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2nd July 2012, 3:20 PM
So recently at my high school, I got a group of 16 or so people to raise a team of 6 Pokemon to fight in a tournament. The rules were simple:
- No legends (Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres)
- Sleep Clause
- No Doubles

I had a fairly unconventional team for competitive RBY Battles. I just wanted to be different from the Tauros, Jolteon, Starmies, and Exeggutors around. My team goes as follows:

Alakazam (Always the lead)
~ Psychic
~ Thunder Wave
~ Recover
~ Ice Punch (Anyone know how to get this? Got it as an abra from a friend, wanna know how it got there.)

Basically, Thunder Wave first since it out-speeds nearly everything, then destroy with a Psychic on the switch out or if they decide to stay in. Recover when you get low, and Ice Punch for those pesty Dragonites and Exeggutors.

~ Body Slam
~ Hyper Beam
~ Surf
~ Earthquake

Essentially, an unexpected Tauros. Usually Body Slam is the move to go with, unless you can: A) Predict a switch-out; or B) Know that the enemy will go down with a Hyper Beam. Surf is my response to Golem and Rhydon, and although its not too powerful, it gives Kangaskhan much needed variety.

~ Ice Beam
~ Thunder Wave
~ Thunderbolt
~ Softboiled

This guy has wrecked more dreams of a Starmie then any Pokemon I know. Plan a switch-in on a Special Attack, and you're golden. Thunder Wave, then sweep. Even can take a few hits from a Snorlax, who despises being paralyzed as much as every other Pokemon.

~ Earthquake
~ Body Slam
~ Rock Slide
~ Blizzard

In the tournament I fought in, Jolteon was a highly popular counter to Alakazam, as Thunder Wave + Pin Missle brought down many a Psychic type. Switch out on basically any Electric Attack (Except from a Starmie of course). Body Slam is the primary move for Paralysis, and the other three moves for good prediction.

~ Sleep Powder
~ Stun Spore
~ Mega Drain
~ Growth

From the start of constructin my team, I wanted a Sleep-Spore user. I chose Tangela over Exeggutor, because of Growth. Once you can pull of a Sleep, Growth while you can, and Stun Spore if necessary. Mega Drain is not the strongest move in the game, but in combination with a few Growths, it can be effective.

~ Surf
~ Ice Beam
~ Hyper Beam
~ Clamp

My favorite late-game sweeper / switch-in physical wall. If everyone on the other team is paralyzed, Clamp to your heart's content. If you can predict a switch-in from the other team, Surf should be used first to get out the most damage possible. After weakened from a few clamps, Hyper Beam will KO most. Ice Beam is there for Venasaur and Dragonite.

Not the best team in the world, but I won second place in the tournament, which resulted in me winning a silver-painted Gameboy Color and $30. So I'd like to hear some feedback on my team? Thanks for reading :)

3rd July 2012, 9:42 PM
Congrats on getting second! What Pokemon did you lose against?
I like the diversity, I don't see a lot of people use Cloyster or Tangela, in my opinion. The others are used quite often though. (also in my opinion.)
They have a wide variety of attacks, except there's no fighting moves to go against normal types, or flying for fighting.
Overall I'd give an 88/100 score