View Full Version : Offensive-ish gen 4 team of my favorite pokemons

14th June 2012, 5:01 PM
This team is based around my favorite 6 pokemon and of course they are useful competitively too. The team has mostly sweepers but some are rather bulky, I used to run an all sweeper team before but I realized I needed a wall and some supporting pokemon so I tried that. And it didnt work. Wasting time supporting your teammates and stuff just didnt fit my style. So no stealth rock, and stuff like that. I want to just get rid of the opposing pokemon as quickly as possible and make the battle short. And I often lost battles when I did that but when I switched it back to the all sweeper-ish team, I actually won more than I lost. Another note:I rarely go by standard because I find my own sets and I dont follow smogon because it gets really boring and predictable.
EDIT: I changed my Houndoom set so please read.
EDIT: I changed my Houndoom once again, and Gyarados moves slightly.

Breloom-Toxic orb
Ability:Poison heal
-Focus punch
-Seed bomb
-Stone edge

Yea, not the standard subpunch Breloom. Instead I will spore opposing slower leads and try to kill them right away. Now you may be wondering how that is going to work but pokemon who sleep is pretty unlikely to wake up in 1 turn anyway. So the charge in focus punch wont matter.(It never did in any of my battles) Sub is just a waste of moveslot when you could be putting in another attack move. Focus punch,Stone edge, Seed bomb provides perfect coverage actually. Brelooms my main swampert and tyranitar counter who can devastate my team. In fact, hes a counter to almost every slower pokemon out there who doesnt have insomnia or lum berry.

Gengar-Expert belt
-Shadow ball
-Focus blast
-Icy wind

This Gengar is amazing. He can be one of my possible other lead(the other being Breloom) Gengar doesnt need a sash because with his immunities and resistances, its pretty hard to KO him despite being frail. Someone needs to pack a STAB dark move or a psychic move(barely used anymore) to actually KO him. Not even a crunch from an Aerodactyl KOed him. Hence why I have those HP investments in him. Also Scizors bullet punch didnt even KO him. But anyway he will icy wind leads to break sashes, then finish them off with his remaining powerful moves.

Houndoom-Life orb
Ability:Flash fire
-Fire blast
-Nasty plot

Houndoom is my late game mixed sweeper. After most threats are gone that could kill him, I will finish them off. And suckerpunch works greatly with that by finishing off weakened pokes. Nasty plot works great with fireblast and reversal for some surprise kills to blisseys and tyranitars when its HP is low. Hopefully Magnezone will use Reflect before Houndoom utilizes reversal and sets up nasty plot so he can at least live one hit. It'll also make him easier to sweep with thunderwave spread by Gyarados too.

Ability:Magnet pull
-Flash cannon
-Magnet rise

Magnezone is the closest thing to a wall in this team but also a tank. Once he magnet rises, it will be pretty hard to kill him with 14 resistances in total after MR. Thunder is for more power since his Spatk ev investments is rather low(Besides thunders accuracy isnt THAT bad, it hits more than it misses) And I need it for taking out CB BPScizor and CS IHJirachis quick. Those 2 can wreck my team but if I switch into a bullet punch or iron head, he'll be taking close to no damage and recover from leftovers. And kill them with thunder. Reflect is just there to let him live longer from physical attacks and can help my team too since my team is rather frail. Magnezone is such a nice popular steel pokemon counter like Scizor, Jirachi, Skarmory, Forretress and some other.

-Thunder wave
-Dragon dance

Gyarados Gyarados... my god I loved him since first Gen. He is my specially defensive tank. He can always avoid electric attacks to my Flygon. Otherwise he takes good amount of special attacks. But other than that, he DDs and either waterfalls or bounces and that has pretty good coverage. Thunder wave and dragon dance seems weird but thunderwave is to slow down mainly only faster pokes who can kill breloom before they get spored. So Breloom spores slower pokes, and gyarados thunderwaves faster pokes and his bulk works perfectly with that.

Flygon-Choice scarf

I loved this dragon since the days of R/S/E. He is my revenge killer and physical sweeper. AND Gyarados counter with thunderpunch. Flygon has saved me so many times. Once when I was battling, Flygon was my last poke left, and the opponent had 3 pokemon left. But my Flygon ended up killing all 3 of their pokemon with outrage(Thanks to the not hurting itself to confusion..) He's just so great.

Fighting moves-Gengar
Ground moves-Gengar,Gyarados,Flygon
Fire moves-Houndoom
Psychic moves-Houndoom
Normal moves-Gengar
Electric moves-Flygon
Poison moves-Magnezone
Status moves-Breloom

EDIT: Also 5 of my pokemon are immune to toxic spikes, 3 of them immune to spikes so have fun wasting your time lead roserades