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10th October 2012, 7:30 PM
I got to Castelia City, talked to everyone in the front of the city and the docks, beat the people in the battle company who all have 1 pokemon each except the stupid school kid president >.> Now I'm going to talk to everyone else and rename my koffing. Current team:

Mushu the servine lv 17
Barky the lucario who evolved ^^ lv 18
Yasmin the koffing lv 18
Rita the growlith lv 17

10th October 2012, 8:02 PM
I finally got my game!

I decided to play as the boy first even though he looks like a huge tool. I named him Eric, which is my first name. I named my rival the default name, so... Hugh. I found myself inside my home inside of a big city. My mom wanted to talk to me so I did that. I really hate doing the stupid intro stuff for these games so I'll just go ahead and say who my starter will be. It'll be Snivy with no nickname. I'll save nicknaming for my next playthrough.

Lvl 5 Snivy

10th October 2012, 8:37 PM
Just beat the game in a little under 48 hours of playtime. I haven't been that satisfied with a final battle and epilogue in a while. I used 5 pokemon because I couldn't find a sixth that I liked. I'm not exactly thrilled with the creature selection in White 2, but I have this thing about only using native pokemon on the first playthrough. I decided to only heal after battles, and since I was a little underleveled, I made it through each round with an average of one survivor.

I was down to my last pokemon against the champion and couldn't quite one-shot it, so on the next turn, I Bulldozed it while the champ predictably used a Full Restore, then finished it off.

Currently desperately hunting NPCs for my mall, trying to find a Nursery NPC. *edit* BOOOOO! I thought the minimum mall level was 15 and post-game, but I didn't get access to to it until 16. I'm guessing it's better off to hit 15 in the post-game rather than beforehand.

10th October 2012, 8:44 PM
I'm exploring the sewers now.
Current team:
Ayame the Koffing lv 20
Rita the Growlith lv 17
Mushu the servine lv 18
Barkly the lucario lv 18

10th October 2012, 8:51 PM
I arrived at Floccesy Ranch after battling the trainers along the way and encountered a Riolu immediately, so I captured it. I wasn't planning on using a Riolu on this playthrough, but I decided to do it since I've never used one before.

Lvl 10 Snivy
Lvl 10 Riolu

Lol there's no way Riolu's going to evolve as early as others' have. It fainted twice before winning its first battle. I trained it some more so now it should be able to fight on its own since it's a a few levels higher.

10th October 2012, 8:57 PM
I believe I last posted before I went to fight Burgh. I challenged him in the awesome looking Castelia Gym and won soundly. Koffing's Sludge/Venom Shock combo was stellar. After collecting the badge, I went to find Castelia Garden to check out the Pokemon. The encounter rate is unusually low, and I didn't encounter an Eevee, so I moved on. I met Corless on Route 4 and battled him, and he's surprisingly held his own. Continuing on down Route 4, I took a detour to catch a Trapinch. It took awhile, but I also found N's Darumaka, so it was worth it. I also set up my own Join Avenue, though I'm unsure if I'm going to attempt to popularize it. I immediately went to Lostlorn Forest to catch a Heracross, and then saved.

10th October 2012, 9:53 PM
Beat the elite four no problem, then battled iris and got hax'd. She landed six crits on me including three in a row. Got down to her archeops, aqua tail misses, rock slide flinched me and she KOd me with acrobatics. Such BS. Our next battle i would of won, yet i had a toxic miss on haxorus and he ended up survivin in the red. If it would of been poisoned i would of won. BS left and right up in here

Edit: omg more hax. Ice punch left haxorus with 1 HP and frozen, it thaws out next turn and sweeps. God this is some ********, and it wasnt its focus sash. It was at a little over half HP

neo darkrai
10th October 2012, 10:49 PM
I realized that I've been spelling Corless' name wrong all this time before. Oh well. I went over to the Giant Chasm and boarded the Plasma Frigate. The puzzle was easy. I then fought Colress and won easily. Then I listen to Ghetsis' speech and have defeated the Shadow Triad. Now to chase after Ghetsis.

Current Team:

:500: Mandrag Lv.50
-Heat Crash -Arm Thrust -Rock Slide -Flame Charge

;448; Exia Lv.50
-Force Palm -Quick Attack -Ice Punch -Swords Dance

;330; Arios Lv.50
-Bulldoze -Rock Slide -Crunch -Dragon Tail

;181; Lumos Lv.50
-Discharge -Power Gem -Confuse Ray -Thunder Wave

;121; Orion Lv.50
-Surf -Psychic -Ice Beam -Minimize

:530: Simon Lv.50
-Earthquake -Rock Slide -X-Scissor -Hone Claws

Pokédex Progress:
Seen: 219 Obtained: 55

10th October 2012, 11:01 PM
Added more hax in my previous post
Edit: finally beat her. Critical hit on haxorus with ice beam + poison finally took it down

neo darkrai
10th October 2012, 11:15 PM
I went through the only way I could. Further into the Giant Chasm. Deep in a cave at the end, I found Ghetsis. He summoned Kyurem and tried to freeze and kill me with its Glaciate. But N and his Zekrom came in and stopped it with a Fusion Bolt. Ghetsis then used the DNA Splicers to have Kyurem and Zekrom fuse through Absofusion. The result was Black Kyurem. In order to stop Ghetsis from freezing Unova, I fought Black Kyurem and knocked it out causing it to separate into two beings again. Ghetsis challenged me out of anger. He was tough, but my team pulled through. He lost the battle and N tried to reason with him. All Ghetsis had to say were words of disgust that made me feel sorry for both him and N. The Shadow Triad took Ghetsis away and now I'm free to move on ahead in my journey.

Current Team:

:500: Mandrag Lv.51
-Heat Crash -Arm Thrust -Rock Slide -Flame Charge

;448; Exia Lv.51
-Force Palm -Quick Attack -Ice Punch -Swords Dance

;330; Arios Lv.51
-Bulldoze -Rock Slide -Crunch -Dragon Tail

;181; Lumos Lv.51
-Discharge -Power Gem -Signal Beam -Thunder Wave

;121; Orion Lv.51
-Surf -Psychic -Ice Beam -Minimize

:530: Simon Lv.51
-Earthquake -Rock Slide -X-Scissor -Hone Claws

Pokédex Progress:
Seen: 225 Obtained: 55

10th October 2012, 11:33 PM
-Traveled through Route 4 and battled Pokemon Trainers.
-While on Route 4, I used the Dowsing Machine to search for items.
-Caught some Pokemon on Route 4.
-Battled Trainers in the Desert Resort.
-Used Dowsing Machine.
-Caught some Pokemon.
-Found and caught a Trapinch, whom I named Lamar and who is going to be my 5th Pokemon Partner.
-Was introduced to Join Avenue.
-Arrived in Nimbasa City.

Wyrven LV24 (Tackle, Growth, Mega Drain, Leaf Tornado)

Stag LV24 (Quick Attack, Force Palm, Endure, Metal Sound)

Pulse LV24 (Thunder Wave, Magnet Bomb, Spark, SonicBoom)

Sandi LV24 (Rollout, Growl, Water Pulse, Bounce)

Lamar LV21 (Sand Tomb, Mud-Slap, Bide, Bulldoze)

Name: Josh
Time: 10hrs 28mins.
Pokedex: Seen: 68 Obtained: 41

I think I'm long overdue for some Audio grinding. Lostlorn Forest is my destination, and after training there, Elesa is going down!

★ Mr. Mime ★
10th October 2012, 11:44 PM
Got my copy of White 2 on release day this past Sunday and I've just gotten my 4th badge from Elesa. Took down her team with Trapinch and Lucario.

I'm now headed to Driftveil City.

Trainer: Mr.Mime
Current Team:
http://floatzel.net/pokemon/black-white/sprites/images/502.png http://floatzel.net/pokemon/black-white/sprites/images/448.pnghttp://floatzel.net/pokemon/black-white/sprites/images/58.pnghttp://floatzel.net/pokemon/black-white/sprites/images/239.pnghttp://floatzel.net/pokemon/black-white/sprites/images/328.pnghttp://floatzel.net/pokemon/black-white/sprites/images/628.png
Badges: 4

10th October 2012, 11:57 PM
I then talked to person in front of the Gym.
Iris showed up and told me to find Team Plasma.
I followed her to first pier.
My rival Hibari showed up and asked if I found Team Plasma.
I said no, but he said to help him.

Followed him into the Castelia Sewers.
He teamed up with me. I obtained the items that I could access.
I then battled a tag team of Grunts. Beat them with ease.
At lv. 19, Ryohei evolved into Lucario!

Then someone strange showed up after Burgh came and Hibari ran off.
It was Corless! I so like this guy! Can't wait to fight him!

After that, I went up to the Castelia Park to catch Petlil.
I caught one, Rash natured and with Chlorophyll.
Decided to catch another to see if I could get a better nature.
Next one wasn't that great of a nature but it had Own Tempo.

I then encountered an Eevee, caught it.
I then got anther Petlil, this time a neutral nature, Serious and with Own Tempo.
Named her Haru and decided to use this one.

I obtained the Amulet Coin and the Eviolite.
A Charcoal, Mystic Water, and a Miracle Seed.

Trained Haru to match the levels of the rest of the team in the Route above.
She was great! Can't wait till she is a Liligant.
Now going to train the team to around lv. 22 before challenging the Gym Leader Burgh.

Current Team:
:502: Yamamoto [M] lv. 20 || Hasty | Torrent // Furry Cutter | Return | Water Gun | Razer Shell |
;448; Ryohei [M] lv. 21 || Docile | Inner Focus // Return | Quick Attack | Endure | Force Palm |
:543: Zakuro [M] lv. 20 || Impish | Poison Point // Return | Rollout | Poison Tail | Screech |
;037; Kyoko [F] lv. 20 || Timid | Flash Fire // Flamethrower | Payback | Will-O-Whisp | Energy Ball |
:548: Haru [F] lv. 20 || Serious | Own Tempo // Magical Leaf | Leech Seed | Sleep Powder | Mega Drain |

11th October 2012, 12:06 AM
I went out to Route 6 in order to do some training. I made sure to get my whole team to level 33. After that, I went to the Driftveil Gym. I did some more battles there and eventually made my way to Clay. My Ferroseed took out Clay's Krokorok and Onix. He sent out Sandslash next and I switched to Misdreavus. Sandslash used Hone Claws several times, so my Misdreavus was able to set up Nasty Plot. The Special Attack boosts let it take down both Sandslash and Excadrill.

After that, I had to go to the World Tournament. I battled my rival, Cheren, and Colress and beat all three of them. When that was done, I had to go beat up some Plasma people on their ship. And after that, I went back to the tournament and did the mix one.

11th October 2012, 12:12 AM
I just destroyed Roxie with ease, her Koffing gave me no trouble due to the burn it got and my handy Peacha Berries.

Now I'm at Pokestar Studios and I just don't want to leave. It's so addicting!

I would normally already be done with the game but I was busy filling up my habitat list. Caught and Seen.

11th October 2012, 12:14 AM
My aron evolved! I headed toward chargestone cave. I got through a little bit. I saved and turned it off.

11th October 2012, 12:38 AM
I got my first badge and registered my game cart with the Pokemon GL.

Lvl 12 Snivy
Lvl 13 Riolu

neo darkrai
11th October 2012, 12:39 AM
I left the Giant Chasm and made my way through Route 23. That place is pretty big. I had to leave Simon out for an HM Slave. And when I was done, I saw N at the entrance to the Badge Check Gate and he gave me Waterfall. Now I'm ready for Victory Road. I left Lumos and Exia behind for HM Slaves. They can catch up when I'm done.

Current Team:

:500: Mandrag Lv.53
-Heat Crash -Arm Thrust -Rock Slide -Flame Charge

;448; Exia Lv.53
-Force Palm -Quick Attack -Ice Punch -Swords Dance

;330; Arios Lv.53
-Bulldoze -Rock Slide -Crunch -Dragon Tail

;181; Lumos Lv.53
-Discharge -Power Gem -Signal Beam -Thunder Wave

;121; Orion Lv.53
-Surf -Psyshock -Ice Beam -Minimize

:530: Simon Lv.51
-Earthquake -Rock Slide -X-Scissor -Hone Claws

Pokédex Progress:
Seen: 233 Obtained: 55

11th October 2012, 1:08 AM
I just caught Cobalian and made it to Lacunosa Town. I also replaced two of my old team members with new recruits~. Also, Challenge Mode levels are crazy. I'm only able to keep up with the trainers' levels since 3 of my Pokemon are traded and the other 2 are holding Lucky Eggs.
Anyway, tonight I can hopefully reach Opelucid and earn my 7th badge.

Current team:
-Staryu *shiny* lv 48
-Egoist the Roselia lv 48
-Truck the Pupitar lv 47
-Linemile the Flygon lv 48
-Robyn the Emolga lv 48

11th October 2012, 1:30 AM
I beat Burgh pretty easily, beat Colress or whatever his name is, beat the trainers on route 4 and caught all the pokemon on it, now I'm catching the pokemon and battling the trainers in the desert resort. I only need siglyph, dwebble, and trapinch.
Current team:

Mushu the servine lv 23
Barkly the lucario lv 21
Ayame the koffing lv 23
Rita the growlith lv 21
Fufu the woobat lv 20

11th October 2012, 1:31 AM
I still havent beaten white or black yet but I decided to go ahead and start White 2 anyways... Im saving Black 2 for later.

After 18 hours of restarting I finally got a Timid female Snivy....thats about as far as I got.. LOL xD Uuugh.

11th October 2012, 1:42 AM
Trained for a bit went through that one cave with Bianca I forget the name..
Just arrived in Undella Town
Found a Shiny Stone with the Dowsing Machine in Undella Town
Evolved Roselia
Battled Hugh and won.

Samurott 40
Unfezant 40
Roselia 40
Growlithe 40
Jolteon 40
Lucario 40

11th October 2012, 1:58 AM
Hokay. So! I checked out the Relic Passage this morning. Didn't find much worth mentioning, but I did catch Volcarona in one Poke Ball. Yays, I guess?

From there, I went through Chargestone Cave and made my way to Mistralton City. Fun times ahead. I met Professor Juniper for the first time, and followed her to Celestial Tower while she did some research there. She gave me a Lucky Egg, which I immediately put to use. Protip: Pokefan Jude is an Evasion noob, especially towards Vibravas. Don't know why I didn't get rid of Dig and kept Bulldoze. I mean, if Oracle can make do with Force Palm, why can't Mystique do the same with Bulldoze?! Because she's a Vibrava, and she needs all the damn power she can get. ****.

Anyway, Skyla was relatively easy. I tried sending out Mystique against Swoobat, but Acrobatics nearly killed her, which was fine with me, as I had only sent her out to level her up. Dash and Zen did all the work from there. With Jet Badge in hand, Skyla invited me and Juniper on a plane ride to Lentimas Town (Bianca tagged along too). I stayed just long enough to free up a space in my party, as I was out to catch my final team member: Skarmory. I ended up with an Impish level 38 beauty of a female, who I named Titania let's see how many people get that reference).

From there, I checked out the Strange House and got a Lunar Wing, which serves no purpose to me as of yet. Soon enough, though. Soon enough. Reverse Mountain was kind of a chore, given I didn't know where to go or where all the Trainers were, but I figured it out. Most recently, I explored Route 14 and am currently saved in Undella Town. I might even stay a day and enjoy the beach.

11th October 2012, 3:17 AM
Well, I breezed through Skyla's gym this afternoon. Mordred, my Electabuzz, really shined in getting through the gym trainers, though towards the end I switched out Arthur, then a Dewott, to get him up that last level to evolve. When I did get to Skyla, I decided to start with Morgana, my Zoroark, to see how she fared. She took down Swoobat with ease. Mordred KO'd Swana with a single shockwave, and I decided to use Gawain the Growlithe against Skarmory. In short, the Orkney faction won a lot of glory today.

After flying to Lentimas town, I thought I'd grind up Guinevere and Gawain because they are about 4 levels behind the rest of the team. However, the types of pokemon I've run into aren't really conducive to grass and fire types. I got Morgana up to level 40 in the Strange House and claimed the Lunar Wing, and I'm currently exploring with Bianca in Reverse Mountain. Arthur is grinding now, and I gave Gawain the Exp Share, just in case. It will be great if he can learn Outrage before I get to Drayden, but I have about 10 levels to go before that. I might switch over to grinding Guinevere so that she can learn Petal Dance and Toxic, and then I'll evolve her into Roserade.

11th October 2012, 3:25 AM
i arrived in mistralton ready for battle. i climbed clestial tower for some grinding after went after skyla. i struggled a little bit with swanna but i pulled through and won.after flew on the plane a little anti climatic arrived in lentimas town went pass the cave arrived in undella town. defeated my rival easy. headed over to lancounsa defeated plasma with my rival now heading over to confront drayden.

11th October 2012, 3:38 AM
So I started my White 2 and Black 2 copies... oN my White 2 version I Soft Resetted my game to get female species of each starte and desired. Natured Genesect. I sent em all to my Black version. Then I started my White 2 version forreal and Chose an Oshawott (male - Rash) So Imma make it a mixed attacker. I got. Timid Genesect so that one is obviously a special sweeper. I got to Floccesy Ranch and caught a male Riolu (Adamant) so he will be my physical powerhouse. Then GET THIS, I found a shiny male Lillipup and ofc caught it. Im not gonna train it to be a Stoutland tho. What I did was send it to my Black Version and Train it to a high level so that its pickup ability can find me awsm items. I traded a Hasty lvl 5 Zorua to my White 2, So right now my team is Oshawott, Riolu, Genesect, and Zorua.. while I train my Lillipup to a high level and send it back. I already beat Cheren and Bianca gave me all the C Gear, and Xtranciever stuff. Now I am headed to Virbank City.

11th October 2012, 3:46 AM
I beat Colress near the P2 lab and got my second Master Ball from him. I have no idea what I'll save it for now. I also just finished Black Tower, and now SR'ing for my Gible. After that, I'll continue to complete the pokedex and get the shiny charm eventually. Maybe I'll look to more time in the PWT and beat the tournaments remaining or do more in Join Avenue.

11th October 2012, 4:22 AM
I spent the last couple of hours in Virbank City/Virbank Complex, going around battling trainers and capturing Pokemon. I encountered an Elekid and thought "Screw my planned team I want an Elekid" as I've never actually used an Elekid before. I captured it and then battled an Audino almost right after. I lol'd when Elekid gained almost 3 levels after the battle. I continued battling vs. wild Pokemon and trainers until Snivy evolved into Servine. I trained Elekid and Riolu a couple more levels in preparation for the gym. After that, I went to the gym and battled the drummer and the guitarist (bass player maybe?). I actually struggled vs. them so I thought it would be a good idea if I trained some more. I'll do that tomorrow.

Lvl 17 Servine
Lvl 17 Riolu
LVl 16 Elekid

11th October 2012, 5:10 AM
i feel so behind lol

urgh I just got to Castelia, currently talking to Iris about Team Plasma

Roxie was waayyy too easy

My current team is
Arcanine level 13
Mareep lvl 12
Herdier lvl 16
Magnemite lvl 10
Genesect lvl 17
and my Pignite at 18

Elekid was really getting on my nerves not trying to be captured =___= ended up wasting all of my pokeballs

Still can't find Riolu in the Ranch

11th October 2012, 5:44 AM
I finally mustered enough courage to finish the Opelucid Gym. I absolutely detest rotation battles, so it took me some time. Drayden was easy, though, and I helped him kick New Plasma out of the city. I headed through the Marine Tube (so pretty) and made my way to Humilau City. I was worried that Mimi the Emolga would be... I dunno... a dud. I gave her some Proteins, and made her relearn to use Spark. She was just fine. I can't wait until I get Wild Charge for her! heh I found my way to the Plasma Frigate, and finished them up, as well. I beat Ghetsis (after the AWESOME cut scence!) pretty easily. I worked my way to Route 23, and cleared all the trainers there, too. My team is all around 52-53, so I am hoping to level them a bit more while in Victory Road. For now I am saved outside the new (again, AWESOME!) Badge Check Gate until tomorrow!!

My Team
Persephone (female Serperior)
Auron (male Lucario)
Violet (female Espeon)
Komaga (male Camerupt)
Lorelai (female Lapras)
Mimi (female Emolga)

11th October 2012, 5:55 AM
Alright, so on my way to Driftveil, I ran into Charles who challenged me to my first Rotation battle this game (probably my favorite type of battle). After beating him and crossing the Drawbridge, I arrived in Driftveil to see a conversation by two different Plasma grunts. Hugh came out of nowhere to beat one the New Plasma, while the Old Plasma invited us to where members of Old Plasma are staying. Upon arrival, I was challenged by Rood, one of the Seven Sages. When I beat him, he offered to give me N's Zorua, which I accepted. You know, this is my first time ever having a Zorua (I never got the Celebi or Shiny Beast events). Zorua will be filling the 7th slot in my main team, allowing me to officially call it a Rotation team. Anyway, I explored Driftveil, taught Lucas Ice Punch (I really wish this tutor had Drain Punch), challenged Charles to a Triple battle this time, and then explored and trained on Route 6 and a little of Chargestone Cave. I also got a Srene Grace Deerling from the Season Lab. After all that, I decided to take on the gym.

So now I start my gym challenge, bringing Samuel, Maria, and Lucas along with me. The gym was very interesting in design, although a lot of the trainers there were super weak. After satisfying my completionist tendencies by turning on all the platform lights, I faced of against Clay. His Krokorok went down easy, thanks to Maria's Giga Drain. Sandslash was able to withstand one of my Dewott's Razor Shell, but fell the next turn (although he did quite a bit of damage). I hoped Lucas could make quick work of Excadrill, but he was taken out in one hit, but he did do quite a bit of damage and paralyzed the drill mole. Luckily, Maria was able to take it down with a few Giga Drains. The Quake badge is mine!

Clay then led me out, and suggest that my rival and I check out the World Tournament.

:502: Samuel---Lv. 31
Razor Shell/Revenge/Focus Energy/Fury Cutter

;448; Lucas---Lv. 30
Force Palm/Quick Attack/Ice Punch/Bone Rush

;058; Dexy---Lv. 28
Fire Fang/Take Down/Flame Busrt/Reversal

:556: Maria---Lv. 32
Giga Drain/Synthesis/Acupressure/Needle Arm

:561: Sig---Lv. 27
Psybeam/Tailwind/Light Screen/Air Cutter

;328; Vivi---Lv. 28
Bulldoze/Rock Slide/Strength/Sand Tomb

:570: Zorua(couldn't name it :()---Lv. 27
Faint Attack/Fury Swipes/Scary Face/Taunt

11th October 2012, 6:07 AM
Well since I last posted both my Azurill and Sewaddle evolved twice to their final evolutions in relic passage. I beat Burgh, did join avenue and explored Nimbasa. Went to Anville Town for a bit, played around in the battle subway and fought Elesa. Then did the Charles thing got to Driftveil City which looks amazing! Fought Clay imo the best gym yet. Finished the PWT and did the plasma frigade. Now headed towards route 6.

11th October 2012, 6:20 AM
Marlon's wailord will blindside you if you have magnezone just saying.

11th October 2012, 6:48 AM
Just beat Elesa. She almost murdered my Lucario named Focus AND my Servine named Survivor. If it wasn't for Lucario's Bone Rush, I wouldn't want to have known what would have happened to my Genesect and Keldeo. For the most part however, she was pretty easy since first attack I came close to OHKOing Emolga with Stone Edge and then I almost OHKOd Flaaffy with Secret Sword. Thankfully she volt switched that turn and I changed to Genesect. He then wiped out Emolga and Flaaffy and then changed to Survivor and used a Leaf Tornado but her Zebstrika used Flame Charge and brought him down to the yellow. So I then switched in Lucario and did the rest from there.

11th October 2012, 6:58 AM
For a first runthrough, i usually just build up the starter to a super high level and defeat the champion that way. Afterward, I would typically build a team and EV train. This time around, however, I decided to do something different and put together a team of 3. The only EV training that took place was for attack on the Emboar. Here is how the team ended up after defeating the champion in White 2:

Play time: 22:22

Emboar Lv.66/Adamant/Leftovers
-Take Down
-Heat Crash
-Flare Blitz
-Arm Thrust

Lambro (Ampharos) Lv.68/Gentle/Razor Claw
-Signal Beam
-Confuse Ray
-Power Gem

Vivaldi (Sawsbuck) Lv.67/Brave/Expert Belt
-Horn Leech
-Faint Attack
-Double Edge
-Jump Kick

HM Slaves/Revive & Heal Stallers
Ducklett Lv.24
Push (Boldore) Lv.28
Buizel Lv.40

11th October 2012, 7:00 AM
holy hell I managed to catch terrakion(jolly too!) and it at level 45 can more than stand toe to toe with my level 50+ pokemon. Serisouly this thing is the best ever!

11th October 2012, 8:54 AM
Just beat roxie

Currently my team is
Alakazam - lvl 18
Monferno - lvl 17
Dratini - lvl 15
Elekid - lvl 14
Drilbur - lvl 14
Dewott - lvl 17

Excitable Boy
11th October 2012, 11:11 AM
Went to school and took a massive nap when I got home, so didn't play a lot. Cleared out Routes 9, 11, and 12, as well as Village Bridge. Leveled my guys and challenged Drayden. Flood handled his Druddigon until Drayden Hyper Potioned, at which point I sent in The Else to take over with Acrobatics and Bulldoze. The Else ended up getting Dragon Tailed out for Mink Car, who finished the job with Extremespeed. Apollo 18 ended up falling to Flygon due to a costly misclick (why do I have Quick Attack on him, anyway), but a Psychic from him and an Extremespeed from Mink Car did it in. Used Lincoln against Haxorus and parafused while he Dragon Danced twice, then switched to John Henry to Bulk Up in order to take the +2 hit. Said hit never came - Drayden's Haxorus ended up 3HKOing itself in confusion with its own boosted Attack stat.

Opelucid got freezehaxed by Plasma. Kicked Zinzolin's butt with John Henry and Mink Car, and The Else swept the Shadow Triad with its newly learned Sky Uppercut (how does it learn that, anyway?). I'm Impressed with The Else; he's a little weaker than his teammates, but for an NFE, he's keeping up well.

Current team is all around Lv. 45/46/47. By date/time of capture, from earliest to latest:

Flood the Samurott
Lincoln the Magnezone
Mink Car the Arcanine
Apollo 18 the Espeon
John Henry the Conkeldurr
The Else the Gligar

neo darkrai
11th October 2012, 12:11 PM
Oh man is Victory Road confusing. It took me a bit to get my bearings straight and to form a strategy for tackling this down. I'm surprised I didn't get lost. But I made it out alive after fighting my rival at the end. I rotated my team around so everyone caught up. And now I'm prepared for the Pokémon League challenge.

Current Team:

:500: Mandrag Lv.56
-Heat Crash -Rock Slide -Wild Charge -Flame Charge

;448; Exia Lv.56
-Close Combat -Quick Attack -Ice Punch -Swords Dance

;330; Arios Lv.56
-Dragon Claw -Bulldoze -Rock Slide -Crunch

;181; Lumos Lv.56
-Thunderbolt -Signal Beam -Power Gem -Thunder Wave

;121; Orion Lv.56
-Surf -Psyshock -Ice Beam -Thunderbolt

:530: Simon Lv.56
-Earthquake -Rock Slide -X-Scissor -Hone Claws

Pokédex Progress:
Seen: 247 Obtained: 55

11th October 2012, 1:57 PM
You can start Black 2.I am also playing both the versions simultaneously though I've only beaten the second gym in both the versions.
I'll probably wait until I have 6 or 7 badges before starting Black 2 now that I think about it.

I finished up the Desert Resort and then returned to Nimbasa City. I fought in the stadiums to train my team and then I went to Route 16 and battled the trainers as well as the trainers in the Lostlorn Forest. Zoroark gave me the Snarl TM and then ran off. With nothing really left to do I tried to go the gym only to discover that Elesa wasn't even there and that she was in the old gym. So I rode on the roller coasters and beat the few trainers there with Dewott before discovering that Elesa had gone back to the new gym. GAAH! I returned to Route 16 and trained my team to Lv30 on Audino's (They were Lv28-29 so it didn't take long). With everyone at Lv30 and newly evolved Electabuzz I finally entered the Nimbasa Gym.

White 2 Team
:502: Lv30
;448; Lv30
;125; Lv30
:628: Lv30

Violent Red
11th October 2012, 3:12 PM
Just got the game this evening :)

I've saved outside the first gym and will pick it up tomorrow morning!

I broke a decade+ long tradition today, and chose a female avatar as my 'main' for this generation. A tradition I'm keeping to is that, on my first run through, I always catch every wild Pokemon per route before I can move on. Thus I have caught everything I can so far :) but my team is still just Snivy and I!

Will be back tomorrow with some updates! Have fun all!


11th October 2012, 3:32 PM
I beat the e4 yesterday. I've been through every town, and now I'm working on my pokedex. I'm starting on the beginning to end of the unova dex, then I'll go to national. It's funny... I'm at sewaddle, and I evolved swadloon via friendship at level 25! It was really quick. I suppose the luxury ball helped a great deal...

11th October 2012, 3:39 PM
This morning before going to class, I battled Roxie and she was much easier than I thought she would be. Elekid took out her Koffing and did some damage vs. Whirlipede. However I wanted Riolu to gain full experience so I kept using Leer with Elekid until Elekid fainted. Then Riolu came in and beat Whirlipede with a single Quick Attack and evolved after the battle. I saved as soon as I walked out of the gym and I'll continue from there later.

11th October 2012, 4:14 PM
I finally caught a trapinch, it took awhile, and before that I caught a dwebble and a siglyph. Now I'm in Nimbasa city levelig up my team because they are way under leveled.
Current team:

Mushu the servine lv 23
Barkly the lucario lv 23
Ayame the koffing lv 26
Rita the growlith lv 23
Fufu the woobat which will evolve soon lv 23

Dragon Booster90
11th October 2012, 4:53 PM
Much has happened since my last post... and so I can't remember exactly how everything happened.

First thing is that when I was training, my Riolu evolved into Lucario at Lv. 21 before battling Roxie.
I caught a Magby just to help out with Roxie, nicknamed it Crash.
When the Magby was Lv. 17, I went to fight Roxie.
I beat her quite easily since I had Lucario and Magby.
After that, I just boxed the Magby.

I went to catch a Growlithe since it's part of my planned team.
I nicknamed it Manny, and it's Naive nature.
Checked out Pokestar Studios; made a movie and won in it. The audience clapped at the end. =)
Found and fought some Plasma Grunts with Roxie and Hugh.
Obtained HM Cut.
Chased after them and beat the one grunt without much trouble.
And then I headed for Castelia City!

Obtained the Bicycle right when I got there.
Explored Castelia City and obtained the items I could get.
Beat everyone in the Battle Company.

I talked to the person in front of the Gym and Iris showed up.
Followed her to the pier and the Hugh showed up.
He asked me if I found Team Plasma and I said yes.
Followed him to Castelia Sewers.
He teamed up with me and found some team plasma grunts after exploring some; beat them with ease.

A mysterious man showed up after Burgh and Hugh left.
He just left after saying some stuff.
I so like this guy, though. I can't wait to fight him.

Sometime after that, I traded over a Lapras I was training to Lv. 20 from my White.
On White, I taught the Lapras Psychic, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam; it's Timid Nature with Water Absorb since it was taking way too long to hatch a Modest Natured. I hatched a Shiny Lapras instead though but with a bad nature.
This should be it that I have done so far.

:496: Empress [F] Lv. 23 || Adamant | Overgrow // Return | Growth | Leech Seed | Leaf Tornado
;448; Harley [M] Lv. 22 || Hardy | Inner Focus // Return | Quick Attack | Endure | Force Palm
;058; Manny [M] Lv. 20 || Naive | Intimidate // Wild Charge | Flamethrower | Flame Wheel | Return
;131; Anastasia [F] Lv. 20 || Timid | Water Absorb // Psychic | Ice Beam | Thunderbolt | Water Pulse

11th October 2012, 5:20 PM
I beat my first gym leader with snivy. Then i traded over a team a was wanting to use from my white version.

Dr. Leggs
11th October 2012, 5:41 PM
So I beat Burgh pretty effortlessly on the first go with Pignite, which means I took on the first three gyms entirely with one Pokemon (slammed Aspertia with Huge Power Azurill, Virbank was easy mode with Magnemite). Explored the entire city as I usually do, checking out every building and talking to all the people I can. Stocked up on Great Balls, Super Potions and Super Repels, made my way onwards to Route 4. Explored the buildings there, caught a few Pokemon (including Mandibuzz, whom I took care of with just Cottonee!) and trained a while there. I haven't explored up where the Resort Desert is, and I forget if anything's different this time around, so we'll just have to see. Whole team's in the early- to mid-twenties right now.

11th October 2012, 5:48 PM
I have decided to play Black 2 and White 2 on alternate days because I don'y have much free time nowadays.Today,I played White 2.I went to Pokestar Studios and made a movie.Then I went to Virbank City Harbor and defeated the Plasma Grunt.I also defeated the Plasma Grunt on Route 20.I sailed to Castelia City.I explored the city(including some battles in Battle Company and Gamefreak Office) and then went to gym.But Burgh wasn't there and Iris told me that Team Plasma may be in Castelia Sewers.I went there and defeated all the trainers.I found the Plasma Grunts with Hugh.I met Burgh and also met Colress.I caught my third team member,a Zubat in the Sewers.It is female and has Sassy nature(+Sp.Def/-Speed).I trained it with Audino in the Castelia Park/Garden but it was very difficult due to its poor moveset.It learned Confuse Ray and I also taught it Venoshock via TM.But before I challenge the gym,I would defeat the few trainers in Relic Passage and (change DS Clock) and battle the trainers which are only available in Autumn and Winter unless you have Surf.Also I am looking for an HM Slave which can learn Cut,Strength,Waterfall and Dive.Fly and Surf will be covered on my main Pokemon.


http://serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/502.pngLv.21 Male Serious (Razor Shell/Water Gun/Fury Cutter/Tail Whip) Ability:Torrent Held Item:Mystic Water

http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/239.pngLv.21 Male Mild (Shock Wave/Low Kick/Swift/Thunder Wave) Ability:Static Held Item:Leftovers

http://serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/041-f.pngLv.21 Female Sassy (Venoshock/Wing Attack/Bite/Confuse Ray) Ability:Inner Focus Held Item:Scope Lens

11th October 2012, 6:21 PM
I'm taking the game pretty slow, just four badges in. I just caught N's darmanitan (tip for anyone looking for his pokemon in desert resort- bring a psyduck/golduck with cloud nine, of the 5 pokemon there 3 take sandstorm damage), I'm looking for his sigilyph or sandile though.

11th October 2012, 7:49 PM
Oh, so it's been a good amount of time since I've updated, and lots happened, so I'll pick up from where I was derping around Nimbasa city :D

Ok, so I skimmed my last post, and it looks like I was going around and doing all of the misc stuff in Nimbasa before actually going to challenge Elesa, so I finished up that (big field, rollercoaster trainers, ferris wheel) and went to challenge elesa. I don't remember what my team was like exactly at this point... All I know is that along the way I was able to friendship evolve my Buneary into Lopunny, and also Golbat into Crobat, which were the major accomplishments. But yeah, so I took on Elesa's gym. I thought it was super cool :D... except the "Beauty" trainers were kinda ugly imo... but not important! Elesa looked good and that's all the mattered ;) Elesa's team did give me some trouble, but not nearly as much, since she only has 1 Emolga now. I was able to isolate Flaaffy first with drillbur and use dig so it couldn't volt switch away, then nail it the next turn. Same for Zebstrika. Luckily the pokemon AI doesn't give them the common sense to switch out to their flying type on dig haha. I do that all the time with flaaffy and crobat xD;; But anyways yeah, I think I only had 2 pokemon ko'd which was nice. Volt Switch was good to have, went straight on Flaaffy.

The events following this are a little blurry in my mind now, since a lot happened... I explored the Lostlorn forest some to the right of nimbasa, then went left towards Driftveil and Bianca taught me about hidden grottos, so I've been searching those out now. Pretty nifty, and now I have a minccino with skill link 8D didn't replace anything on my team, but still! In driftveil there wasn't a whole lot to do up front besides go and beat up clay. I did all of the former plasma stuff and got the zorua too. Clay's gym was pretty easy, he himself on the other hand, was not. he technically KO'd 6 of my pokemon, but I used a revive and was able to quick attack myself into victory haha.

After that was... The world tournament :D I thought that was really cool. Like I had heard about it a little before the game was released, but I tried to avoid as many spoilers as possible (some were inevitable, especially since I do comp. battling... like the new move tutors and such... I knew about those and the new metagame and stuff months ago LOL) But yeah. My main misconception was that I thought it was for XP, while it's actually more of a... phoney battle frontier that I were hoping they'd put in this game. Like when I looked up and saw there was no BF added, I like cried. However, this doesn't give many pts (1 BP for beating the /WORLD TOURNAMENT/. wut???). BUUUT I don't mind cuz it seems fun anyways :D

In the story required tournament, I actually almost lost lol. The team I took with me was Flaaffy first, then I picked Crobat 2nd to cover Flaaffy's ground weakness, then Drillbur to cover crobat's electric weakness. Flawlessss. However, my rival Nick was actually kinda tough, since he had a varied team as well. I just barely pulled a win. Cheren and Colress were ez pz. lol dem mono teams. After that was over, I went and did the ship scene with team plasma. it was extra fun since that was one of the scenes from the trailer 8D

At some point between then and now, Flaaffy evolved into Ampharos finally. I started doing Route 6 or wev is the one after Driftveil. However, I got distracted several times and have run up and down it like... 10 times. First, Cheren gives you surf once you reach the weather place, so I back tracked, and explored the first few route's water areas. Then I started back up the trail, and didn't even make it quite back to the weather place when I met a new friend at the club meeting I was at, and ran back to the pokemon center to do union room, entralink, and such. Finally made it after that. Cobalion jumping out at me was a surprise (tbh, i though the like "BWAGHHHH" speech bubble before he's actually on screen was my rival LOL). I was kinda hoping I'd be able to battle him then, but nope... oh well. Chargestone cave... has been even more annoying than in BW1 so far. like I know the lay out better now so that's good, but I swear, my pokemon keep fainting to like... random trainers that have something with Acrobat. it's really obnoxious... also, some wild pokemon have been bugging me and not letting me run away... super obnoxious. On the bright side, I found and caught N's Klink, so that makes 3 of his pokes now, Darumaka, Zorua, and Klink. Gotta catch em all, poke- oh, woops.

But yeah, I saved by the doctor in the cave, will be making it to Mistralton or wev it's called city today hopefully.

so yeah, I'll start doing this now too:
http://sprites.pokecheck.org/t/000.gif http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/499.gif Lv. 30 http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/529.gif Lv. 30 http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/448.gif Lv. 31 http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/428.gif Lv. 30 http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/169.gif Lv. 30 http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/181.gif Lv. 30

11th October 2012, 8:46 PM
Still trying to catch everything in the lost lorn forest. I still need a roselia, pinser, and vespiquen. I'm not going to catch anything else.
Current team:

Mushu the servine lv 26
Barkly the lucario lv 24
Rita the Growlith lv 26
Ayame the koffing lv 26
Fufu the woobat lv 24

Shadow XD001
11th October 2012, 10:36 PM
A lot happened since my last post. Got to Lentimas Town with Professor Juniper and Bianca and I went through Reversal Mountain with Bianca. After that, I arrived at Undella Town and it looks nice. Castelia, Nimbasa, and Mistralton weren't really that different than BW1 (Driftveil is different, slightly) so it's nice to have a change of scenery. Anyway, I beat my Rival at Undella Town and then headed out. I kind of wish the Rival had more than 3 Pokémon at this point in the game. -_- I made it Opelucid and did A LOT of training and got everyone to Level 45. In the process, Golett and Metang evolved. Yay! Won't have a fully evolved team probably until Victory Road because Dragonair evolves at Level 55! So, I challenged the Gym and beat Drayden with slight ease. I also watched as Team Plasma froze Opelucid and battled them along with the Shadow Triad guy and Zinzolin. Pretty cool how you can battle them now. After that, I saw Cheren and then I went to Himalua City to meet with my Rival. Marine Tube is cool.

Wish that there was more stuff between the 7th and 8th Gyms, but oh well. There's A LOT after the 8th Gym, though. Going to train and possibly challenge Marlon tomorrow.

Emboar - Level 48
Dragonair - Level 48
Jolteon - Level 47
Carracosta - Level 48
Metagross Level 47
Golurk - Level 48

Dragon Booster90
11th October 2012, 10:59 PM
I trained until my pokemon were Lv. 22.
I defeated Burgh with ease with Manny and Anastasia.
Manny took care most of the pokemon in the gym.
I only used Anastasia against Dwebble.

:496: Empress [F] Lv. 23 || Adamant | Overgrow // Return | Growth | Leech Seed | Leaf Tornado
;448; Harley [M] Lv. 22 || Hardy | Inner Focus // Return | Quick Attack | Endure | Force Palm
;058; Manny [M] Lv. 24 || Naive | Intimidate // Wild Charge | Flamethrower | Fire Fang| Return
;131; Anastasia [F] Lv. 23 || Timid | Water Absorb // Psychic | Ice Beam | Thunderbolt | Water Pulse

11th October 2012, 11:04 PM
The other day I battled Gym Leader Burgh and won the Insect Badge. I am now in Nimbasa City doing a lot of training. I caught an Emolga named Sparky. My Golduck, Aqua has evolved too! I teamed up with a girl named Rosa and battled Subway Bosses Ingo and Emmet. I now am a manger of my own avenue and I have some great shops there.

neo darkrai
11th October 2012, 11:06 PM
I started my conquest of the Pokémon League. I started off the challenge by fighting Shauntal. She was easy. And her room looks pretty cool. Then I moved onto Grimsley. Those pincers in his room were intimidating, but his team wasn't. Next up was Caitlin. Now her room looked the best, in my opinion. I actually managed to get one her Pokémon frozen. It did nothing for the battle because it was still a cakewalk. And last up was Marshal. I'm surprise that drop didn't hurt him in any way. Either way, his team wasn't that bad. I managed to get the win easily. And now that that's done, all that's left is the Champion. Let's see how this goes.

Current Team:

:500: Mandrag Lv.56
-Heat Crash -Rock Slide -Wild Charge -Flame Charge

;448; Exia Lv.56
-Close Combat -Quick Attack -Ice Punch -Swords Dance

;330; Arios Lv.56
-Dragon Claw -Bulldoze -Rock Slide -Crunch

;181; Lumos Lv.56
-Thunderbolt -Signal Beam -Power Gem -Thunder Wave

;121; Orion Lv.56
-Surf -Psyshock -Ice Beam -Thunderbolt

:530: Simon Lv.56
-Earthquake -Rock Slide -X-Scissor -Hone Claws

Pokédex Progress:
Seen: 252 Obtained: 55

11th October 2012, 11:20 PM
FINALLY. I lucked out and got a Timid Female Snivy after 27 hours. I have obtained running shoes. This is why I cant have nice things.

neo darkrai
11th October 2012, 11:38 PM
The moment is here. I entered the room to the Champion. It was marvelous and up the staircase awaited Iris. And so began the battle for the championship. A beautiful background illuminated the battlefield. I sent out Mandrag while Iris sent out Hydreigon. Predicting a Surf, I switched over to Orion and destroyed the monster with Ice Beam. Next she sent out Lapras, while switched over to Lumos. It took two Thunderbolts to take down the sea creature. Iris then sent out her Aggron. I sent out Simon and used Earthquake and down went the beast. Druddigon was sent out next. I switched over to Mandrag who dealt with the gargoyle by using a few Rock Slides. Then came Iris' ace. Her Haxorus. Arios weakened it, but in the end Exia eliminated the target with a Quick Attack seeing as it was setting up with Dragon Dance. And last of all was Archeops. Arios dealt with the fossil by burying it in a Rock Slide. And before I knew it, the amazing battle music was over and I had won. I'm now the Champion. Iris then lead me to the Hall of Fame where I was inducted. Leaving the building the Elite Four saw me off and the credits began to roll. So with that, the main game has ended. And I will start the post game on Challenge Mode soon. Until then, see you later!

Current Team:

:500: Mandrag Lv.57
-Heat Crash -Rock Slide -Wild Charge -Flame Charge

;448; Exia Lv.57
-Close Combat -Quick Attack -Ice Punch -Swords Dance

;330; Arios Lv.57
-Dragon Claw -Bulldoze -Rock Slide -Crunch

;181; Lumos Lv.57
-Thunderbolt -Signal Beam -Power Gem -Thunder Wave

;121; Orion Lv.57
-Surf -Psyshock -Ice Beam -Thunderbolt

:530: Simon Lv.57
-Earthquake -Rock Slide -X-Scissor -Hone Claws

Pokédex Progress:
Seen: 253 Obtained: 55

11th October 2012, 11:46 PM
Caught a shiny Spoink who evolved into a Grumpig and now heading towards the location of my 7th badge

Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama
11th October 2012, 11:48 PM
I boarded the Plasma Boat again, I'm trying to find the switches to turn off the barrier.

neo darkrai
12th October 2012, 12:09 AM
I started the post game under Challenge Mode. I got myself the National Pokédex from Cedric Juniper and made my way to Floccesy Town. There I fought Alder. He wasn't too hard. His Accelgor fell to Mandrag. Exia eliminated Bouffalant. Orion took down Conkeldurr. Escavalier was taken down by Lumos. Arios slayed Braviary. Last but not least was Volcarona. Simon buried under some rocks. When the battle was over, Alder's grandson Benga came in and invited me to go to Black Tower. I will when I'm fully prepared. And as for Challenge Mode. I was expecting it to be harder, but Alder made me think otherwise. Hopefully it's harder for the other trainers I have yet to fight.

Current Team:

:500: Mandrag Lv.57
-Heat Crash -Rock Slide -Wild Charge -Flame Charge

;448; Exia Lv.57
-Close Combat -Quick Attack -Ice Punch -Swords Dance

;330; Arios Lv.57
-Dragon Claw -Bulldoze -Rock Slide -Crunch

;181; Lumos Lv.57
-Thunderbolt -Signal Beam -Power Gem -Thunder Wave

;121; Orion Lv.57
-Surf -Psyshock -Ice Beam -Thunderbolt

:530: Simon Lv.57
-Earthquake -Rock Slide -X-Scissor -Hone Claws

Pokédex Progress:
Seen: 254 Obtained: 55

12th October 2012, 12:14 AM
Almost done with the unova dex. I only need about 35 more to complete it. Trying to catch terrakion now so i can do the keldeo event thing

12th October 2012, 12:28 AM
I finally managed to catch a roselia and a pinser. Now I need to catch the 3 monkeys, vespiquen, and whirllipede.

12th October 2012, 12:32 AM
Got my team to lv. 22.
And Zakuro evolved into Whirlipede!
Then decided to challenge the Gym Leader.
Zakuro did most of the damage to the trainers and Burgh.
He leveled to lv. 25, and Kyoko to lv. 23 in the Gym.
So it was an easy win so I obtained the Insect Badge and TM.

I then went to the Fountain.
And guess who was waiting there, Colress!
Then I went to Route 4, he was waiting there for me.
He made the Crustle who were blocking the way move with his device.
Then he wanted to battle me.
He was an easy fight, I used Ryohei against his two Pokemon.

Now I'm exploring Route 4, battled some trainers and obtained some items.
Soon I'll be able to get my last team member, a Trapinch!

Current Team:
:502: Yamamoto [M] lv. 24 || Hasty | Torrent // Furry Cutter | Return | Water Gun | Razer Shell |
;448; Ryohei [M] lv. 24 || Docile | Inner Focus // Return | Quick Attack | Endure | Force Palm |
:544: Zakuro [M] lv. 25 || Impish | Poison Point // Return | Bug Bite | Poison Tail | Screech |
;037; Kyoko [F] lv. 23 || Timid | Flash Fire // Flamethrower | Payback | Will-O-Whisp | Energy Ball |
:548: Haru [F] lv. 23 || Serious | Own Tempo // Magical Leaf | Leech Seed | Sleep Powder | Mega Drain |

12th October 2012, 1:00 AM
Well I have a story to tell. I got Black 2 last night and started my adventure. This morning as I wandered through the Virbank Complex seeking Audino to battle. I walked into a patch of rustling grass and discovered one, but this was no normal Audino, IT WAS SHINY!! :D
About five hours later this morning I was partway through my 4-hour (so far) search for a female Eevee when I was quite rudely interrupted by two pesky Rattata but one of them was funny-looking, it was SHINY as well!! :D Nine hours into the game and two shinies under my belt. Awesome!!
Time to my resume my hunt for a female Eevee.


12th October 2012, 1:03 AM
Well. Detailing what I've gotten so far in the past 4 hours. 1. Did PWT Driftveil Cup. 2. Got fly from Cheren. 3. Caught many pokemon for my dex. 4.Entered Chargestone cave. 5. Caught various pokemon in the cave. 6. Looked at the dialogue of a mystery character (I have a good guess who that might be.) and 7. Looking for Tynamo in B2 of Chargestone.

12th October 2012, 1:08 AM
Almost done with the unova dex. I only need about 35 more to complete it. Trying to catch terrakion now so i can do the keldeo event thing

You don't need to bring any of the 3 Swords of Justice to trigger Keldeo's event. You just need to bring Keldeo to Pledge Grove and you'll trigger the event.

12th October 2012, 1:30 AM
I caught a vespiquen, pansage, panpour, and even a roserade. I actually found 2 one right after the other XD I'm going to wait to try and catch a pansear until after I beat Elesa. Now I'm battling the trainers in the rollercoaster building and will get my team to lv 28.

12th October 2012, 1:31 AM

I beat Elesa this morning with my Trapinch(Lamar), who is now level 32. I'm working to get everyone to level 30, and I think my weakest team member is only level 28 or 29, so I'm not too far behind. Drftveil is looking nice, and I'm super excited for the PWT. Anyways, that's all for now. Pray the next update is better. xD


12th October 2012, 1:46 AM
I just finished crawling through the sewer and I'm now abusing Pokemon Breeder Irene for money and EXP. Call me crazy, but I love the fact that she'll battle you every time she sees you. XD

Later tonight I'm going to catch another send-over for my Black game and add a freshly caught Roggenrola. I may use the little guy for Burgh but I'm not sure yet. I can't wait until I get to Nimbasa, though. I remember the crud that Elesa put me through on Black; I have a cute little Japanese DW Golett who is going to serve up a nice plate of revenge just for that. I can't wait to see Elesa choke on it, either. :D

12th October 2012, 1:50 AM
I reached Opelucid and narrowly defeated Drayden (Challenge Mode levels are insane... I narrowly beat every gym leader, and lost to a couple of them once) for my 7th badge on Black 2. Afterward, I caught a Pawniard on route 9 and trained it to be my 6th team member! Feels great to have a full team.

Now to move onto Route 14, Undella Bay, and then Route 21~!

-Robyn the Emolga lv 52
-Kirikizan the Bisharp lv 52
-Starmie *shiny* lv 52
-Truck the Pupitar lv 52
-Egoist the Roserade lv 53
-Linemile the Flygon lv 53

12th October 2012, 2:00 AM
After beating the Castelia Gym and getting the Insect Badge, I battled Corless. I was disapointed that his battle theme wasn't used, but oh well. I'm currently in Lostlorn Forest searching for a Female, Modest, Natural Cure, Roselia.

Violent Red
12th October 2012, 2:06 AM
Snivy did great against Cheren and his gym trainers. He set up two Growths again Patrat which let him decimate Cheren's Lillipup!

On the way to Virbank city, Snivy evolved into Servine :') We battled our way to the city where we found the gym leader Roxie having an argument with her dad. She seemed pretty ferocious and I was a bit apprehensive about battling her. Servine and I decided that we'd check out the complex before we battled her for some extra training, which would hopefully boost our confidence. We'd heard that Roxie used Poison type Pokemon and Servine was worried he would let us down.

It was in the complex that we met our newest ally, a Growlithe who I've named 'Duke'. He is very loyal and headstrong. We trained kept training for a while and Duke's presence seemed to make Servine more confident. We finally mustered up the courage to enter Roxie's gym, with it's bald, tattooed roughnecks.

Servine did great against her Koffing, dodging a Smog whilst setting up a growth and then proceeding to Tackle it into submission. Duke wanted to take on Roxie's powerhouse, Whirlipede. Duke got poisoned by Poison Point after using Flame Wheel but, I remembered Cheren's advice and had given Duke a Pecha berry to hold. This healed his poison straight away and subsequently, Whirlipede's Venoshock did less damage than it could have. Duke finished it off with another Flame Wheel to seal the victory!

More updates to come later!


12th October 2012, 2:21 AM
beat black two with this team (all level 60 after championship): Emboar, Ampharos, Sandslash, Sawsbuck, Altaria, and Azumarill. Started white two and defeated Cheren and Roxie. My current team is(all 19) dewott, riolu, and growlithe. im talking to roxie's dad and am heading to castelia.

12th October 2012, 2:22 AM

My team of Zoaroak, Staraptor, Eelectross, Typlsion, Latias, and gengar hasn't lost once yet...8D

this is so cool. I love this. <3...

12th October 2012, 3:02 AM
I made it to route 23. I'm almost there....

12th October 2012, 3:16 AM
headed over to dragon city opuelucid city and after a hard fought battle defeated him his haxorous was challenging. Then i saw the awesone freezing animation plasma attacked the city. helped drayden defeat team plasma then i chopped the shadow triad. After went through the marine tube,worth all the hype beautiful animation and arrived in himliau(forgive my spelling) town ready to face marlon.


12th October 2012, 3:35 AM
Just started up my White 2. Went with this over Black 2, even though I owned Black. Debating for a while on which starter between Snivy and Tepig. Ultimately went with the Grass Snake, based on what I want the rest of my team to look like.

Took part in my first Pokemon battle against Hugh, beat him with 2 Tackles after a few Leers to weaken his Tepig's defense. Bianca then showed me where to heal my Pokemon and buy a bunch of goodies. Good ol' mama gave me my running sneakers, now I can finally run apparently as if I wasn't able to run before. Hugh's sister asked if I can deliver him a Town Map, she gave me one as well. After that I headed to Route 19 to meet Bianca to teach me how to actually catch Pokemon...oh little does she know. Found the Ranch, battled a few Pokemon, caught a Riolu and few others.

Made my way to the 1st Gym, Snivy had little trouble once he spammed a few Growths and a couple Vine Whips.

Wound up in Virbank City, wondered around and got to the Virbank Complex where I caught the 2nd member of my team Growlithe.

Currently training Growlithe against a few Audinos and random Pokes so he can help me take on the next gym.

Servine lvl 17
Growlithe lvl 18

12th October 2012, 3:58 AM
Omfg...reading everyone elses posts Im so far behind. Im off from work tomorrow though so I'm going to pound it out. I'm challenging Cheren right now.

12th October 2012, 4:04 AM
I've forgotten to post up to now.
I started my journey with Tepig. I caught Pidove and Patrat for temporary slots. Then I got Riolu and defeated Cheren. I defeated Roxie next and did a movie. I defeated Team Plasma and got my third badge. I caught a Sandile and Sandshrew and defeated Elesa. Then I caught the hidden grove Mincinno and lost to Clay. I trained my pokemon near the weather building and got a Deerling from the researcher. I then defeated Clay and won the PWT. I teamed up with Hugh and Cheren against Team Plasma. Then I defeated Skyla and caught a Vibrava and Absol. I came across Cobalion and caught him. I am now in the process of catching Verizion

12th October 2012, 4:13 AM
Since my last dilemma before winning my 3rd badge. I defeated Burgh's gym by using my Eevee team. My supposedly Leafeon & Umbreon Eevees took care of the gym. It was fairly easy.

I decided to dropped Servine out of the team. When I arrived at the Nimbasa city, I finally got Thunderstone thanks to the Dowsing Machine, so Jolteon is the first out of my 5 Eevees to evolved. Then one of my Eevees got attached to me alot and it turned into Umbreon making him the second Eevee to evolve. Thanks to both Jolteon & Umbreon they both pretty much handled Elesa's gym.

After that I went ahead and traveled to Driftveil City. I got Zorua from Rood. I end my trip to this city by challenging Clay's gym which was no sweat at all thanks to my poketank Umbreon. He slaughtered most of the pokes. Umbreon managed to single handedly defeat Clay's roster by the combination of Work Up & Payback. Then Excadrill got One Hit KO by Umbreon's Dig.

Now I am goin to try my luck if I am able to snag a Water Stone from Relic Path. Crossing my fingers. I really wanted to evolve one of my Eevee into Vaporeon..

Team thus far:

Umbreon - Level 31 (Sassy nature)
Jolteon - Level 30 (Quirky nature)
Eevee - Level 25 (Adamant) will be Leafeon
Eevee - Level 19 (Bold) Soon to be Vaporeon
Eevee - Level 19 (Modest) will be Glaceon

I've finally got my Eevee evolved into Vaporeon!

OK, I am very disappointed to the recent development of my journey. I beat Skyla and got my 6th badge. Vaporeon & Jolteon swept through the entire gym in a breeze.. After that I hurried along to enter the Twist Mountain so that I could have my Eevee evolve into Glaceon but SADLY I learned that you couldn't access Twist Mountain before beating the Poke League!

What a pain.. I intentionally skipped most trainers so I could train Glaceon & Leafeon after getting them.. I had to come up with a new team so I decided to just evolve one of my Eevee into Flareon. I also caught myself a Skitty and I plan to have this lil fella in my team.

I am currently trainin both Flareon & Skitty to catch up with the rest of my team. Still deciding for the last slot.. I'm considering Altaria to round of my team but level 33 Swablu is abit disappointing.. I wanted to get most of my pokes as low level as possible.. Ugghh why can't we access daycar pre-elite 4..

But other than that I must say this game is refreshing... I never had this kind of fun since Gen 2 (Gold & Silver) days.. There are alot of things to do and places to explore. The story line isn't as redundant, I mean you don't get to fight the bad guys (Team Plasma etc) throughout the storyline. Which is a good thing since I get bored battling these bad guys with their limited selection of Pokemons. ~oopps endofrant#

Team Thus Far

Umbreon - Level 40 (Sassy nature)
Jolteon - Level 40 (Quirky nature)
Vaporeon - Level 40 (Bold)
Flareon - Level 23 (Naughty)
Skitty - Level 19 (Jolly)

12th October 2012, 5:16 AM
Busy day today. Defeated all the trainers on Route 4 and in Desert Resort, captured the Mandibuzz on Route 4, started Join Avenue, defeated the trainers on Routes 5 and 16 and Lostlorn Forest, picked up the Forgotten Item, defeated the Nimbasa Gym. Sandile evolved after the battle with Elesa. Thanks to Join Avenue Golbat evolved.

Current Team:

Dewott (Lv 24)
Flaaffy (Lv 21)
Crobat (Lv 25)
Maractus (Lv 23)
Flareon (Lv 26)
Krokorok (Lv 29)

Wont' be able to play tomorrow, but Saturday I'll head onwards and play catch-up with Dewott, Flaaffy, and Maractus.

Chaos Rush
12th October 2012, 6:10 AM
Got the game couple days ago (White 2, since I have White 1). Raged over the fact that Challenge Mode isn't available from start (I already knew this a long time ago, but I still think it's annoying and it doesn't make sense). Cheren was too easy. Completely murdered him with Riolu's Counter. Currently at Virbank City, defeated everyone at the complex. Riolu evolved, so I'm basically invincible now. Current team:

Lv14 Growlithe
Lv14 Snivy
Lv15 Magnemite
Lv15 Lucario (yes, I'm serious)
Lv15 Lillipup

Really wishing I had access to Challenge Mode... I am so far disappointed with the difficulty of White 2 (though the fact that my Riolu evolved so freakin early makes the game a little too easy)

12th October 2012, 6:15 AM
Got the game yesterday and started playing last night, naming myself Mei. Went pretty smoothly with the first two gyms last night until today when I arrived in Castelia. Spent about an hour training and searching for my Eevee in the park, and trained my team to level 25. I then went and challenged the gym. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard, and I beat it on my first try. Next I went out to train in Route 4. Beat all the trainers after like 3 trips back and forth to the Pokémon center. I then went to the Desert Resort to catch my next team member, Trapinch. I was prepared to be searching a while, as it was only 5%, but I found it on my second try. Then I went back to Castelia Park to train it. Now I am about to adventure off to Nimbasa City. My Eevee should be evolving tonight. My current team consists of:

Lemonade (Ampharos) lv. 30

Aurora (Servine) lv. 28

Diamond (Azumarill) lv. 28

Yumi (Eevee) lv. 28

Spirit (Trapinch) lv. 28

12th October 2012, 6:21 AM
Beat all the trainers (and found the items) spread throughout Victory Road. Finally got to teach Mimi to use Wild Charge! So long, Spark! My team is all about level 56. Gonna get them each up another few levels before heading in to the Elite Four. I also downloaded the Dream Radar, and sent back a Munna and a Sigilyph. I need to work on my orb count...

12th October 2012, 6:25 AM
Just defeating burgh without breaking a sweat, thanks to my monferno and dratini :)

Currently my team is
Monferno - lvl 25
Dratini - lvl 22
Elekid - lvl 23
Dewott - lvl 21
Alakazam - lvl 22
Drilbur - lvl 23

12th October 2012, 7:26 AM
Leaving from where I left off. I: Caught Tynamo, Went to Celestial Tower, Beat Skyla, Traveled to Lentimas, Explored the Strange House and got the Lunar Wing, Went through Reversal Mountain, Battled Trainers in Route 14, Battled Hyuu before entering Route 13 on the way towards Lacunosa, and Started Route 13 by battling the first available trainer and catching all the standard walking grass pokemon for the area. And whilst doing all this, I gathered every item I could find, battled every trainer within sight (except for the Route with Celestial Tower cause I only did the trainers leading toward the tower and those in it), and caught one or more of every single pokemon species I could, and also gained pokerus for my main team for Black 2 which consists of a Vibrava (43) gotten from one of the previous gens, the male Serperior-turned-Snivy named Survivor (43) that I got as my Black 2 starter, Focus (43) the Lucario-turned-Riolu I got from Floccesy Ranch, the wi-fi event Genesect (42), and the Gamestop Keldeo (42).

12th October 2012, 7:40 AM
Finally Europe is getting the game today. Can't wait to start! So far, even though I don't have the game yet, my team is going to be consist of..
-Eevee > Jolteon.

12th October 2012, 11:04 AM
OMG! I just found a random Shiny Cottonee! This is my first actual Shiny Pokemon ever! Woo hoo!

12th October 2012, 11:12 AM
Grabbed Oshawott as my starter. It was Modest on the first go which was nice. After that I grabbed my Gensect, got a Modest one on my 4th try.

I find it funny how you can grab a Lv15 Genesect as soon as you grab your starter lol.

12th October 2012, 11:32 AM
I won my first badge and received the c-gear, then i traded some pokemons eggs from my white game & did some training.
My team @ this point

Snivy lvl 13
Charmander lvl 13
Mudkip lvl 13
Scyther lvl 10
Emolga lvl 8
Gible lvl 3

12th October 2012, 11:43 AM
Apparently TM40s existence is unknown in BW2. No one seems to know where to get it.

12th October 2012, 12:36 PM
Did the usual stuff, started up the game, went through the tutorial (this part should really be optional), caught some pokémon, etc.
Also, I downloaded the Genesect.

Current Status
In front of Aspertia Gym, ready to face Cheren.

Oshawott "Takeru" lv.10
Lillipup lv.8 (not a member of final team)
Mareep lv.8 (not a member of final team)
Sewaddle lv.8 (not a member of final team)

After the gym battle, I plan on trading over three eggs (for a random Purrloin, Sunkern and Azurill) from White.

12th October 2012, 1:03 PM
Today I did all the same stuff in Black 2 that I did in White 2 yesterday.I went to Pokestars Studio and made a movie.Then I went and defeated a Team Plasma Grunt in Virbank City.I got HM Cut from Hugh.Then I also defeated the other Team Plasma Grunt on Route 20.I then sailed to Castelia City.I explored the Castelia City and had some battles in the Battle Company and Gamefreak Building.I then went to the gym and found that Burgh wasn't there.I went to Castelia Sewers and defeated all the trainers there including the Team Plasma Grunts.Hugh gave me HM Strength.I also met Burgh and Colress.I went out of the sewers and saved the game.I am looking for an HM Slave.


http://serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/496.pngLv.20 Male Calm (Leaf Tornado/Tackle/Leech Seed/Growth) Ability:Overgrow Held Item:Leftovers

http://serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/240.pngLv.20 Female Hasty (Ember/Fire Spin/Faint Attack/Clear Smog) Ability:Flame Body Held Item:Charcoal

12th October 2012, 1:13 PM
Well, did a pretty slow start right here. Downloaded the game for nearly 1 week yet I'm still stuck at the Route 4 (Desert area), training my Petilil.

Current team are:

Raziel (Oshawott) / Male / Lv. 27 / Bold nature / Razor Shell; Water Pulse; Water Gun; Fury Cutter
Miriel (Flaaffy) / Female / Lv. 26 / Serious nature / Take Down; Electro Ball; Thundershock; Charge
Gabriel (Lucario) / Male / Lv. 26 / Adamant nature / Force Palm; Metal Sound; Rock Smash; Quick Attack
Uriel (Growlithe) / Male / Lv. 27 / Modest nature / Ember; Take Down; Fire Fang; Flame Wheel
Ariel (Petilil) / Female / Lv. 20 / Hasty nature / Leech Seed; Magical Leaf; Mega Drain; Sleep Powder
Ciel (Eevee) / Male / Lv. 18 / Careful Nature / to be updated--since I forgot lol.

Aura Flare Riolu
12th October 2012, 1:19 PM
If I spent as much time at getting badges than I was at PokeStar Studios, I probably would have 6 Badges now. Oh well. At least I got a ton of items from it. I had over 100 Lemonades! I'm training for Elesa now.

Current Team:
Emile (Dewott) ♂ Lv.25
~ Return
~ Dig
~ Rock Smash
~ Razor Shell
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Jolly

Leon (Lucario) ♂ Lv.28
~ Work Up
~ Return
~ Force Palm
~ Dig
Ability: Steadfast
Nature: Mild

Druddigon ♀ Lv.23
~ Rock Smash
~ Hone Claws
~ Dig
~ Sucker Punch
Ability: Mold Breaker
Nature: Naughty

Darumaka (N's Darumaka) ♂ Lv.29
~ Return
~ Work Up
~ Dig
~ Fire Punch
Ability: Hustle
Nature: Naive

Krokorok (N's Krokorok) ♂ Lv.29
~ Dig
~ Crunch
~ Mud-Slap
~ Return
Ability: Moxie
Nature: Docile

Tornadus (Therian Forme) ♂ Lv.22
~ Gust
~ Fly
~ Crunch
~ Revenge
Ability: Regenerator
Nature: Quirky

Apparently TM40s existence is unknown in BW2. No one seems to know where to get it.

Really? Aerial Ace is obtained the EXACT same way as in Black and White.

12th October 2012, 1:43 PM
I got Black 2 today. Started the game and went through the introduction, I did unexpectedly get to name my Rival, so he got a very uncreative name as usual. Started in Aspertia City and got a mission to look for Bianca together with my Rival, and found her on the lookout. She offered me a choice of a starter, and I picked a cute little Tepig. My rival challenged me to a battle, he had an Oshawott, and I won by a very small margin as my Tepig survived one of his attacks with exactly one HP left. Decided to to try the Memory Link so I had that done, and it worked just perfectly. I got out to Route 19 where Bianca showed me how to catch Pokemon, I also got a few Poke Balls. Went back to the Aspertia and into the Pokemon Center, where I met a man who showed me a memory from past times. My Rivals sister also gave me a map which she wanted me to deliver to her brother. I went back out to Route 19, captured a Purrloin and a Patrat before arriving in Floccesy Town, where I met Alder. He wanted me to train a bit, but I had to deliver the map to my rival first. So I went out to Route 20, battled a few trainers and captured a Pidove before I met a Hiker who told me I wasn't allowed to go any further east since I didn't have a badge yet. I started going north instead and arrived at the Floccesy Ranch, where I met my Rival again. He challenged me to another battle, and I won this time as well. The owners of the Ranch appeared and told us that one of their Herdier had disappeared, so we went to look for it. Along the way, I battled all trainers I could find in the Ranch and captured a Riolu, Azurill and Lillipup. At the end of the Ranch, I found the Herdier together with a man who said he was from Team Plasma. The man run off and the owners got reunited with the Herdier. Our errands here were done, so I went back to Floccesy Town, where Alder allowed me into his... house? There, I got to battle against two trainers, each having an elemental Monkey. With that done, I exited and met a man who gave me a Medal Box. Alder suggested that I should challenged the Aspertia Gym next, so that is where I am heading. Might do a bit more training first, but I'm not sure if it is necessary.

12th October 2012, 2:17 PM
I beat Marlon last night on Black 2, and he ended up being the easiest Gym Leader on Challenge Mode, probably because my team is finally complete! Now it's time for my favorite part of the game: the Plasma Frigate!

-Robyn the Emolga lv 56
-Truck the Tyranitar lv 56
-Starmie *shiny* lv 55
-Egoist the Roserade lv 55
-Linemile the Flygon lv 55
-Kirikizan the Bisharp lv 55

7 tyranitars
12th October 2012, 2:19 PM
And so it begins, again!

After school, being the pokemon addict I am I got my White 2 edition immideatly. (today is the release day for Europe)

Picked my name,
traveled through the starting city to Bianca
I chose Oshawott as my starter.
I also got a Pokedex
Defeated my rival and got an introduction to the pokemon center


:501: Oshawott Level 6
-Tail Whip

12th October 2012, 2:31 PM
Really? Aerial Ace is obtained the EXACT same way as in Black and White.

Haven't gotten that far into the game. Just finished PWT after defeating Clay so.

Thanks anyway.

12th October 2012, 3:05 PM
ergh spend most of the morning/afternoon in the Ranch looking for a Riolu :( still haven't seen one. I shall not move from this ranch until i have one :P

Star Champion AJ
12th October 2012, 3:08 PM
Went to the nearest Fnac store available and obtained Pokémon White 2.
After obtaining the game (I waited 4 freaking months for that), I read the instruction booklet (that's a sacred rule) and unfortunately, it wasn't as good as the White booklet.
Then I went to the nearest Wi-Fi place, woke up Flygon (obtained in DW) in my White game, obtained the items and the DW Pokémon (Aron) and tucked in Flygon again.
Next, I watched the White 2 intro and downloaded the Event Genesect, which won't be trained btw.
Finally, I used the memory Link feature, linking the White game I mentioned before and now I'm ready to play the game (after school).

Mega Typhlosion
12th October 2012, 3:22 PM
I got my W2 version a few hours ago, and I've been playing for two hours.

I got Tepig as a starter (Mild nature, good for a mixed attacker) and followed the storyline (quite surprising plot indeed). Then I went to battle Cheren with my Lv.14 Tepig which I defeated easily thanks to Defense Curl and Ember. Right now I've just reached Virbank City and got a Growlithe (Adamant nature, guess it's my lucky day when it comes to natures). I'm now going to train my two pals in order to beat Roxie ^^

Good game so far :)

ergh spend most of the morning/afternoon in the Ranch looking for a Riolu :( still haven't seen one. I shall not move from this ranch until i have one :P

That's unlucky. IIRC Riolu was my first appearance in the ranch but I'm not going to train one so I defeated it xD

12th October 2012, 3:52 PM
Ok that's it for the night, i'm currently in driftvale city and training my team before i hit the gym

Current Team
Electabuzz - lvl 30
Alakazam - lvl 27
Monferno - lvl 27
Excadrill - lvl 31
Dewott - lvl 28
Dragonair - lvl 30

Before i leave driftvale city my team will be lvl 35 each.

12th October 2012, 4:05 PM
While battling audinos I found and caught a pansear, after that I beat Elesa pretty easily although her zebstrika beat Rita D= After that I beat the plasma grunts, beat the trainers on route 5 and Charles, caught a ducklett, got to Driftveil, bought some moomoo milk, beat the plasma sage, beat the trainers in the gym, and now I'm going to get everyone to lv 32.

12th October 2012, 4:43 PM
The gyms in these games are awesome! I loved the music that played when a model in Elesa's gym encounters you. I ended up breezing down the runway with Lucario thanks to Bone Rush. Then I had to fight Elesa. She used Emolga so I used Electabuzz. She used Pursuit thinking I would switch out but I went with Shock Wave and brought it down to half health. She Volt Switch'd into Zebstrika the next turn and Motor Drive activated thanks to Shock Wave. I switched to Lucario and knocked it out with Bone Rush. She sent in Flaaffy so I used Bone Rush...it missed and she paralyzed Lucario with Thunder Wave. Lucario remained paralyzed until it fainted and Flaaffy won with Volt Switch. I sent in Dewott and managed to confuse it and then proceed to beat it the next turn with Water Pulse. Electabuzz finished off Emolga and I got my fourth badge! I then helped my rival take out Team Plasma (so sad) and then went to Route 5.

Bianca showed up and gave me Fly as well as showed me a Hidden Hollow. I proceeded to beat everyone on the route, including Charles and then I crossed the Charizard Bridge into Driftveil City. I explored the city and then took a break.

White 2 Team
:502: Lv31
;448; Lv32
;125; Lv31
:628: Lv31

Am I the only that thinks this game is really short? I've talked to everyone and explored everywhere I could but I have only played for 8:23 hours. That seems awfully low considering I have four badges.

7 tyranitars
12th October 2012, 4:58 PM
Alright so now the journey really starts. I went Floccesy town where I met Alder right before entering it. He said I should find my rival first so yeah.. I went east through route 20 to Floccesy Range, where I got a Mareep and a Riolu. I defeated my rival and I helped to find that Herdier. I went back to Floccesy Town where I met Alder once again. I defeated the trainers and got a medal case.
I went back to the starting town where I challenged the gym. Cheren was no match for me there so I got the first badge. I went back all the way to route 20 and defeated the hiker.


:501: Oshawott Level 14
-Focus Energy
-Water Gun
-Water Sport

;178; Mareep Level 12
-Cotton Spore
-Thunder Wave

;447; Riolu Level 12
-Quick Attack
-Work Up

ergh spend most of the morning/afternoon in the Ranch looking for a Riolu :( still haven't seen one. I shall not move from this ranch until i have one :P

Took me a good 30 mins to find one aswell.

7 tyranitars
12th October 2012, 5:18 PM
Alright so now the journey really starts. I went Floccesy town where I met Alder right before entering it. He said I should find my rival first so yeah.. I went east through route 20 to Floccesy Range, where I got a Mareep and a Riolu. I defeated my rival and I helped to find that Herdier. I went back to Floccesy Town where I met Alder once again. I defeated the trainers and got a medal case.
I went back to the starting town where I challenged the gym. Cheren was no match for me there so I got the first badge. I went back all the way to route 20 and defeated the hiker.


:501: Oshawott Level 14
-Focus Energy
-Water Gun
-Water Sport

;179; Mareep Level 12
-Cotton Spore
-Thunder Wave

;447; Riolu Level 12
-Quick Attack
-Work Up

ergh spend most of the morning/afternoon in the Ranch looking for a Riolu :( still haven't seen one. I shall not move from this ranch until i have one :P

Took me a good 30 mins to find one aswell.

12th October 2012, 5:35 PM
I started the game and went about finding Bianca. I then received Snivy from her, and after battling Hugh, ventured out onto Route 19. There, I met Alder and arrived at Floccesy Town. I battled Hugh again on Floccesy Ranch. I'm currently contemplating whether or not to catch a Lillipup.

Current Team:
:495: James Lv. 10

4/649 (0.62%)

12th October 2012, 5:50 PM
ergh spend most of the morning/afternoon in the Ranch looking for a Riolu :( still haven't seen one. I shall not move from this ranch until i have one :P

Riolu was the very first Pokemon I found in the Ranch.

neo darkrai
12th October 2012, 6:21 PM
I traveled all the way to Driftveil City. Along with way, I got a Timid Eevee with its Hidden Ability from Amanita. I finished up the Rental, Mixed, and Unova Leaders Tournaments at the PWT. I may work on the others. But my plan for the rest of the post game has been formed. I'm going to go clockwise through Unova and come full circle back at Nimbasa City. Then I'll head south to Nuvema Town. I'm going to save the tough battles and maybe the Legendaries for later.

Current Team:

:500: Mandrag Lv.57
-Heat Crash -Rock Slide -Wild Charge -Flame Charge

;448; Exia Lv.57
-Close Combat -Quick Attack -Ice Punch -Swords Dance

;330; Arios Lv.57
-Dragon Claw -Bulldoze -Rock Slide -Crunch

;181; Lumos Lv.57
-Thunderbolt -Signal Beam -Power Gem -Thunder Wave

;121; Orion Lv.57
-Surf -Psyshock -Ice Beam -Thunderbolt

:530: Simon Lv.57
-Earthquake -Rock Slide -X-Scissor -Hone Claws

Pokédex Progress:
Seen: 254 Obtained: 59

12th October 2012, 6:29 PM
After leaving the Castelia City Sewers, I went to get my 3rd gym badge. The trainers there were easy and so was Burgh. I left the gym and went North to Route 4, along the way I encountered that mysterious dude from the sewer, whose real name happened to be Colress. We battled on Route 4. He was really easy especially since I had a fire type and my Elekid knew a fighting type move as well. After that I explored the ruins of Route 4 (really nice but in White, it looked like they were buiding a city not a ruin). I also went to the outside part of the Desert Resort but didn't really do anything there, because, after playing for about 3 hours today, I realized that I hadn't saved my game at all, and the light on my DS was red, so I saved the game immediately and called it quits for a while. When I start playing again, I am going to capture a Trapinch.

Lvl 23 Servine
Lvl 22 Growlithe
Lvl 22 Lucario
Lvl 22 Elekid

12th October 2012, 6:45 PM
So I guess I thought I'd post my progress in game here, since it seems pretty fun. :D

I've currently made it to chargestone cave, and have already caught one of N's pokemon, and received his zoura in driftveil city. I'm focusing on training in the cave, as I almost have my full team set up. I am just waiting to send over a dream radar smoochum to round out my team. I did a bunch of playing of funfest missions with my boyfriend last night which was a lot of fun. I spent some time traveling far into the relic passage to acquire my Volcarona, and soon after beating clay I was able to grab surf and go catch my frillish. I am very happy to have them on my team.

Once I'm done in chargestone cave its time for my 6th badge!

Lucario - Lvl 32
Electabuzz - Lvl 31
Krokorok - Lvl 33
Volcarona - Lvl 35
Frillish - lvl 20

12th October 2012, 7:26 PM
When I was in Caselia, I did go ahead and linked my Black to my White 2.
I saw my first memory, it was cool seeing my Black's name mentioned.

Did get the TM Dig in Route 4.
I then went to the Desert Resort in hopes of getting my Trapinch.
Haven't found a good one yet.
But I did get 3 of N's Pokemon, his Darmutarian, Sandile, and Scraggy.
I was surprised that I caught the Darmutarian when it was lv. 35.

I got the Fire Stone and found some other items.
I won't be evolving Kyoko just yet.
I'll get the rest the items and battle the rest of the trainers a little later.

After I can get my Trapinch, I'll head to Nimbasa City.
And will train my team to lv. 28 before challenging the Gym Leader.

Current Team:
:502: Yamamoto [M] lv. 25 || Hasty | Torrent // Furry Cutter | Return | Water Pulse | Razer Shell |
;448; Ryohei [M] lv. 25 || Docile | Inner Focus // Return | Dig | Endure | Force Palm |
:544: Zakuro [M] lv. 25 || Impish | Poison Point // Return | Bug Bite | Poison Tail | Screech |
;037; Kyoko [F] lv. 25 || Timid | Flash Fire // Flamethrower | Payback | Will-O-Whisp | Energy Ball |
:548: Haru [F] lv. 25 || Serious | Own Tempo // Magical Leaf | Leech Seed | Sleep Powder | Mega Drain |

Crystal Firestorm
12th October 2012, 7:45 PM
My White 2 arrived this morning, so happy~

So far, I've got 2 badges. Finished up the business with Team Plasma in the sewers and I'm about to face Burgh. My team is:

Xiao the Servine (Lvl 18)
Ruri the Marill (Lvl 19, just evolved from happiness)
Hikari the Flaaffy (Lvl 18)
Eevee (Lvl 18, traded from Black and is shiny) (will become an Espeon)
Gift the Venipede (Lvl 12, just caught)

I have a Modest Zoroark in my box from Black, but I'm not using it yet because it's level 28 and I don't want to make everything too easy. Also, the Dunsparce with Rollout on route 20 nearly wiped out my whole team. >_<

I'll play more tomorrow!

12th October 2012, 8:01 PM
Finally made it to Castelia City
Roamed around battled a few trainers and Got Exp. Share
Found the GF HQ Pretty Interesting
Found all the clowns for a nice Rare Candy as part of their game
Tried to battle Burgh but apparently there are some Team Plasma activities going on in the sewers
Met Hugh in the Sewers and found the 2 Plasma Grunts, Growlithe took care of that easily
Met the 3rd Member of my team Timburr, luckily was Naughty
Timburr leveled up very quickly and evolved into Gurdurr
Made my back to to Burgh and actually had difficulty, Levanny took out Growlithe, Servine and Gurdurr, had to revive Growlithe before barely escaping with the badge.
On my way to Route 4

Servine lvl 24
Return/Growth/Leech Seed/Leaf Tornado

Growlithe lvl 25
Take Down/Flame Wheel/Return/Leer

Gurdurr lvl 25
Work Up/Wake-Up Slap/Chip Away/Rock Throw

12th October 2012, 8:03 PM
Entered the Gym and challenged the two normal trainers there and Cheren. They were all pretty easy, I could win without any difficulties. I got my first badge and could now continue through the east part of Route 20. But first, I captured a Sewaddle and Sunkern there, and a Mareep at Floccesy Ranch. While battling the remaining trainers on Route 20, Cheren and my Rival appeared. Cheren told us about the Double Grass and how it works. I battled in the grass a bit and defeated the remaining trainers, and my Tepig evolved into Pignite. I continued and arrived at Virbank City, guess I should take on the Gym here as well. I decided to explore the place a bit first, so I went down to the Complex and captured a Magnemite, which will be a part of my team. I trained it by battling the trainers in the complex, also capturing a Growlithe, Koffing and Magby. Going to train a little bit more in the Complex, then I'll challenge the Gym tomorrow.

12th October 2012, 8:21 PM
OMG victory road in this game is unforgiving.

12th October 2012, 8:31 PM
Im really liking how the wild trainers rebattle you if you come back to them, makes the game more challenging, almost fainted for the first time, luckily making it back to driftveil, I picked up N's Zorua from one of the sages, dood? It had nearly perfect Iv's when i checked using the IV Calc, all stats are 28-31, Is anyone elses good as this?! I wanted to use it but just stuck it in a box and kept my metang.

12th October 2012, 8:32 PM
got my white 2 version this afternoon :) was quite impressed with aspertia city usually games start in a small towns :) picked Snivy and named him Leo after defeating my rival i went to next town on the map(cant remember the name) did some training with patrats and purloins and went to route 20, i was looking for azurill there just to find out it can't be found on this route lol. so went to the ranch defeated my rival again and i decided its time for some new mons in my team, i caught pidove(which i ditched straight after as i'm planning to catch braviary later on as a flying type in my team) and azurill(x5 since first 4 were thick fat) named it adele. i also encounter riolu and caught it . i was not planning on using it but it was good nature(naughty) so decided to keep it for time being named it renia .

after finding hardier i tought adele frustration and she started to wreck things OHKO pretty much everything. i did some more training + those two monkey trainers in alders house and decided to face charen. adele easily took down his patrat and i didnt want to risk with lilipup so i charmed it to death(literally since adele fainted ) after one growth leo easily easily defeated lilipup and i earned my first badge :) a little more training with audinos and i saved the game

my team is
Leo the Snivy(male) lv 15
wine whip

Adele the Azurill(female) lv 13
frustration(soon to be replaced with return)
water gun

Renia the Riolu(female) lv 13
quick attack

12th October 2012, 8:40 PM
Im really liking how the wild trainers rebattle you if you come back to them, makes the game more challenging, almost fainted for the first time, luckily making it back to driftveil, I picked up N's Zorua from one of the sages, dood? It had nearly perfect Iv's when i checked using the IV Calc, all stats are 28-31, Is anyone elses good as this?! I wanted to use it but just stuck it in a box and kept my metang.

It's standard all IVs are 30. It also has hp fighting if you'r wondering.

12th October 2012, 8:40 PM
Got my copy last night, Played an hour last night

Chose my name and rivals (poopboy)
Met up with bianca choose snivy - bashful nature meh. Hey its female 12.5% chance cool!
oh hey alder!
Saw loads of riolu at the ranch but with the first one I had a tense battle, tackled on to 1hp with snivy. On the 14th pokeball (last one) it caught. PHEW
riolu - naive nature WAHEYYY!
About to challenge the 1st gym - I want to stay relatively under-leveled for a challenge

Snivy / female / bashful / lvl 11
Riolu / male / naive / lvl 11

12th October 2012, 9:24 PM
I got everyone to lv 32 and will now battle Clay. i also taught Barkly ice punch so that should be helpful.

12th October 2012, 10:28 PM
Been awhile since I last posted...

So Clay suggested that Cheren, Hugh, and I participate in the PWT. We all accepted. I entered with Lucas and... You know what, I forgot the other two. But then again, Lucas went complete Beast Mode, taking out literally everyone while barely taking a scratch, so the other two didn't really matter :P After winning and getting 1BP for my exploits, I gave up on the thought of getting the TM for Brick Break (I mean seriously, 1BP? I guess I should be thankful that Brick Break is only 12BP, but still...). Oh, and I also beat Team Plasma on their ship, and ran into Zinzolin and the Shadow Triad. Then I think Cheren gave me the HM for Surf, which I used to explore some more of the previous areas I've been to. I'm apparently head of a gang now! I also made a few movies (and racked up those Lemonades!), then proceeded to explore a couple of newly accessible areas, Relic Passage (where I caught an underleveled Volcarona) and Mistralton Cave. I also got a few calls from Yancy.

I think that's all I did before entering Chargestone Cave. In there, I caught another new addition, a Joltik I named Arachne. Now I've just entered Mistralton City. I also have to say, I wish there were specific character sprites for trainers who want to Triple or Rotation battle. It was a little annoying having them just suddenly happen without notice.

And on a completely unrelated note, I just realized that I've been playing for ~55 hours, and I'm only about half way done with the game o_O

:502: Samuel---Lv. 34
Surf/Revenge/Fury Cutter/Aqua Jet

;448; Lucas---Lv. 32
Force Palm/Quick Attack/Ice Punch/Bone Rush

;058; Dexy---Lv. 32
Fire Fang/Retaliate/Flame Burst/Reversal

:561: Sig---Lv. 32
Psybeam/Tailwind/Light Screen/Air Cutter

;328; Vivi---Lv. 33
Bulldoze/Rock Slide/Strength/Sand Tomb

:556: Maria---Lv. 32
Energy Ball/Acupressure/Synthesis/Giga Drain

:571: Zoroark---Lv. 33
Night Slash/Fury Swipes/Foul Play/Taunt

:595: Arachne---Lv. 32
Bug Bite/Gastro Acid/Slash/Electro Ball

12th October 2012, 10:49 PM
Found the 4th member of my team Braviary! I thought I would have to wait really late than behold it was just sitting there! I then continued to roam around with my new team, it's 4/6th of the way there. I made my way to the Desert, and found a couple neat items, plenty of shards and items to sell. Fought a couple of trainers, realized I didn't have a lot of type coverage.

Finally got to Nimbasa City. Fought 2 Battle Subway Bosses with Rosa, won pretty easily. Made my way to the Ferris Wheel I battled some girl. Apparently the gym was closed and I had to go to the old gym first. I did that after battling a few trainers, some girl at the top gave me a Paralyz Heal and told me to challenge the gym. I figured I wasn't ready. I tried to train with the baseball players but there was a game! Oh boo. Instead battled a few trainers at the tennis court, Growlithe took them on pretty easily. So on to the gym!

This was my hardest gym battle yet, after Burgh. I figured I was in for some rough competition moving forward. Elsea spammed the crap out of Volt Switch and Quick Attack. I started off with Braviary due to Rock Tomb, I figured it was a risky move. Emolga opened with Volt Switch into Mareep. I managed a Rock Tomb but it didn't do much damage. I tried Slash but it took Mareep down to half and I got Paralyzed, Mareep then used Volt Switch into Emolga. I had about 10 HP left and risked it with Rock Tomb! Unfortunately Emolga used Quick Attack and took out Braviary. I switched into Growlithe and same thing, Volt Switch into Mareep. Growlithe was able to take out Mareep but Emolga took down Growlithe. I switched into Gurdurr, and same thing Volt Switch into Zebistrika. Gurdurr took down Zebistrika with Dig but failed to Emolga like the rest. Servine was my last chance. I was able to strike first with Return and it got a Critical Hit!

Now off to Route 5. Debating when to trade over Gurdurr to evolve. Also as the game keeps going not sure how much longer Growlithe can last, always getting knocked out.

http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/496.gif lvl 28

http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/628.gif lvl 28

http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/533.gif lvl 29

http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/058.gif lvl 28

12th October 2012, 10:59 PM
Finally completed the Unova dex, took me two days. Caught shiny haxorus with a jolly nature, now going through black tower/skyscraper battling the area 4 boss, going relatively smoothly. I had no idea you could bring your whole team with you so i still had my jolly sync munna at lv. 10.... I promptly retired and withdrew my roserade instead of munna now doin work

12th October 2012, 11:12 PM
I decided to catch a Lillipup, then went about finding the lost Herdier. After a few battles, I encountered a Plasma grunt, though disappointingly, he didn't battle me. Once that was done, I headed back to Alder's and won against the two kids (No! The monkeys are back!). I received the Medal Box, then returned to Aspertia, where I headed to the Gym to battle Cheren. He didn't really give me any trouble, and I soon had the Basic Badge. Bianca gave me the C-Gear, then I saved the game.

Current Team:
:495: James Lv. 12
:506: Rupert Lv. 12

7/649 (1.08%)

12th October 2012, 11:12 PM
arrived in himulau town and easily defeated marlon and his croonies with my serperior. Went through seaside cave and went on team plasma frigate. after loads of battling and acquiring the code saw the awesome flying boat animation. Great cutscenes in the game WOW.Now i'm headin to giant chasm. Hopefully more great cutscenes.

Violent Red
12th October 2012, 11:34 PM
Had a great slice of luck in Castelia. After helping my rival, Will, track down Team Plasma in the sewers, we stumbled across a little garden. I'd heard Eevees could be found in the grass although they where extremely rare. I shouldn't have worried, a level 18 male Eevee popped up almost straight away, and after catching it in a Quick Ball, I checked his nature to find that it was...Modest! This was great news and brilliant luck to find such a rare Pokemon with a perfect nature first go. Modest is perfect because I had wanted to evolve him into Jolteon!

So anyways after training him up, I sent him to my Black where I evolved him and taught him Thunderbolt. I also sent over two eggs containing Swablu and Lapras. My Swablu egg has hatched and it has a Naughty nature which kinda blows because I wanted him to be a special attacker. I am not sure whether to train Swablu straight away though, his move list is so sparce, it seems like he would be a bit of a hassle until he was an Altaria. What do you guys think?

Anyways, we entered Burgh's gym (loved the upgrades, amazing!! One of my fave gyms of all time..). Jolteon, newly evolved and raring to go, took down his first two Pokemon whilst Growlithe slaugtered Burgh's 'ace' Leavanny with his far superior type match up.

Then we spoke to some creepy guy called Colress. I'd seem him nosing around in the sewers too. Jolteon didn't like him, his fur kept bristling with electricity. He took great pleasure in KO'ing the guy's Magnemite and Klink.

Ah well. We're now exploring route 4! Catch you later :)


neo darkrai
12th October 2012, 11:54 PM
I did quite a lot. I went through the regional Leaders Tournaments as well as the World Leaders Tournament at the PWT. I then left Simon at the PC for an HM Slave. Next up is the Clay Tunnel. It was a pretty cool place. I went everywhere I could and ended up in a ruin of some sort that I'll have to go back to at night. I won't be catching Regirock just yet though. I found the part of the tunnel that connected to Mistralton Cave as well. I went to the very end of Clay Tunnel and ended up at the basement of Twist Mountain. I found another ruin there and saw Regigigas there, waiting to be awakened. I went backwards through Twist Tunnel and made it to Mistralton City again. I saw a flashback from Skyla thanks to Memory Link. I put Simon back into the party to catch up on levels. Then I went through Twist Mountain and got to Iccirus City. After exploring it fully, minus the parts where it needs to be Winter, I found the Shadow Triad. Even though they were levels above me, I challenged them one at a time and won. I then went over to the former Iccirus Gym and found Brycen at the end. Thanks to Memory Link, I heard his story of getting back into acting and of Alder resigning from being the Champion. It was all very interesting.

Current Team:

:500: Mandrag Lv.60
-Heat Crash -Rock Slide -Wild Charge -Flame Charge

;448; Exia Lv.62
-Close Combat -Quick Attack -Ice Punch -Swords Dance

;330; Arios Lv.62
-Dragon Claw -Bulldoze -Rock Slide -Crunch

;181; Lumos Lv.60
-Thunderbolt -Signal Beam -Power Gem -Thunder Wave

;121; Orion Lv.61
-Surf -Psyshock -Ice Beam -Thunderbolt

:530: Simon Lv.59
-Earthquake -Rock Slide -X-Scissor -Swords Dance

Pokédex Progress:
Seen: 280 Obtained: 61

13th October 2012, 12:02 AM
After defeating Team Plasma at the Frigate near PWT, I decided that my team was structurally and statistically weak. Therefore, I reset my Pokemon White 2 game.

Instead of choosing Snivy as my starter, Tepig was my choice this time. I nicknamed him Biscuit and battled my rival, Hugh. Bianca then showed me around the Pokemo Center, and as we left, my Mom gave me the running shoes, and Hugh's sister gave me the Town Maps. Next, Bianca showed me how to catch Pokemon on Route 19. I trained Biscuit to level 9 before entering Floccesy Town. Alder greated me and took me to his house, where he suggested I should go deliver the Town Map to Hugh. Biscuit easily defeated the trainers on Route 20, and in no time we arrived at the Floccesy Ranch. I caught a female Mareep, whom I named Pearl. We returned to Route 19 for a little training, and Pearl just reached level 8 and learned ThunderShock.

Current Team:
;179; Lv.8
:498: Lv11

13th October 2012, 12:19 AM
Currently I am in the Desert Resort testing the durability of my thumbs that are under the pressure of resetting to get an Adamant/Jolly Trapinch. I have been wasting away so sadly... once I caught 7 Careful-natured Trapinchs in a row. I thought my game may have fallen to a glitch, but it was not so. I tried saving again over the place I kept resetting at, and ohmygoodness, a different natured Trapinch!...that was still not Adamant/Jolly darnit.

Anyhow, while I am suffering now, my past has been wonderous. I have been somewhat EV training for the very first time and it makes a huge difference. None of my Pokemon have fainted yet. Well, except Growlithe but she was freaking countered by the tiny blue abomination known as Riolu. Sob.

In the beginning Cheren was pounded by my Snivy and Riolu before he was able to fully gain massive amounts of strength from Work Up. My Snivy fought like a dream (Well, she does have an impish nature...) and finished him in a concluding, fancy vinewhip. The next gym with Roxie was anti-climatic. I overtrained my little minions and my female Growlithe burned her down to an embarassing demise. Burgh's gym was more stunning then his actual challenge. I loved what he did with the place haha. But, I confronted him on his left side (which I always do) and my Growlithe cockily pranced out once more murdering his Swadloon in flames. Riolu took care of that Dwebble stupid-crab thing. It was a severe annoyance that only he could face. And, once more, my Growlithe for his final Pokemon...
We won.

So yeah. I have 3 badges.
My Pokemon are Servine, Riolu, Umbreon, Growlithe, Eevee, and soon to be Trapinch. My team is ahhhmazing. Yay.

Excitable Boy
13th October 2012, 12:28 AM
Cleared out Route 22 and Seaside Cave, and defeated Marlon. Used John Henry and Flood to defeat his Carracosta, then brought out Lincoln to take out his Wailord. Lincoln lost some health fighting his Wailord, and was only able to paralyze his Jellicent and bring it down to about 4/10ths health before going down. Sacced Flood to use a Revival Herb, then Lincoln came back to finish the job.

Current team:

:503: Lv. 49 Flood
;462; Lv. 49 Lincoln
;059; Lv. 49 Mink Car
;196; Lv. 49 Apollo 18
:534: Lv. 50 John Henry
;207; Lv. 49 The Else

13th October 2012, 12:35 AM
Bought and started White 2 today. Broke tradition today as well. Since Ruby and Saffire, each set of games I ever bought, I would play as the boy in one and the girl in the other. But as I got older, I had realised that playing as a girl........kinda fruity. LOL. So I'm playing as both male protanginsts this time around like I should've been long time ago.

13th October 2012, 12:46 AM
I spent some time (quite a lot of time, actually) catching all of N's desert resort and chargestone cave pokemon- now I'm training for skyla.

Current team:
Ampharos lv 33
servine lv 30 (will be switch out for darmanitan in the gym)
krokorok lv 33
golduck lv 35
boldore lv 30
lucario lv 30

I'm debating whether to use N's pokemon or not- on one hand I usually refuse to use traded pokemon (even in-game trades) and N's OT messes with that rule, but on the other hand I did go through the time to catch them and their IVs are second-to-none.

Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama
13th October 2012, 12:47 AM
I just entered the Victory Road. I have no idea if it'll be longer than the past Victory Roads, since BW2 have proved to be very long main games.

13th October 2012, 12:50 AM
Beat Iris today! I had brought 24 Revival Herbs (a bit overkill), 20 Energy Roots (also overkill), and 16 Casteliacones to the Elite 4, and beat them all on the first try. Pretty easy.

Winning team:

:503: (Tide) Lv.58 | Ice Beam/Aqua Jet/Surf/Megahorn
:609: (Ignias) Lv.55 | Dark Pulse/Flamethrower/Energy Ball/Shadow Ball
;169; (Fang) Lv.51 | Fly/Confuse Ray/Cross Poison/X-Scissor
;330; (Pinch) Lv.51 | Dig/Rock Slide/Crunch/Dragon Tail
:542: (Lettuce) Lv.52 | Slash/Swords Dance/X-Scissor/Leaf Blade
:561: (Mystic) Lv.54 | Air Slash/Cosmic Power/Heat Wave/Psychic

13th October 2012, 12:55 AM
I recently finished the PWT Champions tournament, fighting in order: Lance, Wallace, Steven. Lance proved easy since he apparently forgot type matchups and spammed Earthquake on my Dragonite without a Choice item. Wallace's Milotic was a bother until I sent out Magnezone, and Steven was an easy final, though I was glad I could fight him in my first final. After winning, I continued to enter the tourney to fight the other champs I didn't fight before, Blue being my last one. Now that I've finished that, I'm off to battle N and then work on the Unova dex.

13th October 2012, 1:02 AM
Ran through the PWT Gym Leaders Tournaments.
Gonna start trying out the Champions Tournament.

Shadow XD001
13th October 2012, 1:10 AM
Trained my team a little bit for Marlon's Gym and challenged it, with everyone around Level 50. After almost getting lost in the Gym, I eventually faced Marlon and won. After that, I got the Colress Machine from Colress which let me clear the Crustle. I decided to catch it. I got aboard the Plasma Frigate and did the stuff there. I really like the Double Battles with your Rival. I did the rest of the Plasma stuff, too. Battling Colress, Ghetsis, and Black Kyurem. In the process, my Dragonair finally evolved, so now my team is fully evolved! The fight against Ghetsis was close, too. I only had my Jolteon left! Anyway, Dragonite also took quick work of Black Kyurem and that cutscene was pretty sweet. I eventually made it to Victory Road and saved.

Emboar - Level 54
Dragonite - Level 56
Jolteon - Level 53
Carracosta - Level 53
Metagross - Level 54
Golurk - Level 53

13th October 2012, 1:26 AM
I just beat elesa. I tried like 30 times but still couldn't beat her>__>.Then I got Genesect and swept her. Volt-switch is annoying. And I had a magnemite and zeb strikes kept flame charging it.

Monster Guy
13th October 2012, 1:34 AM
I just got the game today. I chose the boy, (his design has grown on me...) and named him Nate. (Not my real name... :P) I chose Oshawott as my starter (again!) and named him Shelby. I beat my rival's (named Hugh.) Snivy soon afterward. After Bianca gave me a long tutorial, I could finally go off on my own. After more dialogue, from Adler, I finally get to Flocessy ranch. There after some time running in the grass, I found and caught a female Riolu. (I named her Louise.) Thank god the first move she used was Endure, or she would've fainted before I could throw the Pokeball. xD Then Hugh challenged me again! Seriously dude, I just battled you, and won... :/ Anyway, I beat him, then we went around looking for a Herdeir. After it was found, I had to deal with more dialogue from Adler, and I battled two kids with monkeys. When I was finished with that, I went back to Aspertia City to challenge Cheren. After beating his Gym Trainers, we battled. It was tougher than I thought. It took a couple of resets to get to this point. I used an X-Attack on Louise, his Patrat uses Work Up. Then I spam Quick Attack untill Patrat dies. Time for Lillipup. I switch to Shelby. Lillipup uses Work Up, I heal Louise with Fresh Water. Next turn, Shelby Water Guns. Lillipup Tackles Shelby a couple of times, and then Shelby faints. It's all up to Louise...

Who Counters, survives the Tackle, and manages to finish up Lillipup. After the battle ends, I save, and now I'm writing this.


Shelby the male Oshawott level 13
Louise the female Riolu level 11

13th October 2012, 1:35 AM
Having a rough time in area 6 of black tower, so many rooms! And some of these trainers give the most vague hints in the world.

13th October 2012, 2:03 AM
Haven't played too much, but am now basically ready to take on Roxie with my team. Got a Dewott (it gained a bunch of levels due to me going 'hey lets do ALL THE MISSIONS' rather than play the game proper, haha. That included the Audino mission, and so it is still ahead of everything else in levels), Stunfisk (because why not? Got it from Dreamworld, may be replaced later on though if I find something I prefer), Growlithe and Venipede. The rest of my team is a Lillipup with Pickup and whatever is the next strongest from what I catch (I am trying to catch everything as I go along).

Missions are a neat addon (better than BW's imo), and Mr Medal is possibly related to Scott given how he acts. =p

13th October 2012, 2:06 AM
We returned to the Ranch and battled Hugh. Mareep took down his Oshawott with a few ThunderShocks, and then the search for Herdier began. As Hugh and I neared the innermost section of the Ranch, I battled a trainer. Then, as we explored deeper, I found a New Team Plasma member harassing the Herdier. He flung Frustration at me and ran away. Hugh and the Herdier's owner came along and they left. We all met back at the Ranch, and after flipping out, Hugh took off again. When I returned to Floccesy Town, Alder had me battle two children. Pearl and Biscuit easily took them down, and then we left for Aspertia City. The battle against Cheren started off failingly, due to the fact that I forogt to heal Pearl before I challenged him. Regardless, after Pearl's defeat, Biscuit barely won the battle. After that, we obtained the Basic Badge. Bianca, Cheren, and Hugh all talked to me outside, and I got the C-Gear and Hugh and Cheren rushed outback to battle. On my way to Route 20, Bianca installed the Habitat List into my Pokedex. Cheren introduced Hugh and I to the dark grass and then left. We fought some wild Pokemon, but my 3DS started blinking the red light that says: "CHARGE ME, CHARGE ME, CHARGE ME NOW!" So it's charging right now.

Current Team:
;179; Lv.13
:498: Lv.15

13th October 2012, 2:09 AM
Going through the game again. I'm now playing as a dude, named myself Bento. Named my rival Broski.

My current team is:
Prinplup (Talon) Lvl. 17
Riolu (Maxie) Lvl. 18

And in the Virbank Complex. I like the music in there.

I don't really have a set team in mind, so I'm just going with whatever I like.

Monster Guy
13th October 2012, 2:57 AM
After downloading Genesect, I continued my game. There was more useless talking from Cheren and Bianca, I got my C-Gear, and I was on my way. Eventually I made it to Virbank, I encountered Roxie and her father. Lol at Roxie's allerative insults. xD Random note: So many people give you poke balls in this game. After cheering up some workers at the Virbank complex, for some reason... it's on to the Gym.

No, I did not catch a Magnemite. :P

P-o-k-e-m- o n Pokemon! That song is catchy. xD I love the empty bar, there should totally be someone selling drinks there. xD

Shelby evolved against one of the Gym Trainers. As soon as I heal them, and buy some medicine, I'll battle Roxie.

Lol, I spam Razor Shell against Koffing, she eventually uses Super Potion, next turn Critical Hit, and down it goes. xD

I do the same for Whirlpede. then Poison Point activates... and she uses Venoshock... Shelby was lucky to survive that... Fortunately, a Super Potion + Antidote save me. From there, I just Water Gun it to death. Battle over. Now, off to make a movie,

Shelby the male Dewott level 18
Louise the female Riolu level 15

13th October 2012, 3:21 AM
I beat Clay pretty easily with just Barkly and Mushu, got to the PWT, beat the Driftveil tourtament, Ayame evolved, went through the relic path and caught a boldore, gurdur, and raticate, got the surf hm, and caught a marril, shelmet, karrablast, foongus, and tranquil. I also got the free deerling. Now I just need a castform and a dunsparce.

13th October 2012, 3:53 AM
I traversed the glories of Castelia city and fought through Route 4 and the Desert Resort. In Nimbasa City, I defeated Elesa. I found a DW Miccinno is a hidden grotto, though it was male. I almost lost to the famous +6 evasion emolga in Lostlorn Forest. I captured several new pokemon, including a Swadloon/Solosis/Liepard. After battling online and GTS trading, I leveled my Join Avenue to level 2 with five shops. I crossed Driftveil Drawbridge after defeating some annoying "heartbreaker" named Charles in a triple battle. After crossing the bridge, I overhead a conversation between two team plasma members, one focusing on taking over the world- the other on saving pokemon. I searched several glitzy hotels and was given an everstone by a man in one of the rooms.

13th October 2012, 3:55 AM
Just beat the elite 4 and champion...kinda easy thx to my intimidate Arcanine

Paladin of Arceus
13th October 2012, 4:03 AM
Heh, I got an email--well, two emails, but Gmail counted them as identical and merged them--from Walmart.com asking me to review my purchase. After lol'ing at their ignorance of the fact that my purchases have not yet arrived on my doorstep, I deleted their prematurely sent emails and moved on with my day. I'll have to stop by the post office tomorrow morning, I may have overlooked the fact that they could've sent them to my PO box instead of to my door--I may already have them and not know it yet! D: Man, that would cheese me off to no end! Morning can no longer come soon enough! RAWR!!!

Excitable Boy
13th October 2012, 4:54 AM
Went through the Plasma Frigate both times, and defeated Ghetsis at the Giant Chasm. The team is rockin' this sh*t up, just ripping through everything. I love it.

Versus Colress, used The Else to take out his Magneton, did some damage to Magnezone, then switched to Mink Car to finish it. Brought in Lincoln to fight Metang, and stalled Zen Headbutts while I healed. Finished Metang with Discharge, used Flood's X-Scissor against Beeheeyem, and two of Mink Car's Flamethrowers brought down Klinklang. Meh.

For the Kyurem fight, used Lincoln. Freeze Shock missed, and it took two Flash Cannons to bring it down. Lame.

Ghetsis was a weird fight due to hax. Lincoln critted Cofagrigus with Discharge, and Apollo 18 critted Seismitoad with Psychic, giving me two one-shots right off the bat. Tried John Henry against Eelektross, but only brought it down to 5/7thsish health when he Full Restored, after which I got Acrobaticsed, so Mink Car finished it with Flamethrowers. Used The Else against Drapion, thought I could win (both Bulldoze and Night Slash would 3HKO each other, and Bulldoze gave a speed advantage), but the second Night Slash critted me, so Flood dealt the remaining damage. Versus Hydreigon, kept Flood and took it out with two X-Scissors - both Dragon Rushes missed. Finally, Apollo 18 one-shotted Toxicroak with Psychic.

Current team:

:503: Lv. 53 Flood
;462; Lv. 53 Lincoln
;059; Lv. 53 Mink Car
;196; Lv. 52 Apollo 18
:534: Lv. 52 John Henry
;207; Lv. 53 The Else

Monster Guy
13th October 2012, 6:06 AM
After watching Roxie's dad make a fool of himself on film, and making a couple of movies of my own, (Can someone explain how Sabrina got into acting?) I continued on my journey. I encountered Hugh, Roxie, and battled a Plasma Grunt, then had to chase down another, and battle her. After all this was done, Hugh and I took a boat to Castleia City. Burgh was out of his Gym, then Iris appears and leads me to the Sewers. There, I team up with Hugh, and battle a couple of Plasma Grunts. After we find Burgh, I take a quick trip to the park to catch an Eevee. (I'd don't think one tree and some grass counts as a park, but whatever...) next, it's off to the Gym.

Oh yeah, I decided to use my new Genesect for a bit. :D Normal Techno Blast isn't that bad. :P


Genesect level 18
Shelby the male Dewott level 20
Louise the female Riolu level 17
Eva the female Eevee level 18

Female Eevee and female Riolu, FTW! (Those are rare. ;)) Now, if only Eva had Adaptability, instead of Run Away... It's not gonna matter when she evolves but it'd be nice...

Violent Red
13th October 2012, 8:59 AM
Explored route 4 and the Desert Resort, catching every new Pokemon we stumbled across. We eventually came across a female Sandshrew who wasn't content to go play with my other Pokemon in my boxes, she wanted to battle and travel with us. So she joined our team and it turned out to be a great decision, she is an awesome fighter. We all trained for a bit during which times the two eggs I was given hatched to reveal and little baby Swablu and Lapras :) So we all trained some more so that everybody was level 28-32 and then, after spending some time exploring Nimbassa City, we headed over to the amusement park to challenge Elesa!

We had discussed it before hand and as per tradition, because Elesa only used 3 Pokemon, I could only use 3 Pokemon too, even though I have a full team of six available.

I decided to go with my own electric type to match hers, Jolteon. Growlithe is always up for a good scrap, and my secret weapon, Sandshrew, who was eager to prove herself!

Jolteon KO'd her Emolga with one Thunderbolt. Then she sent out Flaffy which I sent out Growlithe for. I use Flame Wheel but then Growlithe got paralyzed. Sensing that she was going to then use Volt Switch to set up her ace, I switched to Sandshrew and nullified the attack. Then Sandshrew finished it with Earthquake to leave the finale I had planned all along! Sandshrew vs Zebstrika! Sandshrew obviously won and afterwards, I let her evolve into Sandslash in front of the adoring crowd!

That's all for now :D


7 tyranitars
13th October 2012, 11:12 AM
Been a while since I updated. I went through Route 20 and into Virbank City. I healed up my pokemon. And heard Roxie and her dad argueing. After that I went to the Virbank complex, and got myself a lovely Growlithe. I defeated all the trainer and trained my pokemon a bit and that made my Oshawott evolve into a Dewott, and my Mareep evolve into a Flaaffy. After that I went back and challenged the gym. Which I defeated quite easily. I got introduced to Pokewood. And after that I took the boat to Castilia City.

Once there I got a bicycle and particepated in the find the clows competition. While doing that I trained my pokemon a bit and got a lot of useful items. I went to the gym only to be told he isn't here so from there we got to Iris helping us to find team Plasma. We went into the sewers and defeated team Plasma there. I went up into the park. There I got an Eevee, but decided not to use it.

I went back to the gym and I finally could challenge him, which is what I did and my Growlithe proved to be extremly useful. After I took care of him I went to route 4 where I defeated some trainers and my Riolu evolved into a Lucario!


:502: Dewott Level 21
-Focus Energy
-Razor Shell
-Fury Cutter

;180; Flaaffy Level 21
-Take Down
-Cotton Spore
-Thunder Wave

;448; Lucario Level 21
-Quick Attack
-Work Up
-Focus Palm

;058; Growlithe Level 21
-Fire Fang

13th October 2012, 11:33 AM
I've just arrived at the desert. Right now I'm looking for a Scraggy, but it's taking a while now. I also have to find a Fly-er for my team. My team atm:

Servine lvl 25
Psyduck lvl 25
Lucario lvl 25
Magby lvl 25

13th October 2012, 11:38 AM
Soft Resetting for a Shiny Kyurem hoping its Adamant Natured.

Mega Typhlosion
13th October 2012, 11:57 AM
I'm now on my way to Driftveil City with my Fire trio doing well so far. Elesa was tougher than I expected (I was underleveled) and Burgh was just too easy. His gym is cool on the other hand. The plot with Hugh and Plasma is kind of funny, the guy is really obsessed.

My team right now is:

Darumaka Lv.27
Fire Punch
Fire Fang

Growlithe Lv.28
Flame Burst
Flame Wheel

Pignite Lv.30
Flame Charge
Arm Thrust

Not sure where to put Work Up on Pignite because all the other moves right now are useful. Maybe I'll drop Return sometime...

As for HM-slaves, Sigilyph is my Fly user, Patrat works for Cut but I'll need someone for Surf and Strength... maybe Psyduck back in the ranch (if only Bibarel was available).

13th October 2012, 12:29 PM
In White 2,I defeated all the remaining trainers in Castelia Sewers.Here Zubat evolved into Golbat.Then I defeated all the trainers in Relic Passage.I then challenged the Castelia Gym.I defeated all the trainers,healed my Pokemon and challenged Burgh.He defeated me on the first try but I prevailed on the second try.He started with Swadloon and I sent out Elekid.Elekid used Thunder Wave to paralyse Swadloon.Swadloon used String Shot to decrease its speed.Elekid did some damage to Swadloon with Electro Ball.Swadloon used String Shot to decrease its speed.Elekid defeated Swadloon with another Electro Ball thanks to a critical hit.Burgh sent out Dwebble.Dwebble's Smack Down did heavy damage to Elekid.Elekid's Electro Ball did some damage.Leftovers restored Elekid's HP.Dwebble defeated Elekid with Faint Attack but Static paralyzed it.I sent out Dewott.Dewott knocked out Dwebble with one Razor Shell.Burgh sent out Leavanny.Leavanny did massive damage with Razor Leaf while Dewott's Fury Cutter did little damage to it.It knocked out Dewott with another Razor Leaf.I sent out Golbat.Leavanny's Cut did some damage but it was knocked out by a single Wing Attack.I won the Insect Badge and also got TM Struggle Bug.I healed my Pokemon and saved the game.


http://serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/502.pngLv.23 Male Serious (Razor Shell/Water Gun/Fury Cutter/Tail Whip) Ability:Torrent Held Item:Mystic Water

http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/239.pngLv.23 Male Mild (Electro Ball/Low Kick/Swift/Thunder Wave) Ability:Static Held Item:Leftovers

http://serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/042-f.pngLv.24 Female Sassy (Venoshock/Wing Attack/Bite/Swift) Ability:Inner Focus Held Item:Scope Lens

In Black 2,I defeated all the remaining trainers in Castelia Sewers.Then I defeated the few trainers in Relic Passage.I then went to Castelia Gym and defeated all the trainers.I healed my Pokemon and challenged Burgh.He started with his Swadloon while I sent out Servine.Servine used Growth to raise its Attack and Sp.Attack while Swadloon used String Shot to decrease Servine's Speed.Servine's Tackle did little damage and Swadloon used String Shot to decrease Servine's Speed again.Swadloon used Struggle Bug to do some damage and decrease Servine's Sp.Attack.Servine used Growth to raise its Attack and Sp.Attack.Leftovers restored Servine's HP.Swadloon's Struggle Bug and Servine's Tackle did some damage to each other for a few turns and Leftovers kept healing Servine.Burgh used Hyper Potion to restore Swadloon's health while Servine's Tackle did some damage.Leftovers restored Servine's HP.Swadloon's Struggle Bug and Servine's Tackle did some damage to each other.Leftovers restored Servine's HP.Swadloon defeated Servine with another Struggle Bug.I sent out Magby.Magby defeated Swadloon with a single Flame Burst.Burgh sent out Dwebble.Flame Burst did heavy damage to Dwebble while Dwebble used Rock Polish to raise its Speed.Magby took heavy damage from Smack Down but defeated Dwebble with another Flame Burst.Burgh sent out Leavanny.Magby OHKO'ed it with Flame Burst.I won the Insect Badge and got TM Struggle Bug.I healed my Pokemon and saved the game.


http://serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/496.pngLv.22 Male Calm (Leaf Tornado/Tackle/Leech Seed/Growth) Ability:Overgrow Held Item:Leftovers

http://serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/240.pngLv.24 Female Hasty (Flame Burst/Fire Spin/Faint Attack/Clear Smog) Ability:Flame Body Held Item:Charcoal

13th October 2012, 12:53 PM
My Pokemon team and I have been training really hard in Nimbasa City. I caught a Roselia and I named her Rose. I battled the beautiful model Elesa and won, I even got to walk down the runway with her. My team has learned some new moves and we are still training before we head to the next town. My avenue is doing very well it had two new shops. I love my Pokemon team and I can't wait to catch more Pokemon.

13th October 2012, 1:10 PM
Recently.. the following things have happened

-Defeated Drayden
-Defeat Marlon
-Invaded Plasma Frigate
-Defeated Colress
-Defeated Shadow Triad
-I went to the Giant Chasm to defeat Black Kyurem and Ghetsis
-Now I'm currently on my way to Victory Road

Samurott 54
Unfezant 53
Roserade 54
Arcanine 54
Jolteon 54
Lucario 55

13th October 2012, 1:11 PM
Trained a little bit more before going to the Gym. I challenged the two trainers there as well as Roxie, and I won without any major difficulties as my Magnemite took care of everything. The victory gave me my second badge and a Venoshock TM. I tried to exit the Gym, but I was stopped by a man who told me to go to the Pokestar Studios. I went there, got a guided tour before watching a movie and recording one of my own. The Captain of the ship was also there, and after I had watched the movie he was in, he went back to do his job which meant that I could continue... almost. Back at the harbor, I found my rival and Roxie standing against a bunch of strange people who said they were from Team Plasma. We battled them, and they ran off to Route 20. We followed them, and I had to battle one more of them there. With that done, I could finally go to Castelia City. Together with my Rival, I took the boat to get there. After arriving, I met a clown who gave me a bike. Next up, I'm going to explore this city.

13th October 2012, 1:14 PM
Got the games last night, started playing Black 2. I chose Snivy as my first Pokémon, got the Pokédex off Bianca and won my first battle against Hugh. I headed to Route 19 on my way to deliver the Town Map to Hugh, and caught some Pokémon along the way. I met Alder and then went up to Route 20. I then headed to Floccesy Ranch where I battled my Hugh again, and won, We then teamed up to find the owner's Herdier - which was with a Team Plasma member. At Floccesy Town, Alder made me battle two trainers and then I received a Medal Box from Mr. Medal. I then made my way back to Aspertia City, catching a Mareep and Venipede along the way. I challenged Cheren to his first Gym Battle and won!


Bianca then gave me the C-Gear and I put Cheren and Bianca's numbers in my Xtransceiver. I then headed off to Virbank City, witnessing an argument between Roxie and her dad. I first went to the Virbank Complex and helped get the workers fired up. I then went back and challenged Roxie, and won!


I really loved Roxie's gym, the rock club idea was really well done. I then went up to Pokéstar Studios and watched Roxie's dad's movie. The scout introduced me to the boss and I made a few movies (which were all somehow box office hits!).

Current team:
Servine / Level 17
Flaaffy / Level 16
Venipede / Level 16

Star Champion AJ
13th October 2012, 1:54 PM
Started in Aspertia City as a boy named Nate.
Found Bianca, the girl with the big green hat and Cheren's stolen glasses.
Chose Oshawott and obtained a Pokédex.
Faced Hugh's Snivy and passed the test with flying colours.
(Re)watched the tutorial about Pokémon Centers and obtained 10 Poké Balls.
Saw the saddest flashback ever (poor N).
Obtained the Running Shoes from Mom and two Town Maps from Hugh's sister, one of them to give to his brother.
(Re)learned how to catch a Pokémon (seriously, these tutorials with Bianca are getting annoying) in Route 19.

Note: I didn't know Professor Juniper's first name was the same as a very famous Portuguese singer.

13th October 2012, 1:58 PM
I headed back out to Route 20, this time advancing past the hiker, all the while catching Pokémon for my Pokédex. I soon made to Virbank City (which I just love, by the way), where I encountered Roxie and her father. I explored the city, then headed south to the complex. I caught a Magnemite and a Magby for my team, battled the trainers, then saved in the Pokémon Center.

Current Team:
:495: James Lv. 14
:506: Rupert Lv. 14
;081; Omega Lv. 12
;240; Cinna Lv. 13

16/649 (2.47%)

13th October 2012, 2:21 PM
Alright! I just caught my Female Modest Natural Cure Roselia! I'm gonna heal and challenge the Subway Bosses with Mei, sounds really fun!

7 tyranitars
13th October 2012, 2:26 PM
I've just arrived at the desert. Right now I'm looking for a Scraggy, but it's taking a while now. I also have to find a Fly-er for my team. My team atm:

Servine lvl 25
Psyduck lvl 25
Lucario lvl 25
Magby lvl 25

May I suggest a Flygon?

13th October 2012, 2:41 PM
I did my favorite part of the game: taking down Team Plasma for good! They're so fun to fight in this game~.
I also completed route 23 and got Waterfall, so I flew around Unova getting all the treasure I can using Waterfall.
Now I'm ready to take on Victory Road.

-Robyn the Emolga lv 62
-Starmie *shiny* lv 61
-Kirikizan the Bisharp lv 61
-Truck the Tyranitar lv 61
-Egoist the Roserade lv 61
-Linemile the Flygon lv 61

Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama
13th October 2012, 2:49 PM
I defeated Iris yesterday. Now, I'm heading to Nuvema Town to see what's going on there. Next on my list is going to Black City.

Serperior (Jalorda) Lv 70
Starmie (Shuichi) Lv 65
Braviary (Raya) Lv 70
Espeon (MorningSun) Lv 62
Flareon (SolarFlare) Lv 61
Dlecatty (Tiger Lily) Lv 65

Paladin of Arceus
13th October 2012, 3:08 PM
I have finally received my copies of Black2 and White2, and so I shall henceforth begin posting:

Pally's Pokémon (Dis)Accomplishments!

Acc: Got my games finally! *queue rabid fanboy "awww yeeeah!!!"*
Dis: Found out from the post lady, that my post office received them on the 9th!!! I could've had my games, in my hand, playing them since last Tuesday! D:< RWAR!!! I R ANGREH!!!

Acc: Completed the intro, and after SRing for a non-Modest Oshawott, I got one with Lax nature and good offenses.
Acc: Cleared the noob tutorial, made it to Floccesy and then located the Herdier.
Acc: I like the rival's personality, he reminds me of myself when I was younger. I named him Kevin, btw.
Acc: Exited Floccesy, beat Cheren quite handily with my Lv.15 Masamune, and I'm now prepped to save after healing up, and take a break to start Black2.

13th October 2012, 3:27 PM
And im just beating the game with a lucario and serperior. plus loads of pokemons raised with the exp. share im trying to get my pokedex almost finished before going to the e4.

Meowth City
13th October 2012, 3:28 PM
Black 2: Started a new game. I will be playing as a girl named Alexa and my rival is named Damon. First things first, Damon drags me to find some assisant by the name of Bianca. I found her at the outlook of town, where she allowed me to pick a Pokemon and she gives me a Pokedex to boot. I chose Oshawott as my starter Pokemon [the same as my original Black, except this time, for no apparant reason, it's a girl] and then I battled my rival with his Pokemon, Snivy. Naturally, I won that battle and moved onto the next objective.

Skipping a lot of the story, I challenged Cheren for my first gym badge, the Basic Badge. Winning that gave me access to the C-Gear and the next town of Virbank. It is here that I get my second team member, Magby. Setting the place on fire, Magby destroys most of my opponents [with the combination of Flame Body and Ember burning Pokemon practically 90% of the time] with the help of my Dewott [that's right, my starter evolved] and my next badge was easily in the bag. Roxie handed over the Toxic Badge.

Next up, I get forced to take part in the PokeStar Studios. It was alright. Anyway, afterwards as I head to the docks of Virbank, some New Team Plasma grunts cause trouble for Roxie and Damon. As a result, Damon sent me on a chase to Castelia City in a bid to follow those punks. Luckily that Roxie has a captain for a father and he happily allows Damon and I onboard. We arrived in the huge metropolis and, what do you know, our first order of business is going into the Castelia Sewers. This is not my idea of sightseeing.

And so, we find two Plasma grunts hiding there. We best them in battle and move on. Before heading out of the sewers though, I decided to take the stairs on the west side. This takes me outside into a patch of grass, where I catch another team member. Yup, Eevee. My initial idea was to evolve it into a Leafeon or Glaceon, but seeing it's a bit of a hassle to get those before the Pokemon League and the fact that I winded up with a Naive natured one, I'm going to train it into a Jolteon instead. Finally, I went around all the locations doing just about everything there is to do in this city. The last thing left is the gym. Until next time, I saved the game and left Burgh waiting.

:502: Dewott - Level 21
;240; Magby - Level 21
;133; Eevee - Level 20

Monster Guy
13th October 2012, 4:04 PM
Genesect made Burgh a joke. I was able to wipe the floor with him using Signal Beam. (And Louise for Dwebble.) After the battle, Louise finally evolved into a Lucario. After battling some trainer's in battle company, it was off to Nimbassa. But not before battling Colress (Whom Louise made short work of...) I'm currently in the Desert Resort, searching for a Trapinch


Genesect level 23
Shelby the male Dewott level 21
Louise the female Lucario level 20
Eva the female Eevee level 19

13th October 2012, 4:18 PM
I've (in gameplay terms) just beaten Cheren and then done a lot of level grinding on Route 20 to keep my team even. Now I'm about to try and find a Dunsparce before I move on.
My team is currently:
- Tarka the Oshawott (Lv. 16)
- Anubis the Lucario (Lv. 16) (evolved much earlier than I'd expected, I was quite pleased)
- Baabaara the Flaaffy (Lv. 16) (yes, the name is a terrible pun. Embrace it)
- Terry the Herdier (Lv. 16)
- Levana the Sewaddle (Lv. 16) (Shiny and caught in my first few hours of gameplay, which was nice)
- Columbus the Pidove (Lv. 16)

Also I have 20 Pokémon seen and 17 obtained. I got my Genesect but I'm not using it because I actually want even a tiny bit of a challenge :')

So yeah, Dunsparce hunting time.

Dragon Booster90
13th October 2012, 4:19 PM
I've done so much since my last post... I sure love playing these games and I still have White 2 to play. For one thing, it's hard playing my game and posting my happenings, because it's hard for me to remember things exactly how it happened. >.< Everything I've done so far is on Black 2 since it's going to be my main game between the two.
Just to be clear, everything didn't happen in one day.

After defeating Burgh, I went up to Route 4 and this breeder kept on wanting to fight me which kinda got annoying and so I found a way to avoid her.
Oh before I went up to Route 4 I met the mysterious man a second time and he asked if I wanted to battle him, I said yes of course.
In Route 4 he was waiting to fight me and he revealed his name, (I think this is where he reveals his name) Colress; fought him and won. It was easy since I had Lucario and Growlithe. Colress is one of my favorite characters in these games!
I went to the Desert Resort afterwards and caught a Trapinch as a temporary member, but I'll most likely be using him throughout most of my playthrough.
Battled the trainers and collected the items while I was there.

I then headed to Nimbasa City and right when I got there I see the Subway Masters which I haven't exactly seen in the games and the female trainer, Rosa, was also there.
She asked if we can team up against the Subway Masters, said yes, we won, and she gave me the VS. Recorder.
Collected the items in the city and I found the lost Xtransciever.
A mysterious girl named Yancy called except to me her japanese name better, I wish they didn't give her a new name. >.< Ruri was just fine.
I headed to Route 5 and Bianca showed up, she gave me HM Fly and showed me a hidden grotto. I caught the Minccino within it.

I started to train my team to Lv. 28 for when I go up against Elesa.
It didn't take much time to train them and so I was ready.
I really loved her gym when I got there, especially the music.
After beating the normal trainers, next up was Elesa.
She first brought out her Emolga which I beat easily with Rock Slide from Trapinch. I used Trapinch against the others but they kept on using Volt Switch and so I kept on healing. I had to switch out Trapinch for another to keep it from fainting, healed him and when Zebsrtika was left I brought Trapinch back out and beat her Zebstrika with one Dig.
Elesa walked with me and the crowd shouted my name which was cool!
Now I was off to Driftveil City!

Before that, some Team Plasma members showed up. Hugh was there as well and we had to take them on and so we did. He took half while I took the other. And of course, they were easily beaten.
I then headed to Driftveil. One of the first things I did was get N's Zorua, but I won't be using it, so I just boxed it.
I'm now training my team for when I battle Clay.

:496: Empress [F] Lv. 30 || Adamant | Overgrow // Return | Slam | Leech Seed | Leaf Tornado
;448; Harley [M] Lv. 30 || Hardy | Inner Focus // Return | Ice Punch | Bone Rush | Force Palm
;058; Manny [M] Lv. 30|| Naive | Intimidate // Wild Charge | Flamethrower | Dig | Snarl
;131; Anastasia [F] Lv. 31 || Timid | Water Absorb // Psychic | Ice Beam | Thunderbolt | Water Pulse
;328; Aaron [M] Lv. 30 || Naughty | Arena Trap // Rock Slide | Dig | Bide | Bulldoze

13th October 2012, 5:10 PM
[FONT=Book Antiqua]
After defeating Burgh, I went up to Route 4 and this breeder kept on wanting to fight me which kinda got annoying and so I found a way to avoid her.

Haha, agreed.
Though I have to admit, she is an amazing way to grind money this early in the game.

Did the usual stuff, started up the game, went through the tutorial (this part should really be optional), caught some pokémon, etc.
Also, I downloaded the Genesect.

Current Status
In front of Aspertia Gym, ready to face Cheren.

Oshawott "Takeru" lv.10
Lillipup lv.8 (not a member of final team)
Mareep lv.8 (not a member of final team)
Sewaddle lv.8 (not a member of final team)

After the gym battle, I plan on trading over three eggs (for a random Purrloin, Sunkern and Azurill) from White.

I've accomplished the following things since my last post:

Beat Cheren in an extremely close (as in, my last pokémon has 1 hp left) battle.
Traded the aforementioned eggs.
Caught a Riolu as my temporary fighting type.
Arrived in Virbank and did the whole complex thing, catching a Magnemite in the process.
Did some level grinding for an hour.
Defeated Roxie and went to PokéStar Studios (which is certainly more entertaining than the Musical).
Arrived at Castelia and did pretty much the same things I did back in White.
Explored the Castelia's sewer system and wandered into Relic Passage.
Beat Burgh.
Did some level grinding in Desert Resort and Route 4, catching my sixth member in the process.

Current Status
Just arrived in Nimbasa.

Dewott "Takeru" lv.24
Monferno "Sun Wukong" lv.24
Gastly "Ophelia" lv.23
Houndour "Midnight" lv.22
Magnemite "Gamma" lv.22
Trapinch "Horizon" lv.22

Monster Guy
13th October 2012, 5:58 PM
After quite a bit of searching, I finally found a Trapinch, I named her Mystica. Once she was caught, I left the Desert, and headed for Join Avenue. After setting up some shops, and taking advantage of it's services, I went to Nimbassa.

First, I teamed up with Rosa to challenge Igno and Emmet. Rosa's Pignite took care of Gurrdur, while Mystica and Eva handled Boldore. Then it was off to the Gym.

After riding a roller coaster, I participated in a Fashion Show. I love Elesa's new Gym music. =D ♪Are you ready? *Moans* Give me what I neeeeeeed!♪

Mystica is doing great against the Trainers. Her knowing Bulldoze at the start is great. And she learns Rock Slide.

As expected, Mystica made Elesa easy as pie. I did have some trouble with Zebstrika once she managed to take Mystica down, but I pulled through in the end.


Mystica the female Trapinch level 28
Shelby the male Dewott level 21
Louise the female Lucario level 25
Eva the female Eevee level 20
Genesect level 23

★ Mr. Mime ★
13th October 2012, 6:00 PM
Arrived in Driftveil City and explored a little bit. Defeated all the trainers up till the Chargestone Cave and headed back to Driftveil for my Gym match against Clay. Got through Clay's Gym with little trouble and received my 5th badge. After the Gym I took part in the PWT and won 1st place, then I defeated Plasma on the Frigate and headed back to Chargestone Cave. Arrived in Mistralton and decided to strengthen up my team before the Gym so I defeated all the trainers before Twist Mountain and defeated all the trainers in the Celestial Tower. Headed back to town and trained my team a bit more by defeating some Audino with my newly obtained Lucky Egg, evolving Dewott and Trapinch in the process. Challenged Skyla's Gym and won my 6th badge thanks to Electabuzz and Growlithe. Saved.

Trainer: Mr.Mime
Current Team:
http://floatzel.net/pokemon/black-white/sprites/images/503.png http://floatzel.net/pokemon/black-white/sprites/images/448.pnghttp://floatzel.net/pokemon/black-white/sprites/images/58.pnghttp://floatzel.net/pokemon/black-white/sprites/images/125.pnghttp://floatzel.net/pokemon/black-white/sprites/images/329.pnghttp://floatzel.net/pokemon/black-white/sprites/images/628.png
Badges: 6

13th October 2012, 6:01 PM
Ok, so I entered Mistralton City, where I ran into Prof. Juniper and Skyla. Apparently Skyla is going to fly Juniper over to Lentimas Town. But Juniper decides to hang out at Celestial Tower until I beat Skyla. I went ahead and followed her, training my team as I went. I managed to evolve Samuel, Vivi, and Arachne :D So after training my team into the mid-thirties, I challenged the gym.

I entered the gym, bringing Dexy, Zoroark, and Arachne with me, when I suddenly get hit by a flying Clyde. I have to say, Mistralton Gym is pretty freaking awesome. Way better than cannons, imo. When I reached Skyla, the battle commenced! I started off with Zoroark, who quickly defeated Swoobat with a Night Slash. Skyla then switched straight into Swanna, who also quickly fell to Arachne's Electro Ball. Skarmory took a little longer, because of it's Sturdy ability, but was defeated by Dexy after a few Flamethrowers. Has anyone else noticed Skyla's obsession with the letter S? Swanna, Swoobat, Skarmory, and I think she gets a Sigilyph in challenge mode...

Upon exiting the Gym, Juniper requested I fly with her and Skyla. Juniper said she wait in the Cargo Service building. Before that, however, I flew to the PWT, and had Samuel relearn Megahorn. I'm now currently hunting Blue Shards in Relic Passage, although it seems like I'm finding everything but...

:503: Samuel---Lv. 36
Surf/Megahorn/Slash/Aqua Jet

;448; Lucas---Lv. 34
Force Palm/Ice Punch/Shadow Claw/Bone Rush

;058; Dexy---Lv. 36
Flamethrower/Retaliate/Fire Fang/Reversal

:561: Sig---Lv. 34
Psybeam/Tailwind/Light Screen/Air Cutter

;329; Vivi---Lv. 35
Bulldoze/Rock Slide/Crunch/Dragonbreath

:556: Maria---Lv. 34
Energy Ball/Acupressure/Synthesis/Giga Drain

:571: Zoroark---Lv. 36
Night Slash/Foul Play/Fury Swipes/Taunt

:596: Arachne---Lv. 37
Signal Beam/Electro Ball/Slash/Gastro Acid

13th October 2012, 6:04 PM
I caught Verizion and defeated Drayden. I defeated Team Plasma and then got my eighth badge. I defeated Team Plasma again on their Frigate and caught the last musketeer.
My team:

Nutter t.KK
13th October 2012, 6:10 PM
Kat's Unova Journal: Day 1
(Black 2 - Memory Link with Black: Nutter)

Today, I started by Pokémon Journey.. Again. I chose Snivy. Bianca was dragged me around town, and she knew where she was going.. strange for a someone who's new in town. We soon got out of town and she showed me to Catch some Pokémon, right after she gave me a few Pokéballs. I caught a few Pokémon on the Way.

Soon after finding a lost Herdier, I Challenged our Local gym. I won against Cheren, who just been appointed Gym Leader.

I had found a few Pokémon that some how I dreamt up.

Taking Munna, which some out appeared in a Dream, I head to Virbank City.

My Party:

:517: Munna (Telepathy)
:495: Snivy
;298; Gill
;179; Deckard
:506: Lillipup
:504: Patrat

13th October 2012, 7:04 PM
Made it all the way through black tower, im going to be honest, i thought it would be way more difficult. My only loss came to the lv. 9 boss trainer, even though entei ko'd itself with life orb recoil, i still lost because i guess he ko'd me before he was KO'd. i was so pissed. My team went from mid 60s to mid 80s while doing the challenge. Now SRing my shiny gible to get either adamant or jolly, whichever one comes first

13th October 2012, 7:12 PM
To make things quick, I made it to Castelia and healed. Then, I explored the city and the Castelia Sewers. After clearing out Team Plasma, we challenged Burgh's Gym. Buscuit destroyed there, earning us our 3rd Unova League Gym Badge. Next, we went north and battled Colress on Route 4. I bolted to Desert Resort and caught a male Sandshrew, whom I named Coal. We went back to Castelia and I trained Coal at the Battle Company. Then, Coal was trained even more as we explored the rest of the Castelia Sewers, where he evolved into a Sandslash. We then took Route 4 and Desert Resort more slowly, battling all the trainers and Dowsing for items. After finishing up there, we went to Join Avenue and then Nimbasa, where I just obtained the Bolt Badge.

EDIT: I battled Charles the Heartbreaker on Route 5, and then caught a male Ducklett on the Charizard Bridge, whom I named Syrup and added to my team. We did a little bit of training on Route 16 and Lostlorn Forest so that my other 3 team members could reach level 30. I taught Syrup HM02 Fly and healed, then saved, in Nimbasa's Pokemon Center.

:499: Biscuit Lv.30
;181; Pearl Lv.30
;028; Coal Lv.30
:580: Syrup Lv. 25

Badges: 4

13th October 2012, 7:33 PM
Current Team: Adamant Pignite, Modest Roselia, and Timid Jolteon (All Lv. 29)
Current Location: Mistralton Cave
Badges: 4

After getting my Modest Roselia, I headed to Route 4 and the Desert Resort to train. I got back and headed to the stadium to train some more. I started using the Dowsing Machine, and what do you know, there was a Thunderstone right next to the Pokemon Center in Nimbassa City! I evolved my Eevee into a Jolteon and headed to the gym. It was amazing! The music was lovely and Elesa put up a great fight. But, thanks to Roselia's Toxic Spikes and Jolteon's Work Up, I won the battle! I healed, battled Plasma Grunts, heard about Plasma's Story in Drifveil, and traded with my friend to get a Pokemon with Surf. I went to Mistralon Cave and I am now hunting for a Male, Jolly, Mold Breaker, Axew.

13th October 2012, 8:01 PM
A lot of updates:

- Did a lot of pre-gym training in/around Driftveil. Evolved Trapinch & taught Metang ThunderPunch.
- Beat Clay thanks to Maractus. This gym's puzzle was annoying...
- Went through Mistralton Cave, got to Mistralton City.
- Did a lot of searching for Shards. Taught Vibrava Fly, went back to Driftveil & taught Azumarill Ice Punch.
- Caught Seviper on Route 7, used it in the gym, it helped out a lot against Skyla's Swanna, though Azumarill with Ice Punch took care of the other two.
- Taught Maractus Hyper Voice at the move tutor
- Decided to catch a Skorupi and use it instead of Seviper at the Reversal Mountain, for the dual-type coverage which I figured would help a lot in the league as I didn't have much to counter Psychic-types. Saving you for the (hopeful) Ruby/Sapphire remakes, Seviper! ;)
- Traveling through the Reversal Mountain now with Bianca, Pignite just evolved. Have the EXP Share on Skorupi, hoping he evolves before I get out of the cave

I also find it funny how I considered switching out Azumarill, but now she is one of my useful Pokemon... goes to show how far training can go.

http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/500.gif Lvl 36 ~ Male/Naive/Good endurance/Blaze
Heat Crash / Flame Charge / Rollout / Arm Thrust

http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/184.gif Lvl 36 ~ Female/Quirky/Good perserverance/Huge Power
Surf / Ice Punch / Double-Edge / Return

http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/375.gif Lvl. 33 ~ Genderless/Timid/Often dozes off/Clear Body
Traded over a baby Beldum I bred in White, so I wouldn't have to wait all the way until Giant Chasm >.>.
Zen Headbutt / Bullet Punch / Pursuit / ThunderPunch

http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/556.gif Lvl. 32 ~ Female/Lax/Sturdy body/Water Absorb
Giga Drain / Needle Arm / Pin Missile / Hyper Voice

http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/329.gif Lvl. 36 ~ Female/Naive/Often lost in thought/Hyper Cutter
Bulldoze / DragonBreath / Crunch / Fly

http://sprites.pokecheck.org/i/451.gif Lvl. 36 ~ Male/Impish/Strong willed/Battle Armor
Bug Bite / Poison Fang / Venoshock / Toxic Spikes

13th October 2012, 8:03 PM
I entered Roxie's Gym (the international music is so bad. D:<) and challenged the members of her band. Once they were finished, I moved onto Roxie. Her Koffing was very easy, and that was without using Magnemite. However, her Whirlipede was a different matter; I had to resort to my steel-clad friend to take it out. I can't even imagine how hard she'd be on Challenge Mode (guess I'll find out in a month or so), or without Magnemite. Anyway, once I had my Toxic Badge, I headed to the docks and battled Plasma (best villain theme and outfit ever). I pursued them on Route 20, then took the boat to Castelia. What a view. It's really easy to imagine the Unova cities as real-life locations, I must say. In Castelia, I received the bike, took a trip on the Royal Unova and battled the two Game Freak employees. My Lillipup evolved during the latter of the two battles. I'm a bit under-levelled, I think.

Current Team:
:495: James Lv. 16
:507: Rupert Lv. 16
;081; Omega Lv. 16
;240; Cinna Lv. 15

17/649 (2.62%)

Monster Guy
13th October 2012, 8:18 PM
After defeating Elesa, I healed mah Pokes, then did some Musicals. Afterwards, I found Hugh and battled some Team Plasma grunts. When it was over, I went onto Route 5, where Bianca gave me HM Fly. Then, she lead me to a Hidden Grotto containing a Skill Link Mincinno, which I caught. Then, I battled Heartbreaker Charles, then went to Driftveil. I deposited Genesect and my Mincinno, then I went to hear the story of N and Team Plasma, and got a free Zorua.

Then I went to fight Clay. Louise managed to beat Krokorok, and Shelby managed to beat Sandslash with several Razor Shells. Taking down Excadrill was a team effort, and took a lot of Potions on my end, but we got the job done. Now, it's on to the PWT.



Edits to come....

13th October 2012, 8:36 PM
Decided to make my attack against the Elite Four today. They were relatively easy, with the exception of Caitlin. She was tough because I didn't have a Pokemon that could land a stab super-effective attack against her Pokemon. Auron, my Lucario, knows Dark Pulse, and Violet the Espeon knows both Signal Beam and Shadow Ball. It took a little work. I was nervous when it came to battling Iris, but with no real reason. I taught Persephone, my Serperior, to use Dragon Tail. She took a Flamethrower from Hydreigon, then landed a critical hit Dragon Tail, bringing it to less-than-half HP, and sending it flying. Her Arecheops was next, and I (foolishly) kept Persephone in. I did some damage with Aqua Tail before succumbing to Acrobatics. I brought Mimi (my Emolga) in, and finished Archeops with Wild Charge. I kept Mimi in to battle Lapras. She did some damage with Wild Charge, but Surf took her out. Auron came up, and finished Lapras with Aura Sphere. He also did the same to Aggron, clearing it out quickly. My own Lapras, Lorelai, easily finished Druddigon and her Haxorus, then Auron stepped in again to finish Hydreigon. All-in-all it wasn't so bad. I loved the end credits, especially seeing all the old places celebrating my win!!

Shiny Ho-Oh
13th October 2012, 8:53 PM
White 2

Just picked up this game today
So far just have Snivy level 6

13th October 2012, 9:26 PM
Is it just me or does anyone else literally catch the same pokemon until you get the nature you want?
Stupid Growlithes....Stupid Magnemites....*throws game at wall*

Also, I ran into a shiny Growlithe and ran out of pokeballs to catch it. FML

13th October 2012, 9:53 PM
Explored Castelia, or at least everything except for the Battle Company, which I decided to wait with. Found the three Clowns positioned around the city, and the first one I met earlier gave me a Rare Candy when I came back to him. The whole process reminded me of a similar event from Jubilife City in the Sinnoh games. I went to the Gym, but found out that I couldn't battle the Leader since he was away. Iris appeared and suggested that he might have gone to the Castelia Sewers, which had previously been inaccessible. I followed her there, where I met my rival. He ran before me down to the Sewers while Iris stayed outside. I entered, and found myself paired with my rival for wild double battles. That came as a huge shock to me, having a partner while doing wild double battles is something I really missed from HG/SS and B/W (though the latter had Double Grass as a compensation), but I didn't expect it to return in B/W2, causing an unexpected nostalgia overdose.

I love it.

Going through the Sewers with my Rival, I captured a Zubat, Rattata and Grimer. Almost feels like I was in Kanto again. Since the Zubat is going to be a part of my team, I exited the Sewers to train it a bit, battled all the trainers in the Battle Company which gave it a few levels. Returned down and battled a few trainers in the Sewers, the place was to my surprise much larger than I had expected, but it was stupid of me to expect it to be small since Castelia is one of the largest cities in the region. Zubat also reached level 22 and evolved into Golbat. At the end of the sewers, me and my Rival found two Plasma Grunts that we battled. They ran off after being defeated, and the Gym Leader, Burgh, appeared. My Rival ran off, and Burgh told me I should challenge him at the Gym. But first, I explored the place a bit more. I found a second opening to the overworld which led to a very small garden in Castelia City, where a man told me about that special place being the very first starting point of the city, probably in 1982. I captured a Cottonee and a Buneary there before returning down to the Sewers and continuing to the Relic Passage, where I captured Woobat, Drilbur, Timburr and Roggenrola. Battled a few trainers here, but couldn't get much further into the caves, so I went out again. Decided to take the boat to Liberty Island, but there was nothing of interest there, the legendary Victini was gone since long ago, so I went back to the City again. Going to challenge the Gym next, my three team members are all at level 23 so it should hopefully not be too hard.

13th October 2012, 10:33 PM
Just beat Draydon. He was real easy. After I beat him, instead of fighting the plasma dudes, I went to try to catch Verizon. After like 3 attempts it didn't work so I just turned it off.

13th October 2012, 10:54 PM
i have beat ghetsis. The Animation of Kyurem vs Reshiram was kind of nice. He was easier than the old version, now im getting reader to go to the Victory Road.

13th October 2012, 11:17 PM
After arrived in giant chasm. Met up with ghetsis and kuyrem attacked but N arrived on time,great. Then kyurem attacked reshiram and absorbed him another great cutscene. its amazing that the ds can pull this off. defeated white kyurem. headed over to pkmn league after trekking through victory road. challenged the elite 4 they were easy but iris was a problem. flamethrower kills me my party sucks aganist fire. after a lot of max revives/herbs i won and saw a great ending. After chasing zoroark i fought N and reshiram defeating them. Went over dragonspiral tower and caught reshiram with a quick ball on my first turn. talk about luck.

13th October 2012, 11:35 PM
I just came out of the house of the BW 1 protagonist, I wonder if he can be found in BW2..

Endoplasmic Reticulum
13th October 2012, 11:44 PM
Preparing a Start

Alright I have gathered, and bred my entire planned BW2 team in Black and White 1 that can't be found in Black and White 2 or can only be found really late (see here (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?576138-Official-BW2-IN-GAME-Team-Discussion-Thread-Read-First-Post&p=15171516&highlight=#post15171516)). Time to open up the game and catch 17 random Pokemon and trade them all over. Oh jolly that's going to be fun!

13th October 2012, 11:51 PM
Since last time, I annihilated Drayden and, because I'm a lazy bastard, basically dealt with Team Plasma for much of yesterday. Also, I beat the last Gym Leader in between the Plasma stuff. I'm kind of disappointed that Ghetsis didn't appear before the Kyurem event. Oh well.

Most recently, I got Waterfall from N, and am now ready to take on... Victory Road. The ultimate test. My body is ready. Though I guess I already said that.

13th October 2012, 11:54 PM
Gave up very quickly on trying to find a Dunsparce, I've seen one anyway so it all works out. Reached Virbank City, went to the Complex, caught Magnemite, Growlithe, Magby and Koffing, found the three workers, then did MOAR LEVEL GRINDING by hunting Audino. Once I was happy with my levels I went to the Gym and pffft it was unbelievably easy with my new Magnemite, it just shrugged off Pounds and Tackles and shot very unpleasant Thundershocks right back. Then I went back to the Complex to get my team members up a level or two, which also led to my Swadloon evolving into a Leavanny who is now pretty much the strongest Pokémon on my team (well, technically Lucario is but it has no special moves yet so it's not meeting that potential).

My team is now:
:502: Tarka (Lv. 22)
;448; Anubis (Lv. 22)
:542: Levana (Lv. 22)
:507: Terry (Lv. 22)
;081; Wiress (Lv. 22) (I don't think its name suits it and intend to change it to Beetee as soon as I reach the Name Rater. Same reference but seems to work better.)
;058; Komainu (Lv. 22)

And my PokéDex is at 32 seen, 24 obtained. At some point in the near future I'll probably evolve a few Pokémon like Pidove and Purrloin to bump up the total a bit.

Paladin of Arceus
14th October 2012, 12:03 AM
Pally's (Dis)Accomplishments! Post 2

Acc: Made it to Virbank, got Oshawott/Dewott to Lv.21 on the gym, which he annihilated by himself.
Dis: After reaching Castelia, I decided to use my White1 game to help me White2 team level--this involved hacks.
Dis: My AR doesn't work for BW2, the firmware version must need updating---AGAIN!!! D:<
Acc: Got Samurott to Lv.100 with a decent moveset before Burgh, used him to single-handedly obliterate many gym leaders, rivals, Plasma thugs, and PWT opponents.
Dis: Charles required that I capture 3 Pokémon to pass him on the way to Driftveil, and because of an egregious lack of foresight, I had one Lv.100 starter and one Lv.10 Patrat, so the Solosis I wanted to catch on Rte.5 was out of my reach, unless I traded over hacked Master Balls from W1, muled on HM slaves who require I use the Union Room to trade them instead of the C-Gear. Major hassle, there.
Acc: After doing so, and candying my male Brave Magic Guard Solosis to Lv.100, I moved on and am now hunting Tynamo in Chargestone. Caught a female Impish Ferroseed and a male Hardy Axew with Mold Breaker for my team along the way, both of which were rather difficult to find.
Dis: Tynamo, however, appear to have gone EXTINCT! I swear it! Not a one to be found after an hour or more of searching! Plenty of N's Pokémon respawning everywhere, but not one blasted Tynamo. /ragequit, my back and neck are killing me, plus I'm hungry, tired, and my dogs are starving for attention.
Acc/Dis: I might get my Ferroseed and Axew candied up tonight yet, but we'll see. Sorry about using AR hacks, everyone. *braces for incoming infraction*

14th October 2012, 12:13 AM
Since my last post, I have done quite a bit. I do love this game, so I'm glad I got both versions.

But anyway, in the Desert Resort, I caught N's last pokemon there, his Darumaka.
I also finally caught my Trapinch for my team, a male Docile natured. And named him Gokudera.
I obtained the rest of the items and battled the rest of trainers.
Then headed to Nimbasa City!
Went through the Join Venue thing first.

When I got there, I obtained the Thunderstone and the Sun Stone.
And near the Battle Subway, I noticed the Subway Masters and the female trainer, Rosa.
This is my first time seeing the overworld sprites of the Masters.
Rosa asked me to team up with her to battle them, so I did and beat them easily. She then gave me the Vs. Recorder.

I then went to the right a bit and obtained the lost item, the lost Xtransceiver.
Then someone calling herself Yancy called, but I like her Japanese name Ruri better.
After exploring a bit more as well as obtaining my Black version Callen's Prop Case.
I then went to Route 6, where I would be training for the Gym and obtained the HM Fly from Bianca.
She then showed me the the Hidden Grotto, which I captured the Minccino from inside it.

I trained my team to lv. 28.
And at lv. 27, I evolved Haru into Lilligant!
At lv. 30, I'll be evolving Kyoko into Ninetales.
So then I headed to old gym, battled the two trainers there.

Then entered the Gym, I battled the first with Gokudera.
On the third, I used Haru with the help of her Sleep Powder and Quiver Dance.
And I arrived in front of the Gym Leader Elesa.
I decided to try my hand at using Haru on Elesa as well.
After using a Sleep Powder and setting up 3 Quiver Dance, I swept her team with Giga Drain.
So I obtained the Bolt Badge and TM quite easily.
Her gym sure was nice with the music, the board at the back, and the catwalk.

After exiting the Gym, I saw a group of Plasma Grunts and my rival Hibari.
He wanted my help so I did, I beat both grunts easily with Ryohei.
Hibari then talked about his sister's lost Purrloin and then ran off.
So then I headed off to Driftveil City!
First battled the biker Charles in the Triple Battle.
Went over the Driftveil Drawbrige, going into Driftveil City, I saw 2 Plasma Grunts.
One was an Ex-Grunt. They were talking then Hibari showed up again and chased off the other Grunt.
When I arrived in the City, I saved. Next happening will be soon.
I did teach Ryohei Ice Punch with shards.
I'll be training the team to lv. 32 for Clay's Gym.

Current Team:
:502: Yamamoto [M] lv. 28 || Hasty | Torrent // Revenge | Return | Water Pulse | Razer Shell |
;448; Ryohei [M] lv. 29 || Docile | Inner Focus // Return | Dig | Ice Punch | Force Palm |
:544: Zakuro [M] lv. 28 || Impish | Poison Point // Return | Bug Bite | Venoshock | Screech |
;037; Kyoko [F] lv. 28 || Timid | Flash Fire // Flamethrower | Hex | Will-O-Whisp | Energy Ball |
:549: Haru [F] lv. 30 || Serious | Own Tempo // Magical Leaf | Quiver Dance | Sleep Powder | Giga Drain |
;328; Gokudera [M] lv. 30 || Docile | Hyper Cutter // Rock Slide | Bide | Dig | Bulldoze |

Endoplasmic Reticulum
14th October 2012, 12:26 AM
A New Journey

Did all the beginning stuff in Aspertia blah blah blah. Now I'm catching wild purrloin and patrats. 5 down 12 to go!

14th October 2012, 1:15 AM
After I trained Syrup on Route 16 and in Lostlorn Forest, I went back to Nimbasa and had him battle athletes in the Stadiums. We healed at the Pokemon Center, and then battled everyone on Route 5. Arriving in Driftveil, Hugh and I witnessed a New TP and Old TP member arguing. We went to Old TP's house and heard their story, and I received a Zorua. Next, we challenged the Driftveil Gym. Syrup gained several levels while battling the gym trainers. The battle against Clay was intense, and if Syrup hadn't dodged TWO Rock Slides, we would have lost. However, he evaded certain death and took out Excadrill and Sandslash, because Krokorak had already fallen. We got the 5th Badge and challenged the PWT. Hugh, Cheren, and Colress were no match for me, though Cheren almost defeated me. Hugh released his rage on the Plasma Frigate, and afterwords I explored Driftveil's side of the Relic Passage. We stumbled upon Volcarona, but walked away and decided to save it for later. Using an Escape Rope, we left the Relic Passage and healed in Driftveil. Saved the game, and 3DS is currently charging.

:499:Biscuit [M] Lv.33
;181;Pearl [F] Lv.33
;028;Coal [M] Lv.31
:580: Syrup [M] Lv33

Endoplasmic Reticulum
14th October 2012, 1:17 AM
God damnit, I want to trade over my planned team from BW1 but the Union Room isn't open yet. I don't want to be wasting too much experience from trainers on my Oshawott which I am not planning on using.

And I saw a Memory Link which was really cool. But now I have to talk to all NPC's so I don't miss any...

Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama
14th October 2012, 1:20 AM
I found the Plasam boat, I didn't know you could battle Corless again. I hope he doesn't disappear after this.

God damnit, I want to trade over my planned team from BW1 but the Union Room isn't open yet. I don't want to be wasting too much experience from trainers on my Oshawott which I am not planning on using.

And I saw a Memory Link which was really cool. But now I have to talk to all NPC's so I don't miss any...

Endo, you use the C-Gear to trade, but you have to have one badge to do so.

14th October 2012, 1:21 AM
Just won my third badge & now I'm heading to route 4

Current team :
Marshtomp lvl 23
Scyther lvl 20
Servine lvl 20
Charmeleon lvl 22
Gible lvl 17
Emolga lvl 19

Endoplasmic Reticulum
14th October 2012, 1:23 AM
I found the Plasam boat, I didn't know you could battle Corless again. I hope he doesn't disappear after this.

Endo, you use the C-Gear to trade, but you have to have one badge to do so.

What comes first? The C-Gear or the Union Room?

Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama
14th October 2012, 1:24 AM
What comes first? The C-Gear or the Union Room?

The Union Room is in every Pokemon Center. But, since it'll be closed, I highly recommend the C-Gear.

Endoplasmic Reticulum
14th October 2012, 1:26 AM
The Union Room is in every Pokemon Center. But, since it'll be closed, I highly recommend the C-Gear.

I meant does the Union Room open before you get the C-Gear?

Monster Guy
14th October 2012, 1:28 AM
What comes first? The C-Gear or the Union Room?

C-Gear, I believe...

In other news, I beat the PWT and Team Plasma. Now, I'm challenging random Tournaments and making more Pokestar movies for a bit.

Endoplasmic Reticulum
14th October 2012, 1:29 AM
ER Catches a Pokémon!

Oh okay. When does the Union Room open anyways?

Anyway, just arrived in Floccerry Ranch and caught a Mareep. At least I have one Pokemon in my planned team...

Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama
14th October 2012, 1:30 AM
I meant does the Union Room open before you get the C-Gear?

Oh, sorry about that. I'm not sure when it opens. Maybe after you defeat the Elite 4. :/

Endoplasmic Reticulum
14th October 2012, 1:32 AM
Riolu Hunting

Really? That's kinda far isn't it?

Also I just used my last Pokeball against a Riolu and it failed. I'm gonna have to go buy more and search for more Riolus which are kinda rare...

Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama
14th October 2012, 1:50 AM
Really? That's kinda far isn't it?

Also I just used my last Pokeball against a Riolu and it failed. I'm gonna have to go buy more and search for more Riolus which are kinda rare...

It is. You're better off with the C-Gear and the trades go a bit faster too.

Endoplasmic Reticulum
14th October 2012, 1:51 AM
Just caught a Riolu. Now I'm exploring Floccery Ranch even though the initial objective was to give Hugh the map which I did yet Alder still won't do anything new

14th October 2012, 2:16 AM
Well, I spent most of the day in Nimbasa City. This morning I loaded my save which was in the Join Avenue or Desert Resort, somewhere around there. I looked for a Trapinch but failed to find one, so I went back to the Join Avenue and opened up a second shop and recommended a shop to someone. I ventured north to Nimbasa City, I teamed up with this cute girl Rosa and we battled the Subway bosses. It was a pretty easy battle. After that I went to the Lostlorn Forest and Route 13 to battle the trainers there. Soon after beating the trainers there, I headed to the stadiums and battled them too. Finally, after that, I went BACK to the Desert Resort and finally found a Trapinch. I only had 1 Great Ball on me but luckily I captured it. It was a level 21 female. I went to the old Nimbasa City gym and beat the trainers there with Trapinch. Finding the actual gym took me forever. I had no idea that it was east of the Ferris Wheel. I let Trapinch take care of those hot babes in there, but when the battle vs. Elesa came, I solo'd her with Servine. Servine gained 3 levels in that battle. 1 from each of her Pokemon. Servine learned Slam after the battle. When trying to leave the city, Team Plasma and my annoying rival Hugh were blocking the way, so I took care of them and continued on.

I made my way to Route 5 (I think), and battled everybody there and captured the Hidden Grotto Pokemon that Bianca and I found. She also gave me the HM for Fly, but I have no flying Pokemon yet. Then came Heartbreaker Charles. He was actually tough and wiped out a good bit of my team, but in the end I prevailed. Then came Driftveil City. Wow this city has changed quite a lot. I'm assuming most of the hotels were booked because of the Pokemon World Tournament. I'll visit there later. I saved my progress after checking out the hotels and stopped for the night. I really need some of these guys to evolve. Hopefully Elekid will evolve tomorrow. I may evolve Growlithe before Arcanine learns Extremespeed, then teach Arcanine a couple moves via the move tutor/move relearner.

Lvl 28 Servine
Lvl 28 Elekid
Lvl 27 Lucario
Lvl 27 Trapinch
Lvl 27 Growlithe

Endoplasmic Reticulum
14th October 2012, 3:32 AM
VS Cheren

After clearing through Floccery Ranch, I headed back to Floccery Town where I battled the two trainers that were under Alder's wing. I have to say, my Riolu is kind of lacking in power at the moment (mainly because it has no STAB moves). I then took on Cheren's gym, and Riolu took down Patrat, while Mareep dealt with Lillipup.

Cheren Gym Star: Mareep

Now I have the C-Gear and I am going to trade all my planned team to BW2

Violent Red
14th October 2012, 3:49 AM
Quite a bit has happened since my last entry.
After Sandslash stole the show at Elesa's gym, Will and I took on Team Plasma again in the city and showed them who's boss. Will is a ferocious battler!

The team and I then headed East and checked out Lostlorn Forest. I caught every Pokemon I found :)

Then we headed West where Bianca showed us what Hidden Hollows looked like and how to find them. We found one and I caught a Cincinno that has a peculiar ability to do max damage with multiple-hit attacks, a useful ability indeed!

Then I was challenged to a 3-way battle against The Heart Breaker Charles in front of a large crowd. I used Servine, Lapras and Growlithe and we won! Charles was embarrassed and drove off :'(

In Driftviel City we took some time to explore. It had a real busy and bustling atmosphere, with lots of tourists and huge hotels. We enjoyed our time here! I spoke to some Ex-Plasma members and Will seemed uncomfortable around them, not willing to accept that they have changed their ways. I hope we find his sister's Pokemon soon...

Then we came to Driftviel Gym. We where confident after our stunning victory over Elesa, but Clay and his gym where much more intimidating and imposing and the gym was quite hard to manouver around especially in the dark. We eventually found our way to Clay and challenged him.

Lapras made easy work of his Krokorok, next my Sandslash took on his and in a repeat of her battle against Elesa, she crushed her opponent! Finally the moment of truth: Servine vs Excadrill! Servine won, after a dazzling flurry of Leaf Blades vs Metal Claw!

Clay afterwards invited us to his new project, the PWT! I used Servine, Growlithe and Lapras in it, taking down Will, our friend Cheren and that mysterious Colress. He says nice things, but I just don't trust him.

Afterwards, we chased Plasma down to their frigate and CRUSHED them! The Shadow Triad came though and man, those guys are creepy.

We all went our separate ways then and the team and I chose to explore Relic Passage. It's amazing to think this passage has been here for hundreds of years and nobody knew about it!

Swablu was struggling and I had the feeling he just wasn't cut out for battling.

But, the good news was that, after battling a brave back packer, Servine evolved into Serperior! Awesome! He has come such a long way since the little critter he was, nervous to fight against Roxie. He can take on anybody now!

We eventually found a opening into what looked like the bottom of the buried Relic Castle. In one particular room we were attacked by a huge moth of fire!!! Growlithe fought it bravely and, after Jolteon paralyzed it, I threw an ultra ball and caught it! Back at the Pokemon Centre in Driftviel, I discovered it has a Timid Nature - perfect! Swablu told me he wanted to go play with all my other Pokemon so I let deposited him and withdrew my new Vulgamoth! She is awesomely powerful and with her by our side, we will surely win our next gym badge!

Til next time!


P.S. God I am loving this game! The gyms are fantastic, the designs are the best yet! I am loving my team! I also think, I like this Rival the same amount as the Rival from G/S. I love this rival's story, that he has a vendetta against Plasma and isn't mainly preoccupied with the League like Cheren and some other rivals where. I much prefer Cheren in this game. I also love my Rival's personality and phrases - 'heads up - I'm about to unleash my rage!' and then runs up to a Plasma grunt and sends him flying 'Start talking, you Team Plasma piece of trash!'. Gotta love him!

Derald Snyder
14th October 2012, 4:07 AM
This is the first game where I actually decided to ditch my starter. Sorry, Pignite, but Lucario is just better than you. I also managed to find N's Sandile, and used it on my team for a short while.
Gym Badges: 5

Current Team: (all close to Lv. 30)
Magnemite- Thunder Wave, Mirror Shot, Spark, Sonicboom
Zorua- Taunt, Foul Play, Snarl, Dig
Psyduck- Screech, Strength, Zen Headbutt, Water Pulse
Herdier- Rock Tomb, Roar, Return, Crunch
Crobat- Cross Poison, Confuse Ray, Fly, Bite
Lucario- Force Palm, Quick Attack, Ice Punch, Bone Rush

14th October 2012, 4:10 AM
Before going to Chargestone Cave, I evolved my Misdreavus with a Dusk Stone that I had traded over from my White. I then went into the cave and explored every floor. Eventually, I got to the end and exited to find myself in Mistralton. Instead of going to the Gym right away, I headed north to do some training first. I trained on Route 7 and in Celestial Tower until my whole team was in their early 40s level wise. My Ponyta, Duosion, and Ferroseed all evolved! Now, my Deino is the only Pokemon on my team that hasn't evolved yet.

Next, I went to the Mistralton Gym. I began my battle against Skyla with Mismagius. I was planning on doing the whole battle with Mismagius, but then I accidentally clicked the wrong move and Mismagius died to Sigilyph. >_< So I ended up finishing the battle with Gyarados.

Once I received the badge, I got to fly on a plane to Lentimas Town.

14th October 2012, 4:14 AM
Just Finished the driftvale tournament and WON! YAY :) now to stop the evil team plasma :S

Endoplasmic Reticulum
14th October 2012, 4:37 AM
Virbanking on a Good Journey

Welp I have traded my entire team over (the C-gear made it like 20 times easier), so it is time to head off to Virbank. I'm Virbanking on a good journey

14th October 2012, 5:21 AM
After 35 hours of gameplay, I became the Unova Champion thus evening on Black 2! The story was sure fun to play through in English this time, and Challenge Mode was great excitement. But there's still lots to do. Many legendaries to catch, more areas of unova to explore, a pokedex to fill, musicals to perform, movies to make, PWT to clear, subways to clear, black tower to beat, and of course: Pokemon to train! Let's get started.

The winning squad:

-Egoist the Roserade LV 66
-Kirikizan the Bisharp LV 66
-Starmie *shiny* LV 67
-Truck the Tyranitar LV 67
-Robyn the Emolga LV 67
-Linemile the Flygon LV 67

14th October 2012, 5:35 AM
From my last post, after collecting Shards, I took a plane to Lentimas Town, which is tiny as hell! Village Bridge isn't even a proper town and it's larger than that. But I did get to give my Zoroark Dark Pulse, which is nice. I entered the Strange House, where the furniture kept moving! (I half expected them to start singing. Be our guest!) Then I got a Lunar Wing from a ghost girl. Who said Pokemon wasn't dark? Afterwards, Bianca and I traveled through Reversal Mountain and talked about Heatran. Bianca stayed behind while I arrived in Undella Town. After training in Undella Bay and Route 14, I tried to enter Black City, where I was stopped by a line of men singing about how they were singing for no reason, and how one day they would suddenly disappear. Best. Roadblock. EVER!

Anyway, I travelled through Route 13, where I ran into Cobalion. I'll catch him later. When I got to Lacunosa Town, I found Prof. Juniper and Bianca (little cheater used Fly), who brought me to an old lady who told us a story about a Pokemon who crashed in a meteor and ate people, which caused the people to construct walls around town (because that'll stop a people-eating monster) and basically live in a constant state of paranoia. Juniper thought this might have something to do with Plasma though, and asked me to go speak to Drayden. While I was leaving, I teamed up with Hugh to battle Zinzolin and his lackey. The two of them ran off to Opelucid upon defeat, with Hugh giving chase. I then started working my way to Opelucid, coming to the conclusion that my pokemon may be underleveled after nearly getting swept by a Durant. I also was forced out of a room by a singing girl (what's she doing there anyway?), ad have Virizion pull an Alder on me (jumping off a cliff). Now I've finally reached Opelucid, and will probably do some training before the gym.

:503: Samuel---Lv. 41
Surf/Megahorn/Slash/Aqua Jet

;448; Lucas---Lv. 41
Force Palm/Ice Punch/Shadow Claw/Bone Rush

;058; Dexy---Lv. 41
Heat Wave/Retaliate/Fire Fang/Crunch

:561: Sig---Lv. 41
Psybeam/Tailwind/Light Screen/Air Slash

;329; Vivi---Lv. 42
Bulldoze/Rock Slide/Dragonbreath/Crunch

:556: Maria---Lv. 40
Energy Ball/Petal Dance/Synthesis/Giga Drain

:596: Arachne---Lv. 40
Signal Beam/Electro Ball/Slash/Agility

:571: Zoroark---Lv. 41
Dark Pulse/Foul Play/Night Slash/Taunt

14th October 2012, 6:22 AM
It took me 28 hours on normal mode (though I had some "AFK" periods), but I defeated the champion in Black 2. The game's storyline was severely uninteresting at first, but drastically spiked towards the end of the game. After obtaining the 8th badge, I spent around 3 hours before I wound up at victory road.

Anyways, this was my team, with brief analyses :

lv 56 Samurott - A solid Starter. I used an all-out mixed attacking set (Waterfall, Megahorn, Surf, Ice Beam) which offered decent coverage. And sadly, I was 1 lvl away from Swords Dance. Also, I would've kept aqua jet, but I needed the HM's.

lv 57 Magnezone - The near-best pokemon you can have. (Flash Cannon, T-Bolt, T-Wave, Charge Beam) Each move played its role very well.

lv 54 Darmanitan - (Flare Blitz, Superpower, Bulldoze, Strength) Unfortunately that HM got in the way. I would've been good for Rock Slide or Fire Punch. Still though, Flare Blitz OHKO'ed numerous things, and Superpower offered a hit-and-run w/o taking recoil. He's useful for hitting hard and hitting fast. A glass cannon if you will.

lv 58 Heracross - (Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Megahorn, Close Combat) I planned on teaching bulk up to him, but it turns out that's post-E4. So I went with these moves and hooked on an Expert Belt. His Close Combat hit as hard as Darmantian's Flare Blitz when super effective. In fact, it took a hit and OHKO'ed Hydreigon. Cleanly KO'ing Hydreigon is a huge necessity.

lv 57 Flygon - (Fly, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Bulldoze) Admittedly I didn't use him to his full potential, but he was more trouble than he was worth IMO. His life as a trapinch was great, but god-awful as Vibrava. And at flygon, he was, I suppose, decent. I did not get dragon claw until right before the E4, and Bulldoze doesn't cut it as his go-to move. And crunch and fly were only useful for the E4. Overall, Flygon can't function well without Outrage and Earthquake, and U-turn for that matter. On the bright side, his speed was his saving grace for the team.
lv 55 Sigilyph - (Ice Beam, Energy ball, shadow ball, Psychic) Not bad per se, but he really wasn't much fun to use. He also had an expert belt to use. Overall, He is severely outclassed by starmie, especially when Calm Mind comes post-E4.

My MVP of the team was definitely Magnezone. He is a godsend for any team because of his insane sp atk and his phenomenal defensive potential. He's annoying to raise at first, but he gets better and better when he gets access to charge beam > thunder > flash cannon > discharge > T-Bolt! (Let's not forget to mention T-wave was on his side for so long) To put it simply, he mowed over anything that belonged to team plasma (includes Black Kyurem) as well as Half the E4 and Iris' team. He took the fall though when Haxorus used EQ with his Mold Breaker ability.

I await my new journey on White 2, with a new team and on Challenge mode. Maybe this time around I will show some more effort with shards and anything else proven useful on the long run.

Endoplasmic Reticulum
14th October 2012, 6:36 AM
Training level 1's against level 10 trainers is tough. I may have to, ugh, get them higher via wild Pokemon first...

Violent Red
14th October 2012, 6:45 AM
Is it easier to trade with C-Gear than Union Room? I hate the Room, so many clicks, choose Pokemon, are you sure? Yes. Okay click here to move to next screen. Are you sure you want to go to next screen? Yes. Choose Pokemon to trade. Are you sure you want to trade this Pokemon? Yes. Are you sure you want to trade this Pokemon for that Pokemon? YES!!!!! JUST ****ING TRADE. This is annoying when you are trying to trade with yourself, and have to do it both times. Was much easier in previous gens to trade.

Edit: On Topic:

Just got given Surf by Cheren! Gonna Fly back to previous locations now and see where I can use it!

14th October 2012, 9:40 AM
Well, this sitting I had tha started about 12 yesterday ended just now so I could get some sleep. So far progress was, defeat Drayden, defeat Shizui/Marlon, defeat Neo Team Plasma, and am now at the beginning of Victory Road. All the while I went through, battling trainers and collecting all possible pokemon (save for a few cause I lost patience), Routes 9, 11, 21, 22, and 23. As for landmarks I went through... Village Bridge, Opelucid City, Marine Tube, Seaside Cave, and Giant Chasm. The whole amount of time clocked in was 16 hours and 20 minutes. My team of 5 pokemon had a level increase of 45-57. Total clocked time for the save is about 56-60 hours.

14th October 2012, 10:00 AM
After reading the above comment about using the C-Gear for trading (Yes, it's easier), I decided to trade a Wailord over from White so I could surf around and explore a bit more. So afterwards I went back to the previous towns that I've been to and collected items from the places I couldn't explore before. I also traded over my Lucky Egg and EXP. Share to help train my Pokemon faster. I then traded my Skitty over to White so I could teach it Ice Beam and Shadow Ball since it hand no moves that were any help. When I sent it back to White 2, I evolved it into Delcatty. I'm now working to level up my Pokemon so I can face off against Clay. I'm also trying to figure out who will fill the sixth slot on my team. Whatever it is, I know I want it to be a duel type.

14th October 2012, 10:10 AM
Did many things in White 2.I went to Route 4 and caught my fourth team member,a Darumaka.It is male and has Naive nature(+Speed/-Sp.Defense).I went back to Castelia Garden to train it among Audino(s).Then I went through Route 4 defeating all the trainers and getting many items.I also defeated Colress quite easily.He started with Magnemite and I sent out Dewott.Dewott did heavy damage with Razor Shell.Magnemite used Thunder Wave to paralyze Dewott.Dewott was buffeted by Sandstorm.Colress used Super Potion.Dewott did heavy damage again with Razor Shell.It was buffeted by Sandstorm.Magnemite used Spark to do some damage but it was defeated by another Razor Shell.Colress sent out Klink.Dewott was buffeted by Sandstorm.Klink's ThunderShock did some damage while it took heavy damage from Dewott's Razor Shell.Dewott was buffeted by Sandstorm.Klink used Charge to raise its Sp.Defense but it was defeated by another Razor Shell.I then went to Desert Resort and caught my fifth team member,a Trapinch.It is female and has Sassy nature(+Sp.Defense/-Speed).I went back to Castelia Garden to train it some more.Then I defeated all the trainers of Desert Resort.Golbat evolved into Crobat.I went to Relic Castle and defeated the few trainers there.I then arrived in Nimbasa City and saved the game.BTW,what's with that Breeder who fights you again and again?


http://serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/502.pngLv.25 Male Serious (Razor Shell/Water Pulse/Fury Cutter/Tail Whip) Ability:Torrent Held Item:Mystic Water

http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/239.pngLv.26 Male Mild (Electro Ball/Low Kick/Swift/Thunder Wave) Ability:Static Held Item:Eviolite

http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/169.pngLv.25 Female Sassy (Venoshock/Wing Attack/Bite/Swift) Ability:Inner Focus Held Item:Scope Lens

http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/554.pngLv.25 Male Naive (Fire Punch/Dig/Rock Tomb/Headbutt) Ability:Hustle Held Item:Charcoal

http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/328.pngLv.25 Female Sassy (Dig/Bulldoze/Rock Slide/Bide) Ability:Arena Trap Held Item:Soft Sand

14th October 2012, 12:03 PM
Long entry since this is my first post here here I have 3 gym badges

After choosing Oshawott as my starter, and doing the usual tutorial business, we head to Floccesy Town, from where we progress to Floccesy Ranch. We find a Lillipup in long grass before getting caught up with the next part of the story, catch her with a Pokeball and name her Beagle. We do the Team Plasma Herdier stuff, and head back to Aspertia City, where Beagle takes him down on it's own. We then go to Virbank, where we train in the Complex, then proceed to beat Roxie. After healing, we head back to Floccesy Ranch and catch a Riolu, name it Aura and train it for a while. Then we head back to Virbank, and do whatever happens in the story then hang around in Pokestar Studios, and at some point Beagle and Oshawott evolve. Before heading to Casteilia, where we go into the sewers and find the scientist person, then head into the ancient tunnel thing and catch a Roggenrola and name it Bronze, which seems appropriate. After challenging Burgh and losing, we head back into the sewers and find an area that we hadn't seen before, so we explore there and catch a Pidove and name her Tiny Wings, train a bit, and Aura evolves. We head back to Burgh, and Tiny Wings somehow KOs Leavanny to get us the badge. After renaming Dewott, we battle the scientist person on route 4, and Tiny Wings evolves into a Tranquill. Then we head to the avenue and manage it for a bit then pass through it to Nimbasa.

Champion Jared 14
14th October 2012, 12:09 PM
I'm playing Black 2. Maybe I'll get White 2 soon.

I beat Skyla the other day, she wasn't too bad. The most challenging part was getting up to her with that wind blowing. My goodness.
I traded over a Honchkrow and a Seel from Black. Didn't like any flying type in the new Unova pokedex.

Found the Shadow Ball TM outside of the Strange House, taught it to my Espeon. Further explored the house, got a Rare Candy, battled, and got the Lunar Wing!
Afterwards, I battled my way exploring through Reverse Mountain with Bianca. That was fun...But there's a HUGE gap between the Mistralton and Opelucid Gyms in this game, wow! I'm thinking there's something I can or should do before I go to fight Drayden.

Anyways, I found Cobalion, weakened him, and caught him on my third pokeball. Found Virizion, but he's a pain-in-the-neck to catch, so I'll go to him later.
I got all my pokemon on my team to Lv. 50. Not sure what I'll do next.

14th October 2012, 12:27 PM
In Black 2,did all the same stuff as in White 2.I went to Route 4 and caught my third team member,a Scraggy.it is male and has Naughty nature(+Attack/-Sp.Defense).I went and trained it up in the sewers.Then U battled and defeated all the trainers on Route 4.I also defeated Colress quite easily.He started with Magnemite and I sent out Scraggy.Scraggy's Brick Break did heavy damage but it survived due to Sturdy.Magnemite used Thunder Wave to paralyze Scraggy.Colress used the Super Potion to restore Magnemite's HP.Scraggy's Brick Break did heavy damage but again couldn't knock it out due to Sturdy.Magnemite's Magnet Bomb did little damage and it was defeated by another Brick Break.Colress sent out Klink.Klink used Charge to raise its Sp.Defense but it was still OHKO'ed by Scraggy's Brick Break.Then I went to Desert Resort and defeated all the trainers there.I also defeated the few trainers in Relic Castle.Then going through Join Avenue, I reached Nimbasa City.I then saved the game.


http://serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/496.pngLv.25 Male Calm (Leaf Tornado/Tackle/Leech Seed/Growth) Ability:Overgrow Held Item:Leftovers

http://serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/240.pngLv.26 Female Hasty (Flame Burst/Fire Spin/Faint Attack/Clear Smog) Ability:Flame Body Held Item:Charcoal

http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon/559.pngLv.26 Male Naughty (Faint Attack/Brick Break/Payback/Rock Tomb) Ability:Moxie Held Item:Eviolite

14th October 2012, 1:08 PM
I explored all of Castelia City, and even took a trip out to the desolate Liberty Garden. During the battles to be had in Castelia, my Snivy evolved. I think that's the longest it's taken for my starter to reach its second stage; it usually happens before or right after the first Gym. Anyway, I then headed to Castelia Sewers and battled the Plasma grunts with my rival. I met Colress, then prepared to head deeper into the sewers and Relic Passage.

Current Team:
:496: James Lv. 17
:507: Rupert Lv. 18
;081; Omega Lv. 18
;240; Cinna Lv. 18

20/649 (3.08%)

14th October 2012, 1:21 PM
Got my copy last night, Played an hour last night

Chose my name and rivals (poopboy)
Met up with bianca choose snivy - bashful nature meh. Hey its female 12.5% chance cool!
oh hey alder!
Saw loads of riolu at the ranch but with the first one I had a tense battle, tackled on to 1hp with snivy. On the 14th pokeball (last one) it caught. PHEW
riolu - naive nature WAHEYYY!
About to challenge the 1st gym - I want to stay relatively under-leveled for a challenge

Snivy / female / bashful / lvl 11
Riolu / male / naive / lvl 11

Completed the first, second and third gym
Second gym was extremely difficult with only lucario and servine because of weakness to poison. But growth + return got through it fine.
Caught a daramuka in route 4 - jolly WAHEEYY
Caught drillbur in relic castle - bashfull meh.
Third gym was easy with daramuka such a great pokemon would recommend it to anyone looking for a fire type.
On my way through route 4 right now waiting for a braviary to appear.

current team:

Servine / female / bashful / lvl 26
Lucuario / male / naive / lvl 26
Daramuka / female / jolly / lvl 27
Drilbur / male / bashful / lvl 25

14th October 2012, 1:38 PM
This morning, we left for Route 6. I focused on leveling up Coal until he was on par with the rest of the team. When we reached the Season Research Lab, Cheren gave me HM03 Surf, and I taught it to Syrup. We continued onwards and made it all the way through Chargestone Cave, battling EVERY trainer in there. Next, we arrivevd in Mistralton and headed for Route 7. We battled all the trainers out there. Then, we traveled up the Celestial Tower, battling every trainer there as well. After I rang the bell, Syrup flew me back to Mistralton where I challenged the Gym. Pearl the Ampharos dominated there, and gained a total of 5 levels throughout the challenge, because she was holding a Lucky Egg. We beat Skyla and obtained the Jet Badge, then we were flown to Lentimas Town on her plane. Entered the Pokemon Center and saved.

:500:Biscuit [M] Lv.38
;181;Pearl [F] Lv.41
;028;Coal [M] Lv.37
:581: Syrup [M] Lv38

"Spite" DefaultAsAwesome
14th October 2012, 1:40 PM
Last night I was playing some Pokemon before and after watching the musical "Rent".
I started the game, chose a Snivy as my starter, named it "Jalorda". I walked around the ranch for a long time trying to find Riolu, I did find one, caught it, and named it "John". Last thing I remember doing was beating Cheren with Quick Attacking and Countering with Riolu.

14th October 2012, 2:33 PM
Entered the Gym and battled the trainers there, they were pretty easy. I also love the design of this gym, might be the best one I have ever seen in any game. After battling the regular trainers, it was time for Burgh. My Pignite could take care of him all by itself, but his Dwebble was a bit hard to defeat due to high Defenses and being neutral to Fire moves. But I still won and got my third badge as well as a TM containing Struggle Bug. I exited the Gym and the City itself since I was done here for the moment. At the end of the City, I met Bianca who gave me a Dowsing Machine, very nice of her. I also met a strange man presenting himself as Colress. He challenged me to a battle on Route 4 which I won and he told me after the battle that he was disagreeing with Team Plasmas opinions about liberating Pokemon. I battled all trainers on the Route and captured a Sandile, Trubbish and Darumaka, also traded my Cottonee for a Petilil inside one of the houses here. Went up to the Desert Resort and captured a Scraggy and Sigilyph, both previously belonging to N. I also captured a Trapinch, Sandshrew, Dwebble and Maractus. I plan to make the Maractus part of my team, so I am going to train it against the trainers in the Desert Resort before I go to Nimbasa.

Star Champion AJ
14th October 2012, 3:06 PM
Episode 2: The Nightmare Ranch
On Route 19, I met Alder, a guy whose hair reminds me of Goku.
He wants to train me in Floccesy Town, but I had to deliver Hugh's Town Map first.
Went to Route 20, battled the Trainers, caught some Pokémon and finally got access to Floccesy Ranch.
Heard the weirdest music ever, reminds me of a Hiker dancing in the mountains with flowers around me.
Caught Lillipup, whose Pickup ability was useless, since it never worked (only 2-3 times before evolving at Virbank Complex).
Took at the very least 100 random encounters to find a single Riolu (with Steadfast btw).
I don't want to know what will happen at Desert Resort, since I want a Trapinch from that place.

Episode 3: Frustration's power increased
After training Oshawott, Lillipup and Riolu (Level 9), I faced Hugh.
Snivy vs Riolu, where Riolu Quick Attacked Snivy to submission.
Met a couple of ranchers with a Herdier, they said their second Herdier was missing and since I and Hugh are nice people, we had to find it.
I found Herdier with a Team Plasma Grunt, I thought the Grunt's clothes were white.
Team Plasma Grunt ran away without Herdier and gave me TM21 (yeah, he was so frustrated for ruining his plans).
Now the Herdier couple is happy. Love wins again.

Episode 4: Learning the basics about type match-ups
Returned to Floccesy Town to be trained by Alder "Goku-hair".
Battled two preschoolers, the first had Pansear and the second had Pansage. Lillipup defeated both of them.
Goku-hair told me about Aspertia's school being opened, now I can face the Teach... I mean, the Gym Leader.
Returned to Aspertia City to take the Gym challenge.
Clyde game me the first Fresh Water of another set of eight.
Faced the two trainers before facing Cheren, whose glasses were stolen by Bianca.
Gym Leader Cheren had a Patrat and a Lillipup, while I used Oshawott and Riolu.
http://media.pldh.net/pokecons/504.png vs http://media.pldh.net/pokecons/501.png, took some damage due to Patrat's Tackles (man, Tackles in Gen V are really powerful), however Oshawott's Water Guns were more powerful, defeating Patrat in the process.
http://media.pldh.net/pokecons/506.png vs http://media.pldh.net/pokecons/501.png, (with epic music) used Water Gun once before Lillipup defeating Oshawott with a Worked Up Tackle.
http://media.pldh.net/pokecons/506.png vs http://media.pldh.net/pokecons/447.png, Riolu Countered Lillipup's Worked Up Tackle and defeated Gym Leader Cheren.
Obtained the Basic Badge (1 obtained, 7 to go) and TM 83.

7 tyranitars
14th October 2012, 3:14 PM
I'm going to quickly sumarise what I did because it is quite a lot :p

I got a Trapinch in the desert resort
Defeated the 4th gym
Went to Driftveil city and Flaaffy evolved into Ampharos
Defeated the 5th gym
Won the PWT
Traveled through the Chargestone cavern
Arrived at Mistralton
Dewott and Trapinch evolved into Samurott and Vibrava respectivly.
Defeated the 6th gym.
Traveled with the plane to lentimas town


:503: Samurott Level 38
-Fury Cutter

;181; Ampharos Level 37
-Fire Punch
-Confuse Ray
-Power Gem

;448; Lucario Level 36
-Focus Palm
-Ice Punch
-Bone Rush

;058; Growlithe Level 36

;329; Vibrava Level 36

Stereotypical Nerd
14th October 2012, 3:21 PM
Lets see...

Got W2
Did lots of stuff
6 badges

Drover the Espeon Lvl 42
Rikar the Lucario Lvl 41
Magneise the Magnezone Lvl 41
Zero the Darmanitan Lvl 42
Cassie the Drapion Lvl 40

14th October 2012, 3:35 PM
I leveled my team from Dewott, Magby, Eevee, and Sandile to the current team in my sig. I then faced Elesa with my level 30 team. Her Emolga used Quick Attack on my Krokorok twice but I took it out with two Rock Tombs. My Espeon then faced her Flaafy and was KO'd by Psychic. Lastly I sent Krokorok against Zebstraika. Her last Pokemon used Flame Charge on my Krokorok, bringing it nearly the red zone but my Krokorok used Dig and won my battle from there:)

14th October 2012, 4:12 PM
I gave up trying to catch a castform because I couldn't find one >.> I did find a dunsparce though. I then did everything I could do with surf which was a lot less than in the original versions, also caught a basculin, frillish, and a alomola, Now I'm in the chargestone cave. I caught a ferroseed, nosepass, and a joltik but still need to catch a klink and a tynamo.

Mega Typhlosion
14th October 2012, 5:18 PM
After the Driftveil tournament, I went to the Relic Passage to catch Volcarona and headed to Mistralton. Skyla is the hardest gym leader so far because of that speedy Swanna... Just caught a Litwick and doing some training in order to have my rematch at the gym.

14th October 2012, 5:20 PM
Just defeated Clay and took part in the World Tournament.

Pignite lv 26
Octillery lv 32
Magnemite lv 27
Sigilyph lv 26
Koffing lv 26
Trapinch lv 28

Overall I'm happy with my team, although Koffing and Pignite aren't pulling their weight right now.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should have swapped Tepig out for Shroomish.

Endoplasmic Reticulum
14th October 2012, 5:20 PM
Audino Grinding

Alright I had to make a slight detour with my plan to head to Virbank because my team of Level 1's were kind of not a match for the trainers or even the wild Pokemon. So instead I decided to go Audino grinding! It only took one Audino to get each of my Pokemon to increase a significant amount of levels. However, they were actually kind of tough which caused me to burn through potions. However, I got them all up to par, and now I am going to make the journey to Virbank!

14th October 2012, 5:25 PM
Current Location: Mistralton City
Current Team: Adamant Pignite, Modest Roselia, Timid Jolteon, and Jolly Axew, all level 32ish

While in Mistralton Cave, I found the Axew I was looking for. I caught it and returned to Driftveil City to challenge the gym. The puzzle took me a bit, but I found Clay. Roselia defeated Krokorok with ease and almost knocked out Sandslash. Pignite finished it off with Flame Charge and Axew was used as a stall against Excadrill so I could heal my other Pokemon. He managed to pull of 2 Scary Faces which help tremendously. Pignite KOed Excadrill and we won the battle. Colin (My Rival) and I were invited to the World Tournament by Clay, where I battled Colin, Cheren, and Corless. I have to say, Pignite is a great Pokemon. He destroyed Cheren and Corless with ease. After that, I battled upon the Plasma Frigate. It looks really cool. I headed to Route 6, where Cobalion popped out of nowhere! Chargestone Cave was a bit of a challenge. It seemed that my Pokemon were a bit under leveled. I exited the cave and met with Juniper as well as Skyla. I am about to Audino train and get my Pokemon to level 34/35. The Lucky Egg would have been useful right now...

Nutter t.KK
14th October 2012, 5:26 PM

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Caught Mareep
Beat Roxie
Fought Team Plasma
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If you think that I'm joking, I'm not, as certain users have got infractions already. Actually, it contributed to one person being banned.


Kat's Unova Journal: Day 2
(Black 2 - Memory Link with Black: Nutter)

Virbank City Gym is a Rock Concert! Roxie was playing her heart out on her bass. I think she can play Lead if she wanted to. Munna took the lead on this and pulled the plug on the guitars, and the Poisonous Moshpit.. Well I assume that Koffing and Whirlipede was the Moshpit.

Soon after that we get invited to the Movie Studios where Brycen was a movie but Roxie's Pa wasn't great at his role. I took at go and despite top being a size too small, we got a movie filmed and the Test Audience loved it.

I soon did scene with Lady who claims to be a Kanto Gymleader. While the reviews where good, I'm not keen on the plot line for this movie.

After that we found Team Plasma by the docks before we chase them around Route 20.

My Party:

:517: Munna (Telepathy)
:495: Snivy
;298; Gill
;179; Deckard
:506: Lillipup
:504: Patrat

Paladin of Arceus
14th October 2012, 6:00 PM
Pally's (Dis)Accomplishments! Post 3

Acc: Caught a Litwick, female, Modest-natured, but Flash Fire. I kept it, since it's probably the better of her two non-DW abilities, and the nature rocks.
Acc: Candied up my Axew, Ferroseed and Litwick on White1, then caught a Tynamo in White1, bred it down to egg form, then traded the egg to White2 in exchange for a throw-away Zebstrika.
Acc: After hatching a male Jolly Tynamo, I traded back and forth between W1 and W2 for candies, TMs, evolution, etc.
Acc: Beat Skyla, her gym is awesome! Then flew to Lentimas town, where I was surprised to learn that the move tutor there offers a wide selection of end-game moves--for blue shards... :\
Acc: Kept going forward, through Reversal Mountain, and on to Undella. Up through Rte.13, Lacunosa Town, Rtes.11 and 12, Village Bridge, and Opelucid, where Eelektross' Dragon Claw made short work of Drayden's gym. Another awesome gym, too.
Acc: After dealing with Team Plasma's Ice Cannon, getting back to Undella, and making it to Humilau, I beat Marlon for my 8th and final badge. Clearing Rte.21 and Seaside Cave, however, had to wait until morning.

Acc: Backtracked on foot to Lentimas to teach my Eelektross and Samurott tutor moves, and after an item hack on W1, I traded for all the shards I needed for Aqua Tail and Superpower, and evolved my Lampent into Chandelure.
Acc: Traded over some spare Master Balls so I could catch HM slaves, obtaining a Tranquill, Zangoose and Frillish for the tasks of Fly, Strength, and Waterfall/Dive/Flash, respectively.
Acc: Cleared the Plasma Frigate by Seaside Cave, gave chase to Giant Chasm, and defeated Plasma Frigate round 2, Colress and the Shadow Triad, and White Kyurem and Ghetsis.
Dis: Discovered that I'd been wasting my time searching for Tynamo in Chargestone Cave--they moved him to Seaside Cave! Needless to say, I R NOT HAPPEH!!! D:<
Acc: Made it to Rte.23 and Victory Road, saved right inside the entrance, and turned my DS off while it recharges.
Acc/Dis: Man, this game is LOOOOONG!!! Definitely not linear, either!

14th October 2012, 6:27 PM
Been a good minute; I'm not going to cover everything.


Completed the main story and challenged the Pokemon League (was somewhat scared to attempt it with my team).

~Hall of Fame Entry No. 1~

Undine [Vaporeon] (Lv. 62)
Yayoi [Absol] (Lv. 63)
Sera [Lucario] (Lv. 58)
Galvantula (Lv. 60)
Fey [Flygon] (Lv. 61)
Shizu [Serperior] (Lv. 62)

-10/12/2012- (or so)

Obtained some new pokemon: Ariase [Nidoqueen], Snowfire [Shiny Ninetales], Yuki [Froslass], Aura [Latias], Meena [Butterfree], Sakura [Shiny Cherrim], Rea [Banette], Amu [Mawile], Wargle [Braviary], Raisin [Eelecktross], Athena [Shiny Milotic].

Did some heavy training on Route 3. (Basically the new Giant Chasm from White)


Woman'd-up and hit White Treehollow. Bulldozed right through Areas 1~7, ran into issues and started having my Pokemon faint on occasion throughout Areas 8~10.

Met Benga and challenged him:

~Winning team~

Lv. 86 Yuki [Froslass] @Leftovers
Lv. 86 Ariase [Nidoqueen] @Leftovers
Lv. 78 Raisin [Eelektross] @Quick Claw (Why are these so hard to train?)
Lv. 86 Snowfire [Ninetales] @Shell Bell
Lv. 90 Aura [Latias] @Soul Dew
Lv. 90 Athena [Milotic] @Leftovers

14th October 2012, 7:43 PM
Alright, so I evolved my piloswine. I explored seaside cave (or whatever it's called) and raised my Pokemon a bit. I have to raise them to level 54 and than I'll fight the last gym leader. Hopefully my Pokemon aren't under raised.

Endoplasmic Reticulum
14th October 2012, 8:01 PM
Virbanking on a Good Journey Continued

Just touched down at Virbank. Deino's dragon rage really wrecks crap. Had an interesting double battle, my Diglett had two HP left, and my Horsea was out and there was only one of my opponent's Sunkern left. So I kept on spammig Sand Attack and Smokescreen at it so my Diglett could stay alive. I didn't want it to faint because it was holding a lucky egg and I didn't wanna let that experience go to waste