View Full Version : Rate my Dark/Psychic/Dragon Deck?

LeLouch Lawliet
11th December 2012, 12:40 AM
I need help with my deck, I don't care for playing in tournaments. I only want to play with friends and competitively but I also sort of want the most recent cards. Also to note practically all my cards are new or recent.

Here is my deck

Rare Candy x4
Cheren x2
Bianca x2
Pokemon Communication x2
Switch x1

Psychic x6
Dark x4
Special Dark x4
Double Colorless x4
Blend Energy (Psychic, Fire, Grass, Dark) x4


Deino 94/124 BW Dragons Exalted x3
Zweilous 95/124 BW Dragons Exalted x2
Hydreigon 98/124 BW Dragons Exalted x2

Darkrai EX BW46 Promo x2
Stunky 76/124 BW Dragons Exalted x1
Stuntank 77/124 BW Dragons Exalted x1
Murkrow 72/124 BW Dragons Exalted x 2
Honchkrow 73/124 BW Dragons Exalted x1
Houndour 74/124 BW Dragons Exalted x2
Houndoom 75/124 BW Dragons Exalted x1

Sigilyph 52/124 BW Dragons Exalted x1
Golett 58/124 BW Dragons Exalted x1
Golurk 59/124 BW Dragons Exalted x1
Shuppet 75/102 x1
Banette 14/102 x1
Gothita 75/149 x1
Gothita 55/124 BW Dragons Exalted x1
Gothorita 76/149 x1
Gothorita 56/124 BW Dragons Exalted x1
Gothitelle 57/124 BW Dragons Exalted x1

11th December 2012, 3:54 PM
Playing in tournaments and being competitive are both the same thing in this tcg, because pretty much everyone who does play competitively plays for worlds, it's a fact.

I have 2 suggestions reduce the amount of pokemon and energy in you're deck and increase the amount of trainers and supporters to increase consistency of playing the pokemon you want out faster, having a basic line of 9 minimum shuffle supporters such as N, juniper, cheren, bianca, hugh, etc create synergy in you're deck. Then cards such a pokemon communication, level ball, heavy ball and ultra ball help get out you're pokemon efficiently. As a suggestion/experience from playing competitively/tournament play for all stage deck's a maximum of 3 rare candy more then 3 works against you unless you are running around 2 stage 2 lines but even still it works against you. Trainers and supporters are the basis of you're deck, they are the very thing that makes you're deck faster(more) or slower(less), they help to move out as much energy and pokemon as possible, yes you will run into large trainer/supporter hands but they pay off big time instead of you're hand hemorrhaging cards you don't need as much of at the time. Also remmeber that these cards should work in combination with the cards you have regardless of how good that one card could be or not.

P.S. I suggest dark patch in this deck or darkrai's a dead weight because he's not as fast without it.