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27th December 2012, 5:32 AM
Hello this is my decklist I am using the bw-on format for this build.
Long story short.. I haven't played pkmn since 2001 and I am starting to get back into the game. I wanted to build a stage 2 deck using hydreigon as my main attacker and a psychic for a secondary since my main uses both drk & psy energy. Some help would be nice to make this deck playable.
The decklist goes as followed


Deino / dragon type x4
Zweilous / dragon type x2
Hydreigon / dragon type x4
Emolga x1 ele
Mewtwo EX x3 psy
Wurmple / grass x3
Dustox / psychic x3


Rare Candy x4
Random Reciever x2
Poke Comm x3
Heavy Ball x2
Level Ball x3
Energy Retreival x2
Professor J x1
N x4
Cheren x2
Pokemon Catcher x2


Psychic x6
Dark x7
Blend energy (grass, fire, psy, dark) x2

To make helping me easier a good 90% of my cards came from dragons exalted. I just need a good grasp on wat a good balance of certain cards to have in my deck should the list be changed. Again its been years since I actually played this. I thank you for your patience and help.

27th December 2012, 5:54 AM
How about a darkrai or some switch (night spear does come in handy), take out dustox it's not needed (If you want a poison option it's probably coming out next set as an item card), more cheren, bianca, hugh, skyla and/maybe juniper or ultra ball and some dark patch, also more blend.