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23rd June 2012, 9:59 PM
so heres my decklist:
2 Empoleon (DE 29)
2 Piplup (DE 27)
2 Blissey (DE 82)
2 Chansey (DE 81)
2 Samurott (BW 32)
2 Oshawott (BW 27)
2 Kyurem EX (ND 38)
2 Kyurem (NV 34)
1 Kyogre-EX (DE 104)

3 Exp Share (ND 87)
1 Super Rod (NV 95)
1 N (NV 92)
4 Cheren (DE 91)
1 Revive (BW 102)
2 Cilan (ND 86)
3 Rare Candy (DE 100)
3 Pokemon Communication (BW 99)
2 Random Receiver (DE 99)
2 Energy Retrieval (BW 92)
4 Energy Search (BW 93)
1 Enhanced Hammer (DE 94)
1 Professor Juniper (DE 98)
1 Great Ball (EP 93)
1 Hooligans Jim and Cas (DE 95)

13 Water Energy (BW 107)

i just ordered 4 blissey primes for this deck, and im waiting to get those. what tips/ideas do you have? where would you reccomend putting the blisseys?
i was going to get rid of the samurott chain and the kyogre. also i was going to try to replace the kyurems with kyurem exs. would you agree with those ideas?
any feedback is appreciated

29th June 2012, 12:36 AM
Don't use blissey prime in this deck.

If anything it depends on your style of play , but I would consider mix matched weaknesses for the water pokemon you plan on keeping and preffered if you kept it to 1 stage 2 line and 1 basic line so thing's can run alot faster without thing's hindering eachother in your deck resulting in missplay's. And also since you're running water and exp share it's a good idea to add in a terrakion with retailate to deal with water pokemon, add prism energy or the new blend energy in the next set.

Your T/S/S line is a bit, idk. Like I do like some of the ideas you have in there other's are a bit out there, but if this was my deck this is how I would run it

4 N
2 juniper
3 EXP share
2 super rod
3 random reciver
2 cilan (better then energy search in fact it's 6 in 2)
2 cheren
3 dual ball or collector
4 level ball
2 ultra ball
2 poke com
2 heavy ball

this is a rough based formula of the cards I would want to run, however I would alwasy prefer you test with each card figure out it's strong and weak point in the deck and add more to it and get rid of what you don't need.