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27th July 2012, 6:14 AM
So I got to a laterday, and found a way to run regigigas at turn 1 with energy switch and lilligant, that being figured that it's possible to make a slow t2 deck into a t1 killer I decided to take my interest's off of slow step by step decks to the fastest engine decks in the format, Dynamotor, so these are two opposing decklists founded upon 2 variations of setup, one is a rip off of the basis for the Darkrai engine, where as the other is a rip off from the T1 gigas deck I made. I also apologize for the names, they just happened.

You will also find a few staple cards for faster play such as exp. share, revive and super rod, energy, zekrom, dynamotor loop holes.

1. onimushu

4 zekrom
2 zekrom EX
3-3 dynamotor

9 electric

3 plus power
3 exp share
3 communication
3 cheren
4 N
3 switch
2 skyarrow
3 Random Reciver
2 revive
4 ultra ball
1 super rod
2 max potion
2 cilan

2. mirror match

3 zekrom
2 terrakion, 1NV and 1EP
1 landorus
3-3 dynamotor

4 fighting
6 electric

2 cilan
1 juniper
2 bianca
3 level ball
3 heavy ball
3 communication
4 switch
2 revive
3 cheren
1 super rod
4 plus power
2 energy switch
3 exp.share

And these are my various finding's from experimenting with zekrom.