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Hello, this is my first fanfic posted in this community. This fanfic is a collaboration with another author. This fanfic is mostly based off of the pokemon handheld games(this means games like Pokemon Red, Emerald, Platinum, etc.) with bits of Pokemon Adventure manga elements(but are very light in content). Hope you enjoy the story. Please drop a comment and review in this post or on our fanfiction.net account, Mitsukiharu, under the story, Disappearance.

Summary: Red, the Kanto champion,was defeated by a young trainer named Gold.But that was five years ago. Since then,legendary pokemon had been disappearing at an alarming rate. Red and Green set out to find out the cause, meeting some...unique people along the way. Fanfic will have OCs and game characters.

Genre: Adventure and bit of Humor, Suspense, Mystery

Rating: PG-13 for some violence and occasional swearing

Disclaimer: We do not own Pokemon. Pokemon is copyrighted to Satoshi Tajiri and Nintendo. With the exception of Vicious, all of the Pokémon canon characters are from the games. Vicious originated from the fourth Pokemon movie, Celebi: Voice of the Forest. All canon characters will be referred to by their Japanese names. Cities and Pokémon names will remain in English. There will be several OCs as well. Enjoy the fanfic.

Chapter 1

Japanese Names:

Vicious = Iron Masked Marauder

Inex Forest

The sky was clear and bright with the occasional cloud lazily drifting past. In heavy contrast, the dark forest itself gracefully stood its ground. A warm wind descended upon the forest, gentle and calm. Spinaraks wove their webs between branches as the Ledybas and Butterfrees flew about. A Stantler lifted its head from a grassy patch and slowly walked away.

Satsuki's long uneven hair floated along the slight breeze as she sat on bench within a berry vine orchard. The grass at her feet was at least a foot long and slightly yellowed. Her old, beat up backpack sat beside her, filled to the brim with a variety of fresh and ripe berries.

"I hope that these won't get smashed. I bet that they would want some," she said to herself.

She plucked off some berries from a vine hanging nearby and popped them into her mouth. Mago berries, she thought to herself, slowly chewing the sweet juicy berries. Despite how dirty she already was, she was careful to not spill any berry juice on her. Satsuki had to keep herself as healthy as she could because of the Pokémon that relied on her. Getting sick or weakening herself was out of the question.

She could sit there forever. The Pokémon aren't bothered by her presence, nor do they seem to really care. An occasional grass type would slowly step towards her, asking her for some berries, and she would simply smile and toss it some.

Vicious', the Iron-Masked Marauder, threat still echoed in her ears, "Don't you dare come back without that Celebi. And don't you try to run either. I will always find you." He then proceeded to push her out of his vehicle into a freezing lake in Inex Forest.

Satsuki's hand subconsciously reached for the black stud collar around her throat, wincing from just the thought of all the pain it had caused her within the years. Her blood ran cold, but it wasn't from her soaked clothing. She let out a long defeated sigh and continued to simply sit and enjoy the scenery.

The flowers swayed in the gentle wind. Two Teddiursas rolled about in front of her, locked in a playful fight. They wrestled about for a few minutes before rolling out of sight, not noticing her the entire time. The grass had parted in a strange pattern of loops and curves.

"I guess, I should start looking now," Satsuki quietly said to herself as she got up from the bench and stretched. Her left arm pulsed steadily with pain, her left eye twitched slightly. On her belt was a pouch full of pokeballs and next to it was a single pokeball. She unclipped it and released an Entei from its cage.

"Sorry for leaving you in there for so long," she told it, closing her backpack and sliding upon her shoulders.

It's okay, it said, stretching its fluffy legs. How are you feeling? Satsuki felt Entei's crimson eyes stare at her from behinds its "mask". Concern in his voice, the fire beast spoke casually, but slowly. Even in his weakened state, the legendary Pokémon still carried the impression of power and nobility.

"I'm fine, don't worry about it," she said without looking at Entei in the eye. "Want some berries before heading out? Mago, if I am correct. You like sweet things, don't you?"

Correct, however I rather eat them after the chase, it replied as it caught a quick glance of fresh purple underneath her left sleeve before she pulled it down. Are you sure you're o-

"I'm fine," she pressed on, not giving it any time to finish. "Our target this time is Celebi. We should get going."

After you catch it, ask Celebi to take a look at your arm, it said as it walked up on her right. If my memory serves me well, Celebi has a range of healing moves that can possibly help.

Without a reply, Satsuki hopped onto its broad furry back. Entei sighs as he begins trotting out of the clearing.

You shouldn't have faced the pain alone, it mutters before breaking into a sprint. She stayed quiet and focused on looking for a little light green Pokémon in the blur of the forest.


"Chiharu! Are you ready yet?" Mika called into a relatively quiet house. She was a petite girl who had dark shoulder length hair. She appeared to be in her mid teens. She bounced about, her backpack full and her belt holding four pokeballs. An Eevee walked in and sat at her feet.

"Coming!" Chiharu replied, running out of her room while slipping on her shoes. She was the same age as Mika. "Just let me pack all of my pokeballs!" She struggled to cram all of the catching devices in her backpack.

"We're going to be caught!" Mika cried. She waved her arms in alarm. Chiharu just smirked.

"Caught?" Chiharu let out a laugh; one hand on her hip. "We snuck out before; we'll be fine this time too. The local Pokemart had pokeballs on sale again! Fifty percent off! There was no way I could say no to such a beautiful deal." Her eyes had hearts glimmering with rainbows and Rapidashes.

Chiharu is the "collector" of the village. Seeing rare or shiny Pokémon would send her sky high straight into heaven. She always had thirty pokeballs of each kind, always prepared to catch any rare Pokémon that may rear its nose within her hindsight. She had this annoying habit of buying exactly ten pokeballs at the time, just to get a Premier Ball. "It's rare!" Chiharu beamed when the cashier looked at her oddly for buying forty pokeballs in tens.

She knelt down in front of the Eevee and rubbed its head. "Don't worry, we'll find her this time. Mika and I plan to search the other regions too if she isn't here this time."

"Do you have potions?" Mika asked with unnecessary worry.

"Ye-ep. Ten potions, ten hyper potions, ten revives, some berries-" Chiharu recited.

"Ok, I get the picture," she interrupted, or at least tried.

"-a bicycle, a tent..."

"How do you fit a bike in your backpack?" The short girl's eyes were wide with disbelief.

"It folds, like, a lot. I don't know how, but it does..?" Chiharu tried to explain. She tried to explain with hand gestures, but this only made it vaguer. Her Growlithe covered his head with his paws in embarrassment. Mika's Luxio hummed a cheery tune; he was used to the antics between the trainers. If anything, he found it entertaining.

"Whatever," Mika tried not to think too much about it. "Let's go."

"Adventure time!" Chiharu pumped up her left fist.



"No more cartoons."


Eevee tilted its head with a sad worried look in its eyes before trotting out of the house and into another. Before the door closed, Mika and Chiharu saw Ralts sweeping with the mini broom into a dustpan and Deino shaking its giant black head from side to side with a feather duster in its mouth.

Mika pulled at Chiharu's jacket, saying, "Come on, if the adults find us, then there is no way we'd be able to leave."

"Fine," she replied, proceeding to quietly tiptoe to the back of her house.

The two started towards the edge of the forest, walking as silently as possible. Three feet from the first tree, Chiharu heard someone call out her name.

"Chiharu!" one of the village adults called out in front of her now empty house. "The chief wants to have a word with you... huh? She isn't home..." He walked out and saw the two inching into the forest.

"Aww crap, RUN!" Mika screeched, pulling Chiharu by her wrist into the dense forest.

"NO!" The man realized what the two were up to. "HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE TOLD YOU TO NOT GO OUT TO LOOK FOR HER?" He scolded to no avail. The man shook his fist at them, but the two didn't stop to look and slipped out of sight within seconds.

"They ran off?" An elderly woman walked towards the man. She looked at him sharply. "You let them go?"

"You know they would only try again," he looked tired with age.

"What are we going to do?" the woman asked quietly. "You think they'll find her?"

He then sighs, "There's just no stopping them. We can only hope they have better luck this time..."

Viridian City

All seems well, until a high pitch screech pierced the so called calm atmosphere, which sent several Pidgeys and Spearows squawking out of the high leveled trees in annoyance. Several townspeople chose to ignore the disturbance. The sound of the distress was not foreign to the citizens of Viridian City.

"My Raticate!"

The person facing opposite to the source of the cry had to stop himself from sighing with impatience.

"My Raticate is the top percentage of all Raticates!" The person continued to sob. He quietly murmured something before becoming silent. A small clicking sound echoed within the building; soft red light quickly lit up the dark room. The person was recalling his knocked out companion.

"Youngster Joey is out of Pokémon! Youngster Joey blacked out!" A man clad in blinding yellow, the referee, announced.

"I did not black-out!" Joey protested, although the young boy did look exhausted from the match.

The gym leader didn't bother with any attempts of reassuring the childish trainer. The Pokémon Association didn't make him the final gym leader for saying soothing words to beginner trainers. He was the eighth gym leader; one of the strongest. He wasn't going to take guilt from immature trainers who were obviously not ready for the Pokémon League. What kind of trainer uses only one Pokémon for the eighth gym? He reluctantly waited for the boy to quiet down.

"If you want to beat me," the gym leader finally spoke after an awkward pause, "Go re-learn the fundamentals. Maybe then, you will have a better chance of defeating me."

If the words were meant to make the trainer feel any better, then his words had failed. Joey replied with a sniffle before glaring at the gym leader. The older trainer glared back.

"My Raticate is the best of all Raticate," the youngster said thickly; he felt sick. His stomach protested.

"If you think that's going to convince me of giving you a badge, you're hoping for too much."

"I -" Thud! The youngster collapsed from exhaustion, he was still clutching onto his only pokeball.

Once again, the room was silent before the man in the yellow shirt sighed, "Another trainer fainted."

"They always black out when they lose," the gym leader said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"What will I tell the nurse?" the referee asked.

The other coolly responded, "The same as usual." The referees nodded and lift the boy to take him to the nearest hospital.

The referee knew it was pointless to ask the gym leader to go easier on the trainers. The man had worked for the previous gym leader, and the last one wasn't easily swayed. The referee wasn't expecting the new gym leader to be more easily going. He also knew that most gym leaders found it an insult to go easy on challengers. That was the general attitude of most trainers anyway.

Once the referee and the boy left, Green Ookido finally sighed in relief. It was eerily quiet, but a hint of someone's presence lingered within the gym. He blinked for a few seconds before finally saying, "Red, I know you're in here."


"What is it?"

"They're acting odd."

"Who is acting odd?"

"The Pokémon. The legendaries are missing."


Author Note: That's it for chapter 1. This story runs between three groups' sections. These three groups will eventually come together as the plot develops. Read and review! Some thoughts and comments would be nice! Depending on the how much feedback is received, this story might get updated every week.