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Mark's Unova Journey

Rated PG-13 for Rare and Mild Swearing, Some Violence

Chapter One:
Following in his Footsteps!

“Damn it, Dad. Five more minutes!”

“Five more minutes means five less minutes that could be part of your Pokemon journey, Mark. Get up,” barked Brycen Troder.

“You know how cheesy that sounds, right?” replied his son, Mark, as he began to get up.

“Yeah. I do. But it’s the same crap my dad said to me, so I figured I’d say it to you.”

“Gee, thanks.”


Mark finally came down from his room, casually strolling to the fancy kitchen he had always known, trying to stay cool even though he knew he was thirteen years old and his journey would finally begin. It didn’t appear his father was even ready yet, as he wasn’t in the room, so he just made some breakfast. He got a clean bowl, cracked some eggs and poured in some milk.

“Microwave. One minute on 100% power.”

“Yes sir,” the high tech machine responded.

Mark looked about the house, at all the shiny, expensive things his dad had gotten over the years. The 3D TVs, the Miltank leather couches and chairs, the stainless steel kitchen items… A man must make a lot of money being both a movie star and a gym leader in his career. He was going to have to quickly learn how to deal with not having these things, he thought. Nowhere in Unova will you find things quite like these. Except for maybe Mom’s house.

DING! The meal was ready, and the sound helped break the thought of Mom.

Little Rory, the Spheal Mark had known and taken care of since he ten years old, crawled its way into the kitchen, giving Mark a look as though he was excitedly anticipating something. Maybe he thought Mark would take him on his Pokemon journey, which was silly considering how much Rory meant to his father. Or maybe he just wanted breakfast.

Finally his father came into the room, proclaiming with a huge smile, “Happy Birthday, son!”

“Thanks,” he replied.

His father grabbed breakfast as well, sitting across from him at the Viridian wood-crafted table.

“So, did you sleep okay?” he asked.

“Not really, the big day kept me up awhile.”

He was clearly trying to make small talk, as though he were hiding something back from him. The smirk from his dad that he was miserably trying to hide showed it. He loved his dad, but he still wasn’t very happy with him because of the divorce and all.

“That’s understandable,” Brycen replied.

“Okay, so what are you trying to hide? I feel like you’re going to tell me some kind of big news, but you’re waiting for a good time,” Mark asked.

He figured he might as well get it out there. As his dad had said, ‘the longer you wait, the less time you have.’

“Haha, you got me, son. Yeah, I was trying to keep something for later, but since you asked, I guess I have to tell you,” he chuckled, “Son, I’m letting you take Rory on your adventure.”

Mark tried to hold back a smile, but his happiness was just too much. It went from a small grin, to a big wide-toothed smile, and then laughing.

“Thank you so much, Dad! I knew how much Rory meant to you, and you letting me take him… This, this is just a great feeling… I love you, Dad.” His father smiled back affectionately. “I love you too, Mark.”


“Got everything you need?”

“I think so.”

“You got Rory in his pokeball?”


“Alright then. Iíll drive you down to Nuvema Town, so you can meet Professor Juniper. It’s required that all new trainers meet with the region professor so they can officially become trainers.” His father explained.

“Sounds good.” Mark responded.

Mark was able to contain himself during the drive, but inside he was going insane. The thought that he was becoming a trainer just like his parents gave him hope. Following in his father’s footsteps may not be a bad thing; he may become a gym leader like his parents! He could only imagine what kind of adventures he would get into along the way, what Pokemon he would catch, the people he’d meet. And then, they were there. The Juniper Pokemon Research Facility.

Mark got out of the car and scanned the rural town. He noticed that everywhere he looked, people were running about, doing their daily chores, playing with Pokemon, or simply stopping to talk to each other. The blue roofed houses looked quite quaint and comfortable. It seemed as though everyone in town knew each other and was friends. Definitely different than Striaton City, where everyone ran from their big mansions to their jobs in big ugly skyscrapers and then never saw each other. The town also had a beautiful beach view, something else Striaton didn’t have. He kind of liked it. High class homes were never his thing, even though he had been living in one for six years.

“C’mon, Mark. You can enjoy the scenery after you become a trainer.”

Father and son walked together to the front of the lab, which was just an extension to Professor Juniper’s home, clearly the biggest and fanciest house in town. They rang the doorbell, waiting patiently for an answer. Finally, the door opened.
“Well, well, you must be Mark!” the woman proclaimed, smiling with glee. “Hello Brycen. Always nice to see you again,” she said. The woman appeared to be in her late 30’s, however her light brown hair with slight traces of grey, and a few wrinkles in her face, said otherwise. “Come in, come in,” she said, opening the door a bit farther, to show they are being welcomed.

“Now then, do you already have a Pokemon which you can start with?” She asked.

“Uh… yes. My dad let me bring along our pet Spheal.” Mark answered.

“Oh, wonderful. That will be an excellent Pokemon. Well then, I guess we can get right to the Pokedex part. Yes, you heard me right, you are getting a Pokedex. Only certain young trainers get a Pokedex, so you should feel very proud,” Juniper remarked, "Now-

Mark quickly interrupted her. “This isn’t because my parents are both gym leaders, is it?”

Mark hated when people treated him differently just because of who his parents were. He hated feeling fake special.

“Oh no, of course not. I think you have what it takes to help me out on the course of your adventure. I want you to take this Pokedex, and collect data on every Pokemon you see. Doing so will help me and my colleagues in the push to understand Pokemon.”

“Um, okay then,” Mark said, reluctantly reaching out to take the device.

He took a second to examine the machine. It appeared to have a camera lens on the backside of it; on the front a flap which opened up to reveal a screen which displayed a picture of the Pokemon and numerical stats for it. There was also a small speaker box, presumably where the device’s voice comes from to explain information about the creatures.

“Nice. Thanks Professor.”

“No no, thank you. You’ll do a great job.”

“I’ll do my best, ma’am.”

“Now then, last, but certainly not least, is the most important part to becoming a trainer. Your Trainer Card. Now, if you’ll just stand right in front of this camera here, I will take your picture.”

Mark made his way across the lab, doing his best to avoid the countless amounts of papers, soda bottles and coffee cups strewn across the floor. Juniper seemed to be a very unorganized person, as the desks were just as bad: tons of paper stacked up on the tables, as well as boxes, computers, pens and pencils. The professor’s white lab coat also had several stains and smudges.

Mark generally tried to stay cool in his pictures and not smile, but he figured it might be in his best interest to smile for his Trainer Card. The photo quickly developed, with Juniper filling in all the basic information almost as quick, with Mark answering any questions she had. And then, just like that, the card came out. Juniper handed him the card, and he quickly looked it over. It had all the basic stuff: his first and last name, his age, sex, his personal security number, and of course, the picture he just took. It didn’t turn out great, but it wasn’t bad either. His brown hair was clearly a mess, but his red and white Pokeball hat helped cover it up. The green in his eyes didn't come out good, and the smile looked a bit forced, but other than that, not bad. It also had a small semi-transparent picture of the Unovan Seal, a Braviary with its wings outstretched, holding a Pokeball in one claw and in the other claw, a flowery tree branch, probably from the trees of Pinwheel Forest.

“You have the handsome looks of your father,” Juniper said, with Mark giving her a funny look, “Oh, um, well. Here is five Pokeballs to get you started. Do you know how to catch Pokemon already?”

Mark, still reeling from the Professor’s comments, didn’t really give any thought to the question. He blankly said, “Yes,” and was handed the pokeballs. “Thanks.” Then he realized he had no idea how to catch Pokemon. But he figured now wasn't the time to tell her that. He'd figure it out quick enough.

“Well, I guess there’s no stopping you now. You’re off on your fantastic journey now, meeting new people and Pokemon, collecting the gym badges, going on amazing adventures, and so much more! Go now! Enjoy yourself! And don’t forget to fill the Pokedex!” Juniper excitedly said.

And on that happy note, Mark left the laboratory, said his final goodbyes to his father, Brycen, and headed to Route 1 to begin his quest.

End of Chapter One

A few notes... This is my first attempt at Pokemon Fan Fiction. I am completely open to constructive criticism, I only want this fic and my writing skills to improve. I am open to make changes if deemed necessary. I promise the chapters will become significantly longer when more action comes along.


3rd July 2012, 3:46 AM
This is your first fanfic? Great job! I noticed no mistakes and cant wait for the next chapter. I wonder who Mark's mom is...

4th July 2012, 3:04 AM
Chapter Two:
The Adventure Begins!
(Team Plasma Returns?)

“Alright buddy. Our journey has begun!” Mark said as he released Rory from his Pokeball.

“Sphee, Sphee!” Rory replied, showing a face of happy content.

“Now, we oughta do some training so that we can take on the Gym back in Striaton! Let’s see what kind of moves you have. Just stand still,” Mark told the Seal Pokemon.

Mark quickly pulled out his Pokedex, searching for the device’s app which allowed you to find a Pokemon’s move pool. Finally he found it, scanning the Pokemon with a small blue light which came from the lens on the back.
“Your Spheal knows the moves Powder Snow, Water Gun, and Defense Curl. Estimated Power Level: Six,” the Pokedex chirped out in its robotic voice.

“That’s great!” Mark told Rory. “That means we have a counter for either of the two gym leaders they’ll send at us in Striaton. If they send Chili, the fire type user, we’ll just hit him with a Water Gun. If they send Cilan, the grass user, to counter your Water type, we’ll just attack him with some Powder Snow!” The Spheal seemed to understand most of what Mark had said, as he smiled in approval. The two friends trekked along, searching for any wild Pokemon to battle.


A small brown chipmunk Pokemon, a Patrat, was on its patrol shift, guarding his family from any dangers. However, it did happen to admire the beauty of its habitat as he was patrolling. The cool autumn breeze brushed past its fur. Red, orange and brown leaves floated in the wind, which the Patrat would collect, not for any certain purpose, sort of as a ‘just in case’ type item. The midday sun shone overhead, giving the creature some much needed warmth as winter slowly rolled closer. He noticed a Pidove flying above him, which he loudly yelled and squeaked at, trying to scare it off. The Tiny Pigeon Pokemon simply flew on, probably not even hearing the Pokemon’s squeaking, but it was enough to convince the Patrat that he did his job. But then, he heard a rustling in the bushes, so he ran in the direction of the noise, to find a young boy and a Spheal. In fear that they would invade his home, he jumped from the bushes and attacked.

“Woah, Rory! Watch out!”

The Spheal quickly dodged the flying creature, surprisingly fast despite its bigger shape.

“It’s our first Pokemon! Rory, use Water Gun!” Mark called out.
The fantastic feeling of calling his first attack gave him goose bumps, but he stayed focused. Rory quickly built up some energy, then spit out water from his mouth with tremendous force, enough to send the little guy flying. It seemed as though some water may have gotten in the Patrat’s wild red eyes, as it had some difficulty walking in a straight line.
“Now’s our chance, Rory! Use Powder Snow!”

And with the call, the seal Pokemon brought a chilling breeze, and then a downpour of snow from the clouds above. The snow seemed to become focused on Spheal’s opponent, as the snow all seemed to race towards its direction, pelting it with the snow and ice. The little chipmunk stood its own for some time, but with the snow continuing to hit, it finally fell to the ground, beaten. The snow also subsided.

“Yes! We did it, we won our first battle!” Mark shouted with glee. “Great work, Rory. You’re gonna be a great Pokemon one day.”


“Awesome job, Rory!” Mark called as he and his Spheal defeated their latest opponent, a Pidove. “I can tell you’re getting a lot stronger.”

“Hey, you there, with the Seal!” a mysterious voice, clearly younger than Mark, shouted.

“That must mean us… What?!” he called out. “Who’s there?!”

Then, a small boy, who looked to be about eight or nine years old, came out from behind a bush, tossing a Pokeball to himself, casually walked straight towards Mark until he was almost right next to him. He was much shorter than Mark, easily by at least five or six inches. He spit out the gum he had been chewing, then said with a smirk, “I’ve been watching you train your Pokemon for the last half hour. And I’ve got to say, you don’t look so tough. I’d like to battle. Right here, right now.” The kid was obviously very confident in himself. But Mark thought he could take him. Although, he hadn’t battled any actual trainers, he thought he could win. How much different could it be?

“Alright then, let’s go!” Mark told the boy.

The boy quickly backed up, giving himself some space between him and Mark, then called, “Alright then, Lillipup, Lillipup, my Lillipup, go!” he tossed out his Pokeball, which, not to Mark’s surprise, was a Lillipup.

“Okay Rory, go out there and tackle the thing!” The Spheal responded to the call efficiently, waddling towards the Puppy Pokemon as fast as its small flippers could take him. He dove forward, landing on the Lillipup with a crushing blow. The difference in weight gave the Spheal a huge advantage. Finally, the pup was able to knock Rory off, sending him back only slightly.

“Lillipup, use your Bite attack!” The pup barred its fangs, jumped towards Rory, and was able to get a hold on the Spheal with its teeth. It appeared to give Rory a little dose of pain, but not much.

“Quick, Rory, just shake the Lillipup off, then use Water Gun!” The seal shook with all its might, knocking the Lillipup off. Then, it sprayed a torrent of water from its mouth, sending the small puppy into a nearby tree. Lillipup fell to the ground, too tired to get up. Mark had won.

“Yes! Awesome work, Rory! You’re the best!” Mark said as the Spheal ran back towards its trainer for a little victory hug. Afterwards, Mark met with the boy. They both shook hands, and the boy then gave Mark a small amount of cash
“You’re really not that bad. I bet you could be a good trainer one day, if you keep working hard.” the boy said.

“You too. Your Lillipup is pretty good, pretty strong for such a little guy.”

And with that, both said some final goodbyes and good lucks, and went their separate ways.


Finally, the pair made it to Accumula Town. The town was also rather small, much like Nuvema Town. Accumula was quite hilly, with many houses and shops reaching above or below the rest of the town. There appeared to be many parks within view, the largest and closest of which with a small stage where concerts played or speeches were given. It looked as though something was setting up at the park. The New England style homes and apartments often had people outside, working on their plants or giving their house a new color, with the help of their spouse or Pokemon. There was a main square near the center of town and the large park, with a large circular fountain and beautiful red and orange trees. Vendors dotted the cobblestone streets, calling out and negotiating their wares or services.

“Exclusive Pokeballs, right here! Exclusive Pokeballs, right here! Get your Exclusive Pokeballs here today,” one man called, always emphasizing on the ‘Exclusive’ in ‘Exclusive Pokeballs.’

Although, that did appeal to Mark, and he made a mental note to check the man’s store out to see what kind of Pokeballs they had and how much he was selling them for. He made a quick run to the Pokemon Center, healing his Spheal after the tough battle with that boy earlier. It didn’t take long. All Mark had to do was give the Pokeball with Rory inside to the beautiful nurse. The nurse just sticks the Pokeball in a little machine, where a light envelops the Pokeball as some kind of healing light, and then boom, Rory’s all better. As Rory headed out of the Pokemon Center, he saw many people heading towards the stage in the park from earlier, some even muttering things like, “Not these idiots again,” or “Are we seriously going to have to get that kid to deal with these bastards again?”
Mark wondered what they meant, and was curious to see what this was all about. He made his way to the park, hoping to get a good view of the stage.


Mark was able to get a decent viewing spot. He was able to see most of the stage because he had a bit of height on most of the town’s citizens. He noticed two flags, one on each side of the stage. They were white flags with a black shield shape on them. Inside the shield were electric blue letters, one a ‘P’ and behind it, a backwards ‘Z.’ he had a feeling he recognized the symbol before, but where? The memory had eluded him. If it was something that happened in his lifetime, it had to have been pretty early, he thought. But what was it?

Several people in black cloaks with hoods over their heads marched onto the stage in a military pattern. There was clearly someone behind them, a little bit bigger than the grunts. The cloaked men and women split up, making a space in the middle of the stage. The bigger man stepped out, with the assistance of a cane. He had wild, light green hair that was a bit longer for most men his age, which appeared to be in his 60s or so. He wore a cloak that was golden on one side, and dark blue or purple, Mark couldn’t tell, on the other. Both sides had peculiar patterns on them, one looking like a human eye.

The mysterious man spoke. “Hello. Some of you may remember me making a speech like this in this very town ten years ago.”

This sparked a few shouts from the crowd, things like, “What are you doing here again?!” And “Do you want a kid to beat up your whole team again?!”

Mark was starting to pick things up. He recognized that symbol. He recognized that man from the pictures of him in the paper and online. It was all coming to him again, even though it happened when he was three years old. He had to hear the name of this man. It would explain everything. The crowd finally quieted down, and the man spoke again.

“Now then, I’m sure many of you recognize me. But if you don’t, let me introduce myself. My name is Ghetsis, and I am the leader of the reborn Team Plasma.”

End of Chapter Two

Author's Notes: I enjoyed writing this chapter. I was able to get in plenty of description, the story continued well, heck, I even got two battles in. I think it turned out nice. However it did surprise me to see that the chapter still really isn't that long when you post it to Serebii. So I ask, for writers who write really long chapters, how many pages on MS Word does it usually take up? An answer and a review or two would be great, thanks.