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It has been 2 years since the battle of Hoenn, and both Team Magma and Aqua are nothing but shells of their former selves. However one new Magma Admin, Cole, plans to change his team's future by gaining control of Rayquaza with the help of a special treasure. The Dragon Plate.

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The Forbidden Trio: Sail to the Sky Dragon

Chapter 1: A Challenge


A valuable resource, he was believed to be the very life-blood of our foundation

But he is only a disposable tool

To be used by all...And thanked by none

"Cole, what good are you to me if you cannot live up to your expectations?" A fiery voice that commanded authority scorched the bitter silence of a large, darkened room.

"I don't have any use for you now ever since Maxie abandoned us. Simply put, there isn't anyone left to baby you for your pathetic performance with Groudon's resurrection." The man's sharp tongue pinpointed towards an outcast, singled-out from the other lowly bystanders. All of which were currently loyal members of an organization long passed its prime, Team Magma.

"Holland please! I wouldn't have failed if the others didn't get in my way!" Deep brown eyes were wide with disbelief as a tall young man argued to the new-found leader of Team Magma.


The dreary dark room slipped into another drone of uncomfortable silence after the members jumped from the sudden change in volume of their leader's voice. Cole looked down in silent shame, fading memories reignited of jeopardizing control of Groudon's power.

"Maxie gave you the Red Orb because you were one of the strongest trainers that we had. The fact that you're only nineteen and have one of the new Magma Admin positions is outstanding," Holland looked down at Cole with no mercy in his piercing eyes, "but your foolish decisions at the most crucial times cost this organization too many setbacks!"

The young Admin's fist clenched as two grunts stepped from behind Holland and grabbed his arms. "Cole…It's over. I want you out of this base now. One of you, get his belt, we can use his Pokemon for future plans."

"What!" Cole hurriedly flung the two grunts away from his arms and pulled a Poke ball from this belt, "Houndoom!" A snarling black dog-like Pokemon materialized out of the red and white sphere, firm claws dug into the rocky floor as its menacing red eyes pierced the grunts around its Trainer, ready to fight. Holland sighed tiredly as the grunts backed off immediately from Cole's Houndoom. Maxie's promotion of Cole to Admin was not on a whim, he knew Cole's abilities as a Trainer were nearly second to none.

"Holland…," Cole looked around the room as all the Magma members held out their Poke balls. He wasn't going to get out of this base alive unless…

"...There must be a way to regain Groudon's power again!"

The infamous leader of Magma blinked once, twice, waiting for the boy's last ditch excuse.

"Let me find a way to reawaken Hoenn's legendary beasts. You know that I can still be useful to you!" Cole explained as Houndoom opened his mouth, threatening hot sparks beginning to form. Holland closed his eyes slowly.

"Tell you what." Holland smirked, getting a glare from Cole in response. A cold sweat began to form on his forehead, it was clearly known that the new leader was not one to make deals. Holland suddenly stood up from his desk and walked over to Cole, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"If you can find a way to resurrect any of the legendary beasts, you can come back to Team Magma and I shall appoint you as the new leader."

"WHAT!" Everyone gasped as Cole's eyes widened in obvious surprise.

"That's a joke, right?" Cole almost laughed, Holland was actually giving him a second chance? He looked down at Houndoom who looked just as surprised as the others.

"No, this is a challenge for you to get the next step." Holland answered quickly. "I know how loyal you are to Team Magma, we were the ones who brought you in when Aqua attacked your home."

"I know that..." Cole let out a small breath, remembering the day their rivals ravaged his small home long ago. He had never stopped thanking Maxie when the previous leader had saved him. The only thing that his hero asked for in return was to join Team Magma and get revenge against those sea-loving fools.

"You have one week to find me something useful..." Holland whispered in his ear, the very sound sending a chill down his spine. "If I don't hear back from you..." His teeth glinted lightly from the glare of the ceiling.

"I can guarantee that Tori and Koji will hunt you down and permanently deal with you."

"Ugh!" Cole cried as he felt Holland's fist connect directly with his ribs. Houndoom barked with anger but was quickly knocked out by one of the grunt's Machoke's that was released before the assault.

"Take them out of here." Holland ordered while rubbing his knuckles. But before they could take the beaten man away, Holland walked over and leaned down, taking two Poke balls from his belt.

"Just to show that I'm serious Cole, I'll be taking Nidoking and Shedinja." Cole struggled to stop him but a heavy foot from a Machoke knocked the wind out of him. He was then picked up by the two previous grunts along with Houndoom. Warm blood slid down his lips as he was dragged out of the silent room.

"Remember what I told you! One week Cole, then I'll need something from you. If you think that you're valuable, don't screw up this time!" Holland shouted as the door slammed shut. He held Cole's Poke balls in his hands and looked down at them, 'Don't fail me this time.' He tossed the Poke balls to his other new Admins of Team Magma, Tori and Koji.

"Sir, what do you want us to do with these?" A slender woman, Tori, asked as she held onto the Poke ball containing Shedinja.

"They're yours for now," Holland went back to his desk and rubbed his forehead, "I know he won't find anything so have fun with your new Pokemon."

"Sweet!" A burly man, Koji, smirked as he held up Nidoking's Poke ball as if he just caught it himself, "Now my team will be unbeatable!" earning a sneer from the younger Admin.

"I want all of you out of here now." Holland barked before Tori could spit a comeback. He watched on as the Magma members shuffled out of the head office of Team Magma's new, well… newly substituted base. After the destruction of their base on Mt. Chimney, and losing Groudon thanks to those children from Littleroot Town, the remains of Team Magma had to run and hide in the mountains of Meteor Falls.

Basically, Team Magma was nothing now, he had not heard from Maxie ever since he had the change of heart in Sootopolis and ran away from Groudon and Kyogre's climatic battle two years ago.

He slammed his hand on the table. Splinters cut into his fist but he did not care, he would find a way to return Team Magma back to their former greatness. "That boy will find a way for me to reach that greatness," his dark eyes hardened, "he will do anything for Magma..."

The gentle lapping of waves woke Cole out of his unconsciousness. He coughed roughly as he rolled onto his back, the day's events washing through his head like the waves of the beach he was on.

"My Pokemon!" He jumped despite the bruised ribs. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Houndoom beside him, groggily getting up.

"You alright?" Cole leaned down and rubbed the fire dog's head affectionately. Houndoom barked softly in response. Cole then smiled at Houndoom while he checked his belt. His smile immediately faded when he felt the empty spaces that once held his Shedinja and Nidoking.

"Holland is serious about this…" Cole breathed, looking around the calm beach as the sun was setting, painting the land in a golden hue. "If I don't find anything in a week, they're going to get us good." He mused to himself.

"Houn…" Houndoom responded sympathetically. The fire dog then looked over to the city down by the end of beach.

"Rustboro City," Dark brown eyes glinted ominously in the golden sunlight, "There must be some info at the Devon Corporation." Cole shook the sand out of his black running shoes, brushing off his black cargo pants and sand-coloured jacket before starting in the direction of the city. He looked down at his Starter Pokemon Houndoom and smirked. "We should check that place out first. They'll most likely have something of value for us to take."

"Doom" Houndoom replied with a bark. The long time partners continued on, walking towards the stone city. They knew that one way or the other, they would be meeting Holland and the rest of Team Magma again, hopefully on good terms. This was his only opportunity for a second chance.

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Chapter 2: I Can Help


Her hunger for knowledge shines light upon everything...Even Corruption

A young woman with dark brown hair cleared her throat nervously in front of an intimidating audience as she came to the last statement of her report.

"In conclusion, I believe that the unnatural weather phenomena that have been occurring in multiple areas around Northern Hoenn should be investigated thoroughly before civilians are endangered." A few researchers clapped for the strong effort displayed by the young researcher's first proposal, but a large majority of them eyed her skeptically. "Are there any questions?" She asked softly looking towards the audience.

One man in the very first row stood up, "Ms. Neville, even though your concern to send a research team to investigate the occurrences in Northern parts of the country is strong, what kind of major proof can you give us that backs the Legendary Pokemon theory?" His voice booming through the small lecture hall.

Elisa Neville's jaw clenched knowing that that question was unavoidable. "Yes, I know that I cannot provide clear evidence to explain the occurrences that I witnessed in some areas, but if you ask any of the-"

"Taking verbal observations is not strong enough." A different researcher stood up in accusation. "Anything could have been causing the strange weather occurrences. Mt. Chimney plays a large role in the ecosystem for Northern Hoenn, so it is prone to strange weather patterns already. Also, Pokémon battles could have been the reason." The researcher argued.

Elisa looked down in slight defeat by the other researchers' strong arguments. "I know that Mt. Chimney is already prone to strange weather occurrences, but I feel that a Legendary Pokémon could be the reason as to why there were days of record low air pressures and severe lightning storms. I believe that Rayquaza may still be active in the atmosphere!" Elisa argued, she could not lose another proposal to Devon Corporation's Research Department.

"That's enough Ms. Neville. We will look further into your proposal but for now you are excused from Devon's Research Department." The Head researcher explained as he stood up from his chair behind Elisa on the stage.

Elisa looked back at him with clear shock, hazel eyes dimming slightly as she turned back to her papers. She had lost, again. "I-I understand sir. Thank you for your time."


Elisa stood outside of the meeting room with a dim hope surrounding her work. Taking off her lab coat, she checked over her papers for answers to the arguments she faced. "If I was able to get a picture, or some evidence of whatever was causing these occurrences. Then they'll believe me…" Elisa combed a hand through her long strands of hair and unzipped her dark grey sweater.

She was only an eighteen year old student after all. Just completing a second year at Mossdeep University in Historical Pokémon Research, she was still considered a rookie to everyone in there. She had always loved the stories of Legendary Pokemon that her parents told her about when she was a child and knew that one day she would discover a mystery about a Legendary Pokémon to share with the world.

Elisa looked at her papers that held no answers with a dejected look. That was a stupid dream. She was so determined after such strong encouragement from her family and getting one of the top honours in her classes, she actually believed that she could persuade the top researchers in Hoenn and gain their respect. It was foolish. She was still young and inexperienced after all to have any influence.

'They didn't even believe my evidence about the three Dragon Plates.'

She gained that information from an old man in Petalburg but when she told the researchers, she could have sworn that most of the back row were trying not to laugh their heads off. Elisa sighed tiredly before walking towards the Devon Corporation's main entrance to sit in the park area of the building. It had been a long day. Gazing at the buildings painted in golden rays, she drifted into deep thought. "The only way that I can win them over is if I borrow the real evidence from Jonbi."


Dark brown eyes calmly observed the superior building of Devon Corporation as the setting sun bathed it in a brilliant golden hue. Cole sighed to himself as researchers and employees walked into and out of the front of the entrance to the building. Instinctively hiding his face, he knew that just walking in there would not be a good idea. He may have been relatively new to Team Magma, but he was involved in kidnapping a couple of people from them during Groudon's resurrection phase two years ago. Security would most likely notice him if he entered and battling an entire city's police force wasn't on his personal goal's list.

"How are we supposed to get in there, unnoticed, and find information on the Legendary beasts of Hoenn?" Cole looked down to his long time friend Houndoom who did not even respond to his Trainer's question, instead eyeing a bakery across the street. "Some help you are…" Cole whispered to himself.

"Houunnn" Houndoom growled. The Dark/Fire type then lifted his pointed tail and aimed it at the entrance of Devon Corporation, catching Cole's attention.

"I told you that we can't just walk in there." Cole sighed.

Houndoom continued to point with his tail. Suddenly two old men came out through the automatic doors laughing. Cole looked at them curiously as the two older men continued to laugh hysterically. Cole knew that anyone who worked at this corporation was usually serious so it was definitely confusing to see two laughing figures.

"I can't believe she actually thought that we would believe that weak proposal about Legendary Pokémon causing weather occurrences!" The man on the left laughed. The other one wiped the tears from his eyes.

"I know right? Who does she think she is? Her best evidence was just some statement from an old man?" He cracked up again.


Both men stopped immediately when they heard the voice and looked ahead to the Team Magma Admin. Their eyes squinted in annoyance as Cole displayed a small smirk.

"Yes, how can we help you sir." One man asked clearing his throat from his laughing spell.

The smirk dropped immediately, "I want to know what you guys were talking about. You were saying something about Legendary Pokémon causing weather occurrences?" Both researchers began to crack up again and Cole eyed them with confusion.

"Trust me kid. You don't want to know about what that kid said, she doesn't know what she's talking about. She may have a good-standing record at Mossdeep's University, but that doesn't mean she's the best in common sense. She believes that a Legendary Pokemon was the reason for the strange weather patterns in Fallarbor Town a few weeks ago. Everyone knows that those Pokemon vanished two years ago. Hahahaha!"

Cole's eyes widened in response to the information that was given to him, "Who told you about this?" Cole asked quickly.

The old man on the right broke out of his laughing to point at a young woman sitting on a bench in the park area of Devon Corporation. "Over there, I warned you in advance!" He said before walking towards the bustling streets.

Cole turned away from the two old men who continued laughing. Cole slowly walked over to the girl who was sitting on the park bench. She didn't seem to notice him, so he sat down. Houndoom found space on the ground in front of Cole and looked at the girl as well.

"I'll show them…."

Cole blinked curiously as the girl continued to shake her head in her hands. "I'll show them that what Jonbi said was true. There is a strong Pokémon out there that's causing this." The young Admin raised an eyebrow as the she continued to talk to herself without noticing him.

"I bet they don't believe me just because I'm a girl and think that I can't prove my work or something!" She huffed. "I should have asked Jonbi to borrow that piece of the Dragon Plate." She scolded herself.

"Dragon Plate?"


Cole flew back and raised his hands in defence as Elisa jumped from her spot and with her fists ready to strike. Cole dodged her attack but fell onto the ground with a thud. Elisa glared at the unknown man angrily as he rubbed his lower back in pain.

"You shouldn't be sneaking up on girls in the dark-y-you freak!" Elisa snapped, her face beginning to redden as Cole stood up. She took in his features quickly, noticing his surprised, yet firm face and tall, built figure. Her fists did not move from an attack position as the young man stood up slowly.

"I wasn't sneaking up on you…" Cole defended himself as he brushed his dark cargo pants off. He was actually surprised that her actions were able to make him jump so easily though. "I heard from some researchers that you have some information about seeing a Legendary Pokémon near Fallarbor Town a couple of weeks ago." He explained quickly.

Elisa lowered her fists to her sides but they were still clenched, "So what if I did?" Her reply was sharp as she noticed that the young man seemed readily calm, almost harmless. He didn't even seem to be angered with her even though she was clearly trying to be rude with him after the attack.

"Look, I'm sorry that I 'snuck up on you' but I would like to know more about the strange weather occurrence and what you meant by Dragon Plates." Cole sat back down on the bench and politely motioned for her to join him.

"Please?" He mentally kicked himself for sounding so desperate but he shook it off, intent on knowing if this girl was actually telling the truth or not.

"Hm?" Elisa raised an eyebrow at Cole in confusion. She then gave a glance towards the Houndoom and clenched her jaw, it looked like it was in no mood to just let her leave.

"Well….okay." Elisa answered in defeat, "But if you try anything-"

"I wouldn't try anything with you." Cole responded quickly, earning a glare from Elisa that went unnoticed.

"Y-You better not." She replied, hastily clearing her throat before beginning her short speech.

"Anyway, it was a couple of months ago after I finished my studies in Mossdeep, I journeyed to Sootopolis City to do some summer research on the battle between Kyogre and Groudon." Cole nodded as he shifted himself to listen closely. "If you're from Hoenn, you would know about the horrific climate changes we had two years ago. The battle between those two was catastrophic. Even people in Dewford felt the effects of the battle, saying that tidal waves flooded some parts of the town." Elisa explained.

"Yes, continue." Cole pushed her on and she nodded.

"Well when I asked to investigate the Cave of Origin, they said that it was off limits. Since I knew that I couldn't get anything there, I decided to head to Dewford Town to look for the previous champion Steven Stone. When I asked him about the battle between the Legendary Pokemon, he told me that the battle was stopped by a third Legendary Pokémon, Rayquaza." Cole frowned to himself remembering the battle between the three superpowers. Rayquaza had used a powerful attack that suppressed both Groudon and Kyogre, sending them back to an eternal rest.

"Mr. Stone told me that Rayquaza was still apparently active and was last seen by an old man near Petalburg City a couple of months ago, so I travelled there. I was able to find him and he told me about what Rayquaza had dropped during their encounter." Elisa continued.

"The Dragon Plate?" Cole asked.

"Yes, the Dragon Plate. It wasn't the complete Dragon Plate but he showed it to me," Elisa made a small square shape with her fingers, "It was a small piece, but he told me that Rayquaza had three large plates surrounding it's body and that a piece broke off from the blue coloured one." Elisa finished while putting her hands on her lap.

"So there are three Dragon Plates then? What do they do?" Cole asked, very intrigued by the story that he was hearing. Why would those researchers think that this was a joke?

Elisa looked away from Cole, slightly embarrassed, "...Well I don't know what they do." Cole lost his intrigue and looked at Elisa with disappointment. Elisa frowned at him when she noticed his expression. "You think that the plate would just give me answers if I asked?"

"Could've tried…" Cole trailed off earning him another hard glare from the young researcher. "Calm down...I can believe what you're telling me about these Dragon Plates though. We should find them and see if they can lead us to Rayquaza."

"What do you mean by we?" Elisa asked skeptically.

"I can help you find these plates." Cole offered opening his hand for a polite handshake.

"I don't think so."

Cole cleared his throat in light shock but quickly recovered. He had to think fast or he was going to lose his only lead at finding one of the Legendary Hoenn Pokémon. "Well suit yourself, if I helped you, we would have a better chance at finding out the mystery behind the Dragon Plates." Elisa still did not show any reaction, "Just think, if we find the plates, those researchers will finally respect you." Cole explained coolly.


The girl perked up but quickly recomposed herself, she was thinking about it. Cole eyed her, thinking about her situation. So she was the current joke at Devon Corporation, but finding these plates would give her acknowledgement. "If I were you, I would love to rub the discovery of those plates and possibly Rayquaza in their faces. You would be written down in the history of Hoenn." Cole smirked to himself as she shyly nodded in agreement.

"But what are you going to get out of it? Why are you so eager to help me?" Elisa asked quickly, her smile now erased from her face. His smooth talking was too affective for her liking, so she needed to know why he even was considering a helping hand.

"I just want a chance to see Rayquaza," Cole answered simply. "Seeing a Legendary Pokémon is a once in a lifetime chance."

Elisa observed him quietly, searching his face for anything but his look remained unyielding. "I'm a good Trainer, trust me. Most researchers don't have strong, if at any, Pokémon with them. If you have that problem, then I can protect you from any threats that we encounter along the way." Cole guaranteed.

Elisa looked down at Cole's Houndoom, thinking about his answer. 'I doubt he's lying about that,' Elisa thought to herself as the fire hound gave a small bark of approval. 'But why would someone go through all this trouble just to see a Legendary Pokémon?' She thought, looking between Houndoom and Cole.

"So, can we work together?" Cole asked, waiting for an answer.

"I…Well" Hesitating, she gave one last look towards the mysterious man, "...Alright, fine. I guess I would need help if I'm going to go after those Dragon Plates." Elisa answered standing up from the bench. It was getting dark now. Twilight skies began to bathe the city in a dark purple hue. The park lights had already illuminated their faces in a calming glow.

Cole stood up as well, satisfied with the new information he discovered. "Good, we'll make a great team. I'll be your personal bodyguard on this adventure."

Elisa gave Cole a polite smile. "I hope you're strong. Dealing with a Legendary Pokémon is not child's play." She warned.

"I know. I won't let you down as long as you don't let me down." Cole responded.

Elisa's smile faded slightly by the comment.

"I'll help you find these Dragon Plates for your research as long as I get to see Rayquaza in the end." Cole answered with a serious face. Elisa looked at him unnerved, fully grasping the agreement they were making. He seemed polite and all, but there had to be something more about him.

"The Dragon Plates are connected to Rayquaza. So if all goes well, this deal will work out for both of us." Elisa reassured him as she started to leave the park.

Cole looked on as she began to walk away. "My name is Cole."

"Elisa" She replied, turning back.

"That's a nice name." Cole answered truthfully. Elisa nodded in thanks as she neared the exit.

"Where should we meet tomorrow?" He asked quickly before she could leave.

Elisa stopped in her tracks and turned back to him. "We can meet at the Pokémon Centre in the afternoon if you want." She suggested.

"Alright that sounds excellent, I'll see you tomorrow!" Cole waved politely as Elisa gave a small smile and then left him alone with Houndoom. As soon as she was out of sight, Cole dropped his hand and frowned to himself. "I guess the only way she's going to trust us if we continue to be polite to her. It will be worth it though once Rayquaza is found and the Dragon Plates." He concluded as his lips raised into a smirk.

Houndoom nodded in response and began to follow Cole out of the small park. "I'll report the news to Holland tomorrow. That will keep him off me for a while." Cole sighed as he looked up at the first stars of the cool night in Rustboro. His lucky journey just beginning to bud.

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Chapter 3: Test of Strength


Elisa shifted uncomfortably on a bench just outside Rustboro City's Pokémon Centre as she continued to wait for her new companion Cole. The sun gently descended down onto the stone city as the streets were filled with bustling movements of many residents and travellers. Lazily airing out her grey sweater, she remembered telling him that she would meet him at noon, but arriving an hour earlier, she found it hard to answer the nagging question in her head. Why did she come so early?

She huffed silently to herself, glaring from the corner of her eye to the reason why she had left her residency in the first place. One of her classmates from Mossdeep had found her in the lobby of the building she was currently residing in for her stay in Rustboro. Mentally cursing herself for not being more aware of her surroundings, she had been forced to listen to the young man talk for hours before she found the courage to change scenery to the Pokemon Centre.

The man's name was Jack; apparently a top student in the Pokémon Battle Simulation games. Recalling some of his past rantings, he had told her that even his teachers or some real trainers had trouble when he challenged them. Sadly, due to his continuous success, everyone loved him for his popularity and his self proclaimed good looks. Well everyone except for the person he was trying to win over at the moment.

"Anyways, Elisa...I was kind of wondering if you...You know, would like to go out to the movies some time? It's not a date or anything of course! But." Jack's usual confident speech was drenched with nervousness.

"I can't Jack," Elisa responded quickly, clearly getting annoyed with the boy that could not stop following her ever since she entered Mossdeep University. "I have to meet up with someone later and I wouldn't have the time." She tried to explain politely, forcing a smile.

Jack seemed to bow his head in defeat; earning a look from the girl, hazel eyes twinkled with hope that he would leave. That quickly died once he looked back up with a determined grin. "Well its okay I can wait until the meeting is over!" His eyes then wandered to Elisa's hidden frame, "Did I ever tell you that you are one of the most beautiful looking girls at the university? I know you like to hide it with that sweater and those baggy pants, but come on! I've never seen you with a guy before!" He rambled confidently.

Elisa's face flushed red with anger, "I-I'm busy with summer research right now!" She rarely fumbled with her words when it came to Pokemon, but unfortunately, that wasn't the case this time.

Unyielding to his attempt at flattery, she knew her answer before wasn't entirely true. She was a nerd at heart and could never maintain a decent conversation with any male peer at the university. The only person of the opposite sex she had a stable relationship with was her own father, and that was mostly on discussions on Legendary Pokemon. The young woman pouted to herself in sudden realization of her social life, she wasn't really the cool, out-going type, now was she?

"Well you can start and hopefully end with me!" Jack stood up suddenly, earning a perplexed look from Elisa. "Just allow me to take you out once and I swear you'll be all over me!"

Confusion dangerously swayed towards borderline anger as Elisa took in a sharp breath at the young man's overconfidence, causing him to grin in order to mask his growing fear. She was about to say something that she wouldn't regret before a familiar figure suddenly passed by behind Jack. She recognized that messy black hair immediately. "Cole!" Elisa jumped up from her seat, relief flooding her mind as she realized her chance to escape.

"Coal? Do couples really use that on each other these days?"

"Not the fuel source!" Elisa barked in frustration, sending Jack back with a yelp. "Cole is the person that I'm supposed to meet here so...bye now!" Jack's jaw dropped as Elisa quickly darted by him towards the entrance of the Pokémon Centre.

"Hey, hey wait!" Jack feebly grabbed Elisa's arm, preventing her escape. "It's a guy? So you do have a boyfriend or something? Where is he?" Jack demanded more than asked.

Elisa opened her mouth to say something but no words escaped, a fleeting memory coming back to her from last night when she first met the Trainer.

I'm happy that we can work together. I'll be your personal bodyguard on this adventure.

Elisa grinned at her new found luck. 'He did say that he was a powerful trainer!' The young researcher thankfully remembered. She could use Jack as a test subject. Even though he was very annoying, he was a not a pushover when it came to Pokemon battles. Elisa took Jack's hand off of her arm and gave him an honest look in the eyes, causing the boy to respond with an overconfident smirk. "Okay it looks like you really are determined to take me out on a date. Let's make a bet." Proposing quickly, she raised a finger in the air.

"A bet?"

"Yes. If you can beat my colleague in a one-on-one Pokemon battle, I'll go on a date with you for as long as you want." Elisa proposed coolly. She did not like Jack's response to her proposal though as she saw his face tinge a dark shade of red.

"WHERE IS HE!" Jack roared causing a majority of the people around them to jump at the young man's sudden outburst.

"I'm not done yet!" Elisa cried, trying to calm Jack down before he destroyed half of Rustboro. "If you lose though, we can never date. Got it?" Jack's adamant face dropped back down to a fearful one once the words came out of Elisa's mouth.

"B-But that would mean we could never have a chance to be together... I-" Jack stuttered starting to feel nervous.

"Well?" Elisa urged, trying to coax him towards the answer she hoped for. "I did say that if you win, we can go out for as long as you want, right?" Jack blushed again, lewd thoughts already beginning to form in his head about the chances that would come if he and the brunette were ever alone together.

"Alright I'll do it!" Jack answered as he took a Poke ball off from his belt and held it out in the air. Elisa felt a drop of sweat go down her forehead as Jack started to talk to himself about something she was better off not hearing. She was putting her faith into this Cole character without even knowing his battling history. He may not even be a Trainer but a Breeder or something else. She sucked in her breath as she walked into the Pokémon Centre with Jack.

'I hope he uses that Houndoom.'


Sitting in front of one of the video phones at the Pokémon Centre, Cole quickly dialled Holland's number. He moved closer to the screen in order to prevent anyone from getting a good look at who he was calling. Before Maxie had renounced his leadership from Team Magma, Holland was a high representative and was feared just as highly in the Hoenn Region. The screen then brought up a middle-aged man in his early forties with greying brown hair and cold eyes.

Holland's eyes widened in shock as he met face-to-face with the young Admin, "What the hell are you doing boy!" Holland growled in a low tone as he motioned for Cole to get closer to the screen. "You know that I cannot be seen here! What if one of the cameras spot me? Team Magma will truly be destroyed!" He barked angrily.

"It's alright sir. There are so many people in here, the cameras won't be able to see anything." Cole responded coolly earning another growl from the Magma leader. He quickly continued on before his superior could respond. "Sir I have important news to tell you. I was able to find some information about the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza."

'What?' Holland's mask of emotion broke slightly in surprise, dumbfounded by the speed of Cole. 'It didn't even take more than twenty-four hours to find a lead?' The Magma leader questioned in astonishment at the younger man's persistence.

Cole smirked, "I found this researcher with info linked to Rayquaza. She told me that there are these Dragon Plates that are apparently linked to Rayquaza's very being. If we are able to find them, then we may be able to summon Rayquaza and use it to resurrect Groudon!" Cole whispered with suppressed excitement, amazed by his own luck at finding Elisa at the right time. He felt some of the energy drain out of him though when Holland shook his head with disappointment.

"Sir this is good news, right? If Rayquaza was able to stop Groudon and Kyogre, then it surely can-"

"Cole." Holland spoke in a normal tone, which was still intimidating to the young trainer. He shut his mouth quickly waiting for his leader's reply. "This researcherr may be onto something, but I need real proof of these Dragon Plates beforehand. When you do find one of them, report back to me immediately. You've done well Cole," Holland smirked slightly, "for now. I won't come after your other Pokémon because of the decent information you were able to come up with." he finished, his cold eyes unchanging.

Cole let out his breath he didn't realize that he was holding in. "Don't think that you're out of the frying pan yet. I'll be keeping your Nidoking and Shedinja for the time being until you find Rayquaza. When you obtain that power, I'll appoint you as our new leader Cole. Don't fail us." Holland's face then disappeared as the screen faded black.

Cole stared at his reflection, feelings mirroring the screen's emptiness. The only way he was going to get his Pokémon back and rejoin Team Magma was to hunt down one of the most powerful Pokemon in Hoenn by himself.

"~Hi Cole!~"

Cole's shoulders jolted as he whirled around to come face to face with a happy-looking Elisa. He moved back and combed a hand through his hair, calming himself down. "I thought that we wouldn't be meeting for another hour." He responded quickly.

"Well I was just in the area...and I saw you walk into the Pokémon Centre, so why don't we just start our journey now?" Elisa proposed, tone happier than he would expect which caught the Magma Admin off-guard.

"Okay..." Cole replied, clearly disturbed. He then noticed a taller figure behind Elisa. It was a young man, blond with a dark blue shirt, light blue jeans and he was clearly not trying to hide the glare that he was giving him. "Who's this?" Cole asked, eyeing the other male cautiously.

"Umm...well he wants to battle you. You wouldn't mind, right?" Elisa asked hopefully.

"Not interested."

Elisa's jaw dropped slightly from the automatic response, dumbfounded as Jack beamed. "If he won't battle me, that means that I get you forever!" Jack cheered with a strong fist pump to the ceiling.

Elisa cringed at the comment and looked back at Cole with pleading hazel eyes. "If I go with him, then we won't be able to find the Dragon Plates!" Elisa whispered into Cole's ear. He sighed and moved away from Elisa all before looking at Jack with obvious annoyance in his dark brown eyes.

Jack shot Cole a dark look, suddenly realizing that the Trainer in front of him wasn't actually going to give in so easily. "I challenge you to a one-on-one battle! If I win, Elisa will be with me forever!" Jack challenged boldly, earning another cringe from Elisa who shuffled behind Cole.

"When I win, Elisa travels with me and I don't want to see you near me again." Cole shot back coolly. The Mossdeep student took a step back from Cole's obvious confidence while Elisa struggled to contain laughter that threatened to escape her mouth. The two Trainers then headed towards the Pokemon Centre exit, prepared for their duel.


Dark brown eyes narrowing in the sunlight, Cole looked over to Jack as the Trainer continued to glare daggers in his direction. The group of three had left to the outskirts of Rustboro City for their battle. The stage was a grassy field, lush with life as the two Trainers took their sides. Cole continued to observe the confident Trainer before glancing at Elisa's nervous face. 'She really doesn't believe me?' His eyes narrowed in disbelief before turning back to Jack. 'Then I'll prove my worth here. Once this is done, we should be able to go.' The young Admin confirmed, waiting for Jack's move.

A strong breeze passed by, blowing Cole and Jack's hair roughly over their eyes. Jack took out his Poke ball and kissed it. "I'll start! Go Poliwrath!" Jack threw the Poke ball into the air with elegance as a large Tadpole Pokémon burst out in a bright white light. It flexed its muscles and got into a battle stance towards Cole.

Cole looked at the Water/Fighting type with intrigue before tossing a Poke ball into the air as well, "Solrock!"

Elisa gasped while Jack grinned with obvious confidence. 'That Solrock better have some strong Psychic attacks!' Elisa grimaced in fear as Cole's Solrock levitated above the ground eying down its opponent.

"This is why I passed my classes with such high grades because I know about Pokemon types! Poliwrath, Water Pulse!" Poliwrath jumped into the air before expelling a pressurized ring of water towards Solrock from the swirl on its body.

"Solrock Light Screen," Jack held his breath as Poliwrath's attack collided into a reflective golden wall sending the Water Pulse into the grass, splashing torrents of water in multiple directions.

"Double Team." Solrock vanished in a split second before multiple copies of the Meteorite Pokemon began to spin around Poliwrath at a blinding speed. Poliwrath continued to look at the replicas in confusion, waiting for a command.

"If you're going to stand still all day..." Jack quickly shook off a bead of sweat from his forehead, a taunting voice ringing in his ears.

"Solrock use Solarbeam!" Cole commanded before Jack could respond.

Solrock began to glow a brilliant green as Poliwrath guarded itself, preparing for the attack. Jack shook his head angrily. "You're just an overconfident, trash trainer! I'm the best in my class, Poliwrath use Surf to take out the entire group!"

Poliwrath blasted a high volume of water into the grass, an eruptive force following seconds later. The entire circle of Solrocks that surrounded Poliwrath was washed away by the powerful attack. Moments later, Jack, Poliwrath and even Elisa looked at the soaked battlefield in confusion.

"Poli?" The Tadpole Pokemon stood alone.

Cole looked on unfazed, causing Jack to step back in fear. "Do it." Cole's calm brown eyes glanced upwards to Jack's dismay as he finally realized where the real Solrock was hiding.

"That Double Team was only a trick to power up Solarbeam!" Jack cried out as a bright golden beam ripped into Poliwrath from above. An intense explosion, flashing with golden sparks, covered the field in a thick cloud of smoke as Cole looked on in anticipation of the battle. Elisa and Jack covered their faces, desperately waiting for it to clear. As the thick clouds dispersed, Solrock hummed softly as it floated above a knocked out Poliwrath.

The battle was over.

"NOOO!" Jack cried as he ran over to his Poliwrath.

Elisa mentally cheered to herself as she saw Jack run off with his Pokémon back towards Rustboro City. "That battle was amazing!" Elisa praised happily running over to Cole. 'Even though he was facing a Water type he remained so calm and used defensive moves to give him time to charge up an affective Solarbeam.' Elisa smiled brightly at her saviour. The battle giving her a large boost in her confidence about Cole; he was clearly not a pushover.

Cole returned Solrock and glanced over to Elisa who was smiling brightly at him. He gave her a nod before turning to the entrance Petalburg Forest not too far away from them. "Yeah. Battling with type alone will not get you anywhere, you need to assess the situation and find a weak spot." Cole explained turning back to Elisa. 'Even if the Trainer is the weak spot.' He smirked to himself.

"What was his weak spot?" Elisa asked, "I know you beat him rather quickly but he's not a rookie."

Cole glanced down at her, "I've been training and battling with Pokemon ever since I could remember." Elisa's eyes widened, she knew that children were not allowed to even use a Pokemon in battle until the age of ten when they were allowed to go for their Trainer's Licence. Could he have been training before than? "I was trained to anticipate any opening in a battle." Cole finished clearly.

Elisa was about to ask another question before Cole cut her off by throwing a new Poke ball into the air. A massive fly-like dragon materialized onto the ground and roared to the sky while stretching its triangular wings.

"What are you doing?" Elisa asked curiously as she looked at the newest Pokemon for their journey. It was a large Flygon that returned her curious glance with its own.

"We need to get to Petalburg, right?" Cole asked intently. Elisa nodded in response. "Well, walking through the forest is going to take too much time; Flygon can get us there." Cole fastened his black backpack tightly around his body. He then climbed onto Flygon as the dragon bent down, giving its Trainer an easier climb. He then looked over to Elisa who suddenly seemed to be very interested in the grassy plains.

"What's the hold up?" Cole asked. Elisa perked up slightly as if not hearing the question.

"I-I've never flown before..." Elisa responded, avoiding Cole's dry look with shy embarrassment.

"Flygon has never dropped me. If that makes you feel better." The young man explained truthfully as he pet the dragon on its head who closed its eyes with satisfaction. "Come on now, we don't have all day." He finished, stretching out his hand for her to get on.

The young researcher did not budge, pushing Cole's nerves slightly. 'You can't be serious..' He droned in his head, the feeling in his arm starting to give as Elisa attempted to ask a question.

"A-Are we going to be flying high up in the air? Not too high or something I-" Elisa was cut off as she suddenly felt a pair of strong hands grab her by the arms and pull her towards Flygon.

"H-Hold on! Please can we wait a couple of hours or something?" Elisa pleaded.

"Hours? Then you'll be flying at night. Flying by day is better." Cole smirked to himself as the young woman tried to free herself, but to no avail.

Crying out endlessly with no intent of stopping, Elisa clutched onto Flygon's long neck as the Ground/Dragon type began to rise into the air at a frightening speed for her, earning a disgusted look from Cole.

The young Admin then looked down onto the forest that linked Rustboro's stone city to the simple one of Petalburg. Flocks of Swellow and Tailow erupted from the trees and he could hear their shrill cries ring over the strong winds that whistled by him. This moment could have been put into anyone's top ten of life moments, soaring through the sky with the freedom of the winds. Sadly though, it would not be for Cole as he desperately plugged one of his ears, holding onto Flygon while Elisa continued to scream for her life.

'I'll most likely become deaf by the end of all this...' Cole cringed with annoyance as Flygon sped towards the end of Petalburg Forest. Their journey officially under way.

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Chapter 4: Old Man Jonbi and The First Destination


Peaceful eyes gazed upon serene fields outside of Petalburg Forest. It was a calm and cooling afternoon, thought an old man as he smiled down at his long time friend, Meditite. The small Pokémon breathed in sync with its Trainer as the calming breeze continued to gently kiss the two softly, the day rolling on. It seemed like nothing could break the tranquil peace that the two friends were entranced in.

"What's the matter with you! You jerk! How could you do that to me!"

Peace suddenly snapping like a twig, the old man and his Meditite flinched in annoyance as a shrill cry yanked them from meditation. Both Pokémon and Trainer looked past the grassy pasture to see two young people emerge from the forest shrub. They continued to gaze curiously as the female of the pair continued her onslaught.

"I just told you that I've never flown before! But you think it's perfectly fine to just pick me up, without my consent by the way, and toss me on your Pokémon to fly to Petalburg!" Elisa fumed.

"Well if you stopped screaming for five minutes, we may have actually reached Petalburg City." Cole replied bluntly, cutting the argument short. Elisa just continued to glare at the Trainer as they continued to walk at a quickened pace, unaware of the old man and his Meditite.

"I swear, when I find out what you're scared of, I will get my revenge!" Elisa threatened turning away from Cole who clearly wasn't trying to listen to her. Only then did she realize that someone was in their presence. Hazel eyes immediately lit up as she recognized the old man.

The old man smiled when the young woman finally came into view, "Ah, Elisa how nice it is to see you so soon!" but before Elisa could even respond with a greeting of her own he pointed at her with a scolding finger, "You interrupted my peace."

Elisa smiled shyly, "I'm very sorry Jonbi, I know you don't like it when people interrupt your meditations." running up to the old man and sitting down next to him. Meditite greeted Elisa by performing its rhythmic head movements toward the girl, which she responded to with a giggle.

Jonbi smiled softly, his wrinkles stretching. "You are forgiven my friend. Eventually all peace must come to an end sometimes," Cole eyed the old man as he spoke. "but what brings you back so soon? When you left, you told me that you would come back with more information about the Dragon Plates." He quizzed curiously.

Elisa's smile faded, catching Jonbi's attention. "I found leads in Fallarbor Town, but when I went to Devon Corporation to state my thesis, most of the researchers didn't believe me that Rayquaza was linked to the Dragon Plates." Elisa then turned to Cole with a smile, which earned a confused look from him. "Fortunately, Cole here offered to help me on a journey to find more information about the Dragon Plates." She explained.

Cole looked away from the researcher's smiling face, slightly interested in the grassy field to hide the confusion on his face, 'How does she seem so mad at one moment, and then smile and call me a friend the next?' He wondered.

Jonbi glanced at the male Trainer with a light smile. "I'm very grateful that you are helping Elisa. I would love to help as well, but as you can see, I doubt you would want an old man holding such young and enthusiastic kids behind." Jonbi explained with a hearty laugh as he patted his small shoulders. Jonbi was rather small, his large grey shirt looking like a tunic covering his frail body. His hair was a snowy white and he had small bristles of grey poking through his jaw line, forming an unruly beard.

"Don't say that!" Elisa argued softly as she leaned in toward the old man pouting. "We would love for you to join us on our journey!" Elisa then leered her eyes up at Cole causing the Magma Admin to glare back just as hard. It was obvious for him to realize what she wanted him to say.

"Yes that's true sir. We need as much help as we can get." Cole lied with a unwilling nod toward the old man. He knew that he was strong enough without anyone's help.

Jonbi smiled at the two as his Meditite eyed its Trainer curiously, almost feeling as if he was going to agree to the invitation. "It's fine, it's fine! I've gone on so many journeys over my youth that right now I just want to relax and enjoy the peace of nature and Pokemon." Jonbi explained with a simple smile. Elisa's smile faded sadly listening to his reply.

"Do not worry though, there is a way I can assist you on your journey." Jonbi continued, causing the young woman to light up from his words. "But first, let us head back to my cabin. I'm sure you and your Pokemon are tired. I can prepare a lunch." Jonbi offered as he stood up, stretching his back. He grabbed his wooden walking stick and motioned for the pair to follow him. They nodded in response, following the old man back to his cabin.


Cole's nose twitched slightly as he took in the drifting scent of brewing soup and vegetables. Drool started to run from his mouth which he quickly rubbed off from his face before Elisa or the others could notice. He was sitting outside on a picnic bench with Elisa outside of Jonbi's cabin as the old man continued to cook from inside. Glancing over towards Elisa who had, to his surprise, released her Pokemon from their Poke balls. She had a Sealeo and a strange dark blue Pokémon with long black ears at its sides, it was playing with the young woman on the table as they waited for their meals.

"Where did you get that Pokémon from? I've never seen that one before." Cole simply asked, motioning towards the small jackal-like Pokemon.

The young woman blinked from the question, "Riolu here? My father got him when he travelled to the Sinnoh region last year. He was working with scientists that were studying the Legendary Lunar Pokemon and just happened to get an egg holding Riolu from one of the town's people as thanks. He may be rare, but that's not the reason that I love him so much." Elisa smiled as she tickled the young Pokemon playfully who kicked and laughed in response.

"What's the reason then? He must be extremely strong." Cole commented, eyeing the Sinnoh Pokémon with slight envy.

"No, I love him because he's so cute!" Elisa beamed which earned her a dead-panned look.

'That Pokemon could be a potential powerhouse and the only thing she does is cuddle with it? Weirdo...' Cole sighed to himself but was pulled out of his thoughts once Elisa's voice reached his ears again.

"Why don't you bring out your Pokemon? I'm sure they would love some lunch from Jonbi too. He's a very good cook." Elisa suggested, noticing that she had not seen her new colleague's team.

"Yeah. You didn't even get to see my team yet." Cole replied. 'Well most of my team.' His thoughts were bitter as the Poke balls flew into the air.

Elisa couldn't help but look on in quiet awe as Cole's Houndoom, Flygon, Solrock and the last one who she wasn't introduced to as of yet, Lairon materialized onto the grass. All four Pokemon greeted Cole and the others with a happy cry in unison as they stretched out their bodies on the field.

"They look very strong." Elisa complimented as Cole smirked with pride. Being strong and powerful was the only way you could be recognized in Team Magma. An average member wouldn't even be able to speak to a higher ranked member unless addressed to first.

"But what I really like about them is that they look happy. You must be very respectful and caring towards your Pokemon if they all greeted us with smiles." Elisa finished, her honest feelings expressed.

Cole snapped out of his thoughts as the words entered his ears. How did she know that? He had never shown any true affection toward his Pokemon when he was with Team Magma, nor did he even remember revealing anything to her. Cole felt the back of neck begin to feel hot as her words echoed softly in his ears. He was grateful at that moment that she was paying attention to his Pokemon instead of him.

"They're strong because I don't train them recklessly." Cole quickly responded before she could turn to him. He then noticed that Houndoom began to drool when Jonbi exited the cabin holding a massive steaming pot in his hands, followed by his Meditite who was carrying another large pot with its Psychic ability. Cole and Elisa looked on in surprise as Jonbi seemed to be carrying the pot with ease.

"He's stronger than a Pokemon..." Cole abruptly said aloud causing Elisa to giggle.

Jonbi and Meditite placed the pots on the bench with a thud, jolting the pair in surprise. Jonbi then smiled softly at the two, "I hope you and your Pokemon like my Figy Berry Soup!" He bolstered happily before Meditite quickly ran back into the cabin, coming back out with dishes and utensils to give to the three; bowls were placed for each of the Pokemon as well.

Cole and Elisa's Pokémon immediately dove into their spicy meals, devouring their food as their Trainers looked at them with embarrassment. Jonbi laughed and waived off their apologies with a smile. "You two are young. There will be many more years for you guys to learn table manners." Elisa blushed and Cole looked down towards his soup, both eating their own meals slowly.

"But getting into more serious matters, I think this will be able to help you guys on your journey." Jonbi reached into his side pocket and pulled out a small blue object. It was a brilliant sea blue colour, reflecting in the afternoon sunlight in a mosaic of light and dark shades of blue.

Dark brown eyes widened immediately as Cole caught site of the alleged Dragon Plate. It was truly beautiful, although small, he could feel a magical aura resonating from the small plate that Jonbi was holding.

'That light...' Cole swallowed his food in a gulp as he continued to stare at the chipped piece of the Dragon Plate. 'It's shining just like the Red Orb.' Cole put down his spoon and subconsciously put his hand out toward the plate, earning a confused look from the old man.

"I would like you guys to take the Dragon Plate with you on your journey. It may only be a chip of the original, but I feel that it can give you two a lead towards Rayquaza." Jonbi explained as he handed the Dragon Plate to Cole. Elisa glanced from her soup as the young man stared at the small plate silently.

Cole rubbed his thumb over the beautiful treasure, his dark brown eyes skimming over the small pieces of unreadable text that was engraved on the small plate. The cooling aura from the plate was intoxicating. A sudden numbing feeling clawing at him, Cole looked at it his hand in confusion.

There was a red aura coming out from his fingers!

"What the!" Cole cursed as he dropped the plate on the table, blowing on his fingers as if burned.

"Cole! That's an ancient treasure!" Elisa snapped at him as she picked up the Dragon Plate and checked for any damage, ignoring the fact that Cole was hurt. "No one respects history these days!" She cried, getting a laugh out of Jonbi.

"Something...just burned me." Cole muttered back defensively. He was about to continue before his mouth suddenly closed shut.

"Excuses, excuses...You just-" Elisa looked at him in confusion as the young man suddenly seemed to be frozen in place. She felt a sting of panic in her chest when she noticed that his eyes were a strange colour.

'Why are his eyes green?' Elisa shook Cole by the arms frantically as Jonbi and the Pokemon held their breaths in nervous suspense.

"Hey...Come on, snap out of it! What's wrong with you?" She didn't realize that her voice was rising as she continued to shake Cole trying to break his silence.

Suddenly, as if being pushed back into reality, Cole blinked multiple times before gasping for air. Elisa let out a sigh of relief as she dropped her arms. Houndoom and the rest of Cole's Pokemon let out a sigh in unison as well, thankful that their Trainer appeared to be okay.

Cole shook his head out of a daze before looking back at Elisa in confusion. His expression tired while catching his breath. "What just happened? Wasn't I just in a museum...."

"Museum?" Elisa repeated in confusion, "You didn't go anywhere, you just stopped talking and your eyes turned green! What happened?" She then snapped her head back to the Dragon Plate in her hand.

'He said that it burned him...Could the plate have reacted with him?' Elisa questioned herself in shock as she looked back and forth between Cole and the blue coloured tablet.

"It was a museum..." Cole responded as he shook his head once more to get the cobwebs out of his skull. "I couldn't see very well but it was a museum. There were tanks of water and I saw a bigger version of the Dragon Plate."

"What?" Elisa and Jonbi gasped in confusion as Cole looked up to them. "Bigger plate?"

"Yeah, it looked just like the one that you're holding, except...bigger." Cole answered in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Do you think that Cole could have seen a vision of the future or something?" Elisa asked Jonbi who was tapping his stick against the bench in thought. "When he went into that trance, it must have shown him where the full Dragon Plate was located!" Elisa proposed, her voice quivering with excitement from the idea.

"Possibly." Jonbi agreed. "You said that you were at a museum with water?"

Cole nodded.

"The only museum that fits that description in all of Hoenn would be the Oceanic Museum in Slateport City. I think you may have seen the Dragon Plate there." Jonbi concluded as Elisa nodded also, realizing the situation.

"Alright it's settled then. We're going to Slateport City to find that Dragon Plate!" Elisa cheered enthusiastically.

"It'll take too long." Cole interjected, silencing the girl's cheer. "You can't even fly past a forest on Flygon's back; meaning it will take us at least two weeks just to reach Verndanturf Town from here." Cole explained, thinking about the path to Slateport from Rustboro. Elisa sat back down on the bench, her cheeks a modest red. He was right, attempting to race on foot would be too demanding and the Dragon Plate could be moved to somewhere else by then.

"I-I'm not going to fly there if that's what you think." Elisa argued, folding her arms over her chest. Jonbi just looked between Cole and Elisa, trying to hold back a laugh.

"Well, you could reach Slateport in less than a week if you go there by boat." Jonbi announced with humour in his voice. The pair turned from each other to look at Jonbi waiting for him to continue. "There is a small harbour just West from here. I'm pretty sure you can ask one of the sailors to take you down to Dewford Town and then to Slateport City. You will just need to bribe them with money or something shiny." Jonbi explained clearly.

"That's a great idea! We won't need to fly and I can enjoy the ocean view." Elisa beamed happily as Cole frowned, not particularly a fan of travelling by sea but ignored it as long as they reached Slateport City in time.

"Well you two should go now. Those sailors usually head home early in the evening. I have some extra food for the road." Jonbi then disappeared behind the cabin door before coming back with a duffle bag filled with breads and berries. Cole took the bag and nodded a thank you towards him.

"I'll make sure that we find this Dragon Plate and find the mystery behind Rayquaza, Jonbi." Elisa promised as she returned her Pokemon and prepared to leave; Houndoom remained outside as Cole returned his other three Pokemon.

"Can you give me your number so I can call you when we find it?" Elisa asked politely while pulling out her PokeNav.

Jonbi laughed softly as Cole smirked to himself, anticipating the answer. "I don't have a phone here. Phones bring too much noise and confusion in my life. But I'll meet you guys on your journey don't worry." Jonbi smiled.

"But how are you going to do that? You're not leaving to go anywhere. How come you don't have a phone?" Elisa quizzed in confusion.

"If he did, he would have the problem of listening to you over the phone every day." Cole surprisingly jabbed as he hoisted his backpack on as well as the small food bag. Elisa's cheeks flared in anger as Jonbi laughed harder.

"I-I don't talk...that much-"

"He said that he will be in touch, don't worry." Cole finished, cutting the young woman off mid-sentence. "We need to continue our journey and find these Dragon Plates. You want to be recognized by Devon Corporation, right?" Cole asked. Elisa opened her mouth to say something but then stopped and nodded. She put on her own backpack and prepared to leave.

"Good luck you two. Be careful and protect one another!" Jonbi called out as he and Meditite waved after the retreating pair. Elisa waved back happily while Cole gave a quick wave himself. Houndoom barked a goodbye as well as the old man and his partner began to disappear from sight.

"Hope to see you soon Jonbi!" Elisa called back before turning forward and running to catch up with Cole. The Magma Admin looked at Elisa curiously as the young woman smiled to herself enthusiastically.

"You're happy about getting the Dragon Plate?" Cole asked curiously.

"Well yes...But I've never been on a journey before. My second dream was to become an explorer you know, to travel and find rare treasures to bring back home." She smiled childishly, hearing her own words.

"It's basically coming true! We get to travel together and become a real team." Elisa admitted shyly looking up at Cole for his reaction.

"Oh," Cole casually replied causing Elisa to look back down. Her eager thoughts now crestfallen since her new ally did not seem share the same level of enthusiasm.

"So you're not excited about traveling with me?" Elisa bit her lip, cursing herself for letting her thoughts slip.

Cole answered, the question not seeming to faze him. "Well I guess that I am. I've been on journeys in the past," Elisa nodded shyly at his reply, trying to remain casual.

"But I've never travelled with anyone before now that I think about it. I guess it will be fun to go with you." His tone almost sounding excited.

Elisa peeked back up to him, feeling a sudden spark of happiness. "Yeah, I guess it will be fun too." She smiled before turning to the road ahead.

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Best advice I can give at this point: Slow down! I don't think there are any "rules" in regards to updating too frequently (and I will grant that it's awesome that you have the time, energy, and enthusiasm to pump so much of this out in such a short period of time), but you've added 4 chapters in 5 days. As a [potential] reader, that is INCREDIBLY daunting because I feel like I'd NEVER be able to keep up with this. It's actually a turn-off because most people here have work and/or school and their own stories and several other fics they read regularly, and to see something update as quickly as this, it is really hard to keep on top of it.

It's good to let chapters marinate and let people have time to read, enjoy, and comment on them. :) Make us WAIT for the next chapter; it builds anticipation, and that's a good thing.

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Hey, thanks a lot for the review :)
I had a lot of chapters waiting, so I just wanted to send some of them out, but yeah, I guess I went a little overboard :P
I'll give them some time. Thanks again.

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Chapter 5: The Pirate


The gentle lapping of brisk ocean waves and the salty sting of the sea air engulfed the senses of a young boy as he sat on the edge of a boat, over-looking the seaway that led to Dewford Town. He smiled brightly at the scene before him: Wingulls and Pelippers cried out happily as they soared through the air above, eyeing the water's surface for signs of prey. The boy scratched his dirty blonde hair softly before turning to his long time starter Pokemon Wartortle who was fast asleep in its shell, rocking every once in a while to show that it was snoring peacefully. The boy's aqua blue eyes brightened in amusement while watching his sleeping friend. He would be going back to Dewford Town tonight, he thought before sighing, to face some tough company.

"I need to talk to my parents!" The boy finally exhaled, flailing his arms hysterically, before falling onto his back. The wood panels that provided flooring for the ship he had used for his journey creaked softly under the added pressure.

The young Trainer had drastically stopped his Pokemon journey a couple of months ago, realizing that he was never going to live up to the expectations his parents had placed upon him when he began.

'Hey son! Know what'll really kick butt? A super-duper Squirtle!' His brain mocked to him. They had even given him a prized Pokemon from the Kanto region, blatantly bribing him that a rare Pokemon was needed to show others that he was a top-tier Trianer. He played with his hair subconsciously, spinning the small ponytail at the end of his head, remembering the moment.

His mother was a retired, but well known Pokemon Coordinator while his father was a renowned sailor, having sailed through three major regions: Hoenn, the Sevii and Orange Islands in his youth. Even though they urged him to become a Pokemon Master, like most young children, his mind and body had drifted towards his father's past work. A Wingull then landed beside him.

Turning to the small white bird, he smirked. "Hey buddy! Did you get the catch of the day?" He asked eagerly.

The Wingull cried happily, opening its mouth to show a mouthful of small pearls before dropping them into his out-stretched hand. His Wingull was another Pokemon on his team, catching the Water/Flying type back in Dewford. He had taught the Pokémon many moves on his short journey, allowing all of them to get by during their hardships.

"What happened to MY PEARLS!" A man cried out in shock from the other end of the harbour. The boy and his Wingull laughed mischievously as they continued to hear the sailor roar out in a disbelief.

"~More money for us~!" Noah smiled at his friend as he rolled the pearls in his hand, the white orbs glistening beautifully in the late afternoon sun.

Wingull was his little thief, stealing from countless Trainers and shopkeepers during their journey when times were tough. Eyes narrowing from a feeling in his gut, he didn't see anything wrong with it. Were they really going to miss a couple of fruits or Pokedollars when he passed by?

Wartortle then popped out of his shell and groggily looked up at Wingull and Noah who were still giggling in amusement. Looking back and forth between the two before noticing the pearls in Noah's hands, it instantly realized what they had done. Wartortle yawned at the new treasure before withdrawing back into his shell, expectations about its Trainer fulfilled.

'If we keep this up, we should be able to finally upgrade the ship to go on a real sailing adventure! Even the Orange Islands!' Noah smirked as he placed the pearls into his treasure bag next to Wartortle.

"We'll finally be able to sail the high seas forever!" He beamed, sitting up and petting Wingull for the job well done. Wingull ruffled its feathers happily before flapping its long wings to soar back into the darkening sky. The young boy got back up to his perch and fixed his sky blue spring jacket that was draped over his white t-shirt with the traditional Hoenn insignia embedded on its front.

The would-be sailor was just about to prepare for the sail back home before he noticed, from the corner of his eye, a large black dog Pokemon with a couple of adults talking to a fellow sailor at the neighbouring dock. He eyed the male of the group curiously as the girl attempted to reason with the brawny sailor.


"Why can't you just sail us to Dewford Town!..I mean, please?...Um..We can give you money!" A young researcher struggled with the words of her plea, opening up a purse that shamelessly revealed a few measly bills. A bead of sweat ran down Elisa's forehead as Cole looked away from her with shame written all over his face.

A sunburnt face sneered in annoyance as a large sailor tied his boat down, clearly indicating that he was not willing to comply to her offer. "Ya really think that I'm going to sail you two down to Dewford Town? For nothing? Get outta here before I pull my Pokemon out to show you what happens when little pricks piss me off!" He threatened before a free hand reached for his pocket.

"That a challenge?" Cole's eyes narrowed at his potential opponent cautiously.

Panicking in fear of a potential brawl, Elisa turned to Cole and waived her hands in front of him frantically. "C-Calm down! We need him to sail us to Dewford Town at least!" She pleaded, trying to avoid the unnecessary conflict. Cole refrained from replying to the researcher's plea, but continued to hold onto a prepared Poke ball, refusing to take his eyes off the sailor.

"You guys are idiots, tryin' ta bribe me with crap. The least is ten thousand! Ya hear me!" The sailor demanded, smirking at the two for a response.

"Ten thousand?!" Elisa gaped in astonishment.

"Take it or leave it." The sailor shot back, knotting the rope tightly before turning to leave.

"B-But we don't.." Elisa turned back to Cole for help, but he shook his head, earning a look of disappointment in response. He would willingly help, but working for a defeated organization did not exactly come with a high paycheck. She sighed in defeat as the sailor gave the two a smug look before shoving past the pair to leave for the day, intentionally calling out sailor-restricted level swear words in his wake.

"Why would you even show that guy an empty wallet?" Cole asked in confusion, turning back to Elisa after the skirmish.

Elisa sent him a dead-panned look as her initial response, "At least I tried to ask politely! Unlike you who just said: 'Give us the boat.' to everyone else!" snapping back while doing a horrible, yet good by her standards, job of mimicking Cole's smooth voice. "Did you really think that they would just hand it over?" She finally droned, hands on her hips in annoyance.

"We don't need to ask, we can just take a boat. He's already gone." Cole responded in a matter-of-fact tone. He was eyeing the same boat that the sailor had 'willingly' abandoned earlier.

"What?" Elisa gasped in shock. "No, that's just cruel. We need to ask someone for help!" Elisa suggested in a hushed tone as a couple of people walked by.

"Wimp." Cole jabbed back. Elisa's cheeks flared as Houndoom looked at the girl with amusement. The young woman seemed level-headed at first glance, but could be easily riled up whenever Cole said anything to her for some reason. The Dark/Fire type snickered slightly as the two continued to bicker in low tones.

"You guys need a lift?"

Cole and Elisa managed to stop their small banter, both glancing up to a young boy that was sitting on top of a medium-sized boat. He smiled down at the two and waived at them. "I couldn't help but overhear you guys needing a boat?" He glanced around the harbour in mock search of a sailor, but they were all gone to his amusement.

"It doesn't look like anyone is willing to help you guys. But I can." Noah offered with a smirk.

"But you're just a kid." Cole stated simply. Noah's eyebrow twitched slightly as he tried to keep up his smile.

"I'm actually fourteen," He stated coolly. "I'm not a kid anymore."

"...That's still a kid." Noah hung his head in defeat at Cole's obvious reply. "So this is your parent's boat? Where are they so that we can ask them." The Magma Admin's words teetering towards a demand rather than a question.

Noah's shrewd smile that could usually fool anyone couldn't hold up for much longer. When he first spotted Cole, he thought the young man looked very cool. But now, that view of him was quickly slipping. "Uhh...It's my boat? I bought it with my own money. I'm a sailor of the Southern seas of Hoenn. My name is Noah!" Noah announced proudly as he slapped his chest with pride.

Elisa smiled at the boy's exuberance. "It's nice to meet you Noah. My name is Elisa, and this is Cole." She introduced both of them politely. "If you don't mind, would it be alright if you can give us a lift to Dewford Town?" Elisa asked nicely before elbowing Cole's stomach, preventing him from jumping in.

"Sure, it's not a problem. Who would not do a favour for a pretty girl?" Noah smiled, causing Elisa to snicker slightly.

"Thank you so much! Er...Um, we can give you some money for.." Elisa trailed off as she meekly pulled out a couple of bills, her smile breaking down into a shocked one as she remembered her predicament.

'I hope we never have to go to Mauville...' Cole sighed in annoyance, imagining the young woman's feeble attempts at bribery at the Corner slots.

"It's cool!" Noah laughed. "I'm on my way to Dewford Town anyway so it's not a problem for me. Anyway, I have enough money right now so it would feel that I'm stealing from you. Hehehe.." He finished with a hidden smirk. The young sailor then pointed to the side of the boat, "Hold on, I'll get the side bridge down."

"Oh, Thank you! You're so kind!" Elisa beamed happily as she ran over to the side, waiting eagerly.

Cole and Houndoom walked over with less enthusiasm. Coming from the land-locked region of Hoenn, he was not very adept to wet conditions. Ocean waters and sailing was something he was not looking forward too. He leered at Elisa that went unnoticed by her, 'If she wasn't such a wimp and would just fly, we wouldn't need to be begging for a boat ride from some kid.' Cole spat, following suit.

The side bridge bounced off of the wooden dock as Noah's head poked out from the top of the boat. "Alright hop on in! Sit wherever you want, just watch out for the shell." Noah announced as the duo walked onto the base of the ship, Houndoom right behind them.

"Shell?" Elisa asked as she looked around the spacious area to spot a large mahogany coloured shell. She eyed it curiously as it rocked back and forth. "Is that a Wartortle's shell?" Elisa asked as she bent down beside the Water type.

"Ohhhh, smart and pretty!" Noah laughed, causing Elisa to blush modestly. She loved it when people acknowledged her intellect. "Most people in Hoenn have never seen Pokemon from Kanto. You must be really into Pokemon if you know a Wartortle just from the shell." He explained, clearly impressed.

"My family used to travel to the Kanto region when I was younger so I got to see some Starter Pokemon in Pallet Town when I was there. Kanto Pokemon look very exotic compared to the Pokémon here in Hoenn though." Elisa replied with a smile, her usual shy demeanour fading.

Cole continued to watch the two closely as they were now wrapping up their light conversation that he had refused to join in. Now informed about Elisa's keen awareness on Pokemon, he sat down against the front sail of the boat. Houndoom yawned before laying down beside its Trainer and quickly falling into a light nap. Cole then peered at her as the conversation died down, "We need to move quickly in order to reach Slateport in time. You know we have a task to complete." Elisa glanced at him as soon as the words hit her ears. He was right, this wasn't a vacation.

Noah looked between the two curiously before he walked over to the sails and opened them. The two large sails ruffled strongly in the cool winds causing the boat to rock harder in a duet with the ocean waters.

He then looked up to the flock of Wingulls and Pelippers circling above, "Hey Wingull! We're heading out now!" Suddenly one of the birds dived out of the flock and circled around Noah's boat. Noah smiled when he saw his trusty partner return to him once again, "Alright, the winds coming in from the North so we should get there by morning." Elisa and Cole nodded at the announcement as they prepared for the trip. Noah quickly pulled up the anchor and the boat began to push forward with a loud groan of yielding wood.


Cole and Elisa's eyes narrowed at Noah as he gave them an awkward laugh. He scratched the back of his head in innocence as the sailor from the harbour roared at the boat while throwing any random object he could get his hands on. He then turned back to his new companions who were still eyeing him with suspicion.

"Don't look at me like that!" Noah cried in defence. "I don't know what that crazy guy is talking about...hahaha!" Suddenly, Noah's Wartortle popped out of his shell in confusion from the noise, knocking the treasure bag over which spilled a handful of shiny pearls onto the deck. Noah felt his cheeks instantly heat up as Cole and Elisa's faces were blank, the pearls rolling back and forth with the lapping of each wave.

"Are you sure this is your boat." Cole asked dryly as he looked from the pearls to Noah's red face.

"I-It is gonna be a while before we reach Dewford Town so you guys should rest!" Noah suggested while snapping his head back to the horizon, clutching at the wheel with trembling hands.

Cole turned back to Elisa who was still eyeing the young boy. "This wouldn't have happened if we used Flygon."

"Hm?...Flying is too dangerous anyway! I-I think its best if we reached Dewford this way." Elisa fumbled with her words, horrifying memories resurfacing from earlier that day as she took out her sleeping bag.

"Do you really want to go to sleep near a common thief?" Cole asked in a surprised tone. His excitement though, quickly fading, once he realized his own words.

"I'm not a common thief!" Noah barked.

"You're a magnificent thief then?" Cole suggested quickly, a perfect strike on an opportunity.

Noah pounded his head against the wheel."How could you do this on the very first day?" He cried while glaring at his Wartortle in shame for exposing him.

'I just need to deal with them until morning. Just until morning...' Noah repeated aggressively in his head as the boat began to pick up speed, heading south toward the sandy beaches of Dewford.

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Chapter 6: The Dragon Plates


"Why the hell did we have to move the new base to Meteor Falls?" A Magma grunt groaned as he rubbed his bare arms excessively, trying to warm himself in the cold midnight air.

"Shut up." A deep voice shot back, "If you want to complain so badly, why don't you go to Holland and say that to his face?" Koji, one of the newly appointed Team Magma Admins suggested, shivering slightly from the cold breeze. The Magma grunt stared at his superior in shock before shutting his mouth and looking down, fear written all over his face. Complaining to Holland pretty much meant one thing, getting removed from the team permanently. Koji smirked at the lower ranked member's obvious fear before turning back to the view in front of him.

Hundreds of stars twinkled and shone in the night sky, only being upstaged by an eerily large white moon that blended in with a few passing clouds. Koji and the grunt were on guard duty for the night, sitting lazily in front of a secret cave entrance high above the main entrance to Meteor Falls. The roar of the waterfalls inside were still deafening to Koji's ears but it paled in comparison to the chilling winds that pierced at his bones outside.

'Stinkin' Holland..' Koji shivered while stifling a sneeze. Even though he believed that their new leader was going to bring Magma back to thier feet, he still didn't like the situation they were in right now. Basically, everyone had been on standby since Cole was kicked out of Team Magma a couple of days ago. Thinking back, Holland had told him and Tori that they would wait until Cole had found information on any of the Legendary Pokemon, but according to his knowledge, no such news had been given to him or any of the Magma members.

Koji and the Magma grunt yawned in unison as another chilling wind rolled by. Being the lookout for the night was the worst job of all, 'Why was I even appointed to such a low task?' Koji thought grudgingly as he cracked his bare knuckles. He was one of the new Magma Admins! He rightfully deserved a better job, like finding any remaining clues about Groudon, searching for the broken pieces of the Red Orb.

'Or...Or?...' He pondered trying to think of another serious task he could be completing right now, anything but lookout duty.

Suddenly a small sound broke the midnight silence and both men shot up from their positions, Poke balls in hand. It was coming from the hidden path.

'Did one of those idiots not seal the path off properly?' Koji swore, fearing the worst as one his Poke balls flashed white in the frozen moonlight. Koji was about to release hell upon the intruder before a young woman came into view with a Ninetales trotting at her slim legs. Both Magma members released their held breaths when they recognized it was the only female Magma Admin, Tori. The grunt seemed to be more mesmerized by the girl's beautiful amethyst eyes and seductive curves that innocently swayed with each step, rather than the fact that they could have been ambushed. Koji dropped his guard with a sigh as he watched the youngest Admin walk by them.

"No hi?" Koji asked in mock sadness as the young woman was about to turn into the dark shadows of the cave.

Tori stopped in her tracks along with her Ninetales who reflected the same bored attitude as its Trainer, "For what reason? I need to report to Holland about the Dragon Plates." Tori explained casually turning back to the cave entrance.

Koji's dark sapphire eyes lit up curiously, "Dragon Plates? What the hell is that?" He asked, clearly confused.

Tori gave him a dejected look, 'He was never informed, ahh the poor loser. I guess Holland could only entrust me with that new information from Cole.' She thought proudly, knowing that she was the favourite new Admin of the trio.

"You weren't informed were you? I guess you must be on Holland's bad side again because whenever we get new information, you seem to be the last one to hear it." Dark purple eyes glinting mischievously from the taunt.

Sapphire eyes flared towards loathing amethyst from her comment, "What did you say? I'm stronger than you and Cole! Why would I be on Holland's bad side?" already getting edgy. "You know that he sees me as the greatest Trainer out of all of us. I even have the strongest Pokemon, so tell me about the Dragon Plates!" Koji spat angrily, making a fist.

"You're the strongest?" Tori asked, soft pink lips churning upward with glee, "From what I remember, Cole has mopped the floor with you multiple times. And I'm pretty sure that I've whooped your butt over and over again too." Tori replied with a devilish smile causing the lowly grunt to blush scarlet.

"You two brats barely get on top!" Koji's temper just rose at the young woman's comments. She wasn't lying sadly, but he did not want to admit it. Cole and Tori were in a class of their own, he may have been the oldest and longest serving member for Team Magma between the three, but Holland had found two high potential Trainers during their younger years and nourished that potential into dangerous results.

"I wish she would whoop my butt."

Koji glared at the Magma grunt for his perverted comment and punched him roughly in the back of the head causing him to drop to the ground in pain. "Just shut up!" The eldest Admin barked, "What are the Dragon Plates?" Koji finally demanded after the grunt had stopped whimpering on the ground.

"You can find that out for yourself. You've already wasted precious time because of your slow brain." Tori smirked before turning to leave. She did not respond again, even though Koji had barked at her to return.

"Stupid woman." Koji swore under his breath before glaring back up to the starry midnight sky. "How did she even get by the barrier? You can't even enter once it's up..." He pondered aloud as he scratched through his short brown hair in confusion.

"She must have passed those boulders and traps with her beauty sir!" The grunt answered with enthusiasm.

"Shut up!" Koji punched the grunt again causing him to keel over in pain.

She was only on Holland and the rest of team's good side because of her beauty. Long raven black hair that ran down her sleek neck, curves that would cause any other girl to loathe in envy, and eyes, 'Those eyes.' Koji thought darkly as the girl's beautiful dark purple eyes flashed through his memory. Those eyes put men into some kind of trance, unwillingly making them fall into her control. She was able to give off that seductive hypnosis to basically anyone, even surprisingly to female members of the team, not that he minded though. Well, everyone except for one person.

"Cole.." Koji's eyes narrowed in thought.

Whenever Tori tried to persuade Cole's decisions during Groudon's resurrection phase, she would always be rejected before she could even give the boy a smile. His negative attitude towards Tori's advances had caused Koji to question the boy's very manhood sometimes but he knew it couldn't be like that.

'He's just too weird to be tricked so easily by others.' Koji hurriedly decided before stretching his toned arms. 'If she got through the barriers, then she most likely made a mess of things with that Ninetales.' He thought with a groan, grabbing the lowly Magma member and dragging him towards the base of the path.


Holland sat at his desk, preparing to retire for the night. Ever since Cole had called him earlier yesterday, he had been looking for any information about the elusive Dragon Plates that the young Admin spoke of. So far, there were no leads that he could find except for that there were three of them. 'This could be a joke.' Holland thought bitterly as he closed his eyes, listening to the roar of the waterfalls in the heart of the mountain.

Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted once he heard a gentle knock on the door to his office. "Enter." Holland ordered before a young woman came through the door with a beautiful creamy coloured Ninetales at her side. Holland watched the youngest Admin of the newly built trio intently as she bowed to her leader.

"Sorry to interrupt you sir. But my team and I found some information about the Dragon Plates." Tori announced raising her head with a serious face. Although Tori did view her superior as handsome, in an older guy sort of way, she would never try to flirt during business.

"Let's hear it." Holland ordered.

"We were able to find a man by the name of Jin in Fallarbor Town yesterday afternoon when you sent us out to collect information." Tori started, hands at her sides as Ninetales sat silently. "He had been investigating the lake just West of the town for any clues that could link to the strange weather phenomena that we experienced a couple of weeks ago." Holland's cold expression remained fixed on the young beauty, but she did not waver from his gaze. "Basically when we confronted him, he said that the occurrences were caused by the Legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza." Tori explained.

Holland's tired eyes flashed in the swaying ceiling light at the sound of the news, "What else did he tell you?"

Tori continued, "He told us that Rayquaza was most likely the reason for the strange weather because of an imbalance between the Red, Blue, Green and Jade Orbs."

"Jade Orb?" Holland asked, confused.

"There are four orbs?" His voice rising as vivid memories rushed back into his head, recollecting on the battle between the three Legendary Beasts of Hoenn, within Sootopolis City. Those young, but powerful Trainers, Brendan and May, had found the Green Orb and summoned Rayquaza when Maxie and Archie were having their duel between the land and sea. That dragon had used an attack that completely blew his mind away when he first saw it. An amazing light had engulfed everything that sent Groudon and Kyogre back to their resting places before Rayquaza had flown back into the upper atmosphere. Never to be seen again, until now apparently.

He recalled that the Red and Blue Orbs shattered in the light after the climactic battle. Venturing deeper into those thoughts, he remembered Cole had taken the remains of the Red Orb, trying to resurrect Groudon but to no avail, the broken shards had supposedly lost all of their power but some illogical light had seeped into Cole when he touched it. He had been unconscious for a week but had no memory of the past events.

"Yes sir." Tori replied, breaking his train of thought.

"I was skeptical at first when he told me about another orb, but I'm positive that he was telling the truth." Tori's voice was delicate when her superior turned to her, but remained strong. "He told us that the Jade Orb was supposed to be used as some sort of counter source of energy towards the Red, Blue and Green Orbs, keeping the balance between land, sea and sky intact for Hoenn."

Holland eyed Tori with intrigue causing the young woman to finally crumble, averting her eyes shyly. "...Jin told me that the Jade Orb's power is split up into three different plates of energy that may be connected to Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza respectively."

Holland nodded his head, amazed by the vast amount of information that was basically being handed to him. "Continue." He demanded.

"I was able to find out that they are called the Ocean, Earth and Sky Plates. He also told me that they were called Dragon Plates because, when they were first discovered hundreds of years ago, they were found with Rayquaza at the Sky Pillar. The Jade Orb is supposed to be the first orb ever created and that it was buried underneath the Sky Pillar so that it would not be activated if all three plates are returned there." Tori then let out a breath, finishing her report.

"Amazing," Holland commented in astonishment. "A negative orb that counteracts the three other orbs that control the beasts of Hoenn. So these Dragon Plates must have been activated when the Red, Blue and Green Orbs were destroyed." Holland concluded as he rubbed his temples in deep thought. This Jin person was a lucky find, he had to admit. The information that he was able to give them was extremely valuable.

"Excellent work Tori, I knew I could count on you to find information about the Dragon Plates in such a short amount of time." Holland praised as he got up from the small wooden desk.

Tori felt her cheeks begin to heat up from her superior's praise, "It wasn't a problem sir." She said quietly as the leader of Team Magma paced back and forth in the room.

"If what this Jin person told you is correct, then it must mean that Cole was telling the truth after all about summoning Rayquaza under our control. Does Jin have any of the Dragon Plates?" Holland asked, this time catching Tori off-guard.

"N-No sir." She stuttered, "He told me that he's been searching all over Hoenn for clues and that the only possible Dragon Plate is in the custody of the Oceanic Museum at the moment." Tori answered, still avoiding her leader's gaze.

"I see." Holland sat back down, assessing his strategies and options. He then looked back at Tori who was ready for her next orders. "For the time being I want all of Team Magma on standby." He announced.

"Sir?" Tori asked, dumbfounded by his words. "Not to argue sir, but shouldn't we steal the Dragon Plate from the Oceanic Museum for more information about the Jade Orb's powers?" Tori asked. She had never tried to argue with Holland ever since he had obtained the position of Magma leader a couple of years ago.

"Yes, that would be a good plan, but ever since our last visit to Slateport, the police have been keeping that building locked out from most of the public. I know you would like to find more information but it would be pointless from what you told me without more clues. These Dragon Plates are extremely elusive, so sending out our small amount of remaining Magma members would be a waste of time and energy." Holland's dark eyes narrowed, they were losing members these days. "I already have a significant lead that should get me results in time." Holland explained, his firm jaw melding into a smirk.

"Cole..." Tori concluded, a common feeling of jealously rising in the pit of her stomach. He was the true favourite and she knew that, everyone did. She considered Cole the best Trainer remaining on Team Magma, except for Holland of course, but even she had trouble admitting that.

'When he battles...' Her thoughts were laced with envy, replaying countless battles she had seen him in. 'I bet he finds a strategy to beat you before you even try your first move.' She sighed. He was truly powerful, only seeing him lose against Holland, but that was after he faced like five other members straight.

Thoughts beginning to wander, she asked herself why such a powerful and honest Trainer would join the life of Team Magma. Usually those types of Trainers were on the 'good' side like those kids that she remembered two years ago, Brendan and May. They were an aggravating and relentless duo that ruined both Magma and Aqua's plans: later learning that they were the children of Hoenn's top Pokemon Professor and Petalburg City's Gym Leader. No wonder they had caused so much trouble during the Continent Project, they were what you would truly call 'gifted' Trainers.

"He already has a lead with a girl he met in Rustboro City," Holland's deep voice snapped Tori out of her thoughts.

"A girl?" Tori mused, forgetting her tone of voice in front of her leader. "That loser could never ge-"

"That has nothing to do with our project, Tori." Holland's sharp voice cut of the girl's speech immediately, she bowed her head in apology. "Cole has an apparent lead that should get him to one of the Dragon Plates. And if he's doing the job right, he should be in Slateport in a couple of days with similar info that we have." Holland nodded towards Tori, "We can use you and him to get into the Oceanic Museum since he wasn't involved last time." stating his current plan.

"Once he obtains it, he'll tell me and we'll see if this whole Dragon Plate, Jade Orb and Rayquaza summoning business is really the truth or not." He concluded while folding his hands in conclusion.

"Yes sir. So we're on standby for the time being?" Tori asked in confirmation.

"Yes, for most of us. I want you to find more information about the Dragon Plates or the Jade Orb. I can trust you with that task, right?" Holland asked, catching the young Admin off-guard again.

"Of course sir!" Tori bowed again.

"Excellent. Don't push yourself too far though. I don't want you to tire yourself out when we begin to put actions into phase. You can leave now." Holland waved his hand at the door and she exited immediately.

Tori passed the two grunts guarding the Magma Leader's door without looking at them and quickly turned a corner to a few corridors until she stood on the main floor of the base, over-looking the Meteor Falls raging waters. She caught her breath as she tried to calm herself down.

"I did it!" Tori whispered to her Ninetales who looked at her in confusion. "I can't believe he told me to go easy out there. Do you know what that means?" Tori asked her Pokémon in controlled excitement. Ninetales just cocked its head to the side, waiting for her to continue. "I must be the favourite now! Holland is asking me to obtain more information for him." She hugged her Ninetales softly before turning her gaze back to the beautiful waterfall that shimmered softly in the white moonlight that peeked through small cracks of the ceiling above.

'I will not fail Holland.' Her thoughts sharp as she pumped a fist to the waters below.

Holland had taken her from an orphanage when she was a young girl. He had told her that he was going to be like a father to her but that was only to lead her away from the orphanage's grasp. When he did finally get her, he said that she had the potential to be a powerful Trainer someday.

'Of course I'm strong..' Amethyst eyes sparkling from the reflective waters of Meteor Falls, she knew of her real history. She was the daughter of a long retired Battle Frontier Brain, but that member had died during an adventure to the Orre region years ago, where he was apparently killed by a reckless organization.

'He had taken me in when I thought there was nowhere for me to go...' Tori smiled as her thoughts drifted. He was basically like her father, she adored him. This close relationship probably was the only reason as to why he was not as cruel to her as he was to the other members, but she did not care, as long as she was just near him.

"Let's head back now." Tori urged her first Pokemon as she got up. "We'll need plenty of rest for tomorrow and the coming days. Who knows how long that stupid guy will take until he finds info on the Dragon Plates." She smirked confidently. "I can find ten times the amount in half the time!" Tori explained, referring to the 'strongest' Admin with annoyance.

"Nine!" The Fire type replied happily. Tori silently moved towards her private room, knowing what her next objective was in order please Holland: Find information on the Dragon Plates, and fast.


Thanks for reading! I'd appreciate any thoughts on my story :)

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Chapter 7: A Hero?



Cole grumbled angrily, a sudden jolt in his side. Someone was clearly doing a poor job of waking him in up. "W-What?" He barked getting up to lock eyes with the boy that ferried him and Elisa to Dewford.

Bright aqua eyes shimmered in the morning sun as a young boy flashed a smirk, "We've reached Dewford Town you know." Cole didn't seem to care what the boy had to say, sitting up right while rubbing his eyes tiredly. "Not even a thank you? Man, I don't see why Elisa is travelling with you if-"

"Where's Elisa." Cole cut him off, earning a scoff from the young sailor. He looked around, taking in his surroundings.

The trio had reached the beach town. The small ship was rocking gently against the dock from the lapping waves as he could hear the lively chatter of the town ahead. Houndoom was peering over the front of the boat; clearly waiting for his trainer to wake up, but the researcher he had partnered with was no where to be found.

"She went into town because she didn't want to wake you." Noah started as he leaned over the edge beside Houndoom. "She said that she'll be at the Pokemon Centre." He smiled cheekily.

"Alright, good." Cole quickly hopped off of Noah's ship along with Houndoom, heading towards the lively town as Noah sent a sneer in the Trainer's direction due to his apparent lack of manners.

'He could at least say thank you, thanks, Good job bud-anything?...' Noah's sapphire eyes then gleamed with a devilish grin once Cole faded from sight in the bustling streets, 'Have fun at the Pokemon Centre sucker; she went into the gossip house.' Noah snickered happily as the older male disappeared behind a couple of houses. 'Ha! Thank that, ya loser!' Nodding his head repeatedly, proud of his efforts.

"That's what he gets for being so rude. How does Elisa deal with him?" He asked himself before jumping off as well, relief flooding his senses now that he would not have to work with that tall weirdo anymore. He couldn't forget what he came here for.

'Time to go back home...' Noah sighed as he slowly moved to his house.


Exiting the bustling food markets of South Dewford, Cole attempted to shield his dark brown eyes from the blinding rays of the late morning sun above him as one of his Pokemon happily trotted along in front. Cole glanced forward with annoyance to the Dark/Fire type who seemed invigorated by the added heat of the day while he himself, although used to this weather from birth, was sweltering underneath his now open sand-coloured jacket and black cargo pants.

"Where is she?" Cole pondered while combing through his black hair, scanning the outskirts of market with slight concern. He and Houndoom had been searching all morning for their new companion, but the luck they were once overflowing with seemed to be drying up in the heat of the blazing sun.

The young Admin took a deep breath, the enticing smell of sizzling meat filling his nostrils as he noted the places he swept through: Pokemon Centre, Dewford Gym, the shipyards and Pokemon Centre all over again. Elisa, sadly, was no where to be found. With the ever-sinking feeling that he had been played by someone, Cole had stopped at the markets in order to feed his Pokemon, and cool off.

"At least someone's satisfied. Isn't that right girl? When are the pups coming?" Cole happily cooed with a smirk as his eyes narrowed at his partner. Houndoom tripped slightly, its stomach a size that would mistake him for a female about to birth multiple Houndours.

"Houunnnn!" Red eyes glaring back, the fire hound growled, hearing its Trainer's smart remark. Turning around to the chagrin of the Magma Admin to give Cole its own flaming comeback, something rather soft bounced off its side, preventing Houndoom from releasing an Ember attack.


Cole blinked twice as a flash of pink hit the soft sand below. Tipping his head to the side, Cole could only stare as a little girl no older than seven in a pink dress pushed herself up off the sand while muttering childish complaints to herself.

"You okay?" The Magma Admin asked.

"I-I'm fine!" The young girl snapped back, bright brown eyes ablaze with determination.

"Good to know." Cole replied quickly, his legs moving forward without a stop to the quiet bewilderment of the little girl.

"You didn't say sorry!" The girl cried as Cole continued on, his surprise fading.

"You ran into my Pokemon." Cole stated without stopping, nearly smirking from the girl's argument. "You should say sorry to Houndoom."

The little girl gasped at Cole's words, her skirt twirling as she turned to the confused fire hound beside her. "I-I'm sorry! Mr. Doggy!"

Cole nearly tripped from the little girl's words as Houndoom barked happily at the apology. Turning to her, the young Admin could see that she was petting Houndoom with one hand while smiling brightly at him, her short brown hair matted to her forehead with sweat. His eyes narrowed, annoyance now sliding over to anger with the luck he was having: No Elisa, no Dragon Plate, no transportation, but by all means. A little girl who didn't even listen to him, he'd gladly deal that. The Magma Admin took in a sharp breath.


"Houndoom let's go." Cole ordered. His Starter Pokemon obeyed instantly, turning from the now shocked brown eyes of the girl before attempting to go after its Trainer.

"Hou!" It was not until a gentle yelp was heard behind him, that Cole jerked back to see the little girl pulling on Houndoom's tail!

"What..." Cole managed to choke out.

"Y-You have to help me!" She cried while Houndoom's claws dug into the sand to ease the pain. "P-Please save my brother! Bad guys from Team Aqua are after him!" Her words trembling as they escaped her mouth.

Gaping at the scene in front of him, one of his strongest Pokemon kneeling to a mere child, he finally blinked once the words hit him. 'Aqua?' His dark brown eyes hardened as he walked up to the girl. "Where is he?"

The girl's brown eyes shined brightly. "Follow me!"


Running with his latest surprise of the seaside beach town, Cole ran alongside Houndoom as the Dark/Fire type carried the little girl on its back, her pink dresses flapping wildly from the speed of the fire hound.

"There's my brother!" She cried as Cole snapped his attention forward. Not too far from them, on the outskirts of the beach that merged with the forest, a young boy was huddled on the sand. A surge of adrenaline rushing to him once he locked onto three older teens that were standing above the girl's brother, kicking at him repeatedly.

"You suck kid!" One of the older boys laughed as he jabbed his foot into the younger male's yellow t-shirt, causing him to cry out in pain.

"You don't even know how to battle!" The other one insulted fiercely as he wound up for a devastating blow. "Take thi-"

A strong hand blocked the boy's strike, surprising him, before the hand snatched his leg and sent him flying backwards. "What the hell?" He swore as he dropped to the sand with a thud.

Cole stood in front of the boy who groggily shook off the pain as Houndoom skidded to a stop beside him. "Miggy!" The little girl cried as she shoved her face into her older brother's chest.

The boy smiled fondly at his little sister before looking underneath him. A small silver Pokemon was panting slightly, groaning in pain as it stood up on its stubby legs. "Are you alright, Aron?" Miguel asked. The Steel/Rock type nodded slightly, wobbling for balance as Cole eyed the teenagers in front of him.

"Are you looking for a fight?" Cole's voice was sharp like steel in front of the three males. Only two seemed to be affected by it as they quickly jumped back behind the tallest boy of the group. His dark brown eyes widened in shock once he glanced upon the light blue bandannas that displayed a skull 'A' before he quickly composed himself.

"Team Aqua is done." He stated cautiously.

The taller, supposed leader of the group smirked at Cole. "We're bringing them back! Team Aqua is the coolest!" He then glared at the boy behind Cole who jumped in response. "That punk thought he could beat us with his little Aron! Aqua uses Water Pokemon; they'll never lose to Pokemon that stick on land all day!" The tallest boy laughed, his friends following along.

"Now get out of here so we can teach him a lesson!" He finally barked at Cole, pulling out a Great Ball from his belt, its blue and white surface glistening in the sunlight.

Cole immediately looked back at Houndoom, "Keep them safe." his Pokemon nodded before heaving Aron onto its back. Turning forward, Cole pulled out a Poke ball. "Care for a wager?" The Magma Admin smirked.

"What are you up to?" The leader asked, preparing for the inevitable.

"I win, leave the kids alone." Cole demanded.

"And if I win?" The teenage boy smirked.

The two younger boys then gasped at Cole who did not respond, their leader clenching his fist in anger from Cole's silence. "We'll see who's the winner; Go, Corphish!" He barked as a small crab-like Pokemon materialized onto the sand, pincers snapping repeatedly.

Cole smirked to himself as he threw his Poke ball into the air. "Lairon!" In a flash of bright light, a large iron-plated Pokemon materialized onto the sand as well, its blue eyes wide as it stared down its opponent.

Not too far away from the group, a boy and girl gasped at their apparent saviour's choice of Pokemon. "H-He can't win with a Rock type!"

The teenager smirked confidently as he looked over Cole's Lairon with confidence. "Rock type Pokemon! Ha, piece of cake! Corphish, Crabhammer!" Using its spiny legs, the Water type launched itself into the air as its pincer glowed a light blue.

Dark brown eyes narrowed as Lairon scratched at the sand, primed to fight. "Iron Defence!"

"No way!" The three boys gasped in unison as Corphish's pincer slammed into Lairon's head. Waves of sand blasting away from the attack; the impact mimicking the resonance of a massive bell as Corphish struggled to push forward. Lairon grunted from the impact but remained unmoving, locked in place.

Cole glared at the three not to far from him, sending shivers down their spines. "Lairon, Headbutt!" The Iron Armor Pokemon gladly obeyed as it lifted the front portion of its body before flinging its massive head into a defenceless Corphish.

A sickening crack was heard as the Ruffian Pokemon was sent flying backwards, passing the three boys and crashing into the sandy surf, waves erupting into the air. They could only gape in silence as Lairon roared victoriously, stomping the sand with its heavy feet.

"...That Pokemon is really strong..." The little girl sighed in awe as she peeked over their protective Houndoom. Miguel could only squeeze a bit harder on his partner Aron, hearing the shouts of rage from the boys that attacked him. Their amateur Aqua bandannas were beginning to blow in a rising wind.

"Great job!" Cole called as he pulled out his Poke ball again. But before he could return it, the leader stamped his feet in frustration before sneering at him.

"Let's see if you can beat my ace!"

Cole could only take in a sharp breath as a massive, serpent-like beast exploded into the ocean waters. The waves crashed onto the sandy beach as Cole slowly lowered his Poke ball. 'This kid has some fight in him.' Cole almost smirked as the boy's Gyarados screeched to the sky while slamming its heavy tail into the shallow waters.

"You scared now!" The leader yelled, his voice quivering. "You better return that stupid land Pokemon! Only Water Pokemon rule Dewford!"

"This better be your last one." Cole's demeanour did not change along with his Lairon who stared at its massive opponent, eyes unwavering.

"W-Wha?" The boy gasped again along with his followers. He had enough of Cole's insults. "That's it! Gyarados, Tackle it!" The massive serpent obeyed, waves rising as it dived towards Lairon on the sandy dunes.

Watching safely from the sidelines, Miguel and his sister could only gasp in complete shock as the monstrous Gyarados slammed face-first into Lairon. But it was not the initial hit that surprised them.

"W-What is that thing made of?" The boys cried as Lairon slid back, at most, a single foot while Gyarados growled from the impact. Sand blowing up in the wind, the sky blue eyes of the Steel/Rock type remained fixed on the trembling red eyes of Gyarados, unfazed from the Tackle attack.

Cole's eyes remained focused as he stared at the battlefield. Even though these kids were just amateurs, the bandannas forced the Magma Admin to unwillingly remember dark shades of his past. Battling Water Pokemon constantly forced him to teach his Pokemon multiple ways to get around that disadvantage, like turning defence into offence.

"Shock Wave!"

All three boy's dropped onto their behinds as Lairon roared, bright yellow bolts of electricity that rivalled the brightness of the morning sun poured out of its steel body before connecting directly with Gyarados. The Atrocious Pokemon could only bellow with pain as it jolted upwards, the close proximity between them sending streaks of yellow to circle around its long body before it crashed back into the ocean waters. Lairon huffed, sands blasting around its steel body, the battle was over.

Cole immediately walked over to the fallen teenagers, who were now cowering in fear. His brown eyes were dark with anger as he ripped the bandannas from the top of their heads, each one crying out lightly from fear of physical abuse.

"W-W-We're really sorry!" They all begged, bowing multiple times as Cole towered over them, his tanned arms crossed. The Magma Admin crushed the bandannas in his fist.

"I don't care about the kid." Cole's words made all three snap back to his face with confusion.

"Team Aqua have committed multiple crimes in Hoenn that have endangered countless people." His words were sharp, making the group of boy's eyes widen with attention. "If you are ever seen trying to play Aqua again...Team Magma will personally come after you,"

Deep brown eyes flickered, "...and your families." With those words, the boys jumped, fear plastered on their faces.

"Get out of here now." And with that, the group sprinted off, tears flowing from their eyes from their actions.


Walking back to the young boy and his sister, Cole knelt down to Miguel and his Aron; Lairon right behind its Trainer as it looked on with concern. Pulling out a small orange spray-bottle from his backpack, Cole sprayed the Super Potion onto Aron who cried out softly, causing Miguel to jump.

"Don't worry, its just a sting." His words were soft, calming Miguel and his sister down as Aron opened its eyes slowly, blinking from the strong sunlight.

"Aron!" Both children cried as they hugged the small Pokemon who cried out happily.

Cole stood up, before handing the Super Potion to Miguel. "Keep it, I'll bring you guys to the Pokemon Centre." He informed as he slid the single strap backpack around himself.

"You were really strong mister!" The little girl squealed, shaking Cole's hand excitedly. "You showed those Team Aqua meanies!" Cole smirked from the little girl's words before Miguel spoke up.

"None of them are good."

Brown eyes widened as Cole turned to Miguel who returned his Aron. "Team Aqua and Magma both hurt Pokemon and people. I'll never trust 'em." Miguel then looked up with a bright grin, Cole's eyes could only tear away from the sight. "But I'm happy that good people like you protect everyone from those bad guys!" His voice high with happiness.

Cole's eyes glanced back to the two children that he saved, both were smiling happily towards him. Fading memories of his battles in a Magma uniform resurfacing; they contradicted the boy's very words.

Why would a bad guy help the weak?

His mind mocked him as the children clasped onto Cole's hands to his surprise and squeezed hard. The Aqua bandannas slipped from his fingers, relaxing from the sensation.

"Thank you!"

The words were simple. So simple. But they continued to seep down into Cole's very soul. Chipping away at a wall he never thought existed.


"I'm home..." Noah gulped nervously as he stood outside the white gates of his family's large house.

When you were successful, like his parents, showing off became a daily routine. Flowers of multiple colours dotted the front garden and a stone pathway that led to the front door. It had been a long time since he last came here, but it had not changed a bit.

'This is no time to daydream!' He yelled at himself as he shook his head trying to be brave, 'Just go in there and tell them how you feel.' He took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

It took only a few seconds, but the time felt like hours to Noah as he saw movement at the door. A slender woman opened the front door and in no time he heard the usual squeal from his mother.

"Noah!" The gates opened immediately as he smiled sheepishly walking up to his mother who was running at him in a full sprint. She wrapped him in her usual death hug and he suffocated, barely able to hug back.

"I-I missed...y-you too mom!" Noah cried trying to free himself. His mother finally calmed down, slightly allowing the young boy to gasp for air.

"My baby!" She released him, bright blue eyes brimming with tears. "I thought that you would be going to Lavaridge Town for your fourth badge?" putting her hands on her hips, "Or have you come back to rest before you set off again?"

Noah averted his matching eyes with his mother Areta as she awaited an answer; this was the exact situation he dreaded. "Well...you see..." Noah scratched the back of his head as his mother peered at him.

"I kind of don't want to compete for the Pokemon League Championships anymore..." he ended with a nervous smile.

Areta gave him a blank look. Noah could only sweat bullets awaiting her brutal response. It could only be the worse thing imaginable. "So you've given up on yourself." She stated simply.

Noah hung his head, her words cutting into him like a sharp blade. "I haven't given up mom!" He replied trying to keep his courage up, "It's just that...I really want to travel the world like dad did, as a sailor!"

Areta narrowed her eyes, piercing at any hope he had left. "You're father and I went all the way to the Kanto region to ensure you had the best Pokemon to compete with the best Trainers in Hoenn!" Her voice was rising, "Are you telling me that after all the effort and time we put into making you become a successful Trainer; you just want to throw it away and become a sailor! Where's the money in that career? You're father was a Sailor and a Trainer, he competed in multiple League Championships!" Areta lectured crossing her arms.

Noah fought every urge in his body not to run away, "I know that...I just don't-" his weak reply was cut short when a taller figure came out the front door. He grimaced. It was his father, Edmond.

"Aree? What's the ma-" Edmond stopped as his light blue eyes caught onto young boy ahead, "Noah!" He cheered as he ran over to his only son and playfully slapped him on the back. "You've finally come back for a visit! How were you're adventures?" Edmond asked happily.


Edmond's brow furrowed in confusion as he looked between his silent son and stern looking wife. It didn't take long for him to come to a conclusion. "What did he do?" He asked Areta.

"He doesn't want to be a Trainer anymore." Edmond looked down at his son who was trying to keep a straight face and not breakdown. Areta continued, "He said he wants to be only a sailor and go on a foolish joy ride over seas." She turned to walk inside, "You deal with him." The door slammed shut.

"Are you too weak to be a Trainer?" Edmond scoffed at his son, "Every boy with a right mind wants to become a Pokemon Master."

"I know that!" Noah cried tearing away from his father's arm. Edmond's eyes widened at his son's outburst, he had never talked back before. "But I love the ocean! I want to follow the same path that you did! Why can't I do that?" Noah tried desperately to keep his voice down, but was failing miserably.

"Noah!" Edmond roared causing his son to shut his mouth from going any further. "Life isn't all about fun and games! You would know that if you took your journey seriously! You really think that everything will work in your favour if you go out there alone without a real plan! I could only sail because I was battling Trainers around the region!" His voice booming.

"Where do you think you're going?" Edmond suddenly barked as Noah bolted towards the front gates.

"You told me! Even if I live the rest of my life at sea, it will always be a better home than here!" Noah snapped back. His father flinched as his son turned a corner and was out of sight in seconds.

Noah slapped at his face trying to remove as many tears as possible, but they continued to fall. His parents were always like this; constantly pushing his own dreams down while trying to force a life that fit their own standards.

"I don't need them! I only need my Pokemon and the ocean by my side!" Noah cried as he stormed towards the markets.

There was an uncomfortable silence in the yard before Areta came back through the door, delicate hands clenched with worry. "He's actually serious about this?" She questioned in surprise.

Edmond sighed, scratching his head trying to find some explanation. "He'll be back, just needs time to cool off." He smiled at his wife.

"I'm happy that he's finally standing up for himself, but he can't just rush into the life of sailing only." He turned around and walked inside with his wife. "When he comes back, we'll deal with it." The door closed softly this time as the two waited patiently for their son to return.

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Chapter 8: Home Sweet Home


Perhaps I don't want to carve out my own path.

I only wanted to follow yours.


"So you haven't heard anything about Rayquaza being linked to the strange weather occurrences in Fallarbor Town?" Elisa repeated slowly to a woman who was currently talking to someone on a cell phone.

"Why no dear!" The large woman laughed while waving off the question, "But have you heard the saying that there is a deep connection between the women in Lilycove City and Relicanth's Rock Head ability? I just got the big news from my cousin today!" she squealed, her cheeks full with glee.

"What does that have to do with anything! You're completely off-topic!" Elisa complained, dropping her head in defeat. The large woman however paid no attention to the distraught researcher as she turned away, her face red as she whispered into the cell phone.

Elisa sighed in frustration, she had come to Dewford Hall earlier that day to get any leads on Rayquaza or the Dragon Plates, but to no avail. The people in the massive open house where currently running back and forth between tables, chattering about the latest gossip on Pokemon, celebrities and trendy sayings. She had tried multiple times to get someone's attention but they completely brushed her off because her story apparently wasn't spicy enough. She huffed, Legendary Pokemon were the only news she ever wanted to hear about.

"I should have brought Cole, he would have gotten something out of them..." Elisa muttered under her breath before heading back towards the entrance. "I might as well get him, we need to find another sailor that can take us to Slateport." Elisa sighed, exiting the doors of Dewford Hall.

Thinking back towards the events last night, she remembered how Cole constantly teased the young boy of their free pass to Dewford about the 'pearl incident'. Frowning slightly, she was sure that Noah would have broke if she had not stepped in. 'He's a nice kid, giving us a free pass to Dewford for nothing in return. How are we going to get someone like that again?' Elisa wiped a few beads of sweat from her brow as the sun beat down on her face, her hair itchy from the heat. Suddenly, an empty feeling rose in the pit of her stomach.

"Err...Cole can wait, I'm hungry." She snickered slightly while a low growl agreed with her. Drool running down the side of her lip, Elisa turned for the market district in search of a meal.


Elisa sighed happily as she finished off one of Dewford's local specials: The Pinap Berry Sundae. The enticing sweet taste melting on her tongue as the mid afternoon sun rained down on the busy market. She turned to her Riolu who was quietly watching the shoppers pass by, "Where do you think he could be?" She asked her small friend. "I told Noah to tell him to meet me near Dewford Hall, but that was a long time ago..." Riolu let out a lazy yawn in response, clearly not interested. "You don't think he got lost here?" She asked.

Riolu smiled with a yes, earning a giggle from Elisa.

"Mam?" It was the vendor, "Will you be having anything else today?" He asked.

"It's okay. Thanks for the sundae." Elisa answered, getting up and paying from her measly purse before jumping down from her seat; she needed to find Cole before the day was through and find transport to Slateport City. Holding Riolu in her arms, the two twisted their way through the bustling streets, passing through a seemingly endless display of foods and goods until a familiar figure was spotted up ahead.

It was Noah.

His small shoulders slumped while sitting against a large palm tree at the end of the market. Walking up to him, she quickly noticed the depressed look on his face, her own expression softening. Elisa leaned down next to him cautiously. "Are you alright?" Elisa asked.

The boy jumped slightly, completely unaware of her presence. "Oh...Hi Elisa." Noah greeted with half a smile, not even looking in her direction. He continued to stare off into space causing the young woman to frown sadly.

"What's the matter?" Elisa asked sitting down beside him. The boy was unresponsive, continuing to look off into the distance with a crestfallen expression. Elisa then tapped her chin in thought, "Was it Cole? Did he do something to you?" She asked, concern wrapped her voice. This earned a small smirk from Noah, so she continued. "Did you guys get into a fight?" She asked thoughtfully, "Maybe I should have just woke him up."

"It's not Cole..." Noah responded looking over to Elisa, "It's..." she peered at him waiting, "my parents. They don't think that I'm strong enough to travel alone." He waited patiently for her response, turning back to any direction that caught his interest.

"I see." Elisa responded nodding slightly. "Why do they think that you're weak? You brought us here by yourself; I've never seen any other kid handle a ship by themselves before." Noah's eye twitched angrily for the 'kid' remark but she continued on, oblivious to his low growl.

"You should go back and show them how much you've grown." She answered truthfully while getting up with a determined smile. "I know you can show them somehow."

"I dunno..." Noah answered slowly.

"Well you have to try!" Elisa urged pulling him up with her free hand to his surprise. "You can't get anywhere in life if you just give up before anything happens! Do you think that you're a strong Trainer?"

"Well yeah, I guess bu-" Noah started.

"Then you can prove it to your parents!" Elisa dragged him by the arm towards the markets. 'If I can't pay him back for the trip here, the least I can do is give him the confidence to face his parents!' Elisa determined as she dragged him along.

"Elisa..." Noah started, but the young woman boldly moved foward, "my house is the other way." Noah coughed pulling in the other direction.

"Oh..." Elisa's cheeks tinged pink before turning around quickly, trying to play off her mistake with a light snicker. Riolu blinked curiously at Elisa as the pair headed up the hills toward Noah's home.


Edmond smirked to himself when he heard a ring from the front gates. 'I knew he would come back. That's my boy.' The rugged man headed for the door, and not to his surprise, there he was.

Noah did not take his eyes off of his father as the gates opened slowly.
Edmond quickly noticed that his son was not alone. A young woman, most likely older than Noah stood beside him, she had a determined look in her light hazel eyes that fit perfectly onto the soft expression of her face that brought confusion to the retired sailor. "Are you coming back to get your things?" Edmond asked mockingly.

"I'm going to show you that I'm ready for the world dad." Noah started, his voice shaky but remaining strong. "I'm not going to run away from any problems that I face, and there's only one way for me to prove that to you."

Edmond smirked as his son pointed to him, "I challenge you to a pokemon battle!" Noah demanded taking out a Poke ball from his belt. The older male continued to give his son a cocky grin as Areta came through the front door with a small smile on her face.

"Fine, to the back." Edmond motioned the pair to follow with a jerk of his thumb. Noah took the lead and Elisa followed along with her Riolu.

"This...is your backyard?" Elisa gaped in awe as she took in the entire scenery. A massive pool took up the majority of the area, with stone tiles lining the perimeter. Statues of rare Pokemon decorated the corners of the area along with a large flower bed on opposite sides of the pool itself. Her mouth continuing to shamelessly hang, It was not hard for Elisa to realize that this battle would include mainly water Pokemon.

"Why thank you! My husband and I worked on the design ourselves. But the pool was mainly his idea, Edmond is a Water Pokemon fanatic." Areta beamed at Elisa for her reaction to their masterpiece.

Noah and his father took their sides at each end of the large pool. Few floatation tubes bobbed in the crystal clear water as Edmond took out his own Poke ball with obvious confidence. "Let me see show you your limitations; Go, Crawdaunt!" He roared as a red crab-like Pokemon materialized in the air and dove into the pool. It quickly noticed Noah and turned back to its Trainer in confusion.

"I know its him, we're going to test his strength." Crawdaunt nodded from its Trainer's words before turning back to Noah.

"Let's go Carvanha!" A large red and blue fish with sharp yellow fins materialized in the water and glared down at its opponent, waiting for a command. "I'm not going easy!" Noah yelled toward his father who nearly laughed at the comment.

"You're always trying to be a funny man. This will be a best of two!" Edmond announced quickly as Crawdaunt snapped its pincers.

"Fine by me! Carvanha" He smirked, the battle was under way, "Take Down!" The Water/Dark type suddenly ripped through the water at an amazing speed toward its opponent.

"Crawdaunt Dive!" Edmond's Pokemon barely dodged Carvanha's attack as the large fish tore through the water, sending a large wave to wash over onto his side of the field. "Come back up with Vice Grip!" And with that, Carvanha was blasted out of the water with a huge force from Crawdaunt's massive pincers.

"He's got him now." Areta smirked as Carvanha spun through the air. Elisa looked over to the older woman, "Noah's Carvanha is completely defenceless." She determined quickly.

"Crawdaunt use Crabhammer!" Crawdaunt exploded out of the water heading towards the defenceless fish.

"Counter it with Ice Beam!" The Savage Pokemon hastily launched the glittering beam of ice toward the incoming Crawdaunt, but to Noah and Elisa's surprise, Crawdaunt smashed the attack away and slammed its massive pincer into Carvanha all in one motion, sending it back into the pool in an explosion of rising water.

"It's too strong!" Noah cursed as Crawdaunt landed back into the pool waiting for Carvanha to resurface.

"Noah! If you can't handle this simple setback, how are you ever going to succeed in the real world?" Edmond mocked, "Finish this Crawdaunt! Use Aerial Ace now!" His voice boomed with the order as Carvanha slowly rose out of the water.

Elisa gasped as Crawdaunt launched itself toward Carvanha with blinding speed, the rippling waves sparkling in the sun's rays.

"Carvanha use Crunch now!" Carvanha weakly opened its mouth trying to catch the image in front of it but was caught off-guard when Crawdaunt shockingly disappeared, its physical attack missing completely. Crawdaunt then reappeared and slammed into Carvanha with enough force to launch it into the concrete walls of the pool. Noah protected his eyes as a huge wave of water rushed onto his side, soaking the area.

"One down." Edmond called out as Noah wiped the stinging water from his eyes. Carvanha was knocked out, floating on the surface with swirls in its eyes.

Noah growled as he returned his Pokemon, breathing a thank you as it was returned.

"Just give up Noah! My Pokemon are seasoned veterans." Edmond then smirked, a thought hitting him, "I checked your Trainer status after you left. I know you didn't even make it to the third Gym Leader, right!" He barked mockingly as Crawdaunt smashed its claws into the pool, waiting for the next opponent.

Noah couldn't shake the sinking feeling in his gut, remembering his last challenge with Wattson, the Electric Gym Leader. He was completely humiliated in front of the laughing old man. His throat suddenly feeling dry as his mind repeated that his father was right, 'I'm not strong enough...He's too good.' Noah could feel the rush of the battle fading quickly.

"Don't give up!"

The young boy snapped his head back up as he looked over to who called his name. "Elisa?" His voice cracked.

"Don't let him bully you around!" She stood forward, clutching onto Riolu while giving all of her support to the young boy, "You want to prove that you're strong; then believe in yourself!" Elisa cheered.

"I..." Noah was speechless, that someone would be standing up for him. He knew she was right, he couldn't give up even though he was down.

"It's not over dad," Fists clenched around another Poke ball, he threw it towards the water, "Let's go, Wartortle!" Noah roared as his Starter Pokemon appeared out of the Poke ball with flash. Areta perked up in interest as the long-tailed turtle dove into the water, waiting for its commands.

"Show me your best." Edmond smirked, pointing to Wartortle. "Crawdaunt, Bubblebeam!" Both of the Rogue Pokemon's pincers opened as a piercing jet of bubbles zipped towards Wartortle.

"Protect now!" Wartortle withdrew in a heartbeat and its body shimmered in a white light as the bubbles bounced off with ease, nullified.

"He has more confidence with his best Pokemon." Areta mused as Wartortle popped out of his shell.

"Hit it with Ice Beam!" Wartortle jumped out of the pool and fired the shining icy-white beam towards Crawdaunt.

"Dive now!" The icy beam froze the top of the water where Crawdaunt had hidden, missing completely.

"Don't stop! Freeze the entire surface!" Noah ordered as Wartortle continued his assault on the pool.

"What's he doing?!" Edmond sneered as the entire surface was painted with thick ice, shimmering in the hot sun rays. A bead of sweat ran down his brow, Noah had actually put him in a corner?

But that was far enough.

"Crabhammer!" Edmond yelled towards the pool. Seconds later, ice shattered in front of Edmond as his Crawdaunt launched out of the water and onto the icy surface, glaring at Wartortle.

"That was a slick move, but it ends here! Crawdaunt Aerial Ace!" Crawdaunt nodded and attempted to launch itself toward Wartortle, but to Edmond's surprise, his Pokemon slipped awkwardly on the icy surface.

Elisa and Areta gasped as Crawdaunt struggled to maintain his balance. "He froze the water to stop Crawdaunt's direct attacks!" Areta smiled brightly at her son for the defensive strategy he was able to come up with in such a short time.

"Rapid Spin! Don't give him a chance to counter!" Wartortle withdrew into his shell once again and launched itself towards a defenceless Crawdaunt. Edmond could only clench his fist as Wartortle slammed into his Pokemon repeatedly, sending Crawdaunt into the air with each strike.

Wartortle slammed into Crawdaunt once more, sending the Rogue Pokemon higher into the air before coming out of his shell. The small turtle panted heavily as he glared at his enemy fall towards the pool.

"End this buddy! Use Skull Bash!" Noah ordered.

"Torrrr!" Wartortle's voice rose as his body glowed a magnificent white before the aura centred at the top of his head, fully charged. He launched himself toward the centre of the pool using his tail as a catapult, smashing through the ice towards Crawdaunt.

"Crabhammer!" Edmond roared. Crawdaunt's pincer glowed a dark blue as it aimed towards Wartortle's Skull Bash.


Everyone cried as a massive explosion of water and ice engulfed the backyard from the force of the attacks. Both Noah and Edmond shielded their eyes, waiting for the mist and water droplets to clear. Neither Trainer dared take their eyes off the battlefield, hoping to see their own Pokemon standing strong.

"I knew this battle was mi-" Edmond's arrogant comment was cut off as the debris finally settled.

"No...way." Noah breathed in mixed awe.

"A tie?!" Areta gasped, finally breaking the silence.

Both Wartortle and Crawdaunt were floating on a block of ice, completely knocked out. The impact of the attacks taking its toll on both of them.

Edmond could only gawk at the sight in disbelief. Crawdaunt was one of his best! 'He really has gotten stronger...' Edmond finally realized as Noah pulled his Pokemon back to land.

'He's not just a kid anymore, my boy is growing up.' Edmond finally cracked a smile and returned his Crawdaunt with a thank you before walking over to his son.

"Well..." Noah started, trying to keep eye contact as his father approached. "You still have a Pokemon left, so you win. Good match."

"Get up." Edmond ordered. His son rose slowly.

"That was a worthy battle you put there." Noah looked up, surprise written all over his slightly tanned face. "I mocked you, insulted your skill, but yet, you still powered through. Real Trainers don't get stirred by petty insults from the opponent, and you were able to do that." His large hand patting Noah on the shoulder.

"Your strategies have also improved, taking out Crawdaunt's speed with an icy surface. Truly excellent." Edmond stated with a smirk.

Noah couldn't help but crack a smile at his father's words. "T-Thanks dad."

"Look." Edmond grip tightened slightly on Noah's shoulder. "If you really want to try your life as a sailor, just like me, then go for it." He continued before Noah, and surprisingly Elisa began to jump for joy. "But keep this in mind, it is a hard choice if you don't have someone to support you along your travels." He warned cautiously.

Noah nodded happily, taking in his father's explanation. He then turned to his mother, waiting eagerly for her final say. His smile dropped slightly when he saw that his mother was tearing up. "Mom?"

"Yes!" Areta cried as she crushed her son in a hug. Noah gasped for air, more confused for her answer then his need for oxygen. "When you told me that you wanted to be a sailor, I thought you were giving up on yourself! But if you could give your father such a hard time, then I can trust that you'll be okay!" She revealed still crushing the boy's soaked body.

"You should know that your mother and I would support you in everything that you do; that's what parents are for. We just needed to know if you were actually serious with your decision." Edmond added, prying Areta away from Noah so he could breathe. Elisa smiled softly, taking in the family's moment.

"I won't let you down!" Noah promised bowing his head in thanks multiple times. His parents did care, he was finally getting a chance.

A cry of a bird Pokemon in the distance suddenly caught Elisa's attention as Noah's family continued with their happy conversation. It was getting dark. The setting sun painted the small town a deep red as the day was coming to and end, and she still couldn't find Cole.

"I don't mean to break the happy moment," Elisa interrupted softly, catching everyone's attention. "But I must be going, I have a friend to meet in town and I should be on my way to Slateport City." Elisa was about to wave her goodbye before Noah stopped her.

"Hey wait! You're on your way to Slateport?" Elisa nodded at the new sailor's question, "I could bring you there!" Noah offered cheerfully. "I just became a sailor, this could be my first test." He said hopefully.

"That's right," Edmond added. "Sailors need to handle the pressures of manning a crew. By the way, we didn't even get your name? Are you my son's girlfriend?" Edmond asked, still intrigued by the girl his son brought home.

"M-My name is Elisa Neville. I'm a Historical Pokemon Research Student." Elisa replied, cheeks tinged pink. She then shook her head quickly. "Uh...I-I'm just a friend of Noah's. He helped me reach Dewford Town from Petalburg." She panicked with a quiet laugh.

"A researcher?" The family asked in unison, causing Elisa to look away nervously.

"But you look so young. You must be extremely smart then!" Areta praised with smile, earning a modest blush from the younger woman.

"Noah, you should definitely take this girl! A researcher is constantly on the move, so a sailor of the seas is a perfect addition to the team." Edmond slapped his son on the back, making him stumble over to Elisa's side.

"Hehehe...What do you say Elisa? I'm not a problem to deal with, and I have some strong Pokemon to help you out." Noah offered with a smile.

"Of course!" Elisa responded immediately. "Finding you is the best thing that's happened so far!" Everyone laughed at her honest words, finally heading to the front gate of the house.

"We should head out tonight, so that way I can reach Slateport City by tomorrow night." Noah informed as the two stood outside the front gate, Riolu and Wartortle already returned to their Poke balls.

"Don't forget to go to the Pokemon Centre before you leave." Edmond implied, causing Noah to jump slightly; he didn't know why that happened... "We had a rough battle so you should get your team up and running before you set sail."

Areta nodded in agreement. "Noah, if you need anything along the way, don't hesitate to ask. Don't forget to call!" Areta said softly, giving her son a kiss on the cheek.

"I'll stay in touch mom." Noah replied happily, hugging his mother and then father. "I'll call you when we reach Slateport City." Elisa and Noah waved lightly as they began their trek back down the hill towards the main square of Dewford.


Small children ran by the duo, laughing with their parents as they made their way down the hill towards the Pokemon Centre. "You're still pretty damp." Elisa pointed out, breaking the silence between them on the way back to the docks as a cool breeze blew by.

"I know," Noah laughed, rubbing his nose. "I'll be fine, I love the water." He said while wringing the water out from his white t-shirt, a goofy smile plastered on his face.

"I'm happy though that your parents agreed to your decision." Elisa said, changing the subject. "We'll really need someone like you to be helping us on our journey. We should get to the Pokemon Centre quickly so we can heal your Pokemon." She continued, unaware of the sudden dread on the boy's face. "I have to admit that was a really good battle." Elisa smiled, remembering the surprising strategy pulled off by the young sailor.

"Y-You know we could just skip the Pokemon Centre all together; how about we just head to Slateport now?" Noah stuttered with a smile, earning an odd look from Elisa. "Really! Wartortle and Carvanha are fine!"

"Haha sure." Elisa giggled, assuming that he was making a joke. "I know you're an amazing Trainer but I think it would be best for your Pokemon." Elisa then laughed, playing along. Noah began to sweat as they continued towards the docks. He could not believe how quickly they were reaching the familiar red roof of the Pokemon Centre, but it would make sense since most of the shoppers were now off the roads for the day and heading home, making it easier for them to move. His fears only turned into reality as he locked eyes with a tall figure outside of the Pokemon Centre doors.

"I'm screwed..." Noah muttered as Elisa noticed Cole and waved to him.

"There you are!" Elisa greeted with a small frown. "I've been looking all over for you! Why didn't you come to Dewford Hall?" The researcher asked with confusion laced in her voice.

"H-Hi!" Noah gulped, realizing Elisa just exposed his lie to the world. His fear only intensified as Cole's eyes narrowed and fists clenched.

"Hey, guess what though. We have a sailor on our side now! Noah agreed to join us." Elisa announced happily as they finally reached the young man.

"Huh? What's the matter?" Elisa asked as Cole passed her and up to Noah, the younger boy just laughed nervously and put his hands up in defence.

"C-Cole look, it was a joke! I...wait...What are you doing?" It was too late, the few people in the streets looked on in shock or amusement as Cole decked the boy in the back of the head and then flipped him onto the ground with a thud. Dust kicked up slowly as Noah groaned from the treatment.

"Cole! What was that for? He's our newest member!" Elisa cried, rushing over to Noah to help him up.

"No, no. I-I kind of deserved that..." Noah muttered as Cole brushed his hands off and turned to the docks.

"Thanks to you, I went on a wild Zangoose chase all over town. Do that again and your head won't be the only thing that I dent with my fist." Cole said simply. His mind replaying the events continuously in his head. He wasn't meant to play babysitter.

It would sound like a simple threat to anyone, anyone but Noah at the moment who rubbed his now swollen skull. The duo's new companion couldn't help but smile slightly as Cole headed into the Pokemon Centre without looking back towards the others.

"So he can say it..." He muttered under his breath.

"He's pretty strong to flip you so easily." Elisa said to herself as she got up with Noah who was still rubbing his head.

"Why do you sound impressed?" Noah cried angrily, causing Elisa to smile nervously. "He was just faster this time! I'll get him back!" Noah cursed to himself as he followed after Cole into the Pokemon Centre.

"Well you should have just told him the truth in the first place." Elisa giggled as she too followed after her two new comrades.

Even though she was not very social, she was astounded by how quickly they were becoming...well actual friends. She was going to need to tell Noah what their journey was about though, it would be truly inconsiderate of her if she didn't.

"I know Cole won't say anything." She mused. Their first destination for the Dragon Plate was now closer then they expected, thanks to a now trustworthy sailor named Noah.

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Chapter 9: Calm Night

Just want to congratulate Team Jamaica in the races right now, amazing!

The sudden stoppage of rhythmic waves stirred a young man from his sleep.

'We've reached Slateport already?' Cole pondered as he rubbed the sleep from his dipping eyelids. He slowly took in his surroundings as their boat softly knocked against another object that he could not identify. A crescent moon graced the sky as Cole's view turned up to the stars, the never ending flickering of small lights capturing most of his attention as he realized that they had not reached their destination, but instead were apparently against some large boulder. He looked over to the stern of the boat where Noah was at the wheel. The young sailor had dropped anchor and was bringing down the sails quietly as to not wake the others.

"Why did we stop?" Cole asked while getting up and walking over to Noah who had just brought the last sail down. A gentle creaking of wood on hinges was then heard between the two boys, looking over to see Elisa shuffle past the small sleeping cabin that she slept in. She looked around, trying to determine where she was as well.

"We should stop for the rest of the night." Noah pointed out, looking over to Cole with tired eyes. "I'm not getting enough wind to keep us going at a steady pace." He licked the tip of his finger and held it out into the chilling air.

"Yeah, I don't feel anything. It would be dumb to just try and power our way through if we still have such a long way to go." He determined, taking out his sleeping bag with a soft yawn.

"That's true," Cole looked over to the source of the voice as Elisa joined in on the conversation. "Noah should take a rest. We can't have him trying to stay awake the whole night; now can we?" She smiled at the young boy who returned his own before he went into his sleeping bag.

"You're right." Cole agreed to Elisa's surprise. He did not know that Noah had been sailing continuously since they left Dewford Town.

'Did he go on without sleep on the way to Dewford Town too?' Cole turned to Noah, "Alright, I'll keep watch for now unti-" he stopped mid sentence as he heard a snore come from the sleeping bag. The sailor was completely knocked out. Cole gave the sleeping figure a crossed look, he attempted to be nice, and this is what he earned?

"We should give him the rest of the night." Elisa giggled softly as Noah continued to snore loudly, breaking the quiet atmosphere of the night. "Are you going back to sleep?" She asked as Cole attempted to kick the younger boy but then stopped upon hearing her.

"No...I got most of my sleep back at the Pokemon Centre when I was waiting for you to come back." Cole said in a dull manner, earning an apologetic look from the researcher.

"I should have just woken you up myself back in Dewford." Elisa sighed with a smile as she headed back towards her cabin room. She was about to say goodnight before something caught her attention just behind the large boulder they were beside. Peering over the side she took in a sharp breath at the scene in front of her.

"What happened?" Cole quickly turned to Elisa, expecting some kind of danger before he noticed that she was signalling for him to come over. Cole leaned over along with Elisa as his dark brown eyes narrowed to take in the scene before him.

It was a ship.

A ship ravaged by time after its years of service for any voyage across the seas. It was massive in comparison to themselves, towering over the pair as the moonlight bathed the beautiful vessel in a haunting white glow. "This must be the S.S. Cactus." Elisa assumed, taking in the somber view of a ship that had long been lost at sea for many years.

"A lot of lives were lost on that ship?" Cole asked aloud, his attention fixed on the chilling feeling of the massive structure.

"Yeah, and I also heard that the captain of the ship had some very special items when it finally went down." Elisa replied, leaning over the boat a bit more to get a better view. "We should go over there and see if there is any lost treasure!" She could not control the excitement in her voice as her hazel eyes glinted with anticipation.

"People died on that ship." Cole replied in monotone, causing the young researcher to sweat nervously from his words. "There are probably powerful Pokemon lurking over there, it's the middle of the night and you want to go on a treasure hunt?" He stated dryly.

"But that's the best time to go!" Elisa argued softly, getting a blank stare in return. She was never really scared of dark places; that's where the most intriguing Pokemon resided. Her curiosity was getting the best of her now.

"Oh come on, please?" She pleaded. Just the feeling alone of finding something exciting on that ship was putting enough energy into her to resist the cry for sleep that her body was begging for.

"You can't be serious?" Cole crossed his arms in disbelief, looking back over to the rusted hull of the S.S Cactus. "It's too dangerous. Those Pokemon prefer to stay away from people." Elisa gaped at the young man, sounding just like a scolding father. "It's not safe, and you know that we have more important things to do other than this." He looked back at her, waiting for a comeback.

Elisa bit her lip, cursing his perfect explanation and quick wits. She knew that the hunt for the Dragon Plates was more important than some wild Zangoose chase through a dangerous ship, but she was too excited on the chances of finding treasure. She looked up to Cole who locked onto her hazel eyes with his dark brown ones. He was turning out to be very wise to her dismay, she believed with mixed emotions. Suddenly, a small smirk crept onto her lips, remembering a few key words he used back when they first met in Rustboro.

'Hehehe...!' Hazel eyes glinted in the moonlight, her own plan forming as Cole eyed her cautiously. "Okay, you're kind of right." Elisa admitted, getting a righteous smirk from the young man.

"But what if that ship was carrying information about the Dragon Plates?" His usual mask of calm breaking down into a frown of hard thought to her pleasure. "We should at least take a look, right? You did say that you would be my bodyguard on this adventure, didn't you?" Elisa could feel her own smile in the question.

Cole averted the smile that Elisa was blatantly attacking him with as he turned back to the S.S Cactus. Arms tensing slightly in the cool breeze, he knew that she was playing with his words. But the slim chance that any information on the Dragon Plates could be this close to them was beginning to get to him. The plate that they were searching for could have easily come from this area; he finally decided to willingly play along with her, which was surprisingly easy.

"We're only checking a few rooms. That's it." He questioned his choice of words though because he did not expect her response of jumping up like a school girl...Well she was a school girl...

"Yes! Alright let's go!"

The pair then leaned over the boat to see if there was any land, luckily there was. The small lapping waves washed over slippery rocks as the two jumped over and landed softly with the sound of stones and seashells chipping against each other. They continued their careful pace as the enormous ship increased in size before them. There was a steep staircase leading into the ship just ahead as the two stopped. They nodded to each other before making their first step up the darkening path.

"We're going to need more light," Cole determined as the pair headed up the stairs, each step leading to more darkness, "Solrock." The Meteorite Pokemon materialized in a flash of light as it greeted its Trainer and Elisa. "I'm going to need you to light the way." Solrock nodded and let out a very soft hum as it began to rotate and produce a magnificent light that lit up the dank and dreary hallway before them.

"Will Solrock be okay by giving off that much light?" Elisa asked, clearly impressed by how much she was able to see.

"Solrock can go on for hours like this." Cole answered simply as they continued down one of the ship's many hallways; he suddenly realized that his Pokemon was rivalling that of a lighthouse, he stopped moving his feet.

"Solrock you don't need to put in that much power." The Rock/Psychic type obeyed, slowing down its rotation, turning the bright light into a dim, candle-like state. "I don't want to attract any Pokemon while were here anyway." He informed to Elisa as he motioned for her to follow.

Elisa nodded in agreement as they continued down the eerie hallways, a pleasant silence between them. Cole carefully tracked their path as they continued on in the seemingly endless maze until Elisa finally stopped by a room, a twinkle of light catching her attention. It was glinting with each rotation of Solrock's body as she moved closer with Cole right behind her.

"I knew we could find something of value!" Elisa beamed as she picked up a beautiful blue stone with bubbles trapped within its interior. "We can sell this Water Stone for a-" Her voice was cut off as she suddenly gasped, the floor below her giving way with a loud crack.

"Hey!" Cole cursed as the floor then broke underneath the frightened woman, gravity pulling her towards the darkness below.

"I got you!" Cole grunted as he dove and grabbed the girl's arm while saving both of them by holding onto the frame of the door. Elisa panted heavily as the sounds of wood slapping against water could be heard down below in the consuming darkness.

"Solrock use Psychic to pull us back up!" Cole ordered as he gripped onto Elisa's slipping hand. Solrock stopped its rotation and glowed a light purple along with Cole and Elisa as the two began to float in the air and softly landed back onto the more stable hallway floors. Elisa sighed with relief as Cole thanked his Pokemon who then started to rotate again to illuminate the hall once more.

"Did you have enough fun yet? You nearly died!" Cole scolded sharply, glaring at the 'explorer' who fiddled with the Water Stone quietly, avoiding his dark eyes.

"S-Sorry." Elisa apologized softly before looking back up to him. "Hey, at least we got the Water Stone." She attempted to smile but that quickly faded as Cole's sharp expression did not change.

"We should head back now, you got your treasure." Cole spat, annoyed at himself for falling into her little game as he stood up.

"I guess you're right..." Elisa was about to argue before a low rumbling sound was heard just ahead of them. Cole and Elisa turned around cautiously, only to come face-to-face with a large blue creature with massive tentacles and a sinister red glare.

"Tentacruel!" They gasped before Solrock rotated in front of them and prepared for battle. Tentacruel launched several of its tentacles at Elisa as she tried to protect herself from the impact.

"Solrock Reflect!" A massive blue screen materialized in front of Elisa, she screamed as the tentacles slammed against the wall with an intense force. Cole grabbed Elisa's arm and dragged her down the hall as Solrock defended against the repeated strikes.

"Send it back with Psychic!" Solrock stopped its rotation once again and glowed a light purple along with a now surprised Tentacruel. The Water/Poison type cried in pain as it flew down the hall with a crashing thud into a vacant room. The continuous cry of Tentacruel echoed through the hallways as Solrock fended off the Pokemon's attempts to attack. Cole then called for his Pokemon as the three then rushed down the corridors of the ship, trying to get as far away as possible from anymore danger.


After what seemed like an endless marathon, the two finally stopped to catch their breath, Elisa panting heavily as Cole checked around the corner for anymore trouble. "We lost it. That Tentacruel must have a nest near that room you destroyed." Cole panted, his voice rough. "We should have stayed on the boat!" Annoyance mixing with his voice as he turned to Elisa. He was about to continue his scolding before his eyes narrowed, noticing a blotch of red along Elisa's shin as she finally looked back up to him.

"Look I'm sorry, okay?" Her attempt at an apology came out rasp due to her lack of oxygen. She then became quiet once she noticed that Cole continued to stare at her.

"What? That Tentacruel couldn't have caught up with us, right?" Elisa's hazel eyes softened slightly as Cole leaned down next to her and motioned for her to sit. It was not until she sat down did she notice a sticky feeling coming from her shin.

"You're bleeding." Cole stated as Elisa stretched out her leg, wincing at the sight. "It must have happened when the floor collapsed." He then reached for his back, but then sighed tiredly when his hands grasped at nothing. "I left my backpack on the boat." He looked at Elisa who averted his gaze with a small smile of amusement, she too had brought nothing on their way to the ship.

"I was too excited to remember..." Elisa muttered earning another sigh from Cole, even though both of them were to blame. "It doesn't hurt that much-" She attempted to get up but a firm hand stopped her and set her back down. She looked over to Cole who moved towards her leg, pulling up her grey sweatpants in one motion.

"H-Hey! W-W-Wait! What are you doing?!" Elisa frantically panicked, slapping Cole's hand away with her own trembling one. Her cheeks tinted a light pink as the young man looked back over to her, his brow furled in confusion.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I need to stop the bleeding." Cole answered simply but that alone did not ease the young woman's blatant fear. He took off his sand-coloured jacket and then tore off a long strip of his light brown t-shirt. Elisa could barely keep eye contact with him as he waited for a response, a cocky smirk churning his lips upward. "I doubt you want to continue on in life with one leg so-"

"J-Just go already!" She snapped back, avoiding his sarcastic attitude. She remained quiet after that, eyes shimmering softly as his firm hands touched her open skin. She blinked, surprised by how gentle he was as he cleaned the dried blood and then firmly wrapping the exterior of his shirt around the wound. Elisa couldn't help but look back at him as he put the finishing touches to his work.

'Well he's not breaking his deal...' Elisa's cheeks warmed up again when Cole turned to her, his expression soft in what Elisa could only believe was concern.

"We should get out of here now." Cole stood up and helped Elisa up as well as she leaned against the wall for support. The pain was starting to settle in now, even though the cloth prevented any continuous bleeding.

"Okay." Elisa agreed, testing her leg against the floor only to wince slightly from the numbing sting. She then felt a warm arm wrap around her waist as Cole lifted her slightly off her injured leg. "I-I can walk by myself!" She attempted to argue but the Trainer just shook his head.

"We'll be able to move faster like this." He motioned for her to place her arm on his shoulders as she began to hobble slightly at a slow pace with him. Solrock continued to rotate slowly, lighting their path as they backtracked to the entrance. The wild Tentacruel was no where to be found, as Cole inspected every corner where Solrock's light touched.

Elisa remained quiet as she continued to hold onto Cole for support. Her thoughts elsewhere as she eyed the Trainer's expression; Solrock's gentle glow illuminating his calm face as his eyes traced every centimetre of the empty hallways.

'He's very protective.' She continued to observe him silently in the warm glow, his face firm but mixed with a gentle touch that she never knew he could display. Moments later, the pair turned another corner before finally seeing a familiar entrance that would lead them back to the salty air of the night's breeze; the sign above the door reading 'Exit'.

"Good, we found our way back." Cole broke the silence, pointing to the stairwell. He hoisted her slightly on his shoulder, earning a light gasp from her in response.

"Are you alright?" Elisa's heart skipped a beat as Cole turned to her, his expression filled with slight worry.

"I-I'm fine..." She replied quietly, suddenly interested in the creaking floorboards beneath them.

'How does he remain so in control when in danger?' She questioned herself, almost demanding an answer from someone, anyone. 'He can react to changing situations in a matter of seconds...and just know what to do so quickly.' Elisa's questions continued to flow as they neared their exit. Only her father had that characteristic, that calming presence that made her feel...well safe.

'Cole's like that too.' She smiled softly, suddenly in realization of her thoughts.

"We're in the clear." Cole's voice snapped Elisa's train of thoughts as she noticed that they were heading down the stairwell, a small bead of light and the rush of salty air signalling the outside world.

Cole and Elisa then thanked Solrock as it was returned into its Poke ball once they reached the rocky beach. Elisa nervously took in a soft breath, hesitating to start a conversation "...I'm sorry I couldn't walk by myself." Elisa started as the two began their way back to the boat that was nestled within a field of boulders. "You were really great back there with that wild Tentacruel." She praised softly, repressing the urge to peak at his face again.

"It was nothing." Cole replied, not taking his eyes off the path in front of them. "Let's just get you back to the boat so that I can clean your wound." The pair finally reached the ship after what seemed like hours to Elisa. Hoisting her up first, she landed with a soft thud before helping Cole up. The two sighed in relief, finally reaching a safe area. Cole then got up and reached for his single-strapped backpack where he took out a first aid kit and began to work on Elisa's leg.

She watched intently this time as the Trainer cleaned the wound, his eyes focused on the task at hand. She did not know how he was dealing with it at the moment, but the silence between them was starting to get to her.

"S-So...Are you a Trainer from Hoenn?" Elisa asked quietly, her attempt at a conversation rather weak in her opinion.

"I'm from Lavaridge Town." Cole answered, taking him by surprise that he would answer truthfully before brushing it aside as he began to wrap the wound, this time at a slower pace. "It's just a small village at the foot of Mount Chimney." Cole continued, remembering his hometown. It had been years since he was last there. The only thing coming to mind was the all out battle between Team Magma and Aqua at the top of the volcano two years ago.

Elisa nodded in response. "Yeah...I've heard great things about their hotsprings. I hope to go there one day because a lot of the people there know about and praise Groudon." The last word abruptly stopped the movement of the young man's hands, but went unnoticed to her.

"Maybe you'll see it one day." Cole replied as he put the finishing touches on the young woman's wound. He sat down beside her and the two of them sat there silently for a couple of minutes, the gentle lapping of waves drowning out the silence between them as the stars twinkled idly above. It was Cole's turn now to feel some strange annoyance in his stomach, urging him to continue the conversation with his travelling partner.

"So you're from Mossdeep, right?" Cole asked as the silence was broken again. The young researcher gave him a surprised look as she turned to him.

"I told you that?" Elisa asked in awe, she didn't know why she was happy that he asked her something, but she ignored the feeling. Her own thoughts now shifting to her hometown. "I must have told you back when I talked about the Dragon Plates," she smiled, "It's a very large island east of Lilycove. A lot of the people there are into surfing and the party lifestyle."

"Surfing and partying?" Cole interrupted, confused, "That doesn't seem like you at all." He joked but she took in a sharp breath, clearly annoyed. "If you're a researcher, I doubt you have much time for all of that." Cole assumed, looking back up to the shining stars.

"It's true." She couldn't help but smile, the thoughtful look in his eyes becoming infectious to her.

"We come from very different places. Don't you think?"

Cole blinked; he was the Trainer from the peaceful town of Lavaridge, and she was the researcher from the fast-paced lifestyle of Mossdeep. They seemed like quite a set of contradicting personalities and lifestyles in his own opinion. His eyes never leaving the starry sky, he knew of quite a few people that had actually gone their entire lives without meeting someone from the other side of the country. In their case though, he guessed that they were lucky.

"They say opposites make the best teams." Cole replied. "I think that I'm very lucky to have met you." The young man, sadly, seemed to be oblivious to the kind of effect his words were having on his companion as Elisa's face began to burn up again to her dismay.

"I think the saying is opposites attract." Elisa muttered the last word under her breath, her stomach a flutter to her confusion. Pegging the feeling as a result of losing too much blood, she looked away and quickly hobbled over to her cabin while Cole noticed her retreating figure.

"But I do like the team we've made," she looked over to the snoring Noah who somehow did not break the silence between her and Cole before. "with the help of Noah too." She giggled lightly realizing that they did have a third member in their group now.

Cole nodded in response before getting up and walking over to his sleeping bag. "I'll see you in the morning." He said his goodnight as he turned away from the girl who gave him a soft smile in return. His smirk dropped though as he closed his eyes and felt the cool winds of the sea send a shiver down his spine.

'She should be able to trust me more from this.' The corner of Cole's lips slanting upwards in a dark smirk.

'All I need to do is protect them in order to find the plates. When this is all over, I'll get my position back with Team Magma...' His words were fading though, the need for sleep finally grabbing onto him. They were finally going to reach Slateport City and the alleged first Dragon Plate that came to him in his vision; he would definitely need her help until all of the plates were collected.

Then, just then, would Rayquaza be in the power of Team Magma and eventually Groudon as well.

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Chapter 10: Join us


Slamming the door that rocked the walls of my small house, I bolted through the door towards the main hallway where I could hear crying. "What happened?" I shouted in disbelief.

I could see two figures slumped over on the ground in front of me...My mother and sister!

"C-Cole!" A small, childish voice cried out to me, "Big mean sailor people...They-They...a-attacked mommy!" I could barely contain myself as an eruption of anger and sadness filled my heart as my little sister dropped her head back down and continued to weep, her big cheeks swollen and drenched with tears.

"It's okay now...It's okay." My knees felt weak as I dropped down beside her and quickly started to comfort her, protectively wrapping my small arms around her head, light brown strands of her hair falling onto my tense skin.

Coming back home after not being able to find my dad, panic took over me when I saw our windows smashed from the outside. I looked around our small home that I had lived in since I was born. Tables were knocked over, dishes and other pieces of furniture were destroyed; the cause clearly a fight. I knew that I was supposed to be there with them when dad told me to stay while he went after the first Aqua grunts that started running around the town.

'This was my fault...' My mind repeated dreadfully.

"I couldn't stop all of them..." Mom's usual stern voice was trembling now, as she slowly stood up, trying to keep her composure. I could see on her swollen face, bruises and scrapes, all of which made blood continue to drain from my body.

"T-Then how did you get away?" I quickly asked, my voice reflecting the anxiety in her eyes.

"You should have been the one who stopped them!"

"Kyra please.." My mother tried to quell my sister's sudden anger but my eyes darted to my sister once again who still had her head down in my arms.

"Dad told you to stay here!" She shoved me away angrily as she continued to cry, coughing after each breath.

I attempted a comeback; some kind of explanation for my actions, but nothing but a swelling feeling filled my throat because I knew she was right. I knew dad told me to protect the house while he chased after the Aqua grunts that stole some Pokemon from us and our neighbours; but I just couldn't take the thought of my dad taking on those guys by himself. Why wasn't anyone helping him?

'I'm strong like dad too! I can help him!' I tried to believe those words...But now as a result, our home had been attacked by Team Aqua while I was gone.

"I'm sorry." That was the only thing I could come up while my sister's usual identical dark brown eyes glared at me. Except this time, hers were blazing with anger, revenge; while mine...I just knew they held nothing. No spark, no flame...This was the first time I wanted to be like her.

But who helped them? I turned back to my mother, "Who saved you from the grunts?"

"I believe that I can answer your question."

A deep, unidentified voice came from the front door. I jumped slightly at the new voice as three men walked into the house. One of them was dad, who looked completely beaten; a small jolt of relief sparked within me as my mother rushed over to him in an instant, grabbing him before he collapsed. The other two men...I had never seen before, but they did not move from the front door, only staring at my dad and mom with small smiles.

"Who are you?" My voice came out weaker than I intended, as I stood in front of my sister. The older looking one of the two men smirked as he stared at me.

"My name is Maxie." His lips curved upward. "Leader of Team Magma."

"What? No way!" I gasped in shock. The leader of Hoenn's new Magma organization was in their house of all places? These people were making headlines on the news for all the wrong reasons!

"It was my team that stopped the Aqua grunts from taking over Lavaridge Town." Maxie explained clearly, stepping closer towards me. I clenched my fists anticipating the worst as my sister trembled behind me.

"T-Thank you for saving my husband." I lost my focus as I snapped my head over in disbelief towards my mother. She was grasping onto dad tightly as she continued to sob softly.

"How could you thank them? That's Team Magma!" I snapped at her. "Magma and Aqua have been committing so many crimes lately! And they're up to no-"


"But!" I could hardly muster a response as dad stood up quickly, towering over me.

"They saved our town today," His dark eyes were locked onto mine, but I didn't dare look away. "Didn't I tell you to watch over your mother and sister?!"

Again. That swelling feeling filled my throat. "I-"

"If you couldn't even protect your own family, what makes you think that you can shout your opinions about the people that just saved you!" I dropped my head down, tears threatening to fall.

I heard movement again after a long silence as footsteps moved towards me. It was Maxie, his hand gently touched my shoulder, making me flinch with fear. "Its alright." My eyes widened looking up to his soft looking face.

"I know how it feels to be powerless." Those words struck at my very being as I averted his gaze. Powerless...

"Your father was in danger and you wanted to save him, but you also had to protect your family at home." He smiled softly. "It must be very hard for such a young boy like you to know what the best option is, right?" His voice was soft.

"I-I..." I hated it when I didn't have an answer; mom and dad always loved it when I could come up with good answers, but this time I couldn't say anything. I did not want to say anything. Maxie then leaned down to me with a smile causing me to look away sharply. I didn't like him. He was evil...Right?

"I...thought I could help mom and dad with my Pokemon." I answered, my feelings taking the best of me.

Maxie's expression quickly shifted to surprise, "Pokemon?" He looked up to my dad, "This child uses Pokemon to battle already?" Maxie shifted his gaze back to me; my face flaring with embarrassment, feeling a small sense of pride.

"Uh...yes." Dad's voice was hesitant as he answered, sitting down on a chair that my mother had put back up. Trying to fight off my blushing face, I noticed the other Magma man was silent during all of this, I could see that he was eyeing me after hearing my dad's answer. "He loves Pokemon. Always going to the gym to train with his girlfriend."

"D-Dad!" My cheeks burned bright red now as the room filled with soft laughter. My thoughts, just for an instant picturing the Gym Leader's granddaughter that would be taking over Lavaridge Gym one day. She wasn't my girlfriend or anything...Really!...I was just a kid in her eyes anyway to be honest.

As the laughter died down, Maxie turned back to me, I didn't know what he was thinking this time as he stood up and looked at my parents.

"I would like this boy to join Team Magma."

What he said sounded so simple, but I could feel the air shifting in the room as the words rang through my house.

"M-Me?" I stuttered.


My parents gasped in unison. My father instantly stood up, his anger obvious to even my sister who was now squeezing my hand. "Why would we do that! He's just a boy! There is no way that I'm going to lose my son!" Dad grabbed Maxie by his black collar, earning a shout from the man at the door; but Maxie smiled and waved the the member to stay where he was. My mouth was wide open, my body filling with mixed emotions. Dad was very strong, how could Maxie not be scared?

"Isn't your town already in a mess right now?" Maxie asked coolly. My father's arm twitched slightly, loosening the grip on Maxie. I gasped as the Magma leader brushed himself off before looking down at me, a strong rush was building up in me but I didn't know what it was. "Excuse me for what I said before. I want him to join Team Magma when the time comes. I'm not going to force you to answer my request now."

Maxie leaned down to me again. "You want to protect the ones you love right?"


Of course, who wouldn't? I answered truthfully. My parents hesitated, my mother shifting uncomfortably behind my dad. "I never felt so weak when I saw my mom and sister crying." I continued on, my feelings taking over. My sister pulled my hand, as if to drag me away from Maxie, but I didn't budge; she was too weak, feeding my growing resolve.

"The only way that you can protect people is to become strong yourself. That's easy to see right?" He asked calmly.

"Don't listen to him Cole! Joining them is foolish!" My father yelled. The other man suddenly moved and faced my dad coldly.

"Stay out of this."

"Holland!" Maxie snapped, causing the other man to turn to Maxie with apology. "This is his decision. I will visit him in the coming years to see his progress as a Trainer."

I turned to my parents who were looking right at me with fearful faces. If I joined them though, wouldn't that make me stronger? "You will see me when I become a Pokemon Trainer?" I asked softly. That would be very soon; I knew that I could pass the entrance exams.

"Yes, when the time comes." Maxie answered happily as he turned towards the door with the other man. "Remember that we, Team Magma were the ones who protected your town when Team Aqua attacked." I nodded in understanding, they were good people...

"Team Magma lives for one thing. To expand the land that allows people and Pokemon to live happily together in greater harmony." His eyes darkened as he turned to my parents, "Team Aqua are the ones who want to drown the people of Hoenn in an endless rainstorm. Do you really want those people to succeed? We are the ones that are trying to help." He finished boldly.

My mouth was suddenly dry as the words reached my ears. That was their goal? Then how could the people on the news say that they were bad?

"But you guys..." My father was muttering something but I could hardly hear him as he fumbled with his own words.


My family and I snapped back to Maxie, "This is your decision. You can help save us when disaster falls onto Hoenn. If you love Pokemon dearly, then I know that you can become a great Trainer one day to help save the world...We will meet again."

A deafening silence filled our small house. The sirens of emergency staff and shouting people rang throughout the town, but my house had never felt so silent.

So empty.

"My decision..."

"Cole.The voice was faint but I couldn't see where it was coming from.

"Cole..." I looked up...but there was nothing but darkness...



The young man jolted up from his sleeping bag. Large hazel eyes were looking at him, confusion painted across a girl's features.

"Elisa?" He choked. Cole was back on the small ship, the sails were blowing roughly as the boat tore through the waters of Route 108, nearing their destination of Slateport. He remembered now as Elisa gave him a concerned look.

"You've been sleeping all morning and afternoon." Elisa explained with a gentle smile. "Aren't you hungry?" She handed Cole some bread that was given from Jonbi. The young man took it slowly as he looked up to her.

"No thanks to you last night." He responded sharply, although he regretted the tone of his voice. Elisa's face burned red; vivid memories of what he did the night before still fresh, she looked away quickly before he noticed. Cole then looked over to his Pokemon who were talking to the rest of the group's Pokemon in lively chatter.

'My love for Pokemon was going to help...Save the world?' Did he really still believe that? Would capturing Rayquaza really save Hoenn from or lead it to destruction?

"Seems like they're making friends easily." Elisa's soft voice caught his attention as she regained her composure. "Noah said that we should reach Slateport by early morning. But since you slept for most of the day, I guess that means you'll be staying up tonight and directing the ship?" She peered back at him, a small smile on her face.

"I will." Cole responded with a light nod to her surprise.

"...Are you sure you're okay?" Elisa eyed his soft expression but the Trainer didn't respond as he got up and walked towards Noah at the wheel, earning a concerned look from the young woman.

"I'm fine, just a little tired. I'll talk to Noah about watching the ship tonight." Cole responded quickly, continuing towards Noah. That dream...A direct link to past events he never wanted to experience again sadly resurfaced...But why?

Elisa's concern, on the other hand, did not fade as she watched the two talk lightly at the wheel of the ship. The sun was beginning to make its soft dip towards sunset as the trio sailed through the vast ocean pass and jagged rocks that lined their way to Slateport's harbour. To her own surprise, she was silently watching him for most of the day. It was only when Cole started to grimace in his sleep that she built up enough courage to check on him.

"He must have had a nightmare..." She murmured softly into the salty breeze; suddenly a cold sensation stung at her side and she squeaked from the feeling. Reaching for her sweater's pocket, hazel eyes sparkled softly as they identified a small blue tablet wrapped around small fingers.

'The Dragon Plate.' A light blue aura radiated from the small fragment, twinkling in the sun's rays before suddenly fading away. She eyed it with calculating eyes. "It's been doing that all day..." She then looked forward towards the sunset, her face filled with worry.

They were getting closer to their target.

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