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24th June 2012, 6:38 AM
3 Mew (TR 97)
3 Accelgor (DE 11)
2 Vileplume (UD 24)
3 Oddish (UD 60)
2 Gloom (UD 27)
2 Lampent (NV 59)
3 Litwick (BWP 27)
2 Chandelure (ND 101)
2 Dodrio (UD 11)
2 Doduo (UD 45)
2 Smeargle (CL 21)

4 Rare Candy (DE 100)
3 Pokemon Communication (BW 99)
4 Pokemon Collector (HGSS 97)
3 Twins (TR 89)
3 Sage's Training (CL 85)
4 Professor Oak's New Theory (CL 83)
2 Cheren (DE 91)

4 Double Colorless Energy (ND 92)
5 Psychic Energy (CL 92)
2 Rescue Energy (TR 90)

Strategy: Open with Smeargle and use Portrait to look at opponent's hand to use their supporters when setting up. If no supporters available, use Pokemon Collector to pull out Doduo, Oddishes and Mews on the bench. Then attach either Psychic or DCE to Mew Prime and use PONT as many times as you want until you get Vileplume and Dodrio. Then use Mew Prime's See Off to pull out an Accelgor then use Accelgor's Deck and Cover to trap the active and pull up another fresh Mew from the bench.

29th June 2012, 12:21 AM
I'd say switch out cheren for juniper and collector for dual ball, drop rare candy down to 3 and add a couple prof elm's to help out with evolution once trainer lock is in play, then drop the unused trainer's with juniper, also you only need 1 gloom max because you don't want to ever draw gloom into your hand unless it's a last resort.

P.s. even when I ran tariner lock 2 N was very helpful during setup.