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24th July 2012, 3:37 AM
Hey guys, here's my deck.

Chicks & Dragons (Unlimited)
Pokemon (28)
EX Deoxys Bagon x1 (singe / doubleslap)
Latias Base Set Bagon x2 (Headbutt/ Flare)
Dragon Frontiers Delta Species Shelgon (Water Type, uncommon) x1
EX Dragon Shelgon (Uncommon) x1
EX Dragon Salamence (Rare) x1
EX Deoxys Salamence EX x1
Latias Base Set Latias (Dragon Dew/ Heat Blast) x2
Latias Base Set Torchic (Firebreathing) x2
Nintendo Promo Torchic (Ember) x1
EX Ruby & Sapphire Combusken (Natural Cure) x1
EX Ruby & Sapphire Combusken (Flare/Double Kick) x1
EX Ruby & Sapphire Blaziken x1
POP Series 1 Blaziken x1
EX Dragon Horsea (common, paralyzing gaze/wave splash) x1
Gym Challenge Misty's Horsea x2
Fossil Seadra x1
EX Dragon Seadra x1
Neo Genesis Kingdra x1
Unseen Forces Eevee x1
Jungle Eevee x1
Jungle Vaproeon x1
Latios Base Set Zigzagoon (Fury Swipes) x2
Latios Base Set Linoone (Seek Out/Continuous Headbutt)

Trainers (13)
Unseen Forces Prof. Elm's Training Method x2
Unseen Forces Protective Orb x1
? Set Power Charge x2 (sorry I forgot the set name)
FireRed/LeafGreen Celio's Network x2
Unseen Forces Potion x2
EX Ruby & Sapphire Energy Search x3
EX Delta Species Master Ball x1

Energies (19)
Dragon Frontiers Scramble Energy x1
Fire Energy x10
Water Energy x8

The Strategy for this set revolves around the Bagon chain's fire & water energy dependencies. A support Fire & Water chain are also there, and Eevee & Zigzagoon chains are there for additional support. Linoone has a card search move for additional support. Master Ball is for finding my high-stage cards deeper into the game, as are Celio's network & Prof. Elm. Scramble energy provides three energies of any type, key for either standard Salamence or EX Salamence.