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9th October 2013, 10:25 AM
Posting this now in order for me not to be rushed when the coverage does begin in the next two days.

This thread will be where myself or other members of the staff will post our discoveries within the game. We have a good team once more so should be able to ace everything again

I'll keep you posted on all the discoveries we make, minor and major and I'll be constantly updating this thread and the site, with major stuff on our social media sites. However, like the past discovery threads, this thread is just for us posting so please use the following discussion thread;

I hope you enjoy our complete coverage. With DP, Plat, HGSS, BW & B2W2, we were the fastest and most thorough on the entire Internet and I am not about to let that change at all, despite the leaks

Discovery Helpers:
mcdanger -- POKEMON Y
Psychic Politoad -- POKEMON X
Valoo. -- POKEMON Y
Miror -- POKEMON X
Nutter t.KK -- POKEMON Y
Hydrohs -- POKEMON X
Wulava -- POKEMON Y
Ragnarok -- POKEMON X
Shine -- POKEMON X
Archangel -- POKEMON X
bobandbill -- POKEMON Y

10th October 2013, 12:29 PM
Right, here we go!

Due to the worldwide launch and the irregularities that have occurred in the past two weeks across the internet, it will be slightly different. Out of respect for Nintendo, we shall not be posting story spoilers until after Saturday.

However, I have had my games for 24 hours and have been playing them non-stop (barring a quick nap earlier this morning...trust me, it was necessary) and am now in the post-game. I shall continue reporting , but at the moment I'm just getting things up

Starting with this:

I'll be making pages such as Gym Leader/Elite Four listings over the coming days as well as a preliminary Pokédex, Pokéarth and hopefully Attackdex update soon


10th October 2013, 12:30 PM
First, here's some exclusive pictures of many of the Pokémon that have not yet officially been revealed






















And a couple Mega Evolutions

Mega Gyarados (Water/Dark-type)

Mega Gengar (Ghost/Poison-type)

Mega Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy-type)

10th October 2013, 12:33 PM
To start off, Jigglypuff and the Gothita line have got a new ability called Competitive, which boosts its Special Attack stat when one of their stats is lowered. Kecleon has a new ability called Protean that changes the Pokémon's type to the type of the move it just used. The latter is demonstrated in a new kind of battles "Invese Battles" where the type effectiveness is inversed. This is only done in Route 18 against a Psychic. It's a daily battle

10th October 2013, 12:43 PM
List of in-game locations

Vaniville Town
Aquacorde Town
Santalune Forest
Santalune City
Lumiose City
Camphrier Town
Parfum Palace
Connecting Cave
Cyllage City
Ambrette Town
Glittering Cave
Geosenge Town
Reflection Cave
Shalour City
Courmaline City
Sea Spirit's Den
Kalos Power Plant
Laverre City
Poke Ball Factory
Lost Hotel
Dendemille Town
Frost Cavern
Anistar City
Couriway Town
Terminus Cave
Snowbelle City
Pokemon Village
Victory Road
Chamber of Emptiness
Pokemon League
Kloude City
Flare Cafe
Team Flare HQ
Azure Bay
Battle Chateau
Battle Maison
Tower of Mastery


10th October 2013, 12:47 PM
Several new items

Weakness Policy: When held, it sharply increases the holder's Attack and Special Attack when it is hit by a move that is Super Effective
Assault Vest: When held, it raises Special Defense, but prevents the user from using Status moves
Safety Goggles: When held, this protects the holder from weather damage and powder moves
Ability Capsule (Costs 200BP): Switches between the Primary and Secondary abilities on the Pokémon

10th October 2013, 12:50 PM
Here are the notes I made while playing. BE WARNED THEY ARE SPOILER FILLED
You can ridethe Rhyhorn. Was used in Rhyhorn Races.

In Santalune Forest, your friends are there and Shauna heals your Pokémon

After beating the gym, Alexa gives you the Exp. Share (which now affects all Pokémon)

Pokémon Amie can interact via people locally so their Pokémon will show up on your game.

When Sycamore gives you your second starter and your party is full, you can select a Pokémon to box. When you go downstairs, you meet Lysandre who is trying to learn about Pokémon to build a brighter future

Attack & Defense Power given by Mr. Bonding

When you get to Champier Town, you learn of an issue on Route 7. It's Snorlax and you need to go get the Pokéflute!

Snorlax is Level 15.

Day Care Centre is on Route 7, as is a Berry Field where you can go various berries!

Battle Chateau is on Route 7 and has you given the title of Baron and have to defeat all trainers in the area to get the next title. Enemies increased difficulty/level with each title.

Battle against Tierno & Trevor together

When you get to the end of the Route, you're told to go to Ambrette Town to the fossil lab to investigate Mega Evolution. Once you reach the other side of the Connecting Cave, you get your Pokédex upgraded for Coastal Kalos.
However, the assistant is gone and at Glittering Cave beyond Route 9. This is where you can ride a Rhyhorn! At the end of the cave you meet Team Flare, and when defeated, receive a fossil from the scientist. It can be revived in Ambrette Town

When you get to Cyllage City, you'll receive HM04 from Grant near the bicycle track.

Cyllage Gym has you climb various climbing walls to get to Grant. He gives TM39
A guy in Cyllage City will trade a Steelix for your Luvdisc.

You can choose colour of Bicycle, as well.

Team Flare appear in Route 10, seemingly investigating the weird rocks

As you go to leave Geosenge, Korrina will appear again and challenge you with her two Lucario.

A scientist in Reflection Cave mentions the Reveal Glass.

When you get to Shalour City, you need to go to the Tower of Mastery where you learn all about Mega Evolution. Battle your rival over the Mega Ring and you'll then have to beat Korrina

Shalour Gym features a ring for you to roller skate around, with various trainers dotted around it and rails to grind. Defeat each trainer to create a path to Korrina. Defeat her to win the Rumble Badge and TM98, Power-Up Punch

After beating her, meet her at the Tower of Mastery. She'll give you the Mega Ring and challenge you, but with you using one of her Lucario. Win and she will give you the Lucario. It's Level 32 and comes with the Lucarionite

You also get given a Lapras in Route 12. It's Level 30. Surfing on Lapras uses an actual model as opposed to other Pokémon.

Eventually it's the arrival at Courmaline City. Battle the rival again and then move onto the gym! This gym is the one in the original trailer and has you navigating arounda large tree by swinging from various ropes. At the top is Ramos, the Grass-type Gym Leader. Defeat him to earn the Plant Badge and TM86, Grass Knot.

Go to Route 13 and your Pokédex gets upgraded again

As you progress, you learn there's a blackout in Lumiose City due to the power plant. Upon investigation, Team Flare has taken over the plant and need to be stopped. Strangely, the Power Plant's overworld bits have 3D. Defeat Team Flare and it's time to move on to Lumiose City where you see a mysterious man.

In Lumiose City, there's a Stone Emporium. In it, a guy is selling Mega Stones such as Venusaurite, Charizardite and Blastoisenite :)

In the gym, you have to answer a quiz set by Bonnie. You still have to battle the trainers within it, however. Four rounds and you get to Clemont. Defeat him and you'll get the Voltage Badge and TM24, Thunderbolt.

Next stop is Laverre Gym after a rematch with your rival. In Laverre Gym,you have a standard warp tile puzzle with trainers dotted around. Once at the end, you'll battle Valerie who will give you the Fairy Badge and TM99, Dazzling Gleam.

When you leave, Trevor and Shauna recommend you go to the PokéBall Factory which is above town, but when you get there, Flare is there! Defeat them and you get a choice between a Master Ball and a Big Nugget.

As you move on, you'll get to Frost Cavern where it seems the Mamoswine that can be ridden is sensing issues in the cave and you have to investigate.

After doingso, you can move to Route 19 where you can ride a Mamoswine. Get to Anistar City and your rival will challenge you again outside the gym

The Anistar City Gym changes its layout and unravels a platform based puzzle that acts as if it is on top of a sphere, with various levels accessed by warp tiles. Get to the end where you battle Olympia. Defeat her to win the Psychic Badge and TM04, Calm Mind.

Afterwards, the Team Flare plot starts ramping up, but I won't get too much into that into after launch due to not wishing to spoil.

As you reach the end of the Team Flare plot, you will encounter Xerneas/Yveltal. It is Level 50.

Right after you capture/defeat it, Lysandre will battle you once and for all. He has a Mega Gyarados. It is Water/Dark-type

Xerneas technically has two forms/appearances: Neutral Mode and Active Mode. Active Mode is how it's always like in battle, with antlers all lit up, while Neutral Mode is duller, pure blue.

Also had a chance to test out my Mega Gengar. It's Ghost/Poison still

A new battle mode introduced by Psychic Inver in Route 18 "Inverse Battle". All type effectiveness is reversed. Kecleon has been given a Hidden Ability in this game called "Protean". This ability changes the Pokémon's type to the type of the move it just used. You can rebattle him daily

When you get to Couriway Town, Professor Sycamore will challenge you with the final evos of the Kanto starters

When you get to Route 19, Shauna will battle for you for the first time since the beginning. Once defeated, you will then be challenged by both Tierno and Trevor and you will receive HM05, Waterfall.

When you get to Snowbelle, the Gym Leader isn't there to greet you, but has disappeared on a trip to Route 20.

Both Gothorita and Jigglypuff have a new ability called Competitive which boosts the Sp. Atk stat when a stat is lowered.

The 8th gym is an Ice-type gym which has a puzzle where you have to hit switches that move various platforms around in order for you to gain passage to Wulfric, the Gym Leader. He gives you the Iceberg Badge and TM13, Ice Beam

Move Tutor is in Route 21

Get through Victory Road as usual. Your rival will appear half way through and challenged you. Then it's onto the Elite Four: Malva, Wkstrom, Drasna, Siebold and the Champion Diantha.

After defeating Diantha, at the celebrations, you get challenged by AZ and after defeating him, the story comes to a heartwarming close.

When you start up again, Shauna will give you the starter you're strong against

10th October 2013, 12:54 PM
Friend Safari is located in the post-game. In it, it takes everyone on your friend list and makes them a specific type. When selected, Pokémon of that type appear (it'll take a while to catalogue, please bear with us). The Pokémon found here can have their Hidden Abilities.

Unlike the Safari Zone, however, you can battle and use your own balls.

10th October 2013, 1:26 PM
A couple have PM'd asking what team I'm using

Figure I may as well

Mega Charizard X
Mega Lucario
And a free slot I have used for Tyrantrum, Sliggoo, Xerneas, Raichu etc.

10th October 2013, 1:41 PM
Each friend seemingly only has 2 or 3 Pokémon that can appear.

10th October 2013, 1:42 PM
Here's a megaton I don't "think" leaked...I haven't been paying attention to them other than that species leaked


The scientist gives you research targets each day. Going to go check if non Kalos Pokémon show up

10th October 2013, 1:45 PM
So, the legendary birds appeared...but fled before I could even select an attack. Classy.

10th October 2013, 2:03 PM
Oh my...the Mewtwo battle music is a remix of the classic one...

10th October 2013, 2:25 PM
Trying to rack my brain around where Mega Stones would be

Ampharosite was in Azure Bay, not too far away from someone referencing Jasmine
Gengarite was in a town filled with spooky happenings
Aerodactylite was in the museum
Abomasite was in Frozen Cavern.


10th October 2013, 2:25 PM
Oh, was just asked about the VS. Recorder. You get given it as soon as you enter Kiloude City in the post-game

10th October 2013, 2:29 PM
Oh, and another question answered

When rollerblading and biking, you're not stuck to the grid anymore. While there is a little snap,, you're free to move. I often found myself accidentally hitting the side of rocks

10th October 2013, 2:37 PM
Sorry, I meant VS Recorder. I'm working off of being awake 40 hours straight. My apologies

10th October 2013, 2:50 PM
You get Effort Ribbons again, in Laverre City. On checking, there's also a Kalos Champion Ribbon

10th October 2013, 3:26 PM
That's Gardevoirite sorted. Get a Ralts in a trade in Lumiose City. The Ralts is holding it :)

10th October 2013, 3:56 PM

Think this is all complete. Mind you, I haven't actually seen them all in my dex yet, just extrapolated from evo chains

10th October 2013, 4:22 PM
http://www.serebii.net/xy/exclusives.shtml Preliminary. May be missing a couple.

10th October 2013, 4:50 PM
I was just battling in the Battle Maison, as you do when you're testing things.

I was up against a Froakie and its ability activated. Its ability was Protean. I believe this is its Hidden Ability

10th October 2013, 4:58 PM
Just noticed I'm getting 1BP for each battle here. So, technically only 200 battles for the ability item. Not too bad I guess, considering how game changing it is.

10th October 2013, 5:10 PM
Though I'm fairly certain it leaked beforehand, for those who don't know, weather abilities such as Drought, Drizzle etc. now only last 5 turns.

10th October 2013, 5:16 PM
In the Battle Maison, there are four leaders, each one specialising in one of the four standard battles (Sky and Inverse are not included). Will try and get up to a 21 streak at a later point to grab their teams

10th October 2013, 5:54 PM
The Battle Institute from Gen V has returned and is in Lumiose City

10th October 2013, 7:07 PM
Got caught up in CoroCoro and much needed food.

Done this page, however


10th October 2013, 7:31 PM
Oh yeah. Don't know if this leaked, but Mega Gengar's ability is Shadow Tag

10th October 2013, 8:27 PM
Just raising up that Gible atm to see if that'll help

10th October 2013, 8:54 PM
Almost done with the Garchomp, then will see if this is actually the path to getting this Mega Stone

10th October 2013, 9:05 PM
Didn't work. There goes that theory. Really struggling to think of where to go to get these Mega Stones

10th October 2013, 9:23 PM
http://www.serebii.net/xy/forms.shtml Updated this with Aegislash, Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist

10th October 2013, 9:29 PM
It seems Pokémon in Hordes also have a chance of having their Hidden Ability (thanks to Razmos for pointing it out)

10th October 2013, 10:05 PM
Clear image of Mega Abomasnow. Same type, has the ability Snow Warning

10th October 2013, 10:48 PM


Will be going into page mode over the weekend

10th October 2013, 10:49 PM
Oh. Hordes can be triggered more often with things such as Honey, Sweet Scent etc. Considering they often have Pokémon that can't be found anywhere else, or with their Hidden Abilities, it's a good way to go

10th October 2013, 10:55 PM
Just going to do a few more quick things, then I shall head off for a much deserved slumber and be ready to start fresh in the morning

10th October 2013, 11:07 PM

Made this page, the last one for tonight, but I am about to reveal some things I know a few people have been asking for. been cataloguing these as I went. I'll try and have a full page by Sunday.

10th October 2013, 11:11 PM
Some move changes

Thunderbolt is now 90 Power, not 95. As is Flamethrower, Surf & Ice Beam
Thunder, Blizzard, Hurricane, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump are now 110 Power, now 120.
I believe this one has been leaked, Hidden Power now has set damage of 60, rather than fluctuating based on IVs
Moonlight, Sweet Kiss & Charm are Fairy-type.
Will-O-Wisp's accuracy has been increased to 85%

11th October 2013, 6:50 AM
Good morning one and all.

Time for another day of "hunt the Mega Stones"! Interestingly though, StreetsAhead sent me a pic of someone finding the Medichamite, but I just went to collect it for a picture for you guys and it's not there, so there must be something I have to unlock first.

11th October 2013, 6:51 AM
Found the guy who will teach Secret Sword or Relic Song to Keldeo and Meloetta respectively. He's in Snowbelle City

11th October 2013, 6:55 AM
Just found Serena in Kiloude City. She wants a battle

11th October 2013, 6:58 AM
She has a Clefable. Just tried using Dragon Claw on it to no avail. Fairy-type :)

11th October 2013, 6:59 AM
It's Pure Fairy-type because Aura Sphere was not very effective

11th October 2013, 7:06 AM
Osnap. Serena Mega Evolved her Absol

11th October 2013, 7:07 AM
And she gave me her Absolite. Score

11th October 2013, 7:12 AM
Spoken to Sycamore. My Mega Ring has been upgraded and will help me find Mega Stones

Time to travel across the land, searching far and wide

11th October 2013, 7:30 AM
Well that's a kick in the teeth.

You can only look for Mega Stones from 8pm.

As much as I hate to...I'm altering my clock. Won't be able to report on time based events for the until Sunday if it's similar to BW's time travel restrictions

11th October 2013, 7:32 AM
Got Medichamite

11th October 2013, 7:34 AM
Got Pinsirite

11th October 2013, 7:35 AM
In Pinsir is exclusive to X, perhaps Y has Heracrossite. I know someone with a review copy of Y so will ask them to grab it at 8pm tonight

11th October 2013, 7:38 AM

Mega Pinsir. It's Bug/Flying-type. Its ability is Aerilate which turns Normal-type moves into Flying-type moves

11th October 2013, 8:07 AM

PGL is live

11th October 2013, 8:20 AM

I have been summoned to the "Looker Bureau" and then it said "Chapter 1: This guy is a real...Looker"

11th October 2013, 8:21 AM
Will investigate shortly, still Mega hunting.

11th October 2013, 8:32 AM
Yep. You can only find Mega Stones from 8pm til 9pm

11th October 2013, 8:42 AM
Gyaradosite is found in Couriway Town

11th October 2013, 8:54 AM
Garchompite is found in Victory Road

11th October 2013, 9:00 AM
Done a quick lap around Kalos and found those. Obviously I'm still missing some since I haven't found Aggronite etc.

11th October 2013, 9:17 AM
Found Banettite in the Cave of Emptiness. Thankfully, I have a Banette. Please stand by

11th October 2013, 9:19 AM
If more are in caves, this will take time. I almost missed it because the sparkle can easily be mistaken for a water drop

11th October 2013, 9:23 AM
Meet Mega Banette. Ghost-type. Ability of Prankster

11th October 2013, 9:25 AM
Going to take a break from stone hunting and follow up on the Looker stuff

11th October 2013, 9:30 AM
Pretty sure Tumblr is going to go crazy over this


11th October 2013, 9:31 AM
Looker has set up a detective agency in Lumiose and asks you to become his assistant

First task, to prove you're up for it: Five "Looker Tickets" are across Lumiose City. You have to find them

11th October 2013, 9:43 AM
Looker is mentioning cases that he'll call up about...seems it's something to do with an "old friend" and that justice will be served.

I am intrigued!

11th October 2013, 9:44 AM
Chapter 2: In the back alleys

Need to stop various kids from being in dark alleys as they aren't studying

11th October 2013, 9:58 AM
Now I've investigated that, I have to find an Espurr that ran off

11th October 2013, 10:04 AM
The Looker stuff is building up to something. Just got the new case

Chapter 3: Detective, Tourist, Gang

A tourist comes in speaking Japanese. It seems somebody stole her Pokémon

11th October 2013, 10:12 AM
Whoever said there was no post-game was clearly wrong.

These trainers have non-Kalos native Pokémon btw. Just fought a Spiritomb, a Mandibuzz and a Bouffalant

11th October 2013, 10:17 AM
And another case instantly. Blimey

11th October 2013, 10:30 AM
Chapter 4: An unforgiveable crime. Have to investigate a break in in the museum and thefts thereafter. Go to back alley in a sting operation

11th October 2013, 10:34 AM
Oh, I'm also raising up Meditite at the moment so we can get Mega Medicham pics :)

11th October 2013, 10:36 AM
So, a Whimsicott is used in battle and Dragon Pulse didn't do anything.

Ergo, Whimsicott is part Fairy-type!

11th October 2013, 10:42 AM
The guy selling Blastoiseite in Lumiose has dropped his asking for price. Will keep declining and will see how low it goes

11th October 2013, 10:44 AM
Currently chasing some sort of robot criminal around Lumiose. It is stealing Pokémon

11th October 2013, 10:58 AM
It seems the "robot" is Emma, the girl we helped in Case 1. It appears she has been placed under the control of the man Looker is in town to investigate...

11th October 2013, 11:01 AM
A change has occurred to Sky Drop. Apparently my Lapras is too heavy

11th October 2013, 11:04 AM
Oh my. In this one, I have to go the hotel where Elite Four member Malva is, and she challenges me with her Pyroar

11th October 2013, 11:05 AM
Seems the suit Emma was wearing was made by Xerosic

11th October 2013, 11:10 AM
WHile I'm battling through this hideout, a thought occurred. I'm more appreciative of older designs due to this game. This just seems to bring the Pokémon to life more

11th October 2013, 11:32 AM
At the end of this hideout, you get to read all the notes on the creation of the suit

11th October 2013, 11:34 AM
You have to battle Essentia (Emma in the suit) three times in a row

11th October 2013, 11:40 AM
Sorry, four times. Blimey

11th October 2013, 11:42 AM
She's now the highest levelled trainer in the game, with a Malamar at Level 70, higher than the Elite Four

11th October 2013, 11:46 AM
And that's over, nothing yet. A new chaptr begins

"Final Chapter: Here's Lookin' At You Kid"

11th October 2013, 11:47 AM
Before I begin that, a little side thing for you

11th October 2013, 11:50 AM
Introducing Mega Medicham. Same type, Pure Power


11th October 2013, 12:01 PM
Looker left a letter saying who he is and that he is leaving. Emma ran off to look for him. He has been spotted at the museum. Once at the museum, you find out he's at Lysandre Café where Xerosic. Looker decides to promote Emma to head of the Bureau as he and Xerosic leave

11th October 2013, 12:02 PM
That ends that bit of the post-game. Shame, was somewhat hoping to get a Mega Stone out of it

11th October 2013, 12:19 PM
Back to the mega hunt!

11th October 2013, 12:24 PM
Just want to say how well done the models are again

11th October 2013, 12:29 PM
For the record, Mega Gyarados has Mold Breaker

11th October 2013, 12:51 PM
Thanks to a friend for trading (Heracross IS version exclusive and the Heracronite is where Pinsirite is in X)


Bug/Fighting. Skill Link

11th October 2013, 1:13 PM

Updated this with the ones we know so far. Still got things to hunt for though, so there's bound to be a few more surprises

11th October 2013, 1:34 PM

Made this list of all the abilities that have been spotted so far

11th October 2013, 1:45 PM
There, raised Torchic to Mega Blaziken (needed the screenshots)

Time to go hunting once more

11th October 2013, 1:47 PM
Also trying to get the Old Amber so I can get us a decent screenshot of Mega Aerodactyl (even though it leaked a few days back), but alas

11th October 2013, 1:59 PM
Osnap. Stone guy is now selling Mega Stones for 150k. Bargain. Will actually purchase a couple.

He only sells the two Kanto ones that you don't have (he won't sell the alternate version Charizardite though)

11th October 2013, 2:23 PM

Preliminary framework is live. It doesn't really have much in it yet. I'm currently working on locations and hope to have them up by tomorrow

11th October 2013, 3:18 PM
Found a new Mega Stone. Won't say what it is yet, but the Pokémon I'm hunting for is just not appearing. Have found the roaming legendary in this route twice while looking for it

11th October 2013, 3:51 PM
Here it is. Mega Alakazam. Had to go on the GTS to get the Abra after 40 minutes of hunting

Psychic. Ability of trace


11th October 2013, 4:16 PM
Checked Frost Cavern and Terminus Cave. No sign of any Mega Stones. There's still so many missing...I wish there were characters that at least gave hints

11th October 2013, 4:26 PM
The problem is that there is seldom any logic to the placement of these. I can't think "Hmm, Kangaskhan can be found here, so this is where Kangasite must be" :/

11th October 2013, 4:41 PM
Just found another Mega Stone. Standby

11th October 2013, 4:51 PM
The Pokémon this stone is for is Version Exclusive, but not in the version I've got so I'm waiting for the friend who helped me with Heracross to get online. Also put a Pokémon on the GTS for it too

11th October 2013, 4:53 PM
Kangaskhanite is found in Glittering Cave, although I don't have a Kangaskhan yet

11th October 2013, 4:55 PM
Waiting for more confirmation but the Lucario obtained on the Tower of Mastery might have a fixed nature. Reset three times and got a Hasty Nature each time.

if it's random each time this post will disappear.

11th October 2013, 5:01 PM
Kangaskhanite isn't the Mega Stone I was referring to btw

11th October 2013, 5:06 PM
Got a Kangaskhan off the GTS. It was nicknamed though but ah well

The baby Kangaskhan high fives the mother when the Mega Evolution happens.

It seems that the second hit of the attack has reduced power, but that makes sense

11th October 2013, 5:22 PM
Mega Evolution the first:

Mega Houndoom. Houndoom is exclusive to X but Houndoominite is exclusive to Y. It has the ability Solar Power

http://www.serebii.net/xy/temp/00568.png http://www.serebii.net/xy/temp/00567.png

11th October 2013, 5:37 PM
Mega Evolution the second

Mega Manectric. Manectricis exclusive to Y but Manectite is exclusive to X. It has the ability Intimidate (which activates after Mega Evolution) and is pure Electric

http://www.serebii.net/xy/temp/00575.png http://www.serebii.net/xy/temp/00576.png

11th October 2013, 5:39 PM
Oops. Pics broke. Sorry

11th October 2013, 6:07 PM
As some have asked, I've updated the Mega Evolution page to include location of the Mega Stone

11th October 2013, 7:12 PM
Some notes

Move Relearner & Move Deleter are in the same house in Dendimille Town
Move Tutor for powerful moves like Blast Burn is Route 21
Move Tutor for pledge moves is in Snowbelle City

11th October 2013, 7:15 PM
Just got sent a report. Some starter Pokémon have been spotted in friend Safari

11th October 2013, 7:25 PM
Still hunting for various Mega Stones. Can't be that many more if I'm struggling, right?

11th October 2013, 7:27 PM
Just realised I didn't give a decent view of Mega Aerodactyl yet since all people have to go on is that leaked picture

http://www.serebii.net/xy/temp/00578.png http://www.serebii.net/xy/temp/00579.png

11th October 2013, 7:46 PM
Honestly out of ideas for the rest of these mega stones. I know they're out there, as evidence by CoroCoro, I'm just stumped

11th October 2013, 7:48 PM
Oh yeah.

The GTS now includes an option whether or not to include people looking for "Special Pokémon". I'm assuming that means legendaries

11th October 2013, 8:05 PM
Right. Have had enough running around aimlessly in the hopes I stumble onto a Mega Stone for now. Going to make some pages and then do a bit more post-game stuff

11th October 2013, 8:12 PM
Oh yeah. Don't know if anyone revealed this but there's a new berry found in Route 14 called the Roseli Berry. It reduces damage taken from Fairy-type attacks

11th October 2013, 8:43 PM
Elite Four page: http://www.serebii.net/xy/elitefour.shtml
Friend Safari page: http://www.serebii.net/xy/friendsafari.shtml

11th October 2013, 9:00 PM
Legendary page: http://www.serebii.net/xy/legendary.shtml

11th October 2013, 9:25 PM
There are various people around who won't let you in places if you're not wearing the right clothes

11th October 2013, 9:44 PM
http://www.serebii.net/xy/ingametrade.shtml In-Game trade page. Let me know if you spotted one I have missed!

11th October 2013, 9:50 PM
Oh, so just checked PMs and people spotted Mawilite in Shabboneau Castle...they're in buildings. This changes things a bit...frustratingly..

11th October 2013, 9:51 PM
Time to loop round important buildings (I hope to god that they aren't in random houses)

11th October 2013, 10:34 PM
Checked all the important buildings. Nothing.

11th October 2013, 11:06 PM
Right, one last thing before I head to my slumber...thanks to Malloxcorp for pointing out the location to me. It's in the most evil place ever. If Aggronite/Tyranitarite are the same, then damn you GameFreak. Right behind Abomasnow so you can't even see it

Mega Scizor. Bug/Steel-type. Ability Technician

11th October 2013, 11:33 PM
A pic from a different angle


12th October 2013, 12:21 AM
A select group of members and moderators will be assisting with discoveries. Please see the first post to see which games they'll be using to post their discoveries. :)

12th October 2013, 12:53 AM
Alright, I've been playing. Not very far at all, but a bit of info that's more flavour than content. Joe's way too far ahead for me and I have uni stuff. =p

Lots of Pokemon available! The forest is quite early on and it's full of stuff. Catapie, Weedle, all three monkeys from BW, Pikachu, Scatterbug, etc. No shaking grass of note, at least here.

Annoyingly it seems the first town has no PC? =/ So now I'm actually bothering to get out of the forest and to the next town to maybe snag a low quality picture of a lil' SHINY Pikachu I found. :V

Minor notes - two shops in the first town, one selling pokeballs, one potions. Premier ball deal still exists too which is nice, and there's the typical shopkeeper in town who gives you a potion. 1st forest has mostly healing items on the ground, and you get one of your rivals to follow you round and act as a healer when you talk to them 1st time through.

12th October 2013, 1:13 AM
On the PC system!

Someone's PC, Professor's PC, log out options as usual. Move Pokemon option is now called Organise Boxes, seems to be the same otherwise.

7 initial boxes, plus battle. Putting a poke in each box and quitting out pushes it up to 15 boxes. Need some more pokes to push that up again though.

Shiny Pikachu from bad phone camera - really not missing much due to poor pic quality, but it's the same colour as before (last picture is of a regular one for comparison).


Nutter t.KK
12th October 2013, 1:14 AM
Just Starting: Well. The old ABC... Table of text entry from older gens have gone from English games, being replaced by the Qwerty Keyboard.

At least, I've Started. As Miké. And lets check some communication functions out first.

http://3ds.pokemon-gl.com is up and running.. and I've just registered with my Main account. And Sadly that's all I can do for now.

With a Pile of other players saying Hi to me... The only think I can say is "Science is amazing." I may have quoted someone.

Hitting B is available from the start. Sweet.

12th October 2013, 1:27 AM
As for the bag system. It shows your party on the screen when looking for items, so that's neat I suppose. Item (including balls) pocket, medicine, TMs/HMs, berries, key. Can auto-sort by type, name, or quantity.

I'll add that if you need to get to the PC then trainers are not too hard to dodge.

Items I found so far:
You start off with a potion.
Aquacorde Town

Shop person to right side of centre town gives you a Potion.
You can buy Potions and Pokeballs (with Premier Ball bonus for buying 10).

Route 2 - get given Poke balls. (10).

Santalune Forest:

Potions (immediately right of entrance, one up and to the left from entrance), and one near the end of the forest route (straight south of north exit.
Antidote - one straight left from entrance.
Pokeball - given to you by a rival at the north exit if you talk to them. Another straight south and then right from north entrance, past a Lass trainer.
Paralyze Heal (look ma, I have an e now!) - rival with you gives you it on rightmost stretch of forest (mini-cutscene).

There's an item behind a Cut tree in the route following too.

You have some cakes already for the Pokemon Amie too (available as soon as you get your starter!). Can also do super training. Did one as a test, then got a special training bag that the Pokemon broke and apparently increases points I get in the minigame next time if I make successive shots.

Also, at least with Fennekin, it starts with Ember at level 5. :V Very easy rival battle considering type advantage! Got Howl on level 11, iirc.

Nutter t.KK
12th October 2013, 1:42 AM
I can Confirm most of BobandBills's statements.

Potion North West of South Entrance.(Image taken on Place.) EDIT: BnB mentioned this one.

Female Pikachu's still have the "cut" in their tails. EDIT: Mine has a Light ball!! She's so going teach Volt Tackle when she can a willing partner.

When in the Santalune Forest, Shauna is following you and can heal your Pokémon outside battles.

12th October 2013, 1:47 AM
Scatterbug learns Stun Spore on level 6. Otherwise stuck with Tackle. :V Didn't evolve on level 7! Nor 8! A bit annoying. =p Also wild Azurill have Water gun.

Next upgrade to number of boxes gives 23. I suppose it'll go beyond that too.

Route 3:
Super potion below ledge by schoolkid (go south, right, south from north/Santalune exit) - alt, go straight south into grass, then right.

12th October 2013, 1:57 AM
I'll confirm that Stun Spore won't work on Pikachu (ie electric types) too, so they really can't be paralysed it seems. Scatterbug decided to evolve on level 9, for those curious. (The evolution sequence is shiny). Learns Protect.

Dunsparce is also on route 3 (seems rare). And knows Rollout. :V

Mart in Pokemon centre, at least pre gym, has guy selling all the X items (X Special, etc -_-). Other guy there just sold Poke Balls and Potions.

Also a hat shop next to the centre/mart. Lots of hats. Pricey hats. :B

Santalune town:
Kid in house behind the hat shop (row of houses directly north of the Centre/Mart) gives you a great Ball.
Teacher in Trainer School gives you X Attacks. And X Defences. 3 of each! Great, stuff to sell. =p

Also Psyduck looks deep into your very soul in 3D.

The ingame trade for a Farfetch'd had it come at level 10, rather than matching the level Pokemon I gave him (it was 2 :V). It having a-ace and Jolly nature is nice. ;p Called Quacklin' though.

Nutter t.KK
12th October 2013, 2:14 AM
Youngster Joey Returns, has Scatterbug Lv3, Fletching Lv3. (No Rattata, not even in the Top Percentage.)

Anway Lv 2 Caterpies vs Pidgeys... It seems Familiar: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/bignutter/media/20131012_020154_zps02be0ea1.jpg.html There's also Weedles in the forest, too!

Pidgey Learns Sand Attack @ Lv 5, like every other game.

EDIT: The Forest Map is almost a copy of Viridian Forest.

12th October 2013, 2:37 AM
Route 4 has another cut tree blocking an item to the northern corner.
Super potion straight left from right exit (to the Pokemon league), past two ledges. Even more pokes to catch too there.

Fennekin got Flame Charge on level 14, and it looks pretty.

And Vivillion is indeed obtained on level 12. For you Australians, mine has the River Pattern form (Brown-orangy top wings, blue bottom wings). Learnt Struggle Bug (50 BP).

As that's what I wanted to aim for, going to focus more on uni work now so playing is in the background. :V Still, will take another break later.

Also: dang, saving is quick.

Beat up a trainer by the Pokemon gym and she'll give you the roller skates too. All she has is a level 7 Zigzagoon, so that's easy. :V

12th October 2013, 2:49 AM
I don't have much to report, but because Vivillon's patterns is seemingly based on countries, and states in the US. I can say that Texas gets the Modern pattern.

I also love how despite my Froakie is both poisoned and Infested, it still manage to pull through.

Edit: Also, I believe like weather moves, they nerfed Mud/Water Sport to last only some number of turns.

Nutter t.KK
12th October 2013, 3:07 AM
Got to Santalune City and Got a new hat.. Not sure about it though, I think a Towering Pillar of hats (http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Towering_Pillar_of_Hats) is what I want. (Not a Pokémon Link.)

I'm calling it a night. I'll need to get X from the store in the morning. I downloaded Y.

For you who Soft Reset: L+R+Start+Select works. And I've Downloaded the Torchic Wondercard. EDIT: Apparently, Select isn't required to SR now.

12th October 2013, 3:17 AM
I really want to see bobandbill's Vivillon. IT sound so lovely Alrighty!


Braixen on level 16. It has a bunch of animations when you tap it on the status screen, most of them it twirling the branch when it's on fire. Very nice.

The gym is easy with it, and Viola's Surskit does indeed go for Water Sport asap though when facing it. She uses a Potion.

Youngster David: Ledyba level 10, male
Youngster Zachary: Shewpa Level 10, male
Lass Charlotte: Kakuna level 7 male, Combee level 9 female.

Leader Viola: Surskit level 10 female, Vivillon level 12 female.

Notably, her Vivillon is of the pink/Japanese pattern. Gym leader battle music is decent. She has some photography in the opening room too. One which has the exit from the gym behind it, haha.

Shop upgrades after first badge: Great Ball, Super potion, standard status healing items, escape rope, repel.

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 3:26 AM
My Pansear knows a new Normal type move called Play Nice, which lowers the opponents attack

Thought I'd mention that the party interface is much easier to use too, you can drag and drop Pokemon and items to switch them.

12th October 2013, 3:27 AM
Hats I'm seeing in Santalune City.

red Logo Cap 800/gray button accessory 500
black Logo Cap 800/ pink button accessory 500
orange knit cap 800/ purple button accessory 500
olive camo cap 800/ lime green button accessory 500
black outdoors cap 3100/ red feather accessory 1400

There you go.

Edit: This is what I'm getting at least.

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 3:43 AM
Couple of Sabtalune Forest trainers:

Lass Anna - Pikachu lv 5
Lass Lise - Scatterbug lv 2/ Bunnelby lv 4

12th October 2013, 4:21 AM
Poison Barb located. After the Skating Arena in Route 4, there is a fence at the beginning in the middle of the route. It is behind that fence.

12th October 2013, 5:04 AM
Here are my discoveries:

Multi-Player Features:

Team Preview returns and you can't turn it off (experimented in a local battle, this will definitely be the same in other forms of battle except for maybe infrared) so no changes here.

Auto leveling to level 100 is nowhere to be seen.

Wi-Fi play in terms of rules is a carbon copy of local play.

Rules you can change:

No. of Pokémon (Can be flat rules with 3v3 or full 6v6)
Pokémon Level (Level 50 to unrestricted)
Special Pokémon (Stuff such as Jirachi and Mewtwo)
Same Pokémon (Turn Species Clause on or off)
Same Items (Item Clause on or off)
Handicap (No idea what this is but you can turn on or off)

You can enter multi-player from anywhere on the world map from the PSS.

To actually connect to the internet press the blue pulsating button on the touch screen (it's at the top).

Battle Spot is where you do ranked random battles it seems. Online competitions happen here as well.

To access this press the icon with 9 yellows dots on the PSS screen on the touch screen and then press the Battle Spot button.

Trading happens by pressing the same yellow dot icon.

GTS is found by pressing the same button.

Game Sync as well as PSS settings among others can also be accessed by pressing that icon. They're split into to two groups so press the right arrow to go to the second group.

Doing local and friend battles happens by simply pressing the battle button in the same window.

Infrared is an option (=/ does anyone use this....).

To do friend battles click Battle with Someone Far Away and choose your rules. When you confirm your friends should appear on the top.

You can even challenge random people in this menu it seems (they appear in the Passersby category) so in some ways this might be an un-ranked battle finder but they can decline a challenge. With this feature I believe it's possible to do random 6v6 battles with complete strangers which some people may like but don't quote me on this.

Ranked battles are likely the same as Gen V so that's 3v3 Flat rules with special Pokemon banned, item clause and all that fun stuff. Also if you hate weather teams they are now nerfed so each instant weather last the same time as Sandstorm and Rain Dance.

Super Training

You do two tutorials before unlocking level 1 where you can train for each stat category.
As of right now there are 3 levels that can be unlocked by playing normally. I believe there is a higher level which contains mega evos as balloons but I don't know how to unlock it yet.

You unlock a new level by completing each stat mini-game in the current set at-least once.

Level 1: +4 in any stat you choose to raise.
Level 2: +8 in any stat you choose to raise.
Level 3: +12 in any stat you choose to raise.

The game I played was football. You use the stylus to shoot balls into the nets hitting their weak spots. Hold on the touchscreen with the stylus to charge shots. Hold for too long and you lose the charge. Charge shots give you higher points which means you can complete the mini-game faster providing you don't get hit. The balloons can attack you and each hit you take causes you to lose points.

Completing a mini-game gives you a punching bag you can use to raise your Pokemon's stats if you're feeling a bit lazy. These bags give the same boosts as the mini-game you got them from and of course you can get different bags which can give you more boosts (up to 12 but that's at level 3 and those mini-games can get a bit tricky and chaotic so I recommend doing level if you wanna get lots of them quickly).

You earn a medal on each mini-game for completing each mini-game fast and effectively. These only appear on the mini-game select screen on the actual mini-game you completed and scored well in and then are locked the the pokemon you used to complete them. When you go challenge the mini-game again with another Pokemon the medal won't appear next to it. Replaying the mini-game with the Pokemon that scored well will cause the medal to appear again before you select the game.

Your Pokemon can fall asleep on the Super Training screen (before selecting the football game). Just tap them to wake them up.


Lucario's nature in the Tower of Mastery is fixed to Hasty.

The Snorlax you encounter is random every time so if you want to try for another nature go ahead (but it's hard to catch sometimes).

The Kanto starters can be obtained after Gym 1. Just play the game as usual till you get to Luminose City.

If you want to reset for natures on them save before fighting the professor.

Your rivals don't get the Kanto starters (from what I've seen so far).

(I personally prefer a Hasty or Naive nature on Charmander as it doesn't hamper it's attack stat plus the Mega Evolutions can be more versatile but that's just me).

Other Stuff

To use registered items hit the Y button. You can register up to 4. To use the others hit the Y button again and use the D-Pad to select them.

If for whatever reason you want to delete your save file, the new combination is Up + B + X.

It doesn't get dark till like 10pm and you will only really notice it in battles tbh. Day time starts at 4am.

You can change the background for the pokemon battle menu in the options menu.

The Battle Chateau works like this. Talk to every person you see to initiate a battle. Beat everyone in that facility to raise your rank there. Your rank raises when you try and leave (the lady at the door will stop you). If she doesn't stop you, you didn't ravage everyone (enter every door to see if you missed someone). The higher your rank, the harder your opponents are the next time you go in (that was implied but my memory has seen better days so that could be wrong).

The Battle Chateau is just after catching Snorlax, which is on the way to Gym 2.

Be warned the distance from Gym 1 to 2 is long so you'll be running around for a while. You won't get lost (if you manage to, well....).

You can get the bike from Cyllage City. You have a choice of Green or Yellow.

You get the Mega Ring which unlocks Mega Evolutions in Shalour City. If you play well you will have access to 2 Mega Pokemon (your Kanto starter fully evolved and Lucario which is obtained after beating the leader of that town on top of the Tower of Mastery). If your Kanto starter is still at stage 2 then it should evolve soon.

L = A returns.

12th October 2013, 6:34 AM
I bought X&Y, decided to use X as my main game. I downloaded my 2 Torchics from each game.

Things I don't like in the game: Random group of people trying to be my friends and give me a nickname. I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to become america's next top model.

12th October 2013, 7:14 AM
I just got the game a little while ago and something that genuinely surprises me is the pace of the start. Starting up, meeting your pals, getting your first pokemon, it's all really fast.

The fact you have access to PSS, Super Training and Pokemonamie right from the start is really cool. Same with the online features like voice chat and o-powers and so on

I'll be crosschecking gen 5 learnsets to see how things effect level up
It looks like Pansear gets Play Nice (which is...just Growl so far as I can tell) probably as a starting move since Leer is normally learned at level 4.

e: Also looking at Pick up. Level 3 zigzagoon grabbed a Hyper Potion. Nothing out of the ordinary
e4: Bunnelby also just picked up a hyper potion at level 6, Zigzagoon picked up a normal Potion earlier

e2: In case it matters any, I got a female Chespin.

e3: Oh string shot harshly lowers speed now? Useful

12th October 2013, 7:49 AM
Right, I'm back now. Time to start again

12th October 2013, 8:01 AM
Today, while still hunting for Mega Evolutions, I will endeavour to get into the real nitty-gritty of the game, since you all have it and need the info ASAP!

12th October 2013, 8:06 AM
Seems Psychic Inver's team has increased

12th October 2013, 8:22 AM
Preliminary new attack page. Did we miss any? Let me know!


12th October 2013, 9:35 AM

New Items page

12th October 2013, 9:51 AM
That's interesting. Druddigon just used Dragon Tail on my Lapras and it didn't switch out...

12th October 2013, 9:58 AM
If anyone has any ideas where Aggronite/Tyranitarite are, let me know

12th October 2013, 10:12 AM

Created a preliminary list of updated attacks. There are a few I have yet to add due to their indepth effects changing but will update as soon as I can

12th October 2013, 10:27 AM
I got False Swipe from one of the assistance in the 3rd floor of the Professor's lab, you have to talk to her in order to get it.

She recognized the might of my Pokemon and didn't want the weaklings to faint before I caught them. ;107;

Braixen learned Psybeam at level 19, I think.
edit: level 18

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 10:32 AM
Friendship checling lady is in a house on the west side of Santalune.

Also, couple more trainer rosters:

Rising Star Loic: Riolu lv9

Schoolkid Rabbie: Pidgey lv 7 | Metapod lv 5

Schoolgirl (?) Mckenzie: Bunnelby lv 8

Rising Star Louise: Psyduck lv 6 | Litleo lv 7

Bunnelby learns Quick Attack at level 8 and Double Slap and level 10. Froakie learned Lick and level 10.

12th October 2013, 10:37 AM
Found Tyranitarite in Cyllage. Waiting for my friend to get online to send me a Pupitar and let me borrow Aggronite

12th October 2013, 10:39 AM
Braixen learned Psybeam at level 19, I think. Level 18, actually. Not a bad moveset for it early on - Flame Charge and Psybeam is useful for a level 18 imo.

Route 4 has some hedge mazes and flowers acting as tall grass that you can only walk through. Bunch of pokes in those too, e.g. combee (females not uncommon unless I'm still lucky!), skitty, Flabébé (I think the flower it has depends on the type of flower-grass you walk in), ledyba, ralts).

Items: Great Ball on the right hand side of the mazes (about halfway up to that skating ring from the start of the route, not hard to get too), a super potion closer to the start, and I think an Antidote on the left hand side. Exp Share obtained at the start of the route after beating gym.
Ether top right corner of route (go though the maze there/to the right of it through the flowers).
Net ball top left (same deal as above).
Poison barb as mentioned in middle-top of route, behind a mini fence.

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 10:46 AM
Viola's Surskit knows Bubble, Water Sport and Quick Attack. Her Vivillon knows Tackle, Harden and Infestation. Also, looks like they got rid of the music change when the Gym leader sends out their last Pokemon. :( At least they ditched all the sounds associated with red HP.

I'm assuming that clothing items change daily or something, because the my game has slightly different hats in the Santalune shop than what Psychic Politoed posted on the last page (black knit cap & beige outdoors cap).

12th October 2013, 10:58 AM
At level 22 Braixen learns Fire Spin.

Edit: At level 13, Bunnelby proves to be just as useless. But at least at this level it learns Mud-Slap.

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 10:59 AM
Ireland gets Vivillon's garden form. I was hoping for marine. :/

12th October 2013, 11:03 AM
You say clothing can differ? Let me check my list then for the day from the hat shop.

...mine agrees with Psychic Politoed. Maybe the colours of the types of hats is random or cycles through with a random starting point? On that note, it's not a version thing, I have Y and Psychic Politoed X. Curious.

At level 22 Braixen learns Fire Spin. That's notably worse than Psybeam.

12th October 2013, 11:08 AM
Idk what is considered a spoiler, so I'll put this one in spoilers just in case you don't want to be surprised by battles of notable characters:

Tierno battles you on Route 5 with a level 12 Corpfish, and it knows Swords Dance. Tierno needs to get his **** together and train harder.

edit: At level 12 Skiddo learns leech seed.

edit 2: In the Lumiose City Pokecenter, there is a man in a suit near the bookshelf who trades Poke Miles for prizes.

The items are:
Berry Juice-10
Moomoo Milk-20
Full Heal-30
Max Repel-35
Hyper Potion-60
Ultra Ball-60
Max Potion-125
Full Restore-300
Max Revive-400
Rare Candy-500
PP Up-1000
(Kreis' love and affection-all your pokemon)

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 11:19 AM
You can change Rotom's form on the second floor of Sycamore's lab. A lady also gives you some Luxury Balls.

12th October 2013, 11:20 AM
Just raising up my Pupitar :)

12th October 2013, 11:37 AM
Furfrou learns Baby Doll Eyes at level 9.

A useless move for a useless Pokemon, it couldn't be any more fitting! :)

12th October 2013, 11:39 AM
Skiddo learns Razor Leaf at level 13. Maybe this guy isn't so bad after all?

edit: Bunnelby learns Take Down at level 15. Still as pathetic as ever, though. I don't mind, he's my Pick-up slave, he collects items for me.

edit 2: TM01 Hone Claw found in Route 5. You need the roller blade ramp to get access to the area. It's in a golden Pokeball. Maybe that's how all TMs are from now on?

12th October 2013, 11:55 AM
There we go

http://www.serebii.net/xy/temp/00608.png http://www.serebii.net/xy/temp/00609.png http://www.serebii.net/xy/temp/00612.png http://www.serebii.net/xy/temp/00613.png

12th October 2013, 12:01 PM
idk why Serebii is beating up weak Pokemon.

Anyway, once you arrive to Camphrier Town, go to the first house you see. There you will find the owner of the PC System, Cassius; he's hella rude. Seriously. Also, there's a girl there who gives you TM46 Thief.

12th October 2013, 12:05 PM
Name rater is some old guy in a suit, and he can be found in Camphrier Town's Pokecenter.

edit: Some guy in a white shirt gives you an ultra ball, he's right outside the Pokemon center in the same town.

edit 2: In Hotel Camphrier, some chick gives you a Full Heal in the lobby. The hotel is directly next to the Pokemon Center.

edit 3: In the same hotel, on the second floor, some guy gives in a pink suit gives you more O-Power or something. It makes your Sp. Atk power increase by 1 point.

12th October 2013, 12:12 PM
If anyone has a Charizardite Y they'd let me borrow for five minutes, can you get in contact

12th October 2013, 12:14 PM
Oh yeah, the boxes now tell you if your Pokémon is of a different language

12th October 2013, 12:15 PM
Behind the building of Hotel Camphrier, some guy with orange hair gives you Berry Juice.

12th October 2013, 12:18 PM
Also, if you go to the house behind the hotel, there's this guy that looks at your Normal type Pokemon and gives you berries in exchange for showing it to him, he senses their good or bad vibes, whatever that means. He offered me one of these berries for showing him my Bunnelby:
Cheri Berry
Chesto Berry
Pecha Berry
Rawst Berry

I think it's a 24 hour thing, because he told me to come back tomorrow to show him another Pokemon.

edit: In the same house, some lady near the kitchen sink gives you a "Sweet Heart." It's a piece of chocolate that restores 20 HP.

edit: In the castle's second floor, behind the desk, you find an escape rope.

Nutter t.KK
12th October 2013, 12:27 PM
I'm back!!

First, some "other" news. My Local Tesco Store has run out of X & Y by 11am this morning! I also got X Retail. If you downloaded it, don't worry, there isn't much in the way of Printed Manuals, which appears to be the case for 3ds games now. (In other news, I "completed" my DVD Collection (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/bignutter/media/20131012_093606_zps90b08ade.jpg.html), it was delivered this morning.)

Volia's Gym apparently is must be completed or your fail and end to get back out.

Plus Voila's Use of "Depth of Field" is totally in line with a Photographer. She gives TM83 Infestation - a "poison"/wrap like move. Teaching TM she's Talking about Shutter Speeds: 1/1000 is 1000th of a second. Which is FAST in Photography. (You'll need Good lighting on the subject as most films won't get much in at that speed. )

12th October 2013, 12:33 PM

Created a preliminary list of updated attacks. There are a few I have yet to add due to their indepth effects changing but will update as soon as I can
Be sure to look at Mud/Water Sport. They seemed to be limited to number of turns.

You say clothing can differ? Let me check my list then for the day from the hat shop.

...mine agrees with Psychic Politoed. Maybe the colours of the types of hats is random or cycles through with a random starting point? On that note, it's not a version thing, I have Y and Psychic Politoed X. Curious.
That's notably worse than Psybeam.
Did you perchance picked the darker skinned trainer? Maybe it's based on that.

Also, I will share a spoiler. It may be early in the game, but be warned. It carries a plot detail that may be more exclusive to X.

In Pokemon X, Lysrade in Luminose City talks to Diartha. He wants to make everything beautiful and young. He does not want to make the world uglier by age.

12th October 2013, 12:37 PM

I've added preliminary locations to the Pokédex. There may be a few gaps here and there so let me know if you spot any. Do note, this does not include Friend Safari as of yet

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 12:37 PM
Apparently you can ride the taxis in Lumiose or something, because one of the taxi dudes says "normally I'd tell you to hop right in, but with the power outage it's not safe to drive".

And Joe if you still need Charizardite Y I can give it to you

e: You can choose to get your hair cut very short, short, medium, or long, and then choose whether you want a lighter or darker colour. My hairs looks awful which sucks because I have great hair irl :(

12th October 2013, 12:43 PM
Just started my copy of X, so I'll contribute what I can. Very impressed with the graphics so far.

12th October 2013, 12:47 PM
Apparently you can ride the taxis in Lumiose or something, because one of the taxi dudes says "normally I'd tell you to hop right in, but with the power outage it's not safe to drive".

And Joe if you still need Charizardite Y I can give it to you

e: You can choose to get your hair cut very short, short, medium, or long, and then choose whether you want a lighter or darker colour. My hairs looks awful which sucks because I have great hair irl :(

Yeah, you can get a taxi to any building in Lumiose. Base rate is 710 P

12th October 2013, 12:55 PM
To find HM01 Cut, go to the Parfum Palace garden. You'll be facing the back of a Reshiram statue, take a left and enter the first maze you see with a guy in a hat standing towards the middle of maze enrtrance. There you'll see a gold Pokeball, it contains HM01 cut. You can find Super Potion in that same maze.

I'm go going to bed.

12th October 2013, 1:05 PM
For Amulet Coin, enter the castle, take all the way right to the end of the hallway and go upstairs. Enter the first room you see, there will be an old man standing there by himself inside the room. In the center of the fireplace, there is a Pokeball containing Amulet Coin.

Nutter t.KK
12th October 2013, 1:08 PM
If you have a full party when you Pick the Kanto Starters You'll be asked to send one your own party to the Box.

Prof Sycamore's Assistant in his office on 3F Gives False Swipe TM, She Mention that I had seen 24 Pokémon. Is there a "count" limit for her?

12th October 2013, 1:11 PM
Did you perchance picked the darker skinned trainer? Maybe it's based on that.No, just fair skin dark hair guy.

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 1:32 PM
Seems that you can get Pokemon-amie items from people you connect with through the PSS. I just got an orange cushion from someone called Zelda.


Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 1:36 PM
Also, if you go to the house behind the hotel, there's this guy that looks at your Normal type Pokemon and gives you berries in exchange for showing it to him, he senses their good or bad vibes, whatever that means. He offered me one of these berries for showing him my Bunnelby:
Cheri Berry
Chesto Berry
Pecha Berry
Rawst Berry

I think it's a 24 hour thing, because he told me to come back tomorrow to show him another Pokemon.
He asked me for a Bug type, so presumably it's a different type every day. Same berries, though.

12th October 2013, 1:37 PM
The Lapras I received east of Sharlour City had a fixed nature of Docile every time I reset. Might be different for others.

Shalour City is where you get Surf as well. Beat the leader twice (once at the gym and once at the Tower of Mastery) to get it from one of your rivals.

Lapras is the only Pokemon that has a special surfing model as far as I know. The rest is just little dark blue spots.

Nutter t.KK
12th October 2013, 1:48 PM
Lumiose City - Outer Ring - 1st Door right from Route 5 Entrance
Quick Claw Given by Red Hair Girl 1F
Timer Balls Given by Office Worker North East 2F
Quick Balls Given by the Office woker next to Timer Balls.

Route 5 - Super potion at the end of a Grind Rail in Skate part, near Lumiose entrance.

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 1:50 PM
You get given control of a berry farm on Route 7. You can grow berries in it and the guy there gives you a bunch of Oran and Pecha berries.

e: and also a Sprinklotad.

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 1:53 PM
There's also a mulch maker at the top of the farm. You put three berries in to make mulch. I put in two Pechas and an Oran and got 3 bags of boost mulch.

"It increases the barry harvest that can be grown by diligent watering"

Gulpin is able to learn Infestation, while Frogadier, Bunnelby and Vivillon can learn thief (Flabebe cannot).

12th October 2013, 1:54 PM
Been looking for more Mega Stones or, if I have found all the Mega Evolutions, something telling me so. Trevor is still saying about Mega Tyranitar, even though I have it.

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 1:59 PM
A Miracle Seed can be found in the bottom right corner of the berry farm.

Also, I was running down Route 6 and a Venipede jumped out of a bush and attacked me. Hella weird.

12th October 2013, 2:00 PM
So, if I hypothetically have all the Mega Evolutionss, then add that to the amount of new Pokémon and we currently have 97 new ones

12th October 2013, 2:09 PM
Rival battle happens outside the gym in Coumarine City.

Take the monorail which is all the way to the east when you enter the city.

In the same city you get a TM called Embargo. Go east till you reach the monorail. Go north and follow the path and talk to the girl. Answer Embargo and you have the TM.

You get the HM Fly from the professor once you enter the monorail station.

12th October 2013, 2:09 PM
http://www.serebii.net/xy/battlechateau.shtml Battle Chateau page

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 2:28 PM
TM09 Venoshock is found in the bottom left hand corner of the right hand side of Route 6. You have to jump over a ledge to get to it.

And Furfrou belonging to trainers can appear with their hair trimmed. Two of them took down my Frogadier and Charmeleon. :(

12th October 2013, 2:41 PM
Updated a load of imagesin the Pokédex/Pokémon page to get rid of the awful grid the Pokédex includes. Will do more later.

Also, I'll do 3D models of pre-Kalos Pokémon at a later point

12th October 2013, 3:03 PM
I've decided to compile a list of Pokemon Locations for Kalos Dex Pokemon.
Post-game Pokemon location is still in the works.

I already have my copy of Y but I still haven't played it yet.
So I don't know which Pokemon are encountered via Surf, or caught with a specific kind of Rod.
I also don't know where to evolve Nosepass and Magneton.


001. Chespin - Starter Pokémon
002. Quilladin - (Lv.16)
003. Chesnaught - (Lv.36)
004. Fennekin - Starter Pokémon
005. Braixen - (Lv.16)
006. Delphox - (Lv.36)
007. Froakie - Starter Pokémon
008. Frogadier - (Lv.16)
009. Greninja - (Lv.36)
010. Bunnelby - Route 2, Route 3, Route 22
011. Diggersby - Route 22; (Lv.20)
012. Zigzagoon - Route 2
013. Linoone - (Lv.20)
014. Fletchling - Route 2, Route 3
015. Fletchinder - (Lv.17)
016. Talonflame - (Lv.35)
017. Pidgey - Route 2, Route 3
018. Pidgeotto - (Lv.18)
019. Pidgeot - (Lv.36)
020. Scatterbug - Route 2, Santalune Forest
021. Spewpa - (Lv.09)
022. Vivillon - (Lv.12)
023. Caterpie - Route 2 (Y only), Santalune Forest
024. Metapod - Santalune Forest (Y only); (Lv.07)
025. Butterfree - (Lv.10)
026. Weedle - Route 2 (X only), Santalune Forest
027. Kakuna - Santalune Forest (X only); (Lv.07)
028. Beedrill - (Lv.10)
029. Pansage - Santalune Forest
030. Simisage - (Leaf Stone)
031. Pansear - Santalune Forest
032. Simisear - (Fire Stone)
033. Panpour - Santalune Forest
034. Simipour - (Water Stone)
035. Pichu - Breed Pikachu/Raichu
036. Pikachu - Route 3, Santalune Forest; (Max. Happiness)
037. Raichu - (Thunder Stone)
038. Bidoof - Route 3, Route 22
039. Bibarel - Route 22(Lv.15)
040. Dunsparce - Route 3, Route 22
041. Azurill - Route 3, Route 22
042. Marill - Route 3; (Max. Happiness)
043. Azumarill - Route 22; (Lv.18)
044. Burmy - Route 3
045. Wormadam - (Lv.20, F)
046. Mothim - (Lv.20, M)
047. Surskit - Breed Masquerain
048. Masquerain - Route 3; (Lv.22)
049. Magikarp - Route 3, Route 22
050. Gyarados - Route 3, Route 22; (Lv.20)
051. Corphish - Route 3
052. Crawdaunt - Route 3; (Lv.30)
053. Goldeen - Route 3, Route 22
054. Seaking - Route 3, Route 22; (Lv.33)
055. Carvanha - Route 22
056. Sharpedo - Route 22; (Lv.30)
057. Litleo - Route 22
058. Pyroar - (Lv.35)
059. Psyduck - Route 7, Route 22
060. Golduck - (Lv.33)
061. Farfetch'd - Route 22
062. Riolu - Route 22
063. Lucario - (Max. Happiness, Day)
064. Ralts - Route 4
065. Kirlia - (Lv.20)
066. Gardevoir - (Lv.30)
067. Gallade - (Dawn Stone, M)
068. Flabébé - Route 4, Route 7
069. Floette - (Lv.19)
070. Florges - (Shiny Stone)
071. Budew - Route 4
072. Roselia - Route 7; (Max. Happiness, Day)
072. Roserade - (Shiny Stone)
074. Ledyba - Route 4
075. Ledian - (Lv.18)
076. Combee - Route 4
077. Vespiquen - (Lv.21, F)
078. Skitty - Route 4
079. Delcatty - (Moon Stone)
080. Bulbasaur - Lumiose City - Professor Sycamore
081. Ivysaur - (Lv.16)
082. Venusaur - (Lv.32)
083. Charmander - Lumiose City - Professor Sycamore
084. Charmeleon - (Lv.16)
085. Charizard - (Lv.36)
086. Squirtle - Lumiose City - Professor Sycamore
087. Wartortle - (Lv.16)
088. Blastoise - (Lv.36)
089. Skiddo - Route 5
090. Gogoat - (Lv.32)
091. Pancham - Route 5
092. Pangoro - (Lv.32, w/ Dark-type in team)
093. Furfrou - Route 5
094. Doduo - Route 5
095. Dodrio - (Lv.31)
096. Plusle - Route 5
097. Minun - Route 5
098. Gulpin - Route 5
099. Swalot - (Lv.26)
100. Scraggy - Route 5
101. Scrafty - (Lv.39)
102. Abra - Route 5
103. Kadabra - (Lv.16)
104. Alakazam - (Trade)
105. Oddish - Route 6
106. Gloom - (Lv.21)
107. Vileplume - (Leaf Stone)
108. Bellossom - (Sun Stone)
109. Sentret - Route 6
110. Furret - (Lv.15)
111. Nincada - Route 6
112. Ninjask - (Lv.20)
113. Shedinja - (Lv.20, Empty slot in party)
114. Espurr - Route 6
115. Meowstic - (Lv.25)
116. Kecleon - Route 6
117. Honedge - Route 6
118. Doublade - (Lv.35)
119. Aegislash - (Dusk Stone)
120. Venipede - Route 6
121. Whirlipede - (Lv.22)
122. Scolipede - (Lv.30)
123. Audino - Route 6
124. Smeargle - Route 7
125. Croagunk - Route 7
126. Toxicroak - (Lv.37)
127. Ducklett - Route 7
128. Swanna - (Lv.35)
129. Spritzee - Route 7 (Y only)
130. Aromatisse - (Trade, w/ Sachet)
131. Swirlix - Route 7 (X only)
132. Slurpuff - (Trade, w/ Whipped Dream)
133. Volbeat - Route 7
134. Illumise - Route 7
135. Hoppip - Route 7
136. SKiploom - (Lv.18)
137. Jumpluff - (Lv.27)
138. Munchlax - Breed Snorlax
139. Snorlax - Route 7 - Interact; (Max Happiness)
140. Whismur - Connecting Cave
141. Loudred - (Lv.20)
142. Exploud - (Lv.40)
143. Meditite - Connecting Cave
144. Medicham - (Lv.37)
145. Zubat - Connecting Cave
146. Golbat - (Lv.22)
147. Crobat - (Max Happiness)
148. Axew - Connecting Cave
149. Fraxure - (Lv.38)
150. Haxorus - (Lv.48)


001. Drifloon - Route 8
002. Drifblim - (Lv.38)
003. Mienfoo - Route 8
004. Mienshao - (Lv.50)
005. Zangoose - Route 8
006. Seviper - Route 8
007. Spoink - Route 8
008. Grumpig - (Lv.32)
009. Absol - Route 8
010. Inkay - Route 8
011. Malamar - (Lv.30, Hold 3DS upside-down)
012. Lunatone - Route 8 (X only)
013. Solrock - Route 8 (Y only)
014. Bagon - Route 8
015. Shelgon - (Lv.30)
016. Salamence - (Lv.50)
017. Wingull - Route 8, Route 12
018. Pelipper - (Lv.25)
019. Taillow - Route 8
020. Swellow - (Lv.22)
021. Binacle - Route 8, Route 12, Ambrette Town, Cyllage City - Rock Smash
022. Barbaracle - (Lv.39)
023. Dwebble - Route 8, Route 12, Ambrette Town, Cyllage City, Glittering Cave - Rock Smash
024. Crustle - (Lv.34)
025. Tentacool - Route 8, 12, Ambrette Town, Azure Bay, Cyllage City
026. Tentacruel - (Lv.30)
027. Wailmer - Route 8, Ambrette Town, Cyllage City
028. Wailord - (Lv.40)
029. Luvdisc - Route 8, 12, Ambrette Town (Y Only), Azure Bay, Cyllage City - Fish
030. Skrelp - Route 8, Ambrette Town, Cyllage City - Fish (Y only)
031. Dragalge - (Lv.48)
032. Clauncher - Route 8, Ambrette Town, Cyllage City - Fish (X only)
033. Clawitzer - (Lv.37)
034. Staryu - Route 8 - Fish (X only)
035. Starmie - Route 8 - Fish (X only)(Water Stone)
036. Shellder - Route 8 - Fish (Y only)
037. Cloyster - Route 8 - Fish (Y only)(Water Stone)
038. Qwilfish - Route 8 - Fish
039. Horsea - Ambrette Town, Cyllage City - Fish
040. Seadra - (Lv.32)
041. Kingdra - (Trade,w/ Dragon Scale)
042. Relicanth - Ambrette Town, Cyllage City - Fish
043. Sandile - Route 9
044. Krokorok - (Lv.29)
045. Krookodile - (Lv.40)
046. Helioptile - Route 9
047. Heliolisk - (Sun Stone)
048. Hippopotas - Route 9
049. Hippowdon - (Lv.34)
050. Rhyhorn - Glittering Cave
051. Rhydon - (Lv.42)
052. Rhyperior - (Trade, w/ Protector)
053. Onix - Glittering Cave
054. Steelix - (Trade, w/ Metal Coat)
055. Woobat - Glittering Cave, Reflection Cave
056. Swoobat - (Max Happiness)
057. Machop - Glittering Cave
058. Machoke - (Lv.28)
059. Machamp - (Trade)
060. Cubone - Glittering Cave
061. Marowak - (Lv.28)
062. Kangaskhan - Glittering Cave
063. Mawile - Glittering Cave
064. Tyrunt - Revive Jaw Fossil
065. Tyrantrum - (Lv.39, Day)
066. Amaura - Revive Jaw Fossil
067. Aurorus - (Lv.39, Night)
068. Aerodactyl - Revive Old Amber
069. Ferroseed - Glittering Cave, Reflection Cave
070. Ferrothorn - (Lv.40)
071. Snubbull - Route 10
072. Granbull - (Lv.23)
073. Electrike - Route 10 (Y only)
074. Manectric - (Lv.26)
075. Houndour - Route 10 (X only)
076. Houndoom - (Lv.24)
077. Eevee - Route 10
078. Vaporeon - (Water Stone)
079. Jolteon - (Thunder Stone)
080. Flareon - (Fire Stone)
081. Espeon - (Max Happiness, Day)
082. Umbreon - (Max Happiness, Night)
083. Leafeon - (Level up around Moss Rock)
084. Glaceon - (Level up around Icy Rock)
085. Sylveon - (Max Bond on Pokemon-Amie)
086. Emolga - Route 10
087. Yanma - Route 10
088. Yanmega - (Level up, learn Ancientpower)
089. Hawlucha - Route 10
090. Sigilyph - Route 10
091. Golett - Route 10
092. Golurk - (Lv.43)
093. Nosepass - Route 10
094. Probopass - (???)
095. Makuhita - Route 11
096. Hariyama - (Lv.24)
097. Throh - Route 11 (Y only)
098. Sawk - Route 11 (X only)
099. Starly - Route 11
100. Staravia - (Lv.14)
101. Staraptor - (Lv.34)
102. Stunky - Route 11
103. Skuntank - (Lv.34)
104. Nidoran F - Route 11
105. Nidorina - (Lv.16)
106. Nidoqueen - (Moon Stone)
107. Nidoran M - Route 11
108. Nidorino - (Lv.16)
109. Nidoking - (Moon Stone)
110. Dedenne - Route 11
111. Chingling - Route 11, Reflection Cave
112. Chimecho - (Max Happiness, Night)
113. Mime Jr. - Reflection Cave
114. Mr. Mime - (Level up, learn Mimic)
115. Solosis - Reflection Cave
116. Duosion - (Lv.32)
117. Reuniclus - (Lv.41)
118. Wynaut - Breed Wobbuffet
119. Wobbuffet - Reflection Cave; (Lv.15)
120. Roggenrola - Reflection Cave
121. Boldore - (Lv.25)
122. Gigalith - (Trade)
123. Sableye - Reflection Cave
124. Carbink - Reflection Cave
125. Tauros - Route 12
126. Miltank - Route 12
127. Mareep - Route 12
128. Flaaffy - (Lv.15)
129. Ampharos - (Lv.30)
130. Pinsir - Route 12 (X only)
131. Heracross - Route 12 (Y only)
132. Pachirisu - Route 12
133. Slowpoke - Route 12
134. Slowbro - (Lv.37)
135. Slowking - (Trade,w/ King's Rock)
136. Exeggcute - Route 12
137. Exeggutor - (Leaf Stone)
138. Chatot - Route 12
139. Mantyke - Route 12, Azure Bay
140. Mantine - (Level up, w/ Remoraid in party)
141. Clamperl - Route 12 - Fish
142. Huntail - Route 12 - Fish (X only); (Trade, w/ Deepseatooth)
143. Gorebyss - Route 12 - Fish (Y only); (Trade, w/ Deepseascale)
144. Remoraid - Route 12, Azure Bay - Fish
145. Octillery - Route 12, Azure Bay - Fish; (Lv.25)
146. Corsola - Route 12 - Fish
147. Chinchou - Azue Bay - Fish
148. Lanturn - Azue Bay - Fish(Lv.27)
149. Alomomola - Azue Bay - Fish
150. Lapras - Route 12, Azure Bay
151. Articuno - Roaming Kalos (post-game)
152. Zapdos - Roaming Kalos (post-game)
153. Moltres - Roaming Kalos (post-game)


001. Diglett - Route 13
002. Dugtrio - (Lv.26)
003. Trapinch - Route 13
004. Vibrava - (Lv.35)
005. Flygon - (Lv.45)
006. Gible - Route 13
007. Gabite - (Lv.24)
008. Garchomp - (Lv.48)
009. Geodude - Route 18, Terminus Cave and Victory Road
010. Graveler - Route 13, Route 18, Terminus Cave, Victory Road; (Lv.25)
011. Golem - (Trade)
012. Slugma - Route 13
013. Magcargo - (Lv.38)
014. Shuckle - Route 16, Route 18, Terminus Cave, Victory Road
015. Skorupi - Route 14, Route 15, Route 16
016. Drapion - (Lv.40)
017. Wooper - Breed Quagsire
018. Quagsire - Route 14, Route 19; (Lv.20)
019. Goomy - Route 14
020. Sliggoo - Route 19(Lv.40)
021. Goodra - (Level up in rain)
022. Karrablast - Route 14, Route 19
023. Escavalier - (Trade with a Shelmet)
024. Shelmet - Route 14, Route 19
025. Accelgor - (Trade with a Karrablast)
026. Bellsprout - Route 14
027. Weepinbell - Route 14, Route 16, Route 19; (Lv.21)
028. Victreebel - (Leaf Stone)
029. Carnivine - Route 14, Route 19
030. Gastly - Frost Cavern
031. Haunter - Route 14, Route 19, Victory Road; (Lv.25)
032. Gengar - (Trade)
033. Poliwag - Route 14, Route 15, Route 16, Route 19, Route 21, Pokémon Village
034. Poliwhirl - Route 14, Route 15, Route 16, Route 19, Route 21, Pokémon Village; (Lv.25)
035. Poliwrath - (Water Stone)
036. Politoed - (Trade, w/ King's Rock)
037. Ekans - Route 14
038. Arbok - (Lv.22)
039. Stunfisk - Route 14, Route 19
040. Barboach - Route 14, Route 19
041. Whiscash - Route 14, Route 19; (Lv.30)
042. Purrloin - Breed Liepard
043. Liepard - Route 15 (Y only); (Lv.20)
044. Poochyena - Breed Mightyena
045. Mightyena - Route 15 (Y only); (Lv.18)
046. Patrat - Breed Watchog
047. Watchog - Route 15; (Lv.20)
048. Pawniard - Route 15, Lost Hotel
049. Bisharp - (Lv.52)
050. Klefki - Route 15, Route 16, Lost Hotel
051. Murkrow - Route 15, Route 16
052. Honchkrow - (Dusk Stone)
053. Foongus - Route 15, Route 16, Route 20, Victory Road, Pokémon Village
054. Amoonguss - Route 20, Victory Road, Pokémon Village; (Lv.39)
055. Lotad - Breed Lombre
056. Lombre - Route 15, Route 16, Route 21, Pokémon Village; (Lv.14)
057. Ludicolo - (Water Stone)
058. Buizel - Breed Floatzel
059. Floatzel - Route 15, Route 16, Route 21; (Lv.26)
060. Basculin - Route 15, Route 16, Route 21, Pokémon Village
061. Phantump - Route 16
062. Trevenant - (Trade)
063. Pumpkaboo - Route 16
064. Gourgeist - (Trade)
065. Litwick - Lost Hotel
066. Lampent - (Lv.41)
067. Chandelure - (Dusk Stone)
068. Rotom - Lost Hotel
069. Magnemite - Lost Hotel
070. Magneton - Lost Hotel(Lv.30)
071. Magnezone - (???)
072. Voltorb - Lost Hotel
073. Electrode - Lost Hotel; (Lv.30)
074. Trubbish - Lost Hotel, Pokémon Village
075. Garbordor - (Lv.36)
076. Swinub - Breed Piloswine/Mamoswine
077. Piloswine - Frost Cavern(Lv.33)
078. Mamoswine - (Level up, learn Ancientpower)
079. Bergmite - Frost Cavern
080. Avalugg - (Lv.37)
081. Cubchoo - Frost Cavern
082. Beartic - Frost Cavern; (Lv.37)
083. Smoochum - Frost Cavern
084. Jynx - Frost Cavern(Lv.30)
085. Vanillite - Frost Cavern
086. Vanillish - (Lv.35)
087. Vanilluxe - (Lv.47)
088. Snover - Route 17
089. Abomasnow - Route 17; (Lv.40)
090. Delibird - Route 17
091. Sneasel - Route 17
092. Weavile - (Level up, w/ Razor Claw, Night)
093. Timburr - Breed Gurdurr/Conkeldurr
094. Gurdurr - Route 18, Victory Road; (Lv.35)
095. Conkeldurr - (Trade)
096. Torkoal - Route 18
097. Sandshrew - Breed Sandslash
098. Sandslash - Route 18, Terminus Cave; (Lv.22)
099. Aron - Terminus Cave (X only)
100. Lairon - Route 18 (X only); (Lv.32)
101. Aggron - (Lv.42)
102. Larvitar - Terminus Cave (Y only)
103. Pupitar - Route 18 (Y only); (Lv.30)
104. Tyranitar - (Lv.55)
105. Heatmor - Route 18
106. Durant - Route 18
107. Spinarak - Breed Ariados
108. Ariados - Terminus Cave, Victory Road; (Lv.22)
109. Spearow - Breed Fearow
110. Fearow - Route 18, Victory Road; (Lv.20)
111. Cryogonal - Frost Cavern
112. Skarmory - Route 18. Victory Road
113. Noibat - Terminus Cave, Victory Road
114. Noivern - (Lv.48)
115. Gligar - Route 19
116. Gliscor - (Level up, w/ Razor Fang, Night)
117. Hoothoot - Pokémon Village
118. Noctowl - Route 20, Pokémon Village; (Lv. 20)
119. Igglybuff - Breed Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff
120. Jigglypuff - Route 20, Pokémon Village; (Max Happiness)
121. Wigglytuff - (Moon Stone)
122. Shuppet - Breed Banette
123. Bannette - Pokémon Village; (Lv.37)
124. Zorua - Breed Zoroark
125. Zoroark - Route 20, Pokémon Village; (Lv.30)
126. Gothita - Breed Gothorita/Gothitelle
127. Gothorita - Route 20, Pokémon Village; (Lv.32)
128. Gothitelle - (Lv.41)
129. Bonsly - Breed Sudowoodo
130. Sudowoodo - Route 20; (Level up, learn Mimic)
131. Spinda - Route 21
132. Teddiursa - Victory Road
133. Ursaring - Route 21, Victory Road; (Lv.30)
134. Lickitung - Victory Road
135. Lickilicky - (Level up, learn Rollout)
136. Scyther - Route 21
137. Scizor - (Trade, w/ Metal Coat)
138. Ditto - Pokémon Village
139. Swablu - Route 21
140. Altaria - Route 21; (Lv.35)
141. Druddigon - Victory Road
142. Deino - Breed Zweilous/Hydreigon
143. Zweilous - Victory Road; (Lv.50)
144. Hydreigon - (Lv.64)
145. Dratini - Route 21
146. Dragonair - Route 21; (Lv.30)
147. Dragonite - (Lv.55)
148. Xerneas - Team Flare's Lab (X only)
149. Yveltal - Team Flare's Lab (Y only)
150. Zygarde - Terminus Cave (post-game)
151. Mewtwo - Pokémon Village (post-game)

This is also posted in the first post of the Dex Thread for quick reference.

12th October 2013, 3:03 PM
http://www.serebii.net/xy/opowers.shtml Updated this with locations.

You can't send Encounter or Stealth Powers to people. I tried it (to screw with a friend who is trying to catch them all in each route before he moves on) but they will not appear on the list.

12th October 2013, 3:16 PM
Working on catching up to everyone else, I've only just left Santalune. Some minor things I've seen that I haven't seen mentioned yet: At the Pokemon Centre when healing your Pokemon there's a screen above the nurse that shows the sprites of all the Pokemon in your party. There's also a 'Restore' option when selecting a Pokemon in your Party that takes you to a menu with all your healing items. Pretty neat.

The hats that I had in my store in Santalune were different from what was posted earlier, so it sounds like they may be random.

12th October 2013, 3:38 PM
Return to Looker's old place and Essentia will battle. Her Pokémon are in the 70s!

Nutter t.KK
12th October 2013, 4:01 PM
On Route 5: There is a Yellow Item ball, with TM 01 in it. It's place overlooking a Field with Lavender Flowers.. You'll need to use the Grind Rails.

Also on Route 5, Youngster Keita Asks why he like shorts... "Because they're comfy and easy to wear!" Nice!

EDIT: X Attack in SW of Camphrier Town, behind two Ledges.

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 4:12 PM
Haha, I love how the beauties carry baguettes.

Vivillon learns Psybeam at level 17. Pancham learns Karate Chop at level 12 and Comet Punch and level 15. I love my Pancham <3

e: Oh ****ing finally, I've been searching for Honedge for ages.

12th October 2013, 4:15 PM
Sorry I've been somewhat quiet. Been doing screenshots for tomorrow's preliminary Pokéarth update

Nutter t.KK
12th October 2013, 4:31 PM
In Camphrier Town Hotel O-power guy gives me the Sp Attack Boost 1 powers.

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 4:38 PM
Left hand side of Route 6 has an Awakening in the top right and a Super Repel to the far left. There's also an Aguav berry tree down south a but it seems that you need something (move or item, idk) to get the berries because "they're too high up".

Also the repel prompt is back if anyone was wondering.

Nutter t.KK
12th October 2013, 4:49 PM
Ether in Item Ball found East side of the Gates of Parfum Palace.

12th October 2013, 4:56 PM
Irrelevant to the coverage, but I got a shiny Gulpin...confirming that you can get them in hordes (I had seen some doubt)

12th October 2013, 5:08 PM
Minun now has the ability Volt Absorb
Plusle now has the ability Lightningrod

These Hidden Abilities are accessed via the Hordes

12th October 2013, 5:16 PM
Problem with Hordes is that you don't really know which Pokémon has the ability. For example, I was against a horde of Scraggy earlier, one had its HA of Intimidate. No way of telling which

12th October 2013, 5:39 PM

Made this page to keep track

12th October 2013, 6:09 PM

Move Tutor page

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 6:32 PM
You team up with Serena to battle Tierno and Trevor at the end of Route 7. Serena has Fletchling and her evolved start, Tierno has Corphish and Trevor has Pikachu and Flabebe.

Also, I love how you can see your Pokemon tumbling around in its Pokeball on the Pokemon-amie screen as you run.

12th October 2013, 6:34 PM
Been giving Super Training a go, specifically the Super Secret Training. You can get various evolution items in it such as Leaf Stone, Dusk Stone etc. Still going through them

12th October 2013, 6:34 PM
Irrelevant to the coverage, but I got a shiny Gulpin...confirming that you can get them in hordes (I had seen some doubt)
Hope you caught it.

Anyway, directly opposite of the Shutterbug Cafe, you find a two floor building. On the bottom floor, there is a girl that gives you Quick Claw, while a gardener mentions Miracle Seed (maybe you need to show him a grass type or something). On the top floor, there are two computer techs to the right of the room. One gives you three Timer Balls, and the other one gives you three Quick Balls.

Edit: On Route 5, there is actually a hidden Super Potion on the left rock before you skate down the roller ramp on the left of the park before you go on the ramp to get the other Super Potion.
Go up the upward terrain to the left, and go down a ramp that seems to go down through a thicket of trees, you will find an Oran Berry next to an Oran tree. This is not dissimilar to the Apricorn trees in HG/SS.

Speaking of not dissimilar, the trainer has an idle animation while not moving, not dissimilar to the trainer in Pokemon XD.

12th October 2013, 6:56 PM

Updated this :)

12th October 2013, 7:06 PM
This gym trainer's Kakuna has Poison Sting. I guess it's now part of Kakuna's move pool instead of harden and also harden

kinda sad that this random lass outclasses 2/3rds of Bugsy's team this way

12th October 2013, 7:10 PM
Hone Claws (TM 01) can be found to the left of the uneven ground and slightly north of the two roller trainers. You have to do two ramps where part of the ramp is bend down. I haven't exactly figured how I'm doing it, but I'm guessing it has to do with me pressing the A button. Just a guess...

Edit: Maybe it has to do with pressing the stick in the right direction.

12th October 2013, 7:14 PM
Edit: Maybe it has to do with pressing the stick in the right direction.

That's correct, just make sure your stick is going the same direction as the rail and you're fine.

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 7:15 PM
You can find a Leaf Stone across the stepping stones on Route 8.

This gym trainer's Kakuna has Poison Sting. I guess it's now part of Kakuna's move pool instead of harden and also harden
Well technically it could have evolved from a Weedle that knew Poison Sting.

12th October 2013, 7:25 PM
Seems there's new mulch. In this game, you can put 3 berries into a composter and it'll give you mulch

I just got Rich Mulch. It increases the Berry yield

12th October 2013, 7:26 PM
You can find a Leaf Stone across the stepping stones on Route 8.

Well technically it could have evolved from a Weedle that knew Poison Sting.

AI Trainers just look at that specific pokemon's move pool, even if it doesn't always make sense.
That's why pretty much all Kakunas & Metapods and so on only knew Harden. They're level up lists change to nothing but harden, even though they should have other things

12th October 2013, 7:29 PM
I did notice that if you have a Pokemon with a field move (i.e. Abra with Teleport) you have a TM disc symbol next to the Pokemon that has it.

Edit: Youngster Keita on Route 5 mentions how shorts are comfy and easy to wear, and obvious throwback to the originals. He has a Pansage. Oh Keita, how I envy you...

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 7:42 PM
AI Trainers just look at that specific pokemon's move pool, even if it doesn't always make sense.
That's why pretty much all Kakunas & Metapods and so on only knew Harden. They're level up lists change to nothing but harden, even though they should have other things
Oh yeah, I remember that being a thing now. Shame.

The Old Rod is given to you by a fisherman in the Ambrette Aquarium.

12th October 2013, 7:50 PM
Oh yeah, I remember that being a thing now. Shame.

The Old Rod is given to you by a fisherman in the Ambrette Aquarium.

That's always been a thing! It's why stone-evolved pokemon on normal trainers have always been oddly weak or have stupid moves on them

I hope it does "remember" moves it could have from a previous stage, though, since this could make other exceptions like stone-evolved pokemon more dangerous

12th October 2013, 7:56 PM
Cassius is the PC owner and he is in the house North of the Pokemon Center (the name Rater is in the Center) also in the house with Cassius is a girl with TM 46: Thief. There is also a hotel with a guy giving you a full heal and Mr. Bonding giving you the Sp. Attack O Power. Come to think of it, I believe I saw him in the gate leading to Route 5 giving you other O Powers.

Edit: A guy South of the Pokemon Center gives you an Ultra Ball.

12th October 2013, 7:59 PM
At level 27, Braixen learns Lucky Chant.

At level 18, Bunnelby learns Mud Shot

At level 13, Honedge learns Pursuit.

At level 13, Espurr learns Light Screen

12th October 2013, 8:10 PM
Surprise Mulch: It can cause strange sudden mutations based on combination of Berries

I am now intrigued

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 8:16 PM
The meteors for changing Deoxys' forms are located in the fossil centre in Ambrette Town. There's also a dude who wants to see a Gensect, so I assume that he gives you the drives.

You can find a Pearl on the beach in Ambrette too, but you have to re-enter the town from Route 8 (there's a small sandbank leading back into the town).

12th October 2013, 8:16 PM
Some shadow from the bushes on Route 7 attacked me from the side. It was an Audino. The berry recovery animation is more complex. You see the berry getting cracked.

I may take a break to get some studying done, but when I hang out with my friend, I will play the game maniacally.

I also need to do the Fishing Tourney in New Leaf.

Nutter t.KK
12th October 2013, 8:24 PM
Berry Juice Given by Female Artist in Camphier Town.

Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 8:28 PM
You can find a Paralyze Heal about halfway along Route 9, and a Dusk Ball at the end, just below the sky trainer.

Honedge learns Autotomize at level 18.

Shadow Claw is in Glittering Cave.

Nutter t.KK
12th October 2013, 8:36 PM
Question for All peeps: Berry Bushes. Do they reset at 00:00 or X amount of hours after you picked up the last one? Route 5 Contains a Oran and Route 6 a Perism.

Tiny Mushroom a few Steps south of Perism Bush.

12th October 2013, 8:45 PM
Seems I never posted pics of Kangaskhan/Abomasnow

http://www.serebii.net/xy/temp/00563.png http://www.serebii.net/xy/temp/00437.png

12th October 2013, 8:48 PM
Can confirm the Togepi line is Fairy now. Got one in Friend Safari

12th October 2013, 9:15 PM
Had this reported to me. Just tested. When you breed Pokémon, the baby now comes in the same Ball as one of its parents

12th October 2013, 9:20 PM
What is also interesting is

Earlier I bred my Charizard with Ditto. Charizard is male, it had a couple of TM moves. None of them inherited.
I just bred my Scizor with Ditto. Scizor is female. The Scyther had Night Slash, which is a move that it can only learn via level up

12th October 2013, 9:29 PM
Reports going round that males can pass on Hidden Abilities, too. This is certainly going to warrant a lot of research

12th October 2013, 9:42 PM
At level 30, Braixen learns Light Screen.

At any level, my Pikachu proves to remain useless as always. At least it know Nuzzle.

12th October 2013, 9:51 PM
and Bunnelby evolves at level 20, let's see if he evolves into something less useless.

edit: why am I not surprised that it evolved into some disgusting fat rabbit.

12th October 2013, 9:54 PM
If you're in the state of Georgia, enjoy your Modern Pattern Vivillon

12th October 2013, 10:04 PM
Hydrohs linked me to this:

It shows a lot of patterns for Vivillon based on your location.

12th October 2013, 10:13 PM
To wake of the Snorlax, you need to go to the Parfum Mansion. While there, you can get HM 01 Cut. You also need to get a Furfrou in a mini-puzzle reminiscent to the Farfecth'd puzzle in Ilex Forest. At the end of the chase, you get to see fireworks in a cute mini-ending to the side quest (at least if you picked the male character). You also get the Pokeflute from the owner, and TM 17: Protect from the butler.

I might try to see what lies behind the Cutting trees.

12th October 2013, 10:18 PM
Created this preliminary page. Missing around 10 but hope to find them soon


Grey Wind
12th October 2013, 10:24 PM
You can find the Sachet for evolving Spritzee in a house in Cyllage City. The massage woman is in the house beside the Pokemon Centre.