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10th June 2012, 1:18 AM
Author's note: Okay, now that my classes are temporarily out and I've got my bearings, I'm going to try to start posting fanfiction on a somewhat-regular basis here.

This is my entry into last year's Perspective contest, and though I'm a few months late posting it, I still feel like it's a worthwhile read. It won fourth place.

I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Title: Alpha Male
Canon: Manga/anime
Characters (I'm putting this under a spoiler- you can try and figure it out for yourself, but I don't want to ruin the story): Persian, Giovanni
Pairings: none
Trigger warnings: implied animal cruelty

I am wounded.

I didn't expect this to happen. There were murmurings in the pack, of this new male, poised to become the alpha, but I didn't expect him to actually try and usurp my place. I believed I was truly strong enough to maintain my position as alpha male of the pack, that the others would continue and follow me.

I never expected my own betrayal at their paws.

The attack was swift and unforeseen. I did my best, fought tooth and claw, to prove my superiority. Called upon the others to help. The ones who'd spent so long standing behind me. The ones I hunted with, confided in, protected this forest with.

They sat and watched as the new one humiliated me before them.

Now I lie here, the once mighty alpha male Persian of Viridian Forest, waiting to recover from my wounds. Once I was trusted, respected. Now I am alone.


There was a human boy today. Brown of hair, feisty, reminiscent of myself before my fall. He approached today and offered food and medicine. I refused his aid, hissed.

He didn't get the message.

I did what I had to, and bit him. I felt some reluctance in biting the child, but I walk alone now. My pack has rejected me and this is my fate as a Persian. I have no use for others. They will merely turn their back on me, just as those who I once placed my trust in.


The men came to the forest today. Poachers. I knew this band. I had defended Viridian Forest from them, countless times, with my former pack.

They came today without their gear, without their Pokemon, without their truck. I heard their usual discussion. How the Persian of Viridian Forest would fetch a fine price from collectors, with their fine, soft fur and handsome build.

I could have warned the pack, but I decided against it. They have rejected me, so I, in turn, will return that favor. Let their new leader defend them, if he wishes. I no longer have any care for them.


Still injured. The boy returned to the forest today and approached me again. This time he had a spray bottle.

I gave him the same warning hiss as before, followed by the bite on the hand from last time.

This time the boy winced, but unlike last time, he looked me in the eyes, swallowed his pain, and proceeded to spray the liquid on my wounds and offer me food. After some thought, I gave in to instinct and accepted both healing and nourishment from him.

Perhaps the boy is not as bad as he seems.


The poachers came back today and went after the pack. Most of it, captured. Nets, not even the common dignity of Pokeballs. The pack was an easy catch.

I wonder where their alpha male was in all of this.

The boy, too, returned. He offered to take me to a place where Pokemon are healed.

I accepted his offer and allowed him to carry me there. It feels good to be valued once again.


The boy betrayed me. He laid me on the table and the man, supposed to treat me, immediately took me away and put me in the back of a truck. Another filthy poacher.

I see now how humans are. They are their own pack, as capable of backstabbing as any pack of Pokemon. Willing to betray those who care for them if it means something in it for them.

My former allies share my imprisonment. Were it not for their betrayal in the first place, perhaps this fate would have never come to pass.


The boy was not as I thought. He ran behind the truck. Yelling at me. Telling me to fight.

Why does the one who betrayed me desire to save me?, I wonder. Then I realize.

Perhaps the boy was not the traitor. Are young ones even capable of such things? Perhaps he was the betrayed.

The pack mewls behind me in fear.

Now I will do for them what they never did for me.

I swallow the pain of my wounds from the fight, just as the boy swallowed the pain of my injury to him, and summon all my strength to unleash a powerful swipe at the chain holding the doors of our prison closed.

The doors spring open, and we are freed. I expect the pack to welcome me back, but instead, they race past me, ignoring me as they did before, and I am alone and wounded again.

The boy extends a hand to me. He offers to become my trainer.

The boy, who healed me, even after I injured him. The boy who cared for me enough to urge me to fight for freedom.

This human, who has done more for me in a few days than my pack ever did.

I accept. We shall travel the world together, and be a pack of two. Pokemon and trainer. Persian and boy. And we shall make this forest, and all beyond it, our own, no matter what.


It has been years now, and the boy is now a man and alpha male of his own pack of humans. Still I remain at his side, staying faithful to him, even as challengers challenge us and difficulties beset us.

A boy, the age of the man when he came to my aid, challenges him. Just as he has so many times before, he calls upon me, trusts me, to protect him and prove his dominance.

How the battle will go, I am not yet sure. But I have faith that no matter what comes, we will fight together to the end.

Our pact lives on, and shall, as long as the two of us are.

Background: This story was inspired by the infamous Persian comic from Kagemaru Himeno's How I Became a Pokemon Card manga. For those not familiar with it, it told the tale of a 10-year-old Giovanni (presumably game universe) discovering a wounded Persian in Viridian Forest and treating it, eventually gaining its friendship. Persian is later caught by a "Pokemon Collection Service" implied to be poachers and with young Gio's encouragement, breaks down the doors of the van it's trapped in, freeing his fellow captives. The comic ends with a shot of Giovanni in his gym shortly before facing Red in battle, and Persian going into battle alongside him. I simply retold the story from Persian's viewpoint using a "pack animal" mentality, since I'd imagine feral Persian behave much like wild big cats. I kind of felt like it'd work well in anime canon, but honestly this story could work in any canon you wanted it to.

10th June 2012, 2:37 AM
I like it. Never thought of Giovanni having a heart. I guess the poachers were the "animal cruelty" part.

10th June 2012, 4:09 AM
I like it. Never thought of Giovanni having a heart. I guess the poachers were the "animal cruelty" part.

If nothing else it's at least solid canon he loves Persian. Personally I'm a fan of their interactions in the show and I write a lot about the bond between the two.