View Full Version : Fire/metal deck, need tips

9th September 2012, 5:16 PM
;257;Fire/Metal Pokemon Deck List

Blaziken *(dark explorers 17) X2
Combusken X3
Torchic X3

Aggron (D&P mysterious treasures) X2
Lairon (ex legends maker) X3
Arron X3

Salamace delta (ex delta species) X2
Shellgon delta (ex delta species) x2
shellon X1
Bagon delta (ex delta species) X4

Pokemon X25 Fire energy X8 Metal energy X8

Full Flame (stadium) (ex legend maker 74) X3
Wally's training (supporter) (ex sandstorm) X3
(searcher cards) X6 - need to get things from deck
(Recycle Cards) X7 - to get things out of discard pile

Trainer cadrs X19

main problem for this deck is that it will get killed by a water deck easily, can anyone suggest cards that can counter that. also can u guys tell me specific cards that i can use for searching and getting things out of the discard pile Thanks =)

10th September 2012, 12:41 AM
yeah make sure you only have 15 energy in this deck max, because aggron doesn't die to water and deals massive damage. Increase the amount of trainer;s and supporter's in you're deck to get you're pokemon out faster like pokemon communication, level ball, heavy ball, bebe's search, Roseanne's search, etc, synergy cards for better hands like N, judge, juniper, proffesor oak, cheren, bianca, prof oaks new theory, etc cards that give you a better prospective on the game and it's better to put about 9+ of these kinds of cards in you're deck to help it with overall game play speed, recovery cards like super rod, night maintenece, junk arm, etc, use 3-4 of each single trainer and supporter because the more you have the more powerful you're deck become's.

P.S. a good deck only has about 3-4 recycling cards max as it take's away from the deck's overall strategy.