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Latias Prime
13th June 2012, 10:33 PM
Yep, another Pokémon/Transformers crossover, written by your truly. And before you say "This is the stupidest idea in the history of fan-fiction", or "How the hell are you going to make this work?", let me explain something.

The 2007 live-action Transformers movie was what got me back into the Transformers franchise after a four-year hiatus. When I first saw the movie I was like "Wow, this is so mind-bendingly awesome!", but after I re-watched it a few times I noticed that there were a few problems. Mainly the humans who got in the way of the Autobots and Decepticons character development. It's understandable, given how it's like a two hour movie, that the writers would want to have more of a focus on the humans and their personalities, but the robots got the short end of the deal, especially the Decepticons. There really wasn't a deep, hidden message that was conveyed either, other than the generic good-will-always-triumph-over-evil.

The solution? Write a fan-fic that explores the robots unique personalities, and told a story about a young girl who undergoes a life-changing experience, and is forced to rise above her current position and become a hero. The idea to make it a Pokémon crossover just was a silly idea at first, but later I began to see how the mythology of the Pokémon world could fit in with the mythology of the Transformers movie, especially in the sequels. Yes, this will be the first story in a trilogy of fan-fics based on the Bayformers movies (Note: Bayformers is what TF fans sometimes call the live-action movie directed by Michael Bay).

Rated PG-13 for language, fantasy violence, mild suggestive themes and implied drug and alcohol use.


It is May 24, 2007. The inhabitants of the small town of Tranquility, California are puzzling over a strange enigma: The wild Pokémon of the town are missing, along with a scientist from the local research center. When a young Trainer is found dead in the forest that surrounds the town, his corpse torn apart by an unknown creature, the mystery only deepens. Who, or what, could have caused the horrific death of an innocent young man, and where are the Pokemon and missing researcher?

Sennie Zephyr, a wild, rough loner, is more focused on training her Pokémon and her job then the mystery of the forest. Still, she feels a little apprehensive when her employer asks her to run an errand that takes her through the woods. But Sennie is a mostly fearless young lady, and if it means getting paid she’s willing to do anything, even travel through the forest on a dark, moonless night. Besides, there’s no such thing as monsters, right?


Suddenly Sennie finds herself under attack from a bizarre creature, only to saved by a robot of advanced, alien design. Now her world has been turned upside down, and Sennie is forced to re-evaluate what she thought she knew about her family, her life, and everything humans know about the cosmos. For she holds the key to an ancient power, one that could either save the planet she loves so dearly, or destroy Earth entirely.

The wings of destiny are beginning to unfold. This story is about how one girl found her wings and learned to fly.

Prologue: The calm before the storm

Music:Welcome to the Research Center! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZlXDrKAD9k)

You are walking down the corridors of a research lab, following a man in a white lab coat. As you walk you take stock of your surroundings: white, featureless walls, green and yellow floor tiles that have been scrubbed clean, and heavy steel doors, some with the words “Keep Out”, “Danger” or “Staff Only” written on them in large, red letters. The smell of disinfectant clouds you nostrils.

Nervously you shift your backpack so that it’s more comfortable. Today is the day you get your first Pokémon and start down the path to becoming a Pokémon Master. You got here late, though, and now you’re wondering if the Professor still has the Pokémon you picked out earlier.

“Here we are!” your guide exclaims happily, opening up a door and waving you inside. “Go on in, Professor Zephyr won’t bite!”

You go inside and find a big room full of machines, large bookshelves and computer monitors. In the center is a short round pillar with a glass dome on top, and over it, looking down through the glass, stands a tall, thin man. His hair is grayish-blue and short, ending in a neat line above his round glasses, and if you had to guess, you would put his age at around fortyish. His lab coat, worn over a red undershirt and black slacks, is clean and unstained. He looks up as you enter the room and gives you a friendly smile. “Well hello there!” he says cheerfully, coming over and shaking your hand. “Professor Kyle Zephyr, head geneticist and researcher here at the Pokémon Research Center of Tranquility, California. And you must be, um…who are you again?” he asks, confusion clouding his face a bit. “Sorry, I am terrible at putting names to faces.”

You tell him your name and his steel-grey eyes light up in recognition. “Ah yes, you’re one of the new Trainers who reserved your Pokémon ahead of time. Smart thinking, kid. Let me get your Pokeball out and we’ll see just how good your starter is.”

He removes the glass dome on the pillar-thing and takes out a red-and-white Pokeball. “I think this is yours, although I could be wrong,” he says, handing it to you. Eagerly you press the button on the front and release the Pokémon inside. A small, orange, lizard-like creature with a flaming tail appears on the floor. “Charmander, Char Char!” it happily shouts as you bend down to inspect it.

“Charmander, eh?” the Professor asks. “Good choice. That’s the same Pokémon my niece chose when she started training. They are a little tough to raise, but they’re hardy and fun to be around. I would catch a Grass Pokémon to counter the Water, Ground or Rock-Types that are strong against Fire.”

You nod and give your new friend a pat on the head, marveling at how wonderful it is to finally have your own Pokémon. You voice this opinion to the Professor and he smiles.

“It is wonderful to have Pokémon around you, and they are such fantastic creatures, aren’t they?” he replies, fondness evident in his voice. “They can crush rocks, swim across the deepest oceans, and even harness the powers of the elements. Some are small, timid little things that scurry around in the underbrush, and others are large, legendary creatures of myth that have god-like powers. Yet all can be contained inside a small sphere called a Pokeball, ready to be summoned by their Trainers in battle. It’s really quite amazing if you think about it!”

Calling Charmander back into its Pokeball you ask Prof. Zephyr about the lab.

“Us? Well, we’re a small, government-run lab dedicated to analyzing Pokémon genetics and behavior, so that their unique abilities may be utilized for civil and military purposes. We have already determined that Rhydons made excellent guards for convoys in Iraq, with their thick armor and powerful attacks. We also give new Trainers in the area, like you, their first Pokémon and a Pokedex. This has been our role for close to eighty years now.

“Part of our duties is monitoring Pokémon activity in Tranquility. This town is blessed with a huge lake and a vast forest that surrounds it. This makes it an ideal home for Grass, Bug and Water-type Pokémon. We watch the communities closely for changes and have discovered many new facts about the various sub-species unique to the Americas. For example, we have learned that a female North American Scyther will not mate unless her suitor presents her with a bundle of flowers during the courtship ceremony.”

Music ends

As he speaks this last line a frown appears on his face. He seems troubled, so you ask him what is wrong.

Music: Mysterious times (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIionSi7iUM&feature=related)

“Well,” he says, looking away at the Pokeballs in the case, “Lately something seems off. The Scyther breeding season started about a week ago, but none of the fieldworkers have seen any so far. Usually the congregate in a meadow on the west side of the lake for their courtship ritual, but this year they seem to have disappeared.

“It’s not just the Scyther. The entire wild Pokémon of the town has gone into hiding, staying away from researchers and Trainers who want to fight them. Normally they jump out of the bushes as soon as you set foot in the forest, but now you don’t see or hear them. It’s quite scary to walk into the woods and not hear the buzzing of the Beedrill or the chirping of the Taillows. It’s like they just vanished.

“But the truly scary thing? This happened before, back on September 11, 2001. On that infamous day the same thing happened: all wild Pokémon disappeared, only to return the next day like nothing had happened. We were quite perplexed by it, but after going through the lab’s records we discovered that this has happened many times in the past, mostly during great tragedies like during the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, or the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. It seems that whenever there is great violence somewhere on Earth, the Pokémon leave the forest and go somewhere else. We don’t know where they go, or how they know what is happening in different parts of the world, but the facts are obvious: one day there are there, the next, gone.”

Curious, you ask him why the Pokémon disappeared.

“We don’t even have the faintest idea, but Professor Oak of Kanto, my friend and mentor, has theorized that the reason for this mysterious behavior is because all Pokémon have a sort of sixth sense and can tell when something goes wrong with the balance of nature and human civilization, even from half a world away. I scoffed at that notion when I was younger, saying it was silly and totally unscientific, but now I am not so sure. “

His frown deepens and you can hear the concern in his voice as he speaks. “I am truly frightened by how long the Pokémon have been gone. It’s been over a week since I last saw a wild Pokémon. They have never been away for more than a day. And even most of the Trainers’ Pokémon in town are jittery and will growl if you just walk past. Ever since that meteor fell in the forest, things have been weird around here. “

Looking up, he gives you a pleading stare. “I know as a new Trainer you think you can solve this puzzle, but promise me this: that you won’t try to find the Pokémon. They leave for a reason, one that I believe we are not meant to know. If you follow them it might spell bad news for you.

You ask him why it might be bad, and his reply is simple, yet chilling.

“Because I believe the Pokémon are waiting for something big to happen. And I have a feeling that it’s not good.”

Music ends


Okay, not much is happening yet. We get a basic description of the town of Tranquility, meet Professor Kyle Zephyr, a minor character who will become important in later chapters, and get a idea of what the local research lab is up to. We also learn about the crisis affecting the town's wild Pokémon: they've vanished. Where, I can't say, but like the Prof. says, it's not good. Also, keep in mind the fact that he references a meteorite impact in the forest. That's going to be important later on.

Hope you enjoy it so far. This is only the first post, so if you're interested, stick around. There will be plenty of action and surprises ahead!

Latias Prime
15th June 2012, 5:17 PM
The first chapter is now up!

Chapter one: The girl with the golden eyes

Music: Peace and quiet (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtz-qGWKNOw&feature=related)

“Sennie!” Bobby Bolivia yelled, coming out of the office of his used car dealership. He scanned the rows of cars and cussed when he didn’t see the young girl among them. “Goddamnit, where is she?”

The sound of a squeaking animal drew his attention to an old Nissan parked in front of his office. The squeaking continued for a bit before it was cut off by the sound of crunching bone. A small, red fox-like creature with six curly tails crawled out from under the car, a dead rat hanging from its jaws. It put the rat down and gave the large black man a “What are you staring at?” look before trotting off past the cars to the service garage.

Bobby relaxed a bit. That Vulpix was one of Sennie’s Pokémon, and if it was hanging around then the girl was still here. Confident in his assumption, Bolivia followed it. He had a few things he needed to discuss with the Trainer.
“…You really didn’t miss much last night, ‘Kaela, that party was boring as hell,” Sennie Zephyr said into her cell phone headset as she Windexed the windshield of the 1972 Beetle. “Really, the only thing that happened was that my uncle became so smashed he got up on a table and started singing “The Touch” at the top of his lungs. I mean, can you imagine him doing that sober?”

“No way!” Mikaela Banes, Sennie’s best friend, replied on the other end. The young Trainer could almost see her pal’s shocked expression. “He was that drunk? How many beers did he have?”

“Actually he drank three margaritas. I told him to stick to the lager, but he was adamant about trying some of the hard stuff. I guess some people just can’t hold their liquor.”

“No kidding. How much did you have?”

“I didn’t touch any alcohol, and I only drank about five cans of Pepsi. I had to drive myself home, remember?” Sennie finished with the windshield and tossed the paper towel she had been using into a nearby trashcan. “Not that any cops were waiting on the road home, and besides, even if there were they wouldn’t have stopped me. You know how Tranquility is. Cops here won’t give a **** about a 16-year-old drinking a couple cocktails and driving their motorcycle down the street,” she stated with a smirk, sitting down on the car’s hood and brushing her long, white hair out of her face.

“Sennie, I’ve seen you drink more than a couple. What about when you downed a whole bottle of rice wine in exchange for a video game?”

“Hey, that was a rare first release copy of Majora’s Mask. You know how hard it is to find those games if you don’t use EBay?” She shook her head irritably. “Besides, I was fine afterwards. You just worry too much.”

“Right, like it’s normal for a girl your age to be drinking so much."

“Here we go again,” Sennie sighed. “Kaela, I don’t have a drinking problem. I just like strong liquor, and I can certainly say when I’ve had enough. Besides, have you ever seen me get drunk?”

“No, not that I can remember…”

“That’s right, never. I don’t get drunk, no matter how much I have. So please, stop worrying about me, okay girl? You have enough going on in your own life without having to stress out over my problems.”

Sennie’s Vulpix Fireshine walked in through the open door just then, followed by Bobby Bolivia. “Gotta go, Boss just came in,” she said hurriedly.

“Okay. See you tomorrow.”

“See ya.”Sennie hung up and turned to face her employer.

“Didn’t I tell you no personal calls unless you were on your break?” the large black man reprimanded, crossing his arms over his Hawaiian shirt.

“Err, I can explain sir,” she replied, casting her golden eyes downward. “My friend Mikaela called and asked me about a party at my uncle’s research lab last night and I guess we got a little too involved in our conversation.”

Bobby shook his head. “Sennie, Sennie, Sennie. I know that girl is your best friend and all, but you need to keep your personal life away from work. You’re one of my best employees, and I would really hate to fire you over something as trivial as a phone call.”

“Yes sir, I’ll keep that in mind.” Fireshine hopped up on the car’s hood and let Sennie scratch her behind her ears. “Is there something you wanted to talk to me about?”

Music ends

“Well, I have a favor to ask…” Bobby started, but he was interpreted by the sound of a car motor grinding furiously outside.

“Hey, *******!” a male voice shouted angrily. “Get the hell out here right now!”

Bolivia and Sennie exited the shop and found a black-haired man standing out in the middle of the lot, cursing furiously as smoke poured out from the open hood of his 1980 Yugo. Next to him was a young girl, and judging by her hair color and facial features Sennie assumed she was his daughter. “Excuse me, but what seems to be the problem?” Bobby asked.

“This mothering-(Bleep)-ing car you sold me! I just checked under the hood and it looks like the engine was welded together out of spare-parts!” the man yelled. He pointed at the car, which was now actually burning a little. “I want a refund!”

“Dude, your car’s on fire!” Sennie yelled. She grabbed a Pokeball off her belt and tossed it into the air, releasing a red beam of energy onto the ground. The formless mass coalesced into a humanoid figure about the size of a human, red and teal with four tentacles instead of arms. “Aurora, use Ice Beam!” Sennie commanded.

The Deoxys nodded slightly and switched into Attack form, a ball of white light forming between its outstretched tentacles. It blasted the Yugo with the cold beam, instantly cooling the engine and encasing it in a block of ice. “Good job, Aurora,” Sennie said proudly as the Pokémon turned back into Normal mode. Aurora only gave a happy-sounding humming noise and drifted behind her Trainer.

“Now that that’s all settled,” Bobby said, giving Sennie and Aurora a grateful nod, “I’m afraid I can give you a refund, sir. I am not responsible for the condition of the car, and if you bought it I’m afraid you’re stuck with it, regardless of the current state of the engine.”

“Oh no, don’t try to weasel your way out of this. You are giving me my money back, or else I’m telling everyone in this town what a shitty business you run here!”

This guy needs to chill, Sennie thought to herself as she watched the two men argue. I can tell this man has mental issues, and screaming in front of his daughter and having a hissy fit over a car is not very good parenting.

She looked over at the girl and frowned disapprovingly. This kid looked to be only ten, yet she was dressed in a white halter-top that exposed her stomach, short-shorts and white high-heeled sandals. She seemed like she was trying to appear grown up, but she just looked like a girl you would pick up on the street and take to a cheap motel. Sennie, who was dressed in a full-length white t-shirt with a gold Triforce emblazoned on the chest, long faded bellbottoms and tough black motorcycle boots, looked more mature then she did.

The girl caught her staring and scowled. “Hey, what are you looking at?” she said shrilly, reaching into her denim purse and taking out a Pokeball. She opened it and released a large, very angry looking Dratini. “Piss off, old hag, or I’ll have Mirage here blast you to Los Angeles.”

“Excuse me? Who are you calling an old hag?” Sennie asked angrily, taking a step towards the girl. The younger trainer and her Pokémon back away a bit but held their ground. “Respect your elders, kid, especially those who can kick your ***.”

“What makes you think you can beat me!?”

“Hello? I have a Deoxys on my team,” Sennie replied, pointing her thumb back at Aurora. “Only the best trainers are capable of handling them, and let me tell you, I am a better Trainer than anyone else in this town.”

Suddenly an idea came to her head, and Sennie grinned wickedly. “But I make a deal with you, kid. If you can beat me in a Pokémon battle, we’ll give your daddy a refund and a better car.” She turned to Bobby. “Does that sound fair, sir?”

“Well,” the car salesmen said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “I guess that’s a good idea. Sure, as long as you don’t mess up any of the cars in the lot.”

“And what if Vanessa loses?” the girl’s father asked.

“Then you leave the lot and take that shitty car with you. Do whatever you want with it, but you never bring it back here and you never bother us about giving you a refund ever again. Got it?”

Vanessa nodded. “Okay, hag, I’ll fight you. I’ve only got four Pokémon, though.”

Music: JUMP! (Simple Plan) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4HWDq31L74&feature=related)

Sennie smirked. “Okay, then I won’t use my Jirachi. That’s the only other Legendary I have.”

The two men backed away as the girls took up places on opposite sides of the lot. “Go, Mirage!” Vanessa yelled, and with a melodious cry the Dratini jumped into the battle field.


“Gonna start with that worm, huh? Alright then!” Sennie grabbed a Pokeball and threw it into the air. “Go, Volvagia!” The ball opened, releasing an enormous Charizard onto the field.

“Grraowl!” he roared, spreading his massive wings. People on the street began to wander over to the car lot, attracted by the noise.

“Mirage, use Dragon Rush!” Vanessa shouted. Her Pokémon became surrounded by a blue orb and launch itself at Volvagia.

“Dodge it, and then counterattack!” Sennie yelled.

I don’t want to wake up today,

Cause every day’s the same

Volvagia flew up and out of the way, then landed behind the Dratini and blasted it with Flamethrower. The Dragon-type gave a squeal of terror as the flames engulfed it.

And I’ve been waiting so long,

For things to change

“Mirage, use Twister! Blow the flames away!” the younger Trainer commanded. A mighty wind came down from above and the flames disappeared, leaving Mirage a little burned but still able to fight. “Okay, now use Dragon Rage!”

I’m sick of this town

Sick of my job

The Dratini opened its mouth and fired an orange-red ball of energy at Volvagia. “Oh no you don’t! Vol, use Dragon Pulse! Deflect the attack!” Sennie countered.

Sick of my friends

Cause everyone’s jaded

Volvagia roared and fired a turquoise sphere of energy at the other Pokémon. Their attacks met in midair, but the Charizard’s attack was stronger and it destroyed the Dragon Rage.

Sick of this place

I want to break free

I’m so frustrated

The Dratini tried to get out of the way, but it was too slow and was hit by the Dragon Pulse. Mirage went flying over its trainer head, into a trash can near the gas pumps.

I just want to jump (Jump!)

Don’t want to think about tomorrow (Jump!)

Volvagia wasn’t done. He spread his wings and charged at his opponent, red-orange flames surrounding his body. The Fire-Flying-Type slammed into the Dratini as it tried to get out of the trash.

I just don’t care tonight

I just want to jump (Jump!)

“Okay, good job!” Sennie shouted. “Now use Meteor Toss!” Volvagia nodded, grabbed the Dratini by the tail and flew high into the air. The flames surrounding his body became more intense as he flew, and at about one hundred feet he spun around and dove.

Don’t want to think about my sorrow

Let’s go, whoa

Just before he hit the ground he flung Mirage away and peeled off to the side, watching as the other Pokémon slammed into the ground and cracked the pavement. “No! Mirage!” Vanessa yelled, running up to her Pokémon.

Forget you problems

“And it’s down!” Sennie yelled exuberantly, pumping her fist into the air. Volvagia landed beside her and the teen gave the Flame Pokémon a huge hug. “Vol, you are awesome!” she cheered. Volvagia rumbled happily and affectionately nuzzled the top of her head.

I just want to jump

On a screen somewhere, unbeknownst to her, someone was watching Sennie celebrate. It zoomed in and paused on her face, alien writing appearing next to it.

Vanessa gritted her teeth and recalled her Dratini. “Let's see how you do with this! Go, Nuzleaf and Mienfoo!” she yelled, throwing out two Pokeballs at the same time. “Foo foo!” the Mienfoo shouted, shaking its head. “Nuz!” said Nuzleaf as it took a defensive stance.

I don’t want to wake up one day,

And find out it’s too late

“Two, huh. Okay then! Inferno, Aura, let’s go!” Sennie tossed two poke balls out, releasing Inferno the Blaziken and Aura the Kirlia.

To do all the things I want to do

“Mienfoo, use Drain Punch on Blaziken!” Vanessa shouted. “Nuzleaf, use Razor Leaf on Kirlia!” the two Pokémon nodded and ran forward, each readying an attack.

“Dodge those attacks you two, then counter with Flame punch and Thunderbolt!” Sennie replied.

So I’m gonna pack up my bags

I’m never coming back

Inferno yelled and rushed forward to meet Mienfoo’s attack, flames engulfing his fist, while Aura stood her ground. As Mienfoo ran forward its right arm became surrounded in green energy.

Cause the years are passing by

And I’m wasting all my t-t-time

As it neared Inferno the Fighting type jumped up and attempted to punch him in the chest, but the Blaziken shifted to the side and gave it a flaming punch to the gut. Mienfoo yelped and fell to the ground.

I’m sick of this house

Sick of being broke

Sick of this town that’s bringing me down

Meanwhile, the Nuzleaf was getting closer to Aura. It jumped, spun around in the air and released several large leaves at the Kirlia. They were blocked, however, by some sort of translucent force field that surrounded the Psychic Type, and disintegrated into nothing.

Sick of this place

I want to break free

I’m so frustrated

From out of the force field came a bolt of electric energy, hitting Nuzleaf and knocking it backwards. The force field around Aura disappeared and she smirked before teleporting away. The Nuzleaf looked around, bewildered, before glancing up.

I just want to jump (Jump!)

Don’t want to think about tomorrow (Jump!)

Inferno jumped up above the Grass/Dark type and attempted to kick it from up high, but Nuzleaf detected the attack and avoided it. However, Inferno swung his flame-engulfed left leg around in a blazing roundhouse kick, knocking the other Pokémon down.

I just don’t care tonight

I just want to jump (Jump!)

Mienfoo ran towards Aura, who had reappeared near the driveway, and jumped into the air. Its right paw began to glow with a white light, and it tried to karate chop the Kirlia from above. Aura’s eyes glowed a bright blue, however, and the Fighting-Type stopped in midair, surrounded by a blue aura.

Don’t want to think about my sorrow

Let’s go, whoa

The Kirlia made a sweeping gesture with her left hand, and Mienfoo flew through the air. It slammed into Nuzleaf and they fell to the ground. “Finish them off with Flame Burst and Psyshock!” Sennie commanded.

Forget you problems

I just want to jump

Inferno let loose a blast of flame from his mouth, while Aura created an orb of psychic energy in her hands and threw it at the downed Pokémon. An intense explosion rocked the car lot, nearly blowing out the windows and doors.

I just want to jump

“No!” Vanessa screamed, her face contorted in an expression of rage. “Return!” she shouted, recalling the fainted Pokémon. “That’s it! Go Poliwrath!” She tossed said Pokémon’s Pokeball out into the field. “Wrath,” the large blue Water-type said threateningly, smacking its large fist together.

“Fireshine, let’s do this!” Sennie yelled. “Vul-vul!” the Vulpix shouted, jumping from her place on her Trainer’s shoulders and onto the battle-field.

“Poliwrath, use Bubblebeam!” Vanessa commanded. Poliwrath reared back and shot a stream of light blue bubbles at Fireshine.

“Dodge it and counter with Toxic!” Sennie shouted.

The Vulpix jumped out of the way of the bubbles and ran up to the larger Pokémon, her six tails glowing a sickly purple. The Poliwrath didn’t see Fireshine until it was too late, and by that time she had run up beside it and slammed her tails into the side of its head. Poliwrath reeled back at the force of the blow, poisonous fluid spreading over its body. “Get up, you worthless piece of ****!” its Trainer yelled. “Get up and blast it with Water Pulse!”

I can’t take it anymore

Poliwrath got up stiffly and formed an orb of water between its hands.

I can’t take it anymore

It sent the orb towards Fireshine, hitting her on the side and sending her flying.

I can’t take it anymore

“Fireshine!” Sennie yelled, but the Vulpix tucked her paws in and landed on all fours. “You good? Okay, let’s kick this up a notch. Use Extrasensory !”

Forget tomorrow

I just want to jump (Jump!)

Fireshine’s eyes glowed gold and a red aura surrounded Poliwrath. It grasped it head in pain and started writhing on the ground. “What the hell?! Get the !$^@ up!” Vanessa screeched at her Pokémon. She ran up to the large Pokémon and kicked it.

Don’t want to think about tomorrow (Jump!)

I just don’t care tonight

“Hey, leave your Pokémon alone!” Sennie snarled. “Fireshine, lets finish this!” Fireshine nodded and the glow disappeared from her eyes. Poliwrath, still cringing from the effects of the poison, got up again and fired another Water Pulse.

I just want to jump (Jump!)
Don’t want to think about my sorrow

The Vulpix dodged this one and ran straight for the larger Pokémon. “Poliwrath, do something right for once and hit that dog with a Dynamic Punch!” Vanessa shrieked. Poliwrath roared and started running, a blue aura surrounding its left fist.

Let’s go, whoa

Forget you problems

Time to let them go

Fireshine and Poliwrath meet in the middle off the lot, and the water/fighting type swung its fist. The smaller Pokémon dodged it, however, and with a feral cry she turned around and blasted it with a stream of fire from her mouth. Poliwrath , already weakened by the effects of Toxic, fell to the ground.


Forget tomorrow

I just want to jump

“This battle ends now!” Sennie shouted. “Hit it with Energy Ball!” Fireshine gave a feral snarl and a green ball of energy formed in front of her mouth.

I just want to jump (Jump!)

Poliwrath tried to get up but the poison was too strong, and it could only watch as the Vulpix readied her attack.

I just want to jump (Jump!)

I just want to jump!

With a shout Fireshine unleashed her attack, hitting Poliwrath square in the face with the orb. It was sent flying up and over the car lot, into the back of a passing pickup truck.

End music

“NOOO!” Vanessa screamed, running out into the street. The driver of the truck barely had time to stop before the young trainer was climbing onto the bumper in an attempt to reach the back, but she stopped once she saw her Pokémon. There, amid a pile of fresh horse manure, was a stunned, dizzy and very much defeated Poliwrath.

“You worthless tadpole!” Vanessa shouted, scooping up a handful of manure and throwing it at the motionless Pokemon. “You should have beaten that little *%$#@ to a pulp, but no, you had to stop and rest! Why did I ever catch you in the first place!?”

“Hey, kid!” the driver of the truck, a young Hispanic man wearing a yellow shirt and jeans, shouted as he came out of the vehicle. “Get down from there!”

Vanessa didn’t hear him. “You little *^%#@! I hope your happy sitting in ****, because that’s what you’re going to be doing for the rest of your ^&$*ing life!”

“Just what do you think you’re doing!?”

“Huh?” Vanessa said, turning around. Sennie was standing on the sidewalk, arms crossed in front of her and an angry look on her face.

“Now look here, missy, I don’t know who you are or where you’re from, but where I come from we treat Pokémon with respect,” the older Trainer growled. “I’m going to give you five minutes to get your butt out of here before I call the cops.”


“She’s right,” Bolivia said, coming up behind Sennie. “I’m no Trainer, but I can see that the way you treat your Pokémon is wrong. Now I don’t care what you do to them behind closed doors, but while you’re out in public you should at least be nice to them. And besides, we did agree that you would leave my dealership if you lost.”

“Yes, get out, right now, or I’ll call the cops and report you for Pokémon abuse,” Sennie said, the scowl on her face deepening. She turned to leave the area.

Vanessa wasn’t done with her opponent yet, though. “YOU *****!!!” she shouted, scooping up a handful of manure and flinging it at Sennie’s head.

The blob sailed through the air, on a collision course with the back of Sennie’s head… and stopped in midair, just inches from her white hair.

“That... was not cool,” the teen snarled, slowly turning around to face the kid. Her eyes were brightly glowing golden yellow, no pupil or iris or anything, just a solid gold glow. Vanessa slowly got off the truck and backed away, freaked out of her mind.

“What’s the matter? Are you scared of me, little girl?” Sennie hissed, reaching out one slim hand. The floating manure glob drifted nearer to her palm and began to spin around, slowly at first but growing faster with every second. “I’ll give you a reason to be scared!”

The dung ball shot off like a rocket , heading straight for Vanessa. She squealed and covered her face, but the manure missed her by mere inches and flew into the bushes by the road. “That was a warning,” Sennie said grimly, lowering her hand. The golden glow disappeared from her eyes until they were back to their normal appearance. “Leave now, or Arceus help me I will do something worse.”

The Yugo’s tires screeched on the pavement as Vanessa’s father tore out of the lot. Sennie smirked when Vanessa rolled down her window and gave her the middle finger. “Same to you to, kid!” she shouted at the rapidly disappearing car.

“Well, that was different,” Bolivia said, watching the Yugo race off. “That girl needs a serious lesson in respect.”

“Huh. American trainers are all the same, even as kids.” Sennie sighed and started walking towards the main office. “No respect whatsoever, not even to their Pokémon. Plus they can’t stand to lose and throw hissy fits when they do.”

“Well, you could have gone a little easier on her…”

“Really? I don’t like going easy on people, sir. If you can’t handle my Pokémon then it’s your fault for not preparing.” Sennie yawned as they entered the office of the dealership. The single room was cool, thanks to an old air conditioner wedged in the window, and it was making Sennie tired. “Anyway, what was it you wanted to ask me before we were so rudely interrupted, sir?”

“Oh, right! I have a friend in Cherry Village who sold me some parts for the Bug.” Bolivia sat down in the old swivel chair behind his desk. “He says that I can pick them up tomorrow, but there’s a problem with that. You see, tomorrow I’m taking my mammy to see grandpappy in the hospital, so I was wondering…”

“If I could pick up the parts in your place,” Sennie finished. “Hmm, Cherry Village is at least an hour and a half drive from here...” She tapped her long nails against the table top as she thought. “Well, I guess l can do it. I am going to the movies tomorrow and can’t really change the time, but if I leave the cinema early I can run over to the next town, get the parts and make it back before midnight. I’ll give them to you next time I come in to work, how about that?”

“Great!” Bolivia exclaimed. He rummaged through his file cabinet and handed Sennie a slip of paper. “Here are the instructions to his house. If you lose them just stop in at the local gas station and ask for directions to Flanders’s place, they’ll know who you mean.”

“Okay,” Sennie said, giving the directions a cursorily glance. She stuffed them in her back pocket and glanced up at the clock of the wall. “Whoa, it’s already four thirty? I need to be home around five, my cousin’s going out and I need to watch my sister.”

Sennie grabbed her backpack from the hook near the door, exited the office and walked between the rows of cars. Sandwiched in between an old Mustang and a Fiesta was a small, cherry red sport motorcycle. Dangling from the handle was a black, weathered helmet. “I still don’t know how you managed to afford this,” Bolivia said, watching as Sennie got on. “I mean, you’ve only just started working for me, how did you manage to buy a motorcycle already?”

“It was a birthday gift from my uncle,” Sennie replied, strapping on the helmet and started the engine while Fireshine jumped onto the back. “It’s a good bike, a little faster than what I’m used to, but nothing I can’t handle.”

“Well, just be careful on the way home.”

Sennie nodded and twisted the handlebars, revving the engine and propelling her through the lot and out into the street. She noticed a puddle from last night’s rain storm on the road and ran right through it, sending a spray of water up into the air, the droplets looking like miniature rainbows in the summer sun.

The end of the work day always brought a smile to Sennie’s face. Despite her pleasant relationship with her employer, she wasn’t too fond of fixing junk cars or dealing with costumers. It was just coincidence that a random Trainer had appeared to spice things up today. Not that it had been hard to beat Vanessa, although her Poliwrath had some potential, but even battling a rookie was better than having no battles.

Tranquility really is a boring town, Sennie thought as she raced down the road. There’s no official Gym or stadium, no arcades and only one bar. Not to mention the fact that all the Trainers are losers and can’t even give me a decent battle half the time. Well, I won’t have much more to do with this place soon, anyway.

Because in a few weeks, I’m gonna be as far away from here as I can get.
.................................................. .................................................. .................

The first chapter is up! We meet the protagonist of the story, Sennie Zephyr, and most of her Pokémon. Yes, she owns both a Deoxys and a Jirachi, and while that may seem unrealistic to have two Legendary Pokémon so early in the story, Sennie is a veteran Trainer who has a lot of experience in both battling and catching Pokemon, so it's not really that unrealistic for her to have two rare Psychic-types on her team. But what's up with her eyes and that dung ball, huh?

Also, I'm trying the idea of adding music by linking to the songs on YouTube. It's an attempt to make the story feel like a real movie with a real soundtrack. Of course I will be using Steve Jablonsky's wonderful score for the Transformers movie, but I'm not restricting myself to just using that.

15th June 2012, 10:05 PM
I love the idea of this fic really hope you can pull it off. The battle scene was pretty cool got the whole feel of the opening like in most of the pokemon movies which was cool. Personally I didn't like you writing the lines of the song but thats only me thought it interupted a pretty cool descriptive battle but i totally get why you did so thats really no critisicm.
Sorry I don't really do the whole grammer thing but Im sure someone else will so good luck and I hope this goes well