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28th June 2012, 10:07 PM
Here is a thread where you can make friends and other trainers can learn stuff about you, maybe even add you as a friend. Not that it does not have to be your in-game trainer, it can be a trainer that you go by, such like I do myself. My in-game is Sierra, but the one I go by is Sapphire. Lets start off with myself, shall we?
Name: Sapphire
Gender: Female
Eye color: Golden
Hair color/length: Sapphire-blue hair which is in a ponytail. When un-done, its about down to the sides.
Clothing: Main outfit is a Black Tee with "Team Shadow" on the front and an Umbreon on the front, which the Umbreon is normal colored except for its rings nd stuff, which are dark-blue (not shiny though), Shorts like the girl on B/W except they are black, black flip-flops with a crescent moon shape on the side of the bands, black glove with the fingers cut off (basically biker-glove) on right hand with hidden knife pocket which can slide open when she needs, and a black headband with crescent moon shape on the side.
Personality: Very fun & halarious. Loves to make new friends, but can get very protective over her friends (which her Pokemon are her friends to). She hates anyone who uses pokemon as tools and will accuse them, changing their minds. This is mostly why she wants to terminate N's evil secretary (OH NO I FORGOT HIS NAME... *walk of shame*). She also has a secrect crush on N ^x^; but anyways, Sapphire is easy to get along with (..sometimes..). Just don't get her mad. If you do...run. xD Sapphire is still looking for new friends! :3
Ohk? You can do the info you want. Ready?? GO!

29th June 2012, 1:36 AM
I really like the idea of this thread. Well real life my name is codee, but game wise and personal fiction wise I go by Luke. Usually seen in tan cargo pants with the plethora of pockets and blue t shirt. Also a lightweight zip up grey hoodie depending on the temperature. Usually rather focused on the goal in front of me and can be easy going depending on how I'm approached. Pokemon breeding is my passion, and I feel the need to donate my pokemon to the passing kids that visit the daycare. Although I work at the daycare in Sinnoh I usually travel around quite a lot. I hate seeing trainers physically abuse their pokemon and when they do they have to answer to ME!!! Also quite intelligent yet will keep to my self depending on my comfort level. Yet can still make friends with pokemon and humans alike at ease.

29th June 2012, 1:46 AM
Gald we are on the same page about people who abuse pokemon. And I aslo breed pokemon! But I live in the Unova region. xD

29th June 2012, 2:08 AM
Yeah I actually traveled around quite a lot before I turned 18. Not that I'm settled down or anything. Just age 15 to 18 was crazy! I just wish I had the writing talent to record it.

29th June 2012, 4:15 PM
There's something quite interesting about me actully. I have the power to understand and talk to Pokemon. :3

29th June 2012, 6:16 PM
Cool cool, I myself have quite a talent as well. I have an extremely rare blood type that can actually transfer to Pokemon and humans alike. I'm a medical phenomenon and my blood has healing capabilities!

29th June 2012, 7:30 PM
Woah. Thats beast :P

29th June 2012, 8:34 PM
Yeah, honestly I've been working on a fan fiction , yet it has not come down to paper yet. It helps pass time at work when phones are taboo

29th June 2012, 9:11 PM
Oh! I love fanfiction.