wondering why she never knew any of this. She made her way to the door placing the objects down onto a stool just at the bedroom door.

The front door creaked open and a brawny looking man with a tan and farmer’s clothes came in and mopped his brow.

“You in here A?” he asked the house.
“Just coming dear!” came the swiftest of replies.


Just across town, with her grandson, Adelaide stormed up to professor Juniper's lab and stood at the door and knocked three times and opened the door.

“Granny, you can't just go in, you y-you have to wait...” the young boy pleaded as he doubtfully followed his forward grandmother into a respectable laboratory.

“Aurea won't mind Granny coming in. Will you dear?” the older woman addressed the Professor in mid-sentence with someone else. Professor Juniper who always had her hair up in a high ponytail which almost looked like a weird hair bun stopped talking to the youngster and just watched as Adelaide made her way over to her. The professor started talking to the girl she was in conversation with.

“...it's okay if you want to go alone, many kids do these days and find others on the way.” the intellectual woman looked over at her two new guests. “Now that Edward is here we can get started...as the other one won't be coming today.”

Edward and his grandmother made their way to the professor and stood just across from her and a table which had three red and white Pokéballs on it. Adelaide made her way round and put her arm round Professor Juniper's back and tried to get away.

“Granny, what are you doing?” she cried out loud.

“Having a private conversation with you dear.” she replied, trying to be quieter than usual.

“I-I'm busy here Granny...can't this wait?”

“It most certainly can not!” her hands were on her hips now, staring up at the Professor with a harsh intent.

“What is it then?” she fidgeted looking at the older woman.

“This 'letter' you sent out to the Eel?” she gestured towards her grandson and the young girl across from him laughed as the boy's face went red, wishing that his Granny would just be quiet and stop embarrassing him.

“I send out letters to all children whom I cho...”

“Don't you think letters are too formal for a family that you've known for years Aury?”

“Granny don't call me that...”

“I've known you since you were this high.” she exaggerated the height that Professor Juniper used to be. “You played with Amelia everyday and stayed long into the evening...” she reminded the Professor as if she had forgotten.

“Granny...I have a duty now, things are different.”

“Well I expect you to make an exception, young lady.”

“I can't just go against rules Granny, you ought to realise that”

“Rules, shmules...this is your Granny you're talkin' to Aury.”

Aurea shook her head and looked down at the floor and back at Edward then back at Granny.

“Okay...I'm sorry Granny. Is there anything else?”

Adelaide hummed for a bit, making a tuneful sound, making a decision right there and then.

“Yes dear...but we'll leave that 'til the youngsters pick who they're going with.”

Professor Juniper turned round with Adelaide beside her and smiled at Edward whose face was still red from embarrassment, his pale face not blending well with the rosy red on his cheeks.

“As you know Edward, today is the day you get to pick your starter Pokémon, before you go on your journey. Now that you are both here...”

“Where's the other person?” Edward interjected looking around the laboratory.

“...they were delayed and will be here within the next few days.” Juniper replied to his Granny-like interruption. Some people had no etiquette at all when it came to conversation, she thought. “Now shall we release the starters for you both to see who you will be travelling with?”

Aurea picked up the first Pokéball and threw it up into the air, the ball opening when it reached the highest it was going to get with that throw. A blue and white swirl of energy, like water came out of the opened red and white sphere as the energy gathered on the floor and solidified into matter to become a small snake-like lizard with a short leaf collar and a three pronged leaf at the end of its tail. The energetic Pokémon stood facing the two children and called out emphatically,

“Sniiiii-veeeee!” the small male Pokémon exclaimed to the room.

After catching the ball she set it back down in the table and picked up the next one. From the ball's energy came a small otter-like creature of blue and white, with a small cream coloured shell in the light blue stomach. The Pokémon fluttered its eyelashes and rang out in feminine voice,

“Wott-wott, Oshawott!”

The final starter Pokémon came out of it's ball and tried to smile and fell over, getting back up again. The cute little pig Pokémon of orange and black with a little red orb on it's tail. It closed its eyes almost laughing at itself.

“Te-pig!” it remarked gruffly.

Edward stood by the one he had obviously chosen and Professor Juniper smiled down at his choice, the young girl with pigtails did the same until one was left. the small pig looked smiled hopefully, not really knowing what was going on. Professor Juniper frowned, not really sure what to say.

“I've never seen any of these ones...are they new dear?” Adelaide asked the younger woman.

“Granny...” the young boy retorted quite proudly. Gesturing towards the girl's choice. “That one is Snivy, a grass type.” he motion towards the obviously unwanted one. “That's Tepig, fire type. And this one here,” he picked up the female otter Pokémon and give her a hug to which she cuddled close and tickled him under his chin with her scalchop. “...he he he is Oshawott, water type.”

“That's exactly what I was going to say Edward.” Juniper said and folded her arms turning to Adelaide. “Have you said your goodbyes yet?” she asked.

“Yes we have dear,” she turned to her grandson and ruffled his thin black hair and smiled, “on your way Eel.” she pushed him lovingly, if there was such a thing, as Professor Juniper handed them both a Pokédex and smiled.

“Have a good journey both of you...and keep in touch, good luck!”

She turned to Adelaide and sat down on a light green sofa and motioned for the older woman to sit too. As Granny sat down the lonely Tepig sat up on the old woman's lap and cuddled into her lap and smiled, softly closing it's eyes.

“I'd like to propose something to you Aury...” Adelaide started.

“What is it this time?” Juniper sighed heavily.

That's the end of the first chapter. Next one to come within the next week or so. If you would like notified please let me know.