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29th June 2012, 2:53 PM
I've tried writing a few fanfics before, but the lack of replies made me think no one actually liked it, so I quit them. But here''s my next (and I hope best so far) shot!

Short summary: A man thinks that all wars and disputes can be solved if each living being would be of the same species, so he starts to fuse humans and Pokémon. These Hybrids, however, turn out to be not that peaceful as expected. When the legendary Moltres gets fused, the existence of all living beings becomes endangered...

Rated PG-15 for censored swearing, mild (and sometimes a little harsh) violence and mild romantic themes.



A teenage boy with spiky, black hair and green eyes sat at a desk in a small, messy bedroom, lightened by the golden rays of the morning sun.

Several newspapers laid in front of him, all with big, bold headlines. In several articles, the boy had scribbled words between the lines or underlined several parts. For what felt like the hundredth time, he read them again, starting by Monday:

By Susan Smith- On Sunday night, 11.07 PM., the inhabitants of Kin Island were brutally awakened as an almighty bang and a mild earthquake occurred in the Berry Forest. Experts claim the incident was caused by battling wild Pokémon, but others, including several biologists, doubt that, as the Berry forest isn’t home to Pokémon able to produce such strong attacks. (Read more on page 10).

The boy had been awakened by the earthquake as well, and since then, he started gathering all the strange news items, with two on Tuesday:

By Jimmy Ming- After the erupting volcano in august 1997, Cinnabar island is once again in the news. After a light earthquake, which occurred a few weeks ago, scientists watched the island closely, fearing for another eruption of its well-known volcano, but instead of ashes and lava, they claim something else came out of the crater. One of the scientists, Russ Geller, said: “We were watching the volcano on our monitors when all suddenly something dark and human-shaped shot out of the crater. We rewound and slowed down the tape several times, and saw what we believe is a new species of Pokémon.”

Other experts are skeptical and demand that the “discoverers” are first tested on alcohol and drugs before going into action. (Read more on page 7).

By Susan Smith- Ethan Forman (19), the current Champion of the Johto region, and his parents have gone missing after they left their rooms in the Hilton hotel of Fortree city (Hoenn) to explore the nearby forest. The Champion and his parents were on vacation during the incident. Since then the family has left no signs of life, but the police is already searching for them and Lyra Elm, Ethan’s ex-travelling partner, is also heading for Hoenn to search for the three people. (read more on page 6).

This was pretty disrupting news, but no people panicked until the newspaper of Wednesday came:

By Christian Langley- Last night, around 9.20 PM, an explosion occurred on Cinnabar island. No people are hurt, as the island is abandoned. Still, experts put question marks around the case, as several factors indicate this was no ordinary volcanic eruption, and this is also the third natural disaster in just a week. (Read more on page 4).

The rest of the article was blocked by Friday’s newspaper, which had the most underlined sentences and added words:

From our special reporter- An unknown, mysterious creature has been seen flying at high speed over the ocean, several miles south of Pallet town. Many scientists are investigating the case, as they are sure it is not human or a Pokémon. Scientist Edward Thompson said: “This is something we have never seen before. This creature mostly resembles the legendary Pokémon Moltres, but there are a few important differences: This creature doesn’t have talons, but human-like legs and feet. It’s wings are also different and it lacks a beak. But, as we only have few footage, this creature’s identity will probably remain a mystery to all of us.” Scientist Russ Geller, who had been in the news earlier this week, claims this is the exact same creature he and his colleagues saw shooting out of Cinnabar island’s volcano’s crater. The mysterious creature was last seen flying to the southwest, towards the Sevii Islands. Sevii’s prime minister, Julia Goodman, asks the civilians to remain calm, as experienced hunters are looking for the creature. (Read more on pages 2 and 3).

The boy rubbed his eyes and stared at the headlines, lost in thought. When suddenly a voice from downstairs cried:
‘Andrew, come have breakfast!’ he looked up and checked the alarm clock, hidden between stacks of books.

‘That late already?’ he muttered as he saw the time. ‘Stormer, come on!’ he beckoned the round, brown Pokémon that laid sprawled out on his bed. The Mankey opened his eyes and muttered something before getting up. He stretched out his slender limbs and hopped on Andrew’s shoulder, eyes still halfway closed.

Andrew and Stormer went down the stairs and entered the small, cozy kitchen, where Andrew’s father, Brian, an aging man with short, grey hair and tanned, pretty muscular arms, was reading the newspaper of this day, Saturday, at the kitchen’s table.

Andrew’s mother, Lavender, had long, brown hair and a hearty smile. She greeted her son while putting fried eggs on a plate. Andrew sat down and started eating an egg, staring at the newspaper his father hid behind.

The kitchen was silent, except for the eating sounds Andrew and Stormer made, when all suddenly, the kitchen door opened abruptly.

‘Andrew! Andrew! You’ve gotta see this!’ a boy cried out, storming into the kitchen. When he noticed everyone was looking at him, he stopped shouting and turned a little red. ‘Oh, uhm, hi Mr. and Mrs. Reid… Can Andrew come?’

Andrew watched the short, blonde boy. It was Rex, Andrew’s best friend and a somewhat rash, wild boy. His oversized crest hung down a little and he was red and sweaty, like he had been running.

‘After he’s finished breakfast,’ Andrew’s mother said and Andrew stuffed the rest of his eggs in his mouth.

‘Oif fifished,’ he managed to utter.

‘Don’t talk with your mouth full,’ his mother said while Andrew stood up. As he was about to leave the kitchen with Rex, his mother called him back.

‘You go ahead,’ Andrew said to his friend and he turned around, closing the door. ‘What’s the matter?’ he asked. His mother sat down and his father put away his newspaper, sternly watching him.

‘We just want to make some things clear for your own safety,’ his mother started, ‘now that this… thing is flying towards the Sevii islands.’

Andrew sighed, rolling his eyes. Now that the government had confirmed an unknown creature was heading for the Sevii islands, people began to panic, telling their kids to stay inside and their family to keep contact.

‘Oh please, do you really think this thing is going to kidnap me or something? I can take care of myself, you know, and I have Stormer.’

‘Hell yeah he has me!’ Stormer cried out and he jumped on the kitchen floor, demonstrating some clumsy karate moves.

‘Fine, fine… Just stay out of the forest and take Icara with you,’ his Andrew’s mother said and she handed her son a Pokéball, which contained a Togekiss.

Andrew nodded slowly, he seized the ball, beckoned Stormer, who laid flat on the kitchen floor, and went outside. He crossed the flower-filled garden and caught up with Rex, who leaned on the garden fence.

‘So, what are you going to show me?’ Andrew asked, but all Rex could do was grin in a somewhat silly-looking way.

‘You’ll see,’ he said, and the two boys walked down the empty, paved street, which was flanked by small, stone-grey houses with identical red roofs and front yards with flowers and ponds.

It was almost noon now; the sun stood high in the sky and a pleasant breeze swept across Kin Island. Green trees, bushes and flowers slowly waved back and forth in the wind. The island was very peaceful, a little boring in Andrew’s eyes.

The two were now in the town’s center, where only a few shops and a school stood. The few people that were outside all greeted the boys, waving or nodding. It was no surprise they did that, as Andrew and Rex were the most skilled trainers on the island, even though they were both only fifteen. It was no big title, as only a handful of people here trained Pokémon, but still, it provided some very useful benefits.

At the edge of the Berry Forest, Rex stopped. Andrew looked at him, a questioning look in his eyes. Stormer rushed into a tall tree, screeching and throwing with twigs. Rex was about to speak, but then a very pretty girl and a Growlithe appeared from behind a house, smiling at the boys.

Rex ran a hand through his hair to make his crest more ruffled and took a Pokéball from his pocket, nonchalantly throwing it up and catching it again.
The girl disappeared from sight and Rex turned around, a serious look on his face.

‘Andrew,’ he said objectively, ‘I’ve found something that will make us rich and famous.’

‘We already are famous,’ Andrew said slowly, while looking up in a tall tree, trying to find his Mankey.

‘No, really famous. Have you been watching the news lately?’ Rex asked, changing the topic.

Andrew abruptly faced his friend, while his heart began to beat excitedly. ‘Does it have something to do with the whole situation on Cinnabar island and the newly discovered creature?’

‘Maybe,’ Rex said and he walked towards the entrance of the gloomy forest, passing a sign that said: NOW ENTERING BERRY FOREST-WATCH OUT FOR WILD POKéMON. Andrew followed his friend, asking him about his discovery. Rex took him deeper and deeper into the forest, until the sun couldn’t light the ground anymore.

‘Okay, it’s getting a little dark- Blaze, use flash!’ Rex opened a Pokéball and a white, shapeless beam of energy shot out. The beam quickly materialized in a small, pale horse with a burning mane and tail. The Ponyta pranced and shook his blazing mane, lighting up the shady forest.

Andrew looked around, trying to spot something special, but all he could see were the straight, dark tree trunks and the sandy ground.

‘Isn’t it here?’ he asked Rex, who shook his head.

‘No, but we’re almost there. C’mon, follow me!’

Andrew cried out for Stormer, who he still hadn’t seen since they had entered the forest.

‘Stupid *******!’ Rex shouted. ‘Everything here can hear us this way!’

Andrew followed Rex, and started to get a little nervous.
‘What do you mean with “everything can hear us”? Are there dangerous Pokémon here?’

‘No… No, relax, everything’s fine.’ Rex replied, but Andrew noticed he wasn’t relaxed at all: Rex looked around constantly and whenever something around them made a sound, he quickly faced it, while it was most times just something harmless like a Spinarak or a Weedle.

Andrew, Rex and Blaze made their way deeper and deeper into the forest, until they came at a large clearing, which looked like fire had destroyed it: The ground was scorched and uprooted, burned trees laid at the edge of the clearing.

In the middle laid a gigantic, towering dark mass, halfway embedded in the black sand. Something glowed at its top in a mystical, blue light.

‘Rex,’ asked Andrew, who realized what the mass was, ‘is that a meteorite?’

Rex nodded, a wide smile on his face. ‘Yeah, but that’s not the most important. You see that light? What lies there is much more interesting,’ he said while approaching Andrew and the meteorite.

Suddenly, the two boys heard a low, raspy voice behind them, saying: ‘I told you to stay away from this place, human.’

Rex and Blaze froze in place. Andrew turned slowly around and was startled as he saw what stood in front of him: greyish blue, toothy creatures with fins on their heads and weird, oval horns on the sides of their faces. There were at least twenty of them, and they all stared at the two boys, a threatening look in their black eyes.

‘W-We just wanted to- to look at it,’ Rex stuttered, but one of the Gible spat out a beam of purple light, which nearly missed him, and the whole group charged at the boys.

Andrew felt a jolt of pain shooting through his body as a Gible tackled him, hitting him in the chest and knocking him over. He tried to get up, but felt a stinging pain in his left arm. Blood gushed from his arm and a determined Gible chomped down on it again and again, until a dreadful snapping sound could be heard…

It was still flying, its lungs stung each time it inhaled, and the pounding, confusing pain in its head grew worse by the minute, but it could sense it: the one thing it needed to be free was closer than ever.

A lush, green island came in sight. Here it was. As it dove, it tried to remember what this island was called. It dug in its vague, unimportant memories until a name emerged from them.

It was Kin Island.

29th June 2012, 6:28 PM
I just finished chapter 2 and I posted it immediately. Here it is!


Andrew felt a jolt of pain shooting through his body as a Gible tackled him, hitting him in the chest and knocking him over. He tried to get up, but felt a stinging pain in his left arm. Blood gushed from his arm and a determined Gible chomped down on it again and again, until a dreadful snapping sound could be heard…

Andrew could feel his left arm breaking and he screamed in pain. He kicked and stomped the Gible, until the wincing creature let go his arm and ran away. Wobbling, Andrew got up, and he almost fainted when he saw what was happening:

Blaze, Rex’s Ponyta, had large, bleeding cuts all over his body. He trembled on his feet, breathing out flames to the attacking Gible. The part Dragon, part Ground types hardly felt it and kept biting and clawing the poor creature merciless. Rex tried to scare away the dragons, kicking, punching and screaming, until one of them lashed out to the boy, biting him in the face.

Rex collapsed and Andrew knew he had to do something. He grabbed the Pokéball of Stormer, his Mankey, before realizing that the stupid beast sat somewhere high atop a tree.

‘STORMER! GET YOUR *** OVER HERE, YOU LITTLE ********!’ he shouted, but the Pig Monkey Pokémon didn’t show up. Feverishly thinking, Andrew realized he had Icara, his mother’s Togekiss, with him, but even before sending her out, he muttered: ‘No… She’s too weak… And she can’t battle in such a cramped space…’

‘I’m sorry, master!’ Blaze cried out before collapsing. Now, all the Gible turned their heads towards Andrew, some licking their lips and drooling.
One of them hissed: ‘Kill!’ and others started to whisper it too.

Andrew recoiled as much as he could, until he felt the rough bark of a fir against his back. He raised his right hand, clenched in a fist, as his left arm dangled next to his side, broken and useless. He wasn’t going to give up, he would fight the crowd of Gible, which were all hissing and whispering words about blood and death.

Suddenly, a brown flash plunged down from the fir, screeching loudly, and it made impact with one of the Gible’s skull. Then, it lashed out with a blindingly fast, brown fist, felling another Gible.

The Gible cried out, disorientated and scared. As the brown flash punched a third Land Shark, knocking it over, the pack fled, still uttering fearing cries.

‘So you finally came,’ Andrew said.

The brown creature turned around and replied nonchalantly: ‘Yeah, it was hard not to hear you. So I’m a ********?’

‘You just stay with me the next time,’ Andrew said coldly, but then he smiled to Stormer, who smiled back. The Mankey examined Andrew, and said:

‘Dude, what the hell happened to your arm?’ he pointed at Andrew’s broken arm.

‘Oh yeah,’ said Andrew, and the stinging pain came back now he thought about it. He took Icara’s Pokéball and a white flash emerged from it, materializing into a beautiful, white Pokémon with large wings, a red-white-blue colored, crown-like crest and rectangular, blue and red spots on her belly.

‘Oh, poor Andrew, what have they done to you?’ the Togekiss asked in a mature, female voice. She slowly stroked Andrew’s arm with her wing, saying: ‘Hmm… It’s broken. I’m no Chansey, but I think I can heal this with Wish...’

She folded out her wings, which started to glow in a brilliant gold. Andrew felt a warm sensation in his arm, and knew it was slowly healing.

‘Thanks, Icara,’ he said while bending and stretching his fingers. He then walked over to Rex and Blaze, who were both still unconscious. ‘I think they need some healing, too. Okay Icara, use Wish.’

Again, Togekiss’s wings glowed in a golden color, and soon, both Rex and his Pokémon stirred. Slightly moaning, Rex got up and he swept some blood from his face. He then took a Pokéball and withdrew Blaze.

‘Are you alright?’ he asked Andrew, who nodded.

‘Yeah, I’m fine, don’t worry.’ he helped his friend up, who immediately walked over to the enormous meteorite. Andrew watched him, confused, but then he remembered the meteorite was the reason they’d came here. Through all the commotion, he had completely forgotten it.
Andrew called back Stormer and Icara and followed Rex, who had already put his foot up the meteorite.

The two boys climbed the gargantuan stone (which was harder than it seemed), towards the source of the mysterious, blue light. Once at the top, Andrew gazed at the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

On top of the meteorite laid a small, shining orb, which seemed to have been made out of clear, pure water. It was perfectly round, clean and smooth, untouched by even the smallest speck of dirt. Andrew extended his hand to touch the orb, but Rex slapped his hand away.

‘Don’t touch it,’ he hissed. The orb was reflected in his blue eyes, which had a look of anger, no, of hate in them. Startled, Andrew quickly retracted his hand, but he kept looking at the gorgeous orb.

‘I think I should take it with me,’ Rex murmured to himself in a low voice, his fingers almost touching the glowing object.

‘No, we should take it with us,’ Andrew corrected him. He had as much right to own the sphere as Rex did.

‘Why?’ asked Rex, without taking his eyes off the orb. His voice seemed a little raspy and cold. ‘What have you done for her?’

‘We found it to- wait, did you just call it her?’ Andrew got a little frightened. He didn’t like the way Rex acted.

‘You didn’t found her, Andrew,’ Rex muttered, and without warning, he pushed his friend.

Andrew almost fell off, but he managed to hold on to the meteorite. He started to get mad.
‘I didn’t do anything for it? We found it together! and while you laid knocked out on the ground, I fought a whole pack of blood-thirsty Gible! All by myself! I should ask what you have done for it!’

Rex shook his head, a crazy look in his eyes. ‘She doesn’t like the way you talk, she doesn’t like the way you treat her!’ he said very fast.

Andrew wanted to say something back, but before he could open his mouth, Rex attacked him. He lunged at Andrew like a wild animal, knocking him over. Andrew felt backwards, rolling down of the meteorite onto the ground. Rex climbed down like a Meowth and leapt towards Andrew, who barely had enough time to crawl back on his feet and to dodge his attacking friend.

Rex slammed down on the sandy ground but got back up, crawling on his hands and feet towards Andrew, growling and hissing.

‘She… Is…’ it seemed like each word he uttered cost him an incredible amount of energy. He coughed and gagged, and then looked a terrified Andrew straight in the eyes.
‘MINE!’ he roared and he jumped towards Andrew, slamming him into the hard, rocky surface of the meteorite.

Andrew collapsed and gasped for breath, tiny stars dancing before his teary eyes. He saw a dark shadow climb up the rock, he heard a crunching sound and then saw the shadow land on all fours, a few meters away from him.

Rex admired the blue, glowing orb in his hand and sprinted away, deeper into the forest.

Andrew got up and took a deep breath, wondering what he should do. Follow Rex? No, he thought, maybe he will attack me again. Andrew decided it was best to go back to the town and search for help.
Slowly, he started walking back, leaving the clearing and the meteorite.

Night had come and after a day of circling aimlessly in the sky, it could finally land and seek the one thing it wanted, the one thing it needed.
The forest came closer and the dark canopies grew larger as it dove. Even though it had never been here before, it knew where to go, it sensed it.
A clearing with a gigantic meteorite in the middle appeared under it. This is it, it thought, but immediately it felt something was wrong.

It landed heavily on the forest floor and folded its burning, wing-like arms. It examined the meteorite and saw what was missing.
It roared out of frustration, a roar that was dragged for miles across the silent land and sea. Bird Pokémon quickly flew up from their roosting trees, terribly frightened.

It flapped with its wings and shot upwards through the sky, and started looking.

It would find him.

It would find the one who stole her and kill him.