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Scriptor Scorpio
8th August 2012, 1:56 PM
Edit: here are some of my own concepts to get the idea going.

- Code Lyoko: Opposing Forces

It's quite probable that fans as well as non-fans of Code Lyoko have wondered why the Garage kids never expanded their numbers to more efficiently combat Xana, the mastermind virus trying to destroy the world? And it would be interesting to expand the varieties of monsters, threats and their numbers.

So I came to the idea of an alternate universe where figures similar to Aelita and a mission control like Jeremy would probably still be necessary for a Xana fighting team, but we could make our own storylines, enemies and characters. It would still be heavily inspired by the show, naturally.

All the joining members, except the bare starters (3 people or something) would be introduced through a threat they unexpectedly help combat and the group decides to let the individual in on their secret and virtualizes the person in Lyoko.

This isn't to say that perhaps Xana does some recruiting of his own.

- Rapture: House of Broken Mirrors RP

The fanfic of the same name, written by me, seemed very interesting to be a RP as well.

It takes place in the Bioshock universe, but doesn't require any knowledge of the games, although it helps.

It begins in Rapture, an underwater utopia that gets ravaged by the civil war between Ryan, the despotist creator of Rapture and Atlas, the freedom fighter for the poor who nonetheless uses genetically upgraded citizens to conquer the city. Some citizens decide to 'splice' or genetically upgrade themselves responsibly and slowly with active, usually offensive upgrades called plasmids and usually passively working upgrades called gene tonics. They arm themselves and try to survive and eventually escape the doomed city on the bottom of the ocean. But will anyone succeed? And what horrors has this utopia without law created?

- Pokémen: season 2 the RP

Soon the first season will be finished and a second will begin after a time skip. Back on its first run, a RP accompanied along with a Beta team and so I wouldn't want to mess that up rebooting the RP for season 1. Nevertheless I'd like to start a RP for the second season with a new team of RPers.

In short, a cruel new leader has taken control of powerful Legendary Pokémen, a hybrid of Legendary Pokémon DNA and humans after a lab accident. Prof. Ball, the inventor of the eponymous device as well as the Pokémon gene replicating machine, feels responsible for the evils the new leader now sends out over the world and is trying to find a cure. Meanwhile several of his teams hide underground or in desolate areas, running errants in an effort to turn the tide in the war against the 'Retroments', especially dangerous creations of the leader that are humanized Pokémon.

But then their secret is revealed and they are hunted down while the Legendary Pokémen on the evil side wreck havoc. The Pokémen are given the forms of the strongest known species of Pokémon, save for the Legendaries. Now they must work as a team or in pairs to stop the evil leader, Nicolas Draken, once and for all.

- Pokémon Castaways

When the passenger of a cruise liner strands on an island, he/she is under the impression that he/she is the last survivor. They encounter Pokémon and Apricots and strange marks undoubtedly left by humans. But is his/her survival real? Is it all an illusion? Somehow the multiple survivors, as it turns out, don't seem to run into each other, but what power is responsible for letting them not see or hear one another? How can you survive together, but alone? Will they find ways to communicate and work together the escape this island? What sinister figures are pulling the strings?

This kinda reminded me of Lost when I wrote it down, but I don't want to do anything like that. It's more about possible illusions, emotional growth, a mental journey and overcoming adversity. Especially the last one. No convoluted mysteries and evil conspiracies, if that's what some were thinking.

- People's Revolution

Triggering evolutions that were never supposed to happen. Stronger forms of Pokémon. Finding out how Legendary Pokémon are involved. Cybernetic enhancements. And then people get experimented upon to evolve humanity itself, to morph them into powerful and dangerously intelligent beings. What will come of this? What will you eventually become?

This can be moved when it's in the wrong section or deleted when it's really considered more spam than helpful, but I'd like to give this idea a try:

A topic where people can come and vote on the most interesting RP ideas in a poll, which will get replenished from time to time when the top voted ones get turned into RPs (that is, 5 or more votes for example). It's required that voters also actually join this RP if they voted for it. It's an experiment.

If there aren't many people with RP concepts, the RP makers that already posted may put another one. No double posting though. Put them all in your first post so people can also see who the concepts belong to. And readers don't have to plow through pages of ideas as what was usually the case.

Here are the 'rules' so to speak:

Post a concept for a RP as lengthy and detailed as possible which answers to the forum rules, naturally (though concept is the most important, sign-up sheets and rules specific to your thread, less). The more details and possibilities you offer, the more interest you are likely to gather.

So don't whine if a short concept that you're still figuring out yourself doesn't get that many votes, people won't wait after enough votes for you to finish the concept.

Constructive criticism is appreciated, but it might drown the concepts. There's also a separate thread for concepts that are still being worked on.

Do not post a concept here that's full of holes and blanks. That's a warning.

If I think of anything else, I'll add it. In order to not turn this into an ego-thread, I won't post a concept of mine untill someone else has.