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An Enemy Spy
20th July 2012, 7:17 PM
This is an idea that struck me a few days ago. I always enjoy nuzlocke stories because they take the basic idea of the games but alter it into their own thing without actually changing the story into something unrecognizable. Pokemon is probably the best game there is for this because your cast of characters can be entirely different from one run to another. I hope you find this run of Sapphire engaging and entertaining.

NOTE: This is NOT a nuzlocke run. I have found that that style of play is difficult for me because I have a habit of turning the game off in frustration and throwing it against the wall.

Part 1
The back of the moving truck bounced and shook as Spy sat hugging his legs and trying not to throw up. It had been almost four hours since he’d gone to the bathroom, and he couldn’t even see his own hand because it was so dark and the boxes around him were rattling and one almost fell on him and he was about to explode from anxiety if he didn’t get out of here right NOW!!!

Another hour went by.

When the door finally opened, Spy burst out into the blinding sunlight.

And that’s when he saw Littleroot.

He considered going back into the van.

Spy had grown up in Goldenrod City. Johto was… well it was kind of a dump. Basically the inferior step cousin to Kanto, but it was home, and Spy felt that meant he was obligated to feel at least a little bit of affection for it. Or something.

Still, when his dad had gotten a gym in Hoenn, he’d been excited. Everyone wanted to live in Hoenn. It was sunny and tropical and full of girls who wore bikinis all day. Spy was practically salivating at the thought of it.

Littleroot was not exactly what he had in mind. A tiny collection of houses stuck out in the middle of the woods without a single beach or bikini in sight.

“Mom, why did we come here again? This place sucks.”

“Your dad is the new gym leader in Petalburg, sweetheart.” His mother said. “We talked about this.”

“Yeah, I know. But why are we in this crap-hole instead of Petalburg?”

“It’s not a crap-hole, honey. You’ll get used to it.”

Fat chance of that. Littleroot was the sort of place that old people went to die. Spy doubted there was a single other kid here.

“Spy, why don’t you go say hello to our neighbors?” His mother said.


“Because I have to help the Machokes put our stuff away and I’m tired of hearing you whine.”

Muttering, Spy walked across the dirt road to the house next door. It was identical to his in every way, except this house didn’t have all the tacky garden gnomes his mom was so fond of. The mailbox read “Birch”.

He knocked on the door and was greeted by a sour faced woman who smelled of prunes. She regarded him and said, “And you are?”

“Uh, my name is Spy.”

“What kind of a name is Spy?”

“You’ll have to take that up with my parents, ma’am. I didn’t name me.”

An uncomfortable silence went by.

“And what do you want?” She said. It didn’t come out so much like a question, but rather an accusation.

“I just moved here. I was sent over here to say hi.”

Another moment went by.

“Alright.” She said, “Come in.”

Spy followed her inside.

“I’ve got a daughter named May about your age upstairs. You can go say hello to her if you want.”

Spy went up the stairs. Another kid here? Well, at least this place wasn’t completely devoid of anyone under the age of forty.

When he walked into the only room on the top floor, he saw her, sitting at her computer with a pair of headphones blasting music he could here even from across the room.

She was the exact same height as him, with her brunette hair pulled back into a bandana.

“Hello?” Spy said over the noise, but without much confidence. She didn’t hear or notice him at all.

He went over to her and lightly tapped her on the shoulder.

The girl sprung up and screamed.

Mrs. Birch was sitting at the table drinking a mug of tea when she heard it.


Spy came crashing down the stairs, a bruise the same size and shape of a girl’s fist already forming on his face. May came running down after him.

“Mom, Mom, there’s an intruder! He was in my room and he tried to grab me! Call the cops!” She screamed.

“It’s just the new kid next door, May.” Her mom said disinterestedly. “I sent him up to say hello.”

“Oh.” Suddenly she was all smiles and sunbeams. “Hi, my name’s May.” She extended a hand and helped Spy up. “I’m sorry I punched you. I just thought you were trying to kill me.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Spy said, “I used to get beat up all the time in Goldenrod.”

“Oh, so it’s okay then.” She said cheerily. “Hey, I’m sorry I can’t stay here and talk, but my dad wants me to help out with some field research.”

She bounded out the door.

Dust had never been in love before, and he’d never expected love to take the form of a fist impacting his eye and sending him down a flight of stairs, but there it was. May was… perfect. And the fact that her body was more developed than most girls her age certainly didn’t hurt.

Spy would follow that girl to the end of the world.

“Hey kid, quit drooling on the carpet and get out of here. I’m trying to shave my back hair.”

Spy wandered outside and was almost immediately accosted by a weird looking guy.

“Oh it’s horrible! Horrible!”

“What is?” Spy wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

“I was taking a stroll down Route 1, as is my custom.” The man explained. He was the short, plump type, looking almost like a cartoon character. “When I saw the professor being assaulted by a ravenous beast. You must save him!”

“Why don’t you do it?”

The man was taken aback. “Me? But I have no Pokemon with which to defeat the wild creature.”

“Neither do I. I guess you’ll have to find someone else to do it.” Spy turned to leave, but the fussy little man ran in front of him and blocked his path.

“You would turn your back on a fellow human being in his hour of need. How dare you not rush to his aid?”

“You didn’t.” Spy said.

“Have you no honor? Have you no decency?”

“Can I go now?”

“Harrumph!” the man harrumphed. “Harrumph I say! What has this world come to, where our youth refuse to risk life and limb against a ferocious beast? Where is the respect for your elders?”

“Look.” Spy said, “If I go take care of this, will you never talk to me again?”

“I make no promises.”

Spy sighed. “Alright, I’ll go.”

Professor Birch was a well-built man, with muscle evident even through his white lab coat. Unfortunately this bulk was not working to his advantage as the tree branch he was clinging to for dear life was sagging low to the ground as the black and grey furred Poochyena jumped up and down, trying to get him with its sharp teeth.

“Hey you!” He shouted at Spy. “There’s a bag with three pokeballs on the ground. Take one and get this thing away from me!”

Spy looked at the bag in front of him. He opened it and saw three identical pokeballs inside. Spy picked the one on the right. It’s not like he had any idea what was inside it anyway.

He opened it, revealing a little blue rubbery skinned thing that immediately began running circles around his feet.

“Lemmeat’imlemmeat’imlemmeat’im!” It shouted excitedly.

“Um, get that thing, I guess.” Spy said, pointing vaguely at the Poochyena.
The blue fish-frog thing bounded off in a flash, aiming a headbutt at the hyena that sent it flying into the trees and landing with a loud crash.

“IwinIwinIwinIwinIwinIwin!” it shouted. Its voice started to slow down. “I feel… woozy.” It flopped to the ground snoring.

“What are you?” Spy asked to nobody in general.

“She’s a Mudkip.” Birch said, trying to untangle himself from the tree branch before falling ungracefully to the ground. He stood up and dusted himself off. “I was going to make her into soup tonight, but since you helped me out there, I guess you can keep her if you want. They go great with chutney.”

“I’m not going to eat her!” Spy said.

“Your loss.” Birch said. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. “Hey, your Norman’s kid! The one with the weird name.”

“Yeah, that’s me.” Spy said.

“My daughter May is up on route 103. Could you go get her and bring her back here? There’s something I wanted to show both of you.”

Birch wandered off back to his lab, whistling inanely.

Spy picked up his new Mudkip. “Hey, wake up!”

She opened her eyes and looked at him for a moment. Then she started screaming.

“Don’t eat me! Please don’t eat me! I don’t wanna be soup! I hate soup!” The Mudkip burst into tears.

“Hey, relax.” Spy said. “I’m not gonna eat you.”

“You’re- you’re not?” She sniffled slightly. Then she smiled brightly. “That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me!” She latched onto his face in a hug. “I love you more than anyone in the world!”

“That’s great.” Spy said. “Now will you let go of my face?”


Spy eventually convinced the Mudkip to let go of his face, and she settled for just sitting on his head as they went down route 101.

“Am I really the only person you’ve ever met who wasn’t trying to eat you?”

“Well, there was the man at the shop. He just wanted to sell me. He put me in a little box and wouldn’t let me out. It was dark and scary in there, but I finally got out when that scientist bought me, but he put me in the ball after I tried to run off. I liked it in there. It was like being back at the swamp, and then I met you, and now I’m the happiest girl in the world!”

“You lived in a swamp?”

The Mudkip stopped talking for a moment. “No. I guess I didn’t. I was born in a big glass water tank, and then I was taken out and put in the box. I never even knew there was such thing as a swamp before I was in the ball, but in there, it just seemed like this was a place I could call home.” Her voice became sullen. “I’ve never really had a home. I mean, I guess I was only born two days ago, but the only reason I even existed was so that somebody could have me for dinner. I don’t even have a name.”

Spy was aghast. “You don’t have a name?”

“What’s the point?” She said. “Names are for people. I’m just food.”

Spy thought for a moment. “I think I’m going to name you Kipper then.”

“What’s a kipper?”

“It’s a kind of fish that you eat.” Spy said.

The Mudkip suddenly burst into loud wailing.

“You don’t like it?” Spy said, panicking.

“I love it!” Kipper sobbed. “It’s the most beautiful name I’ve ever heard!”

“Um… you’re welcome?”

Kipper had calmed down by the time they found May at the end of Route 103. She was digging a little hole in the ground to look at worms when she heard him coming. She jumped up and turned around.

“Oh hi Spy! I didn’t know you were out here.” She saw Kipper sitting on his head. “Oh, is that a Mudkip? You didn’t tell me you had a Pokémon.”

Spy tried to answer, but the words didn’t come out. All he could focus on were her sparkling emerald eyes that seemed to catch the sunlight just perfectly.

“Uhhhhhh…” He managed to get out.

She giggled. He almost died right there.

“You’re funny.” She said. “Hey, since we both have Pokémon now, we should have a battle.”

Spy absentmindedly nodded. He was staring at her nose now. Before today, he had never even realized that a nose could be attractive, but hers was just so… nosey, but in all the right ways.

May took the ball off her belt and threw it on the ground, making a green lizard with a big dark tail appear.

“Treecko, pound it!” She yelled. The gecko ran up Spy’s body and leapt at Kipper, smacking her in the face. Kipper fell to the ground with a thud.

“Uh, beat it up, Kipper.” Spy said uncertainly. This was his first ever battle.
Kipper took off like a flash of azure lightning, running around the lizard faster and faster, until she was just a streak of blue. The Treecko spun in a circle, trying to keep up with her, going round and round and round, until he collapsed out of dizziness.

Kipper threw herself on top of him. “I’m the winner!”

May picked up her Treecko. “We’re going to have to train some more.” She looked at Spy. “That was really good! I like you.”

When Spy woke up, May was sitting over him, looking concerned. “Are you alright?” She said.

“What happened?” Spy asked.

“I said I liked you and then you fainted.”

21st July 2012, 12:28 AM
This is nice. That mudkip needs to get off the preadnazone.( Hospital Humor) It seems like it doesn't even know tackle. Please post as much as posible. And where is the mudkip soup. I wonder if my catchphrase should be: 1. I floop the pig. or 2. You won't eat me, that's the nicesest thing anyone ever said to me.