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11th July 2012, 8:53 AM
So I was looking around at various decklist's for zoroark deck's, I found some interesting idea's, so I decided to try them on for size, they didn't fit so I kept on testing until I got down to this..

4-4 zoroark (4 DE Zorua/ascension/ 4 foul play zoroark)
2-1 mandibuzz ( 2 DE vullaby/whirlwind/ 1 BW1 manidbuzz

2 special dark
6 dark

T/S/S (ALL N's, catcher, bianca, level ball, random reciever, are in use in 3 other tier 1-3 deck's)
1 e. retrieval
4 Plus power
2 bianca
3 dark claw
4 communication
2 cilan
4 switch
3 great ball
3 dark patch
3 ultra ball
4 cheren
2 pokedex
1 level ball
1 super rod

Strategy, with this deck you can "technically speaking" ohko everything with zoroark. vullaby and mandibuzz are supposed to mess up you're opponent's bench/deal with weird tech's.