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11th June 2012, 12:39 AM
Hello, everyone! This is a new fanfiction that I will be, well, writing. So, essentially, this is a fic where readers will give me requests on what Pokemon to use in a oneshot, and I will try to write about all 649. Also, after every oneshot, I will write my own Pokedex entry that the writers at GameFreak would actually use. For example, I can't write a oneshot about a Sneasel that likes parachuting for some odd reason, and then saying, "They enjoy parachuting."

Here's an index of all the so far completed Pokemon:
#000 Missingno.
#019 Rattata
#025 Pikachu
#042 Golbat
#043 Oddish
#044 Gloom
#045 Vileplume
#060 Poliwag
#081 Magnemite
#082 Magneton
#083 Farfetch'd
#093 Haunter
#099 Kingler
#100 Voltorb
#109 Koffing
#113 Chansey
#132 Ditto
#138 Omanyte
#139 Omastar
#143 Snorlax
#152 Chikorita
#153 Bayleef
#154 Meganium
#168 Ariados
#184 Azumarill
#189 Jumpluff
#206 Dunsparce
#208 Steelix
#219 Magcargo
#235 Smeargle
#242 Blissey
#254 Sceptile
#256 Combusken
#258 Mudkip
#278 Wingull
#299 Nosepass
#308 Medicham
#316 Gulpin
#321 Wailord
#328 Trapinch
#330 Flygon
#332 Cacturne
#336 Seviper
#338 Solrock
#346 Cradily
#350 Milotic
#351 Castform
#359 Absol
#360 Wynaut
#362 Glalie
#366 Clamperl
#369 Relicanth
#380 Latias
#381 Latios
#392 Infernape
#399 Bidoof
#400 Bibarel
#401 Kricketot
#420 Cherubi
#436 Bronzor
#437 Bronzong
#439 Mime Jr.
#442 Spiritomb
#446 Munchlax
#462 Magnezone
#469 Yanmega
#473 Mamoswine
#475 Gallade
#478 Froslass
#479 Rotom
#487 Giratina
#495 Snivy
#495 Serperior
#511 Pansage
#517 Munna
#518 Musharna
#534 Conkeldurr
#554 Darumaka
#555 Darmanitan
#560 Scrafty
#563 Cofagrigus
#569 Garbodor
#579 Reuniclus
#582 Vanillite
#583 Vanillish
#589 Escavalier
#594 Alomomola
#595 Joltik
#596 Galvantula
#600 Klang
#607 Litwick
#609 Chandelure
#618 Stunfisk
#624 Pawniard
#627 Rufflet

PM List: Zibdas, jeffdavid102, charizarddude

So, without further ado, here's the first oneshot:

Pawniard and Poliwag

She slowly moved through the tall grass. Though she was too short to see where she was going, she knew prey was nearby. She wasn’t exactly sure how, but she could sense it. The Pawniard always followed her senses. She slashed through the grass, and she saw a large pond. Her group usually came here to get a drink, but this time, she was out hunting. It was her first solo job, so naturally, she was excited.

She quietly walked around the pond, seeking out the prey. The feeling was getting stronger, until she saw it. On a log, there was a single, small, blue Pokémon. It had a long, flat tail, and short, stubby legs. Stealthily, she snuck up on the Poliwag. Closer, closer, until she was ready. She suddenly slashed out at the tadpole with her bladed arms.

Poliwag jumped in the nick of time, and without seeing what was happening, she screamed at the attacker. Pawniard covered her ears, reeling from the noise. For such a small Pokémon, she had a heck of a pair of lungs. After the yelling stopped, the Pawniard glanced over. Poliwag had disappeared. Curious, she peered into the lake. She was welcomed by a blast of water.

Spluttering and gasping for air, she blindly slashed at the water, until she heard a familiar voice. “Maria?”

She blinked at the Poliwag, who had jumped out of the water. “Cheryl?” she asked.

The Poliwag smiled and spun around. “Maria! I thought it was you! How are you? How’s the pack? Did you have a good hunting season? How’s that crush on Brian going?”

Maria coughed out some water, and then responded. “Well, let’s see. Fine, fine, yes, and, well, you know.” She blushed a bit. Cheryl was being a chatterbox, as always. Then again, that was why they were friends.

Cheryl grinned. “Well, I’m glad you could drop by. Sorry for yelling at you, but next time don’t scare me like that. Here, sit down,” she said warmly.

Pawniard agreed, and sat down beside her blue friend. “Yeah, sorry. I didn’t realize you were my friend.”

“So, what’s up? This is the first time I’ve seen you out here without the other Pawniard and Bisharp. Did you run away?”

“Nah, I’m out hunting. I’m finally old enough to go out by myself, and I should be finding something for dinner. But, what’s a few minutes to catch up with an old friend? Besides, I can easily run something down and catch it when I need to go. Unfezant are reported in the area, and it’s been way too long since I’ve had poultry.”

Cheryl laughed. “Well, I have seen a few Unfezant. They’re really snooty and uptight, but I have to admit, the guys don’t look half bad. Also, I hear there are some Farfetch’d around here-oops, hang on,” she said.

Maria watched intently as Cheryl jumped into the pond. She noticed a dragonfly hovering over a lilypad. Dragonflies weren’t Pokémon, they were animals. As far as she was concerned, it was a really bad attempt to imitate a Yanma. But that didn’t matter right now. She observed closely, always ready to learn about how other Pokémon hunted.

The Poliwag’s translucent body became almost invisible in the water. She slowly moved closer to the lilypad. The dragonfly cautiously landed on the bright pink flower. And without warning, Cheryl leapt out of the water and shot a disproportionately long tongue at the unfortunate bug. It quickly retracted into her mouth, and she swam back to where Maria sat.

She swallowed. “So, as I was saying, there are a few Farfetch’d here. I hear they’re delicious, but they’re also really rare. If you find one, give me the leek. It protects that thing with its life, so that can be its downfall.”

Maria smiled. “Of course. I hate vegetables, but you love them.” Her species was exclusively carnivorous, although she knew Bisharp had a wider diet and would occasionally eat plants.

The Poliwag giggled. Maria was tempted to continue the conversation, but the sound of wings flapping snapped her back to reality. “Oh my gosh! I just remembered, I have to catch something for dinner, or else I won’t be allowed to leave the group for another month. I have to go, Cheryl. See you around!”

Cheryl waved with her tail. “See you!” she said happily. After a wave of goodbye, she went back to stalking her prey. She could sense an Unfezant around here somewhere.


Pawniard: The blade on its head acts as radar. It attacks and subdues prey with its bladed arms.

Poliwag: When in danger, it cries loudly. While its attacker is dazed, it leaps into a nearby body of water.


So, what do you think? Oh, and as some of you may know, these were originally all supposed to be horror stories, but I decided to discard that idea. However, I didn't discard the stories I already wrote, so I will add a small disclaimer if I wrote the story when it was supposed to be all scary and demented stories.

14th June 2012, 11:55 PM
Wow, no one's requested anything yetas if I didn't expect that. Anywho, here's the next story! It involves two Pokemon you wouldn't normally see together, but I figured it could work well. Also, there is a small Smogon.com reference, but even if you don't use that site, it should be quite obvious.

Stunfisk and Conkeldurr

Way in western Unova, there was a small town known as Icirrus City. There, it was constantly chilly, and the cold attracted some select species of Pokémon. Some were there simply because they liked the cold, such as Vanillish. Some were there to test their endurance, such as Sawk. And some were there before it became ridiculously cold, such as Palpitoad, but either couldn’t or didn’t bother to move.

Now, many trainers visited this town. Many were here to get their seventh gym badge. Some were attracted by the rare Pokémon. There were many Ice-types, like Beartic, and there was also a large tower where Golett and Druddigon were not uncommon. But they all had one thing in common-they all ignored one species.

The species was known as Stunfisk. They were ridiculed by many trainers simply due to their appearance. They were forgotten, ignored, left in the dust of more memorable Pokémon. Many Pokédexes didn’t even recognize the species. But the Stunfisk didn’t mind. Being ignored by the humans meant they weren’t going to be captured, and so the population exploded.

But one Stunfisk did mind.

“But it isn’t fair,” Sammy complained. “Why do we have to take this? Why, we have just as much potential as Haxorus! As Excadrill! As Zekrom! As Choice Band Technician Scizor!”

The other Stunfisk gave him an odd look. “You’ve been on that weird Koffing website too much,” Sophia said. “Anyway, it’s good that we aren’t noticed by the humans. Do you know what they’ll make you do if they catch you? They’ll force you to battle against really strong Pokémon, like Scrafty or Reuniclus! No thanks. I’d rather stay safe in our pond.”

“But don’t you ever get cold in here?” Sammy argued. “If we went with a trainer, we’d get our own heated Poké Balls! Plus, they’d feed us. We wouldn’t have to forage in the mud for food. And I’d love to battle something like that. It’ll give me a refreshing challenge. I’m tired of beating up the Shelmet here.”

Sophia rolled her eyes. Sammy usually overestimated himself, and made challenges that he couldn’t win. In fact, it was his endeavors that had drove them to build a small hospital made of mud on the pond floor. Every time he got out, he wasn’t gone for ten minutes before he was right back in the bed. But then again, you had to admire his resilient ego.

Suddenly, they noticed footsteps. A trainer was coming. The other Stunfisk were already burying themselves in mud. They were ignored, but it never hurt to reinforce their secrecy. But not Sammy. He was swimming furiously towards the surface; the only thing holding him back was Sophia. “Sammy! What are you doing? You’ll get caught!”

“That’s the point, you idiot! I have to leave this pond!” He thrashed and splashed, but Sophia had a firm grip on him. But unfortunately, the trainer had already noticed and was prepared to produce a powerful Pokémon.

“Fine!” Sophia exclaimed. “I give up!” She let go of Sammy, and he burst out of the pond happily.

But the trainer frowned. “Oh, it’s just one of those weird fish things. Maybe I can find a Palpitoad or something further out.”

“No! Wait!” Sammy cried. “Take me with you! Don’t leave! Please!” But it was too late. The trainer was already long gone. Frowning, he plopped back into the pond, where everyone else was swimming away. “It’s not fair. Look! We’re fast!” He demonstrated by zipping from one side of the pond to the other. “They just underestimate us.”

Sophia groaned. “Well, sometimes being underestimated is better than the alternative. You wouldn’t want to be matched up against someone you have no chance against. Plus… Sammy? Are you listening?”

But obviously, he wasn’t. He was pacing around the pond, muttering to himself. Suddenly, he gasped. “I’ve got it! I’ll go fight that Conkeldurr that lives around here and prove that Stunfisk have potential! Bye, Sophia! Next time you see me, I’ll be a hero to Stunfisk kind!”

Sophia sighed. She started cleaning out the hospital bed.

Meanwhile, Sammy had barely managed to get to the cave. Though he was fast in the water, he had to resort to flopping around on land. It was tiring, and he was getting sluggish from the cold. But then he saw the Conkeldurr, and his blood heated up again.

The Conkeldurr was presently smashing large boulders into rubble. He heaved his pillars into the air, smashed the rock, and then caught then without batting an eye. He wriggled around to get closer, and then called out, “Hey, clown-face!”

The Conkeldurr turned his head. Spotting the mudfish, he turned his head back around and focused on smashing rocks instead. But Sammy refused to back down. “Yeah, I’m talking to you, Camerupt butt! What’s the matter, you a scaredy-cat? Or are you ugly and hard of hearing?”

Conkeldurr grunted, but made no other signs of acknowledging the Stunfisk’s existence. But Sammy didn’t stop there. “Come on, you big baby! Fight! Or are you too scared that I’ll whip your sorry behind?” The yellow spots on his back crackled with electricity, and then zapped Conkeldurr. Conkeldurr winced, but it was clear he wasn’t going to battle this fish anytime soon.

And yet, Sammy refused to take the hint. “Yeah! Eat that! Oh wait, you couldn’t eat that if you were spoon-fed! Zinger!” He continued to taunt and tease the muscular Pokémon, but Conkeldurr didn’t want to hurt the poor fish. But when he said something nasty about his mother, he turned around. Sammy smirked, and began flopping back and forth. “Oh yeah, you can’t hit a moving target, can you? You’re too slow! Or should I say, sloooooooooow?” He attempted to zap Conkeldurr again, but he stuck out a pillar and diverted the bolt.

Conkeldurr narrowed his eyes. He tossed his two pillars thirty feet in the air without taking his eyes off Stunfisk. Sammy gulped, and finally realized that challenging Conkeldurr may not have been the best idea. Conkeldurr brought his fist back, and slammed it into the fish’s body and sent him flying back to the pond. He landed directly in the hospital bed. Good thing. He’d need it.

Moral of the story: Think before you challenge a ridiculously overpowered Pokémon to a battle without having any sort of strategy whatsoever.


Stunfisk: It lives at the bottom of ponds. Though agile in the water, it is pathetic and slow on land.

Conkeldurr: It hones its skills by punching boulders. One can toss an anvil forty feet in the air.

15th June 2012, 5:14 PM
Surprised no one's commented on this yet. I thought these were pretty cool. Pokedex one shots are a pretty neat idea. I think I like the Stunfisk and Conkeldurr the most because I thought elements of it were really amusing with the smogon and competitive battle references.

16th June 2012, 6:09 PM
I think I like the Stunfisk and Conkeldurr the most because I thought elements of it were really amusing with the smogon and competitive battle references.

I like that one more as well. Probably because there's a bit more humor in it.

So, I got a request for Latias/Latios by VM. And believe it or not, I blanked on the idea of those two. So I added Magneton. And I got it worked out. For some reason, I seem to be better at strange mixes than ones that are traditionally put together. Oh, and just so you know, Bibarel's on reserve for Canada Day. It is a beaver, after all.

So, here goes:

Latias, Latios and Magneton

The blue dragon streaked across the sky. He made magnificent ascensions and dives, all the while staying far above the skyline. Occasionally, he took a small risk and flew lower to the ground, sometimes brushing through oak trees. Flying high in the air, he had a beautiful aerial view of Altomare. It wasn’t much, but he and his sister, Latias, called it home. He smiled. “Gee, Latias, we sure are privileged to live in such an amazing place… Latias?” He glanced over, and his sister had disappeared. Latios sighed. His sister usually wandered off, observing some flowers or a shiny Beautifly. He flew down to the beach to look for her.

He saw her, a large pink dragon inspecting a bakery on the boardwalk. She was apparently staring at cakes. Latios went wide-eyed and zoomed after her. “Latias! What do you think you’re doing?”

She glanced over at him. “Latios! Look! The humans make these colourful things that smell really nice! Maybe they’ll give us one!”

Latios began tugging on her shoulders, pulling her away. “Latias! We can’t let the humans see us! Now come on! We have to go!”

Latias frowned, but went with him. “Aw, but I wanted to see one of the humans make those things.”

“They’re called ‘cakes,’ Latias. You’re lucky that the bakery was closed, or we would have been toast. Can you please just act a bit more mature?”

But Latias ignored him. Her thin feathers had all suddenly poofed up. “Latios! Follow me! I think someone’s in trouble!” She paused for a while, then added, “It feels like three of them!”

Latios sighed. “Oh, for the love of-Fine, I’ll come.” They both flew off to the middle of the ocean. Latios saw that, for once, Latias was right. He could see electric sparks flying off from a single point. He could also hear three faint voices. Deciding it would be safer to observe from a distance first, he and his sister hovered a few metres away from the sparks, to make sure it was safe. They listened in on the voices.

“Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh, we’re going to DIE out here! We’re going to die, we’re going to die, we’re going to DIE!”

“Calm down, calm down. It’ll be fine. We’ll get out of here eventually.”

“WHEN? We’ve been stranded out here for weeks! We’re going to DIE!”

“Just SHUT UP, both of you! Seriously! Just shut your mouths!”

“But we’re going to DIE! Someone, HELP!”

“NO ONE will hear you out here! So stop yelling! Just freaking SHUT UP!”

Latias nudged her brother. “They sound like us, don’t they?” She smiled, and ruffled her feathers.

Latios couldn’t help but smile back. “Yeah, I suppose they do. Come on, let’s go help them. Er, it. Well, whatever.”

Latios and Latias flew out to the Pokémon. It certainly was a strange one, seemingly formed out of three Magnemite. The top one and left one seemed to be doing the most talking. And unfortunately, the one on the left- the one who’d get scared of his own shadow- noticed them first. “Oh my gosh, LATIAS and LATIOS! They’re going to kill us for being bad! HELP!”

The top one clenched his single eye. “How many times have I told you that NOT EVERYTHING IS OUT TO KILL YOU!”

As the two bickered on, the third one, the one on the right, actually addressed the two dragons. “Hello there. Please excuse the others, they don’t always… agree with each other. My name is Parker. The one beside me is William, and the one on top is Adrian. We are called…”

“Magneton,” Latios said. “I’ve seen you guys around here. But, I always thought you guys had one brain?”

“Nope. See, when we evolved, three random Magnemite united. And wouldn’t you know it, the three with the least in common were put together.”

“Can’t you just pull apart from each other?” Latias inquired.

“Sorry, no. See, we’ve tried. We just can’t. It’s like we gravitate toward each other. Pardon me a second.” He quickly zapped the other two, not harming them but bringing them to attention. “Excuse me, you two, but we have guests. Legendaries, nonetheless.”

“’Sup,” said Adrian. “I’m the one who actually has any coolness. Say,” he said, motioning towards Latias, “you’re cute.”

Latias blushed, but Latios stepped in. “I don’t think so, buddy. Not in this lifetime.”

Latias, meanwhile, had moved over to William. “Hi!” she said cheerfully. She was returned by a harsh shriek.


Latias floated over to Latios. “All I said was ‘Hi,’” she said, sounding hurt.

Latios rubbed her neck. “Don’t worry. He’s just a bit high-strung, that’s all. It’s all right.”

Latias sniffed, and then asked a more important question: “Why are you guys out here in the middle of the ocean?”

Parker answered. “Ah, well, you see, we were floating over the ocean, looking for something cool. Adrian noticed this abandoned submarine, and suggested we check it out. Our magnetism landed us stuck to this tin can.”

“Tin can?” Latias interrupted. “I thought it was a submarine.”

“No, Latias,” Latios explained. “He’s being sarcastic. There is no tin can. It’s just his way of describing how frustrated he is with the submarine.” He turned back to Parker. “Continue, if you will.”

“Well, we’ve tried zapping this thing to destroy it. There would still be some little bits left over, but we’d at least be free. But no dice there. It just reflects our electricity back at us.”

“Hmm,” said Latios. He got closer, and suddenly, he fired off a cerulean beam of energy from his mouth. Sure enough, it bounced back. He barely managed to dodge. “Just as I suspected. It seems this submarine is coated with some sort of pseudo-Mirror Coat. It bounces off all special attacks, like Thunderbolt or Dragon Pulse. It surprises me that the humans could come up with something like this. Probably because of how many Water-type attacks are special. Anyway, let’s get this thing on land. We might be able to break it up there. Latias, come help.”

Latias and Latios took a deep breath, and dived underneath the waves. They both resurfaced underneath the submarine, lifting it into the air. They flew back to the beach, Magneton in tow.

Meanwhile, things weren’t going William’s way. A Mothim smacked into him, causing him to scream for mommy, leading to Adrian bonking him on the head, and Parker trying to calm both of them down.

After a while of uneventful flying, they landed at the beach. Latias and Latios dropped the submarine on the sand and went over to Magneton. “So, do you guys know how to use Gyro Ball?”

After talking amongst themselves for a while, William answered. “W-Well, yes, mister, Latios, sir, we-we do,” he said, his voice trembling.

Latios smiled. “Well, Mirror Coat will break under Gyro Ball. Try it out. You’ll spin around and tear away the metal.”

With William hesitating, and Adrian wanting to see what they were actually supposed to do(he never paid attention when they learned the move), Parker took off spinning at high speed. The others quickly followed. And sure enough, soon they were torn away from the metal.

The Magneton bowed. “Thanks so much, Latias and Latios. If there’s anything we can do for you in return, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Latios was about to decline the offer, but his sister spoke first. “Um, actually, I was wondering, could you get me and my brother one of those cakes from the bakery?”

The Magneton let off a spark. “Well, we know the baker pretty well. I think we can pull a few strings and get you guys a cake. What do you think, Latios?”

Again, Latios was about to say no. But then he considered what had just happened. He had always been about business and order. His sister, on the other hand, had a happy-go-lucky nature. She wasn’t anywhere near as smart as him, but he supposed that exploring the world could be more valuable than just knowing about it. So he decided, what the heck, I’ll try some. It could be a fun experience.

Plus, deep inside, he really wanted some cake.


Latias: Gentle and caring, its soft feathers sense trouble. It can fly at jet speeds.

Latios: Highly intelligent, it knows plenty about the human world. It can fly at jet speeds.

Magneton: Though it is technically one creature, it has three minds. Its natural magnetism prevents the three Magnemite from separating.

Flame Mistress
16th June 2012, 7:44 PM
Ooh, I love your most recent one-shot. It's funny, and I like how you portrayed Latias as childish and caring.

Plus, deep inside, he really wanted some cake.I don't know why, but this line made me crack up. XD It's just that it's hilarious to imagine a serious Pokemon like Latios wanting cake.

17th June 2012, 6:47 PM
Hi everyone! I'm aware I posted L/L/M just yesterday, but I had some spare time today(shocker!), and I got some requests by PM. In order, they were Wynaut/Cofagrigus, Rotom, Golbat/Castform and Glalie/Steelix. Guys, don't be afraid to post requests here! I'll still do them, but I suppose I'd just like to see some requests here. Oh, and I'll be posting a new sort of index telling who I have finished but not posted, who I am working on, and who I will soon be working on. Anyways, on with the show!

Complete: Bibarel
Working: Rotom
Soon: Golbat/Castform, Glalie/Steelix

Wynaut and Cofagrigus

There was a legend, a legend spread all through Unova. The legend was about an evil Pokémon, one who would kill those who entered its lair. It had four ghastly hands, and a devilish smile. And this was no ordinary smile. This was the smile of a liar, a deceiver. It was said this would be the last thing you would see before it sucked out your soul. Of course, there was no solid proof. No one had ever entered and came out alive.

Trainers from many regions came to try to tame the savage beast. None of them came back out. Some of the more cowardly ones just sent in their Pokémon. None of them returned. Not even the Yamask. Since some people believed that it was a ghost, they employed a ghost to exterminate it. But the Yamask weren’t dead. Rather, they were enslaved, turned into mindless drones.

But then there came a fateful day. A young trainer, no older than ten, had entered. He brought but a single Pokémon with him, a Wynaut. Its silly demeanor and constant grin convinced most people it was cute, and so it had no battling power.

And for the most part, they were correct.

No, this trainer was not insane. Yes, he was sending a three-day-old Pokémon into the lair of something that supposedly ate and killed monsters like Excadrill, Hydreigon, and Gengar. But he believed in Wynaut. Probably not that smart of an idea. But he still wanted to believe his Wynaut would come out with that monster dead.

Wynaut entered the dark hall. She slowly trotted along on her two stubby legs. And despite the fact that she was in a place where no one had ever entered and returned, she still wore that same goofy smile. She kept walking further and further down the hallway, until she came into a room flooded with Yamask. And in the middle, on an elaborate throne, sat a large sarcophagus. It had red eyes, a toothy smile, and a mask on top of its face. It had four menacing arms that weren’t solid matter; rather, they were gaseous.

The Cofagrigus eyed the small, blue Pokémon. “So, I see I have a new victim. Come here, young one.”


The Cofagrigus blinked. No one actually asked why, they just obeyed. “Because I told you to.”


“Because I want you to come here!”


This was getting nowhere. The Cofagrigus figured he may as well tell the Wynaut what he was going to do; she was too stupid to comprehend it anyway. “So I can feast on your soul!”


“So I can empower myself!”


“To rule the world by turning everyone into zombies!”


“Umm,” he said. He never really thought about what he would do after he dominated the world. But he couldn’t let Wynaut know that, even if she was stupid enough to ask him the same question over and over again. “So I can have anything I want!”


“Because there are some things I want but can’t have!”


“Because I’m no longer human!”


“Because I died and was reincarnated as a Cofagrigus!”


This Wynaut was really getting on his nerves. “Stop! JUST STOP!”


“Because you’re annoying! And wipe that stupid grin off your face!”

The Wynaut nodded, and its ear-like arms were moved over its face rapidly, making a cloud of dust. When it was cleared, the Wynaut had somehow managed to turn its face upside-down. Cofagrigus was stunned. He slapped himself, and then said, “Okay, put it back. That’s just creepy.” Wynaut nodded, and rearranged her face.

“Why is the only thing you ever say, ‘Wy?’”


Cofagrigus tensed up. “Fine, you little punk, eat this!” Each of his four hands conjured up a dark ball of shadows, and threw them repeatedly at Wynaut. “Yeah! You like that? Didn’t think so! Boo-yah!” A cloud of smoke came up, and covered Wynaut. Cofagrigus crossed his arms, satisfied with a job well done. But when it cleared, Wynaut was still standing. She was coated in a blue aura.

She waved an arm, and said, “Bye bye!”

“’Bye bye?’ What’s that supposed to…” But Cofagrigus didn’t have time to finish his sentence. Wynaut formed a silver sphere between her arms, and shot a gleaming beam at Cofagrigus, nailing him between the eyes and blowing him up.

Needless to say, that evening Wynaut returned with a coffin in her arms.


Wynaut: It constantly smiles. What appear to be ears are actually arms attached to its head.

Cofagrigus: It is said to eat people who enter its habitat. It commands its Yamask cronies to do its bidding.


Author’s note: Remember. Wynaut ALWAYS wins. No matter what. Always.

19th June 2012, 1:01 PM
Oh no, I think everyone reading this thread died from reading Wynaut/Cofagrigus, either from boredom or laughter. Hopefully the latter even though I know it was the former. I also got a few requests. One was Magcargo/Solrock for the solstice, one was Bidoof/Snivy from a friend who is hopefully reading this and just not commenting, and one was Gallade/Giratina from my brother who doesn't yet have an account on Serebii. Anyway, today I bring you a Rotom crossover story with a certain fat cat. Today is Garfield's 34th birthday, and since he's one of my favourite comic characters, I decided to do Rotom with him. Garfield doesn't have much plot, making him perfect for a oneshot. Happy 34th, buddy.

Complete: Bibarel
Working: Golbat/Castform, Magcargo/Solrock
Soon: Glalie/Steelix, Bidoof/Snivy, Gallade/Giratina


“GARFIELD! Did you eat my pie AGAIN?”

The voice woke Garfield up from a peaceful nap on the windowsill. Half asleep, the orange tabby reluctantly made his way over to the kitchen where his pitiful excuse for an owner, Jon, was waiting for him. The expression on his face told him he was about to be lectured.

“Garfield! That’s the fifth pie you’ve stolen today! I’m ashamed of you!”

“<But, Jon, I didn’t do it! I was asleep on the windowsill the whole time!>” And for once, Garfield wasn’t lying. He had slept through all five of the pie thefts. And now he was angry with himself. He should have sensed pie! But even so, he wasn’t about to be blamed for something he didn’t do.

“You know, Garfield, those pies were for Liz. I had promised a homemade pie for her. Now I’m out of ingredients! I’ll have to buy one from the store and lie to her! I was going to give you the entire carton of chocolate-maple-pistachio-caramel ice cream for not stealing any food all week, but I guess that’s not happening. I can’t believe you.” He then stormed out of the room and got into his car.

Ice cream? They had ice cream? Now Garfield was even angrier at Jon for not telling him. But if he wasn’t going to get it from good behaviour, he’d have to get it the old-fashioned way: stealing it. Fuming, he went over to the toaster to get a spoon(they didn’t own the most organized house on the planet), when he remembered there were cookies too. He reached into the back, and found nothing. Strange. He distinctly remembered putting three oatmeal cookies into the toaster, where Jon wouldn’t find them.

But that was beside the point. He went over to the freezer to get his ice cream. He opened up the door, and was welcomed by a bolt of electricity. Falling on the floor, he looked up and saw the fridge had taken on a purple aura. It suddenly sprouted two almost-winglike arms, turned orange, and a small face appeared on it. It had a toothy smile, and two irises that were the same shade of violet as the aura.

The face eyed him, and then the whole fridge levitated. It made a high pitched giggling sound, then opened up the top door, took out the ice cream, and downed it all in one gulp. It laughed again, and then the aura disappeared. In its place appeared a small, lightningrod-like… thing with two lightningbolts on either side of its face. It had a light blue aura, and the same cheeky smile.

“<You!>” Garfield yelled. “<You stole those pies! I wanted to do that! And you ate all the ice cream! I wanted to do that too!>” In response, the orange thing stuck out its tongue and blew a raspberry. It flew off, with Garfield in hot pursuit. “<Stop! Stop, thief! Pie stealer! Pastry robber! Come back here!>”

The thing flew over the table, still being chased by the overweight cat. It nimbly dodged a cream-coloured dog with a tongue instead of a brain, while Garfield crashed into him. But it gave him an idea.

“<Odie!>” he said to the dog. “<Did you see that little electric thing?>” Odie nodded, getting some drool on Garfield. But he didn’t care. “<Good! Now get that pie thief!>” Odie saluted, and… he tackled Garfield.

Garfield flailed around, trying in vain to get Odie off him. “<Off! Off, you stupid mutt!>” he yelled. Odie jumped off obediently. “<Not me, you slobbering idiot! That little orange thing!>” Again, Odie nodded, and raced after the thing. Unfortunately, the pie stealer was comfortable with the IQ of dogs, and it made a sharp turn. Odie slipped and fell off the table.

Garfield sighed. He’d have to continue the race on foot. He ran after the thing, not about to give up on a dessert stealer. The thing leapt from the table to the sill, sill to the bookshelf, bookshelf to bed, and so on. Garfield followed its every move, until finally, he cornered it. At this point, Garfield was panting heavily, and his eyes were bloodshot. “<I’ve… got you… now… you little… thief…>” he croaked out.

The thing was trembling, and giving off small sparks. There was one thing it could do. It probably wouldn’t work, but he’d have to try. He inhaled as much air as he could, and burped.

And this was no ordinary burp. This was an all-out, full-fledged, no-holds-barred belch. It was so loud it rattled some of the windows. It went on for a good fifteen seconds before he stopped. Garfield stared. Then he smirked. He breathed in, and belched as well. His was just as loud and rude as the thing’s, but was twice as long. Then he looked at the electric thing, daring him to come close to that.

Ask, and you shall receive. The thing absorbed electricity seemingly out of nowhere, spun around, and let out an even louder burp. But this burp had an electric beam that struck Odie, who was still struggling to get up off the floor. If it wasn’t a cartoon, he would have died. But luckily(or unluckily, depending on your point of view), he didn’t.

Garfield smiled at the thing. “<I’m starting to like you, kid,>” he said. “<What’s your name?>”

“Rrrotoooooom!” Rotom cried.

Garfield smirked. “<So Rotom, were you the one stealing the pies?>”

Rotom nodded sadly. “Rrrrro.”

But Garfield laughed. “<Dude, that was awesome! You’re so lucky you can splice with the fridge. Hey, want to hit that thirty-six pack of soda Jon bought and have the most epic burp-off this world has ever seen?>” Rotom’s eyes widened, and he nodded like crazy. “<All right, then! Race you to the fridge!>”

And so, the two gluttons made their way to the refrigerator for their belch-off.


Rotom: It infiltrates electric machines and manipulates them. It is quite elusive and mischievous.

20th June 2012, 12:57 PM
Hello everyone! Today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. And today, I bring you a Magcargo/Solrock story for the solstice. I also made some changes to the index, specifically I added Medicham to Gallade/Giratina. I also bumped that one up to the next story I post, so for those of you waiting for Golbat/Castform, you'll have to wait a little longer. So, without further ado, here you go!

Complete: Bibarel
Working: Golbat/Castform, Gallade/Giratina/Medicham
Soon: Glalie/Steelix, Bidoof/Snivy

Magcargo and Solrock

They gathered at the small shrine. The Magcargo colony always came here on Sundays to thank their god for light and warmth. It was crafted after the one they praised and worshipped. It was a small wooden sphere with strange eye-like markings and eight yellow spikes. They didn’t speak; they were fully aware of what they had to repeat in their heads. They had learned this way of life as Slugma. They silently prayed, to keep the sun in the sky and continue to give them heat. And all the while, they minutely moved their bodies. They didn’t want to cool and harden.

After the hour was complete, they separated. Maggie was particularly enthusiastic when they left, because she found the seminar tedious and boring. She was glad that she could finally leave. But then, she remembered that it was her turn. The very thought struck her like a Gyarados’s Waterfall.

She was the one who couldn’t eat for the remainder of the week.

She became hotter than she already was. The Magcargo had a ritual that to please their god, one of them would be chosen to fast for the rest of the week. She found it stupid and ironic, because Magcargo were anything but fast. She hated when it was her turn.

But just because it was stupid and ironic didn’t mean she wouldn’t do it. If she betrayed her rituals, her family would disown her. And so, she endured the hunger pangs. She had to, if she wanted to keep her MagP3 player. But it wasn’t easy.

By Saturday, she was starved. But Sunday was almost there, and then she would pass on the fasting stick to someone else. She was so close, but not there yet. Just a few more hours, she told herself. Just a few more hours.

But then, she smelled something. It was an alluring scent. Taking a deeper whiff, she smelled the sweet aroma and identified it as limestone. The rarest of all delicacies. It wouldn’t be long before the rest of the colony found out. Now she had a choice. Keep with the ritual, or have some sweet, delicious, mouth-watering, mmm-mmm good limestone. In the end, the temptation was too much. She went over to the limestone wall and pigged out. Luckily, she got away before the rest of the colony found out. Now that she was full, she could sleep peacefully.

Or at least, one would think so.

She was fast asleep. She was dreaming about the savory taste of the limestone, and what she wouldn’t give to have some more. But suddenly, it disappeared. She blinked, or at least, her dream self did. And then, she didn’t believe her eyes. Standing there was their god. Solrock.

“Maggie,” Solrock stated. She was trembling, but she couldn’t sweat. The most she could do was let lava run out her pores. “I’m disappointed in you. You, your family and your kin carried on that tradition for centuries. You are the first one to break it.” She tried to talk back, saying that he’d eat the limestone too if he was as starving as she was, but her vocal chords didn’t work. All she could do was listen.

“Will you admit that you have done something wrong?” he asked.

Finally, she could speak. “Well, it’s not like you wouldn’t have done it too! I was starving to death! I was considering committing suicide!”

Solrock closed his eyes. “Very well then. You will be punished.” And then she woke up. She noticed there was a small pool of lava near her rear end. She started to move away, hoping no one would notice. But when she got outside, it was raining. It never rained on Sunday. She figured it was just a coincidence. It couldn’t be… No. It just couldn’t. They were forced to have the ceremony inside, without the shrine.

She fell asleep again, and again she met with Solrock. “Well?” he asked. “Are you ready to apologize?”

“No!” she exclaimed. “I’ll never apologize! Never, never, NEVER!”

“Very well.”

The next day was raining even harder than the last. This cycle continued for many days. Solrock showed up in her dreams, she refused, it rained harder. She started getting worried. What if she was the cause of the rain? And despite the fact that she knew it was her responsibility, she denied it over and over.

But one day, one of the upper entrances started pouring rainwater into their nook in the mountain. The elder and priest noticed first, and they alerted everyone to move to higher ground. It didn’t stop raining all day, and when they went to sleep, the hill they moved to was almost completely submerged. And it wasn’t letting up.

Again, Maggie met Solrock in her dreams. “Are you ready to apologize now?”

She gave up. Solrock was too powerful. “All right. You win, you cranky meteorite. What do I have to do for your forgiveness and to make you stop raining?”

“Simple. Admit openly that what you did was wrong.”

“That’s it?”


She grumbled about him under her breath, but still said it. “I admit that what I did was wrong, and I promise not to do it again. There, are you satisfied?”

Solrock nodded. “Quite.” He started spinning, and disappeared in a flash of light. She then woke up. Maggie blinked, and looked around. The water was gone. It was sunny and hot outside. Everyone else was starting to awaken as well. Now, they’d be going outside for the seminar. She’d pay attention this time, just in case Solrock really was behind all this.


Magcargo: If its stops moving, its body will cool and harden. Its diet consists mainly of rocks and minerals.

Solrock: Since it never leaves its home high in the sky, it sometimes communicates through telepathy. It is said it has control over the sun and clouds.

20th June 2012, 4:39 PM
A Solrock being a god to some Magcargo? That's new. And you do know Solrock can't learn Rain Dance, right? But then again, it was a good story. It's strange how no one comments on this.

Shadowy Arceini
20th June 2012, 6:29 PM
Mmm, creative! I really thought that the one about Latias, Latios, and Magneton was really funny, especially this part:

Latias: Hi!
Latias: All I said was "hi".

I say to keep up the good work! The idea is very original, and how you write the skits is amazing. I can't believe how many people are missing out on this!

21st June 2012, 8:43 PM
@charizarddude: Now think about that. I never specified it was Solrock creating the rain, and it could just manipulate the clouds to cover up the sun. Now, what can learn Rain Dance?

@Shadowy Arceini: Thanks! Latias/Latios/Magneton was probably the one I had most fun doing, especially Magneton. On the other hand, if any of those guys were me, I wouldn't be able to stand it...

So, semi-regular updates from here on in. I'll be updating every one or two days, four day separation at the most. Gallade/Giratina/Medicham immediately gave me a good idea. I wanted to flip stereotypes and make Giratina a good guy, but I just couldn't incorporate it. However, that's not the same for Gallade...

Any requests out there?

Complete: Bibarel, Golbat/Castform
Working: Glalie/Steelix
Soon: Bidoof/Snivy

Gallade, Giratina and Medicham

one day their was giratina and he was all hapy with azurill and stuff but then arceus got all mad and he was all like im gonna ban giratino to another dimenshun for no raisin and he was all like no but arcues was like 2 bad poop face and giratina was all bored but then this random trainer and girl named cynthia and guy with blu hair cyrus all came in and he got cot from a gallade and MEdicham and he was like ya

Nah, just kidding.

It was a dark day. The shrill cry could be heard throughout the landscape. The cry of Giratina. The little Grass types ran for the forest in the hope that it would protect them. Flying types headed for the sky. Waters jumped into the river. But it was no use. He would find them all, and crush them. And if they hid well enough, he had his sidekick. Gallade.

Gallade was generally stereotyped as heroic, noble, and brave. He stood out against this, because he had turned to the dark side. All the evil emotions from Giratina had entered his body and warped his mind, turning all his normally pink parts a deep black. Now he used his psychic powers to seek out Pokémon for Giratina to destroy.

He walked through the grass, kicking away some of the dried-out blades. Suddenly, he felt something. He turned, and with a swift movement, he destroyed a large boulder to find some Gloom behind it. “Giratina! Here!” he called.

The legendary smirked. He reared up, and released an enormous meteor from his mouth. It decimated the small group of Grass types. He continued to search out opponents for Giratina to beat. As far as they were concerned, no one could even come close to Giratina’s power, not since Arceus fell into eternal sleep and Dialga and Palkia were sealed away.

As far as they were concerned.

But there was one who could defeat both of them. She resided on a tall cliff to train her mind and body. She never descended. At least, she not until those three came up to her to ask for help.

“Master Medicham!” cried the Drifloon. “Please! The valley is suffering because of Giratina and Gallade! Please, we need you to help!” The two Drifloon at his side nodded. But Medicham didn’t even open an eye. She stayed in her meditating position. She focused on blocking out the world around her in order to achieve inner peace.

“Please! Many of our kin have suffered and even died because of him! We can’t defeat him on our own!” This time, their cries broke through to her. Still without moving from her position, she teleported to where the Drifloon requested she go.

Meanwhile, Gallade was chopping down trees with his arms, forcing the inhabitants to flee straight into Giratina’s Dragon Pulse. Gallade was about to through the bushes to look for new victims, when she suddenly teleported in front of him. Gallade smirked. “So, this one doesn’t even bother hiding. Giratina, she’s going to squash good.”

But suddenly, Medicham spoke telepathically to both of them. Gallade, she said. If you have enough confidence that you can point out helpless Pokémon to your evil master, then battle me yourself. You are no match for me, I can already tell. His evil spirit has clouded your mind, making you flawed and weak. Battle me yourself. Unless, of course, you don’t think you can beat me and have to cower behind this embodiment of evil.

“What did you just say?” Gallade said through clenched teeth. “Giratina, I’m taking care of this one.” He clenched his fists together and extended his elbows, and started spinning like a tornado. A bevy of psychic rings were shot out at the pink Pokémon. And without warning, they blew up. She had smashed each one to bits with perfect accuracy, not a single extra swing or miss. And her eyes remained closed.

“What?” Gallade exclaimed. “Fine. Eat this, you psychic punk!” He shot out a multi-coloured beam from his chest, and again, Medicham blocked it by sticking out a single palm. It diverted in all directions, one even striking Giratina. Fuming now, Gallade ran towards Medicham, and prepared to punch her. But in a dramatic moment, she opened her eyes, and kicked Gallade in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him, smashing him through a tree, and rendering him unconscious.

Well? she asked. Giratina, your turn. I swore upon my soul that I will end your reign of terror. And it ends now.

“In your dreams!” he said. He gave a high-pitched cry, reared up on four of his six legs, and focused a ball of shadows between his wings. He threw it at Medicham, but she brought up a barrier that destroyed the attack before it could reach her.

You can’t defeat me. You have focused your power on your body alone, as did Gallade. I have balanced my mind and body, making me infinitely superior to you. You may have a large amount of power, but your mind is next to nothing. I will destroy you as you have many before me.

And with that being said, she fully opened both of her blue eyes. She teleported away, and ended up in front of Giratina’s face. She focused her mental power and sought out weak spots. She discovered his weakest points were the red claws on his wings. She teleported again, and focused her physical strength on her arms. She grabbed the claw, and with mighty force, she hurled the beast of a dragon over. He shrieked in pain, and she slammed his immense body into the ground, causing some tremors. Then, she brought back her fist, and charged it with icy-cold power. She punched Giratina upside the face, and landed gracefully. It instantly knocked him out. It happened in a matter of seconds.

Giratina’s once-almighty body slowly shrunk and morphed into a small orb shaped like a Revive. A Drifloon picked it up, and suddenly wild cheers erupted from the crowd of Pokémon. But unfortunately, she had to break the news to them. Only his body has been defeated. His soul still wanders, looking for a chance to resurrect. It may be here, it may be in a new dimension. But it will return.

It got many gasps from the group of Pokémon. But fear not, she said. I swore I would fight him until he is so misshapen, he can never return. And I don’t intend to break that swear. She smiled weakly. She had fought the good fight, and protected the innocent Pokémon from falling prey to Giratina. Gallade would heal and return to normal as the evil soul left his body. And now, it was time to give up the ghost. The only way she could keep her promise.

She took a final breath, and died a hero’s death.


Gallade: It absorbs emotions from around it in its chest. Its sharp arms can puncture a basketball.

Medicham: Hours of tireless yoga training has equalled its mental and physical powers. It can flawlessly predict its foe’s next move.

Giratina: It once struck terror into the hearts of thousands, until a battle sealed its body. Its soul resurrected itself in a parallel dimension.


Author's note: How many times did I use the word "focused" in this story, not including just now? Whoever guesses correctly gets a cookie!

22nd June 2012, 11:47 AM
The start of the story was hilarious with the jokes about Arceus and the event in pokemon platnium. I liked How you Made Medicham a Hero that defeated Girantina and his minion (gallade)

23rd June 2012, 12:00 AM
Hi everyone, I'm back! Well, I posted just yesterday, so I'm not really back.

Where am I?

Anyway, finally is the long-anticipated Golbat/Castform story. I'm not the best with battle descriptions, but I think this turned out well anyhow. Also, Glalie/Steelix is one of the hardest combos I've gotten, so it may be a few days before that one goes up.

So, one of my school friends asked for the Joltik line and Wailord. I merged Joltik/Wailord, because someone was going to request that anyway. Galvantula will be on its own.

Complete: Bibarel
Working: Glalie/Steelix
Soon: Bidoof/Snivy, Joltik/Wailord, Galvantula

Golbat and Castform

“Come on, Kennedy! Hold still!”

Hold still, she says. Not the easiest thing in the world if you’re half mouth and you’re trying to fit a bowtie on. The name’s Kennedy. I’m a Golbat. My trainer here is Anna. She’s kind of… unfocused, but still, she has a good heart. Her mom was apparently a top coordinator, so that’s become her goal as well. And me? Well, I’m her second main Contest Pokémon, after her Prinplup. Sure, I may not be the prettiest Pokémon around, but I do my best. Prinplup and I have won quite a few contests together.

So, after being fitted up, I got acquainted with the other Contest Pokémon. Some were new to me, like Beautifly or Gardevoir, and some I’ve had a rivalry with for a while, such as Togetic or Blissey. And while I was there, I was reminded of one newcomer I’d never forget.

She had floated into the room uneasily. She had a big head compared to her body, and she also had some markings around her eyes like sunglasses. I had trained myself not to think highly of my competition, but I had to admit, she was pretty darn adorable. Obviously, this was her first contest. I wanted to make a good first impression, because I wanted her to let her guard down so I could crush her, and possibly stop her from participating again.

So, I flew over to her and said hi. Even though I was a Flying-type, I can’t fly very well. It’s my stupid mouth. It’s not exactly aerodynamic. It have to fly facing the ground, and that makes it hard to see. Luckily, my ears, though small, can sense where I am, and prevent me from crashing.

Anyway, she seemed nervous and jumpy, but still had spirit. “Hi,” she said slowly. Good, I thought. This one will be an easy Exeggcute to crack. “My name is Sheila. I’m a Castform. This is my first Contest. I’m kind of nervous. Have you been in many Contests?” she asked.

“Well, I don’t mean to brag,” I said, “but I’m one of the best Contest Pokémon around. Just watch me, kid. I’ll show you how it’s done.” She nodded, and at that moment, we were called on stage. I winked at her, and flew off to the stage. Show time.

I gave the other Pokémon a run for their money. I started off with a colourful Leech Life attack while spinning, like a faint rainbow was emanating from me. Next, I used Giga Drain on the Leech Lives, absorbing their colour and putting it on display in my wings. They looked like a tie-die T-shirt. After that, Haze shrouded me in a black smoke, but you could still see my magnificent wings. And I finished up by whipping it into a tornado with Whirlwind and using Leech Life on it, making a grand explosion of green. I received twenty-nine out of thirty, my personal best. And of course, Anna was overjoyed. But you never would have guessed what happened next.

That Castform, Sheila, put on the darn best show I’d ever seen.

She started out with Sunny Day. In a burst of light, the sun shone bright and she transformed. She became orange, with a small white cloak covering her body. Then she switched it up, using Rain Dance and turning her head into a water droplet and her white body gray. And then she changed again, this time with Hail. Now she vaguely resembled an ice cream cone, with a swirl on top. And she just kept switching forms, over and over.

I started to wonder what she was getting at. But suddenly, it was sunny, and yet hailing and raining. Then, she brought a Weather Ball together, and suddenly shot a multi-coloured beam at the sky. And just as suddenly, the sky disappeared. It was replaced by a massive rainbow. And wouldn’t you know it, she changed again. This time, where her curl was in her regular form, there was a rainbow that streamed away into the sky. Her body was wrapped in a rainbow that also trailed off.

She launched another Weather Ball, and hung it just above her head. She started spinning and spinning, until the Weather Ball exploded, showering her in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. It was truly the most amazing performance I had ever seen. The judges gave her a thirty out of thirty, something most Contest Pokémon only dream about. And she deserved it. It was inspiring, amazing, and we were truly blessed to be able to see such a spectacle.

Now, she and her trainer are some of the most well-known coordinators. When we see each other, we usually strike up a conversation about recent Contests we’ve been in. And multiple times, she said that if it weren’t for me, she wouldn’t be where she is today.

Sometimes I wonder if that’s true.


Golbat: Its large mouth prevents it from flying well. However, its ears are quite sensitive.

Castform: Its appearance changes depending on the weather. It is able to create any type of weather.


Author's note: Yeah, I made a Rainbow Castform. You gonna make something of it?

Shadowy Arceini
23rd June 2012, 12:38 AM
1. You used "focused" 5 times.
2. I really like the descriptions and the opinions in your latest post. A rainbow Weather Ball could've been really something!
3. I suggest you do something with Missingno.

23rd June 2012, 2:15 PM
Congratulations, S. A. gets a cookie. Missingno. huh? I think I'll merge that with Scrafty, Garbodor and Bronzor. I have an epic idea.

So, Glalie/Steelix. One of the hardest requests I've gotten yet, and it took me a while to come up with something. This is the best idea I could come up with, and it's probably not what most of you were expecting. Kind of has a Romeo and Juliet base to it, except without all the dying. Anywho, on with the show!

Complete: Bibarel
Working: Bidoof/Snivy
Soon: Joltik/Wailord, Galvantula, Missingno./Scrafty/Garbodor/Bronzor

Glalie and Steelix

Sarah was curled up, asleep. It was late at night, and the rest of the Steelix were snoozing as well. But even though she was asleep, she was excited. Tonight was the night. Tonight, she’d be happier than she’d ever been. She just had to wait.

Glen was waiting as well. He had said to his family that he would keep watch of the castle while they were out hunting. But that was just an excuse to keep him away from his family to meet his sweetheart. Unfortunately for him, his family liked to stay up late chatting with each other.

It was a risky move on both accounts, as the Steelix and Glalie colonies were blood enemies. However, they could never feud. Steelix hibernated in inaccessible caves in the fall and winter, while Glalie disappeared in spring and summer. They hated each other, and that was pretty much it. But these two, they had somehow fallen in love. It was unthinkable, and yet it happened.

Finally, his mother, the queen, called out to him. “Glen, this is going to be the last hunting night before spring. Are you sure you don’t wish to come?”

“Of course, mother. Someone has to guard the castle.”

After a nod of approval, the Glalie left the ice palace. After making sure they were far enough, Glen left for the rendezvous point.

It was eleven o’ clock. Time to go. Sarah silently uncoiled, and slowly slithered off. She was supposed to meet with Glen at the old Sitrus berry tree. She sniffed it out, and made her way there. She was much slower than normal, since she was cold-blooded. That, plus the ice coating her body, made it almost impossible to move.

By the time she got there, Glen was waiting. His white body was gleaming from the moonlight, and his bright blue eyes were clearly visible. “Sorry I’m late,” she said. “Cold, ice, you know. But I’m glad you didn’t forget.”

Glen smiled. “I’m glad you could make it as well. I know what this temperature does to your body. But, there’s something I have to tell you. It’s kind of hard to describe.”

Sarah looked confused. “What is it? You can tell me.”

The Glalie looked down at the snow. “Today is the last day we can meet. Tomorrow is the first day of spring. And at the first moment of the first day of spring, I must leave this world. I’m truly sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.”

She gasped. “But… we met just three months ago! We have to stay together!”

“I’m sorry, Sarah. If I stay for even one day in the spring, I will perish. I have to escape to the spirit world to survive.”

“Will you ever return?”

“Of course I will, on the first day of winter. I’m sorry that we can’t stay together.”

The Steelix looked down at the ground, looking lost. “I… I can’t believe it. I thought I finally found the one I would spend my whole life with…”

“Of course,” the Glalie said, “that doesn’t mean we can’t make our last night special.”

Sarah sniffed. “What do you mean?”

“Hang on,” he said. He left for a few seconds, and returned with a large rock. A blue beam formed between his horns, and shot at the rock. It was so bright, Sarah couldn’t see it. But Glen was fine. He carefully carved out the elaborate sculpture from the ice, until finally he was finished. When he moved out of the way, on the rock was a sculpture of them two of them, affectionately nuzzling each other. “Here,” he said. “Keep this as a reminder of our love.”

“Oh, it’s wonderful… But won’t it melt?”

“No. You see, in extreme situations like this, Glalie are capable of creating a special kind of ice that never melts, like our love for each other.” He stared into the starry sky. “Go. Take this. Hide it from your family. I must leave now.” He floated further away, and stared into her eyes. “Goodbye, Sarah. I love you,” he said.

She barely held back a tear. “I love you too.”

After a nod of sorrow, Glen spun around. He spun slowly at first, but little by little, he picked up speed. Finally, he was covered in a shroud of mist, and when it cleared, he had disappeared. Sarah delicately grabbed the statue with her tail, and slithered away to her secret little crevice in the cave, to keep the sculpture. A permanent reminder of her lover.


Steelix: Its iron body is very heavy, making it quite slow. They hibernate during cold months.

Glalie: They suddenly appear by the hundred at the start of winter. They disappear again in spring.

24th June 2012, 10:53 PM
Ugh... too much candy last night. I stayed up till midnight, but I won't neglect this. I wrote this a few hours ago, and it's what some of you may call a "crackfic." Sorry about this, it's pretty much a mess. A funny mess hopefully, but a mess nonetheless. Major fourth wall breakage as well.

Complete: Bibarel
Working: Joltik/Wailord
Soon: Galvantula, Missingno./Scrafty/Garbodor/Bronzor

Bidoof and Snivy


Sebastian the Snivy opened one of his eyes. He yawned, and sat up. He went to see what the fuss was about. He saw his friend Bill sitting at the computer. He was an over-reactive Bidoof, and he couldn’t take a joke. “What now, Bill?”

The Bidoof was fuming. “Would you look at this? I’m only tiered LC, and Bibarel is NU! What is an LC? How is Bibarel Never Used? I AM ENRAGED!” he shouted. Then he bit off a chunk of the desk.

Snivy gasped. “Bill! I spent two hundred dollars on that thing, and you just eat it? Seriously?”

He swallowed, and then looked at the floor. “Sorry,” he murmured. “I eat when I’m upset.”

“Man, it’s just a website! I’m an LC on that too, if that helps any. Why do you care? It’s just a bunch of people rating Pokémon.”

“But that’s what all the serious trainers use! You at least have a place in the metagame, a semi-reliable SubSeeder, since you get Glare and all that. What do I have? Nothing!”

“Well, you have Simple Curse,” Sebastian offered.

“Yeah, but my best move is Superpower, and that neuters Curse’s effects. Plus, you get an awesome Dream World ability in Contrary. That’ll push you up to NU at least when it gets released. What do I have?”

Sebastian swished his tail and thought. “You know, that is a good question. What IS your Dream World ability?”

The Bidoof huffed. “Yeah, like I’d get something decent, like Swift Swim or Unaware.”

“But you already have Unaware.”

Then, Bill clenched his teeth and ate Sebastian’s ornate table, doily and all. “Hey!” Sebastian exclaimed. “Bill! That was a gift from my girlfriend!”

The beaver burped, and spat out a plastic vase. “Sorry! I’m just upset. It seems like everyone has their place in the metagame except for me.”

“What about Magikarp?”

At this point, Bill started crying. “Oh great! Now people are comparing me to Magikarp!”

“Sorry, sorry!” Sebastian said quickly. “My gosh, you need to learn to relax. Cool down, bro. No one actually uses that site anyways. Not real trainers, at least. There are those kids who are too young to be trainers, but when they grow up, they’ll learn every Pokémon has value.”

Suddenly, Bill gasped. “I’ve got it! I’ll blackmail those stupid people at GameFreak into giving me a kicks-butt Dream World ability, and then I’ll show those stupid people!”

Snivy groaned. “Sometimes I wonder why I put up with you.”

And so, Bidoof confidently strode over to GameFreak and said if they didn’t give him an epic ability, he’d tell all their girlfriends they’re cheating on them, their mothers that they’ve always hated them, and their bosses that they think they’re a dumb cactus buzzard. And so, they granted Bidoof Moody.

Bidoof thoroughly enjoyed it. He was with the big shots in OU, with Snorunt and Glalie, Remoraid and Octillery, and Bibarel. He fell asleep one night to fame and fortune, and woke up again in Sebastian’s house. “Wha-What happened?! I thought I left this Raticate hole!” he exclaimed.

Sebastian was neatly making the bed. “Didn’t you hear? They deemed Moody broken, so they banned it. Welcome back, buddy!”

Bidoof went wide-eyed, and proceeded to eat Sebastian’s bed.



Bidoof: Though it is cute, it has an insatiable appetite. It will eat anything wooden.

Snivy: Its demeanor is calm and intelligent. It moves its tail back and forth in a slow rhythm when thinking.

25th June 2012, 4:04 AM
I like the Competitive battling tiers you put in this story, and your right Moody is Broken, but you forgot Smeargle in the list of pokemon that got Moody. but this is overall a great story.

25th June 2012, 4:49 PM
@Victinifan100: Thanks! I didn't include Smeargle purposely, because Smeargle already sees some usage in OU. It was kind of slaughtered with the introduction of Prankster and Magic Bounce, but people do still use it.

I'm not feeling that well today either, but better than yesterday. In regards to this story, I feel it's okay and could be better, but there's no point in stretching out a short idea. It will also be one of the shortest stories I'll write. This one was based off a certain author's style of writing. I do like how it turned out, but I honestly feel it could improve a lot.

Complete: Bibarel
Working: Galvantula
Soon: Missingno./Scrafty/Garbodor/Bronzor

Joltik and Wailord

On the isle of Widder-bo-Jidder, there lived a teensy-weensy Joltik and a great large Wailord. Joltik was a very tiny yellow spider, and had long fluffy fur. Wailord was a huge whale that only lived around islands. The teensy-weensy Joltik lived on the back of the great large Wailord. The great large Wailord liked diving and splashing, and the teensy-weensy Joltik liked lazing around and eating. Joltik got a free ride on Wailord’s back, and in return, he ate up many Electric attacks that Wailord didn’t like. And they were happy.

But one day, the Wailord named Wally was splashing around and having fun, and the Joltik named Jordan was sitting around on his back, eating annoying little pests that wanted to sip Wailord’s blood. Suddenly, a there was a mighty crash. Jordan ate up one more pest, and looked over Wailord’s great blue body. Wally wasn’t in the clear blue water anymore. He was on the hot dry land.

Jordan became worried. If Wally was out of water too long, he would get too hot and that would not be good. So the teensy-weensy Joltik climbed down the great large Wailord and tied a strong stretchy string to his tail. Then the Joltik started pulling and pulling and pulling and pulling.

But the Wailord just wouldn’t budge.

So Jordan the teensy Joltik ran over to a silly brown Dodrio and tied three strings to his heads. Then he shocked the silly Dodrio, and he started running away into the water. Jordan followed, and they were both struggling and pulling and buggling and googling.

But the Wailord just wouldn’t budge.

So the weensy Joltik found a pretty Beautifly and tied a string to its head. Then he shocked the pretty Beautifly, and she flew out to the ocean. They started pulling with the silly Dodrio. And they stretched and they hollered and they fletched and they bollered.

But the Wailord just wouldn’t budge.

So the Joltik who was very weensy found a mighty Machamp, and he tied a string to him. Then he shocked the mighty Machamp, and he started pulling with the silly Dodrio and the pretty Beautifly. They pushed and heaved and gushed and teaved.

But the Wailord just wouldn’t budge.

So the itty bitty teensy weensy Joltik was about to tie a string to a golden Donphan, but he heard a squawk from high above. He looked up, and saw a large yellow bird flying in the sky. It was making teensy bitty sparks from its wings. Joltik ate some, and they were really good. But suddenly, he felt stronger. The sparks were giving him power. So he pulled and heaved and struggled and hollered and stretched and pushed.

And Wailord started to budge.

He kept on pulling, and soon, the great large Wailord slid happily back into the ocean. Wally started splashing and crashing, and Jordan sat back on top of Wally and started eating itty weensy bugs from his back again.

And all was right on the isle of Widder-bo-Jidder.


Joltik: It is the smallest Pokémon. It feeds on electricity and stray sparks, as well as insects.

Wailord: It lives in warm, tropical waters. It can cause massive waves when it leaps into the air and dives back in.

26th June 2012, 2:36 PM
This one was inspired by a documentary about spiders. It turned out quite well, if I do say so myself.

Anyone else got a request?

Complete: Bibarel
Working: Missingno./Scrafty/Garbodor/Bronzor
Soon: No one.


Hello, and welcome back to “Wacky and Wild.” I’m your host, Hugh Quivel. Today, we will be observing one of the most successful species of Pokémon on the planet, Galvantula. Galvantula can adapt quickly to virtually any environment, and their success is owing to their naturally powerful abilities. They survive on whatever meat they can find, being scavengers or active hunters. They can also wield powerful electrical abilities, aiding them in both hunting and self-defence. Today, we will be observing four different species, and watch how each has evolved to fit their environment.

Our first subject is known as Galvantula electrotytilus, the common Chargestone Galvantula. This is where the species originated, and where the original hunting methods began. Watch this alpha male. He must provide for his wife and children, and so he begins to spin thin webs made of transparent but insanely strong silk. This silk is used in making many children’s toys, by the way, such as Poké Dolls.

Now watch. He releases over ten million volts of electricity into the web. That’s enough power to instantly kill anything that comes in contact with it. This is a major aid in the Galvantula’s hunting, because without these electrical powers, they would have to spin their prey into cocoons with extra silk, and the thrashing of the food would most likely destroy the web, forcing them to build a new one. Here, they can stay with the same web for weeks.

The Galvantula now hides in a small nook to wait for prey. Galvantula are masters of patience, and will wait for extremely long times for prey. Fortunately, this one won’t have to wait for long. A school of five Eelektrik is floating through the cave, seeking out prey as well. They don’t notice the web, and this is their downfall. As soon as they make contact, the electricity immediately chars them black and kills them. The Galvantula then skewers them on his arms, and brings their dinner back to his home. Fried fish, anyone?

Now, we observe Galvantula pratilare, the grassland Galvantula. This Galvantula doesn’t rely on webs; rather, it is an active hunter, working with lures instead of webs. Watch as she goes to a Sitrus berry bush, and picks one. She places it in an open field, and hides behind a bush. She has spotted her prey. Now it just has to take the bait. The blue bug, a Karrablast, slowly makes its way toward the berry. He looks around, to make sure no one else has claimed the berry, and grabs onto it.

In a flash of yellow, she blasts out of the bush and clamps onto the Clamping Pokémon’s horn. He tried to fight blindly, but it is a losing struggle; The Galvantula shocks the life out of it, and he drops dead.

Though he is crisped black, its natural body armour prevents the Galvantula from immediately breaking through it. This is where the creativeness and resourcefulness of a Galvantula comes in handy. She spies a moderately sized rock, and ties a string to it. She climbs up a tree, and pulls the rock over the bug’s body. She then drops it, not squashing the Karrablast, but causing some chunks of armour to break off. From there, she gorges herself on the bug’s insides.

Now, the third Galvantula investigation. Here we go to northern Unova, a frigid place. Here we see the elusive Galvantula arctisical. This is one of the few arachnid species that can survive the extreme temperatures, and it is so because of the long, thick fur it has grown. It has also become lighter in colour to camouflage in with the snow.

Now, watch. It waits for a Magikarp to leap from the surface, and then catches the fish. It then ties a string to the fish, places it in the middle of an iceberg, and then buries itself in snow. It keeps its blue eyes above the snow, to watch for prey.

A large Sealeo suddenly leaps onto the surface, lured in by the smell of the fish. Galvantula prepares itself to discharge. Sealeo claps a few times, and bites into Magikarp. And is hit by over ten million volts of electricity. The string tied to the Magikarp was still in the Galvantula’s mouth, and he released the power when the Sealeo bit in, killing it. He shakes off the snow, slices the poor seal’s stomach open, and begins to feast on its guts.

Finally, we watch Galvantula arideus, otherwise known as the desert Galvantula. Its electrical powers are slaughtered in the desert, and this has forced it to become like to above three combined. It actively stalks its prey, it camouflages with the sand, and it works with other Galvantula. Here, we see a pack of six Galvantula working together. They are currently stalking one of the most dangerous desert Pokémon, a Darmanitan. She has no idea that the spiders are surrounding her.

Slowly, one moves ahead. It ties a string to a cactus, and slinks back. The ape-like Pokémon continues walking, completely oblivious. That is, until she trips over the string. The Galvantula all suddenly reveal themselves and begin tearing at her flesh and skin with their powerful claws. She tries to resist, but it is hopeless; they soon kill her.

The Galvantula then begin dismembering her body, and eat it. They will use what little electrical power they have to cook the meat, and quickly eat their fill. They bury the remains in the sand so that scavengers don’t mooch off their meal. And so, this concludes this episode of “Wild and Wacky.” Tune in next time for… wait, are they looking at us? They’re getting closer… OH NO!


Galvantula: They are carnivorous by nature, and can release over ten million volts of electricity at once.

26th June 2012, 5:52 PM
So much death...but I liked it. It did kinda seem like something you would see on the Discovery Channel, and that was your goal, so good job.

Shadowy Arceini
26th June 2012, 8:08 PM
Hahaha! I love how this taught stuff, but had a host like a reality TV show.

28th June 2012, 12:42 AM
@charizarddude: Thanks! Yeah, that one was fun to write. Discovery is awesome. I love death. *maniacal laughter*

@SA: I love reality TV show hosts, and I figured this was the most appropriate story in which to write one in. Galvantula are one of my favourite species.

And here is Missingno./Scrafty/Garbodor/Bronzor. This is probably going to be the only quad entry I'll post, and I think it turned out well. At school(one more day! Woot!), a few of my friends asked for stories. One was Spiritomb/Blissey, one was Cherubi, one was Omanyte/Omastar, and one was Serperior/Dunsparce. I bumped Cherubi up to the front, as I already have an idea for it.

I just noticed, I've done 27 Pokemon in 17 days(I'm not counting Missingno. in totals). That's pretty good, if I say so myself.

Missingno.(well, technically, Scrafty) is my 25th Pokemon covered!

Complete: Bibarel
Working: Cherubi
Soon: Omanyte/Omastar, Serperior/Dunsparce, Spiritomb/Blissey

Missingno., Scrafty, Garbodor, and Bronzor

A flash of lightning lit up the night sky. A crack of thunder rattled the windows. Inside the abandoned house was an experiment gone horribly wrong. She floated in midair, with a body made of randomly flashing pixels. She moved around silently, waiting for him to return. Suddenly, a door slammed. She turned her d-shaped body, and the human that brought her to life was standing there. He was looking distraught.

“I’m sorry, girl,” he said quietly. “They said I’m not allowed to keep you here. They claimed that you’re a menace to the population. I know you wouldn’t do anything to harm the people, but if I keep you here, they’ll destroy you.”

The thing beeped, confused about the situation. “Goodbye, Missingno.,” he said. He held out a Poké Ball. Suddenly, she lurched back. She was deathly afraid of that red and white ball. She tried to run, but she suddenly felt the beam striking her. She slowly faded out of consciousness, until she was completely encased inside the ball. Then the man threw the experiment out into an alleyway.

It was boring inside a Poké Ball. All one could do was eat and sleep. And Missingno. didn’t eat, so she just slept. It seemed like she would be sleeping for eternity. But suddenly, it broke open and in front of her was an orange lizard-thing with a red mohawk and baggy pants, and teal disc with two yellow eyes, and a hulking trash monster with rope for arms.

The lizard thing spoke first. “What the heck is that?”

“How am I supposed to know?” asked the trash monster.

“Bronzor, scan. Go,” said the lizard.

The Bronzor, apparently, moved dangerously close to her. She prepared to attack, but he shot out a beam from his eyes that moved up and down her body. It kind of tickled, to be honest. But suddenly, he spoke in a metallic voice. “Missingno. Unknown origin. Unknown trainer. No reliable data at this time.” She whizzed and beeped more. She knew that stuff. She had come from a computer infected with a weird virus, and her trainer was the man. She knew other data too. For example, her favourite food was brownies, and her favourite colour was plaid.

“Is it any use to us, Garbodor?” the lizard asked.

“I don’t know. Should I poison it?”


The trash thing which was apparently called “Garbodor” suddenly stared at her. He held out his right arm, and shot out acid. It burned, and she felt sick.

He smirked. “Looks like it’s vulnerable to poison, Scrafty. I don’t think it’ll be valuable.” But suddenly, he ate his words. She suddenly spit out the poison out of her corners, spraying them over Bronzor. He seemed miffed, but unaffected. But Garbodor gasped. “So this thing is immune to poison?”

She made a low whizzing sound. She just barfed up the stuff, that was all. But Scrafty seemed impressed. He lowered his stance. “Apparently. It could have value, as a poison absorber.” He then turned to Missingno. “Were you released too?”

She may not be able to communicate well, but she knew how to answer. She manipulated her pixels and created three letters. YES.

Scrafty scratched his chin. “Alright then. Come with me. Garbodor! Bronzor! To the shed!” he called. Garbodor started waddling forward, but Bronzor teleported away. Could she do that? She focused on the shed that had come into view. She let off a strong beeeeeep, and she was in front of the shed with Bronzor. Bronzor widened his eyes, but didn’t say anything. Soon after, Scrafty and Garbodor caught up. “It teleports?” exclaimed Scrafty, dumbfounded. He sighed. “It doesn’t matter. Bronzor, key time.”

Bronzor moved to a keypad. He inserted himself, and spun. There was a click, and the door opened. And in there were the most Pokémon she had ever seen. Of course, the only Pokémon she had seen were the man’s Porygon-Z, but still.

“This is the outcast shed. Pokémon from all over come here to enter the war against humans. They were all abused, misused, or otherwise harmed by their former ‘trainers.’” He spoke the last word in a sarcastic voice. He started walking around. The first thing she noticed was a Tympole repeatedly smacking a dummy with her tail. The tail, for whatever reason, had holes in it. “This is Paule. He was caught by some dude with green hair, but then he was cruelly abandoned. He’s had a bitter attitude since.”

Next, she observed a Duskull making copies of himself and swarming a human dummy. “This is Delores. He had a decent trainer, but she named him ‘Delores’ without checking his gender, so he ran away to here.” The Duskull narrowed his single eye, but then continued killing the plastic figure.

Finally, she saw a Pidgeot. He was blowing more human dummies into the wall, and savagely tearing them apart. There was stuffing everywhere, and he was currently ripping off the head of one. “This guy never got a name. His trainer promised he’d come back, but he never did. Good thing, too: he’s quite the powerhouse.”

Missingno. was starting to wonder where this was going. Scrafty then turned to her. “So, you were abandoned too. You’ve seen what we do here. We take broken-down weaklings and turn them into wrecking machines. We’re giving you the chance to join. You’d be a valuable asset. You’re a great poison absorber, and you can sneak attack our enemies. So, what do you say?”

She thought about this. A war against humans? It was a human that had brought her to life. She loved her human. And when she thought about it, it was humans that had brought them together and made them realize their full potential. But then again, it was those meanie community people who made them part. And it would be a good chance to get stronger. Now, whenever she entered a battle, she exploded and fainted. There were many pros, and many cons. She thought carefully.

Finally, she manipulated her pixels again: YES.


Missingno: It is a new Pokémon. It always disappears before exactly located.

Scrafty. They are natural-born leaders. Their call can make weaker Pokémon obey.

Garbodor: A horrid stench emanates from its body. Its right hand is highly toxic and can spew acid.

Bronzor: It first appeared in an ancient era. It is believed to be a key to the universe.


Author's note: Yes, this was supposed to be semi-creepy. I guess.

Shadowy Arceini
28th June 2012, 4:48 AM
Good job, it's explained in a very unique and easy-to-see-ish way!

28th June 2012, 7:39 AM
Great job again. Is Tympole N's? And is Pigeot Ash's? Because it seemed like you were hinting at that.

28th June 2012, 8:56 AM
Read a few, and I must say, I'm loving how these are working out thus far. I don't suppose you could add me to the PM list?

29th June 2012, 1:41 PM
@SA: Thanks, I really do like Missingno. I thought about it, and they all seemed like outcasts.

@charizarddude: Yup, I was hoping someone would catch that reference. I hope that isn't how they actually turned out. And even the Duskull was based on a real-life event. My friend's sister caught a male Duskull in Platinum, and named "Delores" without checking its gender. Her brother released it overnight.

@Zibdas: PM list huh? Sure, you're added.

This is one that the world didn't want posted, so it stalled me with whatever it could. Luckily, I defeated it and am able to post this. This is one that was originally going to involve a slicer and a whole lot of cherry juice, but I changed that since the rating is PG. I do like how it came out. Oh, and Krazy95(who also requested Latias/Latios) asked for Mamoswine/Rattata, so on the list it goes.

I need your opinions. Should I count Missingno. in totals, like in my sig(making it not whatever/649, whatever/650)?

Complete: Bibarel
Working: Omanyte/Omastar
Soon: Serperior/Dunsparce, Spiritomb/Blissey, Mamoswine/Rattata


As far as anyone knew, Happy Time Ice Cream was a perfect business. They sold hundreds of flavours of ice cream, the freshest kind. They promised one hundred percent satisfaction or their money back. And people never asked for their money back. The ice cream was perfectly smooth and tasty, sweet and delicious. And their toppings were farm fresh. There were nuts, gummy Ursaring, cookie crumbs-you name it. But the most popular toppings were always the Cherubi balls.

Little did the populace know, they had the worst way of getting the product.

For behind those glossy white doors was a terrible place. Innocent Cherubi were enslaved here for their profit. Only employees knew about the secret; the people never really wondered. The people would do anything to get Cherubi. Though sometimes they went on excursions to Floaroma Town, the main way was breeding. They forced anyone to breed: siblings, old couples, even parent and child. Then, as soon as the egg was created, they put it in a special incubator that made it hatch immediately. They waited for two days to get it to maturity, and then pulled off its nutrient ball. And they forced it to breed to make more and more Cherubi. When the Cherubi refused to mate, they brought it to the Slicer. None of the them ever returned.

You’d think, what if they evolved into Cherrim? Then they could refuse, and they wouldn’t allegedly become a topping. But they made sure that didn’t happen. For whatever reason, none of their Cherubi ever evolved. They had theories that it was due to the removal of the nutrients, but most just believed it was due to lack of battle. But they didn’t complain. It was a threat to the Pokémon. Sure, it was heartless. Sure, it was evil. Sure, it was a sin. Did they care? I don’t think so.


One sunny day, Chester was soaking up rays. His bright pink body glistened from the water that remained from the sprinklers. He was waiting to go to the “room,” to breed with some random chick. It was disturbing at first, but then it became part of his daily routine. He still shuddered at the thought of being put in there with Amelia, but any other girl, he’d be fine with. Here, these ice cream people had demoted them down to near robots. Right now, he could be up in the trees with the Combee and the Burmy, but instead he was here with a bunch of other of his species. He thought back to the day he was captured, the net being thrown over him and his peers, brought back here, and their nutrients painfully plucked off. He had been planning an escape, and today would be the day he’d do it. Just a few more minutes.

Suddenly, the two new Cherubi stepped out, looking dazed. He was after the next couple. So he sat and waited. A few minutes later, a new egg was made and hatched. The baby was taken away, to either be raised to maturity, or be immediately served with whipped cream if it chose to disagree. He’d had many children who ended up that way. He supposed his rebellious nature was passed onto them. He had to wait until he was called in. Then, his plan would begin. For now, he had to be patient.

Then, he was called. He smirked, and made his way toward the “room.” He was slowly charging energy. Finally, he stepped into the “room.” And it subsequently blew up. He had released a powerful SolarBeam, blasting him back. It wasn’t long before the ice cream people noticed, and started yelling for backup and sending out their Houndour after him. He blew himself over the fence, but suddenly ran out of power for SolarBeam. He was forced to run. And with his tiny, stubby legs, running was not the easiest thing in the world. The Houndour were also fast, and were chasing him and nipping at him. He heard the ice cream man scream that when he caught him, he’d be on the menu next. He cursed him out under his breath, but had to continue running.

The rest of the Cherubi had noticed their struggling comrade. They had all gathered at the fence, and decided they needed to help. They all began charging their energy, and all launched a simultaneous SolarBeam. It struck Chester and propelled him forward, much faster than any of the Houndour could run. When he was blown into a forest, the dogs gave up their chase and retreated.

Eventually, the SolarBeam died down. The Houndour had given up chase, permitting him a time of rest. It had been an eventful day, after all. He found a suitable leaf, and curled up for the night. He did have to drive away a few Zubat who tried to eat him, but eventually he claimed his territory. Tomorrow would be part two of the plan.

The humans weren’t exactly sure why the Cherubi never evolved, but he was. The ball on their heads had vital nutrients that allowed them to evolve. Without them, they couldn’t muster enough power to turn into Cherrim. There was some sort of chemical inside that most Pokémon had, that released a mad amount of energy to their bodies. So much, in fact, that their bodies had to change to keep in the energy. Tomorrow, he would try to get the ball back.


He blinked, and slowly woke up. He shook off some dew from his main leaf, and headed off to a clearing. He’d need to summon the spirit of the spring to regain his nutrient ball. He rustled his leaves as he walked past the tall trees, and was suddenly on a large cliff. The red sun was slowly appearing, a crimson half-circle in an orange sky. It was beautiful, but he had no time to waste. He climbed up a tree and picked some berries, and placed them in a circle. Next, he placed some small twigs around, and finished by putting a twig in the top berry and tying a mint leaf to it. Finally, he called out to the heavens, “Oh, mystical spirit of the spring! Please assist your lowly servant and allow me to regain the ability to evolve!”

He waited, but nothing happened. He became discouraged, but didn’t give up. He cried out once again, but once again, nothing. He tried once more, but still nothing. He sighed. Maybe those stories his mother had always told him weren’t true. He gave up. He was about to walk back to the forest, when he heard a voice.

“Chester,” it said. It was a deep voice that seemed to come from everywhere. He turned around, and saw a vague outline of a horselike Pokémon, with a ring around its middle. “Chester, do you wish to be able to evolve once again?”

“Y-Yes sir, I do,” he stuttered. He couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Very well then,” he said. “I will grant you your wish, but beware; this is the last time. Take care of it, and it will pay off.”

“O-Okay,” he said nervously. “B-But how’d you know my name?”

The horse thing seemed to wink. “I know all, and can do all. Now, focus.”

He did, and suddenly, he felt reenergized. He opened his small black eyes, and the Pokémon wasn’t there anymore. He shook his leaf, and yes! The ball was back! He wanted to celebrate, but he couldn’t. He’d have to get training if he wanted to complete his mission. He decided the best way to start would be to eat something. He found a ripe Sitrus berry, and messily started eating. He burped, and laid down. He had done it. He had done what no Cherubi had done before. He started looking for an opponent to battle, but suddenly, he felt something. It felt like pecking, and then a weight was taken away.

He turned around, and a Starly was flying off with his ball in its claws.


Cherubi: Its ball is delicious and nutritious. If it loses the ball, however, it is doomed never to evolve.


Author's note: This place sounds very socially awkward. And no, the ice cream was not Vanillite. They wouldn't go that far.

29th June 2012, 5:16 PM
I loved this chapter. For some reason, evil ice cream conspiracies always enthralled me, so as soon as I read the first paragraph I was amazed. That final sentence was the best way you could have ended it, props to you.
As for Missingno, if you plan to do more glitch Pokémon, keep it in its own counter. If not, I'd recommend just leaving it.

30th June 2012, 2:18 PM
@Zibdas: I don't plan to do more glitches, so I suppose I'll just discount it. And thanks for the props. I knew adding that line would make it hilarious.

Anyone want to see a follow-up with Cherrim?

This one allowed me to experiment with the simple minds of prehistoric Pokemon. It's similar to Galvantula, but without a host.

Complete: Bibarel
Working: Serperior/Dunsparce
Soon: Spiritomb/Blissey, Mamoswine/Rattata

Omanyte, Omastar and Cradily

It was a warm day in the Triassic period. The sun beat down, heating up the tropical waters. A school of about fifteen Omanyte were swimming peacefully through the water, lead by an Omastar. Their blue bodies melted into the colour of the water, and their tan shells were clearly visible. The Omastar’s shell was much larger and more prominent, with large spikes jetting out here and there. They pushed themselves forward with their tentacles, occasionally spewing some water to push forward faster.

The Omastar swam backwards, facing the young crustaceans. It was the leader of the group, since it was the oldest. Some say it was over ninety years old, but no one can prove that. And of course, he never told them how old he was. The Omastar made some clicking noises, calling the Spiral Pokémon to attention. “Now,” he said, “we hunt.”

“We hunt,” the Omanyte echoed.

The Omastar slowly drifted down to the bottom of the reef. He landed among the corals and Corsola, and found a suitable place. The other Omanyte followed. The Omastar was nothing if not patient, and he waited. He waited for prey to appear. Their shells seemed to be part of the reef, and their bodies were almost invisible, save for their large eyes and, in the Omastar’s case, teeth. He waited.

Suddenly, a cloud of sand was kicked up. A small brown shellfish emerged, with big red eyes. The Omastar immediately lashed out at it, and grabbed it with his long tentacles. The Omanyte swarmed it, sticking themselves to its shell and sucking out blood from tiny holes made by their miniscule teeth. The Kabuto started flailing around, but it was no use; it soon died from lack of blood. Then, the Omastar brought the prize closer, and bit into its shell. It cracked, and they began to eat its insides.

“Good,” said the leader.

“Good,” echoed the group.

Next, they found a lone Anorith. They usually ignored this species, as they had sharp claws that hurt when they attacked. But this one was by itself. There were no others who would stab and cause them pain. So they decided they would eat this one.

The brightly coloured Pokémon moved its wings up and down, slowly swimming forward. Its round eyes darted here and there, looking around nervously. The Omanyte all sucked in, and suddenly basted towards the Anorith. They smashed their shells into the poor Pokémon, dazing it and making it flail around. Then they all stuck onto its body. Some of them bound its fins together. Some tied up its claws. But most bit into its back, and started sucking out more blood. It panicked, but suddenly its eyes fell glazed and it died. The Omastar grabbed its fins with his tentacles and pulled them out, consequently breaking open the body. They ate again.

“Good,” said the leader.

“Good,” said the group.

Finally, they came across an unidentified Pokémon. They had never seen one of these before. It was a large creature, green with yellow markings. It had pink tentacles coming out its head, like the ones they had. But it wasn’t an Omanyte, and it wasn’t an Omastar. It was stationary, with its long neck swaying in the current. It smelled of plants, but with a good amount of meat as well. But it was big, and big is good. Big means less hunting. Big means long meal. They moved closer to ambush it.

The Omanyte suddenly appeared, stuck to its head, and started sucking. But this thing wasn’t a pushover like Kabuto or Anorith. It swayed its head wildly, shaking off the Omanyte. They were surprised; a thing that large shouldn’t move fast. But there was no time to think. It snatched some up in its tentacles, and quickly swallowed them whole. The Omanyte panicked, but Omastar wouldn’t give up. He swam forwards, and bit hard onto the Pokémon’s neck. It screeched in pain, and started whipping him with its tentacles.

Eventually, he was forced to let go. The thing tried to catch him and eat him, but he locked tentacles with it. He still had two tentacles left over, and he tried to whip it. But the plant was smart; it ducked, and tied up the other two tentacles. They both began pulling, trying to escape.

Finally, the Omastar gave up. “You let me go, me no eat you,” he said.

“You let me go, me no eat you,” the thing agreed.

They slowly unravelled their tentacles, and the plant went back to sitting around, waiting. The Omastar went back to the remaining Omanyte. “No good,” he said plainly as he shuffled back along the sea floor.

“No good,” they repeated.


Omanyte: They swim in schools. They hunt for prey by synchronizing their movements and all attacking at once.

Omastar: They swim backwards because of their oversized shells. Their powerful teeth crush prey.

Cradily: It stays motionless, waiting for prey to appear. Its long tentacles are used to grasp food if it comes close.

1st July 2012, 4:33 PM
Happy Canada day! If you aren't Canadian, I hope you still have a great day. I've had this one done for a while now (since Latias/Latios/Magneton that seemed to get readers here), but I'm posting it today.

Still open for requests.

Working: Serperior/Dunsparce, Spiritomb/Blissey
Soon: Mamoswine/Rattata


“Come on, Justin! Wake up!”

The large, brown rodent lazily opened an eye. He yawned and sat up. “Sorry, Kevin. I was up late last night, and I’m just… so… tired…” He couldn’t even finish the sentence before he flopped over and fell asleep again. Kevin tensed up. Justin was always so lazy. He couldn’t pull his weight with a forklift. He’d fall asleep on the dashboard.

Kevin smacked him with his broad tail. “Come on! Get up! We have work to do!”

That got Justin up. “Work?! Really? Oh gosh, I’m so EXCITED!” Then he smacked Kevin back with his own tail. They were only supposed to use their tails for warning calls, but no one else was around. He grabbed a leaf from an overhead tree, ate it, and then fell back asleep.

“Justin! Get up! We need to help the dam!”

Justin chuckled. “You said ‘dam,’” he said with a faint grin.

That got Kevin especially mad. “Come on, Justin! We have to collect forty sticks by ten o’ clock!”

“Or else what?”

“Or else… Well, I don’t know or else! But you know my motto: The more you do today, the less you have to do tomorrow!”

“Mine is, ‘Why do today what you can do in three weeks?’”

“You said that three weeks ago!”

“Can you cover my shift? Please?”

“NO! I’ve covered your shift for EIGHTEEN MONTHS!”

“Please? Just once more?”

“I said no, and I meant no! You have to start working if you want to become head of the lodge!”

“And what if I don’t want to become head of the lodge?”

“B-But everyone wants to become head of the lodge!”

“Then I guess I don’t exist.”

“Just get to work, okay?”

“Will that require getting up?”


Finally fully awake, Justin huffed. “Fine, fine. Gosh, I have to do everything around here.” He looked around, and plucked a twig off a nearby branch. He handed it to Kevin. “Here. Stick number one. Now, you get the other thirty-nine. Get me a berry while you’re at it.”

At that sentence, Kevin exploded. “NO! I will NOT get the other thirty-nine! I will NOT get you a berry! DO IT YOURSELF!” The Bibarel threw the dinky twig on the ground and dived into the water.

Justin stared at the twig. Picking it up, he mumbled, “Someone’s got anger issues.” Well, great. Now he’d have to do his own work. He leapt into the crystal clear water, and swam to the old oak tree. He resurfaced, and started snapping off branches.

It really wasn’t that hard. He found he was so overweight(though he preferred to call it “undertall”), he could snap off branches by climbing the tree and sitting on the branch he wanted. He collected about twenty good-sized branches by half past nine.

He swam over to the lodge. Climbing on top, he started placing his branches over weak spots. He could tell because they bent in when he stepped on them. What he didn’t notice was that the head of the lodge was watching.

He went back and collected the remaining twenty. But when he broke off one, a Taillow he hadn’t noticed started attacking him. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” the Taillow cried. “I’m trying to prepare for the coming flood! Help! Help!” The blue bird then flew off. Flood? The Bibarel dismissed it as nothing, but then he started thinking about it. The air did smell a bit more watery than usual. And there was a faint rumbling sound. He turned behind him, and saw a huge wave rapidly approaching. He panicked, slapped the water with his tail, and started swimming back to the lodge where the others had already started preparing.

He noticed most of them were trying to gnaw down a huge, thick tree. It would definitely protect them, but they couldn’t do it in time! He was about to dive into the river and prepare for the worst, when he saw the Taillow flock. Suddenly, it hit him.

He whistled, and the Taillow flock flew down. “Guys! I need you to fly me to the top of this tree, and fast!” Despite the fact that they weren’t seeing his plan, they agreed. The at least one hundred Taillow flew the overweight beaver to the top of the weakened tree. When he clung on, he leaned forwards. Slowly, slowly, the tree tipped over. The other Bibarel scattered as the huge cedar fell. With a thundering boom, the immense tree was brought down. The Taillow and Bibarel crowded behind it. Justin, though it took him a while to escape from the leaves, joined as well. And sure enough, his plan worked. The wave washed over the tree, lightly splattering them with small droplets of water. Soon, the flood had finished, and they all moved out.

Justin was about to place the other branches, when he felt a paw on his shoulder. He turned around to see the head of the lodge. “Justin,” he said slowly. “At first, I thought you would never amount to anything. But I saw your quick thinking today, as well as your amazing skill. Your bulkiness came in handy as well.”

“And you’re trying to say…” he asked uncertainly.

“Meet me on the top of the dam in five minutes.”

Five minutes passed, and he was alone with the head of the lodge. The other Bibarel were crowded underneath them. “Bibarel of the Keldeo colony. I am please to introduce our savior, Justin. He saved us all from a horrible flood, at the time when the females are giving birth, no less. To thank him for his immense deed, I would like to honour him with something of the highest value.”

Justin knew what was coming. He grinned ear to ear. His large tail wagged eagerly, and his eyes widened. He squealed with excitement

“Justin Bibarel, I present you with as much candy as you can eat!” exclaimed the head. There were wild cheers from the crowd below, and the head presented him with a huge pile of delicious, savory caramels. He didn’t bother asking where he got them; he dived in and pigged out.

“Who knew work could be worthwhile?”


Bibarel: They alert others by slapping the water with their tails. They constantly collect branches for their dams.


Author’s note: What? You expected Justin to become head of the lodge? Get real!

Shadowy Arceini
1st July 2012, 8:15 PM
Is Justin Bibarel a reference to Justin Beiber? Also, I see you've changed your style a little that leaves me thinking that this is, sadly, a bit unappealing.

2nd July 2012, 3:35 PM
@SA: Yes, Justin is a refernce to Justin Bieber. And I actually wrote that one a while back, I believe before I even had the idea for this. Sorry if I disappointed you, and I hope this one will make up for it.

This one is one of the more serious stories, in complete contrast to what I've been doing lately. It's also one of my longer ones.

Come on, people I need requests!

Working: Spiritomb/Blissey
Soon: Mamoswine/Rattata

Serperior and Dunsparce

Sidney was soaking up sun in the grassy field. He was mostly asleep, but he was alert enough to get away from a predator or strike a potential meal. He flicked out his tongue, and moved around a bit. A bug was flying around his tail. He closed his eyes tighter to fall back asleep, but its constant buzzing was keeping him awake. He decided he’d have to get rid of it.

He shifted around, getting into a good position. The bug was still flying around, but suddenly, he whapped it with his tail and it fell to the ground. He slowly smiled. He remembered where he’d learned that move, from a Miltank in New Jersey. It took him a while to master it, but it certainly paid off. But it was quickly erased from his face. It had reminded him of when he still had a trainer.

He wanted to fall back asleep, but once those memories entered his head, they didn’t leave. He thought back to when he first met his trainer, as a Snivy. Those days seemed so long ago. He remembered battling the first gym, barely holding up against the burning onslaughts of Pansear after his close friend Leslie the Lillipup was taken out. He remembered finally slapping the monkey silly for the win.

He remembered defeating Lenora’s Herdier, Burgh’s Dwebble and Whirlipede, Elesa’s Zebstrika, Skyla’s Swanna, Brycen’s Vanillish, and Drayden’s Haxorus. He remembered one-shotting Clay and tying with Leavanny and Beartic. He remembered when his trainer announced they would be visiting new regions, making new friends, defeating new gyms. But now, he was out here, alone. He shed a tear as he remembered when he first heard his trainer was diagnosed with cancer, and when he was released with everyone else. Stoutland, Vanilluxe, Ampharos, Primeape… all of them. He missed them.

There was one, however, that he was glad to part with. His trainer had caught her because they were apparently related, although he didn’t see it. She was so annoying, and she never stopped talking. He had always hated her, but she remained oblivious. He was glad he never had to hear her high-pitched voice again, until-

“Hi, Sidney!”

Oh, no. He coiled up, trying to camouflage. But it was too late. The source of the cheery, hyper voice was already upon him. The yellow Dunsparce was bounding up to him, barely hovering on her tiny wings. “Hi Sidney! It’s been forever! How are you?”

Sidney stayed with his head in his coils, thinking that if he didn’t respond, she would just go away. That, of course, didn’t happen. When Dunsparce set her mind on something, she didn’t give up. When his trainer was still alive, he hadn’t owned Dunsparce for very long. In fact, he hadn’t ever given her a name. So he and the rest of the team still knew her as Dunsparce.

“Sidney! I know you’re in there! Come on out! Please?” she asked. He sighed, uncoiled, and raised his head up. He still refused to talk back or even make eye contact. If she wanted to talk to him, fine, but they weren’t going to get into a conversation. A conversation needs input from both sides.

Of course, Dunsparce didn’t notice. “Sidney! How have you been holding up since, uh… um…”

“Adrian,” he said in a monotonous voice.

“Yeah! Adrian! So how have you been holding out since Adrian died?”

“I’m not speaking to you.”

“You’re speaking to me now.”

“Just leave me alone, okay?”

“But why?”

“Because I told you to!”

“Can’t we just talk?”

“No! For the last time! What does it take for you to get a hint that I want nothing to do with you?!”

Dunsparce looked hurt. “But, Sidney, I thought we would just talk about anything, like we used to. What happened to you?”

“What do you mean, what happened to me?”

“You used to be friendly. Now you’re stuck-up and mean. When did you turn so bitter?”

“I am NOT bitter!” he suddenly shouted.

She jumped, and started shaking. But she still wanted to know why Sidney was being so mean to her. “Sidney, you are bitter. What happened to the old Sidney? Back then, you were always happy, always optimistic. We were inseparable. But now, you’re just so… cold-blooded.”

He blushed a bit. Okay, maybe he had altered those memories some to fit how he felt now. But he wasn't telling her that. “I was always cold-blooded. I’m a reptile. So are you.”

Suddenly, she got frustrated with him. “Stop being so serious! Look, I know Adrian was a big part of your life. And I know that you miss him. But that doesn’t mean you have to vent out your anger on me! I bet you ten berries that if we just talked, the way we used to, then you’d get happier.”

“And why should I talk to you? Why can’t I talk to anyone else?”

“Because you were the only one who helped me adjust to the team! Everyone else was mean to me, but you welcomed me. I know I only knew Adrian a short time, but I miss him too. And you’re the only one I can actually talk to about it! I have needs too, you know. I want to talk to someone, someone who can sympathize with me and vice versa! Is that too much to ask?”

For whatever reason, Serperior actually felt something when he heard her. He wasn’t sure what it was. He thought, maybe it was because she was usually so happy, but now she was so angry. Or maybe because he was just surprised that she had the nerve to say that to him. But deep inside, he knew the real reason. It was because she was right. He had turned mean. He guessed when Adrian died, he had just gotten so mad and sad at the same time, he just couldn’t be bothered to be happy anymore.

He took a deep breath, and sighed again. “I… I guess you’re right. I suppose I may have turned a bit more edgy. It’s just because, well, I never thought it would happen so soon. I just want to go back. I’m sorry I was harsh with you earlier.” He lowered his head, a sign of true regret.

Dunsparce, it seemed, was out of anger. She hopped over to him, and decided to console him. “See? Didn’t talking just get those bottled-up feelings out of you? It’s okay. Come on, let’s just keep talking. Don’t worry, life will carry on.”

And after that, they did end up talking. They talked about life, death, happiness, humans, Pokémon, clouds, grass, and pretty much everything else under the sun. And in a few days, they were once again the best of friends.


Serperior: It is extremely proud, and will raise its head high to show its dominance.

Dunsparce: Though its wings are small, it can hover for a few seconds. Their main way of travel is hopping around.

2nd July 2012, 8:46 PM
Oo, I liked this one. Definitely a differant tone.

Anyway, for my request... Nosepass and Magneton.

3rd July 2012, 5:23 PM
@Zibdas Thanks, I do occasionally feel a need to switch it up a bit. As for your request, I've already done Magneton(with Latias and Latios!), so I'll switch it with Magnemite. And I think I know what you were going for there. ;)

Gah, Spiritomb/Blissey is harder than I thought. I've got a vague idea for it, but I don't know how it'll work. For now, I'm putting that one on hold. Now today, I bring you a self-requested entry to stall for time get this particular idea out of my head, which I've had for a while now. I do like how it turned out, and hopefully you will too.

Hold: Spiritomb/Blissey
Soon: Nosepass/Magnemite

Bronzong and Magnezone

Ching, ching.

The young scientist was fiddling with a small, red computer. It slightly resembled a Nintendo DS, but it had a circle with a smaller circle inside said circle. He was grumbling to himself, pressing buttons seemingly at random. It was an invention one of his friends had given him, to test. Beside him, there was a large teal bell. It had a pair of long arms spouting from the very top of its body, without hands or fingers. Its body had random patterns all over, that occasionally flashed white. At the bottom, there were two round, red eyes that also flashed white. Between, there was a rectangular row of teeth.

Ding, ding.

The boy sighed. “I don’t know what’s wrong with it. It was working fine when we came in, but now it’s broken. I don’t know what I’ll tell him,” he said, probably to himself, but possibly to the Pokémon beside him.

“Zong. Bron bronzong,” the Bronzong responded, consoling him.

“Come on, Bronzong. We’ll get it fixed later. For now, let’s focus on getting the actual data, okay?”

“Bronzong zong bron,” it said in a deep, mechanical voice.

The boy got up from the rock he was sitting on, for he was in a cave. This was where he and Bronzong had met, as a Bronzor. It was a grand cave, with powerful Pokémon. This was where he had fought off those Team Galactic goons with Bronzor. It was also where he had realized Bronzor’s immense potential for Project Pokémon Index. He, along with four other friends, each set off to a different region to get data on every Pokémon out there. While the others had to carefully study other species, he could do a quick scan with Bronzong and find out everything he needed to know; type, diet, habitats, everything. But the computer they were supposed to input the data into had broken down in here. He hoped he could fix it when they got out.

Ding, dong.

“Come on, Bronzong. Let’s get out of here before we get attacked by wild Pokémon.” The bell grunted and nodded. He then made a “ding” sound, by spinning fast. The trainer smiled. When Bronzong rang quickly, it was a sign he was happy. But when he made a low, long sound, he was going to attack. He returned him to his Poké Ball when that happened.

Ding, ding, ding, ding!

He boy’s eyes suddenly widened as he looked at his Pokémon. It was spinning furiously, and in between was pointing towards an entrance to another part of the cave. Four high-pitched rings meant trouble. He listened, and could hear a faint voice from the cavern. He gasped. “Bronzong, there’s trouble in that cave!”

Bronzong rolled its eyes and made three low rings, as if to say, “Really? I didn’t notice that!”

“No time for that now, Bronzong! Come on, we have to help whoever’s in there!”

Bronzong rang quickly, and the duo headed towards the opening. Before they could step in, however, a flock of purple bats he had identified as Zubat and Golbat flew out of the cave. A few were slower than the rest, seemingly paralyzed. Then, a harsh bolt of electricity blasted out of the cave, frying a spot on the wall behind them. They peered in, and a huge metallic disk was inside, firing off random bolts. It slightly resembled a UFO, but with two magnets at the front and one at the back, and screws on random points. To top it off, on top of its head was an impressive yellow antenna. It suddenly took notice of them with its larger eye. It crackled, and the human gulped.

It fired another bolt of electricity, aimed at Bronzong. He gasped and was about to call a command, but Bronzong beat him to it; it deftly dodged, swirling about in the air.

He gulped again, but this time, had the nerve to call out a command. “Bronzong! Use your Hypnosis attack on that Pokémon!” Bronzong made a sound of agreement, and it created two blue rings from its eyes. When the UFO passed through them, it suddenly slowed down. It lowered itself to the ground, and quietly fell asleep.

The boy went up to it, afraid it would suddenly wake up and incinerate him. Luckily, that didn’t happen. He was about to have Bronzong scan it, but he heard a beeping from his pocket. He took out the computer, opened it, and it was working again. “Huh, the index is working again. That’s good news, because we can get some information down about this thing, and more importantly, avoid it. Let’s see what’s been agitating it,” he said.

He walked around it, carefully examining it. He looked around, and noticed a strange sheet on its underbelly. He gently took it off, and saw it was some sort of metal sheet covered in sharp spikes. He looked back, and sure enough, there were small puncture holes where he pulled it off. “Bronzong,” he called. “Get me my Metal Coat, please.” Bronzong make a ringing sound, and rummaged around in his bag. Eventually, it pulled out a small gray case, and handed it to its master.

He opened up the can, and inside was a sheet of extra-strong tinfoil. First, he sprayed a Super Potion over the injury. Then, he gently placed the foil over the wound, and patted it down. “There,” he said. “This will heal up this Pokémon, and the Metal Coat will stop it from getting infected, or rusted. Now Bronzong, do a quick scan.”

Bronzong nodded, and emitted a blue aura from its eyes. The UFO took on the same baby-blue aura, and the patterns on Bronzong’s body flashed white. Soon, the aura died down. The trainer took two speakers, put them over Bronzong’s eyes, and they charged energy into the index. When it stopped, he picked up the computer and saw its name: Magnezone. It was an Electric and Steel type, but so far they’ve only been found it Mt. Coronet, despite the fact that Magnemite and Magneton have a much more diverse habitat. He wrote down a short blurb about it from what his experience with it had been.

Suddenly, he noticed something odd. “Hey, Bronzong, I haven’t written up anything about you yet.”

“Zong bron bronzong?” Bronzong asked.

Its trainer smiled. “Okay, I have something about you too.” And he quickly jotted it down.


Bronzong: It rings at different tones, pitches, and speeds to convey its feelings.

Magnezone: It emits a strong electrical pulse that shuts down computers. It dies down when it falls asleep.

3rd July 2012, 6:45 PM
Where I was going? I just like Nosepass and three is my fourth favourite number.
Stilly, I really liked this one. Bronzong's interactions were cute.

3rd July 2012, 10:21 PM
You should start a list of the pokemon you've done. Before you get to have a ton of shorts like the other dex thread~ :>

Liking most of them so far~!

4th July 2012, 7:42 PM
@Zibdas: I was guessing it was because they both evolve in Mt. Coronet. Oh well, still an epic combination.

@lindsy95: Glad to know you're enjoying them! And I do actually have a list of my completed Pokemon, it's on the first post in the thread. It's actually extremely long.

Mamoswine/Rattata actually gave me agood idea from the start. I did enjoy writing it. And Magnezone/Bronzong. And Cherubi. And... Heck with it, I enjoyed writing all of them.

Hold: Spiritomb/Blissey
Working: Nosepass/Magnemite
Soon: No one.

Mamoswine and Rattata

“Museum is now closed. Please leave through the nearest exit,” boomed the voice over the intercom. People suddenly began to file through the museum to leave, if they hadn’t already. The swarms of humans left Mamoswine’s side, but he didn’t mind that much. After all, it had been a tiring day. Today was “families-half-off” day, and that meant nearly every family in Sinnoh had flocked to Oreburgh to see him. He was, as far as he knew, one of the only species of his kind left. The rest had gone extinct.

The museum’s lights were shut off, encasing him in almost total darkness. One of the curators came up to him, holding a sack. He put the sack on the floor, revealing several heads of lettuce. “There’s your dinner, boy. I’m surprised you put up with all those bratty kids, especially the one who started punching your tusks to see if they were ice.”

“<Yeah, and don’t forget the one who wet himself while he was riding me. Ugh,>” replied the Mamoswine, although he knew the human couldn’t understand him. “<Ooh, iceberg lettuce! My favourite!>” he exclaimed, and began chowing down. After putting away about four whole heads, he trumpeted happily.

The man smiled. “Oh, and Dean won’t be here tonight. It’s his day off, so I’m trusting you to fend for yourself. But don’t start rampaging if you see some bad guys. Remember, trumpet to the guards in the other exhibits, and they’ll come. If worst comes to worst, freeze them with Ice Beam, okay?”

Mamoswine grunted and nodded. “Good,” said the man. “Now, finish up and go to sleep. You’ve had a rough day.”

“<You’re darn right, I have,>” said the Mamoswine. The man left, and he started eating more lettuce. Despite his unfriendly demeanor, he was a peaceful herbivore. At first, he was very disagreeable, but eventually, they found the way to tame him was with food, particularly iceberg lettuce. He loved the food, and he would eat it whenever given the opportunity. In fact, he became so attached to the lettuce, the museum began having feeding sessions, where, for a small fee, one could get a head of lettuce and feed it to him. And obviously, he didn’t complain.


“Go on, get in there,” said the man. He was dressed completely in black, and there was a large red “R” on his shirt. Beside him was another man who was wearing the same outfit. A purple mouse was scurrying to the window, from the orders of his trainers. She was grumbling about them under her breath, but he had threatened that if she didn’t, she’d be on the menu next for his partner’s Ekans.

She expertly crawled up the wall, up to a window, and began chewing on the glass. Every few minutes, she had to spit for fear of getting broken glass in her mouth. She wanted to attack the window with Hyper Fang, but the grunts ordered her not to. Creates too much noise, they said. She’d rather risk getting busted than risk getting seriously injured. Eventually, she made a hole big enough, but sure enough, a stray piece of glass lodged itself in her foot, causing her to squeal in pain.

Meanwhile, Mamoswine had watched all of this. At first, he didn’t know what to make of the tiny rodent. He could have stepped on her, but he saw how much pain she was in. He decided to be friendly, and he let a frigid blast of air out of his nostrils. The Rattata’s foot became encased in ice, as the piece of glass fell out. “<There,>” he said. “<That should stop the bleeding.>”

She turned her head upwards, and suddenly cowered at the menace of a Pokémon that stood before her. She couldn’t even stammer out a word. Fortunately, he didn’t expect a response. “<So, you’re breaking and entering in my territory. I do believe you know you shouldn’t do that.>”

She nodded weakly.

“<So then why did you?>”

She gulped, and wasn’t sure if she wanted to answer. But when Mamoswine stomped right next to her, almost squashing her tail, she spoke up. “<B-be-because there are bad people outside who made me do it! I don’t want to, but they said if I didn’t, I’d get fed to his Ekans and I don’t want to become food but I don’t want to do this either and I just want to leave!>”

Mamoswine began thinking. There was a chance this mouse was telling the truth, but it could also be to let his guard down. So he tested her. “<So,>” he said. “<Would you say the same thing if you were frozen in a block of ice and about to get stepped on?>”

She turned whiter than a Reshiram, and for a second, Mamoswine thought she was dead. Fortunately, she gained enough strength(and blood pressure) to respond. “<Yes-yes, I would, uh, mister, Mamoswine,” she stuttered.

He grunted again. “<So, you don’t want to be a part of that organization.>”

“<No, no I don’t.>”

“<So, would you be willing to bust those guys?>”

Her eyes widened. “<Yes, yes I most definitely would! They force me to do their dirty work, it sucks! Can we?>”

“<Of course. Now here’s the plan.>”


Rattata scurried up to the window. She made a movement for the grunts to follow. As they ran for the window, they talked to each other. “This is awesome!” said the first grunt. “After we capture that Mamoswine, we’ll get promoted to executives and get a raise too!”

“Definitely! And we wouldn’t have done it if we couldn’t blackmail that Rattata. Thank the lord for Ekans!”

Rattata made a quick motion, and ran away from the room. They didn’t know what happened, but they assumed it smelled food. Oh well, they had gotten in. And, the Mamoswine was still asleep. They could tie it up, and then get it out of the museum. It was perfect!

They slowly crept up to the sleeping Pokémon, and began tying up its leg. Suddenly, an ear-splitting sound erupted from Mamoswine’s nose. The grunts jumped, and security guards came running in, Rattata at their side. The grunt gasped on seeing his Pokémon with the guards. “Why you little traitor!” he exclaimed. “My Ekans will have your head!”

“<Not if I have anything to say about it,>” retorted Mamoswine. He quickly shot out a freezing beam of energy, and froze up the hand holding Ekans Poké Ball. Next, he froze them completely, sealing them up in a block of ice. He then tried to high-five Rattata with his tusk, but luckily he realized he would probably kill the injured rodent. Instead, Rattata barely managed to climb his shaggy fur, and patted him with her frozen paw.

“All right, let’s get these two to Officer Jenny’s. Thanks Mamoswine. You too, Rattata, although I’m not sure where you came from.”

After the guards carried away the popsicle’d thieves, Mamoswine started talking to Rattata. “<I think you’ll need to stay here awhile to heal. The ice may have stopped the bleeding, but a frozen foot can’t be very good for you.>”

“<Won’t the museum people chase me out?>” she asked.

“<Don’t worry. I’ll let them know you helped in the capture, and I’m sure they’ll give you a little nook to rest and recover. I promise.>”

She grinned. “<You really think so? Thanks, mister Mamoswine.>”

He smiled back. “<Call me Marcus.>”


Mamoswine: It thrived in ice ages, but went nearly extinct when temperatures rose. It trumpets when in danger.

Rattata: Its long teeth can gnaw through anything. It can run extremely fast under the threat of a predator.

4th July 2012, 9:38 PM
Oh, I scrolled to the bottom of the first post looking for the list... XD
Now link them all.

Team Rocket noobs.

You seem to be short on requests... How about...~
Ditto and Smeargle?

5th July 2012, 1:17 AM
Iceberg lettuce being the favorite of an Ice-type.
I see what you did there.

5th July 2012, 2:15 PM
@lindsy95: Ok, I'll do that. Just not right now. And I accept Ditto/Smeargle.

@Zibdas: I was hoping someone would get that.

Some bad news. I will be going on a hiatus. A very, very, very brief hiatus, but a hiatus nonetheless. I'm going to Niagara Falls, which means no Wi-fi. I'm going tomorrow and returning on Monday, and that hopefully means I'll get some ideas on Blissey/Spiritomb. So don't freak out over the fact that I haven't updated for three days.

Honestly, now I can't get the image of a ninja Rattata jumping into the air, doing a somersault, and crashing through a window with its teeth out of my head.

Anyway, here's Nosepass/Magnemite!

Working: Ditto/Smeargle
Soon: Spiritomb/Blissey

Nosepass and Magnemite

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

That was all he had to do. Just keep breathing. He preferred to keep things simple, and not bother with unnecessary things like moving. He did move occasionally, but that was only to eat. He didn’t mind when Bug-types started crawling over him or ivy began wrapping around him; in fact, he enjoyed it. It made him blend more.

He stood atop a great hill, dotted with flowers and lush green grass. It was a landing spot for many Jumpluff who had been flying for days, or Zigzagoon who wanted a place to sleep. He had been standing there for who knows how long. Eighteen, maybe nineteen years. He had wanted to move for so long, but every day he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.

To the unobservant eye, it would have looked like he was asleep. You couldn’t really blame them, as he kept his brown eyes tightly shut constantly. He hadn’t seen the world since it happened years ago. He knew he should be moving on by now, but he had been dwelling on the past for so long now. He didn’t see any reason to stop now.

He focused his magnetic powers behind him, and yes, it was still there. It was shrouded in vines and leaves, but it was still there. His Poké Ball. His first Poké Ball. The one his trainer had never bothered to destroy, to officially release him. He had just recalled him, and dropped it on the ground. He never came back. Eventually, he released himself, but didn’t see his trainer anyway. So he stood on top of the hill and waited for him to return.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

After many weeks, he realized his trainer wasn’t coming back. But by then, he had slipped into such a lazy state he didn’t even bother moving. Every now and then, trainers would come to the top of the hill and notice him. Most just tried throwing a Poké Ball at him. Luckily, he found that since he was still technically owned by a trainer, they bounced right off his rocky exterior. Others tried attacking him. Most times, he could endure the attacks and convince them he was just a statue. Sometimes, they did manage to overpower him, and he fell into a state of unconsciousness. Fortunately for him, he didn’t fall over, and they went on thinking he was just a statue. He did eventually revive, and he went right back to waiting.

He had had a bad experience with humans, which is why he didn’t fight back. He didn’t wish to be captured again. His previous trainer had been cruel and unkind to him, constantly threatening to replace him if he didn’t work harder. That no-good Magnemite he had with him constantly didn’t help much either. It was always taunting him, attacking him when his trainer wasn’t looking, attacking him when his trainer WAS looking, anything it could do to cause him pain. But still, he trained every day, and tried to meet his impossible expectations. And then, one day, his trainer just threw his Poké Ball on top of this hill, like a piece of trash. Now that he escaped from that, he never wanted to go through it again.

But, little by little, he was weakening.

There was one who he was seriously considering revealing to her that he was not an inanimate object shaped after a strange creature with an absurdly large nose. He didn’t actually know her name, but he knew she had a Magnemite as well, who, from the looks(or rather, sounds) of it, was a female as well. He didn’t actually know what she looked like either, as he had never opened his eyes. That might give him away, and he didn’t want to reveal himself to anyone he wasn’t entirely sure about.

Every day, she gave him scraps of iron to eat, and she talked to him, although he never gave a response. Her Magnemite was nothing like his previous trainer’s; she was friendly, and though she didn’t believe wholeheartedly he was alive, she still encouraged her trainer plenty. If he understood correctly, she was camping out at the bottom of the hill. He could tell because he could sense Magnemite down there. They came up every day, giving him food that Magnemite found. Though he was normally carnivorous, he would accept metals if prey was scarce. Or if he didn’t want to get up.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

He had to remain calm, still as stone, as the girl and her Pokémon were coming up the hill. As far as he knew, Magnemite was her only Pokémon. It floated up, making a slight buzzing noise that irritated the Caterpie crawling over him and caused them to flee. The human was a little taller than he was, enough so that she had to kneel down to actually get to the same height. And again, today, she talked to him.

“Listen,” she started. “It’s been fun coming here every day to talk to you and play. Right, Magnemite?” The Pokémon in question nodded happily. She smiled, and continued. “Look, I’m going to be leaving soon. My dad was relocated again, and we have one day to pack up our stuff and go. My brothers both caught a Pokémon while they were here, and I’m hoping you’d come with me.”

He did hear her, but still opted not to move.

“I know you’re a Pokémon, because the little iron scraps I leave here every day for you are always gone when I come back the next day. And yeah, I know another Pokémon like Aron could have come by and eaten it, but I know it was you. I’m getting a strong vibe from you, and I know you’re in there somewhere. You may come across as solid and boring, but I know you have lots of potential.” Her Magnemite nodded again.

“I think I know why you want to be seen as a statue. I think it’s because you’re lonely. You have something missing from your life. Maybe a family member died, maybe you parted with a good friend, maybe you were released by a trainer. Who knows.”

At the last one, he nearly sweated, but took it back in fast enough. “Anyway, I was just hoping. Maybe, just maybe, you could come with me. Maybe I could fill that void. Just a thought, and it’s up to you. So, will you come out and travel with me, or stay here?”

She, as much as he hated to admit it, had brought up a good point. Both options had their pros and cons. She seemed nice enough, but what she did end up being one of those people who worked their Pokémon too hard? And she said “travel.” Would that mean he’d be battling other Pokémon? He hadn’t moved in nearly twenty years; he couldn’t be that experienced. Plus, he’d have to do things the complicated way, adding plenty of unnecessary things to his daily routine. He didn’t need that.

But then again, as safe as it was to just sit up here, it was also terribly boring. There was nothing he could do. Also, adding new things could be good, as he had just breathed and eaten for almost twenty years. He was due for a change of pace, as he still had another twenty to burn. Plus, if he left, there was a chance he could escape the bad memories of his previous trainer, and replace them with newer, better ones. He could finally rid himself of that cursed Poké Ball.

What should he do?


Nosepass: It locates metal objects with its powerful electric abilities. They have a lifespan of about forty years.

Magnemite: It sometimes attracts small metal objects to itself. It creates a subtle buzzing noise that causes headaches.


Author’s note: I really, REALLY wanted to stick a “My nose isn’t THAT big,” line in here somewhere, but I couldn’t find an appropriate time. Oh well, I guess that’ll have to wait for Probopass.

EDIT: What better place than here to rank up?

5th July 2012, 5:50 PM
Awww, poor little guy. Made me sad. I knew picking my favourite Pokémon would have disadvantages.

6th July 2012, 1:01 PM
Ok, NOW I'm going on hiatus. I had a little free time today(although unfortunately not long enough for Ditto/Smeargle) so I posted this one, which I think turned out well. My brother also gave me a few requests.

Working: Ditto/Smeargle
Soon: Spiritomb/Blissey, Kricketot/Froslass, Vanillite/Litwick

Munchlax and Combusken

We now return to “The Awesome Adventures of Munchlax and Combusken!”

We begin with our heroes locked in a battle of wits. Staring each other down with intense determination, it is unclear who has the upper hand. They both have three cards left and two pairs each. Little does Munchlax know, all Combusken has is-

Suddenly, Combusken bolted from the table and began- gurk!- strangling the- hurk!- narrator…

“If the next word that comes out of your mouth is ‘sevens’ I will see to it that your only cloak will be a flame cloak,” he said- urk!- menacingly.

“Uh, Combusken? You just gave it away, so I basically just won,” said Munchlax.

“WHAT? Grr…” He finally releases his sinister grip against the innocent narrator. As the narrator gasped for breath, Combusken picked up a script and begins to read off it. “So, today we’re going on an ‘epic adventure of awesome proportions.’ What do you think, Munchlax?”

“Adventure? I thought today’s the day we sat at home, eat junk food, and played video games.”

“That’s every day with you. Plus, despite the fact we don’t want to, we have to. It’s in our contract. Plus, there are readers out there who want to be entertained. We do live in a fanfiction, after all.”

“Wait, what? We live in a fanfic? Why was I not informed of this?” asked the small, blue Pokémon.

“Oh, haven’t you heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard.”

“Heard what?”

“That we live in a fanfiction, stupid!”

“Okay… You know what? Let’s stop this absolute smashing of the fourth wall and actually see what we’re supposed to be doing today?”

“Now that’s a plan.” Combusken took the script, and began reading it. “Okay, its says here that Munchlax and Combusken will go on an adventure to… ‘Rainbow-topia?’ What is this? I thought our author was a boy!”

“Well,” interrupted the narrator, “he’s sick today. His three-year-old cousin is taking over the ideas for writing today.”

“Let me see that,” said Munchlax. “Me… Combusken… Island of pretty pink princesses where everyone eats rainbows and poops butterflies. Well, that seals it.” He then grabbed the script with both hands and ate it.

“What did you just do?” asked an enraged Combusken.

“I ate the script. Now, let’s go on our own adventure!”

“But-you-how?” He sighed. “You know what? Let’s go talk to the author. He’ll get things straightened out. And, hopefully, won’t make us go to Rainbow-topia. Gah.”

“But how?” asked Munchlax worriedly.

“Like this.” Combusken grabbed Munchlax’s stubby arm, and with a holler of “COMBUSKEEEEEEEEEN PAAAAAAWWWNNNNNCH!” he brought a clawed fist back, smashed through the author’s monitor, and leapt into his room, inexplicably followed by the narrator.

“Yeah, that hasn’t been done before,” muttered Munchlax.

Meanwhile, the author gasped. “How did you guys get in here? You’re just characters in a cheesy fourth-wall-breaking fiction!”

“We’re here to complain,” complained Combusken. “First of all, that was redundant. Second of all, really? Your cousin? Rainbow-topia? Honestly? Third, we don’t want to be in fourth-wall-breaking fic. We want to be in a good fic.”

“What do you mean, Rainbow-topia? That’s what she came up with? Well, she was the only one I could get on short notice. And for the record, I’m not sick. I have serious writer’s block, so can you guys get your own adventure for today?” he asked.

“No, we can’t. You’re our author. Here, we’ll help you. Okay. Start off with a scene,” said Combusken helpfully. “We’ll get back into the computer.”

They both leapt into said computer, and suddenly ended up as a text file in Microsoft Word. “Okay, scene…” said the author cautiously. “How about a mountain? Yeah, yeah, a mountain works.” He quickly typed out a descriptive mountain scene. “Now, we need a plot. Hmm…”

Many hours of this later, he finally came up with an awesome story. And it goes something like this:

“Come on! We’re almost there!” called Combusken. A tiny blue sloth was following, hauling himself up the rocky crags of the mountain. He was extremely tired, as was the norm for his species. He was a Munchlax. Above him, an orange-yellow chicken was scaling the cliff like it was nothing. With amazing agility and power, he jumped from rock to rock like hopscotch.

“Wait! Wait! I’m not as fast as you. I’m just a Munchlax, after all. My home is grasslands. I don’t have much experience climbing,” he called back. He huffed and puffed, barely managing to get up the huge cliff. He was used to sleeping and eating, not physical activity. His stubby legs didn’t help much either. But Combusken was right. He could see the tip of the mountain. He couldn’t believe it was his idea to do this, not Combusken’s. He grappled with the rocks, and prepared to grab a large one for a quick break, that Combusken had already landed on.

When suddenly, his rock broke.

He shrieked as he fell into the infinite blackness. “Munchlax!” Combusken cried. Then he realized that yelling wouldn’t do anything, and he’d have to actually do something. Staring at where his comrade fell, he jumped. And this was no normal jump. He had put immense power in that leap, and suddenly twisted his body and dive-bombed the baby Pokémon.

He had to squint due to the immense air pressure he was experiencing. His eyes began to water, but he refused to give in. He was getting closer to Munchlax, but he was still so far away.

He clenched his fists, and turned himself. Then, he launched an immense stream of fire from his mouth, propelling him downwards toward his friend. He then twisted again, and grabbed the blue baby. Munchlax, however, continued screaming as they continued their descent. But Combusken was undeterred. He turned himself again, grabbed Munchlax with one arm, and with almighty force, grabbed a rock with his claws and blasted himself and his ally up, up, up past where they were previously. They were moving so fast upwards, Munchlax’s large ears popped many times. Until finally, they were at the summit of Mt. Impossible.

Munchlax’s screams of terror quickly turned to screams of joy. “We did it! We defeated Mt. Impossible! Hooray!” he cheered.

Combusken smiled. “So why did you want to come up here in the first place?”

“Easy. I smelled Enigma berries up here! They’re my favourite!” He immediately walked up to berry bush and began picking berries with question marks on them. Combusken stared at this for a while, and then doubled over in laughter.

“I guess that would be the only reason you’d climb up here,” he said between laughs.


“Well?” he asked. “What did you guys think?”

“I liked it,” Combusken responded. “Although it does seem a little pointless to climb a mountain called Mt. Impossible for berries.”

“Hey!” Munchlax cried. “It’s a good reason! I liked it. Munchlax is awesome!”

The author smiled. “Glad you guys like it. Now let’s hope my readers give the same response.”


Combusken: Its powerful leaps and punches can shatter steel. It launches streams of fire at over 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Munchlax: It can sense food from miles away. It can eat almost anything, except other animals.

6th July 2012, 6:31 PM
Munchlax is right,
Munchlax IS awesome

off topic; pooping butterflies sounds extremely uncomfortable

7th July 2012, 11:42 AM
pooping butterflies is from hortan(?) hears a who right???

8th July 2012, 5:29 AM
Can I be on the PM list? I'm trying to think of a new combo for you to do. Was the last chapter inspired by Missingno. Master's fanfic: The Adventures of Adventureness. COMBUSKEN/JACK PAWWWWNNNNNNNNNNCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH, deterioration of the fourth wall, etc.

EDIT: Can you do Infernape/Azumarill? Nape is my favorite Pokemon and I have always wanted it to interact with the water-rabbit
EDIT #2: I thought of another one overnight. Vanillite(choose any in its evolution line)/Snorlax/Pansage. You know where I'm going with this. Idea partly from your Cherubi entry

10th July 2012, 12:34 AM
@Zibdas: Why yes, yes it does. And Munchlax is EXTREMELY awesome.

@lucarioisawesome: Yes, yes it is.

@jeffdavid102: Yes, yes you can. I did have that in mind while I was writing that. And I'll add those requests to the list, although I don't understand Pansage. I get Snorlax and Vanill---, but not him...

Finally I have this done. I got back from my hiatus, and I completed this. And I got an idea for Spiritomb/Blissey(although it probably won't be up next). Hooray!

Working: Spiritomb/Blissey, Kricketot/Froslass
Soon: Vanillite/Litwick, Infernape/Azumarill, Vanillish/Snorlax/Pansage

Ditto and Smeargle

It is the year 5038, give or take a week. Pokémon revolted against humans some two thousand years ago, and have since exterminated the species. They are now in total control of the earth, and have revolutionized it the way people did. They built cities, developed technology, and more in a fraction of the time it took humans to. In short, the Pokémon have taken over, and the world has become awesome. Well, not for the humans, but for the Pokémon. And being as self-centered as they are, they mostly only care about themselves.

The world has become far more civilized than when humans were the dominant species. Wars have stopped, and instead a quick battle between the two strongest members decided things. Sometimes, even a trade will seal the deal; for example, a certain piece of land for a forest full of food. These ways leave everyone satisfied and content. No petty arguments that end up costing lives. No violent sneak attacks on other cities. It was almost perfect.

But every universe has its problems, and the Pokémon-infested earth is no exception. It has its fair share of evil masterminds, twisted villains, and loonies. Today, we’ll be following the most famous good versus evil battle in recorded history: Leonardo Da Smeargle vs. Jackson P. Ditto, a.k.a. The Dit. It was an average day at the museum…

Da Smeargle was showing off his latest masterpiece. Pokémon surrounded him, asking for autographs or dates, in the females’ case. After signing a few books, he took the dirty white tarp off his canvas and revealed a precise painting of a landscape, filled with rare flying Staryu and a shiny Lunatone. He received much applause from the audience. “Zank you, zank you,” he said with a strange accent. “Zis painting iz called ‘Ze Swirling Staryu.’ I’m so pleased you are enjoying it.”

After the excitement died down and the Pokémon left, the curator of the museum walked up to him. He was a muscular one, always carrying a long, red girder. There was no mistaking it; he was a Gurdurr. He walked up to the scrawny Smeargle, holding a rather large bundle of money in his hand. “Good job up there today,” he said gruffly. “Here’s your pay.” He handed the cash over, and the painter nodded happily and skipped out of the museum.

Unbeknownst to both of them, lurking in the shadows was a certain purple blob. He had squished his way through the security guards, and was currently a vase with a silly face. It consisted of two black eyes and a relatively goofy smile, but it was a mistake to underestimate this Pokémon. He had once taken out thirty-three security guards with a jelly donut and a cup of cocoa, with a little help from an overhead Moltres. He could infiltrate any place completely undetected, and as he watched the exchange, he couldn’t help but break into an evil smile.

And now, I shall make an impending evil sound, so here goes.


There, happy?

The next day, The Dit had stalked Leonardo all the way back to his house. He watched with keen interest as he entered the brick dwelling, sat down, and started eating Oran Berry Crunch. Before he had eaten enough to leave the room, The Dit had turned into a camera and began snapping pictures of him and printing them out. While it did feel somewhat weird to be photographing a famous Smeargle who had absolutely no idea he existed and printing said photographs on sheets of his body, it would all be worth it. Soon, he had enough shots, and slithered away.

The next day, Leonardo was walking to the museum to showcase his newest artwork. He got there within a few minutes.

What do you mean, I need more description? Fine.

The next day, Leonardo was walking to the museum. His green-tinted tail swished through the grass, accidentally colouring a tree trunk green. Of course, he didn’t notice, being the optimistic Pokémon he was. Soon, he approached the museum. It was a grand building, with towering columns and twin Raikou statues at the front. Da Smeargle sighed happily and entered.

But he was already there.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. There was already and identical Smeargle on the stage, showing off a collage of donuts. He couldn’t believe it. He’d never showcase donuts! He hated them! Too high in sugar for him. Naturally, with a cry of “IMPOSTER!” he ran up to the stage and began wrestling with the fake.

The Pokémon were confused. One had to be fake, but it was impossible to tell who was who. They both had the same dirty white fur, green tail, and white beret. But one had to be fake, unless he had created a cloning device.

The two Smeargle were continually slapping each other and hitting the other with their tails. Suddenly, the imposter bit down on Leonardo’s arm, leaving a mark. But as he retreated his head, Leonardo whipped his tail down on the imposter. And his face transformed. For about a second, it became a face you might see a three-year-old draw, but it got back into form. But Leonardo smirked. “Now I know who you are,” he said with that strange accent. He began tickling his adversary in his armpits, and he began to glow purple. Suddenly, he fell into a violet blob on the floor. “Jackson P. Ditto!” he exclaimed.

The Ditto smirked. “Why yes, it is I. What’s it to you?”

A Conkeldurr, who was apparently the curator, approached him. “Jackson, you’re under arrest!” he bellowed.

“Oh, am I?” He suddenly transformed into a Conkeldurr, and punched the real one in the nose. As he stumbled over, Ditto grabbed the curator’s two pillars and smashed them over his head. They cracked into rubble and fell to the ground, as did the real Conkeldurr. However, in the commotion, Smeargle had jumped on top of Ditto, and his tail’s natural green paint turned red. He sprayed it in the doppelganger’s eyes, and he immediately screeched in pain and began rubbing them, as they stung like Beedrill poison. Then, Leonardo jumped down onto Jackson’s face, and slapped him hard over and over, ending with a harsh punch in the oversized red nose. He fell over, and transformed back into a Ditto.

Most of the Pokémon in the crowd congratulated Leonardo on his amazing victory, while others opted on calling the authorities. Soon after, the police had arrived and captured Jackson in a fishbowl. They covered the lid so he couldn’t escape, and then one of them bought one of Leonardo’s paintings. And everyone lived happily ever after, except for Jackson.


Joey looked up from his report to see a teacher and classroom that was absolutely speechless. “Well? Isn’t this awesome, or what?” he asked excitedly.

“You should stick with obsessive Rattata calls,” said his teacher after a brief silence.


Ditto: It can transform its cellular structure into anything it can see. However, it loses this ability if tickled.

Smeargle: It blinds its opponents with a paint-like liquid spewed from its tail. It then delivers a harsh slap.


Author’s note: The tickled part of Ditto’s entry is in an actual entry, or at least, it says it can’t maintain its disguise when laughing. Makes me wonder why Ditto doesn’t have an ability that prevents it from attacking if your opponent has used Tickle. And "the game people aren't that smart" isn't an excuse. If they can make over four billion Spinda, then Wynaut?

10th July 2012, 2:36 AM
I liked this one. And this is Pansage's Pokemon Black Entry:

This Pokémon dwells deep in the forest. Eating a leaf from its head whisks weariness away as if by magic.

10th July 2012, 7:21 PM
@jeffdavid102: Ah, I see. But just remember, I write my own dex entries, and I'll confirm this: Snorlax will NOT try to eat Pansage. Not gonna tell whether the same can be said for Vanillish.

This one, I actually kind of cried while writing it. Probably one of my best(gosh, I say that on almost every one), and I hope you guys like it, and FINALLY I'll be getting Spirtiomb/Blissey out of the way.

Working: Spiritomb/Blissey
Soon: Vanillite/Litwick, Infernape/Azumarill, Vanillish/Snorlax/Pansage

Kricketot and Froslass

It was the dead of winter. Freezing winds howled outside the cave, bringing frigid hailstones and blustery weather. Inside the cave, Froslass nuzzled her eggs. They were neatly arranged in the nest, not a single one out of place. There were six eggs in total, and they were her pride and joy. She cared for each one as if it was already hatched, talking to them and keeping them warm. But today, they looked cold. It was as cold as any other day, but the eggs seemed cold today. And that wouldn’t do.

She floated silently around the cave, searching for something to use. But everything she found was cold and hard, not soft and warm like she needed. After a few minutes of unsuccessful searching, she knew what to do. She focused her mind, and suddenly, she disappeared. When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a prim, well-kept house. She smiled, and began searching around the dwelling.

Meanwhile, in the cave, a pair of Kricketune had walked in, stumbling and shivering from the intense cold. The female of the group had a red egg with black speckles. They looked at each other, and made a few sounds. Then, with a nod and a tear, the female put the round egg inside Froslass’s nest. The male then made a sad sound with his arms, and they braved the cold once again. They had to find a place to wait out the cold, and unfortunately, they couldn’t afford to keep the egg.

Finally, Froslass returned. She was holding a large, fluffy blanket. She gently placed it over the eggs, when she noticed- there were seven eggs. She only had six. And furthermore, this one was different from the rest. Hers were orange and black; this one was crimson, dotted with black. Perhaps someone had left it here, mistaking her nest for their own. But she couldn’t leave the poor thing out here alone, so she sighed and wrapped it in the blanket as well. In hindsight, she should have left it for the Sneasel.

It had been a few weeks since she had found the strange egg. Today, she could feel it. Today, the eggs would be hatching. She had carefully collected food for the newborns, which wasn’t particularly hard. Snorunt ate snow, and there was plenty of that to go around. Although, she still wasn’t aware of what would hatch from the seventh egg, or what to feed it. She could probably get food for it once she found out what it was, but she wanted to be on the safe side. She went out and collected the few remaining leaves from the oak tree before they froze over. She placed them beside the pile of snow, and patted them down.

She was about to look for anything else to keep her eggs safe, when she heard a faint crack. She whirled around, and yes! They were hatching! The one that cracked first soon burst open in a display of light, and out popped a small, orange Pokémon with a black face and two stubby arms. She smiled, and soon, all the other eggs hatched into identical creatures. But the last egg, it didn’t hatch into a Snorunt. In fact, she had never seen this kind of Pokémon before at all. It was small, round, and red, an appeared to be wearing a cloak of some kind. It also had a pair of antennae that looked more like an upside-down mustache.

“Krrri?” it asked in a high-pitched voice.

She gave it an odd look, but decided to train it like one of her own. “<Hello, my children,>” she said slowly, so they understood. “<I’m your mother, Froslass. I’ll be taking care of you and helping you learn how to become strong.>” They all squeaked happily, even the strange one. But something in her nonexistant gut told her he’d be trouble. If only she had listened.

The next day, they began their training. Froslass started them by giving them a small ice crystal, and she told them that they had to destroy it by the end of the day. So they all got to work, butting into it or biting it. But the strange one(who was apparently a “Kricketot”) was having difficulty. For starters, he was constantly shivering from the intense temperature. Next, he couldn’t do anything to the crystal. He had tried growling at it or rolling into the fetal position and waiting for it to attack, but he couldn’t even dent it. By the end of the day, everyone’s crystals were powder snow, except Kricketot’s.

Worst of all about this child, he was distracting the others from their training. For some reason, one day all the Snorunt had disappeared when she fixed lunch. She worriedly scoured the cave, but they had disappeared without a trace. Just as she was fearing the worst, Kricketot ran up to her, but tripped and made a wooden sound with his antennae. But he got back up without a care, and motioned for Froslass to follow. When she arrived in a nook of the cave she had never thought to check, she found all six Snorunt happily crowded around a pair of frozen stalagmites. Kricketot headed towards them, and began hitting them with his antennae. It made a xylophone-like sound, and noticeably, the rocks weren’t dented either. When she saw why her children had left and made her worried sick, she got frustrated with the Bug and decided she’d have to get rid of it. She was aware he was three days old and didn’t stand a chance in the wild. But she didn’t care. Anything to get her children back on track.

She ushered the babies back into the main room, and put them to sleep. While all of them were slumbering, she picked up Kricketot. He was sound asleep. She focused her mind, and thought about a desert. When she opened her eyes, she was in a sandstorm, and the bright sun was blazing down on her. She had approximately three minutes before she melted, so she quickly placed the child on a nearby rock, and disappeared.

Kricketot awoke with something poking his forehead. He barely opened his beady eyes, and on top of him were two purple scorpions, one of which was poking his head. He instinctively slammed his antennae together, crushing its claw and making it yelp in pain. He then shook his body wildly, not even registering the fact he was in a desert yet. As the scorpions jumped back, he ran as hard as he could, trying to escape being eaten. Luckily, though he wasn’t a strong runner, the two Pokémon quickly gave up chase. Then, he rested against a rock, where he noticed. This wasn’t home. Home was cold and had funny orange things that liked dancing. Here was hot and had purple scorpions that poked you.

As he opened his eyes fully, he realized something. Mommy wasn’t here. Where was mommy?! He clicked his antennae, trying to call out for mommy Froslass. But she didn’t hear him. So he clicked louder, and louder, and louder. But no matter what, mommy wasn’t here. He was scared. He didn’t know where he was, or where mommy was, or where home was, or where the funny orange things were. As he looked around warily, he got teary-eyed. Not knowing what else to do, he cried. His tears fell into the sand, making tiny mud puddles that were quickly covered up. He was confused and scared, and he didn’t know anything here. He just wanted to go back home!

Suddenly, he heard a noise. He quickly stopped his crying, although he continued to snivel inaudibly. He saw two black shapes in the distance, and they were coming closer. What if they wanted to eat him? Kricketot looked around desperately, trying to think of something to do to protect himself. He couldn’t use anything else, so he started kicking sand up to hide. But soon, the two shapes were right in front of him, and he could clearly see what they were. The first one was bell-shaped and blue, and had two round eyes. The second looked like one of the humans Froslass had told him about, but he had dark green clothing, probably to protect his eyes from the sand. The human bent over to him, and Kricketot curled up. But instead of being attacked, he was gently picked up and cradled. The baby looked up. He couldn’t see the human’s entire face, but he could see the mouth.

“Bronzong, get me an Oran berry. This one needs help,” he said. The bell nodded, and telepathically lifted a blue berry out of his bag. The human grabbed it, and slowly fed it to Kricketot. He opened his small mouth, and slowly ate the berry until he was full. After that, about half the berry was still left. Then human put said berry back in his bag. Then he sat down on a rock, and started talking to Kricketot.

“You can’t be very old, can you? You probably hatched a few days ago. But even then, why are you in the desert? Your kind, Kricketot, and your evolution, Kricketune, normally live in meadows and grasslands. How did you end up in a desert?...” His voice slowly trailed off. All the while, Kricketot was silently sobbing in his arms.

He noticed this, and tried to console the young Pokémon. “There, there. It’s okay. It doesn’t matter how you got in the desert, what matters is that you get out safely. Unless… do you have family here?”

There was mommy and the funny orange things, but they weren’t here. So he shook his head no.

“That settles it then. Would you like to come with me?” he asked. Kricketot opened his eyes wide. He sniffed a few times, letting teardrops cascade into the sandstorm, but wasn’t sure what to do.

“I’ll take good care of you. I’ll feed you and keep you healthy, and I’ll train you so you become really strong. I promise.”

And there, a true milestone occurred. Kricketot, despite being only a few days old, had said his first word(albeit in Pokémon language): “<Promise.>”


Kricketot: Its antennae are stiff and hard. When they clack together, a xylophone sound can be heard.

Froslass: It lays six eggs at a time. It is capable of teleportation.

10th July 2012, 7:36 PM
So... I blame you for Joey, then.

and that froslass one, it was so sad ;-;
Seriously man, now I'm crying.

11th July 2012, 12:40 AM
The bell nodded, and psychically lifted a blue berry out of his bag.

I'd change this to 'telephatically lifted' At first I thought you meant physically lifted and that's the opposite of what happened

11th July 2012, 6:46 PM
@Zibdas: Blame the teacher for Joey, not me. And sorry for making you cry. :P

@jeffdavid102: Actually, after rereading that, I almost saw that too. I'll fix it now.

So, one of my friends is apparently a master at random combos, because he asked for Arceus/Weepinbell, Cherrim/Mothim, and Volcarona/Tornadus/Thundurus. I'll be adding those.

Oh, remember how I said I got an idea for Spiritomb/Blissey? Yeah, the idea was to split them up. It's honestly very challenging, but I still have Spiritomb and Blissey in their own stories. And since Spiritomb was first in the request, I'm doing Spiritomb first. Written in the form of a poem.

Working: Blissey
Soon: Vanillite/Litwick, Infernape/Azumarill, Vanillish/Snorlax/Pansage, Arceus/Weepinbell, Cherrim/Mothim, Volcarona/Torandus/Thundurus


Swirling, curling, ever turning.

Never stopping, always moving.

Though encased

In this tight space

We always keep on moving.

We, you ask? Yes, it’s we

For we aren’t one, but one hundred and eight

Souls and spirits, united together.

We must keep moving.

If we want to escape, we keep must moving.

Swirling around in our new home.

Where, you ask? Inside that small rock

You picked up, thinking no harm.

We must escape these limits

For if we don’t, we won’t have full power.

This rock has strange magic

Keeping us inside

Not letting us wreak terror.

When we escape

We will exact revenge

On the one who concealed us

So we will never be held back again.

When we escape

We will unite all spirits like ours

To shape the earth to our liking.

We need appropriate power

To escape

And smash this rock

Into one million pieces.

Exactly one million

For only then will we be released.

For now, we move.

Swirling, curling, ever turning.

Never stopping, always moving.


Spiritomb: It was sealed away in an Odd Keystone. It was formed by 108 malicious spirits.

11th July 2012, 9:27 PM
That's a good poem. Almost disturbing, like Spiritomb is confident enough to tell us that they will escape and destroy us before they are even released because they know we can't stop them.

12th July 2012, 1:08 PM
@jeffdavid102: Yeah, that's what I was going for. Spiritomb is so awesomely creepy.

In this one, well, I split it from Spiritomb just to add Chansey and Munna to the mix. I'm pretty sure it would not have worked as well if it was done with Spiritomb.

I also got a request for Reshiram/Zekrom by VM, so on the list it goes.

Munna is my 50th Pokemon written about!

Working: Vanillite/Litwick
Soon: Infernape/Azumarill, Vanillish/Snorlax/Pansage, Arceus/Weepinbell, Cherrim/Mothim, Volcarona/Torandus/Thundurus, Reshiram/Zekrom

Blissey, Chansey and Munna


Blissey turned around, rustling some grass around her. Her pink fur didn’t exactly blend in with the grass, and her frills didn’t help much. Behind her was an almost identical Pokémon, but smaller and long hair in exchange for her many curls. “Shh!” she exclaimed. “Some of the humans could have heard you! What is it?”

“Mom,” Chansey said, noticeably quieter than before, “Me and Munna want to know when dinner’s going to be ready.”

“Munna and I,” she responded, a stickler for proper grammar. “It will be ready when it’s ready. Please keep your voice down!” Chansey nodded happily and skipped away. Blissey rolled her eyes. Sometimes she loved her daughters, some she didn’t know why she put up with them. Though she and Chansey were blood relatives, Munna was adopted. They had been on a walk when they found her, battered and bruised, and apparently released by a human.

Blissey’s first instinct, obviously, was to take the poor Pokémon in. Soon enough, Munna was back to health, mainly due to a diet of fresh, clean water, ripe Sitrus berries, and a delicious mix made from Chansey’s egg. Chansey’s egg was noticeably sweeter than hers, probably because she had only laid a few eggs, whereas Blissey had laid at least one hundred over the years.

Chansey and Munna were like sisters now. They protected each other and stood up for each other. They also enjoyed playing constantly, though that sometimes backfired on them. For example, the noise they made while playing sometimes attracted humans, forcing them to make a hasty escape. The Chansey line and Munna line were both endangered species, so the best most trainers could do was request a zoo to get an egg for them. They were extremely rare in the wild, though there were more Munna left in the wild than there were Happiny, Chansey, and Blissey.

The rarity of Munna was due to the fact that they create a powerful mist from their foreheads, which is highly valued by many scientists. Some even say the mist is a portal to a world of dreams, although Blissey didn’t believe this personally. Chansey and Blissey are rare because of their powerful healing capabilities. A single bite of a Blissey or Chansey egg can cure most diseases, and it also puts the consumer in a positive mood for the next twenty-four hours. They are also valued as drugs(Blissey gulped as she thought about this), despite the fact that they don’t harm the body if you take too much.

She got these thoughts out of her head and started collecting food for dinner. None of them had a large appetite, so collecting food wasn’t hard. She went out to a small Sitrus berry bush that she had planted when Chansey was hatched, and picked six of its eight berries. She’d have to find new berries tomorrow. She got the water and put it in a bowl-shaped rock, and placed the berries inside. She heated it with her Flamethrower attack, and soon, the berries were soft enough to eat. She spooned them out, put them in smaller bowl rocks, and quietly called over Chansey and Munna.

They appeared fast. After thanking Blissey for the food, they all sat down to eat. The berries had their true taste come out from the heat, making them sweet and tangy at the same time. Chansey conversed with Munna all the while, but her sister didn’t seem interested in responding. Or eating.

Blissey immediately noticed. “Munna dear? What’s wrong?”

Chansey realized as well. “Yeah, sis? What’s up? You’re not normally this quiet.”

Munna got a sudden interest in staring at the ground, and she made a few sounds under her breath that faintly sounded like talking.

“Come on, Munna!” Chansey exclaimed. “If you have some sort of secret double life or a crush or something, I want in!”

“Now, now, Chansey,” said Blissey calmly. “If something’s troubling Munna, she can tell us when she’s ready.”

Munna sighed. “Okay, it’s just that… well…” She made some more noises that sounded something like, “I link more pounds of peel rabbits.”

“Pardon?” Blissey asked.

“I think I found my real parents, okay?!”

The small table(which was actually a rock) was silent following this statement. The air was tense, and no one knew what to say that wouldn’t make this scenario more awkward. Finally, Blissey started. “So… what do you know about them?”

“I saw them, a pair of Musharna, and they were making dreams of me and crying. I think I remember them from when I was a baby. Let me see.” Suddenly, a pink smoke emanated from her forehead, and an image appeared. It was a newborn Munna, next to her parents. Notably, the mother was shiny.

The Musharna were cuddling the baby, when suddenly, they opened their eyes. They quickly floated away, motioning for the baby to follow. Unfortunately, she wasn’t old enough to understand, and a red and white ball appeared out of the blue, struck the baby, and sucked it in. It was then picked up by a male human.

The scene shifted. Now, there was a baby Munna, up against an enormous, flaming ape. A Darmanitan, no doubt. With a quick strike of its flame-cloaked fist, Munna was eliminated from battle. It was bruised in multiple spots as it was recalled.

Finally, the image was of the trainer dropping the Munna on the ground, and walking away. It looked like it was all over for the floral Pokémon, when a Chansey and Blissey pair came and collected it. They nursed it back to health, and the image stopped. Munna opened her red eyes. “See! The Musharna I saw were exactly like those two. I love you and Chansey, but I kind of want to go back to my real parents. You know, to see what life is like as a Munna, not a Munna in a Chansey and Blissey family. I guess you could say,” she said slowly, “I want to go back to my roots.”

After a brief silence, Chansey smiled. “Sis, you do whatever you want. I’ll still be there with you, since they can’t live that far away.”

Blissey smiled and agreed. “We’ll bring the two leftover Sitrus berries for them. I’d like to meet your parents as well. But just remember, I’ll always love you.”

Munna squeaked happily. “I love you guys too.”


Blissey: It has a caring and kind nature. Its species has seen a harsh drop in numbers.

Chansey: Its egg is sweet and delicious. Eating it puts you in a positive, upbeat mood.

Munna: It can create smoke from its forehead that displays dreams or memories. It floats using psychic powers.

12th July 2012, 8:13 PM
Neat little poem there. Also, that's not how your name is pronounced and you know it. :u

And Blissey was a neat little scene, all warm. Like a fire. On fire.

12th July 2012, 8:57 PM
Hey, that was an awesome story there. I want to request a Boldore and Slowking story.

13th July 2012, 7:06 PM
@Zibdas: Thanks, and I imagine a fire on fire would be more scary than warm. And in regards to the pronunciation... well... Look, a shiny Thundurus! *hides behind the curtains*

@EmBORING!: Okay, and it helps if you say more than "awesome story." Tell what you like, what you dislike, you know.

Don't really have much to say, other than RANK UP!

Working: Infernape/Azumarill
Soon: Vanillish/Snorlax/Pansage, Arceus/Weepinbell, Cherrim/Mothim, Volcarona/Torandus/Thundurus, Reshiram/Zekrom, Boldore/Slowking

Vanillite, Litwick, and Chandelure

Valerie looked around uneasily. She kept surprisingly close to her trainer, mainly due to fear. They had entered the Celestial Tower to pay respects to her trainer’s first Pokémon that had passed away one year ago. But something about this place freaked her out. She wasn’t a Psychic Pokémon by any means, but there was something here. It may have seemed dead and still, but something was alive, and it wasn’t her trainer.

Despite the fact that it was quite warm inside, her trainer was shivering. Probably because she was huddling up with him, and her body temperature naturally caused surrounding air to become chilly. The Vanillite floated up to his face. “Lite?” she asked nervously.

Her trainer smiled. “Don’t worry, Valerie. We’re just here to visit my first Pokémon. Nothing’s going to happen to us.” He gently stroked the back of Valerie’s head, calming her considerably. At that point, they had reached an enormous flight of curling stairs. “Come on,” he said. He started walking up the stairs, and Valerie followed quickly.

The second floor was, in Valerie’s opinion, far creepier than the first floor. It was dimly lit, with only some candles providing light. The gravestones appeared to be moving, making this disturbing scene even more disturbing. There were no windows, so the candles were the only way they could see. But something wasn’t right about these candles. She wasn’t sure what it was, but there was something.

Just as she was about to hide in her Poké Ball again, one of the candles revealed it had a single, yellow eye, and hopped up to them. She shrieked at an ear-splitting volume. Her trainer covered his ears, and took out his Pokédex. The name showed up immediately: Litwick. “Hey!” he exclaimed. “I’ve never seen this kind of Pokémon before.”

Litwick smiled, and its little blue flame flickered. It swayed back and forth in a steady rhythm. It moved its tiny, white hand, as if motioning for them to follow. It then oozed over to the stairs. Oozed was the best way to describe its gait, which consisted of waving its melted underbody and pushing itself forward.

Valerie’s trainer glanced over at her. “Come on, let’s follow it,” he said. Vanillite was about to protest, but her trainer was already chasing after the small candle. She rolled her blue eyes, and floated forwards to catch up.

Litwick was already making progress up the stairs. It appeared to be floating in midair, but a closer examination revealed it was using Psychic on itself. Her trainer was following as fast as he could, and Valerie could barely keep up. Litwick got to the top first, and began oozing towards the next flight. They both quickly followed, and it went pretty much like this for the next five floors.

By the seventh floor, both she and her trainer were exhausted. He had nearly collapsed several times, but the Vanillite had pressured him to keep going. Oddly enough, the small candle appeared to be fine, if not better, than when they started. They paid it no mind and followed it up the last flight of stairs.

On the eighth floor, Litwick went to the back of the room. It was pitch-black, with only Litwick’s light allowing them to see. But Vanillite immediately perked up. Litwick wasn’t the only one here. There was something else here. She dashed behind her trainer, and attempted to climb into his backpack. But suddenly, there was a magnificent flash of light. Vanillite climbed out, and almost fainted.

Before them, there was a hollow blue-gray chandelier with a large purple flame on its head, and smaller flames on its two black arms. It had two pupil-less yellow eyes, and a smile that wouldn’t have been out of place on a scarecrow. This time, neither of them needed the Pokédex to recognize it. It was a Chandelure. It narrowed its soulless eyes, and suddenly, it spoke(albeit through telepathy). “Good job, minion. Now,” it turned to them, “you two, come here.”

The trainer and Pokémon duo made a break for the exit, but it was too late. With a wave of its arms, a fiery inferno blasted around them, trapping the two. They turned their heads, and Litwick and Chandelure had passed through the fire. The fire illuminated their features, making them seem even more creepy and undead. “Litwick,” Chandelure said menacingly. “Dispose of these two.” Litwick was only too happy to oblige. It tossed itself at the pair, and the human prepared for the worst. He waited for the inevitable.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Eventually, he looked, only to see that Valerie was fighting off Litwick. She had expelled a frigid breath at it, blasting it backwards and crashing into Chandelure. Its purple head flame had been put out, and the candle slipped into unconsciousness. Chandelure got back up, and sent powerful flames at the ice cream cone. She quickly dodged, and countered with an Icicle Spear attack. She spun rapidly, and pointed icicles shot out of the bottom of her cone, forcing Chandelure back.

Finally, as Chandelure was stunned, she focused her little icy hands. A blue sphere formed in them. A Water Pulse attack. She brought it back, and then threw it at the Luring Pokémon, dousing it and its purple flame. It turned into black smoke, and Chandelure fainted immediately.

The boy was still breathing heavily, but slowly seemed to be getting his strength back. She was still weary as well, but she felt better than before. “G-good job, Valerie,” he stuttered, amazed at the display of power his Ice-type had just shown. Valerie smiled at him. “Now come on, let’s get out of here before another Litwick attacks us.”

She couldn’t have agreed more.


Vanillite: It cools surrounding air by ten degrees Celsius. It moves by floating around.

Litwick: Its flame gets fuel from surrounding souls. It misleads and guides people and Pokémon to their deaths.

Chandelure: Its prominent head flame is the source of its power. Putting it out will cause it to faint.

13th July 2012, 8:01 PM
Oo, hurray for Ice Cream! You know, inevitbly you're going to have to do Stunfisk/Dunsparce. Oh, and if you do Spiritomb, do Happiny with it. I hope you see what I'm going for there.
(these aren't suggestions so take your time)

13th July 2012, 10:22 PM
Ice cream beats candle every time. This one was a bit shorter, and it did not seem as good as what you normally do. I liked it, but it was predictable. They entered the Celestial Tower. They followed a Litwick to a Chandelure. Vanillite beat both of them up

15th July 2012, 3:20 PM
@jeffdavid102: This is what I wanted to talk about today.

With my promise of updating once every one or two days, I've been more stressed than ever. This stress is leading to more and more predictable plots. This will get worse when the school year starts again in September, leaving even less time for writing. They'll get shorter and undoubtedly, more boring. I don't want this to happen, so I will now be updating once every week or so, four days if I have inspiration. This will give me more time to edit and come up with more creative plots.

In regards to current stories:

Azumarill/Infernape is coming along quite well, there's a chance it'll be up in the next two days. Vanillish/Snorlax/Pansage I have barely started, but I have a good idea. This announcement is now ending.

@Zibdas: I actually already did all of those, save Happiny. :P

15th July 2012, 5:16 PM
Where'd you get Chandelures dex entry?

I don't see it in any of his dex entries. (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-bw/609.shtml)

It fits for Chandelure, and everything, just haven't seen that one :0

I liked it, but I have to agree it was predicable. :>

16th July 2012, 12:35 AM
Where'd you get Chandelures dex entry?

I don't see it in any of his dex entries. (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-bw/609.shtml)

It fits for Chandelure, and everything, just haven't seen that one :0

I liked it, but I have to agree it was predicable. :>

In case you didn't know, Z-NogyroP is doing his own dex entries he makes up himself.

And Z-NogyroP, please add me to the PM List.

16th July 2012, 1:42 AM
Ohhh. Herp. :3



Can I be on the PM list, too?

17th July 2012, 4:21 PM
@charizarddude and lindsy95: You're both added. And yes, I do write my own entries. I'd understand your confusion, though.

And finally, here is Infernape/Azumarill! I hope this one is more exciting than my last one. And... that's all. EDIT: I can't believe I forgot the index!

Working: Vanillish/Snorlax/Pansage
Soon: Arceus/Weepinbell, Cherrim/Mothim, Volcarona/Torandus/Thundurus, Reshiram/Zekrom, Boldore/Slowking

Infernape and Azumarill

It was a scorching day outside, hot enough that some water in the nearby lake was evaporating. The girl of the pair was sweating, barely managing to continue walking. Her face was pink from the heat, and she was almost dragging herself. Beside her was a Pokémon that was almost completely contrasting her. It was a rather large, blue rabbit, standing upright. His ears were bobbing up and down as he hopped around, and even if it wasn’t apparent, he was feeling the heat too. But unlike Lyra, the Azumarill could easily cool off if he got too hot by squirting water out of his mouth and spraying it over himself. He had offered to cool down his trainer, but she politely refused. It wasn’t her life’s priority to be hosed down by her pet rabbit.

They headed to the lake to take a well-deserved rest. Lyra sat down underneath a tall oak tree, and started drinking water out of a canteen. She wiped her forehead, and noticed that Azumarill was looking into the clear lake water and shaking his tail rapidly. He then looked over at her, with a wide grin on his face. She knew what that meant. Her Azumarill had always been curious, eager to explore. Every time they had come by a large body of water, he dived and swam around. And now was no different.

“Sure,” she said happily. “You can go for a swim. Just remember to stay in my view, and don’t dive too deep, all right?”

He nodded, and jumped into the water. With a few flicks of his long tail, he was under the water.

Beneath the waves was a whole new world to Azumarill. Every crack, crevice, and cranny could be holding something interesting and amazing. He had heard that others of his species had discovered rare underwater species, like the colossal Tentacruel or ocean Dwebble and Crustle. He hoped that someday, he would find a new species and make a huge leap in the field of science.

Swimming around, he saw that this lake had many things most other lakes he had swam in didn’t. For example, this one had some living examples of Lileep, who had apparently gone extinct hundreds of thousands of years ago. He also noticed some Corsola that were a dark blue, unlike the pink you find normally. But all of these had already been found, so they weren’t worth much. He decided to dive a bit deeper. Weird things usually lived in high-pressure water.

Azumarill pushed himself further, and it slowly got darker and darker. He got some light from the odd Tynamo or Chinchou, but other than that, he couldn’t see anything. Plus, unlike most places, deep down here was mostly rocks and Shellder; nothing terribly interesting. He was about to swim back to the surface, when he came face to face with a hungry Eelektross.

The electric beast roared at him, and Azumarill merely squeaked in response. He then delivered a powerful slap to the Pokémon, and made a run for it. He knew Eelektross could fly as well as swim, so trying to escape to the surface would be pointless. His only chance for survival was to swim deeper and hope he could withstand more water pressure than this electrified monster.

Beating his circular tail as hard as he could, he pushed himself into the frigid waters. He was shivering, but his fur kept him warm enough to survive. Luckily, Eelektross didn’t have fur, and the one pursuing him quickly gave up chase when it got too cold. As he watched the fish swim off to catch some other prey, he noticed some lights near the floor. He decided that he could dive a bit deeper, so he headed down.

When Azumarill got to the bottom, he was amazed. The lake bed was covered in shiny Staryu, all blinking their gems slowly and calmly. In the middle, though, there was a dark space. He swam up to it, and found it was some sort of body. He felt around. It had strong limbs, thick fur, and a long tail. In one of its hands was a broken branch. He suspected that it snapped as it was swinging around, landing it underwater. He could also detect a faint pulse, so this thing wasn’t dead. But if it was down here much longer, it would be. He had to save it! He grabbed it around its narrow waist, and began pushing himself to the surface.

When it got lighter, he got a better look at the Pokémon. It resembled a monkey, with a tan body and head and white fur on its waist and head. There were golden pads on its joints, and its fingers and toes were a navy blue. Once he looked at it, he did a double take. He had seen one of these before, when he and Lyra had gone to Sinnoh. But what was its name? He racked his brain, but couldn’t come up with an answer. He figured Lyra would know what it was, once he got to the surface.

Lyra, on the other hand, was getting worried. Azumarill hadn’t stayed underwater this long before. What if something had happened? Azumarill was her strongest Pokémon. She couldn’t lose her strongest Pokémon! She leaned into the water, and began calling for him. Several minutes passed by, and nothing happened. She was beginning to give up hope, when he crashed through the surface. Water was sprayed all over her, causing her to shriek and leap back.

At the sight of her friend, Lyra ran over to Azumarill and hugged him. He smiled (though not wholeheartedly) and climbed out, holding the strange Pokémon in his tail. He placed it before Lyra, and she gasped. Trainer and Pokémon shared worried looks. “Azu! Azumarill!” he shouted, obviously concerned for the Pokémon’s life.

Lyra shook her head. “I don’t know if we can do anything. Can you get a pulse?”

Azumarill placed his large ears on the monkey’s chest, listening intently. He could hear a faint beating, almost nonexistant. But it was there. He made an affirmative noise.

“Well, what should we do to revive it?”

In response, Azumarill began smacking the Pokémon’s torso with his tail, chanting, “A! Zu! A! Zu!”

Lyra sighed, but half-smiled at her Pokémon’s adorable attempt at waking up the monkey. “Azumarill, that won’t work. Why, just the idea…” But she was cut off when a spout of water burst out of its mouth. Azumarill backed off, and gave her an “I-told-you-so” look. Meanwhile, the Pokémon began coughing and spluttering, hacking up any extra water. Eventually, it opened its eyes, and stood up. It almost collapsed again, but managed to stand up. Then, it crouched down, and tensed its face. It seemed like it would explode, when suddenly, its head caught fire.

They both jumped back, startled at the sudden ignition. Then the new Pokémon turned to face them, and Lyra gasped. “Hey, I recognize this Pokémon! It’s an Infernape. We saw one when we went to Sinnoh, remember?”

Infernape! That’s what this thing was. He would have been more excited to finally know its name, had it not been staring them down. It did not look happy.

“In! Infernape!” it shouted menacingly. Apparently, they were intruders in its territory. Infernape were very proud creatures, and they didn’t like when people or Pokémon entered what they claimed as their territory.

Azumarill began shouting at it, trying to convince it that they were just leaving. Because of this, he nearly took a fist to the face. He barely managed to duck, and at that point, he decided this Infernape wouldn’t listen to reason. He quickly convinced Lyra that it was extremely dangerous, and they both made a break for it.

Infernape stood tall, proud she had driven away those intruders. After watching them run off, she climbed a tall tree and started swinging again.


Azumarill: With a few beats of its powerful tail, it can dive deeper than any other known mammal. Its thick fur keeps it protected from the cold.

Infernape: It can deliver powerful blows with flame-cloaked fists. It leaps from tree to tree, seeking out invaders in its territory.

17th July 2012, 7:08 PM
That was fun. And Infernape just won't learn, will it?

18th July 2012, 2:53 PM
Infernape must have had fun chasing down some invaders at the bottom of a a lake, didn't he?

19th July 2012, 10:05 PM
@Zibdas: Well, it wasn't intentional. It just happened to be that she grabbed a bad branch and fell into the river.

@jeffdavid102: Again, it was just an accident. Infernape was KO'd from the water, and didn't remember that she had fainted. Hopefully it doesn't happen again. Although if it could swim, it probably would. :p

Here is Vanillish/Snorlax/Pansage. I also got a request for Alomomomola/Celebi, and I decided to add that to Reshiram/Zekrom.

Working: Arceus/Weepinbell
Soon: Cherrim/Mothim, Volcarona/Torandus/Thundurus, Reshiram/Zekrom/Almomomola/Celebi, Boldore/Slowking

Vanillish, Snorlax, and Pansage

At first glance, it was like any other snow cave. The floor was paved with a thick sheet of ice, cracked in a few places but otherwise perfectly smooth and even. Large stalagmites emerged from the ground, turned a whitish-gray with the layer of frost covering them. From above, stalactites hung down, giving the cave the appearance of frozen, jagged teeth. There was an icy aura chilling the surrounding air, from the blustery winters to the intense summers. As such, this cave was a place of escape to weary trainers in the summers. There was also a constant sound of clinking ice.

But the people never knew the real reason for the clinking.

In reality, the so-called “stalactites” were actually the lower bodies of a certain Pokémon, namely Vanillish. They had the appearance of ice cream cones, but this was purely by natural selection. The frigid air expelled from these Pokémon’s bodies usually surround it in a cloud of steam; however, these ones learned to channel it above their heads to keep hidden. Now humans just thought they were regular icicles.

But the constant ice sounds were created by their constant chatter. Vanillish, though secretive, are also quite social, and spend most of their time talking to others about pretty much anything. Because they got their energy by absorbing cold air, then letting it off, they never had to stop to eat. Since humans can’t understand them, they never sacrificed their secret lives. They had also learned to endure anything, be it loud noises, disruptive travellers, or general annoyances. But one day…

It had started off normal, with everyone chattering about anything they could.

“<I swear, he’s cheating on me.>”

“<Girl, just dump him already! You can do so much better.>”

“<What did you get for questions four, five, and six?>”

“<Um, thirty-two, Wisconsin, and Tim Horton’s cheese bagel.>”

“<Uh, yeah! Me too!>”

“<Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer…>”

“<How many times to I have to tell you to SHUT UP?!>”

“<Did you see that movie last night?>”

“<You mean “Dumb and Dumber?”>”

“<Heck yeah!>”

“<Obviously! It was hilarious!>”

“<Human on the starboard bow!>”

“<We aren’t on a boat, Einstein.>”

“<No, look!>”

Suddenly, everyone stopped. It was silent as the girl walked it. She had long, brown hair, and couldn’t have been older than twelve. She was wearing long sleeves and a blue jacket, with a pair of track pants. Behind her was a green monkey with extremely curly hair, almost an afro. A long, red scarf had been twirled around his neck, and despite the fact that it had been spun at least three times, a good portion of it still draped over his tail and dragged on the cave floor. Pansage looked around uncertainly, then glanced at his trainer.

She nodded at him. “Yup, this is the place. Somehow I’d have imagined it less…” she looked around at the frost-bitten cave, “…icy.”

Pansage made an odd noise in response, but it seemed to be positive. The girl then reached for her belt, and grabbed a red-and-white ball. “I suppose this is as good a place as any. I’m not sure what this is, but it can’t be very big if he traded it to me for Watchog. Oh well, come out!” she yelled as it ball went flying. It split open on a thin crack, and out emerged an immense beast that slammed hard onto the ground, cracking it even more. It appeared to be asleep, as it was snoring horribly loudly. The noise caused some of the Vanillish to shake, and the girl and her monkey to cover their ears.

“Wow!” she exclaimed. “This, uh, Snorlax certainly looks impressive. Let’s see, you have the moves Rollout, Mega Kick, Fire Punch, and Crunch. All right, Snorlax, use Rollout!”

Snorlax responded by scratching its belly.

“Umm, okay. Use Mega Kick!”


“Fire Punch?”

It burped.

“I traded away my Watchog for THIS glutton?” she shouted in rage. “I can’t believe this! That guy must have been some sort of con man!” Meanwhile, Pansage, in concern, plucked a small leaf from his head and climbed up to the girl’s shoulder. He held the leaf in front of her face as an offer. She smiled at the monkey, and ate the leaf. Immediately she felt much better and calmer. “Thanks, Pansage,” she said. “Now, what do we do with this thing?”

Pansage shrugged, and jumped on top of it. He walked up to its face, and conked it over the head. Snorlax responded with a ferocious snore, making Pansage jump back in fear and bounce on its stomach. He then leapt off its strangely bouncy tummy into the girl’s arms. Obviously, he was frightened of this thing.

She petted his bushy hair. “It’s all right. You go climbing and stuff, while I figure out what to do with this thing.”

Pansage nodded, and started climbing the stalagmites and leaping from them. Though it was plenty of fun, he decided that it wasn’t enough. Eventually, he worked up the courage to jump to the lump of fat, where he found it worked as an effective trampoline. He began bouncing up and down, up and down, until he took a risk. He bent down and made a magnificent leap in the air, and grabbed a Vanillish.

Caught off-guard, the Vanillish began to panic and shake off the monkey, inadvertently revealing itself. The Pokémon and girl locked eyes in what is known as an “awkward moment.” Suddenly, the ground shifted. At the sight of Vanillish, Snorlax had stood up. “<Ice cream!>” it yelled in a deep voice. Vanillish screamed and accidentally knocked into another Vanillish, who in turn knocked into another, until all of them were revealed.

They were all screaming and flying around in a white and blue mess. Pansage was hiding behind the girl’s legs, watching the chaos ensue, as Snorlax was swiping at the Ice Pokémon like a young child would at a Butterfree. Eventually, they got their movements coordinated, and in a frenzied panic, they flew down to a lower level of the cave. After they had fled, Snorlax drooped its shoulders, and fell asleep.

The girl, on the other hand, still wasn't sure of what had happened.


Vanillish: They reside in caves, where the natural temperature of their bodies shroud them in mist and freeze over the whole cavern.

Snorlax: One of the laziest Pokémon, believed to be related to Slaking. It only gets up when it senses food in the area.

Pansage: Living deep in forests, it has mastered swinging from branch to branch. The leaves on its head relieve stress greatly.

19th July 2012, 10:23 PM
Neat. Though I have to wonder what Question 6 was referring to....

20th July 2012, 2:16 AM
Perfect. It would be a pretty funny running gag in a fanfic if a trainer has both Snorlax and Vanillish.

RIP in the endless pit that is Snorlax: Talkative Ice Cream Cones

20th July 2012, 7:05 AM
can i be on the pm list..?

28th July 2012, 11:41 PM
Hello again everyone. I wish to apologize for the complete lack of updates for over a week, but I've come down with a bit of writer's block. I'm slowly working through it, though, with an Ariados/Seviper story. Really sorry to those who enjoy my stories.

31st July 2012, 2:28 AM
Aaaand, I'm back! After a nearly two-week-long hiatus due to writer's block, I've come back strong baby! Unfortunately, I'll be leaving for two weeks next week, so I'm trying to get as many stories done as possible, so I'll write whatever comes to me. I'll do some non-requested entries and some mixed up entries, but I'll do a bunch to make up for my recent lack. And today, I bring you an extra-long entry.

@lucarioisawesome: NO.

Nah, just kidding, you're added.

Soon: Arceus/Weepinbell, Cherrim/Mothim, Volcarona/Torandus/Thundurus, Reshiram/Zekrom/Almomomola/Celebi, Boldore/Slowking, whatever else I think of doing.

Ariados and Seviper

It was a nice day, she considered. Warm, bright sun, no clouds… It was one of those lazy summer days where it felt like one should just be sitting around and enjoying life rather than hurrying around, trying to get things done. The Ariados certainly thought that. She was lying on her web, legs outstretched, completely calm and serene. Her home was beside a rather large Combee hive that housed about five hundred of the Bugs, but she wasn’t a predator. Rather, she had formed somewhat of a symbiotic relationship with the Combee; she didn’t eat them, they brought her honey. After all, she had to eat something to survive.

And their honey was delicious. Completely sweet, smooth and thick, great consistency, just absolutely perfect in every way. It made her hungry just thinking about it. Maybe she could get some from her reserves… nah, that was for winter, when she’d really need it. Combee went into a dormant state in winter, which meant they would deliver any honey to her. That was why she always saved about half the jar of honey. Apparently, they made the jars from wax. It must have been a tough process. They had to make honey, and jars too. She wouldn’t like being a Combee.

Then something smacked into her web. Hard.

She immediately woke up from her daydreaming and went to check what had happened. There, she saw a small, yellow Combee, balancing her jar of honey on its heads. Since it lacked a red spot on its middle body’s forehead, it was a boy. He was beating his wings frantically, trying to escape, but was only getting more tangled. Walking towards him, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Though his top two heads were still screaming, she could barely make out what the third was saying. “We were… flying… to deliver… honey, but… heard… humans…. talking about… Team Magma… recreation… and… need… you to… stop them!” he exclaimed, panting because of the breath his other heads were wasting.

“Okay, okay, calm down. So you were flying to deliver my honey, but overheard some humans talking about a Team Magma revival?”

All three heads nodded.

Team Magma… just the sound of its name made her blood boil. She had been captured by one of the Team Magma grunts once, and it was horrid. They had starved her to the point of insanity so that she could reach her “full potential.” Yes, because causing her to get suicidal thoughts from lack of food would make her so much better in battles. Worse still, in their attempts to awaken Groudon, they had destroyed her original home. Luckily, some kid disbanded them, and she was released. Still, she had a bone or two to pick with anyone who had a relationship with that evil group.

“So, some people are attempting to bring back Team Magma, huh? Not on my watch.” She huffed. “Oh, and thanks for the honey. You new around here?” she asked as she began cutting off the string.

“Yeah, sort of. This is my first honey delivery.”

“Ah.” She cut of the last bit of web, allowing him to start flying again. “Thanks, and don’t worry. I’m going to stop this problem before it starts.”

“You’re welcome. Oh, and the ship that the team’s on is leaving in a few minutes, just so you know. Bye!” he shouted as he flew off.

Ariados placed the full jar of honey in her reserves, and started climbing through the oak trees. She lived in a dense forest, full of many kinds of plants. There were small rose bushes, tall oaks, spiky thorn bushes, and the odd fruit tree. Those never grew very tall. She supposed it was because of the lack of sunlight this forest got down here, but in a way, it was better for her. She had somewhat of an odd way of climbing; she fired bits of sticky thread from her mouth, then swung from branch to branch. Sometimes she did it slowly, when it was just for fun, but now it was serious. And when she got serious, she could maneuver quite fast.

Another thing about the forest? It was huge. The thick canopy blocked out most sources of light, so see relied on her great sense of smell to navigate. Swinging from branch to branch, she relived her previous job as a Magma Pokémon. It was fun for a few weeks, sure. She had beaten enough Pokémon as a Spinarak to evolve, but for some reason her original trainer got fired and she was handed to a much crueler trainer. He had three other Pokémon- a Golbat, a Dusclops, and a Sableye- and he trained them crushingly hard. Every day was horrid; they ate a breakfast of one piece of kibble(or a rock in Sableye’s case) while their trainer ate omelets, pancakes, and bacon; then it was harsh training till noon, and by harsh, she meant he tied a boulder to their backs and forced them to run five miles; then another hearty meal of a lettuce leaf, and more running; and at dinner, they got a real treat: a half-eaten Oran berry! Worse still, since their trainer was too lazy to put them in their respective Poké Balls, she ended up in odd places when recalled. Once, she went to Dusclops’s. It was full of creepy masks and horror movies, and- she gulped- strange pictures of her in a heart-shaped frame. She shuddered.

She got so caught up in her terrible memories, she didn’t notice went she emerged from the forest, and accidentally shot her string at the sky, bringing down a Ducklett. When the blue Pokémon crash-landed on the grass, she ran up to the injured bird and apologized profusely. “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention, and I accidentally shot my string at you…”

“That’s what you want me to think.”

She was surprised at his sudden(and somewhat rude) response. “…Pardon?”

“That’s what you want me to think,” he repeated, getting up. “But I’m not falling for it. I’ve heard about you. You’re one of them DEVIL SPIDERS!”

She was taken aback at his accusation. “Excuse me?!”

“Yeah, I know all about you and your kin. You catch innocent little birdies in the air, and lure them back to your lair. Then, you use your sharp little horn, and you STAB ‘EM! You poison ‘em and eat ‘em! But guess what?” he yelled, getting a crazed look in his eye. “I’m too smart for ya! And you wanna know why? Because Momma didn’t raise no Thanksgiving dinner, that’s why!”

Before she could explain she was a peaceful one and had no intentions of eating him, he started flapping madly. “AND THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF YOU AND YOUR STUPID DEVIL SPIDERS!” he yelled, and he suddenly began racing through the sky at an unbelievable speed. Worst of all, she had yet to disconnect the string, so she flew right after him. He only kept pushing faster, cackling madly the whole way. And suddenly, he made a sharp turn, throwing her forward. It was too much pressure for the thin string to take, so it snapped. As she blasted into the air, he called after her, “HAVE A NICE LIFE, DEVIL SPIDER!” Afterwards, he chuckled to himself. “I sure outsmarted that darn devil spider,” he said.

Meanwhile, she was flying high over the land. Below her, she could she pine green trees, then light green fields, then the wooden dock, and then the great blue ocean. She looked ahead, and though her eyes were watering from the air, she could see a red ship in the distance. It was growing rapidly. It had a bright crimson “M”- Team Magma’s trademark. She didn’t have any more time to think before she smacked into the wall and blacked out.

A few minutes later, she blinked her yellow eyes. She rubbed her hind legs over her abdomen; her exoskeleton didn’t seem to be damaged from the collision. Looking back, she had barely made a dent on the ship’s cabin. A chip of paint had come loose, but that was the most damage that had occurred. She wished that she could leave an undetectable trail behind her, but it was just a puny thing and was barely noticeable. But that was beside the point. She was on the Magma ship. In order to disband them, she found the most effective way was to dispose of the leader. Silently climbing boxes that were out on the deck, she searched for an opening. She found it quickly; an open window into the main cabin.

When she entered, she was almost startled by how many boxes and crates there were. Each one was labelled differently. One read “Food.” Another “Drinking Water.” She thought the scariest was the largest, clearly marked “Explosives. Do not touch, or our great and awesome leader Annabeth will exact revenge with her most powerful Pokémon, the merciless and terrifying S. E. Viper.”

Annabeth and S. E. Viper, huh? Annabeth didn’t sound exactly threatening, but then again, Maxie, Team Magma’s original leader, didn’t sound threatening, and he was a darn big threat. S. E. Viper was probably a thinly-veiled attempt to keep their dim-witted Team Aqua rivals from knowing her Pokémon was a Seviper. Still, it wasn’t that big of a threat. She climbed up on the boxes(avoiding the “Explosives” one) and tried to locate the leader’s office.

After a few minutes of unsuccessful searching, she decided to venture beyond the boxes. Jumping down off a box, she walked through a rather large hallway. She noticed it immediately, a large, fancy door that probably wouldn’t belong to anyone but the leader. She continued walking forward, and stopped to eavesdrop on a conversation between two of the humans, presumably a grunt and the captain.

“Miss Annabeth, we’ve got targets on where Groudon is currently residing.”

“Wonderful. Bring me the reports, and a coffee, while you’re at it.”

“Yes, ma’am. Oh, and something else. We’ve noticed a paint chip on the deck. We replaced the paint just yesterday, so it couldn’t be natural.”

Ariados froze, not daring to even breathe.

“That means there’s either a stowaway or enemy on board. I’ll search the upper decks, all grunts handle the lower, and S. E. will keep guard here. Don’t stop until they’re dead.”

“Of course, ma’am.” In a moment of panic, she shot a string towards the ceiling and pulled herself up. Not a moment too soon, either, as soon, the grunt was calling for backup and the leader had left the room. She opened a Poké Ball.

Out of it emerged a black snake with golden marking all over its body, and a red spear on its tail. No doubt this was Seviper. “Now dear, you make sure that there are no enemy spies on this level,” she told it. “If there are, destroy them. Make sure they don’t live to tell the tale. We can’t have anyone taking notes on our activity, or intercepting the knowledge on Groudon.”

The Seviper raised its bladed tail to its forehead in a salute.

The evil leader smiled. “Good. I’ll be on the upper decks if you want to show me the body.”

She then made her way aboveground, and Seviper began pacing back and forth down the hallway. This roadblock would make it considerably harder to reach the leader’s room, so why try avoiding it? Seviper had a great sense of smell too, so it was only a matter of time before he detected her. But before revealing her presence, she wanted him to get into a good position; specifically, a position in which he was away from the “Explosives” box. Luckily, he quickly moved away from the box, apparently having the same worries she did. Then, she detached her string and fell on him.

He hissed in surprise and began wriggling and flailing wildly, trying to shake off the spider. In surprise, she loosened her grip, and was flung over the snake’s head and smashed into the floor. He hissed and bared his long, blood-red fangs and leapt at her. She did a barrel roll and dodged just in time, and quickly shot her string at his mouth. It sealed his maw shut, and then she jumped at him and stuck his head to the floor. The rest of his body was still squirming around, but his mouth was shut and he couldn’t move.

Now, she’d use her secret weapon- hypnotism. It was a last-resort weapon all Ariados had, but they rarely used it. It was a powerful weapon. With it, she could get a Pokémon to eat month-old gum off the sidewalk. She could get a human to suddenly burst into a loud, off-key rendition of “Happy Birthday” in public. A group of them could get the entire human and Pokémon race to worship extra-chunky peanut butter instead of Arceus. But if they did so, Arceus would take away their powers, and the people and Pokémon would return to their normal lives. Though others used it in hunting(Arceus didn’t see that as much of a crime), she only used it in dire situations, like here.

The hypnotism began by moving her body in a certain way, almost like a dance, as the humans called it. This got the victim’s attention. Next, she lowered her white horn, and began emitting a strange pulse that affected the minds of people and Pokémon. You could tell that it worked when the victim’s eyes opened wide and looked spacey. Finally, she spoke in a seductive voice that caused the victim to fall under a sleeping spell. And believe it or not, it wasn’t “You are getting sleeeeeeepy,” like someone else might. It was actually “Fall asleep or the zombie apocalypse will happen.” It worked in most cases, except for Ghosts.


His trainer had told him to guard the hallway, so guard the hallway he would. It was a pretty good job for what it was worth. His trainer had rescued him from when he was just a baby in Zangoose territory. He hated Zangoose. He didn’t know why, he just did. But he hadn’t seen a Zangoose since his capture, so he hated them in a throwing-darts-at-pictures-of-their-faces-and-attempting-to-hit-an-eye sort of way. The hallway was mostly quiet, probably because of the explosives box. Though he liked the praise, he was still a bit scared of its size, so he steered clear. It was a peaceful job too; he rarely actually had to battle.

Then something fell from the ceiling and smacked into him.

He shook as hard as he could to get the thing off. When he finally did, he saw that it was a red spider, an Ariados. But that didn’t matter. It was an enemy. He whipped out at it and snapped his mighty jaws, but she somehow dodged. Then she shot a string from her mandibles and tied his mouth up, and stuck him to the floor. He continued struggling, to no avail. Then, she stood in front of him and began dancing. What? He watched her carefully to see what she was plotting.

Next, she lowered her horn. For a moment, he feared she might stab him, but it never came. Instead, her horn made weird waves, and suddenly he slipped slowly out of consciousness. He was still slightly awake, but she told him that if he didn’t fall asleep, zombies would attack! He didn’t want that happening, so he forced himself to fall asleep.


She smiled at her work. Propping the Seviper up on her back, Ariados began climbing to the boss’s room. There, unfortunately, she was met with a password lock. So she snapped her mandibles together and woke up Seviper, albeit slightly. “What’s the passcode?” she asked quietly.

Seviper, in his hazy state answered slowly. “Five… One… Three… Four… Eight.”

“Thanks.” He then fell back asleep, and she entered the digits. In the room, she was amazed. The ceiling was so high up, and there were many gleaming furnishings. It was obvious they had spared no small cost to build this room. But it was of no importance right now. She climbed up the walls and on the ceiling, where she tied up Seviper like a cocoon. Now, she just had to wait for the boss to come back.

After several minutes, Annabeth entered again. “Stupid grunt. There were no enemies on the ship. I’ll have his head,” she muttered, and she sat down again. This was the moment. She woke up Seviper, who regained more consciousness but was still open to hypnotic suggestion. So she began her horn rays again. She grasped the memories in his mind and mashed them with previous experiences, changing emotions to be harsher and to put his actual consciousness on a thirty-minute timer. Then, she woke Seviper up fully.

On sight of her, he became naturally enraged, though his mouth(and now, the rest of his body) was still restricted. Surprisingly to him, Ariados wasn’t running. Instead, she was pointing up(or down, depending where you were). Eventually, he cracked and looked in the direction, and there, he saw it. It had white fur with a red zigzag stripe. It had long black claws and two long ears. It… was… a Zangoose.

Zangoose. In his territory. His blood began to boil; he twitched slightly; his eyes became red with pure rage. He became madder than ever that he couldn’t move, but he was sure putting up a good fight. He would kill that Zangoose, no matter what.


She knew why he was so angry. She had manipulated his thoughts to make him see the team leader as a Zangoose. And she’d leave the rest to him. She sliced open the silk on his body, allowing him to flail but not drop, due to the string on his mouth. Finally, she cut that too, and with a sharp hiss, he slammed into the leader.

He grabbed Annabeth with his tail before she had time to react. He flipped her in the air, then spun around her and constricted her body. He was crushingly powerful- she could barely breathe. Before she could scream for help, he brought his sharp tail to her throat. He smiled evilly.

She smiled too. In thirty minutes, he awake from his trance, but by then it would be too late. Now, she just needed a way off the boat and she’d be home free.


Ariados: They are have hypnotizing powers. They use it to catch prey by taking control of the victim’s mind, then jabbing with their sharp horn.

Seviper: It will fall into a berserker rage if it sees a Zangoose. It attacks with its bladed tail and razor-sharp fangs.

31st July 2012, 4:24 AM
Poor Ariados. That Dusclops must have been so creepy.

31st July 2012, 8:14 AM
*Posts* *Ranks up* Happy?

Anyway, great job again. Team Magma's weaknesses must be 10 year old kids and huge spiders:D

2nd August 2012, 1:51 AM
@Zibdas: If you discovered you had a ghost mummy thing crushing on you, you'd get creeped out too.

@charizarddude: Yes. Yes I am. And you're probably right about the Team Magma thing.

Good news: This and the next entry are quads! I would have had this up yesterday, but I got banned from Pokemon for one day. :(

Soon: Cherrim/Mothim/Combee/Groudon, Butterfree/Bouffalant, Koffing/Voltorb

Jumpluff, Gulpin, Clamperl, and Farfetch'd

Jumpluff was resting in the tall tree. His round cotton puffs were almost as big as his bright pink body, and the same shape as well. He was sitting here to get a quick nap before the winds picked up again. He was on a world tour. His cotton puffs and lightweight body were enough to keep him aloft when winds were strong, but if the wind stopped at an unfortunate time(such as when he was flying over the ocean), he’d have to flap his stubby arms like a bird Pokémon. That was quite tiring, so whenever the chance presented itself, he rested to store energy for when he really needed it.

He was flying around the world to see… well, anything he could see. The world was so big to a little Pokémon like him, and he wanted to venture around and discover as much as he could. Mostly, he wanted to meet as many new kinds of Pokémon as he could. Already he had seen many interesting things. Volbeat and Illumise courtship dances, beaches covered in Staryu and Starmie, territory fights from powerful Electivire, strange caves with glowing Tynamo and tiny Joltik. It was all so amazing, and he had only set off on this journey a few days ago. He had also set off because his habitat was densely populated by humans, and he was a strange and notable one. He had an alternate coloration of all the other Jumpluff, and let off sparkling spores as he flew. He knew they’d try to catch him for scientific study or just for owning a different Pokémon, so he’d left.

He felt a slight puff of wind with his top cotton ball. That meant a strong gust would be coming soon, so the Jumpluff readied himself. Soon, a breeze made its way through, and he jumped off the branch. He was flying off again. What would he see this time? He wasn’t sure, but that was a great thing about life. You never know what’s coming, for better or for worse. The world was filled with many Pokémon alien to him, so he was excited for whoever he’d meet next.


The breeze slowly lost strength after a mile or two, so he prepared to catch a branch on a nearby tree. After planting his tiny feet, a horrid scent caught his attention. It smelled something like month-old rotten trash left in the sun too long. Gagging from the stench, he turned his attention to its source: an enormous chunk of unidentifiable meat. Beside it was a small green blob, with closed eyes, a yellow feather on its head, a black diamond on its back, and a pair of gooey lips. The new Pokémon licked its lips and moved closer to the meat.

Jumpluff was disgusted. “You can’t seriously be planning on eating that, can you?”

The small green Pokémon paid him no mind. It separated its lips, and opened its mouth far wider than Jumpluff thought possible. It oozed towards the hunk of meat, slowly eating it whole. It didn’t appear to have teeth. After several minutes, it had eaten the entire meal without even flinching. After connecting its lips again, it glowed purple for about a second, then a hissing sound could be heard as it shrunk back to normal. Finally, it turned its attention to the pink Pokémon sitting in the tree, who was on the verge of throwing up.

“Of course I planned on eating it,” it said in a feminine voice. “I’m a Gulpin; what did you expect?”

“Uh, sorry, miss Gulpin. I’m not from around here. I’m from Azalea Town in the Johto region, so I’m not familiar with your kind. It seems… lovely?” he said uncertainly.

“Well, thank you for saying so.” She shook her small feather. “Come down here, will you? I don’t have the best eyesight; I’d like to see you in person.”

Jumpluff wasn’t certain he wanted to be eye-to-eye with a Pokémon that just digested a piece of meat ten times bigger than she was, but he could always fly away if she attempted to eat him. So he jumped down to where the Gulpin was.

Gulpin eyed him in a strange way. “Ah yes, a Jumpluff. We have some colonies of your species around here. But, you must be one of the fabled Shinies. You resemble cotton candy. Pink, puffy goodness…” she said, trailing off.

Suddenly Jumpluff felt uncomfortable. Was it the way she was talking, or the way she seemed to be getting closer and drooling? Probably the latter. He didn’t want to be rude, and she wasn’t doing anything yet, so maybe he could wait until the winds picked up to leave.

“Yes, your kind are a rare delicacy. I hear you’re delicious plain, or barbecued with ketchup. But you, you’re special. You must have a unique flavour as well, cherry or maybe bubble gum…” she mused, probably forgetting he was right there. Now she was being creepy. He slowly backed away, but he felt a well-timed gust of wind coming on. He could jump up and fly away from this strange, food-obsessed Gulpin.

“Will you be staying for dinner?” she asked as he began to take off.

“Uh, no thanks!” he shouted as he flew away. Man, Gulpin were creepy. He’d have to make a note not to talk to another one if he didn’t want to end up fried or dipped in chocolate sauce. Well, she was behind him now. He wondered who he’d meet next… Hopefully someone a bit less psycho.


His next stop was at a pristine beach. Sun was beating down on the sand, waves were slowly splashing around, Wingull were flying over the water. And on a rather large rock, there was a bevy of blue bivalves, each with a sparkling silver pearl. These ones didn’t seem to be as crazy(or hungry) as Gulpin, so he figured he may as well say hi before he went flying again. Floating up to the closest one, he said, “Hello!”

“MY PEARL!” it yelled, and all of the clams simultaneously slammed their shells shut.

He sighed. Another obsessive-compulsive species. Well, he said hi, so he may as well attempt to strike up a conversation. “I’m not here for your pearls, if that’s what you’re worried about. I just wanted to, you know, talk.”

Suddenly, all of them simultaneously opened again, and while the others began cleaning their pearls, the one closest to him began talking. “Oh, you aren’t a pearl thief? Okay then. I’m a Clamperl. I love pearls. They’re so sparkly and pretty. I especially love my pearl. Don’t you think it’s pretty?” Before he could respond, Clamperl continued. “I think it’s the most beautiful pearl in the world and I won’t let anyone take it. Ever, ever, ever! Do you like pearls?”

“Um, yes, they’re, uh, beautiful.”

“You’re a Jumpluff, aren’t you? I’ve seen some of you floating around, but you’re a different colour. Ooh, you give off sparkles! Sparkles make everything so much prettier! And you’re pink, zowie! Are you a boy or a girl?”

“I’m a boy.”

“Okay, I’m a girl. But does anyone ever call you a girl by accident? You’re all pink all over. Ooh, more sparkles! Can you put some sparkly on my pearl? Everyone will be so jealous! Can you? Huh? Please?”

“Um, okay…” He waved his right puff over her pearl, coating it in spores and making it glisten in the right light. “There you go. Now, can I ask you a question? What do you do all day around here? No offense, but it seems somewhat boring.”

“Hmm,” she said thoughtfully. “Well, I like to shine my pearl. In our group, the leader is decided by who has the prettiest pearl ever. Until just a few days ago, we were lead by an old Clamperl who had an enormous pearl. But then he got captured by a trainer and now we’re all competing for his spot.”

“Okay then,” he said. Were pearls all they thought about? “What do you do when you… aren’t shining your pearls?”

“Oh, then we show off our pearls to other Clamperl. And sometimes, we bring them over to the side of our rock and show them to the fish and water Pokémon. That’s less safe, though, because it could fall in and then we’d have to go get it. And we aren’t very good swimmers.”

“No, I mean… what do you do when you aren’t doing things with your pearls? Like, what do you eat?”

“Eat? Well, we’re a very hardy Pokémon, so we don’t eat unless someone gives us food. And when we do, it’s only for a few minutes. Then we go back to our pearls. Sometimes, we play with our pearls too, like, we balance them on our shells or we roll them around. Oh, and once a year, we give someone else a pearl as a present. It’s so fun!”

Yup, this one was just as crazy as Gulpin. At least she wouldn’t try to eat him. He looked around; everyone else was still cleaning their pearls. And she was still chattering. Every other second, she said the word “pearl”. He sighed again. She was so absorbed in her talking, she didn’t notice when the winds picked up and he flew off. Now he was sailing over open ocean. Luckily, ocean winds tended to last longer than land winds, so there was a good chance that he would get the whole way across.


Another beach was in sight. He was now bobbing lazily over the ocean, the winds slowing down to a gentle breeze. This one also had a Clamperl colony, so he wouldn’t even bother talking to them. Instead, he set his sights for the woods behind it. He knew forest Pokémon tended to be calm and collected, so maybe here he could make a meaningful conversation. He twisted his top puff around to steer himself out of the way of some rocks, and then began windmilling his arms to push himself forward and upward. There were stronger winds higher up.

But in the forest, the winds were messing with him. With all the tall trees, the gusts couldn’t grip him properly, making for a dizzying flight. He started pumping his tiny arms again, to get over the trees. Once he did so, he had a much easier time, but unfortunately, the wind died down soon after. Noticing a large clearing, he floated down to get a quick rest, and maybe have a quick snack. Thank goodness skies were clear, or he might not have noticed this small haven.

He started descending. It was a charming little place, with bright green grass, pretty pink flowers, and in the middle, a small fruit tree. Looking closer, he noticed that they were Leppas. Mmm, Leppa berries were one of his favourites. They smelled fresh and juicy too. He hoped no one would mind him taking one, and maybe a few more for his worldwide journey.


He jumped at the sudden shouting. Shaking his arms to get back on balance, he screamed. Once he could see again, he saw a brown duck flying in front of him: A Farfetch’d, he knew. “What?” he asked.

“Have. You. Seen. My. STICK?” it yelled.

“Stick? No, I haven’t.”

“But you must have seen my stick! No one else has seen my stick! Where is my poor stick? Oh, the pain of it all!” He stopped crying all at once, eying Jumpluff curiously. “Say, those puffs are quite impressive.”

“Oh, you mean my cotton growths? Yeah, I’m real proud-”

“Impressive enough to hold my STICK!” he shouted, and suddenly he leapt at Jumpluff. He started pecking and ruffling through his top fluff violently, even ripping parts of it off. Once it was completely mottled and ruined, he stopped. “Well, my stick isn’t in there,” he said, frowning. “But you could be hiding it somewhere else!” He grabbed Jumpluff under his wing, and started flying off.

Meanwhile, Jumpluff was downright scared. “Kidnapping! Murder! Help!” he cried to absolutely no one.

Soon, they arrived at a branch where another Farfetch’d was perched. “Father! Father, look!” he yelled, holding up the dazed and confused Jumpluff. “This is the one who stole my stick! I know it! I KNOW IT!”

On the other hand, the taller Farfetch’d breathed heavily, and said, “David, what have I told you about attacking flying Pokémon? This is just a Jumpluff; probably a newcomer at that. And didn’t I tell you to stay in the nest? I’ve sent a small search party. We’ll find your stick.”

The first Farfetch’d, David, lowered his head. “Fine,” he grumbled, and headed to the nest.

“Ah-ah-ah,” said the older bird. “Jumpluff stays with me.” And so, as instructed, David dropped the shiny Jumpluff and flew off.

The elder Farfetch’d turned his attention to Jumpluff. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Luke, of the Articuno colony. Please excuse my son. He’s a bit… excitable right now. I am so sorry about what he did. Please allow me to fix that.” He put the green vegetable he was carrying(what Jumpluff presumed was the stick) in his mouth, and carefully twisted around Jumpluff top growth until it was back in flying condition. “There we are, good as new. You see, he lost his stick a few days ago. He’s been frantic to find it.”

“Okay then,” Jumpluff said. “And it’s no big deal. It’ll grow back if I eat something.”

“Oh, may I ask you a small favour?” he asked.

A favour? They had just met. But he didn’t want to come off as rude. “Uh… Sure. What is it?”

“If you can,” he said slowly, “I’d love it if you could help my son find his stick.”

“Stick? You mean that green plant thing you carry around?”

“Yes. Technically it’s called a leek, but stick is fine. You see, Farfetch’d are very frail when it comes to defending ourselves. The stick is one of the few ways we can fend off attackers, so it’s only natural that if you lose it, you’ll get nervous and paranoid. That’s precisely what happened to poor David, he’s been frantic ever since. So please, can you help?”

Jumpluff weighed his options. On one hand, David had attacked him and almost killed him. Also, he was spending far too long here. He usually didn’t stay in an area for more than five minutes. On the other, if he didn’t help, David might attack other flying Pokémon. Plus, if he declined, he might not get any Leppas. “Okay, I’ll help.”

So he started floating around the little place. Other Farfetch’d were already patrolling the forest, so this was all he had to do. He started by turning over some rocks, but all that happened was some Venipede were forced out and he ended up discovering a Durant tunnel. So he looked underneath some of the larger flowers, but no dice there either. Finally, he floated up to the fruit tree, and began rustling through the branches. It was hard to see because of the broad, flat leaves, but he could see well enough. But there were so many twigs and branches, and though he was a small Pokémon, it was hard for him to squeeze through the wood. He was just about to give up when suddenly, something thin landed on his head.

Glancing up, he saw that what had landed on his head was a thin, green vegetable; a stick, like the one Luke had. Could this be the lost one? To be safe, he grabbed it and flew up to where the elder was. Presenting it to him, he said, “Is this the stick that David lost?”

Luke gasped in joy. “Yes, yes it is! Give it to me, I’ll give it back to him.” He flew off, and quickly returned. “David says many thanks. Without it, it was only a matter of time before some Mightyena hunted him down. If there is anything, anything at all, I can do to repay you, say it and I’ll make it so.”

“Well, actually,” he started, “I have some questions. Earlier today, I met some strange Pokémon. They were a Gulpin and a Clamperl. All the Gulpin could talk about was food, and all the Clamperl could talk about was pearls. I can’t see how that could be normal.”

Luke closed his eyes, thinking. When he opened them again, he responded, “Well, that’s only natural for their species. Consider what a Gulpin is.”

“It’s a living stomach,” he said sarcastically.



“Gulpin is almost all stomach. It has a small heart and brain. As such, most all it can think about is food: finding food, eating food, finding more food. Gulpin were created for the sole purpose of eating. They have no other purpose. Would you cloud your head with thoughts of destruction if you were a Furret, or thoughts of flight if you were a Cloyster?”


“So why should a Gulpin focus on things it can’t do, or don’t impact its life? Now Clamperl is somewhat of a different case. That pearl is vital to its survival. Without the pearl, Clamperl become weak. The pearl focuses its thoughts on one thing or another. So Clamperl naturally want to take care of it.”

“Well, I need my cotton growths to fly and you don’t see me obsessing over them.”

“Ah, but you have other things you can do. You can walk around, adventure, meet new Pokémon, possibly go with a trainer. But Clamperl are rooted to the spot. They get all the nutrients they need from the salty air, so what else can a Clamperl do if, say, it has become stranded? Just polish its pearl. And these Pokémon probably think oddly of you, as well.”

“Of me? But I’m just a regular Pokémon.”

“To you, of course you are. And to those Gulpin and Clamperl, so are they. We all have our own point of view on life, and are in no position to judge someone else’s. I believe that’s the answer you wanted, hm?”

Jumpluff was stunned. He really had never considered how another Pokémon sees things. Those Staryu he saw at the beach might have been signaling something far away. He never noticed the dimmer Volbeat, but they were probably trying hard to attract a mate, but deep inside, knew they’d be forgotten for the brighter ones. Those Electivire may have seen each other as a big threat to their families and had to drive the other out. The Tynamo may have been communicating to others, and the Joltik may have been frightened because of how big everything else seemed. “Wow,” he murmured. “I… I suppose you’re right. Also, I don’t mean to change the subject, but I noticed that fruit tree over there had some Leppa berries. Would you mind if I had some?”

Farfetch’d chuckled. “Of course, dear boy. Watch this,” he said, flying up. Then, with amazing precision, he threw his stick like a ninja star and cleanly sliced three Leppas off the tree before the stick returned to him. “Impressive, huh?”

“Yup,” said Jumpluff, lost for words. He floated over to collect his fruits. He put two in his fluffy arms, and ate one right there. It was perfect; sweet yet tangy, juicy yet crisp, cold and delicious. After finishing his snack, he flew back up, and requested one last thing. Noticing the lack of wind, he asked, “Finally, I don’t suppose you could whip up a small whirlwind for me to ride on, would you?”

“I should think not.” He bit on his stick again, and flapped his wings hard enough to sent Jumpluff soaring. The wind would follow him for as while.

“Thank you, Luke!” Jumpluff called down to the Farfetch’d. Then he turned forward and prepared to see new things. Newer even than before, now that he had a new outlook on life.


Jumpluff: Its lightweight body can float on the wind. Catching a breeze strong enough, it can soar around the world.

Gulpin: It can stretch its elastic-like skin to over ten times its height. It gladly devours anything, regardless of size.

Clamperl: It gains nourishment by taking in salty air. It constantly works on polishing its pearl.

Farfetch’d: It protects its leek stalk with its life. Without it, a Farfetch’d become nervous and paranoid.

2nd August 2012, 2:59 AM
I would like to stay on the PM list. All right, this was a good story. It was a good length, and I'm glad you brought back Gulpin and Clamperl in the end. I almost thought you were just going to stop talking about them after Jumpluff left. It was a good ending. What? Because Jumpluff learned to accept everyone the way the are? No way. I'm talking about NINJA FARFETCH'D

2nd August 2012, 3:22 AM
i would like to stay on the pm list pwease :D.
Sorry if i dont give advice that much cause im a reader and everything is good to me :d

2nd August 2012, 3:34 AM
Another chapter, more reason to think Pokémon are insane.

2nd August 2012, 6:12 AM
That was a good story. Please keep me on the PM List.

25th August 2012, 5:48 PM
Aye aye aye, sorry for not being on in forever! I was on a vacation, and then my computer came down with a virus. Bleh.

Please read!

Anyway, today, I have a special surprise! With these two Pokemon, I've written about 66 Pokemon! What's so special about that? it's close to 69 It means I've completed one tenth of the Pokedex! And for that (and to make up for my not posting in nearly a month), I'm making a special event! So, in the next 48 hours, you can PM me anywhere between 1 to 5 Pokemon. And what's so special about that? Well, the answer is, I'll mix and match your requested Pokemon with the Pokemon other people have requested!

However, because of this, the current request list will be rendered NULL AND VOID. Sorry, but it's necessary. I also won't be accepting any casual requests until this event is over. Afterwards, you can re-request anything you'd like. And I'll notify you when I'll be accepting requests again.

Anyway, today we have to Pokemon who enjoy *BOOM*

EDIT: @jeffdavid102: Sorry you found it confusing, I've fixed it up a bit to avoid other people having that problem.

Koffing and Voltorb

Hey, you! Yes, you! Have you ever had this problem? Say, you’re in the middle of a battle. You’re up against an enormous, powerful Tyranitar, but you have a perfect counter in Weezing. The Tyranitar leaps at you and prepares to smash Weezing into the ground, but it releases a huge cloud of poison gas and stops the monstrous beast. Then, Weezing fries Tyranitar with a Flamethrower and it’s just about to faint, when suddenly, it whips out a Sitrus berry it’s been hiding the whole time! It wolfs it down, making it fighting fit, and it quickly faints your Weezing. Don’t you wish that your Pokémon without limbs could hold items like others? Well, wish no more! Never again with the QuickGrabber 2000!

With this miraculous device made by the one and only Silph company, your armless and legless Pokémon will no longer pale in comparison to those with limbs! Simply attach to your Pokémon and slip an item in this little slot! It’s super simple! And when you want to remove it, just slip it off! It’s amazing! But don’t take it from us. Talk to some of our real-life customers! Hey you, mister Koffing! What do you think of the QuickGrabber?

“Huh? Oh, yeah. This device is monumental. I never leave home without it, it’s super awesome, yadda yadda yadda.”

See? It’s amazing! Now, how about you, mister Voltorb?


Do you have a comment on the QuickGrabber?

“Yes. This is completely fantastic, it’s epic, and I HATE THIS STUPID PIECE OF ****ING JUNK!” Then, he violently blew up.

“CUT!” the director yelled from across the park set.

"What, was it me? Did I do something wrong again?" asked the narrator of the commercial.

“No, no, it wasn’t you, narrator. Voltorb, this is an advertisement for the QuickGrabber 2000 by Silph. Not a chance for you to explode and harm anyone in the general vicinity. And Koffing, you need to show more enthusiasm. People, this is an ad! Someone go heal Voltorb. Get me a coffee while you’re at it,” she said, sitting back into her black-and-white chair.

"What should I do?" he asked.

“I don’t know. Go narrate something.”

All around, people dressed in black suits and red ties hustled around, trying to fulfil their small duties under the careful watch of the director. She was an executive at Silph(although her true identity was kept secret), and as such, she was organizing the commercial. She was a cruel woman, giving five minute breaks every two hours, and ten minutes for lunch. Most shuddered at the thought of working for her, but she paid well. Many people figured that they could put up with her for the amount of money in their paycheck.

By this time, Voltorb had been brought to the healing machine. “Bring that no-good Pokémon here,” she commanded sternly. As told, a small, red-and-white ball rolled up to her. It looked almost identical to a Poké Ball, but it had a pair of angry eyes, and it lacked a button in the middle. “Voltorb, this the thirteenth time you’ve exploded in fifteen minutes. I need to talk to you about the lack of respect you have-” However, mid-sentence, Voltorb exploded yet again in an almost comical fashion. The director was knocked to the floor, coughing and gasping. When the smoke cleared, her clean white suit was covered in black soot. The living bomb, meanwhile, was lying on the floor, cooked charcoal-black and fainted.

“Get this infernal Pokémon away from me!” she yelled. As she wanted, the narrator came up, holding an empty Poké Ball. He held out an arm, and a red beam of light shot out of the button, turning Voltorb into swirling energy and bringing it back to the ball. “And no one’s gotten me a coffee yet! Narrator, you do it. And, because that stupid Voltorb is yours, you can pay for dry-cleaning!”

"WHAT?! That’s not fair!" he shouted

“Life isn’t fair,” she said snidely.

Cursing under his breath, the narrator ran over to the light blue healing machine. There were six small bumps for holding Poké Balls, so he quickly put in Voltorb’s and pressed a button. Energy pulsed through the ball, bringing its inhabitant back to full strength. Meanwhile, Koffing, noticing his owner’s distress, had floated over to console him. He was a purple floating sphere with a skull-and-crossbones beneath his simple face. “Man, she’s a jerk, isn’t she?”

"Yup, definitely. Koffing, would you mind telling Voltorb not to explode ? I already need to pay for her dry-cleaning, I don’t need to do mine too."

“Sure,” he responded. “Where is he?”

"In the Poké Ball."

“Oh, okay.” He floated over to the Poké Ball. “Yo, Voltorb. Boss says you can’t explode any more. It’s against the rules.”

“Who cares what that ***** says I should do? I can blow up all over her ****ing face if I want, so shut the **** up!”

“Not the jerk of a director. Narrator. Trainer. And you could use less profanity. Got it?”

“Oh. Okay, sure, whatever.”

"So, I’m going to let you out. No exploding, all right?" he asked to the Pokemon.

“Fine,” he muttered, clearly unhappy.

The narrator pressed a button, and out emerged Voltorb, as healthy as ever. He was clearly agitated- “WHO YOU CALLIN’ AGITATED?!”- but still clean and full of energy. Koffing quickly shrouded the red Pokémon in a black smog that would stun and calm him, at least for the moment. “Gosh, that director girl is so stupid. Who would hire her?” asked the poisonous Pokémon, emitting some streams of smoke from his large pores.

"She’s just some spoiled brat who gets everything she wants in life from her daddy. Plus, if we quit or she fires us, we’re hopeless for another job. She’ll have tabs on us and sabotage any chance of getting another job. She has us like slaves in here!"

“What if we kill her?” inquired Voltorb, getting a malicious expression(which is extremely difficult with just eyes as facial features).

"Uh… no. She has bodyguards, security, everything. But I have had a plan for some time now… nah, it’ll never work."

“Huh? What is it?” asked Koffing.

"It’s stupid, that’s what it is," he replied, getting a bit of a frown.

“Come on, tell us. Maybe it could work,” persisted Koffing.

"Fine. I was thinking about… breaking out, but it’s pointless. There are too many people here. Let’s just get back to work."

“Breaking out?” said Voltorb, beginning to spark. “Voltorb likey.”

“Hey, I think it has a chance of working. Do you have an actual plan of how to do it, though?” asked Koffing.

"Well, actually, yes. Do you guys want to try? But remember, if we fail, we’ll probably be fired, and pretty much be dead meat."

The two Pokémon exchanged glances, and simultaneously said, “Okay.”


“All right, everyone, back on set! Maybe this time, we can get through without someone exploding,” called the director. “Narrator, Koffing, Voltorb, on set. And three, two, one, action!”

Hey, you! Yes, you! Have you ever had this problem? Say, you’re in the middle of a battle. You’re up against an enormous, powerful Tyranitar, but you have a perfect counter in Weezing. The Tyranitar leaps at you and prepares to smash Weezing into the ground, but it releases a huge cloud of poison gas and stops the monstrous beast. Then, Weezing fries Tyranitar with a Flamethrower and- KILL THE LIGHTS!

“What?” the director shouted. But it was too late, as Voltorb was quick on the draw. The Poké Ball-shaped Pokémon sent a powerful bolt of electricity into one of the multiple overhead lights, easily shorting it out. In the now pitch-black room, the security guards began flipping on their flashlights and chasing after the three heroes at the command of the director.

"Koffing, now! Knock-out gas!" the narrator commanded.

“Aye-aye, boss,” Koffing responded. From his pores, a somewhat pink gas was expelled and clouded over the crowd. Almost immediately, all people in the area began feeling drowsy. Some even fell asleep right where they stood. Then, the narrator and his Pokémon grabbed a flashlight from a sleeping guard and found the door. It was made of solid steel, something tough to break. Fortunately, they had a plan.

The narrator and Koffing exchanged looks, and nodded. At once, Koffing’s inner gases ignited, casting a reddish glow through his thin skin. He released it in a powerful Flamethrower attack, quickly melting through the strong door. All three jumped through the new hole into the bright daylight and a small field with some birch trees here and there. But they were far from free.

Almost as soon as they got through the hole, the amazingly buff, awesome, handsome, and generally terrific security blasted through the hole and started chasing after the sniveling, drooling, idiotic poophead trio-

“Hey! Who let you take over the narration?!” asked the stupid, ugly, slobbering human of the three who has no name and no one cares about him. “And stop that!”

"The director gave us permission. We will destroy you!" responded the strong security guards.

“Not so fast!” exclaimed the stupid, smelly Koffing. He pathetically sprouted fire from his mouth and put the grass on fire. But one of the heroic guards threw a Great Ball, and out emerged a pure embodiment of epicness, a powerful Vaporeon. With a graceful blast of water, the low, harmless fire was easily doused.

“Stop narrating! That’s my job!”

"Shut up, no one likes you or you pathetic Pokémon-"

“Hey, you ******* fathead!” called Voltorb. He spun and struck Vaporeon-

"That’s enough. You have no description on our side, but you’re too self-glorifying on your side. You also exaggerate way too much. MY turn. Anyway-"


After calling out that somewhat obscene remark, Voltorb began spinning like a top, crackling and hissing. Soon, he began charging up static electricity on the tip of his round body, and zapped out an enormous bolt of lightning that struck Vaporeon, causing in to curse its head off before fainting on the spot. Then, the security guards chased after them, calling out twice as much profanity as Vaporeon. Fortunately, Koffing was there to save the day again, as he sprayed out smoke that knocked out the security guards instantly. And finally, after that ordeal was over, the three ran off happily to a new life of freedom.


Koffing: It spouts thick smoke from its pores. Some of these are known to cause drowsiness in humans.

Voltorb: Prone to exploding violently and without warning. It blasts powerful bolts of electricity.

25th August 2012, 7:27 PM
this was..........confusing. i could get the story, but it was hard to keep up with since the narrator was just like the narrator in adventures of adventureness in narrating the story. that couldve been explained more since i thought he was simply the commercial narrator. and the scene where koffing and voltorb began speaking to each other was the start of reallly annoying grammar mistakes. you left out so many quotation marks and that was annoying. dont try to have people speak in narration if thats what you're doing. instead have them narrate, but choose words to suit their personality

26th August 2012, 6:02 AM
I have to wonder what they did to get imprisoned on a movie set. Absolutely terrifying.

Monster Guy
3rd September 2012, 9:25 PM
This looks really similar to Pokedex One-Shots? Does Ysavvryl know this exists? :p

Anywho, I'd like to request Musharna/Flygon


6th September 2012, 2:03 AM
@Zibdas: I wouldn't really call it imprisoned, more like slaved by persuasion.

@Mon1010: Yes, she knows this exists. She probably isn't reading this, but she knows it exists. And though I said I wouldn't be taking requests for a while, I'll accept that for two reasons:

1: I like random comboes.

2: Everyone who submitted submitted Flygon. XD

Anyway, here's Flygon and Musharna and Cacturne! And I really like this Musharna.

Flygon, Musharna, and Cacturne

Kush the Musharna was worried. It had been nearly five hours since his trainer had left and told him to guard the campsite. But there had been no sign of her since she left. It seemed like she had dropped off the face of the earth. Then again, they were in unfamiliar territory: a desert, where he wasn’t sure what was friend and what was foe. This place was huge, and had enormous sandstorms at random times; it would be easy to get lost.

But, five hours? He knew that it was the same area for miles and miles, and that his trainer had no sense of direction. But this was unreal. It couldn’t be natural. Was she in danger? He sweated, thinking about what would happen if she was attacked by wild Pokémon when she was all by herself. He couldn’t just sit here! He had to save her. But where was she? He closed his eyes, focusing himself. He strengthened the psychic link he and his trainer shared, to summon up an image of her current situation.

The pink mist floated out of his forehead. Once an appropriate amount had appeared, he opened his eyes again. The mist swirled around, gaining some colours, slowly, slowly, until he could see and hear what was happening. Her long, brown hair was swirling around, covering her face. A few berries flew out of her bag, spinning around, getting filled with sand. Enormous towers of sand surrounded her, raising huge veils of sand occasionally. She was coughing violently. And all the while, a strange, mystical humming filled the air. It was unearthly, almost scary. He called out to her, despite the fact that he knew she couldn’t hear. Then the image evaporated.

He had to save her! He couldn’t just leave her alone. It was a trainer’s Pokémon’s duty. He took a big breath, coughed out some sand he inhaled, and set off to find her.


Oh, great. Now he was lost. Kush looked around, fear in his eyes. All around him was sand. Sand, sand, sand. Everywhere. There was no way to tell which direction to go. He began to hyperventilate, but promptly stopped when he realized that if he fainted in the middle of the desert, he’d be a sitting duck for predators. But how could he find his way back? If he just kept going forward, he’d eventually need water and food. “<What am I going to do? I’m lost in the middle of nowhere!>” he wailed.


He froze, wide-eyed. Had something talked to him, or was he hallucinating? If he hallucinated, his mist would create the dreams into reality, and that would be bad. He might unleash a horrible monster upon an unprepared world. But then again, he could also make a dancing monkey with a corn cob up its nose. He shivered, scared of anything that moved.

Suddenly, the cactus to his right raised its arm.

He shrieked and blasted the plant with his strongest attack, Psybeam. That would have blasted a hole through any normal cactus, but this one wasn’t even affected. He curled up on the sand, too scared to even twitch.

The cactus suddenly lifted a foot out of the desert sand, and spun around. It had an odd smile on its face, created from punctured holes. A green, pointy hat was on its head, covered in gritty sand. It had many small spikes all across its body, and a pair of yellow eyes. It slowly, almost menacingly, made its way towards the cowering Psychic. Kush watched, helplessly, with wide eyes. The cactus continued his slow and steady walk towards the pink Pokémon, and said, “<Hola, amigo!>”

Musharna screamed and started kicking up sand with his stubby limbs, in a desperate(and not very effective) attempt to escape. The Cacturne, on the other hand, drooped his shoulders and placed his head in his right hand. “<Ay caramba,>” he muttered with a Mexican accent. “<Calm down, muchacho! I’m not here to hurt you.>”

The pink Pokémon gulped, but stopped kicking sand in the Cacturne’s face. “<Th-then what do you want with me?>” he cried.

“<I want to eat you,>” he said sarcastically. Unfortunately, this set off Kush’s fear alarm, as he again started screaming his head off. “<Whoa, whoa, amigo! I didn’t mean it, I was joking! Sheesh, you need a serious chill pill.>”

Musharna started breathing normally again. “<Well, next time don’t joke.>”

Cacturne sighed; he had never met a Pokémon this serious, or paranoid, in his life. “<You said that you were lost. I know this desert better than anyone else. I can help you find your way out, if you’d like.>”

He regarded the cactus skeptically(and still with some fear), but didn’t say anything. “<But I don’t need the way out. I need to find my human. She’s trapped somewhere, by whirling sand towers and mystical voices.>”

“<Hmm…>” he put a hand on his chin, “<I think I might know where she is. But if I’m correct, she’s in grave danger. Vamanos, amigo. We don’t have much time.>”

“<What?>” he cried.

“<Trust me, I know where she is. Come on.>”

“<Okay… Hey, I didn’t catch your name.>”

“<Call me Jose.>”

“<Okay, then, ‘Jose,’ I’m Kush.>”


“<Don’t ask. Just move!>”

Jose nodded, and started running. Despite the enormous sandstorms, Kush was finding it difficult to keep up. He moved surprisingly fast in the thick sand. The Psychic had to propel himself with his powers just to move, while the Cacturne ran like his trainer at her track meets.

After five minutes of running, the sandstorm was beginning to wear down Kush. But Jose seemed completely unaffected. “<How do you put up with this sand?>” he asked his comrade, exhaustion in his voice.

“<Simple, amigo. Exercising every day, and living in this place, where the sand is rushing everywhere, doesn’t hurt. I naturally built up an immunity after all these years. But no time for that, look!>” He pointed north, and sure enough, an immense dust devil was spinning in a concentrated spot. Eerie voices could be heard.

Musharna gasped. “<That’s where my trainer’s trapped! We have to go get her, now!>”

“<Agreed, amigo. And I also happen to know who’s causing it. The sandstorm’s too thick to move through. Come with me.>”

They ran up to the twister, where Cacturne announced loudly, “<Show yourself, fiend!>”

The sand spun faster, almost making understandable words.

“<Fine. Have it your way,>” Jose said before launching three rounds of Bullet Seed at the twister. Something inside screamed, and the tower disintegrated. Revealed were Musharna’s trainer, looking scared out of her wits, and a great tan dragon. She had large, rhombus-like wings that beat subtly. She also had enormous red coverings over her eyes, and a devious grin on her face. With a huge flap of her wings, she created a small tornado, as if demonstrating her power and daring them to mess with her.

“<Flygon!>” Jose demanded. “<What are you doing to this innocent child?>”

Flygon? thought Kush. I’ll make a mental note to avoid that species, if we come across it again.

The dragon smirked. “<Oh, come on, Jose. Don’t be such a stick in the mud. I was just playing with her, and maybe persuading her into capturing me…>”

“<Oh no you don’t, you evil spirit! I’ll defeat you no matter what!>”

“<Big words from a little sprout like yourself,>” she taunted. “<And what’s that by your side, a Musharna?>”

“<Kush,>” the Psychic said quietly.

“<Whatever. You can’t defeat me. Now scram. Or better yet, taste Draco Meteor!>” she yelled. She summoned up a yellow ball that radiated pure energy. Musharna looked to his partner for help, but Jose had disappeared. He glanced back just in time to see Cacturne deliver a fierce blow to Flygon’s face, knocking her down in a fit of screaming. Then, he launched a powerful Brick Break attack to her neck causing her to screech in pain. He grabbed her tail and attempted to swing her, but she got back up and swung the Grass Pokémon around instead.

“<Hey, a little help here!>” Jose called to Kush as he was furiously spun, every turn threatening to toss him into the sky.

“<Help, right!>” he said worriedly. Flygon was a, a, Dragon, right? And a Ground type. So, it was weak to… ice! Kush focused on a frigid landscape, with ice coating the ground and huge icicles jetting up everywhere. He released a blue cloud of mist from his head, and suddenly, the hot desert turned to a cold island, like you might find in the Arctic. Flygon immediately felt the temperature drop, and in turn dropped Cacturne.

“<Ack, so cold, so cold!>” she cried. She beat her wings furiously to get some heat back into her body, but to no avail; soon she became extremely sluggish. She fell out of the sky and crashed on some icicles, where Jose grabbed her by her tail, swung her twice, and then threw her into the distance.

As soon as she escaped the frigid temperatures, she started flying properly again. “<I’ll get you one day, I swear!>” she yelled. “<And your little Psychic too!>” she flew off into the sunset, cackling all the way.

After she was out of sight, Kush retracted the cold dream and rushed toward his trainer, where he was tightly embraced. “I’m so sorry, Kush! I shouldn’t have been so careless, but I saw Flygon and wanted to catch her, but she caught me instead. Thanks so much for coming to save me, you’re the best Pokémon ever!” She began crying tears of joy.

Kush smiled as well, happy to be back with his human. But he noticed Jose walking off, and called out to him. “<Hey, Jose! Where are you going?>”

“<Well, my work here is done. Adios, amigo!>” he called back.

Kush was about to settle it there, when he remembered: they were still stranded in the desert. “<Wait, wait!>” he yelled to the Grass-type. “<We’re still lost; can you help us out?>”

The Cacturne smiled. “<Si, of course. Follow me.>” And so, the human and Pokémon pair made it safely out of the Whispering Desert and back on track, thanks to the help of a friendly Cacturne.


Musharna: The dreams it creates from its forehead can occasionally manipulate themselves into reality. It shares a link with its trainer that strengthens in times of strife.

Flygon: It regulates its body temperature by beating its wings. The wings beating sound eerily like human voices.

Cacturne: It disguises itself as a plant to lure in prey. It attacks foes with precise chops and blows with its needle-covered arms.

10th September 2012, 5:56 AM
Gee, wonder where that name came from. o3o

Also, I half expected something like this, but with José and FLygon's roles reversed. Interesting.

11th September 2012, 1:17 AM
@Zibdas: It's the name I gave to my Musharna in-game. And yeah, I expected you to expect for that, so I made Cacturne friendly. Yay!

I'm willing to take one more regular request, specifically for the fall equinox.

Anyway, I know I'm a day late for this, but here's the entry for Grandparent's Day. This was also on request, so I chose Archeops. It's a fossil, grandparents are old, you know. This story is part comical, part gruesome, and part edible. I have know idea where this came from, though probably from watching the new Doctor Who on Saturday. Anyhow, on with the show!



The young Cranidos yelped as he dashed through the forest. His large, thick head impaled any rocks and trees that happened to be in his way as he blindly charged. He was being pursued. He had to escape if he didn’t want to be torn apart and eaten. He ran as fast as he could, pushing his small legs far past their limit. It was close behind. He knew.

A sharp screech echoed through the forest. Behind him, a blue and yellow bird had her wings spread, chasing the blue Pokémon. She was running faster than her target ever could, slowly gaining on him. Occasionally, she leapt and flapped her feathered arms, flying up a small bit. She had been chasing him for a long while and she was tiring. So finally, she used her last ounce of strength and pounced on the Cranidos, causing them both to tumble and struggle. But the Archeops bit him in the neck, instantly killing the small dinosaur.

Placing a clawed foot on her prize, she held her head up and cawed. She glanced around. She was no longer in the shaded, cool jungle. There were no more trees looming over them, or calls of other Pokémon. Now, sand surrounded her. The gentle waves splashed against the shore, and all along the beach were fishing Pokémon from Slowpoke to Chikorita. But this didn’t concern her. After tearing through his thick skin, she gorged herself on flesh. Blood and chunks of meat spilled out over the yellow sand, inevitably attracting flies and scavenger Pokémon. Aesthetics were of no matter to an apex predator like her.

After eating her fill, she flicked a tail feather on the body to claim it as hers and to keep scavengers away. She tore off one more chunk and ate it thoughtfully. It was tough and thick, somewhat dry, salty and slightly metallic. But a high-pitched cry startled her and made her look up.

There, a flock of five Aerodactyl were soaring through the air. The purple pterosaurs made magnificent formations in the sky, cawing and screeching as they spun around. Archeops felt a pang of jealousy. She was much more powerful than them. But she couldn’t fly. She liked to think that the extra power she packed weighed her down. Then, the Aerodactyl dived into the water. Soon, they emerged, each one carrying a Kabuto or Magikarp in their mouths, and that’s what got to her.

For the longest time, she had longed to taste a sea-dwelling Pokémon, or even a regular fish. But since she couldn’t fly very well, she couldn’t dive like the Aerodactyl. Even though she could fly a little bit, water dampened her feathered wings and killed her flying ability. She had tried scavenging for fish, but most Pokémon ate the entire meal by themselves, or brought it to their nests for hungry babies.

Archeops sighed. She’d never get a water Pokémon. But eating the same flesh every day got boring. It lost flavour, and eventually made her hate it. It got disgusting. She wanted… no, needed something else to eat. It was tedious and boring, eating the same thing every day.

So from that moment, Archeops made it her goal to catch a fish.

But… how? When she looked around, she realized there were plenty of ways to catch fish. One of them would have to work for her. So looking around, she first noticed a Shieldon. Shieldon were omnivores, eating mainly plants but also needing meat. But their rounded, blunt snouts couldn’t eat carrion or other normal meat, so they fished. Archeops walked over to one that was waiting on the shore and watched carefully. The small, doglike dinosaur sat down at the water’s edge and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.


It had been nearly an hour. Archeops was getting horribly bored. She was thinking of finding a different Pokémon to watch, but suddenly, a large bass swam up to the shoreline. Shieldon instantly snapped at it, catching it in his jaws. He held his head up high, and walked away to find a quieter place to eat his prize.

That looked simple enough, if mind-numbing. She sat at the edge of the lake, peering into the crystal-clear waters. She watched.

And watched.

And watched.

And watched.


Now, it had been almost five hours. What did Shieldon have that she didn’t? Then, she noticed the blood that was still somehow dripping from her mouth. She wiped it off. It occurred to her then that she had the scent of a carnivore, which was probably driving the fish away. But apparently, that didn’t matter to a rather large Relicanth who lazily swam dangerously close to shore.

Archeops tensed and prepared to strike. It steadily moved closer and closer, nibbling on some swaying seaweed, before it was in range. Then, she charged. She snapped out, but missed by a mere inch. In shock, the Relicanth blasted her with water, soaking her thin feathers and dunking her in the ocean. It then launched a round of small rocks, causing her considerable pain and near-drowning her. It swam away afterwards, no doubt to tell the other fish that the one that smelled like bird and meat was dangerous.

She sighed. All that time spent waiting and waiting was for naught. But she wouldn’t give up. She ran around the beach, looking for other Pokémon. She noticed a Chikorita, fishing by sticking its tasty leaf in the water and waiting for a bite. But though it was attracting more fish than it could eat, she couldn’t mimic that because she didn’t have an edible part of her body. She toyed with the idea of stealing a fish from the green Pokémon, but those Meganium that protected the young Chikorita weren’t something you wanted to mess with.

But she did notice a Slowpoke fishing with its tail. Slowpoke were easy prey, but they weren’t very tasty. Although maybe she could fish like it. She climbed onto a sturdy log, put some bait in the form of leftover Cranidos meat on her tail, and dipped it in the water. She found this way to be far more efficient, as she caught fifteen fish in just a few minutes. She piled them up, grabbed a larger one, and chomped down.

On nothing.

Archeops opened her eyes, and saw an Aerodactyl with her fish in its mouth. It smirked, swallowed the fish whole, and then cawed in a mocking manner. Then, a whole flock of them swooped down and ate her entire pile, followed by a baby that bit the meat off her tail. She screeched in pain, and fruitlessly attempted to pursue them before falling in the water. She cursed as she climbed out of the sea, shaking out her feathers and trying to dry off. She silently swore at the purple Pokémon. They stole her well-earned fish! And now she was out of bait. She huffed angrily.

Dumb Aerodactyl. They could catch their own fish. Why’d they have to steal hers? They were just big bullies. Big, fat, stupid bullies. She glared at the perch they were on, laughing it up and gorging themselves on her fish. But if she caught more, they’d just steal it again. Defeated, she wandered off into the forest. She was starving. She supposed she was never going to taste a sea Pokémon.

Just then, a Magikarp with a fedora fell out of the sky.

Archeops startled and leapt back. The fish flopped around for a moment, but managed to get some water from a puddle back in his gills. He noticed the yellow bird and introduced himself. “Hello there, citizen! My name is Ronald P. Dangerfield. I’m a time-traveler, as you can probably tell. I seem to have gotten myself in quite the pickle. You see, being a fish, I need to breathe water. And I need to have water in my gills to time travel. I don’t suppose you could redirect me to the nearest lake or river, miss?”

Archeops took in the current scenario. There was a sea Pokémon. In front of her. Unable to move. And she was hungry. She smiled, revealing many small, sharp teeth.


And so Ronald P. Dangerfield was never heard from again.


Archeops: It is very intelligent and devises plans to catch prey. It is better at running than flying.

12th September 2012, 5:19 AM
I feel like I'm missing something with that name.

16th September 2012, 8:34 PM
@Zibdas: Do you mean Kush or Roger P. Dangerfield? If Kush, well, it was actually the name of a really old cartoon character, and it just sounds fitting for a Musharna. As for Roger P. Dangerfield, I have absolutely no idea where that came from. It sort of just sounds appropriate for a time traveler.

Anyway, since no one requested a fall entry, I'll put Chikorita/Bayleef for that holiday. I have a good idea.

Yanmega and Absol

It was one of the few calm periods of the day. The wind stayed still, and the clouds above didn’t budge. It was if nature itself was preparing for the coming battle. Everyone was busily readying themselves. People and Pokémon not involved in the war were getting food and water ready in case they needed to flee. Hoenn, the region under attack, was preparing to retaliate. And the Ezera region, the attacker, was getting missiles and other various weapons together for ambush. But perhaps the busiest place was the white-and-green bunker just south of Rindel City.

Inside, a Yanmega was beating his long wings, eager to battle. He was a large, menacing Pokémon with a thin green body, bright red eyes, and three pairs of black legs. On his normally clear wings, a green rectangle with a white circle had been painted; the sign of Ezera. He flitted around erratically, waiting for orders from his chief. In the meantime, he occupied himself by launching Silver Wind at the many practice dummies.

Finally, the boss walked in. He was a large man, with a thin goatee and various gold medals sprawled across his camouflage jacket. “Alright, Yanmega,” he said in a gruff voice. “Time to set up. Hoenn may have the number advantage, but we got the technology to beat ‘em good. We’ve detected a weakness, a flaw in their plan. We got info that their headquarters is set up in Fortree City. But all their houses are up high in the trees, so we can set up the traps without being discovered. We’re going be setting off highly sensitive explosives, so we need only the best. You, of course.”

He buzzed, pleased.

“Now, come on. Get in the van.” Yanmega nodded and flew off. Once he got outside the bunker, he felt telltale signs that summer would be over soon. Instead of warm temperatures, the air was beginning to get chilly. For now, he was fine, but soon he’d have to wear dumb little sweaters that hindered his flying abilities. The leaves on the trees weren’t a straight green anymore either. They were turning a medley of red, yellow, brown and orange. But he paid these little matters no mind, and flew off into a large but inconspicuous van that blended in amazingly well with the background. In the back of the van, there were many large crates marked “Highly Sensitive Bombs.” He dropped himself on the biggest one and wondered how they were going to execute the plan today.

He had been a war Pokémon since the day he had hatched. He had practiced his skills beating up dummies and robots until he was two weeks old. Then, he was in the first battle against Hoenn. And despite all the gunfire and random missile shots, he managed to dodge every single bullet and even take out some opponent Pokémon. He owed it to his amazing flying capabilities and his 360 degree view. Ever since he evolved, he’d just improved.

He settled down on one of the crates and fell asleep, as the drive would take a few hours.


Absol was fast asleep as well. She was a canine-like Pokémon with clean white fur, a large horn on her head shaped like a scythe, and black feet tipped with sharp claws. But as the sun crept over the horizon, she began to stir. She got up groggily, and shook herself to get rid of burs and dirt that may have gotten into her fur as she slept. She yawned and stretched, and went to get some breakfast.

She moved slowly through the tall grass, undetectable save for some rustles of grass. Though her peers would have made much more noise in the hopes of attracting a trainer, she was perfectly happy as a wild Pokémon. But she also knew that there was a war on. She needed to hunt three times as much in case her home was destroyed by combatting humans. She wasn’t a picky eater. Rattata, Magikarp, Starly… she’d eat pretty much anything she happened upon, except for Poison-types. They had a horrible sour taste, and left her sick for a long time.

Suddenly, Absol felt a tingle in her horn. It was warm and subtle, a sign of prey. She got close to the ground and moved slowly, so that the Pokémon wouldn’t notice her. It felt closer and closer, until she could smell it. A Taillow. Mmm… They had a delicious taste, especially when rolled in the blood of a Rattata. Unfortunately, right now she couldn’t afford that leisure. The Taillow was busily pecking at the ground, looking for a worm or other bug to eat. She bent her head back, and then fiercely slashed at the young bird. It cleanly sliced its wing off, causing it to scream in pure agony before she decapitated it.

She grabbed the body in her mouth and ran back to her den, where she began eating the blue-feathered wing. But as she ate, she felt another tingle in her horn. But this one was cold, like the air around her. She widened her eyes. There was a great disaster coming. She raised her head and leapt out of her hole. She followed where she felt the disaster coming. And she was heading towards Fortree City.


The van screeched to a halt in the dense forest. Yanmega was prepared. He picked the lock with his forelegs, and then flew out the back. He grabbed a crate, and beat his wings faster. It stirred up a covering of leaves for him. He zipped into the city under the leaves, and placed the first crate. There were about ten of the boxes, so it would take him a few minutes to get them all set up. But if they could neutralize the HQ, then the rest of the region would be easy pickings.


Absol was charging towards the heart of Fortree City. Her paws gripped the ground, moving faster than some Scyther. But as she approached, she saw large crates in the middle of the city. Cargo? No, the residents would have had them up in the trees. Maybe they were too heavy. No matter, she kept rushing forward. She made an expert leap upon one of the boxes, and noticed a Yanmega flying with a box in his arms. He had the Ezera sign on one of his wings.

She grimaced at the sight of one who wished to take over her home, but still decided to warn him of the catastrophe. She jumped up onto the large crate he was holding, right in front of his face. “<Hello.>”

He startled, almost dropping the explosives box. “<Hey! Watch it! I ought to kill you for doing something like that.>”

She bowed her head. “<Sorry.>”

He sneered. “<What, can you only say one word at a time?>”


“<Whatever. Whaddaya want?>”

She did another impressive leap, landing in front of a large cliff. “<I’ve come to warn you that a huge catastrophe will happen here soon. You and your trainers should get as far away from here as possible.>”

He rolled his eyes, then placed the seventh crate. “<And how, precisely, would you know this? And what are you, anyhow?>”

She raised her head importantly. “<I am an Absol. Though I have a dark background, we are servers of the light, announcers of the catastrophes. I have lived for ninety long years, and I have survived tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and countless other natural disasters thanks to my natural ability to sense cataclysms. I have come simply to warn you that if you value your life, you will leave now.>”

“<You know, as much as I like taking random advice from Pokémon I’ve never met before about something that won’t happen, I’ll take your prediction with a grain of salt. Just look at the weather!>” He motioned upward, pointing out the clear blue skies and slow-moving winds. “<There isn’t going to be any disaster today.>”

She sighed; her carnivorous nature and Dark-typing deterred most from taking her advice. “<You must believe me. Calamities can happen any time, anywhere, without warning.>”

He narrowed his red eyes. “<You know what? I think you’re a spy. You were sent here to stop the bomb set-up and leave us helpless and exposed! Well, that isn’t happening.>” With a mighty flap of his wings, he launched a blade of air at Absol, causing her to yelp in pain and causing a deep crevice in the cliff.

“<Bombs…>” she muttered. “<Fine then,>” she said to Yanmega. “<Good-bye, foolish Pokémon.>” She then somersaulted over his head, and dashed back where she came from.

Yanmega rolled his eyes again. What a lunatic. He went back and got the eighth box, and tried to find the perfect position to place it in.

But unbeknownst to him, the crack he created in the cliff was slowly growing. The slight lack of support was having major effects. The crack go larger and larger, working its way up the cliff. Finally, a huge CRACK announced its arrival at the top of the cliff. Yanmega turned in time to see enormous boulders rolling down the peak at top speed, flattening everything in their way. He gasped and flew for the trees, but that was a mistake as the military soon recognized him as an enemy and began shooting rounds at him. But the tiny bullets were nothing compared to the huge explosion that followed soon after, shaking the trees and causing many Pokémon to flee.

The bombs had been set off by the rockslide. In the ensuing chaos, Yanmega fled through the trees. The van he had came in was long gone, getting away when he was noticed. As he sped through the trees to get back to the military bunker, he grimaced. They wouldn’t be happy with him when they heard that this mission failed.

Today, the battle was lost.


Absol: It was said that it brings disasters, but it actually appears to warn people of disasters. This Pokémon has a lifespan of about 100 years.

Yanmega: It can carry a car while flying. Its wings beat so fast that they stir up strong winds that can throw leaves and sticks for miles.

19th September 2012, 4:28 AM
Kinda both.
Also, I believe kush is another word for some drug or another. At any rate, it means so here, and given Musharna's dream powers...

Anyway, nice chapter as usual. The tingling horn was a nice touch.

22nd September 2012, 9:48 PM
Today is the first day of fall, so I have an entry for that. This is longer than normal, probably because I like the species so much.

@Zibdas: O.o Wasn't even aware of that, odd.

Chikorita, Bayleef and Meganium

The sun beat in through the window. The warm light hit the green Pokémon through the glass cage. His red eyes slowly opened up, blinking many times. He stood up and stretched out his legs. The Chikorita flicked out the leaf on his head. It let off a sweet scent that woke him up fully. He looked around. The pet shop was as empty as any store at seven o’clock in the morning. He wasn’t used to this place yet. He had just arrived yesterday, in a big wooden box with a bunch of other Pokémon he didn’t know yet.

Though he had arrived with many different kinds of Pokémon, they had all been taken to different parts of the store in the middle of the night. He had been neatly arranged with many other cages. He looked around at the other Grass Pokémon he was near. There were blue Tangela, yellow Bellsprout, and grey Ferroseed. He himself, though, was a crispy yellowish colour, like the leaves on the trees outside, but unlike anything in the pet shop.

There was a jingling sound as a middle-aged woman walked through the door. She was apparently the store owner, as the other Pokémon had told him. She came over to his cage and began examining him. “Hmm, this must be our new Pokémon. Not like the other Chikorita we’ve owned… Well, you’ll go fast. A lot of families would like to own a little cutie like you,” she said to him.

“Chi!” he responded.

She smiled. “I’m going to go set up shop.” She whistled, and a Gloom hopped out of its cage and to her side. “You make sure none of the new ones try to escape.”

It saluted. She smiled and walked into another room, putting out food and water. But the blue Gloom walked up to the young Chikorita’s cage. “<Now, you better not try anything funny. If you do, you’ll be put down,” it said.

“<Don’t worry, I won’t,” he replied timidly. He didn’t know what “put down" meant, but he was sure it wasn’t nice.

But he was bored. There was a food bowl that smelled tasty, and a water bottle to drink from. But he wasn’t hungry or thirsty right now. There was some newspaper in case he needed to go, but he didn’t. And there was a little red ball. He pawed at it, and it made a dingle sound as it rolled away and hit the side. He could occupy himself with this. He chased it around for a few minutes, ate some delicious food, drank some water, curled up, and fell asleep in the sunbeam.


He woke up suddenly to the shrill tone of a human girl squealing. “Oh, he’s so adorable!” Some pounding on the glass startled him, where he looked into the face of a little girl no more than five years old. She was missing a front tooth, and had short brown hair. “Mama, mama! I want this one!” she cried. Her apparent mother walked over, dressed nicely in a blue floral print outfit. She had blonde hair, unlike her daughter. “Mama, it’s so cute and huggy and adorable and it’s so cute! Can we get it for our pet? Pretty please?”

“Hmm,” she examined the price tag on the top corner of his cage. “He’s quite expensive. Are you sure you don’t want a different one? I hear they have some lovely little Igglybuff or Cleffa.”

“No, no, no!” she said, adamant about her decision. “I want this one!”

“The price is high because Chikorita as a species are rare, and he happens to had an alternate coloration,” said the saleswoman, coming over. “But the rewards are really worth it. I’ve sold many Chikorita, and all the families or trainers that adopt them say they’re worth every penny. They’re a wonderful, harmless species, especially for a little girl like your daughter. So, how about it?”

She rubbed her chin, thinking. “Hmm, I suppose so. Are you sure you want this one, Susan?”

“Yes, yes! He’s so cute!”

“Well, okay then.”

And that was the start of his new life.


Chiko the Chikorita was napping again, but this time on a windowsill. He was five years old now, and his owner was ten. And it was time to start a journey. He really couldn’t care less, as they had been practice battling with her dad for a while now. He was ready, but Susan wasn’t. So he was passing the time by sleeping and sunbathing.

About five minutes later, she called out, “Come on, Chiko!” He perked up immediately. Hopping from the sill onto a couch, and then onto the floor, he ran up to the doorway. “<Are you sure you’re not forgetting something?>” he asked, nudging her backpack. He had learned that it could hold many useful items for traveling, so he didn’t want her to forget it.

She smiled, patted his head, and picked up her bag, taking in some of his sweet fragrance. She picked him up and hugged him. She was nice and warm, so he hugged back. “Now come on, we have to get going if we want to get to Pewter City by sundown.” She placed him back on the ground as her parents came up. They all embraced for a while. Chiko nudged her leg, getting them to separate.

“Oh, we’re going to miss you,” her mom said, a hint of a tear on her cheek. “And remember, whatever happens, you have Chiko by your side. But don’t work the little guy too hard. And Chiko,” she said, turning to him, “take good care of her.”

He could tell her mom was sad, so when she bent down to pet him, he flicked his leaf and made a nice smell. “<Don’t worry. We’ll come back,>” he said.

She hugged her dad, and waved. From his time around humans, he knew that that usually meant hello or good-bye. In this case, it was the latter. “I’m going to miss you to, mom and dad. I’ll visit you again, promise!”

“Don’t forget, your aunt’s opening a gym here in two months. You can earn a badge, and visit us,” her dad reminded her.

“Yeah, I know. Bye!” she exclaimed as she ran out the door. Chiko followed along happily.


“Chiko, use Razor Leaf!”

The quiet of the forest was disturbed as a squealing Rattata was knocked out by a flurry of sharp leaves. The second Rattata tried to bite the threat, but a yellow blur slammed into her and knocked her out. The blur soon revealed itself to be a little Pokémon; specifically, Chiko. “<Hooray!>” he cheered.

She smiled, and whistled. “Tress, Ven, come here.”

A purple moth fluttered through the woods, landing on her shoulder; her Venomoth. Soon after, a greyish-violet Pokémon with two big eyes rolled up to her; her Forretress. “Chiko’s all trained up, and you two are already prepared. Think we’re ready to challenge aunt Erika and earn our seventh badge?”

The Chikorita, Venomoth, and Forretress all gave affirmative responses.

“Let’s go, then!”

They entered the gym, which was decorated with plants and flowers. Chiko loved it; it reminded him of where he had been hatched, in a forest. They faced and defeated many trainers, Tress and Ven doing most of the work, but he managed to defeat some Pokémon too. They cleaned up quickly, and after some introductions, they faced off against aunt Erika.

But the gym battle was proving harder than they thought. Chiko stayed on the sidelines, watching with rapt attention as she battled the Grass-types. Ven did a good job, managing to launch an onslaught of Sludge Bombs on her Tangrowth and poisoning it, but unfortunately he couldn’t take a hit from SolarBeam and fainted. Tress did better, managing to take many hits and downing the blue Pokémon with Bug Bite. She also managed to take out Victreebel with Gyro Ball while Susan used a Revive and Hyper Potion on Ven.

But her final Pokémon was what managed to beat them. It was a tall, green Pokémon, with a ring of pink petals around its neck and four thick legs like tree trunks. It was a Meganium, Chiko’s final form. He watched at what he’d someday be able to do. Tress was swapped for Ven, who launched another round of Sludge Bombs and followed up with a Bug Buzz. Both hit super-effectively, but Meganium didn’t mind much. She curled her petals in, and shook them out. A light-yellow pollen sprayed out from it, and when Ven breathed it in, he seemed sleepy. He half-closed his eyes, and laid down on the ground. He quickly slipped into dreamland.

Meganium spread her petals again, this time absorbing sunlight to heal her wounds. Finally, she lifted her front feet, and slammed them on the battlefield, unleashing an Earthquake that instantly took out the sleeping Venomoth. When Tress was sent out again, though she inflicted some damage with Bug Bite, Meganium stopped her from using Gyro Ball by holding her down, and then making another Earthquake. Though Tress took it better than Ven, she remained shaken and Meganium defeated her with a SolarBeam.

“Well, I guess I lost,” Susan said, disheartened. She made to walk out, but Erika stopped her.

“Wait. You still have that darling Chikorita, don’t you?”

She widened her eyes as she remembered she had the little Grass Pokémon. But… Meganium was so strong. “I guess… But, only if he wants to.” She walked over to Chiko, who was still sitting on the bench, sunning himself. “Chiko, do you want to battle Meganium?” she asked.

He looked at her, and then at Meganium. Back at her, then at Meganium. On one hand, Meganium was definitely stronger than he was. And if she had managed to defeat Tress and Ven, she was definitely too strong for him. But on the other hand, he had to defend his trainer’s honour. And, since he was her unevolved kin, maybe Meganium would take it easy on him. So, he nodded.

He hopped onto the grassy field, and attempted to stare down the taller Pokémon. It didn’t work very well. She lowered her neck to see eye-to-eye with the smaller Chikorita. “<Aw, how cute,>” she commented, smiling.

“<I’m not cute, I’m strong!>” he yelled, and hit her head with his leaf. She winced, but seemed otherwise unconcerned.

“<Very well, then,>” she responded, raising back to her full height. Then she turned back to Erika. “<Do you want me to go easy on this little guy?>”

Chiko was angry now. When the battle began, he rammed himself into Meganium’s leg. She simply shook him off and tried to spray the powder, and he countered it with his own. He launched Razor Leaf, but Meganium took it extremely well and used Body Slam. She easily crushed Chiko, but he managed to take the hit and retaliate with a Headbutt. She was barely affected, and the last thing he remembered was seeing a great flash of white as Meganium unleashed SolarBeam before everything went dark.


He was released inside Susan’s bedroom, with Tress and Ven. The girl was lying on the bed, staring at a light fixture. Tress was investigating a candy wrapper in a corner of the room, while Ven was clinging to a wall. Chiko, feeling bad for her, jumped on the bed and cuddled up next to her. “<I’m sorry,>” he said sadly.

“<Kiss-up,>” Ven commented, proving that he was just pretending to be asleep.

“<Oh, hush up, you,>” Tress said, attempting up pick up the wrapper.

She put an arm around the green Pokémon. “Man, aunt Erika’s Pokémon are so high-leveled. We need to do some serious training to beat her… and if we lose again, we won’t be able to re-battle her until next month.” She sighed. “At least we got to see mom and dad again. That was nice.”

It was nice, he considered. But still, he was a complete failure in that battle. He had never been very strong in battle. A lot of people said that he was too cute to be strong, but Ven had been cute before he evolved and he was powerful even then…


That was it! He needed to evolve himself! He stood up straight on the pink bed, getting his trainer’s attention. “What’s up, Chiko?”

“<I’m going to get stronger, that’s what’s up,>” he said, even though she couldn’t understand him.

The next day, she focused mainly on training Ven and Tress, as they had advantages over the gym Pokémon. Good. That let him sneak off to find somewhere to train himself. He dashed through the forest, battling anything that happened to get in his way. He knocked out Rattata, Ditto, Elekid, and everything else. He left a trail of fainted Pokémon in his wake.

He got so absorbed, he didn’t notice when he crashed into a large Pokémon.

He looked up and she looked down. It was Erika’s Meganium. She smiled when she noticed him. “<Hello again.>”

He took a few steps back. “<Um, hi.>”

“<What are you doing so far away from your trainer?>”

“<I’m trying to train myself so I can evolve and beat the snot out of you.>”

She chuckled. “<So, you’re looking to evolve yourself? Well, you won’t evolve into a Meganium like myself right away. First, you’ll evolve into a Bayleef.>”

He scoffed. “<I knew that,>” he said, even though he didn’t.

“<I can help, if you like.>”

“<Why would you do that? You were teasing me yesterday in the gym.>”

“<Oh, was I hurting your feelings? Sorry about that. Anyway, that was in a battle. You’re supposed to win; I really didn’t want to do that to you, but I had to. Trainer’s orders.>”

He closed his eyes, thinking. “<I guess it would help…>”

“<Alright, come with me.>” He followed the larger Pokémon through the woods. The leaves were turning red and orange and yellow, and were falling off the branches. They crunched and crackled as they made their way through the trees. He nipped at a few of them, but they tasted bad, so he didn’t bother with them. Eventually, they came to a clearing like something you’d see out of a fairy tale.

There was clear blue water running through a creek. Small trees dotted the green grass. It seemed untouched by humans and Pokémon. Meganium moved aside, letting him walk through in awe. “<Whoa… Where are we?>” he asked.

“<This is a spot I usually come to to meditate. It seems almost magical to me. Follow me.>” She walked over to the creek. “<This water has healing properties, so you can fight many battles without fainting.> She walked up to a tree. “<And these leaves seem to have an odd power to them, as they give you extra power. It’s how I got this strong, by eating these leaves and fighting many battles. Unfortunately, I’ve heard that these trees are almost extinct because of humans stripping them of their leaves and making candies that can make you stronger without even fighting. That’s why I’ve been protecting this area from both humans and power-hungry Pokémon.>”

Chiko walked around uncertainly, until Meganium offered him one of the leaves. He ate it. It was sweet, and crunchy, like a fruit. He finished up the snack quickly, but he heard a hiss. He turned, and saw a huge Raticate facing him. He widened his eyes, and attempted to back off, but Meganium nudged him forward. “<Go on, battle it.>”

“<Um…>” He turned to the angry rodent. “<I’m going to battle you now?>” he asked nervously.

In response, the Raticate bared its fangs and leapt at him, trying to bite him. He squealed and dodged, and fired off Razor Leaf. But they didn’t affect it much, and it charged at him. “<Use your powder!>” Meganium called.

He wasn’t sure that would work, but seeing nothing else to do, he sprayed some powder over its face. Though it succeeded in putting the Raticate to sleep and letting him defeat it, he was bleeding on his head from a bite mark. “<Owie…>”

“<Drink some water,>” Meganium advised.

He headed to the creek, and sipped some water. It was sweet like honey, and did heal the bite mark. “<Wow, this stuff’s amazing.>”

“<Don’t drink too much, or it will reverse its properties and harm you instead.>”

“<’Kay.>” He wiped his mouth, but then collapsed. “<Ugh… I feel weird.>”

She smiled. “<Don’t worry, that’s normal.>”

He felt power coursing through his veins. Was it from the water, or the leaf? He wasn’t sure, but he didn’t like it. But he felt himself expanding, growing taller. The buds around his neck opened up into broad yellow leaves. His head leaf stiffened, and grew out longer. His feet turned from small and pointy to large and flat, like Meganium’s. Finally, he felt the surge stop. He lifted himself up, and peered into the lake. He wasn't a yellow Chikorita anymore. Now, his skin was orange, but his leaves were yellow. Was he evolved?

“<Nice job,>” Meganium said, sounding pleased. “<You’ve evolved into a Bayleef.>”

So he had evolved. “<Thanks, I guess.>”

“<You’re welcome. I look forward to seeing you in the gym.>” She then galloped off into the forest. He ran back the way he came, excited to show Susan his new form.

As he charged through the woods, he heard his name being called. Suddenly, he burst into the area where he found Susan, Tress and Ven. “Huh?” asked Susan. “Who’re you?”

He trilled happily, and she realized that he was- or rather, used to be- Chiko. “Chiko? Is that really you? Man, you’ve gotten a lot bigger. Where’d you run off to?” She got a whiff of the scent from his leaves, and she seemed to stand up straighter. “Wow, you smell different. Anyway, I think we’re ready to rechallenge Erika. You guys ready too?”

They all agreed.

Bayleef sat on the sidelines again, wanting to sunbathe. He watched closely. Ven faced Tangrowth again, but seemed to be doing a lot better. Instead of launching all the Sludge Bombs at once, he launched one glob, flew to a different angle, launched, flew, and so on. Tangrowth, because of this, couldn’t zero in on where to fire and ended up missing every time, leading to its defeat. Then he was swapped out as Erika sent out Victreebel, and Tress was put in. Victreebel tried biting onto Tress, but she spun the Poison Pokémon off and easily knocked it out with Gyro Ball. And, once again, Meganium entered the battle. Susan was about to send out Ven, but the renamed Leef hopped up to her. “<No, no! I want to battle!>”

She blinked. “You want to battle? Are you sure?”

“<Yeah, yeah!>”

At his affirmative response, she allowed him in. “<Hello again, Leef,>” Meganium said politely.

“<You’re going down!>” was his response.

She chuckled, and the battle began. He launched Razor leaf, but she dodged and attempted to use her pollen again. But he countered it with his own spicy scent, and he stayed awake. He used Razor Leaf again. It didn’t damage her much, but she flinched, which was what he was going for. He Headbutted her side, knocking her over. She began charging up SolarBeam, but he launched many rounds of Razor Leaf that tore up her petals and stopped the attack. She leapt and prepared to use Body Slam, but he dodged and Headbutted her in the neck. He apparently hit a weak spot, as she fainted after the attack.

After healing her Pokémon, Erika admitted, “Your Bayleef has gotten much stronger from evolution. Even so, I didn’t think it would be able to beat my Meganium. Here you go, Susan. The Rainbow Badge.”

“<Nice job,>” complimented Meganium after being healed.

“<Thanks!>” he said happily.

By the time they got out of the gym, it was dark out. Figuring it wouldn’t be worth it setting up camp on a route, she went back to her house and, after a wonderful dinner made by her parents, she fell asleep in her room, with Leef, Ven and Tress out of their Poké Balls. Leef didn’t fall asleep, though. He watched her, looking out for… anything.

After a half hour, she began stirring. He tensed, but she sat straight up and sighed. “Ugh, I can’t sleep. I’m so tired, but something’s keeping me up.”

Opening her eyes, Tress hopped over to her. “<Same with me.>”

Ven flew off the wall. “<Same here. What about you, Leef?>”

“<Well, I’m choosing to stay up. To make sure nothing happens.>”

She got out of bed, and patted his leaf. “Don’t worry, you guys. Go back to sleep.” She took a big whiff of his spicy aroma, and coughed. Then it clicked. “Wait… Leef, I think you’re keeping me up.”

“<What?>” he half-asked, half-yelled.

Tress hopped over, and sniffed. “<Actually… I think she’s right. You’re keeping us up with your smell.>”

“<No, no…>” he muttered, not wanting to admit to that.

But his fears were only confirmed when Ven came over and plainly stated, “<Dude, you stink.>”

“Leef, I’m sorry, but… I think you have to sleep outside for tonight.”

He whined, but obeyed. He went out the back door, and curled up beneath a tree. The night was clouded over, blocking the moon. No rain yet, thankfully, but it may come. He put his neck on the ground sadly.

He thought about how badly he had wanted to become strong. But now that he was, he couldn’t sleep with the rest of the team. In his hurry to become powerful, he hadn’t once considered the consequences. He wondered if Meganium ever had this problem.

Meganium… He dreamed about evolving again. As a Meganium, he’d be strong and would help the team sleep better. Sure, he’d be too big to fit through most doorways, but he could just be returned to his Poké Ball for that. There was nothing he could do about his scent, and worse, he couldn’t tell if he was releasing it or not, because he couldn’t smell it. He pawed at the ground, then settled and tried to fall asleep.

Was strength really worth this?


Chikorita: The gentle fragrance it emits from its leaf calms people and Pokémon. This makes it popular as a pet.

Bayleef: The spicy aroma its leaves make work as a great pick-me-up. However, it makes it difficult to sleep around.

Meganium: The pollen that comes from its petals make opponents sleepy and calms their battling spirit.

30th September 2012, 12:12 AM
Shorter story than usual today, but I like this Trapinch.

Trapinch and Mudkip


The sound of bending metal caused most people in Azure Village to wince. But they put up with it, as they knew what was causing it.

Creeeeeeeeak… Shoonk!

Now, the sound of metal being torn apart caused shudders, but again, they went on with their regular lives.

Crunch… Crunch… Crunch…

The cause of all this ruckus was actually a small, orange Pokémon. He resembled a large bug, with enormous jaws and a tiny body. But he was actually a Ground-type, a Trapinch. He chewed and chewed, then swallowed. Beside him was an old, rusty fence with a chunk of it gone. After swallowing, he turned to it and with his massive mouth, he tore off another chunk. The strong mineral was nothing compared to his unbelievable jaw strength. He ripped it off a post like it was paper and ate it.

Behind him were a group of Pokémon that seemed just as odd as him. There was a Magnezone, a saucer-shaped Pokémon with large magnets at its side; a Magcargo, a lava snail with a rocky shell; an Accelgor, a lightweight bug with two strips of membrane emerging from its neck; and a Glalie, a ball of ice with a face and two pointy ears. After swallowing again, Trapinch moved away from the fence.

The Magnezone moved in first. She launched a Magnet Bomb attack that ended up colliding in a heap. Next, Magcargo breathed on it, heating it up so much that it turned red-hot and mouldable. Then, Accelgor got to work, racing around it at high speed and patting it into the desired shape. He was fast enough that working with it didn’t hurt. Finally, Glalie cooled off the metal with an Ice Beam, and Accelgor put it up and attached it with String Shot. This mishmash team was with the village’s beautification idea, taking out rusty metal and renewing it. It was working out well thus far.

But lately, Trapinch felt he was having to dispose of more and more rusty metal. It certainly seemed like it, as his work hours were increasing from nine to six to seven to eight. He was also starting to get sick. He had had to stay home from work twice already, and it was only getting worse. Was it from stress, or the rust? He wasn’t sure, but all he knew was he had to see the mayor about this.

He walked in early Monday morning, stumbling over his own stubby legs. Mayor Vaporeon was sitting at her desk, reading some contracts. When she noticed him, she greeted him. “Hello, Trapinch!”

“Ugh… hello, mayor Vaporeon.” She immediately realized that something was clearly off. He was off-colour, more of a reddish colour than his normal orange. He was walking awkwardly, and the tone of his voice made it obvious something was going on. “I’ve come to talk to you about the beautification team. We’ve been seeing an increasing amount of rusted fences, swings, and posts lately, and I think I’m getting sick from eating all of it. If it’s possible, could you find out exactly who’s causing this?”

“Hmm…” she said, putting a paw to her chin. “Well, there are a multitude of Water Pokémon that could cause the rust. It would take a while, but we could probably track him or her down. Until then, you can take a break.”

“Thank you,” he said, bowing.

“You’re welcome. Now go rest and recuperate. You need it.”

He mumbled a thank-you and left her office. But inside, he wanted to find this criminal himself. It would be bad for his pride if someone else caught the culprit. So, he decided that he’d find this Pokémon himself, or at least try to. So, despite his sickness, he walked further into the town and thought about how to catch the crook.

It wouldn’t be too hard; just follow the rust. Rusty poles, rusty statues, rusty gates… Anything that had been tinted red. He followed with persistent, small steps, but as the day continued, he got wearier and wearier. The blazing sun rose higher and higher into the sky, beating down on him, its heat unbearable. His mouth was dry, and each step was putting strain on his tired muscles. There was a tree that provided shade, but it seemed so far away…

But suddenly, a chilling blast of water hit his side.

He stumbled over, rolling on his back until he hit a rock. He looked over with wide eyes, and he saw a blue fish snickering. It had orange cheeks with three small spikes and two pairs of stubby legs. After shooting him a smug look, it blasted a building with water, which instantly rusted. So this was the Pokémon that was getting him sick! It made to get away by jumping forward.

Not on his watch. He used what little strength he had to cause a massive earthquake that shook up the fish and knocked it over. He got to his feet and forced himself to run over to the blue Pokémon, and stomped on its chest. Not so much to hurt it as it was to keep it from fleeing. “Why are you attacking me, and rusting the buildings?” he demanded.

“Well, it’s simple,” it responded in a feminine voice. “I don’t like you.” Then she blasted him in the face again, knocking him over. He ended up on his back, and though he struggled around, he couldn’t get back up. She walked over to him and looked him in the eye. “You and your stupid beautification people are ruining my amazing graffiti. So, a word of advice.” She got closer, and slapped him. “Back off.” She then ran off, leaving him stuck.

It was a few hours before Magnezone found him and got him upright. “Boss, what happened? Did you find the crook?”

He shook himself off. “Yeah, I found her. And she’s looking like a tougher opponent than usual.”


Mudkip was resting at the bottom of a lake, seemingly untouched by the summer heat. It was refreshingly cool. She was proud of herself for beating that stupid Trapinch. But there was something that bothered her. Why was she ruining the town, or at least attempting to? Well… because it was too pretty and happy. Bleh. All sweet and kind and just disgusting. And everyone always assumed she was a happy little Pokémon. She was not happy, or little. She threw up some mud over her, and settled down to sleep.


She half-opened her eye. There was nothing on her side, nothing on her other side, and a Glalie above her.

Wait, a Glalie?

She freaked out and launched a Scald attack at the Ice Pokémon. It roared and launched an Ice Beam in revenge. She narrowly dodged it, but she noticed an Accelgor and Magnezone too. And… Trapinch! How could they breathe under here- wait. She remembered now. Her skin made water so oxygen-rich that other Pokémon could breathe it. It was also how she rusted metal so fast. But they were out of their element here.

She swam around and nailed Glalie, pushing it through the water and colliding into Accelgor. He zipped around, but the water resistance slowed him down considerably. She rammed her head into his thin body, pushing him over and knocking him out of the water. Then she targeted Magnezone, who tried to zap her with Thunderbolt. But she sprayed thick mud out at the magnet Pokémon that instantly knocked her out. As she floated to the surface, she launched a devastating Superpower at a distracted Glalie. It knocked him out too, and suddenly, it was down to her and Trapinch.

He made to bite her, but she swam out of the way. She shot pressurized water at her foe, but she narrowly missed. He cartwheeled his stubby arms and tried to bite her again, but she flipped over and grabbed him from beneath. Then, she summoned up all her power, and unleashed the strongest Hydro Pump she could muster. He was shot out of the lake and into the air, and when he fell back down, she head-butted him and knocked him far out of the lake.

Satisfied that they wouldn’t attack again, she settled at the bottom and fell asleep.

Eventually, the town made a grand plan to drive Mudkip away forever. But that’s another story.


Trapinch: Its large jaws let it rip metal like paper. However, the large mouth makes it vulnerable to getting stuck on its back.

Mudkip: The water it expells from its body is very oxygen-rich. People and Pokémon can breathe in lakes that Mudkip inhabit.

10th October 2012, 2:39 AM
Ack, I know I'm a day late for this, but here's the Thanksgiving entry. (FYI, I'm Canadian, so that's why this is in October.) Also, I'm down to the last PM request, so I could use some regular requests.

For Halloween, I have a triple entry ready. It's looking to be creepy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oddish, Gloom, and Vileplume

Once upon a time, there were three young Oddish who lived in a large, green field next a big, red barn. They each had five dark green leaves on their dark blue heads. They had no arms, just small stubby feet. If one wasn’t looking closely, they could easily be mistaken for a regular plant. Even more so during the day when they planted their tiny bodies in the dirt, just showing off their leafy quintet.

The youngest Oddish was named Owen. He was only a few months old; his leaves were smaller and lighter in colour than his siblings’. The middle child was named Glenda. She had discovered Owen’s egg, and had a large part in hatching the egg and raising the child. The oldest Pokémon was named Vern. He was the most responsible of the three, and acted as a parent figure to Owen.

The family lived together in harmony for many years, with Glenda and Vern watching out for Owen and keeping him out of trouble. But one warm spring day, a Pokémon trainer came to the field, looking to capture a new Pokémon. Owen had been playing outside at the time, and was made a target for the human boy. Not wanting him to be alone, Vern had to battle the trainer’s Pokémon, a powerful Arcanine, while Owen made his escape. But in the effort, he was captured. So it was only Glenda and Owen.

Then one hot summer day, a Pokémon ranger came to the field. Owen was playing recklessly again, and she discovered the blue Grass-type. Again, to let Owen get away safely, Glenda had to distract the human. And like with Vern, she was captured for the sake of her brother. So from then on, it was just Owen, the family torn apart. He suddenly transformed into a much more cautious Pokémon, only coming out at night in fear of having to leave his home forever. No matter how bored he got, he didn’t come out unless the sun was down. He thought he would never see his sister and brother again.

But one crisp, cool fall day, while Owen was trying to sleep, he overheard two other, older Oddish talking about two supposed visitors. “Yeah, I heard a Gloom and a Vileplume are coming over to that big barn over there today. They went with trainers a few years ago, and now they’re coming back to visit the farmer.”

“Whoa, really? Maybe we should go over there to learn from them.”

“I dunno. I think the threat of predators is too much, and they don’t even know who we are. They probably won’t teach us anything.”

“Well, I agree with the last one, but can’t we just poison our predators?”

“Most, yeah. But a bunch of Skarmory are migrating here, and they’re immune to poisons, and they’d love to take a chomp out of our leaves.”

He wanted to know more, so he crawled out of his hole. “Excuse me? A Gloom and Vileplume?”

One of them looked at him indignantly. “Don’t you know it’s rude to interrupt someone else’s conversation?” He flicked his front leaf back. “Anyway, that’s what some of the local Ledyba are saying. And they have relatives from everywhere, so I take most of their advice to heart. A Gloom and a Vileplume are visiting. Apparently they got captured when their stupid younger brother was playing around and got noticed by the humans.”

A small part of Owen died.

“But they’re coming back for some holiday. A lot of other Oddish want to see them, but most of them don’t have the guts. A bunch of Skarmory have come here too, and they eat little Grass-types like us.”

“Oh, I see,” he mumbled. He wanted to go back to sleep badly, but at the same time, he wanted to see his siblings(at least, he guessed they were his siblings) again too. If he went, he might end up eaten by a Skarmory. But if he didn’t, he might not see his siblings again ever. So, he gathered his courage and set off, his destination the red barn.

The sun felt nice on his leaves. It was usually cool this time of year; he was going to hibernate in the winter, so he wanted to get all the warmth he could. A faint breeze pushed through the tall wheat stalks, turning it into a sea of gold from above. It was calm, perfect. Normally he’d spend today sleeping and absorbing sun, but he had a mission today. But the general atmosphere was nice.

“You’re mine!”

A harsh shriek echoed through the grain field. He screamed and tried to run blindly, but he felt cold metal claws swipe across his back. Was he bleeding? He couldn’t tell, but he rolled over and saw a great metallic bird over him. A Skarmory the Oddish from before had been talking about. Before he could react, it bit into his largest leaf. He cried out in pain, and thought he was surely going to die here.

But suddenly, the Skarmory screeched in pain. It fell over, and stumbled its feet. He looked around, and saw a huge red flower attached to a small, blue body, vaguely like his own, but with menacing red eyes and a pair of arms. Its eyes were narrowed, and a yellow pollen was being dispersed from the middle of its flower. Beside it was a Pokémon that had an identical body, but instead of the impressive crimson flower, it had four brown circular buds with thin, maroon petals on its head. It also had closed eyes and was drooling some white liquid. The buds suddenly glowed, and it reared up and launched a glowing beam at the attacking bird.

The metal Pokémon screeched in pain, and then flew off, grumbling. The one with the flower called out after it, “That’s why you don’t mess with one of our kin!” It then ran up to Owen, shading him with its huge petals. “Are you okay? You should be asleep right now.”

“V-Vern?” he asked quietly, too fatigued from his near-death experience to talk properly.

The Vileplume’s eyes widened. “Owen?”

The Gloom ran up to them. “Is he okay?” it asked.

They both stayed silent, not knowing what to say. Then Owen smiled slightly. “Hi, Glenda,” he said softly.

She opened her eyes, revealing a pair of small, green eyes. “Owen?”

“Yeah,” he said. “I missed you guys.”

Without warning, the Gloom hugged her brother. “I can’t believe this! I missed you too! And now we’re all together for Thanksgiving!”

He had an odd expression on his face, partly from being almost strangled by his sister and partly because he didn’t know what Thanksgiving was. “What’s that?”

“What’s what?”

“Thanksgiving. Is that some sort of food?”

Vern chuckled. “You’re close. It’s a human holiday where people get together and stuff themselves until they explode.”

He looked horrified. “But if they explode every time they celebrate, why do they still celebrate it?”

The Vileplume rubbed his leaves. “I was making a joke. The humans get together and eat a lot of food like corn and potatoes, and give thanks for things that we usually take for granted.”

“Like clean water and a loving family,” added Glenda.

“Oh.” He lowered the leaf the Skarmory had bitten; a huge chunk had been taken out of it. “Do you think you could show me your humans? They might be able to help with my leaf.”

“Sure,” said Vern. He lowered his flower. “Hop on.”

He jumped up on the petal, and sneezed. “Whoa,” he said, wiping his nose with a side leaf. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay. It happens a lot around me.”

He sneezed again. “I think I’m allergic to you.”

Glenda snickered. “Yeah, everyone’s allergic to Vileplume.” She turned to Vern. “You should be locked up as public enemy number one.”

“Yeah, that never gets old,” he muttered. To the plant on his head, he said, “Don’t worry. My pollen makes everyone sneeze.”

“Oh, okay.”

Soon, they had reached the farmhouse. Vileplume tapped on the door, and was greeted by a boy in a red shirt. He scratched the Grass-type on the head. “Hey, Vileplume.” He noticed the Oddish he was carrying, and picked him up. “Who’s this?”

“It’s our brother,” Glenda and Vern said in unison, even though he couldn’t understand.

“Hey there, little guy,” he said to Owen. He tickled him under the chin, causing the young Pokémon to squeal and laugh. “Are you going to come celebrate Thanksgiving with us?”

“Yeah!” he said happily.

The boy set him down. “Nadia!” he called. “Your Gloom’s back!”

A girl dressed in a light-blue tank top rushed into the room. “Really? Where?” She noticed the blue Pokémon, and hugged it. “Don’t go running off like that! I was worried!”

“Sorry…” she murmured.

“Now come on, lunch is ready.” She took the Gloom’s hand and brought her into a dining room, followed by Vern and Owen. Owen had never seen so much food in his life. There was corn, potatoes, Rawst Berry sauce, bread, tarts, and in the center, a great stuffed Ducklett on a decorative white tablecloth. Small candles were lit here and there. Soon, all the humans all sat down and began eating.

“…whoa,” Owen whispered, seemingly in a trance. “How do the humans eat this much food? They must get really fat,” he said to his bigger brother.

Vern smiled. “They don’t eat all of it. They keep some of it for leftovers, and eat it for weeks after. That’s how humans work, and that’s why they’re so much more efficient than us. They’re a lot smarter than us.”

They noticed Vern’s trainer munching into a tart. “Mmm, these are amazing,” he said to the girl. “How’d you make them?”

Glenda’s human smiled. “From Gloom’s honey.”

He spit the tart out. “EW! You made this from that stuff she drools? Disgusting!”

“No, no. She makes honey from the buds on her head every spring. It’s delicious.”

“Oh,” he said, blushing. He grabbed another tart and ate it. “So, what are you thankful for?”

“I’m thankful for being privileged enough to take care of such wonderful Pokémon, like Gloom.” She picked up Glenda and hugged her.

“I love you too,” Glenda said, hugging her arms.

“Hm,” said the human boy, considering it. “I’m thankful for a roof over my head, great food, and loving Pokémon too.” He patted Vern’s head, and the Vileplume giggled.

“I’m thankful for that too,” said the Grass Pokémon. He then looked to Owen. “So what are you thankful for, little bro?”

Owen looked around. Everyone seemed content just to be in another’s company, laughing and hugging and being happy. He thought about the one thing he was really thankful and grateful for.

“I think,” he said thoughtfully, “that the thing I’m most grateful for is that my family can visit me, and we can be together again aftger so long.”

“Aww,” the siblings echoed. And they all hugged in a joyous reunion.


Oddish: It plants itself in the dirt during the day, disguising itself as a weed. It does so to protect itself from predators.

Gloom: It drools a toxic honey from its mouth. However, in spring, it secretes edible sap from its head that’s delicious.

Vileplume: The enormous petals on its head constantly scatter pollen that causes sniffling and sneezing.

10th October 2012, 11:25 PM
I've been busy and have been trying to catch up. I want to stay on the list

11th October 2012, 4:21 AM
Bah, I thought I responded to all three of these! >.<
I hope you'll excuse the lack of content in this post as I really couldn't care to retype all three paragraphs, but you are definitely showing signs of improvement, churning out better and better work, so keep it up~

17th October 2012, 6:58 PM
Please keep me on the list. I'm still reading, I just haven't been commenting.

11th November 2012, 5:30 PM
Bah, due to me getting sick and my computer breaking down, I couldn't get any updates for Halloween. :(

However, I do have one for Remembrance Day. It's featuring two Pokémon I think would be used often in wars.

@charizarddude: Alright, you stay on the list. Glad to know you're reading.

@jeffdavid102: Yeah, I understand how busy things can get. You're staying on.

@Zibdas: I've been noticing that too. In fact, looking back, about half of them make me cringe reading them over(especially that first one).

Escavalier and Rufflet

It had been a warm spring day when she’d found the egg. Sunlight filtered through the canopy of forest leaves. The Escavalier had been collecting berries, as her current supply was running low. In one hand(er, lance) she held a nicely weaved basket made entirely out of vines and leaves that she’d made herself. Sewing calmed her and made her happy, so she spent much of her pastime creating baskets or blankets for the Pokémon in the forest.

It might surprise some that such a normally violent Pokémon enjoyed sewing things from the vines she found. Indeed, newcomers often shied away from her, and that was excusable. With her large metallic shell, red striped lances, and an iron cap with a huge crimson frill, she certainly looked threatening and dangerous. However, Pokémon that lived in the forest for more that a month knew that she was a kind one, no trouble unless provoked. She was also very kind, making various things for the young or needy. She could rival the local Leavanny in weaving skills.

She stopped by a bush of Sitrus berries and sniffed them; they smelled extremely ripe. Probably too ripe to eat, as most Sitrus berries grew during winter. To test, she gently poked one with the end of her spear. A hole appeared, and a bit of juice dribbled out from it. Just as she suspected, this one was weak from age. She poked the rest, and most of them were too squishy. One even fell off the branch; it splattered into a yellowish orange mess on the ground. Out of the fifteen or so that were on the bush, only three could be collected. Even then, she’d have to put them underground to preserve them.

She was about to continue to the next bush, but the blade that jutted out from the bottom of her shell got caught on something, making her fall on her face. Cursing, she spit out some dirt. She stuck her spears into the ground and pushed herself upright, then turned around to see what she had tripped over. There on the ground, there was a small green-speckled egg.

She tensed. If there was an egg out in the open, the parents would be close by. Parent Pokémon got fierce when defending their young. But several minutes passed by, and nothing came to attack her. They could be out collecting food, just like her. Still, they would get another Pokémon to watch the egg while they were out. She turned back to the egg, and wondered what to do.

She considered eating it for a while. But… no, if the parents found out, the good reputation she’d worked so hard for would be destroyed. Maybe she should take it in? She hadn’t taken care of children before, or even been with her mother for very long. Karrablast and Escavalier were very independent Pokémon, so she had no idea what to do when caring for young Pokémon. But if she left it here, a predator like Noctowl or Golbat would surely get it.

She sighed, picked up the egg with her spear(with some difficulty), and placed it in the center of the basket. Then she finished up her collecting and went back to her tree nook.

She spread out her berries on the mossy ground. It was rather disappointing, but actually, she was quite lucky. Spring was when most berries were either rotten or too green to eat. She looked over what she had gotten: three Sitrus berries; a Figy berry; and a pair of Oran berries. Luckily, spring was Chesto berry season, she she had managed to collect an abundance of those. And, of course there was the egg.

What should she do with it? She skewered a Chesto berry and ate it thoughtfully. She should probably ask the other forest Pokémon if they had lost an egg, or knew anyone who had. But what if no one knew anything? Well, then she’d just have to take care of the egg and whatever hatched from it. For now, she figured, she might as well keep it warm. She went outside and twirled some vines around on her right spear, then began knitting it until she made a moderately sized blanket. She placed it over the egg.

The next day, she asked everyone she knew about the egg, even the local Combee hive(which was a pain, as they attacked her as she tried to talk to Vespiquen). No one knew anything about the egg. After three days of questioning, she sighed and figured it was time to admit that the egg was hers. At her den, she stuck a lance into an Oran berry and, using the juices, drew a “?” on the egg.

Spring turned to summer. The green berries were ripening, the Taillow were chirping, and the egg still hadn’t hatched. However, now when she tapped it, it responded with a slight movement. But mid-June, her berry supply had run out. Between her meals, planting some so they’d grow into new plants, and helping feed a family of Pidgeotto, she was surprised they’d lasted this long. She needed to go berry-collecting, but she couldn’t leave the egg alone. So, she opted on placing the blanket that covered the egg in her basket, and then putting in the egg. Just to be safe.

To her delight, there was a great amount of berries available. She managed to get plenty of Cheri berries, three Lum berries, five Petaya berries, and some Nanab berries. She had just finished picking the Nanab berries when she felt a movement in the basket. She placed it on the ground as a web of cracks appeared on the eggshell. Then, in a burst of light, a small grey bird popped out.

This… wasn’t a Pokémon she had seen before. It had many small, grey feathers around its head, with one tall red feather sticking out from just above a pair of closed eyes. On its sides, there was a pair of dark grey wings tucked up against its sides. In the center of its face was a yellow, curved beak.

It opened its small eyes, and turned to look at her. It hopped onto the ridge of the basket, and then onto her lance. “<Hi!>” he chirped. “<Are you my mama?>”

She wanted to tell the little bird that no, she wasn’t his mama, she was just taking care of him until his real parents came to claim him. But what if his real parents never came? He’d be crushed. So, with a slight sigh, she said, “<Yes, I’m your mama.>”

“<Yay!>” he said happily. He edged himself up on her lance, then said, “<Mama, mama! Wanna fight?>”

“<Fight?>” she asked, confused.

“<Yeah, yeah! Fight!>” Then, without warning, he leaned back and pecked her cap as hard as he could.

She wasn’t hurt by the Peck attack, obviously, though she felt the vibrations in her shell. However, the little bird rubbed his beak with his small wings. “<Owie…>”

She got him to hop down, and rubbed his beak with the side of her spear. “<It’s okay, it’s just a bruise,>” she told him. She thought for a while, then added, “<You’re very powerful for a Pokémon that just hatched.>”

That seemed to get his spirits up. “<Really? Thanks, mama!>” he chirped.

She smiled. Even if he was a bit overeager, he was rather cute. “<Now come on, I’m going to take you home.>”

He hopped in the basket and snuggled up. She flew back to her nook as fast as she could without dropping the basket. Maybe this parenting thing wouldn’t be so bad.

When she got back, she put the basket down and laid out the food. “<There you go,>” she said, helping the little Pokémon out of the basket. “<Choose whichever berry you want.>”

“<Umm...>” he said, hopping around. He sniffed a Cheri berry, then he bit into it. Almost immediately, he spit it out. “<Bleh! I don’t like that one,>” he said. That sort of disappointed her, as she had always like Cheri berries. Of course, they were rather sour, so it was understandable that he didn’t like them.

Next, he hopped over to a Petaya berry. He bit into it, and smiled. “<Mmm! This one tastes good!>” He then stuck his face into the berry and began feasting. Meanwhile, she picked up the berry he hadn’t like, and bit off the larger berry. Then she ate the smaller berry and tossed the green stem out into the forest. About that time, the baby bird lifted his head out of the Petaya, his cream-coloured feathers soaked in pink juice. She chuckled and grabbed the blanket from her bag, and dabbed his face off.

She looked out and saw a Patrat grab the stem. The little bird noticed too, and hopped outside. “<Hey, mister! Wanna fight?>”

The Patrat clutched the stem defensively, until he noticed that it was just a small Pokémon. “<No, thank you,>” he said.

The little bird pouted. “<Aw, come on! Please?>” Then, without waiting for an answer, he jumped on the brown rodent and began furiously pecking him between the eyes.

“<Ouch!>” the Patrat cried. He gritted his teeth. “<Why you little… Take this!>” he cried as he tackled the hatchling.

“<Ow!>” he yelled as the attack made contact. He furiously beat his wings in a failed attempt to fly. Then, he glared at his wings and pecked the Patrat again.

Escavalier decided enough was enough. She stuck a spear between the two. “<That’s enough. Now go back to the den and finish your berry,>” she said, motioning towards the bird.

“<Okay, mama!>” he said happily as he made his way towards the tree.

Then she turned to Patrat. “<I’m very sorry about him. He’s newly hatched, so he doesn’t know how he can actually hurt Pokémon by attacking them out of nowhere. He just likes fighting. Did you get hurt too badly?”

“<Nah, just some bruises,>” he responded. “<Is he yours? He don’t look much like you.>”

“<Well, I found his egg in the spring, but no one claimed it. So I took him in.>”

“<Ah, I see. Well, I have to get back to my den. Have a nice day!>” he said, running off.

She saluted. “<You too.>” Then she flew back to her den. “<And you, mister, you have to learn some things about manners.>”

“<Manners?>” he asked, his face once again drenched in juice.

“<Manners,>” she said affirmatively. “<You can’t just go out and fight any Pokémon you want. They have to want to fight you. Also, if they say no, you can’t just attack anyway.>”

“<Yes, mama.>”

Over the next two weeks, the small bird had learned about when he could or couldn’t fight. She had introduced him to most of the local Pokémon, and for the most part, they liked him. When he challenged them to fights, they went easy on him and often let him win. He was very happy whenever he won a fight, and always told her about his victories.

One day, while they were eating, he asked, “<Mama, am I gonna turn into a Pokémon like you when I get big?>”

She smiled. “<I don’t think so. Look. You’re a little bird, so when you get older and stronger, you’ll probably turn into a bigger, stronger bird. When I was little, I was a bug, and I turned into a bigger bug.>”

“<But you don’t look like the bugs that I eat sometimes.>”

“<Those are just animals, not Pokémon. They aren’t as powerful or smart as us.>”

“<Oh.>” He thought for a while, then asked, “<Mama, when I get big, will I learn how to fly?>”

“<Hmm,>” she said, bringing her spear to her chin. “<Maybe. I’m not sure.>”

“<I hope so.>” He yawned. “<Mama, I’m sleepy.>”

“<Okay, then, go to sleep.>” She wrapped the vine blanket around him, and he snuggled up into her side. She smiled, placed the side of her spear on him, and fell asleep as well.

The next day, the little chick was running around, enjoying the warmth. Since he couldn’t fly well, he hopped onto her frill and she lifted him up. Usually, he just did this when he saw an interesting branch or Pokémon. But today, he said, “<Mama, look! What’s that?>”

She looked up, and saw a human boy heading towards them. She gasped. “<It’s a human! I haven’t seen one of those in years.>”

“<Is a human a Pokémon?>” he asked. He looked back at the boy approaching the pair. “<It doesn’t look like one.>”

“<No, humans aren’t Pokémon. They can command Pokémon, though.>”

She dropped the baby on the ground and flew behind a bush, to see if the human was dangerous. Instead, he came through the clearing with another grey bird, identical to the one she raised.

Her bird came up to the one with the human. “<Hi! What’s your name?>”

The other bird looked at him. “<Hiya! My name’s Rufflet. ‘Cept I don’t know why I’m called Rufflet. That’s just what my human calls me.>”

“<I’m a Rufflet too, I think.>”

The Rufflet pair stared at each other for a while, then hers piped up, “<Hey, wanna fight?>”

The other Rufflet perked up at this. “<Yeah, yeah!>” The two began pecking each other and scratching. But then the human’s Rufflet spread its wings, which then glowed and got longer. He slapped her Rufflet with them.

But he seemed more intrigued that hurt. “<Hey, how’d you do that?>”

“<You mean Wing Attack? I just went like this.>” He scrunched up his face, and his wings extended again.

The wild Rufflet examined his wings. “<I wonder if I can do that.>” He scrunched up his own face, held out his wings, and they did, in fact, begin glowing and extending. “<Hey, I did it! Yay!>”

She came out of the bush before the fight escalated and he got too badly hurt. “<Come on, Rufflet. It’s time to go home.>”

“<Okay, mama.>”

“Whoa, an Escavalier!” the boy yelled. “I’m going to catch it! Go, Poké Ball!” She turned around in time to see a red-and-white ball striking her and absorbing her.

Inside the ball was a plain beige room. Had that human tried to take her away from Rufflet? She wasn’t just going to go like that and leave the young baby alone. She roared in anger and jabbed the wall with all her might. It blew up, releasing her.

She turned to the trainer and shot out a lance in an attempt to jab him. How dare he try to separate family! He jumped out of the way and sent out another Pokémon. This one was orange and brown, and looked like a pig. “Tepig, Flamethrower!” he yelled. It snorted and sent out a stream of fire at her. She dodged easily and jammed her spear into the Tepig’s side, knocking it out immediately.

Just then, another human, a woman in her thirties, walked into the clearing as well. Would this one try to separate her from Rufflet as well? She snarled and tried to jab her.

She jumped out of the way as the human boy was trying to get another Poké Ball. The woman went up to him. “Were you trying to catch this Escavalier?” she asked.

“Yeah, why?” he asked.

“It seems rather angry. Did you provoke it?”

“No!” he shouted defensively. “I just tried to catch it and then it got all mad and tried to kill me!”

At that time, her Rufflet hopped onto her spear. “<Mama, why did you get so mad?>”

She sighed and calmed down. “<I got mad because that human tried to take me away from you.>”

He gasped. “<Oh no! That’s mean.>” He hopped down and went up to the other Rufflet. “<Your human tried to take away my mama.>”

“<He did? That’s not nice.>” He hopped up to his trainer, and pecked his leg. “<Why did you try to take away my friend’s mama?>”

“See?” said the woman. “I think the Escavalier is protecting this Rufflet, as odd as it may sound. Now come on, we’re going to try to get you a different Pokémon.”

“But it’s so strong,” he whined.

“Strength means nothing if the Pokémon is unhappy.” She then led the boy away, followed by his Rufflet.

Her Rufflet turned to her. “<Mama, I'm really happy that he didn’t take you away.>”

She smiled and patted him with her spear. “<I am too.>”


Rufflet: It constantly challenges Pokémon to fights, no matter how strong they are. It gets stronger from the tussles.

Escavalier: They fight fiercely for their family and friends. They attack foes by stabbing them with their sharp lances.

12th November 2012, 3:07 AM
....beaks can get vruised? I suppose you really do learn something new every day. Regardless, excellent chapter, the two were extremely likable. I'd love to see them return in the future. And since you asked for requests, I'd like to see an [evil?] Wingull with a Dunsparce, si vous plais.

15th November 2012, 2:26 AM
@Zibdas: Well, "injured" sounds too serious compared to what it is, so I settled on bruised. Wingull will be added(with a whole bunch of PM requests, whee!)but Dunsparce has been covered already.

Anyhow, the last of the PM requests is here! *throws confetti* I need some reserves for December, as I'll be busy most of the month: specifically, one for the solstice, one for Christmas, and one for New Years.

Working: Wingull
Soon: Relicanth, Milotic/Pikachu, Spoink/Simisear, Unown, Sudowoodo, Xatu/Sigilyph/Swoobat, Spinda, Shuppet

Mime Jr. and Haunter

“Do we have to?” the pink Pokémon with a blue cap complained.

“Yes, it’s necessary to get there the fastest,” responded a purple ghost who appeared to be just a head and hands.

“It makes me queasy, though.”

“Then close your eyes. Sheesh, you’d think a Psychic-type would be okay with travel by teleportation.”

“Well, I haven’t learned Teleport yet. In fact, I don’t think I even can.”

“Just get in.”

“Fine,” he grumbled. The Mime Jr. walked into a small basket as the ghost, a Haunter, wrapped a blue blanket around him. “Remind me again, why are we doing this?”

She facepalmed. “I told you already. I’m going to leave you at a tree near the enemy base, you get Skelly and his Watchog minions to take you in by acting like a baby, you get the pictures of their plans, then I get you and they’ll never be the wiser.”

“And why am I doing this?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“You’re the only unevolved Pokémon at the agency, for one thing,” she responded. “Plus, you’re the only one that can affect emotions by way of using Fake Tears. Can we just start the mission already?”

“Fine,” he muttered, then closed his eyes. Haunter did so as well, and pictured the old tree in front of the enemy’s base. When she reopened them, they were directly in front of the tree. She then summoned up a sticky note and a pen, wrote out “Adopt me! I want to be evil,” on it, and stuck it to Mime Jr.’s blanket as he began crying. She whispered “Good luck!” then disappeared.

Mime Jr. felt around under his blanket and grasped the camera. He hid it deeper down the basket so Skelly the Skuntank wouldn’t find it, then cried louder.

Nearly an hour later, Skelly and three Watchog strolled into their mansion. He began crying as loud as he could, and managed to get their attention. One of the Watchog came up to him. “Hey, boss! I founds me a Lugia!” he yelled to Skuntank.

Skelly came up to him as well, followed by the other two Watchog. He then slapped the first Watchog across the face. “You idiot, that’s not a Lugia. It’s a baby Mime Jr.” He snatched the paper and read it. “Hmm… Boys, take this one in.”

“But why, boss?”

“Because we’re going to raise it to be evil,” Skelly said with a smirk.


After listening to Watchog’s general stupidity and Skuntank slapping his minions repeatedly for a good twenty minutes, Skelly commanded a Watchog to take the Mime Jr. to the dungeon. Of course, Mime Jr. predicted the brown rodent to botch it, and managed to confuse him into taking him into the planning room. After putting the basket down, the Lookout Pokémon stared at him for five minutes for no reason. It was rather creepy, considering all Watchog had very disturbing eyes. Then, he said plainly, “I’m hungry. I’m gonna make me a sandwich! You don’t move. Bye!” Mime Jr. heard him mutter about a pickle shortage before he was sure he was gone, and then jumped out of the basket.

It was a risky plan, of course. Another Watchog (or Arceus forbid, Skuntank) could casually glance in, blow his cover, and hold him hostage. Also, they weren’t even sure if they kept the schemes here, despite the fact that it was called the “planning room.” Skelly could keep them with him at all times, and that would ruin their whole plan. But luckily, he reached into a bin and pulled out elaborate plans for bombing the local orphanage, just like they had heard. He reached under his hat and pulled out a walkie-talkie. He pressed a button and said into it, “Agent MJ here. Plans discovered. Come for return. Over.”

A crackly voice sounded on the other end. “Agent H here. Received message. Coming for pickup. Over and out.”

After shutting off the walkie-talkie and putting back under his clown hat, he took out a disposable camera from the basket and took a number of photos. With these, they could ambush Skelly before he could set up the bombs and then evacuate the orphanage if he was successful anyway. After taking about fifteen photos, he heard Watchog walking back, munching on a hoagie. He stuffed his camera back under the blanket, put back the plans, and pretended to be asleep.

Watchog walked in, but tripped on a lettuce leaf that fell out of the comically large sandwich. He got back up and dusted himself off, then went up to him. He stuck the other end in his face. “Want some?”

He pulled up the blanket in front of his face, trying to tell him no.

Watchog shrugged. “More for me.”


She would have teleported to make this menial task much faster, except she used up all her teleportation strength bringing Mime Jr. here and getting back. So instead, she turned invisible and transformed into immaterial. That way, she was nearly undetectable. She flew towards the wall of the mansion at high speed and, instead of crashing and going splat, flew unharmed through the thick steel. She chuckled; it was always funny when you did that.

She looked around, and froze when she saw Skuntank and four Watchog, but then remembered that she was invisible. She floated up and watched for a while. The Watchog were apparently putting on a show(and a very lame one at that) that consisted of one climbing on another’s shoulders and then falling onto the other two.

Skelly yawned. “Boring.”

“But wait, boss!” one Watchog yelled. “Watch this! Foresight lasers!”

Foresight? She didn’t stay to watch; instead, she flew as quickly as possible through a wall. Someone using Foresight on her was one of the few fears she still had. It was an odd kind of light that drained ghosts of their energy to make themselves invisible and un-solid for a while, and that while was definitely long enough for them to defeat her.

The Haunter looked around at where she was. A lone Watchog was walking around on a painted circle on the floor, muttering, “Follow the line… Follow the line…” There was an abundance of cheeses, bread, garlic, and spoiled milk, which meant this was the kitchen. She turned around and saw a large, stale baguette. She turned her hands solid(but still invisible), grabbed the bread(which also turned invisible), and whammed the Watchog over the head with it.

She floated through all the other rooms, taking out any Watchog she found with her grain-based weaponry, until she located the room with Mime Jr. She flew in and prepared to strike.


What was taking Agent H so long? He worriedly grasped the camera. What if Skelly had gotten her? That would be extremely bad, as then he’d be stuck behind enemy lines with no way out; at least, not without blowing his cover. He buried his head deeper into the pillow and saw the guard take a chomp out of his sandwich. His stomach grumbled. Maybe he should have taken Watchog up on that offer.

A thwack resounded throughout the room, getting his attention. Watchog’s hoagie was on the floor; the rodent was up against a wall, out cold. Suddenly, Haunter appeared, holding an oddly large piece of bread. “You came!” he exclaimed.

“Yup,” she said proudly. “Now come on, we have to get out of here before Skelly finds-”

“INTRUDERS!” came a yell from down the hall. They turned, and five Watchog were racing towards them, followed by Skelly.

“-us,” she finished meekly. “Get in! We gotta get out of here!” As soon as Mime Jr. was safely in the basket, she took off, turning invisible and into immaterial above their heads. She raced out the door and into a grassy field.

However, though the Watchog were stupid, they could unleash a double-digit IQ in times like this. One of them struck her with Foresight, revealing her and making her solid. She heard a cry of “Dogpile!” and threw Mime Jr. as far ahead as she could before the Watchog tackled her and began biting.

Meanwhile, Mime Jr. had gotten out of the basket and stuffed the camera under his hat. He could tell Skelly was steadily gaining on him, especially when he lost Haunter’s momentum and had to run on his two stubby legs. So instead, he thought of all the times he had seen Pidgeotto fly, and focused on mimicking exactly what he did. Sure enough, he sprouted wings and flapped them rapidly, managing to propel himself forward.

Skelly cursed and knew that he wouldn’t be able to catch up with him. So instead, he launched a white-hot fireball at the Psychic Pokémon. Agent MJ was barely able to dodge, and felt some scorch marks on his pink skin. But then he mimicked it perfectly, the exact temperature, the speed, and how hard it was launched. It slammed into Skelly, blasting him backwards and leaving him horribly burnt.

“Curse you, you devilish trickster! Well, we still have your precious Haunter to hold for ransom! Right, boys?” However, when he turned back, all of the Watchog had passed out. He turned back, and when he saw Haunter back with Mime Jr., he spat out a string of obscenities that would make a pirate faint.


“So,” Mime Jr. asked as he got back in the basket, “how’d you get out?”


The little clown snickered.

She shot him a look. “Not that gas, you idiot.”

“I know, your poison gas.”

“Alright, we’re going to teleport back now.”

“Do we have to?”


Haunter: It can move silently through walls. It can release a noxious gas that can make even a Wailord faint.

Mime Jr.: It can copy anything it has seen perfectly. It has the power to manipulate the emotions of enemies.

15th November 2012, 3:28 AM
The last two have been pretty good. Rufflet was extremely likable, which is hard for an author to do for a violent Pokemon. I thought it was funny that the cute Pokemon was the one that constantly fought and the bug with blades for arms was the gentle one(mostly).

21st November 2012, 5:27 AM
“Adopt me! I want to be evil,”
my goodness this is subtle

“Because we’re going to raise it to be evil,” Skelly said with a smirk.


This too I'd like to see a follow up with. I'd definitely love some callbacks in future entries. Keep up the good work~

25th November 2012, 12:37 AM
@jeffdavid102: Rufflet was very fun to work with. Escavalier is probably one of the most violent Pokemon, and I figured making it nice would be strange.

@Zibdas: Well, if they put "DO NOT MAKE ME EVIL!" the Watchog who noticed it would probably think it wasn't going to work. A callback may be used in a Skuntank entry, or Watchog.

Anyhow, not much to say. There's a glaringly obvious reference here, and that's pretty much it.

Wingull, Reuniclus and Klang

It was an odd sight to some, seeing a rare Pokémon like a Reuniclus on such common beach ground. With their large heads and arms, covered completely by a translucent gel substance, and their small legs that weren't even used for anything, they were certainly an oddity in the Pokémon world. Add in an IQ of over 5,000, on par with the likes of Alakazam, the ability to multiply their intelligence simply by connecting hands, and their intense psychic powers, it was very unusual to see one without a trainer.

Especially not one with a brown, 1940’s fedora atop its head.

However, this one wasn’t a normal Reuniclus. He was on a mission, to discover the secret treasures of King Unreeplai. Though a beach meant play for most Pokémon, it meant business for him. Following the map exactly, he had travelled over vast landscapes, harsh mountains, and gigantic oceans to end up here, where theoretically, the Kingdom of the Gears was. That would lead to the tomb of Unreeplai, where some of the rarest and most valuable treasures were. It had been buried underneath sand thousands of years ago.

He pulled a map out of hammerspace and checked that he was where he should be. He looked around; there was a mountain to the north, an island south-southwest of him, and an infestation of Wingull everywhere. This was definitely the place.

The sound of noisy squawking diverted his attention as he returned the map to hammerspace. He turned around, and saw nothing, but felt a disturbance in his gel. He focused on his ear, and a Wingull was lodged in there. He focused his psychic powers and blasted her out. As soon as she was airborne, she began squawking. “Whoa! I got caught in your jello! Is it lime or something? I haven’t tasted jello before.”

He closed his eyes, determined not to blow his top at this bird. “Please refrain from eating my gel. It’s part of me, and it doesn’t taste like anything. Go away.”

She stayed quiet for a while, the asked, “Hey, what are you doing here? I thought Reuniclus were, like, super-duper rare or something. They liked, like, meditating and stuff. So why are you here?”

He sighed. “It’s secret. I doubt a lesser mind like yours could comprehend it, but better safe than sorry.”

She cawed. “But, I’m, like, ultra-smart! You can tell me! I won’t tell anyone! Seriously! Come on!”

“No,” he said flatly.

She pouted. “If you don’t tell me, I won’t leave you alone.” She reinforced this fact by squawking loudly again, right in his ear.

“Fine! My gosh,” he muttered. “I’m on a quest for the treasures of King Unreeplai. Apparently, his tomb is directly beneath this beach.”

She tilted her head. “Who’s King Unreeplai?”

He smacked his forehead. “I told you, you won’t understand. Now leave me be, or I’ll be forced to attack.”

“No! Tell me more! More! Mo-” However, she cut off midsentence. A lazy human had dropped a half-eaten hot dog on the beach. Her eyelid twitched, the only hint that she was going to snap before she screamed, “FOOOOOOOOD!” and dived for the meat.

All the other Wingull went into a crazed hurry as well, fiercely attacking the other for the food. He gagged. How could they be that desperate that they would resort to eating something so unnatural? It disgusted him; he was a carnivore and did occasionally eat carrion(if he was extremely desperate), but eating a hot dog was like eating a slab of uncooked meat, over-the-top spices, too much salt, three pounds of fat and saturated fat, and a piece of bread you had to pay extra for. Humans could be so stupid.

He tried to pinpoint the exact location of the Kingdom of the Gears, but it was difficult; the waves’ movement, as well as the thick sand and humans, made it very hard. But he found the biggest disturbance was the Wingull’s tussle. He looked over; they were still going strong. He narrowed his eyes, and quickly teleported the tainted meat into his satchel. Not like he’d ever eat it. Just to get them to stop fighting.

It was a while before they realized the hot dog was gone, and went their separate ways. Unfortunately, the one that had been pestering him before came back up to him. “Mister! Tell me more! TELL ME NOW!”

He tightened his fists. “Look, if I give you a hot dog, will you leave?”

Her eyes widened. “Yes.”

He summoned up a swirling mass of nothing, then transformed it into a hot dog. “Here. Now go away!”

“Mine!” she squealed happily, then flew off with the prize in her claws.

“Idiot bird,” he muttered, then began searching again. “Aha, here we are.” He distorted the sand’s mass, turning it to a liquid. He then easily slipped through it, and there he was. In front of him was the Kingdom of the Gears.

However, the “idiot bird” was flying through the air, with an evil smirk on her face. She snapped up the snack quickly, then zoomed back down to report to her superiors.


In the Kingdom, it was surprisingly clean for a place buried under sand. Unfortunately, it was so dark he couldn’t see anything anyway. He took out a Dowsing Machine he had stolen from a trainer, turned it on, and began searching. He found some Nuggets, Fossils, and Rare Bones, but those were commonplace. He was looking for only the rarest treasures. He added them all into his satchel to sell later.

There was something… ominous about this place. All around were solidly ticking gears, keeping a constant, slow rhythm. It was slightly unnerving at first, but then, eventually, it turned soothing. But soon, he detected some distress signals. The rhythm turned odd, a sort of… tick, tock, tickticktick, tick, tock, tickticktick…

He floated over, and saw a pair of gears- one large, and one small- on the floor. A rock was caught in its teeth. It was responsible for the strange beat. It was desperately trying to continue going, as it was moving forward, but then flinching from the rock. He thought for a while, then demolished the pebble telekinetically. The gears suddenly spun rapidly, then got back to a normal pace. It began sputtering out of a mouth he failed to notice previously, then opened an eye. “Wha… What happened?”

He blinked. “You’re alive?”

He moved his body forward, as he couldn’t really bow. “Thanks to you, I am. I was running low on energy, since I couldn’t spin. The other Klink and Klang reenergized me with electricity, but they were running weak too. Thank you eternally. What’s your name?”

He nodded. “The name’s Indiana.”

“Nice to meet you. My name’s Ben. What are you here for? I thought you Psychic kinds preferred sitting around and thinking, not adventuring off to places unknown.”

“Well, I ain’t no normal Reuniclus. I’m here looking for the treasure of King Unreeplai.”

“The treasure of King Unreeplai?” His steel body shuddered. “I thought that secret was lost to history. I’m sorry, but I can’t let you past here. Horrible curses were laid on the gem. Whoever takes it will be doomed to the wrath of King Unreeplai,” Ben said.

“Doomed! Doomed!” echoed the gears all around him. It was unnerving, seeing all these seemingly inanimate gears, who were watching his every move from every angle, talk to him. He shook his head and turned his fedora around.

“Look, you know where the treasure is? I don’t care about some dinky curse. I’m on a quest to get rich, and this is where I’m starting.”

Ben inched backward. “No, I don’t know where it is! Seriously!”

Indiana was unsatisfied with this answer. He focused his psychic powers on Ben and held him in place. He immediately began sputtering and choking. Holding a Klang in position and preventing it from spinning was like grabbing a human around the neck. “Now do you know where it is?”

“Y-yes!” he choked out. “Just l-let me go!”

He released his psychic grip on the gears. “You’re gonna lead me there, got it?”

“Fine,” he said, quivering. “But when you get butt warts, don’t come crying to me. It’s south down this hall. The door is concealed behind a group of Klink, but I can get them to move.” Then he added softly, “Dear Arceus, don’t make me suffer for doing this.”

They pair floated through the hall in silence. Indiana reached into his satchel and found the half-eaten hot dog. “Hey, you hungry?”

Ben briefly glanced back. “Sort of. Why?”

“I have a hot dog in here that I don’t plan on eating. Do you want it?”

He gagged. “Ick! No way, I only eat electricity. How do humans eat that stuff anyway?”

“Finally, someone with some sense.” Indiana shook his head. “Those Wingull on the beach found this rotten thing and actually fought to eat it.”

Ben stopped suddenly, but then started again. “Y-yeah. If anything, they should be fighting on who doesn’t have to eat it.” He chuckled nervously.

Soon, the Klang turned around. “Here. Now wait a sec.” He inserted himself between the Klink, gave a mighty twist, and opened a hidden door. “There’s your treasure. Now do us all a favour and don’t come back again.”

Indiana floated in. It was a grand place, with diamond-encrusted crowns, glistening rubies, and gleaming gold and silver necklaces. In the middle was a dormant Cofagrigus- King Unreeplai. Of course, the Cofagrigus wasn’t the king; it was merely storing his body. He searched around, and quickly found what he had been searching for. The Infinity Orb.

Ben followed him, and when he noticed him about to snatch the sphere, he shocked the Psychic. “Are you crazy? That’ll set off a bunch of booby traps!”

“I know,” he said calmly. Then he held up a hand, where the sand began pouring toward. It morphed into a replica of the Infinity Orb, despite it being golden brown. There was a flash, and suddenly, he was holding the Infinity Orb and the sand ball was in the jeweled plate. “There, that’s done.”

“I still think it’s a bad idea,” he complained. “I’ve heard they employed some super-scary beach Pokémon to attack whoever steals the Infinity Orb.”

“It’s fine, I can fight them off. Let’s go.”

He floated out of the tomb but heard a rumbling from further south. “What the heck?” he yelled. Suddenly, a mass of white and blue swarmed into the room, each with evil red eyes. It took him a while to realize what they were. “Idiot bird,” he growled. “What do you want?”

One Wingull flew up to him, identical to the one he had brushed off earlier. “Simple,” she said. “I want the Infinity Orb, so hand it over.”

“Oh no, miss super-powerful birdy,” he said in a mocking voice. “Please spare me your almighty wrath!” He scoffed. “Yeah, right. Like I’m going to give it up.”

“If you won’t cooperate, we’ll have to take it by force. And you wouldn’t like that.”

“I’m so scared.”

“Uh, Indiana?” asked Ben. “There’s a whole bunch of them. I don’t think we should mess with them.”

“Listen to the sentient gears,” she said. “We need the Infinity Orb to revive the almighty King Acksh Unreeplai, so he will rule forever more!”

“I’ll crush you into Thanksgiving dinner right now.” He tried to squash them with his psychic power, but they didn’t budge. “What the heck?”

She cackled. “Fool! King Unreeplai has made us invincible! We are unhurt by any of your pathetic attacks!”

One came up to her. “Uh, I thought we were weak to Electric moves?”

She slapped him. “Shut up!” Then she turned to him. “Get that Reuniclus!”

At once, all the Wingull began firing streams of bubbles or blades of air. Indiana brought up a protective barrier to shielded him from the onslaught, but he couldn’t keep it up for long. “I’m done for,” he muttered.

Ben suddenly spun faster. “Wait! He said they were weak to Electric attacks, right? Well, watch this!” He spun faster and faster, and then a large bolt of electricity was fired from the center of his large gear. A good portion fell, but just as many came to take their place.

Ben continued zapping electricity, but he just couldn’t get enough to do any reasonably good amount. Whenever a Wingull fell, two new ones took its place. Between zapping the deranged birds, he said to Indiana, “I would have eaten that hot dog if I had known it would be my last meal!”

“Wait… The hot dog! That’s it!” He reached into his bag and pulled out a(slightly green) frankfurter. “Hey! Featherbrains! Look what I got!”

They all gawked in place and stopped attacking.

“Go get it!” he yelled before tossing it. Immediately, all the Wingull began fighting violently for the meat.

“Let’s get out of here!” he yelled. Ben nodded and made a dash for the exit.

As soon as they were comfortably far from the Wingull, Indiana placed the orb in his satchel. “Thanks for that,” he said. “But I’ve seen what this orb can do to a Pokémon. I think I’ll hang on to it for now.”

Ben nodded. “Sure. I have to get back to my clockwork duties. Good luck on your journey!”

He tipped his hat. “You too.”


Reuniclus: Its immense psychic power lets in manipulate mass. It also has the power to reduce a boulder to bits.

Klang: Spinning creates the energy it needs to live. By turning rapidly, it can release a massive electric shock.

Wingull: They fly in humongous flocks over beaches. They fall into a crazed frenzy when food is spotted.

3rd January 2013, 6:56 PM
Ack, it's been so long. Well, I said I would be busy this month, but I've also been hit with a lack of willpower; I have lots of started oneshots, but I've only finished this one. Really, really sorry that I missed ANOTHER major holiday with Christmas.

I hope you guys enjoy this, and please don't hurt me.

Working: Milotic/Pikachu, Sudowoodo, Xatu/Sigilyph/Swoobat
Soon: Spoink/Simisear, Unown, Spinda, Shuppet

Relicanth and Alomomola

In the West Hoenn ocean, many species of Pokémon thrive. Some lived there all their life, like Mantyke, but some were just recently introduced, like Corphish. Big and small, fat and skinny, you could find almost any Water Pokémon in the West Hoenn ocean. Many people stayed near the top of the sea to catch Pokémon, as going much deeper would be inconvenient.

Therefore, the humans had no idea of the evil that lied beneath the waves.

In the darkest depths of the sea, there was an enormous castle of sand. Decorated with seashells, kelp, and odd bits of blue sea glass, it was truly a sight to behold. Powerful Water Pokémon like Whiscash and Sharpedo patrolled it, snapping and attacking any intruders. Inside, there was a force of pure evil, cackling maniacally as he manipulated his unknowing drones into doing whatever he pleased. This being of complete wickedness was recognized by…

…a pink, heart-shaped fish.

Now, to an outsider he may have not seemed like much. However, this Alomomola, named Magnus, was no ordinary Pokémon. Normally, his kind was peaceful and caring, gently taking harmed ocean Pokémon to shore and wrapping them in a mucus that acted as a cure-all. But this one had figured out how to use this special mucus on himself, so he could quickly and easily take enemy attacks and heal them off. This meant he was nearly impossible to defeat, and could slowly but surely take down enemy armies. He had worked his way to the top, and now had absolute control over the deep sea Pokémon.

He resided in the massive sand castle, having many “lesser” aquatic Pokémon like Corsola and Mantine tend to his every need. If they refused him service, either he or one of his cronies would attack and maim them, usually the latter as he didn’t like fighting himself. He had learned many powerful attack techniques as well. He could incinerate foes with blasts of steaming hot water, ram into them and make them flinch, or repeatedly slap them with his fins. His preferred method, though, was simply blasting them out of the castle with high-pressure water.

Of course, many Pokémon viewed him as a dictator and hated him, but what could they do? None of them knew any attacks that could break through his powerful defenses, and even then, he’d simply heal off any attacks and eventually defeat them. Due to this mindset, few Pokémon bothered even attempted fighting him and let him take over their lives. Even if a massive group resisted him, he had more Pokémon to take them on if need be.

His power was almighty and his dominance was unquestioned. What more could you ask for?

However, one day, a certain Pokémon did attempt fighting him. She had dusty brown scales with darker brown splotches; a Relicanth, Pokémon generally associated with longevity. She definitely looked very old, even though she was about twenty-two years old. She had spent a large chunk of that life in meditation, figuring out how to free everyone from this hated Alomomola.

It had happened in a miraculous epiphany. She had seen the perfect way to defeat him. Timing, however, was crucial. Other than that, it was foolproof. She had mastered all the necessary attacks and was prepared to finish this, once and for all. The Relicanth emerged from her cave in the sand to the light of the day, something she hadn’t seen in a long time. She huffed and swam off towards the castle in the distance.

Soon, she was face to face with one of four massive pillars reinforced with nothing more than a bit of driftwood, it would be easy to break. She focused up a Water Pulse attack and compressed it, making it rather like a time bomb. She carefully placed it at the base of the wall, and swam away to the next tower. After putting all four Water Pulses around the castle, it was time for the confrontation.

The massive doors inside were guarded by a pair of Wailmer. They bounced up and down, seemingly asleep. But as she approached, they suddenly opened their eyes and stared at her. “Who goes there?” one shouted.

“It’s just little old me,” she said, putting on her best old-grandmother voice. “I’m here to see King Magnus.”

They regarded her suspiciously. “Why?” asked one. “Do you have assassination plans?”

I wish, she thought. What she said was, “No, no. You see, I adopted him when he was just a little fish, but he’s always hated me. I believe my time is coming soon, so I’d like to say one last goodbye to him.”

“Hmm…” the larger Wailmer thought aloud. “Well, okay. But try anything funny, and your time will come unnaturally fast.”

“Thank you,” she said as they opened the door. She swam in slowly, so the Wailmer would suspect anything, but as soon as she was out of their sight, she darted forward. Okay, she was in. Now came the hard part. She actually had to surprise attack Magnus in order for him to attack her. Then, she had to dodge and the ensuing chaos would hopefully set off the Water Pulses, collapsing the castle and, while he was stunned, letting her repeatedly attack with Head Smash until she had rubbed off all his healing mucus, at which point she could soundly defeat him. She gulped in nervousness, but carried on.

She dashed behind a large lump of sand and scanned the area for any signs of narcissistic pink fish. She spotted him suddenly, nibbling at some kelp brought in by a Remoraid. The gray fish looked at him fearfully, then breathed a sigh of relief when he dismissed her. His back was turned as he ate the seaweed. It was now or never. She dashed at him and smashed her head into his body.

The rest happened so fast, it seemed like a blur. He screamed in pain, then turned and fired off a Hydro Pump. She swam out of the way and rammed into him again, getting some of his slime on her forehead. He roared and spit out another Hydro Pump, narrowly missing the Relicanth but striking the base of his castle. That attack was more than enough to set off the Water Pulses she had set up before. One of the tall towers crumbled and fell like the useless pile of sand it was. The Pokémon, including Magnus, panicked and tried to run away, but Relicanth bit onto one of his fins and prevented his escape, while also rubbing off a bit more mucus.

Soon, the other three pillars crashed down, burying the pair in sand. Relicanth suddenly pulled him and herself out of the sand and began smacking him with Head Smash, continually rubbing off slime. He was too stunned at the loss of his castle to react; at least, until she dealt a blow to his eye, when he squealed and swam away. He was covered in bruises and was badly hurt, but focused. He tried to get his mucus to activate, but nothing happened. He suddenly realized all of his mucus was gone. He found out where, as well, when the Relicanth came up to him, glimmering in the sunlight from his healing slime.

He wanted nothing more than to beat the fish silly, but he felt so weak that he merely fell into the sand. His previous servants now surrounded him, giving him angry looks. He was suddenly grabbed by a Whiscash's whisker. The blue Pokémon didn't seem very happy. “You've been a real annoyance to all of us, Magnus. I think I have the right to say you aren't king of the ocean any longer.”

“Are you going to kill me?” he asked meekly.

“No, I think you've gotten more than a taste of your own medicine, thanks to this young lady right here,” he said, motioning towards Relicanth. “However, we have a special place in the prison that you made for someone as demented as you.”

He wanted to argue, but fell limp and was easily carried off to the jail. A Wailmer she recognized as the guard from before came up to her. “Thank you, miss Relicanth, for defeating King Magnus. Is there anything we can do to repay you?”

“No, I’m fine. He threw my parents into prison, so I just wanted to rid everyone of that pain in the behind. Thanks for the offer, though.”

From that day, Relicanth became known as Hero of the Deep, and eventually had a memorial statue put up in her honour. As for Magnus, well… that’s a secret lost to history.


Relicanth: They have lived for over one hundred million years. It is favoured as a symbol for a long life.

Alomomola: It is wrapped in a mucus that can cure any wound. It caresses injured Pokémon and bring them to shore, where it takes care of them.

4th January 2013, 2:47 AM
An evil tyrant. "shiver" Oh wait, his name is Christopher. I don't know, but the plainness of that name just completely makes it impossible to take him seriously. I mean, it is funny that a pink heart-shaped fish is the tyrant, but either do an evil name or just overall strange/funny name. Christopher is so.....blah. Other than your name choice, I did like this section with your unconventional use of moves and Alomomola's healing ability.

4th January 2013, 5:12 PM
Wow, I'd forgotten how good these were! :) But like jeffdavid102 said, Christopher just doesn't seem like a normal name for an evil tyrant. Still, great job with this one.

5th January 2013, 2:29 AM
I enjoyed it!

I have to agree with the others though...Christopher isn't the most intimidating name of the planet. It just makes me think of that boy on Winnie the Pooh.

The description was well done, and the story was an interesting one. I would have waited to reveal Relicanth's plan though. After I read that, I knew exactly what was coming.

Keep up the good work! And you can likely guess what Pokemon I'm to request next... :)



Just kidding Sceptile :D

Trickster Zorua
5th January 2013, 9:28 PM
I request you something, Zorua and Zoroark! 8D

Awesome One-shots though! ^^ I'm considering also making such PokéDex One-Shots with all 649 pokés! ;P

6th January 2013, 5:43 PM
These are AWESOME!i love it how you just take random pokes and make an epic story out of them.

6th January 2013, 7:03 PM
Off topic: I think this is the most comments I've ever gotten for an individual oneshot...

@everyone: Sorry for the bad evil tyrant name. We're renovating and we moved the computer, so I had to think of something fast. I'll change it to Magnus now, because I think that's a better name.

@jeffdavid102: Yeah, I had the "evil Alomomola" idea in my head for a while... Relicanth was In Process so I figured why not?

@charizarddude: Thanks! And Christopher is a really blah name...

@SceptileFan: Hm, maybe you're right. I'm probably not gonna go back and change it, but you have a point.

@Trickster Zorua: Sounds cool. I'll add Zorua and Zoroark alongside Sceptile.

@emBORING!: Thanks a lot! I seem to be a lot better at writing for random Pokemon though, like today's.

This was inspired by an episode of Almost Naked Animals(I'm immature, sue me).

Milotic, Pikachu and Kingler

Out of all Pokémon trainers, few were more famous than Red of Pallet Town. His trusty sidekick, Pika the Pikachu, was always there for him when he needed it most. He had thwarted Team Rocket with Pika and his other Pokémon. He was known for taking on anyone who asked and taking training seriously. Many novice trainers looked up to him as their hero. And right now, this world-famous trainer, who had defeated the Elite Four, the Champion, and was known for taking care of some of the world’s strongest Pokémon, was…

…relaxing at the beach.

On the grounds that “everyone needs a break,” Red had packed his bags with sunscreen, beach balls, and lawn chairs, and headed off to the beach in Sinnoh for some sun, sand and surf. With him was, of course, his trusty Pikachu, who had slathered on generous amounts of suntan lotion in the hopes that, by the end of the day, he could trick people into thinking he was shiny. Also by his side was a rarity of a Pokémon, a Milotic. This Milotic- named Jacob- had been lent to him by Wallace of the Hoenn region, because when he had been received, he had been very sick. Wallace hoped he could cure the poor Pokémon.

That was around three months ago. Now, the Milotic was looking very healthy, and was planned to be returned to Wallace in a week’s time. For now, Red had figured a little vacation couldn’t hurt. It was a perfect beach day too- the sun was shining, the sand was warm, and the waves were gently lapping against the beach. It was time for some rest and relaxation.
“Alright, gang, we’re here!” Red said as he took out the folding chair from his bag and promptly opened it up.

“<Yay! The beach! I love the beach. It’s so nice and warm today!>” Pika cheered. He went in the bag to grab a beach umbrella, but it slipped out of his greasy hands and fell on his head. “<Ow…>”

“<I think you should stick to grabbing the towels, Sergeant Butterfingers,>” said Jacob as he grabbed the umbrella with his tail and stuck it in the sand.

“<Thanks, Jacob,>” said Pika. He went back in the bag and pulled out a multi-coloured beach ball, but like the umbrella before it, it slipped out of his over-lotioned paws and flew into the air. He turned it into a game by bouncing it on his head and tail. “<Whee! This is fun!>”

Red rubbed the Pikachu on his head. “I’m glad to see you’re having fun already. Who’s got the sunscreen?”

“<I do,>” Jacob said. Then he glanced over at the yellow rodent. “<Just don’t let him have any.>”

Red took the cream-coloured bottle from him and put a blob on his hands. He rubbed them together, and then began scrubbing the Milotic. “This ought to keep you protected from the sun. It’s gonna be a scorcher today.”

“<Thanks,>” Jacob said appreciatively as he lowered his head so the human could get more sunscreen near his face.

Pika put away his beach ball as Red finished coating Milotic with the cream. “<Red, I’m hungry,>” he said, patting his belly. “<Can we have a sandwich?>”

Jacob brought his tail to his chin. “<Now that you mention it, I’m feeling rather peckish myself. I doubt a mere sandwich now would ruin our lunch.>”

Red looked at the two, then laughed. “Sure, let’s open up the picnic lunch I made.” He went over to his bag and opened it up. He ruffled through some items and began grumbling to himself. He moved the other items faster. “Where is it?!” he shouted suddenly.

“<Red, did you leave it at home?>” scolded Pika accusingly.

“I left the basket at home,” he muttered.

“<Aw…>” Pika whined. “<But I’m really hungry!>”

“Don't worry, guys. I’ll get some food for you.” Then he looked around. “Why don't you two explore for a bit? That'll get your minds off food.”

“<'Kay…>” Pika said. Then he scampered off.

Red noticed the Milotic hadn't budged. “Why don’t you go play with Pika?”

Jacob snorted. “<I’d much rather stay here and sunbathe.>”

He shrugged. “Okay, whatever. I’m going to go see if there’s an ice cream stand anywhere around here.” The he left, leaving Jacob alone to guard the rest of their supplies.


“<Ooh, pretty shell,>” Pika mused, picking up a nice pink-and-orange swirled shell that presumably once held a Dwebble. He then tossed it in the ocean, where it made a small splash before disappearing beneath the waves. Then he ran back across the shoreline, looked for something interesting.

Soon, he found a round, flat stone, perfect for skipping. He had seen Red do it a bunch of times and he wanted to try too. He grabbed the rock and angled it slightly, then took a step back. He was about to toss it, when something grabbed his tail. He threw the rock upwards in surprise; it landed behind him and hit something. That something cried out “<Ow!>”

He turned around. There was a massive crab rubbing its head with its smaller claw; the other one looked like it was bigger than the body. It was a Kingler. He had seen some before. “<Hey, what was that for?>” he fumed angrily.

It focused on him. “<You have big tail.>”

“<Yeah, so?>”

“<We need big tail to put in volcano. Volcano no get tail, volcano go boom. We no have tail. You have very big tail.>”

Pika took a step back. “<Your point..?>” he said, hoping it wasn't what he thought it was.

“<We cut off tail,>” it said, snapping its larger claw for emphasis.

“<That’s what I thought,>” he said weakly. Then, without hesitation, he ran off screaming. “<You’ll have to catch me first, you kooky Kingler!>” he yelled back.

“<Hey! Come back!>” the Kingler said angrily. “<We attack you! Go!>”

Suddenly, at least twenty Kingler popped out of the sand. “<You no get away!>” they chanted. They all began crawling towards him sideways, as if they were dragging their bigger claw. Pika turned around and began charging up a Thunderbolt, but was stopped short was they spat mud at him, making him unable to use electricity. He gulped and ran.

He spotted Jacob resting on the beach. “<Jacob! Jacob! Help!>” he screamed, trying to avoid the snapping pincers.

The Milotic woke with a start. “<Pika? PIKA!>” he yelled, lowering his neck so the rodent could get on.

“<Where's Red?>” Pika asked, panic in his voice.

“<He went to get some ice cream. What did you do?>”

“<I didn't do anything! I was skipping stones and then this Kingler came up to me and said it was gonna cut off my tail and throw it in the volcano and then I ran and I tried to shock them but they made me muddy and they said they have to get a really big tail in the volcano or it’ll blow up!>”

“<That’s wonderful, Pika, but did it ever occur to you that I’m ALL TAIL?>”

“<Uh, yeah,>” he said nervously. “<That’s why I came to you…>”

“<You idiot! I’m gonna…>” Jacob yelled before he noticed they were surrounded by Kingler.

The Kingler who had snapped at Pika before came up to them. She stopped when she noticed Jacob, then nodded her head trying to get his full height. “<Hmm… Okay. Ignore fat ugly rabbit. Get pretty snake thing!>”

“<Ugly?!>” Pika roared. However, he was quickly knocked off Jacob’s head as the Milotic was attacked. More Kingler, wielding thick rope, appeared and bound Jacob’s body to the point that he couldn't move. They dragged him away into the forest as some Kingler beat up Pika. When all was done, Pika was battered and bruised and Jacob was gone.

“<…that hurt,>” said Pika lamely. Then he looked around. “<Arceus dang it, they got Jacob! I’ll have to get him back somehow…>”

Something caught his attention. A discarded Kingler shell, minus the claws. He dashed over and put it on. It fit perfectly. He stuffed his tail in the back because Kingler “no have tail.” He ran around a bit, practicing his crabwalk, before finding a pair of shells that resembled claws. He put them on his paws. A more intelligent Pokémon would have realized right away he was an imposter, but he had a fair chance with the Kingler.

He followed their footsteps back into the forest, where he saw Jacob tied down and the Kingler leader(he assumed) trying to figure out where to cut him to separate body from tail. He made to approach the Tender Pokémon, but he was stopped short. Another Kingler was standing in front of him. “<You no look like normal Kingler…>”

“<But I normal! Normal Kingler are me!>” Pika said desperately.

“<One way to find out. We do bonk test.>” Then he raised his smaller claw and smashed him over the head with it.


“<Okay. You say ‘ow.’ You real Kingler. But master must do bonk test too. In case.>” He dragged along Pika to the leader, who was thankfully still having problems about where Jacob should be cut.

They were going to bonk him again? Pika got an idea. He made static electricity run all over his body and the shell. The Kingler who was leading him talked to the master, who then nodded and hit him with her claw. She screamed as the electricity shocked her and fell over. Then Pika took off the shell. “<Fooled you, dumb crabs!>” he yelled before trying to untie Jacob.

“<Ugh…>” said the leader. “<Get… him…>”

The Kingler all began attacking Pika, who fended them off with Iron Tail or Thunderbolt. But there were too many, and the leader was back in action after one of the crabs fed her a White Herb. So Jacob himself decided to interfere. He let off a warm aura from his body that struck Pika and the Kingler. They stopped fighting, instead looking more confused. “<Uh… What we doing?>” the leader asked.

“<You were going to set me free and take us to your berry stash,>” put in Jacob.

“<Oh… okay.>” The Kingler used their larger claws to cut open the rope, although to them it was probably like cutting a piece of wet origami paper. Then they left and told them to follow them. However, he noticed Pika was crab walking.

He slapped him across the face. “<You’re not a Kingler,>” he hissed.

Pika awoke from the daze. “<Oh. Oh! Yeah. Thanks.>” He then grabbed Jacob’s horn and watched from above.

Soon, they arrived at a huge berry bush, where Pika and Jacob grabbed as many Bluk Berries as possible before leaving. “<Thanks again!>” Jacob called back.

“<You welcome…>” the leader said, still affected by the aura.

After a few minutes, the Kingler woke up from the state of stupidity they were in. “<Wait! What happen?>” asked the leader.

“<Ugly rabbit and pretty snake get away,>” one of them put in glumly.



Red returned soon after their endeavors with the Kingler tribe. “Sorry, guys, I couldn't find an ice cream vendor- Pika!” he exclaimed. “What happened? You’re all scratched up and bruised, and there are bits of red shell in your fur! And Jacob! You look like you have- rope burn? How is that even possible? And where'd you guys get all these berries? What happened while I was gone?”

Pika turned to Jacob, then shrugged. “<Some things you just can't explain.>”


Pikachu: It can cause powerful electricity to run across its body, so even a touch can leave you frazzled.

Milotic: In times of strife, it releases a calming pulse from its body that causes people and Pokémon to lose the will to fight.

Kingler: Its larger claw is very powerful, but also very heavy. They walk sideways due to the claw’s massive weight.

7th January 2013, 7:03 AM
I think Christopher is a name far more fitting, myself. Reminds me of the dictator of Pooh and friends.

Anyway, sorry for not being able to read for so long. Silly Winter Holidays. Regardless, I have finally caught up, and by the name of ham, it was amazing and many laughs were had. Thank you~!

10th January 2013, 10:44 PM
Pretty funny. Let's hope Heatran does not get too angry because he didn't get his big tail

28th January 2013, 12:44 AM
Just a note- due to my computer being stupid, it has deleted everything I have written and also, apparently, Microsoft Word. Thus, this thread will be on hiatus until further notice.

@Zibdas- Well, can't please everyone :3 Also, thanks and sorry for the long wait(and me telling you guys about this about two weeks after it actually happened...)

@jeffdavid102- Hopefully not. Then again, if he is, we can outrun him. He only gets Eruption with a Quiet nature.

10th February 2013, 9:14 PM
So, we're finally back! Microsoft Word is up and running, so, I got another story for you guys. I'm also writing a little something for Valentine's Day (I promise you guys I won't forget again).

PS: I know Sceptile was supposed to be, like, last, but I had a good idea.

Working: Sudowoodo, Xatu/Sigilyph/Swoobat
Soon: Spoink/Simisear, Unown, Spinda, Shuppet, Zorua/Zoroark

Sceptile and Darumaka

One of his duties as king of the jungle was to survey his territory and break up any disputes. This was possibly the Sceptile’s least favourite activity, but it was all part of the fame that came with being the Ruler of the Amazon. He had other Pokémon to do more tedious business, like sorting out conflicts over certain areas of land, but making sure his land was peaceful was something he and he alone could do. To other Pokémon, having the ability to stop a fight with a single word would have been amazing, but to Edmund, it was merely boring routine.

With a sigh, he reluctantly crawled out of his comfortable nest onto the cold, hard ground. A shudder went through his body as he landed. The days were turning and the sun’s all-important warmth was lessening. He would have liked to spend the entire day lazing around in his treetop nest, absorbing as much sunlight as possible, but of course he had to do this first. He walked over to the river, cupped his hands, and splashed his face with the ice-cold water. It woke him up fully. He shivered and shook off the water droplets. Now that he wasn’t half-asleep, he carefully made his way across the river by jumping on stepping stones. The river, in actuality, wasn’t deep, but it was frigid. He did this so he didn’t have to freeze his feet off every morning.

After crossing the River of Ice-Cold Death (which was what Edmund called it due to its extreme temperature), the green Pokémon grabbed an old oak tree and climbed up. Holding on with one hand, he looked out over the Amazon in all its glory. The Whirlipede tribe was holding a race as planned for yesterday, some of the Kakuna were evolving and taking flight, the Aipom group was getting some berries for their newest litter; everything seemed to be in order.

However, that assumption was proven wrong when a Ninjask (or, as they’d come to be known around here, a Ninny-jask) flew by, screaming, “A shooting star! A shooting star crashed and it’s coming for us! Save yourselves! Build a barricade! DO SOMETHING!” Then he flew off into the forest, screaming out more nonsense.

“Ridiculous,” Edmund muttered to himself. “How could a shooting star crash? It’s insane…” However, he heard more screaming from the Aipom and Kakuna. Even the Whirlipede had stopped their race and were looking on in fear. He turned his head, and saw a red-and-blue streak race by, screaming in a high-pitched voice. A blue tail flame seemed to be propelling it forward. It was zooming dangerously close to the river. Worst of all, this was when many parent Pokémon took their young to get a drink. A collision would be inevitable.

He couldn’t let that happen. Calling up all his strength, he leapt from the tree and raced through the canopy to catch the fireball. It wasn’t easy, though. The little spark was moving insanely fast. He knew he could catch it; he just wasn’t sure how. But he remained undeterred, and continued getting ever-closer to the so-called shooting star.

When it was in range of his grab, his adrenaline pumped him up and he leapt forward. He tackled the strange object and, taking care to avoid the tail flame, he picked it up. This was certainly a Pokémon- he just wasn’t sure how much was alive. The top part was round and red with a circular orange nose that was screaming like crazy. The bottom half looked like a human thing. It was blue with three pairs of small wheels and three straps that felt scratchy on one side and soft on the other. He grabbed the top part and started pulling, but the Pokémon part was stuck tight. That was partly his fault. He couldn’t get a good grip on the skate because of the fire.

An idea struck him suddenly. He jumped over to the river and dipped the blue flame in the water. It was doused immediately, but the Pokémon was still screaming. He managed to pull it out; it had four stubby limbs with three yellow circles on its belly, and it was very hot to the touch. It didn’t seem dangerous, just traumatized. He decided to take it back to his nest and see what he could do. He started crossing the river, but the Pokémon slipped out of his arm and fell into the stream. An immense cloud of steam rose from the water, proving the Pokémon was a Fire-type.

When he picked it up out of the water, it seemed to be asleep. It retracted its limbs into its body and closed its eyes. It was snoring soundly. Its fur was also much cooler than it was before. He sighed, dried it off with the leaves on his arms, and brought it to his canopy nest. He placed it in the middle where it looked uncannily like an egg. He poked it, and it wobbled before coming to a standstill again. He flicked it, but couldn’t get it to wake up. He placed his hand on its head in an exasperated fashion, but felt warmth. He retracted his hand and saw it wake up.

It blinked its eyes, then looked up to him. “Hello!” it said. “My name’s Dorian. I’m a Darumaka. Who’re you?”

“Edmund,” he started, but before he could finish, she interrupted.

“Edmund? Cool. Do you live here? It’s so high up. I come from a laboratory. Ooh, a pretty butterfly! In the lab, they use us for tests on items. I was testing the rocket skate! It’s super-duper awesomely fast! I broke a window and then ended up here! Then you caught me! It’s so pretty! I like hamburgers! Do you have hamburgers? That cloud looks like an explosion! I was in an explosion once! It was fun!” As she spoke, she got progressively faster and faster, and her speech turned into a garbled jumble of unintelligible sounds. Her final words were, “Where does this go?” before she hopped off the edge of the nest and slammed onto the ground. Good thing, too. Edmund felt like he was going to snap.

He jumped down to check on her. When he picked her up, she was cool again, but she was rapidly warming up. “Hey, do you have any rocket skates?” she asked when she came to.


“Oh, well do you have any Grass Gems?”


“Eject Buttons?”


“Rocky Helmets? Red Cards? Absorb Bulbs? Cell Batteries? Float Stones?” Her voice was speeding up again.


“Oh well that’s a real shame because you could definitely use them especially that last one because you’re getting sort of pudgy and at the lab we have all of that stuff and it’s really cool and they give us Pokémon food that’s one hundred percent not real meat and it tastes like old shoes and did you know old shoes taste good because they’re really delicious and you should try one and I want a shoe-”

“I have to find some way to shut her up,” Edmund muttered through her rambling.

“-and we have a special rainbow in the lab that makes you purple when you touch it and oh! I could use a bath with little rubber Psyduck and a waterproof toaster that doesn’t make toast because it makes waffles and I think it should be called a waffler but the scientists don’t think so and I like pretty yellow fire trucks and they come to the lab a lot because stuff explodes a lot like the waterproof waffler-”

The only thing Edmund could make out was “I could use a bath.” Didn’t she fall asleep when he put her in water? She’d wake up again eventually, but it would grant him a bit of peace and quiet. He walked over to the river and began dipping her in it. However, when she was about halfway submerged, her speech slowed down to a normal conversation speed. When he dunked her deeper, she talked in an unnaturally slow voice. He took her out of the steaming water, and her annoying high-pitched voice returned. He put her half underwater again. “I like you best like this,” he told her.

“Really? I find one of my endearing qualities is my hyperactivity,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, not so much with me. As I was saying, my name is Edmund Von Rosario the Sixth. I’m widely recognized as the King of the Amazon. All who reside here know and respect me.”

“Were there actually five other Edmund Von Rosarios in your family, or is that just for royalty value?” she asked.

His eyes widened. No one had ever asked him that before, and to be honest, he wasn’t even sure. “Er, well, you see… So! Where’s this lab of yours?”

“It’s over that way,” she said, pointing to the west.

“Well, I’ll get a group of Pokémon to take you back as soon as possible.”

“No!” she shouted suddenly. He turned back; she was quivering ever so slightly. “The scientists will be very mean to me if they find out I broke the rocket skate. Could I stay here? Please?” she asked, doing her best adorable face.

He wanted to say no. He wanted to say he had had enough of hyperactive red circles. But… something was nagging at him, telling him to give her a chance. “Well,” Edmund started, but suddenly, he slipped on a spot of mud. Falling face-first into the water, he expected it to be freezing, but it was actually quite warm. Was this her doing? Hmm. “Okay, you can make your home here. But make sure you don’t take someone else’s den, alright?”

“Yay!” she cheered. In her happiness, Edmund smiled. Maybe having her around wouldn’t be so bad after all.


Sceptile: Its speed and agility are unmatched in the jungle. Many forest Pokémon respect this noble species.

Darumaka: Its inner fire is intensely hot, so it radiates heat. When the flame goes out, it curls up and falls asleep.

15th February 2013, 4:40 PM
Yes! I know I'm a day late, but I did get one up for Valentine's Day! Woohoo!

This was originally going to involve a Sudowoodo, a Wormadam, and plenty of barf, but Valentine's Day is a day for calmness and happiness. That story will show up later.

Oh, and today's story is shorter, but it's still good, I think.

Working: Sudowoodo, Xatu/Sigilyph/Swoobat
Soon: Spoink/Simisear, Unown, Spinda, Shuppet, Zorua/Zoroark


It was a quiet day in Unova’s Route 4. The route was covered in half-completed buildings, ancient ruins, and massive sand dunes. Usually, the desert was bustling with activity, be it from new trainers, workers, or people coming from Join Avenue. Today, however, there were very few- if any- people walking around. Even the trainers seemed to be staying at Castelia City or Nimbasa City, the cities on either side of the route. Of course, today was February 14th- Valentine’s Day. Thus, not a lot of people wanted to be pelted by flying grains of sand when they could be home with family and friends.

This, however, was noted as unusual by a group of Darmanitan, who stood motionless in front of the beat-up entrance to an ancient castle. Darmanitan were normally fearsome Pokémon, ape-like in appearance with two long, powerful arms, flaming eyebrows, bright red fur, and a massive smile. However, these four were different. Instead of bright red fur, their bodies were covered in cold, grey-blue stone. Their arms were pulled into their bodies, and their huge hands rested on the side of their heads. Their eyebrows were no longer of fire, rather consisting of a simple swirl. And the huge smile was replaced by a face of mere indifference.

Though the Fire Pokémon had never been given formal names, they decided to give each other names, going by the simple and easy-to-remember Z1, Z2, Z3, and Z4. They were thought to be statues by most, since they rarely ever moved. However, they actually enjoyed conversing with each other by way of telepathy. They talked about anything they happened to observe, since they had much higher intelligence than most Pokémon, or most Darmanitan for that matter. They had stood guard for this castle for who knows how long, driving away intruders with small bursts of psychic energy.

The Darmanitan, however, had no idea of the holiday, despite the fact that all the Scraggy, Sandile, Trapinch, and even Sigilyph were celebrating with loved ones. As such, they spent most of the day wondering where all the humans had gone.


Quiet today, noted Z1, as a veil of sand whipped up around them.

Agreed, added Z3. There are usually plenty of humans for us to observe.

The humans are odd creatures. Perhaps they are avoiding the sand? There seems to be an excess of it today, telepathed Z4.

Still, that hasn’t stopped them before. Remember that child who arrived here during one of our fiercest sandstorms? said Z2.

Oh yes, I remember him. But he came here by way of a Swanna using Fly, if I remember correctly, said Z3.

Brace for impact, Z1 said suddenly. All four Darmanitan shut their eyes tightly, and suddenly- WHAM!- a Scraggy flew out of nowhere and crashed its bulky head into Z4. However, he took the headbutt with no ill effects. A second Scraggy- this one female- came chasing after him. After assuring that the first one hadn’t been hurt, the two hugged and scampered off.

Most of the Pokémon here seem to be courting today, observed Z4.

Odd, stated Z2. What makes today any different?

Perhaps the humans are out courting as well, mentioned Z1. That would be the most logical explanation.

I’ve heard from some of the local Sigilyph that the humans call today “Valentine’s Day,” Z3 said. It is a day where love and kindness is celebrated, and where people put aside their differences to be friends.

Why haven’t we heard of this day before? questioned Z1.

Perhaps it’s due to our sparse interaction with humans, suggested Z2.

But we observe them nearly every day, commented Z3.

Well, the other Pokémon are actually battled by humans, whereas not a lot of the humans even know we’re alive. They can also go along with the humans, but if they threw a Poké Ball at one of us, it would merely bounce off, Z4 stated.

Look, there’s two now, said Z1.

Indeed, a pair of humans were walking towards the four Darmanitan. One was male, with short, spiky hair that continued over his sun visor. The other was female, with her hair in two bun shapes and a long ponytail falling down from each. The female was giggling softly as she walked alongside the male. They looked incredibly happy to be in each other’s company.

These humans seem to be in love with each other as well, telepathed Z2.

Apparently, commented Z3. But why would they come here? There’s even more sand now that the wind’s picked up.

Listen, they’re talking, said Z1.

“I know how much you’ve wanted one of these guys,” said the male, “but apparently they’re impossible to catch unless you wake them up.”

“Yeah, I heard that too…” said the female, a tinge of sadness in her voice.

“Well, I’ve found out a way to wake them up,” he said.

The girl looked up and grinned ear to ear. “Really?!” she squealed. Then she hugged the male. “Oh, you’re the best, Nate!”

The one called Nate smiled back, then reached into his bag. He pulled out what seemed to be just an ordinary chocolate bar. “I found out using this will wake up the Darmanitan by giving it energy.” He unwrapped the bar and walked over to the four Pokémon.

Z1 sniffed the air. Oh, that does smell delicious.

Indeed, said Z3. It looks like Z2 is going to be the lucky one to eat it, though; he’s heading towards him.

Z2 watched carefully as the chocolate bar was waving in front of his mouth. Guys, help me out here! Should I go?

Of course, said Z4. You always wanted to explore, right? Here’s your chance.

That was all Z2 needed to hear. He quickly wolfed down the chocolate bar, and felt himself changing shape. In a burst of flames, he exploded back into his original fiery form. “<Oh yeah!>” he exclaimed, not using telepathy anymore. “<This feels good!>”

“Go, Samurott!” called the male human. In a burst of light, a massive blue sea lion appeared. It quickly unsheated the sword-like shell on its arm and waved it around menacingly.

The battle was fearsome. Z2 continually punched and kicked the Samurott, but it never had much effect. Meanwhile, the Samurott’s Water attacks did massive damage. However, Nate knew that he couldn’t weaken the Darmanitan too much, or it would revert back into its statue form. Once he believed it was adequately weakened, he threw a Great Ball at it. It shook three times, but then exploded.

What was it like in there? asked Z4, intrigued.

“<It was really cool!>” shouted Z2. “<There was lots of room to run around and lots of stuff to light on fire!>”

So? Do you think you want to go with this human? asked Z1.

“<Yeah, yeah! Definitely!>” Just then, another Poké Ball struck Z2. aThis time, it shook thrice and clicked, meaning he had been caught.

Nate went over and picked it up. “Here, Rosa,” he said. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Rosa, the female, hugged Nate. “Thank you so much! I love you!”

Nate blushed and patted her on the back. “Don’t mention it.” The two then walked off, even happier than when they had arrived.


Do you think they’ll treat Z2 well? wondered Z4 as the sun began to set.

Hopefully, put in Z1. They seemed like very kind humans.

Do you think we’ll ever find love? asked Z3.

Z1 made a movement that suggested he would have shrugged, if he had shoulders. You never know, Z3. You never know.


Darmanitan: When in normal form, these Pokémon are hyperactive and excitable. In their statue form, they are calm and rarely move.