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17th July 2012, 5:46 AM
This sort of goes in both the fanfiction & "rate my team" category. I've been planning my Black 2 team for the past few weeks while trying to think of back stories for each member of my team. Since I wanted to make this a spinoff sequel the role playing game I've been doing with my Soul Silver character. I tried getting comments on the team discussion thread before, but they told me to come here. Before I start talking about my Black 2 Team though, I want to give a little prologue of my Soul Silver character:

Ever since I got my SoulSilver game, I've been playing all the other games as if they were all the playable character, Tucker (younger brother of Jimmy from The Legend of Tunder), on his journey. Soul Silver started off with his first journey in Johto, then used Leaf Green for his adventures in the Sevii Islands, returning to Soul Silver for the Kanto Saga, then shifting to Emerald for both Hoenn & the Battle Frontier, Platinum for Tucker's journey in Sinnoh, returning to Soul Silver again for the second Battle Frontier, and I'm currently on Black for Tucker's journey in the Unova region.

Anyway, since Black 2 takes place 2 years later, I decided to end Tucker's journey & start a fresh new journey with a begining trainer, somewhat similar to "The Legend of Korra." His name is Dale (or Oscar), & he's a beginning trainer from Asperita City. Dale is huge fan of strong pokémon trainers, espacially Tucker (who is now the champion of the Johto region) & wants to be just like them. However, whie a student at the Asperita school/gym, Dale was always the worst student was never really good at pokémon battles. So, I decided to make his team have an underdog theme, which mostly consists of unevolved pokémon, NUs, RUs, & whimpy pokémon that can evolve into sweepers

Lastly, there are 5 things I should let you know first before introducing my team:
1. My way of catching & training pokemon is similar to Ash's, so there will be a couple of pokemon are unevolved
2. I'm a big role player & I always love imagining stories and characters so I develop personalities for all of my pokemon. This is also how I decide natures sometimes. For example, I may give a menacing-looking pokemon a jolly nature because I think it would be funny to see them still act like a little kid. So after the stats, you'll get explanations as to why I chose them
3. I am not a big fan of HM slaves, so practically everyone will know at least one HM move
4. I don't know how to do EVs so I'm not adding them
5. I’ve mostly been busy thinking about what my team will consist of so I haven’t really thought long & hard about moves or definite natures yet

Ok, then, here's my team

Oshawott (Dewott)
Male, Rash
- Razor Shell
- Hydro Pump
- Revenge
- Ice Beam/X-Scissor/Encore

Oshawott will be Dale’s first pokémon for definite, but I’m not sure whether or not to evolve him into Dewott. When I played as Tucker, I always used an unevolved Cyndaquil because it was the equivalent to Ash’s Pikachu since it hated being in its pokéball & wanted to get stronger without evolving. I was planning on doing the same thing with Oshawott, but I was also thinking of having him evolve since I wanted to break the usual formula & give Dale’s journey a little more of a serious tone (similar to the anime trailer for BW2). What I had planned so far was that Dale chose Oshawott because he saw a little bit of himself through it’s rash hot-headed, & bumbling nature, as if they were kindred spirits. However, because of this connection, they would bicker all the time & because of the lack of connection they had towards each other, Oshawott would be incapable of evolving. They would start to become a stronger team as they traveled through the Unova region battling trainers and gym leaders. Finally, during the fight with Ghetsis & Team Plasma, Oshawott would sacrifice his life in the battle with Kyruem & helps to save the world. However, the damage Oshawott took from the fight was so severe, that no one could help him & everyone assumed he would more than likely die. Grief-striken, Dale would comfort Oshawott on his death bed and begins to cry over the thought of losing his closest friend. Through these tears of remorse, Dale & Oshawott would finally become completely connected &, through this bond, Oshawott would gain the strength to survive by inally evolving into Dewott. The second half of the game (& future games) would have Dewott as Dale’s main pokémon as they travel to different places as a true team

Male, Adamant or Careful
- Leaf Blade
- X-Scissor
- Swords Dance/String Shot/Grasswhistle
- Aerial Ace/Leaf Storm/ Electro Web

Leavanny would be the first pokémon that Dale catches on his journey along Route 20. Even as a Sewaddle, he showed a strong desire to battle to show others how tough he was, only he usually be defeated on the first move. A running gag would be that whenever Sewaddle was ready to attack, he would immediately be defeated by his opponent. When he evolved into Swadloon, his confidence hardly built up since his new form wasn’t much of a battler either. However, after learning to trust Dale, Swadloon evolved into Leavanny and ecame a prominent member ever since

Male, Brave

Heat Wave
Flare Blitz

Growlithe would be Dale’s third pokémon &, like Oshawott & Leavanny, one of his most prominent members. Dale would first meet Growlithe at the Virbank complex, where he protected a group of defenseless pokémon from three abusive trainers. After Dale helpedgained Growlithe’s trust & helped him defeat the trainers, he took the group of pokémon to the pokémon center where they were taken care of & given to trainers who would love & take care of them. No longer needing to protect his friends, Growlithe decided to go along with Dale on his journey, where he would become one of his most loyal & trustworthy pokémon. I decided not to evolve Growlithe because, while Arcanine is awesome, it never completely felt as if it fit my underdog theme with it’s amazing stats & movepool. Also, I kind of see Growlithe as an equivalent to Ash’s Bulbasaur by being strong, level-headed, & not wanting to evolve to show it’s strength

Genderless, Hasty or Quirky
- Zen Headbutt
- Meter Mash
- Hammer Arm
- Giga Impact/Hyper Beam/Magnet Rise
Metagross would be given to Dale early on in the game as an egg from Corless. While I don’t know how Corlesss is related to Team Plasma (& I don’t want to avoid spoilers for the game) I do feel that he would give Dale the Beldum egg to gain his trust. Also, while battling Dale on the Plasma Frigate, he could the device he used to control the Crustle on route 4 to mind control Metag/Metagross to attack its trainer, only to have its love for Dale & its teammates free it from Corless’s control. I may give Metagross a hasty or quirky nature because I saw it as an eager pokémon who likes to fight & show off its true power

Male, Gentle?

Supersonic/Confuse Rat/ Mean Look/Roost
Sky Sttack/Air Slash/Heat Wave
Poison Fang/Cross Poison

While I never thought I would use Crobat, I felt that it was the perfect flying type for Dale’s team because of his speed & great poison attacks. While I haven’t thought much about Crobat’s personality yet, one ide I thught of was to make him gentle & caring to contrast with his frightening appearance

Male, Impish or Quiet
- Night Daze
- U-Turn
- Imprison
- Snarl/Dark Pulse/Focus Blast
Zoroark would be a temporary pokémon that evolved from N’s Zorua given at Driftveil City. Much like the game. One of the sages would give Zorua to Dale after helping old Tem Plasma defeat new Team Plasma until N returned. While still believing the same ideals as N, Zorua would learn the joys of trainers & pokémon working together &, in return, further prove to N that there are other ways to bond with pokémon. Zorua could also show Dale how to bond with Oshawott & act as a rival to Growlithe due to their contrasting personalities. After evolving into Zoroark & defeating Team Plasma, he would then return to N so that Dale can catch a new team mate

Male, Jolly or Hardy

Power Whip/Disable
Gyro Ball/Wring Out/ Ice Punch/Thunder Punch

Lickylicky would replace Zoroark as the sixth member of Dale’s team, mainly because Lickitung has been one of my all time favorites since Red & Blue. Aside from being an obsessive eater like Ash’s Snorlax. Licklylicky could be the jolly goofball of the group because of his optimistic personality & tendency to lick people & pokémon as a sign of affection. Dale would first meet Lickitung on Route 1 after eating all of his food. After hearing about how it was eating foood of several trainers & the police were going to take Lickitug into custody, Dale decided to catch him in order to protect him.

That’s all I have so far. Please leave any comments,questions, or suggestions you may have

17th July 2012, 7:02 AM
Sorry, but this isn't the place for teams. I'm sure everyone at RMT was trying to be helpful by pointing you here, but you also need to be aware of the rules before posting.

This section is for narrative stories only. What you have is essentially an RMT with personality/backstory to your Pokemon, and the Fan Fiction Rules do say that your first post shouldn't just be character biographies. If you can make this into a proper story, then it's more than welcome, and we'd be happy to read it, but as it is, this just isn't the place. Sorry.