View Full Version : I don't have a title for it, deal with it, but chek it out (reg, vic, arch)

29th June 2012, 2:00 AM
This deck wasn't made for anything other then experimentation, testing, etc out a pure black and white format deck.

2 regigigas EX
2 victini (v-blast)
2 victini (victory)
3-2 archeops
1 tornadus EX
1 mewtwo EX
1 terrakion (retaliate)

4 prism
5 psychic

1 cilan
3 random receiver
3 catcher
4 level ball
3 switch
2 super rod
3 twist mountain
3 cheren
2 eviolite
2 skyarrow bridge
3 ultra ball
4 N

startegy: start with victini or regigigas, not, bench those, start with mewtwo or tornadus, then setup regigigas, never play victini until you want to attack with him because you want the win, either wise you lose a prize, archeop's is something to play asap to stop trainer lock, duck and cover, eel's, etc, eviolite to control regigigas's damage, and that pretty much sum's it up.

I had tryed other various plot's such as eel's to speed up regigigas, but it was to slow in the deck, EXP. share for terrakion but it just got in the way of playing out the main startegy, tornadus's yeah no, I find this is the best due to the time's about to come.