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Marion Ette
18th November 2012, 3:15 PM
Fizzytopian Park and Gardens

What could be better than a day at the park with your Pokemon? Whether relaxing on a bench with your pals or starting an impromptu game of frisbee with other trainers and their Pokemon, the FPaG has something for everyone. Our beautiful gardens contain the widest variety of plant species in all of Fizzytopia, and are well-accented with beautiful statues, regal fountains and serene garden pathways. The park itself is home to the spellbinding Mystic Lake, where swimming by both trainers and Pokemon is encouraged, and lakeside picnics are very popular. Various nature trails are also marked for your convenience throughout the park for those who prefer a bit of exploring.

In order to ensure a calm, worry-free experience for both trainers and Pokemon, tall grass has been thoroughly manicured and the Pokemon who once lived in this environment have been relocated to our private wildlife park. As such, please do not expect to run into many wild Pokemon here. In addition, it is against park rules to capture any wild Pokemon you encounter.

We hope you enjoy all that nature has to offer here at the FPaG!

Missingno. Master
18th November 2012, 3:30 PM
A Pokemon trainer around the age of 22 wandered into the park, gazing around in awe at the well-kept landscape. He had a cowboy hat on his head, Poke Balls on his belt, and a Meowth on his shoulder. "Wow," he murmured. "They really fixed this place up good, didn't they?" The first thing he did was wander up to the large and beautiful lake. Pausing only to marvel at the sheer size and beauty of the body of water, he took two of the Poke Balls off his belt and launched them out over the water. "Hebenon! Pisces! Come on out!" he shouted.

In twin flashes of light, a Qwilfish and a Blue-Striped Basculin materialized, landing in the water, both of them looking back up at their trainer.

"Have fun, guys," Keith grinned. "Lot more room here than the bar's aquarium, right?"

"Fish Qwilfish!" Hebenon replied happily as he submerged himself to swim around.

"Bas bas Basculin," added Pisces as she too started to swim around.

Satisfied with this, Keith turned around and threw three more Poke Balls. "Pomona! Hermione! Peeves! Come on out!"

In three more flashes of light, an Ivysaur, a Weedle, and a Duskull materialized. Pomona the Ivysaur appeared, landing softly on the grass, glancing around excitedly to see if any of her friends were going to show up. Hermione the Weedle appeared on Keith's shoulder, and looked around, admiring the carefully maintained park. Peeves the Duskull appeared in midair and also glanced around. "Where this?" Peeves asked Keith in perfect, albeit grammatically incorrect, English.

"We're at the Fizzytopian Park and Gardens," Keith explained. "We've all been spending so much time at the bar, I thought a little fresh air would make for a pleasant change."

"It sure seem like pleasant change for Pomona," Peeves observed as the Ivysaur started rolling around in the grass. Keith chuckled a little bit at this.

"OK, guys, go on, have fun, just don't get lost, OK?"

"Aye aye," Peeves replied as he floated off. Hermione remained on Keith's shoulder, opposite from the one Meowth was on.

"I'm stayin' right here," the Meowth stated in a voice identical to that of the Meowth on TV. "Dis shoulder of yer's is just too darn comfy."

"Yes, Meowth," Keith sighed, "You've made that clear twenty times this morning."

18th November 2012, 5:04 PM
Alex sighed as he made his way down to the shore of the lake. He heard that this was a good gathering place for trainers. He had popped by the trainers bar, but he personally found it rather loud and crowded. He never was one for lots of other people. Here in the fresh air was much more comforting for him. Plus, this was a good time to hang out with his squad. But first, itwould be best to introduce himself to the newest member of their team.

When he got to the beach, he shrugged his backpack off his shoulders and pulled a pokeball out of his pocket. "Ok Delta, come on out." He released the small seahorse pokemon into the water in front of him. He crouched down in front of her. "Hey Delta, welcome to the team. I'm Alex." The Horsea gave a small chirp and a grin, which Alex mirrored. The water type was certainly cute. "I'm going to introduce you to the rest of the team. Come on out everyone!"

With that he pulled four regular pokeballs and one premier ball out of his pockets and released all the pokemon they contained. Out came Theta the Magnemite, Echo the Bronzor, Phi the Abra, Kilo the Klink and Bravo the Beldum. Alex grinned to himself as his pokemon looked around at where they were. This was the first time he ever had everyone out at once. "Ok guys, we're just here to hang out and have fun. Now don't get into any trouble."

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Bravo locked his eye on Kilo and charged at it with its head covered in steel energy. Kilo responded by surrounding itself with fire and charged back towards the Beldum. Alex groaned. "Echo, stop them." The Bronzor bobbed a nod and its eyes glowed a deep blue for a moment. The charging steel types were surrounded by an aura of the same colour and they slowed to a halt. They struggled for a moment then looked over at Alex. "Why must you two always keep fighting?" he stated with his arms crossed. "Seriously, you're worse than me and my brother."

The duo looked away sheepishly and Alex smirked. His pokemon seemed to pair up. Bravo and Kilo had a rivalry with each other, Theta and Echo were partners and if they weren't non-biological he would think that the two of them might have been in some sort of relationship. And it looked like Phi and Delta were in the middle of a conversation. It made sense that those two would pair up, they were the only ones who weren't non-biological. He wondered what potential pokemon might join the team in the future. He dreamed of earning enough money to buy a Porygon, but with his luck Arceus knows how long that might be. He looked forward to what discoveries he might make with these pokemon and what challanges he would face. Who knew what would be next?

Missingno. Master
18th November 2012, 5:22 PM
Hebenon, Pisces, Phi, Delta: Pisces swam around aimlessly, until she could detect the sudden appearance of a new scent in the water... Horsea. Female, she figured. Silently and stealthily, the Blue-Striped Basculin swam towards the source of the smell... There it was, she could see, the Horsea was partially submerged near the shore... She swam closer... closer... She could practically taste it... And then she found herself not moving. Her fins continued to move, but they were no longer propelling the Basculin forward- Hebenon, her Qwilfish teammate, had spotted the Basculin and stopped her in her tracks with Psywave.

"Pisces, what the hell are you doing?" Hebenon demanded as he swam over to the Basculin.

"Getting my lunch, if you don't mind," snapped Pisces.

"I do mind, though," Hebenon retorted. "How many times did Keith tell you to not eat Pokemon belonging to other trainers?"

"Prove that she belongs to a trainer," said Pisces.

"I saw her trainer send her out," said Hebenon. "Now do you really feel like arguing with me?"

Pisces felt like arguing with just about anyone who restricted her access to prey, of course, but Hebenon was a different case. She could sense right from the start that Hebenon outclassed and overpowered her thoroughly, and that he could very well kill her if it ever came down to it. "No," she snapped resentfully as she swam off to try and hunt down some more easily accessible prey. Hebenon turned around and realized that his conversation with the Blue-Striped Basculin took place not two feet away from the Horsea, as well as an Abra she was talking with. They were very likely overheard.

"Sorry about Pisces there," Hebenon said. "She's one of my trainer's newest Pokemon, she's still got to learn to not eat Pokemon belonging to other trainers. Keith and I- Keith's my trainer- we've been trying to teach her that, but we haven't been very successful so far. Oh, sorry, where are my manners? My name is Hebenon, and who are you?" he asked the Horsea and Abra.

Keith, Meowth, Hermione, Kilo: Meanwhile, Keith noticed as another trainer entered the park and sent out a small assortment of Pokemon, one of them looking like little more than a pair of gears, meshing with each other and rotating in midair. Keith had never seen a Pokemon like this before, and approached it curiously. Hermione, the Weedle on his shoulder, looked equally curious. Keith took out his Pokedex and pointed it at the pair of gears.

"Klink, the Gear Pokemon," droned the device. "Klink rotates to generate the energy it needs to live. Its special attack is Gear Grind."

"A Klink, huh?" Keith said, interested. "Pretty cool."

"Yeah, I'm wit ya on dis one," Meowth agreed.

Hermione then spoke up. "Hi," she said to the Klink. "I'm Hermione, what's your name? Please pardon my curiosity, but I've never seen a Pokemon quite like you before... how is it you stay in midair like that?" she asked keenly. Hermione never passed up an opportunity to learn something new.

Marion Ette
18th November 2012, 6:08 PM
It was a beautiful day at the Fizzytopian Park. The sounds of laughter and frolic could easily be heard from the lakeside, as trainers and Pokemon enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere. The occasional chirp from a Pidgey or Taillow echoes from the clear blue skies, as birds of all kinds take to stretching their wings in the sunlight. The Autumn foliage is particularly beautiful this time of year, and warm reds, cheery yellows and deep oranges dot the landscape. All in all, it was a perfect day, mellow and calm without interrup-


Suddenly, the sound of a loud motor can be heard bursting through the park, as a flash of orange darts along the lakeside, spraying cut grass everywhere. The odd creature zooms to and fro, laughing maniacally as it zigzags across the park, singing in an utterly manic, high-pitched yet upbeat tone;


In seemingly no time at all, the insane lawnmower seems to have mowed all the grass within a mile radius of the lakeside, with surprising precision. Satisfied with its handiwork, the possessed yardwork equipment makes its way to the lakeside, grinning ear to ear with pointy, grass-filled teeth. It seems intent on saying hello to the trainers that have gathered there. The scent of fresh-cut lawn emanates strongly from the odd creature. Its eyes lock onto a trainer with a large hat speaking to a rather bookish sort of fellow, and approaches them both.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... The creature softly says through its grin before launching into a full-on monologue. You must be PEOPLE! OHMYARCEUS. People are SO MUCH fun you have NO IDEA NONE WHATSOEVER OH NOOOOOOOO your brains cannot comprehend the fun happy fun times. The lawnmower cackles erratically. I have a name do YOU have a name because names are very important you know I like names I want to know your names so I can SAY THEM TEN TIMES FAST because that's what people do with names or at least that is what they should do with names because people forget names all the time and there was a man who forgot my name and I told him he should say it ten times fast and then I ate his foot by accident MY NAME'S GADGET HI! The Lawnmower named Gadget seems to nearly jump in the air with its introduction, such is its uncontrollable energy and enthusiasm. They told me my trainer's real real sick but her sister's allllways watching. She's my super-awesome caretaker person thing but she might be dead too I don't know. She's around here soooooomewhere! The creepy lawnmower's eyes dart to and fro, never landing in any particular spot, to indicate the mystery of his "caretaker's" location. But when my trainer gets better she will see all the lawns I have mowed and she will love me I hope she will love me I am very helpful yes? Mowed lawns make trainers better yes? A bit of sadness flashes in the lawnmower's wide eyes.

18th November 2012, 6:12 PM
Hebenon, Pisces, Phi, Delta: Phi gave a little nod to the Qwilfish and hovered over the water so they wouldn't get stuck in the shallow water. "Don't worry too much about it. I can sense her hostility so if anything were to happen, I have my Thunderpunch to help deal with it. I'm Phi and this is Delta."

"Nice to meet you!" Delta chirped. "I'm new for my trainer too!"

"His name is Alex and he's back on the beach," Phi said making a little gesture landward. "It appears he's talking with your trainer. He's a nice trainer, though it's hard getting into his mind. His thoughts are fast and somewhat scrambled, I can only really convey one word at a time. Hopefully that will change as I get stronger."

"I'm glad I have a trainer!" the Horsea piped up. "I wouldn't like to be left alone where things like Basculin could eat me!"

"Manners Delta," the Abra said eyeing Pisces. "We don't want to make someone who already want to eat you mad."


Keith, Meowth, Hermione, Alex, Kilo: Alex turned toward Keith and noticed him checking out Kilo on his pokedex. "Ah, you're interested in Kilo huh?" He walked up to them leaving Echo, Theta and Bravo to float around and explore. "They're an interesting species, one of the oldest species of mechanical non-biological pokemon. I've written up a report on the line. It's currently at the library of Talas, you should check it out." He paused for a moment. "Hey, you're Keith right? I've read your report on Koffing and Weezing. Rather interesting. Have you written any others? I believe our studies overlap when it comes to the Grimer and Trubbish lines. Both of them are non-mechanical non-biological I believe." He paused and gave a little smirk. "Sorry if I'm going on for awhile, this is a subject I'm passionate about."

Edit: Just then Alex heard the noise of a small engine and looked aound and saw a lawnmower zipping around the park on its own accord. "What. The. Heck." Alex just stared as it rolled up to them and started its monologue. He tuned it out as he searched his brain for information. It must have been a Rotom, a ghost type that love to inhabit electronics. He heard that they could possess lawnmowers to access a grass typing as well as the move Leaf Storm. A rather interesting pokemon and he promised himself to do some more research on them at a later date. It may have been a ghost, but it just about fell in the non-biological pokemon group. "Uh, settle down some. I'm Alex."

As he was talking with the trainer, Kilo was talking with the bug type perched on his shoulder. "We feel the energy of the earth and we use it to our advantage," the twin gears said speaking in stereo. "The Magnemite Theta and the Beldum Bravo also utilizes this energy. The Bronzor Echo uses psychic energy however and we believe so will the Beldum once it evolves." The steel type turned slightly to look at its rival. "It's not fair is it, to be outmatched by the one we continually fight against. The Beldum will grow larger than we would ever be and use move that we could only wish for." It paused to look at the little Weedle. "We get the feeling you might feel the same way."

Missingno. Master
18th November 2012, 6:22 PM
Keith, Meowth, Hermione, Alex, Gadget, Pomona: The loud motor sound made Keith jump as an orange lawnmower, seemingly of its own volition, came zooming through the park, mowing down all the grass in its path. Keith wheeled around in alarm, holding his Pokedex out in front of him like a shield.

"Rotom, the Plasma Pokemon," droned the device. "Rotom's unique physiology allows it to possess various appliances and power them from within."

At that moment, the Rotom approached Keith and began talking rapidly, in Rotom language. Well versed though he was in Shuppet language, Keith couldn't understand Rotom language at all, and so he gave a glance to Meowth, who seemed to be trying to take in all the Rotom's words.

"Hey, Keith?" Meowth said a few seconds after the Rotom had stopped speaking, "Does Marion have a sister?"

Keith shrugged. "Damned if I know," he said. "Why?"

"'Cuz dis Rotom here says its trainer's sick, but dat da trainer's sister's been lookin' after it, but it said someting about da sister possibly bein' dead or someting. Da Rotom's trainer's female, too, from da sounds of tings. I tink it said its name is Gadget."

"Gadget?" Keith repeated as he turned to face the excited Rotom. "Nice to meet you, Gadget. I'm Keith, this is Meowth, this is Hermione, and the Ivysaur running up to you from behind is Pomona." For at that moment, Pomona, excited at the prospect of meeting a Pokemon just as energetic as she was, ran up to the Rotom.

"Hi!" Pomona exclaimed happily. "Hi, my name's Pomona, what's yours?"

Keith, meanwhile, thought to himself... If this Rotom really did belong to Marion, it might not be the only one of her Pokemon around here... It was with an odd mixture of nervousness, outright fear, and, oddly enough, anticipation, that he considered the possibility that Minerva might also be present. If she was really present, he wanted to talk to her. He knew he had to talk to her, even if he was putting his life on the line by doing so.

At that moment, the Klink's trainer, by the name of Alex, approached and greeted Keith, and remarked on how he had read the Poison-type trainer's report on Koffing and Weezing. "Oh, you saw that, huh?" Keith grinned. "I haven't written any others yet, though I'm considering working on one for Grimer. It probably won't be until mine evolves, though- I've owned a Weezing for years and years, so that line I know all about... Maybe I should write one about Qwilfish," he murmured. Alex then remarked that their studies might overlap when it came to the Trubbish and Grimer lines, given that they appeared to be non-biological Pokemon. "I guess so," Keith agreed. "I mean, I don't know as much about the Grimer line as I'd like to. My Grimer, Strychnine, hasn't been with me for very long... I've seen Grimer before I started as a trainer, though- I lived in Hoenn, in Lavaridge Town, and I've seen a couple of Grimer in the nearby caves. Now, the Trubbish line, that's one I really like. I can't really think why that is... But Trubbish itself, believe it or not, I think it's one of the cutest Pokemon ever. But anyway, yeah, I'm Keith. I don't think I got your name, but I'm guessing it's Alex, right? I've read some of your reports, yeah. I myself am kinda interested in Klink, and I can't really place why. I mean, I actually specialize in the Poison-type, but as I'm sure you've guessed, I've made some exceptions.

"Hey," Meowth spoke up from Keith's shoulder. "Name's Meowth, I'm one of da exceptions he was mentionin'."

"Yeah," nodded Keith. "Also, if you see a Duskull around here, that's mine, too. His name's Peeves, he's pretty friendly. And I have a Blue-Striped Basculin somewhere in the lake. She's rather hostile, but I got my Qwilfish watching her, she shouldn't cause any problems."

Hermione, Kilo: Hermione, interested by the Rotom though she was, was already engaging the Klink in conversation. She nodded as Kilo explained how they feel the earth's energy and use it to their advantage, though was still unsure as to how exactly that worked... She was already starting to form theories about magnetism, but didn't dwell on it too much, the better to listen to the Klink speak as they remarked on how unfair it was that the Beldum, apparently their rival, would grow larger and more powerful, and acquire moves they could only dream of using. Hermione nodded understandingly. "I get what you're saying. I myself know the only four attacks I'm ever going to learn... But I don't plan to evolve. Not now, not ever. See, I always hear about trainers that catch Weedle, only to make them evolve as quickly as possible into Beedrill. I want to prove that a Weedle can be worth something in battle without evolving, you see, even if all I have to work with is Poison Sting, String Shot, Bug Bite, and Electroweb."

Hebenon, Phi, Delta: "Pleased to meet you both," Hebenon stated as Pisces swam away. Delta, the Horsea, then mentioned that she was new to her own trainer. "That's nice," Hebenon said. "I've actually been with my trainer for a long time, way back when he was just starting out, and he started out a little over eight years ago." He then turned to Phi, the Abra. "So you can communicate with your trainer via telepathy?" he said. "That's cool. My trainer's Weezing can communicate with telepathy too, believe it or not. So can his Woobat, though that's a little more believable." Phi then warned Delta about her manners, as Pisces was still within earshot at that moment.

"Manners don't matter much to Pisces," Hebenon assured the Horsea. "She splits living things into two categories- those she has respect for, and those she hasn't yet eaten. And manners aren't the way to earn her respect, power is. And believe me, I'm more than a match for her myself."

18th November 2012, 8:54 PM
Okiku, Omenya:
Okiku, wanting to take small break from all that adventuring and battling, decides to travel to the famous Fizzytopian Park and Gardens, which supposedly was recently rearranged. She earlier giggled when reading in its pamphlet that the "tall grass has been thoroughly manicured", but stopped in horror as soon as she reminded herself of the implications, then felt relieved as she read right afterwards that the grass' inhabitants were moved to a wildlife park.

As the 22-year old arrived, she was slightly disappointed that, although not as much as a bar she visited in the past, some trainers, none that Okiku recognized, were already present. "So much for being alone," she thought, "but I guess it's better than being in crowd so noizy you can't hear yourself thinking." she reached for the five Pokéballs strapped on her backpack, and threw all of them over her head.

"Come on out guys! 'Tis a-break time!"

A Pokémon for each of Okiku's thrown receptacle came out, including her Poochyena Max, her Starly Rawk, her Espeon Himiko, her Shuppet Omenya and her Spheal Hershel. All greeted their trainer as they became fully spawned.

"Hi guys!" Okiku greeted them back. Knowing they're used to be called only to ask their help, she added: "No no, no battles or special task for you guys to do today." Most of her creatures gave her a curious look for the exception of Rawk, expecting to take on another job to show off his talents, frowned.

"You can do whatever you want here today, just relax and have fun! But behave yourselves too," she placed her hands on her hips, "I don't want any trouble!"

All went off in different directions of the park, for the exception of Omenya, smiling... and feeding on his trainer's dark emotions, as usual.

"Ack, Omen..." she painfully blurted, holding herself not to cry in public while having the horrible moments of her past flashing in front of her eyes, "... stop it... not... now..."

Thankfully, the Shuppet complied, but he was still grinning and licking his lips after having that delicious snack. His trainer took time to catch her breath and dried a few tears before talking to him again.

"...You really need to do that in more... subtle ways or something. ...Let's go sit at that picnic table of there," she points at a table far from most people around, "and look at the trees, alright? I like staring at all the coloured trees in fall, and seeing all the migratory birds passing by too."

After a few steps though, a Rotom dashed into the scene, cutting all the grass in sight, and joined most of the present trainers to talk to them in an extremely fast and overexcited fashion that could rival the Space Core. Slightly disturbed by the sight, she rushes her Shuppet to the table she pointed at earlier.

Max, Rawk, Himiko, Hermione, Kilo:
The trio, knowing each other more than the rest of the team as they were the young adult's first Pokémon in her team, decided to hang out with each other.

"Dude, why's Okiku not giving anything to do!?" Rawk complained loudly, "How am I supposed to show how awesome I am now!?"

"What, facing that creepy mirror on Halloween and getting away from it without a scratch and understanding and following Okiku's orders given in code that one time isn't enough for you?" Max retorted.

"It's never enough! I have to make everyone FEEL THE RAWK!" the bird puffed up his feathers.

Max and Himiko sighed in unison.

"Anyways..." Max tried to change the subject, "Himiko, I see that you evolved! Congrats! How does it feel?"

"...Thank you," the Espeon shyly answers. "...It feels strange to be honest, I'm feeling and thinking things I have never have before. I would blame that to the drastic change of my type."

"Oh, right," Max remembered, "back when you were an Eevee, you were just a normal... "normal" type. Probably it's your psychic powers kicking in."

"I believe in the same reason," Himiko nodded, "I feel the temperature and the humidity better, in consequence can almost guess the weather in advance well. I'm starting to understand Okiku better too, time to time I feel like I know what she's saying in her head."

While the two had their conversation, Rawk felt a bit ignored so he quickly went off to look for others to impress. He spots the two Pokémon the closest to him, a Weedle and a Klink, and fly towards them.

"Har har har har! Time for you dudes to meet the RAAAAAAAAAWK!"

Max, quickly picking up the Starly's voice, dashed right at him, jumped and tackled him to the ground before Rawk hit the two other Pokémon.

"Get hold of yourself!", the Poochyena snarled at the bird, "We're not here to hurt others!"

"You're not running away from this! Feel the horror of a world–class RAAAAAWWWKING!"

As the two started fighting, Himiko slowly walks towards the steel and bug Pokémon, glancing embarrassingly the battle.

"...I apologies about those two, especially Rawk," she sighed. "He's so concentrated in showing himself off, he can't seem to see the effect of his actions. Good thing Max keeps an eye on him... Although I'm not to keen on how he does it." She paused for a moment, before realizing how awkward the silence was. "O-oh, I'm sorry... Rawk, if... you haven't guessed, is the Starly, while Max is the Poochyena. And I'm Himiko, nice to meet you," she nodded.

Hershel, Hebenon, Phi, Delta:

Hershel, although wanted to stick around with most of his teammates to have a nice chat, felt that his skin needed to be hydrated, so he headed out to the park's lake. To his delight, he spotted a Horsea, an Abra and a Qwilfish swimming and discussing together. He rolls to them and waits for the opportunity to talk without interrupting the tree Pokémon.

"Hello there! Sorry to barge into your conversation," he spoke to them with a young but refined voice, "It is a nice day for a swim, isn't it? I must say this place is quite lovely. Oh, before I speak any further, let me introduce myself," he cleared his throat then politely bows down, "I am Hershel, and I am glad to make your acquaintances."

Marion Ette
18th November 2012, 9:10 PM
Keith, Meowth, Hermione, Alex, Gadget, Pomona - Gadget's wide eyes bulge even further at the sight of Keith's talking Meowth. After a moment, it cries out in joy. I KNEW IT! I KNEW YOU COULD STEAL PEOPLE FROM THE TV!!! Do you miss the happy TV land Meowth? DOES 3D HURT? Can you taste outside-tv-food? I can go inside TV land but I can't take people out of it but now I know I can which makes me REALLY REALLY HAPPY so I need to figure out how to do that and MOW DOWN HONEY BOO BOO The lawnmower giggles before realizing it has been addressed by a cheerful and energetic Ivysaur named Pomona. It seems distracted by the budding flower on the Ivysaur's back. There's something on your back Pomona!! I can mow it for you... nice and smooth, all down your back! Mow all nice! I can help you because I LOVE helping~ The Rotom revs up its motor in preparation to mow Pomona the moment she agrees to its help, when it suddenly stops dead in its tracks, distracted by the sound of its name being called by a distinctly feminine voice.

That's her! That's her! The one I talked about! The pretty-scary scary-pretty lady that smells like cigarettessssshe sounds mad but she always sounds mad even when she's not mad because she's mad like a BIG GIANT HAT WITH NUMBERS ON IT The lawnmower giggles and zooms toward the voice, leaving Pomona and Keith behind. One wonders whether or not it would be wise to follow such a crazy Pokemon, especially if the voice calling it has anything to do with Minerva, but curiosity is often a powerful motivator...

Missingno. Master
18th November 2012, 10:10 PM
Hermione, Kilo, Himiko, Max, Rawk: As Hermione was conversing with the Klink, an overly-confident Starly was suddenly zooming right towards them, making his presence known very loudly. Hermione prepared to fire off an Electroweb, when a Poochyena quickly made such a tactic unnecessary by using Tackle to stop the Starly. At that moment, an Espeon introduced herself as Himiko and apologized for her teammates.

"It's quite all right," Hermione replied politely. "Truth be told, I'd have been interested to battle that Starly... Rawk, you said? I recently learned an Electric move, you see, so I was curious as to whether that would help me overcome the type advantage. But anyway, my name's Hermione, and it's nice to meet you," she continued.

Hershel, Hebenon, Phi, Delta: As Hebenon was talking to Phi and Delta, a Spheal came swimming over and introduced himself as Hershel.

"Hi," Hebenon said to Hershel. "I'm Hebenon. This is Phi, and this is Delta. Good to meet you. Pisces, don't even," he added sternly, for at the Spheal's appearance, a Blue-Striped Basculin came swimming silently up behind the Spheal, teeth bared hungrily.

"Oh, come on!" Pisces snapped. "I'm friggin' hungry over here, there's a buffet gathering right in front of me, and you're not letting me eat any of it!"

"You just ate before we came here," said Hebenon. "I swear to Arceus, you're worse than Crabbe."

"Hey, now, that's an insult," snapped Pisces. "That slimeball knows nothing about the fine art of hunting!"

"Just don't eat these guys," Hebenon said. "And if you try, I will stop you."

Pisces said nothing, but slowly turned around and swam off, very much aware that the Qwilfish could easily make good on that promise.

Keith, Meowth, Pomona, Gadget: Gadget started chattering excitedly as it realized that Meowth could talk. "Heh heh," Meowth chuckled. "Settle down dere, I ain't dat Meowth. I'm a big fan, though!" Gadget then wheeled around and offered to mow Pomona's flower for her. Though it was unmistakably offering to do so with good intentions, Pomona suppressed a shudder all the same.

"Oh, no, I don't want my flower mowed!" she said to Gadget. "I like it how it is, but thanks for offering anyway!" She was about to say more, when a voice called Gadget's name out. Though Pomona seemed unfazed by this voice, Keith blinked, dawning comprehension on his face as he realized just who was taking care of Gadget. Meowth tensed up, his fur standing on end.

"Keith," he hissed in his trainer's ear. "I tink dat was Minerva!"

"Minerva..." Keith repeated quietly as he started to wander off after Gadget, slowly and purposefully.

"Eh? Eh? Is youse crazy?!" Meowth exclaimed once he realized what Keith was doing.

"That's entirely possible," Keith replied, not stopping, not slowing down, not turning around.

"OK, Keith, does you possibly remember dat dis is da same Minerva dat tried to kill you?" Meowth asked, trying and failing miserably to keep his cool.

"Vividly," Keith answered, as the look of anger and sorrow that he had seen in Minerva's eyes flashed in his memory, further compounding his already palpable guilt and remorse.

"OK, you wanna tell me why youse is going towards da crazy Banette dat tried to-"

"Don't call her crazy," Keith interrupted, with a stern glance at Meowth. "She did what I drove her to do with my stupidity and ignorance. It's not just that thinking about taking Neville back was a bad idea- it was, of course- but for all I had taken into consideration, I thought I had considered everyone I cared about with that decision... And I was wrong. She wasn't the stupid one, I was. And I need to tell her that."

"And if youse die?" Meowth asked nervously.

"Then I go with a clean conscience," Keith stated firmly. "Better than living with guilt of that magnitude."

Desperate to stop his trainer from walking towards his imminent doom, Meowth tried to lock eyes with Keith, intent on casting Hypnosis to persuade him to turn back. Keith, however, averted Meowth's gaze deliberately, having expected tactics of this sort. And so he continued to follow Gadget, who was very likely going to lead them right to the Banette Keith so needed to speak to. Crazy? Perhaps. Risky? Definitely. Was there any way to talk Keith out of this? No way in hell.

18th November 2012, 10:47 PM
A young lass walked into the park, Spearow on shoulder and Ferroseed (uncomfortably) in arm. It was a beautiful day, the sun out and a gentle breeze ruffling her hair about. She couldn't wait to dig into the food she'd packed in her backpack; a little treat for her and her pokemon. All were ready to have a nice, relaxing time in the park. Maybe they could meet some other trainers and pokemon having a lovely time, too?

The image of a peaceful, pleasant park crashed as soon as they entered. It wasn't complete chaos, sure, but El had been expecting more picnics and less living lawnmowers. Pokemon were all around, she felt awfully out of place with her meagre party of two now. Not that she'd trade Sparow or Livermorium for the world, she just felt... young, inexperienced. Like she actually was. What kind of person can't even run without shattering their nose, anyway? At least that had only happened once though.

"Ow!" Livermorium was twisting around in her arms. She nearly dropped the Ferroseed, it was the least she could do to drop down and put him on the ground like she was ducking for her life. Not that he probably would have minded being dropped, he was a very special boy in that regard. As soon as he was free of El's grasp, he began hopping forward. Hop. Hop. Hop. El looked at Sparow and began to follow her younger pokemon. Wasn't hard really, Ferroseed weren't exactly known for their great speed.

"Heeeey, hey everyone!" He called out across the park as loud as he could. Sparow immediately burried her head in her wing, bracing for what was destined to come next. "What do you pay a policeman attending an evening chemistry class? Copper nitrate! Haha get it because copper is slang for a policeman and nitrate sounds like night rate! And it's a chemical! Ha! I am a comedic genius." Sparow groaned, but El just laughed at her pokemon's antics, not understanding a word of the poor joke.

"Now Liver, don't disturb everyone too much, they were doing things before we arrived, after all."

"I'm so sorry he does this all the time and she doesn't understand him and keeps encouraging the bugger! Sparow screeched across the park.

"Sparow! You're old enough to know not to do that! Don't disturb the nice people." Sparow dropped her head. Sure, El was nice, but she was being a little biased towards her newest member. She'd blame maternal instincts but the girl was, well, a girl. She was just proud of the odd little pokemon.

18th November 2012, 10:51 PM
Jessica sighed as she breathed the sweetness in the air, under which grass and earth spread. The fragrance of fall, fresh. She smiled. What a perfect day for a late-season picnic at the park. Beside her, Blueberry the Drifloon was carrying a basket inflated with warm baked goods she and Waffle the Rotom-H had made together, including apple pie and fritters. There were main courses too of course, such as hot soup in a thermos, sandwiches, and staple potato salad. Containers were bursting to the brim, and Jessica could hardly believe they'd be able to eat it all. Still, she was glad to partake in the pair's first feast, fit for a king.

And they would have help, of course. Frolicking by her feet were a few furry bundles. Two were brown and white, the third simply gray - but just as fabulous, if not more so, in spirit. Kief the Zigzagoon bounded about the recently-opened garden with glee, sniffing all the foreign scents curiously. Kanna the Furret hung back with Minchi the Minccino, the latter wrinkling her nose at how filthy the racoon's coat was becoming. When he invited the two females to roll in the dirt, the chinchilla frowned and declined in disgust, as did her friend, but in her case due to shyness. Finally, in Jessica's arms slept a small Sewaddle, still without a name for now. Jessica hoped she would be able to find one just right for little gal soon, but she certainly wouldn't wait until then to make a new member feel like a part of the team.

They selected a quiet spot near a large tree overlooking the lake, where several trainers and their Pokémon were having fun. Waffle waved the blue-and-white cloth he was carrying, settling it gently on the ground. The three mammalians took the corners and helped to stretch it out, smoothing each and every wrinkle under Minchi's exacting scrutiny. Only once she was satisfied was Blueberry allowed to set the basket down. Upon opening its contents, delicious aromas wafted out and mingled with the crisp autumn wind, traveling down to the water. Jessica placed Sewaddle carefully down on the blanket, letting her crawl towards a bowl of Berries as the girl worried wondered whether the sight and smell of refreshments in such close proximity might attract some unwanted visitors. She wasn't sure whether that was part of her plan or not, as she preferred peace, especially in such an open, exposed environment. Ironically, in the past she was more comfortable within the confines of the Bar because of her closeness to most of the patrons there. However, all the new faces that had begun to habit the establishment had made her somewhat hesitant to approach these days. Out here was less crowded, but still a strange setting to her, full of trainers she didn't know. Here felt more public instead of private - no shadowy corners to sequester herself in when she needed a break from socializing. Still, she supposed that a small part of her secretly sought to make new friends, for she had chosen to sit here in plain view after all, not to mention bring so many enticements. She certainly wouldn't – or couldn't – say no if someone came up and asked to join her. There was plenty to go around, and in fact that may have subconsciously played in her strategy as well. Yes, she was admittedly looking forward, if only slightly, to the prospect of meeting some folks to share her fortune with.

For the meantime though, surely things would remain calm for a bit, she thought as she unwrapped a homemade burger and bit down on it, mouth watering as the medium meaty juices flowed across her buds. Waffle was clearly a master at his craft; he had cooked the patty to perfection in his own belly. Blueberry had made the buns, which were big and fluffy and topped with toasted sesame seeds. Jessica grinned as she wolfed down the grub, eager to enjoy her excellent meal in pleasant silence as usual, surrounded simply by her Pokémon pals, who provided more than enough noise and entertainment.


At that moment, an orange blur shrieked by, spraying snippets of lawn in its wake. Blueberry immediately inflated herself to act as a shield for the dishes as well as the diners, bouncing back most of the blades and soil so as not to spoil her and Waffle’s hard work. Minchi had unfortunately been outside the circumference however, tugging fastidiously at an uneven edge. She spat a glob of mud back to the ground and glared after the offender, while Jessica couldn’t help but suppress a giggle. So much for tranquility. Gazing after the vandal, it seemed to be heading directly to the beach, and for a moment she was concerned it would drive straight in. However, it switched gears at the last moment and screeched to a halt in front of a group of two trainers and their Pokémon. Both boys looked befuddled, and she couldn’t blame them. As she squinted at the crazed contraption however, a sense of awareness sparked in her, and she turned to Waffle.

“Say, didn’t that lawnmower look familiar?” He nodded- then switched to shaking as Blueberry gave him an evil eye, glancing back and forth between the other rascally Rotom and its “brother” suspiciously. Waffle rubbed the back of his head with one of his mitts, whistling as he turned away and began digging into a plate of pizza, complimenting Blueberry on the crunchy crust. Jessica chuckled as she handed Minchi a bunch of napkins to wipe herself with before continuing to chow down on her own bread, deciding to leave well enough alone. Perhaps later after they were well-fed and content she’d suggest they all go say hi.

Missingno. Master
18th November 2012, 10:52 PM
Pomona, Livermorium: As her trainer walked off in what was a potentially very, very unwise move, Pomona looked around and noticed a newly arrived Ferroseed shouting a rather less than funny joke across the park. Seeing the opportunity to make a new friend, the Ivysaur ran up to him. "Hi!" she said cheerfully as she approached the Ferroseed. "My name's Pomona, what's yours?"

Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Kief, Minchi, Kanna, Blueberry, Waffle: Peeves was drifting around the park aimlessly when he smelled the faint smell of food. Curious, the Duskull floated over to the source, and noticed a trainer and her Pokemon setting up a picnic. Peeves floated over to where they were sitting and introduced himself.

"Hi," he said in English (albeit grammatically incorrect). "My name Peeves. It OK if I join you all?" he asked. "My trainer pack food, but his Basculin eat it all..."

18th November 2012, 11:08 PM
Pomona, Livermorium: Livermorium began spinning around rapidly once approached by Pomona. See, Sparow, his jokes worked! Bounce bounce spin spin, he took a little time to stop himself again. "Hihi! Sorry about that when I get excited I spiiiiiiiin! He demonstrated as such with a few more rotations. "I'm Livermorium but my trainer that's her arguing with the Spearow behind me by the way sometimes calls me Liver or Lv for short! Apparently it's a metal of some kind I don't know hay can you see that I'm encased in metal? Which reminds me of a joke! Why was the steel type the life of the party? Because he's MET ALL of the pokemon there! Because metal sounds like met all and steel types a made of metal! Haa I'm a blast."

Sparow let out an indistinct screech. El knelt down and gave Livermorium a friendly whack. "Nice to see you making a friend dear! but don't forget to let them talk too."

NO you moron you're encouraging the bad jokes! The two returned to their argument.

Missingno. Master
18th November 2012, 11:43 PM
Pomona, Livermorium: Pomona giggled at the Ferroseed's excitable personality, and even chuckled at his joke- she didn't think it was that bad. "Wow, that's pretty cool when you spin like that!" she exclaimed. "I could never spin like that, I'd get all dizzy! Great to meet you, Livermorium! Ooh, yeah, I see you're covered in metal, you're all shiny and stuff! And you got spikes, too, lots of them, just like Hebenon! Hebenon's one of my teammates, he's a Qwilfish, and he's pretty cool, but I never saw him spin like you did!" Pomona was clearly just as excited to meet Livermorium as he was to meet her, she loved making new friends.

18th November 2012, 11:55 PM
At the entrance of the newly refurbished Fizzytopia Park, a handful of figures passed through, comprising of a human and four pokemon. While the bar was a nice place for a drink or two, the trainer felt that a good few lungfuls of fresh air always helped one's mood unfurl, and so it was that he and his team had found their way to the park, with several very large baskets being lugged around.

Gritting his teeth, Alex rested his picnic hamper to the ground, before cursing between his teeth as he realised with a great deal of discord that not only was his larger normal type not having trouble with her bag, but held a pair of item balls designed for carrying larger items with ease instead.

"Oh, you son of a...I forgot those existed..." he groaned before shrugging and picking up his hamper once more.

Beside him, the Infernape gave a chuckle, his natural strength allowing him to carry two hampers without much difficulty. While the situation was amusing at best, the ape knew the reason he was here, with some unfinished business to attend to. Looking over at the few small groups in the area, the fire monkey noticed a girl around Alex's age sitting at a picnic table with a Shuppet and nudged the boy in the side with an elbow, causing him to careen into the ground like a tree.

The other two pokemon, consisting of an Aipom and grey and purple Hitmontop, the latter having no problem with the basket due to the same stratagem employed by Totsuka, simply stood by and watched the amusements happen as Alex slowly climbed to his feet, hissing slightly before turning to the source, and twinged red a little.

"No-Nothung, stop it. Just because she's about as old as me doesn't mean we're an item. In fact, I've never seen her before."

Plucking a Moon Ball from his belt, he released his pumpkin orange Lunatone, whose eyes gave a faint cyan glow as telepathic communications were opened between him and his team.

"No harm in saying hi, is there? We'll keep ourselves looked after, just let Halley out for a stroll with us and join her."

"...well, just be mindful of anything that could pose a danger. We're here for a day out, not a war," he muttered before handing the Xmas Ball to the ape's hand before beckoning Harpe with him, leaving the group alone. Stopping halfway, Alex released his Swampert into the field, pointing him towards his pokemon before lugging towards the girl at the bench.

Totsuka, Nothung, Arondight, Nuhoko, Mjolnir, Halley: The five pokemon together, the psychic rock negated his link with his trainer before scanning the remaining group, his gaze swiftly turning into a frown.

"We need someone capable of defusing potential fights to stick with our shadow pokemon. It's very faint, but there's a trace of an encounter I'd rather forget in a hurry..." he grimly hummed.

"You mean there may be snakes on the plain..." the monkey remarked, to which the Infernape shrugged once more. "Arondight, you're on neutral terms with the team, you stick with Totsuka."

"Do I have to? She gives me the willies..."

"At least I know to keep my cool."


As the discussion commenced, nobody noticed that Mjolnir had left for the lake, having discreetly taken the special ball from the Infernape as he tried to calm the arguing pokemon down with Nuhoko aiding with some psionic persuasion.

"Forget it, we have business to attend to. We're here to relax. Me and my other orange companion-"

"Quiet, you."

"-will take our basket and head for that guy with the hat's Ivysaur, to keep her company. You two can entertain the Espeon's group, while Mjo...bugger, he's already off."

And with that, the pokemon headed in their directions, with the abnormally coloured ones giving a casual bicker.

Okiku, Omenya, Alex, Harpe: It wasn't long before Alex reached the table with his hamper, his burning arms screaming at his small mind for not making the task easier. His mind retorted that it built character and preferred the traditionalist method, whereby the stomach told the two to cease their silliness before he went heartburn on their arses. With the body situation sorted, the trainer hefted the basket to the side of the table and sat down to catch his breath while the Aipom hopped onto said table and broke the ice to the Shuppet.

"Hi there...this man is my trainer, Alex, and my name's Harpe. Is it okay if we join you here?"

Nothung, Nuhoko, Pomona: Approaching the high and dry Ivysaur, Nothung turned his head to the orange Lunatone.

"Now remember, if there's a whiff of Seviper, don't get me involved. The last thing I want is to sour any companionship with that Arbok any further."

"Noted, she can deal with them herself, she has some surprising speed after all."

Reaching the grass type, who seemed a bit lost, the monkey plopped the hamper down while the Lunatone glowed before suddenly teleporting away for an instant, before popping back in with a very large and compacted blanket, slowly setting it out on the ground while Nothung made small talk.

"Hello, we're just getting a picnic set up here for folks to join. You're free to join in, we brought plenty of grub for anyone," he started as he opened the basket, revealing, yes, item balls with small labels on them.

"Alex is an idiot for not thinking picnics through like us..." Nuhoko chimed in before returning to the task at hand.

"Just out of curiosity, but would you happen to know any Arbok?"

Hermione, Kilo, Himiko, Max, Rawk, Totsuka, Arondight: "I'm just saying that you need to relax, brah."

"I am relaxed, you're just antagonizing me you bloody ferret."

"Racism, is it? How crude..."

The pair approached the group, which consisted of the Espeon as noticed prior, as well as a Poochyena, Starly, Weedle and a Klink, the two newcomers a little puzzled as to the existence of.

"Well, it seems there are indeed such pokemon from Unova in these parts of the world. Who knew?"

"I dunno, Zangoose, what would you know?"

Brushing the cocky Hitmontop aside, the Shadow Zangoose composed herself and approached the group trying to appear as friendly as possible. Considering the crimson eyes, dark aura around her and purple fur, it was debatable how kindly this would be. However, the shadow pokemon never was one for fighting unless in self-defence, an abnormality amidst their kin.

"Would anyone care for some refreshments? We've brought plenty. I'm Totsuka, and my grey accomplice there is Arondight. Mind you, he's a little, er, pompous..." the normal type introduced before dropping one of the item balls to reveal a sizable basket, easily the height of the Zangoose while the Hitmontop gaped, ego still stinging.

Hershel, Hebenon, Phi, Delta, Pisces, Mjolnir, Halley: On the approach to the riverside, Mjolnir paused, not for breath, but for a quick identification check. The group in the water seemed to consist of a Spheal, Qwilfish and Horsea, none of which the ground type recognised, as well as an Abra hovering over the drink, as well as...


Lugging to the water mons, the Swampert set the item ball down before staring at it for several tense seconds. The Swampert had battled some vicious creatures, braved an assault against a corrupt corporate executive, dealt with the loss of a good friend and crossed proverbial swords with an abomination, and here he was stopped by an orb, of all things.

"...how does one open this thing..." he growled before inspiration hit him, and he poked the Xmas Ball to reveal in a burst of light, hidden from view of the other pokemon there, a foot tall fairy-like creature with a crownlike head complete with tags.

"Halley...how do I open these things?" Mjolnir blurted, poking the item ball with his prize with a very large digit. Without missing a beat, Halley touched the small button on the front of it, before giving it a small twist. Immediately the capsule exploded into a basket which seemed familiar to the Swampert.

"Isn't this from some giveaway?"

"Yup! Go make friends!"

Pulling a pair of orbs out with labels on them resembling steaks, the Swampert lumbered waterwards before looking round to his smaller companion, the pixie fishing in the hamper for an item ball before popping it open, revealing a basket and blanket with some sandwiches already preset as they laid it out.

"Uh, oh yeah...I'm Mjolnir, and this here..." the Swampert mumbled to the water types and Abra before shuffling into the drink to reveal the Jirachi, "is Halley."


Paddling near the sulking Basculin, the Swampert fiddled with one capsule for a moment before opening it to reveal to the carnivore a fully butchered carcass of a Bouffalant, the large lump of meat landing in the water with a splash and floating there before the fish while the other orb opened to reveal a large ham, which Mjolnir took a chomp out of.

"I think I remember seeing you at the bar a couple of weeks earlier, back in that incident with my daft Honchkrow. He's still sulking over it...but anyways, I always consider the meat eaters out there and offer this as a gift of respect, seeing as you seem to be hungry."

19th November 2012, 12:05 AM
Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Kief, Minchi, Kanna, Blueberry, Waffle: Sure enough, a Duskull drifted by, attracted by the delicious smell of food. Surprisingly, it could even speak English - albeit with some difficulty. Jessica choked down her shock and lettuce, then smiled at Peeves. Even if he was a specter, she was far less afraid than if a human had asked.

"Sure, help yourself. We've got tons." Blueberry handed Peeves a paper plate, happy to help out the hungry, not to mention a fellow ghost. She and Waffle watched eagerly as Peeves took the first bite, waiting for review.

Jessica stared closely at Peeves. "Say, aren't you the Duskull I fought a while ago? You were with a Petilil, weren't you?" For a moment she was glad she decided not to take Kristen today. After what happened during that experience... She wasn't sure how to Snorunt would react around Peeves, or vice-versa. Squinting closer towards the lake, she managed to spot Keith, recognizing him as one of the two males who had been talking to Rotom. "Is that your trainer there?"

As she said this, the lawnmower suddenly darted off, and Keith started to follow. She cocked her head, curious what they were up to, but determining it wise not to get involved.

Edit- Nearby, she also noticed a boy setting up another picnic, opting to use one of the provided tables. She flushed in embarassment as he announced the snacks were for all to share, realizing how selfish she must look now. Shrinking as if to hide herself, she shuffled nervously as she spoke to the gray spirit.

"Uh, um, if you want to go over there, where there'll probably be more... People- er, food, that is, feel free..."

Marion Ette
19th November 2012, 12:10 AM
Keith, Meowth, Pomona, Gadget, Coselle - Keith and Meowth follow the trail that Gadget has left behind, which hugs the lakeside before veering off dramatically in the direction of one of the gardens. As the pair bravely tread on, they are greeted by an ivy arch which leads to countless beds of roses in all colors, shapes and sizes. Pink letters formed with flower petals advertise this area as the "Rose Garden". The air is thick with their perfume, and the bold reds, soft pinks and pale yellows, despite their contrast, seem oddly harmonic here in the tranquility of the garden. Pathways curl and twist in various directions, winding through the roses without clear direction... Clearly, this was a place intended for aimless admiration more than purposeful traveling, but Keith and Meowth are able to find the path with signs of skid marks consistent with the wheels on Gadget's lawnmower bottom, and follow the skids through the garden. As the pair follow these tracks, the sound of a conversation between two familiar voices becomes more audible;

"Here? In the park? Trainers? This place has been closed off to the public for years... Why would the park suddenly reopen like this? I thought we would be alone here and you would be able to expend your energy safely..."


"I have you to do that for me, Gadget. Tell me... Who did you meet?"

I MET AN ODDISH. It was tasty.

"I told you to be more careful of grass types, Gadget... They are not for mowing, unless I explicitly tell you otherwise, ehehehe!" The familiar cackle echoes throughout the Rose Garden. "Now... what about the trainers? Who were they?"

OHright. Wellllll there was a science-y scienceman who's got mechanical friends sorta like me but not like me because they're that really fancy word he used nonbarawojikkal or something but they're really neat.

"Right, that must have been Alex..."

YEAH. He said that was his name but he told me to calm down and I don't know what he meant because I'm always calm ANYWAY I also saw my bestest former-trainer friend Yuki with my brother but I haven't said hi yet and I saw some girl with a Spearow and a lady with a fuzzy puppy named Max and I saw a PACHIRISU in a tree and it had chubby cheeks-

"Were there any other trainers, Gadget? Any other human beings I should know about?"

At this point, Keith and Meowth can see the origins of the voice... At the center of the garden, a swinging bench sways back and forth, carrying the weight of a ghostly-looking young woman with long, black hair. Beside her, Gadget's motor purrs, almost cat-like, happy to be with his caretaker. The ghostly young woman bears striking similarity to Marion, though her eyes are darker and her smile has a slight hint of malevolence that goes beyond Marion's look of mischief. The woman swings back and forth on the bench listlessly, admiring the heart-shaped bushes that surround her, covered with white roses tinged at the tips with a pinkish-red. Her style is decidedly more gothic than her sister's, complete with a short, black lace dress and combat-style boots that end above her knees. As she comes into Keith and Meowth's vision, she immediately tenses up, shooting an accusatory gaze towards Gadget.

"You... you were followed, weren't you??"

Nooooooooooo. Gadget pauses for a moment, thinking. Wait, I mean yes. YES! I think I might have been followed possibly sort of maybe if you carry the two. YOU SHOULD MEET THEM~

The black-haired woman grimaces, but pats the lawnmower affectionately despite her clear irritation. "Perhaps we should go..."

Missingno. Master
19th November 2012, 12:54 AM
Nothung, Nuhoko, Pomona, Livermorium: As Pomona continued to talk to the excitable Ferroseed, they were approached by an Infernape and an oddly orange Lunatone. "Hi!" Pomona greeted them excitedly as they started setting up a picnic. "I'm Pomona, and this is my friend Livermorium! What are your names?" Before she got that answer, however, she was asked if she knew any Arbok. "Ooh, yes, I do," Pomona nodded. "My trainer's got an Arbok, it was the first Pokemon he caught in Fizzytopia! Her name's Nagini, and she's really nice, unless you somehow get her angry, in which case she can get pretty scary, but she almost never gets that angry. I don't think he brought her here, though..."

Hebenon, Pisces, Hershel, Phi, Delta, Mjolner, Halley: Hebenon watched as the Swampert struggled with the item balls, before letting out an unknown Pokemon to help him. As the Swampert moved into the water, however, Hebenon was astonished to see the legendary Jirachi! Not one to pass up an opportunity to talk with an actual legendary Pokemon, the Qwilfish swam up to the Steel/Psychic-type. "Hi," he said to the Jirachi. "My name's Hebenon, it's an honor to meet you... Halley, wasn't it?"

Meanwhile, Pisces looked on, impressed, as the Swampert unleashed a Bouffalant carcass into the water. "Aww, yeah, that's what I'm talking about!" she exclaimed as she started greedily munching on the offered body. "Mmm, this is good stuff!" she remarked after swallowing her first few bites. "Much appreciated," she added to the Swampert. "Didn't catch your name, by the way, I'm Pisces."

Hermione, Kilo, Himiko, Max, Rawk, Totsuka, Arondight: Hermione watched with keen interest as her group was approached by not only a Shadow Zangoose, but also a Shiny Hitmontop. "A pleasure to meet you both," Hermione said courteously as the Zangoose unleashed a picnic basket from an item ball. "I'm Hermione. I've never actually met a Shadow Pokemon, or a Shiny Pokemon, for that matter," she added, scientific interest and curiosity evident in her voice. "Totsuka, wasn't it? Is it true that Shadow Pokemon have certain attacks only they can use? If it is, may I see one?"

Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Minchi, Kanna, Kief, Blueberry, Waffle: "Oh, thank you," Peeves said politely as he accepted a paper plate with food on it from the Drifloon. He took a bite, and nodded appreciatively as he swallowed the food. "Mmm, this very good," he said. "You cook this?" he added, directing the question to the Rotom currently possessing a toaster oven. Jessica then asked him whether he was the Duskull she battled, and mentioned a Petilil, and Peeves recalled very vividly the battle in which he was ruthlessly thrashed in a 2-on-1 onslaught once the opposing Ice-types made short work of his Petilil ally. Now he remembered. "Yes, I that Duskull," he answered. "Was that you Snorunt? I mean no offense, but..." Peeves shuddered a little bit. "Something about her... No feel right..."

Keith, Meowth, Gadget, Coselle: As Keith followed Gadget, against Meowth's better judgement, they could overhear a conversation between the Rotom and someone else, and the someone else had a very familiar... no, an unmistakable voice. The lack of stutter was a change, but there could be no question as to the voice's owner. That, and the fact that she seemed to be conversing with a Rotom who was speaking its native language was something of a giveaway. As Keith rounded a corner, he spotted a bench in the center of the garden they had wandered into, and sitting upon that bench, a woman who greatly resembled Marion, only with black hair, a different look in her eyes, and something different about the way she smiled. Only she ceased to smile upon spotting Keith, suddenly tensing up and looking decidedly more irritated, suggesting to the Rotom that they should go. At hearing this, Keith stepped forward, not wanting her to leave until he had had his say.

"Minerva, wait," he said, in Shuppet language. "I... I can't even begin to say how sorry I am... Not just for what happened to Marion, though make no mistake, I feel horrible about that... No, I... I should have just hung up on that adoption center guy. I shouldn't have given any thought to taking that hell-spawned fish back onto my team... After all he did... I was stupid enough to think he actually deserved another chance... More than that... I... I thought I had taken into consideration everyone I care about when I thought about taking Neville back... I was wrong," he said, blushing slightly as he said this, though not entirely sure why. "I was the one who was wrong. Not you. I was the one who was stupid, not you. And... And I'm sorry." He gave a sigh at this point, and looked up into her eyes. Meowth watched this go on, and was somewhat surprised at hearing Keith speak Shuppet language, and so fluently. He was relaxing somewhat, but still seemed very tense about the whole thing. Minerva did try to kill his trainer, after all.

Keith sighed again before continuing. "I'll understand if you don't forgive me," he stated. "I pushed you to do something you didn't want to do... I could see the sorrow in your eyes when you were about to cast that curse... And Marion got hurt on top of it all... And it's all my fault. So I understand completely if you can't forgive me... I'm not even sure I deserve forgiveness, I'm not about to ask it... But promise me one thing... Promise me that you'll kill Neville." A fire was visible in his eyes as he said this- his mind was more than made up on this matter, that Stunfisk had caused far too much pain, both physical and emotional, to have any shot of getting forgiveness from even him. "I didn't adopt him. Someone else did, and Arceus help me, I tried to stop him, I really did... Minerva... I do understand it- the need for blood. I only wish I had understood sooner... Had I understood sooner, I wouldn't have made such a stupid, stupid mistake... I know how much it means to you to kill Neville, and I should never have dreamed of taking that away from you... I was starting to like you too," he admitted. "I... I still do, actually," he added, blushing again, still without exactly knowing why. Here, he stopped talking and watched Minerva's human form, anxiously waiting to see how she would react, part of him hoping against hope for the impossible- forgiveness (that he didn't even feel he deserved, at that) from a Banette.

19th November 2012, 1:47 AM
Alex, Theta, Echo, Bravo, Okiku, Omenya, Alex, Harpe: Alex sighed to himself. A bunch of pokemon showed up to talk to Kilo and Keith's Weedle while Keith himself went off to follow the Rotom mower. "I just wanted to spend some time were it wasn't that busy..." He looked around and saw a couple of trainers sitting at a picnic table with some picnic baskets. He gave a little grin to himself. Picnic baskets meant food. He made a beeline to the table. "Hello, may I join you guys? My name's Alex. Let's see, my guys should be around here somewhere..." He looked around and saw his trio of steel types floating down the lakeshore. He caught their attention and waved them over. "These are my guys, my starter Theta, Echo and Bravo." He pointed at his Magnemite, Bronzor and Beldum in turn.

He eyed the backets of food. "That looks good. My guys can't eat, but I sure can."

Hello you two, Echo spoke to the Aipom and Shuppet gracefully.

Hey, you guys look strong," the Beldum spoke up, then surrounded its head with some silver energy "I bet you can't endure this!"[/I]

The Magnemite shot a small thundershock at his teammate breaking its focus. "Bravo, stop picking fights with everyone you see zrrt. You're not as strong as you think you think you are bzzt."

"If our trainer let me battle more, than I would be. I'll be stronger than both of you."

Theta rolled his single eye. "Until then, think before you charge at stuff."

Hermione, Kilo, Himiko, Max, Rawk, Totsuka, Arondight: Kilo looked at the gathered pokemon as well as the food the Hitmontop and Zangoose brought. "Our trainer calls us Kilo. We're sorry but we're unable to consume food. But we shall stay at this gathering. This is the largest range of pokemon we have ever seen."

Hershel, Hebenon, Phi, Delta, Pisces, Mjolnir, Halley: The small Horsea gave a big smile and chirped happily. "So many cool pokemon! I can't believe you are all belong to trainers!"

Phi had a look of shock when he saw the Jirachi. "Oh my Arceus... are- are you really Jirachi? You're a legend, what are you doing here?"

"Relaxing and making friends! What does it look like they're doing?" Delta piped up cheerfully.

"I- I just- wow I don't know what to say," the Abra said. It certainly wasn't every day someone meets a legendary pokemon.

"Say hi!"

"You are definitely too energetic." He turned to Halley. "Uh hello, I'm Phi and this is Delta. It is really an honour to meet you."

19th November 2012, 2:03 AM
Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Minchi, Kanna, Kief, Blueberry, Waffle: Waffle nodded in response to Peeves's question, then pointed to Blueberry to indicate while he contributed most of the main courses, his partner deserved half the credit for all the pastry recipes. He simply baked the final products for her per instructions. Blueberry puffed up proudly and pushed a plate piled high with brownies towards Peeves... Followed by cookies... Cake... Pie... Pretty soon the poor Duskull was drowning in desserts, with Drifloon practically trying to force-feed peach cobbler into his mouth as more of it dribbled onto the blanket, much to Minchi's dismay.

"I think he's had enough to eat, Blue," Jessica laughed as she tugged gently on the balloon's string to get her to stop. Pouting, Blueberry floated over to the three furry creatures to make ask them to taste as well. (Personally, the girl felt a bit of pride on the balloon's behalf as well, for Peeves had seemed to ignore the offer of the other table to stay and sample their dishes, not to mention company - which was satisying in its own way, for several reasons.)

Relieved, the Duskull returned to answering the girl's question. He confirmed he was the one she fought, and upon recalling her Snorunt, shuddered.

"I mean no offense, but... Something about her... No feel right..."

Jessica took a spoonful of cobbler herself and chewed thoughtfully to avoid answering that statement. She didn't want to admit it, but he might be right. Ever since that time, something had seemed... "Off" about Kristen. Especially after gazing into the Haunted Mirror on Halloween. Jessica had hoped it hadn't adversely affected her, but lately strange things had been happening. A vase had broken in her Base the other day, books fell off the shelves, her plushies seemed to rearrange themselves randomly, and sometimes she got the sense they were staring back at her as if they were alive... Every time Kristen was nearby; never close enough to be the direct cause, but always sketching something furiously in her book... When Jessica finally worked up the courage to ask what she was drawing, the Snorunt staunchly refused to show the sheet, guarding it closely as she glared at her trainer with fearsome eyes. What was she so secretive about? Jessica was scared to find the answer.

There were other, more obvious signs. Some physical, even. Recently Kristen had even taken a disliking to being outdoors during the day, hissing in pain whenever the sun struck her. Hence why she stayed home today. Even for an Ice-Type, such sensitivity to temperature and light seemed abnormal. The girl worried immensely that her friend was ill, but when she took her to the hospital Nurse Joy couldn't find anything wrong with her. "Perhaps it's just a phase," she said with a smile and a shrug, suggesting Jessica simply wait and see. The girl shook her head. All quacks, the lot of them. Come to think of it, the one who ran the Sky Gate Center at the entrance to the Cloud Garden was certainly off her rocker, telling trainers to go visit the cemetary in spring... Could it be a conspiracy? Some shadowy force had taken hold of her Snorunt and no one would help her?

Thankfully, another distraction from the conversation came in the form of Sewaddle, crawling curiously towards the newcomer to investigate. She smiled up at him briefly, then wandered off towards the base of the tree. Jessica watched over her carefully, wondering what the young caterpillar was up to. Soon she came back with a large collection of colorful leaves. Taking a few, she chewed them up and folded them into a hat shape, sewing it together with silk from her mouth. She then shyly presented the crude cap to Peeves, praying he would accept her very first attempt at clothing, poor as it may be.

Missingno. Master
19th November 2012, 2:16 AM
Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Minchi, Kanna, Kief, Blueberry, Waffle: As the Drifloon forced more and more plates of desserts onto Peeves, the Duskull's restraint was starting to waver, his sweet tooth threatening to take over. Indeed, even as he tried to show restraint, he couldn't help but start gobbling down the offered dessert items, particularly the cookies, though he made sure to sample everything. "This so good!" he managed to exclaim between bites of brownie.

After this, Peeves noticed that Jessica seemed unwilling to directly answer him regarding the Snorunt, but then her Sewaddle provided a decent distraction by smiling up at him, then going off to sew a number of colorful leaves into a crudely made hat. Though the hat wasn't exactly bound to win any design awards, Peeves was touched by the gesture nonetheless, and accepted the homemade headgear without hesitation, placing it on top of his head. "Thanks very much," he said, in sincere appreciation of what the Sewaddle did. "It very colorful, I like that."

Marion Ette
19th November 2012, 2:45 AM
Keith, Meowth, Gadget, Coselle - The young woman seems very much intent to turn around and go, but Keith's voice stops her mid-turn. The young woman seems highly aversive to the thought of meeting Keith's gaze, and maintains focus on a rosebush opposite Keith. The Rotom grins merrily at the trainer and his Meowth, apparently not sharing his caretaker's complex emotional reaction, instead happily shouting HI KEEF in his general direction. Keith immediately launches into another apology, just as Coselle had feared... He had done this same thing at the Ruins of Alph, but Myrtle had fortunately dragged him away before she had to engage in any sort of conversation other than calling him a silly man. Even now, she refuses to face him, and her lowered head and hunched shoulders strongly indicate her disinclination to listen to what Keith has to say. Try as she might to tune him out, one statement cuts through Minerva's veneer of disinterest and disengagement so thoroughly that she cannot help but turn her head enough to cast a single, intense eye on the trainer.

"I... I thought I had taken into consideration everyone I care about when I thought about taking Neville back... I was wrong."

Coselle scowls. Why was that fool blushing? The vengeful spirit's immediate thought was that he was bluffing her and doing a bad job of it, and yet being a connoisseur of negative emotions, she knew that what she sensed from him was genuine, if complicated. In fact, Keith himself did not even seem to know the meaning of it. Keith takes a moment to sigh and turns his gaze up to meet hers, and Minerva immediately takes a defensive stance, facing him head on and giving him an intimidating glare. She had hoped it would be enough to make him turn and run, or at least dissuade him from continuing, but if nothing else, Keith was a very determined man when he set his mind to something. Not even a creature as frightening as Minerva could stop him from doing what he felt was necessary. Indeed, he went on, assuring her that he understood if she could not forgive him, asking her to promise him that she would kill Neville, since he finally understood... He understood what it meant to her, or so he claimed. Oh Giratina, he was blushing again, like some kind of schoolboy... Coselle's face turns flush with anger, her body shivering with overwhelming rage.

"Stop it... F*****g stop it..." The woman whips her head back up, recovering from the initial hit of emotion, straightening back up and coolly sauntering towards Keith as if the initial reaction to his apology was a mere fluke. "For all your talk of understanding, you still have no idea what went on, do you?" The woman who Keith identifies as Minerva chuckles darkly. "Do you even realize that the Curse was destined to fail, even if Marion had not intervened?" Coselle pauses a moment, to let that revelation sink in. "Had it been pure... had it been a true curse, a deadly seal of fate... Marion would be dead instantly and you would be reduced to a blabbering lunatic. As such, Marion is in critical condition, but is still hanging on... and as for you, I am not so convinced that you haven't turned into a blabbering lunatic regardless." Coselle smirks, though the smile is incredibly short-lived. "Either way... the hatred I had intended to concentrate was... tarnished. Impure, it could not sustain the necessary force to kill you. I knew this. I knew it from the beginning."

Minerva shakes her head. "Do you honestly think I had not learned my lesson the first time? With Megaera? No, that was not it at all... This... this is not similar at all! Only that you are Mary's friend, and I know how sad she would be to lose a friend. But you... you were not what I thought you were... at least, that was what I had decided at the time... You didn't understand, and yet now, I see that look, and I..."

Coselle takes a deep breath, though her fists are once again clenching with anger. "I just wanted you to understand! The transfer should have been enough to help you understand what I felt, to get it all out of my head... and now it's all ruined, and you... those feelings are still in my head... Why... WHY DON'T YOU GET OUT OF MY HEAD?!"

Coselle begins to storm off, but she is intercepted by the energetic Gadget, who seems visibly distraught by his caretaker's behavior.

Why are you so mad Coselle I don't want you to be mad I want you to be happy how about I terrorize the Cable Club security guard like last time when we went to his house and I possessed his TV and his laptop and made him see CREEPYGHOSTS that made you laugh why don't you laugh I like it when you laugh maybe you should try to be less mad and more happy pleeeeeeeeeeease do I need to mow more lawns will the mowing make you happy?

Coselle bends down and pets Gadget on the head, trying to get a grip on herself. "Oh, little Gadget... This whole thing has been hard on you, hasn't it? No... It's my fault. We'll be happy together. And Marion will be better soon, you'll see! We'll all be happy... all of us." Coselle sighs and feigns a smile. "Even the jerk with the cowboy hat," she adds through the gritted teeth of her disingenuous grin.

Gadget is immediately enthusiastic at the promise of his trainer getting better. I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HER I BET SHE'S PRETTY LIKE YOU AND THEN I CAN GIVE HER A BOUQUET OF FRESHLY MOWED FLOWERS AND MAKE HER HAPPY YAAAAAAAAAAAY~ Gadget zooms off, presumably to mow any remaining unmowed grass that could possibly be found in the park.

19th November 2012, 3:13 AM
Okiku, Omenya, Alex, Theta, Echo, Bravo, Alex, Harpe:
As she absentmindedly stared at the trees' fire-colored foliage, she felt the picnic table shake to the side a bit. Curious, she looked over her shoulder to see a man slightly younger than her sitting on the other side of table. She lifted an eyebrow, wondering why he decided to sit on her table and not some other empty one... only to realize there was no other ones in the area. Her shyness quickly kicked in, her face turning red. Before she could do anything else though, an Aipom, likely belonging to the young man, starts a conversation with Omenya:

"Hi there... this man is my trainer, Alex, and my name's Harpe. Is it okay if we join you here?"

"Oh, hello!" the Shuppet greeted the Aipom joyfully wearing his signature, semi-permanent smile. "Here for a picnic, yes, yes? How amusing! Of course you can stay!" He twirled into place for one turn. "Here 'standing' before you is Omenya. Omenya is happy meeting you and your trainer, yes! My sweet, sweet Mother here is named Okiku. Mother is quite the delicious thing," he licked his lips, "her emotions are as sweet as lost innocence! Hmmm, I wonder..." He floated around Alex, smelling his emotions. "My, my... this Alex of yours seems quite delectable himself! Two different flavors, spicy and bitter, like a nice gourd curry... Yes, yes!"

The Shuppet opened his mouth to get his first taste our of Alex's emotions, but he was suddenly pulled down at the bottom of his cloth by Okiku's left hand.

"Oh no you don't Omenya," she scolded the ghost, "you've already ate some of mine already, don't you eat those of others, you Grumpig!" she let go of him then sighed, "...Or learn how to make it less painful..."

"...Oh, what a shame," Omenya frowned, while strangely keeping his grin on his face, "Sweet Mother is sweet, yes, but what makes her taste so good can make her so fad or bitter for the living at times..."

Okiku sighed again, this time towards Alex. "Sorry about that, he... can be quite a glutton when..." she suddenly stopped talking mid-sentence, not wanting to not only bring back her own emotions, but bring whatever he has as dark emotions as well. "N-nevermind. ...I-I'm Okiku. You are...?"

Before she could answer though, another trainer came along to their table, accompanied with a Magnemite, a Bronzor and a Beldum. He introduced himself and his Pokémon as Alex, Theta, Echo and Bravo. Echo first introduced herself to the Aipom and Shuppet, then a small fight started between Bravo and Theta as the former gave the impression to start a battle with the picnickers.

"What an interesting bunch", Omenya commented between a few giggles, "We have two humans bearing the same name, while we have a Beldum that would either understand or rival one of my teammates. Quite funny, yes! I am named Omenya, this Aipom is Harpe, and her trainer is, as I mentioned, also called Alex. And of course, my Mother is named Okiku." He sniffed the air for a moment towards the second Alex. "Hmmm. Although he has a bitter smell, he doesn't have delicious emotions, unfortunately. How sad, yes."

At the same time, Okiku introduced herself: "I'm Okiku. W-well the picnic doesn't belong to me, but..." she looked at the trainer's basket, "Mind if you share it with all of us... please?"

Hermione, Kilo, Himiko, Max, Rawk, Totsuka, Arondight:
The Weedle spoke first, accepting Himiko's apologies, and mentioned how she actually would like to have a battle against him and introduced herself as Hermione.

"Oh really?" the Espeon exclaimed. "That is quite a surprise! Well, if you ask him, he'll surely accept your challenge - the feathered Bagon never backs down one. I must warn you now though, his squawks may be worse than his pecks, but his claims can hold true at times."

"Dam right you are!" Rawk approached them in a somewhat calmer manner, albeit under Max's stern eye. "Whatever the type, COME AT ME BRO!" he puffed his feathers.

"...She's female, man," Man corrected him.

"...Shut up!" the Starly retorted.

A strange pair of Pokémon, a shadow Zangooze and a shiny Hitmontop approaches the group. Of course Rawk looked at them undaunted, but Max and Espeon were slightly startled by those two rarely seen status of Pokémon. They introduced themselves as Totsuka and Arondight and took out quite a sizable basket of food, while the Klink also mentioned he is named Kilo.

"Heh," the Poochyena chuckled as Totsuka mentioned his companion's behavior, "can't be worse than what we already have here."

"WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?" Rawk screamed, "I'll take on anyone! I'll get anyone who wants to fight me to get RAWKED!"

"...I rest my case," Max glanced at his feathered friend, feeling like giving up on getting hold of him.

"Nice meeting you two," the Espeon spoke up, "I'm Himiko, and this is Max and Rawk."

Out of curiosity, Max, sniffed the basket full of goodies. "Hmmm, the stuff smells gooooood..." he licked his lips.

Hershel, Hebenon, Phi, Delta, Pisces, Mjolnir, Halley:
the Qwilfish introduced themselves as Hebenon, Phi and Delta, and also mentioned one which Hershel didn't notice, a hungry Basculin named Pisces. The Spheal didn't saw a word during the tense conversation, he tried to bump into it by finding common ground:

"Well, I have to admit hunting can be an honorable sport; I myself enjoy getting some... fresh fish, for my meals. ...However, choosing the correct prey is important to any hunting session, to both not break the environment's integrity and morale," he approvingly nodded at his own statement.

After not very long, a Swampert joins the group, accompanied with a rare Jirachi, calling themselves Mjolnir and Halley and bringing a lot of food from capsules.

"My goodness," the seal exclaimed, "it is very nice to meet both of you! And indeed, it is also an honor for myself to meet you, Halley the Jirachi." He lowly bowed to him, then after moving back up, looked at the food they brought: "...Is there by any chance some seafood within the feast you kindly have carried to us? I unfortunately cannot digest red meat."

Missingno. Master
19th November 2012, 4:32 AM
Keith, Meowth, Coselle, Gadget: As Keith plowed resolutely on with his apology, Minerva looked distinctly disinterested, until Keith got to the part where he stated that he was wrong about having taken into consideration all those that he cared about. She defensively shot an intimidating glare at him, but it failed to deter him. As he finished, however, she began speaking immediately, accusing him of not understanding, as much as he claimed to, and then revealing that the Curse she was trying to use against him... was meant to fail all along. Keith stood there, stunned as this revelation sunk in. Though it was usually tough to tell whether Minerva was telling the truth or not, Keith had a distinct feeling that this wasn't a lie. Minerva continued on, claiming that this was completely different to the situation with Megaera, and needed to take a deep breath before she stated that she just wanted him to understand what she had felt, to get the feelings she had felt out of her head. When she shouted at Keith, demanding why he didn't get out of her head, Keith wasn't sure how to respond to it. She was about to storm off, but was stopped by Gadget. As she spoke kindly to the Rotom, Keith took this opportunity to take in what has just been said. Once Gadget zoomed off, there was a silence.

"I... I didn't realize," Keith said, this time in English, in response to the revelation that the Curse was not meant to kill him. "But then... I did say I was the stupid one, didn't I?" He sighed, all sorts of thoughts and emotions rushing through his head.

As Keith was choosing his words, trying to make sense of the jumble of thoughts and emotions, Meowth was silently observing the behavior between the two of them, and the expression on his face suggested he couldn't believe the conclusions he had drawn from his observations.

"Oh my Arceus," Meowth muttered into Keith's ear. "You love her."

Keith whipped his head around and looked at Meowth, part of him unsure as to whether he just heard what he thought he had heard from the Scratch Cat Pokemon. He opened his mouth to protest, to say this was not the case, that Meowth was mistaken... And he couldn't. He couldn't think of a single valid objection to his statement. It was all coming together now, making sense in ways he couldn't fathom moments ago, all the thoughts he was thinking, the emotions he was feeling... Not only that, he was now starting to realize just why Minerva was unable to get him out of her head. Now, however, Keith was even less sure what to say than before. Surely she would deny the whole thing, that much he was reasonably sure of. Keith thought back to when he first met Minerva, when he first saw the Banette phase out of Peeves's then unhatched Egg... If anyone had told him then that he would fall in love with that Banette, he'd have had them committed, and yet now... He felt himself starting to blush again as this realization hit him with all the force of a rampaging Bouffalant, but willed himself to stop blushing.

"Mi-" he began before Meowth whispered something into his ear, based on what the Normal-type had heard Gadget say. "...Coselle," Keith said, switching to the name the Banette undoubtedly went by in life. "I... After the... the incident... I couldn't get you out of my head, either," he admitted. "I mean, the whole time, I thought it was just the guilt... I mean, part of it was, of course, but... I'm starting to realize... It may have been more than that..." Arceus damn it, stop blushing! he thought to himself. It was then that he recalled that it was only once he had indirectly stated that he cared about her that she had turned around to face him. This recollection... it seemed to fill him with... hope? Keith was dealing with emotions he had never dealt with in his life here, but this hopefulness seemed to strengthen the notion Meowth had whispered into his ear, and he knew it, too. Still, did he dare? Did he dare say it? She wasn't going to admit to feeling the same way, he knew that much, even if that turned out to be exactly how she felt. And then he realized with a jolt that Minerva could sense emotions, so it was highly likely she already knew how he felt.

"Coselle," Keith said. "...I know how I feel now. How I feel... Why I can't stop thinking about you... I know why. And you know why, too, I'm sure of it. And..." he added, "As for why I don't get out of your head... Could it possibly be the same reason why you don't get out of mine?" he asked, the faintest trace of hopefulness audible in his voice. At least he was able to stop himself from blushing this time, anyway. He knew better than to expect Coselle to not deny it either way, of course, but he had to ask all the same, even if now that he reflected on how their conversation had gone thus far, it was seeming to become more and more obvious.

Hermione, Kilo, Rawk, Max, Himiko, Totsuka, Arondight: Hermione seemed interested as Rawk confidently seemed ready for action. He reminded the Weedle of one of her teammates, and she blushed slightly as she recalled watching that Skorupi in action.

"If you would like to battle, I will be glad to fight," Hermione said to Rawk. "I do believe I have an effective means of overcoming the type disadvantage, and I would most certainly like to find out for sure just how effective it would be."

19th November 2012, 5:34 AM
Connor, Gaspard - Zzzzzzz...

It was a beautiful day in the Fizzytopian Park. A few days after it has been reopened to the public, many people and Pokemon have gathered around to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the park.


Various shades of red, orange, and yellow surround the landscape, as many of the autumn foilage surround the park, clearly signifying the current season.


Many people and pokemon are out and about on this beautiful day, enjoying the peacefulness of the park whether by playing around or having a picnic together or even taking a little nap.


This was exactly what Connor is doing right now as he is currently lying sideways down on the cover he had lain out for himself next to a large tree. His face was entirely covered by his orange and blue striped beanie. Cradled in his arms was his Aipom, Gaspard, who was sleeping was well just like his trainer while some of his other Pokemon were scattered around the park, having the whole day to themselves to enjoy. Earlier in the day, he had taken photos around the huge park and had also played around with his other Pokemon. Connor got exhausted really fast from playing and taking photos everywhere that he decided to take an hour or so to rest for a while and regain his energy.


19th November 2012, 7:42 AM
Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Minchi, Kanna, Kief, Blueberry, Waffle:

Sewaddle smiled as Peeves placed the hat upon his head, and wiggled back to start sewing clothes for all her comrades to show her appreciation for being taken onto their team. A makeshift apron and chef's hat for Blueberry and Waffle, sweaters and matching booties for Kief and Kanna, and a lovely yellow dress for Minchi to complement her flower hairpiece. Jessica grinned as she lowered her head to allow the caterpillar to slip a red and gold garland over her crown, knowing just how grateful the little insect must feel to finally be part of a family. She poked Sewaddle's belly, tickling beneath her chin to produce giggles. Such a pity the way the beautiful bug had been treated up to now - not that it was anyone's fault, and she certainly wasn't abused by any means. Poor thing had simply been passed around so many hands before, it was a wonder she didn't lose all her self-confidence. ...Perhaps she did have a slightly shattered heart that she tried to hide, as she clung to the girl's fingers and gazed up with wide eyes that still showed worry of abandonment. Jessica softened and picked up the tiny Pokémon, cradling her close to reassure. Yes, Sewaddle's place was here, and it was permanent. She had come home at last.

Setting Sewaddle back down and coaxing her to go play with the other Pokémon, she returned her attention to Peeves, who was furtively reaching for another cookie, having already polished off the brownies. She shook her head in amazement, impressed to find another whose appetite rivaled even Custard's and Gumpy's. Seems her intervention had not been needed after all. Her sight slid past the specter towards the far edge of the lake, where Keith and his Meowth had disappeared following Rotom into a garden where roses (and supposedly romance, she had heard based on tales of teenagers sneaking in by climbing the closed gates at night, despite the now painted-over signs that once marked "private property") grew in abundance. Jessica couldn't explain why, but she felt a sudden chill. Something sinful and wicked, but a little bit sad and beautiful as well, was happening beyond those walls. She was sure of it, and it scared her somewhat.

"Hey, your trainer's been gone a long time... Is he all right? Should we go check on him?" she asked Peeves in a whisper, not altogether certain she wished to actually act on her offer.

Missingno. Master
19th November 2012, 12:29 PM
Meowth, Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Minchi, Kief, Kanna, Blueberry, Waffle: Peeves watched as Sewaddle made clothes for the rest of her team, taking note of the little bug's considerable potential skill. As Jessica voiced her concerns about Keith, however, Peeves glanced in the direction Keith had last been seen going. "Hmmm," he murmured. "I think ,maybe it no bad idea to check- wait, here come his Meowth," Peeves added, for indeed, Meowth came walking up the path; once he was fairly certain that Keith wasn't going to miss his presence at the moment, he slyly slipped away. Peeves went floating over to Meowth.

"Hey! Peeves!" Meowth said with a faint air of excitement. "Man, you ain't never gonna guess what's up wit Keith back dere."

"What? What? He OK?" the Duskull asked in concern.

"Oh, he's fine, yes," Meowth nodded. "OK, youse knows how he followed dat Rotom?"

"Yes," said Peeves.

"Well, guess who it belongs ta?"

Peeves shrugged. "I no know. Oh, hey, Meowth, come back here with me, food very good."

"Dat sounds like a plan," Meowth agreed. "'Specially after dat blasted Basculin ate da whole picnic lunch..."

Meowth followed Pisces back to Jessica and her team. "This Meowth," Peeves introduced Meowth. "He belong to Keith, and he start tell me what going on with Keith."

"So like I was sayin'," Meowth continued (in perfect English, matching the exact accent of the Meowth on TV, no less), "He followed da Rotom until he get to where da person takin' care of it is... Or should I say da Banette takin' care of it?"

"Banette?" repeated Peeves. "You no mean Minerva?"

"Da very same," Meowth nodded. "'cept she looks like a human now, probably usin' one of dem ghost kinda powers... Da Rotom's callin' her by da name she seems to have gone by when she were alive-"

"Coselle," nodded Peeves.

"How'd ya know dat?" Meowth asked.

"I learn it when I hang out with her and Liliana, back at bar," Peeves explained.

"Oh," nodded Meowth. "Well, anyway, seems dat dis Rotom belongs to Marion, and Minerva's lookin' after it for her-"

"Wait," interrupted Peeves. "Keith no actually try talk to Minerva?! Didn't she try kill him?!"

"Hey, now settle youse down, now," Meowth said. "She didn't actually try ta kill him, see. It's a long story, but I didn't even tell ya da best part yet..." And he whispered something into Peeves's ear, at which the Duskull's eye went wide.

"He in love with her?!" Peeves exclaimed incredulously.

"Wouldn'a believed it if I ain't seen it myself," Meowth said. "And I can't say fer sure, but I tink she might feel da same way about him. She's pretty hard to read, though, I could be way off fer all I know."

"Wait... Hold on," Peeves said. "I still trying work past part where Keith... in love... with Minerva."

"I know, right?" Meowth said. "Now look here, I don't want no one goin' in dere and spoilin' any potential... moment dey might start havin' OK?"

"...OK..." Peeves said in a distracted tone, his mind still trying to process the fairly large piece of news Meowth just revealed. Meowth, meanwhile, took a brownie off of one of the plates that had been offered to Peeves, and curiously took a bite.

"Mmm," Meowth said appreciatively. "Dis is pretty good! Who made dese?" he asked. It was then that he noticed all the clorophyll-rich clothing everyone was sporting. "Hey, where'd everyone get dese clothes, anyways?" Meowth asked. "Pretty colorful."

19th November 2012, 7:00 PM
Meowth, Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Minchi, Kief, Kanna, Blueberry, Waffle:

At the moment Jess spoke words of concern, Keith's Meowth came running up, eyes alight with excitement. She listened curiously as he and Peeves exchanged conversation, the former once again exceeding her expectations by speaking perfect English - his tone and mannerisms in exact equivalence to the Meowth she had heard on television as a child. She shook her head nostalgically, amazed at how fortunate she was to be in the presence of two such talented creatures and be able to follow their discussion. Keith, aside from his first notability of being a Poison-Type specialist, was certainly the collector of several other fine specimens as he was famed to be, if a bit overzealous in his pursuits of them.

Cutting straight to the chase, the pair confirmed for Jess what she had already strongly suspected - that Coselle was Marion's Banette Minerva, and she was here with Rotom. The mention of how Minerva once tried to kill Keith wasn't news either; though Jessica didn't follow happenings in the Bar much these days, people were abuzz about it everywhere. (Apparently it all had something to do with adopting a Stunfisk named Neville, who once belonged to Keith.) It was a result of that unfortunate incident that Marion ended up in the hospital...

What followed next, however, made Jessica spit out her drink (right onto Minchi's lovely yellow dress).

"He WHAT?!"

She instantly covered her mouth, surprised and ashamed at how strongly she had spoken, hoping no one had overheard. But Jessica could hardly contain her shock, barely even believing her ears. So that was the source of the strange feeling she had. A forbidden romance between a boy and a Banette... How depraved and depressing could one be? She clutched the can in her hand, wondering what she should do in this situation. Alert the police? PETA (Pokémon Ethical Treatment Association)? The chairman of the Pokémon Fan Club? Or... Sit and let this strange story play out on its own? As much as she was an advocate of free love and laissez-faire when it came to other people's private lives, this seemed to cross the line somewhat...

Meowth's plea, however, convinced her to stay put for now. Though this knowledge had certainly spoiled her appetite, and she kept stealing glances towards the opposite shore, beyond where Keith and Minerva were doing who knows what... Meowth seemed largely unfazed by his trainer's perversion however, and reached for a brownie that had been left behind (surprisingly one had escaped the vaccuum that was Peeves's stomache) and popped it in his mouth. "Mmm. Dis is pretty good! Who made dese?"

Blueberry perked and piped up instantly, rushing over to torture a new target have him taste some of her other recipes. As he accepted politely, he observed all the leafwear around him. "Hey, where'd everyone get dese clothes, anyways? Pretty colorful."

It was Sewaddle's turn to wave shyly, and quickly set to work making a suit to welcome the newcomer. This reminded Jessica that she had spilled her juice (not soda, she couldn't stand the stuff) on poor Minchi's gown earlier, and glanced around to apologize as well as give her some more napkins. However, the little chinchilla had disappeared. So had Kief and Kanna. Uh oh...

Kief, Kanna, Minchi: (OoC - switching to direct communication now since the Pokémon are by themselves - Kief's speech will remain untranslated for the time being though since I feel uncomfortable letting him speak through anything other than barks and tail wags ^^; )

"Minchi, wait! Meowth told us not to ruin the moment. W- we shouldn't be eavesdropping like this. Let's go back..."

The Minccino stopped short, and the Furret following her bumped into her back. Minchi whipped around, waving a camera with a wink.

"Are you kidding? This is a golden opportunity! Just think how much pictures for this story will sell! 'A Secret Rendezvous: Keith and Minerva in the Rose Garden'. Scandalous~! And we'll be the first to capture it on film!"

Kanna shook her head furiously. "I-I don't think this is a good idea... We'll be spotted, surely. And I'm scared of what that Banette could do. They said she tried to kill someone... Weren't you listening?"

Minchi wasn't listening. "Not to mention these clothes provide perfect camouflage! Don't worry, they won't even know we're there! Just need to make a few adjustments..." She plucked some rose branches from the bushes and tied them to her and Kanna's attire. The latter quivered under her companion's touch, but couldn't protest. In truth, she was slightly enjoying the prospect of playing spies. It was a little thrilling to have her heart pump like this, racing a mile a minute... So long as it was pretend. But it wasn't, she remembered. The risk was real, and that's why she begged Minchi to return, but to no avail.

At that moment, they both heard a loud bark behind them, and Kief suddenly bounded through the bushes, landing on Kanna and licking her face. The Furret squealed in surprise, but secretly enjoyed his endearments. Minchi tried to get the Zigzagoon to stop making so much noise, and he mistook her efforts for wanting to participate too. He tackled her and drenched her face in drool, much to both her and Kanna's dismay.

Eventually she shoved him off and managed to shush his mouth. "Listen, if you're going to come up with us, you have to be quiet. Here, put these on." She grabbed another couple blossoms and stuck them behind the racoon's ears, poking out ridiculously beneath his Team Pocket hat. Kief cocked his head in confusion, not understanding what the girls were up to. It seemed like more than simple dress-up though. Whatever it was, it looked like fun, and he wagged his tail, eager to tag along. Minchi once again made him promise to keep silent, and he nodded vigorously, switching to STEALTH MODE which he used for heists with his two partners in crime.

"Actually, now that you're here, maybe you can help us out. You got a whiff of that Meowth and Duskull earlier, right? Can you trace their scent back to their trainer?"

Kief saluted, and brought his nose close to the ground, beginning to sniff. After a beat, he barked blatantly in triumph, and both Minchi and Kanna covered his mouth (the latter out of even deeper fear of discovery), whispering "Sh...!" He grinned sheepishly, and pointed in the direction of a path that appeared recently mowed. Minchi facepalmed, realizing how oblivious she was for missing the obvious.

"All right, troops," she shouted, not even noticing her own hypocrisy, "Let's move out!"

Marion Ette
19th November 2012, 9:34 PM
Meowth, Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Minchi, Kief, Kanna, Blueberry, Waffle, Gadget - After Gadget rockets out of the Rose Garden, he begins mowing all the remotely tall grass that he can possibly find. As he is mid-mow, however, a thought occurs to him that diverts him from his path and sends him flying over to the lakeside once again. The hyperactive Rotom comes zooming toward the picnic site where Jessica and company were enjoying a delicious-smelling lunch. Gadget calls out to them, making no secret of his approach; despite the fact that he speaks in Rotom language, his enthusiasm suggests a delighted greeting.

HI WAFFLE HI JESS How are you doing I hope that you are enjoying your picnic did you see did you see I got a cut card from Coselle and now I'm a LAWNMOWER I can mow lawns and stuff LOOKATTHIS

Gadget stops short of the picnic table and spins around in a circle, displaying his precision turning. He seems exceptionally pleased with himself after completing a few rotations. He turns to Waffle, clearly happy to see his brother.

I miss you and my other siblings too but Coselle is very nice and she lets me mow the park and I can't wait to meet my trainer when she's better have you met my trainer I heard she's very nice but she is in the hospital and I can't visit yet but her other Pokemon are there and I can't wait to meet them too how is life with Jessica is it fun I hope it's fun I like fun happy fun times YAY The Rotom grins widely at his brother, awaiting his static-laden response.

Keith, Coselle - Coselle watches Gadget blast off into the park, and briefly considers going off after him. Certainly, she could risk socializing with the other trainers if it took her away from this... this silence that had grown between them. Had he run out of things to say? What could he possibly expect from her now, after everything she had related to him? He had already stated that he did not expect forgiveness from her, but something was keeping him here, rooted to the garden, a strange flower in his own right. Ah, but the question comes back, double-edged, to Coselle... Indeed, why was she not leaving? Shaking the thought out of her mind with the assurance that she merely wants to show that she is not afraid of this silly man, she brushes that lingering doubt aside. As for Keith, she could taste the strong conflict in his mind, massive and tumultuous emotions that shifted in her mouth between so many disparate, often clashing flavors. When Meowth whispered something to Keith, however, a sudden purity seemed to burst forth from the chaos, and the emotion that overwhelms her sensory capabilities comes on with such a powerful onset that Coselle has to keep herself from vomiting... Yet she cannot deny its sweetness, its richness, the type of flavor one craves in the middle of the night between dream and sleep, stirred from the darkness by its ghost, haunting the eyes, the tongue.

Was that it...? Was she dreaming, now? The garden, the scent of flowers, the astonishing purity that drove her to nausea, that beautiful sickness that churned in her stomach, like too much cotton candy after the most death-defying roller coaster ride in the entire park... The excess of a moment, the indulgence in all that could eventually destroy her, yet in the same motion, fills her, satiates her deepest hunger... the petals around her seem to drip with mirth and poison. When would she wake up? When...

Coselle shakes her head, pinches herself, and winces at the reminder... She has been an insomniac for twenty years. Dreams never came to her anymore. She could no longer blame that world for her happiness.

Keith begins speaking again, his loving words accented with soft traces of hope. Perhaps, he would falter. Perhaps, he would not dare... Perhaps he would not take that leap. As he tumbles over his statements, threading implications between pauses, inside questions, drawing parallels that Coselle cannot refute, she knows that she has to act fast. Her anger had failed in dissuading him... Perhaps he would listen to reason. Her eyes flicker with determination as she takes on a self-assured stance.

"Keith... what you're suggesting is a complete absurdity. Not only is it illegal, but also socially abhorrent. If what you say is true, you will be facing total social rejection, suspicion from others and accusations of sick perversion. If the authorities found out that you... that you cared for a Banette in that way, they could easily justify taking Myrtle away from you, if not more than that! They could throw you in jail!"

Coselle shakes her head and sighs deeply. "I may have been human once, but that time is long over. You see..." Coselle holds out her hands, and displays them to Keith as they gradually turn transparent. "I can pretend to still be human all I like, but I cannot change what I really am. People... they don't understand. They see sharp distinctions between humans and Pokemon. They... they will treat you like a monster." Coselle's face is observably distraught as she finishes her statement. "It would be selfish of me to wish that kind of life for you, wouldn't it? Why would you wish such a life upon yourself? Keith, why are you even DOING this? It isn't fair! I did everything... everything I could to stop this, but you're so... damn... STUBBORN!" Though Coselle takes on her typical, rage-filled expression to make this accusation, it breaks down quickly... She begins to laugh; not a cackle, but gentle, almost sob-like. It takes her a moment or two to recover from the laughter, wiping her eyes as she does. "I should have expected that from you, right? You're always... you're always stubborn. I think... I think the truth is that both of us... both of us are just plain stupid."

Coselle begins to laugh again, and Keith cannot help but notice that her pale cheeks have taken on a bit of color, and her normally cold eyes are strangely alive... it is almost... almost as if she were becoming alive.

19th November 2012, 11:16 PM
Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor, Meowth, Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Blueberry, Waffle - Zzzzzz-wha?!

Connor woke up in a jolt from his position. Lately, the photographer has been frequently having strange dreams these past few weeks ever since Zerase, his shadow Elgyem, had joined Connor's team. He couldn't understand why we was frequently having them lately though it didn't bother him that much so far... Gaspard groggily woke up from Connor's outburst as he was rubbing his eyes. "Man, my dreams keep on getting weirder and weirder lately. Did I seriously just dream about Keith and Minerva being... together? What was that all about?" Connor wondered as he put on his orange and blue striped beanie. Gaspard meanwhile was giving him a confused look at what he just said. "Ai...aipom?" "I... don't get it either buddy," Connor shook his head. "Anywhoo, I think we should look for the others now Gaspard. Come on!" he suggested as he got up and folded the cloth he was using for cover and had placed it in his messy bag. Connor stopped and wondered for a bit as he rummaged through his bag. "That's weird... hey Gaspard, you seen my camera?" the Aipom's eyes widened and shook his head. "Hmmm... where could it be? It could probably be with Sylvester but..." after a few minutes of searching, Connor had given up and placed the bag on his back and wandered off around the park.

Meanwhile, Eleanor the Petilil had aimlessly wandered around the park until she spotted a trainer and a few other Pokemon having a picnic, with the trainer and the Duskull being very familiar to her. She slowly approached the group and gave a curtsy to the group as she greeted everyone with a smile though she doubted Jessica could understand her. A few moments later, Connor and Gaspard had also approached the picnic area calling out to Eleanor. "Ah, found you Eleanor! What are you doing over there? Wait... Jessica? How are you doing? Sorry, are we interrupting something?" he looked around at Jessica's group which consisted of a Drifloon, a Heat Rotom, a Sweaddle, a Mow Rotom, a Meowth, and a Duskull... wait. A Meowth and a Duskull? "You two... aren't you with Keith? So he's here too huh? Where is he? I don't see him around..." he searched around the surroundings to look for a trainer with a cowboy hat but found no such luck, "Nope, no Keith. Um... Jessica? Do you mind if the three of us join in for a while?"

20th November 2012, 2:15 AM
Hermione, Kilo, Rawk, Max, Himiko, Totsuka, Arondight:

"Oh yeah!?" Rawk intimidated the bug Pokémon. "Well I eat the likes of you FOR BREAKFAST!"

Max readied a nasty growl at the bird, but to the dog's relief, he continued or a fairer response.

"Well, yeah, that was true back in the days I was stuck in that cramped adoption centre, but I know better of not eating others that have trainers," he glares at the Poochyena, "I'm not THAT stupid you know!"

"Awwwww, aren't you sweet, Rawk!" Max teasing spoke in a baby voice.

"Why you...!" Rawk launched towards Max.

"That's enough, you two," Himiko sighed, placing herself between them for them to stop from fighting again.

"...Anyhow," the Starly spoke to Hermione again, still a bit fuming from Max's earlier comment, "I'll say it's a CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! So how you want to go down, huh, huh!? Pick your poison!"

"Maybe we should try and ask our respective trainers to prepare one just for it," the Espeon suggested, "I do not know how we can manage to do that, but I might be able to with my psychic powers... even though I have a hard time to just read minds, I'm not quite used to my new skills as I only recently evolved... Or we can simply do it here, although I don't think it's such a great idea..."

"Whatever you guys decide, MY BODY IS READY!" Rawk puffed his feathers.

Missingno. Master
20th November 2012, 2:57 AM
Meowth, Minchi, Kanna, Kief: Meowth was quick to notice the trio of Normal-types heading off towards where Keith was. "Wah!" he exclaimed as he scrambled off, passed them, and barred their way. "Now wait just a minute!" he said. "Dat's my trainer's privacy youse is tinkin' of intrudin' on! Now why don't youse..." he added as a glint of Hypnosis flashed in his eyes, "...just turn around, go back over to da picnic, and forget ya heard anyting about dis?"

Keith, Coselle: Keith listened as Coselle started to try and dissuade him from what he was getting at, but with reason, rather than with intimidation. And Keith had to admit, she was making some strong points... The illegality alone was enough to make him realize it could never happen... Or it would've, anyway, had the normal rules applied. Keith sighed, knowing that the secret he had been keeping locked away in his head for the better part of his life would have to make an appearance again. He swore to himself he would never tell anyone, but now, what was there to be gained from keeping it secret? He didn't want to hear the logical reasons Coselle was saying, and he knew he had the power to invalidate the biggest and nastiest one of them... He glanced at Coselle for a second, and decided on the spot it was worth it.

"It's not illegal," Keith said. "Not for us. See, several months ago, after I got an official government warning for helping aspiring trainers with their registration tests- never knew that wasn't allowed- I kinda got freaked out and started reading up on Fizzytopian law, just to be on the safe side. And the laws against human/Pokemon relationships... They allow for an exception, but under very specific circumstances. The Pokemon involved has to have formerly been an adult human, and must retain their human memories... Obviously, that applies to you. And... And the human involved... At least a portion of their DNA... must be Pokemon DNA." Keith sighed before plowing into his story. "I'm sure you must have heard this story before, from Myrtle probably... When I was seven, my family and I went on vacation to Cinnabar Island. I was playing on the beach, but I got a little too close to the water and fell in. I nearly drowned, but Myrtle, back when she was alive, a Missingno., she pushed me back to shore just in time... And every time I tell that story, I leave out one fairly large detail. I didn't nearly drown- I drowned. I was dead for about two or three seconds, and it was, I think, Myrtle bumping into me to push me to safety, the shock of that impact that started my heart up again. But... During those few seconds, my soul had already started to... transform. But when it started up, and nobody's sure why, but while the transformation stopped... the little bit that took place... never undid itself. My best guess involves the strange powers Missingno. are rumored to possess. Watch this," Keith added as he closed his eyes and focused. For several seconds, nothing; then, several wisps of purple gas formed around Keith, billowing larger and larger, slowly but surely. Keith opened his eyes and gasped, taking deep breaths as the gas dissipated. "Oh, Arceus, that's draining," Keith muttered to himself.

He looked Coselle right in the eyes. "I don't know why the process never reversed when I came back to life, but ever since that incident, I was changed. Minor things mostly... And I had a DNA test done to confirm it... 25% of my DNA was altered by the incident, permanently. I'm three quarters human... and one quarter Gastly." As he said this, he dug out his Pokedex and pointed it at himself. Though it took several seconds to load, an image of a purple gaseous orb formed on the screen.

"Gastly, the Gas Pokemon," droned the Pokedex. "Gastly can infiltrate any area, as most of its body is vapor. For obvious reasons, it dislikes the wind."

"Why do you think I've always had such an affinity for the Poison-type?" Keith asked. "Why do you think Myrtle was able to teach me Shuppet language in all of three hours? Why do you think I never once got poisoned in eight years of specializing in Poison-types, including training a Weezing from an infant Koffing? Why... Why do you think that the fact that you're a Banette doesn't matter to me?" he said, tears starting to form in his eyes. "I mean, like I said, the changes have been minor... I can generate that gas by focusing really hard... Managed a full-blown Smog attack when I was eleven, but it totally wiped me out, I slept for sixteen hours after that... I've always been slightly lighter than I look... I can't levitate, but I've always been decent at jumping... I'm still completely solid, but I can't be poisoned... Oh, I was especially worried I'd be found out when Marion first learned that Myrtle had taught me Shuppet language... The way she was examining me, trying to figure out what about me made me susceptible to learning the language, I thought for sure she'd realize what it really was. I never told anybody before this, the only ones who knew aside from me were my parents and a couple of doctors who work at a private hospital in Lavaridge Town... I didn't even want to tell Marion, for fear that she'd start regarding me more as a research subject than a friend..."

Keith wiped his eyes and looked at Coselle again. "I appreciate your concern about what the consequences would be for me," he sighed. "But as I've just proved, there can be no legal repercussions. They wouldn't have any grounds for confiscating Myrtle or any of my Pokemon, much less to throw me in jail. And as for what others would think of me..." At this, a look of determination (or was it stubbornness?) came over his face. "...I don't care. If I were doomed to be an outcast by being with you, then so f***ing be it! It won't be the first time I was an outcast, either. Back in Hoenn, I was known as 'the boy who cried Missingno.'. And I was able to handle that even without someone by my side. I... I love you, Coselle. I... I've made my choice. Maybe I am stupid, maybe I am stubborn, but you know what? I've never been more sure about anything in my life than this, and that's counting back when I adopted Hebenon." Indeed, Keith felt more determination in him than he ever remembered feeling before, mingling with his feelings for Coselle.

Connor, Gaspard, Peeves, Jessica: Peeves could easily sense what Jessica was thinking, and he was quick to speak up to her.

"No think too badly about Keith," Peeves said. "I mean, Minerva did used be human before she die and become Shuppet, after all. He not bad person..."

At that point, Connor came over with Gaspard, asking as to Keith's whereabouts. "Um," Peeves started, "Keith go off to talk to Mi- someone in private. No want be disturbed. Please no look for him." He had been about to say "Minerva" but quickly corrected himself.

Hermione, Rawk, Max, Kilo, Himiko, Totsuka, Arondight: The Espeon suggested that she could alert their respective trainers to the impending battle so they could make it official, using her Psychic powers.

"You can do that for yours," Hermione answered. "My trainer has several Pokemon that speak his language, so I can simply ask one of them to translate for me. I'm ready whenever you are, Rawk," she added to the Starly, showing no outward fear.

20th November 2012, 3:45 AM
Hermione, Rawk, Max, Kilo, Himiko, Totsuka, Arondight:
"Well, that's very convenient," Himiko said with a touch of wonder in her voice, imagining how it would be to be able to literally speak her mind to Okiku, and translate what other Pokémon are saying to her herself. "I guess this settles this."

"YEEEEEEEEEEAAAH, That's what I'M talkin' 'bout!" Rawk added, "One thing's for sure: one of us is walking out of here with a trophy, and the other one's getting RAWKED! I can see it now, in front of a HUGE crowd cheerin' and howlin' fo-"

"Don't get your hopes up man," Max placed his paw on the Starly's beak, "you don't know where we're gonna go exactly, and the outcome of it either!"

The Espeon rolled her eyes, then nervously smiled at Hermione. "I just hope I can brush up my powers fast enough to be able to speak to her..."

"Nah, you'll be fine," the Poochyena reassured her. "At worst I'll try to get the message across, I've always been good at making myself understood to her. Besides, I've been with her for what - 18 years, if I remember right? I'm able to understand her without she peeps a word, I'm pretty sure the way around works too, even more if I try to make her understand me!" he said proudly, until he got distracted by the smell of the food Totsuka and Arondight brought tickling his nose. "Ah man, that smell's killin' me! What's in there guys?" he asked the Zangoose and Hitmontop.

20th November 2012, 4:09 AM
Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor, Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Blueberry, Waffle - Peeves has explained to Connor where his Trainer had gone and it seems he was away talking with someone in private right now. The Duskull did have a bit of a slip-up as to who it was exactly though it seemed that Connor did not notice... "Ah, I see. You know, I did have the strangest dream just now actually... it was about Keith and Minerva. They were, um... in love," there was an awkward silence for a few moments before he continued, "Yeah... I... don't get it either. Don't ask me why I was dreaming of such a thing," he sighed and shook his head. Immediately, he tried to change the topic, "So, um... why are you and Meowth with Jessica? Something going on?" Connor was really unsuspecting on what was actually taking place, however...

~Peeves?~ it was Gaspard who spoke up in his own language. ~Just curious but... who did you mean by 'Mi'? I can tell you're hiding something from Connor here...~ the little Aipom was beginning to suspect something but did not voice it out just yet. Eleanor just looked at the Aipom and the Duskull, unsure of what to say.

Missingno. Master
20th November 2012, 4:17 AM
Peeves, Connor, Gaspard: Peeves became somewhat nervous as Connor mentioned his dream about Keith and Minerva in love. Thankfully, he didn't push the matter and changed the subject almost immediately, asking why he and Meowth were with Jessica.

"Well, Keith bring us here for bit of fresh air," Peeves explained. "He bring picnic lunch, except his Basculin eat it all before we even get here. I smelled food and came over here, these guys bring very good food. Sewaddle even made me hat," Peeves added, indicating the arboreal headgear adorning his cranium. "Meowth also come over here to tell- er, to eat food too."

It was at this moment that Gaspard asked Peeves what he was going to say at first. Peeves sighed, then replied in his own native language. "I was going to say 'Minerva', OK? The dream your trainer had must have been psychic somehow, because Keith really is in love with Minerva. Before you judge him too harshly, remember Minerva was human when she was alive. I don't want others thinking badly of Keith, he's not a bad person."

20th November 2012, 5:40 AM
Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor, Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Blueberry, Waffle - Peeves had explained to Connor about their situation and even showed off his own hat that Jessica's Sewaddle had made. Connor couldn't help but chuckle. "Hungry huh? Yeah I can understand that..." the photographer's stomach grumbled which made him blush and scratch his head, "And... that makes two of us. Hehe! By the way, that hat looks good on you! Lemme take a pho-oh wait..." Connor facepalmed after realizing something, "Aw nuts, I forgot! My camera's gone missing. Again. I think it was with Sylveste-wait no it was still with me when he left to explore the park... Why do people and Pokemon like to steal it? Though I guess if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have met Gaspard here, hmm..." Connor grumbled as he spoke.

Eleanor's eyes widened at Peeves's words, ~Keith's in love...~ ~...with Minerva?!~ Gaspard continued her sentence as the two Pokemon looked at each other, both uncertain as to how to accept the news. Something like this after all was a very controversial matter. There was an awkward silence for a few moments between the three of them until Eleanor spoke up, ~Um, well... if he's happy with her and she's happy with him then... I don't really see why they shouldn't,~ she gently said to Peeves. It was apparent that Eleanor was pretty accepting of the fact and now both Pokemon were waiting on Gaspard's reaction, ~Well... seems like his dream was telling something after all. I do admit that Connor can be rather weird at times...~ he chuckled before continuing, ~But anywhoo, I'm with Eleanor here. If they're happy, and they're not really hurting anyone else here, then why should we interfere? And hey, and if you're worried about what Connor will think, don't be. I know him very well and I don't think something like this is going to change his view on him at all. I just don't see him as that type of person and I'm willing to bet my life on that one! I don't think he should know right away though,~ the Aipom grinned back at Peeves while Eleanor likewise nodded at him.

Missingno. Master
20th November 2012, 11:20 AM
Peeves, Gaspard, Eleanor: Peeves nodded as Gaspard remarked that Connor shouldn't be made aware of his trainer's feelings just yet. "Yes, I don't think it'd be that good of an idea at the moment," Peeves agreed, still speaking in Duskull language so as to not let Connor in on what they were saying. "But... If I can tell you two a secret... I sometimes suspect that Keith isn't 100% human. I don't know why, exactly... More of a hunch than anything else... I just get the feeling that there's something distinctly... Pokemon-ish about him. At first I thought it was just because he's been a trainer for about eight years now, but... I'm starting to think it's something else..."

Marion Ette
20th November 2012, 3:56 PM
Keith, Coselle - At first, Coselle seems fairly confident that her appeal to reason had been successful. After all, how could Keith possibly counter the points that she had presented, when she herself had perseverated on them for so long? She was painfully aware of all the barriers between them, and thus argued quite convincingly. As Coselle breathes in the perfume-laden air and tries to catch the scent of resignation from Keith, her eyes widen as she realizes that somehow the poison-type trainer seems to have renewed his determination in the face of these realities. Has he gone utterly mad? What is this...

Coselle softly smirks as Keith tells her that there would be an exception to the laws for them. The young woman looks highly incredulous, yet her amusement and curiosity as to how Keith could possibly argue this one keeps her silent for the moment. Yes, she had heard Marion mention that a Pokemon like Minerva could technically engage in human-Pokemon relations given her past and her illusion capabilities, but only if... wait, what?

Keith once again relates his story of the encounter with MissingNo. to Minerva, but with one new, important detail... "Almost dying" actually meant that he did die, but something unnatural occurred. Something glitched, essentially, in the fabric between life and death, and now Keith was a being permanently trapped between those two worlds. His DNA was permanently altered, and he himself (or so he claimed) was now part Gastly. Ever the cynical one, Coselle is quick to search the area for Peeves, or Myrtle, or any ghost type that could create an illusion of the smog pouring from Keith's body. No, she appeared to be alone with him, and she did not sense another presence here... How could this possibly be? Was Keith's admission... actually true? The more Coselle thinks about it, the more it makes sense. Coselle remembered that the spaced-out, ever-thoughtful Marion had once asked one morning while she was making breakfast, to no one in particular, how Keith could carry that spiky Qwilfish of his around without getting jabbed. Minerva had always thought he had excellent pain control (which she absent-mindedly thought might be fun to toy with) but never once considered that if he had the ability to partially phase his hands, it would prevent him from getting harmed. She also remembered when Marion had asked Keith about his Shuppet language-learning capabilities, and though he did mention his "near-death" experience as being a potential factor, Connor had not been convinced that "near death" alone would be enough... Yes, there had been something special about Keith's experience, no doubt, as not everyone who tangles with death suddenly finds themselves holding conversations with their Shuppets. It certainly was odd that he was producing full sentences without previous instruction regarding those particular words. Not even Marion had been able to do that... Even with her propensity for the language, it took years to fully train her. His affinity for poison types could easily be explained away by other factors, but the lack of poisoning... Minerva had always thought it was simply immunity after years of dealing with that stuff, but if what Keith said was true, there was no period during which he was constantly poisoned and sick and coughing from putrid smells. Certainly, it would have to be verified by looking at past trainer records, but if that little detail were true... but how could she argue? The Pokedex had confirmed it, and the biggest clincher of all... it explained that odd attraction he had for her.

Coselle opens her mouth to speak, but closes it again. She opens it, lifts a finger as if she is about to make a point, and closes her mouth again, twisting it in deep thought. Truly, Coselle was a very stubborn woman herself, both in life and in death, and it was not like her to admit defeat... Yet Keith was clearly at the advantage in this battle. Her walls had been broken down, and she was exposed. Anger had not dissuaded him. Reason had not dissuaded him. The only wall that remained... the only wall that remained was a thin, yet powerful wrapping of thread around her, a choking, yet cocoon-like entrapment of what could only be described as fear. Fear of rejection, fear of humiliation, fear of losing those that she loved... She was no saint, she had been in love before, but it... it hurt like nothing else could hurt. Even the fatal gunshot wound that had caused her death was not as painful as what love could do to her. If she were to open up... if she were to give in... Keith would become one more person who could hurt her the way that other members of her family had hurt her... the way that Megaera had hurt her. Having little Marion to worry about was already so taxing on her heart... This month had been a complete and utter hell. If she gave in, if she let this happen, anyone could use Keith as a means to get to her, as a means of making her crack, as a method of invoking weakness. If there was one thing that she could not tolerate, it was her own weakness. Her posture begins to mimic her thoughts, as she moves into herself, crossing her arms around her body and bending slightly forward, as if trying to protect herself from some invisible onslaught. Finally, she sighs, hoping that she has found the right words.

"Keith, I am an unstable, violent, borderline-sociopathic embodiment of vengeance. Those are not exactly loveable characteristics. You have seen me... You know what I am like! You know the things of which I am capable... you would know more than nearly anyone! I go after everyone who double-crosses me. I accidentally harmed my trainer... the only person I consider family, my dearest friend... I am dangerous, and I don't know if you heard, but since our fun little needle tango incident, I've been on the run from the authorities." Coselle scowls. "Ever since the incident, people have been looking for a Banette by the name of Minerva. As you know, this was not my first offense. Between the Megaera incident and now, I've given them plenty of reason to put me in involuntary behavioral therapy. Ah, but they're looking for a Banette... not for a woman." Coselle cackles. "Why would you want to date... not only a Banette, but an absolutely out-of-her mind bonkers Banette who is hiding from the law? How is that even remotely reasonable? You'll grow tired of it! You'll leave me! Why would you, as a reasonable person, ever want to stay?"

Coselle shakes her head, her teeth gritted. "Besides... love hurts, you know... It's a poison."

Missingno. Master
20th November 2012, 5:13 PM
Keith, Coselle: Coselle had spoken up once again, and now she was reminding Keith of what she was like... her instability, her violence, her proclivity for vengeance... she informed Keith that the authorities were after Minerva... and demanded to know why Keith would, as a reasonable person, ever want to date someone like her. She then said something Keith had heard before, something his newer Shuppet, Helena, had relayed after having been told so by "that nice lady in the Egg House"... that love was poison. Keith was starting to understand- Coselle was afraid. Afraid of falling in love, only to be hurt by the one she fell in love with. And her reminders of all her negative qualities... admittedly a formidable list... Keith found that he wasn't deterred in the slightest.

"Coselle," Keith said, "Years ago, Hebenon, my Qwilfish, he fell in love with another trainer's Shiny Wooper. She rejected him, even slapped him in the face, just because he wanted to get a drink with her... he was in tears after that, for I don't even know how long. And more recently, he fell in love again, this time with a Chinchou. He was afraid, he was worried that she would reject him just as the Wooper did. But he took the chance. And I can't even begin to describe how happy the two are, now that they're together. My point is, just because you've been hurt by those you love before, it doesn't mean everyone you love is going to do that to you. I know what you're like, Coselle... Your vengeance, your instability, your violence... And I don't know if I love you in spite of those qualities, or because of them, or what... But what I do know is, I won't grow tired of it. I won't leave you. In fact, might I remind you that I just now followed Gadget here, very much certain that that Rotom would lead me right to you? With me believing at the time, might I add, that you had every intention of killing me? You realize that I was under the impression that I might not leave this conversation alive, that I fully believed I was actually risking death, just to apologize to you? I considered living with the idea of having hurt you a fate worse than death. If... if that's not love, I don't know what is," Keith stated. "You ask why I, as a reasonable person, would want to stay? You've given me no reason to not. Every negative quality you've just listed about yourself... I already said, I don't know if it's in spite of them, or because of them that I love you, all I know is, they're not deterring me one bit. And I don't care if you're on the run from the law or not..." Keith sighed. "I know full well how dangerous this could be for me. I already accepted the possibility of dying by coming here to apologize to you... That should tell you the lengths I would go to, the risks I would take for you. Love is not poison, Coselle. Betrayal is poison, a poison that derives its strength from love." Keith looked Coselle right in the eyes as he continued. "I would never betray you, Coselle. I would rather die than hurt you. I love you, and nothing- absolutely nothing- is ever going to change that." Keith meant every word he had just said, and he knew that Coselle would know it, too... There was no doubt in his mind, no secret fear of things going horribly wrong, no nagging second thoughts... Only love for Coselle, unwavering determination/stubbornness, and the willingness to accept whatever dangers this relationship would pose to him somehow.

20th November 2012, 9:44 PM
Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor, Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Blueberry, Waffle, Gadget:

Jessica was startled out of her trance by a voice calling her name, and she twisted to see a familiar boy holding an Aipom in his arms, as well as his Petilil, who was bowing politely. Despite her preoccupations and qualms, the girl made sure to mind her Ps and Qs, stretching a thin smile.

"Ah... Connor, was it? And Eleanor? Sure, feel free to join us. Have a seat. Who's this little guy?"

She asked as she handed another plate to Aipom after his two comrades. She paused when Connor questioned as to Keith's whereabouts, glancing nervously at Peeves and... Wait, where was Meowth? He had disappeared too without notice – perhaps to go stop her Pokémon from peeking. She shrugged, deciding to leave the bodyguard duty up to him, since she didn't want to accidentally stumble upon the secret meeting and interrupt whatever was going on between Keith and Minerva herself. While she still wasn't sure how to feel about the whole affair, she consented to take Peeves's cue to keep quiet and not fill Connor in on the details. Yet the young man appeared to have an astonishingly apt sixth sense about these things, as he explained the strange dream he just had. Jessica shivered, shifting uncomfortably. For such a beautiful day befitting the park’s grand opening, the surrounding atmosphere had soured so soon. No, that wasn’t right. The sense she was experiencing wasn’t exactly harsh or unpleasant. Bitter, more like. And perhaps, still a little bit sweet.

Peeves could perceive what she was thinking, and was quick to try and reassure her. She softened in understanding, admiring his loyal efforts to defend his trainer. In truth, she personally wasn’t much bothered by the fact he fancied a Banette, who, as Peeves explained to her half-surprise, had once been in a human in life. (Marion had never made mention of that detail to her. But the fact Minerva already acted and could appear as a human, Jessica reasoned, was more than enough evidence to justify the possibility of either of them developing feelings for the other.) Nor did this change her view of Keith as a whole. Rather, she was worried for him. From what she had heard, Minerva abhorred Keith. At least enough so to try and kill him – or so she thought. (She couldn’t have known the attack was meant to fail, that Minerva was simply “teasing”, so to speak.) What possible outcome could he hope for from confessing his love for someone who tried to stab him once with a needle? Jessica held her head, shaking it slowly. She would never understand love.

And she was worried – for both of them – of the ramifications such a successful relationship could have. Even if the two were able to accept and support each other in whatever strange way they could, what would the rest of the world think? Even if they were happy and not hurting anyone… Others would surely want to hurt them. She wasn’t sure she could stand to see people – her friends – persecuted for their decision to pursue their desires (no, maybe it wasn’t a choice), though in effect that meant she was the one being selfish and weak. Did she think she’d be able to help them by denying hope? Or was she only saving herself from despair? She struggled with this internal conflict, hating how she had once again somehow managed to make this all about herself. This was their situation, their sorrow to deal with. Why should she share in it? She wasn’t even closely related to Keith or Minerva, having known the former from only a few battles and merely met the latter due to the extenuating circumstances of her “sister’s” hospitalization. Still, the chill of Miss Coselle’s shake that time in the Cable Club, and her too-wide smile, stitched tight to hide and hold in so much strength and sadness it seemed like she would burst at the seams someday, lingered in Jessica’s memory...


Speak of the devil. Abruptly, the Rotom Jess had traded to Miss Coselle came racing up again, zooming in energized circles around the group before finally coming to a stop before his brother. Upon seeing the lawnmower’s return approach, Blueberry had quickly expanded herself to cover the food again, and now glared vigilantly between Gadget and Waffle. Waffle waved his hands nervously as he tried to explain how angry she was about Gadget’s reckless behavior earlier, which nearly ruined her beautiful masterpieces. Besides that, he was doing well. Jessica was going to help him and Blueberry start up a bakery, but they needed to make some more money first. These were their first test samples, which they were considering bringing to the Fizzytopian’s farmers’ market and/or host a small bake sale in order to secure funds. Waffle wanted to invite Gadget to try some, but he needed to apologize before Blueberry would let him…

Meanwhile, Jessica chuckled, glad for the interruption as she put aside her self-contempt for the moment. Though she couldn’t understand the Rotom’s revs and other loud engine noises, she grinned cheerfully at his greeting and looked to Waffle for translation. He quickly spelled out “G A D G E T” in static letters, and she nodded. “Hi there. I hear your name is Gadget now? How’s life with Miss Coselle? I’m sure you must miss not being able to see Marion, but I can assure you she’s a very nice lady. You’ll love traveling with her when she gets better.”

Just then, Sewaddle showed up carrying new clothes for all the arrivals. It was clear her sewing speed and style were steadily improving. To Gaspard, she gave a golden scarf, and Eleanor earned a matching shawl. For Connor, a crown. Finally, she garbed Gadget in a garland similar to Jessica’s, sidling straight up his sides to slip it over his handle without fear of his fangs. Jessica watched nervously, wondering how the Cut Rotom would react to a leafy caterpillar crawling so close to his mouth (which he would probably see as a more tasty course than even the salads laid out), ready to reach out and pluck her away for protection if necessary.

Meowth, Minchi, Kanna, Kief:

“Whoa, hold up, guys! I mean, halt!”

Minchi stretched out her arm to stop Kanna and Kief from moving forward as the bushes before them began to rustle. Kanna panicked and hid behind her, whimpering it must be a hedge monster, while Kief tried to poke his head curiously over Minchi’s paw to see what was happening. They waited with bated breath, as Minchi readied her TAIL to WHIP whatever burst out…




Minchi lifted her tail to see Meowth rubbing his bruised forehead. “Aiieee! It’s a cat demon!” she screamed, smacking him again even harder.

"Now wait just a minute!" he exclaimed, but she only continued to slap him silly.

“M-Minchi, I think that’s enough… Look, it’s that Meowth from earlier. Please stop hurting him,” Kanna whispered fretfully, wincing each time Minchi’s tail contacted Meowth’s bones.

“Oh. So it is. Sorry about that.” Minchi ceased her strikes and straightened primly, her saccharine smile not looking very sincere at all.

After many groans and moans, the Meowth managed to wobble to his feet and glowered at the group. "Dat's my trainer's privacy youse is tinkin' of intrudin' on! Now why don't youse..." He shook his head, eyes slowly regaining their gleam. "...Just turn around, go back over to da picnic, and forget ya heard anyting about dis?"

“Hm… How about no?”

“Come on, Minchi, you heard him. It’s not right to intrude on others’ privacy, we should head back…”

Minchi put on her best pouty face with FAKE TEARS, and when she saw that wouldn’t work, was about to switch on the charm when she noticed the cat’s eyes were almost glowing. “Oh no you do~on’t!” she cried as she suddenly swung around and leaped on Kanna’s back. The Furret freaked out, afraid she was being used as a shield. She couldn’t believe her best friend would betray her like this.

“Wah- wah! What are you doing?”

“Relax, just listen to my instructions!” Minchi closed her eyes while leaning down to cover Kanna’s own, which only caused the poor creature more alarm. “Don’t look! He’s trying to use HYPNOSIS! Come on, Kief, get up here too! Hurry! Whatever you do, don’t make eye contact with Meowth!”

Kief was confused, but a piggyback ride sure sounded like fun. He hopped up after Minchi, his weight making Kanna blush and bristle. Minchi giggled. Had her eyes been open, they would have rolled.

“All right, Kanna, we’re getting out of here! Activate your Ability to Run Away!”

“What? No, I can’t do that!”

“You can! Come on, just charge forward! Let’s lose this silly kitty!”

Kanna took a deep breath, and barreled ahead, bumping straight into Meowth and knocking him over due to her blindness. “E-excuse me! I’m sorry!” she squeaked as she rushed by, which she repeated every time she crashed into the roses. Once Minchi was sure Meowth was far behind them, she removed her paws from Kanna’s lids.

“There, that wasn’t so bad was it? I knew you had it in you!”

Kanna sniffled as Minchi and Kief slid off her back. Minchi patted her panting pal, congratulating her earnestly.

“That was seriously so cool! You go, girlfriend! No cat in the world can catch you.”

Kanna smiled weakly, knowing Minchi meant well, and that this had also been an attempt to help bolster her confidence. Kief licked her face in thanks as well, and she flushed deeply.

Just then, the three heard voices – human – coming from nearby.

"It's not illegal. Not for us. See, several months ago, after I got an official government warning for helping aspiring trainers with their registration tests- never knew that wasn't allowed- I kinda got freaked out and started reading up on Fizzytopian law, just to be on the safe side. And the laws against human/Pokémon relationships... They allow for an exception, but under very specific circumstances. The Pokémon involved has to have formerly been an adult human, and must retain their human memories... Obviously, that applies to you. And... And the human involved... At least a portion of their DNA... Must be Pokémon DNA."

The trio froze, falling silent, and tiptoed over to the wall. On Minchi’s motion, Kief parted the vines with his nose, and rather than taking turns they all crowded together to peer through the hole. Even Kanna couldn’t resist her curiosity after hearing all that. Through the opening, they found a young man and woman facing each other. The male had his eyes shut and seemed to be concentrating hard. All of a sudden, smoke began to rise from his limbs. Kanna gasped and clasped her paws over her mouth, while Minchi’s eyes widened with amazement and glee. O. M. G. What a scoop! She hurriedly reached for the camera she had stolen from a sleeping boy’s bag earlier and focused the frame, making sure to get all of the gas within the shot. Click. Ka-ching.

Missingno. Master
20th November 2012, 10:06 PM
Meowth, Minchi, Kanna, Kief, Keith, Coselle: Meowth was rather annoyed as his attempts at Hypnosis failed utterly. As they ran him over (with the Furret at least apologizing), Meowth scrambled back to his feet.

"OK, I didn't wanna hafta do dis, but youse leaves me no choice!" Meowth exclaimed as he raised his front right paw, which was enveloped in a glowing orb, preparing to call on the powers of one of his teammates for Assistance. Meowth couldn't help but grin as he recalled that Keith had brought his Qwilfish, which knew an impossibly wide variety of attacks... And then, a blast of Night Shade flew out of his paw, dissipating harmlessly as it made contact with the Normal-type Minccino. It's doubtful she even felt it.

Meowth facepalmed. "He just had to bring da Duskull, didn't he?" he muttered before he started running after them. However, he only caught up to them as they had already reached the clearing where Keith and Coselle were, just as Keith was revealing his most closely guarded secret to her. Meowth's jaw dropped as he realized that his trainer was in fact 1/4th Gastly. He snapped out of it as he heard the camera go off (quietly, thank Arceus; Keith didn't hear it, at any rate) and shot a dirty look at the Minccino. He dropped this look, however, as Keith and Coselle proceeded to talk, and by the time Keith had finished his latest words, Meowth was moved almost to the point of tears. Silently, he excused himself and made his way back to the main area of the park.

Meowth, Peeves: Once Meowth was back, Peeves was the first to notice. He floated over to Meowth and said, "Meowth, where you go? What going on?"

"I don't even know where ta start," Meowth replied, still very much in amazement at what he had overheard. "And dere's one ting you wouldn't believe if I told youse."

"Try me," Peeves stated. Meowth responded by whispering into the Duskull's ear, and his eye went wide once more.

"He part Gastly?!?!" Peeves exclaimed in surprise.

"Ssssshhhhh!" Meowth hissed. "I don't tink he wanted anyone ta know!"

"Oh! Oh, sorry," Peeves whispered apologetically, looking terrified at his mistake. He glanced around, hoping nobody heard him... Yeah right, like he was gonna have that kind of luck, right?

20th November 2012, 10:50 PM
Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor, Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Blueberry, Waffle, Gadget: As Jessica said yes to Connor's request to stay for a while, he promptly thanked her, "Oh, thanks! I probably won't take too long here though, I still have to look for some of my other Pokemon around the park. I let them around to have a little fun themselves you see. And my Aipom? His name's Gaspard. He was with me when I came to Fizzytopia from Sinnoh," he said with a smile. He then sat down along with Gaspard and was handed out paper plates for the three of them. Connor then looked at Jessica and noticed how she seemed to be worried about something and couldn't help but wonder what was bugging the woman, "Um, Not to intrude Jessica, but is something the matter? You seem worried over something..." his train of thought got interrupted as a Mow Rotom had raced up to them, making a very loud noise as he raced around them, cutting whatever grass had remained on their surroundings, "Ooh, you have two Rotoms? Seems like he's a feisty one," the photographer said in amazement. He noticed however as the HeatTom had spelled out the MowTom's name, it being aptly named, "Gadget," and also Jessica mentioning a certain, Coselle and even Marion, "Wait, you mean this Rotom is Marion's? And who's Coselle? Is she taking care of her?" Connor had asked her once more. It was then that Jessica's Sewaddle had given Connor's group some new clothes for them to wear on and Connor couldn't help but smile at how gifted the little bug was in making clothes. It also provided a distraction from the more important stuff, "Wow, is this for me? Thank you so much, um..., hey Jessica what's her name?" he asked as he placed the crown over his orange-and-blue striped beanie, "Well, how do I look?" he grinned.

Missingno. Master
20th November 2012, 11:20 PM
Meowth, Peeves, Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor: Meowth and Peeves were very much aware that Connor was still nearby. To their relief, however, neither he nor his Pokemon seemed to have heard Peeves's rather abrupt outburst. Nevertheless, Peeves floated over to the Aipom and the Petilil, keen on sharing the news to them at least. "Alright, you know how I said I had a feeling Keith wasn't 100% human?" Peeves asked them in his native language. "I was right! Meowth just told me what he's seen- my trainer is part Gastly!"

"It's true," Meowth added, in English, though whispering, so Connor wouldn't hear. "He was able to make dat purple smoke just like a Gastly does. Den he held his Pokedex out and pointed it at hisself, and it started goin' on about Gastly!"

"This explains so much," added Peeves. "He's never gotten poisoned, and among his Pokemon are a Weezing, a Vileplume, and a Grimer. He has... I don't even know how many different Poison-types! And Myrtle told me he was astonishingly quick to learn Shuppet language..."

Marion Ette
21st November 2012, 2:09 AM
Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor, Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Blueberry, Waffle, Gadget - Waffle expresses Blueberry's anger at what she would term "reckless behavior" on Gadget's part. Though Gadget seems confused, he turns to Blueberry with an earnest expression. I didn't mean to make you mad miss berry-blue-ballooney I'm sorry if I made everything taste like grass though grass is my favorite flavor I eat it all the time cause I'm a lawnmower and that's what I do you see I mow lawns and stuff I think I said it before but it is the truth and the truth bears repeating at least that's what Coselle said once I think maybe I LIKE SWEETS Gadget eyes the treats hungrily before turning back to Waffle, who explains that he and Blueberry would like to start a bakery, but lack the necessary funds to do so. Hopefully, by selling their wares, they would be able to afford such a luxury.

I hope you get a bakery 'cause bakery means sweets I can mow the lawn for you for free I'm good at that you know so I can do that and I can HELP yaaaaaaaaaaaay~ Gadget seems quite set on the fact that he will be helping Waffle with his bakery lawn, and giggles with joy at the thought.

Jessica seems happy that Gadget has come to visit, and Gadget notices that Waffle is translating for him. He makes an attempt to speak more slowly, but given his usually fast-paced dialog, the effort does little to help.

Yes, my name is Gadget and I am very happy with Miss Coselle she takes me to the park all the time and lets me mow and play games but I really miss Marion it's weird not being with my trainer but I know I'll meet her soon and go on lots of adventures I can't wait to go on adventures do you go on adventures?

Keith, Coselle - It had not truly occurred to Coselle just how much Keith had already risked on her behalf until he painfully, purely, adamantly reminded her of the fact that just moments before this conversation, he was convinced that she could... and possibly would... kill him. Even that perception, untrue though it was, did not scare Keith away. His very death was not enough to deter him... That information alone made Coselle's protestations look silly and baseless. No matter what she did, no matter how many threats, reasons or excuses she doled out, he would not be the one to back down. Stalwart in his convictions, Coselle could not deny that his love, though dangerous and foolish, came with it an odd sort of strength. He could deflect, defend, endure anything... and she was powerless against it.

"There's... there's no talking you out of this, is there?" More a statement than a question, Coselle meets Keith's gaze, her eyes glittering with dew-like moisture, threatening to tear up. "I told you... you're damn stubborn..."

At that moment, Coselle's X-tranceiver begins ringing loudly. Coselle grimaces, but wordlessly indicates to Keith that he needs to hold on. Holding up the screen in such a way that Keith can easily peer in on the conversation, Coselle answers the phone, the image of a Duskull appearing on the screen.

"Hiiii Coselle! I calling from hospital~" The cheery voice of Liliana bursts forth from the other end.

"You sound chipper, Ana... Good news, I hope?"

"Marion awake, Cosie!! She looking for you. What should I tell her? You want speak to her?"

Coselle pauses for a moment. Though the silence only lasts a moment or two, the deeply pensive expression on her face indicates that within those moments, momentous decisions were being made within her mind.

"Yes. Tell her that I am her sister, who has come to stay after that evil Banette of hers tried to harm her. I'm here to protect her from Minerva."

"But you're-"

"I'M NOT... Minerva." Coselle grits her teeth. "Minerva is in hiding. Tell Marion... Tell Marion that she's in hiding until this whole thing blows over. She will be writing letters, and she loves her very much. But she's dangerous, you understand? I'm not letting that crazy Banette go near her."

Liliana pauses, skull head slightly tilted. "What I say if she ask questions? You know she ask..."

"Coselle Ette. Age 29... just tell her I look young for my age. Unmarried. I've been living in Lavender Town my whole life with my adoptive parents. We're half-sisters, on her mother's side. My profession is writing, and I do not currently own any Pokemon at this time. I attended Celadon University and obtained a degree in English Literature. I can't speak ghost-type languages like she can, so only talk to me in English from now on. Tell her that I'm... eccentric, but that I care for her very much as my only blood relative." Coselle pauses. "If she asks, I recently started dating a trainer I met while running errands in town. We met in the park, in the gardens, and against all reason and intellect, we fell in love. It was... like the movies." Coselle makes a motion with her hands as if sprinkling fairy dust everywhere. "Magic."

"Hehe, Cosie... You always so good at making stuff up."

Coselle smirks. "Heh... You'd think I was, huh?"

Liliana gives Coselle a look for a few seconds, but seems to dismiss Coselle's statement as humor. "Okie, let me get Marion..." The sight of the camera floating down a hallway can be seen, when suddenly a Drifloon phases through a closed door, pantomiming a 'hush' motion with his little yellow hand, softly saying something in Drifloon language. Liliana turns the camera back to her face, which clearly looks less cheerful than before. "She already asleep again..." Liliana's eye turns down with disappointment, as she hangs her skull-shaped head forward. "I sorry."

"I'll catch her when she's awake. Remember what I said. DO NOT TELL ANYONE, especially that miserable Ninetales of hers. The story is-"

"Minerva run away, you come back, protect sister. Got it! Just one question..."


"Who is the trainer you 'dating?'" Liliana pantomimes quotation marks as she says this. Coselle can't help but grin a bit.

"Oh, you'd know him, wouldn't you...? Keith. His name is Keith."

"The one you tried to-"

"YES, Liliana. That one."

"Hehe, I knew it." Liliana's eye glows with amusement and glee. The sound of a rather jovial Frillish calling out Liliana's name and laughing can be heard from offscreen. "Oh, gotta go! Bedi made dinner for us 'cause hospital food is gross. Byebye for now... Coselle."

"Later, Ana." Coselle closes the phone, and turns to Keith with a mischievous grin. "Now, the question becomes... When I told Liliana I was dating you, was I telling the truth, or was I lying? This is your first test of many, so don't disappoint me..."

Missingno. Master
21st November 2012, 3:44 AM
Keith, Coselle: Keith could not help but grin slightly as Coselle looked at him and voiced her realization that she wasn't gonna be able to talk him out of this. Though it was more of a statement than a question, Keith shook his head nonetheless. As her eyes threatened to fill with tears, she told Keith how stubborn he was, yet again... And then her Xtranceiver rang. Keith couldn't help but recall how often his own Xtranceiver had been the cause of interruptions at the bar, once the PC restrictions had been repealed, and he started getting trade offers left and right... Kept putting off all sorts of conversations he was holding with others. He nodded as Coselle wordlessly indicated that he should hold on. As Coselle answered, she angled the device so as to allow Keith an easy and clear view of the conversation, which turned out to be with Liliana, Marion's Duskull and Peeves's girlfriend. Keith was rather pleasantly surprised to hear that Marion was awake, and then Coselle began to give Liliana information about herself to relay to Marion in the event of her inevitable questions. Keith was rather impressed at how casually Coselle was rattling off this information, but then, he reasoned, much of it may very well have actually been true of Coselle when she was alive... Coselle then mentioned that she had recently started dating a trainer she had met in the park, which grabbed Keith's attention somewhat. Sure enough, once Liliana asked for the trainer's name, Coselle identified Keith as the one she was dating. Liliana giggled and claimed she knew it, the call ending not long afterwards. Before Keith could comment on how glad he was that Marion seemed to be faring better, Coselle opened her mouth first, with a question of her own, accompanied by a mischievous grin; she asked Keith whether she had been telling the truth or lying when she told Liliana that she was dating him. She stated that it was the first of many tests, and told him to not disappoint her. Keith blinked. He wasn't expecting to be tested like this. And if this was going to be a regular thing... it would certainly make the relationship rather interesting. Then again, Keith liked interesting. If he didn't like interesting, he probably wouldn't have fallen for Coselle in the first place. Within seconds, Keith found that an answer of sorts had occurred to him.

"Well, what kind of a man would I be if I made you out to be a liar?" Keith said, with a grin of his own forming on his face. "You told Liliana that we're dating... then we're dating."

21st November 2012, 4:13 AM
Peeves, Meowth, Gaspard, Eleanor, Sewaddle - Peeves had told the duo about his concern about Keith and whether or not he was completely human. Naturally, Gaspard and Eleanor were confused at his statement, unsure of what he was talking about. Before any of them could speak up though, Meowth had come back and had talked privately with Peeves. It was then that Jessica's Sewaddle had given them some clothes she had made herself to Connor and his Pokemon. ~Is this for us Sewaddle? Thank you so much!~ Eleanor exclaimed as she wore the shawl she had been given. ~Wow, you made this yourself? That's awesome!~ Gaspard grinned at her and gave her a thumbs up with his tail. Connor's group were distracted by the Sewaddle's works that all of them did not hear Peeves' loud outburst.

It was then that the two had come back and told Gaspard and Eleanor the latest story about Keith. Both Pokemon were naturally shocked at this. ~What?! He's... part Gastly?!~ Both of them found it hard to believe as they have never heard of someone being part-Pokemon. ~But... how? I don't see any way that someone could turn or be part-Pokemon, and even then... your trainer doesn't even look like one...~ Eleanor had voiced out both their thoughts.

Missingno. Master
21st November 2012, 4:26 AM
Peeves, Meowth, Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor: Meowth nodded as Connor's Pokemon displayed their obvious shock and surprise at the news that Keith was part Gastly. As Eleanor asked how, while noting that Keith didn't even look like a Gastly, Meowth whispered his response.

"Yeah, I know, but see, apparently, when Keith was seven, he drowned at da beach at Cinnabar Island, but just two seconds or so after he died, dis Missingno. ting pushed him back to shore, and someting about how da shock from da impact got his heart goin' again. But see, apparently his soul was all set to turn into a Gastly and had started, but when he came back ta life, da little bit o' transformation his soul underwent never reversed itself. He's still three quarters human, just one quarter Gastly. All he's got ta show fer it, apparently, is an immunity ta poisonin', da power to make dis ghostly smoke, he says he can even use Smog, but it apparently makes him real tired, and he's apparently real good at learnin' Pokemon languages. I heard him speak Shuppet language before, and Myrtle- one o' his Shuppet- she says he learned da whole language in just three hours! I ain't never heard of a human learn a Pokemon language dat quick before!"

Unknown to him, Meowth, in his excitement, had raised his voice back to normal levels, from the whisper he started out with. And as he was speaking English, it was highly likely that others close by had overheard most of what he had said. At the very least, it was extraordinarily likely that Connor heard most of this.

Marion Ette
21st November 2012, 5:05 AM
Keith, Coselle - Coselle chuckles darkly at Keith's response, an almost inhumanly wide grin spreading across her face. "What kind of man would you be...? A smart one, probably. I am a liar, and a dirty one at that~" Coselle begins to walk in the direction of the bench, idly admiring the roses around her, a soft hum of a nameless melody drifting her lips... until she suddenly turns around, her eyes burning with a wild, uncontrollable fierceness, as she grabs Keith by the scruff of the neck and lifts him an inch or two off the ground, her head tilted up to maintain eye contact. Despite the viciousness of the action, her smile softens. "Then again... I like to keep people on their toes."

A woman of contradiction: dead and alive, hateful and loving, human and inhuman... When she yanks Keith towards her, the motion is erratic, violent, quick... but he is met on the lips with a soothing tenderness. She vaguely tastes of smokiness, of cigarettes and absinthe, with the slightest tinge of sweetness. Even when she finally lets him go, she doesn't really let him go... Her hand still remains tightly gripped to his collar, eyes focused on him, laughing maniacally. She throws him unceremoniously onto the grass, standing over him with an intense sparkle in her eyes. Never has she looked more beautiful... or more utterly terrifying.

"Thought you would die tonight, hmmmm?" Coselle's laughter echoes through the Rose Garden, eerie and jubilant. "Hahaha... maybe you will..." She pauses for a moment, thinking. "Mmm, but not here... I sense there's more than roses listening in on us. We should go." She yanks Keith back up on his feet, but makes sure to brush some of the grass off of him as she does, remarking with an unsettling nonchalance; "After all... I am the only person who should have the privilege of hearing you scream."

21st November 2012, 5:11 AM
Connor, Jessica, Meowth - Meowth had been so loud in his explanation about Keith being part-Pokemon that he seemed to have forgotten that he was speaking English... and that the likes of Jessica and Connor could understand him. "Meowth, just now... what did you just say...?" he quietly asked the Scratch Cat Pokemon. This alarmed both Gaspard and Eleanor. "Did I hear you right on that one? Keith is part-Pokemon?" Connor had pinched himself on the cheek just to see if he was dreaming and yet the pain was all too real for him. "That's... Wow, where do I even start? Is this true Meowth?" the photographer had to ask him again just to verify what he had just overheard as he found such a statement quite absurd.

21st November 2012, 5:52 AM
Flap. Flap. Flap. The methodical rhythm of Aerodactyl's wings beating in the afternoon sun filled the air as Matthew sat atop his prehistoric pterodactyl, looking down at the beauty of the sea they were flying over. The sun reflected off the great expanse as far as the eye could see, the size of the 'blue planet' vast oceans slipping away from speech; the significant vision of peacefulness helping calm Matthew's beating heart as he prepared. A cold wind blew through the air as Matthew's body-weight changed position subconsciously, the anticipation of his Aerodactyl's movements of such a degree that the young trainer needn't think before doing, the connection so deep that the idea came naturally. Sniffing in a deep breath of fresh salty air Matthew looked out to the boundless sea, pondering on its enigmatic origins and sustainability; its existential riddle far from answered by exponential theories.

Water splashed past either side of the fossil Pokémon, the optimistic opportunist having attempted to catch a fish from the waters below; its claws extended and dragging on the waves. Its unsuccessful attempt brought Matthew back from his daydream, the young trainer looking around once more at the vast abyss surrounding him. The fizzytopian gardens beckoned, the wide open space of the newly refurbished park bringing the opportunity to play with his Pokémon that the bar never could, even offering spots for larger Pokémon. He chuckled to himself as he remembered the looks he got when he brought his Rhyperior into the small space, the two getting into even more trouble when the rock-type scrapped with another of his species, causing the trainer to be red-faced at the damage of a few tables and chairs. The park also provided the opportunity to get some well-needed fresh air, his base in the Glacier Region providing it at the cost of the freezing temperatures, not to mention that it had become synonymous with training. This trip, however, was meant to help Matthew and his Pokémon blow off some steam, spend some quality time together and bond as a unit. He had done so previously with the Pokémon that had came before, his memory allowing him to remember that much but not the details of their release. He tried to stop thinking about it, twisting uncomfortably before facing another section of the sea.

Pushing the thoughts out of his mind Matthew turned to check his rucksack, the ever-useful tool this time helping him carry some essentials to the park; a red and black lumberjack pattern picnic rug furled up in one of the corners, a picnic basket filled to the brim with tasty treats Matthew had cooked, an ice box filled with special drinks each different for the intended Pokémon, fruits and berries gathered from the berry shop and last but not least a couple of bottles of Rosé and a few beers for the trainer. It was, of course, his time to relax too; the park providing the perfect opportunity to unwind. Rooting around at the bottom Matthew picked out a half-drunk bottle of Oasis Summer Fruits (http://www.greggs.co.uk/assets/Uploads/_resampled/croppedimage280280-oasis-summer-fruits.jpg), finishing the bottle as he quenched his parched thirst. Finishing with the bottle, Matthew placed it back in his bag before turning to spot land ahead.

“When we get to the park, land on the cliff near the mystic lake” he commanded, waiting for the inevitable ascent.

It came sure enough, Matthew feeling the force as the Aerodactyl rose higher, leaving behind the sea to accommodate for the land's abrupt cliff-range. Within a few minutes, Aerodactyl had made its way to the edge, setting the man down and standing in front of him. Matthew sighed as he put a hand on Aerodactyl's beak, rubbing its rough rock skin before taking a deep gulp.

“You're … you're now the level of the others” he said, his voice breaking slightly as he hesitated with his speech, “you have served me well and I will always love you for that, but … but now it's time to spread your wings.”

A single tear dripped down from Matthew's face as he turned away, hiding his emotional face from his Pokémon.

“The others left to make a family, to enjoy life, I'm sure of it” he recited, “and now it's time for you to do the same. You have always been by my side when I needed you but now I must return the favour, I cannot let you stay with me and suffer, I have to let you free. I can't keep you contained, you're too precious.”

Dropping the silver-lined Pokéball to the floor, Matthew raised a foot before smashing it on the rocks. Bursting the plastic into pieces, Matthew felt the explosion of energy from the Aerodactyl as it was released from his capture, the flying-type having total control over its actions once more.

“Go... Go now. Enjoy your life like they did. Stop letting me keep you from happiness” Matthew continued, the verse seemingly recited like he had been practicing in the mirror. Matthew felt the power of the Aerodactyl's wings rise, a Tailwind blowing Matthew round to face it once more. The Pokémon stood tall, flapping its wings down to the ground without liftoff, cawwing loudly without moving.

“Y-you want to stay?” he asked, the Aerodactyl nodding in answer.

Placing a hand on the Aerodactyl's beak once more, Matthew smiled as his chest welled up with pride. Swinging his backpack round, Matthew withdrew a Blue Cyberball (http://forums.upnetwork.net/showpost.php?p=196485&postcount=2), its energy humming in his hand as it routinely glowed and pulsed.

“Then you're welcome to stay”, Matthew said, presenting the ball to the Aerodactyl, clicking the middle button as the fossil Pokémon was swallowed by the red light. Holding the ball in one hand Matthew saw it sway a few times before stars flew out of it, the capture being complete once more. Throwing the ball into the air, Matthew saw the Pokémon burst out with renewed energy.

“Hauser. Your new name will be Hauser” Matthew announced, the Aerodactyl flapping its wings once more. “Now come, we've had enough drama. We need to go relax for a bit, what say you?”

Matthew clambered on board the Aerodactyl's back as it released a Flamethrower into the air before using the Tailwind to take off.

“If only someone had taken a picture” the trainer mused.

After a few minutes of flying above the park, Matthew spotted a hubbub of activity below, the Aerodactyl sensing this as it descended. With a variety of trainers already there running around with their Pokémon, Matthew couldn't help but feel late to the party, missing the opening only slightly and yet it appeared so much had happened in the time he wasn't there. Landing in a secluded corner of the park garden so not to disturb any other trainer with the same idea as him Matthew grabbed a few spheres from his Pokébelt, releasing them all up into the air at the same time. Within a few seconds, most of his Pokémon joined him in the park; Togepi in his arms; Shieldon, Anorith, Lileep and Omanyte by his side; his new Porygon floating slightly above his head and his new Zigzagoon already curiously rubbing its nose to the ground, sniffing it for new smells.

Seeing the new Pokémon in the group, Matthew rummaged through his bag once more, pulling out a plastic disc (http://i01.i.aliimg.com/photo/v0/419126079/175g_Professional_Ultimate_Frisbee_high_quality_fr isbee.jpg), the white Frisbee a new addition especially for the park. Whistling for his Zigzagoon, the Tiny Raccoon Pokemon's ears immediately pricked up as Matthew threw it, the mischievous Pokémon running in zig-zags before finally catching up to the Frisbee's flight path, jumping and catching it in its mouth.

“You're a natural Crim” Matthew exclaimed, his excitement soon quelled as the raccoon held it in its mouth, “Bring it back now”

Matthew groaned as it did not, continuing its path away from the trainer with the flying disc in its mouth, showing no sign or intention of returning the disc. Hurriedly running up to his Pokémon, Matthew wrestled the toy from Crim's mouth before turning back to the rest of the gang.

“Now you Deckard”, he said, pointing to his new Porygon, carefully throwing the disc with enough power to make it float, but not enough to make it scare the inquisitive Pokémon. As it went in the direction of the polyhedral Pokémon, the Porygon began to show interest, buzzing as it floated beside it. Hoping that the Porygon would catch it, Matthew was let down as it fell to the floor, its flight pattern causing it to jet into the soft ground at an angle. With Porygon floating next to it, hovering just a feet or two off the ground and beeping curiously, Zigzagoon suddenly came and side-swiped it; the excitement of the flying disc being thrown again overtaking the Pokémon, taking out Porygon.

With the Virtual Pokémon on its side, Lileep crawled over, using its appendage to right the pink and blue Pokémon before making it hover again, the Porygon beeping once more without a change in attitude. Matthew raised a brow at his new Pokémon, but shrug it off as new-team jitters. Looking in his bag, Matthew questioned the Zigzagoon's excitement if he were to bring out the other toys all at once, having a tennis ball and a kite stuffed into the nether regions of the rucksack before deciding that the Frisbee would be enough for now.

Continuing the routinely tradition of having to wrestle the disc out of Zigzagoon's mouth before throwing it, Matthew and the gang continued into the middle of the park, before spotting a large tree, one that looked perfect for Aerodactyl. In the distance, Matthew could see a trainer sitting down having a picnic, only noticing it as his friend Jessica as they got closer.

“Hey Jessica. Do you mind if we join you” he asked, waiting for an answer before pulling out his picnic rug and laying it down, his Pokémon helping straighten it out before he flopped on the ground.

Breathing a relaxing sigh, Matthew watched as Aerodactyl flew into the tree, a bunch of Pidgey flying outwards. Looking up, Matthew noticed Aerodactyl's lack of attempt to catch them, glad to see his lesson about not catching 'prey' while in a public space was settling in, instead the fossil helping itself to the fruit the tree bore at the top.

Reaching back into his bag, Matthew pulled out his pic-a-nic basket (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJwgNs3BWYY) and set it down on the rug, handing out specific foods to his Pokémon; a freshly baked Bloomer (http://www.johndwyerbakery.co.uk/lib/img/main/bread/MainLargeBloomer.jpg), carrot and celery sticks, (http://swiftproduce.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/celery_and_carrot_sticks.145221345_std.jpg) Brazil Nuts, (http://img.ehowcdn.com/article-new/ehow/images/a04/lg/hf/shell-brazil-nuts-800x800.jpg) and a bag of trail-mix the first to be handed out. With each Pokémon happily scoffing down the selected foods, Matthew finally had a minute to turn and talk to Jessica.

“Wow, I see you've acquired some new Pokémon since we last met” he said, amazing at the new species Jessica had picked up, “Who are these little cuties then?”

Missingno. Master
21st November 2012, 5:55 AM
Meowth, Peeves, Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor: As Meowth became aware that what he had been saying had been overheard, he clapped his front paws to his mouth as Peeves gave him a look.

"And you the one who say you no think Keith want others to know yet," he said to Meowth.

"Eh, shut up," Meowth muttered to Peeves before glancing up at Connor. "Yeah, it's true," he added. "He told ya how he almost drowned when he were seven? He always left out a detail when he told dat story- he did drown, but came back ta life when da Pokemon dat saved him bumped inta him ta push him ta shore. 'Cept his soul was startin' ta turn into a Gastly, but when he were revived, it never changed back fer some reason. Long story short, he's one quarter Gastly. Dat's how he was able ta learn Shuppet language so quick. I even seen him make dat purple smoke like a Gastly, but it seems ta tire him out when he does it."

Peeves, meanwhile, fueled by curiosity, used his Foresight attack to glance into the Rose Garden, to see just what Keith and Coselle were getting up to...

Keith, Coselle: Keith hadn't expected Coselle's response to his answer, as she stated that she was a liar, and a dirty one. Unsure what to make of this statement, Keith watched as she walked towards the bench, and then she suddenly turned around, and before Keith could react, actually lifted him off the ground, their eyes maintaining constant contact the entire time. Her soft smile contradicted the vicious action, and though this action had certainly surprised Keith, he could not honestly say he had been scared. After stating that she liked to keep people on their toes... they kissed. She pulled him towards her, the violent, quick motion contrasted by the soothing tenderness as their lips met. Everything Coselle was doing contradicted everything else she did... And Keith was loving it. After a few seconds... or perhaps a few minutes... hard to tell... Coselle let Keith go- except not really. She still had him by the collar of his shirt as she laughed maniacally, and then she let go, throwing him onto the grass. Coselle stood over Keith, and the Poison-type trainer (a phrase which could now be taken in more ways than one, come to think of it) looked up at her- beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

Coselle then laughed, an eerie, jubilant laugh, as she suggested that maybe Keith might die tonight after all. Such a statement should have sent shivers down a sane man's spine, and indeed, it did so with Keith, though he was pretty sure this was for an entirely different reason. As Coselle then insinuated that they were being spied upon, Keith glanced around for a second, and thought he could spot the ear of a Minccino in one of the bushes before he was yanked back to his feet. Coselle made sure to brush some of the grass off of Keith as she said, in a rather nonchalant manner, that she is the only one who should have the privilege of hearing him scream.

"Let's go, then," Keith said to Coselle. He couldn't decide whether he was nervous or excited as to what Coselle had in store for him, so he settled for a somewhat bizarre mixture of both, though leaning just a tad more towards excited. He was starting to gather that with Coselle, it was best to expect the unexpected. Oh, yes, this relationship was sure to be interesting.

And Keith liked interesting.

21st November 2012, 6:40 AM
((And now for a short break from your regularly scheduled FEEEEELS and controversy~))

Kin strode lightly into the park, perplexity momentarily crossing his face as he took in the smooth, manicured grasses.
"I... I thought the pictures looked different?" Glancing around in confusion, he finally shrugged and spaded his hands into his pockets. "Nature- Unpredictable as it is beautiful." Flicking his wrists both loosely and suddenly, four pulses of light burst from his figures, forming into four distinct shapes. The first rains onto his shoulder, the light exploding to reveal a cherry-like creature similar in size to the trainer's head. The second formed a small distance away from the rest of the explosions, quickly forming a small black cat who passively studied the grass between her paws. The third took shape close to it's origin, generating an equine figure much larger than the previous creatures, about equal in height to his trainer, if not a bit taller. The final burst of light materialized extremely close to it's origin, the resultant fan-like creature almost huddling against it's trainer's leg. The four turned expectantly towards their trainer with the exception of the black kitten. Smiling, Kin gestured towards the entirety of the park.

"Okay, guys. I want you all to get to know some other pokemon. I may be your trainer, but that doesn't mean I'm some kind of replacement for social experience. Go out and socialize with others you can actually communicate with, hmm? And, yes, Nihilia, Checkers, that includes you." With the last line, he nodded in turn first to the cat then to the rotor. Nihilia slowly wandered off who-knows-where, whereas Checkers hesitated for a moment before floating off, casting glances back towards her team. The equine nodded their approval before trotting off. The cherry made to jump to the floor, but Kin wordlessly held his hand up to stop them, triggering an odd look from the red pixie. Kin grinned before nodding towards the lake.

"I think I'm going to explore the lake. And I can't very well do that without a partner, now can I? So, Sundance, what say we rustle up some treasures?" Sundance replied with what could only really be described as a chirp, gripping onto Kin's arm so as not to take a tumble when his trainer inexplicably and inexorably skipped his way down to the lake and the group relaxing in it's shallows.

"Hellooo~! What's everyone gathered around here for?"
"I... I think he's trying to socialize. Maybe? Can't really tell with that attempt."

Checkers glanced around the clearing, carefully searching for a way out of this crazy plan. But... she had promised her trainer she would try, and so- Suddenly, a familiar pulse crossed her consciousness, knocking her immobile for a brief moment. "B... Brothers...?" Struck by this almost lightning-like aura, she quietly made her way to the picnic casting delectable smells in every direction.

Nihilia quietly contemplated the loud sounds of mixed excitement of various varieties emanating from the group centered around the Meowth. It seemed a good idea to simply observe at this point- if she was in any way causing an inconvenience, she knew she would be informed in due time.

Caliel (aka the Equine)
Caliel carefully came to a stop by the group primarily composed of steels, carefully slowing as to not trample any of the somewhat-smaller species underfoot. "Hello," he gracefully began "My name is Caliel. If it would not trouble you, I would be most pleased to make your acquaintance."

Missingno. Master
21st November 2012, 6:59 AM
Hermione, Caliel, Rawk, Max, Himiko, Kilo, Totsuka, Arondight: As Hermione awaited an answer to her question from the Shadow Zangoose, a Girafarig made its way over to the group and introduced himself as Caliel. "It's very nice to meet you, Caliel," Hermione said. "You're a Girafarig, aren't you? Excuse me, but I've sometimes found myself wondering about the second head on a Girafarig's tail... is there a brain? Can it think, and if so, does it think what you think, or does it think independently? Please excuse me if I'm asking too many questions, but there's just so much for me to learn!"

Peeves, Meowth, Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor: Peeves stopped his Foresight, having observed Keith and Coselle's... ahem... interactions with each other, up until the point where she had stated that they should take their... activities elsewhere. "Wow," he muttered. "I never think to expect that."

"What? What's goin' on, Peeves?" Meowth asked.

"It happening between them," Peeves stated. "They in love. I see them kiss. She a little rough with him, but it unmistakably love."

"Wow," Meowth murmured. "Dat's so beautiful... He's part Gastly, she's a Banette. Seems fittin', don't it?"

"It kinda do, yeah," Peeves nodded.

21st November 2012, 7:40 AM
Hermione, Caliel, Rawk, Max, Himiko, Kilo, Totsuka, Arondight:
Caliel appreciatively nodded as the Weedle's questions multiplied, a smile noticeably marking his face before he replied.
"Ah, so many questions! You remind me a bit of my trainer in that." His smile vanished for a moment as his expression turned pensive, and his colours seemed almost to visibly darken.
"My trainer tells me that my tail does indeed have a 'brain'... But I can tell you from personal experience that it most certainly can think. A bit too much, at times. Whether it thinks the same things as me... is a bit complicated. As much as I would like to say that it does not, it... must be said that, to a certain degree, we are the same being. Yet..." Caliel trails off, seemingly becoming enrapt in his own thoughts for a few moments before regaining control of his senses, blinking once before grinning back at his inquisitor.
"Sorry about that. I had a little... Ah, never you mind. It's nothing. Was there anything else you wished to know?"

21st November 2012, 9:10 AM
Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor, Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Blueberry, Waffle, Gadget, Matthew, Crim, Deckard, Septu, Eir, Sól, Pontos, Enyo, Ares:

Blueberry mulled over Gadget's garbled apology and offer to mow their bakery's lawn for a moment, then nodded in approval and proffered a plate full of flower-shaped cookies. She shared a look with Waffle as they watched Gadget devour the sweets. They both beamed and shrugged, deciding not to tell the little lawnmower that Jessica's Base was on the beach, where there was no grass to grow or graze.

Jessica grinned as Gadget answered her question, and though he appeared to be making an effort to speak slowly, Waffle still found it hard to keep up with his fast-paced brother. The girl got the gist of most of it though.

"Glad to hear miss Coselle is taking good care of you. Yes, I do go on Adventures. Not as many these days though. I recently came back from a trip to Cascadia with my Snorunt though, where I met and stayed with miss Stacey. Have you heard of her? She was actually a student under Marion's mentorsip at one point. Now she's a major member of the Fizzytopian government."

At that point, Meowth came back, seeming stunned. His expression was pale (despite his already white coat), as if he had just seen a ghost. He took a moment to confer privately with Peeves, who exclaimed something in astonishment. Jessica cocked an eyebrow, but considered it prudent not to pry given what they had already revealed. Heck, she wasn't sure she could take any more surprises today.

Meanwhile, Connor was addressing her, and she alerted in haste, finding it more difficult to focus on carrying a human conversation when she was so used to sequestering herself with creatures. He seemed to sense her distress, and asked whether anything was wrong.

"Ah, no... It's nothing. Don't worry about it." Jessica bit her lip, hoping she hadn't tipped him off to the situation. Luckily, he was soon distracted by Gadget and Sewaddle. Jessica laughed lightly as Connor watched the Rotom’s energized antics in amazement, happy to have so many lively Pokémon on her side - even if one of them wasn't really hers.

"Coselle is Marion's older sister," she corrected hastily, thankful for the opportunity to set the matter “straight” and steer him away from the truth. “She’s looking after Marion’s affairs while she’s in the hospital.”

Connor nodded, then graciously accepted Sewaddle’s crown, balancing it on his already oversized beanie. As he asked the others how he looked, Jessica giggled and said it suited him. Connor was about to thank the bug, but faltered and glanced to Jess to fill in the blank. She blushed in embarrassment once again.

“I, uh… Actually haven’t found a name for her yet. We’re waiting for the perfect one. …Got any suggestions?” She whispered.

At that moment, Meowth’s voice began to mechanically mount to its normal volume, his natural drawl drawing attention to himself.

“Yeah, I know, but see, apparently, when Keith was seven, he drowned at da beach at Cinnabar Island, but just two seconds or so after he died, dis Missingno. ting pushed him back to shore, and someting about how da shock from da impact got his heart goin' again. But see, apparently his soul was all set to turn into a Gastly and had started, but when he came back ta life, da little bit o' transformation his soul underwent never reversed itself. He's still three quarters human, just one quarter Gastly.”

At this point, everyone – even the humans – had stopped what they were doing and were now gaping at him. Well, excepting Sewaddle and Gadget, who seemed more preoccupied with sewing and sweets respectively. Meowth continued to blab on without even realizing his mistake. Finally, Connor spoke up to express his skepticism, and Meowth clapped his hands over his mouth as Peeves facepalmed.

Jessica, however, merely thought “Oh.” and turned away from the conversation, no longer interested in hearing beyond. To be honest, nothing they could say anymore would shock her. It certainly didn’t change her view of Keith any, though she had always thought there was something absurd abnormal about him. His so-called “secret” seemed almost silly to her. She sipped her drink quietly, deciding to let Keith and Miner- miss Coselle handle their own happiness, however they chose to. It wasn’t any of her business.

At that moment, Jessica heard a familiar voice call to her, and she looked up to see her old friend Matthew standing nearby. They shared a salutation, and she immediately granted his request to join her with his own blanket and pic-a-nic basket, relieved to have some company she already somewhat comfortable with to help take her mind off matters.

After he was settled, he looked to Jess and her new Pokémon, eager to catch up and make acquaintances. She nodded and pointed to each recent recruit in turn.

“This is Waffle and Blueberry,” she stated, referring to Rotom-H and Drifloon. Waffle wrote “H I” in the air, and Blueberry bowed before beckoning to her bread basket. “She says you can take some to supplement your meal if you want. We brought way too much.”

Sewaddle then sidled up with another couple sets of clothes: a trenchcoat for Deckard, little gloves for each of Lileep’s, Omanyte's, and Anorith's appendages, hats for Shieldon and Togepi, a sweater and boots similar to Kief’s for Crim, and another crown for Matthew himself. She even provided a pair of wing-warmers for when Aerodactyl came down, which she coated in special water-proof silk.

“And this here is Sewaddle. Still searching for a good nickname for her we can agree on. …Don’t suppose you have any suggestions?” she asked again, a hint of desperation in her voice. "By the way, it looks like you've got a bunch of new friends yourself. What are their names?"

Meowth, Minchi, Kanna, Kief, Keith, Coselle:

Meowth finally managed to catch up to the group, but they in fact hardly noticed, too engrossed by what was going on beyond the wall. Wondering what the fuss was about, he joined them at the peephole, and gasped at what he saw. When he heard the shutter click next to him, he swerved around and glared at Minchi, raising a paw to swipe the camera from her. She maintained the machine at arm’s length away from him, and as soon as he got close enough to try and make a grab, she tossed it over his shoulder for Kief to catch. Meowth spun around in anger and confusion, and Kief swiftly pitched to Kanna, who flailed and fumbled but somehow managed to hold onto the delicate instrument by its strap before it struck the ground. When Meowth rushed at her, she panicked and passed again to Minchi, and so the game of keepy-uppy/cat-in-the-middle continued for a while, much to Meowth’s growing frustration.

They all paused, however, when they heard the man’s voice rise, shouting with strength, even going so far to swear. Kanna’s precious ears turned pink at such foul language, but Minchi delighted as she ran back to peer through the hole. The man was proudly professing his love, the woman would have none of it. This went back and forth for a while, the cackling, the crying, the convincing, the call, and then… The kiss. Minchi quickly raised the camera, paw poised over the clicker…

A moment passed. She didn’t press. Instead, she lowered the device slowly and sighed. Meowth had already long since slipped away, and so only Kanna and Kief stared at her strangely.

“It’s, well, you know. No one would believe that a person who looked like a human in the picture was a Pokémon anyway,” she mumbled. “Besides, one is enough.” Though from her tone the others could tell she wasn’t really planning on doing anything with it. Plus, no one bothered to point out the fact that the photo could prove at least one of the participants was part-Pokémon.

“Anyway,” she piped up, “I’m hungry. Let’s head back.”

Kanna nodded, but hesitated. She glanced back at the clearing, where the woman was cleaning grass off the man’s body after throwing him down upon conclusion of the kiss. Kanna wasn’t sure what to make of most of what either of them had said and done – but one thing was for sure – that man had tremendous courage to confess his feelings in such a pure, heartfelt manner. If she could work up that kind of confidence…

Minchi sensed her friend’s hesitation, and smirked, smacking the Furret’s spine hard to practically push her into the puzzled Zigzagoon. Kanna squealed in protest, but Minchi merely winked, mouthing “Good luck,” followed by “I’ll go on ahead. See you guys back there,” in a whisper. She then scampered off out of sight, but stopped around the corner to spy on the scene and lend support if necessary.

Kanna shuffled shyly in muteness for a minute, digging her paws in the dirt as Kief waited patiently for her to speak. She thought long and hard, choosing her phrases carefully. Eventually she opened her mouth, still stumbling over the words. In fact her stutter was even worse than usual.

“U-um, Kief… S-say, we’ve b-been together f-for a long time now, haven’t we? I-I was w-wondering if you would…”

From behind the bush, Minchi stretched out her paw in a thumbs-up. Kanna smiled and straightened, emboldening beautifully.

“What I mean to say is, I wanted to ask if you would be willing to… Go on a… Er… Sometime... With me…” She trailed off again, faltering as she poked her paws together, and Minchi bit her fur, crossing her fingers and toes as far as she could, begging her friend to please persist…

Kanna closed her eyes and bowed her head, saying the following in one breath. “Kiefwouldyoupleasegooutwith-”

Before she could finish, a whistle blew through the air. It wasn’t loud, in fact it was coming from far-off in the distance, so neither “human” could have heard it (if they were even still there). But the three creatures’ sensitive ears all picked up on it. Kief especially. He perked up his nose and sniffed in the direction of the sound’s source, and barked loudly, completely forgetting he was supposed to be silent. He began bounding immediately back towards the park, barely brushing past Minchi as she promptly pressed up against the flowers to avoid being seen, her camouflage actually seeming to work – or else he simply didn’t notice her in his excitement. Kanna was left gazing sadly after his footprints on the fresh-trimmed path. Minchi slipped out and approached her friend, patting the poor Furret’s back to soothe.

“Boys, huh?” she sighed sarcastically. Kanna shook her head, her face simultaneously softening and strengthening. Kief’s carefree nature was what made her fall for him after all. The girls exchanged expressions, and burst into mirth. Linking paws, Kanna leaned on Minchi’s shoulder as the latter led her brokenhearted best friend back to the picnic for some brownie-binging (if there were any left, that is).

OoC – It’s 4AM and this feels like a good stopping point so I’ll just post this now. ^^; There were some other things I wanted to include from the most recent posts but I’ll incorporate those next time. *watch me always be behind* Once Thanksgiving break is over I definitely think I'll be dropping out. It's been fun but RF is definitely not for me. =x

21st November 2012, 4:16 PM
Hermione, Caliel, Rawk, Max, Himiko, Kilo, Totsuka, Arondight:
As the group awaited for the probably feast, a Girafarig named Caliel came to introduce herself. Hermione, curious, quickly asked her a bunch of questions which the equine answered politely. As she asked if she had any more interrogations, Himiko slipped a few question marks of her own, feeling a supernatural connection with her.

"You are a Psychic Pokémon, like me, right?" She elegantly wagged her forked tail. "I became one only recently; before my evolution, I didn't have all those powers, and I'm still not used to them either," she blushed. "It's the first time I meet another of my new type, so... do you have any pointers for one just starting to use telekinesis, mind-reading and whatnot?"

Missingno. Master
21st November 2012, 4:28 PM
Hermione, Caliel, Rawk, Max, Himiko, Kilo, Totsuka, Arondight: Hermione listened with interest as the Girafarig explained that the second head had a mind of its own, and seemed to struggle to find the words to describe whether it thought the same things that the main head did. After seeming to have to think about something for a moment, Caliel asked whether Hermione had any more questions. The Weedle wasn't sure where to begin- she probably had a billion questions for the Girafarig, but she eventually settled on one. "So, something I was wondering... Do you- I mean, you and your second head, do- can the two of you converse with each other? My trainer has a Weezing, and their two heads can think independently, but they seem to have telepathic capabilities- most Weezing, apparently, only use their telepathy to allow their two heads to synchronize their thoughts and speak to each other, but his Weezing can telepathically communicate with others. Anyway, I was wondering how similar of a case yours was to theirs, I suppose."

Hebenon, Meowth, Peeves, Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor: The commotion on shore did not escape the notice of the Qwilfish (it easily escaped the notice of Pisces, as the Blue-Striped Basculin continued to munch on the Bouffalant carcass), who excused himself from the present company, took a look to make sure that Pisces would be adequately occupied by her meal for the time being, and Teleported over to where Meowth and Peeves were.

"OK, what's going on?" Hebenon asked his teammates.

"Man, youse wouldn't believe us if we told ya," Meowth said, shaking his head.

"Try me," Hebenon replied. "You'd be surprised how much I can believe."


"I don't believe it," Hebenon stated.

"Didn't I tell ya youse wouldn't?" Meowth snapped. "It's true, da whole ting."

"You expect me to believe that not only is our trainer part Gastly, but that he is in love with a Banette that tried to kill him?" demanded Hebenon.

"I told ya, she didn't try ta kill him," Meowth replied. "Dat's just da conclusion everyone done jumped to."

"I see them kiss," Peeves added. "I see it myself."

Hebenon was silent for a second as he allowed these facts to sink in. It was a lot to take in. It didn't have any kind of negative impact on what he thought of his trainer, of course... Keith had taken the Qwilfish in when nobody else was gonna. More than that, he stuck with the Qwilfish in spite of all manner of pressure from other trainers, even going so far as to somehow working out a method of holding him in his arms. Part Gastly or not, in love with a psychotic Banette or not, Hebenon still knew that Keith was the best trainer a Qwilfish could want. But still, this was a lot to take in all at once! At last, he spoke up.

"I think we should just be glad Keith didn't bring Sirius here," Hebenon said. "That Mightyena doesn't trust Minerva one bit. One whiff of her and he'd have been off, and would not stop growling at her- and that's a best-case scenario."

"Her real name Coselle," Peeves said. "That name she have when she alive, back when she human. That name Keith call her now. I think that what we all should call her now."

"Very well," Hebenon said. Then the brief silence was broken by the Qwilfish's stomach growling. "Sorry," Hebenon added. "Hopefully next time Keith packs a picnic lunch, he waits until after returning Pisces to her Poke Ball. You two weren't here when Goyle evolved into Victreebel, were you? That was a nightmare, and it's like that all over again. Good thing Basculin are a little smaller and more manageable than Victreebel... So, any good food around here?"

"Why you no say so?" Peeves said. "Follow me."

Peeves, Meowth, Hebenon, Jessica, Sewaddle, Blueberry, Waffle, Gadget: Peeves and Meowth made their way back over to where Jessica and her Pokemon (plus Gadget) were, and Hebenon Teleported there immediately.

"Are you sure about this?" asked the Qwilfish. "It'll be all right if we take some of their food?"

"Dey had no problem with us takin' some," Meowth replied. "Heck, dat Drifloon practically forced me ta eat da desserts. I ain't complainin', though, dat was some good stuff.

"Oh, yes, this Hebenon, he our trainer's Qwilfish," Peeves said to Jessica, introducing Hebenon to her. "It OK if he have some food too? No worry, he no eat as much as me... Though if you think I bad, be glad my trainer no bring his Gulpin, his Victreebel, or his Vileplume. Compared to them, I light eater."

22nd November 2012, 5:31 AM
Meowth, Peeves, Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor, Jessica, Sewaddle: After Meowth had explained to him one more time about Keith's situation, Connor just sat back down from his position, unsure of what to say as he tried to take in what he had just said. "I... see," was all he could say at this point. It was clear that the photographer had been surprised at all this as he placed his hand on his head, trying to make sense of it all. When that didn't work, he tried to find something, anything, to distract him, he shook his head and turned back to Jessica who had explained to him about Coselle and Marion. "Oh, I see. She's still not feeling well huh? I feel bad for not even finding the time to pay her a visit recently, even though I know they wouldn't let visitors in... I know I've been busy trying to make money to set up my own photo studio, but still..." he frowned as he patted Gaspard on the head, doing so made him feel comforted a bit and smile. Jessica had then asked Connor for any suggestions for her Sewaddle's name. "A name? Hmm, let's see..." When it came to names, it usually takes Connor a while to think of one and when he does, it was usually out of the ordinary. "How about... Elza? Rhonda? Karen? Orelia? Isadora? ...no good?" he said to her.

Missingno. Master
22nd November 2012, 12:03 PM
Keith, Connor, Meowth: A fair amount of time had passed since Keith and Coselle had left the Rose Garden... now, Keith returned to the main area of the park, by himself. His clothes looked a little more wrinkled and disheveled than usual, a couple of mild bruises were visible on his arms, and he was sore nearly all over, but damned if he wasn't in the best mood of his life! There was a smile on his face and a spring in his step as he re-entered the park, and looked around. He then saw Connor and walked over. "Hey, Connor!" Keith said. "Didn't see you here before! Good to see you. Ohhhh, it is a beautiful day!" he exclaimed, unable to stop grinning. Of course, it should be obvious that it's not the weather that's gotten Keith in such a good mood. Indeed, his... *ahem* activities with Coselle were still fresh in his mind. "See the Rotom over there, the Mow Rotom?" Keith asked, pointing at Gadget. "Well, I had seen him when I first got here, and when he zoomed off like that, I wanted to see who his trainer was. So I followed him... turns out he's Marion's, but he's being looked after by her sister while she's in the hospital... Marion's condition is improving, by the way, I heard," Keith added. "You ever met her sister? Coselle? So anyway, she and I got to talking..." he gave a modest chuckle before continuing. "Well, I'm not gonna say it was love at first sight, or at least not for her, not exactly... well, hard to tell with her, she's interesting like that... But I'm just gonna say that... heh... she and I..." Keith winked, and said no more on this. "Wish she would've returned to the park with me, only she wanted to go and visit Marion in the hospital. I would've come with her, only apparently they're only allowing family members to visit at the moment."

"Hey! Keith!" Meowth exclaimed as he ran over to greet his trainer. "Hey, so... How'd tings go wit Coselle?"

Keith merely grinned and winked. Meowth got the idea and nodded knowingly. Keith then turned back to Connor. "So, Connor, I see you got Gaspard and Eleanor with you. What other Pokemon did you bring? I'd be careful about letting any of your Water-types into that lake," he added, glancing at Pisces, and resolving to not ask where she got the Bouffalant carcass. "My Blue-Striped Basculin's in there, and, well... she enjoys to hunt. She's a predator through and through, and not a very picky one, either. Hebenon can usually keep her in line, so there's no real cause for concern," he assured him. "Aside from Meowth, Hebenon, and Pisces- that's the Basculin- I also brought Peeves, Hermione,- my Weedle- and Pomona."

22nd November 2012, 11:48 PM
Keith, Connor, Meowth, Gaspard, Eleanor, Sewaddle - Connor had been lost in thought in thinking of names for the Sewaddle that he was startled to hear a familiar voice behind him. He turned around to see none other than Keith who looked rather beaten up... and at the same time, had never been more happy in his life. Naturally, Connor was surprised to see him like this. "K-Keith? Hey, what happened to you man?! You look like you've been trampled by a Bouffalant! Why do you look like that?!" he exclaimed as Keith seemed to have told him about how it was his happiest day of his life... which only confused the young photographer even more. He had then explained to him about the Mow Rotom and Coselle being Marion's sister, "Yeah, I know. Jessica told me. I haven't seen her yet though... Marion's recovering now huh? That's good to hear," he gave out a sigh of relief when he heard the news. He then broke out the news about him and Coselle dating-which earned rather nervous looks from Gaspard and Eleanor and yet went unnoticed by Connor-and this only earned him a nod from Connor as he was still rather distracted by the bruises and Meowth's words from earlier. "I see... good for you then huh? Congrats," he simply said to him. Meowth's words echoed through Connor one more time:

"...He always left out a detail when he told dat story- he did drown, but came back ta life when da Pokemon dat saved him bumped inta him ta push him ta shore. 'Cept his soul was startin' ta turn into a Gastly, but when he were revived, it never changed back fer some reason. Long story short, he's one quarter Gastly."

He was so lost in thought that he only barely heard what Keith had said afterwards, "Oh, the lake? Um... I brought Marco, my shiny Octillery, with me. I think he's in there. Lamont, my Poliwag, is in the Pokemon Center after doing some training with him. Marco seems to have taken some interest in him... hey Keith?" he had asked a question when he faced his Meowth seeming thinking about something but then hesistated, "...never mind. I forgot what I was going to say. Ehehe..." he gave out a nervous laugh. He didn't see Keith any different from before finding out about his secret, aside from being covered up in bruises, so why was he troubled over that fact? He did not know the answer himself...

Missingno. Master
23rd November 2012, 12:45 AM
Keith, Connor, Meowth, Gaspard, Eleanor, Sewaddle: "Oh, these?" Keith chuckled as Connor pointed out his bruises. "Nothing to worry about," he reassured Connor. Keith did notice, however, that Connor seemed rather distracted by something as Keith was revealing the news about him and Coselle. Meowth noticed this too, and unlike Keith, had a pretty good idea as to what was distracting him. Connor made to ask him a question, but after a moment's hesitation, seemed to decide against it, stating that he had forgotten what he was going to say. Keith looked at Connor for a second, and then glanced at Meowth, who was looking somewhat guilty. Then, Keith shut his eyes and sighed for a second as he pieced two and two together. Coselle had mentioned that there might be others listening in, back at the Rose Garden... Keith had thought it was just a Minccino, but now he had a shrewd feeling that that wasn't the only Normal-type that overheard his talk with Coselle.

"Meowth?" Keith asked calmly.

"What Gastly DNA?!" Meowth said, reacting as if shocked. "I don't know nuttin' about no... about..." Meowth facepalmed.

"You overheard me in the garden," Keith said.

"Yeah, well, maybe if yer Duskull'd learn ta keep his big fat mouth shut-"

"Excuse me," Peeves said suddenly, floating over at the commotion. "I seem remember it you who no know meaning of word 'whisper'."

"Takes one ta know one," Meowth retorted. "Twice I whispered stuff in yer ear, and twice youse repeated it in da form of a very loud exclamation!"

"It very surprising news!" Peeves said defensively.

"OK, OK, that's enough," Keith said. "Now come on, guys, stop fighting. What's done is done. I'm not saying this is the way I'd have chosen other people to find out that I'm one fourth Gastly, but I was getting a little tired of keeping the whole thing secret anyway."

"Hey- what happen you, anyway?" Peeves asked suddenly. "You look like you run over by Graveler."

Keith sighed. "Like I just told Connor here, I'm fine."

"You no look fine," Peeves said stubbornly. "You look like you try steal food from hungry Slaking."


"You look like you got new job teach anger management classes for Primeape."


"You look like-"

"Peeves!" Keith exclaimed sharply. "I get the idea!"

"So answer question," Peeves said.

"Well," Keith said, a grin involuntarily creeping back up onto his face, "I'm not the kind of person who goes into detail about this kind of thing, but I'll just say that things got a little... shall we say... intense... between me and Coselle, and we'll just leave it at that OK?"

"...Oh," Peeves said lamely. "Well, why you no just say that?"

"What part of 'I'm not the kind of person who goes into detail about this kind of thing' did you not understand?"

"...Oh. Right," Peeves said. Meowth facepalmed.

Keith turned back to face Connor. "So, I guess my secret's out," he said sheepishly. "Was that what you were gonna ask about, by the way?" he added, having a shrewd suspicion that Connor didn't really forget what he was about to ask.

23rd November 2012, 6:15 AM
Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor, Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Blueberry, Waffle, Gadget, Matthew, Ares, Septu, Eir, Sól, Pontos, Enyo, Crim, Deckard, Checkers, Hebenon:

In answer to her question, Connor rattled off a list of names off the top of his head, and Jessica mulled them over carefully. None of them really seemed to click though, and so she shook her head, thanking him politely nonetheless.

Just then, Jessica heard a hum, followed by a mild breeze that stirred her hair slightly. Turning, she found a familiar-looking fan hovering near the picnic, sparking with joy upon seeing her brothers. Jessica smiled.

“Hi! Would you like to join us? Where’s your trainer?”

As soon as she spoke, there followed a bright flash, and all of a sudden a Qwilfish was sitting close by, startling Jess. As its beady eyes stared at her, she wondered where and how it had come from, or for that matter how it could survive out of water. Meowth and Peeves were quick to introduce the creature as Hebenon. Ah, so he’s another one of Keith’s Pokémon. That would explain it. Jessica hid a smirk, having certainly heard of the (in)famous fish and his abundant arsenal of abnormal abilities. She shifted to make room for both visitors, noting how crowded the cloth was quickly becoming, as Sewaddle set to work making more clothes. (With this much practice, soon she could probably open her own business.)

Suddenly, a bark sounded, and Kief came bounding up the hill. Rather than returning to his trainer, he made a beeline for Matthew’s blanket, colliding into Crim and rolling with the other raccoon in the grass. Kief grinned and wagged his tail, inviting his doppelganger to play. Jessica giggled, then glanced around in search of the girls.

“Say, Kief. Where are Kanna and Minchi? Weren’t they with you?”

Kanna, Minchi, Matthew, Ares:

“Are- Are we lost?”

“Of course not! …I’m sure it’s this way.”

“…We’re lost, aren’t we?”

“Oh hey, look! There are some stairs here!”

“We’re lost.”

Minchi sweatdropped, as Kanna sighed. Had she not already spent most of her tears crying her heart out earlier, she would’ve surely broken down in sobs right about now. Still, it hurt to think she might not get to see Kief again, or Jess, or Atzu and the others… She sniffed and simply curled up into a ball, giving up on the prospect of ever getting home.

“Oh no you do~on’t!” Minchi exclaimed as she lifted the Furret’s face and tried to (lightly) slap some sense into her. “You can’t keep feeling sorry for yourself forever! There are plenty of other Magikarp in the sea!” Her friend only dangled listlessly from her arms however, and Minchi heaved in slight exasperation as she hefted the limp creature up on her own back. …Well, she supposed it served her right considering she had received a free ride earlier. It was her turn to return the favor. “Come on, let’s at least go see what’s up there. Look, that sign says ‘To Observation Deck’. It’ll give us a view of the whole park, so we’ll surely be able to spot the picnic.”

Minchi half-dragged, half-supported Kanna up the steps, taking short rests every now and then. Eventually the two made it up to the top of the cliff, where they collapsed in a heap.

“There – huff – that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Minchi gasped with a grin. Kanna slowly raised her head, and her eyes widened.

“Something’s coming!” she screamed, sitting bolt upright. “It’s huge! It looks like a dragon! OhmygoshitsgonnaeatuswhatdowedowhatdowedoHEEELP!” She started wailing.

“Hush, hurry and hide over here! Quick, get down!” Minchi grabbed Kanna’s hand and pushed her towards a tree, tucking her own tail behind it just in time as an Aerodactyl alighted upon the platform, the wind from its wings nearly blowing the two away had they not hung onto some low branches. A boy slid off the creature’s back, and Minchi breathed in relief upon realizing it was tame, but continued to watch warily. The youth removed a ball from his bag, before releasing it and raising a foot to shatter the silver against the stones. He shared a few sorrowful words with the Rock Pokémon, who shook its head and cawed, planting itself permanently. The boy blinked, then beamed, withdrawing another blue ball to reclaim his prehistoric pal, christening it anew. Once its trainer had climbed aboard again, the creature spread its wings and shot flames of glory into the air. While Kanna ducked and covered, Minchi quickly raised the camera and grabbed a snapshot of the beautiful scene. The proud pair then took off, leaving Minchi and Kanna in awe of Aerodactyl’s power. Once its silhouette was out of sight, the two crawled out cautiously.

“Aw, wasn’t that sweet? They turned out to not be so scary, huh?” Minchi gushed as she looked over the gorgeous photo she had taken.

Kanna merely nodded meekly. Then, after a moment: “Hey, Minchi.”

“Hm?” Minchi spun around, glad to hear her companion speaking again. “What is it? Feeling better?”

“Maybe we should’ve asked if they could’ve given us a ride.”

Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor, Peeves, Jessica, Sewaddle, Blueberry, Waffle, Gadget, Matthew, Crim, Deckard, Septu, Eir, Sól, Pontos, Enyo, Ares, Checkers, Hebenon, Keith:

Before Jessica could go look for the gals, she was distracted by another voice calling out. This time it was Keith, appearing rather disheveled but otherwise in high spirits. As he came close and addressed Connor, Jessica quietly noted a few bruises on the boy’s arms, but made no comment. The mention of Marion’s improved condition caught her attention however. Jessica hoped this meant she might be able to visit her friend soon. She wanted to ask more but Keith continued hinting happily – and heavily – about his rendezvous with Coselle, plus he seemed more preoccupied speaking to Connor than her. Feeling uncomfortable and left out of the loop as usual, she stood to make room for all the new arrivals and approached Matthew’s spread instead. Spotting a white Frisbee lying to the side, an idea occurred to her.

“Hey, do you guys want to play a game with me and Kief?” she pointed to the disc and nodded towards the two roughhousing raccoons. “I’m not very good at throwing though… Or catching,” she corrected, scuffing her shoes in the soil. Still, she wished he would accept. Even if she ended up embarrassing herself, at least it would help take her mind off the awkwardness hanging in the air.

As for Minchi and Kanna, she figured they were probably all right. The former took sass from no one, and definitely wouldn’t let anything bad happen to the latter. For that Jessica was grateful Kanna finally had a (female) friend she could count on. Kief and her were close, of course, having both belonged to the same trainer before being traded to Jess, but when it came to some things the little guy just had no clue. Typical male behavior, she thought – not that she knew much about these matters herself. Anyway, it might even do the Furret some good to be out on her own for a bit, without relying on Jessica to fuss over and protect her all the time. Sometimes a little trust could travel a long way to building character and confidence. …At least that’s what she’d been told.

Missingno. Master
23rd November 2012, 1:07 PM
Keith, Pomona, Jessica, Matthew, Peeves, Meowth: As Jessica got up and moved off to another part of the park, Keith started feeling a little bad about leaving her out of the conversation. Before he could think any more on this, though, a blue-green blur dashed past him- Keith looked, and as Jessica was suggesting the idea of a game of Frisbee, his Ivysaur Pomona had somehow heard it from wherever she had been in the park, and had already grabbed the disc in her mouth and was jumping up and down excitedly.

"Wha- Pomona," Keith sighed. "Excuse me a sec," he added to Connor as he walked over to where his Ivysaur was. "Now come on, what did I tell you about just jumping in like that?"

Pomona giggled sheepishly, albeit in a muffled voice, the disc still in her mouth.

"Sorry," Keith added to Jessica. "Pomona here is very playful. She's kind of a handful at times, but you couldn't ask for a kinder, sweeter, and more lovable Ivysaur. Also... Sorry about kinda leaving you out of the conversation back there," he added, somewhat sheepishly. "I mean, I don't normally leave others out like that, but it's been... heh... a pretty exciting day for me," he said, grinning once again. 'Anyway, yeah, sorry about that. Good to see you again, Jessica," Keith said. He then turned to see another trainer, another one he remembered... from somewhere. After thinking for a second, Keith suddenly remembered, this was the guy who had emerged from the bar's bathroom and had absolutely no memory of the previous year. They hadn't talked much before he had had to leave the bar. "Oh, hi," Keith added. "Matthew, right?"

At this moment, Peeves and Meowth followed Keith over. "I just want say thanks again for food," Peeves said to Jessica. "It all very good."

"Peeves- have you guys been pestering other trainers for food?" Keith asked.

"No my fault," Peeves said defensively. "I hungry, and you no should pack picnic before return you Basculin to it Poke Ball."

Keith opened his mouth as if to argue, then closed it again. "Alright, yeah, good point," he conceded. "I figured Pisces would leave it alone given it wasn't trying to swim away from her."

"She ain't dat picky," Meowth said, shaking his head. "She's like Crabbe wit fins and teeth."

Keith shrugged, unable to really argue with that comparison. "I hope Meowth didn't freak you out too badly, what with his ability to talk," he said to Jessica. "Catches a lot of people by surprise at first."

24th November 2012, 4:44 AM
Being introduced to each of Jessica's Pokémon one by one Matthew Brown greeted each with a friendly smile; impressed at the Rotom's electronic communication while taking a slice of bread from the Drifloon's basket. The young man carefully bit down on the bread, conserving its flavour and feeling the smooth, fresh texture on his tongue as the rich and powerful flavors rolled off his palate.

“I'm certainly no expert Blueberry but you should consider selling this, it's fantastic!” he commented, looking back to his own Pokémon munching down on his food wondering if they felt the same of his cooking skills. “Maybe you could give me a lesson so I could become a better chef one day?”

As he finished, the small caterpillar creature crawled up beside him carrying a massive amount of clothes. With gifts for each of his team Matthew grinned from ear to ear at the Pokémon's impressive ability, calling over each of his team-mates to receive such wonderful gifts. With Porygon first, the electronic prism Pokémon the first to try on its outfit, beeping with happiness at its trench-coat as it spun in the air, catching the tails flap in the wind as it did so.

With Porygon very much satisfied with its clothing, next came the turn of Anorith, Omanyte and Lileep; each receiving little gloves for each of their appendage and each appreciating the warm such gloves gave them, Lileep waving her tentacles in the air (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3JkCCQ2EFY) in gratitude. With them complete, Matthew helped the Sewaddle put on little hats for Togepi and Shieldon, both meeping in happiness as Togepi waved its arms around causing Matthew to pick it up and hold it close to his body.

For Crim, however, the caterpillar had crafted a special gift; a sweater and boots combination similar to Jessica's, Matthew helping put them on the troublesome Zigzagoon as it wagged its tail at the gift, eagerly and curiously sniffing each boot before finding its tail then chasing it round in circles. Matthew laughed aloud at the Tiny Raccoon's behavior, such energy from such a young Pokémon exerting life back into the what could be considered slow team of fossils. Turning round, Matthew was presented with a final gift; a crown to which he placed on his head, bowing on one knee (http://youtu.be/WSimQs9YxSU?t=16s) as he accepted it, profusely thanking the Sewaddle for its gifts, before collecting the Aerodactyl wings.

“I'm sure Hauser will love them but he's a bit tied up eating fruit it would seem” he chuckled, knowing his Aerodactyl enough to know when not to disturb him “I will make sure to put them on when he is done though. Thank you very much, they're all great”

He turned to Jessica as she asked for name suggestions but was forced to shake his head in defeat, unable to think of anything.

“I'm afraid I can't think of any names, I'm actually pretty poor at it. My own team have been through the renaming process enough times” he stated, nervously glancing down to his Rhyperior twice renamed and now called Murdoch. He glanced around his team and ushered them forward, introducing each one, starting with ones who had recently been renamed.

“This is Deckard and Crim, Hauser you know in the tree” he said, referring to the Porygon still hovering up and down at amazement of its coat tails, the Zigzagoon still chasing its tail and the Aerodactyl scoffing down pear-like fruits in the tree she had picked out, “And you remember the rest of the gang. They haven't had name changes yet but we're working on it”

He smiled as he turned to his team, each one waiting for a new name, but with so many to pick Matthew had decided to give it a little time, telling each Pokémon they would earn their nickname through various accomplishments, and a change of Pokéball. As he thought about it, however, he heard a voice to his left, one suggesting names where he could not. Alarmed, Matthew turned round to a trainer around the age of 14 offering nickname advice, Matthew having completely missed his presence in his rush to put feed his Pokémon.

“My sincere apologies, sir, I must've missed you sitting there” he said, scooting along the mat to reach over before offering a handshake, “The name's Matthew Brown, how do you do?”

As he did, Matthew heard a crackle of leaves underfoot turning his head to spot a familiar face, one more bruised and battered from the last time they had met but a familiar face none the less. Struggling to remember his name, the thought finally popped as he recalled their encounter at the bar.

“Kieth, how do you do?” he said, ignoring all the bruises as the trainer moved with a skip in his step. “Sorry about the bar, I got really drunk on then I can't remember what happened. I just woke up with a headache in my base the next morning”

Matthew chuckled to himself as the Zigzagoon finally stopped chasing its tail, sticking out its tongue and panting as Matthew moved back to his bag, rooting around at the bottom before bringing out a bowl, filling it with water and putting it down for Crim to lap up. As he did, he seemingly missed the commotion and talk behind all the talking between trainers and the cries of Pokémon smiling as he embraced the warm weather and beautiful atmosphere, closing his eyes.

It did not last long, however, as the trainer was awoken by a bark from a fair distance away, Matthew opening both eyes and wondering what Crim had done now, already mentally preparing to go get the rapscallion from trouble. Despite his preconceptions, it was not Crim who was the source of the bark but another Zigzagoon, one dressed in black boots, a sweater and a Team Pocket hat, the burning red emblem a sign of mischievous trouble for sure.

Expecting the Pokémon Matthew knew as Kief to head straight for its trainer, he was surprised as it began running towards his blanket, colliding with Crim and causing both Raccoon tumbling into a roll. Matthew giggled as Crim was spat out of the tumble backward facing, leaving a confused look on the Pokémon who was just lapping up water. Turning, Crim cocked its head at the doppelganger Pokémon before planting its forefeet on the ground, raising its butt (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-1-cGOtNGqR4/T_NA4Z082VI/AAAAAAAADQQ/C32cK1ysqKc/s1600/Vinlands+Wodin+18a,+7-3-12.jpg) before wagging its tail and jumping at the other Zigzagoon, overestimating the jump and flying over Kief's back, landing in a side-roll before bounding up and down and running to be chased.

Rubbing the back of his neck with relief that Crim found a friend, Matthew found himself smiling at the two Raccon's antics before Jessica spotted the Frisbee, asking if everyone wanted to play, but with apprehension to skill

“I'm certainly no master either, I just bought it this morning on my way to the park when I realised I didn't have any playthings” he said, “Every time it doesn't end up in a tree I consider it a good shot”

Picking up the Frisbee and placing himself far enough away to make it interesting but not too far away he couldn't hear anybody, finally throwing the disc with a deft flick of the wrist, slowly sending the Frisbee through the air.

“Heads up!”...

Dark Searchman
24th November 2012, 7:11 AM
Hyrem had heard a park was opened, but it took him a while to get himself out there. It was worth it, though; he had a picnic basket set up with all kinds of goodies for his Pokemon. Sera accompanied him, as usual, to start off with, but once they found a nice spot by the open lake Hyrem took out a Blue Cyber Ball, a Dragon Ball, and three regular Pokeballs. "Okay guys, time for a picnic!"

Out of one of the Pokeballs, comes a Chinchou, who was released into the clear water. "Chou!" Delilah says happily. It sure was a nice change of pace being in such a big lake instead of in the smaller aquarium at the bar. A Skarmory, Venipede, Purrloin, and Turtwig appear out of their capsules soon after. Aisa, the Venipede, crawls her way towards Hyrem's leg and looks up at him with soft eyes. "Heh, okay, I'll hold you in a sec, but we've gotta break out the food first, right?"

"Veni~!" she says happily as Hyrem opens up the basket to reveal nuts, fruit, fish, metal piping, all sorts of good eats for him and his Pokemon. "No need to rush, guys, just help yourself when you want to, there's plenty of stuff in here! So before you head off, say hi to Selina and Toby, they're your new teammates!"

Each of them exchange friendly greetings toward each other, then Icarus flies into the skies to see who he could turn into potential fans of him, while Delilah goes for a swim around the lake and Selina and Toby find someplace to rest. Sera and Aisa stick close by as Hyrem takes the little Venipede into his arms and cradles her like a baby. Aisa chitters happily while wriggling her tiny legs in her trainer's view. "Aw, you're really cute like this!" Hyrem said with a smile. Sera gives Hyrem a warm orange color in his head, making sure he remembered what the little Bug-type can get up to. "It's fine, Sera!" he said confidently. "As long as she doesn't start eating my hair, we'll be fine!"

Missingno. Master
24th November 2012, 8:00 AM
Pisces, Hebenon, Delilah: Pisces had just polished off the last of the Bouffalant carcass, and was now, almost inexplicably, hungry for a second course. And she could already smell a new presence in the lake... Silently she swam off, the Blue-Striped Basculin steadily picking up speed as she got nearer and nearer to the Chinchou... Faster... she opened her mouth wide... faster still... the Chinchou could very likely hear her now, but who cares? She was so close now it didn't matter-


Pisces found herself knocked way off course after something collided with her extremely forcefully. Once she regained her bearings, she swam back over, to see Hebenon, panting slightly from the force he had put into his Giga Impact, but looking very, very pissed off.

"What is it this ti-" she began.

"Silence," Hebenon interrupted in a deadly quiet tone, a fire burning in his eyes. "You just tried to eat my girlfriend. You don't get to talk anymore. Leave. Right. Now."

The Basculin shot an insolent glare at Hebenon before swimming off, grumbling to herself. Hebenon then turned to face Delilah, his expression already softening.

"You OK, Delilah?" he asked kindly. "I am so sorry about her... That's Pisces, one of my newest teammates... she tries to eat just about everyone she meets."

25th November 2012, 10:52 PM
Pisces, Hebenon, Delilah, Marco: As Marco had observed the events between the Basculin, the Qwilfish, and the Chinchou, he shook his head and merely sighed. ~When is that Basculin ever going to learn... you can't just eat anybody you want,~ Marco thought to himself as he relaxed in the lake. Honestly, he would have preferred the ocean, but this place was working just fine to him.

Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor, Keith, Pomona, Jessica, Matthew, Peeves, Meowth: "I'm that bad of a liar am I?" he sighed as Keith caught on on his lie about forgetting. Connor was quite uncomfortable with finding out about secrets not related to him especially if those secrets weren't offending anyone in particular. Gaspard had leapt up on his shoulders to give him a worried look, "It's okay Gaspard, I'll be fine," he smiled to him and then then turned back to Keith. "I'm sorry. I obviously wasn't supposed to know was I?" he apologized to Keith. "I was just... surprised that's all. I mean, I've never heard of you b--- I mean that before," he said as he made sure not to say the specifics of Keith's secret lest other people have heard them. "Jeez, I don't even know why I'm still worked up over this. I don't really have a problem with that but... oh I'm sorry," he apologized once more. When Keith had mentioned how he got the bruises, Connor quickly blushed and interrupted Keith, "Okay, we get it we get it! That's one thing I do NOT want to find out the entire story to!" he stammered as he flailed his arms signaling him to stop.

Trying to change the subject, Connor asked him a different question, "So, aside from that, what have you been up to lately? I know I don't visit the Bar as much as I want to anymore. I'm starting to get busy now with my photography work and all you see. Speaking of which... by any chance, have you seen my camera?"

Missingno. Master
25th November 2012, 11:15 PM
Keith, Peeves, Meowth, Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor: "Yeah, I wasn't planning on other people knowing, but it's fine. Truth be told, I'd be surprised if you weren't surprised, it's OK." As he hastily interrupted Keith's vague explanation for his bruises, Keith chuckled sheepishly. "Relax, I wasn't gonna go into detail. I wasn't even gonna say that much to begin with, was I, Peeves?" he added, with a glance at his Duskull.

"I sorry I ask," Peeves replied.

At that point, Connor tried to change the subject, asking Keith what he had been up to lately- Keith could only assume that this did not count his recent encounter with Coselle, of course. "Nothing much," Keith replied. "I got another Shuppet. Her name's Helena, she's actually really nice. I mean, really, really nice. Nice like my Ivysaur. I didn't bring her here today, though..." Connor then asked if Keith had seen his camera. "No," Keith said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Wait," Meowth said. "Dat Minccino had a camera, dat might be yours."

"Minccino?" Keith repeated sharply, remembering having glimpsed a Minccino in the bushes back in the Rose Garden. "Meowth- where was this Minccino?"

"Er..." Meowth stammered, realizing far too late what he had said. "M-might've been in da bushes... over in da garden..."

"So I did see a Minccino spying on me and Coselle," Keith frowned. "Did this Minccino take any pictures?"

"Just one, when youse was lettin' off dat purple smoke," Meowth replied.

"Of course," Keith sighed. "Meowth, go and get the camera back from that Minccino, OK?"

"I'm on it!" Meowth declared as he ran off in search of Minchi.

Dark Searchman
6th December 2012, 1:02 AM
Delilah, Hebenon, Pisces: Delilah was happily swimming around, enjoying a much bigger body of water besides the oceans in Whale Island. The Chinchou had just gotten used to fresh water and was ready to find herself a few tiny fish to eat, but before she could, she sensed danger coming up to her very quickly; she was being hunted too! She turned around to find a Basculin almost close enough to engulf her with its jaws when a Qwilfish rammed the predator with such force that she was knocked to the side a good distance. Apparently, this Basculin was Hebenon's teammate, and Pisces didn't care who or what she would eat as long as she caught something in her mouth. "Y-yes, I'm fine, thank you," said Delilah, a little shaken up after the ordeal. "That reminded me of another Basculin that Hyrem got in the same fishing contest he got me in. It was very aggressive and even bit his foot, but then Daphne evolved into a Nuzleaf and fought it off. He had to choose only one catch to enter into the contest, and he chose me and released the Basculin. And I'm really grateful he did that and then decided to add me to his team. Anyway, that Basculin was just as scary as your teammate, and it was red instead of blue. I wonder if the colors make Basculin different."

Selina: Selina was prancing around, looking for a nice spot to curl up and take a catnap by herself, but then she saw a Meowth with a familiar scent; it was the Meowth she met at the Pokemon-only park! "Meowth, wait!" Selina called out to him, but Meowth had already gone into the brush and so couldn't hear her. "Nya, I guess I'll just have to wait for him," she pouted before prancing past Keith, Connor, and the Pokemon with them.

Icarus, Hauser: Icarus liked this place; clear skies, nice lake, an Aerodactyl eating fruit... wait, AN AERODACTYL!? Icarus squawked in surprise as his eyes in the skies picked up the ancient Pokemon... they were supposed to be extinct! All he knew was that Aerodactyl looked like a Pokemon that deserved plenty of space, so he was about to fly off in a different direction... but he'd never seen a Pokemon like that before. He perched at a another branch, making sure to keep a healthy distance away from the dinosaur, though his keen eyesight could pick out what Aerodactyl was doing from a fairly good distance, so that wasn't a problem.

Missingno. Master
6th December 2012, 1:36 AM
Hebenon, Delilah: "I've only ever met one Basculin, and that was her right there," Hebenon said. "I didn't even know they came in different colors like that." Then, Delilah revealed that Hyrem had had to choose between her and the Red-Striped Basculin he had caught. "I'm glad he chose you, too," he said, now smiling. "Otherwise, I might never have met you."

Meowth, Selina: As Meowth raced into the brush, he heard a faint yet familiar voice call out to him, one that made him stop dead in his tracks, all thought of tracking the Minccino down cleared right out of his mind. "Selina?" he said to himself hopefully as he turned around and raced right back out of the brush. He looked around, and sure enough, spotted the Purrloin of his dreams prancing past Keith. Meowth dashed over and caught up with Selina within seconds. "Hi dere, Selina," he said, simultaneously nervous and excited to be near this Purrloin again. "Nice ta see ya again."

20th December 2012, 5:58 AM
Jessica, Sewaddle, Blueberry, Waffle, Kief, Link, Matthew, Crim, Keith, Pomona, Gadget:

Before Jessica or Matthew could reach for the disc, a green blur blinked through the park and snatched it up. Jessica stunned, amazed such a squat creature could move so fast. As Keith came over and wrested it from his Ivysaur’s ironclad jaws, she shook her head. The boy’s Pokémon really were something else. After meeting a talking Meowth in the flesh though, nothing really surprised her. He apologized for his Pokémon’s behavior, as well as his own, blaming it on the “exciting day” he had. I’m sure, Jessica thought as she eyed the bruises on his arms, but instead simply said,

“It’s all right. If Pomona wants to play too, she can. Right?”

She asked, turning to Matthew. Another thought arose, and she reached for a brown ball that strangely sprouted a tuft of fur in the back. “I think I know someone else who’d like to join,” she stated as she released a small Poochyena on the scene. For some reason, he seemed to be sporting a broken chain on his left paw, and his trainer flushed at some of the stares she received.

“Er, don’t worry, I plan to get it removed soon. …Not really sure how though,” she murmured. “Anyway, it doesn’t seem to interfere much with his movement, so it should be fine?”

Kief bounded up to canine, aptly named Link, who wagged his tail in greeting before the two spread out after Matthew and Crim. Jessica was about to follow when she noticed Sewaddle’s lids and limbs seemed to be sighing a bit, though she still struggled to sew. As leaves continued to part from the trees, Jess could feel the closing in of winter, bristling as she braced against the chill. She frowned at the holes in her sleeves, souvenirs of her recent Battle with Keith. Pulling another purple jacket from her bag, she put it on while giving the gray to Sewaddle, shushing her to sleep. She could finish the rest of the clothes later. Sewaddle smiled and curled up inside the blanket, still sitting on Gadget’s back, as she absorbed the warmth from his body and the cloth, the rumble from his engine rocking her to rest. Blueberry took a moment from blushing over Matthew’s compliment to fawn over the adorable little angel, helping to tuck her in and sing a soft lullaby in a motherly manner – at the same time giving Gadget a meaningful gaze as Waffle sweatdropped and stood guard just in case. Jessica giggled, glad to have such a capable couple to look after her friends.

Standing up, she nodded to indicate she was ready. As Matthew tossed the Frisbee towards her, she fumbled, but fortunately her teammates came to her rescue. She soon found she need not worry much about catching, as either Kief or Link took quite good care of that department, leaping nimbly and eagerly in the way whenever the saucer soared close, able to interject from almost any angle. While she still struggled with aiming, often sending it far off course, the “opponents” in this case, Crim and Pomona, proved to be just as skilled at keeping up.

So they spent their time, engaged in lively entertainment.

Kanna, Minchi, Meowth, Selina:

After making a mental map of the park and garden, Minchi and Kanna reluctantly climbed back down the stairs and returned to trying to find the route back to the picnic. After several twists and turns (not to mention twigs in their fur), they finally came to the origin. Upon sighting the gate, Kanna gasped with joy and nearly ran out. Minchi pulled her back by the tail though, whispering she heard voices just beyond the wall. Peeking through the leaves, they found a similar lovey-dovey scene, only this time involving Pokémon instead of humans… Er, at least, 100% Pokémon. One of them was the Meowth from before, and Minchi wrinkled her nose, keeping a tight grip on the camera. Who was this other cute cat he was courting though…? She smelled another opportunity for a juicy story. Kanna fidgeted, having had enough of spying for one day, but there was no stopping the chinchilla as she raised the shutter for another shot…

Missingno. Master
20th December 2012, 2:53 PM
Keith, Pomona, Myrtle, Jessica, Sewaddle, Blueberry, Waffle, Link, Matthew, Crim, Gadget: "Pomona is as energetic and playful as they come," Keith continued. "She doesn't even want to evolve into Venusaur, she doesn't want to not be able to play like that." Keith chuckled as he watched his energetic Ivysaur. "She kinda reminds me of Lily, back when she was a Venonat... She was so hyperactive back then. She still is kinda hyper, but a lot less so now that she's a Venomoth." He then noticed as Jessica called out a Poochyena. Though she seemed to be getting looks for the broken chain around one of its paws, Keith knew Jessica wasn't like that, and that this was more likely left over from a previous owner. He was thinking more about the fact that she already had six Pokemon on hand. The park must be one of those exceptions to the six-Pokemon limit, Keith realized. He took out his Pokedex, but only withdrew one Pokemon from his PC, not wanting to suddenly crowd the park with his entire team. Not all at once, anyway. He did have somewhere close to thirty Pokemon in total, after all. "Well, I know one Pokemon of mine that could stand to relax a little bit," Keith stated as he launched the ball into the air. "Myrtle, come on out!"

In a flash of light, a Shuppet materialized, casting a disdainful glare all around before her eyes settled on Keith. "Where are we now, Meat Sack?" she demanded in English, albeit with a creepy stutter (much less noticeable as of yet, given the monosyllabic nature of the words she had uttered thus far).

"The Fizzytopian Park and Gardens, Myrtle," replied Keith. "Thought you might like some fresh air. Nice chance to relax, you know."

"It mat-ters not to me," Myrtle replied indifferently. It was then that she noticed the bruises on Keith's arms. "You are hurt," she added. Though no concern could be detected in her voice, it must be said that Keith had tried to make the bruises look less obvious, so it wasn't likely that Myrtle discovered them by accident.

"It's nothing, Myrtle," Keith replied, though the memories of how the bruises came to him nearly made him grin stupidly. Though he succeeded in suppressing the grin, he was not as capable of suppressing the emotions. And Myrtle being a Shuppet, she could pick up on both of those.

"I ne-ver took you for a ma-so-chist, Meat Sack," Myrtle said, sounding mildly amused. "What-e-ver caused those brui-ses, the me-mo-ry is ma-king you feel good."

"Myrtle, this is neither the time nor place to get into that sort of thing," Keith said, lowering his voice. He then began speaking in Shuppet language; "But if you must know, I met someone, and we... well... heh," he said, now unable to suppress his grin.

"Well, well, well," Myrtle replied in Shuppet language, now smirking. "Meat Sack has a girlfriend. Who would have thought? Who is she?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Keith replied before resuming speaking English. "So, Myrtle, have you met Jessica? Jessica, this is Myrtle, one of my Shuppet."

"Hel-lo," Myrtle said less than enthusiastically. "I sup-pose I could do much worse than meet-ing you." Believe it or not, for Myrtle, that was downright polite.

Dark Searchman
21st December 2012, 12:47 AM
Delilah, Hebenon, Pisces: Delilah was happy that Hebenon still had feelings for her and that he admitted he would miss out on the joy of being so close to someone. "Aw, well, th-thanks..." she said while blushing happily. Again, she realized no fish in the deep sea could beat Hebenon. The Relicanth out there looked way too old for her taste, and most of the other fish in there would rather eat her than love her, so she renewed her gratefulness for Hyrem taking her out of the sea. Now that she knew of a better world, there was no going back for her.

Selina, Minchi, Kanna, Meowth: Selina had thought Meowth didn't hear her and so went to a quiet spot to wait for him, but on the way Meowth had caught up to her. "Oh, Meowth!" she meowed. "I thought you didn't hear me! It's so great to see you too!" She then hugged Meowth and nuzzled his cheek, their whiskers touching each other ... Wait! Her sensitive ears picked up something! "Hey, do you hear that, Meowth?" she whispered in his ear, starting to grow suspicious of the situation.

Hyrem, Sera, Aisa, Laika, Amelia: "You know, I think I remember seeing a sign that said you could have more than six Pokemon out," Hyrem said to himself while holding Aisa. "I don't want to bring out too many of them, though." He then looked over at the group of people and Pokemon playing frisbee. "Perfect! I bet he'll enjoy that! Plus I think she needs to stretch her wings a little!" And with that, he brought out two more Pokeballs from his 'Dex. Out of one of them came Laika, the energetic Poochyena, who immediately bowled over Hyrem and Aisa and started licking Hyrem's face in his usual greeting. Aisa was ticked, to say the least. "Hey! Some of us are trying to relax here!" she chattered angrily before spitting out a couple of Pin Missiles which stuck into Laika's rear, causing him to yelp in pain and jump off of Hyrem. "Ow, what was that for? I only wanted to say hi to him!" he whined as he was nursing his bottom.

"Aisa, that wasn't nice!" Hyrem said sternly. "You know that's what he usually does! Now apologize to him!" Aisa's guilt was apparent; her beloved was angry with her! "Sorry," she said apologetically. Hyrem then checked on Laika. Thankfully, he wasn't hurt too much, he'd just have a sore rear for a little while. "It's all right, Laika, you'll be able to shake it off enough. Anyway, see that frisbee?" Laika looked towards the group and perked right up. "Have fun!" his trainer simply said as Laika was already off chasing after the frisbee. Hyrem then brought out a second Pokemon: Amelia, a tiny Taillow. "Tai taiii!" she chirped happily as she flitted about, enjoying the normal habitat a Taillow would live in. "I figured you'd like this place, Mia!" said Hyrem. "Yay!" she chirped again, but then looked around. "Icawus? Icawus? Whew aw you?" she asked, her speech not fully matured. "Who, the metal bird?" Aisa asked. "I can sense him in that direction," she said, pointing her antennae towards where she could sense Icarus. "Oh, thank you!" said Amelia happily. "My name's..Mia. What's youws?"

"It's Aisa," the Venipede chattered back in a friendly manner. "And it's no problem for me to know where our teammate is!"

"Oh, okay! the Taillow chirped back before flying off in Icarus's direction, not knowing what she could possibly run into.

Missingno. Master
21st December 2012, 1:33 AM
Meowth, Selina, Minchi, Kanna: "Ain't no way I wouldn't hear yer pretty voice," Meowth replied, blushing slightly and sighing contentedly as Selina nuzzled him. Then, the Purrloin seemed to hear something, and in fact, so did Meowth. As she quietly asked Meowth whether he had heard it, he nodded, his eyes narrowing as he slowly turned his head to face the direction from which the nearly imperceptible sound had originated. "I heard it," Meowth whispered back. "I tink we're bein' spied on. And I gots a good feelin' 'bout who's doin' da spyin', too," he added, remembering only too well how willing a certain duo of Normal-types were to spy upon a certain other couple not long ago. Meowth didn't look happy- spying on his trainer was one thing, but now they were spying on him? Well, OK, Meowth was fairly certain that the Furret at least would've given them their privacy, given her way, but that Minccino, on the other hand... The Zigzagoon wasn't likely to still be with them, he wasn't all that quiet, he'd have been a much more noticeable giveaway. Meowth raised his right front paw, an orb of white light covering it. Meowth silently pleaded that his Assist attack would, for once, actually call upon an attack that would actually do something to the intended target. Night Shade against a Minccino, Electroweb against a Stunfisk... Meowth's track record with Assist was pitiful. This time, however, an odd Ray of light blasted forth from the paw and plowed into the bushes, surely to Confuse its occupants.

"Hah," Meowth whispered triumphantly. "Peeves's Confuse Ray! Dat'll do da trick fer sure!"

Hebenon, Delilah: Hebenon smiled as Delilah blushed and thanked him. "So, Delilah," he said, "If you want, I can take you to meet some of my other teammates. I'm pretty sure you didn't meet them all, back at the bar, and Keith got some new ones recently, too. They're better behaved than Pisces, I promise. What do you say?"

Missingno. Master
22nd December 2012, 12:11 AM
Keith, Myrtle, Peeves, Cyanide, Jessica: As Myrtle was talking to Jessica, Keith decided that his newest Pokemon should also get to enjoy the park. After pressing a few more buttons on his Pokedex, another Poke Ball appeared in his hand. "OK, Cyanide, come on out!" Keith exclaimed as he heaved the ball into the air.

In a flash of light, an Eevee materialized, landing on the ground and glaring in all directions, growling, her teeth bared. This went on until she spotted Keith, whereupon she happily leapt into his arms and started licking his face. Keith laughed happily as this happened, and then held his Eevee out at arm's length to get a better look at her. "Cyanide, we're at the park," Keith stated. "You want to play?"

Cyanide shook her head and gave a yawn. Myrtle noticed this, and came floating over.

"So, you got an Ee-vee, hmm?" she said, casting a distasteful eye down at the little Normal-type. "No doubt a-no-ther dit-zy clue-less scat-ter-brain like Po-mo-na. What is her name, a-ny-way?"

"Name's Cyanide, *****," growled the Eevee. "Learn it, remember it, and fear it."

"I beg your par-don?" Myrtle said dangerously, her eyes flashing. "Just where do you get off cal-ling me a *****, you pom-pous, stuck-up lit-tle-"

"Well, where do you get off calling me a ditzy clueless scatterbrain, you wad of toilet paper?" retorted Cyanide. "What gives a filthy rag the right to fling insults in the beautiful face of Cyanide, the world's most wonderful Eevee?"

At this, Myrtle smirked. "Most won-der-ful Ee-vee? You?" she scoffed. "Don't make me laugh."

"Oh, yeah, because you're Shuppet of the year, right?" snapped Cyanide. "What makes you so much better?"

"I pos-sess great wis-dom," Myrtle stated. "Not on-ly from my ex-pe-ri-en-ces in this life, but al-so from my for-mer life as a Mis-sing-no. Meat Sack here at least rea-li-zes this, what-e-ver his o-ther nu-mer-ous faults-"

"Hey! HEY!" snarled Cyanide, her teeth bared. "How DARE you talk like that about Keith!"

"Oh, I can talk a-bout him a-ny way I like," Myrtle smirked. "You see, I hap-pen to know that there is not a sin-gle thing you can do to me. What can you use a-gain? Tack-le, Tail Whip, and Hel-ping Hand? HAH!"

"For now," smirked Cyanide. "You just wait, though- I'm going to learn some good attacks, and then you better watch your back."

Myrtle said nothing to this, and merely looked at Cyanide for a few seconds before turning away to resume talking to Jessica.

22nd December 2012, 1:18 AM
A nice gust of air flew around the park as Jake and his partner Sparky walked into the park. This is a beautiful park isn't Sparky? Asked Jake as he looked around at the great view. Sparky nodded as he looked around he saw numerous amounts of pokemon enjoying the scenery or having friendly battles. Hey Sparky come on called Jake who was on top of a hill with a tree on it. We are going to set up and get some lunch! At the word lunch Sparky ran up the hill and sat on the layed out blanket eager for food. Sparky lunch won't be ready for 20 minutes why don't you go socialize? Asked Jake in a some what stern voice. Sparky shuttered as bad memories slowly creeped back. Look Sparky not all people are as bad as my parents. Their are some caring people out their Sparky please can you just try to socialize I will be right here if you need me. Sparky thought for a bit then nodded and walked off looking for pokemon to talk to. Sparky walked for a good twenty minutes until he saw an Eevee and a Shuppet bickering with some trainers near. Sparkys nature to help and the want to stay away from humans overrided. Should I go? Thought Sparky as another slight wind picked up and blew a beautiful aroma across the park. Well the trainer with the cowboy hat doesn't look that bad thought Sparky running over to see what was going on. Sparky it's lunch time! Called Jake looking for Sparky at the top of the hill. Well mine as well look for him thought Jake as he packed up lunch and quickly wrote a note on the tree. It read: Sparky if you are reading this then I am looking for you. I will be back in a bit stay put until then see ya soon -Jake Well I don't have any other pokemon but I should be fine thought Jake as he finished packing up and went off to look for Sparky. Jake looked and looked for Sparky until he heard a rustling in some brush. Sparky? Thought Jake as he moved closer to the source of rustling. What's in there thought Jake. Is it Sparky or is it another pokemon?.......................................... ..

Missingno. Master
22nd December 2012, 1:39 AM
Keith, Cyanide, Pomona, Sparky: As Keith couldn't help but turn his attention to the adoring Eevee in his arms, he then noticed a Joltik crawling his way. Keith leaned down to get a better look at the Joltik, and Cyanide started growling. "Now, Cyanide, please be nice," Keith said sternly. Though the Eevee reluctantly stopped growling, she glared at the Joltik all the same, the look on her face making it very clear that she was only not growling on Keith's orders.

"Who are you?" snapped Cyanide rather rudely. Before the Joltik could have a chance to respond to this, however, an Ivysaur dashed over, eager as ever to make new friends.

"Hiiii! Hi, there!" the Ivysaur exclaimed excitably. "I'm Pomona, what are your names?" she asked the Joltik and the Eevee.

Cyanide raised a single eyebrow at the sight of this overly friendly Ivysaur. "The name's Cyanide," she replied. "What's it to you?"

"Nice to meet you, Cyanide! Oh, are you on Keith's team? That means we're teammates!" Pomona exclaimed, sounding thrilled at the very idea.

"Oh, great, just what I don't need," grumbled Cyanide. Unfazed by the Eevee's rudeness, Pomona turned to face the Joltik, eager to meet him, excited at the prospect of making a new friend.

22nd December 2012, 6:12 AM
Keith, Cyanide, Pomona, Sparky: As Sparky walked over towards the trainer with the Eevee he could hear the Eevee growling. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea thought Sparky. Maybe I should just turn back. When suddenly the Eevee had stopped growling but it was still glaring at him. As Sparky moved closer the Eevee rudly snapped at him who are you? Sparky was just about to turn back and run when all the sudden an Ivysaur caming running over to greet him. Hi! What are your names? Asked the Ivysaur to Him and the Eevee. As the Eevee and Ivysaur started chatting Sparky quickly tried to get out of there but the Ivysaur quickly turned to Sparky eager to make friends with him.
Um my my name is Sparky said Sparky trieing to keep his cool. Great thought Sparky first a rude Eevee now a poison type. This was not going well for Sparky. My name is Pomona nice to meet you! Stated Pomona cheerfully. Sparky just stood their shaking thinking of something to say. Um I I recently learned the move ro rock climb Sparky said still scared out of his wits. Pomona could see that Sparky was scared and reassured him that she and her trainer were nice and meant no harm. That made Sparky feel a bit better. Sparky looked around again. See? Sparky thought to himself. It isn't too bad they aren't attacking me. Then Sparky realized Pomona's trainers Eevee was still glaring at him apparently not wanting him or Pomona here. Despite being a bit relaxed around Pomona he was still on the look out for trainers or poison types that looked like they wanted to kill him. Um Pomona I have some questions to ask. First of all what's wrong with your trainers Eevee and is their any food your trainer has because I'm starved!

22nd December 2012, 9:25 AM
Cele had heard of the Fizzytopian Park and Gardens, but he never had the chance to go there, until now. It was crowded with Pokemon and people, similiar to the Bar, but with much more space. "I hope this place has the more than six Pokemon at a time exception." Cele says, pulling out six Pokeballs. He throws them all in the air, a Spoink, an Eevee, an Aron, a Wurmple, a Phanpy and a Hoothoot appearing. "Now guys, be good and have fun!" Cele says, as he heads over to take a relaxing nap under the shade of a tree.

Missingno. Master
22nd December 2012, 11:06 AM
Keith, Cyanide, Pomona, Sparky: As Sparky stood there shaking, Pomona looked at him in concern. "Something wrong, Sparky?" she asked. "You know, we don't mean any harm, I just want to be your friend." Sparky then asked Pomona a few questions. At the first one, Pomona shook her head. "I don't know, I only just met her myself."

"I beg your freaking pardon?" growled Cyanide. "What do you mean, what's wrong with me? You are in the presence of Cyanide, the world's most wonderful and beautiful Eevee, and you have the nerve, the audacity, the unmitigated gall, to ask what's wrong with me?!"

"OK, Cyanide, please calm down," Keith said in an even yet stern voice. At this, Cyanide turned to face Keith, ears drooped somewhat. Though she wanted very much to antagonize the Joltik further, it was becoming more and more apparent that she didn't want to disobey her trainer. Upon seeing the Eevee's ears droop, Keith hugged her, which cheered her up instantly as she started licking Keith's face.

"See? She's not all bad," Pomona giggled. It was around then that Sparky asked if Keith had any food. Pomona shook her head again. "Well, he had brought this picnic lunch for himself and us, but after he had packed it, he forgot to return his Basculin to her Poke Ball, and she ate the whole thing, and it's the quickest I've ever seen a fish move around on land, except for Hebenon- Hebenon, that's our trainer's Qwilfish, he's a really nice guy. Oh, but I know where there is food!" Pomona added, excited at having remembered this. "Come on, I'll take you there, Sparky, and maybe on the way we can meet more of my trainer's Pokemon! I know Cyanide isn't very nice, but a lot of his Pokemon are really nice! Keith has a lot of Poison-type Pokemon like me- I think he brought his Weedle here, too, her name's Hermione, and she's a Weedle, and she's really, really smart!" Pomona giggled again before starting to walk in the direction of Jessica's picnic, recalling that Peeves had previously raved about the good food she had packed, as well as the large quantities in which the food had been packed. "Come on, Sparky, this way!" she added to the Joltik.

22nd December 2012, 3:52 PM
Jessica, Sewaddle, Blueberry, Waffle, Kief, Link, Taki Matthew, Crim, Keith, Pomona, Myrtle, Cyanide, Gadget, Sparky:

As Matthew tossed the Frisbee back to her, Jess suddenly heard a sardonic voice sneak up behind her. Turning to greet the Shuppet, the back of her head collided with the disc. “Ow!” she muttered as she rubbed her hair. “…Nice to meet you too.”

Deciding it would be a good idea to leave a Pokémon to take her place while she conversed with the snickering ghost, whom Keith introduced as Myrtle, she hesitated before reaching for a green ball. Considering the personality of the young Pokémon housed within, it might be somewhat unwise to let her out so soon in such a public area. But unlike “that other time”, the Park seemed like a safe place, surely she’d be able to make some new friends. Plus, Link was here to look after her.

Firm in her decision, Jessica pushed the button, releasing a tiny fox-like creature. The Eevee shook herself and pricked up her nose at the scent of grass and flowers and food. She instinctively shied a bit as Jessica bent down and stroked her fur softly, then warmed to the touch.

“Hey, Taki. Want to play some Frisbee? Link is doing it too, see?”

She stood up and sent the saucer flying towards the pooch, who pursued and rose spectacularly, chomping down with glee. Tail wagging, he turned to return it to Jess, but she indicated towards Matthew instead. Taki’s own train twitched as she watched Kief suddenly tackle Link in mid-stride and wrestle for the prize. That did kinda look like fun…

Jess smiled, glad the game had grabbed Taki’s attention. “Go on. That nice boy over there will throw for you. I’ll be right over here if you need me.”

She signaled to Matthew she was taking a short break, and gave the Eevee a slight playful shove with her foot to get her started. She faltered, then ran to join the tug-of-war, supporting Link’s side so much she tipped the scale enough for the two to tumble backwards, holding the trophy together high in triumph.

Their trainer chuckled, then resumed her focus on Myrtle and Keith. The boy looked less surprised this time at the fact she had brought out another playmate, but rather thoughtful. After pressing some buttons on his Pokédex, he summoned another Poké Ball and pitched it into the air, exposing another Eevee. She landed feral, prepared to fight until she spotted her trainer and leaped into his arms, licking his face all over. Jessica relaxed a little upon seeing this, though stiffened again as Myrtle floated over and began to goad the kit, who snarled and snapped back bitterly. Though Jessica couldn’t understand what the latter was saying, Myrtle’s half of the conversation was more than enough to tell her this “Cyanide” wasn’t so sociable either. She shuffled uncomfortably, wondering if maybe she should take the opportunity to slip back to the match. As much as she wasn’t fond of sports, she’d prefer it over awkward exchanges (especially with no-so-pleasant peopl- er, Pokémon) any day.

Glimpsing over to check how the other guys were faring, she realized Taki had stopped dead in her tracks and was staring at Cyanide, completely stiff. Then she started to quiver as she cast around, searching for a place to hide. In desperation, she slid her head underneath the Frisbee, wearing it as a helmet as she half-crawled Commando-style towards the picnic basket, disappearing into it except for her bushy bottom, which was still trembling. Link followed and stood by her, whining with worry as he looked from her to Jess, who called for a total timeout with an apologetic expression to Matthew. She quickly came over and tried to pat Taki’s back below the cover.

“Hey, sweetie. What’s wrong?”

Meanwhile, a Joltik had approached Pomona and Cyanide, searching for friends and food. While the Eevee was hardly eager to help, the Ivysaur happily led Sparky over to the feast, where Blue clapped her hearts, graciously accepting another guest. With a final warning glance towards Gadget, she left Waffle in charge of guarding over Sewaddle, who was still snoozing away (and so couldn’t continue handing out clothes), in order to feed the hungry bug.

Kanna, Minchi, Meowth, Selina:

Minchi gasped as a burst of bright light flashed through the lens, though it fortunately seemed to provide some protection from its mind-altering effects. Still, she was dazed with white spots for a while. When they cleared, she reached out to affirm Kanna was all right as well, only to find the Furret bristling so fiercely she snapped her paw back in shock. Kanna’s eyes were red with tears and… Could it be, rage?

“Kief… And Minchi… What are they doing together?” she whispered, her glazed gaze centered straight on Meowth and Selina.

“What are talking about, Kan? I’m right here. That’s not Kief, he’s back with Jess by now.”

Sniffles. “Sh-she said we were ‘best friends forever’… Was she just using me to get close to him?”

“That’s not true! We’re so totally BFFs! Trust me, hon, I would never do that to you! Come on, snap out of it!”

She shook Kanna’s shoulders, but it was no use. The Furret was lost to her worst fears as she sobbed into her fur. Then, suddenly, her head snapped up as she raced out of the bushes to confront the two-timing pair.

“So this is what you two have been up to behind my back…” she hissed, her tone completely unlike herself. “Minchi, how- how could you do this to me? I thought we were ‘besties’! And Kief, you- you… IDIOT!”

She screamed, startlingly unleashing several SWIPES on Meowth. Though full of genuine female FURY, they were light and lacked conviction. As her beatings grew weaker, she bit her lip and backed up before breaking out into a bawl. Rather than further ruin or exact revenge on the adulterous affair, she spun around and dashed into the maze again, crying behind her:

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I was always in the way, wasn’t I? I’ll just go where no one can find me, so I won’t trouble anyone anymore. I-I hope you two are happy together!”

The real Minchi tried to stop Kanna as she bowled by, but this time the Furret’s Ability was activated by impulse- or perhaps even her own accord. As her poor pal vanished into the brush, Minchi glared heatedly at Meowth.

“Now look what you did! You better help me find her and apologize, or I’ll never forgive you!” Her voice fell as the full weight of what just happened sank in. “She won’t be able to forgive Kief either if we leave her like this. …Or me, for that matter - but that's not as important.” A sigh, even softer. “Even though she probably thinks she’s the one who should be forgiven…”

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22nd December 2012, 4:06 PM
Keith, Myrtle, Jessica, Cyanide, Taki, Link: Myrtle smirked as Jessica was hit in the back of the head with the frisbee, but she said nothing on that subject; merely nodded in response and floated off, making a point of not looking at Cyanide.

The Eevee, meanwhile, had noticed as Jessica had sent out her own Eevee, who seemed to be genuinely afraid of Cyanide. Keith did not notice this, however, nor did he notice when Cyanide walked over to the picnic basket under which the Eevee had hidden herself. As Jessica and Link, her Poochyena, went over to where the timid Eevee was hiding, Myrtle reappeared, apparently intent on snacking on the Eevee's fear.

"Thought that was you," Cyanide said as she approached the basket. "That's fitting- a basket case hiding in a basket. I take it you remember me, then. Except now I got a name- you may refer to me as Cyanide. You got a name now, miss I-see-dead-people?"

Keith started to notice what was happening at this point. He walked over to where Cyanide and Myrtle had gathered, and noticed what little bit of the other Eevee could be seen from within the basket. He remembered what Cyanide's original trainer had said about having multiple Eevee that he traded away, and started to get the feeling that Cyanide and this Eevee knew each other. And given the other Eevee's reaction to Cyanide, Keith's Eevee had been just as unfriendly to this Eevee as she was with almost everyone else, if not moreso. Keith knelt down and glanced at Cyanide, who looked up at Keith happily before turning back to face the basket, the smirk back on her face.

"Cyanide, be nice, now," Keith said quietly. The Eevee's ears twitched a little bit, but she otherwise didn't react to her trainer's order.

Meowth, Selina, Minchi, Kanna: Meowth exclaimed in shock as the Furret charged out of the bushes. Though he made to shield Selina from whatever she was doing, it appeared that Kanna's attack was aimed solely at Meowth in any case. Except she seemed to think she was attacking the Zigzagoon from before. "Ow! Hey- what-" Meowth spluttered as he tried to fend off the frenzied attack. The Furret stopped on her own, however, and ran off shortly afterwards. Then came the Minccino, demanding that Meowth help her look for her friend, and blaming the entire situation on him.

"Hey, I only did wat I did 'cause youse two don't know da meanin' o' da word privacy!" Meowth snapped defensively. As he said this, however, guilt started to set in. He had intended the Minccino to take the brunt of the attack in the first place- she likely had nearly dragged Kanna along with her. "Fine," Meowth sighed. "I'll help youse find her. But I'm only apologizin' to her- youse deserved dat attack!" he added. He then turned to face Selina. "Wanna help, Selina?" Meowth asked. "Wit hearin' like yers, we'll find her in no time fer sure."

22nd December 2012, 5:29 PM
Jake,Meowth, Selina, Minchi, Kanna: As Jake came closer to the brush he heard yelling. Anyone there? Asked Jake before he saw a Furret dash out of the brush. Something's not right about that Furret thought Jake before he started to run after it. Hey come back whats wrong? Asked Jake as he gave chase to it!

Jessica, Sewaddle, Blueberry, Waffle, Kief, Link, Taki Matthew, Crim, Keith, Pomona, Myrtle, Cyanide, Gadget, Sparky:
As Sparky asked about Pomonas trainers Eevee the Eevee snapped back at Sparky . I beg your freaking pardon?" growled Cyanide. "What do you mean, what's wrong with me? You are in the presence of Cyanide, the world's most wonderful and beautiful Eevee, and you have the nerve, the audacity, the unmitigated gall, to ask what's wrong with me?!" Sparky snapped back at Cyanide. Stop thinking your all that if you think your all so great keep it to yourself! Then Sparky turned and listened to see what Pomona would say about food. Sorrywe have none my trainers Basculin ate it all. I've never seen a fish move that fast before Pomona said. At the sound of no food Sparkys head drooped. But don't worry Sparky I know where some food is said Pomona excitedly come on I'll take you there
and maybe on the way we can meet more of my trainer's Pokemon! I know Cyanide isn't very nice, but a lot of his Pokemon are really nice! Keith has a lot of Poison-type Pokemon like me- I think he brought his Weedle here, too, her name's Hermione, and she's a Weedle, and she's really, really smart!" Pomona giggled again before starting to walk in the direction of Jessica's picnic, recalling that Peeves had previously raved about the good food she had packed, as well as the large quantities in which the food had been packed. You your trainer is a poison specialist? Yes he is what's the matter Sparky? Asked Pomona. I I don't like poison types. Pomona asked Sparky why and that's when Sparky told about his life story. Long ago when I was little I watched my colony die in agony almost along with my self thanks to my trainers father and his poison sprays. As Pomona listened horror struck her face. Not all poison types and people are like that Sparky Pomona said. Anyway lets go get food said Sparky. "Come on, Sparky, this way!" Pomona to the Joltik. As Sparky and Pomona approached lunch Sparky couldn't help but look around. There were so many pokemon Sparky hadn't even seen before. As Sparky approached the food he let out a gasp. This isn't a lunch said Sparky. This is a feast! As Sparky and Pomona were eating Kieth's Eevee was up to her old rude self. Hey look they are playing Frisbee! Stated Sparky as he and Pomona looked at the game. Just then a scared looking Eevee ran and hid in the lunch basket. Then Kieth's Eevee ran over and started bullying the other Eevee. That's fitting- a basket case hiding in a basket. I take it you remember me, then. Except now I got a name- you may refer to me as Cyanide. You got a name now, miss I-see-dead-people?" Then Kieth ran over trying to get Cyandie to stop bullying the other Eevee. But Cyandie didn't stop and kept on picking on the Eevee. Sparky got up. He had had enough of Cyandie. What makes you think your so great Cyandie Sparky snapped. I am so sick of your attitude so you just cut it out or I swear I will beat you down in a battle right now screamed Sparky right at Cyandie.

22nd December 2012, 5:55 PM
OoC - It hasn't become a direct problem for me yet, but seconding MM's remark below. You should generally try to avoid controlling other people's characters as much as possible.

Also, sorry if I made the timeline a bit muddled/not make as much sense. ^^; MM edited and EpicSquirtle posted while I was writing.

Jessica, Taki, Link, Blueberry, Waffle, Keith, Myrtle, Cyanide, Gadget, Sparky:

Upon sensing a ghostly presence hovering over her, Taki tried to tuck her tail in further, squeezing as far as she could into the basket. As Cyanide approached, however, it became apparent her efforts accomplished nothing as the bully started berating her choice of hiding place. Link stepped in between, growling guardedly. Hearing her hero come to her help, Taki ventured to poke her snout out slightly.

“M-my name's Taki,” she mumbled, though slowly gaining some solid sense of self-confidence. “And it’s true. I can see them. H-he can too, when he tries!” Link barked in affirmation.

As Jessica watched the exchange, she frowned at how the newcomer was obviously making Taki uncomfortable, though she couldn’t understand what was being said.

“Hey, leave her alone, or I’ll have to have a talk with your trainer.” A thought occurred to her: Could this Eevee be one of the gang who had been teasing Taki before Jess adopted her? She should definitely request a word with Keith. Trusting Link to look after the situation, she stood up and walked over to the boy, addressing him hastily.

“Hey, Keith, where did you get that Eevee?”

Meanwhile, Taki’s eyes suddenly widened at something behind Cyanide – only to the others, there was nothing there. However, when Cyanide turned back to laugh, a dish full of cranberry sauce mysteriously lifted off the cloth (unbeknownst to Blue who was busy trying to shovel plum pudding into the Joltik’s mouth, though Waffle’s jaw dropped open as he watched the magic act, wondering if his static had somehow activated to attract the silverware), and flew towards the trio of quadrupeds. Taki squeaked and ducked deep into the basket, slamming the cover shut as Link leapt into action, shoving Cyanide aside with a rough TACKLE to avoid the shards of plate as it smashed against the ground. However, both of them got splattered with berry juice.

Jessica spun around at the noise, shocked at the scene that met her gaze. “What the heck happened here? Are you guys all right?”

Taki fearfully poked her head out, hanging it in shame as she expected to somehow be blamed for making a mess, as she had many times before. Link was quick to rise to her defense though, insisting it wasn’t her fault. Blueberry, who was bemoaning the broken platter – and moreover the waste of food and hard work – shot a glare at Gadget, but Waffle backed his brother up as well. Jessica shrugged and shook her head.

“It doesn’t matter who caused it. Just please be careful, I don’t want anyone getting hurt. Come on, let’s get you all cleaned up.”

She reached down and plucked Taki from the basket, whose paws had gotten some pulp on them from the sides, and wiped them with the dwindling pile of napkins. Link attempted to assist by licking a small smear off the Eevee’s cheek, and she blushed a bit. He also kindly offered the same treatment to Cyanide, slobbering all over her.

Now freed from the forced feast, Sparky marched over to give Cyanide a piece of his own mind, challenging her to a battle even despite his size and her slimy state (which not he nor admittedly anyone else was sorry to see at this point).

Kanna, Jake:

The Furret was still reeling from the effects of the ray when a boy burst out from the brush. Only to her muddled mind, he seemed like the boogie monster. Screaming in terror, she fled even further into the maze, oblivious to his concern as he chased after her.

Minchi, Meowth, Selina:

“All right, all right. I’m sorry. It’s my fault I dragged her into this. Now would you please help me look for her? She’s sensitive and easily scared…” Minchi’s face misted with worry as she observed the sky, which seemed to be gradually growing more clouded and gray. “Listen, if we get her back safe before anything bad happens, I’ll give you the camera. How’s that?”

As Meowth turned to Selina to ask for her aid as well, Minchi wondered if it’d be such a good idea to bring along both “betrayers”, but figured the Confusion would likely have worn off by the time they found the Furret. Plus, the feline apparently had super-sensitive hearing. Minchi patted her own enormous ears with pride, though she wasn’t sure how much use either of their amplifiers would be if it started raining.

“By the way, I haven’t introduced myself, have I? My name’s Mint Mocha Chip, Minchi for short,” she mentioned, mostly to the Purrloin. “I apologize for intruding on your date. Just makes for good journalism, you know?”

At that moment, they all heard a shriek from within the garden. Minchi swerved around, recognizing her friend’s voice.

“That’s her! Oh no, what if she’s hurt? Hang on, Kan! I’m coming!” she cried as she raced through the gate.

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22nd December 2012, 6:00 PM
OOC: EpicSquirtle- Just a little advice- it's not a good idea to have other people's characters and Pokemon say or do things that the members that own/control them haven't had them say or do. While I admit that so far you seem to be nailing Pomona's personality perfectly, it's still a habit to try to not get into- updators in zones refer to that as self-updating, and they generally don't like it very much.

Keith, Cyanide, Myrtle, Pomona, Sparky, Blueberry, Jessica, Link, Taki: As Pomona and Sparky made their way over to where the picnic was, Jessica's Drifloon started floating in their direction. In the meantime, Sparky asked Pomona whether her trainer happened to be a Poison-type specialist. "Yes, he is," smiled Pomona, though this smile faded and turned to a look of concern at the Joltik's reaction to this. "What's the matter, Sparky?" she added. Sparky then proceeded to explain, to Pomona's horror, how his entire family had been killed by poisonous sprays. "Oh, that's awful!" Pomona exclaimed. "But not all people or Poison-types are like that, Sparky," she added.

Over at the picnic basket, the Poochyena stood between Cyanide and the picnic basket, growling at the former. Cyanide growled right back, this Poochyena wasn't gonna scare her! While this happened, the Eevee timidly introduced herself as Taki, and asserted that she really could see ghosts, which earned a little laughter from Cyanide. At this moment, Jessica asked Keith where he got the Eevee.

"Wes traded her to me," Keith replied. "He told me she was mean and vicious to absolutely everybody, but she seems to really like me. I was hoping I could try to help her get along with other Pokemon," he added with a sigh. "It's not going that well so far," he added apologetically.

At that moment, a dish of cranberry sauce, seemingly of its own accord, hurtled itself towards the Poochyena and the pair of Eevee. While Taki dove into the basket like a Squirtle using Withdraw, Link the Poochyena Tackled Cyanide out of the dish's path. "Hey, what-" began Cyanide before she noticed the dish crashing where she had been seconds before. She exclaimed in disgust as cranberry sauce splattered all over her. "Huh," she remarked. "That could've been bad. I guess I owe you one," she muttered grudgingly to the Poochyena.

At the sound of the crash, Keith wheeled around in alarm along with Jessica. Keith was pretty certain that this wasn't Cyanide's doing- ill-behaved though she could often be, Keith knew she loathed getting her fur messed up. Link, however, wasted no time in licking the berry juice off of Cyanide, an act that the Eevee did not seem to appreciate. Though it did clear her fur of the berry juice, it also replaced it with slobber.

Back with Pomona, the Joltik then suggested that they go get their food, an idea Pomona agreed with. It was at this point the met the Drifloon that had started to approach them. Sparky noticed the large quantities of food, but quickly became distracted by Cyanide's attitude again, and stormed over to the Eevee, demanding to know just why Cyanide thought she was so great, and ordering her to either cut it out with her attitude, or he would destroy her in battle. In response, Cyanide snorted derisively and smirked, distracted from her slobber-covered fur.

"Hah!" she replied. "You? Beat me down in battle? Don't make me laugh uncontrollably." Then, suddenly, any trace of a smile on the Eevee's face vanished as she walked over to the Joltik and looked down on him. "I'll give you one chance and one chance only to apologize, you pint-sized hypocrite," she said quietly. "You're sick of my attitude? Well, I'm sick of yours. You're one to talk about attitude, the way you're mouthing off to me. The only reason you're getting a chance to apologize is because I don't want to upset my trainer if it's not absolutely necessary. If you're smart, you won't make it necessary," she stated.

"Cyanide..." Keith said warningly. The Eevee blinked, but maintained her ground. She didn't want to upset her trainer, but on the other hand, she wasn't about to let the Joltik get away with his attitude. Cyanide was not an Eevee to be messed with, and damn it, she needed to make sure everyone else knew it! Hence, she was giving Sparky a chance to apologize.

Meowth, Selina, Minchi: Meowth nodded and accepted Minchi's apology. Not long afterwards, a scream could be heard, and Minchi dashed off after her friend. Meowth started running too, motioning for Selina to follow them.

22nd December 2012, 6:49 PM
Keith, Cyanide, Myrtle, Pomona, Sparky, Blueberry, Jessica, Link, Taki
As Sparky stood up to Cyanide all the pokemon around grew quiet before Cyanide made her response Hah!" she replied. "You? Beat me down in battle? Don't make me laugh uncontrollably." Then, suddenly, any trace of a smile on the Eevee's face vanished as she walked over to the Joltik and looked down on him. "I'll give you one chance and one chance only to apologize, you pint-sized hypocrite," she said quietly. "You're sick of my attitude? Well, I'm sick of yours. You're one to talk about attitude, the way you're mouthing off to me. The only reason you're getting a chance to apologize is because I don't want to upset my trainer if it's not absolutely necessary. If you're smart, you won't make it necessary," she stated. Sparky's blood started to boil. No body calls me a pint sized hypocrite and get's away with it yelled Sparky. And I will not apologize to you for standing up for that Eevee! Sparky said continuing to shout. Then Sparky's feet started to glow white and he began to charge at Cyanide. Eat this rock climb! Sparky yelled as he collided into Cyanide.

Missingno. Master
22nd December 2012, 7:30 PM
Keith, Cyanide, Myrtle, Pomona, Sparky, Blueberry, Jessica, Link, Taki: Cyanide's eyes narrowed as Sparky hit her with a Rock Climb. Given the diminutive nature of the Joltik's size, this attack didn't hurt very much, but the Eevee growled all the same as brilliantly glowing orbs formed all around her, Cyanide tapping into Powers that were Hidden deep within her, the orbs practically dripping with Poison. The look on Keith's face clearly said that he wanted very much to intervene, but he knew that getting Cyanide to walk away from the attack without fighting back was not an option. Cyanide fired off the Hidden Power, multiple orbs of Poison energy slamming the Joltik backwards. The Eevee smirked as she walked over to where the Joltik was. "Now, then," she said. "I gave you a chance to apologize, and you attacked me. You are disrespectful, insolent, and suicidally reckless. On the other hand, you got guts to stand up to me the way you did," she continued. "You're not all talk. You're willing to back up your words with actions. And you know what? I respect that." Cyanide smirked again, though the look in her eyes was decidedly less sharp than before. "You're not half bad," she admitted. "You know something? Maybe we could be friends. What do you say to that?"

Myrtle watched this unfold silently, and though she wasn't going to admit it, she was starting to like this Eevee. All the Eevee she had ever seen were more or less like Pomona- perpetually happy little ditzes- or else nearly incurably shy and timid little things. But Cyanide was different.

22nd December 2012, 11:36 PM
Keith, Cyanide, Myrtle, Pomona, Sparky, Blueberry, Jessica, Link, Taki: As Sparky hit Cyanide the impact moved Cyanide an inch but otherwise had no effect. Cyanide growled and then formed purple energy balls around her which could only mean one thing.
It's hiddenpower-poison! Thought Sparky who then tensed up in pure fear. And then to Sparky's horror Cyanide fired it. And the move hit! Sparky went sent flying back from the impact of the move. But that wasn't the worst of his troubles. As Sparky landed on the ground he let out a cry. Cyanide came over to where Sparky landed. "Now, then," she said. "I gave you a chance to apologize, and you attacked me. You are disrespectful, insolent, and suicidally reckless. On the other hand, you got guts to stand up to me the way you did," she continued. "You're not all talk. You're willing to back up your words with actions. And you know what? I respect that." Cyanide smirked again, though the look in her eyes was decidedly less sharp than before. "You're not half bad," she admitted. "You know something? Maybe we could be friends. What do you say to that?" Sparky was still quivering in fear when Cyanide asked the question. Just before Sparky was about to say something however he passed out from the shock of the attack. But not before a tear drop rolled down his cheek.

Missingno. Master
23rd December 2012, 12:57 AM
Keith, Myrtle, Pomona, Bellatrix, Cyanide, Sparky, Blueberry, Jessica, Link, Taki: Before Sparky could give an answer to Cyanide's question, the poor Joltik had passed out. Cyanide frowned slightly. "Hmm," she muttered. "Guess that Hidden Power hit harder than I thought. Then again, I probably should've expected it. It was, after all, used by me." Myrtle rolled her eyes- for all she was starting to warm up to the Eevee, her vanity wasn't exactly an endearing quality.

Pomona turned to face the lake and called out, "Hey! Hey, Hebenon, can you send a Softboiled over this way?" she called.

Over at the lake, Hebenon the Qwilfish surfaced, took careful aim at the Joltik, and then a glowing egg-shaped bundle of yellow energy floated out of his body. As the Qwilfish submerged himself once more, the Softboiled gently floated into Sparky's body. The healing technique was certain to heal Sparky, at least enough for him to regain consciousness. Cyanide sat patiently and waited for Sparky to get back up, watching him intently, wanting to know how he intended to answer her question.

Keith was silently debating whether to scold Cyanide for her attack. Sparky had attacked first, after all, and she seemed to be actually acting at least somewhat friendly towards the Joltik now. Frankly, he was more interested to see how this would play out. In the meantime, he used his Pokedex to bring yet another Poke Ball onto his person, and called out his Skuntank. Pomona happily ran up to Bellatrix, and the two went off to interact with other Pokemon.

Pomona, Surus: As Pomona wandered across the nicely cut grass, she spotted a Phanpy she had met back at the bar. "Hi!" she called as she dashed over to Surus. "Hi, Surus! Remember me? Pomona, from the bar? It's nice to see you again!" she grinned.

Bellatrix, Boing: Meanwhile, Bellatrix spotted a Spoink she remembered talking to back at the bar, prior to the trades she was put through. She walked over to him. "Hi, Boing!" she said cheerfully. "Nice to see you again," she said. "Hope my smell didn't take you by surprise again," she added.

23rd December 2012, 1:29 AM
Keith, Myrtle, Pomona, Cyanide, Sparky, Blueberry, Jessica, Link, Taki: As the softboiled attack hit Sparky he instantly gained conciseness. As he rose Cyanide stared intently at him awaiting his answer. Sparky's foot hurt from the fall but he still answered Cyanide but not in the same confident voice as before. I I won't be your friend said Sparky still shaking in fear. I I can't n not after what you did to that Eevee. Stated Sparky with fear in his voice. And with that Sparky walked back over to the feast where Pomona was sitting. After that incident Sparky lost his appetite which was extremely unusual for him. Then Pomona found an old friend that she knew and quickly dashed over. Well I have nothing better to do thought Jake as walked over to where Pomona was. After Sparky caught up he just sat their shivering for a few minutes as Pomona and her old friend talked until something dawned on him. Oh no I'm not back at our campsite! Jake will be worried! Thought Sparky. Pomona I need your help! Said Sparky in a wave of panic. I need to find my trainer,he's going to be worried can you please help me find him!?

Kanna, Jake:
At the sound of his concern the Furret ran even further away from him until Jake lost the pokemon. Shoot thought Jake. I really thought that Furret would know where Sparky would be. Jake walked for a minute or two when all the sudden Jake heard more rustling. Almost as if something was trying to find something. Maybe a pokemon was hunting that Furret thought Jake. That would explain why it was running from me. Then there was more rustling. What is it now? Thought Jake as whipped around to find that something was coming straight at him!

Missingno. Master
23rd December 2012, 2:06 AM
Keith, Myrtle, Cyanide, Sparky, Blueberry, Jessica, Link, Taki: Cyanide rolled her eyes as Sparky refused her offer of friendship, stating that after what she did to the other Eevee, he couldn't be friends with her. She said nothing as the Joltik went over to where Pomona was, her eyes following the Joltik the whole way. After a moment, she started walking after Sparky.

Cyanide, Pomona, Surus, Sparky: As Sparky asked Pomona for help in finding his trainer, Sparky caught up. "Now listen," Cyanide snapped to Sparky. "All that talk of yours about what I did to that other Eevee... You really have no idea what that's all about, don't you?" The Eevee gave an exasperated sigh and continued. "First off, what I did to that Eevee, was nothing worse than a few well-chosen words. I never attacked her. Second, one thing you have to know about... what's she called now... Taki. One thing you have to know about Taki is that she is scared of her own shadow. And the shadows of everything else. And everything casting those shadows. And things that don't cast shadows. Back in the Coins for Prizes shop, she was routinely frightened by the sound of the door opening. Hell, she's scared of things I don't even think exist. So don't act like you know me so well just because the biggest coward I've ever known is scared of me." She turned to walk away, but after a few steps, paused and turned her head back to face Sparky again. "Offer of friendship is still open, by the way," she added. "Like I said, you got guts, and I respect that."

"Hey, Cyanide, hang on a second," Pomona said suddenly.

Cyanide rolled her eyes before replying. "What?" she said shortly.

"Sparky needs help finding his trainer," explained Pomona. "Don't Eevee have good hearing, or a great sense of smell, or something like that?"

Cyanide thought about this. A chance to prove her superiority was always welcome to her, and Pomona had just handed her a good one. "If you knew the first thing about Eevee, you would know that of course we have good hearing," Cyanide replied, now smirking again. "And there are Mightyena and Arcanine out there that would give their back paws to have a nose as good as mine." While Cyanide's claim was mostly boastful, she was at least somewhat truthful- Eevee did have rather remarkable ears and noses. She sniffed at Sparky, then raised her head up into the air and sniffed again. Though she was intending to wing it, she actually caught a faint whiff. "Yeah, alright, I think I smell him," Cyanide stated. It was then that the Eevee realized that the Joltik wouldn't be able to keep up with her when she started to run, and if he rode on Pomona, then Cyanide would have to put up with the Ivysaur she considered to be annoying. Therefore, she then added, "Now hop on, Sparky. You want to get to your trainer faster, this is the way to do it." Though she wasn't happy at the prospect of having a passenger, she was admittedly impressed that the little Joltik had the guts to stand up to her the way he did. She really did have a bit of respect for him. Maybe just a bit, but it was still a lot more respect than she had for anyone other than her trainer.

Meowth, Selina, Minchi, Kanna, Jake: Elsewhere, Meowth was following Minchi as she raced after Kanna, but then they crashed through a bush, and Meowth collided with a human who seemed to also be in pursuit of the Furret. Minchi seemed to have avoided colliding with the human, however, and Meowth had already lost sight of her. "Hey, what's goin' on wit you?" Meowth asked the human in perfect English, spoken in the same accent as that Meowth on TV. "Why was youse runnin' after dat Furret? I mean, I was goin' after her 'cuz she's under the effects of a Confuse Ray. Dat Minccino dat was runnin' after her, she's her best friend, she's tryin' to snap her out of it. I was goin' too, cuz it's kinda my fault she got hit wit da Confuse Ray in da first place," he added sheepishly. "But I lost track o' dem now," he sighed. "Anyways, I'm Meowth. Who are you?" he asked.

23rd December 2012, 10:14 PM
Meowth, Selina, Minchi, Kanna, Jake, Pom: As Jake turned around something collided right into him. It was a Pokemon!
"Hey, what's goin' on wit you?" Meowth asked the human in perfect English, spoken in the same accent as that Meowth on TV. "Why was youse runnin' after dat Furret? I mean, I was goin' after her 'cuz she's under the effects of a Confuse Ray. Dat Minccino dat was runnin' after her, she's her best friend, she's tryin' to snap her out of it. I was goin' too, cuz it's kinda my fault she got hit wit da Confuse Ray in da first place," he added sheepishly. "But I lost track o' dem now," he sighed. "Anyways, I'm Meowth. Who are you?" he asked. Y you can talk? Asked Jake in surprise. I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself Meowth. The names Jake I was chasing that Furret because I lost one of my pokemon a Joltik named Sparky, I thought that Furret would know where he would be. Anyway I know your busy but could you help me find him? Oh I almost forgot said Jake grabbing a pokeball from his belt. Come on out Pom! Jake's newly caught Aipom popped out of his pokeball and then looked around before looking up at Jake. Pom I want you to meet Meowth. Said Jake. Pom walked over to Meowth and stuck his tail out at him in a way to give a hand shake. Pom I want you to know Sparky's missing and I can't find him can you help? Asked Jake. Pom nodded before climbing a near by tree to look.

Cyanide, Pomona, Surus, Sparky: As Sparky asked Pomona for help in finding his trainer, Sparky caught up. "Now listen," Cyanide snapped to Sparky. "All that talk of yours about what I did to that other Eevee... You really have no idea what that's all about, don't you?" The Eevee gave an exasperated sigh and continued. "First off, what I did to that Eevee, was nothing worse than a few well-chosen words. I never attacked her. Second, one thing you have to know about... what's she called now... Taki. One thing you have to know about Taki is that she is scared of her own shadow. And the shadows of everything else. And everything casting those shadows. And things that don't cast shadows. Back in the Coins for Prizes shop, she was routinely frightened by the sound of the door opening. Hell, she's scared of things I don't even think exist. So don't act like you know me so well just because the biggest coward I've ever known is scared of me." She turned to walk away, but after a few steps, paused and turned her head back to face Sparky again. "Offer of friendship is still open, by the way," she added. "Like I said, you got guts, and I respect that."
I I'm sorry Cyandie I didn't know said Sparky before stating "we can be friends Cyanide"
"Hey, Cyanide, hang on a second," Pomona said suddenly.

Cyanide rolled her eyes before replying. "What?" she said shortly.

"Sparky needs help finding his trainer," explained Pomona. "Don't Eevee have good hearing, or a great sense of smell, or something like that?"

Cyanide thought about this. A chance to prove her superiority was always welcome to her, and Pomona had just handed her a good one. "If you knew the first thing about Eevee, you would know that of course we have good hearing," Cyanide replied, now smirking again. "And there are Mightyena and Arcanine out there that would give their back paws to have a nose as good as mine." While Cyanide's claim was mostly boastful, she was at least somewhat truthful- Eevee did have rather remarkable ears and noses. She sniffed at Sparky, then raised her head up into the air and sniffed again. Though she was intending to wing it, she actually caught a faint whiff. "Yeah, alright, I think I smell him," Cyanide stated. It was then that the Eevee realized that the Joltik wouldn't be able to keep up with her when she started to run, and if he rode on Pomona, then Cyanide would have to put up with the Ivysaur she considered to be annoying. Therefore, she then added, "Now hop on, Sparky. You want to get to your trainer faster, this is the way to do it." Though she wasn't happy at the prospect of having a passenger, she was admittedly impressed that the little Joltik had the guts to stand up to her the way he did. She really did have a bit of respect for him. Maybe just a bit, but it was still a lot more respect than she had for anyone other than her trainer.

As Cyanide was on the scent Sparky was looking for Jake. Then Sparky saw something that made him worry. It was the earth. It was moving after them. Cyanide look behind you! Yelled Sparky as the huge mound of earth got even closer.

Missingno. Master
23rd December 2012, 11:19 PM
Pomona, Cyanide, Surus, Sparky: Cyanide gave another smirk as Sparky apologized and decided that they could be friends after all. She had then somewhat grudgingly offered to give Sparky a ride, though the Joltik shouted out suddenly, having seen a large mound of earth approaching them from behind. "Wha?!" Cyanide exclaimed. She quickly comported herself, however, and expertly leapt out of the mound's path. Pomona then stepped forward, took aim with her flower, and fired off a powerful Leaf Storm in the direction of the mound in an attempt to stop it.

Meowth, Selina, Jake, Pom: As was not entirely unexpected, the boy seemed surprised at Meowth's ability to talk. He recovered from that, however, and introduced himself as Jake, and then sent out an Aipom of his, named Pom. Pom offered a handshake to Meowth. Meowth shook the Aipom's hand... tail... thingy... and said, "Good ta meet ya, Pom." Jake then asked Meowth if he would help Jake find his Joltik. Meowth considered this- he knew he ought to be helping look for Kanna, but he also didn't want to not help this guy. "Well, I really oughta be lookin' fer dat Furret, but okay, I guess I can help youse look for yer Joltik," Meowth stated.

24th December 2012, 1:20 AM

Oh my.

There seemed to be quite a bit of chaos going on among the various groups of pokemon, El didn't even know where to begin looking. Livermorium had hopped off somewhere, Sparow had followed and really that left El at a loss. With a sigh, she plucked off her two remaining full pokeballs. Out came a large intimidating scyther and a tiny adorable purrloin.

"Hello Colm! Uh, hello Spirit!" The big green bug clicked at his trainer. "Uh, nice to see you too! It's a nice day and I'm at the park so I thought you might--"



"Where is food?"

"Spirit we've been over this before I can't understand you."

"Stupid little human." Spirit yawned and began wandering off in a random direction. Pat, pat, pat, it was rather odd to see a scyther moving so slowly.

"O-okay Spirit be back before dinner!" El waved off after him, anxiously turning away and rubbing the remains of her nose as he ignored her. "Now Colm, wha--" Oh, of course, of blooming course the purrloin had run off somewhere. He's a purrloin, he probably has a 'cause mischief' gene in him somewhere. This was too much for her to handle. Sparow was a decent fighter with a decent selection of moves, Livermorium is a living ball of steel and Spirit is a large semi-murderous scythebug. Colm is a kitten that can scratch and growl.

"Colm? Colm? Colm where are you! Come on boy, come to mummy, come and cuddle with mummy!" El began frantically running around, she was not going to be that trainer who let their pokemon hurt themselves doing something stupid. She mush have run around the entire park's perimeter before she got too tired to continue.

A soft splash came from the fountain, promptly followed by much angry mewling.

Missingno. Master
24th December 2012, 3:26 AM
Myrtle, Spirit: As Myrtle watched Cyanide wander off, she noticed a Scyther nearby, calling his trainer a stupid human. That sounded like Myrtle's kind of people. She floated over to the Scyther. "Hel-lo," Myrtle greeted the Scyther. "I am Myr-tle. Who are you?"

24th December 2012, 8:26 AM
Myrtle, Spirit: Spirit's focus shifted from getting away from his trainer to what appeared to be a floating handkerchief with eyes. He squinted, trying to confirm what he was seeing. Whatever it was claimed to be called Myrtle. Hrmph, it looked vaguely like a ralts, with the round head and flowing skirty... thing. Probably no threat (the large bug was still somewhat sore about being beaten by a bird a fraction of his size). Whatever it was, probably no threat was good enough reason to be polite. No need for pointless fights, especially if they were unwinnable / not involving a certain lass.

"Myrtle, huh... My trainer," venom practically dripped from the word, "calls me Spirit. Of course I had to wind up with the novice, I can't even extort food from her! Most I can say for her is that she doesn't outright forget to feed me." He shot the girl a glare, for some dumb reason she was running around like a headless torchic. "She's probably glad that she doesn't have to worry about me for once."

Missingno. Master
24th December 2012, 11:09 AM
Myrtle, Spirit: Myrtle nodded understandingly as the Scyther, named Spirit, proceeded to complain about her trainer. "Hu-mans," Myrtle snorted, speaking the human language, albeit with a somewhat creepy stutter. Ma-ny of them are i-di-ots, for sure. Mine is no bet-ter. O-K, may-be not quite that bad... Still, the fact that when my trai-ner first got me, he could on-ly un-der-stand me when I spoke their sil-ly hu-man lan-guage. Hu-mans are stu-pid like that, they can-not un-der-stand what we say... There are ex-cep-tions, though. I taught my hu-man to speak and un-der-stand Shup-pet lan-guage, and one of his friends speaks most Ghost-type lan-guag-es flu-ent-ly. A-ny-way, when he first got me, he knew next to noth-ing a-bout how to han-dle a Shup-pet. Now... he is still an i-di-ot, for sure, but I have to ad-mit that he has learned." Myrtle then spotted Spirit's trainer running around, and smirked in amusement. "She is run-ning a-round ike a Do-du-o that has had both heads cut off," Myrtle chuckled. "E-ven my trai-ner was not that bad."

Monster Guy
27th December 2012, 5:10 PM
"Alright guys, come on out!" Scott exclaimed as he threw three of his pokeballs into the air, and let out his Pokemon. Shaana the Munna, Angela the Togetic, and Hoodie the Scraggy.

He then quietly opened up his fourth Pokeball, and carried Aaron, the Horsea contained within the ball, in his arms. Aaron was a Timid Pokemon. As soon as he saw all the people and Pokemon gathered in the park, he buried his head in Scott's chest, and whimpered nervously. Scott patted his back. "There there, it's alright. No one's gonna hurt you. Now, lets go find a pond for you to swim in. Scott turned around, and sure enough, there was a conveniently placed pond just a few steps away. Scott put Aaron in the water, then sat by the pond to watch his Pokemon swim.

"Why does he give so much attention to that Horsea?!" Hoodie exclaimed in Pokemon language. "We exist to ya know?!

"Remember how I was when I was first adopted?" Angela the Togetic answered. "Babies need a lot of attention."

"Speaking of attention, why don't you give some to me. The Scraggy put his arm around Angela. "Why don't you and I do something fun?

Angela just rolled her eyes. "You may be a higher level than I am, but I'm still old enough to be your big sister. Hmph." And with that, she flew upwards, and out of Hoodie's grip.

"No fair! You can fly!" Then he turned his attention to Shaana. "What about you Shaana?"

The Munna rolled her eyes. "In your dreams bro." Then, she hovered off, and took a seat on top of Scott's head.

Hoodie crossed his arms and pouted. "I get no respect around here."

Missingno. Master
27th December 2012, 5:42 PM
Peeves, Hoodie: As the Duskull aimlessly drifted around the park, he saw another trainer come in and send out several Pokemon. They looked somewhat familiar... Peeves then remembered, it was the trainer from whom he tried to steal cookies way back when he had first hatched, back in the bar. With him was the Scraggy that he had gotten into a Leer contest with. What was his name again... Hoodie, that's right, his name was Hoodie. Peeves floated over to the Scraggy. "Hello, Hoodie," Peeves said. "Remember me? From bar? We have Leer contest, back when I first hatch? I no forget that, you Leer very impressive."

Monster Guy
27th December 2012, 8:19 PM
Peeves, Hoodie:Hoodie was wondering what he should do next, when he was approached by a familiar Duskull. "Hello, and thanks! It's good that someone recognizes the awesomenes that is me." Hoodie answered while proudly pounding his chest. "I've only gotten better since leveling up! Yeah, of course I remember you. You don't Leer badly yourself either. So, how've ya been?"

Missingno. Master
27th December 2012, 9:05 PM
Peeves, Hoodie: "I been fine," Peeves responded. "I level up a lot myself, learn lot new moves. It sound like we both get tougher..." Peeves paused for a second. "I think it time we have real battle, you and me," he decided. "What you say?"

Monster Guy
31st December 2012, 1:49 AM
Peeves, Hoodie: Hoodie grined at the mention of a battle. "I'm totally game for that. You're going down bro! Who goes first?"

Missingno. Master
31st December 2012, 3:44 AM
Peeves, Hoodie: Peeves's eye glowed with excitement as Hoodie readily agreed to a battle. "Let's do this," Peeves grinned. "And you know what? I think I want go first," the Duskull added as he brought his ghostly hands in front of him, and proceeded to charge up a Focus Blast between them. Backing up slightly, Peeves launched the Fighting-type move at the Scraggy. A strong move to start with, and Peeves intended to follow up with his Headbutt attack while this move had Hoodie caught off guard.

31st December 2012, 5:31 PM
Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor - As soon as Keith ordered Meowth to look for his camera, Connor and his other Pokemon immediately followed, "Wait Meowth, we're coming with you! Jessica, thanks so much!" he turned to her to bow then ran off to follow Meowth...

...somewhere along the way however...

"...Shoot. Did I lose him? Where did he go?" Connor, Gaspard, and Eleanor search around their surrounding to look for the Scratch Cat Pokemon but found no suck luck. "Wait, I don't even recognize this part of the park. Oh no... did I get myself lost again?" Gaspard facepalmed at Connor's statement. "Geez... where do we go now guys?" he said to Gaspard and Eleanor as they continued to wander around the park.

Missingno. Master
31st December 2012, 6:16 PM
Helena, Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor: As Connor went running off after Meowth, Keith had still been sending out more of his Pokemon, one or two at a time, so as to not crowd the park so suddenly. One of these Pokemon, a Shuppet, not unlike Myrtle (in looks, anyway), noticed Connor and his Pokemon running off, and proceeded to float after them, out of sheer curiosity. Once they had realized that they were lost, Helena looked somewhat concerned. She floated up to Connor.

"Hel-lo!" she greeted Connor, Gaspard, and Eleanor cheerfully. "I am He-le-na, who are you?"

31st December 2012, 6:37 PM
Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor, Helena - Connor and Gaspard almost had a heart attack when they suddenly heard Helena's voice and floated right in front of the group. "G-gah!" It took a few seconds for Connor and Gaspard to calm down while Eleanor remained curious the whole time. "Oh Arceus, you really freaked me out there!" he exclaimed as he fixed his beanie from the shock. "So, um... Helena right? My name's Connor. Connor Connelly. The Aipom's my partner Gaspard and the Petilil's next to me's Eleanor." he gestured towards the three of them respectively. "Um... Is there anything I can help you? You kind of approached us here, so..." he trailed off as he curiously asked Helena.

Missingno. Master
31st December 2012, 7:18 PM
Helena, Connor, Gaspard, Eleanor: Helena looked visibly upset at how badly her sudden appearance had scared Connor and Gaspard, as their shock and momentary fright threatened to overload her taste buds. "Oh, I am sor-ry," she said sincerely. "I did not mean to scare you like that." She smiled as Connor introduced himself, Gaspard, and Eleanor. "It is nice to meet you," the Shuppet replied politely. Connor then asked if there was anything he could do for her, seeing as she approached them. "Oh, ac-tu-al-ly, I fol-lowed you, won-der-ing where you were go-ing in such a rush," Helena answered. "But now, it looks like you are lost," she added. "You are not lost, are you? If you are, I could help you find the way back," she offered.

Dark Searchman
3rd January 2013, 12:29 AM
Selina, Toby, Kanna, Minchi, Meowth: Well, Selina wasn't hearing things because Meowth had heard the same thing she did. And he worried about it enough to send a Confuse Ray attack into the bushes, courtesy of his Assist. Nothing happened for a moment, but suddenly a Furret rushed out and accused the two cats of being together when Selina was "supposed" to be her friend. Selina was just as confused as Meowth was, "'Scuse me, do I know you?" she asked. Then the Furret attacked Meowth out of nowhere with her Fury Swipes, to Selina's shock. "Hey, wha!? What do you think you're doing!?" she screamed, not knowing what to do. She wasn't sure interfering wouldn't make things worse. Turns out, the Furret Ran Away once she was done, then a Mincinno cam and accused them of ruining things. Meowth defended their stance, but agreed with Minchi that they needed to find Kanna. "Yeah, I can help, my hearing is pretty sensitive! She looked pretty fast, though, you think we'll be able to catch up to her?" In any case, a scream could be heard, and Minchi, Meowth, and Selina went off in the direction of that scream to look for the missing Furret. {She also manages to run past Jake without noticing Meowth had run into him, so she'll follow Minchi.}

Meanwhile, Toby had found a nice, big clearing in a grassy maze to sun himself in. "Ah, oh yeah, gotta love the warmth!" he sighed contentedly. "Really gives the body a nice reCHARGE!!" he suddenly screamed out as he was bowled over and trampled by a Furret that ran straight into him. "Oof, oof, oh!" he grunted as he tumbled and landed on his back, not knowing if the Pokemon had stopped and noticed or not. "Ohhh, that'll put some excitement into your day for sure!" he groaned as he struggled to right himself but would likely need some help doing so.

Delilah, Hebenon: Hebenon invited Delilah to meet some more new teammates since his trainer got more Pokemon and she didn't meet everyone. "Yes, I would like that! I like meeting new faces, as long as they are as pleasant as you say they are!" says Delilah.

Laika, Jessica, Link, Waffle, Kief, Taki, Blueberry, Sewaddle, Matthew, Crim, Keith, Cyanide, Pomona, Myrtle, Sparky: Laika had finally made it to the other side of the lake where everybody was playing frisbee, and there was another Poochyena in the thick of it too, along with some Eevee, Zigzagoon, and their trainers. He had just arrived to the scene where the other Poochyena and one of the Eevee were playing and the other Eevee, along with a Joltik and an Ivysaur, were talking. He decided it was time to play, play play! "Hey, guys!" Laika barked to make his presence known. "Are you guys going to play some more frisbee? I want to play too! Please?"

Amelia, Icarus, Hauser: Amelia was flying around, trying to find Icarus. She wanted to play more flying games with him since she didn't get enough of a chance to play with him back at the Egg House. She suddenly spotted something gray stick out of a thick tree and lit up with hope. Yay, it's Icawus! she thought happily. He doesn't know I'm hew yet, maybe I can sneak up on him! She tried to fly in quietly, not knowing she was looking not at the silver condor she knew but at a hungry dinosaur that could very likely snap her up in an instant.

Missingno. Master
3rd January 2013, 1:58 AM
(not much I can do on the Meowth/Selina storyline until EpicSquirtle and lilbluecorsola reply)

Pomona, Cyanide, Hebenon, Delilah, Sparky: As Delilah agreed to accompany Hebenon, the Qwilfish looked over at the land, searching for his teammates. This took place roughly around the time Keith had called Cyanide out of her Poke Ball. "Huh," Hebenon remarked to Delilah. "I just saw my trainer send out an Eevee. Didn't even know he got one. Let's go and meet her first." With that, he touched one of Delilah's fins with his tail and used Teleport, warping both of them to where Cyanide, Pomona, and Sparky were.

"Oh, hi, Hebenon! Hi, Delilah!" Pomona exclaimed happily as they appeared. "Hey, hey, this is my friend Sparky, and this is Cyanide!" she said, gesturing to the Joltik and the Eevee respectively with one of her vines.

"What the..." Cyanide muttered as she noticed the Qwilfish appear out of nowhere. "Who the hell are you two?" she demanded.

"I'm Hebenon, and this is my girlfriend Delilah," Hebenon replied, frowning slightly. He hadn't expected an Eevee to be this unfriendly. "You're Cyanide, right? You and I appear to be on the same team. It's nice to meet you."

Cyanide said nothing for a moment as she sized the Qwilfish up. He didn't look like much, but she could sense that he was rather powerful. She thought better of antagonizing him, and merely said, "Yeah, I guess it's OK to meet you, too. How can you Teleport like that, anyway? Didn't think your kind got that move."

"I got quite a few moves most Qwilfish don't know," Hebenon replied modestly.

"He really does," piped up Pomona. "He-"

"Didn't ask you, did I?" interrupted Cyanide, glaring at the Ivysaur. "When I want your opinion I'll ask you for it."

"Got it," smiled Pomona, not at all fazed by Cyanide's rudeness.

Hedwig, Amelia, Icarus, Hauser: As the tiny Taillow tried to sneak up on what she thought was her Skarmory friend (and was, in actuality, a very large and powerful Aerodactyl that could very well eat her up with no problem), her path was suddenly yet gently blocked by a large, purple wing, which turned out to be attached to a Crobat. "That's an Aerodactyl you're sneaking up on," Hedwig whispered in a slightly irritated voice. "Are you trying to get yourself killed or something? They're vicious predators, and they're not picky about what they snack on. Who are you, anyway?" she asked. Though she sounded somewhat irritated, the look she gave the Taillow was not unkind.

23rd January 2013, 1:24 AM
OOC: As of now MM this story takes place around the same time as the bar so I have had Telpo,Bubbles and Botch on hand as well this whole time and Kieth and Jake have already met.

Cyanide, Pomona, Surus, Sparky

As the mound of earth got closer Pomona fired a leaf storm to try and stop it. For a second it the mound disappeared. But just then it rose out of the earth to reveal that it was a Onix. Sparky gasped as the Onix rose from the ground before snapping to his senses. "Cyanide we need to weaken that Onix." "You know toxic right?" That would do the trick" Finished Sparky before jumping of Cyanide's back and firing a fire stream at the mighty Onix.

Meowth, Selina, Jake, Pom, Telpo, Bubbles, Botch
"Thanks" Said Jake after the Meowth said he'd help him find Sparky. "See anything Pom?" Asked Jake. Pom shook his head before climbing down the tree. "So what's next?" Thought Jake. Just then several mounds of dirt started circling them. "What the heck are those mounds?" Asked Jake. Just then the mounds revealed to be a dozen Dugtrio and they didn't look like they were happy. Just then the biggest Dugtrio dashed into Jake knocking Botch,Bubbles and Telpo's pokeballs right onto an open grass patch. However that grass patch quickly revealed itself to be a pit trap that was probably dug by the Dugtrio. "Telpo!,Botch! Bubbles!" Yelled Jake as there pokeballs fell into the pit. As the pokeballs hit the bottom all three pokemon were released. As Botch and Bubbles saw they were in a trap they tried to clamber up but to no avail. Telpo meanwhile was fast asleep and was completely unaware of what was going on. "Wake up wake up! WAKE UP!" Yelled Bubbles trying to wake up Telpo. As Jake got up he looked to Meowth before grabbing his pokedex and scanning Meowth to see what moves he knew. "Alright Meowth it says here you know hypnosis so can you use it on some of those Dugtrio please?" Said Jake before turning to Pom. "Alright Pom use mega punch on the leader then use your Gunk shot!"

Missingno. Master
23rd January 2013, 1:56 AM
Cyanide, Pomona, Surus, Sparky: "Whoa," Pomona and Cyanide said simultaneously as the gigantic Onix rose out of the ground. Sparky requested a Toxic from Cyanide before unleashing Firestream at Onix. Cyanide nodded and blasted her Toxic attack at the Onix.

Pomona, meanwhile, had other plans, and grinned widely before winking, sending a load of pink hearts flying towards Onix. Very quickly, it became clear that their adversary was male, as Pomona's Attract took hold, and Onix found himself too infatuated to attack. The Ivysaur giggled at this sight, and then launched her Venoshock attack, sending the badly poisoned Onix tumbling to the ground- Venoshock might not have been very effective, but it can't be denied that there was power behind the move.

"Huh," remarked Cyanide in mild surprise. "She's not half bad."

"Aw, thanks, Cyanide!" beamed Pomona. As the Onix feebly stirred, Pomona then launched her Razor Leaf, and the Onix fainted, sliding back down into the ground. "And thanks for that Toxic, that really helped, too!" Pomona added, as though she had not just defeated a behemoth rock snake easily twenty times her own size. For once in her life, Cyanide was speechless.

Meowth, Selina, Jake, Pom, Telpo, Bubbles, Botch: "Wah!" Meowth exclaimed at the appearance of the Dugtrio. Jake then looked up Meowth's moves on his Pokedex and asked him to use Hypnosis on them. Normally, Meowth would have only obeyed orders from Keith or Coselle, but this was an emergency. "Youse got it," Meowth nodded. He then turned to face the Dugtrio, his eyes glowing with Hypnosis, and many of them fell asleep, sliding back down into the ground. Meowth then lunged at the still-awake Dugtrio, and hit them with Scratch. This was not enough to take them out, however, and they all fired off their Mud-Slaps. Meowth was able to shield his eyes, but the attacks still did damage. "Gah! Yer gonna pay fer dat!" warned Meowth as he raised his right front paw, a glowing orb forming on it. From the Assist orb flew a flurry of leaves- Meowth had called upon Pomona's Razor Leaf attack. "Yeah," smirked Meowth as the remaining Dugtrio fainted. "And dat's how it's done."

24th January 2013, 2:17 AM
"Come onnnnn Euen! We don't have all day!" Said an Eevee, bounding down one of the many grassy hills in the park. A red-shelled bug rolled along behind, careful not to hit anything.

"Chiaka, if you haven't noticed, I don't have legs like yours." The Shuckle replied, and, distracted by talking, hit a rock and tumbled farther down the hill. The two of them were followed by a small team of pokemon: A Buizel, a Snover, a Darumaka, a Budew, and a rather notorious Stunfisk. All were followed by a human, who seemed to be cautious in his steps.

"Neville, I swear to Arceus, if you paralyze me while walking down this hill..." James the human said, letting his threat hang in the air. No trust was given to the Stunfisk, and rightfully so.

"No promises~ Hahaha!" The Stunfisk whizzed off elsewhere into the park to see what he could find; more specifically, one person. The Stunfisk was the only one that left, however, as the others helped set up a small picnic underneath the shade of a tree.

Myrtle, Spirit, Neville
The Stunfisk, had, as expected, taken a liking to the roots of trees, jetting between them until reaching his destination. There, he found a Scyther and a Shuppet. Neville, for once, felt some sort of emotion towards her, and that would be curiosity. Why did this Shuppet, of all people, choose to have a crush on him? Why did Myrtle, the one who hated him, love him? It had to be just as odd for her, he had thought, and so he slipped underneath the Scyther, and, as expected...


He popped out as sudden as he had come. Surprise was his element, was it not? "Hello there Myrtle! How nice it is to see you today!"

Missingno. Master
24th January 2013, 3:21 AM
Myrtle, Neville, Spirit: As Myrtle was speaking to Spirit, she blinked in surprise as the Scyther suddenly found herself covered in paralysis-inducing electricity. The sight made her heart leap- unexpected triggering of Static? It could only mean-

"Ne-ville!" Myrtle exclaimed happily as the Stunfisk emerged from beneath Spirit's feet and greeted the Ghost-type. "It is nice to see you, too," she replied, unable to stop a smile from finding its way onto her face. "I have not seen you since that day at the Tree Grove... I... I missed you," she admitted.

Marion Ette
24th January 2013, 3:55 AM
Neville, Myrtle, Spirit, Sangre - Hovering silently above the lovestruck Shuppet and the maniacal Stunfisk, using the branches of the trees as camouflage, predatory yellow eyes quietly observe the goings-on between Myrtle and Neville. The winged being had been hand-selected for this mission based on his years of stealth training and exceptional hunting capabilities by one whom he could only refer to as a "concerned party". Certainly, not the one he would normally take orders from... If anything, he thought of the deranged doll turned black-haired vixen as nothing more than an obnoxious, spoiled brat, and on the rare occasions that he actually opened his mouth to speak to her, he had told her so in no uncertain terms. Her little "accident" on Halloween certainly had not improved his opinion of her any, either... Such a poor execution of a move that was supposed to be her specialty, especially in a blind fit of rage, struck the Crobat as not only highly unprofessional, but had it actually led to his trainer's death, would have earned the former Banette a place on his list of those who deserved the most painful death imaginable. Were it not for Marion's insistence, he likely would have done so anyway.

No, he would rather not help that creepy attention w***e, even if his life depended on it. For once, her concern was not some petty revenge or selfish errand. For once, she had requested his aid to protect somebody else... even if it was likely motivated in part on her own ridiculous grudge. Sangre had never understood it, really... Neville had lied? He had called her stupid? How many times had she done the same thing to others? Damn hypocrite was what she was... but Marion cared so much for her that he found himself biting his tongue most of the time, which is an especially painful action for a Crobat. Only he and Aislyn the Ninetales had dared to defy her after her botched Curse... Even after the horrible damage she had caused, most of the team had forgiven her and welcomed her back with open arms. Only he and Aislyn stood firm in their belief that Marion's starter and sister was a dangerous, violent psychopath who deserved no second chances, and would have chased her out together had August not held them back. Much as he respected the Dragonite he grew up with for her power and good judgment, he wished, in that moment, that she had not trained herself to be more powerful than the both of them combined.

As anticipated, the one known as Neville was still playing horrible "pranks" on others, attempting to paralyze others with his static. Were Neville to discover him, he had equipped a Cheri Berry to his person, just in case. His client and former teammate had given explicit orders to use deadly force if necessary. While he was not usually one to harm the Pokemon belonging to trainers, if such an action was warranted, he would act to defend himself, or the young and inexperienced Myrtle... but would certainly not kill to please her.

Missingno. Master
24th January 2013, 4:31 AM
Myrtle, Neville, Spirit, Sangre, Hedwig: After having admonished a young Taillow for flying right towards a likely hungry Aerodactyl, Hedwig was flying around, bored, with nothing to do. It was around then that the female Crobat noticed another of her kind, hovering silently in place, hiding within the trees. In fact, she had seen this Crobat before, albeit very briefly, many months ago, back at the bar. Hedwig wondered what he was doing here, and flew over to him. She remained totally silent, as she got the idea that he was making no noise so as to not draw attention to himself. Idly, Hedwig figured that this Crobat... what was his name... Sangre, right, that Sangre was likely a skilled hunter, given how silently he was hovering, and how well he was camouflaged- he was virtually undetectable. She gave him a questioning glance, as if to ask why he was here. And then she looked down, she saw Myrtle, she saw the Scyther... and then her eyes bulged as she recognized the Stunfisk Neville. But she had been given clear orders to not attack Neville, or else face Myrtle's wrath. Though Hedwig outleveled the young Shuppet considerably, the idea of taking a Curse attack from a ghost of any level was not a pleasant one. Still, she put two and two together, and realized just what Sangre was doing here. She looked back at him with that same questioning expression, and this time flicked her eyes down towards the Ground/Electric-type, as though asking for confirmation as to whether Sangre was sent to monitor Neville.

Further towards the ground, Myrtle could sense that there were two beings nearby who were feeling distrustful. This didn't surprise her in the least, given Neville's reputation, but still she worried for the safety of her beloved.

Marion Ette
24th January 2013, 4:50 AM
Myrtle, Neville, Spirit, Sangre, Hedwig Sangre realizes before Hedwig even enters the tree in which he is hovering that he has been spotted, by that all-too-familiar feeling of eyes focusing in on him; however, given the way the gaze felt, and the way it fell on his being, the aerial predator approaching him likely did not have malicious intent. He had certainly remembered Hedwig from their brief encounter at the bar, having been delighted to encounter one of his kind, but socializing drained his energy terribly, and he far preferred the solitary life of a hunter to that of a socialite. Fortunately, the fellow Crobat knows better than to give away his position, communicating through a questioning glance. Trusting that the Crobat would be smart enough to figure it out on her own, he remains completely still, without so much as an errant twitch. Sure enough, she spots her teammates with her own well-developed vision, and they bulge somewhat at the sight of Neville. Sangre was surprised by how easily Hedwig had given away her emotional reaction to the situation, but reminds himself that he had struggled many years with developing his own stoicism. In fact, his own face remains deadpan despite these thoughts. When she gives him a second questioning look, this time to ask if he was monitoring Neville, he barely nods his head, just enough for Hedwig to detect the slight motion of confirmation. He was tempted to discuss the Stunfisk with her, since she probably had intel on his behaviors that he did not have, but resists the urge in favor of his own quiet observation. Perhaps he would know more if he allowed himself to visit the Bar more frequently, but with so many Pokemon in one place, the scent of their delicious blood thick in Sangre's nostrils... It was better for him not to stay in such a place for an extended period of time.

Missingno. Master
24th January 2013, 6:14 AM
Myrtle, Neville, Spirit, Sangre, Hedwig: Sangre gave a nod in response to Hedwig's silent question. A slight, barely perceptible nod, but a nod nonetheless. Hedwig decided she would hover there as well and keep watch- she also didn't trust Neville in the slightest, and even though she wasn't exactly approving of the young Shuppet's personality, she knew Myrtle to be very loyal to Keith, and didn't want to see her fellow teammate get hurt. She was thoroughly unconvinced of the notion that Neville could have changed, and the fact that he had just paralyzed a Scyther didn't exactly help his case, but still she hovered there silently, just observing for the time being. If there was even the slightest chance that Neville might actually love Myrtle, slight though it undoubtedly was, Hedwig was curious to see if it would in fact play out that way.

24th January 2013, 11:03 PM
Myrtle, Neville, Spirit, Sangre, Hedwig:

A sense of relief came over him as Myrtle showed no signs of wanting to murder him. Okay… Cautious. He thought, adjusting to the unfamiliar emotion. He was unsure of what exactly he was doing here. Tempting the fates again? He seemed to enjoy that, messing with forces that could kill him. “I’ve missed you as well.” He said, and looked back at the Scyther. “I’ve had my fun. My trainer’s been making me carry these around… Might as well use them, right?” The Stunfisk popped upwards and, beneath him, a small bag with a ighting design on the side appeared. He nudged it forward with his “nose”, and out came a Cheri Berry from the opening on top. He slipped beneath it and flapped his side fins furiously until it was level with the Scyther. “Take it before I fall, c’mon now.”

Missingno. Master
25th January 2013, 12:22 AM
Myrtle, Neville, Spirit, Sangre, Hedwig: Myrtle sensed an odd emotion coming from Neville... relief? Myrtle quickly realized that Neville had actually been nervous, likely due to the fact that back at the Tree Grove, before Myrtle found out how she really felt, she had done her best to try and kill Neville. As Neville stated that he'd missed her too, she smiled. Then, Neville produced a Cheri Berry from a bag he had with him, and offered it to Spirit. Myrtle was becoming more and more convinced that she was right about Neville- the Neville she had known before wouldn't have given a second thought to his paralyzed prank victims.

"Here, let me," offered Myrtle as she used her Psychic to place the Cheri Berry into the Scyther's mouth and help the paralyzed mantis to chew and swallow it. "So... Ne-ville... I can sense that you are a lit-tle ner-vous?" she asked. "I... I want to a-po-lo-gize a-gain for that Curse I used, back at the Tree Grove... It was be-fore I rea-lized how I real-ly felt a-bout you," she continued, blushing a little. "It... Odd-ly e-nough, it was when you at-tacked me... I could taste your e-mo-tions... and your thirst for ven-geance... It was un-like a-ny-thing I had e-ver sensed be-fore... I rea-lized then that you and I may have had more in com-mon than I used to think... And then it just star-ted co-ming to me... It was not like I was just fal-ling in love... but like I had been in love with you the whole time, and... and ne-ver rea-lized it un-til then. It was so strange... I tried to de-ny it, but... I could not a-ny lon-ger. Be-di-vere was right all a-long... Ne-ville, I have to ask you some-thing," Myrtle said. "How... how do you feel a-bout... a-bout me?" she asked somewhat hesitantly, simultaneously in eager anticipation and mortal fear of what the answer might be.

Higher up, Hedwig watched and listened to all this unfold, and she raised an eyebrow in mild surprise as Neville actually offered a Cheri Berry to his latest prank victim. This was highly unexpected from him, and made the female Crobat wonder whether he really had changed, even if only somewhat. Still, she continued to silently observe, waiting to see just how this would end up.

26th January 2013, 2:30 AM
OOC: I'm pretty bad with this romance thing, I must say.

Myrtle, Neville, Spirit, Sangre, Hedwig

“Well, is it really all that fun if I flat out tell you how I feel? Where’s the challenge in that? It seems I’m the only one who likes puzzles.” Neville cryptically said after Myrtle’s story. He did seem to be the only one who enjoyed risking himself against the odds, all others preferring to sit in their comfort zone… but to him, coming out of that area was fun. You never knew what was going to happen then. “But, if you must know… yes, I like you too. I don’t like eavesdroppers, however.” Neville was referring to the female Crobat in this case, herself being slightly less stealthy than the male, who Neville had not seen. “My eyes are, in fact, pointing directly upwards. You tried.”

Missingno. Master
26th January 2013, 3:00 AM
Myrtle, Neville, Spirit, Sangre, Hedwig: Neville started to get cryptic, implying that he was going to have Myrtle find out for herself how he really felt... but then, he outright said it, that he liked her too.

Myrtle was overcome at that moment, those simple words from Neville resounding in her head, affecting her like she never thought possible. The Shuppet could hardly believe that it wasn't too long ago that the very sound of the Stunfisk's voice was sufficient to enrage her, and yet now, his admission to liking her filled her with joy like she had never felt before in life. Not even the constant kindness she had been shown by Keith, or Bedivere, or anyone else had made her feel like this. If there were any lingering doubts as to her feelings (which she was sure there weren't in the first place), they were gone now.

And then Neville continued, stating that what he didn't like was eavesdroppers, and then looked directly at Hedwig, who did her best to not react to this, though inside, the Crobat was upset that she had been spotted, and so easily, too.

Myrtle rolled her eyes. "My trai-ner's Cro-bat," she stated with a clear air of annoyance. "Clear-ly, she still does not trust you... Of course, she will keep her dis-tance if she knows what is good for her!" the Shuppet shouted, glaring up at where Neville was looking. She then looked back at Neville, and could not help but smile at the Stunfisk. "What say we just ig-nore her?" Myrtle suggested. "If she has a brain in that skull of hers, she will not try a-ny-thing a-gainst you. And if she does try, then I will hold her off so you can get a-way. Neville... Just being near you makes me happier than I can ever remember being," Myrtle admitted, her usual stutter seeming to clear up. She found herself subconsciously floating ever so slightly closer to Neville, found herself gazing into his eyes, found herself vaguely wondering how this sight could ever have been a bad thing to her.

Hedwig watched this unfold from above, still hovering silently, despite having been spotted. She was finding herself quite surprised by how things were going. Neville and Myrtle really did seem to love each other, and the Crobat knew only too well that if she made a move for Neville now, she'd find herself the target of Myrtle's Curse, and that would hurt, even with the colossal level difference.

26th January 2013, 4:50 AM
Cyanide, Pomona, Surus, Sparky
As Pomona landed the finishing blow on the Onix Sparky was left completely stunned. "Woah that was incredible" Said Sparky. Sparky then looked around and saw no sign of Jake. In the back of his mind he was worried about why the Onix suddenly appeared out of no where attacked. "Alright let's find Jake" Said Sparky before getting back on Cyanide's back ready to find his trainer.

Meowth, Selina, Jake, Pom, Telpo, Bubbles, Botch
As Meowth utterly owned the Dugtrio Jake was left speechless. "That was amazing Meowth!" Said Jake "I mean taking out 11 Dugtrio is no easy feat" Jake then turned to Pom. "You did great too taking out the leader Pom" Said Jake before walking over to the pit where his other pokemon were. "Hey Pom can you jump down there and toss me up your teammates pokeballs?" Asked Jake. Pom nodded before he jumped down and tossed up each pokeball one by one. Once they were all there Jake returned them all before sending out Pom,Bubbles and Botch again. "Alright guys Sparky is missing I need your help can you help?" However Botch seemed to have twisted a muscle from the fall and Bubbles had other things on her mind quickly hurrying away. "Looks like it's back to square one" Said Jake to Meowth before letting out a sigh of disappointment.

Myrtle, Neville, Spirit, Sangre, Hedwig,Bubbles

As Bubbles ran off she came to an open field with a single tree. Then she saw something that made her blood boil. "That Shuppet got to Neville before me!" Thought Bubbles before hiding behind the tree to snoop on there conversation. All was going well until Neville outright said that he liked Mytrle. Bubbles froze as that was said. Bubbles realized one thing. "Neville doesn't like me..." Thought Bubbles. That thought however was too much for Bubbles to bear, as just then she burst out from behind the tree in tears and ran away from the field.

Missingno. Master
26th January 2013, 6:00 AM
OOC: This post is being written under the impression that lilblue is no longer RPing in here, and thus, dropping the storyline with Minchi and Kanna. If my impression is mistaken, please tell me and I will gladly correct the post accordingly.

Cyanide, Pomona, Surus, Sparky, Meowth, Selina, Jake, Pom, Telpo, Bubbles, Botch: Pomona giggled at Sparky's words. "Aw, thanks, Sparky!" she replied happily. Just then, Cyanide took off, with Sparky on her back, running towards the source of the smell. Pomona raced behind them, trying to keep up.

Meanwhile, Meowth grinned modestly as Jake was in awe of his battling skills. Unfortunately, Bubbles and Botch didn't have much of anything to offer in the way of help. As Jake sighed that they were back to square one, Meowth suddenly heard something.

"Maybe not," he said as he pointed in the direction from which the sound was coming. Then, through the bushes crashed Cyanide and Pomona, with Sparky on Cyanide's back. "Hey, Cyanide, Pomona, where did youse come from?" Meowth greeted them.

"Oh, hi, Meowth!" exclaimed Pomona. "This is Sparky, here on Cyanide's back, he's a Joltik, and we're trying to help him find his trainer!"

"Really?" Meowth replied. "Cuz Jake here, dis is Sparky's trainer right here."

"Oh! All right, then!" Pomona replied happily.

"You're welcome," smirked Cyanide to Sparky.

"Now dere's just one problem- now we're all lost," sighed Meowth.

Pomona shook her head. "No, no we're not!" the Ivysaur argued. "I marked the way with String Shot while I was going after them! I'll lead the way back!"

"Ah," nodded Meowth before he turned to face Jake. "Pomona here says dat she marked da way back wit her String Shot, so we can follow her back. C'mon, let's go!"

Severus, Bubbles: As the Corphish ran off crying into the distance, unnoticed by anyone in the group she was fleeing from, she was noticed by another Pokemon- a Dustox belonging to Keith, yet another one of his Pokemon he had sent out earlier, and he had seen all that had just gone on. Severus flew over to the sobbing Corphish and spoke up. "Um, hi," Severus said. "I couldn't help but notice what happened back there, and... I gotta say, I can relate. If you need someone to talk to...?"

Marion Ette
26th January 2013, 9:02 AM
Myrtle, Neville, Spirit, Sangre, Hedwig - Sangre finds it somewhat interesting that the prank-loving Stunfisk offers the Scyther a Cheri Berry with which to heal himself. The Stunfisk offered a Scyther one, mentioning that his trainer had given him the satchel; perhaps he would face some kind of punishment by his trainer if he did not offer his victims some form of treatment. Certainly, such an action rebuilt trust... Though to what end, Sangre could not exactly say. Of course, it is not long before Myrtle and Neville exchange their confessions of love for one another... or at least liking one another, much to the dismay of a passing Corphish, who apparently takes the news of the newly established romance rather poorly. Sangre had not heard that Neville was so popular with the ladies, but it was certainly an interesting piece of information to learn about his target... Was it true what they said about women fawning over bad boys? Sangre could not really say. After all, he was neither a good boy or a bad one... Simply neutral. Simply a hunter, doing the best that he could in the world.

As Neville calls out that he does not like eavesdroppers, Sangre remains frozen, hoping that the Stunfisk may doubt his senses... Fortunately for him, it was not he who was sighted, but Hedwig. The male Crobat is highly displeased at how easily the female gave away her position, especially considering that she was of a much higher level than himself. Was she trained in stealth by a damned Snorlax? Though Sangre can feel his irritation rising, he reminds himself that he has a mission to complete; thus, despite his internal emotions, he remains externally unphased, silent and still as stone. He does not dare shoot a glare at Hedwig, or indicate his feelings in any way, though he wonders to himself at whether her presence will ultimately give him away. Fortunately, it seemed as though Myrtle and Neville had only spotted Keith's Crobat... for now. I doubt Hedwig hunts on her own very often, Sangre thinks to himself. If the bar is any indication, that trainer of hers likely gives her all the blood she needs. Quite a shame. As Sangre's initial annoyed reaction dies down, he begins thinking; Perhaps I should take her out on a hunt with me sometime. I will have to eat beforehand, of course, but perhaps she could learn a thing or two. The thought satisfies him such that he cannot help but silently grin to himself.

Missingno. Master
26th January 2013, 3:12 PM
Myrtle, Neville, Spirit, Sangre, Hedwig: High above the pair of lovebirds (well... love-fish-and-possessed-cloth?), Hedwig was silently fuming. She was stealthy, damn it! She could approach a wild Mothim from behind and devour him in one bite, and do the whole thing so quickly and quietly that the ill-fated insect would literally have no idea what happened. One second, he'd be alive and well, and the next second, death. Not even a damn Azumarill would be able to hear her coming! And she had been completely silent this whole time, so why was it that Neville had spotted her and not Sangre? She sneaked a glance at the male Crobat next to her, and silently wondered... was he somehow stealthier than her? What possible reason could there have been that she was the one who was noticed, and not him? Myrtle, of course, noticed the both of them- try as he might to not show his emotions outwardly, Sangre could not conceal them, not completely. Even the slightest bit of emotion could not be hidden from Myrtle's supernatural sense of taste. But that slimy Stunfisk noticed her. How? She had been completely silent this entire time, her movements had been minimal, and the tree branches and leaves were hiding her well. And yet here she was, her stealth skills called into question, right in front of another Crobat. How humiliating! Still, she remained still and silent, not wanting to confirm what she hoped were but mere coincidental suspicions on the Stunfisk's part. Even if Myrtle had already identified her to the Stunfisk.

Marion Ette
26th January 2013, 8:07 PM
Myrtle, Neville, Spirit, Sangre, Hedwig: Sangre could sense the anger and hurt radiating from Hedwig, and though he was not usually the type to provide comfort, particularly to one he does not know well and particularly while on a mission, he cannot help but feel somewhat sorry for the lady Crobat. After all, she had certainly been discreet - her silence rivaled even his - but in broad daylight, the Stunfisk, with its eyes turned upward, likely could see the shadow of a being against the sky flying into the tree. Sangre had made the choice to position himself beforehand to avoid being seen, but the lady, being unaware of Neville and Myrtle's presence until she landed, did not have the luxury of planning her actions in advance. Sangre glances over at the other Crobat, giving her a quick look before turning back to the targets, trying to communicate a bit of reassurance. He wondered to himself if it was even worth remaining in stealth... The pair was already keenly aware that they were being watched, even if not by him, and Neville would likely alter his behavior with the knowledge that others were observing him if he indeed had something to hide. Why oh why did this Crobat have to ruin everything for him? He supposed he should be angry, and yet... Despite the fact that his mission was ultimately an awful failure, he was, in some odd way, thankful for the company. Besides, he could already sense that she felt bad about it, and Sangre was not the type to inflict negative emotions on others, unlike some people he knew. Even if he was angry, he would rather not have Hedwig feel guilt as a result.

The male Crobat finally sighs, no longer caring if such an action would give away his position. He speaks very softly, almost in a whisper; Is the one known as Keith also sending eyes to watch these two?

Missingno. Master
26th January 2013, 8:50 PM
Hedwig, Sangre: Still indignant over her stealth having been for naught, over having been spotted so insultingly easily, Hedwig noticed the quick glance Sangre gave her. It was a look which conveyed a little reassurance, and it calmed her down somewhat. Then, to her mild surprise, the male Crobat sighed- the very first sound she heard out of him today. In what almost amounted to a whisper, he asked Hedwig if Keith was also sending someone to watch Myrtle and Neville. In just as quiet a voice, Hedwig replied, "Yes- me. Though neither he nor I actually knew they would be meeting here, or else I'd have already been here before them. He has asked the rest of my team to keep their eyes on Neville should they see him with Myrtle, though, of course." The female Crobat paused to glance back down at Myrtle and Neville before continuing. "He doesn't trust that Stunfisk, and having been his teammate for a brief period, neither do I. But Marion does not seem like the type to send someone to spy on Neville like that... who sent you? Coselle, I'm guessing?"

Marion Ette
27th January 2013, 2:42 AM
Hedwig, Sangre: Hedwig is somewhat surprised at Sangre breaking his usual silence, asking whether Keith had indeed sent her to spy on the lovers. Apparently, though Keith had not anticipated that the pair would be meeting as Coselle had, she had been tasked with the same duty, though her lack of forewarning caused her to arrive late to the scene. The female Crobat turns to keep her eye on the couple, remarking that Keith does not trust the Stunfisk... a view that she and her trainer shared. She observes (rightfully so) that Marion would not be the type to send Sangre for the purposes of spying, and guesses that it may have been Keith's girlfriend, Coselle, who made the call.

Marion has no need for spies, Sangre mutters. She feels it not her place to meddle in the affairs of others. Her sister would do well to learn from her. Sangre's eyes remain focused on the couple, looking for even the slightest changes in behavior. She told me about this Neville. For once, I thought she was right to be concerned... Sangre shakes his head. Though I have yet to see any proof.

Missingno. Master
27th January 2013, 3:32 AM
Hedwig, Sangre, Chuck: Hedwig listened as Sangre stated that while Marion had no need for spies, Coselle was indeed the one who put him on the trail of Neville, though he had yet to see any proof that the Stunfisk warranted concern. "Yes, he's behaving far better than I've ever seen him behave. You should have seen him back when he was under my trainer's ownership," frowned Hedwig. "He rigged the entire bar with Stealth Rock and purposely activated Static whenever he could, not unlike what he did with that Scyther. And he offered no Cheri Berries to his victims, either." At that moment, a wisp of purple gas appeared from out of nowhere before the two Crobat, followed by a dark sphere surrounded by the same kind of smoke. On the sphere was a widely grinning face. "What are you doing here, Chuck?" whispered Hedwig.

"Came to keep an eye on those two, of course," the Gastly whispered back. "Neville may have spotted you already, but I can go invisible. Plus, he's never seen me before, I could convince him I'm a wild Pokemon if need be. You two take a break, why don't you?"

Hedwig looked at Sangre. "He's got a point," she stated as the Gastly went invisible. "Sun will be going down soon, anyway, and I'm starting to get hungry. I normally hunt alone, but I wouldn't object if you wanted to come along," she offered.

30th January 2013, 8:04 PM
Strolling through the verdant Fizzitopian Park, a trio of jolly Pokémon take a moment to make the most of this wonderfully sunny afternoon while their trainer quietly read a book, deep in thought in a bench nearby. Leading the group, a sand-colored landshark seemed almost to dance with exorbitant and unexplained joy. The day seemed almost perfect for him, and though he didn't know what it would be perfect for, the thought still excited him in a weird manner. If only he had a cold bottle of beer it would've been so much better. For now, all he was told to do was to look over for the two young ones, being the most experienced of the group.

Behind him, a similarly hyper Dunsparce followed suit, though her own happiness was likely a result of the former's highly contagious demeanor. Her attention seemed to sporadically shift every other second to a new target as she marveled at all the activity taking place around them, trainers and Pokémon alike getting to know each other, playing games, sharing a picnic, or simply having a pleasant talk. The thought of finding a new playmate was nice, and sharing a tasty treat was even better, especially if it was sweet.

"Y'know, I'm happy for ya both an' all," a third voice spoke up, "but I still don't git what's up with that silly grin of yours. Ya ate some laughter beans or somethin', Nars?"

"Could be!" The Gabite replied while bursting in laughter. "What can I say. Live long, laugh hard!"

"Where I come from they say that 'He who laughs on his own, his mischief remembers.' Just sayin'" The Water-type chuckled. "This place is so nice. Should we set down in here? My belly's a rumblin'!

Missingno. Master
30th January 2013, 8:42 PM
Nagini, Narsil, Fa, Kara: Keith had been slowly letting more and more of his Pokemon out into the park so they could enjoy the fresh air and so forth. One of these Pokemon, an Arbok, was slithering around, looking for something to do, when she spotted a trio of Pokemon- an oddly colored Gabite, and a Dunsparce and Totodile, both of whom smelled vaguely familiar. Especially the Dunsparce. Nagini figured that the Totodile was the female one which her trainer had hatched many years ago, only to almost immediately trade for the Croagunk who was now the Toxicroak known as Malfoy- she didn't really meet that Totodile, but she did register her scent. The Dunsparce, however, had been a long-time teammate of hers', and indeed, she recalled the great reluctance with which Keith had given her up. Without further ado, she slithered over to the group. "Dunsparce? Is that really you?" Nagini asked her former teammate. "You do remember me, I hope? Pomona said your new trainer named you Fa, right? Oh, excuse me," she added to the Gabite and Totodile. "My name is Nagini. What are your names?"

Hannah, Hebenon, Delilah: Meanwhile, in the lake, as Hebenon and Delilah looked at each other, a second Qwilfish swam up to them. "There you are, big brother!" grinned Hannah.

"Hi, Hannah," smiled Hebenon as he turned to Delilah. "Delilah, this is my little sister, Hannah. Hannah, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend Delilah."

"Oh, so you're Delilah," smiled Hannah. "My big brother says very nice things about you. It's great to meet you!"

30th January 2013, 9:49 PM
"Heh, heh, heh, sure, this is a nice place." The Gabite responded to the hungry Totodile before taking seat and unpacking his bag, as deftly as he could do with his single claws. It was then that the group was suddenly approached by a figure with an intense air around her, lured by her own curiosity and nostalgia. She seems to have recognized one of the three, and approaches the Dunsparce in hopes that she would remember her. Fa tilts her head questioningly for only a moment before a sudden spark flashes into her mind. "Ah! Nagiiiii! I remember, I remember!" She exclaims hopping up and down in excitement. Her days at Keith's squad were a distant memory, but they still hadn't become complete strangers to her. That being said, the way Nagini impressed her now and the way Fa seemed to remember her were rather different.

The dragon and crocodile turn their gazes to each other with a puzzled look before Nagini apologizes, introducing herself properly. Kara in particular seemed to scratch her lower jaw as her mind made that extra effort to remember her familiar scent."Well, ma'am, my name would be Narsil." The Gabite was first to introduce himself. "Hey! And you can this fine example of a lady croc as Kara." The Water-type added with a giggle. "Sure thang we weren't expecting such an encounter, but it would be a bad show of hospitality if we didn't invite ya for some good, late-afternoon lunch. You got enough in that bag, darling?"

"If I could pull some sort of miracle maybe these dumplings will multiply by art of magic. People will start calling me the next Messiah!" The Gabite laughed out loud in response, though clearly implying that his provisions weren't that plenty.

"Don't be so blasphemous, hun." Kara reprimanded his partner with a Scratch, though one so playful and casual that it came as nothing more than a slap on the wrist. "Speaking of the Lord, isn't Reverend Vega doing some of his daily prayer near the edge of the pond?"

"Reverend? That Arbok always struck me as more of a looney cultist fanatic than an actual Man of God."

"I'll have you know, Reverend Vega is one fine example of a man!" Kara Scratched the Gabite again, though he only laughed it off in return. It was rather hard to tell if Kara was actually irritated or just playing game at this point. Narsil after all, said everything in good spirit. When wasn't he in good spirits anyways?

Missingno. Master
30th January 2013, 10:18 PM
Nagini, Fa, Narsil, Kara: Nagini couldn't help but smile as Fa suddenly remembered her, and let the Arbok know in no uncertain terms. The Gabite introduced himself as Narsil and the Totodile as Kara. "A pleasure to meet you both," Nagini said politely. Kara then invited Nagini to join them for lunch, though as Narsil implied that they weren't all that well-stocked on food. Nagini did not immediately reply- she didn't want to appear rude by refusing, but she also didn't want to end up hogging what little food they had for themselves. Then, they started talking about some Arbok named Vega, and Nagini's interest was piqued. "Which way is it to the pond?" she asked. "It's not often I get to meet another of my kind."

30th January 2013, 10:52 PM
Narsil roared in laughter yet again as Nagini almost immediately asks for direction to the pond, showing great interest in meeting another of her kind. "Well, you certainly don't beat around the bush, do you, ma'am?"

"Don't be rude!" Kara gave him another comical smack. "If she wants to meet her kin, who are we to refuse?"

"Aww... you're leaving already?" Fa whined in disappointment.

"No, no. No need for it to be such a sudden departure. We are all going lead Miss Nagi to our good Reverend. It's only the polite thing to do." Kara reassured her.

"And here I thought I was the team leader ..." Narsil almost murmured with a bit of sarcasm. "Lead the way, boss!"

"Alright!" Kara jumped back up to her feet with a gleeful expresion, gesturing for everyone to follow. Having set her mind to it, it was a done deal already in her mind, and it was going to be great. "After me!"

Missingno. Master
30th January 2013, 11:07 PM
Nagini, Fa, Narsil, Kara: Fa seemed sad at the idea of Nagini leaving already, but before Nagini could respond, Kara stated that they would all lead her to where Vega was. "I would appreciate that, thank you," said Nagini. She then looked at Fa. "You know, Fa, Keith hasn't forgotten about you. Later on I'll take you to him, and I guarantee he'll be thrilled to see you again." She then made ready to follow Kara.

31st January 2013, 3:03 AM
"Really?" Fa's face brightened up as Nagini promised her to take her to Keith later on, letting her know that her previous trainer still hadn't forgotten about her, and would very much like to see her. "Mm! She nodded energetically before following everyone else to the lake.

Step after step, Kara seemed to be humming a tune to herself as a few questions starting buzzing around her mind. Nars couldn't keep from smirking to himself as if he could almost perfectly guess was is it that his partner was having in mind. Meanwhile, Fa took the job of making sure there was not a moment of awkward silence as she bombarded the lady Arbok with thousands of trivial questions regarding Keith and her old teammates, having definite trouble remembering some, though the names of Pomona, Gemini, Hebenon and even Hedwig managed to pop-up.

Eventually, it was Kara that interrupted the pair with a question of her own. "Say Miss, you'll have to pardon me for being too forward, but I just have to ask ..." a slightly mischievous grin formed on the female Totodile's face. "What is it that you're looking for ... in a man?"

Marion Ette
31st January 2013, 4:03 AM
Myrtle, Neville, Spirit, Sangre, Hedwig: As Hedwig describes the horrors that the Stunfisk named Neville imparted upon unsuspecting patrons of the bar, the male Crobat suddenly stiffens, his eyes darting to and fro as if looking for something. The hairs on the back of the Crobat's neck stood on end, and his sense that the pair was not alone put him immediately on edge. He tried his best to absorb the potentially important character background of his target, but is too distracted by the presence he detects to wholeheartedly listen. Sure enough, the sixth sense he developed from his exposure to sneaky ghost-types throughout his youth did not lead him astray, as sure enough, a Gastly materializes before the two Crobat, grinning intensely. Though Sangre was not one to read emotions like Minerva could, he could at least discern that the Gastly did not seem intent on attacking. Indeed, it seems as if this spectre, who Hedwig identifies as Chuck, is embarking on the same mission as the two Crobat. Sangre nods solemnly. He was not particularly thrilled about this mission anyhow, and with Hedwig already having drawn enough attention, perhaps it was best to leave matters to the Gastly. Though Sangre pauses with reluctance initially, Hedwig's invitation is too enticing for him to decline.

Very well. I entrust the mission to you. Please make sure that what you impart to Keith finds its way to the one he is so dreadfully enthralled with for reasons I cannot fathom. He turns to Hedwig, the slightest of smiles on his face. Feeding time already, is it? I always hunt alone... Sangre pauses for a moment. Then again, I suppose there is a first time for everything. Lead, and I shall follow.

Nagini, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes: As the merry group of dragon and snake-like beings approaches the lakeside to introduce the Arbok among them to their deeply spiritual teammate Vega, it appears to them as if they are not the only ones who seek out the serene, picturesque lakeside; indeed, it seems as if a couple of Pokemon have recently arrived to the lakeside as well, with the intention of enjoying a picnic. Of course, considering the company gathered, the picnic is anything but normal.

A beautiful creature with lilac tips in its gorgeous, deep purple locks levitates a glass of ruby-red wine which matches its eyes, sipping occasionally as it observes a jovial, chuckling Frillish setting up at least four or five blankets on the lakeside, one after the other, weighing down each blanket with copious amounts of food. Tureens nearly overflowing with gravies and sauces, casserole dishes and salad bowls, pies, baskets of sandwiches, even a whole roasted Tepig. Taking center stage, however, is a pale-furred Eevee that appears to have been bound and gagged, looking nervously to and fro as it struggles against its bonds. Various metallic, surgical implements have been scattered around the creature; though to the trained eye, some of these devices would have no real purpose or meaning, they certainly look sharp and painful enough to induce fear in any who would look at them. Eventually, the Frillish turns to the enchanting Misdreavus, giving it a wave and a smile. Grinning and blushing coquettishly, the feminine spirit floats over with its wine, apparently excited to sample some of the tasty treats that have been so carefully laid out by the Frillish. Its gaze particularly focuses on the furry captive, as the Eevee thrashes in vain to get away from the pair of ghosts who presumably Eeveenapped him.

"This is the first time you have dined with us, is it not? Oh, I do hope that I have brought enough food, ohohohoho~!" The Frillish claps his hands together and smiles, though he looks over the massive quantity of food with a fretful expression. "I do not wish for you to go hungry on your welcome dinner. I know that your diet is a bit unortho-"

The Misdreavus smirks and gives a little wink to reassure the Frillish that the dinner looks absolutely lovely. The Frillish grins, clearly excited to indulge the creature, before lifting one of the implements scattered around the Eevee with his tentacle, laughing maniacally. "Dreadfully sorry, old chap! It appears you drew the short straw for our dinner tonight... I do hope you understand that we do not want our newest companion going hungry, now, do we? I suggest that you do not hold back your fear, as it will make the process that much more quick... Though I imagine that my newest and dearest companion would want to savor the meal..." The Frillish looks over at the Misdreavus, who nods with a sadistic look in its sanguine eyes. "Ohohohoho~! Well, I suppose this will be torturous for Sir K, then, will it not?" Bedivere grins darkly, holding the implement close to the Eevee's throat while he searches for something. "Now, where did I put that razor...? Would not want all that luxurious fur getting in the way, ohohohohoho~!"

Missingno. Master
31st January 2013, 4:10 AM
Nagini, Fa, Narsil, Kara: As the group moved on, Fa wasted no time in bombarding Nagini with all sorts of trivial questions about Keith, as well as her other old teammates. Nagini couldn't help but smile the entire time- Fa's limitless energy was just like she remembered.

"Yes, he still wears that hat," Nagini said, attempting to answer Fa's questions as fast as they came out. "No, Hebenon never learned how to use Fire Blast, though he does know Flamethrower now. Yes, Malfoy told Bellatrix how he feels about her- yes, she feels the same way about him, too! Yeah, Keith does have a girlfriend now-"

Kara, however, interrupted Fa's relentless barrage of questions with a single one of her own; she asked Nagini what she is looking for in a man. Nagini blushed at the question, and hesitated before answering, this not-so-trivial question having caught her way off guard when she was busy answering Fa's thousands of trivial questions. "Well," she began, "I... I guess I'm looking for someone... someone who... how do I put this... What I'm looking for is... someone kind and gentle. Someone who has power, but knows better than to abuse it. Someone who isn't violent unless the situation truly calls for it. Only problem is, I don't meet many snakes like that," sighed Nagini. "My trainer's Seviper prefers to intimidate first and ask questions later, and tends to see violence as a solution for nearly everything. I personally prefer to not get violent, or even intimidating, unless I absolutely need to. I'm told I'm pretty good at it though," she added with a modest tone to her voice, as though wanting to not sound full of herself. The Arbok paused, then said, "So... what is this Vega like?"

They hadn't arrived at the pond yet, and thus did not actually yet see the decidedly macabre picnic currently unfolding there.

Hedwig, Sangre: The male Crobat stated that while he always ate alone, he supposed there was a first time for everything, and asked Hedwig to lead the way, with the smallest of smiles on his face. Hedwig returned this small smile with one of her own before saying, "Very well. This way." With that, the female Crobat took off, flying off in the direction which led to the Pokemon-only Tree Grove. While a popular gathering spot for trainers' Pokemon, the outskirts were packed with many delicious wild Pokemon. It was one of Hedwig's favorite hunting grounds.

31st January 2013, 5:06 AM
All the pieces were set near the edge of the pond, and now only remained the main dish, a paled colored Eevee laying gagged on the center stage and trashing in vain to avoid meeting a gruesome end. Nothing personal, of course, but it would seem fate had dictated that today, Kuranes would serve as a meal for another, and his death was not likely to be quick and painless.

As Bedivere held the grim instrument against the fox's throat, a shadow loomed over them all, hissing in a very low, though nonetheless threatening tone. "We meet again, Sssir Bedivere." The voice greeted, neutral and monotone. Vega now Glared over the pair of Ghosts, unblinking with his pair of pale, ghastly eyes. "Now this is awfully unprofessional and inefficient of you. Picnics are meant to be prepared beforehand, are they not? And here you intend to spill blood in broad daylight. I'm afraid I can't allow it, it's the law. The fates have dictated this Eevee will live another day, though yours is rather uncertain. It depends on wether or not you desist right away."

As these events unfolded the other group was fast approaching the edge. Nagini was caught off guard by the sudden question, and admitted to be looking for a snake that would for once be kind and well-tempered like her, a thing which she did often not see in the others she had met, especially not Keith's Seviper. A description which coincided a lot with a certain Arbok Kara had met before. She had no time to respond however as something else diverted the flow of their conversation

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Fa suddenly squeaked out, noticing something not too far ahead, and dashes off with surprising Agility, switching into a more mobile form with a Rollout as she did.

"What in tarnation!" Kara yelps at Fa's sudden reaction, while Narsil simply cackles in amusement.

"What're you doing standing there all shocked like that! Run, Kara, run!" Narsil kept on the booming laughter as he went into full-throttle himself, followed close behind by the not so fast Totodile.

Missingno. Master
31st January 2013, 5:39 AM
Nagini, Vega, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes: Fa's reaction got Nagini wondering, and she increased the speed of her slithering. As she spotted the morbid picnic currently underway, the Arbok moved even quicker, and arrived on the scene at the exact same time another Arbok did. The both of them cast their Glares at the exact same time, but Nagini said nothing. She had intended to speak, of course, but found herself listening to what the other Arbok was saying instead. She found herself rather impressed with how he was handling the situation, his voice neutral and low, yet threatening nonetheless. Once Vega had stopped speaking, Nagini tried to think of anything to add, but found that there was nothing to say that he hadn't already said. Still, she continued to Glare unblinkingly at the Frillish and Misdreavus, patiently awaiting some sort of explanation behind what they were doing.

Marion Ette
31st January 2013, 6:30 AM
Nagini, Vega, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes: The moment an ominous shadow is cast over the ghostly pair, the more feminine of the two bolts in the other direction, leaving Bedivere to endure the full brunt of Vega and Nagini's gazes. Though paralyzed to the very spot he stands by the powerfully intimidating eyes of the serpents that tower over him, he seems undeterred... Chipper as ever, he grins at Vega, whom he had turned to before the paralyzing double-glare.

"Spill blood? Dear, dear me... I believe you misunderstand." His voice drops to a whisper. "My most intriguing companion does not intend to feast upon our dear Sir K... but we cannot let him know that! Perhaps you are not aware of the eating habits of Misdreavus..." Bedivere chuckles a bit. "A bit more discriminate in taste than Mistress Minerva or Lady Myrtle... It is not all negative emotions they crave. Only that of fear. Heavens, I did try to be terrified for my dearest new friend! How I attempted to feel fear, even as a knife was telekinetically placed at the base of my throat, hearing that insane, beautiful laugh! Alas, I am not one to feel fear, you see." Bedivere hangs his head, appearing a bit disappointed at his own inability to be frightened. "I have faced death already, and it has dulled the sharp edge of the natural tendency to be frightened at the prospect. Ah, but young Kuranes still has plenty of fear left in him." Bedivere's eyes sparkle at the sight of little Kuranes trembling at the sight of the serpents and their menacing glares. Despite the fact that they intend to save the Eevee, he still finds their very presence to be fear-inspiring. Behind Kuranes, the Misdreavus who had narrowly escaped the glares was now drawn back by Kuranes' emotions, the red gems around its neck glowing as they absorb the Eevee's feelings of fear. The creature licks its lips, indicating how thoroughly it is enjoying the meal. "The feast is already beginning, I see~! Ohohohoho~" Bedivere grins like mad, watching his companion consume the fear. "I do hope it is to your liking, my dear~" The Misdreavus gives Bedivere a flirtatious smile in response, followed by a cute little wink.

Missingno. Master
31st January 2013, 7:54 AM
Nagini, Vega, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes: The Misdreavus had fled, but Bedivere had still been there to take the full force of the Glares of both Arbok. Indeed, the Frillish did not seem deterred in the slightest as he sought to correct the apparent misunderstanding that had arisen. As it turns out, Kuranes himself was not the meal, but rather, his fear was. Nagini blinked. Now that she thought of it, she did hear that Misdreavus fed on fear, and she was starting to wonder why she hadn't made the connection sooner.

"It appears I have misunderstood the situation as well," Nagini said quietly as the Misdreavus consumed Kuranes's fear. "I did indeed know of the eating habits of Misdreavus, but I somehow failed to make the connection here. My apologies, Bedivere, for assuming the worst right away," she said, bowing her head slightly in apology.

1st February 2013, 4:23 AM
"No, Bedi, no!" Little Fa had pleaded as soon as she got into the scene, hoping to perhaps save in time a possible victim of murder, though her words fell short as she couldn't find it in herself to complete her sentence; constantly looping over the same syllable again and again in between panting while tears threatened to pour out of her eyes from the nervousness. She only later realized she had very familiar company in the form of Vega, and Nagini had even managed to reach them before herself, despite her head-start; such was the level difference. Though Bedivere's body was clearly paralyzed in a primal reaction to the Arbok's stunning stare, his mind was still his own, and he calmly explains his true intentions (issued in whispers so as to not spoil the plan). Misdreavus feed, after all, in fear, and though Bedivere had lost the ability to feel fear himself. Nagini seems quick to accept the Frillish's defense, even going as far as apologizing for assuming the worst, though there was something still to be said about binding a creature against its will to psychologically torment it. Never even mind the possibility of the victim entering a state of irreversible shock as a result! Vega wasn't one to turn all smiley faced over a "false alarm", though his expression does soften somewhat. It was never his intention to let out such an intense Glare to begin with. It was only a natural gesture his body adopted when his self entered a particular state of mind, one which could range mere sternness, to bitter hatred, depending on the occasion.

Bedivere's speech flies right over Fa's head on the other hand, who could not really grasp any of it. She frowns in frustration and puffs her cheeks before she decides to do something about the whole thing herself. She takes only a couple half-hops forward before she starts biting and nibbling at the Eevee's bindings. Of course, she never openly spoke of her intentions, and Kuranes could very likely be taking her attempts in the complete wrong. At least it was better to believe one is being eaten alive by a cute, little snake than by some sadistic ghosts? It doesn't help any after the rest of the gang arrive to the scene. "Ooooh, talk about perfect timing, ha, ha, ha! Bedivere, my man! We're having Eevee for lunch?" Narsil's mouth started to water as he grinned wide, his mouth flashing a complete set of very sharp fangs in the process. Kara turns quickly around and jabs Nars with a quick Scratch across his nose yet once again, this time eliciting a pained Yeouch! from him as he rubs his face, tears almost bursting forth from one of his eyes as a result ... that is until he suddenly starts wheezing in laughter at some inside joke only he could comprehend within his head.

Despite all these happenings, Vega's eyes were always focused on one single target, never turning away from Bedivere's own. It was a snake thing one could say. Once they fixate on a particular object, it was as if the rest of the world ceased to exist for them, as they only had eyes for one. It wasn't that Vega did not notice Fa wrestling with what she was supposed to save, or the arrival of his other young teammates, or even the important presence of another powerful snake, but rather that his focus was best devoted to this silent conversation with the merry ghost. His eyes scrutinized deep, trying to see past the many layers of masks that lied beneath that jovial and deceptively innocent face, and in turn, it was as if he suddenly found himself navigating through a most intricate of labyrinths. So seemingly unreadable did Bedivere seem at first glance. "Not one to feel fear, you say." He almost whispered to himself. "Then I must say, you, sir, either know nothing of the true face of fear, or perhaps already know it too well. You have a feeling heart, and as long as you don't turn into one of the heartless, you will always have a vulnerable spot that can be preyed upon. Are your fears that terrible to you, or have you forgotten them entirely? The missy will have a handful trying to uncover them for you, that's for sure."

Marion Ette
2nd February 2013, 5:18 AM
Both serpents perceive the honest, if somewhat warped intentions of the cannibalistic culinary genius standing paralyzed before them, and soften their glares somewhat in response to the understanding that Kuranes was not in any immediate physical danger. Nagini goes as far as to apologize for assuming the worst of Bedivere, whom she knew was not the sort to ruthlessly murder someone... not without permission, anyhow. "Oh, it is quite all right, Lady Nagini! I am only glad that our ruse is convincing to even one as clever as yourself, ohohohoho~!" Bedivere's grin widens, the paralyzing effect of the glares slowly beginning to wear off. Vega, however, is not so quick to apologize... After all, Kuranes' mental well being was still very much in jeopardy, and the fear he experiences by the betrayal of a trusted team member could have all sorts of damaging effects to his young psyche. Even if he is not eaten, the experience of almost being consumed alive by a loved one is one that changes a Pokemon's mind; the grim possibility of death becomes more tangible, real... begins to take on the face of siblings, friends, people that once represented life in the mind; if the smiling Bedivere could kill Kuranes without a second thought, what assurance did he have about anyone else? Vega senses this potential for mental scarring quite keenly, but even moreso, he is intrigued by the complexity of the seemingly merry, yet deluded Frillish. There was certainly more than meets the eye with Bedivere, and yet it was hard to find the face beneath the grinning mask. Vega concludes that this strange creature must either have never experienced true fear, or perhaps the experience had affected him so deeply that it formed the mental barriers which Vega had such difficulty penetrating. Though Bedivere's smile is unwavering, his answer to Vega's question is anything but amusing.

"I left my fear behind long before I was born, Lord Vega. I have dragged my charred, emaciated soul from the pit of boiling blood and fire. I have fled the centaurs, swam through waters laden with the sullen damned, trudged through battlefields populated with faceless men, braved the foul, icy rains and the violent winds which carry spirits torn apart by longing... Like tempered steel, I am reborn from the flames, unbreakable and full of purpose." Bedivere chuckles brightly. "Metaphorically, of course."

Meanwhile, poor Fa doesn't quite understand what's going on, her focus failing her. Frustrated with her attempts at comprehension, she decides to instead act upon what she does understand, which is that Kuranes is bound and distressed. Untying his bonds will surely make him happy, right? The young dragon takes a few hops forward and starts gnawing on Kuranes' bonds; the shiny Eevee, having enough of his fear consumed by Spinel to think straight, perceives that Fa is attacking his bonds and not him; indeed, if she were trying to eat him, she would likely go straight for the neck or chest, wouldn't she? Even if she DID intend to eat him, once she bit through his bonds, he could make a quick escape before she bit into her legs. The Eevee seems momentarily hopeful when the sight of a Gabite flashing its glistening fangs drains all the color from his face. He desperately tries to help Fa bite through the bonds, straining against the cords in a desperate attempt to free himself quickly before the Gabite took a bite out of him!

Spinel narrows its eyes at Fa's attempts at freeing the Misdreavus' lunch, and a deep, masculine Growl emanates from the creature's throat in irritation. "Stop what you are doing at once," the Misdreavus hisses, his commanding, baritone voice a poor match for his appearance. "It is rude to meddle in the affairs of others," he nearly shrieks with contempt.

Missingno. Master
3rd February 2013, 4:04 AM
Nagini found herself somewhat flattered as Bedivere expressed his happiness that the ruse was convincing to someone as clever as her. It was true, she was rather clever, but she felt that saying so would amount to bragging, which she tended to not do. She merely settled for politely nodding in acknowledgement of the Frillish's words, though she still looked somewhat concerned, and it was certain that Bedivere's words in response to Vega were slightly unnerving. "You are very kind, Bedivere," she replied. "But... I hope this will have no negative impact on the Eevee... Kuranes, you said his name was?" she added, concern in her voice. "Fear can create a lasting impression, after all, and not a very desirable one. I try to not inflict fear on others unless it is absolutely necessary. Of course, I see that it's necessary in this case, but this is a unique situation- any time it has been necessary for me to induce fear in anyone, they truly deserved to be frightened. I get the feeling that this does not apply here. Are you certain that this experience will not traumatize the Eevee?" Nagini asked. "I remember how it tore at my heart to see Sakura scream in fright at the sight of me... I am glad I was able to help her, at least... I would hate for Kuranes to be traumatized, and by you, no less, given how kind you are."

3rd February 2013, 6:13 AM
Vega silently absorbs Bedivere's words as he speaks of his abandoned fears. Wether or not the Frillish was speaking in pure metaphor, he felt in a way the words were meant to be taken rather literally, which only raised more questions than answers, but he wasn't going to press further. The other Arbok, who was revealed to him to be known as Nagini, then starts wondering about K's wellbeing, wanting to make sure this experience was not going to cause lasting harm to the poor Eevee. She then goes on to explain how she only used fear when it was absolutely necessary, and only on those that deserved it, though she could see how it was necessary now in order to feed Spinel. Vega however, could not agree to either of those thoughts. He had endured many years under of a dreadfully tyranical Arbok, who used and abused fear tacticts to bring an entire clan into complete submission. For Vega, fear was frighteningly effective, but never appropriate or necessary. His resortment to it was never really out of his own free will, but rather a result of the qualities of his own species. The art of intimidation was genetically ingrained into his body, it ran deep, and he loathed it, for it came to him without a second thought, in his voice, and his body. He would rather believe, however, that, if anyone ever held respect for his persona, it was more because his knowledge and beliefs rather than fear of his power, even though fear and respect usually went hand-in-hand. What really grated on him however was using a team member as nourishment for another. For instance, one could say killing for food to be necessary, and yet one never consumes another of his kin. Even cannibals would only take prisoners and slaves for food, for the most part. Even in this "not deadly" scenario, this course of action was not acceptable at all, and Vega would not condone it.

Meanwhile, Fa was doing her very best to free the captive Eevee, and K seemed to pick up on this as he tried to bite unto his own bindings as well; in obvious desperation of course, as a Gabite with a clear appetite for fox flesh was very much in clear sight. Spinel was getting annoyed by Fa's actions however, and starts Growling menacingly as he commands her to stop at once. Fa seems startled at his authoritative voice, and for a second she looks like she doesn't know what to do, but something changes in her expression as she starts gathering courage for what she thinks is right. "No!" She squeaks. "No, no, no!" She mutters as she stubbornly keeps unbinding K with renewed purpose.

Upon hearing the male banshee's voice, Narsil couldn't help cackling in laughter, though it wasn't clear if he was laughing at himself for falling straight into the trap, or at Spinel for his hilariously mismatching voice. The "lady" doth speak like a man indeed! Kara however, did not find Spinel's voice humorous at all, instead frowning in disaproval at the mere suggestion of just standing there as an innocent was gagged and abused before her eyes. "Say what? Now listen here ma'am, sir, whatever it is that you are, you can call us the rudest bunch in the whole wide world, but we ain't gonna stand for tis kinda thang right before our eyes. If this is some nasty prank, it's as tastless as stale fries left unattended for whole damn day. My goodness, what is wrong today? One moment I'm trying to do some good ol' match-making, and now I'm arguing with Doc Frank-N-Furter in person."

"We?" Narsil interrupted. "And seeing how this whole banquet was laid out for this moment by the way, I'd say this prank is a very tasteful one!" He started laughing out loud again, before being on the recieving end of another Scratch to the nose.

"My deepest apologies now," Kara continued, "but try to stop me if you can." She went on to try and lend a helping hand with her sharp fangs and claws.

Vega had remained silent throughout the whole thing. The events starting to test his patience, he takes a deep breath as he thinks for himself if this was another trail sent from beyond to try him further. "Enough!" He exclaimed, before turning to Spinel "You. The park is inhabited by dozens of unsuspecting and easily impressed bystanders. If you want fear that badly, you're free to wreck havoc as you wish, but I will not allow you to treat your kindred as an item before my presence. There is nothing else to argue. The rest of you," he turned to his own group, "apologize, we're leaving."

Marion Ette
4th February 2013, 6:48 AM
Nagini, Vega, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes, Sakura/Sumika, Gwyn: Fa does her best to free little Kuranes, gnawing through his bindings as best as she can. Upset at the interference, Spinel wails angrily at Fa, stunning the Dunsparce for a solid moment. At first, she seems to have no idea what to do, but something within her compels her to act against the orders the Misdreavus barked out, and she continues gnawing at the rope which constricts Kuranes' back legs, squeaking her determined refusal like a little toy.

"I cannot believe the complete and utter disrespect I am experiencing right now," Spinel mutters to himself with a sour expression, as if recently having bitten into a lemon. To make matters worse, the grinning Gabite seemed to find his voice humorous, though his jolly laughter was nothing compared to the insulting remarks of his younger companion. Spinel's eyes become more and more inflamed with fury as the Totodile speaks.

"It is clear that I do not need to tell you that you are disrespectful. You barge in on my lovely picnic, make a mess of things, then feign courtesy by apologizing... in advance. As if I even REMOTELY believe you're sorry when you make no attempts to restrain yourselves from your pathetic hero impersonations. Oh, and ma'am? I must apologize for being less masculine than yourself. I am certain if I had a jaw as wide and jutting as yours, people would figure out my gender right away." The Misdreavus takes a long swig of his wine, the glass trembling with the creature's rage.

Bedivere looks at Spinel quizzically before appraising Kara's appearance. "Oh, I do say that Sir Spinel is exaggerating. Your face is indeed lovely. Your jaw suits you, ohohohoho~!" Spinel narrows his eyes at Bedivere, who smiles serenely in response. The Totodile makes her way over to Kuranes, biting at the gag as Fa works at Kuranes' hind legs. It does not take long with Kara's help for the shiny Eevee to become unbound. The fuzzy fox wobbles dizzily to his feet, sniffing the ground a moment before immediately bolting away from the picnic, trampling casseroles and gravy boats in his mad dash away from the group that had gathered. Vega finally orders his teammates to cease, stating that while the Misdreavus could have his fill of fear from any of the Pokemon around the park, Vega would not allow Spinel to consume his kin.

"Kin? Kin? That fuzzball is not my kin. On what sick planet do you live in that having the same trainer suddenly makes one kin?" Spinel, who had his fill of being lectured and insulted by these intruders, suddenly grows cold in his expression, a dark smile spread across his face. "Fine. Fine. I understand. The lot of you want to play hero. You, the steadfast moral compasses who guide the rest of us rabble to the right path. Oh, I understand, now. I am the villain, is that it? Then you have yourself a villain. Mark my words..." The Misdreavus vanishes into thin air at the conclusion of his sentence, leaving his empty glass of wine behind. Bedivere picks up the glass, examining it a moment before calling out to Vega and his teammates;

"WAIT! Please, do not go! Who will eat all the food that I have made? I did so wish that we would all have a nice picnic together, ohohoho~!"


At first, it had appeared as if Kuranes is simply running away as fast as he can from the madness, but after a few feet of dashing, Kuranes stops short, barking happily at the ground, which shakes beneath Kuranes' feet; softly at first, but then with a rumble so intense that the little Eevee is almost knocked over. A rather odd little bug Pokemon bursts forth from the trembling ground, her hooklike arms breaking the surface of the soil in a mad rush. From the hole out of which the Nincada emerges, a purple light becomes more and more apparent, as a Litwick floats out of the underground tunnel behind the Nincada. The Nincada immediately wraps her appendages around Kuranes in a hug, as the Litwick casts the shadow of a smiley face using his mysterious, flickering light as the backdrop.

K! Oh, I was so worried... Sumika was saying terrible things and putting images in my head of you dying horribly, and I had to make sure you were okay. I'm glad she was just being silly again! Sakura rolls her eyes in the back of her head, muttering angrily at herself; Sumika, I wish you would stop making me upset for no reason! You worry too much. No, really! Stop lying, Sumika! STOP IT! Ugh, I am DONE talking with you. The Nincada's eyes roll back forward, as she re-engages with the outside world once again. How is the picnic with our newest teammate going?

Kuranes turns back, looking hesitantly back at the smiling Frillish who had bound him. Despite the harrowing situation he was just in, he hated to implicate Bedivere in what had just occurred... After all, he knew how easily misled the jovial jellyfish was, and he was not the real enemy, here...

Let's just say that I would keep an eye out for Spinel if I were you, Kuranes states simply. He's... not a very nice Pokemon.

Though Sakura tilts her head with a bit of confusion, Gwyn nods his head silently in agreement with Kuranes' assessment.

Sumika will watch out for us, K! Don't worry... Even if Spinel's a little weird, Sumika is much stronger than him. Sakura giggles a bit, her compound eyes catching a glimpse of the picnic and the Pokemon that have gathered. Hey... is that Vega and Nars? Who's the Totodile with them? Arceus dammit... I hope this doesn't mean that Chris is around! I haven't trained enough yet to face her! Sakura narrows her eyes and pushes her body close to the ground, trying to sense vibrations consistent with a Seviper in the soil. The Litwick, on the other hand, does not hesitate to float over to the company gathered, motivated by sheer curiosity.

Jessica, Sewaddle, Blueberry, Waffle, Gadget: ((Continuation from a long time ago... Sorry it took so long!))

Gadget's eyes drift for a moment as he tries to recall whether or not he heard the name "Stacey" before; with no lightbulbs going off in his head, he goes into another rambling monologue; Noooooo I don't know a Stacey but if she is a friend of yours and a friend of my trainer then she is a friend to me too it is the law of friendship that is how it works it is a law of friendly physics and maybe we can all go on an adventure together and I could meet her LEAF! Gadget's eyes turn upward toward the Sewaddle on his head, and his wide grin displays his grass-stained teeth. Why are you putting leaves together are you part of the bakery too I loooove leaves they are delicious are you making edible leaf hats that should be a thing I would wear a leaf hat every day and eat it every night and get a new one and I would be LEAF HAT GADGET and that would be my name yes. Are you my leaf hat today you kind of look like a leaf and you are on my head though Coselle would be mad if I ate you and I bet you would be mad too I think possibly... YES so I would like a hat do you make nice hats for lawnmowers even though lawnmowers do not wear hats but I want to wear a hat I AM THE TRENDIEST LAWNMOWER yes. Please? Gadget's big, saucer-like eyes look pleadingly at the Sewaddle.

Missingno. Master
4th February 2013, 3:39 PM
Nagini, Vega, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes, Sakura/Sumika, Gwyn: Nagini found herself liking Spinel less and less as the Misdreavus grumbled about getting no respect, just before making scathing remarks about Kara's appearance. "Respect works both ways," the female Arbok said to the Misdreavus. "You demand respect of others, yet I see you do nothing to deserve any yourself. All I see is you feeding off your own teammate." Spinel then ominously stated that if they wanted a villain, they got themselves a villain, and promptly vanished. Nagini looked wary, even after Spinel's disappearance. "I disagree with him," she stated. "I consider my teammates and trainer to be my closest friends and family. He may need to eat, but that does not give him the right to regard someone on his own team as a piece of meat." It was then that Nagini noticed the Litwick and Nincada that had emerged from the ground several feet away. "Sakura? It's nice to see you again," she smiled at the Nincada. She then turned to face the other Arbok present. "You are Vega, right? My name is Nagini, it's nice to meet you," she said.

Dark Searchman
7th February 2013, 9:22 AM
Delilah, Sparky, Hebenon, Cyanide, Pomona, Hannah: Hebenon suggested they meet the new Eevee on Keith's team and Teleported them both over to where Pomona and the other Pokemon were. However, when Eevee saw them, she wasn't too fond of the fish. Delilah cringed slightly at how rude Cyanide was to her teammates. She reminded her of Amethyst, though without the power to crush someone's lungs. "Why do you feel the need to talk that way ... even to your senior?" Delilah wondered with worry.

Then another Qwilfish appeared and introduced herself as Hannah, Hebenon's sister. Much more pleasant than Cyanide, so Delilah flashed her lures slightly to greet her. "Hi, nice to meet you too!" she said happily.

Icarus, Amelia, Hedwig, Hauser: As Amelia flew closer she suddenly had to stop for the wing blocking her. A menacing Crobat hovered in the Taillow's way, wondering why she was so intent on making herself a nice snack for a huge Aerodactyl. "But ... but dat's Icawus!" the baby Taillow chirped. "He's my fwiend, why aw you in the way?"

Icarus had been watching the Aerodactyl all this time when he suddenly heard Mia chirping. He looked up and feared the worst. "Oh crud, Mia!" he squawked in surprise before flying up to put himself in between Mia and the Crobat. "Icawus!" Mia chirped happily. "You even th-think about hurting M-Mia, and m-my shiny wings w-will be the l-l-last thing you s-s-see..." Icarus tried to say in a dangerous tone, though he was admittedly nervous. Now that he could see the Crobat up close, he could see the obvious difference in strength. No, this was no plucky scorpion!

Hyrem, Sera, Aisa, Seshiro, Shisato, Vi: Hyrem had been holding Aisa for a while and decided that now was a good time to hold someone else. So he put Aisa on his head, her other favorite place to be, before taking out a few more Pokeballs. "Seshiro, Shisato, come on out you two!" Two Ekans, one male and one female, appeared out of their Pokeballs both looking at Hyrem and flicking out their tongues to take in the new scents of the lake. "All right, you two go ahead and have fun! I know you guys have much better moods than Amethyst does, so at least you'll play nice, right?" The two Ekans say nothing but go slithering off together towards some very familiar scents...

Once Hyrem was sure they were far enough away, he took out a third Pokeball. "OK, Vi, you too!" An orange and yellow chick appeared on Hyrem's lap. "Torchic!" she cheeped confidently. "Hey, Vi! You want to sit here and relax?" Vi chirped happily, while Aisa didn't voice any objections; she was too busy chewing her trainer's hair to even notice! "Hello," Sera said, bowing before the little chick. "My name is Sera, what is yours?"

"Heh, it's Vi!" said the Torchic, slightly surprised at the yellow color Sera was feeding her mind. "Uh, great to meet you! Um..."

"Please, do not worry about the color," said Sera, as if she anticipated Vi's question. "It is how I express my emotions."

"Oh, okay," said Vi before sighing and enjoying the scenery of the lake safely in Hyrem's lap.

Missingno. Master
7th February 2013, 8:30 PM
Delilah, Sparky, Hebenon, Cyanide, Pomona, Hannah: It was clear that Delilah was unhappy with Cyanide's rudeness. The Chinchou asked Cyanide why she talked the way she did. The Eevee snorted. "I talk to who I please in any way I want," she snapped. "And I don't see how it's any business of yours, either," she added, narrowing her eyes at the Chinchou.

"Excuse me," frowned Hebenon, now looking decidedly pissed. "I would prefer it if you did not talk to Delilah like that."

"Oh, yeah?" sneered the Eevee, bringing herself face to face with Hebenon. "And at what point did I ever imply that I gave a Raticate's *** what you would prefer, hmm? And what you gonna do, anyway? You gonna attack me, a poor, defenseless level 2 Eevee?"

Hebenon was seething. Cyanide's rudeness, especially towards Delilah, was unforgivable as far as he was concerned. And yet, if he was to attack the Eevee, he would look like the bad guy, given how much more powerful than Cyanide he was. Fortunately, he was spared from having to do anything once Cyanide and Pomona took Sparky in the direction of his trainer. Once they were alone, Hebenon turned to Delilah. "I am so sorry, Delilah," sighed Hebenon. "I had no idea she'd be that rude." Then, he smiled again as Hannah showed up. He introduced the two, and Delilah seemed so much more pleased to meet the young Qwilfish.

Hannah looked very pleased to see that Delilah was so nice. "Um, Delilah," she asked, "um... Could I... could I get a hug?" she asked hopefully.

Icarus, Amelia, Hedwig, Hauser: The baby Taillow protested, still under the impression that the Aerodactyl was the Skarmory she was mistaking it for. Then came Icarus, and while he was clearly intimidated by the powerful Crobat's presence, he bravely threatened her should she harm Mia. Hedwig merely rolled her eyes. "Relax," she stated. "If I meant her any harm, you would know it all too well by now. My intent was to stop her from getting close to that large and very hungry-looking Aerodactyl," she said, pointing at aforementioned prehistoric Pokemon with one of her wings. "She seemed to mistake him for you." Hedwig paused, looking at the Skarmory and the Taillow. "So I'm guessing you're Mia and you're Icarus," she said, addressing the Taillow and the Skarmory respectively. "Name's Hedwig. Oh, and Icarus, I'd think twice about throwing threats my way, OK? I'd really rather not fight you, not when you're at such a disadvantage. Even if we were evenly matched in level... watch this," she said as she turned to face a pair of large rocks. She unleashed a sizzling Thunder attack at one of the rocks, reducing it to a heap of charred, smoking gravel within seconds. Then she faced the remaining rock, and all four of her wings were suddenly ablaze. She then dove down at the rock, little more than a large fiery X, and rammed the rock hard, her Crossfire blasting the rock to pieces. She flew back up to Icarus and Amelia, and continued speaking as though nothing had happened. "So yeah, I'd prefer it if you just accepted that I mean you no harm, OK?"

Dark Searchman
9th February 2013, 4:57 AM
Delilah, Hebenon, Hannah: Cyanide was even more disrespectful towards Hebenon, but fortunately she left before Hebenon decided to take action. Meanwhile, Hannah wanted a hug from Delilah, but she wasn't sure how to approach it. "Um, I'm not sure I should do that," she said with uncertainty. "I've been able to kiss Hebenon on the lips and avoid the spikes, but I don't think I would be able to hug your kind, unfortunately..."

Amelia, Icarus, Hedwig, Hauser: After seeing such a display of strength from the Crobat (which surprisingly didn't seem to attract the huge Aerodactyl), Icarus wasn't about to argue with Hedwig. "Ehehe, n-not a problem," trilled Icarus nervously. "I just want to make sure Mia's all right, you know? She's really young, and- MIA! COME BACK HERE!" he suddenly said in a hushed tone. "Hm? If this isn't Icawus then who is it?" the curious little Taillow said as she dared to fly closer to the dinosaur. Icarus's silver body was starting to rust from all the sweating he was doing at that moment. "Didn't you hear her!? That's an Aerodactyl, something that will eat you in one bite if it notices you!!"

"But wut if he's nice? Wike you?"

"I don't want to find out, personally! Now get back here! Before he knows you're there!" whispered Icarus, starting to sweat bullets. Against a Crobat that could fry her opponent to a crisp with a Thunder, Icarus was pretty brave, but he knew for certain there was nothing he would be able to do to stop a powerful Aerodactyl from snacking on Mia. He turned to Hedwig for help; if she could use such powerful attacks, maybe she could do something to get Mia out of harm's way.

Missingno. Master
9th February 2013, 6:32 AM
Hannah, Hebenon, Delilah: Hannah looked a little downcast as Delilah expressed her uncertainty over whether or not she should hug the young Qwilfish. "Oh, but... it's not that hard to avoid the spikes," Hannah said quietly. "Keith and Pomona hug me all the time."

"It's true," Hebenon added. "I mean, the spikes are pretty sharp, but there's not many, and they're spread out pretty wide. And Keith holds us in his arms all the time. He has to be careful, but it's possible."

"And I don't have Poison Point, either," Hannah added. "So even if you did somehow hit one of my spikes, it wouldn't hurt really badly. Please?" she asked Delilah.

Hedwig, Icarus, Amelia, Hauser: Hedwig was downright alarmed as Amelia flew off towards the Aerodactyl anyway. Icarus's frantic whispers were doing nothing to stop her, so he turned to Hedwig for help. Swiftly and silently, Hedwig flew over until she was in front of the Taillow, and gently guided her back over to Icarus, gently pushing her with one of her wings while flapping the other three. She was perfectly silent throughout this whole thing, so the Aerodactyl wouldn't have heard a thing.

"You should listen to him," Hedwig whispered to Amelia. "It's true you don't know whether he's nice or not. And there are some things you take that sort of chance with. But a hungry Aerodactyl is not one of them."

9th February 2013, 4:00 PM
His temper reaching a boiling point from the sheer indignation, Spinel strikes back with stinging remarks of his own, only infuriating the Totodile in return, though Vega remained dreadfully silent, and Nars and Fa ... well, they tended to be unfazed y words most of the time.

With Kara's help, Kuranes found freedom in no time, and promptly bolted out in a swift escape without as much as a single word, trampling over plates in the process, and just as the little fox Pokémon left, so would everyone else. Spinel, who had had enough lecturing for day, threateningly remarks that if they were all going to make him out a villain, then a villain he would be; vanishing then into nothingness as he made his retreat. His other comment on team-members not being kin also rubbed (most) of the group the wrong way, though it wasn't a line they hadn't heard before, from a certain teammate of their own, no less!

Confused by K's sudden escape, Fa doesn't think it twice before following behind the shiny fox Pokémon, right before Vega rallies the rest of the group the make their leave. Bedivere jovially begs them to stay, hoping they could all have a meal together.

"You are a gentleman, sir, but you'll understand if we say we've lost our appetite for now." Kara speaks for the group.

"I'm still hungry though. Wouldn't mind staying for food and booze ..." Narsil chimes in, before being physically scolded again and comically dragged away by the much smaller Totodile.

Several (dozens) of feet away, Kuranes had suddenly stopped as a pair of friendly faces emerged from the ground. Both Nincada and Litwick seemed extremely happy to see him well, the former having an ominous premonition detailing a horrendous death befalling her friend. Kuranes doesn't go into details about it, but lets it be known that Spinel isn't a particularly nice Pokémon to hang around with. Sakura then recognizes the the group of Pokémon leaving the picnic, save for a new face in the form of a Totodile, and wonders nervously if this might mean Orchrist too was nearby? Gwyn, on the other hand, doesn't hesitate the least to approach the group.

As Vega slithered his way back to the edge of the lake, Nagini takes the moment to finally greet and introduce herself, just as Gwyn floated over to them. Vega's response was far from direct as his gaze turned to the newcomer instead. "Men and Pokémon alike find interesting ways of crossing each other's paths. Sometimes, it's purely intentional, and at other's, purely incidental, but I've always believed we encounter those who we are meant to meet. It is nice to meet you too." He answered back, though his own greeting could've been taken to either one of them.

Meanwhile, Fa had separated form the group and had rushed in to Sakura's and Kuranes' location. At first she seemed thoroughly concerned, though she then tilts her head before her face fills with joy as she recognizes Sakura, even though back then they hardly managed to interact with each other due to the latter's absolute fear of snakes, even petite and cute ones like Fa. Nonetheless, the Dunsparce was still filled with glee upon encountering a familiar face. "Ah! Sakura! You friends with grey-foxy-kun? Ah! Yes, um... are you all right, Mr. K?"

10th February 2013, 9:20 PM
Myrtle, Neville, Spirit
“So, now what? We know how we feel, but where’s the next step?” Neville questioned, unsure of what to do now that the Crobat had had departed. “I suppose it’s entirely your choice. I haven’t been around for some time, so maybe there’s something you have grown fond of while I was away.”

James, Maxwell, Euen, Vincent, Jojo, Chiaka, Matthew, Geodude, Alexander
James nodded at how well his team had co-operated. The team of eight had set up quite a little picnic on the base of the hill, all over shadowed by a large oak tree, whose leaves were just starting to appear after the cold days of winter. All but one of the group was now eating on the small set up of food, with a tiny green bird up within the branches of the tree, watching down on the others.

“C’mon Alexander. No need to be afraid.” James called up to the Natu, whose calculating eyes quickly switched over to him and shook his entire body. James crapped a walnut from a small bag, and threw it up to the psychic bird. He hopped over, grabbed onto the walnut with his talons, and glided over to the nearest branch. However, with no legs to support him, the walnut spun him over and Alexander fell into James’ lap, dazed. James’ hand stroked the little bird’s feathers, watching over his pokémon to make sure the mischievous little animals didn’t run away.

Missingno. Master
11th February 2013, 12:10 AM
Myrtle, Neville, Spirit: Neville asked that now that they both knew how they felt, what the next step would be. He left the choice up to Myrtle. "Hmm," Myrtle said. "May-be we could go and get some-thing to eat for now?" she suggested. "My trai-ner was stu-pid e-nough to leave the pic-nic lunch he packed where his blas-ted Bas-cu-lin could get at it... did your trai-ner bring food?" she asked. "I will ad-mit," she added, "I am not that sure my-self what we ought to do... I have just a-bout no ex-pe-ri-ence in this a-re-a... E-ven in life, it was near-ly im-pos-si-ble to make a friend, let a-lone be in a re-la-tion-ship," she sighed, vividly remembering how much hatred she was met with wherever she would swim to in the sea of Kanto, back when she was alive, when she was a Missingno. Then, she looked at Neville, and smiled again. "I sup-pose we shall learn to-ge-ther, right?" she said.

Marion Ette
12th February 2013, 8:35 AM
Nagini, Vega, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes, Sakura/Sumika, Gwyn: Fa follows Kuranes in his mad dash away from the picnic, confused at first by the shiny Eevee's sudden stop; soon, the confusion gives way to delight as Fa recognizes a former teammate, though they shared trainers only briefly. Sakura's once-paralyzing fear of all snakes and snakelike beings did not help to socialize the two much, either, as even though Fa was an innocent and adorable little creature, she still fell under the wide umbrella of "snakelike". Fortunately, Sakura seems far less intimidated by Fa this time around, and actually manages to offer a claw to shake in greeting.

Hello, Fa! Uh... What's a kun? Sakura tilts her head, apparently confused by Japanese honorifics. The grey fox is one of my newest teammates, named Kuranes. We call him K, though. Fa asks Kuranes if he's all right, and Kuranes flicks his tail energetically, grinning widely.

Doing great! No worries, Kuranes puts on an overly enthusiastic show of health, but Sakura looks less then convinced. She turns to Fa with a confused expression.

Is there any reason he wouldn't be okay? Sakura rubs her claws together with concern, before her eyes roll back in her head. Her voice drops a few octaves and takes on an ominous tint as a darker self seems to take over; I sense that there is something you are hiding from me. Out with it, the both of you! Sakura suddenly shakes her head violently, regaining her former demeanor. Eh, sorry... Sumika's been on edge lately for some reason.

As Gwyn boldly approaches the larger group of Pokemon with Sakura cautiously trailing behind, Nagini recognizes her former ophidiophobic friend from the Bar, and calls over to her. Sakura waves with a claw to the Arbok, looking rather cheerful. Hi, Nagini! It's nice to see you, too! What have you been up to? Sakura's eyes shift back and forth nervously for a moment. You haven't seen that awful Orchrist around... Have you?

While Sakura addresses Nagini, Vega makes an interesting philosophical comment which seems, at least partially, to be directed at Gwyn... Though perhaps there was someone else he was addressing, as well. The Litwick bows respectfully to Vega, before casting a shadow on the ground with his ominous light... Kuranes' silhouette appears before quickly disappearing again, followed by the shadow images of a Nincada and Litwick looking around and wandering as if searching for something. Eventually, they stop in front of the shadowy representations of Vega and his team, and Kuranes' shadow comes forth from the crowd, as the Litwick and Nincada show exaggerated movements in line with joy and excitement. The Litwick then melds the shadows together to form the silhouette of a Misdreavus, which transforms into a question mark.

Meanwhile, Bedivere grabs a trampled casserole dish and begins serving himself from the ruined dish, spooning a hefty serving on his plate. "No matter, I suppose... I do not want you all going hungry, but if you would prefer to go, I will not stand in your way, ohohohoho~!" Bedivere waves at Kuranes and company, urging them to come join the picnic. "Hello there, good ladies and gentlemen! I do apologize if I upset you earlier, Sir Kuranes, but I baked a cake just for you~" Bedivere lifts a small, yet elegantly decorated blue cake, with white icing intricately spelling out the name "Kuranes" in a gorgeous script. Kuranes' eyes bulge at the sight of the sweet cake, and he licks his lips.

How could I stay mad at you when there's cake? Kuranes chuckles before making his way back to the picnic blanket, where the gnawed, frayed ropes still lay ominously. Sakura follows Kuranes closely, shooting Bedivere a suspicious look.

Marion, Coselle: Meanwhile, in another part of the Fizzytopian Park and Gardens, a pair of young ladies admire the verdant scenery around them, though the pace at which they walk suggests that their intention is not sightseeing alone. Though the two ladies share hauntingly similar facial structures and body types, there are clear distinctions between them; the darker-haired of the two, whose long, straight hair cascades past her shoulders, adjusts her clothes as she walks, having chosen a belted miniskirt so short that it threatens to expose her with every step. The lavender-haired woman giggles a bit at her black-haired sibling's awkward attempts at walking as she fixes her skirt.

"Cosie, how are you going to sit in that thing? Hell, how are you going to do anything in it?"

"My dearest Mary..." The dark-haired sister grins almost inhumanly wide. "There are plenty of functions for which a skirt like this is appropriate, and I do intend to play to its strengths when the opportunity arises."

Marion shakes her head in response, chuckling a bit as she adjusts the lacy, pale pink shoulder straps of her own, slightly more modest dress. "Honestly, what is the thrill in that?" She smirks a bit. "Aren't you gonna make him work for that much leg?"

"You make your man work all you like," Coselle cackles. "What is the saying, now? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, is that not so?"

"Well, then Keith must be the very embodiment of excitement, mustn't he?" The light-haired sibling smirks mischievously as her sister playfully swats at her in mock-admonishment.

"You hold your tongue, silly girl. I saw the way you rushed upstairs last night... like a little Lopunny." Coselle holds her hands in front of her like paws and hops once as if to illustrate her point. "I swear, it was as if someone was dangling a carrot in front of you-"

"Excuse me, but you were not supposed to be at the Nightclub to begin with, Co-selle." Marion crosses her arms and narrows her eyes a bit. "Why would you-"

"Oh, Mary, dear, you of all people should know how difficult it is to be away from the one you love..." Coselle pouts. "Besides, I would have simply kicked myself if I had missed that doe-eyed expression of yours." She clasps her hands together and bats her eyes overdramatically, looking like a lovestruck teenager. "Oh, Balmund, tell me more about those big, strong dragons you have mastery over-"

Marion rolls her eyes. "C'mon, Cos, I was NOT acting like that... was I?"

Coselle merely laughs in response, as Marion begins to recap the night before in her mind with some slight measure of worry.

Dark Searchman
12th February 2013, 10:27 PM
Delilah, Hannah, Hebenon: Hannah assured Delilah that the spikes on her body wouldn't hurt too much if she hugged her, especially since there's no poison to worry about. "Um... okay, I'll try," she finally said before tentatively swimming over to the younger Qwilfish, maneuvering her sensitive antennae so at least they wouldn't get punctured, then gently reaching her fins out to hug Hannah. Well, looks like she avoided the spikes, though she was still unsure about doing this.

Amelia, Icarus, Hauser, Hedwig: As Hedwig gently brought Mia back to where Icarus was, her stare--cold, yet somewhat soft--helped the little Taillow to realize that maybe the big Pokemon wasn't such a good creature to approach. Icarus could finally relax as the baby was further away from the Aerodactyl. He had taken it upon himself to protect the little bird, and he wouldn't forgive himself if something happened to her. "Thanks, Hedwig," he trilled softly. "And I'm sorry I threatened you the way I did. It's just ... Mia means a lot to me," he said with a smile. "I'm sowwy too," Mia chirped sadly. "I just wanned to be fweinds with him."

"You've got friends, Mia!" cawed Icarus. "Brittany, Vi, Zyra, Conis, and now Hedwig! ... And me." With those words, he flew up close and nuzzled her with his beak. "Come on, let's get out of here. If we're lucky the big guy will still be doing ... whatever it was he was doing."

Shisato, Seshiro, Nagini, Narsil, Kara, Vega, Fa, Kuranes, Bedivere, Sakura/Sumika, Gwyn: Two young Ekans had slithered away from their trainer in search of where the familiar scents might be. It wasn't long before they happened to see two Arbok, along with many other Pokemon, near the edge of the lake. "Look Shisato, it's Nagini and Vega! They've met already!" Seshiro hissed happily. "Yes, I can see! Let's go!" Before long, they catch up and approach the group. "Hey, Vega, Nagini, nice to see you again!" Seshiro called out to the older snakes. "Looks like you two have already met!" said Shisato. "Oh, I don't think you've met Vega yet. Vega, this is Shisato, my closest teammate! Shisato, this is Vega, the Arbok I was telling you about!" "Nice to meet you, sir," she said as she bowed her head. "Oh, Seshiro, I don't think we've met anyone else here..." Shisato points out. "Actually, we met Sakura, remember? Back at the bar?" "Oh yes, we did! Hello, Sakura!" she calls out to the Nincada. "I don't think we've met anyone else, though, so let's introduce ourselves! I'm Seshiro, and this is Shisato." the male Ekans says, pointing his rattle to the female when introducing her. "Nice to meet you all!" they both say at the same time, then blush when they realize they did so.

Missingno. Master
13th February 2013, 2:05 AM
Nagini, Vega, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes, Sakura/Sumika, Gwyn, Seshiro, Shisato: Nagini smiled as Sakura cheerfully greeted her, then nervously asked if she had seen Orchrist anywhere. "I have not," Nagini assured her. It was then that Vega responded, though the way he was speaking, he could have been addressing either Nagini or Gwyn. Maybe both of them. Nagini couldn't tell. The female Arbok glanced at the spot where Kuranes had been tied up, then looked back at Vega. "I have met Bedivere before," she said to him. "I know what he is like. I won't deny that his methods were questionable, to say the least, but I have no doubt his intentions were good."

Then, Seshiro and Shisato came over. "Hello, Seshiro, Shisato," Nagini greeted them both. "Nice to see you both again." She couldn't help but grin as the two Ekans ended up saying the same thing simultaneously, and then blushing after realizing this, on top of that.

Hannah, Hebenon, Delilah: Hannah smiled happily as Delilah carefully hugged her. Hebenon was quite right about the spikes being easy to avoid, and Delilah avoided any kind of injury all too easily. Moreover, once the hug was over, Hannah looked really happy. "Thanks so much, Delilah!" the female Qwilfish said happily. "My big brother was right when he told me how nice you are!"

Hedwig, Icarus, Amelia, Hauser: "It's not a problem," Hedwig replied as Icarus thanked her for returning the Taillow to safety and apologized for threatening her. "I would have reacted similarly if my trainer was in danger."

Luna, Keith, Coselle, Marion: Elsewhere in the park, Marion and Coselle have arrived, both of them clearly with some sort of purpose in mind. And if their conversation thus far was any indicator, each of them was waiting for someone. And the someone Coselle was undoubtedly there to meet was coming right now.

Though nobody could be seen approaching them on the path, the sound of wings flapping would undoubtedly have met their ears. Then, slowly Flying towards the ground was a Swoobat, and her feet were clutching the shoulders of her trainer- Keith. He was in his usual attire- black shirt and blue jeans, though this time he lacked his red and white sleeveless jacket, as well as his trademark cowboy hat. His dark brown hair was neatly slicked back, now that it was clearly visible, without the usual headgear to obscure one's view of it, his pants appeared to be a brand new pair, and his shirt, upon closer inspection, had a visible collar,and two or three buttons in the front, a change from his usual t-shirt. It was obvious he had gone to great lengths to prepare for this. Luna gently set Keith down on the path before the two ladies, where he stood, smiling at Coselle as he returned his Swoobat to her Poke Ball. Once Luna had been withdrawn, he walked up to Coselle, smiling the whole time. "Hello, Coselle," Keith greeted her, his eyes taking in her appearance (they paused as their gaze met Coselle's noticeably short skirt, though only for a second) before looking into her own eyes.

14th February 2013, 5:44 AM
Looking far less intimidated this time around, Sakura manages to return the greeting to Fa, though looking rather lost at Fa's use of the Japanese honorific. As she was called on it, Fa too seems actually thoughtful, as she had no idea what it meant herself, having used it only because she found it cute in a random, Monday afternoon anime show on tv. Sakura then proceeds to properly introduce her friend, and while Fa had overheard the Eevee being called K already, she still nods energetically in response.

As Fa then asked about K's wellbeing, he responds with an overly enthusiastic show of heath in response, the the Nincada didn't seem to be buying it, narrowing her eye sin suspicion. Why wouldn't he be alright in the first place? Darker and darker thoughts now clouding her mind, Sakura's head shakes violently before her other self demands them to explain themselves proper. Before they could however, she reverts back to normal, excusing herself for Sumika's behavior. Puzzled, Fa only tilts her head in response, before they're all called out by Nagini.

Just at the group gathered, two new faces joined in, this time in the form of a pair of Ekans. Seshiro, Vega had already met, and Narsil and Fa had only seen for a moment back at the base. Shisato however was definitely a completely new face for all, and for Kara, all other faces were very much new to her. "My goodness, this is quite the gathering, ain't it?" She muttered to herself.

Greetings exchanged, Sakura asks wether Chris is still around, whereas Gwyn on the other hand wondered, in his own way, about Spinel. "Sis? Ah, she is very close! Wanna go meet her? I bet we could play games!" Fa answered Sakura's question, though clearly missing the Nincada's intention with it, and in turn, suggestion the impossible in her innocence. Nars couldn't help cackling at the mental image however.

"I'm afraid your friend has gone off on his own." Vega in turn responded to the Ghost-type before turning to the rest of the group. Bedivere had started picking up the mess Kuranes left behind, and incited them to come back in with the promise of delicious cake, a mostly fail-proof tactic. Fa definitely intended to stay around, both out of desire to better meet her two new friends, and of course out of need for suger in her bloodstream, and where she went, Narsil would follow, though Kara seemed a bit at a crossroads herself. She still didn't feel like eating, and returning after she so decisively insisted on leaving would be considered awkward at best. But perhaps she had let things get the better of her in the heat of the moment. "You should stay and keep watch, Kara." Vega encouraged her. "Sometimes it's best to ease down on your stubbornness and let go of your pride. I'm still heading back. Solaire has been left alone for far too long now. The rest of you are more than welcome to follow. It must be a good thing for all of you to have shown up. A gathering of snakes and wisps just in time for my daily prayer! The Wyrm will be pleased."


At another part of the park, nearby where a certain pair of young sisters walked around while admiring their verdant surroundings, Duke found himself sitting on bench while reading a thrilling novel of mermaids and sailors, a topic which had recently interested him a lot. By his side, a giant Seviper laid coiled and calm (for now); her thoughts filling her mind with naughty pranks and suggestion, ready to be inflicted on some unsuspecting park-goers for her own amusement, though the warmth of the sun's rays filled her with laziness.

Both Duke and Chris raise their gaze simultaneously as some figures suddenly approached them, their faces showing clear surprise, though Duke's then lights with a smile. Before him stood a lady with a bit of a thuggish look, and by her side stood yet another Seviper of her own. She seemed to be wear a mix of biker boots and sleeveless jacket; along with a short, square-patterned, red, miniskirt; thigh-high black socks; and a white shirt with a design of a rocket blasting off into the stars. A fingerless glove covered her left hand while her right remained naked. Long, wavy, brown hair fell until just a ways under the base of her neck, and while her facial features seemed painfully average, her hazel eyes could be considered as definitely captivating. She only smirks smugly in greeting, and Duke could help chuckling in return, before getting back up to his feet and warmly embracing her.

Marion Ette
14th February 2013, 9:58 AM
Nagini, Vega, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes, Sakura/Sumika, Gwyn, Seshiro, Shisato: Rather than receive an answer about Fa's use of the honorific, Sakura only receives a look of mild confusion. The young Nincada decides not to question it further, instead introducing the Eevee to the enthusiastic Dunsparce; even though Fa already knew K's nickname, she still nodded along happily as if it were new information. She does, however, question why Fa would ask if K is all right, Sumika interjecting with grave suspicion that something was being hidden from her. As Sakura shakes off her darker personality, she nonetheless gauges Fa's reaction, which is thick with adorable confusion. Given her lack of understanding, Sakura guesses that, indeed, her other personality was reading way too far into things. "Don't worry about it," she adds, trying to reassure her former teammate.

As the group makes its way over to Nagini and company, Sakura asks nervously about whether or not Orchrist has been seen anywhere. Nagini's response that she hadn't seen the Seviper anywhere causes Sakura to breath a sigh of relief... only to have her body tense up with fear and anxiety as Fa cheerfully chimes in that Chris was actually nearby. Sakura turns toward Fa, her eyes wide with panic. The Nincada, who had not interacted with Fa much before she was traded, was quickly beginning to realize that the Dunsparce was quite possibly a bit of an ingenue (okay, maybe more than a bit). Given her incredible naivete, Sakura quickly tries to think of a way to explain the situation to her in terms she would understand. Er... no, no, I've already met your sister... We, uh, well, let me put it this way: we don't like the same games, she and I. It's not a good idea for us to play together.

It is around this time that Seshiro and Shisato slither over with friendly smiles and greetings for those gathered; Sakura muses for a moment at the fact that, mere months ago, this rather enjoyable day at the park (save for the ever-present threat of Orchrist) would have been a complete and utter nightmare convention. Recognizing the two snakes from the Bar, Sakura waves back with a claw, grinning at the pair. How adorable they were, speaking in sync like that! Seshiro! Shisato! How are you both doing?

In response to Gwyn's question, Vega calmly lets the Litwick know that his friend had already left. Gwyn makes a bit of a face, as if the word "friend" did not sit right with him; the shadow of the Misdreavus takes on an unnaturally creepy grin, as if Gwyn was trying to communicate to Vega his unease about his teammate.

As Vega stands up for Bedivere's intentions despite his occasionally questionable behavior, Bedivere chuckles with delight. "Oh, Lady Vega, you are too kind, indeed. I do hope you have room in your stomach for some delightful baked goods, ohohohoho~! You simply must have something to eat. Oh, is Lord Narsil joining the banquet, too? I wonder if he would enjoy some of the 2007 Nosotros I brought along for our little get-together, ohohohoho~" Bedivere pours a glass of the Argentinian red wine for himself, taking a gentlemanly sip.

Fa, much like Kuranes, is easily placated with sweets, and Kuranes even wordlessly offers some of his cake to the little Dunsparce as a show of gratitude. By the way, Fa, he comments softly, Thank you for saving me back there. Kuranes grins widely. I am incredibly grateful.

As the jolly Gabite approaches to enjoy the banquet, Kuranes gives him a bit of a nervous smile; though he did seem interested in eating him moments before, he also somehow seemed like a nice enough Pokemon despite the razor sharp teeth. Perhaps he would be reasoned with. Hey... Kuranes starts, Are you shiny like I am? Never seen a Gabite your color before! Everyone tells me that being shiny doesn't make a Pokemon any different, other than the color, but I wonder sometimes... Kuranes attempts his best, cordial smile. What is your name?

As Bedivere sips his wine, he notes Vega's mention of the Wyrm with an odd glint in his eye. Having overheard Vega's discussion with Seshiro, Bedivere was certainly intrigued by the one that the Arbok worshiped... However, something across the lake seems to be distracting the Jellyfish Pokemon, who sets down his wine and begins swimming at lightning speed across the lake towards whatever he has his eye on, leaving the picnic to be enjoyed by those who have gathered.

Luna, Keith, Coselle, Marion - Meanwhile, in another part of the Park, the banter between the two women is interrupted by the sound of flapping wings. Drawn to the sound, the pair look up, to be greeted by the sight of a Swoobat flying her trainer towards them. Marion waves to Keith in greeting, though the look of warm friendliness she gives him is nothing compared to the glitter in her sister's eyes. It was clear to her that Keith had taken great pains in getting ready for their date, and the amount of effort above and beyond the norm was certainly flattering. As he gently lands before the two sisters, his gaze is immediately drawn to Coselle, and she smirks a bit as his sight lingers for a moment at her skirt before meeting her gaze. The dark-haired woman holds out a gloved hand in response to Keith's greeting, inviting him to take it. Marion, who stands back a bit, cannot help but feel a little invisible as Keith's attention is completely absorbed by her sister, though understandably so; sensing that she was very quickly becoming a third wheel already, she waves to the couple before wandering off on her own. "You two have fun," she comments lightly before going off in search of her own date.

Wandering through the park alone, Marion lets her thoughts wander idly; her mind fills with thoughts of the night before, and her skin tingles with the freshness of the memory of his touch. Much as she denied Coselle's depreciating imitation of her eagerness, she had to admit that she felt drawn to see Duke again, particularly after their admissions to one another... The thought that his feelings for her were in perfect harmony with her own feelings overwhelmed her with a lightheaded ecstasy, threatening to steal her breath every time she thought of it. As she catches sight of the bench where her beloved is sitting, her heart races in her chest; trying her best to keep composure, she makes her way towards Duke and his sleeping Seviper... only to find that he is not alone. A woman that Marion was unable to recognize approaches Duke, and she can clearly see his smirk as he stands up to embrace her. Embrace her? Who... who was this girl?

Marion did not want to jump to conclusions about Duke and this mysterious woman, but already she felt sick to her stomach. Wasn't he here to meet her? Why would this other woman be here? Had he... had he really just played her for a fool? If he loved another woman, he should have told her! He should have been honest! She would have rather stayed friends if this was how he felt... She would have rather he never even approached her if he was going to treat her like-

Taking a deep breath, Marion gathers her thoughts, maintaining that no matter what the truth was, she would retain her dignity in all of this. Making no effort to stop her approach, she waves at Balmund, though the eagerness that once filled her heart seems to die with each passing step, replaced with a dull, murky sense of dread. Even her normally mischievous smile seems less bright and lively than before.

"Who's your friend," she asks, as cheerfully as she can muster, before even saying Hello. After all, his little friend didn't exactly say hello herself...

Missingno. Master
14th February 2013, 8:56 PM
Nagini, Vega, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes, Sakura/Sumika, Gwyn, Seshiro, Shisato: Nagini was surprised as Fa reported that Orchrist was indeed at the park. She flicked her tongue out, but still did not catch a whiff of the Seviper. Nevertheless, this still reassured her, for Orchrist must have been at a considerable distance if she couldn't be smelled by Nagini.

Vega then invited everyone present (except Kara) to join him in his daily prayer. "I will go," Nagini replied, though she looked faintly puzzled. "But... who is this Wyrm?"

Keith, Coselle, Meowth, Hermione: Coselle held out her hand, and Keith took it. As Marion walked off, Keith spoke up again. "You look beautiful," he said to Coselle. "You always do, of course, but still." Still holding Coselle's hand, Keith led the way down a path. The path quickly turned to one which was winding and twisting in seemingly every direction. A path that was familiar to Keith, as he had previously walked down it on a day he would never forget. Sure enough, they arrived at the Rose Garden, where Keith had first realized just how he felt about Coselle, and where he realized how she felt about him. This time, a large red and black checkered blanket was spread out in the middle of the garden, and the makings of a picnic were already set up. Numerous food items, a variety so wide it would be a waste of time to list them all, were set up in the middle of the blanket. One would have thought Keith had gotten Bedivere to cater this picnic, but already present nearby were two Pokemon, working at a grill which had been set up.

Hermione, Keith's female Weedle, was carefully examining a juicy Miltank steak, occasionally utilizing Firestream to sent molten bubbles of pure heat flying past it at just the right angle and position, to ensure that it was being cooked properly. Finally, she nodded, satisfied with her handiwork, and Meowth, clad in a chef's hat and apron, used a pair of tongs to move the steak from the grill to a plate already piled with several other Miltank steaks. "And dat should do it," Meowth stated, looking at Hermione. "Glad we was able ta get one steak done witout Keith constantly checkin' on us, tryin' ta make sure we was doin' it right. I mean, I get dat he wants dis ta be perfect fer Coselle, but still, does he gotta be such an uptight..." Meowth trailed off at the look the Weedle was giving him. "Hermione?" asked Meowth.

"Weedle?" replied the Weedle.

"Dey're right behind me, ain't dey?"

Hermione nodded.

"Don't worry about it, Meowth," Keith said. "You and Hermione did a great job helping with this. Thanks. Now... Any chance Coselle and I could get some privacy?" he asked with a slight grin.

Hermione nodded, but Meowth did not. "I was kinda hopin' ta get in on some o' dis chow here," he muttered.

"I'm sure there'll be some leftovers," Keith assured him. "I'll make sure to save you a steak, all right?"

Meowth nodded and went off with Hermione in order to allow the two to enjoy their picnic by themselves.

"I notice you neglected to mention that you've already eaten three of those steaks today," Hermione observed.

"Eh, shut up," muttered Meowth.

14th February 2013, 10:34 PM
Everyone turns their gazes as Marion suddenly asks Duke about his new friend. Talk about coincidences. He had indeed been waiting all morning for Marion, but then also came in a surprise visit which he had not seen in a long time, and they all just had to find each other at such timing. Though Marion's tone was still cheerful, Duke was very sensitive about body language, and he could feel a certain tension in the air, the likes when you get when knots start forming in your stomach. Nonetheless he remains calm and smiling. Why wouldn't he? It's not like there was anything to hide. On the contrary, this new friend was one he was hoping Marion would meet soon ... as well as the rest of his family. Fate had it that it would be sooner than later.

"Marion," He begins, "this is Theresa, my sister, and her Seviper friend would be Balrog, Chris's own brother. Reese, this is Marion, my girlfriend." He identified both as straightforwardly as possible, by name, and by status, making it very clear how each related to him. He wasn't afraid to openly refer as Marion by that term, after all, wasn't it just last night that they had poured their feelings to each other; that they had connected in soul and body? The feelings were still very much there, burning intensely. He would've already rushed to hold her tight if it wasn't for a certain voice in the corner of his mind that advised him to patiently wait it out until the time was right. Chris in the other hand seemed to be growing an ever more intense glare by the second as her gaze stuck onto the lavender-haired woman like darts to a board. One could almost swear Carmina Burana to be playing full volume within her head right now, though she just remained eerily quiet and still for the time being. Her brother in contrast held no such animosity, in turn only flicking his tongue as he registered the new scent for posterity.

"Your girl?" Reese tilted her head curiously as she carefully studied Marion from top to bottom. "You know ... Mom always thought you would hook up with someone from the clan." Her words packed a bit of a bite.

"And Dad always thought you would grow into a brilliant lawyer before you turned into a hopeless hoodlum. I guess we just aren't meant to meet anyone's expectations, are we?" Duke answered back with his own form of passive-aggressiveness, to which his sister only laughs in response.

"True! Well, that's that. It's nice to meet you, Marion!" She extends her hand towards hers. "Say, are you any good a Trainer? We should battle!" The invitation came in all of a sudden. Perhaps a hardly appropriate thing for Valentine's, but to Reese, it was the absolute best way to meet someone. Just like in a dance floor, it was all about displaying emotions and thought processes. And really, what kind of Trainer refuses a challenge?

(Will reply to other storylines after GS's post)

Marion Ette
16th February 2013, 3:55 PM
Nagini, Vega, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes, Sakura/Sumika, Gwyn, Seshiro, Shisato: ((Waiting on Balmund/GS))

Keith, Coselle, Meowth, Hermione: Keith compliments his date on her beautiful appearance while beginning to lead her down a path that was intimately familiar to the poison-type trainer; Coselle laughs a bit in response, and though she reacts coolly to Keith's admiration, her cheeks still gain a bit of color. "You are too kind, love. And as for you..." Coselle smirks, her voice dropping seductively; "Handsome is an understatement... It's a shame how badly I want to get those nice, new clothes of yours dirty." The dark-haired woman cackles with a dark sort of mischief. "Ah, but I will do my best to behave, for the sake of your wardrobe..."

As the pair walk down the winding path, the scent of roses begins to waft toward Coselle; the soft, floral perfume immediately triggers the memory of when she had taken Gadget to the Park to expend his energy, only to find that what she planned to be a walk with her talkative and energetic little friend was not as private as she originally thought... She had hid in the Rose Garden the moment she suspected that Keith might have been nearby, though it was not normally like her to hide from those who upset her. A confrontational sort by nature, she was not one to be intimidated by the trainer in the cowboy hat, yet she could not bear to speak to him, or even look at him, despite (or maybe because of) the fact that she couldn't stop thinking about him. Then again, he had been an odd preoccupation of hers even before the fateful night in October. It seemed that the harder she tried to think of something else, or distract herself, the more he seemed to invade her mind. She tried to rationalize these thoughts away... Tried to convince herself that he was too stupid, too passive, too ignorant of her way of life as a bumbling sack of living flesh... and yet, when he started learning to speak Shuppet, she ached to for him to use the language to say-

Snapped out of her reverie by the growing strength of the scent of roses, Coselle realizes that this must have been the path that Keith had taken to locate her in the Rose Garden. Indeed, for all her running, he always seemed to catch up with her somehow. It was in that Garden, amidst the roses, that Keith finally realized how he felt about Coselle... and Coselle finally stopped running from the feelings that had been chasing her. It surprises Coselle that, as they approach the Rose Garden together for whatever Keith has planned, her eyes begin to well up with emotion, though she does her best to bite it back. "I love it here," is all she says, though her voice cracks ever so slightly with the overwhelming nature of her memories of the past, the beauty of the present, and her dreams of the future... as black as that future seemed at times. She could endure it if he was by her side.

Eventually, Keith leads Coselle to the middle of the Garden, where a picnic has been lovingly set up for the pair to enjoy a wonderful feast together. At first, Coselle wonders if she will hear the trademark chortle of Bedivere nearby, only to find that Keith's erudite Weedle and smart-talking Meowth have prepared the feast in question. Coselle had to admit, despite being rather petit in build, that she could definitely put away her fair share of steak, especially if it was cooked just right... Seared just enough to give it that crispness while still maintaining a juicy red center. Mm, her mouth watered just thinking about it. She and her lover had happened upon the chefs just in time to hear the more feline of the two muttering about how anal-retentive Keith had been lately about ensuring the perfection of this picnic. Coselle resists the urge to cackle ominously as she normally would when she found herself behind someone who had no idea she was there, instead letting the realization dawn on the Meowth himself. Rather than let himself be offended, however, Keith kindly tells Meowth not to worry about it, and asks him and Hermione if they could possibly give the couple some privacy. Coselle smirks a bit, gently squeezing his hand as he makes the request. A private picnic in the Rose Garden... Nothing could be more perfect.

"Thank you both for everything," she calls out to Hermione and Weedle as they leave the Garden. "So, Keith... Are you as hungry as I am? Those steaks smell divine..."

Balmund, Reese, Marion - Marion's question catches the attention of those gathered at the bench, though Marion is quick to note Balmund's lack of surprise and unwavering cheerfulness. If she had caught him red-handed, she would have expected at least some reaction... Either he was a complete and utter sociopath, or-

His sister. Of course! How had that not occurred to Marion before? He had even told her last night that he had two younger sisters, and yet when she saw Duke and Reese embrace, her mind had jumped to the worst possible conclusion. Marion blushes a bit, clearly embarrassed by her misguided assumption. She was tempted to apologize to Balmund for even so much as thinking that he would do something like that to her, but instead decides to let it go; after all, hearing Balmund refer to her for the first time as his girlfriend is more than enough to distract her from her embarrassment, though it does nothing to help her blushing.

"Pleased to meet you both," she says with a respectful bow to Balmund's sister and her Seviper. Indeed, it was no lie that she was pleased; she had expressed to Balmund himself that she would love to meet the members of his family, and what better time to start than on a day that celebrates love of all kinds? As she bowed, she could feel a gaze like lasers boring into her back... She recalled that Balmund's own Seviper had been sitting on the bench beside him, and quickly gathered that this might be the first time that Orchrist heard Balmund refer to Marion as his girlfriend, as well... Only instead of butterflies in her stomach, Orchrist likely felt raging hornets.

In contrast to Marion's respectful greeting, Reese curiously gives Marion the once-over before making a far less respectful comment about how Balmund's mother always thought that he would be dating a lady from the clan. Though Marion can sense the harshness of these words, she seems oddly unphased by them, and merely chuckles a bit in response. Reese's less than positive appraisal was more of a challenge to Marion than a reason to dislike her. After all, what Reese said was true; Marion was not a dragon tamer from Blackthorn, nor could she ever be... But perhaps she would be able to show Reese that despite her background, she was worthy of Balmund's affections, and hopefully Reese's approval, as well. Marion had to respect her bluntness, after all; it was a trait Reese shared with a certain brutally honest sister of her own. She would much rather this sort of thing than if her critical view manifested as some sideways glance that never verbalized itself that hid under niceties and double-edged remarks; those silent, judging stares were far worse to Marion than when she was criticized outright. At least then she had the chance to defend herself somehow.

Balmund takes the initiative to make a retort against Reese's biting words, pointing out that she didn't exactly live up to family expectations, herself. Marion remembered hearing about Theresa being the "rebellious one" of the family, and she imagined that Balmund's comment related to that trait in her. Reese simply laughs off the comment, stating that it's nice to meet Marion and extending a hand to her. Marion responds with a firm handshake with her own pale-doll like hand. "Likewise," she says with a grin. Reese then asks if she's any good a trainer before inviting her to engage in battle. A spark of fire ignites in Marion's eyes at this question; of course she would like to battle after that disparaging remark about not being part the clan! How better to prove to Reese that she was not some airheaded tart off the street, but a strong trainer who could actually handle a dragon in battle? Despite this fierceness, however, her voice is surprisingly calm; "Well, I suppose my Pokemon will be the ones to show you whether I'm a good trainer or not, right?" She laughs a bit, her hand drifting towards one of the Pokeballs on her belt. Though a number of her Pokemon were enjoying a day at the Park, thanks to Coselle's ability to babysit, she still had a full team at the ready... and within that team was the exact Pokemon she needed for a battle like this one.

"Tell me the rules, and I'll follow 'em," Marion says. "I don't have a preference for format. One on one, two on two... Whatever suits you."

Missingno. Master
16th February 2013, 7:44 PM
Nagini, Vega, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes, Sakura/Sumika, Gwyn, Seshiro, Shisato: (waiting for Marion, who is waiting for Balmund, who is waiting for GS)

Keith, Coselle: As the path leading to the Rose Garden triggered Coselle's memories of that day, it had the same effect on Keith. He vividly recalled how he had taken this path, Meowth on his shoulder trying to get him to turn back. Last time, he had followed Gadget's tire tracks. This time, he knew the path by heart. He remembered how he had marched resolutely down the path, mingled feelings of sorrow, determination, and an excitement which at that time had seemed very strange to him, dancing in his head. His involvement in the incident on Halloween, how his careless whim had resulted in such catastrophe, his guilt and sorrow for what havoc he had unintentionally wrought on Halloween night, that was what had propelled him down that path. That and love, he now knew. Guilt, sorrow, and love had overcome his fear of death, which turned out to be a needless fear after all. As they arrived at the Rose Garden, Coselle stated that she loved it here, her voice betraying her emotion. Keith gave a small smile, knowing that he had made a good decision by setting up the picnic where it had all started for the two of them.

As Meowth and Hermione went off to give the couple some privacy, Coselle asked if Keith was as hungry as she was, stating that the steaks smelled divine. "They do, don't they?" agreed Keith. "I wish I could take full credit for them, but I doubt I'd have gotten all this done without Meowth and Hermione." He led Coselle over to where the food was set up, and then sat down on the blanket, leaving room next to him for Coselle to sit.

16th February 2013, 8:43 PM
Marion wasn't one to refuse a challenge especially as her skills and worth were being brought into question. "Alrigh!" Reese exclaimed excitedly. "It's 2 on 2 with my totally fair and unbiased brother as referee, right?"

"Uh... sure... sure, I guess..." Duke seemed to still be having some trouble processing the situation as it unfolded much too quickly before him. Were Marion and his sister really having a battle right now? Of all things. Not that he was worried or anything. He knew Marion's worth as a trainer as he himself had tested her before. It all simply was unexpected to him, though he should've known better knowing his sister.

Taking their respective positions, Balmund gives both combatants a reaffirming nod, silently wishing them both good luck before raising his hand to to start the match. "You're up first, Dimitri!" Reese takes a Rocket Ball out of her belt, chucking it into the air before it bursts open, the light within materializing into a male Swoobat with a real smooth expression on his face. The psychic-bat seems to give a wink to Marion, though the gesture was so fast one could very likely just have imagined it. Whatever the case, it was on!

16th February 2013, 10:01 PM
Michael, Blue:
At the entrance to the Park, Michael and his Panpour gazed around nervously.
"Well Blue, here it is, the Fizzytopian Park... Seems kinda big." Michael muttered. All around him, there were trainers who outranked him in both party size and experience, and he felt a little small compared to them. This feeling carried over to Blue, and as the two of them started to wander into the park, they couldn't help but feel envious.
"Well, do what you always do then when in a bad situation. Stop thinking and talk uncontrollably," Blue replied, "You know you've wandered into a lot of bad situations this way, so how about using it to your advantage to meet new people?"
Michael glared at Blue.
"You know, even though that was a good idea, you could have said that in a nicer way." Michael and Blue looked around. Nearby, he saw two girls and a guy who looked like they were preparing to battle.
"Bingo! You know what to do Michael!"
The teen ran over to the nearby battle site, his Panpour at his side.
"Hey guys I'm Michael, I'm new here and this is my Panpour, Blue. He's my starter because he saved my life and for some reason he thinks I act dumb but I'm just looking for fun things to do ... oh cool is that a Swoobat? What's his name? They look so cool! Oh god I must sound so annoying right now. Were you about to battle? Am I getting in your way? Just tell me, I'll move if you want..."
Blue rubbed his head. This was embarrassing for both of them, but it was the only way to get Michael over his nerves.

Missingno. Master
16th February 2013, 10:15 PM
Meowth, Hermione, Michael, Blue: As Meowth and Hermione made their way through the bushes, they found themselves in the area set aside for battling. One teen in particular was going crazy over the Swoobat he had spotted. Meowth knew this couldn't be Luna, as Keith had returned her to her Poke Ball. Then, he got an idea, and muttered something to the Weedle by his side. Hermione listened, considering his words for a moment, then nodded. Meowth grinned, then the two made their way over to the teen and his Panpour.

"Hey dere," Meowth greeted them. "Name's Meowth, and dis Weedle here is Hermione. Youse lookin' fer a battle? Our trainer's occupied at da moment, but we're ready ta go if youse is."

"Absolutely," nodded Hermione in agreement. Obviously, unlike Meowth, Hermione was speaking in Pokemon language.

Marion Ette
16th February 2013, 10:35 PM
Keith, Coselle: Coselle wastes no time fixing herself a plate... Tiny, delicate little dollops of sides, which are then clobbered as she piles on a pair of the biggest, juiciest steaks that Meowth and Hermione prepared. She takes her spot on the blanket with her protein-laden plate, grinning like mad before digging into her steaks like a little she-wolf.

"OH, this is great," she raves between bites. "I haven't had a steak in decades. I missed having a stomach, you know~" Coselle cackles a bit. "No point in eating if you never feel hunger, yeah? Plus, the juices would stain my cloth... Mmmm~" Coselle smirks as she takes another bite. "I suppose I am not exactly being the most ladylike right now... Ahahaha, not the best date, am I?" Coselle laughs with the slightest bit of embarrassment, which is rather unusual for the normally unapologetic young lady.

Marion, Reese, Balmund, Michael, Blue, Dimitri, Bedivere: Reese suggests a 2 vs. 2, and suggests that her brother act as the totally unbiased referee. Though Balmund doesn't exactly jump at the opportunity, he reluctantly agrees to his position, and Marion nods resolutely in response to the conditions.

"Very well," she nods, before reaching down to August's Pokeball... Only to remember that she had sent the dragon away to the Tree Grove earlier that morning. Smacking her forehead at her awful memory, she sighs, deciding it was better for August to be with family right now, particularly on Valentine's Day. Besides, she didn't need to prove that she excelled at training dragons, when her own specialization would prove her prowess as a trainer just as powerfully.

As Marion's hand hovers over the Pokeball of her mentally unstable, yet faithful Spiritomb, the distinct sound of an eerie, yet jolly laughter becomes louder and louder as a familiar spirit approaches.

"Ohohohohohoho~! My dearest Lady Marion, are you about to engage in a battle with this lovely lady?" The joyful Frillish claps his tentacles together, his eyes glittering with delight. "Oh, you must allow me to defend your honor, dearest trainer! I am most enthralled by the idea of battle~"

Marion turns around, realizing by the fact that Bedivere is trailing water that he likely swam across the lake to get to her, despite his picnic with Spinel and Kuranes. To deny a meal was certainly not like the royal Frillish, which certainly implied his seriousness about wanting to go into battle for her. She pauses for a moment, before ultimately nodding, her hand moving away from Vanth's Pokeball.

"Very well, Bedivere. I trust you to do your best." Marion bows to her Pokemon, who immediately bows deeply and respectfully in return before floating opposite Dimitri.

"En garde, my good man!" The Frillish grins wide, before moving into position... For a rather eccentric little chef, the Frillish has surprisingly good form.

"All right, Bedivere! Start the battle with Confuse Ray, then burn him with Scald! Finish the round with a Shadow Ball!"

Just as Marion gives out her orders, a young man and his Panpour eagerly approach the two young women who are about to engage in battle, eagerly asking Reese if she indeed had a Swoobat, since they looked so cool.

"We are about to battle, yes," She tells the eager trainer in a calm, polite tone of voice, "but you are welcome to watch as long as you do not intend to distract either of us."

Dark Searchman
16th February 2013, 11:12 PM
Delilah, Hebenon, Hannah: It was actually easy for Delilah to avoid Hannah's spikes, and her hugging the younger Qwilfish was greatly appreciated as Hannah commented about how nice she was. "Thank you," Delilah said with a smile. "You know... if I can hug Hannah like this... maybe..." She let her voice trail off as she looked at Hebenon and started blushing as she made her way over to him before hugging him the same way she did Hannah. Now that she knew how to do so, there was nothing holding her back anymore.

Icarus, Amelia, Hauser, Hedwig: As the three Flying-types flew away from the Aerodactyl, it didn't look like they were being followed, though Icarus kept up his guard just in case. "Well, if you're so strong, you must have a really good trainer raising you," he responded to Hedwig. "Who do you belong to, by the way?"

Shisato, Seshiro, Vega, Kara, Fa, Narsil, Sakura/Sumika, Kuranes, Bedivere, Gwyn, Nagini: The two Ekans' introduction to the group was generally well received; Nagini in particular grinned at the sight of the young lovers, and they simply smiled back. When Fa talked about Orchrist, however, Sakura was less than thrilled to find out she was here somewhere, but Seshiro was a little interested at least. "Oh, so Miss Orchrist is here? Cool! Amethyst introduced me to her back at the dragon tamer's base," he explained to Shisato. "She was pretty interesting, to say the least."

"I guess I might like meeting her too?" asked Shisato, to which Seshiro nodded. Then Vega was about to head somewhere for his daily prayer, but Nagini didn't quite understand who the "Wyrm" he was referring to was. Shisato also seemed a little confused by this notion, so Seshiro helped explain: "Vega told me that the Wyrm is the one who created all snakes, like us, and that the Wyrm also represents poison, death, and some other things I can't remember. So I guess the Wyrm is supposed to be our god."

"You think so?" Shisato hissed quietly.

"That's what I get out of it." said Seshiro. "Come with me; he'll be able to show you a lot better than I can!" And with that, Seshiro slithered after Vega, with Shisato tentatively following him.

Hyrem, Sera, Aisa, Vi, Manasseh: As Hyrem sat there, he got a call. "Yeah? Oh really, it's hatching? I'm on my way! Sera, can you watch everything for me? Thanks, I'll be right back!" He then set Vi down before rushing off to the Egg House. Fifteen minutes later, he returned holding another Pokeball. "Hey, Manasseh, come say hi!" After he threw the Pokeball, out popped a little Horsea into the lake who gave a happy "Hoooorsea~!" as a greeting to his new teammates. "Guys, this is Manasseh!" His Pokemon exchange greetings, then Hyrem said, "Okay Manasseh, go have fun! If you find a Chinchou, it's probably Delilah, so say hi to her! "Horsea!" he nods before swimming out into the lake.

Missingno. Master
17th February 2013, 12:57 AM
Delilah, Hebenon, Hannah: Delilah seemed grateful for Hannah's remark about how nice she was. And then when she started thinking about something as a result of being able to hug Hannah, Hebenon became slightly hopeful. Sure enough, Delilah swam over and hugged him. Hebenon could hardly believe this, he was loving how it felt, and his only problem was his inability to hug her back. So he kissed her instead, unable to keep himself from smiling.

Hedwig, Icarus, Amelia: As they flew away from the Aerodactyl, Icarus asked Hedwig who her trainer was. "His name is Keith," Hedwig explained. "And your assessment is correct, he's a very skilled trainer. How about your trainer?" she then asked.

Keith, Coselle: As Coselle sat down, Keith proceeded to fix himself a plate as well. Like Coselle, he picked a couple of steaks which dominated the rest of the plate, though he dug in a little slower and neater than Coselle was doing. Keith was fairly surprised to see Coselle eat like that. Coselle started raving about the steaks, stating that it's been decades since she's eaten a steak, and then remarking on how un-ladylike she must be acting, a slightly apologetic tone to her voice. Keith had a mouthful of steak himself, so he waited until he swallowed it before he answered.

"True... you might not be acting all that ladylike," Keith admitted, before looking at Coselle. "But I couldn't ask for a better date," he smiled.

17th February 2013, 10:01 AM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Marion, Reese, Balmund, Dimitri, Bedivere:
"Oh dear, Sorry. I'll move right away." Michael wandered over to the sidelines of the battlefield. He watched as a Frillish made its way to one of the battling trainers.
"Oh geez, I forgot to get their names. Speaking of..." Michael pulled out his Pokedex, and scanned the two battling pokemon.
Swoobat, the Courting Pokemon: It emits sound waves of various frequencies from its nose including some powerful enough to destroy rocks. Frillish, the Floating Pokemon: With its thin, veil-like arms wrapped around the body of its opponent, it sinks to the ocean floor.
"Hey Michael, are you just gonna stand there scanning things, or are you actually going to ask for their names?" Blue asked, looking exasperated.
"Hang on, I just realised I forgot to scan you."
Panpour, the Spray Pokemon: The water stored inside the tuft on its head is full of nutrients. Plants that receive its water grow large.
"There! Now to ask..." Michael started, but stopped when he realised a Meowth and a Weedle were trying to get his attention.
After the Meowth introduced himself and Hermione, he proposed a battle.
"Well, I don't know... you two seem pretty strong. But I suppose I could try, if you two are willing. Michael, can I battle?" Blue asked, but his trainer wasn't paying much attention. He was focused more on his Pokedex.
Meowth, the Scratch Cat Pokemon: It is nocturnal in nature. If it spots something shiny, its eyes glitter brightly. Weedle, the Hairy Bug Pokemon: It eats its weight in leaves every day. It fends off attackers with the needle on its head.
"MICHAEL, PAY ATTENTION!" Blue yells, startling the teen.
"Huh, what?" Michael said, dazed. "Oh, a battle? Sure! Could it be 1 on 1? I only have Blue here." He continues, not really noticing the fact that a Meowth was talking.
"Sorry about him, the kid's smart but he doesn't show it much." Blue mutters to Meowth and Hermione.

Missingno. Master
17th February 2013, 1:49 PM
Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Michael, Blue: Michael was obviously very much distracted by his Pokedex- the fact that Meowth was talking didn't even seem to have struck him yet. The Panpour apologized for his trainer. "Don't worry about dat," Meowth replied. "Our trainer also likes ta whip out da Pokedex whenever he sees a new Pokemon." Then he turned to Michael. "One on one sounds fine to us," he stated. He glanced at Hermione, and the two walked back a bit, to make enough space for the battle to unfold.

Meowth pulled seemingly out of nowhere his trainer's trademark cowboy hat and placed it on his head. Then, he pointed forward and said, "All right, Hermione! Go!" Though Meowth was Hermione's teammate and not her trainer, she nevertheless knew Meowth to be intelligent, and trusted that he would be able to effectively command her in battle. Keith had already made it clear that if ever he was incapacitated for whatever reason, Meowth would take over his duties as trainer, and had instructed the entire team that in such an event, they were to follow his every command. If he trusted Meowth like that, then so could she. She therefore crawled forward onto the battlefield, and gave a polite bow to Michael and Blue, which had the added effect of allowing the sunlight to catch her shiny horn.

Meanwhile, another of Hermione's teammates was watching from a nearby bush, the Skorupi interested to see how his girlfriend would fare in this battle.

17th February 2013, 5:30 PM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius:
Blue stared as the Meowth put on a (pretty cool, in his opinion) cowboy hat and sent Hermione into battle. The strength he felt emanating from the duo opposing him was only strengthened when he caught sight of the Weedle's horn shining in the light.
"Michael, I'm pretty nervous. I mean, this is my first real battle."
Michael knelt down to Blue.
"Don't worry," Michael said as he attached Blue's held item, a strange badge that looked like a heart, to his chest, "Think of this as a fun way for us to get to know the other trainers, such as Meowth here." The teen was still oblivious to the fact that Meowth was acting as his opponent. Blue started tensing up, half due to nerves, and half because his trainer still wasn't paying attention, an issue that could get him hurt. Again.
"OK Michael. Just make sure you realize that Meowth is our opponent, and he clearly has a lot of experience."

Michael started to smile. "Relax, Blue-boy. I'm not that useless. I know that Meowth is my... wait, how?"
And with that, Michael snapped back into reality.
"OH MY GOSH A TALKING MEOWTH!" Michael yelled. "I must be dreaming! I can talk to Pokemon! I'm like a Pokemon Whisperer or something! Wait. why can't I understand Weedle?" Michael continued babbling, earning him a scratch from Blue.
"Michael, you can't talk to all the Pokemon. Meowth must have learnt how to speak human or something, and the only reason you can understand me is because I'm your Pokemon, and we have a bond. For all you know, I'm speaking in Panpour and you're just translating it subconsciously."
"Well, that makes sense." Michael sighs. "Oh well. Blue, shall we dance?"
Blue jumps into the battle area in response, with a look of determination in his eyes. He shook his tuft, letting the water he stored within it cool his nerves as Michael stood back up, ready to enjoy his first shot at a good impression. As he stood, he couldn't help but notice a nearby bush move. He made a note to wander over to it when everyone was distracted.
"Well, lets do this! Blue, start with a Leer to scare her, then Lick Twice to Paralyze!"
Blue leaps forward, ready.
"And don't let her get hit by any of that water in your tuft, we are already at a disadvantage!"

Missingno. Master
17th February 2013, 6:13 PM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius:The fight was on. "Hermione! Poison Sting!" Meowth shouted. "Den use yer Bug Bite, and follow up wit Gummi Bomb!"

The combatants lunged forward. Blue started with a Leer, which thoroughly startled Hermione, stopping her from using Poison Sting, and also lowering her Defense. The Panpour then moved in and Licked Hermione, but no paralysis resulted. Moreover, Hermione opened her small mouth, revealing tiny yet sharp fangs, which glowed with Bug energy as she quickly proceeded to Bite the Panpour. Blue went for another Lick, but again, Hermione took only minor damage (the Leer did help it along somewhat). This one was going to cause paralysis, however, but Hermione's Shield Dust kicked in, stopping this from happening. Then, the Weedle backed up a bit, and blasted a sticky Bomb in the shape of a Gummi in Blue's direction. The sticky explosive stuck right to Blue's left arm. It would be difficult, though possible, to remove, and if not removed in a timely fashion, would explode. The two had taken roughly equal amounts of damage at that point, and had a little over 3/4th of their health remaining.

17th February 2013, 8:41 PM
Sakura explains she and Chris do not really get along when playing games, a thought which disappoints the petit Dunsparce a bit, though she doesn't press the issue further. Nagini goes on to reassure the Ninada ought to be indeed a ways form here since she couldn't gather her scent right off the bat, even if the infamous Seviper is indeed within the park's limits.

Fully taking up Bedivere's invitation, Narsil takes the whole damn bottle of wine while Bedivere serves himself a glass. Heck yes. It would take a while for the alcohol to really get into his system, but this was just a beautiful way of starting off the evening. Meanwhile, Kuranes shares some of his cake with Fa before sincerely thanking her for her rescue, though Sakura still ha no idea what K had to be rescued from. Fa in turn only nods excitedly in response. "It's what friends do!" She answered. Leave it to her to consider someone who was still practically a stranger as a friend upon sight.

As both Narsil and Kara joined in on the club, K tries to push aside the fact that the Gabite was clearly interested in taking a nice bite out of him, and seeks to engage in friendly conversation, inquiring Nars about his unique color scheme. "Shiny! Oh I wouldn't know about that, I was just born this way. Where I come from, my brothers and sisters too had this same color. I was actually surprised to learn that I was part of the minority!" He laughs out loud while taking an extra long gulp off his bottle of Argentinian wine. "I do like shinies, though that has to do more with my heritage than anything else, haha!" He joked about it, though left it at that. He at no point thought back or felt any remorse for his previous actions towards the fox Pokémon. In fact, in his mind he hadn't really done anything wrong. The way he saw it, if one was about to eat you, you could either take it bad and personal, or feel good about someone considering you desirable and delectable. It's all a matter of perspective, and he usually went with the more positive point of view regardless of what he did. "Oh, my name is Narsil, by the way, there's Fa right next to me, and this lovely lass is...

"Kara." The Totodile finished off the sentence. "Now pardon me asking, but may I ask how you got gagged up like that in the first place?" She pressured further, sharing a similar concern as Sakura did. Before the Fox could respond however, something seems to have distracted Bedivere across the lake, and he places down his wine before swimming across it at lightning speed. Whatever impression his unexplained action would leave on the rest of the gang, that was up to them and them only.


Vega could sense the unease Gwyn had regarding Spinel. Sure he was gone, but that Misdreavus was hardly a friend, and is intentions concerned him very much. Vega takes a moment to think his words in return. "If it concerns you so much, then right now you have a choice to make. You can patiently wait for things to develop at their own pace, or you can proactively go and do something about it, but unless you are, be on guard, but never let the thought overcome you with worry. I already did what I hoped to achieve with my presence, and new incidents I will handle when they happen. What will you do, little one? Will you follow me? Will you stay, or will you go?"

The rest of the group meanwhile seemed very interested to know what precisely this "Great Wyrm" was all about, but Vega did not rush to issue an explanation. "All in due time." was his trademark serious answer. As he slithered his way back to the edge of the lake, one could make out the figure looking up at the sun, his little forelegs extended wide as he let the sun's rays bath him in full, feeling its warmth and nurturing off of it like a child would from a parent's loving hug. The Fire Larva turns to the group before greeting them joyfully. "Hail! You came back early, Ambassador. How wonderful! May I ask about this fine company that trails behind you? Greetings! It is a pleasure to meet you all!"


As Theresa summoned forth her own Pokémon, Marion got ready to call forth hers. Hands set on one of her Pokéballs, she seemed to have made up her mind until one of her other Pokémon suddenly showed up, travelling all the way across the lake for the express purpose of defending Marion's honor in combat. Who could it be if not for Bedivere? With Marion accepting Bedivere's plea, the Frillish takes his place on the battlefield, ready for some dueling. "Ahhhh, but must I? Dueling is so violent. Let's all spread the looove instead~" The Swoobat replied, his eyes half-way closed and dreamy as he smiled wide for no apparent reason. If one didn't know any better, one could've sworn Dimitri to have ingested one too many trippy substances beforehand. But who lets his Pokémon ingest such things? Ridiculous. That being said, the rest of his body utterly betrayed what his facial expression and words conveyed. Dimitri was very much en garde, and the sharp eyed could likely infer that this carefree looking bat wouldn't hesitate to strike quick and low at the first-given opportunity.

Just before that start of the battle, the group is suddenly interrupted by an overly-hyper teen who introduced himself as Michael, looking in awe at the Pokémon and eagerly asking the two girls about them. Marion is first to respond that indeed they were about to battle, though he could stay in and watch if they so desired.

"Word of advise," Reese then aded. "If you're gonna be making any bets, your money is guaranteed when place on Dimitri and I, haha!" She teasingly added while pointing her finger to both her Swoobat and herself. It was then that suddenly a talking Meowth and Weedle waddled in, challenging Michael to battle themselves. The timing of it all was awkward for Reese, to say the least (what are the chances?) but she decided to ignore the group as she focused on her own battle at hand ... no wait, a talking Meowth?! How much would one of those be worth at the Black Mar- No, no! Those days were long gone in the past, and she definitely had to do her best to ignore the events transpiring beside her.

Literally shaking the thoughts off her head, Reese counter-orders in response to Marion's own commands. Both combatants were about even in terms of offense and defense, but if there was one thing the evolved bat had in terms of advantage, it was a much superior speed. Bedivere immediately flashes out a Confuse Ray in hoped of getting a crippling head-start over his opponent. Dimitri was prepared for this however, quickly erecting a psychich barrier with his Magic Coat, and in turn reflecting back the status-inducing move to its rightful owner. It was Bedivere now who was very much confused! He was ready for it however, as he starts chewing off his held Persim Berry to ease off his confused mind.

"Yes! Take the chance Dimitri!" His trainer encouraged, and the Swoobat swiftly swoops in, viciously hitting the Ghost-type with a Heart Stamp; his heart shaped nose looking to leave a lasting love-mark on his opponent. Dimitri is, after all, all about spreading his love.

Unflinching, Bedivere simultaneously counter-attacks by quickly spraying searing hot water in an attempt to Scald his opponent. Though Dimitri tries to move out of the way by reflex, the attack hits for the most part, dousing all of his chest and right wing. His expression is clearly one of pain as he quickly flaps to cool himself off. Luckily for him, there doesn't seem to be any major burns in that area.

With the tide of battle looking to turn on the Frillish's favor, Bedivere starts charging up Ghost-energy in what would be an impressive Shadow Ball, and then... nothing happens! Confused, and not just by status, it would seem a spherical cage of psychic energy surrounds Bedivere briefly before vanishing, Dimitri having consumed significant energy to seal off the move entirely with his Imprison. Though Bedivere still had a very effective arsenal of moves at his disposal, the one signature move known to Ghost types was now not an option as long as Dimitri remained conscious.

Health: 88%
Energy: 86%

Health: 88%
Energy: 76%

"That's enough screwing around. Go all out Dimitri. Blast him with your Air Cutter, before diving in with another Heart Stamp. Then finish it with an Assurance!"

17th February 2013, 9:05 PM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius:
This wasn't looking good for Michael. 1 Round in and he was already making rookie mistakes...
"Blue, I'm sorry, I just looked at the Pokedex... turns out Weedle has, and will only have, the Shield Dust Ability. Lick Would never have Paralyzed."
Panpour started to pant. After getting hit twice, 2 of the 4 segments of his Heart Container was filled, but for what cost? Weedle didn't seem harmed at all!
"Don't worry Michael, focus more on the EXPLOSIVE ON MY ARM THAT'S GONNA GO OFF SOON!"
Michael edged closer to the bush he saw rustle.
"OK then! I don't know how to get the Gummi Bomb off you, but I know how to use it to our advantage! First off, Leer Hermione again to Scare her, then Scratch Twice with your left hand! If the Gummi is still be sticky, this plan won't fail!"
Blue panicked. He realized what Michael was getting at. "ARE YOU NUTS?!"
"Yes Blue, I am! But remember, the Heart Container may work on explosives too! We can hopefully heal out of it!"
"That's crazy! You're Crazy!"

Missingno. Master
18th February 2013, 3:19 AM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius: As Michael gave his orders and had the resultant argument with his Panpour, Meowth called out his orders as well. "Hermione, wrap him up in an Electroweb!" he called. "Den fire off two more Poison Stings!"

The round commenced. Blue Leered once more, but this time, Hermione lowered her head and aimed her horn, thus narrowly managing to evade the Leer this time. A dazzling Electroweb exploded forth from the horn, entangling and zapping the Panpour. Blue attempted to Scratch his way out of the Electroweb, and did indeed make some progress in ripping it. Hermione, however, was wasting no time as she unleashed her Poison Sting attack. Blue was able to sort of stumble towards Hermione, and surprisingly managed to land a Scratch on her. Hermione fired off another volley of Poison Stings, which hit their target, and caused poisoning on top of it all. Then she noticed, far too late, that Michael's insane strategy appeared to have actually worked, for her own Gummi Bomb was now stuck to the side of her face. Frantically, the Weedle tried to peel it off with her tail-


The Gummi Bomb exploded, damaging Hermione greatly. This was still looking like it could go in either way. The Electroweb, in addition to being super effective, had slowed Blue down, and the poisoning would likely be a problem. However, Hermione had taken significant damage from the Gummi Bomb, so the two were roughly equal again in terms of health, though this time, Blue's health was decidedly higher than Hermione's, if only slightly. Hermione, however, had a little less energy than Blue at the moment, likely thanks to the Electroweb eating into her Electric energy reserves somewhat.

18th February 2013, 10:11 AM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius:
Well, that went better than Michael expected. He thought that both Blue and Hermione would be stuck to the Gummi. Blue would probably be mad with him for a while for making him take such a big risk, but that would have to wait until later. There was one issue though, and that was Blues awful status problems. Well, that and the shaking bush. Michael continued edging towards it, getting ready to pounce. He just needed to keep Blue occupied so he wouldn't get an earful.
He turned back to his Panpour, but gasped at the state that it was in.
"Blue, you feeling alright?"

The Panpour tryed to nod, but the shock from the electroweb plus the poisoning and the fact that his trainer almost got him blown up sapped at his strength, so he could only offer a grunt. After the 3 hits, the Heart Container on his chest had filled up. Michael was half tempted to call the battle off. It was his first battle and he had already punished his Monkey enough. Wait, punished? He shook his head of that thought. Blue was still willing to battle after that potentially fatal plan, and by the look of it so was Hermione, even though she had just had an explosive go off attached to her face.
No. He wouldn't back down. The bush can wait for a while, this was serious.
"Blue. I know you are in a lot of pain right now, what with the poisoning and the electricity running through you, but we can do this! This is our chance to shine! I promise that I will heal you after this, but right now, we have to perservere!"
The monkey looked down at the Heart shaped badge on his chest. It had started to glow as Michael gave off his speech, and it started emanating warmth. Michael's expression changed from that of worry to his usual absentminded smile. He knew just how to help Blue, and that was to distract him from the pain.
"Ok, we have run out of tricks now, they know all of our attacks, and you've been slowed and poisoned. So, lets make this fun! Scratch her, then Leer, then Use the Heart Container!"

Missingno. Master
23rd February 2013, 4:39 PM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius: As Michael gave further commands to his Panpour, Meowth did the same for the Weedle he was commanding. "Hermione, Gummi Bomb now! Den use yer Electroweb once more and follow up wit a Poison Sting!"

Blue lunged forward to use Scratch, but having been slowed by the previous Electroweb, was first struck with another Gummi Bomb, this one sticking to the tuft of fur on the top of its head. The Scratch made contact, though Hermione avoided contact with the sticky explosive, and fired off another Electroweb Not only did this further hinder Blue's movements and cause additional super effective damage, but it also covered the Gummi Bomb. This one wasn't gonna be easy to remove. Even so, Blue managed a Leer, startling Hermione somewhat, and her attempted Poison Sting never got off. Then, the Heart Container gave a bright glow, and the Panpour's health was restored somewhat. However, Blue groaned as the poisoning took its effect once more.

This was not a good round for Blue. Hermione's energy reserves were starting to dwindle, hovering somewhere around 25%, though she hadn't taken too much damage from Scratch, and had only a little under 50% of her health remaining. Blue, on the other hand, while still fairly good to go on energy, was not so lucky in terms of health, down to about 15%. And with the poisoning to contend with, this battle was not going to last much longer. Oh, yeah, and the Gummi Bomb that was stuck to her head, and kinda held in place even more than usual thanks to the Electroweb, that could be a problem, too.

24th February 2013, 7:28 AM
A young man was making his way into the Park and Gardens, looking for an empty bench to sit at. Myrrh had never been to a large social gathering like this before, but he was willing to try it out for himself and for the sake of his Pokemon, so that they could interact with others for a change.

"This looks like a good spot. Hm, I never took out all of you in such a wide open area. Maybe I should just send out three of you to start. Uh........" Myrrh took out three random Pokeballs from his belt off and let out whatever what was in them. A Cyndaquil, Houndour, and Aron emerged from the Pokeballs.

"Ah, Skrimir, Scout, Bruiser, what do you think, pretty cool huh?" The three little Pokemon took a moment to look around them, they seemed to really like the place.

"Okay, so you guys can just go out and have fun. I'll be right here sitting on this bench. I can see a few trainers and other Pokemon from here, try not to bother them, okay? Just be friendly. I'll be here watching, so feel free to go a little far if you want." Myrrh turned around to head for the nearby bench. Bruiser the Aron decided to wander around, stopping every now and then to look at a flower or something. Skrimir the Cyndaquil, as timid as he was, didn't really know what to do, so he tailed behind Bruiser. Once Myrrh took his seat he noticed Scout the Houndour stayed behind.

"What's wrong Scout, don't you want to explore with the others or something?" Scout gave a little whimper, but she didn't seem sad. Myrrh knew what she wanted. "Oh, well I guess you can hang out with me if you want." Scout gave out a happy bark and seated herself on Myrrh's lap, wanting to be pet and scratched. The two sat and watched Bruiser and Skrimir, who were almost too small to see.

(You're really going to just sit there? Weak.) Myrrh heard this not with his ears, but with his mind. It was his Duskull, Cashmere, who likes to mind-speak to Myrrh often using her ghostly powers. Myrrh can't mind-speak back, so he talks to her as if he would to a person.

"Hey, how did you get out of your ball!?"
(Details. Why are you just sitting there? Go out and talk to some people you git.)
"You're a git. Er, I mean, I'm watching over Skrimir and Bruiser. I can't just let them go on their own unsupervised right away."
(Well whatever, I'm gonna take a look around-)
"Oh no you aren't! I know how you can get, you aren't going to interact with anyone without me around. I'll.....try to mingle a bit later."
(Fine, I'll help keep an eye on them.)
".....Oh, very funny -_-"

Marion Ette
24th February 2013, 5:01 PM
Nagini, Vega, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes, Sakura/Sumika, Gwyn, Seshiro, Shisato: ((Assume all Pokemon speak is in italics. I'm too lazy to fix it at this point. XD))

Sakura breathes a small sigh of relief at Nagini's assurance. Deciding that she would not worry any more about Fa's "big sister" for now, Sakura decides to change the subject. "Say, Fa... Do you battle much? I haven't been in as many battles as I'd like, but I really enjoy them." Sakura puffs up with a bit of pride: "I haven't lost a battle yet! Of course-" Sakura deflates a bit- "I've only been in two."

Fa seems happy to share some cake with K, who grins gently at the Dunsparce. "I would do the same for you, friend," Kuranes responds, grateful to have earned the trust of the Dunsparce so quickly.

"Do what?" Sakura tilts her head, still being shielded from the events that had transpired.

"Oh... Help set up the picnic," Kuranes says quickly. "There were some... issues with the food, that Fa was able to correct. Heh, Bedivere is a great cook, but even the best cooks make mistakes sometimes~" Kuranes takes a deep breath, hoping Sakura would buy the story. It wasn't really a lie, after all... There was a problem with the food... The problem was that he was the food, and he would really rather not have been!

Sakura gives Kuranes a long, hard look in attempt to test the Eevee's resolve, but eventually relents. "Problem with the food, huh..." She mumbles, clearly not convinced.

Narsil and K begin a rather friendly, jovial conversation for a pair that, moments before, had a predator and prey relationship. "Your whole litter was shiny? Wow... I wonder why." Kuranes thinks a moment. "I was the only shiny Eevee in my litter, and there were a lot of us!! I seem to have brothers and sisters all over Fizzytopia, though our original trainer has been distributing us gradually to other trainers all over the place... He's been doing a great job matching personalities to potential trainers. I am so happy to be with Marion~" The Eevee squeaks merrily. "Do you see your brothers and sisters often?"

Narsil then goes on to make a joke about loving "shinies", though Kuranes seems to miss the joke, looking a bit concerned at the thought that Narsil might only like him for his coloring... perhaps too much, since the Gabite had tried to eat him previously. Deciding not to dwell too much on the past, however, K instead turns his attention toward the introductions that Narsil decides to make. At Kara's introduction, however, Kuranes finds himself bristling at the question of why he was found gagged the way he was... The question immediately grabs Sakura's attention, and Kuranes immediately drops into a submissive position, tail tucked between his legs.

"Uuuum... Nice to meet you, Kara... Y'see, um...."

"Oooooh, I get it, now." Sakura chuckles darkly. "I see what's going on, here."

"I can explai-"

"You must be one of those guys that secretly likes being tied up and tortured because it... uh..." Sakura begins to look confused. "I, uh, was never really clear on the why part." Sakura sighs. "I tried asking Coselle about it when I went in her closet and found the-"

"Let's change the subject," Kuranes immediately interjects with a nervous laugh. "It's all in the past, now, isn't it? Besides, we've clearly made Bedivere uncomfortable with this train of thought." Kuranes watches as Bedivere darts across the lake.

"Oh, I doubt something like that would make him uncomfortable," Sakura retorts with a laugh. "He's pretty calm when it comes to most things..." Sakura squints across the lake, trying to make out the dim colors and shapes that are difficult for the Pokemon with poor eyesight to make out. "Is something going on across the lake...? I can't tell."

"Looks like a battle," Kuranes adds, looking in the same direction. "I can tell Marion's involved... she's hard to miss, after all... but who's the other woman?"


Gwyn nods solemnly, internalizing all that Vega has to say. After a moment of thought, he indicates with a point towards the snake that he would be going with him; he then makes the shadow of Spinel disappear as he pantomimes a prayerful stance, as if to indicate that he would like to pray and meditate in order to clear his head before making any further decisions about his actions.

Gwyn follows Vega to the edge of the lake, where they are greeted by a Larvesta praising the sun. Gwyn does a perfect imitation of the Praise the Sun! gesture in greeting to the Larvesta, indicating that he, too, knew of the Sun's glory and its life giving rays. Gwyn, after all, was a rather odd sort; his allegiances were to both the fires and spectres, and thus he prayed both to the God of the Sun and the Agent of Shadow. He tried to maintain the balance between light and dark in his own mind, though often it was difficult to stay perfectly on that line... After all, more often than not, he chose the path of light over the path of shadow, despite all of the shadowy influences surrounding him.

Keith, Coselle: Coselle laughs a bit, covering her mouth to prevent steak from spraying everywhere. "You have such a strange taste in women," she finally comments as she finally swallows. "I guess I should be grateful for that, hmmmm~?"

Coselle's eyes suddenly narrow with irritation as she turns toward one of the rose bushes; though at first, everything looks in order, upon closer inspection, a motionless, large, orange protrusion seems to be poking out in the midst of the roses. How long had that object been there? What could it possibly be? Whatever it was, its presence seems to annoy Coselle the more she looks at it, her fists clenching with rage. "GET. OUT," she hisses as she points menacingly toward the protrusion, which slowly begins to sink back into the rose bush. "Go find some creepy friends to play with," Coselle suggests through gritted teeth to whatever had made its gradual retreat. Coselle sighs heavily, shaking her head. "I have no idea why Marion took pity on such an.... unsettling creature," Coselle mutters to herself, before turning to Keith with a somewhat apologetic look. "Seems as if we had a spy... but I think he is gone now. Now, we can eat in peace!" Coselle takes another big bite of steak, chewing upon it contentedly. Mmmm~

Marion, Reese, Balmund, Dimitri, Bedivere: Though Bedivere's opponent urges him to spread the loooove, Bedivere is less than convinced at the Swoobat's supposed pacifistic attitude. After all, there was something in the aura of that bat that suggested he would strike low and fast the moment Bedivere's back was turned, and the honorable Frillish would not let himself be tricked by such tomfoolery! He was ready to defend his lady's honor, no matter what the cost. "Good sir, I shall be certain to take your advice and spread the love after I spread your unconscious body across the ground, ohohohoho~" Bedivere grins, the dark thirst of combat overtaking him.

Marion shakes her head at Reese's assurance that she and Dimitri were the sure bets for this battle. Was she really trying to jinx herself this early in the match? Nothing spelled disaster quite like overconfidence... At least, that was what Marion believed. With Meowth and Hermione distracting the young trainer and his Panpour, Reese and Marion can get down to business without having to worry about distractions - or so Marion thinks. As the first orders unfold and the combatants exchange blows, Marion feels the sensation of something covered in ribbons banging against her leg; looking down, she sees a rather odd little Nosepass who seems to have fashioned himself a cheerleading outfit out of cardboard (complete with short, cardboard skirt) with "WIN THE RACE, JELLY MAN" written in marker over the chest. The creature waves his blue pompoms so frantically that they frequently rub against Marion's leg, though he does not seem to have any sort of cheer prepared. How the over 200 lb. Nosepass managed to get beside her without her or anyone else noticing is far beyond Marion's comprehension, though the young woman, with a sigh, at least tries to be optimistic about it; at least he didn't try to enter the battle or anything equally as embarrassing. Looking down at her big-nosed crossdresser, she points across the lake, where Bedivere had originally come from.

"Say, Mr. Nose, wouldn't you rather be at a picnic right now?" Marion turns toward the battle, realizing that it was almost time for her to give out orders; "You're hungry, right, Mr. Nose?"

Mr. Nose's arms drop to his sides, as he gives the idea some thought. Though Marion is unable to understand Mr. Nose's response, from the way he waves his pompoms and looks at her questioningly, she imagines it has something to do with him wondering if she needed moral support.

"Now, it isn't fair for me to have a cheering squad without Reese having one, too."

Mr. Nose thinks for a moment longer, and then holds up a stick.

"A stick is not going to cheer for anybody, Mr. Nose, it's inani-" Marion turns toward the battle, realizing she would need to call out orders fast. "Bedivere, now's your chance!! Use Confuse Ray, and then follow it up with Dark Pulse! Dive out of the way of that Assurance! You can do it~!"

Mr. Nose tugs at Marion's skirt, and shows Marion that, in the time it took for her to call out orders, Mr. Nose has fashioned a cardboard cheerleading outfit for the stick. Marion shakes her head, patting the Nosepass on the head.

"Honey, your friends want to see you at the picnic. You should go meet them! They don't want you going hungry. We can have Mr. Stick cheer in your place, okay?"

Mr. Nose gives some thought to this idea, and eventually trudges away, walking around the lake to head towards the picnic. Marion sighs deeply; she had hoped to make a good impression on Reese, but it seemed as if only the most eccentric members of her team were showing up in her defense today. She sighs at the thought that Balmund's sister probably thinks that Marion is a complete and total nutter, given the Pokemon she trains, but Marion ultimately shrugs with acceptance at the possibility. After all... it was probably true to some extent.

Missingno. Master
24th February 2013, 6:28 PM
Keith, Coselle: Coselle chuckled, stating that Keith had such strange taste in women, and supposed she should be grateful for that- and then she noticed something. Keith followed her gaze, and after a few seconds, was able to make out an orange protrusion of some sort among the roses. Keith was at a loss as to what it could be, but whatever it was, it was pissing Coselle off. She ordered it to leave... and it did! Keith blinked in surprise as the orange... whatever that was... slowly sank back into the rose bush. She then turned to Keith, almost apologetic, and stated she didn't know why Marion took pity on such an unsettling creature. Keith smiled as Coselle stated that they could eat in peace. "What was that, anyway?" he asked as he took a bite of his own steak. "I didn't get a good look, all I saw was some orange thing for a few seconds... My guess would be a Nosepass, but I can't be certain."

Nagini, Vega, Gwyn, Solaire, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Kuranes, Sakura/Sumika, Seshiro, Shisato: Nagini followed along as the group made their way to the lake, where a Larvesta was already present, praising the sun. Gwyn went over and did the same. Nagini, meanwhile, waited to see what the others would do, or tell her to do, as she was, quite frankly, clueless as to exactly what she ought to do here.

Marion Ette
24th February 2013, 7:35 PM
Keith, Coselle: "A Nosepass, indeed..." Coselle grimaces. "I went out shopping with Marion a week or so ago, and when we walked by the Adoption Center, she wanted to check on some of the Pokemon she had left there for Shard Quests. It really does upset her, you know, that the Pokemon are sent there, even though I have reassured her a million times that they're usually adopted soon after they're dropped off given the current lack of PC restrictions." Coselle shakes her head. "Anyway... She comes out of the Adoption Center with that... thing following her. She tells me that he had been tugging on the hem of her skirt and crying, and she could not say no to him. Now, when he's not stuck to her like glue, he's off harassing me or one of Marion's other Pokemon. Even worse... He has a talent for appearing out of nowhere, even though it makes no physical or logical sense for him to be so sneaky. I cannot even begin to comprehend how he does it." Coselle shudders a bit. "Marion has truly outdone herself, managing to find a Pokemon that creeps out even me. At least he will back off when you order him directly to do so, though anything less than a command at full volume seems to bounce off his thick skull like rubber. Marion seems to be able to convince him to leave her alone when she needs to concentrate, but I have yet to develop that talent with him." Coselle pauses for a moment. "You know what... let's change the subject."

Missingno. Master
24th February 2013, 11:31 PM
Keith, Coselle: Coselle grimaced as she confirmed that their would-be spy was in fact a Nosepass, and related the story of how Marion came to own the Rock-type. Keith was quite surprised as Coselle admitted that even she was creeped out by the Nosepass. After she explained that it took no less than a shouted command to get him to back off, she paused, and suggested that they change the subject.

"Excellent idea," Keith nodded almost immediately. "In fact, I think this might be a good time to give you this," he added as he opened up a Poke Ball, which let out a flat, rectangular object. Keith pocketed the now empty Poke Ball- they were still reusable if they had only been made to carry items, after all. "Sorry I didn't wrap it," he apologized, "but the delivery ran real late. Something about a new guy working for the delivery service who thought his Pidgeotto could deliver packages just as well as any Delibird or Pelipper." He shook his head. "Apparently they've never seen a bird with a worse sense of direction before. This got to me not five minutes before I left to start setting up, and what with all the other preparations, there was no time to wrap it." Figuring he'd rambled on long enough with his explanation, he handed it to Coselle. It was a book, and the cover read; From Trap to Treat- 101 Delicious Recipes for Cooked Stunfisk, by Trappo Kaymon.

"What do you think?" asked Keith before lapsing into Shuppet language. "You're gonna get your revenge on Neville someday, after all, so I figured you'd like this. A hundred and one different ways to get rid of the evidence and enjoy a tasty meal at the same time."

25th February 2013, 10:19 AM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius:
"no. nonono. nononononononoNONONONO!"
Michael ran back to the battlefield. His
"BLUE! Oh, god are you alright please speak to me what have I done why did I let you do this we're just rookies and I don't even have any medicine because i'm a bad trainer and it's all my fault we shouldn't have tried battling yet we should just give up..."
"Michael, stop. You aren't thinking straight."
Blue was too tired to offer his usual repotoire of reassurances to his trainer, who was now just staring at him with eyes full of dread.
"This isn't your fault. I was the one who wanted to battle, remember? And I still can! Don't worry about me, I'll be fine battling alone for a bit. Go and get some antidotes or something, and while you're going you can investigate that bush you've been eyeing this entire time. Yes, Michael, I knew about that."

Blue watched his trainer start to leave, sighed, and tried to turn back to the Meowth and Weedle. Tried being the operative word, as the webbing encasing both him and the bomb on his head made it difficult to move.
"If it's alright, I'm going to battle solo for a bit. Michael's pretty sensitive so it's best he doesn't see me faint like this. He'd walk off a cliff in his current state."
Blue told Meowth and Hermione.
"If it's alright, I'd like to continue battling now."
The Panpour tried to wash the bomb off his head with the water in his tuft, but he couldn't. The Gummi was well and truly stuck because of the webbing. 'This might have been a bad idea.' The poison running through him had made his whole body weak and as he struggled to stay upright he felt his arms grow heavy. His legs gave way. Blue fell forward. 'Nope, this was a bad idea.' The Panpour felt his limbs go cold. 'Yep, definately a bad idea.' The chill ran up his body and through his throat. 'Yeah, I must be getting delirious, I wouldn't have agreed to continue battling in this situation.' The chill reached his mouth. 'Wait. The cold feeling is real? Hmm... then this must be?!' The Panpour gave a test breath and as he did, the ground beneath him froze. 'It is! Icy Wind!'
Blue tried to turn his head, but the time he took thinking to himself had took its toll on his body. He couldn't move his arms or legs, he just didn't have the strength. So, he resorted to his last trick.
He opened his eyes.
The shapes of Meowth and Hermione were fuzzy, and there seemed to be six of them both. 'Hmm, this'll be hard to aim. Well, here goes nothing. Time for Three Icy Winds! He opened his mouth, and blew ice in the direction he thought his opponent was standing. Then he closed his eyes, and waited for the bomb to go off.

Marion Ette
26th February 2013, 3:17 AM
Keith, Coselle: Keith decides that now would be the perfect time to bestow a gift upon his beloved, and unleashes a book from one of his Pokeballs, pocketing the ball afterward for re-use. Keith apologizes for not wrapping the gift, explaining the Pidgeotto-related holdup rather apologetically, but Coselle does not seem too upset by the state of the gift. "Who remembers the damn wrapping, anyway," she comments with some measure of childlike impatience, as she reaches out excitedly for her present. She examines the book with a grin on her face, flipping through the pages with a sadistic laugh echoing from deep within her throat. "Oh, the images alone are just fantastic. Look at this one! Oh, that looks painful." Coselle's grin widens almost unnaturally at the sight of some of the recipes. "Appetizers, pizzas, sandwiches, stews, grilling... Hmmmmm, they even have a bonus section on how to properly prepare Stunfisk sashimi... Oh, and they even show you exactly how to make the cut in the flesh, and how to remove the glands... Hehe, the only thing that tastes better than well-prepared meat is revenge, right?" Coselle finally turns up from her gleeful perusing to look at Keith, realizing that she has not thanked him properly for the gift yet, such was her enthusiasm about it. "You are too kind, my dear," she softly coos, kissing him on the cheek. "This book is perfect."

Coselle reaches into her bag, and produces a small item of some sort, wrapped carefully in black tissue paper that is tied with a blood-red bow, with a little heart dangling from it that reads "KEITH" in a messy, yet legible script; the lettering appears to be a rather pained, concentrated effort from an otherwise terrible calligrapher. Presenting the package to Keith, she urges him to open it with an eager gleam in her eye.

Missingno. Master
26th February 2013, 4:35 AM
Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Michael, Blue: Michael started to react very badly to Blue losing, and the Panpour was left to battle by himself.

"Let's get dis done, Hermione," Meowth said to Hermione. "Use yer Firestream attack!"

Hermione unleashed a stream of molten bubbles which burned like Fire from her mouth, and though the attack wasn't very effective on the Water-type, the combination of the attack, the poisoning, and now the Gummi Bomb which detonated at that moment were sufficient to knock Blue out before he got off even one single Icy Wind.

"All right!" Meowth exclaimed. "Nice goin', Hermione," he congratulated his teammate. Just then, the occupant of the bush burst out of it, the Skorupi scuttling forward to greet his girlfriend.

"Hermione, you were awesome!" Scorpius exclaimed gleefully. "That was such a great battle!"

"Aw, thanks, Scorpius," Hermione replied, blushing slightly as she crawled over to her boyfriend and they started to kiss.

Rolling his eyes at the love-struck bugs, Meowth walked over to Blue and helped to Cut the sadly sparking remnants of the Electrowebs off of him. He helped the feebly stirring Panpour to his feet as the poisoning wore off. "Hey, you alright dere?" Meowth asked. "Ya put up a great fight, fer wat it's worth."

Keith, Coselle: Keith smiled as Coselle greedily accepted her gift, and started flipping through the pages. Her sadistic glee at the imagery alone was made obvious by the almost unnaturally wide grin on her face, and as she looked up from the book, she kissed Keith on the cheek and stated that the book was perfect. "I had a feeling you'd like it," Keith grinned. Coselle then produced a small item from her bag. Whatever it was was wrapped in black tissue paper and tied with a blood-red bow. Keith accepted it. "Thanks," he stated. He then proceeded to rip at the wrapping, wondering what Coselle got him.

Marion Ette
26th February 2013, 5:20 AM
As Keith carefully opens up the package, he is immediately greeted by what appears to be a miniature, lime green hat with odd little spikes on it, sitting atop a plush brown head of some sort. As the wrapping falls away, Keith quickly realizes that the gift inside is a small, meticulously hand-sewn Chespin doll, that appears to have been carefully based off of the Research Papers revealing its discovery. The plush Chespin's wide grin (complete with buck teeth) is friendly, innocent and naive; a bit of a contrast to the dark bit of mischief that always haunts the giver's expression. In fact, something about the doll radiates a feeling of warmth and happiness, as if the soft toy were somehow enchanted. Coselle gauges Keith's reaction very carefully, wondering how he honestly feels about the little guy.

"Marion would not allow me to attempt to kidnap the real thing from the research facility," Coselle grumbles, "so this was the next best thing. I hope he looks all right..." Coselle looks down at her hands; "It is a bit of a pain relearning how to sew with these. It was a talent I picked up in the afterlife, I am afraid." The dark-haired woman cackles a bit. "My experience is mostly in voodoo dolls... though I tried to give this one some positive energy instead. Perhaps it will give you luck in finding the real thing. I remember you telling me that you wanted one." Coselle tilts her head a bit. "What do you think of him?"

Missingno. Master
26th February 2013, 6:02 AM
Keith, Coselle: As Keith opened up the package, it was revealed to be a small Chespin doll, obviously hand-sewn with great care. Keith wasn't sure what it was about the doll, but it seemed to radiate a feeling of happiness and warmth. Keith smiled as he held the doll, admiring it as Coselle stated that this was the next best thing to what her apparent plan A was; kidnapping an actual Chespin from the research facility for him. She then expressed concern over whether it looked all right, given that her sewing talents were acquired as a Banette. She had tried to give the doll positive energy, as opposed to negative energy that would go into her usual voodoo dolls. Keith smiled even wider as Coselle stated that she remembered his desire to acquire a Chespin of his own, and suggested that this would give him luck in finding one someday.

"It's perfect," Keith said, his smile wider than ever as he looked into Coselle's eyes. "It's... it's perfect. I love it, Coselle. Thank you."

26th February 2013, 10:57 AM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius:
Blue struggled to his feet, aided by Meowth.
"Hey, you alright dere?"
"I'm fine, just need a bit of water." The Panpour shook his head as fast as he could, letting his final reserves of water clean him up. He looked up at Hermione, who was getting kissed by a Skorupi. Not wanting to seem awkward, he turned back to the Meowth who was holding him steady.
"Ya put up a great fight, fer wat it's worth."
"Thank you! And thanks for helping me learn Icy Wind too. Honestly though, Hermione is one tough bug. I didn't know what I would do for most of it, and by the looks of things, neither did Michael. Poor kid, he isn't really used to the real world and battling by the looks of things. Speaking of the devil..." Blue turned to watch his trainer run back to the battlefield holding two boxes.
"Sorry about that Blue, I went a bit crazy there for a second." Michael had his usual absentminded smile again. His demeanor had changed from the wreck that he left the battle in to that of a teen who'd just lost at a video game.
"Well, don't do that every battle I'm in please. Some of us want to act our age." The boy nodded, oblivious to the insult. He then pulled the boxes so they were in the center of the circle they were in.
"I learnt from a nearby trainer that poisoning wears off after a while, so I decided to get you something to eat, just in case you're feeling bad."
The boy opened the boxes to reveal two big margarita pizzas. He offered a slice to his Panpour, then turned to Meowth and Hermione.
"Thanks for the battle, I know now that me and Blue have a lot to learn. And I don't know about you, but that battle made me hungry. You are welcome to stay and share some of this pizza with us." He noticed the Weedle was kissing a Skorupi.
"And you can introduce us to your boyfriend Hermione. Was he the one in that bush? That seems pretty cool, he got to see you be awesome!" Michael pulled out his pokedex.
"And because I need to..."
Skorupi, the Scorpion Pokemon: As soon as the tail claws close, its needle tips secrete poison. It can survive a year without food.
"Well, now the formalities of battle are over...,"
The teen stood up at this, and shouted so anyone around him could hear,
Blue hid his face in his palm.

Missingno. Master
26th February 2013, 12:59 PM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Pisces: Meowth facepalmed as Micheal shouted out loud, asking if anyone wanted pizza. "Hey, hey," Meowth hissed. "I don't tink ya ought to have done dat... First, I tink dere's kind of a date goin' on not dat far from here... Second, we're pretty close to da lake- oh, no," he groaned as he spotted something out on the water, something speedily swimming right at them. "Get down now!" he exclaimed, pushing Michael out of the way just as a Blue-Striped Basculin leaped out of the water and messily devoured the pizzas within seconds.

"Pisces, ya stupid fish, dose pizzas weren't fer youse!" Meowth snapped.

"Hey, bigmouth up there's the one who announced the pizzas for all the world to hear," the Basculin snapped back as she flopped back to the water. "You better be grateful I'm not in the mood for picking your fur out of my teeth, by the way, or else I'd be in the mood for SECONDS!" Once the Blue-Striped Basculin had re-entered the water, she swam off.

"Sorry 'bout dat," Meowth chuckled weakly. "Pisces dere is one o' my teammates, I'm sorry ta say. My trainer and his Pawniard, dey's da only ones dat can really keep her under control, and my trainer's on a date at da moment. I tink he has his Pawniard wit him, too..."

Meanwhile, as Hermione and Scorpius stopped... ahem... greeting each other, they approached the Panpour. "Hey, so you were my Hermione's opponent," grinned the Skorupi. "Pleased to meet ya! Name's Scorpius, and I think you and I ought to have a battle ourselves sometime. Not now, of course, looks like Hermione really did a good job against you." Hermione blushed at Scorpius's kind words, then noticed the disaster with Pisces and the pizzas. She crawled over to where Meowth and Michael were.

"Meowth, where are the steaks that we didn't get around to cooking for Keith and Coselle?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah, I got dem, hang on a second," Meowth stated as he dashed off into the bushes, returning in a few minutes with a cooler. Inside were a couple of uncooked Miltank steaks. "Why, ya in da mood ta do more cookin'?" he asked the Weedle.

Hermione nodded. "There's no reason we should all remain hungry when it was Pisces who ate all the pizzas, after all."

"All right, den," Meowth stated as he pulled out a small grill, set it up, and placed all five steaks on it. Hermione immediately set to work, meticulously firing off her Firestream attack at various angles. She closely inspected each steak as she worked, using Firestream again whenever she deemed one side to not be cooking as much as it ought to be. Meowth watched for a moment, then turned to Michael. "Ya wouldn't tink it ta look at her at first, but Hermione's da best cook I ever known," he explained. "She was a big help settin' up a picnic fer our trainer and his girlfriend. And as long as ya don't go announcin' it when da steaks are done," he added with a slight scowl, "Den Pisces might not come back, we just might actually be able to enjoy dese steaks."

28th February 2013, 9:55 AM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Pisces:
Blue left the group at the sound of Michael yelling, and wandered down to a nearby lake to refill his tuft.
"Oh, sorry Meowth, I didn't know there was a date on..."
'Ha, sounds like Michaels getting told off by Meowth. Maybe if someone else tells him it might actually stick for once. Uh, what's that ominous blur in the distance?'
The next minute was a blur to Blue, as he watched someone demolish the pizza. As the fish reentered the lake, Blue returned to the group with a mad look on his face.
"OK. Can someone please tell me WHAT ON EARTH JUST HAPPENED?"
Basculin, the Hostile Pokemon: Red and blue Basculin get along so poorly, they'll start fighting instantly. These Pokémon are very hostile.
"Oh really, Mister Pokedex? The Basculin was hostile? Next you'll be telling me they're a fish! Stop helping."
Blue decided to leave Michael before he got the urge to smash the machine over his trainers head. Meowth introduced the fish as Pisces, and apologised for her behaviour.
"No, no, it was my fault. I did say anyone could have it, so I walked right into that one. Jeez, your trainer must be good though to control her, she looked like she was going for you."

Meanwhile, Blue was approached by Hermione and her boyfriend, who introduced himself as Scorpius. He also offered a challenge to Blue.
"Well, once I get a little stronger, I will love to battle. However, considering how good Hermione is, I don't think I could stand a chance against you."
They then look over to the mess Pisces made, and against Blue's protests to let the idiot starve "it'll teach him for losing all our food!", Hermione started cooking some steak.
"Hmm... a bug type that can cook? Well well, she's strong and intelligent! You are a lucky guy, Scorpius." Blue said. He then paused in thought.
"Well, if you're cooking, I can be of assistance too!" Pulling out a Pokeball he had hidden from Michael, he took out a pot and some cups.
"This is a recipe I learnt with my sib... I mean, with some people I know."
The monkey wandered around the nearby bushes, and plucked some mint leaves. After filling the pot with the leaves and the water in his tuft, he turned to Hermione.
"Could you boil this for me please? Some Mint tea will go great with the steaks."
"And don't worry," Michael adds, "I won't announce a thing Meowth."

Missingno. Master
1st March 2013, 2:07 AM
Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Michael, Blue: "Yeah," Meowth nodded as Michael stated that Pisces must be well-controlled by her trainer. "Keith is really da only human Pisces listens to. If it wasn't fer him, she'd be tryin' ta eat everyone on da team, even da Grimer. Ya gotta prove ta her dat yer worth her respect if ya doesn't want her eatin' youse."

Meanwhile, Blue stated that between Hermione's strength and intelligence, Scorpius was a lucky guy. "Oh, I know that," Scorpius grinned as he gazed at Hermione. As Blue then stated that he would probably not stand a chance against Scorpius, Hermione nodded.

"Oh, yes," she stated. "I mean nothing against you, of course, Blue, you are obviously very capable in battle... but Scorpius is just so strong," she sighed. "He's been in a lot of battles, and he's got so many great moves... Oh, Scorpius, how about you show him your Flamethrower attack?"

"Heh, all right," the Skorupi agreed as he faced upwards and fired off a Flamethrower attack into the sky. "What'd you think of that?" he grinned, addressing Blue.

Hermione sighed as she watched her beloved unleash Flamethrower- she never got tired of seeing such a display of power from her boyfriend. Then, she watched as Blue produced a pot and some cups from a Poke Ball, then filled the pot with water and some mint leaves. He asked Hermione if she would boil it.

"Mint tea sounds like a great idea," Hermione replied. "Of course I'll boil it for you." She immediately set to work, lighting a small fire under the pot with her Firestream, and then meticulously checking it to ensure it was at the proper temperature. Before long, a nice, minty smell started to flow through the area. "It's nearly done," Hermione informed Blue.

Marion Ette
1st March 2013, 3:51 PM
Keith, Coselle - Coselle grins at Keith's heartfelt thanks, her eyes twinkling with radiant delight. "Oh, I had hoped you would-" she immediately divulges, before trailing off into a calmer tone, her eyes averting, internally desperate to rein her enthusiasm back in. If there was one thing she abhorred, it was when she found herself starting to sound like one of those women in the movies, head-over-heels with their man; it was dreadfully unbecoming, and she was not one to stand for such behavior. After all, she did not need to swoon and fawn like some kind of lovesick puppy for Keith to know what he meant to her... right?

Coselle remains silent, pondering this idea for a moment as her eyes remain distant, unfocused. Did he really know how she felt? He did not share her ability to smell and taste emotion as clearly as any food aroma would be for the living, and it was not in her nature to throw around those three little words like they were candy... In fact, she often found them contrived and vague, lacking any true meaning as a result of overuse.

When she finally makes eye contact with Keith again, her expression is pensive, curious; an element of hesitation haunts her lips, as the ideas thrashing about in her mind fight violently for expression.

"Hey, Keith..." She starts, a deep pause punctuation her address. She realizes as soon as she speaks his name that she has no idea how to phrase the question haunting her. A silence follows, as Coselle scrambles to think of something... anything... to replace her attempts at putting words to her nebulous doubts and fears that Keith had no idea what she truly felt underneath her dark exterior.

Missingno. Master
1st March 2013, 6:18 PM
Keith, Coselle: Coselle's initial enthusiastic response to Keith's heartfelt thanks for the gift trailed off as she made an effort to hold back on her enthusiasm. This was not entirely unexpected to Keith, who knew how Coselle detested the idea of being overly obvious in showing her affection for him. As she remained silent, Keith continued to gaze at her. He vaguely wondered what she was thinking... Coselle was not an easy person to read, after all. And yet, how she felt about Keith, he was in no doubt as to that. Much as she would hold back in her displays of affection, and as dense and stupid as Keith could sometimes be... he would pick up on certain things which clued him in nevertheless. He recalled, way back when Coselle entered the bar, clutching the frigid Egg which would hatch into Marion's Snorunt... She had switched to e-cigarettes, with a chocolate cake-scented vapor, no less. Keith had expressed his dislike for smoking exactly once to her, and it had been many months ago, and yet she remembered. Hell, even the Chespin doll still clutched in his right hand, even that spoke volumes about Coselle's feelings. She had sewn it herself, she'd obviously gone to great lengths to get the details right, and in spite of her lack of experience sewing as a human, she still cared enough to work hard enough to make it look perfect nonetheless. Even the heart-shaped tag, it was clear she had made a massive effort when writing his name on it. And to top it all off, it was all based off a conversation they had had months ago in the Nightclub, and she still remembered his desire to catch a Chespin from that conversation. Now, of course, it could alternatively be explained away by a great memory and a large amount of free time, but... Keith didn't think so. He couldn't smell or taste emotions as she could, and yet, somehow, it was as though he could sense it nonetheless. She didn't say it... but he never needed her to say it, not really.

Coselle spoke up at that moment, looking into Keith's eyes once more, but fell silent again after speaking Keith's name. Her curious, pensive expression, not to mention the way she paused, made Keith realize something was on her mind. He looked into her eyes, silently wondering what was bothering her. He gently took hold of one of her hands, and gazed into her eyes, a loving and reassuring look in his own eyes. "What is it, Coselle?" Keith asked softly, speaking in Shuppet language.

Marion Ette
1st March 2013, 6:56 PM
Keith, Coselle: Keith takes Coselle's hand in his, attempting to reassure her. He asks her what's on her mind in Shuppet language; the switch in language seems to give Coselle a bit more steadiness in expressing herself, as she finally speaks again, in Banette;

Keith... How long do you think the afterlife is? Coselle pauses for a moment, searching his eyes for any reaction. I know Mary has asked the question a thousand times, but I do not have a clear answer for her. But given what they know about the Pokemon Yamask... it could last a very, very long time. Maybe forever. Coselle takes a deep breath, her words measured and careful. My time on Earth is short, but the afterlife stretches on for miles in comparison to this short journey. I do not know when the road ends for you, but one day, it will... and unlike most men, who can leave the women in their former lives behind if they so choose without regret or consequence, I will not be nearly so easy to get rid of. Coselle cackles darkly at this, though something about the softness in her posture suggests a weakness even in her dominant assertion. Forever is a long time, to have someone by your side. But, you know... Maybe it is just the nature of my species, but in vengeance and in love, it is hard.... and, truly, against our very being... to let go, or to let those feelings fade. Coselle's grip on Keith's hand tightens. Do you get what I'm saying?

Missingno. Master
1st March 2013, 8:50 PM
Keith, Coselle: Coselle surprised Keith somewhat by asking him how long he thought the afterlife was. Keith had no answer for this, and before he could even attempt to think of even a guess, Coselle spoke up again, stating that based on the known facts regarding Yamask, it could last a long time, possibly even forever. Then, she added that the afterlife would stretch on for far longer than life would, and that the road would one day end for Keith... and that when it did, while most men would be able to leave behind the women in their former lives without any issues, she wouldn't be that easy to get rid of. She gave a dark cackle following this statement, though Keith smiled at this assertion. Far from finding it in any way ominous the notion that he would not be able to get rid of Coselle by dying, he found it reassuring. Coselle went on, saying that forever was a long time to be with someone, but possibly due to what she was, it was hard- nay, against her very being- to let go, to let feelings fade away... both in vengeance, and in love. Her grip on his hand tightened as she asked if he got what she was saying.

In response, Keith tightened his grip on Coselle's hand and smiled, nodding. "I do," he replied, still speaking in Shuppet language. "The afterlife... I can't even begin to imagine how long it might be... It may be forever, like you say... But I couldn't imagine spending it without you," he said. "I will never let go of my feelings for you, Coselle... and knowing that you won't either... I... I..." Keith broke off at that point, unable to find the words anymore, though the happiness he was so fruitlessly attempting to convey very likely said it all for him. He had known, of course, how Coselle felt about him, what he meant to her... But all the same, to hear her verbally confirm it, that she felt for him as he did for her... He couldn't hope to express how he was feeling with words alone. Instead, he looked into Coselle's eyes, smiling, and moved a little closer to her, still tightly gripping her hand.

Marion Ette
1st March 2013, 11:14 PM
Keith, Coselle: Tightening his grip around her hand, Keith gently lets Coselle know in Shuppet language that he does understand her, and while the afterlife may last a long time, he could not imagine spending it without her. It was now Keith's turn to be tongue-tied, which inspires a smirk from his lover. As he leans closer to her, she responds in kind, the fires of passion dancing in her eyes.

You... what? She asks softly as she moves so close that she can feel his breath. Of course, even if he was not able to say it, she could sense the sweetness of his pure elation. The taste was addicting, and the longer it lingered on her tongue, the more she craved... Her lips threaten to touch his for a brief moment, promising glorious ecstasy, before she pulls away teasingly, grinning as she does.

"We have not had dessert yet, have we?" She remarks rather casually as if suddenly disinterested in such passionate engagement, despite the fact that she shifts her body such as to further tantalize her beloved, her curves becoming that slight bit more visible. "That would not be your role on the menu... would it?" Coselle flashes Keith a brief, predatory look; certainly, she was in the mood for sweets, but blood and sugar would suffice equally at this point...

Missingno. Master
2nd March 2013, 1:15 AM
Keith, Coselle: As Keith leaned in closer to Coselle, she likewise leaned in closer to him. They were close to each other, so close that their lips were very nearly about to meet... and then she pulled away, grinning. Keith was surprised by this action, though only momentarily. Coselle casually asked whether they had had dessert yet, and though she sounded as though she was disinterested in the rather passionate activities the two of them had seemed about to get started with, Keith could not help but notice how she shifted her body to make her curves just a little more noticeable, and also could not help but grin as Coselle asked Keith whether dessert was his role on the menu. The look she flashed him was predatory- Keith had seen her give such looks before, and he always liked what these looks would lead up to. He grinned wider before replying to her question.

"Well, it would seem that for all my preparations," Keith said, unable to keep a grin off his face, "I appear to have forgotten to bring any kind of dessert... so I guess I'll have to do," he said, his grin widening ever so slightly.

Marion Ette
2nd March 2013, 5:48 AM
A deadly calm exudes from Coselle as Keith explains (with a smile on his face that he simply cannot hold back) that despite all of his careful planning, dessert was forgotten. "How cruel of you to smile when relaying such terrible news," Coselle mock-admonishes her lover in a sing-song voice. "Almost as if you enjoy seeing me with this unfulfilled craving." Despite her high, airy tone, Coselle's laugh issues from deep within her throat. "No dessert? What a pity... Ah, but it is no great matter, right?" Coselle moves to gently slide her hands over Keith's shoulders, as if about to embrace him, when a sudden force springs from her palms mid-motion, using an almost unnatural amount of force for such a petit young woman to push her lover to the blanketed ground, like a tiger springs to pin its prey. She carefully lifts his chin up to expose his neck, kissing the bared flesh with the slightest bit of bite in the aftermath. She laughs like a fallen angel; hellish in intent, yet with every promise of heaven. "You have always been sweet to me, have you not? Look at you... So well-dressed, so put-together... a real gentleman. Yet you taunt me so... leave me wanting." Coselle cackles with lust-induced madness, ripping at his shirt. "I refuse to take much more of your cruelty... perhaps I should teach you a lesson."


After Coselle re-adjusts her dress, re-zipping and re-tying all that had become undone, she immediately looks around for her purse, soon finding it tossed to the side of the blanket, presumably in the throes of romance. Pulling out a compact and a small, blue disposable hookah, Coselle looks with some measure of disgust at her disheveled hair in the reflection of the compact as she flips it open. The reflected Coselle's cheeks are flush with deep color, her eyes still glistening as her chest heaves with the deep breathing of recent exertion. Setting the compact down and uncapping the hookah's mouthpiece, she presses down the crown-shaped button and deeply inhales the blueberry-flavored smoke as she rummages for a comb to fix her wild mane, as well as a bit of lipstick to fix her smudged, pale mouth. Exhaling with the satisfaction of relieving her more base cravings, she sets the hookah down just long enough to reapply her lipstick. As she takes another drag, the lipstick forms a little red halo around her hookah's mouthpiece.

Keith, on the other hand, appears to need far more than a comb and a bit of makeup to return to a presentable state; his sides and back display an intricate latticework of scratches, some of which still bleed, and the tatters of his formerly immaculate dress shirt barely cover his wounds. His pants are stained with blood, though they seem to have held together more strongly in the face of the dark-haired woman's onslaught. As Coselle exhales a cloud of blueberry vapor, she gives him the once-over, admiring her handiwork with a sadistic little giggle.

"How do you feel?" She coos, a hint of seduction still lingering in her otherwise caring, gentle tone. She plays with the tatters of his shirt, her expression one of innocence and concern, though the little hellion was not about to fool anyone; of course, she knew this, but then again, perhaps there was some truth in her desire to hear from Keith how he was holding up.

Missingno. Master
2nd March 2013, 6:39 AM
Coselle jokingly admonished Keith for how he so "cruelly" smiled when explaining he forgot dessert. She moved as though she was about to embrace him, and then suddenly pushed him down onto the blanket, with an amount of force nobody could reasonably expect from such a petit young woman. As she kissed his neck, he felt a slight bite, but raised no objections. Indeed, he had no objections to raise, not even as she started to rip at his shirt- he had had a shrewd feeling from the very start that the shirt was not destined to make it to the end of the picnic in one piece, anyway. And he especially did not object to the fact that this time, unlike the last time things had been... ahem... about to get underway here in the Rose Garden, this time there was no Minccino or Furret peeking through the bushes. Last time, they had taken their... shall we say... activities elsewhere due to spying Pokemon. This time, not a soul could see what the two were up to. No witnesses, Keith realized, feeling that inexplicably amazing combination of nervousness and excitement Coselle could always get him to feel...


To look at Keith, one would not be able to describe his current condition without using the phrase "Bouffalant stampede". His shirt, which he had sincerely doubted would make it through the picnic in one piece, was in tatters, not nearly sufficient to cover the scratches all over his sides and back. Some of the scratches were still bleeding, and there were bloodstains adorning his new pants. He looked like a complete wreck, and indeed, the injuries he had sustained felt as painful as they looked.

And yet, he was happy. In spite of the stinging scratches, the multiple wounds, some of which were still bleeding, the whole thing had left him in a state of bliss. The way the happiness and agony blended together was odd, to say the least, and yet, at the same time, so unbelievably satisfying. Still breathing somewhat heavily, he looked over at Coselle, and couldn't help but give a weak smile. As she asked how he felt, he kept smiling, shrugged his shoulders, and replied, "Could be worse." Coselle's innocent expression didn't fool him in the slightest, and in fact it only served to widen his grin. He used some of the tattered remnants of shirt to stem the flow of blood from the few scratches that were still bleeding, and once he was satisfied that he was no longer oozing blood, he used another scrap of shirt fabric to clean himself off as best as he could, then looked at Coselle again. He inched a little closer to her. "The scratches still sting a little... kinda... a lot," he admitted. "Overall, I feel like I got myself on the bad side of a wild Primeape..." As he said this, however, he slowly made to embrace Coselle, holding her close to his relatively unscathed chest. "I feel great," he sighed, unable to stop smiling as he held his beloved in his arms.

3rd March 2013, 12:38 AM
"Battle? Oh, I love that game!" Fa responds as Sakura expresses her own love for Pokémon battles. "I get very achey afterwards, but it's a lot of fun! I play that tons back at home and Duke has taking me to play with the Pokémon of other Trainers too! Let's see, uh, there was this Gible I fought at some foggy garden and I thought about throwing Ice Beams since Nars doesn't like them too much and then Weedle gave owies and there were ASPLOSIONS and I ended up getting knocked out. Haha. There was this nice Haunter there too. Dropped me in my head like a ragdoll, but I still thought we could share Ice Cream, and Pancakes. Ahh~ And um, there was this Growlithe too I met at a reaaally tall mesa and he wanted to throw me off of it BUT I DIDN'T LET HIM, and I SPITED HIM VENOMOUSLY like sis told me and then I won. It felt good~ But hey, would you like to play with me sometime?"

Meanwhile, Kuranes had asked the Gabite a bit more about his family, clearly perplexed to hear about his whole litter also being born with his own unique coloring, a question with not even Narsil seemed to have an answer for. "Eh, I can't say I see them often, if at all. Don't even remember their faces, now that I think about it... You Kara?"

"I haven't even met mah mama." There was a hint of sadness in the Totodile's voice. "Been raised by Trainers since I was born, and their family have been my own in the other's stead. If I have real brothers and sisters, I'm unaware of them. Some say they got gobbled up by some other croc, or maybe some starving Pidgeotto. I'm sure I'm not the only one around here to have never met their siblings?"

As the topic had shifted back to Kuranes and the situation he was rescued in, Sakura seems to be catching one to what really was taking place ... and concludes the young K could simply one of those perverted masochist types. Who knew he would be into such things?! The Gabite couldn't help cackling out loud at the mental picture. "Aw man, it was like that? I have to introduce you to this pal of mine then. That slick Sceptile never lets on to it in public, but the dude really likes it when they squeeze him tight you know. You could get along~"

"Lords all-mighty, the things I'm listening to right now." Kara sighed while blushing a bit ... or would have, if her scaly skin could actually blush in the first place. "But oh, I'm SO sorry to have intruded then, K, darling! I thought you really needed help!"

In an attempt to divert everyone's attention from the embarrassing topic, Kuranes signals everyone to the battle taking place across the lake. He is able to point out his Trainer being onvolved, but can't really make out who the other woman is.

"Other woman? Don't think I know her either." Nars chimed in, equally puzzled, but grinning with curiosity. "I see Duke is in there too. And Sevipers. Two of them. Wonder who's that one next to Chris?"


Solaire seems completely delighted by the Litwick's gesture as Gwyn casted a shadow in a perfect appraisal of the sun. "Ah, but could it be? That you too are a warrior of the sun? Splendid! Most splendid! Shadows and light, they are like one. Didn't you all know? Why, it is always the most radiant of stars that cast the largest of shadows. In complete and utter darkness, what shadow could possibly be born? Ah, but I talk too much. I am Solaire, the Torch. I bring light where my father cannot, for I am a son of the Sun."

"But Solaire, you miss an important detail." Vega chimed in. "Shadow isn't born of light, but rather born of what stands against it. In a way, we're all between them both. A part of us bathed in light, and against its source, is our shadow born at the other. Light, does not cast shadow. We do. You, who are a source of light, how often do you see your own shadow? Instead, isn't what you see that shadows cast behind those around you, born because of you, but not through you?"

"And so we're back again to our previous argument, Lord Vega. But I cannot accept it, I'm afraid. True darkness is selfish and cold. It only takes, but what does it give? I cannot accept that something born thanks to light to be in any way related to Dark. Shadow and Dark are not the same element. Even the God you profess, despite what you say it represents, I find a source of warmth unlike what you would find in the nothingness of the Abyss. When I see myself on the reflection ... Solaire said as he waddled closer to the edge of the lake. "I see myself, and that self of mine at the other side, I feel to be like myself. A shadow reflection, but how could it ever be related to Dark? Even in that world where spirits roam without the caring gaze of my father, I feel, in a way, they subsist with a light of their own. Who could ever find happiness without their own little sun?"


A battle was still raging on, and while Reese completely focused on the battle at hand, she couldn't help suddenly tilting her head at the sight of the odd Nosepass that suddenly butted in. There was something about that thing that was just unsettling and utterly annoying, and it wasn't just the cheerleader outfit made out of cardboard. Marion takes the time to calmly convince the creature to move elsewhere, though surprisingly keeping enough awareness of the flow of battle to issue orders right on time, and her opponent, of course, wasn't going to slack off any in that department.

Still holding the speed advantage, Dimitri takes the initiative and lets loose with a howling Air Cutter which rips through the Ghost-type fiercely. Bedivere could still take plenty more however, and in return counter fires with yet another Confuse Ray. This time around, the timing was perfect, Dimitri's eyes become swirling stars as he tries to figure out what the hell is going on with the world, life, love, fruit punch and Keanu Reeves. Though he was ordered to stamp a lovely heart on his opponent once again, the Swoobat ends up stamping the floor as he hurts himself in his confusion! Reese facepalms as she clenches her other fist, cursing her horrible luck.

Seizing the moment, Bedivere fires a wave of dark energy, the Dark Pulse easily smacking the sitting duck for solid super-effective damage. Taking Flight once again, Dimitri tries to make a comeback, but he can't help but derp further in his confusion! Well, if he's going to be so kind as to give Bedivere yet another freebie, he might as well take ir, right? The Frillish Dives down before he takes some momentum, coming back up with a rising uppercut to the bat's face. The poor thing, the confusion just wasn't going to ease so easily, was it? And was that a Shoryuken he just heard the Frillish cry out?

Health: 79%
Energy: 63%

Health: 51%
Energy: 61%
Status: Confused

7th March 2013, 12:35 PM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune:
"Well, I don't think I could ever earn her respect. Eating her teammates? Jeez, if she's that uncontrolable, I'm sort of worried she might just come back. Hang on, I'm gonna go check the lake."
Michael walked off towards the lake that their intruder had emerged from. As he did, Hermione had set the fire under Mint tea Blue was preparing. The Panpour watched the tea boil. He always made Mint tea when he was stressed, as it relaxed him. The bubbles that formed, the minty smell. It was almost like he was young again. Hermione stated how strong Scorpius was.
"I'm not that capable... but thanks." Blue replied, only half listening. The Flamethrower Scorpius launched got his attention, however.
"How... how strong. I haven't seen such a strong Fire attack before... except that one time. That one time." And with that, Blue slipped into a trance-like state of reminicience. Mist was floating from his head into a nearby bush. Meanwhile, Michael returned to the party.
"No, by the look of things, shes gone." Michael told the others. He then noticed Blues trance. "But I think my little troublemaker has just arrived. Dikune! He wasn't asleep!"
"Yes, but he was lapsing into a daydream, and what is a daydream but rest during the day?"
The Drowzee emerged from the bush, wandered up to Blue and started eating the mist emanating from the monkey.
"Ahh... it is bitter. Memories of families and betrayal, mixed with the pain of his battle. Delicious! Blue, you may wake up now."
Dikune clapped his hands, and the Panpour stopped swaying. He noticed the Tapir standing near him.
"Thanks, Dikune. I'd rather forget those dreams."
The Tapir bowed.
"Yes, yes. Now, I believe that you will not want that dream shared, right? Well, I see you are cooking up a meal, and I would like to join. Will that be fair?"
Both Blue and Michael nodded. It was always easy to agree with Dikune.
Blue started sharing out the Mint tea when Hermione told him it was almost ready.
"Yes, this is done. How much would you all like?" He handed out cups to Dikune and Michael, then offered some to Meowth, Scorpius and Hermione.
As he was, Dikune addressed them.
"I apologise, I haven't introduced myself yet. I am Dikune. Michael adopted me recently so I am fairly new to this area. You need not introduce yourselves, I have learnt what happened here from Blue's dream. I take it I am allowed a share of this steak?" Dikunes voice was heavy as he layered it with Hypnosis. He then filled his cup to the brim with Blue's mint tea, as did Michael and Blue.

Missingno. Master
8th March 2013, 8:45 PM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune: "Wat da..." Meowth muttered as Blue went into kind of a trance. Then, as Michael came back and scolded someone named Dikune, it became clear- Dikune, as it turned out, was Michael's Drowzee, and had used Hypnosis on Blue in order to eat his daydream. Dikune then introduced himself to Meowth and Hermione, and then asked if he was allowed some of the steak. Meowth, however, averted his gaze- he too knew Hypnosis, and recognized when someone else was trying to pull it of.

"Yeah, youse is allowed in on da steaks," Meowth replied, still avoiding eye contact with the Drowzee. "And youse ain't gotta try yer Hypnosis in order ta get stuff from others, by da way," he added, a hint of irritation to his voice.

Plight of Leon
9th March 2013, 1:00 PM
While one half of Blaze's team was at the Bar in the a different realm of the Fizzy Bubbles universe, the other half was at the Fizzytopian Park and Gardens, a place of fun and Pokemon. In fact, no trainers were allowed, so it was a chance for some fun without the constant supervision of their trainers...and of course the chance to make all sorts of mischief without
them knowing.

Lemon Drop, Surgei, Farseer, Static Shock, Daisy, Millennium

In came in five Pokemon of Blaze's. The first pair was a Lopunny and a Yanmega, the Lopunny happily spinning and jumping, while the Yanmega quietly followed her along. The Lopunny stopped and brought out a Pokeball, opening it to reveal a Goldeen that happily splashed in a nearby pond.

Ooh wonderful darling. Being cooped up inside of that Pokeball, is absolutely terrible for my scales.

No problem Daisy!

Behind the Lopunny and Yanmega were another pair who were talking furiously about something. Not furiously like they were arguing, but furiously like this was something very important and had to be discussed this very minute.

I do see your problem. Your species as a whole is prone to being overactive and annoying, and that is something that you really want to change inside of yourself. I might be able to help you there.

Well, how are you going to do that? It would be great for me to know.

Well, we Alomomola have a technique that we use to Calm our Minds down so that the troubles of the world don't faze us.

Alright, I would like to learn that myself.

In behind those two were a single loner Pokemon, who simply rolled along the ground. This Pokemon was a Ferroseed called Millennium, because it was once said that it would take nearly a millennium for him to speak a single word. It wasn't that he was mute, it was just that he did not talk at all. Not a single word. He wasn't unapproachable by any means, and he seemed friendly...it is just he didn't have much to say.

9th March 2013, 11:21 PM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune:
Dikune was taken aback by Meowth's comment.
"Hypnosis? Ah... I apologize, it seems I do not know yet how to control my attacks." He muttered.
'Hmm... he knew what I was doing? This Meowth is clever. I see I have taken this the wrong way. An ally as knowledgeable as him will be a necessity. Time to change my persona.'
"Well, I am honored to join in this feast! Please, tell me who the chef is? These steaks seem cooked to perfection."
Michael rubbed his Drowzee on the head.
"My little troublemaker. Doesn't know his own strengths. Now, how's the steak going Hermione?"
"Hermione? This young little Weedle cooked the steak? Such an intelligent girl you must be! You all seem so strong, I apologize for my rudeness earlier."
Blue was mad, however. He pulled Drowzee over to one side.
"Dikune, what are you doing? That wasn't an accident, you were purposely trying to control them!"
"I wasn't attacking him, Blue. You accuse your own teammate of such a foul misdeed?"
The monkey found it hard to stay mad.
"Listen. This isn't a joke. I know what you are trying to do here. I can see right through you."
"Really, Blue? And what would that be? I merely am trying to be friendly. You wouldn't want to cause an argument now would you?"
Dikune wasn't being subtle now. The hypnosis was obvious. Blue couldn't resist it.
"No... no i'm not."
"Good, good. Now, let us return to our... friends."
The monkey and tapir rejoined the group and immediately returned to the tea.
"Oh, how rude of us, we haven't served you your tea yet. How much would you like?" The tapir offered the pot to Meowth, Hermione and Scorpius.

Missingno. Master
10th March 2013, 4:51 AM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune: Dikune apologized to Meowth, claiming to not yet have complete control over his attacks. As he learned that Hermione had cooked the steaks, he appeared to be very impressed, and apologized for his earlier rudeness. As Blue pulled the Drowzee aside, however, Meowth, Scorpius, and Hermione had a brief, whispered conversation.

"Doesn't know yet how to control his attacks, my tail stinger," Hermione whispered. "One time when Keith took me to the library, I read all about Drowzee and Hypno. They have complete control over their hypnotic capabilities from the moment they're born."

"Now I'm actually pretty glad Ginny gave us all that lecture on how to recognize use of Hypnosis," added Scorpius. "I'm not so sure I trust this guy."

"Yeah, I get wat ya mean," Meowth nodded. Just then, Blue and Dikune returned, the former looking slightly dazed. Hermione and Meowth both knew instantly that he had been placed under the effects of Hypnosis, and both became much more wary of the Drowzee as he offered the pot of tea to them all. They regarded him warily, though agreed to take some tea.

14th March 2013, 9:35 AM
Michael, Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune:
"Well, now that the drinks are served, how about getting to the steaks?"
Michael had finally rejoined the party from his brief trip into his thoughts, and hadn't noticed either conversation that had taken place.
"Yes, that is an excellent idea, Sir." Dikune added. He poured the tea out for the party, but as he did, he noted the wary looks that were given to him. 'Well well. They still don't trust me? This will not do! Time for plan B.'
Blue shook off his stupor in time to see Dikune excuse himself, "Just so I can look around this wonderful garden." The Panpour didn't know why, but he felt a sense of unease at this.
"So you're just going to let a young, untrustworthy Pokemon wander off by himself, Michael?"
"Yeah, he wants to explore, and what sort of fun loving trainer would I be if I stopped an exploration? A boring trainer, that's who! Don't worry. He'll be back, he left his food here. And I'm sure he can look after himself."
The Panpour had to resist the urge to scratch his oblivious trainer into oblivion. 'He is so irresponsible! I know there's something up with Dikune.' He struggled to remember why he felt this way. He couldn't talk to Michael about his worry, the boy just wouldn't understand. He turned to the other pokemon.
"Ok, guys, I know this isn't something I shouldn't need to ask you because technically you shouldn't need to do this. But could you help me keep an eye on Dikune? For some reason I can't seem to confront him alone..."

Missingno. Master
25th March 2013, 4:13 PM
Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Chance, Michael, Blue, Dikune: As Dikune excused himself, Blue asked Meowth, Hermione, and Scorpius if they would help him keep an eye on Dikune. "No problem," Meowth whispered. "I don't trust dat guy one bit."

"Nor do I," Hermione added. "Also, a little tip for you- try not to make eye contact with him. Eye contact is crucial to the success of Hypnosis."

"Count me in, too," added Scorpius. "Hey- what's that?" he added suddenly, pointing at the lake. Meowth and Hermione turned to look, and spotted something swimming their way.

"Oh, geez," muttered Meowth. "If it's dat blasted Basculin again-" however, it then became clear that it was not "dat blasted Basculin" this time, but was in fact a Squirtle. The Water-type moved onto land and walked towards the group, smiling happily.

"Hi, guys!" the Squirtle greeted them.

"Oh," Meowth sighed in relief. "Wat's up, Chance? Dis here is Blue. Blue, dis is Chance, my trainer's Squirtle."

Chance walked over and shook Blue's hand. "Nice to meet you," she smiled.

27th March 2013, 2:39 PM
Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune, Chance:
If the power of a faceplant could be measured, Blues one to Hermiones comment on eye contact would exceed that of a rampaging Tauros.
"Eye Contact. You are kidding right? My eyes are closed 99.99% of the time! Either I'm just easily persuaded, like some sort of Idiot, or Dikune is stronger than he looks..."
Blue was interrupted by Scorpius suddenly pointing at the lake.
"If it's dat blasted Basculin again-" Meowth started.
Blue started to charge up an Icy Wind, but stopped when they all realised they weren't about to get ravaged by an insane Basculin, but instead greeted by a friendly looking Squirtle. Meowth introduced her as Chance, his trainers Squirtle.
"Nice to meet you too!" Blue shook Chances hand.
"Sorry about almost attacking you, we had an 'Incident' with our food that involved Pisces, and I'm sort of on edge now my trainers Drowzee has wandered off. He isn't that trustworthy, honestly."
Blue climbed a nearby tree. Looking around, he spotted Dikune wandering to a nearby field.
"Ok, he seems to be going that way. If we hurry, we can stop Dikune doing anything Bad."
Blue motioned for the group to follow him, and set off for the nearby field.

1st April 2013, 2:38 AM
Myrtle, Neville, Spirit - ((Last post was here (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?589173-Fizzytopian-Park-and-Gardens&p=15684719#post15684719).))

"Yes, my trainer set up a picnic somewhere nearby. If anything, most of my teammates are pessimistic, so free negative emotions, heh." Neville responded, glancing somewhat to where he had came from. "So, onwards then?" He asked to make sure she really wanted to meet the chaotic members of his team. He could only imagine how she would fare with them, as even he sometimes wanted to smack them.

Missingno. Master
1st April 2013, 2:55 AM
Myrtle, Neville, Spirit: Myrtle smiled as Neville stated that his trainer had set up a picnic nearby, and that most of his teammates were pessimistic, which meant free negative emotions for the Shuppet to feast upon. "That sounds de-light-ful," Myrtle replied. As Neville asked if they should go onwards, Myrtle nodded. "Lead the way," she replied.

Missingno. Master
2nd April 2013, 11:00 PM
OOC: Major apologies to swampertforever, I don't know how replying to this continued to slip my mind...

Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Chance, Dikune: "Oh, it's OK," Chance smiled. "I've met Pisces before, and she's not very nice, so I can understand that." Then, Blue climbed a nearby tree and indicated the direction in which Dikune was going. He motioned for the group to follow as he set off.

"C'mon, let's move," Meowth said to Scorpius, Hermione, and Chance.

"I got this," Chance stated as her eyes glowed blue, and the Confusion attack she was using lifted Meowth, Scorpius, and Hermione into the air. Then, the Squirtle made to Withdraw into her shell, and started to roll rapidly after Blue, with her three teammates being psychically tugged along in midair.

3rd April 2013, 3:40 PM
OOC: Don't worry. Its taking me ages to plan out these posts. Maybe because they're gonna be Walls of Text for the next two posts. Sorry!
Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune, Chance:

Blue had just reached the field when he noticed Chance rolling along, carrying her teammates psychically.

"Was that Confusion? I never knew Squirtles could learn that. But I'm getting distracted. Time to stop Dikune doing... nothing?"

The monkey was puzzled. In the distance, Dikune was just sitting there, watching everyone else in the park. Blue swore he heard sobbing coming from the tapir as well.

"Huh... this is weird. One second."

Blue took a few steps towards the Drowzee.

"Diku-ack!" The Panpour only got two syllables out before he was outlined in a blue aura. He tried to move, but he found, to his horror, that he couldn't. Dikune walked over to the Panpour, eyes glowing blue because of the Disable he had used on the group.

"So I can't go anywhere now without you following me? What, you think I was going off to Hypnotize someone else?"

The tapir was furious. All he was doing was meditating, but he still was the evil one!

"You're just like everyone else, you are! I thought maybe, if I let you all calm down, I could come back and make a better first impression. But noooooo, a Drowzee on his own is obviously off to go hurt someone!"

"You did try hurting someone though! You tried hypnotising Hermione, Scorpius and Meowth!"

"Really? Well, look at it from my point of view. Whenever I so much as dare to walk up to someone, they recoil away like I'm some sort of monster! I just use hypnosis to stop people from leaving me. Is that so much to ask?"

The Tapirs voice deepened, and he started to Hypnotise Blue. The monkey tried to turn away, but the Disable had locked him still. He was stuck, falling asleep.

"You say you're my friend, but you betray me like this? Fine. What you have done to me emotionally, I shall do to you. You will learn how it feels to have your dreams eaten by others.

Dikune started inhaling. Blue started to convulse, a red aura drifted from his body into Dikunes nose. The tapir spoke to the other pokemon as he ate from Blues dream.

"I have no qualms with you. You don't know me, and you aren't obliged to trust me. But do you see now why you shouldn't just stereotype me like you would other Drowzee? All I wanted was to befriend you, but he is here, mistrusting as usual, trying to force me away. All I ask now, is whether we could be associates, if friendship is too much for you?"

Missingno. Master
3rd April 2013, 4:13 PM
Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune, Chance: At Dikune's words, he was met with an uncomfortable silence from Keith's Pokemon.

"...Anyone else kinda feel like crap right about now?" Meowth asked his teammates quietly.

Hermione nodded. "I never even considered the possibility that there was a good reason for his use of Hypnosis," she admitted, her head hung low. "I generally try to not jump to conclusions so quickly..."

"I guess we were all too quick to judge you, Dikune," Scorpius said to the Drowzee. "Sorry about that."

"Yeah, we'd be glad to be your friends," smiled Chance as she walked over and offered a handshake to the Drowzee. Meowth, Scorpius, and Hermione all nodded in agreement.

3rd April 2013, 4:57 PM
Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune, Chance:
Dikune shook Chance's hand. As he did, his Disable hold over the group, and most importantly Blue, fell. He had friends! Actual friends! The tapir was ecstatic, but he hid it under his usual smirk.

"Thanks for forgiving me. I know I haven't had the best of introductions, but you realize now what I have had to put up with."

He offered a hand to the fallen Blue, who hesitated before taking it. With the Drowzee's support, Blue stood up shaking. It was then that Dikune realized what he had done.

"Blue, I'm sorry. I only attacked you because that was what I was taught in the Adoption Center by the other Pokemon. It's hard to live in a place where most of the inhabitants fear you, so I had to force their respect from them." The tapir hung his head, ashamed.

"You know, I used to be friends with some of them. With my knowledge in the arts of dreams, I helped them when they had issues, they protected me from the bullies... It was a good life. Then I ruined it. I learned of a secret of one of the bullies, and blackmailed him. From there, I forced knowledge from everyone... I lied and extorted, and I was on top. I thought that was where I was happiest... I did, until now."

Blue was shocked at Dikune's sudden outburst. The tapir turned to address him personally.

"I realize now that if I want to break the stereotype that us Drowzee are befouled with, I shouldn't act like them, I shall forge my own path. If anyone needs help, I shall be there. I've heard of this thing called hypnotherapy and it sounds right up my street. Blue, I've seen yours and Michael's dreams, and I offer my first act of therapy to you two."

"But I don't need-"

"I know, that's what they all say. But I already know the images, lets just put words to it."

"Fine. I forgive you. Maybe we can get along?"

Dikune smiled an actual genuine smile, then readdressed the entire group.

"Now, we are on a field away from our trainer, who thinks we are 'exploring'. Shall we go back, or shall we wander about a bit longer?"

Missingno. Master
4th April 2013, 1:52 AM
Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Chance, Blue, Dikune: After Dikune had finished speaking, he asked if they should go back, or continue to wander about, given that Michael thought they were out exploring.

"Yeah, sure, we could wander around wit youse," Meowth nodded. "Our trainer ain't gonna mind, he's out on a date right now, and dey like havin' some privacy. Besides, he trusts me ta keep an eye on da rest o' da team," Meowth added proudly.

5th April 2013, 4:38 PM
Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune, Chance:
Blue gazed around the field. There didn't seem like anything to do here, Something he brought up to Dikune.
"Where would we go? Neither of us know where anything is."
Dikune's eyes twinkled, which could be viewed as a good thing or a bad thing depending on the circumstances.
"Well, us Drowzee, if trained, have this ability to enter other peoples dreams. We could take a trip around someones subconscious!"
Blue was horrified at the thought.
"How could we invade someones privacy like that?"
Drowzee pulled out a Pasiv dream machine from somewhere.
"We need to go deeper."
Dikune tapped Blues head while he said this, for some reason he was empty handed.
"Anyway, If you are so against this, we could enter your mind. That way, we aren't invading a strangers privacy"
"But you're perfectly fine with advertising mine. That's perfectly fine." Blue muttered, rolling his eyes.
"BRILLIANT! So guys," Dikune said to the group, "Who wants to reject reality for a while and venture into the unknown that is Blue's mind?"

Missingno. Master
6th April 2013, 1:19 PM
Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Chance, Dikune, Blue: Dikune voiced the idea of entering someone's dream, which Blue was not too thrilled about. Dikune then asked the group if they wanted to go into Blue's mind.

"Well," Hermione spoke up, "I'd really only be comfortable with it if Blue was OK with it... having said that, I must admit, the idea of actually entering someone's dream, it's... it's a fascinating thought," she added with interest. "It's not a common thing to experience, after all, and I'd love to learn what it's like to do so."

"Yeah, it'd probably be pretty cool to go wandering in someone's dream," agreed Scorpius. Chance also nodded in agreement.

"I tink we's is all in agreement here," Meowth said. "Only ting is, Blue, we ain't actually gonna do it unless it's OK wit youse. It's yer subconscious after all, ya oughta have a say in it."

7th April 2013, 9:21 PM
Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune, Chance:
Blue struggled to keep his resolve up, but hearing the enthusiasm of everyone made him change his mind.
"Fine, I relent. I don't mind you taking a scenic tour of my dreams." The monkey said, half bitterly, half curiously.
"Good, good. Now Blue, just remember, this is your dream. You can control what happens, and if at any time you feel uncomfortable just say the word and i'll wake you up. Now, back to sleep with you."
With those words, Blue drifted back to sleep. He only half heard Dikunes next words.
"Right, well. This is my first try doing this, so I don't know what'll happen. All I know is that you will all be asleep, but in Blues dream instead of your own. Now, when the aura reaches you, I'd like you to sleep."
Dikune closed his eyes and began to concentrate. A strange aura encompassed the Drowzee, which he let surround everyone. It was going well! Dikune blacked out, and fell to the floor.
Dikune sat up. To say the group weren't in the gardens anymore was a bit of an understatement. They had ended up in a mysterious forest, stretching as far as the Drowzee could imagine. A shimmering river flowed through the middle of the trees nearby, supplying a serene rippling sound that contrasted the eerie silence of the area. The tapir tried to walk to the river, but it seemed to move away as he approached it.
'This... isn't real. It worked. IT WORKED!'
Dikunes inner monologue reeked of pride. He had used an advanced drowzee technique, and it had worked on his first try! And here he was, inside... the... dream. Oh dear, that wasn't good. He wasn't supposed to be here! He was meant to be awake, the channel that kept the party anchored to reality! How were they meant to escape the dream? The tapir shook his head.
'No. I won't let this set me back! I'll just pretend this was meant to happen. It'll give me a chance to get to know Blue more.'
Something caught Dikune's eye, and that was the colossal Oak tree that had suddenly appeared. The tree dominated the landscape. It seemed different to the woods surrounding it. The tree seemed alive, with bursts of colour streaming up and down its bark, but closer inspection showed that the mighty oak was the home of a bustling colony of Elemental monkeys. How had he not noticed this as he woke up? They were right next to it!
"So, you're in." A familiar voice called out from the top of the oak tree. Dikune watched as a platform lowered from the top of the tree. A figure leapt down from the platform as it descended and landed right at Dikunes feet.
"Enjoying your tour of my mind?" The figure stood, revealing itself to be a Simipour. The monkey had wierd markings covering his body, painting a picture of power and dominance that would be expected from a leader. He was a sight for sore eyes, however the monkeys biting comment triggered a thought in the back of Dikunes mind. An impossible thought, nonetheless, but it had to be voiced.
"Blue? Is that you? You've evolved!"
"No, I haven't. We're in my dream remember? I can be whatever I want, and I am a mighty Simipour, alpha male of the elemental clans!"
With that, Blue let loose a primal bellow, which echoed ominously through the vast woodland. In response, the monkeys of the tree cried back, with little enthusiasm. The cold response was lost on Blue, as he clambered back onto the platform, beckoning the group to him in a way that commanded obedience.
"Well theres no point being shy. Let me show you around!"

Marion Ette
22nd April 2013, 12:56 AM
Nagini, Vega, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes, Sakura/Sumika, Gwyn, Seshiro, Shisato, Mr. Nose - Fa eagerly relates her stories regarding the game of battle to Sakura, with her typical cheery demeanor, even when relating such horrors as being nearly thrown off a cliff or dropped on her head. Sakura listens intently, though she seems rather shocked at how sunny Fa's disposition is, even when relating bitter defeat. Sakura could not even imagine keeping up such a happy tone if she were made to discuss any defeat she might suffer in battle... In an odd way, Fa deserved a great deal of respect for her ability to take the loss in stride, even if that ability was due in part to her naivete. Even so, at the mention of her "big sis" giving her battle pointers, something in Sakura's mind becomes... oddly uneasy. The shell around her vibrates with the energy of deep thought, as if a plan was hatching in its ghostly conscience, separate from Sakura's thoughts.

Sakura nods her head resolutely in response to Fa's question of whether or not she would like to "play" with her sometime. "It would be an honor to battle with you," Sakura says as cheerfully as possible, though her eyes flicker with a sudden bit of distress. "Though, to be honest, I would... er, I would prefer we battle after I shed my shell. Sumika is saying some pretty nasty- OW, Sumika, quit it! Quit yelling! She's not the one we have a problem with. There's no need to- STOP IT!" Sakura lowers herself to the ground, her claws draping over her head as if to cradle it from a massive headache. Sakura's eyes turn deadly pale, as an odd, hollow voice echoes from her body;

Sister of the evil one. If Sakura will not heed my call for your blood, then I will draw it from you myself-

"STOPITSTOPITSTOPIT" Sakura cries out in pain and as she straightens herself out, shaking her head violently before giving Fa a completely horrified look. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... Sumika, she... she doesn't understand... Please, forgive me..."


K listens with a soft, sympathetic gaze towards Nars and Kara as they relate the fact that neither has seen their parents or siblings in a very long time, if at all. He tries to give them both a reassuring smile. "Well, I hope you do get to meet your family again someday, somehow," K responds optimistically. "I know my friend Aislyn told me once that she has not seen her family since she became Marion's Pokemon, and she misses them a lot. Ever since passage to Kumo City closed, it's been near impossible to track them down..." The Eevee's ears droop a bit at this admission. "I think it affects her more than she lets on."

As the topic shifts to K's dramatic rescue, the friendly Eevee finds himself blushing with embarrassment at Sakura and Kara's misunderstanding. At first, he opens his mouth to protest, but realizing that the assumption would at least keep Bedivere out of trouble, he ultimately sighs and hangs his head.

"Don't worry about it, Kara," he finally says, blushing under his fur. "I guess I did get in over my head a bit, so it's good that you came anyway."

Thankfully for K, the battle across the river diverts everyone's attention, as they try to discern who Marion's combatant might be... Though Kuranes is distracted by the rock-like form waddling towards them from afar. He squints a bit, and grins in recognition. "Oh, is that who I think is?"

Sakura squints off in the distance, unable to see very well. "What? I think I see a blur or something coming this way..."

"Saki, I think that's Mr. Nose! Y'know, the Nosepass that Marion adopted recently?"

Sakura taps her claw against the ground with slight irritation. "Oh. Goody."

"Oh, c'mon, Sakura... He's a really nice Pokemon. He's just... easily confused." K laughs a bit. "Besides, for all his faults, at least he makes things interesting~!"


Gwyn seems pleased at Solaire's jovial speech; the silent candle had a real talent for listening, and Solaire certainly seemed to enjoy speaking, particularly about his beloved sun. Though Gwyn seems intent upon reassuring Solaire that he does not mind at all that the Larvesta has a lot to say, Vega chimes in to present an alternate viewpoint to Solaire's conceptualization of the relationship between light, shadow and darkness. Rather than believing, as Solaire did, that darkness and shadow were of two different elements given that darkness cannot exist where there is light, Vega argues that shadow is born from standing against the light, rather than from light itself. Gwyn listens to both sides thoughtfully as they carefully word their arguments, the mute creature nodding along with both as he processes their philosophies.

The young Litwick plays with the shadow against his flame, as meaningless shapes form and reform, though Gwyn has a difficult time figuring out how to phrase his thoughts. Without the use of words, it was difficult to explain his own views on the subject... The poor Litwick purses his lips and curls his stubby arms to his body in a frustrated stance, irritated with his inability to eloquently express his opinion. Taking a deep breath, and hoping for the patience of his two conversation partners, he delves deep into his own mind, focusing intently. If the solution would not occur to him from the outside, perhaps he would find it within. His flame flares up with great power and intensity, as purple light bursts forth from his body. From that light, Gwyn's shadow is cast long into the lake... As Gwyn focuses with great intensity on the thoughts that have formed in his mind, the shadow of the Litwick begins to rise, as if lifted from the ground. Defying all logic, the shadowy form takes on a third dimension, and exists within the light as a perfect double of Gwyn. From the light, a perfect shadow. Shadow Gwyn appears to wave happily at the two debating Pokemon, indicating the shadow's friendly nature.

Gwyn opens his eyes, and admires his handiwork. He then pretends to reach into himself, and pull out a shadow heart- blacker than any shadow he has ever cast before, to represent darkness - and shows it to the pair, in an attempt to explain a very simple line of thought. Highly abstract, and perhaps not a perfect communication, but it was the best he could think of. Shadow Gwyn, following up on this illustration, reaches into himself and produces nothing... perhaps to suggest that true darkness does not exist within the shadows, but within ourselves.

The shadow Gwyn turns to the Litwick, and though the shadow (given its nature) has no expression, the aura radiating from it is playful and mysterious, much like the one who cast it. The shadow begins to shift and change, becoming larger, with long appendages and a swollen head- Gwyn watches the shadow shift against the light, transforming from the three-dimensional silhouette of a Litwick... to that of a Lampent. The Lampent shadow bows respectfully to Gwyn before a sudden burst of light surrounding the Litwick's body drowns the shadow out. Following the shadow's lead, Gwyn's own body begins to become a mass of shifting light, changing into the same form that the shadow had taken just moments before. As the light gradually fades, the former Litwick appears to Solaire and Vega in his brand new form, now having evolved into an excited-looking Lampent. Admiring his new, long arms and twirling about with glee, Gwyn immediately makes his way over to the lake to examine himself.

Congratulations! Your GWYN has evolved into LAMPENT!

Marion, Reese, Balmund, Dimitri, Bedivere - For a sweet little Frillish, Bedivere was proving to be surprisingly deadly on the battlefield. Ever smiling, even through the execution of vicious attacks and the pain mighty blows, the eccentric jellyfish Pokemon practically dances across the field with a deadly sort of grace. Marion herself could not believe the latent talent that Bedivere seemed to have for battle, and though she tries to appear confident, as if she knew all along that Bedivere was a capable fighter, her eyes betray her pleasant surprise. After all, who could have guessed that a gentleman who spent much of his time cooking and drinking tea would have such potential?

"Bedivere, strike while your opponent is still weak! Unleash the power of your Blizzard, then follow it up with Bubblebeam! End the round with the force of a Waterfall! You can do it!"

Marion's fists clench with excitement as the battle continues to unfold, her body leaning into the battle as if she was inches away from duking it out herself. It was hard not to be caught up in the excitement of Dimitri and Bedivere's intense exchange of blows, particularly when Bedivere was showing such promise...

Missingno. Master
22nd April 2013, 3:51 PM
NOTE: Following her evolution, Chance is to be treated as though she was a Wartortle all along in this storyline. Thank you for your understanding.

Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune, Chance, Vernon: Dikune had done it. He had managed to transport himself, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, and Chance into the Panpour's dream. Then, Blue approached them, albeit in the form of a Simipour. He beckoned them to follow him, at which point Meowth produced a Poké Ball from seemingly nowhere.

"Borrowed dis from Keith," he explained as he pressed the button to bring the sphere to full size.

"Does he know this?" asked Hermione.

"Yes, as a matter o' fact, he does," Meowth snapped. "I'm tinkin' instead o' takin' da tour on foot, we could all hitch a ride instead." And he threw the ball. "Go! Vernon!" Meowth shouted as a Tauros materialized from the ball. The Wild Bull Pokémon glanced around before looking down at Meowth.

"Meowth?" Vernon said. "Where is Keith?"

"He's enjoyin' some time wit his girlfriend," Meowth replied. "He let me borrow youse fer da time bein'. Now, hows about youse gives us a ride, OK?"

The Tauros stomped and snorted. "Of course!" he exclaimed. "I got the power to carry all of you, what use is that power if I don't put it to use? Get on, everyone!"

The Wartortle went first, making an impressive jump up and landing right on the Tauros's back. Then, she used her Confusion attack to lift Dikune, Meowth, Hermione, and Scorpius onto Vernon's back. On Meowth's instructions, Vernon started to walk in the direction Blue had went.

Nagini, Vega, Fa, Narsil, Kara, Bedivere, Spinel, Kuranes, Sakura/Sumika, Gwyn, Seshiro, Shisato, Mr. Nose: Nagini listened silently to the various points of view, not entirely sure what to think on the subject herself. Then, she watched as Gwyn created a shadow of himself- a three-dimensional shadow! The Arbok looked visibly impressed at this, and made an effort to understand what the Litwick was trying to convey. After the Litwick shadow failed to pull anything out of its own body, Nagini tilted her head slightly. "So... are you trying to say that darkness does not exist within shadows, but within ourselves?" she asked. She wasn't certain that that was what Gwyn was trying to convey, but it did seem to make sense, somewhat. At that point, however, the shadow changed its shape, and now looked like the shadow of a Lampent. Nagini had a shrewd suspicion of what was about to happen a second before just that happened- Gwyn began to evolve. Once the glow faded, there floated Gwyn, now a Lampent himself. "Congratulations, Gwyn," smiled Nagini before the newly evolved Lampent floated over to the lake to admire his reflection. Then, she turned to face Vega and Solaire. "To be honest, after hearing what the both of you have to say on the matter of light and shadow, and after taking a guess at what Gwyn was trying to tell us... I am not sure exactly what I believe," the female Arbok admitted. "The relationship between light and shadow is not one I have ever given much thought to."

27th April 2013, 3:25 PM
Bollocks to it, I'll give this a go too. Seems to be faster than the AR, that's for sure.

Keen ears would be able to make out some faint mutterings by the park entrance, almost like someone reading not-quite aloud to themselves as they scanned the information sign just outside. "Fizzytopian Park and Gardens... beautiful gardens... statues... fountains... Mystic Lake... huh? Lake? Sounds like fun!"

His attention piqued, the owner of the voice stuck his head through the gateway, looking around. The place did look rather nice, with several trainers and their Pokémon socialising amidst various points. Now owning a few Pokémon, Dave figured that he should probably give them some time to relax before they set off on a journey. He'd only taken a few steps through the gate before his focus was drawn by a beautiful display, two vibrant butterflies dancing around each other from a flowerbed over toward him. The fisherman stood transfixed as the insects drew closer, forgetting one important detail...

Suddenly, as they drew to within a few feet, he felt something on his head shift. Too late, he remembered that one fact as a pair of huge orange jaws engulfed the smaller bugs, swallowing them in one go. Dave facepalmed hard as the Trapinch withdrew back under his hat, digesting his latest meal. "Nice. Real classy there, Rincewind." he sighed, receiving a "Burrrrrp!" in response from the ant-lion. Reaching up, the trainer removed his cap with one hand whilst scooping the Ground-type onto his shoulder, deftly avoiding the snapping jaws. "Right, if you're going to ride up top you're going to be on view. No ambushing." he scolded, the larva's beady eyes locked with his. Even though Rincewind's mouthparts were almost the size of his entire head, Dave wasn't bothered. While the Trapinch was constantly hungry, he was also a bit of a coward. He needed discipline.

And that's what he'd get, a click signalling an enlarging Pokéball. "Fred, you keep order." Dave muttered as the orb split, a burst of light coalescing into the form of an orange tortoise. The Torkoal greeted the outside word with a sneeze, a burst of smoke escaping his nostrils and carapace vent to drift away in the wind, looking around and opening his sleepy eyes, glancing up at his new trainer and the troublesome Trapinch. "Hey buddy, we're here to relax, nothing too stressful. I just need you to watch Rincewind before he decimates the local ecosystem." the fisherman stated, the Fire-type nodding before locking gazes with Rincewind. The stare lasted a while before the cowardly ant-lion looked away, snapping his jaws in frustration. Smirking, Fred turned forward, looking around the park. "Let's head to the lake. We can let the others out there, and see who we meet along the way." The chelonian nodded, keeping (a slow) pace with his trainer as they set off, whilst Rincewind looked around from his vantage point for any possible meals.

27th April 2013, 9:53 PM
Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune, Chance, Vernon:
Dikune never thought he'd be surprised three times in succession, but of course, in a dream, one cannot anticipate anything. So when Meowth managed to pull out a TAUROS from out of nowhere, Dikune rightly fell to the ground, shocked. He tried to stand back up, but a weird pain in his head prevented him from moving. Luckily for him, Chance had pulled him onto 'Vernon' with a Confusion before he could hurt himself. As the bull rode along, Dikune took some time to gather his thoughts.
'Well, everyone else seems to be taking advantage of this Dream... maybe I could too.' The tapir yelled forwards to the waiting Simipour.

"Hey Blue, don't think of a notepad and pen in my hand!"

"What?" Of course, thinking about what Dikune said had caused a set of writing implements to materialize in the Tapirs hands. Snickering slightly to himself, the Tapir started to note down his findings.

'Well, we are in the dream, and so far nothing major has gone wrong apart from myself being here too. Blue seems to dream of himself being stronger than he is, having met us in the form of a Simipour. I don't know why, but maybe a quick look around will unearth this mystery.'
The tapir took a couple of seconds to look up, pondering what to write next. In these few seconds, the location of Blue was in sight, and oh boy, was it a sight. In the branches of the Oak tree was an elaborate hut, painted with strange symbols branching out in every direction he could see. Within the hut Blue sat motionless upon a throne clearly too big for him, staring transfixed at something at his feet that the Tapir couldn't make out from his angle.

"Well, I believe we should go find out what is going on here. Allow me."

With that, Dikune used his own Confusion attack to raise the group of Pokemon (wincing as he targeted Vernon) into the hut alongside Blue. And immediately wished he hadn't as he discovered what Blue was actually looking at. At the monkeys feet lay an old Simisear, bruised and battered and struggling to stand. Dikune ran forward to aid the injured Pokemon, but found himself being stopped by a Leer that Blue threw at him. Undeterred, the tapir spoke.

"Blue? What's happening?"

"Oh... this little thing? Oh, it's nothing." Blue said with no emotion what so ever. The Simipour looked at the other monkey with what only could be described as loathing, and with almost no provocation launched an Aqua Tail into the head of the Simisear, smashing him into the nearby wall. Ignoring the look of utter incredulousity Dikune gave him, Blue continued to deadpan,

"Guys, I'd like to introduce you to a no-good, selfish, self centered man. Say hello to my Father."

Dikune was shocked for the fourth time that day.

Michael, Dave, Rincewind, Fred, ???:
While his current Pokemon were having the time of their life within a dream, Michael was busy doing his usual thing; spacing out while wandering around aimlessly. He was supposed to be obtaining a Grass type from a veteran trainer today, but of course he had completely forgotten about it. So when a female Paras suddenly jumped out from one of his pokeballs and run off, he never paid much heed until he'd wandered back to the entrance of the Park.

'Wait. Paras is a grass type. That was my Paras! Oh god, I haven't named her yet!'

With that, the teen turned tables and ran back into the Park, almost knocking over a fisherman in the process.

"Oh, sorry sir, I'm Michael, a new guy here. Are you going to the lake? If you are be careful of this Basculin there. Her names Pisces and she is a mean little girl. Have you seen a Paras around here? She's my newest pokemon and I lost her and as I haven't named her yet I don't know what to call out and... ooh you have Pokemon I've never seen! Pokedex time!"
Michael enthusiastically scanned the two surprisingly not fish pokemon the fisherman owned. Trapinch, the Ant Pit Pokemon: It makes a conical pit in desert sand and lies in wait at the bottom for prey to come tumbling down. Torkoal, the Coal Pokemon: It burns coal inside its shell for energy. It blows out black soot if it is endangered.

"Wait, was I doing something? Oh yeah, Sir, could you help me find my Paras? She's lost and friendless and nameless..."

Missingno. Master
27th April 2013, 11:34 PM
Keith, Fang, Michael, Dave, Rincewind, Fred, ???: His date with Coselle had ended some time ago, but the fond memories of it were fresh in his mind, as fresh as the scratches all over his sides and back- which were now completely covered, now that Keith had changed back into his regular attire- red and white sleeveless jacket over a black t-shirt, his usual pair of jeans (the bloodstains on the newer pair were bound to draw attention), and of course, his trademark brown cowboy hat. However, Keith seemed a little preoccupied at the moment.

"Fang? Fang??" Keith was calling as he looked around in every direction. Then, as he noticed Michael and Dave, he approached them. "Hey, excuse me," Keith said to them. "Sorry to interrupt, but have either of you seen a Carnivine around here? He-" Keith stopped, however, as he saw a rustling in the bushes nearby. Slowly he sneaked over to the bushes, then plunged his hand in. When he withdrew his hand, it was gripping a Carnivine's leaf-hand. "Fang," Keith said sternly to the Carnivine. "I told you, no hunting in the park, and especially no hunting humans or trainer-owned Pokémon! That's all you're gonna find in this place, Fang."

"Viiiine," sighed the Carnivine. Keith released the grip on his Carnivine, and Fang floated next to Keith, looking bored.

"Sorry about that," Keith said. "Fang here takes a much more direct approach to getting prey than the average Carnivine. Normally, a Carnivine just lies in wait for prey to be lured in by its sweet-smelling drool, but Fang here goes and hunts down prey himself."

"Carni Carnivine," nodded Fang proudly, giving a wide, toothy grin (which would have been his intention even if a Carnivine could grin in any other way).

"So, anyway, I should probably introduce myself, you guys know more about my Carnivine than me," chuckled Keith. "Name's Keith. Keith Masters."

Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune, Chance, Vernon: "Yer FATHER?!" Meowth exclaimed in shock as Blue introduced the elderly Simisear he had just bludgeoned with his tail moments ago as his dad. Scorpius and Hermione exchanged highly surprised looks, and even Vernon gave a surprised snort.

"Wait a minute, Blue, what did your dad do to deserve this?" asked Chance. Then, the concerned look on the Wartortle's face briefly flashed with slight anger. "...He did do something to deserve this, didn't he?" she added.

28th April 2013, 1:05 AM
Keith, Fang, Michael, Dave, Rincewind, Fred, ???:
It didn't take long for Dave to be sidetracked, almost literally bumping into a younger trainer after a few paces into the park. Rincewind let out a squeak as he was almost thrown from his perch, saving himself by lightly biting his trainer's shoulder before hefting his smaller body back into position as Dave steadied himself. The lad seemed to be in a rush, hurriedly apologising and tripping over his words before being distracted by his Pokémon. Dave chuckled - he remembered a time when he ran at such a pace, but if a life of fishing had taught him anything, it was to stay steady and patient.

"No worries lad, I'm new to this place myself." he chuckled. "Aye, I'd like to get the lake at some point, my other Pokémon are... not so good on the land. But I'll be sure to keep an eye out for that Basculin." Dave wasn't that worried - he was sure that not even a Basculin's sharp teeth could crack Axelia's armoured scales. His expression dropped a touch as Michael started to frantically explain about his runaway Paras. "Hey don't fret kid, this place can't be that bid, she's probably just run off to suck some tree roots or something. I'll help you find her."

At this point, they were interrupted by another trainer, this one a little closer to Dave's age and sporting a cowboy getup. He also seemed to have lost a Pokémon, but this was fortunately rectified shortly as he dragged a Carnivine out of nearby bush. Dave chuckled as the trainer admonished the Grass-type, thinking about the similar scolding he'd given Rincewind not too long ago. Speaking of which, as Fang grinned at them, the Trapinch shuddered, backing around the rear of Dave's neck, attempting to hide from the hungry plant. He might have his own set of huge gnashers, but the scaredy Ground-type wasn't about to let himself become a snack.

"Oh good grief." the fisherman snarled, reaching back to grab his paranoid insect, wrenching him from his neck with a yelp and holding him against his chest, cradled in his arms. "It's not going to hurt you unless you actually jump into it's mouth, ok?" he said as the Ant Pit weakly tried to struggle away from Fang's gaze. Fred, meanwhile, stood still, though Dave could feel a bloom of heat across his lower leg, a faint glow visible in the Torkoal's shell. Warning Embers burst from the Fire-type's carapace, but there was no real power, they were just a threat display. "Sorry about the Trapinch, he's a lot like your Carnivine in that he's always hungry, but he's just so damn afraid of everything that isn't bite-sized." Dave explained, sweatdropping a bit as he had to explain his Pokémon's cowardice. "Anyway, where are my manners? Dave here, Dave Jones. Nice to meet both of you." he smiled, Rincewind's struggles slowly ceasing.

"Anyway, looks like we've got a lost Paras on our hands." Dave nodded at Michael. "Any clue where you last saw her? If I remember my ecology, Paras are real suckers for tree roots. Literally. They burrow under and sap nutrients from them. I can get Rincewind here to dig around any trees and have a look, and I bet that your Carnivine will be more able than most to pick up her scent Keith - Paras are part Bug-type. I reckon that if you keep a tight hold on his vines, between us we'll all be able to find the critter. What do you two think? Ah! Fred, at ease!" he yelped, the Torkoal's shell now very hot even a few feet away, the trainer jerking his leg away and giving it a shake. The Torkoal nodded, the glow fading from his shell as a slight grin spread across his features.

Missingno. Master
30th April 2013, 8:39 PM
Keith, Fang, Michael, Dave, Rincewind, Fred, ???: As Keith introduced himself to the two trainers, the older of the two tried to talk some sense into his Trapinch, who was shying away from the hungry Carnivine. Keith looked somewhat concerned, though- the trainer was trying to convince the Trapinch that Fang would only pose a threat if the Ground-type actively walked right into its mouth, and Keith knew that while that was sound advice for avoiding becoming a meal for most Carnivine... not so much with Fang. As he had only just stated, Fang took a much more active approach to his hunting. Indeed, the Carnivine gave a sadistic giggle at the sight of the vainly struggling Trapinch. This earned him a reproving glare from Keith, at which point the giggling ceased. Inwardly, Keith was thankful that Fang seemed to listen to him, even if only reluctantly. At the moment, he would take what he could get, considering the alternative would be having an uncontrollable, gluttonous predator terrorizing Fizzytopia. Well, OK, that seemed a tad extreme, considering that Fang was very low in level and didn't have much in the way of attacks just yet. Anyway, at that point, the Trapinch's trainer introduced himself as Dave, before filling Keith in on the situation- the younger trainer's Paras was missing. Dave suggested that Fang might be able to pick up on Paras's scent better than most, given that Paras were part Bug-type, bugs, of course, being a Carnivine's prey of choice. Keith glanced at Fang, who looked exceptionally hungry at the mention of a Paras. "Well, I don't doubt Fang would be able to get the scent," Keith said, "but my concern's whether or not I'll be able to keep a good enough hold on him. It's kind of a big risk to take, I'd think, and I'm not sure I'm willing to gamble the life of a Paras on it... That said," he continued, producing a Poké Ball from his belt and enlarging it, "I do have another Pokémon who could get the scent easily, and most definitely won't eat the Paras." With that, he tossed the ball into the air. In a flash of light, a grey and black canine Pokémon materialized. He stood next to Keith and glanced at Dave, Michael, and their Pokémon in turn. Then he turned to face Fang, and his eyes narrowed. The Mightyena bared his fangs and growled at the Carnivine, at which Fang simply rolled his eyes.

"Meet Sirius," Keith said as he scratched the Mightyena behind the ears, at which the growling ceased at once. "He's probably got the best nose of any of my Pokémon, though my Weedle, Hermione, she comes pretty damn close. Trust me- when it comes to Weedle, those large noses aren't just for show. OK, Sirius, I want you to find the Paras that's gone missing. Sniff around- she shouldn't have gotten too far from here. Fang," he added sternly, for his Carnivine had started to salivate. "No. Eating. The Paras. Do I make myself clear?"

"Viiiine," sighed the Carnivine, rolling his eyes.

2nd May 2013, 12:02 AM
As Light enters the park the sun blinds him, after rubbing his eyes and waiting for them to adjust he marvels at the huge expense of grass, trees, trainers, Pokémon, and thar’s even a Lake!

Attempting to look up at the Chinchou on his head Light says:

“Hey Chi this is pretty excit.. wow!” just as Lights head reaches the point ware the electric fish can no longer hold on he remembers that Chinchou is actually on his head not just above it. Light spins grasping to catch the falling Pokémon

;170;: “Chiiiiiiii!”

Light just manages to catch the small Pokémon before he hits the ground.

“Oh… sorrZAP!GWAH Chi… well I guess I deserved that.” Come on let’s go see what’s going on in the gardens!”

Placing Chichi on his head he walks forward preparing to enter the park as he worries about getting bitten by bugs, he starts, just realising a new thing.

“Hey Chi you know your lure things?”

;170;: “chiiiiiii?”

“They’re always putting out electricity right?”

;170;: “Chou.” (is beginning to wonder where this is going)

“You can be our bug zapper!”

;170;: “Chou, chi, chi!” (Ok, Starting with you!)

“HahaZAP ouch… haha…” under his breath: “worth it.”


2nd May 2013, 11:31 AM
OOC Note: The Blue's dream storyline will continue as soon as I figure out how I can make his father unloved by Al.
Wait, this card has a typo... I meant unloved by all. I will more than likely post the reply in the next post, I just wanted to get the Missing Paras storyline underway. I apologise, Mr. Master.

Michael, Keith, Fang, Sirius, Dave, Rincewind, Fred:

Michael barely had time to register the Fisherman's offer of support when another trainer approached them with an unruly Carnivine who apparently was going to attack them. He introduced himself as Keith, which triggered something distant in Michael's mind.

"Wait, You're Keith? Oh cool! I've met some of your pokemon, they are really tough, especially your Weedle... Hermione, I think her name was? Yeah. They told me you're a great trainer and.. Wait, just a thought. How did you get your hat back from Meowth, considering they are all off doing who knows what with my Panpour and Drowzee? Oh well, they should be fine. Now, where were we again?"

Michael watched as the fisherman (who introduced himself as Dave) comforted his Trapinch who was clearly frightened by the Carnivine,
Keith had called the Carnivine Fang, an interesting nickname, Michael thought, considering he seemed to be made from nothing but them. The pair of older trainers offered to help Michael find the missing Paras, causing Michael's absentminded smile to become a genuine smile.

"You'll help me find her? Thanks guys! This is almost like solving a mystery! How exciting!"

Dave and Keith discussed their methods of finding the missing bug, which involved tracking the bug around the roots of the nearby trees, using Fang. However, the ravenous look on the Plant's face made that idea moot.

"Well, I don't really know if it's a good idea to eat a Paras, considering those mushrooms of theirs contain so many dangerous powders and spores. And besides, bugs beat grass types, so I don't know, she'd probably fight you off first, Fang, considering that you both are pretty low leveled." Michael said, in a rare case of intelligence. He wasn't stupid, he just never really showed how smart he could be.

Keith had the same issues with Fang potentially eating the Paras, so he volunteered another of his Pokemon, a Mightyena named Sirius. The Hyena could pick up the scent of the bug according to the Cowboy-like trainer, but Michael wasn't listening as he was too busy admiring the Mightyena.

"He. Looks. AWESOME! You have so many cool Pokemon Keith, seriously how do you handle them all? I must scan them! Where's my Pokedex?"

The teen hurriedly rummaged around his pockets for the device that he had put away literally a minute previously, unaware that he was already holding the device. When he 'found' his Pokedex, he gave off a sigh of relief before pointing them at the two Pokemon he had just met.
Mightyena, the Bite Pokemon: It chases down prey in a pack. It will never disobey the commands of a skilled Trainer. Carnivine, the Bug Catcher Pokemon: It binds itself to trees in marshes. It attracts prey with its sweet-smelling drool and gulps them down.

"Oh, sorry, got carried away there. Would you need something to track Paras by?"

Michael rummaged through his Pokeballs. Hidden underneath the Pokeballs that would house Blue and Dikune, along with a ball that wouldn't open for some reason, a solitary Pokeball lay open filled with tiny spores. He took it out of his bag, trying not to disturb the fine dust within, and held it out to Sirius.

"This must have come from Paras, I've heard they give off these spores when scared and, well, randomly appearing in a bag you don't know must have scared her..."

???, Light, Chichi:

While Michael was busy playing detective with the two older trainers, a new trainer entered the park, holding a Chinchou. The boy was too busy admiring the park to notice that a nearby pair of mushrooms slowly started burrowing towards him, attracted to the light given off by the Anglerfish's orbs.
daaaaaaadun. daaaaaaaaadun. Closer and closer they crept until they were nearly under the boy's feet.
A small giggle was smothered by the dirt it originated from...

2nd May 2013, 4:55 PM
Dave, Rincewind, Fred, Michael, Keith, Fang, Sirius:
Dave did feel a bit relieved as Keith revealed the ace up his sleeve, an intimidating quadruped appearing in a flash of light. The fisherman couldn't help but feel slightly awed in the presence of the fierce-looking Mightyena, and Rincewind started to squirm in his grasp again at the sight of another potential predator. Listening to Michael's PokéDex as it rattled off more information about the Pokémon, Dave realised that Keith had to be a powerful trainer in order to command such an obedient creature so well. Glancing to the side, Dave noticed Michael had withdrawn an open PokéBall, a dusting of powder and spore within, and was about to hold it out to Sirius.

"Hold it!" he snapped, quickly reaching out to stop the orb being pressed to the Dark-type's sensitive nose, almost knocking it from the younger trainer's grasp. "I don't blame you for him wanting to get the scent, lad, but as you just said those mushrooms give off many kinds of spores in self-defence. If Paras really was spooked then that dust could do anything to a creature that inhales it. You don't want to ruin our best chance of finding her by accidentally sending Sirius to sleep, or paralysing him." Dave stopped, realising that he was being a bit harsh on Michael. "Er... sorry. I've seen it happen before with a Shroomish. Anyway," he glanced at the more experienced trainer "it's Keith's call, but I doubt he'll want to inadvertently cripple his Pokémon. Paras have a distinctive smell - damp and musty. I reckon that'll be enough for a Mightyena's nose to find her."

Suddenly, his trail of thought was derailed by another burst of light from his belt. Whirling around, he found the culprit, a black, birdly Pokémon staring at him with narrowed, beady eyes. "Susan, unless you're here to provide air support, I'm not interested." he snapped at the mischievous avian, detaching her PokéBall and aiming it at her. "You're going to stay inside until you learn to behave." The Murkow cawed as the device spat out its recall beam, and in a blink was gone. But... the beam stabbed at the ground, having missed. "Huh? Ah!" the fisherman yelped as the Dark-type suddenly reappeared in his face, Astonishing him greatly and causing him to leap back, stunned. Rincewind fell from his grasp, the Trapinch's jaws snapping at the Darkness Pokémon as she darted toward her trainer. With a couple of well-aimed plucks, she detached a PokéBall and a Lure Ball from his belt, easily grasping them in her talons in their minimised state, and took off. Recovering from the attack, Dave grasped the bird's own orb, pointing it at her, but her evasion proved to be too great, the recall beam streaking past her as she ducked behind a tree and out of sight, heading toward the lake. "Damnit Susan, come back!" he yelled, his only answer being a mocking caw from the distance. Patting down at his belt, he realised what had been taken. "Oh great, she got two of my other Pokémon too." he sighed, slumping a bit as he turned back to the other two trainers, scooping Rincewind up as he did so. "Sorry about her. I've been trying to sort out her defiant streak, but she just won't listen to me. Maybe she just needs time to cool down or something. I hope she doesn't lose the other two."

Susan, Suzi, Axelia:
Having literally flown the coop, Susan didn't have a long flight, soon touching down the other side of a small wood on the bank of the park's lake. Releasing the two devices in her clutch, she set about tapping them with her beak, eventually finding the enlarge and release buttons. The Pokéball burst open, the light from within splashing into the water and taking the form of a light blue fish, who immediately looked around for her trainer. Meanwhile, the Lure Ball disgorged blue light which condensed into a larger, brown shape. The Relicanth bobbed on the surface of the shallow water, staring intently at the avian through the crack-like sits that were eyes to his kind.

"Su...Susan?" the Remoraid chirped, "What are you doing? Where's Dave?", powering down the Water Gun she usually used to blast her trainer.

"The nerd? I sprung myself to get a better look the place and thought you two would like a swim" Susan cawed in reply, minimising their capture devices in the process. "Don't sweat it, I'll keep your PokéBalls safe, I just need to stretch my wings." she continued, stretching her limbs as she did so.

A rumbling from the largest of the three indicated that Axelia was about to speak. "Mmm... where... are we... exactly?" the Longevity Pokémon groaned out, his species not the fastest in either physical mobility or mental connection.

"Some park, I'm not sure. The nerd only had that Torkoal and that pitiful excuse for a Trapinch on him when we got here." the Flying-type replied. "The lake looks pretty big though, you two should enjoy it."

"I'm not sure about this... does Dave know where we are? Or did you just swipe us?" Suzi asked, her eyes narrowing as she began to suspect her teammates activity.

"Er... perhaps the latter?" the Murkrow replied with mock-innocence. A flap of her wings carried her to the side, hastily dodging the Water Gun from the Jet Pokémon. "Hey! He was talking to other humans and wouldn't have got down here for ages! I did you a favour! Don't worry, I'll make sure he gets you back. And maybe me, if he earns it..."

Missingno. Master
3rd May 2013, 12:22 AM
Dave, Rincewind, Fred, Michael, Keith, Fang, Sirius: Michael claimed to have already met some of Keith's Pokémon, stating that Hermione was pretty tough. "Yeah, that's Hermione, all right," grinned Keith. Then, Michael asked how Keith had gotten his hat back from Meowth. "I got more than one of this hat," Keith replied. "Meowth likes to borrow my extras every so often. I don't mind, though, I trust him not to lose them. I even trust him to borrow some of my Poké Balls every so often. Most of my Pokémon will obey Meowth, though not my Crobat- she only obeys me, no questions asked." At this, Sirius gave a somewhat irritated bark. "Ah, yeah, and Sirius doesn't like taking orders from Meowth either, though he's not quite as adamant on that as my Crobat," Keith added as he scratched the Mightyena behind the ears. He grinned as Michael praised his cool Pokémon. "I'll be glad to show you more of my Pokémon, though we should focus on finding that Paras of yours first." Once the subject was back on the Paras, Michael produced a Poké Ball full of Paras spores and tried to push it in Sirius's face. The Mightyena backed off, shaking his head, and at that moment, Dave butted in, explaining that the spores could have an adverse effect on the Mightyena. Sirius barked as though to confirm this, then sniffed at the ground. In the meantime, Dave's Murkrow burst free of her Poké Ball, stole two of Dave's Poké Balls, and flew off towards the lake. "Uh-oh," Keith murmured. "If your Murkrow lets those Pokémon out by the lake, they better watch themselves- my Blue-Striped Basculin is in the lake. She's, well... pretty much a Water-type version of Fang," he sighed. "My two Qwilfish are also in there, and the male Qwilfish can keep her under control- wait, you know what? I got a better idea," he said suddenly as he took out a Poké Ball. "Pisces respects this Pokémon more than anyone else," Keith explained. "Go, Ginny!" he exclaimed as he tossed the ball into the air, from which a Pawniard appeared. She landed on the ground and saluted Keith before wheeling around to face Dave and Michael. In an instant, she was in the air with her Magnet Rise, aiming her blades at their throats.

"Who are you?!" the Pawniard demanded. "Identify yourselves! I know Psycho Cut and I'm not afraid to use it!"

"Ginny, at ease," sighed Keith. "This is Dave, and this is Michael. Now look, I need you to go over to the lake. You'll find a Murkrow with two Poké Balls, possibly their occupants as well. Make sure Pisces doesn't eat them."

"Yes, sir!" replied Ginny as she floated off towards the lake.

"Sorry about that," sighed Keith. "Ginny, like Sirius, is very protective of me. Only problem is, sometimes she can be a little... paranoid. If either of you ever visit my Secret Base, she'll want to be certain you guys aren't really Ditto or Zorua in disguise or something," he said, rolling his eyes.

At that moment, however, Sirius managed to catch a whiff of the Paras with Odor Sleuth, and took off in the direction from which he detected the scent. "Aha, he's got the scent!" Keith exclaimed as he seized Fang by the leaf and ran off. "Come on," he called to Dave and Michael as he ran after his Mightyena.

Pisces, Ginny, Susan, Suzi, Alexia: Over by the lake, as a Relicanth and Remoraid were conversing with a mischievous Murkrow, there was another fish in the lake, swimming up stealthily behind the Remoraid, ready to chomp...

"Pisces!" came a sharp yell as a levitating Pawniard flew into view. She flew past the trio of Pokémon and floated over the surface of the lake as a Blue-Striped Basculin surfaced. "They are not your food, are we clear on this?" she said.

"Ma'am, yes, ma'am!" responded the Basculin.

Ginny nodded her satisfaction as she landed on the ground near the lake and addressed the nearby Pokémon. "My apologies," she stated. "Pisces here is not a picky eater. I am under orders from my trainer, who appears to be acquainted with your trainer, to ensure she did not eat any of you. I am Ginny, now would any of you care to identify yourselves?" she asked them.

3rd May 2013, 3:14 AM
???, Light, Chichi:

While Michael was busy playing detective with the two older trainers, a new trainer entered the park, holding a Chinchou. The boy was too busy admiring the park to notice that a nearby pair of mushrooms slowly started burrowing towards him, attracted to the light given off by the Anglerfish's orbs.
daaaaaaadun. daaaaaaaaadun. Closer and closer they crept until they were nearly under the boy's feet.
A small giggle was smothered by the dirt it originated from...

Still chuckling to himself about calling Chichi a bug zapper, Light continues to take in his surroundings, as Chichi fidgets on his head obviously wanting to go for a swim.

;170;: "Chouuuuu, chinchou chi!" (Come onnnnnnnn, let’ go for a swim!)

Light takes note of this but is still scanning the park. Is he untrusting? Nervous about meeting new people? Or just unsure. Only time will tell.

As Light scans the bright park he listens to the peaceful sounds; the soft breeze rusting the grass, happy calls of pokemon, giggling mushrooms, waves peacefully breaking on the shore, and the laughs of trainers.

“Ahh, this really is quite nice.”

;170;: "Chi, chi. chou chi chou!" (Yeah, yeah. Now come on!)

“all right we’ll go for a swim”

Light begins to stretch as a stray thought crosses his mind:

“mushrooms, now what was that about mushroOHMYFREKINGGOD!”

Light screams as he leaps away from the spot were he was standing, and then proceeds to sprint behind a nearby tree. Perhaps coming here wasn’t the best idea after all.

Adrenaline pounding though Light’s veins he stutters in getting his message across

“if those things move blast them with a Shock Wave k, kay Chichi?”

;170;: "ch, ch, ch, chinchou” (o, o, o, ok Good idea)

3rd May 2013, 3:57 AM
It was a nice day in the park, sun shining, pokemon and trainers socializing, it was a perfect place to meet new people and see old friends. And that's what the thirteen year trainer, Jake intended to do. Jake then took some pokeballs from his belt and was just about to call his pokemon out when suddenly he stopped. He had been here twice before, once one he just had Sparky and another when he had five pokemon. Since last time his team had nearly doubled. Times had changed in the 5 months since he had began his journey. Jake then sent out all of his pokemon. "Alright everyone time to socialize!" Jake exclaimed. All nine of his pokemon nodded before each going their separate ways.

Dave, Rincewind, Fred, Michael, Keith, Fang, Sirius, Tasu: "What a great place!" Tasu thought. However just as she sat down and took out her sketch book a Mightyena and some others ran right past her. Though she wanted to sketch the beautiful scenery, she also wanted to find out what was going on. Quickly she chased after the group.

???, Light, Chichi, Dusty: As Dusty was walking through the park, looking for something to improve her jaw strength with she noticed a human behind a tree. The Trapinch's attention quickly turned to the trainers head, intent on biting it. "A nice head to chomp on, yay!" Dusty thought. However she remembered last time she chomped on someone's head, so she discarded the idea. However a new idea quickly popped into her head "Better idea!" "I'll chomp on that humans leg!" Dusty thought before dashing over and biting the trainers leg, not planning on letting go!

3rd May 2013, 9:31 PM
???, Light, Chichi, Dusty: As Dusty was walking through the park, looking for something to improve her jaw strength with she noticed a human behind a tree. The Trapinch's attention quickly turned to the trainers head, intent on biting it. "A nice head to chomp on, yay!" Dusty thought. However she remembered last time she chomped on someone's head, so she discarded the idea. However a new idea quickly popped into her head "Better idea!" "I'll chomp on that humans leg!" Dusty thought before dashing over and biting the trainers leg, not planning on letting go!

Light’s breathing was still heavy as he looked upon the giggling mushrooms, trying to figure out what to do.

“Let’s see what can I do here, order an attack? No, to many things could go wrong, I’ve got it I’ll scan it with my Pokedex!”

Light peeks out from behind the tree Pokedex in hand, aims it at the clump of mushrooms and presses the scan button,

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/9/9f/Key_Pok%C3%A9dex_m_Sprite.png: “SCANING… SCANING… SCANING… unable to find pokemon, would you like to scan again?”

“Shoot. Looks like we’ll just have to weight”

;170;: "Chi Chinchou.” (looks like your right)

“But be ready to blast that thing! With Shock Wa

Light, over the pounding in his ears hears the sound of somting approaching.

“huh? What was that?”



Light spins his head to get a better look at the small ant lion, Chichi falls off in the process letting out a small blast of electricity lighting up the aria.

;170;: "Chiiiii!?”

Light begins to wave his leg around in a futile attempt to get Dusty off as a new idea crosses his mind and he scoops up Chichi and without moving from behind the tree he says:

“Ok Chichi, *wince* use Thunder Wave on the Trapinch, because he’s in the air it might do something!’

;170;: "Chi, Chinchouuu!” (ok here we goooo!)

The small angler fish’s lures spark with electricity before he releases it upon his trainer and the Trapinch

9th May 2013, 12:47 PM
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I'm guessing that i'm leading the chase for Paras?
The Mind of the Monkey
Blue, Meowth, Hermione, Scorpius, Dikune, Chance, Vernon:
While the other Pokemon were still recovering from Blue's shocking admission, Dikune was furiously scribbling in his notebook.

'Blue has just introduced his father to us in a way that defies belief. The Simisear seems to be in terrible pain induced by a violent outburst by Blue... maybe this is why he needs power? Hatred for ones father, for lack of a professional term, is natural at times... but not to this extent. All I need now is a motive...'

Dikune was saved the trouble when Chance asked the question they were all wondering. Why did the Simisear deserve this cruel treatment?

"Deserve it? Do you think I would be doing this if he didn't deserve it?" Blue said, sneering at his father. The Simipour grabbed his fathers neck and pulled him up onto his feet.

"Gather round, my friends, and the snake himself will confess his misdeeds!"

The elderly Simisear stayed silent, earning a disapproving tut from Blue.

"Not man enough to admit your failings? Fine! I shall tell them for you!"

With that, a psychic aura formed around Blue, shaping itself into a cruel tribute to his father, a perfect Role Play of the Simisear. It spoke in a gravelly tone that Dikune assumed was the voice of the Fire-type in Blue's grip, causing another spike of pain in the tapir.

'Argh... that hurt more than the last one... what is going on?'

"Well, my friends, I stand here today in the shape of my father to admit his crimes for him. This monkey is an unworthy father, an unjust ruler and worst of all, a murderer. He begat three children with three different mates, and exiled them all so that he would never have to give up his position of power. He ruled with terror, not allowing anyone to speak out against him or be as privilaged as him. But some did, one of his mates, my step mother, a Simisage did. She was friends with a human who lived by our colony, which was the greatest crime in this monsters eyes. She had snuck out to meet him one faithful day, in order to get him to battle and defeat father dearest... there was a great fire that day. His house was burnt to the ground. She died alongside her human friend, and another human was injured. That human was rescued by my mother, thankfully, who had went with Simisage, but I don't know what happened to him. It probably messed him up. But father dearest didn't care, because he was safe again in his little treetop home.

I didn't know I had siblings. I befriended them unknowing of my relation to them. We even had little nicknames for eachother. Blue isn't my real name, We never had real names because in our tribe our FATHER is meant to name us. I was Blue, the Panpour, and they were Green, the Pansage and Red, the Pansear. See? Even our nicknames reflected how close we really were. We decided we mere children could stand up to our alpha. We fought this monkey fair and square, and beat him, so he should have stood down as Alpha. But no, instead he angered a poor Nidoqueen mother and led her to rampage in his own tribe, the traitor. His own children had to try and slow the Nidoqueen down.

In a way, I am glad he betrayed his tribe, otherwise I would have never met Michael and my mother would never have introduced me to my siblings, but I have lost so much more now. I was seperated from Green, and Red was badly injured... I don't even know if he survived.

So there you go. This monkey does deserve this treatment, do you not think?"

"Well, well, well. I see now that exiling you simply wasn't enough, my Son"

Dikune had noted down most of Blues speech when another, sharper spike of pain ran through his head. The Simisear had spoke... and he had a weird headache because of this? Why wou... oh. Oh dear. Dikunes confusion gave way for panic. The reason he was in the dream was clear to him now. He could fall asleep. He didn't have Insomnia. He had Forewarn. And it was screaming at him now.

"Blue... you just used Role Play, right? Can you tell what your ability is now?

The Simipour closed his eyes and focused.

"No, but I'm feeling a wierd flame deep in my body, and it's growing pretty quickly too."

The reply made Dikune pale. He now knew what was about to go down.

"Urm... guys, Blue's father has Blaze, and Fire Bl..." Dikune started, but he was interupted by the Simisear speaking again.

"You still ignore your father? Fine. You all know too much anyway. Looks like the only way i'm going to silence you... is to let you all burn."

The Simisear struck Blue hard in the face with his fist, causing the younger monkey to buckle. As Blue fell, the Simisear started to glow an intense shade of red. Dikune acted fast, trying to Disable the elder monkey but due to the power boost of Blaze the disable didn't stick. The Simisear spat out the intense Fire Blast, striking Blue hard and causing the wooden hut and tree to be set alight around the group. Acrid smoke built up, making it hard for the Pokemon to breath as the Elderly Simisear burst into a maniacal rampage. The limp body of Blue lay nearby, his chest was slowly heaving but he couldn't get up. The hut started to collapse, with debris scattering and falling everywhere with the help of the rampaging Simisear hellbent on bringing the walls down on the group of Pokemon.
Dikune dropped to his knees, choking for breath. Tears slowly formed in his eyes as he realised how futile the whole situation was for him and the Pokemon he had willingly dragged to their demise.

"I'm sorry... I'm so, so sorry. We're going to die here, and it is all my fault."

The Great Paras Caper
Dave, Rincewind, Fred, Michael, Keith, Fang, Sirius, Tasu:

"Oops, sorry Sirius, I thought it was a good idea."

Dave had almost knocked the ball of spores out of Michael's hands in his haste to stop the teen giving them to Keith's Mightyena. The teen didn't know why it wasn't a good idea until he realised that a few of the spores had fell onto nearby plants and started to make them wither. Yeah, they weren't safe for consumption. The fisherman had started on describing what Paras should smell like, for Sirius' sake, but he was distracted by a light emerging from one of his own pokeballs, an action that Michael would have found funny if it hadn't happened to him just minutes before. The light dispersed to become a Murkrow, a sight that caused Michael to reflexively use his Pokedex.

Warning: You have used your Pokedex 5 times in the past few minutes without letting it charge, which raises Power usage. Would you like to switch to non-vocal scanning?

"Uh... wait, this is weird... hold on" As Michael fiddled about with the options on his pokedex, the Murkrow had stolen two of Daves Pokeballs and flew off to the lake. Keith expressed concern for Daves Pokemon's wellbeing before calling out a Pawniard who had took one look at Michael before aiming a blade at his throat.

"Hah! Fixed it. Now I can just scan the Pokemon and read their entries... wait, what's going on?"

Michael had finally rejoined the real world after dealing with the techincal issues and came face to face with an angry Ginny. Unaware she was threatening him, Michael flashed a cheery smile to the swordswoman

"Oh hi there! Are you another Pokemon of Keiths? I was right, you are just as awesome as all of Keiths other Pokemon! Hold on, I'm adding you to my Pokedex."

Michael scanned the Pawniard, and read up on it and Murkrow. While he was Keith told Ginny to stand down, and sent her off towards the lake with orders to keep an eye on Pisces.

"Well... they all should be fine, they don't have pizza for her to steal. I don't even think Pokemon could buy the stuff. Wait, could they?"

As Michael pondered if Pokemon could order takeout meals, Sirius caught scent of Paras and took off, prompting Keith and to follow it.

"Woo, Chase time!"

The three trainers set off in pursuit of the Mightyena, followed by a curious Plusle who had heard the commotion. The chase had lead them to another entrance to the Park, for some reason.

"Wait, have we gone around in a circle? I don't even know. Maybe if we stay here and wait for something to happen?"

Michael sat down, intently gazing around the Park until he spotted a random blast of electricity given off by a nearby tree.

"Told ya, Poketrees! This must be where she is. Thanks for helping me find her guys! Now, to do some detective work, starting with talking to witnesses."
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Paras, Light, Chichi, Dusty:

The trainer Paras was stalking leapt behind a nearby tree faster than she could scare him, prompting another round of laughter from the young bug. This laughter only intensified when the trainer had his leg bit by a trapinch, causing him to drop his Chinchou, and when the Chinchou launched a Thunder Wave at his trainer in order to get the Antlion off of his leg, well, Paras almost died.

'Well, this has gone far enough, I think. Might as well say hi to the poor guy before he hurts himself any more.'

Paras resurfaced and wandered over to the trainer, holding up one of her mushrooms like one would an olive branch, and spoke to the Trapinch and Chinchou.

"Hi guys! Geez, you are so funny, you know that?! Sorry I scared you, it seemed so fun and those awesome glowy lights on you Mr. Chinchou were so pretty I had to follow you guys. What are your names, because you seem fun and we must introduce ourselves!"

Missingno. Master
9th May 2013, 10:13 PM
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The Mind of the Monkey: The whole story behind the Simisear came out- his multiple mates, Blue's siblings, and their exile from the Simisear's land so they could not usurp his power... Blue and his siblings defeating their father, but instead of him standing down, he instead sicced a Nidoqueen on them... By the time everything was said, there was but a stunned silence from Meowth and his teammates.

Then, trouble started brewing. Dikune spoke up to warn the rest of the group that the Simisear's Ability was Blaze, and started to mention his knowledge of Fire Blast, but was interrupted by the Simisear speaking up... he stated that they knew too much... and that he must let them burn.

What happened next seemed to happen all at once- Simisear punched out his son, and as he rose, he glowed with an intense red aura as his Blaze kicked in. Simisear then unleashed a scorching Fire Blast, which set the hut on fire. Dikune dropped to his knees, and with tears in his eyes, apologized for leading the Pokémon to their deaths...

"Now wait just a minute!" Scorpius exclaimed as he scuttled forward. "Maybe you're right, Dikune. Maybe this is how we all die. But maybe it isn't. The only way we can know for sure is if we fight! And even if we die, then at least we go down fighting, and not as sniveling cowards waiting for everything to end! Come on, everybody!"

"Scorpius is right!" Hermione spoke up, the Weedle emboldened by her boyfriend's speech. "Vernon, Meowth, Chance, put the fire out!"

"Youse gots it!" Meowth exclaimed. "Vernon, Whirlpool! Chance, Water Gun!" he ordered as he himself charged up a Water Pulse. The Tauros and Wartortle nodded as they also proceeded with their respective Water moves.

"Dikune, come on," Hermione added to the despondent Drowzee. "We're taking that Simisear down! Here's the plan- I'll trip him up with a String Shot to the ankles. Scorpius, you move in at that point with an Aqua Tail to the head. Dikune, blast him with your Confusion, OK?"

"I like that plan," grinned Scorpius. "What say you, Dikune?"

The Great Paras Caper: Waiting on Dave's response.

10th May 2013, 12:38 AM
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The Great Paras Caper:
Feeling a little low after Susan flew off with his Pokémon, Dave was a bit on edge when Keith mentioned his Basculin. The same one Michael mentioned earlier? He'd not planned on letting his Pokémon into the lake without scoping it out properly. He was relieved, therefore, when the more experienced trainer released another Pokémon. Dave's eyes lit up as he recognised it as a Pawniard, only to be taken aback as the Dark-type levitated into the air, pointing her blades at his and Michael's throats. Fortunately, Keith quickly resolved it, sending her off to the lake to make sure his Pokémon were alright. Dave exhaled as she floated away. "You know, I've always wanted to see a Pawniard up close. Perhaps not that close, but still... cheers Keith. One of my other Pokémon is a Relicanth, so he's pretty well protected, but I doubt he's fast enough to defend my Remoraid as well."

At this point, Sirius caught the scent he was after, leading the three and their Pokémon on a run. Dave considered recalling Fred, but the Torkoal simply turned up his furnace, puffing along like a little locomotive to keep pace. Eventually, they slowed down, coming to a stop by another park entrance, where Michael sat and waited for some mysterious cue. Meanwhile, Dave detached another PokéBall from his belt, tossing it into the air where light spilled out. This burst formed an insectoid creature, a broad wingspan keeping him hanging in the air as the trainer minimised the device, reattaching it. The Yanma looked down in disdain at the fisherman, still not used to his new trainer, while Rincewind bared his teeth toward the airborne Bug. Sighing upon seeing the scorn on his face, Dave addressed the creature. "Teppic, we're in a park. There's wide open spaces and I know you've been cooped up a lot recently, so go stretch your wings for a bit. If you see Susan, make sure she doesn't get up to mischief, and if you see Axelia and Suzi then just let me know they're alright, please? Other than that, just have some fun." A look of curiosity crossed the dragonfly's face, but he swiftly nodded with a chirp, taking a lunge at his rival insect before turning and zipping away, Rincewind's jaws once more snapping shut on empty air.

Then a tree seemed to burst with electricity, which sounded impossible. This appeared to be what Michael was waiting for, the younger trainer babbling about 'Poketrees' or some such, setting off to look for cues.

The Life Aquatic
The slight reverie of the three Pokémon was interrupted as another Dark-type flew past, each of them wondering what the Pawniard was up to until a Basculin surfaced not far behind them, the former admonishing the latter. Though dissuaded from attacking, the sight of the predatory Pokémon caused Axelia to reflexively tense his scales, Hardening them for added protection in case it was needed. As Ginny landed to explain the situation, Suzi turned to her, being the de facto leader of the little group for now.

"Well, thanks for showing up, it seems you got here just in time." the Remoraid chirped, still keeping a wary eye on the other fish. "I'm Suzi, and the Relicanth is Axelia. He doesn't talk much. And the one with the attitude problem is Susan."

"Ah yes, so the nerd was talking to other trainers. Figured as much." Susan squawked. "Which one's yours? The one in the cowboy get-up? Seemed like an experienced guy. Better than the novice we've been given."

"Hush, Susan! I bet you'd like Dave just fine if you tried to open up to him. You don't have to judge everyone based on strength alone, why not look for their potential to get stronger?" the Water-type snapped back, indignant. "If every newly-caught Pokémon acted like you then trainers would give up after two days of journeying." Suzi turned back to the Pawniard. "Sorry about her, she's just getting over being owned. Or something. Doesn't know when to keep her beak shut." she apologised, earning a glare from the Murkrow in the process, while Axelia was content to prod the sediment of the lake with his fins, stirring up mud as his teammates bickered.

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11th May 2013, 2:34 AM
The Great Paras Caper: Keith gave a dark chuckle as Michael stated that they should be fine on the grounds that there was no pizza for her to steal. "I take it you've met Pisces before," he said. "Yeah... Pisces doesn't just go for pizza. She goes for anything and everything that's edible. Especially if it's still alive. You know what Pisces calls someone that stands between her and her meal? An appetizer. I'm just glad she'll at least listen to me. She really respects Ginny, though, for some reason."

At that point, Dave thanked Keith for sending his Pawniard to keep an eye out for any of Pisces's shenanigans. He claimed that though his Relicanth was sufficiently well-protected, he doubted that the Water/Rock-type would have the speed to defend his Remoraid. "Not a problem," Keith stated. "It wouldn't be an issue if Pisces would only go after wild Pokémon like my Crobat does, but that's obviously not the case. Hell, Pisces has gone for her own teammates before. She once tried to eat my Seviper." As he was speaking, Fang was quietly trying to float away, only for Keith to reach out and grab one of his vines, bringing the Carnivine to a stop.

At that moment, Sirius had caught the scent and was off, the trio of trainers in hot pursuit... and the chase led them to another entrance to the park. Michael sat down, waiting for something to happen, and a nearby tree gave off electricity, causing Sirius to yelp in great surprise. This, however, seemed to be just what Michael was waiting for, and he was off. Keith, not knowing what to make of this, merely gave Dave a confused glance. "Pokétrees?" he repeated. "What the hell?"

The Life Aquatic: Once Pisces had been dissuaded from attacking, the Remoraid introduced herself and her teammates to Ginny- she was Suzi, the Relicanth was Alexia, and the Murkrow was Susan. Ginny nodded in acknowledgement of each name. Susan, the Murkrow, spoke up at that moment, asking about Ginny's trainer, guessing that he was the one in the cowboy hat. "Affirmative," nodded Ginny. "That's the one. And your assessment is correct- Keith is a skilled and experienced Pokémon Trainer." After the subsequent argument between Susan and Suzi had stopped, Ginny spoke up again. "I'm inclined to go with Suzi here," she stated. "What you are doing is not unlike if a Trainer passed you up for not hatching as a fully grown level 100 Honchkrow, ignoring the fact that you could be raised to be one with enough patience. Instead of disliking your Trainer for not being the kind of Trainer you wanted, help him to become the kind of Trainer you want."

12th May 2013, 10:24 PM
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Paras, Light, Chichi, Dusty:

laughter reached Light’s ears between the seizing of his mussels adding insult to injury. Light grids his teath as he realises what a stupid thing he did.

“Right, that wasARG… stupid, I failed to get the Trapinch off, nowERRRG I’m paralyzed and on top of that something’s laughing at me.”

Finally Light fights off the paralysis only to find a Paras Laughing at him.
“Huh? What’s a Paras doing here, and why is it holding a mushroom?... mushrooms… huh… laughing… huh… *Shock* You’re the giggling mushrooms!”

The Paras unhindered by Light’s realisation continues on in his speech:

;046;:“Hi guys! Geez, you are so funny, you know that?!”

;170;:“Chuchichu!” (you can talk human!)

;046;:“ Sorry I scared you, it seemed so fun and those awesome glowy lights on you Mr. Chinchou were so pretty I had to follow you guys.

;170;:“Chi *blushes* (thanks)

What are your names, because you seem fun and we must introduce ourselves!

Light still grimacing in pain from the Trapinch, says

“Well Paras I’m, ouch… Light and this here is Chichi *grimace* I’m glad to meet you what’s your name, and is there any chance you could help me take of this Trapinch? I don’t, ow want to hurt it but it’s getting annoying and Chi here can’t do much as it’s a ground type and any water will hurt it too much? Sound good?

The new trainer look’s at the antlion witch is continuing to bite his leg and grimaces. Chichi look’s over at the Paras and is nearly jumping with anticipation of meeting a friend.

18th May 2013, 12:40 AM
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The Great Paras Caper
Eventually the group had reached the other entrance of the park. Tasu walked over to the Mightyena, about to ask what they were looking for when all of the sudden a blast of electricity came from nearby, right next to a tree. Once again, her curiosity got the better of her and she walked over to see what was going on.

Paras, Light, Chichi, Dusty, Jake, Tasu: Dusty was having a blast. She almost let go and started laughing as the trainers Chinchou used Thunder Wave on her, failing to even hurt her and instead paralyzing it's trainer. Then the mushrooms resurfaced, revealing that the mushrooms belonged to a Paras, who went over to Dusty and the Chinchou, telling them that they were funny before asking them their names. Dusty was about to respond when the trainer she was biting introduced himself as Light, and asked the Paras for assistance of removing her from his leg. She then, after a small debate with herself stopped biting the trainers leg.
"Thanks, I find it hilarious when I bite someone, the reactions make it all worth it" Dusty told the Paras. "Oh and my name is Dusty"

It was then that Tasu came over. She looked around, there was a trainer, a Chinchou, a Paras and a Trapinch. Tasu started to panic as she spotted the Trapinch. "Oh no, not again" Tasu thought before running over to Dusty.
"Dusty please don't tell me you bit someone again!" Tasu exclaimed.
"Well ok then I won't tell you" Dusty chuckled.
"Who did you bite this time?!"
"That guy over there, his name's Light, and this Chinchou is his pokemon" Dusty explained
"Hello my name is Tasu, I am so sorry for Dusty's behaviour, she think biting people is some sort of game" Tasu addressed the Chinchou.

Meanwhile, a young teen was walking in the park, reflecting on the past, when he noticed a burst of electricity nearby.
Interested, Jake decided to go check it out, who knew? Maybe it was a super rare electric type pokemon which made the blast.
As he got there, Jake saw a trainer, a Paras and two of his pokemon already there. But the thing that really caught his attention was the Chinchou.
He immediately decided to go over to the aquatic electric type.
"Hi little guy" Jake said as he reached the Chinchou. He immediately took out his pokedex and scanned the pokemon.

"Chinchou, the Angler Pokémon " The pokedex droned
"It discharges positive and negative electricity from its antenna tips to shock its foes."

"It's such a shame I don't have your species on my team yet, don't you agree Tasu?"

Tasu sighed. "Sorry about my trainer, he is an Electric type specialist and just loves seeing new ones that he doesn't have on the team" Tasu explained

20th May 2013, 10:57 PM
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Paras, Light, Chichi, Dusty, Jake, Tasu, Karm:
As Light looked upon the Paras he felt indecision in the constant pain on his leg, maybe the Trapinch was giving up it’s hold? Aaaannnnnnnnnd… yes! The Antlion had let go!

“Ahhhhh that was better”

Light turned angrily toward the Trapinch as he said:

“Why were” the Trapinch began to speak without giving heed to what Light was saying: “Thanks, I find it hilarious when I bite someone, the reactions make it all worth it" Dusty quipped to the Paras “Oh and my name is Dusty"

Light sighed as he was cut off once again, a small smile played accros his face as he realised that this was what the world was all about; having adventures, fun and meeting new people, even if it meant getting scared out of your wits, paralysed by an angler fish, bitten by an antlion and overall having a crazy day. It was worth it.

Light looked up as a small Pokémon ran up Dusty and began to talk with him, Chichi looked on with interest as the small Pokémon began to talk:

"Dusty please don't tell me you bit someone again!" the Plusle exclaimed.
"Well ok then I won't tell you" Dusty chuckled.
Chichi unable to contain himself let out a small chuckle as well
"Who did you bite this time?!"
"That guy over there, his name's Light, and this Chinchou is his pokemon" Dusty explained
"Hello my name is Tasu, I am so sorry for Dusty's behaviour, she think biting people is some sort of game" The Plusle said to Chichi.
“Nice to m-meet you” stuttered the angler fish as he jumped off Light’s head “I’m Chichi, and I’m sure that Light isn’t angry he’s not that type of person.” Gaining confidence
Chichi continued “This is my first time meeting someone other then Light and Karm , so I’m pretty excited”
As Chichi finished talking he felt the electronic eyes of a Pokédex on him “Chinchou, the Angler Pokémon it discharges positive and negative electricity from its antenna tips to shock its foes."

Jake turned to Tasu as he says "It's such a shame I don't have your species on my team yet, don't you agree Tasu?"

Tasu sighed. "Sorry about my trainer, he is an Electric type specialist and just loves seeing new ones that he doesn't have on the team" Tasu explained.
Light turned to face the new trainer and stuffed his hands in his pockets “umm it’s nice to meet you… I’m Light and this is Chichi, so how” “RWAK!! I BEE COHMING” Karm’s indigent Russian accent exploded from one of the Pokéballs on Light’s belt. Along the rim of the Pokéball white light began to be spill out, then cracks of light spider webbed around the Pokéball.
The Pokéball exploded knocking Light off his feet. Once the dust cleared a very angry looking Skarmoury was standing glaring at Light.
“I’m sorry but”
“FINE I forgives you, NOW I PLAY!”
Turning to Dusty, Karm quiets down “vill you play vize me? Ya, ya?”
Light gets to his feet and sighs then flushes red as he realises what just happened, “um I’m sorry about that, his name is uh-Karm.”
Karm turns and spreads his beak wide as he shouts at light “AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT”
Chichi looks towards Tasu as he says “well now you’ve met Karm what do you think?”

23rd May 2013, 12:54 PM
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For the Sake of Lightpanda, no. Paras cannot speak human. To rectify this error I shall from now on put all Poke-Speech in italics, unless necessary otherwise.
Now... for the meat of the matter. I hope that this was worth the wait... and if it isn't, feel free to drop me an angry message!

The Mind of the Monkey:
Dikune was distraught as the hut fell around him. The Elder Simisear had, luckily, stopped paying any heed to Blue, but he was still rampaging in the hut destroying the nearby walls and feeding the fire that engulfed the group of travellers.
“It’s hopeless… He can’t be stopped.”

The despair that gripped Dikune provoked a much needed wakeup call speech from Skorupi. The scorpion had the air of a leader about him as he called for action, bringing tears to the tapir’s eyes as he realised how foolish he was being. At Hermione’s call, Meowth, Chance and Vernon started to fight against the flames. The burning walls were soon being soaked by a mixture of Meowth’s Water Pulse and Chance’s Water Gun, and the debris was entombed within Vernon’s Whirlpool. Dikune watched their battle, still unable to bring himself from his slump. Hermione tried again to shake the tapir, explaining how they could bring down the beast. Again, Dikune couldn’t move. He turned his head away, trying to hide his cowardice from his considerably stronger and braver allies, and came face-to-face with Blue’s unconscious body. A pang of guilt pierced its way through Dikune’s body. The Tapir stood up, trying to steel himself for the assault they were about to lie upon the rampaging monkey. In reality he still felt worthless. He was a Drowzee, for goodness sake! Usually his foes would just give up after a bit of ‘persuasion’ without a fight, he was out of his league in a real battle. He was too weak to fight the Simisear, even though they had the advantage. Even his water moves weren’t strong enou… wait, water moves? Dikune looked down, noticing he was subconsciously eating Blue’s dreams from afar. Well, that was embarrassing. And unusual…

‘Odd… he’s unconscious. But he is still dreaming…’

Dikune had no time to ponder that anomaly when Hermione put her plan into action. With the concentration of a professional, the small bug drew back before shooting a String of sticky silk thread at the enraged primate. Surprisingly, the string held fast to the Simisear’s legs despite the dangerously high temperature of his skin. Emboldened by this, Dikune held his hand out, his eyes glowing blue as he gripped Simisear with Confusion. Again, the move stuck, the Simisear started to struggle as he was engulfed in a psychic aura.
“This is actually working! Haha! Hey Scorpius, heads up!” Dikune said with a burst of courage and glee. He raised his hand and gestured towards Skorupi. As he did, the Simisear was lifted and thrown towards the awaiting Scorpion who was charging up water energy with his tail. The room almost seemed to slow as Scorpius swung his aqua charged tail around, catching the monkey straight in the head. Simisear’s entire body crumpled and fell to the ground, unmoving. Dikune wasted no time as he ran to Blue’s side, the fires separating them long since extinguished by the efforts of Chance, Vernon and Meowth. He fell to his knees again as he examined Blues motionless body.

“Blue! What have I done… please, please don’t be dead. Please...”

“Well… That was a setback. You dare attack your elder?”

The broken body of Simisear rose up. His face was contorted with rage as his body slowly repaired itself, his bones cracking back in to place and his skin fixing itself together. He looked no worse for wear than when he first started to attack, and it all got worse from there. The hut erupted into flames, stronger than before. The floor cracked around Dikune and Blue with the damage and fire roared within the crater that was created, separating the duo from the rest of the group. Dikune gripped his partner tight, creating a green barrier to Safeguard the duo from the flames. The Simisear laughed at the sight.

“You still try to protect him? Such a fool you are. Stupid child, the boy is gone, you cannot help him. Don’t worry though, you’ll be with him soon enough as that little platform of your burns you alive”

Dikune wasn’t paying any attention to the monsters taunting, for he had discovered the source of the anomaly. His head was resting on Blue’s chest. And it was moving. Blue was fully aware of his surroundings, he wasn’t unconscious, he was merely sleeping! And he was shuddering too. That was a bad sign. Mustering as much courage as he could, Dikune yelled back to the other Pokemon.

“Guys… I’m going to see if I can wake up Blue. He’s trapped in his mind and is dreaming this entire thing! You stop Simisear; I’ll make Blue regain his senses.”

The unholy aberration that was Simisear gave another dark chuckle.

”A dream, am I? I’ll show you who I really am. I might as well deal with your little friends while I wait for your little excursion to fail. At least they’ll put up something of a challenge while they fight for their lives. I think I’ll start with the two insects that tried to be too big for their pathetic little boots. ”

Dikune prepared himself to venture one layer deeper into Blue’s mind as the reborn Simisear charged at Hermione and Scorpius, his body surrounded by flames…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Great Paras Caper:
Michael turned to the two older men, head tilting in curiosity.

“You don’t know what Poketrees are? Hmm…”

The teen started to hum, deep in thought. As he did, something nearby started to hum too, very, very loudly. The source seemed to be a Yanma the fisherman had released. Why on earth a Fisherman would have so many non-water types, Michael never knew. And why was he scanning it with his Pokedex? Wait, he was getting distracted.

“…Nope! Not a clue what they are either. Oh well, let's explore it anyway!"

The teen wandered nearer to the tree in question, inspecting it for anything that was out of place. The Plusle that was following him walked with him too, and wandered past the tree towards a pair of trainers who had appeared on the other side of the foliage. They seemed to be talking about a Trapinch who had just detached himself from the younger of the two’s leg and was laughing. And laughing alongside the antlion pokemon was…


Michael ran towards the young bug type, unaware he had sort of left Dave and Keith behind.

Paras was unaware that her trainer was nearby. She was too busy becoming acquainted with the funny group of Pokemon and humans she had just met. One after another, they introduced themselves. The human called himself Light, the Chinchou was ChiChi, and the funny Trapinch (who had just detached himself from Light’s leg) was Dusty.

“Cool! My name is…”

The Paras was interrupted by the arrival of a Plusle, who took it upon herself to tell off Dusty for biting Light’s leg. Paras couldn’t help but laugh at the sass Dusty gave the mouse, and felt sorry for him. He had to deal with such an unfun friend!
The ‘unfun’ friend introduced herself as Tasu, and after everyone else introduced themselves, Paras started again.

“Nice to meet you too, the names….”
Paras was again interrupted, this time by another trainer. This one took no time to start scanning Chinchou with his pokedex, causing Tasu to sigh and introduce him as her owner. Light was visibly nervous as he introduced himself to the new trainer, giving Paras an opportunity to introduce herself again.

“So, as I was saying, my name is…”

And she was interrupted yet again by an angry voice from one of Lights Pokeballs. Paras sighed exasperatedly as a steel bird exploded into the scene. The Skarmory yelled at his trainer in an odd Russian accent, something that Paras would have found funny if she wasn’t so mad with everyone for ignoring her. After Light introduced the angry Russian bird as Karm, Karm asked if they could play.

“Ok, ok, we’ll play later. Firstly, my name is…”

That tore it. The Paras was to be interrupted for the last time. She reared up on her back legs and yelled as loud as she could.


The Paras was so angry, she was literally going to explode… when she noticed that in her anger, her tochukaso had fell from her back. She shrunk inwardly… why did she have to draw attention to herself like that? Deeply embarrassed, the young cicada ran off into the nearby bushes, leaving her mushrooms behind.

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24th May 2013, 7:45 PM
The Mind of the Monkey: Though Dikune had gained some courage from Scorpius and Hermione's actions, the battle quickly turned sour. The elder Simisear seemed to heal himself, and the fire in the hut started up again, worse than before. Dikune instructed the others to stop Simisear while he tried to wake Blue up, but this looked easier said than done- now Simisear was pissed. At Hermione and Scorpius. This did not look good. Meowth, Vernon, and Chance redoubled their efforts to put out the blaze. While Hermione was trying her best to not let her fear be so obviously displayed, Scorpius looked nothing short of pissed. Never mind the fact that the Simisear had threatened him... the fact that he had threatened Hermione, that was what had the Skorupi riled up.

Faced with the prospect of dying a fiery death against an enraged and seemingly unbeatable Simisear, Hermione inched closer to Scorpius for comfort, which calmed him down somewhat. They turned to face each other, and shared a brief kiss. "I love you, Scorpius," whispered the Weedle.

"I love you, Hermione," replied the Skorupi as the two of them turned to face the Fire-type again. Though Scorpius boldly stood his ground against the fierce Simisear, he noticed that Hermione was shaking with fright, despite her efforts to be brave. He put his tail around her and gave her a quick, reassuring hug before turning to face Simisear again, just as the maniacal monkey started up a Flame Charge.

"Alright. As soon as I'm clear, Hermione, get him with an Electroweb!" Scorpius instructed before he lunged, the Skorupi charging up another Aqua Tail, aiming it right at Simisear's head.

"Please be careful, Scorpius," Hermione replied quietly, though already she was taking aim with her horn, ready to launch the Electric move as soon as her beloved was out of the way.

The Great Paras Caper: Waiting on Dave's response.

25th May 2013, 3:22 PM
The Great Paras Caper:
With Michael unable to explain what Pokétrees were either, the fisherman simply gave Keith a shrug. At that point, the younger trainer set off toward the foliage, leaving the other two to trail in his wake. Carrying Rincewind, Dave followed out of curiosity, having just about caught up when Michael sped off, having apparently sighed his Paras. Dave looked around, checking that Fred was a few paces behind him, which he was, though the Torkoal seemed to have his attention diverted, gazing intently at Keith's collection of PokéBalls. Odd...

As Dave rounded the tree, he saw that there was quite a gathering ahead, with another two trainers along with a few of their own Pokémon, including... "Hey look Rincewind, another Trapinch!" he said, catching his own Ground-type's attention. No Paras though - but there were a pair of mushrooms and a rustling bush.

"Looks like you just missed her, mate." Dave stated as he drew level with Michael. "At least you've got her mushrooms, she won't go far without them." In the meantime, he set Rincewind down. "Now you go socialise." he said, placing the larva a few feet away from the other member of his species, only for him to back into his legs. Giving a sigh of exasperation, the trainer shoved him forward with his foot, forcing him into confrontation. "Go on with you, play nice." Rincewind looked around wildly for something else to do, but eventually gave in, stepping forward and letting out a squeak, before shyly looking at the ground.

The Life Aquatic:
While Suzi was pleased that she'd found an ally to her argument in Ginny, Susan didn't seem to be swayed. "Pffffft, whatever. He didn't hatch me anyway - someone else did, but they traded me to that loser like a common Rattata. I was happy with my first trainer, and until the nerd does something to prove to me that he doesn't just think of me as an accessory I'll show him the respect I think he deserves." she spat, a glint of defiance in her eye. "Besides, I'm a Dark-type. We're supposed to be difficult to bond with. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to stretch my wings." Before any of the other Pokémon could try to reason with her, the Murkrow let out a multi-directional peal of light, the Confuse Ray dazzling all around. By the time their eyesight had recovered, the avian was gone.

"Good riddance." Suzi muttered, before turning back to Ginny. "Again, sorry about her. I hope that she does come to trust Dave, but I don't see what's going to change her mind short of him saving her life." she squeaked, shaking her head a bit.

Just that moment, a droning noise filled the air, causing the little group to look upward. The source of the noise soon flitted into view, the Yanma's wingbeats quieting slightly as he started to hover above the lakebank. "Ah, good, you're safe." he chirped. "The human will be most pleased."

"Hey Teppic, how's things? Did Dave ask you to check up on us?" Suzi replied, greeting her teammate while ignoring his apathetic attitude.

"Something like that. He told me to see if you were ok and keep an eye on the Murkrow. Presumably he can't stand the sight of me." the Bug-type responded.

Suzi sighed, turning back to the Pawniard. "This is Teppic. He's not very warm toward humans because he got abandoned by his first trainer just after hatching. He'll do what Dave says, just doesn't respect him." she explained. "I can't help but feel he gained too many Pokémon before knowing how to handle them..."

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25th May 2013, 4:23 PM
The Great Paras Caper: Keith facepalmed, for Michael wasn't able to explain what Pokétrees were. Keeping a firm grip on Fang, he followed the others. Michael hadn't been able to locate his Paras, but did find its mushrooms. "Yeah, Paras don't go far without those things," agreed Keith. "I say we wait here for her to come back. Fang, don't even think it," he added sternly, for the Carnivine was already starting to salivate at the mention of the Bug-type. Then, he noticed Dave's Torkoal intently eyeing his Poké Balls. "Ah," Keith said with a grin. "I think I know exactly what that's about. Your Torkoal must somehow sense that I got this with me," he explained to Dave as he took one of his Poké Balls and opened it up. "Come on out, Shelley!" Keith exclaimed as his own Torkoal materialized. Very quickly, Shelley noticed that she was surrounded by people and Pokémon, including another of her kind, and tried to pull her head into her shell, blushing furiously. "She's a shy one," Keith explained. "In fact, might as well bring out some of my other Pokémon," he added. He threw three more Poké Balls into the air, unleashing a Crobat, a Shuppet, and a dark grey Scolipede with blood-red eyes.

"This is Hedwig," Keith stated, indicating the Crobat. "This is Helena," he added, nodding at the Shuppet.

"Nice to meet you," smiled Helena.

"And this is Salazar," Keith continued, patting the large and oddly colored Bug/Poison-type on the back. Then, he took another Poké Ball off his belt and turned to face Hedwig. "OK, Hedwig, I want you to keep an eye on him," he stated.

"Cro..." groaned the Crobat, rolling her eyes, though she nodded all the same.

"OK, then," said Keith as he threw the ball. "Go, Pepperspray!"

In a flash of light, a clearly overly-energetic Koffing materialized. He was spinning rapidly and moving about every which way.

"Koffing Koffing Koffing Koffing KOFFING!" Pepperspray exclaimed as he flew all over.

"That's Pepperspray, my Koffing," Keith explained. "As I'm sure you've noticed by now, he's... very energetic."

The Life Aquatic: Ginny disagreed with the Murkrow's views, particularly the notion that Dark-types ought to be hard to bond with. "You're forgetting I'm a Dark-type myself," she stated, sounding just as defiant as the Murkrow. "And I had no problem bonding with my trainer, I'll have you know- GAH!" she exclaimed as the Murkrow unleashed a Confuse Ray. Infuriated, the Pawniard charged forward for a Headbutt, only to find that the Murkrow had fled. She nodded as Suzi apologized once more for Susan, but then Ginny stiffened as she heard a droning noise. She turned to face the source, brandishing her blades, but it quickly became evident that the source- a Yanma- had been sent to check on them. However, the Clear Wing Pokémon clearly didn't have much faith in his trainer, assuming that he had been sent to check on them because the trainer couldn't stand the sight of him. Suzi introduced him as Teppic, and explained that he had been abandoned by his original trainer. Ginny nodded at this. "Keith has a few Pokémon like that," she replied. "His male Qwilfish, plus his Timburr and Makuhita, they didn't have a lot of faith in humans either, due to having been gotten rid of by their original trainers. But they've all warmed up to Keith just fine, though Helga- the Makuhita- she's still afraid that Keith might get rid of her."

27th May 2013, 10:05 PM
The great Paras Caper :
“So what do you think of Karm?” Chichi asked Paras, and he got an unexpected answer.
“WHY WON’T ANYBODY LISTEN TO ME?!!” Paras shouted as he reared up on his back legs.
The small anglerfish jumped in surprise at the Paras’ outburst and he noticed that the cicada’s tochukaso had fallen off. Chichi started and spoke “Um… your”
At that moment Paras noticed as well and obviously embarrassed as she shrunk inwardly and in ran off into the bushes, Chichi watched her go as an internal debate raged do I go after her?, um… yes I will she’s my newest friend, but what if she wants to be alone!? Um… um… Ok it’s decided I’ll go after her, but… but…, no I’m going! “hey wait up!”
With that Chichi quickly Hopped into the bushes following Paras’ trail.
Light looked up from his conversation as he heard someone calling out
Light looked towards the voice to see a new trainer running towards them, as did Karm who was feeling sad as a potential friend ran away, Looking back to the Dusty the tall Skarmory spoke “vat vas zat all about? Vill you play now?”
As the trainer came closer Light began to fret, What if I offended him and he’s coming to fight!? Or worse tell me to leave and never come back!!? What will I say, what will I say
As the trainer came closer Light made a decision, it was to take the lead in meeting new people, so as the traner ran towards them Light stepped out and called to him
“hello, my name’s light and this is Karm” the Skarmory looked up at his name being called “and Chichi” Light didn’t actually turn so he missed that his Chinchou was missing

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OOC: AND IT IS DONE ABOUT A DAY (and a few weeks) LATE.

The Mind of the Monkey
You couldn't blame Hermione, to be honest, for being so scared. Having what seemed to be an indestructible enraged beast running at you engulfed in flames and hungry for blood when you are 30cm tall would put fear in anyone capable of rational thought. However, Scorpius was above rational thought. He was fighting the fear for one reason and one reason alone. Love. Time seemed to slow as the Simisear barreled towards them, and in the precious few moments they had to rouse each other up, the two bugs shared a brief kiss, and improvised up a defense plan. They would have actually planned it out properly but there was no more time; the Simisear was upon them.

As the monkey charged in, head first, Scorpius swung another Aqua Tail into his head. The resulting force caused the Simisear to be thrown backwards, his momentum throwing him close to the gaping hole that separated them from Blue and Dikune and causing a sickening crunch as he landed. Without getting closer it would have been difficult to see what actually broke but it didn't matter as the monkey was again back on his feet, his body already repairing itself. The same could not be said for Scorpius though; the water energy that had engulfed his tail only took some of the brunt from the charge but it still dealt a considerable amount of damage to the Scorpion, and threw him back behind Hermione. The Weedle remained steadfast, and per her boyfriend's orders she let off a binding Web of Electricity that barely stuck to the beast attacking them before his burning skin made it shrivel up in flames. The Simisear laughed at the futility of the attack before realizing it had done more than he thought; in the brief moment the webbing was stuck to his body it had started to make it numb. He laughed harder.

"Hmph... you fight, even though you are clearly outmatched? You bugs are all the same."

The monkey wasn't just aiming that at the couple opposing him, but the entire team of Pokemon.

"You are blinded by this weakness you share. You think you can survive, so you fight to protect each other. Pathetic. Watch as I show what this foolish masquerade leads to!"

Simisear started to glow a darker orange, his body Overheating, and spat a large, heavy ball of fire directly at Hermione. It was a strong attack, but the collateral damage would be catastrophic. Due to Blaze, the fire was set to not only burn the small bug, but everything and everyone around her. Including the floor they were standing on. The Simisear took no time to gloat, however, and instead started phase two of his plan.

'While that little scorpion is busy whipping up another load of heroics to save his little sweetheart... I don't think he'll notice this.'

The monkey put his numbing hands behind his back, and started to absorb sunlight from the hole in the wall behind them that was conveniently opened by the tapir behind him. If this went to plan, the attack would be launched backwards. Straight into Blue and Dikune...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

While this was all happening, Dikune found it difficult to concentrate on his own mission knowing that behind him his new friends were probably going to die to his own negligence, not to mention the fire that his safeguard was restraining was slowly breaking the shield, but somehow he mustered up the strength to plow forward. The tapir started to siphon dream mist from Blue, hoping to change something that could awaken Blue from within his mind.

'Dang it... where is it... where is the proverbial nail?'

Dikune rooted around the monkey's subconcious. One would say this is very intrusive, but Dikune wasn't one for boundaries. Or privacy, for that matter, but he vowed never to take adavantage of his abilities. Much. Oh, hang on. He had found it, that nail. With the finesse of a fisherman, Dikune started to pull the thought out of Blue's mind as one would a fish from the sea. With every tug the thread of mist put up more resistance, but Dikune could see the effect it was having. Slowly, the wall he was facing was slowly fading away into nothingness, the bright rays of the sun slowly peeking into the burning building. But of course, there was a snag. Literally. And once he hit that snag Dikune found himself thrown forwards, and passing out...

...Dikune found himself waking up in a graveyard. Yes, this did freak him out. And so did the state of Blue.
The Panpour was back in his basic form, which was the only good thing about him. The poor monkey was lying beside an empty grave, which beared the name of his brother, Red. That was bad. The monkey was slowly fading away into a dark mist. That was really bad. But the main, big issue what was happening to that mist. It was being pulled away by a dark figure who Dikune could only just make out. It was Michael, held up by puppet strings. And holding those strings was...

'Oh... give me a break. Really?!'

Dikune himself. Or what seemed to be a clone of the Drowzee. Stunned, and a little morbidly bemused, Dikune approached the form of Blue. And all he heard from the monkey was,

"Alone... so alone..."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
The Great Paras Caper
Michael's cry seemed to startle the group of trainers and Pokémon he was closing in on. Of course, his single-mindedness made him unaware of the Pokémon who had just ran into the bushes. He finally drew level to the two younger trainers, one of which came forward and introduced himself and his team.

"Well hello to you! The name's Michael, nice to meet you! Your Skarmory looks so shiny and awesome, I'd like one now! Is Chichi your imaginary friend? You have an imaginary friend too! I have one, He’s a Piplup, and he has a top hat and a suit and a cane and everything. Wait, I think I’m forgetting something..."

At this, Keith and Dave had caught up to Michael. Both trainers noticed odd mushrooms on the floor that allegedly belonged to Paras, a point the teen had overlooked as he introduced himself.

"Oh, yes. Have you seen a Paras, about this high," Michael bent down so he was almost touching the floor, "around recently? I've lost it somewhere around here." At this level, Michael noticed Dave pushing Rincewind forwards towards the other Trapinch they had met, and Fred staring at Keith's Pokeballs. What he didn't notice was the rustling bush behind him. He stood back up and started to look around their significantly larger group, even going so far as to stare into Karn's mouth, as Keith called out and introduced more of his pokemon. Michael gawped awestruck at the sight of more veteran Pokémon, giggling particularly at the sight of Shelley's timid retreat and almost dying of an overdose of awesome that was radiated by Salazar's blackened skin.

“Hello everyone! Wow, I never thought I'd see so many Pokémon when I arrived here. If only Blue, Dikune and Paras were here, they'd love to meet you all I think. Especially you, Helena... I never knew that Shuppets could talk!"

Michael was interrupted by Keith unsheathing one more Pokeball from his belt. He threw the orb, and released... an Orb? No wait, it was a Koffing, and a hyper one at that, whom Keith had named Pepperspray. Michael resisted the urge he had to wildly dance around with the Koffing (but oh boy was it tempting) as he suddenly recalled his actual mission.

"I think I know how to deal with Mr. Energetic here."

Michael jumped in front of the wild uncontrollable mass that was Pepperspray and addressed him personally.

"Hey Pepperspray! Want to play find the missing Pokémon with me? First to find the missing Paras wins... a free dance off! Ready, Set..."

Michael jumped into the bush he was stood beside; it conveniently being the bush that Paras had ran off into not a few seconds earlier. What a lucky coincidence...


Paras sheltered herself in the bush she had fled into. She watched as three more trainers and a load of scary Pokémon arrived and talked to her new friends.

'Oh dear... I've gotten them all in trouble. What should I do?'

She wouldn't go out there, of course. Those Pokémon were too big for her, she could be hurt! Paras started quivering in fear. She hadn't even gotten to introduce herself! She turned to run again, but a rustling behind in the bushes behind the bug made her freeze in her tracks. Trembling, she turned to face her attacker, spores at the ready...
...only to meet the glowing orbs (and eyes) of Chichi. Relieved, she stopped the burst of powders she was preparing to scatter in self-defense.

"Oh... hi Chichi. Sorry I ran off, it's just... the thought of everyone looking at me scared me. Not to mention that Skarmory. He looked like he could eat me. It's tough being this small... I'm so helpless and weak."

Paras turned to look back at Light and Jake, who were still being talked to by the scary strangers. One of the three seemed to call out a load more scary big creatures, and another one seemed to be looking directly into the bush, staring almost directly at her. Shivering again, she turned back to Chichi.

"I'm sorry, I still haven't introduced myself. My name's Jacqueline, but people call me Jackie for some reason. Please don’t call me Jackie, I don’t like the name. I apologize for yelling earlier. Looks like I've caused a bit of bother..."

Jacqueline couldn't say anything more as out of the blue one of the three strangers leapt into the bush, coming right at her! Startled, she restarted charging her Stun Spore, preparing to flee the scene while everyone was paralyzed. However, to her horror, she couldn't actually give off the attack without the help of her trusty Tochukaso. She was trapped! Or... was she? Thinking fast, Jacqueline ducked behind Chichi, asking the Chinchou to defend her.


"I've found her! Guys, I've found... Paras? What’s wrong?"
The overeager trainer almost leapt back out of the bushes in joy, but he was stunned by the small bug hiding herself away from him. He slowly leant forward so that he was lying on his stomach, face to face with the small Paras.

“Paras, it’s me, Michael. I’m your new trainer. We’re going to have so much fun!”

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The Mind of the Monkey: Scorpius's Aqua Tail had thrown the Simisear backwards, but he healed off the damage within seconds. Worse, Hermione's Electroweb was shrugged off and burned away like it was nothing. Simisear laughed at how they fought despite the futility of it.

"You're wrong," Scorpius snapped, sounding remarkably brave for a small insect who was facing imminent death at the hands of an invincible, supercharged monkey with powers of fiery destruction. "I don't fight because I think I can survive. This is probably how I'll die, but I will be damned if I die a coward! If I am to die, I will die fighting. Not just for my life, but for my friends... and for the love of my life," he added with a loving glance at the Weedle beside him.

At that moment, however, the Simisear readied a horrifyingly powerful technique- Overheat. The most powerful Fire-type move that was readily available to any significant amount of Pokémon (Blast Burn was stronger, Hermione knew, but only a small handful of Pokémon were capable of learning that technique). And he launched it right at Hermione. "NO!" Scorpius exclaimed, but as he dashed forward to push Hermione out of the attack's path, he found himself bouncing off of something. The Skorupi did a double take, and saw that Hermione had gone on the Defensive, creating a powerful Shield all around herself, which served to stop the Overheat. Defensive Shield, she had told Scorpius, was a powerful defensive move, acquired only by the smartest of Pokémon, and very unique as well, in that it was not used consciously, but was in fact put into effect automatically on occasion. Indeed, Hermione herself only just seemed to realize she was not about to die a fiery death, and sighed in relief. Scorpius, on the other hand, looked more pissed than ever before- Simisear had just tried to kill his girlfriend. If there was one thing in this world that mattered more to Scorpius than his trainer and battling, it was Hermione.

"Scorpius?" Hermione said quietly as she noticed how angry her beloved looked.

"Don't worry, Hermione," the Skorupi quietly reassured her, though his eyes were fixed on Simisear. "This guy's going down. Nobody, and I mean nobody, tries to hurt you in front of me and gets away with it." As Simisear proceeded to charge up SolarBeam, the Skorupi jumped into the air, Leering right in the Fire-type's face. Then, wasting no time, he followed up with a Sludge Bomb to the face. As he landed back on the floor, he then delivered a forceful Night Slash to the sizzling simian's ankles. Hermione, touched by Scorpius's outrage on her behalf, followed this up by spewing a Poison Sting at Simisear's face, and followed up with Chocolate Magic. But Scorpius wasn't finished yet. "Hey, guys!" he called to the trio still fighting the fire which threatened to burn down the hut. "I could use a little backup here!"

Meowth came running over while Chance and Vernon continued to use Water Gun and Whirlpool, respectively. "Yeah, wat?" Meowth asked.

"Simisear won't go down too easy," Scorpius replied. "You ready?"

"Youse gots it," grinned Meowth as he extended his claws and turned to face Simisear.

"Meowth! Scratch attack!" exclaimed Scorpius. "Then use-"

"Wait!" Hermione exclaimed suddenly. "This is all a dream, right? That Simisear, it's only a dream?"

"Pretty realistic dream, but yeah," Meowth nodded.

"Then maybe this will work," Hermione said, the faintest of grins showing up on her face. "Use Dream Eater."

Meowth slowly began to grin himself in response to this. "Ooh, yeah, I'm likin' dis plan." He turned back to face Simisear, and prepared to use the powerful Psychic-type technique.

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The Great Paras Caper: ''You haven't seen anyone except those two?'' Tasu gasped. ''Though I know how you feel about meeting someone, I love meeting all sorts of people and pokemon, in fact I like to sketch pictures of every new pokemon I see!'' Tasu explained before showing Chichi her sketch book. ''In fact, if you don't mind, may I draw a picture of you?''
Meanwhile a trainer approached Jake.
''Umm it’s nice to meet you… I’m Light and this is Chichi, so how” Light was cut off by someone with a russian accent before one of the trainers pokeballs exploding, knocking Jake and Light off their feet. ''That was a suprise.'' Jake said as he got up off the ground, now caked in mud. ''And this is why we went here today Tasu, to meet all sorts of people and pokemon'' Jake smiled. Tasu smiled as well, though really she knew Jake was trying to be cheerful. She shuddered as she remembered breakfast. The energy drained look. The black bags under his eyes from lack of sleep, even Aco told the group that he tasted a strong precence of guilt, she was just glad that he was being himself for once. Tasu snapped back to reality as Paras yelled about no one listening to her, before running into the near by bushes, leaving her mushrooms behind. ''Hey come back, you forgot your mushrooms!'' Tasu exclaimed before running after Paras. It was then, that three trainers joined the group, one of which Jake knew all sending out different pokemon. One of which was a Trapinch, who was clearly shy. ''Hey no need to be scared.'' Dusty said. ''None of us will bite''

With everyone sending out there pokemon, Jake was reminded of one of his. ''Alright, come on out Aco!'' Jake called as he threw a pokeball in the air, revealing the Shuppet. Aco looked around, nothing interested him really. Instead, Aco decided to stay close to Jake. Jake then walked over to one of the new comers, the owner of the other Trapinch. ''Hello, my name is Jake and this is Aco, what's your name?''