View Full Version : Did this to get one thread up really

26th June 2012, 6:24 PM
Hey I'm Charbris. I was on one of these sites before and it didn't turn out well. Here's hoping this one is better.

26th June 2012, 6:38 PM
Hmm does it increase my post count to post on my own thread? Oh well only one way to try! BOOP!

26th June 2012, 6:39 PM
Nope. Epic fail.......

29th June 2012, 6:06 PM
Please tell of how it didn't turn out well on that other site you mentioned. You brought it up, so you must inform us now >:]

★ Lucario ★
29th June 2012, 6:22 PM
Welcome to SPPf! If you need any help just VM me!

29th June 2012, 6:28 PM
... I didn't get a welcome. (yet)

29th June 2012, 7:27 PM
Welcome to sppf!

If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me.


30th June 2012, 5:29 AM
Hello Charbris, Welcome to the Forums! :)

Make sure you get acquainted with the FAQs, rules, and stickies of the Forums and sections. ™

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. ™