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I might have done some formatting error while c/ping from ff.net. Although I have checked it twice I might have missed one or two, so please do point out.

Introductory notes:

This story is loosely based on the after-game story of B2W2, except the protagonist is Red. It is a two-chaptered story, as it would have ended up into a 14,786 worded One-shot to which I was actually planning to add lot more. Which means the second chapter will actually be long.

Content Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Game Freak, Nintendo and whatever else but I have molded these characters as I wished.

Rating: PG-15 to be safe, as the second part is slightly violent and involves some blood here and there.

R & R: The author would love if the reader would post a feedback (however short and negative it is) as you see this particular story is far from perfect and the author definitely needs help to improve himself.

The Trip to Unova: A flying-saucer, a beast and a mad-scientist.

Part One:

The object shot past like a lightning. It shot past the terrified Pidove across the sky, above the green forests, the pink skyscrapers and beneath the white clouds. It didn't know where it was heading to, or where it has come from. It didn't know what it was or why it was being chased. It only knew one thing, fear.

'Energy level, critical. Damage to the right side.' A computerized voice came out through the speakers.

'Energy level, critical. System shutting down in five seconds, requesting immediate landing.'

The object didn't heed the warning as it was thrusting forward with fear. If the object's senses were attached to its brain rather than the Artificial intelligence, it could have been stopped by pain. But it was not the case.






'Zero. System shutting down, activating Hibernation.'
With that the object's flight came to a stop, it crashed down like a bird shot down by a hunter's gun.

The Air Unova approached its destination carrying 300 people in its enormous span. The passengers were all in an enthusiastic mood, as their destination happens to be Unova's biggest holiday spot, the Undella Bay. Among the enthusiastic passengers was one beautiful Jennifer Blue.

"Look at that, Red." She tugged the young boy in his teens. His face was covered by his red hat. He was deep in sleep, exhausted because of the tiring six hours flight from Kanto.

"RED!" She shouted into his ear, startling him awake.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked, half furious and half asleep.

She silently pointed outside the window. The expression on his face changed from a scowl to that of a pleasantly surprised.

"Whoa," he muttered.

The breath-taking view of Undella bay was before their eyes. The Undella Bay was shaped like a 'V' pointing outwards. It was a congregation of Pokémon of various regions. The Starvyu, Alomomola and Frillish were swimming in the beautiful blue Undella Sea. The huge Wailord occasionally came out of the water and performed flips. Krabby and Kingler crawled along the shore. Pelipper were hunting for their fish and Wingull perched lazily by the craggy areas.

"I have never seen most of these Pokémon." She muttered.

Speechless, he nodded in agreement.

Soon they were out of the airport, dragging their baggage.

"You should really be thanking me for that." Jennifer shook her head, pulling her long black hair back.

"Fine, fine." He was slightly annoyed.

They looked around for the person who was supposed to be waiting for them, ignoring the cab drivers who were looking at them expectantly.

"Champion Red of Kanto, I presume."

He turned around. Standing behind them was a man in his fifties.

"Yes, you are…"

He bowed slightly, "My name is Sebastian. Master Green Oak arranged me to receive you and Ms. Blue."

"That's great."

"If you please, our vehicle is ready to take you to the mansion." He pointed to a grand Limousine standing by the Car Park that outclassed every other vehicle around by far.

"A butler and a car like this, nobody told me Oak is this rich." Jenny whispered into his ears.

"Well, he owns a big ranch, and all. I guess something like this should be expected."

They got into the car that took them to the Oak's guest house.
By the northwest shores of Undella, two people sat down by the waters, with fishing rods in their hands. They were known to be the Basculin brothers as Basculin was the only Pokémon they ever fished.

The guy with the red striped shirt said staring at the sky, "Hey, bro."

"Yea, bro?" Answered the other wearing a blue striped shirt.

"Is that a U.F.O?" He said pointing at the object in the sky.

"Don't be dumb. This isn't a sci-fi movie." He said looking at the sky, when he spotted the distant object in the air, he shouted, "Oh my god, that's a flying- saucer!"
The Oak's guest house was in fact a mansion that rivaled the other mansion in Undella Bay. Being a famous holiday spot such private guest houses were common in Undella.

"Man that Oak's rich." Red muttered looking at the expanse of the mansion.

"Well you should thank Green once we get inside." Jenny said.

"Master Green?" Sebastian turned around, "But Master Green is in Hoenn Region, sir."

They exchanged a glance, "Hoenn?" They cried at once.

"Yes, sir." He replied as earnestly as he could.

"B-But he said he and Daisy were already here." She looked at Red, who nodded in agreement.

"I received no such information from the Master, Ms. Blue." He said putting a apologetic expression.

"Do you have a phone inside?" Red asked.

"Yes, Master Red."

Red and Jenny went inside. Once Sebastian showed them their rooms, he showed them to the telephone.

Red immediately called him. The videophone connected to Hoenn, an operator then linked it to Green's Hoenn guest house. Once connected, Green Oak appeared on the videophone's screen.

"Yo, Red!" He waved.

"What the heck, Green!" He pounced at once, "You and Daisy are supposed to come here before us, aren't you?"

"About that," there was a crooked smile on his face, "I couldn't come because of some important business."

Jenny pushed him away from the camera's vision, "What do you mean, you can't come? You aren't expecting me to spend my vacation with him?" She pointed at Red.

"Hey, I am not happy with that either. I am going to go nuts if I stay here with this girl."

"Oh, please, don't kid me Red. You are nuts." She shouted back.

Then she glared at Green, who shrugged, "Sorry. I can't help."

"Oh, screw it." She rolled her eyes. "This trip is already a biiig mess."

"The feeling is mutual." Red said to which she gave him a disgusted look and left for her room.

"You really know how to piss off a girl."

"She started it." Red said accusingly, "Besides it's your fault anyway."

Green sighed, "Look, Red. There is a reason why I have arranged this."

"Oh, so you did arrange this, huh."

"Yeah, because you are a wimp and can't be straight with Jenny."

"W-What do you mean by that?" He asked, trying to look innocent.

"Ah, please don't gimme that look, Red. The whole Kanto knows you and Jenny like each other."

"W-What?" Red stammered to which Green sighed again.

"I mean what I say, you and Jenny like each other." He stressed each word carefully.

"B-But…" Red said uneasily. He lowered his cap as if to hide his face. "N-No, I think you are mistaken."

"Seriously, Red?" Green asked as if he was being ridiculous, which he was, in a way.

"Now look!" Green said, "Put your damn ego aside, this is the best opportunity, okay? Just go out and propose her. You can thank me later, of course."


"See ya, Red. Smell ya later" The screen went off suddenly.

"Oh, boy." He mumbled. "This isn't going to be a nice trip."

A huge crowd formed around the electricity substation. The huge tower by the station was broken in half. The broken half was on the ground, and the grass was charred as if it was set on fire.

A news reporter was screaming at a cameraman, a couple of brave Pokémon trainers stood on the frontlines their Pokémon growling at something. There was a commotion in the crowd. Most of them were jabbing at their mobile phones and few others, their Pokédex.

But the strangest of them was the creature that lay by the broken tower. It was referred to as an object few paragraphs ago, but unlike then, it wasn't shaped like a space saucer. The creature had had four perfect limbs that resembled the human legs and hands.

The Pokémon was entangled by the supply wires through which the high voltage current passed. The Pokémon's eyes were closed as if it were in pain.

Having nothing else to do at the mansion thanks to the untimely power cut and a simultaneous generator failure, as per Sebastian's suggestion Red and Jenny decided to spend some time in the shopping district.

Red was deep in thought as they walked through the busy street. Green's words echoed through his brain. "Propose her!"

"What is it?" Jenny asked, noticing that he was unusually silent.

He lowered his red cap covering his face, "Nothing."

"You sure?"

"Don't annoy me, okay."

She stared at him for a second, and then grinned, "Looks like I interrupted your romantic thoughts, again."

"Shut up."

She giggled, "I will take it as a yes. So who is this girl you have in mind?"

"Why are you so interested?"

She said after a pause, "Just wondering who's in your mind."

'This is it, Red!'

"Alright, I'll tell you," he said stopping suddenly. He wasn't the type to blush and stammer for an hour or so he thought of himself. And so he decided to say it boldly. "Well it's—"

A loud booming noise interrupted him. There was a stunning silence for a second, the people on the streets looked at each other's faces, each considering various possibilities that caused the explosion. None were pleasant and so there was the same expression on everyone's face, anxiety.

"What's that?" Red exclaimed.

"Look!" She pointed at a distant trail of smoke in the air.

"Something's wrong. Let's go." He urged, she nodded without hesitating.

They sprinted towards the substation from where the sound came from. People were running helter-skelter as if they were mice. But the center of all the commotion seemed to be where the smoke was coming from. A large crowd surrounded the broken tower. Red and Jenny pushed themselves past the crowd. Only to be welcomed by some fainted Pokémon.

"Oh my god." Jenny closed her mouth, her eyes were to the damage done by the explosion.

"Hey, what happened?" Red asked a boy who was tending to his Arcanine.

"A strange Pokémon attacked us." He said.

"A Pokémon?" Red repeated it. As a Champion of the league he was aware of the occasional outbursts of rare Pokémon and the destruction they cause when trainers attempt to catch them.

"Which way did it go?" Jenny asked.

"It went into the forest." He pointed into the woods.

Red and Jenny exchanged a glance, and nodded in agreement.

It seemed that they weren't the only trainers with the same intention. A couple of brave trainers already left in that direction in order to catch the Pokémon. It was a common sight in such cases, because in most such situations the trainers will be awarded with a costly T.M for the work.

But Jenny and Red had different motives. The Pokémon in such cases suffer from being injured by various trained Pokémon. The best way was to beat it before anyone else.
Somewhere far away in the region of Unova a Pokémon opened its eyes after many hundred years. The four-legged beast slowly marched its way out of the cave. It closed its eyes that were used to years of darkness, momentarily as the bright sunlight poured in.

Its primal instincts awoke it, telling that its nemesis broke free. It let out a beastly roar that echoed throughout Unova.

It then lunged into the action, towards the 'creature' it loathed for hundreds of years.

The creature moved swiftly among the array of trees, despite being a robotic object, it moved among the trees with relative ease. It ducked under low lying branches, jumped over the trippy undergrowth. But the pursuers were catching up; on the lead was the Red Mantis Pokémon, Scizor which also moved within the forest as if it were it backyard. A Unefezant suddenly attacked from the sky in an attempt to strike it down, but the creature swiftly turned around and aimed the gun like projections on its arms at the bird. A powerful bolt of electricity convulsed through the bird causing it to faint on the spot.

But the red mantis then managed to catch up with it; it prepared to strike the creature's chest with a powerful Metal Claw.

'Danger Approaching. Counter Measure: Fly.'

And then with the instincts it never had before the creature jumped up in an attempt to fly. But the fast approaching Scizor then managed to strike it on its legs.

Tripped by the attack, the creature fell to the ground wincing in pain.

'Critical Damage, Left Leg status: damaged. Navigation, Impossible.'

The creature cursed, the enemy creature landed confidently watching it twisting in agony.

The creature didn't know of any feelings, except fear. The cause of its fear wasn't the enemy creature or the humans chasing it, but its fear was itself. It half-acted on its instincts but the rest of the time, it moved unnaturally as if someone else was commanding it. But who? It didn't know, but it definitely knew someone was controlling its body and there wasn't anything it could do about it.

'Pokémon Scizor Approaching, Status: Human Controlled, Trainer level: Very High.'

'Initiating defensive discharge.'

The creature's red eyes widened, it was the same feeling again, the feeling of being controlled.

Something inside its body was whirring, the creature then let out a powerful discharge of electricity.

At some distance away.

"What's that?" Jenny pointed at the yellow lightning that seemed to erupt like a volcano.

Red noticed the discharging electricity, but amidst the powerful current a red creature flew into the sky in an attempt to dodge it.

"Oh, no." Red muttered in realization, "Looks like my Scizor pissed that creature."

Either trainer sprinted towards the source of electricity. The lightning was spreading out in every direction scorching the trees that blocked the flood of electricity. A rumbling noise pricked their ears as the electricity shot past them. Either of them had to close their silhouette of a creature met their eyes, standing at the epicenter of the discharge.

"What the heck is that?" Jenny had to scream to make herself audible.

"It must be that Pokémon." Red shouted back. "What do we do?"

"We need to beat it obviously!" She shouted back, with a hint of sarcasm in her words.

"Right, leave that to me." He removed the hands from his ears, and clutched onto a Pokéball. "I am counting on you, my best partner." He kissed the Pokéball.

The Pokéball materialized with a flash into a six foot tall majestic crimson creature. The creature stood on two legs, and flapped its powerful wings that were of blue-shade on the inside. An enormous flame was lit on its tail that indicated the Pokémon's immense prowess among the species called Charizard.

"Charizard! Get into the air and use flamethrower on the creature responsible for this."

The Pokémon despite its arrogant appearance nodded to the trainer and let out a monstrous roar. With one single flap of its wing it propelled its way into the sky to meet up with the red mantis, Scizor.

Upon Scizor's direction Charizard spotted its target, which was wildly discharging huge amounts of electricity.

It dodged a powerful electric current that passed where it once was and opened its mouth letting out a huge flame at its target.

The flames dashed past the discharge and struck the creature in the center. A huge explosion followed, the sound from which reverberated throughout the forest. All of a sudden the forest became calm and grey smoke spread out into the surroundings.

"Looks like our coast is clear." Red said, his ears still ringing because of the discharge.

They slowly walked through the smoke, guided by blurry vision. Charizard and Scizor landed by the creature and waited for their trainer to come.

'Severe Damage. Power completely discharged.'

"Good job, Charizard." Red gave the pseudo-dragon a victory signal. The Pokémon snorted proudly.

"Whoa, what is that?" Jenny muttered, watching the creature on the ground.

"Beats me." Red said stooping down to examine the creature while still maintaining a good distance.

The creature was entirely purple in color, except for the large red eyes that resembled a car's headlights, not to mention the black marks of soot at many places on its body that indicated severe burning and damage. It had a disproportionately enormous head and an abdomen that reminds one of a bug Pokémon.

The red eyes moved around as if it had a life of its own. Now that it seemed safe, the trainers slowly gathered around. An unspeakable silence broke among them as none of them recognized the creature.

The silence was dispelled when a particular trainer pointed at Red and exclaimed, "A powerful Charizard and a red hat. Aren't you Champion Red from Kanto?"

There was a sudden murmur among the trainers. Almost every trainer was familiar with that name.

"Oopsie, looks like our dreams for a peaceful holiday is over." Jenny said.

"Y-Yeah," Red muttered, he gave the trainers a nervous smile and a small wave.

'Critical Situation. Engaging Self-Destruction.'

And then the sudden silence engulfed them again. The trainers all looked at the purple creature, their eyes widened, legs trembling and wondered if they heard it right.

'Self-Destruction, engaging in three seconds.'

"Oh, god!" Red instinctively grabbed Jenny's arms.


At once everyone sprang into action and started running.



Red screamed at the top of his voice, "Get down!"

A powerful shockwave swept past turning obliterating the trees around, a sudden expulsion of flames combined with a deafening sound then followed it. Red pulled Jenny and landed on the ground as hard as he could. The splinters ended up raining on them for what seemed a long-second.

Once it ended a deadly silence ensued once again. But none of them could dare as much as look back for five seconds. They slowly turned around, their hearts thumping like an engine and their brains blank with shock.

Red got up slowly, staggering in the process. He slowly stumbled watching the destruction caused by the explosion. It was a minor explosion, but it could have easily taken their lives if they hadn't moved.

Charizard and Scizor landed carefully beside their trainer watching the grey char the explosion left.

"That was nasty." He muttered under his breath.

"It's still alive!" A trainer screamed.

Two dim red eyes flashed through the grey cloud of smoke earning a vengeful growl from Charizard and Scizor.

"Wait!" Red gestured them to stop, he was still dazed but he could hear the noise faintly.

"Bzzzt." It was a weak buzz, more like a groan.

The purple creature attempted to lift its head, with extreme difficulty but the weight pulled it down to unconsciousness.

"It's in pain," Red said, the hint of astonishment still lingering on his face.

The P2 Laboratory.

A certain Pokémon researcher was intensely watching the afternoon news bulletin.

"Today, Undella Bay has been the center of one of the most sensational moments. An unidentified Pokémon attacked the substation throwing everyone into panic. The Pokémon fled into the woods after a couple of brave trainers chased the Pokémon. The Pokémon has been captured after it managed to injure fifteen Pokémon trainers. And now, I would like to show you to the man behind the Pokémon's capture, the savior, who is none other than the Champion of Kanto himself."

The reporter turned to a teenage boy, "The Pokémon was in some kind of pain, and we had to chase it deep into the forest. When we thought we managed to pin it down but it managed to use Self-Destruct on us."

"Mr. Red, what kind of Pokémon do you think it is?"

"I am not sure. I have never seen a Pokémon like that. But Nurse Joy says it was responsible for the malfunctioning of the electronic devices all over Undella, today."

The Professor turned off the television. He turned to the black-dressed men standing in the room. They were trembling in fear. Their eyes were on the Professor, wondering what kind of reaction he was going to give.

In contrast to their expectations, there was a bright smile on his face. "The two of you have done an excellent job. I honestly don't know how I could reward useful grunts like you two." He got up from his couch, and walked towards them, his hands to his back.

He took a book with a red-cover into his left hand and pretended to read it.

"Ah," he stroked his chin with his other arm, as if he got a brilliant idea, "I can use the two of you in my next human experiment, what do you say?"

The grunt blurted, "S-Sir it wasn't out fault Genesect was—"

"I would prefer if you talk when I want you to." He said in a soft but commanding voice, "Very well." He nodded with a smile when they closed their mouths.

"Go and call Angel," he said to the grunt. The grunt left the room immediately and returned back with a red-headed woman in her late-twenties.

"You called me?" She said, her sharp black eyes shooting into his serene emerald eyes.

"Yes, my dear Admin." He smiled at the grunts again, "Well our brave grunts here have successfully managed to push us deep into the beautiful deep abyss. But to our luck we have found Genesect."

Angel shot a glare at the grunts, causing them to shudder. She then turned to Achroma, "I shall get it back."

"No," Achroma said, looking into his book again to which Angel rolled her eyes.

"It seems the Champion of Kanto has been involved with the issue. It is inevitable for us to fight him." He closed the book, "I don't like to end up like Ghetsis, let's greet him with our entire force."
The Pokémon center was crooked with people who were attempting to take a look at the mysterious Pokémon under the pretense of healing their Pokémon. The police were struggling to keep them at bay.

Inside the emergency ward Red and Jenny were waiting tensely.

"Do you think it will be okay?" She asked.

Red sighed deeply, "How would I know?" He said making an irritated face.

"Fine, fine. I was just worried."

Red stared at her for a second falling into deep thought, "Sorry. I am just in a bad mood."

He said after breaking the silence, "The news reporters were saying that the Pokémon attacked the substation but—"

A soft and kind voice said, "The Pokémon was attacked, it crashed into the substation."

"Nurse Joy," They stood up at once. "How's the Pokémon?" Jenny asked.

"I tried to recover its health a bit but—" There was uncertainty in her voice, "The Pokémon is really odd, I have never seen anything like it. Some of its parts seem to be mechanically made."

"Mechanically made?" Red asked her as if she spoke Latin.

"But Nurse Joy," Jenny shook her head vigorously, "How is that possible?"

"I am not sure either; it could be subjected to some kind of experimentation. It might have tried to escape them and—"

"Got attacked in the process." Red finished. "I wish I could lay my hands on these people."

"Well now that it is in our hands we can pro—oh, my god," She panicked, "It's getting up." She said looking at the Pokémon through the glass window.

The three of them dashed into the room, but it was too late, the Pokémon was already on its feet.

'Approaching creatures, three humans. No threat detected.'

The Pokémon lifted its right arm-slash-gun and pointed at them threateningly.

"It seemed to be scared, it will attack us." Red said enlarging a Pokéball.

'Pokéball detected, standby for battle.'

"Wait." Nurse Joy grabbed his raised arm and lowered it. "Put the ball back."

Detecting the seriousness in her voice, Red resized the Pokéball back.

'Threat removed. Standby off.'

The Pokémon slowly lowered its arms.

"What's going on, Nurse Joy?" Jenny asked her as if she were her only hope out of the craziness.

"The Pokémon seems to be working on some kind of A.I." She said dreamily, unsure herself. "This is something we should handle to the league itself."

"You're right," Red agreed that it was the only sensible thing to do, "We need to take it to the league's professor."

"We need to make sure it stays safe till then." Jenny said.

And then out of the blue the wall exploded into pieces. A large hole was formed on the Pokémon Centre's wall.

"Excuse me for the interruption," A man in a white coat slowly walked through the hole. His emerald eyes were on the book in his hand. About fifteen Pokémon that resembled a steel ball with a magnet like projection followed into the room. Following them was a larger Pokémon that seemed like the godfather of the smaller Pokémon.

"Magnezone." Jenny muttered under her breath.

The man closed the book and smiled at them, "I am here to claim my lost property."

The trio stood dumbfounded for a minute or so.

'Threat detected. Threat detected.'

The creature attempted to move, but it couldn't due to exhaustion. It supported itself from falling against the chamber's wall.

"If you wouldn't mind, Magnezone. Thunderwave."

"Wait!" Red stopped him.

"Oh, is there anything I can help you with?" He asked innocently.

Red whispered into Jenny's ears, "Is this is an act or is he really innocent?"

"He is stealing that Pokémon in front of your eyes, dammit!" She hissed.

The Magnezone released a blue electric attack, the purple colored Pokémon's arms and legs were constricted, restricting its movements.

'Status: Paralyzed. Mobility: As good as a crawling Shuckle.'

"What?" Red exclaimed as if he just realized that, which he did.

"Hey who do you think you are and what are you are doing to that Pokémon?"

The Professor was once again engrossed, reading the book. He said lifting his head, "I deeply apologize for not introducing myself. My name is Professor Achroma, resident researcher of Team Plasma. I specialized in Mechatronics and Pokéology. I am currently taking away the Pokémon that escaped my laboratory."

"What?" Red gawked.

"He means, he is stealing the Pokémon. Now just stop him!"

"Alright then, Charizard!" He tossed the Pokéball.

The fire-type emerged out of the ball with a roar.

"Very well." The smile on Achroma's face disappeared. He gently closed his book, and put it in his pocket and took out a Pokéball from the same. "I have a Pokémon that is worthy of answering a Champion's call."

"I call forth, the brilliance of Plasma, Rotom."

The Pokéball materialized into a red-bulb like Pokémon. The Pokemon carried a mischievous grin on its face that reminds you of a five year old.

"What the hell is that?" Red took out his Pokédex.

"Rotom, the Plasma Pokémon. The Pokémon is said to be capable of possessing any electronic devices. Type: Electric/ Ghost."

"Rotom is a legendary Pokémon," Jenny said warily, "Be careful, Red."

Red nodded.


Much like earlier Charizard shot out powerful flames from its mouth.

"Protect, if you please."

A green barrier blocked the hot flames immediately.

"Disappear from its sight." Achroma commanded.

The Plasma Pokémon immediately shot itself like a spark of electricity into the tube light.

"Where did it go?" Red asked, stunned by the speed.

As if to answer his question the tube light broke into pieces, as the spark shot into the healing machine. The healing machine suddenly started to glow in various colors and displayed numbers only to bust with a small spark of explosion and appeared right before Charizard.

"There it is, Flamethrower!" Red shouted at once.

"Confuse Ray!" Achroma commanded almost immediately.

Rotom let out a bright flash of light into Charizard's eyes.

The pseudo-dragon roared in surprise suddenly and took a step back, tripped against a wire and fell on its back.

"Charizard, snap out of it!" He exclaimed in concern.

"I wouldn't advocate 'the-wait-for-the-confusion-to-heal-policy' now." Achroma said, a small smirk now covered his face. "While considering your capabilities as a champion you can take the fifty percent chance of attacking me but—we are in a cramped up space. God knows whom the flamethrower might hit. Am I right?"

After a tentative second, "Return, Charizard!" He took the Pokémon back.

"You are an intelligent person." Achroma returned back to his innocent smile, "Rotom kindly bind these people with Thunder Wave."

The Plasma Pokémon whipped up the electric attack and bound the three together like a rope.

"I apologize for capturing you like this, but my rather incompetent grunts are having some issues bringing in Genesect's container. Ah, there they are."

A couple of men dressed in black carried in then brought in an over-sized container.

"Plasma." The Nurse gasped in surprise. "But they were supposed to be disbanded."

"Trust me on this," Red said, "These creeps never give up. Even after their boss disbands and run away, they even go as far as to call them back by broadcasting through radio."

The struggling Genesect with the help of the Magnezone's Thunderwave was put inside and covered by a lid.

"With that we take our leave," he bowed once again and prepared to leave like a stage artist.

He stopped once before leaving, "Red, you maybe the Champion of a league." Achroma said proudly, "But real-life matches are quite different from tournament ones." He smiled, "You see, there is always the life-and-death factor."

After what seemed like forever but was actually five minutes, a couple of men dressed in blue uniform came into the emergency ward.

"What the heck were you guys doing?" Jenny asked, furious as the policeman sent out a Joltik that slowly consumed the binding electricity slowly.

The policeman obviously offended said, "A huge number of Plasma grunts raided the Pokémon Center. We weren't prepared for such a massive attack."

The Thunderwave finally wore off, freeing them.

"They couldn't have gone far," Jenny said standing up, she sent out a Pokémon from the Pokéball. The Pokémon was a blue colored bat with a mouth large enough to eat a man's head.

"Follow, Plasma!"

The Pokémon nodded and flew through the vast hole created by Achroma.

Red and Jenny followed the Pokémon out of the hole. By then a huge crowd was starting to creep towards them.

"We need to hurry, they're getting away." Red said impatiently.

Just then, "Master Red, Ms. Blue." Sebastian pulled in, on his limousine.

"Sebastian, you're the best!" Jenny exclaimed.

They jumped into the car which immediately dashed towards the Eastern Port.

"Plasma has a boat docked in the port," Sebastian informed. "They were planning on a quick escape."

"There they are!" Jenny pointed as they turned around to the 7th Street; they saw Achroma in a black car that was zooming its way past the traffic towards the Port. A huge symbol that read 'P-2' was on the black car's rear.

Sebastian stepped on the wheel and dashed past the slow traffic swerving around and cutting past the cars.

The gap between the cars slowly seemed to close down, but then suddenly a violent spark shot into the limousine. Two naughty eyes appeared on the speedometer. Before Sebastian could react to it, the hand brake moved on its own immediately bringing the car to a screeching halt.

Red and Jenny jumped out of the car immediately.

The Rotom appeared out of the car and laughed at them haughtily.

"I know how to deal with you," Red said, "Scizor!" He tossed his Pokéball. The red mantis materialized out of the Pokéball.

"I'm going after Achroma," Jenny said as her Goldbat clutched onto it.

"Jenny wait," Red tried to stop her.

The Rotom immediately shot itself into the car as Sebastian jumped out. The driverless car dashed towards her.

"Scizor, Superpower!" Red shouted.

The mantis immediately raced the car and stepped in front of it. It spread its two claws that shone in a bright light filled with power and held the car as it dashed into it. The limousine immediately wrecked into pieces on colliding with the Scizor, the broken pieces were thrown around everywhere.

"Master Green will not be happy." Sebastian muttered sadly.

Then a ghosted-bike dashed past them towards the port.

"Dammit." Red slammed his fist against the road and then regretted doing it.

It took him about five minutes to reach the port by foot. Luckily for him he didn't found the need for searching for the Plasma ship.

The ship was already a few good feet away from the port. Achroma stood by the deck, with his fifteen-odd Magnemite and was waving him good-bye.

"As if I am going to let you," Red gritted his teeth and tossed a Pokéball into the water, "Lapras come on out!"

A gigantic monster that resembled a turtle in structure and a snail's head appeared out of the Pokéball. The water around splashed with a huge sound as the enormous Pokémon landed on it.

"Let's go!" Red barked the Lapras into action.

The Pokémon despite its appearance swam towards the ship with a speed akin to a motor boat.

"That's quite an energetic Pokémon you have," Achroma shouted as Red got closer to the ship, his hands to his back. "But we can play some other day."

The mischievous Rotom was once again before him, "Rotom, a Thunderbolt for his valor, please."

"Stop it with Icebeam!"

A freezing beam of energy was shot from the Lapras's Icebeam struck the Thunderbolt and overpowered it with ease; the freezing attack shot the Plasma Pokémon away onto the deck.

"To defeat an electric-type like that you are quite the champion," Achroma stood unfazed. "But unfortunately life isn't as fair as a battle field."

All of a sudden the fifteen Magnemite surrounded him in a circle.

"Lapras use Surf and drive them all away!"

"Metal Sound, please!"

The Magnemite at once let out a powerful screeching sound that tore his eardrums apart.

He didn't know for how long he was like that, but Red tightly closed his ears and shut his eyes in pain. At some point he fell into the water.

He opened his eyes as the water clogged his breathing. He struggled his way back to the surface, gasping for breath.

His eyes burned, he coughed up a lot of water. Clearing his vision he looked around to see where he was. The Magnemite left his Lapras after what seemed like a series of Thunder-shocks.

"Lapras," he pulled himself towards the beast, the Pokémon despite its size growled softly in response.

He looked at the ship with eyes filled with anger. But then, the anger disappeared only to be surpassed by a huge surprise.

The ship which was sailing by the waters then slowly seemed to be lifted into the air. At first he thought it was some kind of hallucination. But the ship indeed rose out from the waters and slowly ascended into the sky.

"Oh, crap." He muttered, he did remember hearing something about a flying ship that belonged to Team Plasma. But he never expected something like that to pull such a feat in front of his eyes.

He watched the 5000 pound mass slowly pacing into the distant sky as if it were from a fantasy cinema.

His Lapras then growled for some reason and pointed at the ship. He didn't understand at first, there was a blue spot hanging along the railings of the ship. He took out his Pokédex and aimed at the ship.

"Pokémon Goldbat."

He looked at the dexter as if he has seen a ghost. "Oh god, Jenny must have sneaked into the ship." He looked into the sky again, the ship was long gone.

It's not over yet. The real action will begin real-soon.

Foot note: Achroma's behavior pattern is based off the Phoenix Wright games, where the defendants keep bringing the weirdest stuff to the court.

Alfred the Second
10th July 2012, 1:22 PM
Part 2:

"Dammit!" He wanted to smash the Pokédex into the water, but didn't as Oak charged him a million when he did so the last time. It was custom built, and served as the data collector for manufacturing Pokédex for millions of trainers.

"Lapras, take me to the shore." The Pokémon nodded in response.

By the time he got back, Sebastian was waiting for him with a towel in his hands like the perfect butler he was. Where he procured the towel was everyone's guess.

"Thanks," he tossed him his wet, red shirt and took the towel.

Red impatiently sat down on a chair (which was also somehow procured by Sebastian), the wet towel draped over his shoulders.

He put his hands on his forehead and closed his eyes and remained silent for a long time. Sebastian did not disturb the silence either.

A police vehicle then pulled by, a couple of officers rushed in, "Did the ship leave?" They asked the perplexed Red.

Red raised his head and looked in the direction where the ship once was and looked at them.

"I am sorry," The police shook his head, "We'll send a search boat and—"

"You won't find them." Red said in a low voice, "My friend Jennifer snuck into their boat, her Goldbat will tell us their location soon."

"Y-Yes sir," The officer nodded understandingly, "Do we have to call on the Elite Four?"

He shot a glare at them that sent a shiver down their spine.

The officer stammered, "I mean sir, you seemed to have some bitter experience with those Plasma guys."

Red rose to his feet suddenly and hissed into the officer's face, "I am the f*cking champion of Kanto."

The officer said trying to put up a straight face, "I am aware of that, sir."

He sighed and walked away from the officer, "Plasma will find Jenny sooner or later, I am not going to wait till your Elite Four comes. But call them if you want."

'I need to heal my Pokémon first'

It was a bitter experience to him, to lose to Achroma not just once but twice. There were very few instances of him losing, in fact close to zero since he was crowned the champion.

He headed to the Pokémon center and handed his five Pokémon to Nurse Joy.

"Scizor and Lapras need some time to recover," Nurse Joy said.

Stopping a car at a Rotom-boosted-speed wasn't easy even for the powerful Scizor and so was getting tortured by fifteen Magnemite with a dangerous combo of Metal Sound and a super-effective attack for Lapras.

"What about Charizard?"

"He will be fine, I will heal him first."

Red waited outside the Pokémon Center waiting for Jenny's Goldbat. It was a wise move by Jenny. If not for that Pokémon—Genesect, he should at least go to save Jennifer.

"Sir," the officer from earlier approached him. "I called Shauntal. They will be coming here in an hour or so."

Red was staring into the sky, the blue colored Pokémon he waited till then finally appeared.

"I am sorry, I can't wait." He sent out Charizard, "If anything happens, I'll send my Charizard back in case I fall in trouble. I'll be counting on your league then, officer."

Although they were inefficient he had been too hard on the officer, it wasn't their fault to expect such an incident in a peaceful holiday spot.

The officer smiled in response, "Yes, sir. But I hope you don't face the situation."

He climbed the pseudo-dragon and flew towards the blue bat Pokémon, "Did they catch Jenny?" He asked the bat, with some hope. The Pokémon nodded a 'yes' in response.

"Fine," he frowned. "Lead the way, Goldbat."

We once again move to our dear Basculin brothers, who were now fishing by the forest side lake this time.

"Bro, how many Basculin did you get?" Asked the person with red stripes on his shirt.

"Three, what about you?" The blue stripes guy replied.

"Four. Dammit! We need to catch more Basculin."

"Yes, we shall catch a shiny Basculin this time. The flying saucer we saw in the morning is our sign of luck. What do you say?"

The other didn't reply.

"What is it bro?" He asked noticing that the other was silent. His face was pale, and the fishing rod in his hand was shaking in fear.

"What's wrong?" The blue stripe looked in the direction the other pointed. At once his heart skipped a beat. Standing before him was one of the fiercest and scariest creature they have ever seen. And that is saying something as they loved Basculin.

The beast had large and round yellow eyeballs, a crooked face that reminds you of the ugliest creatures from fantasy movies. Its body was completely orange with dark-brown mud like spots. A white beard covered from one ear to the other, and white fur covered each of its four paws. Its tail was rugged with red-swollen bites that resembled bug bites albeit king-sized. The most ferocious part was the two fangs that protruded out of its mouth.

It was a face that could give you nightmares for the rest of your lives when you see it up close.

The beast eyed the Basculin brothers for a second and then lunged towards the hills. It came here picking up the scent of its long-dead adversary but the Pokémon's scent magically disappeared at Undella Bay, the scent seemed to reappear from somewhere beyond the hills. The beast didn't know that beyond the hills was the P-2 laboratory.


"Awesome job, Goldbat." Red applauded the Pokémon. They were indeed above the ship which was currently docked in some small water body. If anyone hadn't known its flying capabilities they would be scratching their heads as to how there was a ship in the middle of nowhere.

The Charizard and the trainer carefully watched the ship from a distance. There were a couple of grunts here and there but the ship wasn't heavily guarded.

"You stay here okay?" The pseudo-dragon nodded in response.

He silently landed on the port side and snuck into the one of the two open doors. The door led him into a large but empty room that led to many cabins. Unable to find any other doors he was about to get back when a grunt came out of one of the cabin doors.

"Stupid warps, always confusing." He shouted at something inside the room and walked out through the main door.

'Warps?' He hasn't heard that name ever since his adventure in Silph & Co.

He proceeded into the empty room silently and noticed a big green portal that once gave him nightmares back in Kanto.

Praying that he wouldn't end up in the wrong place he stepped on the green portal.


Before he realised what happened, he was in a similar room except a Plasma grunt was staring at him with a cereal bowl in his hand.

"Hi." He grinned sheepishly.

"Hello," the Plasma grunt greeted back and immediately swung his right arm at Red.

He ducked the punch and smashed the Plasma against the wooden post that supported the beds.

The dizzy grunt then attempted to take out a Pokéball which Red promptly kicked. He then hit the grunt against the wooden post again, this time harder.

The Plasma fell down unconscious and blood trickling down his forehead.

"Man, I wish I did that to Team Rocket." He was ten back then.

He then looked around to find another warp other than the one he came in.

After what seemed like an endless cycles of warps and fighting Plasma grunts he finally came to the last room which had one more warp. That was the only warp he hadn't got in yet. He must have beaten at least five Plasma grunts by hand and few others who seemed to be physically stronger than him with his Machamp.

With a deep breath, and a Pokéball ready in his arms he stepped on the final wrap.

The final wrap led to a room with a small cell attached to it. The cell contrary to his expectations was empty.

"We moved her" A red-headed woman was sitting on a chair one leg crossed over the other.

"Where is she?" Red asked seriously, now with the ego-boost that he has beat few Plasma grunts.

The red headed woman stood up, removed her gloves and walked towards him, "Why don't you try to find it out," She said stretching her legs in what seemed a fighting pose.

"Look, I don't like to hit women," Red said taking a cautious step back.

She then suddenly spun about her right leg and kicked him on his head right out of consciousness. "But I do like hitting men."

"I was supposed to hold him back?" She smiled over the unconscious Red. "I guess I am too good."

The next thing he knew Red was in a small room, along with Jenny.

"Great." She rolled her eyes. "And here I expected you to save me."

"Where are we?" Red asked, still dazed.

"P2 Laboratories." She noticed that he was struggling to pull his hands that were to his back. "You are tied, moron." She stood up and kicked him. "Now wake up."

"Ow," he groaned in pain, "You didn't have to do that."

"You needed that to sober up."

"I am not drunk," he staggered to get up onto his feet and hit against the wall.

"I don't think so."

"Alright, now how are we supposed to get out?"

"Aim for the hinges, like they do in every movie and book."

"Right," his face brightened up. "I'll do that."

He took a step back, and charged at the door.

"By the way I forgot to mention—"

He hit the door only to be thrown back into the opposite wall in pain.

"—the door is electrified."

"You did that on purpose didn't you?"

"Of course." She smiled devilishly, "As for our escape route, there is a reason why I left my Goldbat before coming in."

"Cool! My Charizard is out there too!" He jumped excitedly.

"Do you honestly expect your Charizard to save you?" She looked at him as if he were a lost child.

"If I know correctly, your Charizard will make a frontal attack just like you and end up trapped. It's brain over brawn, Red."

"But—"Red began to protest.

"Ssh!" She silenced him and got as much closer to the door as possible; she could faintly hear some sort of commotion outside. "I think your Charizard began its work." She said.

Red opened his mouth to say something and closed it again, and sighed. She was correct after all.

She stayed for some time in that position as if she were expecting something.

"Eek." She heard someone exclaim in surprise and then came a gunshot. "Yep, my Goldbat is here."

She waited till the flapping grew louder, "Goldbat!" She shouted.

A Pokémon's cry came in response brightening Jenny's face. "Goldbat search for our Pokémon belts and being them here." She stressed the word belt for the Pokémon.

The Pokémon made a sound that seemed like a 'yes' to her.

Ever since that Pokémon barged in everybody were running helter-skelter. Her prized Seviper was burned to oblivion in just one hit. And now everybody was using their Magneton and Magnemite to constrict it.

"Bob, get it from behind, you *******!" Being the only admin left in what remained of Team Plasma she had to cope up with hundred useless grunts. "Bill, not you! You stay to the left."

"Bob, when I mean get from behind, it doesn't mean you need to get from behind!" Her nerves were cracking, her voice tired from screaming, "Send your Magneton!"

She was orchestrating a combined Thunderwave with the help of a Magneton formation. It was a good plan to deal with the beastly Charizard except the grunts were utterly dumb.

"I give up." She threw her arms into the air, "I'll get that damn Rotom," She turned around and suddenly a blue blur swooped past her and the next instant the belts in her hand were missing.

"You're back!Thank goodness!" Jenny wanted to hug her Goldbat immediately but couldn't as there was electrified door between them.

"Red, which of your Pokémon is the best for breaking the door."

"Machamp." Red replied.

"Good, Goldbat send Red's Machamp out!"

She heard the bird settling down the ground and struggle to open the ball, "Press the button in the center, it's the lock."

They heard a familiar 'pop' sound.

Red jumped excitedly and shouted, "Machamp use Dynamic Punch on the—" Before he finished his sentence the steel door was sent flying onto his face.

"Oh, god." Jenny hit her forehead, "Why were you standing there, idiot?"

The Machamp hunched and struck its head inside, observed the contents of the room, realised that someone was under the door and gently removed it with two of its arms. "Champ?" The Pokémon wondered if he was okay.

"Untie my rope," he pointed his back to the Pokemon. The Pokemon tore the rope like a piece of paper and threw it away. It then did the same to Jenny.

"Thanks, Machamp." She smiled at the Pokemon. "Red, what's wrong?" She said noticing him stagger.

"I am fine." He struggled to get up.

"Oh god, you are not!" Jenny exclaimed.

"What do you mean?" He asked, and then a drop of blood fell on the floor.

"You're bleeding!" She cried as blood trickled down his forehead.

"Oh," he tried touching the injury and winced slightly, "This is nothing let's go."

"Wait!" She walked out into the corridor and looked around. She pulled out the shirt off a unconscious grunt and held up in the air, "Goldbat use Air Cutter on this."

The Pokémon nodded and flapped its wings in an X-shape. The shirt immediately tore into pieces.

She then tied the cloth around Red's injury. "Now that's better."

Red speechlessly watched her for some time. "What?" She asked in concern.

"No," he shook his head, "Nothing, let's go."

They followed down the corridor into what seemed the main hall; the scene before them was a pleasant surprise.

Charizard stood alone between a gang of trembling grunts and fainted Magneton, Drapion and Liepard.

"Gotta give credit where it's due, your brawn power worked out fine too."

Red puffed his chest proudly.

"Now let's get that Achroma guy." She said, to which Red nodded.

"That is as far as you get." A calm voice said.

Achroma, with the red book in his hand and his Admin Angel were standing on the first floor. "That's a fine dialogue, isn't it?" He said closing the book.

"Hey what's there in that stupid book?" Red asked, "Why do you keep reading it?"

"That," he stroked his chin and gave him a toothy smile, "Is something I am not about to reveal. What I am about to reveal is," he said walking down the stairs along with the admin, "The power of my Creation."

He turned around and raised both of his arms as if he were praying some god in the sky, "I introduce to you, Genesect 2.0."

Their attention was grabbed by a thumping noise as the silhouette of a Pokémon slowly took shape from the shadows.

Their eyes widened in surprise, "That's—"

"Genesect 2.0," Achroma said like it was a T.V commercial, "Upgraded with the new A.I that controls the thinking part of the original Pokémon's brain making it a perfect robot, an anti-security system that prevents it from attacking its owner and also prioritizing his life over its, and lastly not to mention the most prominent feature, as you see on its head is the newly fitted Techno Blast Canon."

It was true, in addition to the Pokémon's already oversized head, there was a huge purple bazooka sticking on its head. The bazooka was struck to its neck making it move in harmony with the head.

"Of course, I was about to add few drives like The Aqua Cassette but my dear admin informed me that a certain Charizard was destroying my beautiful garden."

"You know what," Jenny spoke, "You are a sick weirdo."

The smile on his face vanished suddenly, "Uh oh." Red muttered unconsciously.

"Unfortunately I can't take criticism well, especially from women." He turned to the purple creature, "Genesect, get rid of these pests from my beautiful garden."

He turned back to Red and Jenny with a fake smile, which was evidently destroyed by the frown on his face, "Isn't that ironic. Asking a bug-type to get rid of the pests?"

"Ironic, my foot!" Red gritted, "Machamp, Dynamic Punch!"

The four-armed creature jumped up the stairs onto the first floor in just two leaps and threw a dynamic punch at Genesect.

"Techno blast." He ordered it calmly as if it were morning coffee.

Genesect blocked the Dynamic punch with a single hand and pushed back the startled Machamp with the same hand, the canon on its head glowed creating a sphere of energy.

A powerful beam shot out of the canon, it struck the Machamp and blew it away like a feather. The beam blazed past the startled trainers, blew up the already destructed façade of the lab into smithereens and shot past their line of vision.

A large trail of mud formed that went along a perfect straight line as far as their eyes could see.

Everyone in that building with the exception of Achroma watched the destruction with open mouths. Even Achroma was surprised by the impact, but if he did show it, he wouldn't be the cool Professor he was, so he didn't.

"Ahem," he called for their attention, "That my friends, is the marvelous power of my dear, Genesect."

Instead of the applause Achroma expected, a deadly silence followed.

"I suppose that satisfied my ego a bit." The smile returned to his face.

"Red," Jenny held his hand, "You gotta beat it or we're toast."

Red looked at her with a pale face, "How can anyone beat that?"

"Based on what he said," she whispered, "It's a Bug-and-Steel Type."

Red glanced at Charizard, the Pokémon nodded as if it were ready.

"Fine, I guess this is my duty, considering I am a champion."

He turned to the fire-type, "Flamethrower!" The pseudo-dragon took into the sky and shot the flames at Genesect.

"Genesect, Techno Blast!" The Pokémon raised its head, its canon facing the incoming flamethrower and shot the powerful beam.

The beam shot past the flamethrower obliterating it. Noticing the attack destroying its own, Charizard ducked to the side the attack went grazing past it, but the power was enough to throw it out of balance and sent it crashing to the ground. The Techno-blast was shot into the distant sky.

The Fire-Lizard Pokémon stood up rubbing its head; its pride was deeply hurt by the exchange.

Achroma said with his eyes closed, enjoying the moment, "The most wonderful part of Techno Blast is it doesn't need recharging unlike hyper-beam."

"Once more please." He ordered for seconds.

The canons were aimed in the direction where Red and Jenny were standing as Charizard was directly behind them. "Wait!" Red screamed, "The impacts will get your men too."

"Oh," Achroma removed his glasses and wiped them clean with a cloth, "I suppose it does." He raised them into the air to see if there was any dust left, "So what?"

"Achroma!" The Admin beside him was the first to react with a violent surprise.

"What?" He asked as if there was nothing wrong with it, "They were never useful in the first place. Now, Genesect."

"Red!" Jenny jerked his arm violently. The Pokémon prepared its canon to fire at them.

"Damn you, Achroma!" Red threw a Pokéball, "Golem, Protect!"

The blinding beam approached them just when the Pokéball materialized into a large boulder-shaped Pokémon. The Pokémon immediately created a green barrier.

The beam proved too powerful, it pushed the barrier along with the Pokémon back immediately.

"Not this way!" Jenny exclaimed, the boulder Pokémon hit against the two trainers who were pushed back along with the Golem. Soon a couple of grunts were pulled into the fray too. They all somehow managed to hold the ground and supported Golem from falling down, which would have immediately spell their doom like an ace student.

The Protect, thanks to the combined muscle power of ten grunts, a Jenny and a Red, and of course the Golem that created it seemed to hold the ground against the beam.

Their happiness didn't stay long, the green barrier immediately started to crack like a piece of glass under pressure.

"We are so dead!" A grunt cried.

"Charizard!" Red shouted.

With a loud roar Charizard jumped into the air and struck out a powerful Flamethrower in Genesect's direction.

"Genesect, get out of the way!" Achroma for once lost his cool.

The bug Pokémon stopped the lethal Techno Blast immediately and flew into the air just in time.

"Don't let it go, Flare blitz!"

The pseudo-dragon charged at the flying bug, shrouded in a blue inferno.

"Dodge it, please." Achroma said, gathering some composure.

Charizard's charge was barely dodged by Genesect which flew away into the open sky, increasing the distance from Charizard.

"Good, now Techno Blast!"

"Don't let it go! Follow!"

Genesect began to charge ball of energy, but Charizard was already reaching for it.

'Auto-defense Command: Change of Orders.'

Genesect suddenly stopped the attack and flew above Charizard farther into the air.

"What the heck!"

"Good heavens." Achroma wiped the sweat off his face.

"I must hand it to you, Red. To use the brief little time for Techno Blast's charge to your advantage. You are the better trainer of the two of us, after all. Unfortunately for you, my Genesect is equipped with an Auto-defense mode that protects it from attacks that it cannot survive."

"I call Bull-****!" Red swung his fist in the air.

'Initiating Auto Battle Mode.'

"Charizard, watch out!" Jenny exclaimed.

Genesect pointed its smaller guns and fired off a Thunderbolt which when dodged by Charizard struck two grunts on the ground.

"Oh, crap." Red cursed.

The grunts realizing their lives were of no value decided to run away from the battlefield.

"The only correct thing they have done in their careers." Achroma broke a wry smile.

"Achroma," Angel looked at him with all the disgust in the world, "You're a terrible sick bastard."

"Oh, I sense a rebellion." Achroma smiled back, the three Magnemite encircled her. "I wonder what I should do."

She spit on his face, "Clean that."

"You have not done a wise thing." He wiped his face and glassed with a cloth as the Magnemite trapped her with Thunderwave. "Take care of her."

"Acrobatics!" A blue blur struck the three Magnemite in succession knocking them out. Jenny's Goldbat cried victoriously over the three fainted Magnemite.

And then a powerful lightning struck the Pokémon. The Goldbat now crisped, fell to the ground.

"Good Job, Magnezone." The Magnet Pokémon slowly hovered between Achroma and Jennifer who decided it was better to do something than watch the battle helplessly.

"Alright, then." She enlarged two Pokéball, "I may not be the best Pokémon trainer, but I can sure beat you," She tossed either Pokéball into the air, "Come out, Fur ball, Electric Monster!"

Meanwhile the fighting between Charizard and Genesect was getting tiresome for the Pseudo-Dragon as the latter didn't show any signs of exhaustion.

Charizard swiftly passed between two pillars of Thunderbolt and swerved around to pull a flamethrower. The Genesect dived to the right and prepared for a Techno Blast. Charizard immediately distanced itself to dodge the attack without a scrape.

It then charged in with a Flare Blitz to which it responded with another Thunderbolt. Skillfully dodging the Thunderbolt that constantly changed directions as Genesect pleased, it managed to get close to the bug Pokémon.

But once again the auto-defense mechanism made it dodge the attack. But Red was prepared this time, he then ordered a flamethrower onto the flying Genesect. The Pokémon shrouded in the blue inferno put a brake to itself and shot a flamethrower at Genesect.

The Auto-defense mechanism activated for a third time. The attack being unavoidable forced Genesect to respond with an Ice beam. The collision between the fire and Ice created a vapor that blocked either Pokémon's vision.

"This is your chance, grab it."

The Fire type Pokémon passed through the fumes and grabbed the insect Pokémon.

"Alright!" Red exclaimed.

'So the auto-defense mechanism doesn't work for moves that can't cause severe damage.' He thought.

"Toss it away!"

Charizard held onto the insect Pokémon tightly, but the Pokémon charged in a Techno Blast and tried to hit Charizard.

"Change its aim!"

Charizard grabbed Genesect by its shoulders and twisted its body immediately. The beam was shot out in some other direction far into the sky.

"Toss it!"

Holding onto Genesect's shoulders Charizard performed a ring-around and threw it towards the ground.

"Let's see how you'll dodge this, Flare blitz!"

Charizard immediately dashed behind the falling Genesect.

The Pokémon landed on its four limbs with huge impact, but the fire-lizard was already at its back.

"Finish it!"

And then a green barrier popped between the two Pokémon followed by an explosion.


The pseudo-dragon bounced of the barrier like a ball and landed with a loud thud. The tables have been turned; Genesect was now on its feet while Charizard was struggling to hold its ground.

Red clenched his fists and gritted his teeth as he was helpless when the thought struck him.

"Golem, Rock Blast!" He forgot he had another Pokémon on the standby.

Golem jumped eagerly to return the favor from the Techno Blast earlier. It opened its mouth and shot a series of rocks from its mouth, each with the same power as a bazooka.

Genesect was taken by surprise; it turned around just in time to cover itself with its two hands crossed over each other in a defensive stance. It took the first two hits with bare hands, and then between the second and third hits, its body froze into a color akin to an iron bar. The rest of the attacks bounced off like a ball that hit a concrete wall. The attack was Iron defense.

"Just how many attacks can it use?" Red asked infuriated. "Golem, Magnitude!" He hoped that a surprise attack from the ground would serve well. Genesect however aimed its guns at Golem and shot a powerful Ice beam before the Golem could even lift a leg.

"Golem!" The Pokémon rolled over, unconscious. He instinctively took the Pokémon back into the Pokéball.

Red collapsed on his knees, losing any hope. He might be a champion but the Pokémon was beyond him. It wasn't a joke when Professor Oak said there were people who wanted to create the world's strongest Pokémon.

The Pokémon slowly approached his Charizard with cold steps of steel. It lifted Charizard's muzzle with one gun and aimed its Techno Blast canon at it.

Only a miracle could save him, Red thought.

And then came the miracle.

"Fur ball, Hyper voice. Electric monster, Electro Ball."

On the other side, Jenny was holding her own. Fur ball, her Jigglypuff took in a deep breath and then let out a powerful scream dislodging the Magnemite of their synchronous movements. While Electric Monster, her Pikachu prepared a ball of electricity and flung it at the Magnezone.

But some of the Magnemite recovered from the attack and performed a Thunderwave on the two Pokémon.

"Hyper Voice!"

Which the Jigglypuff broke immediately.

"Not bad," Achroma mustered a smile. "But in the end, none of this matters after all. It will be my win."

She raised an eyebrow questioningly maintaining the serious expression, "You see, dear," he said. "Even if you manage to beat me, my dear Genesect will finish you. As you see even the Champion seems to be unable to hold it back."

Jennifer turned around; much to her astonishment Red's Charizard was being held under Genesect's grip.

"It's time to spell the words. G-A-M-E-O-V-E-R." He dropped into fits of laughter musing at his own dialogue.

And then out of nowhere an orange blur leapt out of nowhere and pounced on Genesect.

It all happened in an instant, in front of Red's eyes. A beast pounced on Genesect. The Genesect thanks to its artificial sensors turned in the last second and blocked the beast's claws with its arms.

The Pokémon's weight threw the Genesect on its back, the two Pokémon skid on Genesect's back. The beast jumped off Genesect and landed at a safe distance from the Pokémon.

The onlookers remained frozen in their tracks, as the beast slowly circled around Genesect waiting for the said Pokémon to get up.

Red and Jenny simultaneously took out their Pokédex, "Therian Landorus Forme: Type Ground/ Flying."

"I should have expected this to happen," Achroma appeared to be in deep thought. "The Mushiyo is after all, Landorus's greatest enemy."

"Eh?" Jenny looked at him expecting an explanation.

"Hmm," he smirked at her, stroking his chin. "You're curiosity has been aroused by that statement, isn't it?"

"Shut up." She cut him off like an annoying bug.

"Ah, you can pretend all day, but the fact that you're curious is a fact. And facts cannot be—"

A blood-curdling roar shook the lives out of the two. Even the Pokémon shuddered in fear and released whatever attacks they were performing.

Genesect was finally on its feet, and apparently the Therian Landorus gave it an invitation for battle.

Jenny saw Red and Charizard backing off in fear from the Landorus's roar. If it had scared those two, it could definitely send those with weak-hearts back to the stars.

"Hiyeaah!" And suddenly Angel jumped out of nowhere and gave Achroma a rolling kick.

He got up holding his jaw, "Magnezone, Magnemite get her!" Achroma screamed.

"Fur Ball, Hyper voice!" Jenny jumped into action. The Jigglypuff performed the ear-piercing cry and put the Magnet Pokémon at bay.

"Electric Monster, Electro ball!"

The powerful electric ball attack one again was pitched at the Magnezone, but this time a couple of brave Magnemite moved forward and took the hit and dropped dead (not literally).

The Magnezone furious at its minions demise performed a Flash Canon on the Pokémon.

The exchange of moves once again ensued.

Meanwhile, with the Magnet Pokémon occupied in fighting Fur Ball and Electric Monster, Angel slowly stepped forward towards Achroma.

She said with a furious look on her face, "You're so dead, Achroma."

"You forget that I have another Pokémon?" He said trying to look as calm as he was till then.

"I do, but before you can as much as twitch your hand, I'll break your neck."

"That would be troublesome. I want my neck."

"Acting all mighty, huh." She slowly walked towards him.

"I am not acting," The smirk on his face returned, "I am mighty. Did you not hear what I have said earlier? Genesect would put its life over mine. Which means—" He noticed the growing fear in Angel's eyes.

Seconds passed but nothing happened. Achroma realized that he was in trouble.

"What's going on?" Red muttered.

Therian Landorus was still waiting for its opponent to move, but Genesect's eyes were flickering with a red light like a car's backlight.

'Master in Trouble. Requesting immediate action.'

Red swung his head to Achroma, Angel has cornered him while Jenny was putting the Magnet Pokémon at bay.

But the Genesect much to his surprise was struggling to not turn back.

"What the heck?" He muttered.

It was refusing Achroma's command, was the fight with Landorus more important?

As if to answer his question, Genesect lunged at Therian Landorus with a screechy insect-like cry he never heard before.

"Looks like you're in soup," Angel said taking her battle stance.

"Ah, dammit. Is a five-hundred year old rivalry so important than my life?" He shouted at no one in particular.

"But I haven't lost yet." His hand went for the Pokéball in his suit, but Angel's leg struck his arm.

"Argh." He cried in pain, as his hand came tearing out of his pocket, a book and a Pokéball fell on the ground.

"My Pokéball," he reached for it, only to receive a kick on his face.

The spectacular battle started before his eyes. It was a fight that even the Champion of Kanto himself felt awed.

Genesect lunged at a great speed, the guns on its arms, much to his surprise, transformed into two blades which it cut against the Landorus in an X-shape.

But the Landorus backed up a step just in time and threw its claws to rake the bug-type. The bug-type performed a dance like twist and tried to hit the Therian forme with its sharp and glowing blades.

Landorus ducked below the blade, but the second blade followed it to strike it down. With an agile albeit powerful movement, Landorus twisted its neck and caught the second blade in its jaws.

Genesect immediately responded by attacking with its left-blade, but the Therian pulled Genesect's right arm and tossed it away before the attack could even make contact.

Before Genesect even landed on the ground, Landorus stood on its hind legs and smashed its front paws against the ground with immense power.

The ground began to shake as if it were an earthquake; a fissure appeared on the ground, and like a snake it dashed its way towards Genesect.

"Earth Power." Red muttered.

But Genesect gave it a steady response, the Rocket on its back burst into flames. Before the attack reached Genesect, the said Pokémon was already in the air.

Landorus sprinted and propelled its way into the sky only to give Genesect a powerful Head-butt on its chest.

Genesect toppled by the impact finally balanced itself after moving a good ten meters away from Landorus.

"Wait, how is that possible?" Red said looking at Landorus with his mouth wide open in surprise.

While he expected Landorus to fall down after hitting Genesect, it simply stayed in the air on its four legs as if there was an invisible surface.

And then Jenny screamed. "Red! Stop gawking and help us!"

Achroma cursed in pain, his left-hand seemed broken; thanks to the women's kick his spectacles were thrown somewhere far away.

"You wretched woman!" He screamed. "You forget whom you are dealing with." He gritted his teeth.

"Stop your nonsense, Achroma. You have lost." She said stepping on his chest.

Despite all that, there was a grin on his face.

Meanwhile Jenny was finally done with the overdose of Magnemite and Magnezone. Her Jigglypuff and Pikachu panted because of exhaustion.

"You guys were awesome," she patted either Pokémon's soft heads.

She then turned to Angel and Achroma.

"What is he saying now?" She asked Angel.

"He still thinks he can win."

"I don't just think, I know." He said with gritted teeth, "That Landorus won't be able to defeat Genesect. It's just a matter of time; Genesect will again return to my command and snap your heads in half."

"What if I kill you before that?" Angel stomped on him causing him to groan in pain.

"There is something you should know about my Rotom." He said with a devilish grin, despite the pain.

"Uh oh," Jenny said looking to the right where the Rotom's Pokéball was lying. The ball slowly levitated, it was filled with a purplish aura, and then two eyes appeared on the Pokéball. The eyes looked at Achroma for a second and then looked at the two girls. A plasmatic bulb came out of the ball, the ball then dropped to the ground lifelessly.

"Thanks for making me scream, my Rotom wouldn't have heard us otherwise." He pushed Angel's leg off his chest and stood up.

The Rotom slowly hovered by Achroma's side. Both Angel and Jenny slowly backed away from the duo with a terrified look in their eyes.

Jenny nervously looked at her Pokémon, her eyes still to the Rotom. The Pokémon understanding the gravity of the situation stood between their trainer and the Rotom.

Either Pokémon growled at the Rotom angrily. Jenny gathered her courage, "Fur ball, Hyper voice, Electric Monster, Electro ball."

Jigglypuff took a deep breath and let out the Hyper-voice, while Pikachu simultaneously prepared the Electro ball and pitched it at the Rotom.

The Rotom remained unfazed by the Hyper-voice and the Electro ball did not as much as even budge it.


The Rotom closed its eyes and let out a powerful discharge of electricity that zapped either Pokémon.

"Fur ball, Electric Monster!" Jennifer exclaimed out of concern. The two Pokémon fell to their backs fainted.

"Now, it's really Game Over." He said pointing his thumb down.

"Now it's my turn to threaten you." He said taking a step closer.

And that's when Jennifer turned around and noticed Red watching the battle with an open-mouth, "Red! Stop gawking and help us!"

"Jenny?" Red turned around; Jenny and the Plasma Admin were being threatened by Achroma and Rotom. "Oh, holy old Miltank! Charizard stop him!"

The flying Charizard fired the projectile attack immediately. Rotom dodged the distant attack with ease.

Both the trainer and his Charizard then approached them.

"Achroma, stop this hell now. Everybody is having this pointless battling because of you."

"This isn't pointless," He protested. "This is a struggle between good and bad. I, the good researcher and you, the bad kid who destroys my beautiful dreams!"

"But," He added, his hand searching for something inside his pocket. "I have my tools prepared for you." He took out something the size of a capsule. He pointed the capsule to Rotom; the Pokémon stooped forward and gulped it.

"What is that?"

"One of my inventions." He said as Rotom gulped down the capsule, "It lets Rotom change its form without possessing any other external device." The Plasma bulb Pokémon then suddenly started to transform.

"Behold!" He raised his single hand, "The form most appropriate for Charizard, Rotom-Wash forme."

It was much like what Achroma said, the Pokémon now greatly resembled a miniature washing machine in shape and structure.

Achroma continued his monologue, "Dumbfounded aren't you? Guess what its type is now, a hint: It starts with W."

"A Water type?" Red asked, as if he made the discovery of the century.

"Yes, and watch this, Rotom—Hydropump."

Rotom pointed what should have been the exit pipe of a washing machine and let out a huge torrent of water.

"Dodge!" Red screamed.

He was too late; the torrent of water struck the Pokémon right on its chest crashing onto the rubble that remained of the lab's façade.

"Oh, this is bad." Jenny couldn't resist not saying that.

The Rotom hovered above the Pokémon and grinned mischievously.

Charizard slowly cleaned off the rubble on it chest and slowly got up to its feet.

"This is it."

Everybody's attention shifted to Red.

"I am tired of losing, again and again!" He shouted with clenched fists.

Charizard firmly planted itself between its trainer and Rotom, sharing the same passion in its eyes.

"Now Charizard, let's show what happens when we get pissed off."

The Pokémon stretched its wings and let out a large roar, the flames on its tail grew larger and larger till it grew as large as the Pokémon itself.

"Now, Charizard. Show them what you are made up of!"

The spectacular battle between Genesect and Landorus now continued unnoticed, neither Pokémon were particularly bothered by it because the only thing they wanted was crushing the other.

The battle field was filled with pillars of ice, which were proofs of Genesect's failed attempts in using Ice beam. Landorus displayed extreme caution while facing that particular attack as it knew from years of experience how lethal it is.

However the beast couldn't fathom how Mushiyo was capable of such attacks. Five hundred years ago, it remembered when Landorus himself fossilized it in an unnatural way; it lacked any such moves other than the Bug-type moves. But the Mushiyo now was different, it lacked the natural grace, but in exchange it was now performing a wide array of attacks.

Landorus for the umpteenth time charged at Genesect, both Pokémon had a lot of stamina left and if the battle continued in the same way, the battle would have gone for hours.

The Therian forme pounced at Genesect in an attempt to crunch the guns which were releasing the Ice-type move; Genesect understanding its opponent's motive took a step back to dodge its jaws and planned to hit an Ice beam with its right gun. But Landorus prepared for such move entangled the second gun in its tail and tossed Genesect into the air.

It then jumped into the air catching up with it and performed an earth power straight on Genesect's chest.

As if hit by Thor's hammer, Genesect banged straight into the ground, the impact throwing it at least two feet below the ground level.

That was when Landorus made the big mistake.

Seeing Genesect in the most vulnerable state, the Therian forme decided to finish it for once with a powerful finishing move, the Giga Impact.

Its body was surrounded by a purple vortex of energy as the Pokémon went down to strike the deeply buried Genesect like a meteor.

The legendary Pokémon couldn't expect the wonders of Achroma's invention to then activate.

'Auto-defense Mechanism Activated.'

The purple vortex was then blocked by a sudden wall of green. It was an unnatural move as Genesect itself still lay on the ground helplessly. It couldn't have been able to use the move in time if it weren't for the Auto-defense Mechanism.

Landorus recoiled by the impact fell limp on the ground.

Genesect slowly rose from the ground, its red eyes focused on Landorus.

'Injury to the Chest: 62% functioning left.'

Loose wires dangled out from Genesect's chest, they occasionally sparkled with a purple color.

It lowered its head, its canon fixed on Landorus. Wheels whirred inside its body, and at once the charge collected into the canon on its head.

Meanwhile the fight between Rotom and Charizard started as Red and Charizard went into a fit of rage. The cool and calm Achroma decided that his victory was confirmed owing to the type-advantage.

Charizard let out an extremely powerful flamethrower from its mouth to which Rotom replied with a dousing Hydropump.

The Hydropump overpowering the flamethrower moved on hit Charizard once again, but the Pokémon didn't as much as flinch but it used one more flamethrower.

Despite being not-very-effective, much to Achroma's dismay the attack did significant damage.

And then, "Hydropump, again!"

Rotom aimed its water pipe at Charizard again but—

"Grab it." Red commanded.

Charizard with its superior speed immediately grabbed onto the Pokémon's pipe preventing the water-type move from hitting it again.

"Foolish move." Achroma said with a smirk, "Discharge!"

The electricity convulsed into Charizard's body, causing the Pokémon to wither in pain.

"I can play the game too, Flare blitz!"

"What?" Achroma was baffled by the reckless command.

Charizard let out a loud roar as a blue-inferno engulfed its body and the Rotom at the same time.

The combined effect of the blue inferno and the yellow discharge competed over each other for supremacy with either Pokémon screaming in pain and determination at the same time, but then the attacks ended up in an explosion.

A grey smoke enveloped the onlooker's vision, followed by a large thud and a small one. The smoke cleared out revealing a Charizard balancing itself on its knees and a fainted Rotom.

"B-But how?" Achroma looked at it the scene as if he has just seen a horror movie.

"This is how I battle." Red clenched his fists in victory.

"I-I will not accept this," Achroma's voice shook, "I-I haven't lost yet."

"Damn you kids!" He banged his fist against the ground, "First it's those two kids that ruined Ghetsis plan not just once but twice, and now you!"

He banged his fist repeatedly, "Why can't you let us win for a change!"

Red looked at him with an expression of pity, "Now he's gone insane."

"He's always been insane." Jenny pointed out.

"I wonder what happened to that battle," Red turned, and then saw the horrific scene.

Alfred the Second
10th July 2012, 1:22 PM
Genesect prepared its Techno blast to end the battle once for all.

'System damage to the chest, aborting the attack.'

The Techno blast seemed to fade out, but then glowed with power again.

'Aborting the attack failed. Reason: Biological interference.'

The Techno blast was released sending Landorus to oblivion. But the two wires dangling from Genesect's chest proved to be fatal for the Pokémon.

Genesect screamed in shock, purple electricity enveloping its body. The red lights on Genesect started to fade. Smoke came out of the Pokémon's broken chest. It then dropped on its knee and finally hit the ground, face first.

Red, Jenny and Angel stared at the Pokémon in shock and surprise.

"M-My perfect Pokémon!" Achroma screamed.

"It wasn't so perfect." Red said dreamily, "You underestimated the power of legendary Pokémon."

Achroma gave him a sneering look, "It wouldn't have happened, if it hadn't used Techno blast. If it were under my A.I's control it would have used Ice beam instead."

"And isn't that your failure?" Jenny gave him a stern look.

"I-It's just an improbable coincidence. Landorus shouldn't have come here!"

"Accept your defeat, moron." Angel said almost kicking him.

He caught his forehead and shook his head helplessly, "I-I know!" His eyes shone brightly, "Rotom!" He barked the plasma bulb to wake up.

"Get inside Genesect!" The Plasma Pokémon nodded hesitatingly and shot itself towards Genesect.

"Charizard stop it!" Red cried, if the Genesect were to rise again they will be doomed.

The pseudo-dragon immediately chased the Rotom but they were too late. By the time Charizard caught up with it Rotom was already inside Genesect.

Charizard stopped dead in its tracks as the violent sparks of electricity convulsed through the Pokémon's body.

The purple creature slowly started whirring with energy again; its body was slowly enveloped by a reddish color.

"I-It transformed into—Red Genesect?" Jenny wondered.


"What the heck is that?"

The Red-Genesect struggled to move its limbs, powerful electricity discharging everywhere out of its body.

"What's going on?" Jenny asked, worried.

The discharge grew larger and larger and suddenly shot the Charizard zapping the Pokémon immediately.

"Charizard!" Red sprinted forward.

"Idiot!" Jenny caught him by his shirt, "Use your Pokéball!"

A red-ray of light absorbed the Pokémon back.


The Pokémon cried again, the discharge only grew larger and larger and slowly crept in all directions.

"What have you done?" Angel caught Achroma by his collar.

He watched the Red-Genesect's powerful electricity coming towards them and looked at her with a pale face, "I have done a mistake."

She looked at him with all the ferocity in her eyes, "The portal, gimme the freaking portal!"

"No, I won't." He backed away from her, but she grabbed him by the collar and punched him.

"I don't care about your stupid toy! Gimme the portal before that thing kills us!"

He hesitatingly took a sphere from his pocket and tossed the metal sphere away at a distance. The sphere transformed into a blue circle.

"Good," she smiled, "I am going to take that warp and get away into that boat while you die with those kids!" She ran towards the blue wrap which was a one-time only useful wrap with a specified exit location.

She ran towards the portal, the joy of saving her own life filled her. But—


Something hard hit her on the back of her head.

"Stop it!" She heard the distant screams of Jenny and Red.

She turned around, Professor Achroma stood behind her with a blood-smeared Magnemite in his hand, he lifted the Magnemite again and rammed it into her face.

"You sick bastard!" Red shouted and ran after Achroma.

"Red!" Jenny exclaimed. She stumbled on a rock and fell down face first. The Red-Genesect's discharge was already reaching for her.

"Jenny!" Red ran after her and pulled her just in time.

He turned to the direction where Achroma was, the Professor was already missing and so was the blue-portal.

"Oh, crap." He groaned.

The two of them ran in the only direction they could to avoid the incoming danger, towards the destroyed lab.

The stairs to the first floor was broken leaving them a dead end.

"Is this it, Red?" Jenny looked at him. It was the end of the world for them.

Red looked at the incoming discharge and he realized she was correct, this was it.

"Jenny," he held onto her tightly, "It's now or never."

She looked at him, "What are you talking about?"

His face turned red much like his name, "I love you."

"Red," she looked at him in astonishment. She became teary eyed and hugged him tightly, the sparks of discharge now came closer destroying everything that was left of the room. "I love you too," she said amidst the rumbling noise.

They embraced each other even tightly and closed their eyes shut, the rumbling grew louder and louder.

Amidst the rumbling noise that made their heart beat faster and faster, they held onto each other, one comforting the other. Their hands joined, their knees touched, their heads resting on the shoulders of the other but their eyes remained closed—the fear of the approaching death.

And then the deafening noise stopped.

Red opened his eyes slowly and noticed that they were surrounded by a grey smoke. He quickly left her embrace and stepped back suddenly. Apparently she did the same.

He noticed her cheeks were red despite the grey smoke, he looked around, "Are we in heaven?" He asked.

"No, idiot." It didn't carry her usual force, "Heaven doesn't have pollution issues."

The grey smoke settled down and the bright sunlight enveloped what remained of the P2 laboratory which was basically nothing.

They walked out of the rubble; there were slight indications of discharge around them, "That stupid Professor really screwed us up."

"Yeah," she agreed. She looked down and realized that they were still holding hands. But she decided to leave it like that for now.

They walked slowly taking one step at a time. The smoke completely cleared out and before their eyes were three legendary Pokémon that lay on the ground unconscious.

"Wow." He muttered.

Landorus, Rotom, and a slightly battered Genesect lay on one other like friends in a sleepover.

"Landorus saved us." She said.

"Yeah," he sighed in relief. He then gently shook her hand away from his.


A screeching sound startled them all of a sudden. The Genesect which seemed to be unconscious dug its blades onto the soft mud. It pushed itself against the ground to stand up.

Jenny instinctively grabbed Red's hand.

Genesect slowly rose to its feet, the rocket on its back separated out of its body and clanged to the ground. The red bulbs that were its eyes cracked into pieces revealing two red compound eyes. A purplish liquid oozed out of its abdomen and dripped to the ground, two pale wings protruded out of its back.

Red and Jenny backed slowly as the creature grew scarier in appearance.

It opened its mouth and hissed like an Ekans for the first time. It lifted its arms and clutched onto the Techno blaster on its head and felt it slowly.

"R-Red, do something." Jenny pleaded.

"I don't have any Pokémon left." He replied equally worried.

Then all of a sudden the sunlight disappeared. The creature turned around and noticed a huge object covering the sun.

"The Plasma ship—Achroma's getting away." Jenny said in an almost shrieking voice.

At the mention of then name Genesect swiftly turned its head towards them and hissed.

The couple shuddered and backed away nervously, "It's him." Jenny nervously pointed at the ship. "Achroma." She pointed at the ship again, "Achroma." She pointed again as if she were showing a lost-dog to its master.

The creature looked at her and then at the ship, and hissed something. And then it hissed angrily and turned around.

"Thank god," Jenny sighed.

The creature then let out a large bellow and clutched onto the Techno Blast. It carefully aimed the bazooka at the hull of the ship.

It was a magical moment for them, something that they wouldn't forget for the rest of their lives. A bright flash of light shot out of Genesect's canon, the bright light struck the ship and destroyed it into pieces as if it were cardboard. Pieces of wood, iron flew everywhere; the splinters spread out in every direction and landed on the ground in a shower of wood and iron.

The creature slowly flew towards the distant rubble, and looked around as if it was searching for something. Its search stopped when it noticed a white piece of cloth. The creature took the cloth into its hands and started raking the cloth, shredding it into pieces. It looked into the sky and gave out an insect-like cry.

"For his sake, I hope Achroma died in the blast." Red muttered.

"I hope we aren't in its list." Jenny said trembling.

The creature turned around to face them again.

"I think we are." Red said pressing her arm tightly.

The creature slowly walked towards them. It took one step at a time enjoying every drop of fear in their eyes. And then at once it prepared to jump when—


A Gengar appeared before their eyes. It instantly locked its eyes onto Genesect's eyes. In the next second, the creature fell down to the ground, face first.

Red and Jenny watched the unconscious Genesect with open mouths.

"Excuse me. I hope we are not late."

A young girl carrying a book approached them. She wore dark clothing which matched her hair.

"Unova is full of bookworms," Jenny stated.

"I have to agree with you," he said.

The girl looked at them questioningly, unable to comprehend what they meant.

"Well, I guess thanks a lot." Red shook his hands with the huge man who wore a garland made up of Pokéball.

"No, we are the ones who should be grateful." He insisted.

"We captured the Rotom and stored it in a repository. Landorus was treated well and left into the wild." Shauntal said with a beaming smile.

"What about Genesect?" Jenny asked.

Alder and the Elite Four exchanged a glance, "Well," Shauntal said after a pause, "It may be hard for you to hear this but we dismantled the Pokémon."

"What?" She looked at them incredulous.

"But that's..." Jennifer began to protest.

"They're doing what's best Jenny," Red interrupted her, he turned to the two. "I understand as members of the League you have to make hard decisions, but can you guys see if you can do some modifications to it and return it back to a normal Pokémon?"

"We're looking into it, Red." Shauntal gave a reassuring smile.

"Thanks," Red said, "I want to spend the remainder of the vacations in peace."

"By the way, Red," Alder said, "Cynthia proposed me an idea few days ago, are you perhaps interested in a World Champion's league?"

He said without hesitating, "Of course I am."---------------------

That night they were back in Undella, spending their time in the Undella beach.

"You were acting really mature in there," Jenny said.


"You handle Genesect's news well."

"Oh that, I just wanted to look cool before the Unova League. I heard Unovans think we Kanto people are old-fashioned."

"You're right," she giggled.

"Do you know what?" She said, "I think Achroma deserved that death."

"The funny thing? The Pokémon League checked his book, it was a plain one."

"You know what?" She said, "Screw him. Let's talk about us?"

"What about us?" He shrugged, "There is nothing between us."

"Oh, really? So who was the one who proposed me when we were about to die?"

"That's just your hallucination."

"The hugging too?"


"Holding hands while coming out?"


"And the kiss?"

"Kiss?" He gave her a doubtful look, "Which kiss?"

"The one at the beach?"

He asked after a pause, "When did that happen?"

She smiled, moved close to him and whispered into his ears.


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