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16th April 2005, 4:33 PM
This is old. Really old. I think this made its FF.N debut on the day the game it was based on was released... nobody read it there, and chances are nobody's going to read it here. Oh, well... PG-13 for later happenings. It's PG right now...

1: VS Horsea ;116;

"Clef... Cle-faaa!"

"Cleffa! For heaven's sake, shut up!"


It was night in Viridian City, and the moon was full...

Living hell for Leaf.

"Cle... Clef-fa! Clef-fa! Clef-"

"WHAT did I just tell you?!"

The brown-haired girl's normally hyperactive Cleffa just got worse on nights like this... to darken Leaf's mood, her shopping was nowhere near finished. Four bags of groceries were in her hands, a yellow shoulder bag purchased for the upcoming school year inside one and various foodstuffs in the others. Cleffa bounced around her in circles.

Above her, a Pokeball fell...

"Apples, salad mix, milk, eggs, bread, orange juice, half-and-half...


half-and-half, come on... oh, I knew I forgot something!"


"Eh, it can wait until tomorrow. Mom's always saying she needs to cut back on how many cups of coffee she drinks..."

and hit Leaf on her plastic party hat, bought on a whim at the supermarket.

"What the heck..."

She trailed off when she saw just what had hit her.

"A Pokeball? Whichever butterfinger dropped this'll probably come looking for it..."

She looked up at the darkening sky that it had come from to find a steep cliff, many miles high.

"...then again, it wouldn't hurt to look at it while I wait." She put down the bags in one hand carefully, not wanting to spill eggs all over the place, picked up the Pokeball, and grinned- the boys in her class always battled with their Rattatas and Pidgeys, but she'd always beaten them with her trusty Cleffa. A new Pokemon to add to her roster- if there was a Pokemon in here- would tick them off very much indeed! She'd give the trainer five minutes, but until then...

She dropped the rest of her bags and struck a pose that she'd seen some caped guy on TV use. He'd defeated his opponent without breaking a sweat--maybe this was the new 'in' pose of the year? Good to remember to use on those dumb boys at school when they challenged her, anyway. Getting more into the act, she planted one foot behind her and prepared to throw the Pokeball, in a perfect imitation...

...and stopped mid-throw. What was in here, anyway? That guy had yelled out his pokemon's name--Dragonair, she was sure--and then thrown it whilst yelling, 'GO!' Leaf hadn't a clue as to what was in here... but that was what improvisation was for!

"Whatsit, GO!" She threw the Pokeball-

"Bulba?" A small green pokemon with a bulb on its back materialized in a flash of white light. The pokemon looked up at Leaf's strange position--she still hadn't finished throwing--(what had he done after this, anyway?) and stood there staring like a deer in headlights. Cleffa poked it once, seemed to shrug, and continued bouncing.

Leaf finished, taking a more relaxed position. "What?" she asked, noticing the small pokemon's stare. She didn't have any more time to comment on this, though...

"Little girls like you shouldn't be out this late..." Leaf whirled to see a man with a blue seahorse at his side. The man was dressed entirely in black, except for a red R. A red R... wait, isn't that the sign of-

"T-Team Rocket..." Team Rocket was an urban myth; a near-legendary gang that stole pokemon and various other items that tickled their fancy- children, even! Leaf's mother had never been fond of her battling, and had tried to use the criminals as encouragement to stop ('If you continue like this, Team Rocket will kidnap you as walk home and turn you into a pokemon!' 'Yes, Mom...'). Leaf had never listened- but now, her mother's prediction could be coming true! "What do you want?" The girl's face paled slightly as she took a step backward, pink skirt flying in that same direction due to the evening breeze.

"What do you think? Give me that Bulbasaur!" The Rocket Grunt signaled to his Pokemon with his hand as he said, "Show her we mean buisness, Horsea!" The dark interior of Horsea's snout was beginning to light up. It was obviously gathering energy for something... but what? Leaf's expertise was limited to Pokemon found in the nearby forest and a few she'd seen on a field trip to a gym in Pewter City--and this was definitely not one of those! She quickly thought of an attack.

"Uh... Bulbasaur, Tackle!" Luckily, Bulbasaur knew the attack, and it charged toward Horsea, knocking it to the floor just in time for an enormous burst of light to fly harmlessly into the air. It got up and managed to balance itself precariously on its tightly curled tail, barely weakened by the attack.

This won't work... What if that light hits my Pokemon? I've got to think of a plan... If he wanted the Bulbasaur, then she'd have to protect it! "Cleffa, Pound! Make sure that you protect Bulbasaur!" Cleffa raced toward Horsea as fast as it could on its stubby legs and slammed its fist into the aquatic Pokemon. It flew backwards a little, but got back up.

"Horsea, Smokescreen!" Horsea filled the area with smoke, blinding everyone. Bulbasaur looked back at its new mistress, realized that she really didn't know anything about the art of special attack, and did it anyway, extending two vines from the base of its bulb and using them to find Horsea. Soon, the attack connected, and the other vine joined the first, holding it in place while the Seed Pokemon hit it repeatedly with Razor Leaf. With each hit, Horsea squealed, but soon, its cries died down.

When the smoke cleared, all Leaf saw was that Bulbasaur was holding a knocked out Horsea up with two vines extending from the base of its bud. Having seen his supposedly strong Pokemon completely defeated in such a short time, the Grunt was in a state of disbelief.

"How could Vine Whip do that much damage? Horsea, return!" Despite his defeat, he grinned at the girl. "Don't look so cocky. You're pretty good, but that doesn't mean you can beat our boss." He pulled out a strange ball and threw it down, causing smoke to fill the area. "I think that I'll be seeing you around," he said as the thick, gray smoke concealed him entirely. When it dispersed, the Grunt was gone.

Leaf laughed, "And every time you do, I'll be ready and waiting to cream you again!" Tired, the girl gathered her belongings and looked up at the sky to check on how late she was running. Startled by how black it had become, she carefully gathered her grocery bags and ran towards home at top speed, knowing that her mother would only get angrier as it got later...

Sure enough, a worried and angry Marion Rosales met her daughter at the door of her spacious house in downtown Viridian. The Rosaleses were well-off, and Marion had never really understood why Leaf wanted to go out into the world for something akin to her brother's old bottlecap collection. Besides, considering how many went missing each year, it was much better for Leaf to stay home, where nothing could get her! At least, that was the idea... but not everything can go according to plan...

Twilight Absol
16th April 2005, 4:42 PM
Hmmm....there isn't enough plot given at the beginning for me to comment on, but so far, I guess its ok. There is some humor, and I like how she had a cleffa at the beginning...hope that cleffa stays with Leaf through the entire journey!

16th April 2005, 4:59 PM
cool, i like how this is turning out, im guessing you were in a rush to finish otherwise it shud have been a little longer. But anyway, i like the way you write and i really like how you gave cleffa a good personality, i can tell that its gonna be a funny pokemon. Good so far, but next time, try to write a bit more.

19th April 2005, 4:03 AM
That didn't take long to fall into oblivion...

Twilight Absol- :o Somebody read it! The plot doesn't really start happening until the end of the nine-chapter duration, but there isn't anything I can do about that. Cleffa doesn't last long, unfortunately...

Olyon- :o Two people! The first two chapters are both short. The rest are nice and long...

Edit: This chapter has been merged with Chapter One. Nothing to see here, move on...

19th April 2005, 4:19 AM
I'm not too fond of all the ellipses you used in the first and second chapter (where you trail off in thought when there wasn't much thought to be trailed off... on heh ^^; ). I'm all for it of course, but you should only use it when it's needed and not when it's something like:

This won't work...or

"Little girls like you shouldn't be out this late..."because it kind of sound like the TR guy is unsure, but then again, it can also mean he's up to something. Gah, I hope you know what I mean lol.

A Pokéball falling from the sky like it was meant to be? Kinda sounds like Holes. :P

Leaf sounds like an interesting character who's determined to be better than those who disapprove of what she does by mimicking that of others. ^_^ 'Course, you might want to develop her a bit more, but so far, she's good. I like Cleffa too! Don't [insert spoil here] her!

What confuses me is how Horsea is next to the TR's side when it doesn't have legs. o.0

LaTeR dAyZ!

Twilight Absol
19th April 2005, 6:34 AM
In my onpinion, I think you can do with longer chapters and a bit more description, and I'm also sad to see cleffa {spoiler}

19th April 2005, 3:41 PM
I can put off Cleffa's [spoiler] for four more chapters. Keep in mind that, in Leaf's world, there are one hundred and fifty Pokemon documented by scientists. Most importantly, Oak doesn't know it exists, so his Pokedex would probably malfunction at first sight.

Twilight Absol, the rest of the chapters will be longer. Ch.3 might end up short if I take out Cleffa [spoiler]ing, though.

I'm going to be interested in your reaction to someone in the last two chapters, Breezy... but that's not the point. First of all, thank you so much for reviewing this. Explanation for the Pokeball is simple- there was once a story to accompany this one, and in the one chapter I wrote for it, this happens:

"Charmander, Tackle him!" Charmander slammed into the Grunt, knocking him off the cliff- but the bag was falling too! The last Pokeball flew out of it, making its way toward what looked like a white-and-red striped target... or was that a hat? Fire groaned as the Pokeball scored a bull's-eye. He was in trouble now...
The ellipses improve a lot over time. Horsea is bouncing on its tail to stay upright.

19th April 2005, 4:05 PM
Yeah would be good

Edit by Nara_Shikamaru: Yeah, this might be a somewhat new concept, could you like, not spam please? k thanks.

27th April 2005, 1:59 AM
vs Clefairy ;035;


"But, Mom, if I left, I'd be famous... well... sometime!"

"What if that doesn't happen? NO. Period." No matter how much Leaf begged her mother, she refused to let the girl go on a Pokemon journey... Maybe it really was pointless to ask. Sighing, she walked down the hall and up a spiral staircase, emerging on the second floor.

Her room was the first one to the right. She walked in, switching on a five-headed floor lamp with green and blue shades in the corner. The room was pretty much clean, except for the desk; this was where a television, a Gamecube, and a lot of food wrappers resided. Cleffa and Bulbasaur waited for her; she only kept them in their Pokeballs when she was in school (but Cleffa had always 'accidentally' come out when someone else's Pokemon did) or in a building that didn't allow Pokemon. She flopped down onto her bed, watching her two Pokemon with some interest. Bulbasaur seemed to be shyer than Cleffa, and sometimes the Starshape Pokemon's antics scared it a bit. Hm... What if a Pokemon's personality affected the way it battled? Maybe she was just thinking too much. Yeah, that was it!

She sighed. In three days, school was starting, and there was no way that she'd spend those final days of freedom sitting at home! Leaf got up. "Bulbasaur, Cleffa, how about we go out somewhere? Especially since you haven't seen any of Viridian, Bulbasaur!" The Pokemon both nodded, Cleffa jumped onto Leaf's head, and the three went downstairs. She looked over at her mom. "I'm going out, okay?"

Her mom looked up from the newspaper. "Be careful, honey! Oh, and don't forget the half-and-half!" Leaf blew a kiss to her, and she left. Viridian had very crowded streets, but was still a great place to live- there were movie theaters, a huge shopping mall that allowed Pokemon and had everything one could ever wish for, a Pokemon Gym (none of the boys in her class had ever won there, but that really didn't say much), an arcade, a candy store, a trick shop... even a shop with gourmet Pokemon food!

A little bit of window shopping, school supply purchasing, and sightseeing later, Leaf sat on a park bench and laid Bulbasaur on her lap. "That was only a little bit of the shopping district... Cool, huh?" The little Pokemon smiled and nodded, giggling as she rubbed it behind the ears.

She looked up. To her surprise, she was at the location of her battle yesterday. A tree had fallen down, and some of it seemed to sparkle... strange. Setting Bulbasaur down, she walked up to it and noticed that the sparkles were caused by little pieces of machinery, the largest of which looked like a directional controller found on handheld games. The controller was attached to a black-and-red base with tiny wires coming out of one side. Most of it was circular, but the side with the wires was square. Maybe it attached to something? Leaf pictured a large mecha controlled by the tiny part- maybe not. The other sparkles were similar. Some of them were red, black, or just pieces that went on the inside (these looked very complex), and some were shards of glass. These also came in different shades, though only two this time: clear and blue. While the clear ones were flat, the blue ones seemed circular, and had some wires stuck to them- she wouldn't pick the glass up, that was for sure.

She sat down next to the tree and began to pluck a few of the red and black pieces out... then stopped, noticing a rustle coming from the nearby bushes. After the Team Rocket members last night, she didn't want to take any chances...

"Bulbasaur, Vine Whip to check the bushes!" The Seed Pokemon's two vines plunged into the bushes. After a thorough search, it retracted them and shook its head, having found nothing. Leaf sighed. It was just needless paranoia...


Maybe not. Leaf whirled around to see the same Rocket she'd beaten last night with backup. The brown-haired girl stood up. If it was a battle they wanted, a battle they'd get... The familiar Rocket released his Horsea while the other three released their Koffing, Grimer, and Zubat.

"Bulbasaur, Vine Whip on Horsea! Cleffa, Pound on any of the others!" Bulbasaur picked up Horsea and slammed it into the ground repeatedly as the Dragon Pokemon did the old squeal-annoyingly-and-do-nothing routine. While Leaf wasn't looking, though, it shot a few Razor Leaves at Horsea to finish up the process of sending it into dreamland.

The Rockets called out various poison attacks, and while Cleffa was getting battered by them, Bulbasaur hardly noticed them. Noticing this, Leaf called out an attack.

"Bulbasaur, Vine Whip all of them!" Bulbasaur used one vine to knock Zubat out of the sky and another to deal with Koffing and Grimer, but the Pokemon easily recovered. Apparently, that wasn't what made Bulbasaur resistant to those Pokemon...

"Cleffa, Pound on Grimer! Bulbasaur, Tackle on Koffing!" More poison attacks came from the other side. Bulbasaur was doing well, but Cleffa was starting to get tired. Its trump card wouldn't work here, either- it seemed similar to Bulbasaur's attacks- and Leaf was starting to get worried. After getting hit with a Sludge, it fell down, coughing- and began to glow strangely. Leaf gasped. Was this what it was like when Pokemon died? The glowing Pokemon became larger. It grew small wings, and its stubby arms became slightly longer, with three-fingered hands. The glow died down, and the Pokemon got up and grinned. "Clefairy!" it shouted, running toward Grimer and slapping it repeatedly. That must be Doubleslap! its mistress thought happily to herself. Grimer quickly fainted, and Ekans was soon finished off too. Now, all that was left was Zubat...

"Bulbasaur, pull Zubat down with your vines! Cleffa- no, Clefairy, Doubleslap!" Bulbasaur's vines tied the Bat Pokemon's wings to its back, slamming it into the ground where Clefairy finished it off. The Grunt sighed and recalled it.

"So, you think you're good, having beaten us twice?" He smirked. "In a week, come to the Viridian Gym. Then you'll really get to see the power of Team Rocket..." He threw down a small black ball, and the area was filled with smoke. When it cleared, he was gone.

Clefairy looked up at Leaf and smiled happily, hopping on one foot to the other. Soon, it was bouncing around as usual- it had evolved, but Clefairy was the same old Cleffa inside...

"Clefair-y! Clefair-y!"


1st May 2005, 1:45 AM
Clefairy stays evolved, because we're over a third of the way done anyway and I've lost my readers around the exact same point I did before.

VS Rhyhorn ;111;

It had been a week since Leaf's battle with the Rocket Grunts... and now, it was time to face whatever challenge they had planned for her. Not that she was worried, of course- she thought her two encounters with them had told her all she needed to know. They were simply weak, annoying, and used way too many Poison-types. A few hard hits, and they would be down and out, and she could go home and do her homework...

Oh, how wrong she was.

She stood in front of the Gym, a large, run-down building. Huge, circular holes were in many of the windows, as well as one of the walls, and any windows that hadn't been broken were cracked... it gave her the creeps, that was for sure. A signpost in front said "Viridian City Gym" and nothing else.

She took a deep breath and went inside...

...and a terrifyingly huge, rocky Pokemon stared her down, grinning at its new prey. Leaf screamed and it charged. Just when it was about to use its large horn to smash her into a bloody pulp, a burst of white light quickly recalled it. Laughter came from the depths of the Gym, but she couldn't see the person it was coming from.

A man's deep, baritone voice. "Release your Pokemon." Leaf sent out Clefairy. "Both of your Pokemon." Bulbasaur followed. "Tell me- what do you see Team Rocket as?"

Leaf considered her options- Maybe this is someone against Team Rocket - and smirked. "An annoyance. They just like to creep people out." More laughter. Giving this guy sass had definitely been the wrong answer.

"Then you misunderstand what those agents were for. They have a lot to learn... as do you." Very much the wrong answer. "Your opponent will be Rhyhorn-" the same pokemon that had been at the door reappeared and roared- "and you may use both of your Pokemon against it... not that it'll make any difference as to whether or not you'll win. Begin."

Beginning to panic, Leaf yelled, "Clefairy, Magical Leaf! Bulbasaur, Vine Whip!" Leaves of various colors- mostly yellow and red- winked into existence around Clefairy, and it pointed them toward Rhyhorn. The Spikes Pokemon was only annoyed by them and Bulbasaur's two vines, which were hitting Rhyhorn repeatedly without any effect. It charged at Bulbasaur and knocked it out before it could dodge. Clefairy kept using Magical Leaf after Magical Leaf, but it had no effect on the charging pokemon... and soon Clefairy was unconcious too. Leaf recalled them both as Rhyhorn pounced upon what would have been her pokemon, but was now just empty air. It turned for her, slobber coming from its mouth... but it was again recalled, leaving a puddle of saliva on the floor. Scared out of her wits, Leaf ran for the door as the man's laughter pounded in her ears, running for home-

She reached it after a few minutes of running. She let herself in, locked the door, and sank to her knees, gasping for breath. Things were normal here... There was her mom, sitting at the table. She was probably really caught up in bills to not notice her... but this was important. Leaf walked over and put a hand on her shoulder. "Mom?" No response. She shook her shoulder and almost fainted.

The blank face of a stuffed dummy stared back at her, its blonde wig falling off. A note was pinned to its chest...


Your mother will be fine... for now. She tells me you wish to go on a journey. Why don't you? Collect the seven badges of Kanto other than the Earth Badge and return to the Viridian Gym. I doubt you have been much of a challenge for me

This was before her battle... while she was at school, they'd done this. Why hadn't she come home first, why?

and I'm not quite sure if you ever will be, however... the police will be warned about this, and they'll be coming soon. They'll want the Viridian Gym Leader there, of course...

He'd be there, whoever he was, and chances were he would frame her. She wasn't safe here...

I think you had better get packing.

What choice was there? There was more to Team Rocket than Leaf had thought, and there was no way that she could beat them now. She went to her room and dumped the schoolbooks that had been in her yellow bag out onto her bed. Having never gone camping, she was putting in various things such as money, her favorite blanket, pillow, and Pikachu plushie, and the Potion she had gotten as a souvenir from the Pewter Gym, ranging from useful to completely useless. Her next stop was the kitchen downstairs. Only a few fruit snacks made it into her bag before she heard sirens, and she dashed out the door and away.

It was the journey she had always wanted... but she had never thought it would be like this...

1st May 2005, 2:23 AM
hmn... this is an interesting start to a pokemon journey... being forced into things, no matter how much you want them, is always a bummer.
I'll be interested to see how this journey turns out...

5th May 2005, 2:47 AM
I'm back, and things are about to get (and stay) interesting! Funnily enough, Weedle's in the smilies box instead of...

VS Caterpie ;010;

Leaf walked down the Viridian street that would take her out of town with mixed feelings. Here she was, setting off on the journey she'd always wanted... but now she really was leaving, and all she felt was guilt...

"Oof!" While lost in thought, she'd bumped into some old guy drinking a mocha latte. Making sure it wasn't spilling, he set it down and then...

"You must be a trainer!" Leaf noticed with slight concern that he was almost finished with his (rather large) drink. She tried to sidestep him, but it was no use as he put a hand on her shoulder. "Well, then, do I have the gadget for you! It's a Teachy TV!" He shoved a heavy, 'portable' TV into her arms, and she fell down from the thing's weight. He seemed completely unfazed, bending over to talk to her. "You press that button there and it helps you with battling stuff! No need to thank me for it!" With that, he grabbed his mocha and set off, singing Aratanaru Chikai off-key as he went. Leaf got up slowly, dragging the Teachy TV up with her.

"Ugh... You're not welcome!"

Leaf made it to Route Two, made sure that nobody was looking, and promptly dropped the TV Tutor in the grass, accidentally beaning a Caterpie on the head. Noticing that she had a Pokeball, she shrugged and captured the Worm Pokemon without much of a struggle, putting it with her other Pokeballs.

After some thought- it had been at least thirty minutes since the fight, they had to be concious by now- she released Bulbasaur and Clefairy. Sure enough, they were awake... but on further examination, weren't quite ready for battle. Viridian had a Pokemon Center, but there was the chance that the Gym Leader from before would be around. Who knew what he would do when he saw her? She would have to press on and hope that they became healthier as she went. Sighing, she recalled them and walked toward the guardhouse that seperated Route Two from Viridian Forest.


The first thing Leaf noticed when she entered the guardhouse was the fact that there was no guard; there was a sign that notified her that he would be back in five minutes. The next was a tiny Pokemon that slightly resembled a Pikachu, except that it was smaller and its ears were much larger in comparison to its body than a Pikachu's. It stared up at Leaf curiously, the red circles on its cheeks sparking with electricity...

"Peach!" The Pokemon looked over at the girl who had called its name. The first thing Leaf noticed about her was her hair- both girls' hairstyles would be almost exactly the same if not for Leaf's hat and shorter strands of hair. The other girl scooped the little Pokemon up in her arms, lovingly scolding it. "I told you not to run off, and look what you did! I was worried sick about you... but running off and trying to Thunderbolt people?! I oughta- YEOWCH!" The Pokemon had given its trainer a small shock, slightly charring her blue skirt (which looked exactly like Leaf's pink one, except for the color) and white blouse. When she recovered, she finally noticed Leaf. "Oh, I'm sorry! My name's Lacielle."

Leaf blinked. Trying not to sound rude, she began to ask, "Uh... what kind of-"

"-Name is Lacielle?" The girl in question laughed. "Don't worry, I get that a lot. I don't know what my parents were thinking when they named me... Everyone calls me Lass, though," she said, grinning.

Leaf smiled back. "My name's Leaf. Nice to meet you!" Looking back down at Peach- she had never heard of or seen a Pokemon quite like it before- she asked, "So, what kind of Pokemon is that?"

"It's a Pichu! I found it in the Viridian Forest a few weeks ago. Not many people even know they exist, it seems. Maybe that's a good thing- it's kinda free-spirited, if you know what I mean. It obeys my commands in battle, though, and that's all I can ask for." The (slightly one-sided) conversation turned to other things. A few minutes later, Lass got back on track, continuing, "Anyway, you're going through the forest too, right?" A nod from Leaf. "Well then," she said, just as cheerful as always, "why don't we go together? It can't hurt... pleeeeease..." Another nod from Leaf. Lass looked back at something over Leaf's shoulder. She then told the other girl, "You go on ahead. Don't worry- I know this place pretty well..." A giggle. "I think."

Leaf couldn't help feeling slightly overwhelmed by Lass's chattering, but, hey, she seemed to know what she was talking about. "Um... okay..."

Lass, busy looking over Leaf's shoulder, snapped back to attention at the other girl's words. "Right! Hurry up now, ya don't have all day! Go! Go! Go!"

Leaf walked out of the guardhouse and into Viridian Forest. She wasn't two steps away when a loud explosion was heard from inside. Something told her that it was better Lass than herself...

"Uh... hi." For the second time that day, her thoughts were interrupted. This was caused by a boy about her age, wearing a red baseball cap. A breeze rustled his brown hair and red-and-white vest, from which the sleeves of a black T-shirt protruded. He was kneeling on one blue jean-clad knee, searching. On his feet were strange shoes that looked expensive. His face was smiling at her in a typical lost-new-trainer way (tons of them had asked her for directions before), but his amber eyes were distressed. "Have you seen a Metapod or a Pikachu around here? I've been looking for a while, but all I can find are Weedle and Kakuna."

Leaf looked down at him quizzically. "You can find Metapod everywhere. As for Pikachu, just give it a little time, and one'll turn up..."

Some of the distress traveled to his face. "I have to get them today! It's really, really important!"

"I'll help! It's okay!" Leaf said quickly. The boy's smile reappeared, this time traveling up to his eyes. Leaf began, "Well, Metapod is green, right?" She paused to mentally kick herself. This was getting off to a bad start... Quickly, she added, "And it usually sticks to trees. So, all we have to do is search the trees in here," she said, tapping one nearby for reference, "and we should have a Metapod!" A few minutes of searching, and...

"Finally!" The boy had found a Metapod on a tree, and he quickly sent out a Rattata. "Super Fang!" Rattata sank its sharp teeth into Metapod, and it dropped off the tree, severely injured. The boy tossed a Great Ball at it, and the Cocoon Pokemon didn't even struggle as it was captured. The boy pocketed it. "Now, all we need is the Pikachu." He took out a small, corked vial filled with pink powder. Noticing Leaf looking at it curiously behind him, he explained, "It's a Sweet Scent. Just like the attack, except stronger. If this doesn't bring out a Pikachu, nothing will." He uncorked it.

"Whoa!" Leaf was shocked for good reason- what had to be every wild Pokemon in the forest was coming in their direction! She saw a black-and-yellow ear among the sea of bugs, and released Bulbasaur. Thankfully, it was back to full health, and plucked Pikachu out of the crowd with its Vine Whip. The boy seemed more interested in Bulbasaur than Pikachu now, though. He quickly caught Pikachu, then pocketed the Super Ball containing it.

"Thanks for your help...but, where'd you get Oa- that Bulbasaur?"

After some thought, Leaf decided to tell the truth. Fidgeting with one of her strands of hair, she said, "I know this sounds kind of crazy, but it fell off a cliff when I was coming home from the grocery store."

He gasped. "Then that's-" He was interrupted by Lass's reappearance. As she cheerfully kicked bugs left and right to clear a path, she said, "Hey there, Leaf! Looks like you've gotten yourself a boyfriend!" As Leaf blushed, the other girl continued, "Wow, we're almost to the end of the forest! You sure did walk fast! Now, let's get on out of here!" With that, she walked toward the guardhouse at the end of the forest. Leaf turned around to say goodbye to the boy...

He was gone. Realizing that Lass was almost out of the forest, Leaf ran to catch up to her. Another long conversation began, and soon Leaf forgot about the boy entirely...


Guess who?

5th May 2005, 6:05 AM
Ooooh @.@ Who? Who? Who?
Is it Red from the manga or Ash from the anime? :P or someone else?

5th May 2005, 12:47 PM
Thanks for reading! I'm glad you like it! Our mystery boy's a new character- if I were using Ash or Red, I'd have Blue and Green as the other two. Leaf Green, ____ ___, _______ ____. (The number of blanks is the number of letters.)

6th May 2005, 1:56 AM
Oh, of course *rolls eyes at self* I shoulda known you'd want to keep with the series names... and don't you mean the number of blanks is the number of words?
Anyway... Fire Red... and... hmn, there isn't a remake of blue... so... Ocean Blue? ^.^ Or you go completely different and say Lightning Yellow or something...
Anyway... why was he so anxious to get those pokemon that day?

6th May 2005, 2:53 PM
Ding-ding-eep! There're seven letters in the last word. _______ Blue. As for why he had to catch those Pokemon, you'll see... it made a little more sense when I had that other fic. Oh, well. Gym Battle~!

VS Onix ;095;

The night of Lass and Leaf's arrival at the Pewter City Pokemon Center...

"Trash... waste of space... Geez, Leaf, have you ever gone camping before?"

A shake of the aforementioned's head served as an answer, and Lass sighed. After learning that Leaf was new to traveling, the other girl had decided to show her some traveling tips, which included what to pack in bags.

"See, you're supposed to organize things, so they're easy to find. Take this Potion, for example. It should probably go in an outside pocket, like..." She found a moderately large pocket. "This one! The Antidotes and Awakenings and other stuff like that go there too. Big things should go in the middle, and Pokeballs in another outside pocket." After this organization, there was much more room in Leaf's bag, and Lass moved on to another topic (or four), which soon segued to...

"So, why are you traveling, anyway?" The question had come out of nowhere, and Leaf paused a bit before answering.

"I'm collecting the Gym Badges." Silence. Finally, there was laughter from the other side.

"You think you can get Badges? Some people have trained for years and have been unable to get all of 'em! The Leaders aren't your average trainers- they may specialize in one type, but the Pokemon they have are usually super-strong. However..." She grinned, and motioned for Leaf to come closer. "Much as he's loathe to admit it, the Leader here, Brock, is probably the weakest of the lot," she whispered. "He uses Rock-types, so if you have the right Pokemon, beating him'll be a cinch! For example, your Bulbasaur is a Grass-type, right?" Leaf nodded in reply. "So, it probably knows Vine Whip and maybe Razor Leaf, both of which are great against Rock Pokemon."

"All right... but, why are you whispering?"

"See that kid?" Lass motioned toward a little boy with a Sandshrew sitting at the table next to them. "Look at his sleeve."

Leaf gasped. "That's the Boulderbadge!"

"Mm-hm. That kid is Brock's Gym Trainer. If he hears us saying that Brock's weak, he'll really get ticked off... or, that could be a different Gym Trainer than the one I'm thinking of. Anyway..." She yawned. "I'm going to bed. You should too, with that Gym battle coming up tomorrow!" With that, the two trainers decided to get some sleep...


The next morning, Leaf and her Pokemon were in front of the intimidating stone building that was Pewter City Gym, being subjected to Lass's long, long pep talk. As their mistress listened intently, slightly nervous, Clefairy bounced around, excited, while Bulbasaur decided to introduce itself to Caterpie. The Worm Pokemon was looking around in awe, having never seen a city before. Bulbasaur tapped it on the head, and it looked at the Seed Pokemon in shock for a few seconds before curling up and passing out on the ground. The Grass-type gasped. If Leaf saw Caterpie...

It was a beautiful day at the large building. Bulbasaur's master was happily working on the odd machine that he'd always had for as long as she could remember, and Bulbasaur's usual playmates were elsewhere, being taken care of by the girl with brown hair. Having nothing to do, Bulbasaur was playing tag with a Rattata that usually snuck in and a Caterpie that was kept around the lab. A Weedle was sitting on a table, sleeping. Rattata raced toward her, and she ran off as fast as she could, not even noticing the table until she crashed into it.

"Bulbasaur! What are you doing?" Her master had set the machine down, and was now looking angrily at her. Rattata had scampered off once the table had collapsed, and Caterpie was looking at Weedle with wide eyes. The master picked Weedle up, and Bulbasaur noticed that it was curled up. He winced. "It's dead..."

The brown-haired girl came in with her Jigglypuff then, and Bulbasaur had been sent with her to dust after a severe scolding. She never forgot that day...

"So, anyway, that's all there is to it!" Lass finally finished. Leaf smiled at her blankly (half of it had gone completely over her head) and turned to her Pokemon. Bulbasaur had a huge, goofy grin on its face that screamed something wrong had happened, and it was patting Caterpie on the back with a vine. The green Pokemon was suspiciously curled up, balancing on the feeler on the top of its head and the tip of its tail. It suddenly woke up and looked happily at Bulbasaur, and the Seed Pokemon stared at it in disbelief. Clefairy had ignored the drama taking place to its left entirely, and soon rode an extra-high bounce onto Leaf's head, hugging her hat to stay on.

Leaf sighed. "Well, here goes..." She pushed the doors open and walked inside. After her eyes had become adjusted to the dim lighting, she noticed that, like the outside of the building, it had a stone motif, with its rock walls and path. Sand surrounded the path, and at the end of it was a large slab of granite with one raised pillar at its right, which a person that had to be the Gym Leader stood atop. Wondering where Lass was, she nudged the door, which didn't budge. So, they only want one person at a time... Probably to prevent coaching. She took a few steps forward and...

"Hold it right there!" She'd been too busy looking at the decor to notice the eight-year-old with a Sandshrew standing at the left fork in the path. He rushed up to her and boasted, "You're lightyears from facing Brock! I'll be more than enough for you!" Leaf nudged Caterpie forward with her foot, despite its protests, while Sandshrew hopped in front of its trainer.

"Caterpie, Tackle!" The Worm Pokemon inched slowly toward its foe, paused at the yellow Pokemon's foot, and pathetically leapt a few centimeters forward, slamming into Sandshrew right between its eyes. The little mouse squealed angrily as its trainer watched in shock, completely forgetting that his Pokemon needed an order.

Leaf grinned. "Another Tackle!" Caterpie once again launched itself forward, hitting Sandshrew's soft belly. The Mouse Pokemon glared up at its master while it was down, and the boy suddenly realized that his Pokemon was getting clobbered by a weak little bug. The aforementioned bug slammed into Sandshrew again and it closed its eyes, either unable to battle or unwilling and faking it. The boy, obviously upset, recalled it.

"Oh, and by the way," Leaf said once the trainer had forked over the customary money, "don't lightyears measure distance?" The boy pouted, not wanting to admit that he was wrong, and shuffled back to his spot, leaving Leaf free to face the Gym Leader without any further delay...

Caterpie turned its head upward, and silk began to spew from its mouth as it began glowing. When both the silk and the glow had stopped, a Metapod stood in Caterpie's place- and suddenly toppled over, landing face first on the ground. Leaf was surprised at its fast evolution, but knew that it wasn't much good for battling Rock-types and recalled it. She walked up to the Leader, who looked down at her.

"I am Brock of the Pewter Gym! I battle with Pokemon who have rock-hard strength, defense, and determination!" He jumped down from his pillar, landing right in front of a slightly startled Leaf. "The best Pokemon in those categories are, of course, Rock-types!" He withdrew a Pokeball from his brown jacket and called out a Geodude. The small, rocky Pokemon was released in a burst of light, and it cracked its knuckles and growled.

Leaf ran to the other side of the granite battlefield. "Bulbasaur, you're up!" The Seed Pokemon hopped forward, ready for battle.

Brock made the first command. "Geodude, Rock Throw!" The Rock Pokemon separated into tiny pieces that slammed into Bulbasaur from all directions, and it wailed in pain as the rocks reformed into Geodude, completely unfazed by what it had just done.

Leaf gasped. "Bulbasaur, Vine Whip!" Her Pokemon shook any effects off and slammed both of its vines into Geodude at the same time. The attack slammed into Geodude, leaving huge dents in the Rock Pokemon- two from the actual attack, and one from slamming into the wall, where it fell down and didn't recover. Brock recalled it, seeming to be completely unsurprised at his Pokemon's defeat.

"Fine... but how will you do against this? Onix!" The Gym shook as the pillar unearthed itself, revealing it to be an enormous snake made entirely out of rocks. The horn on its head scraped the ceiling as it reared up and roared. "Onix, Bind!" The huge Pokemon plunged downward and curled itself around Bulbasaur, squeezing the tiny Pokemon hard as it struggled.

"Razor Leaf, Bulbasaur!" Onix relaxed its grip on Bulbasaur after getting hit with five or six sharp leaves, allowing the Seed Pokemon to jump free. However, the attacks were starting to take their toll- Bulbasaur was panting from exhaustion. Leaf doubted that it would be able to dodge another attack...

"Rock Throw!" The huge rocks that made up Onix separated and slammed into Bulbasaur one by one. By the end of the attack, the tiny Pokemon was unconcious. Leaf recalled it silently, upset about losing it before Onix became tired. If Clefairy wasn't able to weaken it enough, there wasn't much hope...

"Clefairy, you're up! Magical Leaf!" Shimmering leaves in fall colors appeared around Clefairy, and it pointed them toward Onix. They hit the Rock Snake Pokemon hard, eroding away more of its energy.

Brock looked up at his Pokemon, assessing the damage done. Apparently deciding that it wasn't enough to worry about, he ordered, "Rock Throw!"

"Clefairy, dodge it!" Clefairy had always been a nimble Pokemon, and this talent was coming in handy as it bounded from spot to spot, dodging every rock flying at it. Brock growled.

"Rock Tomb!" Onix pulled up a huge chunk of granite with its tail and hurled it toward Clefairy. The Fairy Pokemon didn't leap out of the way fast enough, and its leg was caught underneath the rock. At its master's command, Onix went in for the final blow-

"Clefairy! Magical Leaf Onix in the face!" The leaves flew into Onix's eyes, and it roared in pain before charging- at air. The blinded Pokemon thrashed dangerously, completely out of Brock's control, before slamming into the wall with a loud crash that shook the Gym and knocked it out. Brock returned it to its Pokeball and sighed. He took something out of his pocket and gave it to Leaf. It was a shiny grey octagon made out of stone. The back was made of metal, and there were nearly invisible hooks to securely attach it to whatever its owner wanted.

"The Boulderbadge. It lets you use Flash anytime. It's yours, along with the TM39, Rock Tomb." The TM was a tiny cube about the size of the Badge with the number 39 on it. This too was given to Leaf. "That was a great battle. I have no doubt that you'll do well in the Gyms ahead."

Leaf smiled. "Really? Thanks!" After saying goodbye to Brock, Leaf left the Gym, ready for some peace and quiet after the battle... and bumped right into Lass and her congratulations speech, even longer than the first one. However, this one allowed the white-and-red-hatted girl to get some 'passionate quotes from the Champion' in as they made their way to the Pokemon Center to heal Leaf's Pokemon before setting off in the direction of Mount Moon.

6th May 2005, 3:37 PM
Hmn, not bad, but could be better; both battles seemed a little too easy and short, you should work on that. Also you might want to avoid using lines straight out of the game, try making it slightly more original. ^.^ But I like the fact that Lass has taken the place of the usual advice guy, and it was interesting to see a bit of Bulbasaur's past, I wonder what's going to happen next with that?

10th May 2005, 1:03 AM
For some reason, a year ago, I thought that copying words from the games would be neat. It happens for a reason in this chapter. The next Leader wasn't even going to be at her Gym, so I wanted to do it while I still could, I guess. I'm not sure where I was going with Bulbasaur's past... anyway, GLIIIIIIIIIIITCH! The fun stuff happens in two chapters. Here's a short little boring ol' setup one...

VS Jigglypuff ;039;

It was a lovely spring morning. Pidgeys were chirping, and the sun was shining down on Route Three, the dirt road out of Pewter City, which was currently being traveled only by Leaf. Lass had told her that she'd needed to buy something in Pewter. According to the blue-skirted girl, Leaf wouldn't be too far when she caught up... it had to be a much longer path than it seemed to be.

A little boy walked up to Leaf. "Hi! I like shorts!"

Leaf blinked. "Um... that's nice..." She walked off.

"HEY!" Leaf jumped, startled by the boy's yelling right behind her. "What do you think you're doing, walking away from a battle?" Leaf turned around and saw that the boy had sent out an Ekans- her least favorite Pokemon. Grumbling, she sent out Metapod...


"What's wrong with you? You're not wearing shorts!"

Seven battles later, Leaf was growing more and more annoyed by the little short-wearing brats. They always told her something about the great euphoria that was wearing shorts and inexplicably battled her... worst of all, there weren't any bushes large enough for her to change into the ones in her bag so they'd leave her alone. The only thing to do was to battle them... As Metapod defeated another Ekans, something inside of it began to glow. The glowing thing forced its way out of Metapod's lifeless shell and stopped shining, revealing itself to be a purple-bodied butterfly with red eyes and black and white wings.

"Wow! A Butterfree already?" Lass had finally caught up to Leaf, wearing, much to her chagrin, denim shorts. Leaf was about to say something to the other girl, but never got the chance as Lass suddenly ran off, screaming what sounded like "Jigglypuuuuuff!!" as she chased a pink Pokemon with a curl of hair atop its spherical body. It watched with huge, green eyes as Lass pounced... and jumped away just as it would've been caught, leaving Lass to land on the ground. The girl got up, dusting herself off, and turned to face Leaf, yelling, "What are you waiting for? Help me catch that Jigglypuff!"

"Uh... why don't you just use a Pokemon?" Embarrassed by Leaf's statement of the obvious, Lass released Peach from its Pokeball and began the pursuit.

As soon as she had vanished behind a few trees, a boy- the same one from Viridian Forest, actually- came out from behind the bushes right next to them. He looked at Lass's retreating figure and laughed, taking another of his Great Balls out of a pocket inside his vest. Something told Leaf it held the Jigglypuff from before; he didn't seem to be very particular about what kinds of Pokemon he caught.

To her surprise, he released it- sure enough, it was the Balloon Pokemon- and pulled out a small, red device. There was a blue crystal on its left side, and a beam of light shot from it, scanning Jigglypuff. The light winked out, and the red thing beeped, obviously finished. The boy did something else, but Leaf couldn't tell what it was from where she was watching. Satisfied, he put his little toy in his pants pocket and dropped the Great Ball.

Just then, Lass chose to make her ill-timed reappearance, and the boy stomped on the Great Ball twice, crushing it, and fled.

"Did I miss something?" Leaf shook her head, surprised. Lass then noticed Jigglypuff staring after the boy, gasped, and threw a Pokeball without delay, capturing it. "You're mine!"


A few minutes later, the two trainers had reached a Pokemon Center, where, to Leaf's surprise, a middle-aged man operated the restoration machine, not a Nurse Joy. After being asked about this anomaly by Leaf, Lass answered, "Really? That's the first time I've noticed that... come to think of it, there wasn't one in Lavender Town, either." She then looked over at the television, which was currently on a news channel covering a recent Team Rocket attack on some bank, and she fell into an odd trance, ending their conversation.

As they waited, Leaf looked outside, where the massive Mount Moon loomed over the building. Her eyes traveled from the highest of its peaks to its base, where she saw a girl clad in a skintight black jumpsuit with short sleeves heading towards the huge, rocky mountain. Her skin was pale, and her strangely worn shoulder-length brown hair dull and matted, not to mention the tattered black-and-white gloves worn on her hands, the only things she wore that weren't completely black. A homeless person, maybe? She walked toward the wall of the cave...

...and, to Leaf's amazement, passed right through it, simply vanishing into it like she was walking through tall grass. Halfway through, for some reason, she stopped and turned around. The reason was made clear when she amazingly picked Leaf out of the small crowd at the Pokemon Center, looking straight at her with cold, blue eyes. She then walked into the cave, never breaking eye contact until she'd vanished completely.

The man shut the machine off, and Lass nudged Leaf to get her reacquainted with reality. "Excuse me, but your Pokemon are fully healed," he said, setting a tray of Pokeballs on the counter.

Lass smiled and thanked him as she took her Pokemon, and Leaf did the same, her voice shaking after seeing the strange girl...

10th May 2005, 2:32 AM
XD I love the lines right out of the blue... 'I like shorts!'
And Lass is just hilarious... ^.^ it's a very appealing, ditzy kind of humour.
Since you said this is a kind of filler, I won't mention the length :P
But that boy... ooh, there's something up with him :P

10th May 2005, 2:11 PM
Yeah, there's definitely something fishy about him... chapter after this is when all the fun stuff happens. Now, to hurry up and get to the fun part... but we need another filler to get the ball rolling. If I ever revise this, I'll merge all of these fillery chapters, I swear...

VS Geodude ;074;

Mount Moon was a stereotypical cave: dark, dank and creepy, with Zubats everywhere and only torches mounted on the walls to ward them off. Luckily, it was supposedly pretty short, so Lass didn't have to worry about the bad air and Leaf didn't have to worry about the distressing thought of being in the same slightly smelly cave as a 'ghost dressed like it's from 'The Matrix', as Lass had called what the other girl had seen... but she'd seemed pretty solid for a ghost, and Leaf was still uncertain about her.

A few minutes passed, and they'd managed to get lost, making Leaf force herself to get the enigma out of her mind...


One hour later, Leaf and Lass had managed to get themselves on the right track, or so they thought, and find their way into a small, pitch-black cavern...

"Lass, are you sure we're going the right way?"

"Do you want the truth, or the- oh, never mind. Peach, Flash!" The cavern lit up with a blinding light emanating from the Pichu...

...awakening every Zubat on the ceiling. Screeching loudly, the bloodsucking Pokemon chased the two and their light source out of the tunnel and back into the larger area of Mount Moon. The two were still feeling lost and a bit frightened, so they went over to a portly hiker to ask for directions.

The hiker held up his hand, either telling them to stop where they were or making a lousy pose. "Oh, no, I'm not just any hiker! I am..."- he paused for a drumroll, which never came- "The Moon Stone Hiker of Mount Moon!"


The hiker ignored their looks of disbelief. "Geodude, go!" The Rock Pokemon flexed its nonexistant muscles and banged its completely smooth head against the wall, causing no damage to either rocky surface.

Leaf groaned. There are way too many trainers like this... "Okay... Hiker. Bulbasaur!" She threw the Pokeball into the middle of the field, where it released Bulbasaur. It looked its opponent over and yawned. The Geodude stared at it in disbelief, not believing that anything could be stronger than it was, and continued with its muscleman poses.

"Razor Leaf!" The sharp leaves flew from Bulbasaur's bulb faster than Geodude could comprehend. It gasped as the leaves slammed into it and wordlessly fell to the floor, unconcious, while Bulbasaur's projectiles fluttered down around it. Hiker recalled his Pokemon.

"Fine. See this ladder behind me? It leads to a lower floor. Follow the tunnel to another ladder, go down it, go to the inclined area, get out on the other side, and follow that raised part until you reach the exit." After giving the information, Hiker left in a huff. Lass and Leaf shrugged and carefully climbed down the ladder.

And two pairs of eyes watched them...


The journey along the tunnel was uneventful, and the two girls weren't planning on having to deal with anything on their way out of Mount Moon. However, this was not to be, as Lass hadn't gone down more than four rungs on the ladder down when she came back up as fast as she could, three Rocket Grunts trying to get up the ladder at the same time after her.

"Peach, Thunderbolt!" Newly released from its Pokeball, Lass's Pichu unleashed ten thousand volts of electricity on the trio of Rockets, and they fell down, unconcious. The blue-skirted girl thought for a moment. Her mind made up, she finally said, "I think you should take Peach for a little bit."

"But... why?"

"Peach is the weakest of my team, and you have stronger Pokemon than I do," she explained, recalling it. "Your Pokemon can keep her safe against those nasty Team Rocket members!"

Leaf stared at her like she had just swallowed a Kakuna whole. "Since when are we going in there with Team Rocket?"

Lass sighed. "Just do it while you- I mean, we- have the nerve, okay?" She shoved the other girl down the hole first, Peach's Pokeball following Leaf in a short plummet...

...right into a sea of Rockets.

11th May 2005, 1:08 AM
Two pairs of eyes, hmn? The boy and the female Rocket?
^.^ I love the last line; well done, makes it known the place is swarming with them. :P And the geodude was funny.
<_< But I think Lass needs to learn a little caution... not to mention a lesson in manners. ^.^ Ooooh, Leaf is *not* gonna be happy when - if - she gets outta there.

12th May 2005, 2:46 AM

"Y--You're that ghost, aren't you?"

Sharp, piercing laughter rang through the tunnel. "Ghost?" She walked over and grabbed the other girl's wrist, leading her to an area unlit by torches. "I'm very much real..."

She got scared easily. "St--Strawberry, Pineapple, Cherry, go!" A Vulpix, a Staryu, and a floating Jigglypuff came out of the girl's Pokeballs. To her attacker, she was weak, too.

The 'ghost' drew out one Pokeball. "Blaziken." A part bird, part human Pokemon with a mostly red-orange body, yellow near its feather-hidden feet and on its chest, and large, cream-colored feathers on its chest and on its head that resembled hair let out a screech that reminded its foes of a bird's call. "Earthquake." It shook the entire mountain, knocking Vulpix and Staryu out within seconds but not affecting Jigglypuff, which was still in the air.

The blue-skirted girl seemed resigned to her fate. "Cherry... give Butterfree back to Leaf." As the Balloon Pokemon flew off with the stolen Pokeball tightly grasped in its stubby arms, Blaziken pinned its terrified trainer down with one clawlike hand, holding up one of its legs until it burst into flame.

"Who are you?"

"Glitch." It was the last thing Lass would ever hear.

VS Charmeleon ;005;

Leaf slowly picked herself up, surprised at the silence of the tunnel. As far as she could tell, there had been around fifty Team Rocket members in it...

Unfortunately, their silence was caused by their staring at her.

Suddenly, the brown-haired girl found herself facing more Poison Pokemon than she'd ever imagined. There was only one thing she could do...

"Clefairy, Bulbasaur, Butterfr--" The Pokemon came out, all except for one, which was replaced by a confused-looking Peach. "What?!" Calm down, Leaf, she thought to herself. It can still fight... that Thunderbolt thing'll do the trick. A little less surprised, she commanded, "Clefairy, Doubleslap! Bulbasaur, Razor Leaf! Peach, Thunderbolt!" The three attacks rained down on the opposing Pokemon, knocking out a few and severly injuring many others. Confidence restored, Leaf ordered another round of attacks...

Suddenly realizing that Leaf wasn't Lass, Peach turned around, pulled down her right eyelid, and stuck her tongue out as the other two Pokemon attacked, slamming the Rockets' Pokemon with fists or leaves. The two were an effective opposition, but they were getting hit as well... things weren't going as well as she'd hoped. She reached for the Pichu's Pokeball, hoping to recall it before it started pouring Thunderbolts into her instead...

An enormous tremor knocked her, Clefairy, Bulbasaur, and the Rockets off their feet and instantly took out Peach and all of the opposing Pokemon. Suddenly, there was a light at the end of both the proverbial and literal tunnels... Returning Peach to its Pokeball, she thought of a plan, remembering a somewhat boring lesson in school. Many Grass-types could release spores into the air, one kind of which was--

"Bulbasaur, Sleep Powder!" Green spores shot out of the dinosaur-like Pokemon's bulb, and Rockets were soon falling asleep left and right. Thank goodness, she thought to herself as she headed for the exit. Clefairy and Bulbasaur can't take much more of this...

A mournful, wordless song serenaded her after she'd taken a few steps. She turned in its general direction, and found Lass's Jigglypuff floating towards her. It stopped a few feet away from her and expertly threw the Pokeball, releasing--

"Butterfree? Hey, wait a minute!" The pink deliverer sighed. "Lass stole it?!" Jigglypuff bobbed up and down, which Leaf took to mean 'yes'. "But... why are you here? Won't Lass know you're gone?"

Jigglypuff sang a few more notes of its song, not meeting Leaf's gaze. It then nodded to itself and floated to a corner of the massive tunnel, where the rock had been worn down to sand. The pink Pokemon drew a stick figure wearing her hair in strange pigtails... the ghost from before. A long-haired stick figure wearing a skirt was next... Lass. Then, a larger figure with big feet and two antennae on the front of its head joined them. A sick feeling grew in Leaf's stomach as Jigglypuff finished drawing it... its foot connecting with the Lass figure's neck.

Leaf suddenly felt very lightheaded. "Lass... she's..."

"Hold it!" It was another Rocket. A familiar face looked up at her from underneath the beret, and Leaf stared at him with surprise--not just because of his being there, but also the Team Rocket uniform he wore. It changed everything she'd thought about him, turning him from mysterious friend to enemy in her eyes...

The amber-eyed boy didn't seem too happy to see her, either. "This," he sighed, "is a mistake, okay? I can get you out of here without any trouble, as long as you promise to leave Team Rocket alone." Leaf, meanwhile, was mentally kicking herself. I should've known! That Rattata was too powerful for a normal trainer trying to catch a Pokemon in the Viridian Forest... and that can't be the only one he's got. Refusing him would bring trouble, but agreeing would be a flat-out lie. And, between this conflict, there was a part of her that wanted to trust him, despite everything he'd probably done...

She made the decision. "I ca--" Before she could answer, a brown blur slammed into the boy's side. He fell to the ground, teeth gritted in pain, as a small, light blue turtle popped out of its brown shell.

"So, Fire, you just couldn't catch a thing and had to join the losers' club?" Another boy wearing a black shirt and purple pants stepped out from behind a large boulder, laughing. The turtle ran over to him, and Leaf decided that the reddish-brown-haired boy was probably its trainer. Though it was obvious that he wasn't a Team Rocket member, Leaf was reminded more of a stereotypical one by his obvious attitude problem. He stepped over to her, flashing a handsome smile. "Don't worry... I can protect you. The name's Tsunami."

She motioned her three remaining Pokemon forward despite the fact that two were already tired, still regarding him with distaste. "I can take care of myself, thank you."

He took out two more Pokeballs. "Whatever you say... Fearow! Sandshrew!" A huge, brown bird with a tan beak and red, spiky feathers on top of its head crowed menacingly as it materialized in a flash of light. Its companion was a familiar face, except much tougher-looking- a yellow mouse with black, beady eyes and a white belly. The six Pokemon stared down Fire, and he responded by releasing three Pokemon: a Raticate, a red lizard that, in her opinion, looked pretty cool, and a pink blob.

"Butterfree, Tackle on Raticate! Clefairy, Doubleslap! Bulbasaur, Razor Leaf!" Leaves, fists, and a large body flew towards the three Pokemon, but all it did was drive them back a few feet.

Tsunami sighed. "I forgot how much of a difference these things make," he said to nobody in particular, pulling out a red-and-black device like the one Fire had been using. He pointed it at all of Leaf's Pokemon while commanding, "Squirtle, Water Gun on Charmeleon! Fearow, Wing Attack! Sandshrew, Scratch! Repeat as needed!" His blue Pokemon shot out a stream of water at Fire's Flame Pokemon while the other two charged toward the opposition.

"Number one: the pink thing's a Ditto," the darkly-clad boy said, turning to Leaf. "It'll either copy my strongest Pokemon or yours, so you'd better have a good idea of what would counter yours most effectively.

"Two, Clefairy and Bulbasaur aren't at full health, in case you haven't noticed, so give them a Potion soon." Leaf pulled out the one in her bag, and Tsunami looked at the lone remedy in disbelief. "You've only got one?" Leaf gave him a withered look, which he conveniently ignored. "Geez... Of your unhealthy Pokemon, Clefairy'll be best--Bulbasaur, being a Grass-type, is weak to Fire-type attacks, and that's just what Charmeleon'll use." I hate to listen to someone like him... but he does seem to know what he's doing. Leaf sprayed the Potion onto Clefairy, and it jumped up and down to show that it was ready for battle.

Tsunami continued, "Try commanding Clefairy to use Metronome and Butterfree to use Confusion. And four... I'll get to that after the battle." They turned back to the fight--sure enough, Bulbasaur was gasping for breath, not getting a chance to attack as it maneuvered around blasts of flame... but Charmeleon didn't look like it was at full health either, wincing from the hits it took from Squirtle's Water Gun. Butterfree was faring well, landing hit after hit on Raticate and flying up to dodge the Rat Pokemon's lunges, and all of Tsunami's Pokemon were doing pretty well.

Leaf took out Bulbasaur's Pokeball, thought for a moment, then replaced it. "Clefairy, Metronome on Charmeleon! Butterfree, Confusion on Raticate!" Clefairy wagged its fingers left and right, seeming to keep time to imaginary music... then clapped its hands together. The pink Pokemon slowly pointed them upwards as money began to appear in them, promptly hurling the golden coins at Charmeleon. The attacks coming in Bulbasaur's direction halted, and the little Pokemon laid spreadeagled on the ground, panting.

Fire, however, had had enough of his Pokemon getting beaten. He seemed a bit interested at Leaf's command of 'Confusion'... "Ditto, transform into Butterfree! Charmeleon, Flamethrower on the real Butterfree!" There was no need to give a command to Raticate... it was unconcious. Fire looked at it sadly and recalled it.

Meanwhile, Charmeleon made Butterfree into a new source of light with the help of its Flamethrower. Knowing that Butterfree wasn't going to recover, Leaf recalled it, beginning to worry. Its presence was remembered on the battlefield, though not in a way that Leaf and Tsunami's Pokemon appreciated. Ditto-Butterfree had already taken Sandshrew on a fatal spin with its newly acquired Confusion attack, leaving two Pokemon on the Rocket's side and four on his rivals'.

Tsunami finally changed his attacks as well. "Fearow, Wing Attack on Butterfree! Squirtle, use Bite on Charmeleon's tail!"

This didn't seem to worry Fire much. "Charmeleon, Metal Claw, but avoid Squirtle at all costs! Ditto, stay on guard!" He didn't pay any attention to Leaf's Pokemon... and that was his mistake.

"Clefairy, Metronome! Bulbasaur... uh... do something!" While Clefairy waved its fingers left and right again, Bulbasaur aimed its bulb at Ditto-Butterfree and shot a seed at it with excellent accuracy. Roots seemed to crawl into it, weakening the Transform Pokemon. Bulbasaur, on the other hand, seemed to get stronger, looking even better than it had when the battle had started. Clefairy was breathing strange, greenish flames at Charmeleon, who stopped for a moment. This allowed Squirtle to clamp onto its tail, hiding the flame on its tip from view.

Squirtle getting away with its attack worried Fire much more. "Charmeleon, try to shake off Squirtle! Ditto, use Confusion on Bulbasaur!" Charmeleon looked at Squirtle apologetically, then slammed it into the ground again and again, stopping only when the Pokemon's unconcious body slid off its tail, revealing the red lizard's flame again. Tsunami recalled it in silence.

Bulbasaur wasn't doing well, either; Ditto picked it up with its Confusion attack, smashed it into the ceiling, and dropped it, letting gravity damage the Seed Pokemon for it. It struggled to its feet, getting a bit of energy from the Leech Seed still in the Butterfree copy.

"Finish Bulbasaur off! Use Flamethrower and Confusion!" Ditto-Butterfree picked up Bulbasaur, holding it still as Charmeleon gave Bulbasaur an apologetic look similar to the one it had given Squirtle and torched it into submission.

Leaf grimaced--she was down to one Pokemon already! "You did well, Bulbasaur... return."

Her opponent turned his attention to Tsunami's last Pokemon. "Charmeleon, Slash on its wings!"

Tsunami gritted his teeth for a few seconds before commanding, "Fearow, fly higher!" It was no use- Charmeleon leapt up onto Fearow's back as it ascended and sunk its claws into one of the bird's hollow bones in its wing, breaking it. The huge bird screeched in pain and toppled to the ground as its attacker leapt off, landing seconds before Charmeleon. It wasn't out of the fight yet, though...

Meanwhile, Leaf decided to go after Ditto-Butterfree. To her surprise, Clefairy was getting stronger from the parasitic seed Bulbasaur had left behind; it apparently healed whatever was on the other side of the battlefield. "Metronome!" She waited for the finishing move... and watched as the Fairy Pokemon blew nearly harmless bubbles at Ditto. The Transform Pokemon barely even flinched. Leaf groaned.

"Metronome again!" This time, a huge burst of blinding light flew out of Clefairy's mouth, turning the imitation Butterfree's body into its original state of pink glop. Though Ditto fell to the floor, Clefairy toppled over as well, gasping for breath.

Fire had obviously finished off Fearow--Charmeleon raked its claws across Clefairy's back, knocking it out instantly. "Ditto, Transform into Bulbasaur! Sleep Powder!" Leaf picked up Clefairy and ran... but the Grunts were awake now, and they shoved her back into the cloud of green. She noticed Tsunami being dragged off by a few Rocket members with gas masks before darkness consumed her...


Is Lass really dead? Who the heck is Glitch? Will Leaf and Tsunami be able to stand each other for long enough to escape from Mount Moon? Is Fire all that bad? How do you spell 'parasitic', anyway? The world may never know, because these nine were the only chapters posted. This whole 'repost the ancient fic' thing has brought back some of my interest in it, though...

...female Rocket? Either you mistook Glitch for one (female R uniforms are the same as they are in FRLG, the black dress with long boots, while that's a black bodysuit with nonexistant-half-a-year-ago-so-that's-why-it's-not-there green trim she's got on), or you're psychic and have predicted Sonia...

12th May 2005, 6:03 AM
Okay, the beginning with Glitch was a little bit confusing; you said 'she' too often, so it was difficult to know which 'she' you were referring to, and I had to read it several times before I got what was going on. The battle was a little confusing as well, but I think that's mostly because you had so many pokemon going at once.

Fire's Team Rocket? ^.^ That was a surprise... but I get the distinct feeling there's a very, very blurred line between good and evil in his case. I love the fact Charmeleon was apologetic about hurting its opponants, that was well done.

>.< As for the female Rocket, I think I misread Glitch's description, she sure sounded like a Rocket when I read it. :P The name Glitch is cool, by the way. And I'm guessing I won't find out who Sonia is for a while. Oh, and what's with the parasitic? XD

^.^ So I guess the next question is: are you going to continue it?

12th May 2005, 2:23 PM
The beginning is supposed to be confusing; the battle is, like you said, probably hard to understand because of how unstructured it was. The parasitic was because I have no spellchecker, and I wasn't sure of how to spell it back when I wrote that chapter... that's actually a modified version of the ending spiel the fic had before.

IT LIVES AGAIN! I hate the beginning of the Leaf part... ugh...


"No fears, boss-man. We'll keep 'em tranquilized until we can get some memory wipers down from Cerulean. Oh? Why? ...Understood, sir. Sonia out." Porygon closed the connection, and its owner recalled the Virtual Pokemon.

"Will they be okay?"

Sonia jumped, startled to hear him. "Why do you want to know, Fire? They almost beat you! You should be hoping they drop dead, kid!"

Silence. A lower-ranked Rocket approached them, three large scratches oozing blood down his left arm. "Damn, that brat's a monster..."

Fire looked at him, worried. "Leaf?"

"Leaf? Oh, you mean the boy. I tried to inject him, but he kept thrashing around..."

"Oh." Fire didn't sound interested in 'the boy' at all. "If he's being so much trouble, then why haven't you given him Spore? That's why we gave you that Pokemon. And what about Le--the girl?"

"The girl's sleepin' like a baby." Releasing a Parasect, he continued, "Now, to make sure she stays that way!" He walked toward the adjoining cavern, newly created with a few convenient explosives. "Leaf... what a weird name for a boy..." Fire turned to follow him.

"No." Fire turned around and glared at Sonia.

"Why not?"

The green-haired teen calmly explained, "We've been reassigned to the Cape. If we start for it now, we might make it there by nightfall." She released a Dodrio and climbed aboard. Her brown-haired companion got onto his now identical Ditto-Dodrio, and the two Pokemon dashed to the cave's exit.

VS Parasect ;047;

Leaf was not happy.

What seemed like ages before, she'd woken up to find herself in a small, sturdy cage with the boy she'd just lost against Team Rocket with for company. He seemed to feel completely in control of everything, which only drove the girl's nerves further to the edge. She wished for sleep again, if only to erase the emotions welling up inside her head--anger at herself for trusting Fire, mourning for Lass, fear of what Team Rocket would do to her, guilt for letting her mother and her Pokemon down when they'd needed her most twice now...

Abrubtly, Tsunami spoke up. "We need to talk."

Leaf responded dully, "There's nothing to talk about. We lost. Neither of us has a fire-type. We're stuck in here."

"Not about that. Besides, his Charmeleon's obviously been taking some kind of drug for it to be evolved at that level. It's disgusting... Anyway, Bulbasaur belongs to my grandfather. I've been searching for it because it's the only one of its kind that we've found. The same with Squirtle and Charmeleon."

That caught Leaf's attention. "Fire stole it?"

Tsunami sighed; in captivity, his attitude problem seemed a bit more subdued. "We decided to give it to him to help us with the Pokedex--this thing." He held up the whole device; Leaf dug through her bag for a few seconds before finding the controller, and the blue-eyed boy nodded. "It's a portable encyclopedia that Gramps's been working on since before I was born, and it's my job to collect entries on the one hundred and fifty Pokemon species we know about now. There was a third to go to the person we chose for Bulbasaur; of course, it's in pieces now."

He rested his head against the back of the cage as he continued, "Fire's been a prankster for a long time, according to Gramps. He gave him the Pokedex to get him out of his hair, but the day the brat was supposed to leave, he vanished. Now I know where he went..."

"That doesn't explain why Bulbasaur ended up on my head, though."

"A Rocket got ahold of the bag I had put it and the Pokedex in, and Charmander--what Charmeleon was before it evolved, stupid--tackled it. The Pokeball and Pokedex both flew out of it when the Rocket fell off the cliff... anyway, it was an accident. I'd like it back; it needs a more experienced trainer."

Leaf glared at him. "Is this because I... no, we... lost to Fire? Then you should give up Squirtle, too. Matter of fact, you were out of the battle way before I was, so I must be more experienced." With a shrill "Hmph!" she turned away from her fellow prisoner.

With a groan of "Girls...", Tsunami looked through the bag at his waist before producing a Potion with pink packaging. "Why don't we settle this here and now? Your Bulbasaur against my Squirtle--you probably won't know a thing about special attacks." Leaf snatched the Potion away from him, released Bulbasaur's barely concious form, and dumped the whole thing onto it, restoring the Seed Pokemon instantly. Her foe released Squirtle and healed it a bit more carefully than she had. Leaf and Tsunami moved to opposite sides of the cage as their Pokemon reluctantly squared off, ready to fight...

"What? You're awake? We can't have that, can we!" It was a Rocket Grunt, who was accompanied by an orange, glassy-eyed bug with a giant mushroom on its head. Leaf was unnerved by the giant bug; Tsunami ignored it and scowled at its trainer, elicting a chuckle from the black-clad man. "No, brat, I won't lay a finger on you. Parasect, Spo--"

"Razor Leaf!" Bulbasaur did as commanded, but only half of its green projectiles made it through the bars of the cage, and Parasect hardly noticed them. What Leaf noticed was the painful sunburn she was starting to get on her nose--there was a skylight in the tunnel instead of the standard torches, and the sun was right above it.

A bolt of inspiration struck her. Sunlight. Plants like sunlight. Bulbasaur likes sunlight. Maybe... "Bulbasaur, do you think you could gather light in your bulb?" A huge grin was her answer. Tsunami looked on with interest as a small ball of blinding light began to form, floating above the top of Bulbasaur's bulb. All the while, Squirtle kept Parasect busy with weak blasts of water. After being pestered for a while, the giant bug finally reached for the Tinyturtle Pokemon with a massive claw just in time to get hit with an enormous blast of light from Leaf's green reptile. The attack shoved Parasect back a few feet and dented the bars of the cage.

"Don't let it get away with that! Parasect, Slash!" The Mushroom Pokemon slammed its sharp, massive claws into Bulbasaur... or would have, if the cage hadn't stopped it first. The already weakened iron bars easily broke under its heavy claws, and Bulbasaur and Squirtle tackled what was left of them to widen the hole so that Leaf and Tsunami could safely get out.

The Grunt stared in disbelief as his pair of salary bonuses escaped before his eyes. "Come on, Parasect, we can't let 'em escape..." he muttered, gritting his teeth. "I'm gonna get me some big bucks! Slash!" The glassy-eyed Pokemon scuttled forward, claws at the ready.

Tsunami smirked. "This'll be a piece of cake! Use Bubble, Squirtle!" The Water-type quickly blew hundreds of bubbles into the air from its hands and mouth. The majority were right in Parasect's face, rendering it unable to see its opponent. It then shot a blast of water about as wide around as itself into the ground and started digging.

Leaf knew immediately that her job was going to be distracting Parasect, though Bulbasaur was probably weak against its type; she decided that it was like the Grimer, Koffing, and Zubat she had fought what seemed like ages ago. "Bulbasaur, get behind Parasect! Razor Leaf!" The Seed Pokemon ran behind its foe and began to hit it with sharp-edged leaves. Annoyed, it turned around. "Now, use Vine Whip to tie up its claws!" The trainer couldn't tell if her Pokemon was doing well or not; Parasect's huge mushroom was blocking her view of Bulbasaur.

"Bul bulba!" Bulbasaur sounded triumphant; now was the time for Leaf's newest invention.

"Gather sunlight, Bulbasaur! Don't release it until I tell you to!" The light her bulb-carrying Pokemon produced was visible from where she was standing, but she waited until she could actually see the ball of light that now towered over Bulbasaur before making any commands. "Now!"

Parasect was sent flying by the burst of light released, and most of its mushroom was torn to shreds. Before it could land, though, Tsunami commanded, "Dig!" Squirtle slammed into the Mushroom Pokemon's side, knocking off the last of its mushroom and rendering it unconcious.

The Grunt took a step backward as his Pokemon fell to the ground, smoking. "This can't be happening... this can't be happening..." He ran for it; neither Leaf nor Tsunami followed him.

To Leaf's amazement, the blue-eyed boy gave her an inkling of a smile. "I was wrong about you. Nice Solarbeams, by the way. You should wait until it evolves to use them more frequently, because Bulbasaur can't take that kind of energy. I still want to battle you, though. Some other time."

Leaf tried to hide her disappointment at finding that she hadn't invented an attack after all. "Thanks. I'll be ready, anytime, anywhere!"

Tsunami smirked. "Of course. Smell ya later!" With that, he began to head toward the cave's exit. Leaf stared after him, deep in thought.


"Yikes!" To Bulbasaur's surprise, Leaf jumped for quite a long distance before reconnecting with Planet Earth. "Maybe we should get out of here before anyone else decides to do something to us..." With that, the two began to walk to the exit. It was exactly as Hiker had said--a few twists and turns, and she was nearly at the exit.

Something was shining close to a rock a few feet away. Upon further examination, it was a piece of amber. It was obvious that someone had dropped it--the ancient tree sap was in an oval shape. She picked it up, giving it a good look. There seemed to be something inside, a little gray speck. The girl put the amber into her bag as she walked outside...

12th May 2005, 2:35 PM
Well, maybe it was supposed to be confusing; but I think it as confusing in the wrong way. I think you want it to be mysterious-confusing, but it was just... confusing. >.<

^.^ Anyway! So that's Sonia, huh? Nice.
And I think Fire's feeling guilty :P concealing Leaf's name like that.
^.^ the Rocket was pretty funny too... 'The Grunt stared in disbelief as his pair of salary bonuses escaped before his eyes.' XD I loved that line...
^.^ Keep it up.

14th May 2005, 1:06 PM
Sorry about the wait. I haven't been able to get on the computer for a while. This is the last of the chapters that've had parts written ages ago, which means that the next chapter will be completely new and could take a while.

The way I see it, Girl Scout= Picnicker, Boy Scout= Camper. Why I never used the game names when writing the first part is a mystery.

VS Staryu ;120;

The route leading to Cerulean City wasn't very long or Trainer-filled. It was, however, full of small cliffs, which Leaf found she could simply hop over. Getting back up them, on the other hand, would be time consuming. She simply pressed on, hoping to reach the Pokemon Center before too long.

Cerulean itself was full of buildings with blue roofs. Remembering Tsunami's advice, Leaf decided to stop at the Mart to get some Potions. While finding them, she noticed a pair of pink rubber gloves and decided to buy them as well--this way, she could talk things out with Peach without getting electrocuted. After purchasing everything, her next stop was the Pokemon Center. As always, her Pokemon were put into the restoration machine, and Leaf sat at a small table next to two larger ones. She wished Lass was there... sitting alone was somewhat uncomfortable for Leaf. But Lass was dead, and her mother was as good as dead, and there was never anything she could do about it...

"What's wrong? Please, don't cry..." Four Girl Scouts were crowded around her; one was doing the talking and comforting, three were gawking. Leaf didn't respond. One of the other Girl Scouts tried. "Did you get your Pokemon taken away? Sandra did. See, she gave her Growlithe a bath--she really didn't know it kills Fire-types--and it was coughing up blood all over the place, and..."

"She doesn't need to know THAT!"

Was that how Lass had looked? Had she been bleeding like that when she died?

Lass and Mom wouldn't want to be remembered like this, would they? asked a small voice of reason. You won't accomplish anything by sitting around moping. As the Girl Scouts continued to tell her about the untimely fate of Sandra's Growlithe, it continued, There was never anything you could've done about Lass. Don't worry about her, okay?

"Ew!" chirped the first Girl Scout. "Can we talk about something else besides dead stuff? Let's talk about Misty, since we're in Cerulean! Isn't that pink-and-white swimsuit she had on in last month's Flower magazine cute? Oh, and I think she said she had four Pokemon. And they were all Water-types-"

"Miss, your Pokemon are fully healed," Nurse Joy said. As Leaf walked up to the counter and took her Pokeballs, she reviewed what she knew: Misty was the Leader here, and she used Water-types. If Peach was feeling more agreeable, the match was in the bag. If not, there could be some problems. The little mouse's cooperation would be important...


Unfortunately, Peach wasn't feeling the same way. The mouse had been struggling in her pink, protected arms for the past hour shooting out Thunderbolts, doing nothing except blackening the floor tile below it. Most of the other people sleeping in the Center had gotten far away from Leaf...


"Pich pichu."

Leaf sighed and corrected herself. "Peach, I know you miss your old trainer... heck, I do too... but she isn't coming back! I'm your trainer now, and we have to work together."

"Pi?" Pichu finally looked up at her with a big smile on its face and hugged her. But something hadn't been right about it...

"Pi-CHUU!" Leaf fell over screaming as Peach finished its Thunderbolt and ran... but Bulbasaur grabbed the electric mouse with one vine and spanked it with the other. Enraged, Peach let out another Thunderbolt, but Bulbasaur channeled it into the ground with a vine as Butterfree immoblized the misbehaving Pokemon with Confusion. The Pichu managed to Thunderbolt the purple butterfly as Leaf slowly sat up.

"Return." Pichu vanished as Butterfree fell to the ground, wings twitching. Bulbasaur was looking a little winded too... but it was late, and the Joy was gone. Sighing, Leaf recalled all of her Pokemon and got out her sleeping bag, still aching from her newest Pokemon's Thunderbolt. It would be a great asset to Leaf's team if it would just listen...

The next day, Leaf gave all of her Pokemon to Joy for healing after their harrowing experience last night and bought milk and a bagel from the two vending machines in the lobby. She decided to pick up a flyer about the Cerulean Gym's history, hoping that it would help her a bit...

"You're going to the Cerulean Gym?" It was a Nurse Joy. This one, however, had shorter curls that were strawberry blonde. Leaf simply shrugged it off--no big deal, right?--and nodded.

Joy laughed, "Then you'll want to take this with you." She handed the trainer a towel, which was accepted with a skeptical look. "You'll thank me later." With that, Joy walked over to the exit, straightened a few pamphlets, and left the Center. Leaf stared after her.

"Miss, your Pokemon are fully healed," the normal, pink-haired Joy behind the counter notified her. After releasing Clefairy and putting the others' Pokeballs in their usual spot, she left the center and headed towards the Gym, just down the road.

As usual, Leaf entered without knocking and looked around the Gym. "Hello?" She received no answer. "Misty must be out," she mused aloud, surveying the Gym floor with discomfort. It was no wonder that the Joy had given her a towel--she was on the topmost step of a huge pool, and her socks were getting waterlogged from their wet surroundings. Clefairy was splashing around in the water, making things worse for her feet. The bottom was barely visible, but Pokemon--many Horsea and a few she didn't recognize--swam around there.

"HEY! Over here!" A girl who was probably three years younger than Leaf bobbed up and down in the pool, floating with the help of a massive lavender inner tube. She wore her blue hair in a short ponytail on the top of her head, secured with the help of a bright green hairband that matched her one-piece swimsuit perfectly. "Are we gonna battle, or are you gonna stand there and watch algae grow? Get over here so we can start!"

Leaf was, of course, puzzled. "You're the Gym Leader? And what do you mean, 'get over here'?"

Madame Inner Tube giggled. "Yep, I'm the Leader! Swim over!"

"Swim?!" Leaf knew that she would sink like a rock--her baggy blue socks would see to that. "Uh... Can I wear a swimsuit instead of this?" she asked, blushing slightly.

"Sure! There're bathrooms to your left!" These, thankfully, weren't flooded like the rest of the Gym. There were hooks for purses, and Leaf's messenger bag took up two of them. After finding a blue swimsuit that wouldn't be missed if it got torn up, she ran over to one of the stalls and told Clefairy to stand watch.

A few more minutes, and...

The girl was playing with a Horsea when Leaf returned, put the towel onto a high shelf, and jumped in. The water was slightly cold, but Leaf didn't really mind it as she swam out to the middle of the huge pool, her four Pokeballs in her hands.

"Hi! We never did introductions, did we? I'm Marina of the Cerulean City Gym!" She shoved a green tube that was the same size as hers toward Leaf, and the older of the two girls hooked an arm over it and got in. "Anyway, this is a three-on-three battle!" Leaf relaxed slightly. Three Pokemon meant that some of her cause for worry was gone--she wouldn't have to use Peach.

Marina continued, "You can switch around Pokemon, but I can't. The battle starts now!" She nodded at her Dragon Pokemon, and it swam forward, looking determined. "Horsea, go!"

Leaf already knew what to do. "Bulbasaur!" The green Pokemon flailed around in the water, and its trainer winced--she'd never checked to see if it could swim! "Darn it... Razor Leaf, hurry!" Sinking a few feet into the water, Bulbasaur shot its sharp, green leaves at Horsea, then panicked its way to the surface and dog-paddled to stay afloat as Horsea recovered.

Marina wasn't as much of a pushover as the owner of the first Horsea Leaf had encountered or Brock's Gym Trainer, and she proceeded to prove this. "Horsea, Ice Beam! Freeze its bulb!" Before Leaf had time to wonder what an Ice Beam was, the opposing Pokemon had shot a mixture of water and ice at Bulbasaur's bulb, freezing it solid. The Seed Pokemon screamed in pain, swallowing a lot of water, and Leaf recalled it, surprised.

"Don't count me out just yet. Go, Clefairy!" Leaf's first Pokemon, on the other hand, had swimming experience aplenty from the pool in its trainer's backyard, and treaded water with ease. "Magical Leaf!"

"Uh-oh... Horsea... Bubblebeam?" Clefairy's fall leaves plowed through the bubbles Horsea shot out of its mouth and struck the Dragon Pokemon itself, leaving it to slowly sink in the water. Marina recalled it, not looking too worried. Clefairy wasn't looking scared either; it relaxed, lying face-up in the pool, as the Gym Leader thought about her choice.

"Goldeen!" Leaf recognized the Pokemon as one of the ones near the bottom of the pool. It was a white fish with orange splotches on its back as well as its elegantly billowing tail. A sharp-looking horn protruded from its forehead, though other than that, it didn't look too menacing. Most of the Leader's Pokemon had been called upon, but there was still no sign of the powerful Pokemon everyone had lost to... If it was there at all, best to save Clefairy for later.

"Return! Go, Butterfree!" Leaf's purple butterfly emerged, looking confident. "Confusion!" Goldeen was lifted up through psychokinetic power. It shivered as Butterfree worked its magic and flung it into the Gym wall, where it stayed for a second before falling limply into the shallow water and hitting its head. Marina grinned despite this.

"Goldeen, Peck!" Goldeen slowly swam over to where the battle was taking place, causing the grin to falter on the Gym Leader's face. It continued its slow charge to where Butterfree waited with a simpler Confusion attack, knocking the Goldfish Pokemon out instantly. "Oooh, now you'll get it. Staryu, go!"

Now, a five-legged tan starfish with a red center took Goldeen's place. Leaf didn't switch her Pokemon. This had to be the unbeatable one... better to save her best for last. "Confusion!" Staryu spun around in midair before getting slammed against the wall. While it looked ready for more, it drunkenly swam back...

"Darn! Confused! Come on, Staryu, Thunderbolt! Follow up with Tackle!" The air around Staryu crackled with electricity as it performed an attack that Leaf was all too familiar with, sending Butterfree into the water, where it had more than a little trouble keeping afloat... but it looked at the wall and charged toward it, enraged at nothing. "Staryu, snap out of it! Hurry!"

Things weren't looking great on Leaf's side of the field, either. Butterfree's wings were too wet for flying, rendering it useless. "Excellent work! Return." This wasn't going to stop her, though--there was still...

"Clefairy!" The Fairy Pokemon looked at its opponent and giggled, infuriating Marina.

"Ugh! Staryu, come on, Thunderbolt..." Staryu paused for a moment, thinking clearly, but then sank deeper into its Confused state and began charging power.

Leaf gasped. Thunderbolting Clefairy would hurt everything in the water, including herself and Marina! "Hurry! Magical Leaf!" The pink Pokemon summoned the yellow and red leaves and hurled them into Staryu. The attack didn't seem to have much effect on the Pokemon... but it stopped its Thunderbolt and rocked forward and backward, the red center turning pink. It didn't look very healthy...

Apparently, Leaf was no judge on this. "Staryu, Confusion!" This time, it was Clefairy flying into the wall. The winged Pokemon seemed much weaker than its trainer had ever seen it; the battle had to end soon.

Marina's grin was back in full force as she ordered the next attack. "Finish it quick! Water Pulse!"

Leaf watched as Staryu began to spin dizzyingly fast, creating a tornado of water. The tornado became more concentrated, and the Starshape Pokemon quickly faced Clefairy with it and fired a ring off... but then the water fell back into the pool, leaving Staryu to lie face up. Its center was a light pink, and Marina gasped. "Staryu's core..." She swam over to it, distraught. "If Misty were here, Staryu, then you would've won..."

After recalling her Pokemon, she came over to Leaf. "We should get to some shallow water for this... don't want you dropping your Badge, after all." After Leaf had recalled her exhausted Clefairy, they went over to the first step and got out. "Eeek! It's freezing!" The other trainer nodded in agreement, shivering as well. "Um... here's your Blue Badge." It was a sapphire cut in a teardrop shape. The stone was sliced in half so that the back was just like the Grey Badge's.

Marina sighed. "I don't have any TMs, but you were still really good. Actually, you remind me of Misty."

It was the third time Leaf had heard the name, and she was becoming curious. "Who's Misty?"

"She was the old Gym Leader, my mentor, and an amazing girl overall. She was probably only a year older than you. Even adults would join the Gym just so they could be taught by her! But... she left the Gym a few weeks ago for 'personal business', and that's weird for her. She says the Gym's always first priority, but she left anyway, and it--the Gym, I mean--isn't doing so good. But, then, I shouldn't be worrying you with my troubles, should I? There's a lot of great stuff to see here. You should stick around for a day and relax. Maybe go up to the Cape, I've heard that there's a great show going on! I think it had a talking Pokemon and a Ditto..."

15th May 2005, 2:11 AM
Misty has personal business?! @.@ Ooh, that's gonna be interesting.
The battle wasn't bad, and the second Nurse Joy sounded kinda suspicious, was that deliberate?

25th June 2005, 3:37 AM
You wouldn't believe how many times I completely rewrote this chapter... before, it was about something else entirely, and these events came after that. Then, that something else turned out to be a real drag to write, so I decided to cut to the chase (which got really long, lagged in one place and resulted in more rewriting, and ended up split into what will probably be two parts). Bold, by the way, means translated Pokemon speech, be it from telepathy, gadgets, or other means.

On a completely unrelated note (which I should be e-mailing to you, purple_drake, but I'm too lazy and it's not like other people read this) I've looked over your suggestions for AGR and made some corrections, but there were a few things I disagreed with. I'll probably send them to you whenever the next chapter is written (they get finished once in a very long while).

Enough talk, here's...

VS Starmie ;121;

It was another beautiful day in Cerulean City, Kanto. The sky was slightly overcast, which was really a good thing; summer wasn't entirely done with, and there was still quite a bit of heat to endure before the fall months. Traffic wasn't too bad, other than the odd appearance of a few Poliwag and a Poliwhirl in the city exploring. Many drivers found them bothersome, as they would often stop in the middle of roads to examine the paint. However, pedestrians found the group of amphibious Pokemon funny, as the evolved member of the group would often look off in the general direction of Cerulean Cape nervously while its friends took things from trash cans. It especially seemed nervous when the group pulled out an old TV.

The Poliwags and Poliwhirl fled after a loud scream was heard from the Pokemon Center, whose trash can they had been examining moments before.

"MY WALLET!" was the shriek of one Leaf Rosales as she stuck her head in her near-empty yellow messenger bag. After its remaining contents joined their fellows on the tile floor around her, she began to wail, "Why, why, why, why, why..." as she picked everything back up.

Bulbasaur stared at its trainer in silence. It was having a severe case of deja vu; the brown-haired girl in her old home had often screamed like this after buying something for herself when out purchasing food for the Pokemon in the building. Apparently, all human girls liked to buy far too many things...

Unlike the girl Bulbasaur was familiar with, this was not caused by a shopping spree. "Pull yourself together, Leaf... where did you see it last?" The girl's reptilian Pokemon watched in amusement as its mistress began to mentally retrace her steps. "Last night... no, that was change from my pocket. Everything here has been, that means I had it in Pewter and..." Realization of the fate of her fifty dollars began to set in on Leaf. "Oh, no..."

This stage of money loss was unfamiliar to Bulbasaur. "Bulba bulbasaur?" it asked, tilting its head to one side.

"Team Rocket has my wallet..." she explained, more to herself than Bulbasaur. "Now what do I do?"

"Why, you'll have to get a job, of course," replied an older boy who had been watching the whole spectacle with a smirk. "Job board's right over there, where it is in every single Pokemon Center. Have fun." With that, he walked out of the Center, s******ing under his breath. Leaf glared at his retreating figure, thought about what he'd said, sighed, and reluctantly decided to take him up on the suggestion.

The job board was something Leaf knew that she would learn to dread. It seemed to be home of nothing but burger-flipping applications, cleaning jobs, bratsitting dates, garbage disposal times, and other things that only an extremely desperate person would turn to. Child labor laws were no excuse, according to a red sign in the right-hand corner--for small jobs, trainers were exempt. One job description caught her eye...

$$$$$$$$Nugget Bridge$$$$$$$$

Earn mad $ on the quik!
Defeet five trainers on the bridge
and win a Nugget worth $5000.
Just go 2 the bridge at the north
of town to enter.
Derections on back.

The spelling was atrocious, but it was the thought that counted. Leaf tore the page off the board and began to follow the directions through town...

Before long, she was at the place. The first trainer was a boy wearing a yellow shirt and demin shorts. "This is Nugget Bridge! Defeat us five trainers and win a prize! Go, Caterpie!" The little caterpillar looked very nervous, staring up at Leaf with wide eyes.

Leaf got out the rubber gloves. "Peach, give it your all!" The Pokemon seemed very happy to see her. Remembering happily that the Cascade Badge was supposed to make Pokemon with a small amount of experience obedient, Leaf ordered, "Thunderbolt!" Ten thousand volts of electricity hit Caterpie, and it immediately fainted.

"Return! Go, Weedle!" It was blackened the same way that Caterpie had been. The Metapod and Kakuna that followed it kept using Harden; a nuisance, not a threat. As the boy recalled the last of his bugs, he calmly said, "I did my best. I have no regrets." Leaf recalled her Pichu and walked on.

The next trainer was a girl wearing a pink dress. "I'm number two! Now it's serious!" She sent out an Oddish; Leaf's Butterfree knocked it out in one hit with Confusion, simply flinging it off the bridge to its watery demise. She recalled it and sent out a Bellsprout; this too fell fast. When she was beaten, she gave the same spiel as the first boy: "I did my best. I have no regrets."

The next trainer was another boy. This one wore the same outfit as the first one--it was almost like they were trying to look normal, but failing. "Number three! I'll take you down!" Sandshrew and Ekans. Neither lasted long against Clefairy's Magical Leaf and Doubleslap. The same speech found its way to his lips, and Leaf moved on.

A girl that looked the same as the last one. "Number four! Let's see what you've got!" She sent out a duet of Nidoran, one male, one female. Butterfree easily got rid of both with Confusion, yet again hurling them off the bridge to drown. Same speech, which only became more boring the more Leaf heard it, move on.

Another boy. "This is it! I'm number five!" He used a Mankey; though the Fighting-type was more challenging, Bulbasaur was still able to dispatch it. He said the same speech as well, and Leaf walked away mid-sentence.

The prize-giver looked a lot like the Nurse Joy she'd seen a few days before--she had short, strawberry-blonde hair that was held in a ponytail on the side of her head. She wore a red jacket over a blue swimsuit; on her feet were white socks protuding out of pink sneakers. "Congratulations! Here's your Nugget." After digging around in a shopping bag, she dropped a sizeable chunk of gold into Leaf's outstretched palm. "Now, here's an even better offer. Why don't you join Team Rocket? Talent like you won't be wasted--it'll be a straight shot to the top if you do it now! You could get money like this every day!"

Leaf gasped, inadvertently taking a step backward. "I'll never join Team Rocket!"

The girl groaned, "Come on, kid... I'm telling you to join!"

Leaf glared at her. "No!"

The girl yelled, "I'll make you an offer you can't refuse! Poliwhirl!"

Leaf knew what her choice in Pokemon would be the moment she saw Poliwhirl's slimy, blue skin. "A Water-type, huh? Bulbasaur!" Her faithful Grass-type grinned, thinking the same thing that she was. "Razor Leaf!" Unfortunately, Poliwhirl was fast out of the water as well as in it--it leapt out of the way before any of Bulbasaur's swift leaves could hit it.

The redhead smirked. "You'll find that there isn't much that can hit my Poliwhirl! Hypnosis!" The swirl on Poliwhirl's belly began to turn in circles, and Bulbasaur stared into it, transfixed. Before long, the Seed Pokemon was fast asleep.

Leaf bit her lip. "Return, Bulbasaur! Go, Butterfree!" The Butterfly Pokemon trilled happily as it was let out of its Pokeball. "Let's see how much you like a taste of your own medicine! Sleep Powder!" Butterfree flew over Poliwhirl, scattering greenish powder everywhere. Her opponent covered her nose and mouth with one hand.

"Dodge it!"


"Shoot..." Poliwhirl was stopped mid-run by Butterfree's attack, which picked the Tadpole Pokemon up and tossed it into the green cloud. It fell over after a few seconds, asleep.

The redheaded girl frowned. "Poliwhirl, come back. Go, Seaking!" It was a big orange fish that flopped around pathetically. "Water Gun!"

It looks worthless out of water, Leaf thought to herself, and judging from how upset she looks at having to use it, I'm probably right. "Return, Butterfree! Go, Clefairy!" Leaf's pink Pokemon giggled at the comical sight of Seaking flailing around, hands to its mouth. "Doubleslap!" The Fairy Pokemon jumped over Seaking's more dangerous front end and began attacking the back, slapping the fish five times. "Now, Magical Leaf!" The leaves were point-blank, giving Seaking no chance to get out of the way. Its eyes rolled up in the back of its head as it fainted. Leaf's opponent recalled it, not surprised at all.

"Let's see how well you do against this. Vaporeon!" A blue, foxlike Pokemon emerged from a Great Ball. It had a tail much like a mermaid's, as well as four legs. "Acid Armor!" Suddenly, there was no Vaporeon- the Bubble Jet Pokemon had vanished into thin air. "Quick Attack, then back to Acid Armor!" A blue blur slammed into Clefairy before disappearing... into the ground?

"Great job, Clefairy! Go, Butterfree!" The only member of Leaf's team that wasn't ground-bound emerged from its Pokeball, a bit nervous. "Stun Spore!" Even if the attack missed, Butterfree was still high enough in the air to be unable to reach.

"Water Gun! Get its body really wet!" Vaporeon reappeared far away from the cloud of yellow that Butterfree had created and shot a burst of water at the Butterfly Pokemon. It was hit and began to fall, but Vaporeon wouldn't allow it- Water Gun after Water Gun slammed into Leaf's purple butterfly, soaking it. Ten blasts of water later, Butterfree was unable to stand or fly, its soaked wings and body worthless. Leaf recalled it silently, biting her lip.

"That thing must be pretty pathetic to not have waterproof wings! Excellent work, Vaporeon." The Bubble Jet Pokemon trotted over to its trainer's side, obviously pleased with itself. "But, for now, I'd like you to return..." Disappointed, the water fox vanished into its Pokeball. "Poliwhirl!" The Tadpole Pokemon emerged from its Pokeball, fast asleep.

Leaf grinned, already knowing what her next choice would be. "Clefairy!" It gave Poliwhirl the once-over, decided that it wasn't the opponent, and turned to its trainer, bouncing a bit. "Uh... you're going to fight Poliwhirl." The pink pixie gave Leaf a 'you must be joking' look, but still turned to face the blue tadpole. "Magical Leaf!" Clefairy fired a couple of rounds of autumn leaves at Poliwhirl... but its eyes suddenly snapped open, and it jumped out of the way of the second attack. To both battlers' surprise, the leaves followed their target upward, eventually connecting with the Tadpole Pokemon.

"Poliwhirl, Water Gun!" The slimy Pokemon shot another burst of water at Clefairy, and it tried to jump away. However, the water hit Clefairy's leg, sending it spinning out of control. It landed on its head and stayed down, dazed but not unconcious.

Leaf felt her confidence drain away. "Return, Clefairy. Bulbasaur!" The Pokemon was fast asleep.

The brunette's opponent smirked. "Poliwhirl, Doubleslap." The blue Pokemon calmly walked over to Bulbasaur and began to slap it much harder than Clefairy usually did. Luckily, the Seed Pokemon managed to wake up after four hits, looking exhausted. Leaf quickly got out a Super Potion and called Bulbasaur over; as Leaf healed it, she whispered a few words into the Seed Pokemon's ear. Seeing this, the redheaded girl also healed her Pokemon.

Bulbasaur was back on the field first, and it began to release huge amounts of Sleep Powder into the air. Poliwhirl didn't stand a chance--the moment it came even close to Bulbasaur, it fell asleep yet again. Before its trainer could recall it, the blue Pokemon was hit repeatedly with Razor Leaf until Leaf was sure Poliwhirl was truly down. "Good, Poliwhirl," complimented the redhead. "Return! Finish this off, Vaporeon!" The water fox growled at Bulbasaur, feeling more threatened by it than by its other opponents.

Leaf was determined to catch the Bubble Jet Pokemon before it could disappear again. "Vine Whip!" The four vines ensnared Vaporeon...

"Acid Armor!" The blue Pokemon melted into water, slipping through Bulbasaur's vines and once again landing on the ground.

Bulbasaur looked a bit discouraged, but Leaf reassured it, "Don't worry. We know what to look for. If you see any puddles, hit them with Vine Whip, okay?" Bulbasaur extended its vines a bit, keeping them ready to lash out at any water on the ground.

The swimsuit-clad girl smirked. "Knowing what to look for and seeing Vaporeon are two very different things, as you'll soon see... Eh, never mind. This is taking way too long. Change of plans, Vaporeon! Surf!" Bulbasaur lashed out at something next to Leaf--the solid form of Vaporeon. The attack hit, as did the Razor Leaves that followed it, but that wouldn't stop the Bubble Jet Pokemon. A low rumble was heard, growing louder by the second. A monstrous wave nearly broke Nugget Bridge into pieces, leaving any Trainers who hadn't known what the attack would do to be washed away. It stopped in midair, gathering more water, before crashing down onto Leaf and Bulbasaur.

Leaf noticed Vaporeon's deep concentration and decided that this was like Marina's Staryu's Water Pulse--scary, but useless if you stopped the Pokemon causing the attack. "Razor Leaf it, hurry!" Vaporeon, though fast, couldn't take a hit; it fainted, and its redheaded trainer recalled it, smirking.

"Hey, you," the girl pointed out as she readied her final Pokeball, "gravity." The wave pummeled both Bulbasaur and its trainer. Leaf closed her eyes, held her nose and mouth shut, and waited for it to pass...

It didn't. Leaf opened one eye and nearly made the fatal mistake of gasping--she and Bulbasaur were trapped in a sphere of floating water. What was behind this nearly made her forget her current predicament.

It was blue with pink around the dark blue jewel in its middle.

It had ten limbs.

It was a shiny Pokemon.

It was psychic.

It was Starmie.

And to Leaf, it was the most beautiful thing on earth.

The redhead put away her Great Ball, smirking. "Starmie, let go," commanded the girl, "and then use Ice Beam."

Oddly enough, Leaf heard the starfish's response in her head. Gladly, Misty. It was a feminine, elegant voice that was somehow calming. Bulbasaur and its trainer were released from the sphere; they both fell down for a few feet before hitting the ground.

"Bulbasaur, try to block that Ice Beam with Vine Whip!" The Seed Pokemon readied its duet of vines. Misty rolled her eyes as the ice and water froze over both Bulbasaur's vines and its bulb, fainting it just like Marina's Horsea had. "Return. Go, Peach!" The Pichu looked ready to fight, taking away much of her nervousness. "Thunderbolt!" Ten thousand volts of electricity rained down on Starmie, weakening it considerably.

"Starmie, Recover." The Pokemon wordlessly healed itself, scorch marks vanishing into thin air. Leaf winced. Misty smirked. "Water Pulse!" Starmie was much faster than Staryu had been--the ring of water surrounding the Pokemon wasn't as flashy, but it definitely got the job done. Peach was sent flying by the three rings that its opponent fired at it, and it fell down, growling.

"Thunderbolt again!" The yellow mouse cocked its head to one side, seeming to think about something. It turned around and stared for a moment before an expression that its trainer had hoped to never see directed at her again appeared on its face: hatred. Leaf raised her hands to shield the rest of her from the attack just in time; the Thunderbolt was blocked by her rubber gloves.

"Oh, brother... Give me a break, Pe--" Before Leaf could say anything more about Peach, Starmie had immoblized both her and the little Pokemon. Misty walked over to them, smirking. "So, not much fight in you now, eh?" Leaf screamed as she felt Starmie crush her for a few seconds before releasing its psychic hold on the girl; she crumpled over, too weak to stand. Misty picked her up by the back of her shirt. "Why don't we settle this with a real fight?" she asked loudly.

"No, wait--"

"Play along, head for the big bush," Misty whispered. At full blast, she yelled, "You'll see what happens to those who oppose Team Rocket!" With that, she flung Leaf toward a large bush close to them. The brunette fell over and began to back towards it on hands and feet as Misty advanced, fists ready. To Leaf's surprise, it had a small opening in it, which she crawled into. Her 'attacker' and Peach followed.

"Thank God that worked," Misty muttered.

"How do you know?" wondered Leaf as she picked a twig out of her hair.

"The Rockets would've gotten us by now. Anyway..." Before Misty could finish, Starmie teleported in.

Cameras disabled, Misty, it notified its mistress.

"Good," the girl replied. "Return, Starmie." The ten-legged starfish vanished; its trainer put its Great Ball in her pocket. She began to dig a small hole in the ground with her hands and found a red stone; after pushing it, a restoration machine popped out of the ground. "Go ahead, heal your Pokemon. As you heard, my name's Misty. You are?"

"Leaf. You're the old Gym Leader who went away on personal business..." As Leaf said this, she put her four Pokeballs into the machine and flipped the red switch on the side. The white machine began to faintly hum.

"Personal business... yeah, right." She sighed. "Long story. We don't have that kind of time. Can I see your Cascadebadge for a second?" Leaf cautiously handed over the teardrop-shaped sapphire as the machine dinged out a simple tune, notifying the brunette that her Pokemon had been healed. After her Pokeballs had been removed, Misty loaded her three Pokeballs and one Great Ball into four of the six slots and turned the machine on. She then produced a small, hook-shaped item from her jacket pocket; to the brunette's horror, the Gym Leader proceeded to pry the metal backing off of the Badge, revealing a small hole where something was apparently supposed to go. "Good, nothing there. Because Marina's not the Gym Leader, it would've been illegal for her to give you an official Cascadebadge... so, I popped out the thing that's supposed to go in here that makes your Pokemon obedient. No effect, not official." The restoration machine played its song again, and Misty took her Pokeballs out.

Leaf stared in disbelief. "But why didn't Marina tell me? If I would've known, I..."

Misty took a small Ziploc bag out of her pocket next. Inside were what looked like tiny computer chips. "Marina's a bit of a perfectionist. If she would've known that she was handing out defective Badges, she probably would've closed the Gym!" With a click and a loud snap, one chip was placed in the hole and the metal was replaced. "Don't worry, though, it's just fine now." Leaf recieved her Badge again, along with a TM. "Now, will you help me stop Team Rocket?"

Leaf nodded. "Of course!"

Both girls heard rustling coming from the bushes nearby. Misty got into a crouching position. "Bill's lighthouse is the tallest building here. They're holding him hostage 'cause they're too stupid to know how to duplicate his Transfer System; he's hidden the blueprint well, knowing him. Find him, beat the Rockets, and they'll probably split town. This is Water Pulse," she explained quickly, pointing at the little box. "Teach it to Clefairy, use it to take out Charmeleon." After seeing Leaf turn slightly pale at the mention of what had to be Fire's Charmeleon, Misty raised an eyebrow. "I see I've picked an expert. Anyway, I'll go ahead of you. Those TMs are kinda talkative, so be prepared to stay for a while. See ya!" With that, she released Poliwhirl and left the hollow bush.

25th June 2005, 5:38 AM
Whoa! Interesting twist with Misty! I wasn't expecting that!

I really liked the battle too, and I liked how Starmie can talk. Good job!

27th June 2005, 4:45 AM
..TM's are kinda talkative? :P That sounded weird... interested to see what you meant by that. Nice chappie ^.^ With Misty I was like, 'Team Rocket?! No way!'

As for me being the only one who reads this *points to post above* eat your words! ^.^

And emailing, take your time; no hurry ^.^

20th August 2005, 11:32 PM
I apologize for the wait. This is two out of three (I didn't know it was going to be so long. X_X), and I promise that there won't be a part four. This is my least favorite of the projected parts (yaaaaay setup![/sarcasm]), but it'll have to do for now.

(Let's do the) VS Starmie (agaaaaain!) ;121;

Leaf sent out Clefairy as quietly as possible, hoping to not get the attention of whoever she was hearing just outside of her hiding spot. It certainly wasn't only Misty, from the sounds of it... "Okay," she muttered, partially to notify the pink pixie in front of her about the TM and partially to calm herself down, "here we go..." Acting on guesswork, she pressed down the '03'-labeled side of the TM, causing what looked like a small camera to pop up.

"Hi! I'm TM 03, Water Pulse!" the machine announced happily. Startled by the loud, joyous cry, Leaf nearly dropped the little device. "I was created by Silph Co. and programmed by Misty Waterflower! Please do not copy my programming without permission, as it will result in a fine of up to ten thousand dollars!" Leaf expected it to say 'Isn't that great?' after this comment, but was disappointed. "Please point my screen toward the Pokemon you plan on teaching my attack to!" Still a bit unnerved by the cube's happiness, its user pointed the little camera toward Clefairy. "Okay! Now, push down the circles on my sides!" These revealed what looked like small lasers; they both focused on Clefairy's forehead. As the Pokemon closed its eyes, seeming to slip into a trance, the bottom circle of the TM extended down and broke into thirds to make a very flimsy tripod. "Please wait," it said in a different, more feminine voice. "Current estimated completion time: three minutes."

While the little device had been talking, the fight had stopped. Leaf sighed with relief before being startled by the TM's attempt to brighten up her day with some awful jokes. Before long, she had tuned the piece of technology out. After crossing her fingers for luck, Leaf searched in one of the side pockets of her bag. With relief, she pulled out her arctic white Game Boy Advance; since the non-backlit, handheld gaming system was so outdated, the girl wasn't very surprised to see it there.

It seemed to only take one flick of the switch to make the tutoring of Water Pulse speed up considerably. "Thank you for using this TM! From Silph Co.--'We make technology fun!'" With that, the lasers detached themselves, rendering the TM useless. "Please keep all of my parts to take to your local TM recycling bin. Have a wonderful day!" Nothing more came from the annoying little machine, and Leaf took its advice and stuck the parts into her bag, as well as her Game Boy.

The landscape of Route Twenty-Four had changed quite a bit since Leaf's last foray into the world outside of her hiding spot, and not just because the sun was getting low in the sky; scorch marks were everywhere, and the ground had turned into mud in some places. The wetness was probably all Misty, but the scorch marks had to be either a strong corrosive acid or Charmeleon. Leaf had her money on the latter.

The trip to Cerulean Cape was uneventful, other than the sighting of a bizarre compiling of what seemed to be trash from the blue-themed city and the Tadpole Pokemon that seemed to be in charge of it. The port itself seemed to be pretty normal--all of the boats were there, cars were parked in the parking lot, the lighthouse at its easternmost tip was working, the lights were on in both the marina's buildings and the house that stood next to it--except for one thing: there were no people. On closer inspection, there was a thick layer of dust resting on everything inside of the buildings of the marina. A notice was pinned up on the wall that announced to everyone who wanted to get their boats that the marina owners and staff were on vacation, and trespassing was strictly prohibited.

Free of dust was the two-story house that had to be Bill's. The white-and-blue house was full of life; people in casual clothes were chatting and eating food, and a few Pokemon were on display in a relatively large terrarium. After seeing a couple walk in without being stopped and asked for money, Leaf followed their example. Someone offered her things from a plate of food, and she eagerly sampled the deviled eggs that the waiter had brought, a carrot from another, and a large slice of chocolate cake from a counter in the upper-left corner of the room that she paid her remaining three dollars for (after all, it was hard to save Cerulean Cape on an empty stomach). After giving the Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon in the terrarium a glance, she decided to get on with business.

The first thing she did was look for any signs of Team Rocket; none could be seen. Next, she walked along the wall, checking any doors she found. Two were locked, one led to a broom closet, and another showed her a dusty hallway. She slipped in, quietly closing the door behind her.

This section of Bill's house seemed less like a nightclub for Pokemon Trainers and more like an out-of-use inventor's workshop. Tools were neatly organized above a large table, where what looked like a pair of headphones resided. "'McKenzie Innovations presents the In-com,'" Leaf read on the left headphone cup. "Guess it isn't finished yet. Besides, I doubt Bill would like it if I messed with it..." She made it three steps away before curiosity got the better of her. "Then again, I am doing him a big favor by freeing his house from Team Rocket. I'm sure he won't mind, given the circumstances." The In-com fit snugly under her hat, its antenna just barely missing her white headgear's brim; she quickly flicked it on, and...

Nothing. Leaf sighed. "Guess it isn't ready yet. Oh, well."

"Hey, you! This area is off limits, it says so on the door! Can't you read?" It was a Rocket Grunt; Leaf quickly sent out Clefairy.

The man sent out a Grimer. Its smelly body quivered as it laughed, A Clefairy! Mmm... the last one I had tasted like candy!

I like candy! giggled Clefairy, not realizing Grimer's ill intent.

Leaf frowned. "Well, you're not eating this one, Grimer--did you just talk?!"

Whoa, freaky chick, you're really understanding me! exclaimed Grimer. You probably wouldn't taste good at all. Lunatics aren't supposed to be good for your health, you know...

"Hey, I'm not a lunatic!" Leaf weakly defended. "I think it's these weird headphones..."

"Are you all nuts over there?" asked the Grunt, fed up with watching what he percieved to be a one-sided conversation. "Use Sludge, Grimer!"

Got it! the Pokemon called. Take this! With that, the animated mound of sludge flung a small piece of itself at Clefairy, who nimbly leapt out of the way.

"Metronome, Clefairy!" ordered Leaf.

One-two, one-two, one-two, ta-da! Clefairy's 'ta-da' turned the pink pixie's fingers blue; the little Pokemon then pointed them at Grimer, who was flung up into the air and squeezed, unable to say anything as globs of itself fell to the ground with a loud splat accompanying every one. What was left of the Sludge Pokemon shivered from its mid-air position, then fell to the ground.

You got lucky, Clefairy, groaned Grimer. Uuuuuuuuu... The little pile of purple goo spread out a bit as it fainted, and the Grunt commanding it soon fell victim to Bulbasaur's Sleep Powder.

Leaf and her first two Pokemon chatted with one another as they made their way down the hall again, pausing as they checked doors for Bill. Clefairy, much like she'd expected, seemed very childish and often repeated movie titles and slogans from advertisements to get its point across. Bulbasaur, on the other hand, surprised its trainer at how mature it was, and the two soon became much more friendly with one another.

Before long, the hall ended, leaving Leaf to choose one of two doors. The one on her right was choice number one; it opened onto a large room with many small tables and chairs set up. Trainers that Leaf had noticed at the party were finding seats and reading pamphlets. Team Rocket had obviously worked their renovation magic here in the same way that they had in Mount Moon, as the middle of the room looked like there had once been a wall seperating one half from another.

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming! cried Clefairy, sounding distressed. Leaf looked behind her to see the doorknob turning on the door opposite hers, and she quickly closed hers and found a temporary seat a short distance away. A Rocket, not a Russian, opened the door to find a quickly filling room, shook his head, and vanished. Leaf waited for another minute before following him to the door on the left side of the hall.

This led to a very short hallway that opened onto a mid-sized room, where three Rockets waited. "I knew I heard someone!" one yelled. "Now you'll get it! Venonat, go!" Out came a small, purple bug with red eyes and large antennae. The similarities to Butterfree ended there, though; this Pokemon was wingless and looked more like a giant purple dust bunny. It trilled in an unintelligible way; the In-com was spitting out random syllables in response to the Insect Pokemon.

"Geodude, get out there!" A familiar face, except much tougher-looking; this Geodude looked stronger and rougher around the edges.

"Koffing, you too!" The purple Pokemon emerged, hovering in mid-air.

"Clefairy, use Magical Leaf on Geodude! Butterfree, go!" As Clefairy giggled and released a large burst of autumn leaves, Butterfree emerged.

It looked around, realized that it was to battle, and nodded its head. I'll do my best, Miss Leaf, it said, sounding nervous. It was the brunette's weakest Pokemon, and it worried the girl that the purple butterfly was so unconfident. Then again, there's more than one person back home who would say that about you, too, a voice accused her.

Squashing the voice into a corner of her mind where it couldn't bother her, Leaf called, "Confusion, Butterfree!"

Yes, Miss Leaf. The Pokemon muttered something else under its breath and began to stare at its foe with a deep concentration. Suddenly, it released a Confusion that, instead of picking up the butterfly's enemy, seemed to take a toll on the Poison-type's psyche; Koffing didn't know what had hit it when it fell to the floor, unconcious.

Meanwhile, two rounds of Magical Leaf had taken down Geodude, leaving only Venonat. At Leaf's cry of "Confusion!" Butterfree silently whirled around to face its fellow purple Bug-type and hit it with a weaker Confusion attack. The Rocket opposing the girl had ordered a Supersonic attack, and the Insect Pokemon's foe was soon twirling around in circles, dazed. Confident that his Pokemon's first opponent wouldn't pose much of a threat, the black-clad man turned to face Clefairy.

"Doubleslap it, Clefairy!" commanded Leaf. Clefairy rushed forward, but was stopped as the Rocket ordered a Confusion attack from his Venonat. The furry insect trilled, picked its foe up, and tossed the pink pixie into a nearby bookshelf, where it struggled to get up.

The Rocket smirked. Leaf noticed in the lapse of action that his comrades were gone; she recalled Butterfree before the pirouetting Pokemon could do any harm to itself, knowing that more battles would definitely come. "Move side-to-side to get near Venonat, Clefairy!" the girl called quickly. "Doubleslap!"

O-kay! After this cheerful confirmation, Clefairy hopped to its feet and began to jump from side to side. Venonat's next trill sounded annoyed, as it couldn't get a good aim at Clefairy; the Fairy Pokemon was soon in its opponent's face, slapping the Insect Pokemon silly.

The Rocket recalled his Venonat before the Insect Pokemon could faint and snickered. "Wasted energy, kid," he laughed. "I don't know a thing about what's going on here, and my buddies are too far away to tell you. If you're looking for Bill, though... let's just say he's changed." He laughed before continuing, "It wouldn't matter. We've got two of our Administrators in the same room as him, so you'll find escaping impossible. Who knows, they might even decide that you'll make a good Clefairy!" Before Leaf could ask him what he was talking about, he ran off. Leaf decided to continue on.

Hey, Leaf! called Clefairy. Did you know that there are Clefables in space?

"One of my friends used to make Clefable contactors that never worked, but that's all I know about it," said Leaf as she looked around the first room she'd found.

Well, it's true! said Clefairy, grinning. The Clefables find ones on Earth to beam up into their spaceship, and the Clefairies that are born up there are supposed to have special powers.

Leaf suddenly remembered the title of the most popular movie of the summer: Clefables in Space. "Riiiight..." After a brief examination of room number one, Leaf walked on to room number two.

There were no researchers here, just a worried-looking Eevee. Bill went in the experiment, and he's gone! squeaked the brown, furry Pokemon. And those men kick him around all the time, and they're going to sell me, and they put my brother and sisters in a glass box, and--

"Wait a minute," said Leaf, frowning. "One, what experiment are you talking about, and two, where have you seen him?

They put him into his Pokemon Transfer System prototype, and--no! I can't tell you. They've got a Kadabra, and once they find out they'll make me look worse than he does, and... wait. I can tell you where he is. I doubt you'll ever find him, though. It's a little hard to believe, you see...

"Just tell me where he is, all right?"

Well, all right. The room all the way down this hall; you'll know by the blue lightbulbs. Look in there, but don't be surprised if you don't find anything...

The Eevee's directions were correct. At about the same time that she found herself in a room lit only by blue lightbulbs, she began to hear static and then silence from the In-com; the little machine obviously didn't have very long-lasting batteries. The brunette stashed the In-com in her bag. The steady click-click-click of boots on the floor alerted her to the presence of three Rocket Grunts, who were quickly dispatched by Bulbasaur's Sleep Powder. Though the female Grass-type noticed Leaf's lack of the In-com, she still whispered an urgent "Bulba!" to her trainer and motioned with one vine toward a stack of boxes next to a trunk. There was a small space between the boxes and the wall that would be just enough to hide Leaf and Bulbasaur; she quietly recalled Clefairy, got behind them, and sat cross-legged as she watched what was going on around her.

Fire was in front of a microphone that was close to her. "Ladies and gentlemen!" His Ditto, on a raised platform that served as a makeshift stage, lip-synched with his words as it grew feet. "Boys and girls!" It grew hands; anything else the Transform Pokemon did was obscured by the trunk to Leaf's right. "May I present to you..." Fire waited for something. When Ditto came back into an area of the stage that Leaf could see, its face had morphed into that of a young, handsome human, and the rest of it had turned into a tuxedo-wearing body. "The Crimson Circus Dinner Show! Now, I present our mascot, Ralph the Rattata!" A Rattata with wavy hair between its ears and slightly humanlike eyes appeared in an empty cage. It didn't do anything. The Ditto-ringmaster stepped into Leaf's line of vision, grew a second pair of hands that were behind its back, and cracked their knuckles. Rattata's face paled.

"Ladiesh and gentlemen, boysh and girlsh, welcome to the show!" the little Pokemon said. Its large front teeth were getting in the way of its speech, but the audience was far too busy being amazed by the talking Pokemon to complain. "Tonight," it continued, "you'll see amazing actsh that we've collected from the world over, including the Dragonair Schistersh!" A pair of slender, distinctly Oriental women with powdered faces who had to be the aforementioned Dragonair Sisters came out from either wing of the stage and bowed before quickly leaving. To Leaf's surprise, the one exiting on the side the brunette was hiding on widened her eyes as she left. "Our magic actsh are fantaschtic, and the surprisches you'll shee'll leave you aschtounded--but don't take my word for it!"

"You've got that right!" said Fire's voice from the Ditto. "Now, then, let the magic begin!" In a burst of smoke, they were gone. A Kadabra set what looked like a very airsick Ralph the Rattata down backstage and teleported away, confident that the purple rat wouldn't try anything. Fire and the fake-Oriental Dragonair Sister were conversing quietly. The real-Oriental Dragonair Sister reappeared in the stage left wing, and the fake one narrowed her eyes, waved to Fire, and ran onstage. Ditto transformed into a Dragonair and followed her.

While all of this was happening, the Rattata was still feeling awful from his earlier bout of flying. "Oh... ohhhh, I'm gonna be shick..." Sure enough, the rat slowly crawled to the corner and lost his lunch.

"Honestly, Ralphie," Fire muttered, already poking an old backscratcher through one of the bars to push the talking Pokemon's mess toward a wastebasket nearby, "you've been 'airshick' for my whole stay here. They've done that for how long now? Two months? Three?"

"That doeshn't changsh anything. I've never liked teleporting, and I'm not liking it now. You go tell that to whoever's in chargsh here, and maybe they'll shtop doing this."

"Sorry, no can do," the boy said apologetically. He put the backscratcher in a drawer and yawned as he continued, "But if you tell me how that transporter works, I might be able to do something."

"I'll never tell you about my transhporter!" yelled the now indignant Ralph.

Fire shrugged. "Then you'll just have to get used to this..." He gave the Rattata a much-appreciated scratch between the ears before leaving for another part of the house-turned-theater, calling back a quick "G'night!" as he left.

He left the furious Ralph to rant at the boy. "That little punk and his Ditto... if I were human, I'd give him a piesh of my mind... though, he ain't too bad for backschcratshing..." After thinking it over, he corrected, "Earschratshing... eh... It doshen't matter, after him and hish gang had a demolition derby with my house!" The aforementioned Ditto giggled as it noticed the imprisoned Pokemon muttering to itself; it quickly slithered up and into the cage. Ralph went even paler than he had on stage. "I... I didn't say anything nasty about those wonderful Team Rocket membersh! That was your imaginashion, really!" The pink blob thought it over, then shook its head. "D--don't hurt me. I'll do anything but tell you about the transhporter--" News about the aforementioned transporter probably wouldn't have made a difference; he was cut off as Ditto formed its right side into a fist and gave the purple Pokemon an uppercut to the jaw, knocking him backwards. Just before the rat could fall to the ground, Ditto caught him with its right side and slammed him into the ceiling of the cage. Satisified, it slithered off in search of its master.

The dazed rat wasn't going to be paying attention to Leaf or anything else for a little while, Fire had looked like he was heading for bed, and there was no one other than herself in the area--it was the perfect time to start looking for Bill. All of the places where she'd least expect a man to be hidden--the women's dressing room, inside a large jug, in a suitcase, even underneath Ralph's cage--were checked to no avail.

"Hey..." Leaf stiffened--Ralph was awake! Before she could run to the exit, the purple rat cried, "No... don't leave me here! If you do, I'm goin' to the exercise wheel in the sky, I swear..."

The brunette decided to ask the Rattata about Bill. "Hey, Ralph, I'm not with them, okay?" A weak smile from the Pokemon reassured her about asking, and she continued, "Misty, the Gym Leader of this city, says that there's a researcher named Bill who's been taken hostage somewhere in here. I need to know where he is right away."

A spark of life came to the Pokemon's eyes. "The namesh's not Ralph. It'sh Bill. Now, hurry up and get me out of this cage!"

Leaf reached for the cage door, then paused. "Wait a minute..." After a second of thinking it over, she laughed. "Nice try! Everyone knows that there are some Pokemon that can talk--they're on talent shows all the time! If I let you out, you'll just go tell Fire or the other executive about me. Sorry, Ralph, but I've got a researcher to find."

The Rattata groaned. "What happened to the daysh of the lunkheaded hero... Serioushly, I'm Bill! If you want proof, go ashk that lady over there, she'll be furioush that I'm attempting a jailbreak!" The woman was the non-Oriental performer; her back was turned to Leaf and 'Ralph'.

"All right, all right," said Leaf, frowning. "But if you try anything funny..." The equally skeptical Grass-type next to her growled, and Bill swallowed nervously, but still hopped from the cage to the floor when Leaf held the door open. The trio quickly left the room before the woman could spot them.

21st August 2005, 1:46 AM
Aww, poor Bill! XD I never considered that TR might capture his house... wow, nice plot twist. :P Also I loved your interpretation of the TM machine... that was hilarious! Buttefree's personality was good too ^.^ I like.

*pokes* I dunno why this is your least favourite :P I likies.

21st August 2005, 1:53 AM
Gah! I love this fic! Ralph talks so cute.... is this going to end up as a Leaf/Tsunami fic or a Leaf/Fire fic? *prays it's a Leaf/Tsunamie fic*

11th September 2005, 3:53 PM
I didn't respond to anyone's reviews, and I'm sorry. Firstly, a big thanks to all two of my new reviewers! :P I'll respond to everyone's reviews right now, since I didn't before:

Togemon: I'm glad that you liked the twist with Misty! Starmie won't be the only telepathic Pokemon that Leaf will run into, but the Mysterious species in general does have a rather interesting character trait... if I say anything more, it might end up as a spoiler.

purple_drake: I have indeed eaten my words; they tasted like curly fries. ^_^ If Misty's a surprise, wait until... *clamps hand over mouth* Butterfree's going to be getting some battle exposure other than Gyms and Rockets now, yay!

Gary's Fallen Angel (how do you make those heart things, anyway?): Romance... eeek... Either is possible. Leaf will end up marrying one of them (why would that matter, you ask? You'll have to wait until the fic's almost over and see!), but she could date either one in her teenage years. I'm not exactly the most romance-inclined person in the world, though, and they ARE only eleven years old... don't expect much.

It's the end of this chapter, finally. Not very long, but it finally explains what happened and wraps things up in Cerulean City, so we can move on! Don't hurt me too badly for the last paragraph... please?

(Episode III: Revenge of the) VS Starmie ;121;

"The transhporter's thish way," said Bill as he, Leaf, and Bulbasaur made their way toward the stairs that would take them downstairs again. "I'd shuggesht that you shtay on your guard, becaushe the newsh that I've eshcaped won't take long to get around." The human-turned-rat looked up at her, having thought of something. "Have you seen my Pokemon?" he asked, a worried expression on his face. "Shee, I own Eevee and all of itsh evolushionsh... they're all incredibly rare, and chanshes are those Rockets have made them go the same way as all of those Shtarmie..."

"I saw Eevee in a room and Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon on display in the lobby, I think," she remembered.

"My entry room, you mean," said Bill, relieved. "I'm happy to hear that they're all shtill in thish housh."

Leaf remembered something that Bill had said moments before. "Starmie? What does Team Rocket want with Starmie?"

"You don't know?" Leaf shook her head, and her small companion sounded surprised as he said, "I would think that Mishty would've directed you here... god knows that she's been hit hardesht by the Rockets..." After catching the brunette's imploring look, he quickly cleared his throat and explained, "Shtarmie, in caseh you don't know, have red gemsh in their centersh that are jusht above all of their organsh--brain, heart, shtomach, everything. Taking out the gem is like cutting a huge hole in someone'sh chesht--thoseh who don't die from the pain can't regenerate the gem, and they eventually die from blood lossh."

Leaf gasped. "But--but Starmie are powerful Pokemon! Wouldn't it be more of an asset to Team Rocket if they were kept alive?"

Bill shook his head. "The gemsh also fetch high prishesh on the black market, thrishe that of the average Nugget. Rich women love to collect the gemsh for their beauty and shtick 'em on necklashes. The blue onesh can bring in three times that of a red one... and as you probably know, Mishty's treasured shiny Pokemon ish famoush in thish region."

"They must've threatened Misty, then, and that was why she was working for Team Rocket," thought Leaf aloud. They had returned to the staircase, and Bill directed her across the now-deserted house of the theater.

He continued, "Nah. Mishty's not like that. You haven't known her long enough, but she'sh exshtremely shtubborn--if it was jusht her Shtarmie in danger, she wouldn't help them. There were hundreds of normal ones in Cerulean before the Rocketsh came. A gem'sh a gem, and they were going to kill at least five of thosh Pokemon every day. She agreed to let one citizen's Shtarmie die a month if she served them... and she held up her shide of the bargain. Can't say the same about them..." He then frowned. "We're getting closh. Watch out--that Fire kid might be in here, and he'sh one tough cushtomer."

"Don't I know it," responded Leaf. "We might get lucky, and he could be--oh, shoot. Bulbasaur, Vine Whip!" The many Rockets in the large room were knocked everywhere by the little Pokemon's vines; a shorter figure ran into the room, alerted by the crashing sounds of men hitting wall, and released his Charmeleon. "Oh, boy, here comes Fire... Bulbasaur, return! Let's go, Clefairy!" She grinned--strong as it was, Charmeleon wouldn't stand a chance against Clefairy's Water Pulse. Before she could command an attack, though, smoke filled the room. A hand clamped tightly onto her wrist, a yelp from her left alerted her to another doing the same to Bill, and they were being dragged out of the room. Her shoes thudded against the floor as she ran to keep up with her rescuer's silent strides, mowing down many a recovering Rocket; before long, the smoke began to thin, and she was shoved out of the cloud, Clefairy panting as it finally caught up to her. Bill sailed over her head, landing on a stack of newspapers with a muffled thump.

"Shmokeshcreen?" he wondered to himself, staring back at the thinning cloud behind him. "The only Pokemon that could've ushed it was Charmeleon... no, it couldn't be..." He looked around them. "Whoever did that led ush right to the transhporter!" He grinned. "We're home free!"

"I wouldn't say that," responded a green-haired woman standing in the doorway. She wore the uniform of a female Team Rocket member. Behind her was a large amount of machinery; next to that was a small fish tank on a shelf, and inside it was a Poliwag.

The little tadpole darted to the surface. Treading water, it yelled, "Leaf-poli! Get out of here, it's a trap-poli!" Leaf stared at the Pokemon in disbelief as she noticed that this specimen's eyes were green instead of the normal shades of black or grey; they were also shaped like those of a human girl, exactly like the Cerulean Gym Leader's...

"Misty?" asked Leaf in shock.

"You'd better believe it!" laughed the woman. "The name's Sonia, and I'm one of Team Rocket's Administrators," she introduced, grinning. "I see you've gotten Bill out of his cage, but that was only the beginning! You see, I've heard about how you managed to thwart some of our Mount Moon plan... and I want to battle you. We'll use two Pokemon each; if you win, my other Rockets and I move out, but if you lose..." She walked over to a small cage, where a Meowth kitten was sleeping. "You become a Meowth, one of my favorite Pokemon. After all, only the best for a repeat offender!"

"Fine." Leaf motioned Clefairy forward. Sonia smirked.

"That little thing? It won't stand a chance against... Arbok!" she yelled, throwing a Great Ball forward.

"AAAIEEEEEE!" Out came a purple snake that towered over Leaf. The pattern on its hood resembled a grinning, yellow-and-red-eyed face; this wasn't the feature of the Cobra Pokemon that had always terrified Leaf, though. In its mouth were thick, two-inch-long fangs that dripped with poison. Between those and the creepy way that the purple Pokemon slithered, Leaf was scared out of her wits.

"We're doomed-poli..." moaned Misty.

"They aren't that shcary, Leaf!" called Bill as encouragement. This caused Arbok to notice the Rattata; remembering them well from many, many mealtimes, it licked its lips, and Bill scampered behind Leaf as fast as he could.

"That's really encouraging, Bill," said Leaf, her voice unnaturally high-pitched and shrill, "really!"

Sonia grinned. "This'll be easy! Arbok, Sludge Bomb!" The Pokemon hissed before spitting giant globs of purplish goo at Clefairy; the Fairy Pokemon easily got out of the way of most of them before being battered by five of Arbok's disgusting projectiles. Knowing from experience that it wasn't going to get any commands, the pink pixie clapped its hands together and slowly brought them apart, a small tornado of water between them. Without warning, it got larger, and three huge rings of water detached themselves from it in a perfect Water Pulse attack.

Though Arbok got hit, Sonia didn't look worried. "Bite it!" she commanded. The purple snake's jaws clamped down on Clefairy's leg, and the little fairy squealed as Arbok raised its head before tossing it to Leaf's feet. "One more time, Arbok!" The snake had to slither closer to Clefairy's trainer to get at its foe, and she screamed and made a beeline for the doorway, peering over the edge of it from outside to see what was going on. This time, though, Clefairy barely managed to dodge the attack.

"Poison Sting!" Arbok spat tiny pins from its mouth; Clefairy couldn't dodge it well at all in mid-air and was hit. It coughed as it got up. "I'd say that we poisoned it! Good. Arbok, finish it off with Bite!"

To everyone's surprise, Leaf was next to speak. "M--Metronome it, h--hurry!" she managed to stutter. As Arbok dived down to bite Clefairy, it jumped up, stomped on Arbok's head to force its mouth shut, and landed behind it. The massive snake slithered around to face Clefairy, who quickly retaliated with the commanded Metronome. A huge blast of wind, ice, and snow burst from Clefairy's mouth; the cold-blooded Arbok suddenly became tired and sluggish from the icy conditions. However, Clefairy was also looking weaker from having to exert itself; its next two attacks would probably be its last.

Sonia cursed under her breath, then yelled, "Come on, Arbok... Sunny Day!"

The massive Cobra Pokemon wasn't quite as scary to Leaf now that she knew that it wouldn't be moving. With only a hint of fear in her voice, she called, "Water Pulse!" Clefairy's tornado came faster this time, and the pink pixie hurled it at the still-sluggish Arbok, making it even colder. Despite this, it still managed to cough out a large ball of light that resembled the sun, which brightened and heated the room considerably.

"I shee what she's trying to do..." muttered Bill. "That shun'sh going to reshtore Arbok's warmth--and with it, itsh power! You've got to hit it now, Leaf, before it returns to its normal shtrength!"

"All right. Clefairy, Metronome!" The Fairy Pokemon wagged its fingers from left to right as the artificial sun rose in the sky. Just as Arbok began to seem stronger, Clefairy hurled a black ball of energy at the Cobra Pokemon, and it hissed one last time upon being hit before falling over. Clefairy grinned at seeing its opponent fall over before passing out; both Pokemon were recalled by their trainers.

Sonia frowned. "All right, Arbok, return! Meowth, go!" A cute cat emerged from the criminal's Great Ball; its cream-colored fur and golden charm shone in the bright artificial sun. The cat's ears were rimmed with black, and its paws and tail ended in brown fur.

Leaf didn't fear Meowth, and she entered the room again. "Bulbasaur, show that cat what you can do!"

The Grass-type hadn't even made it out of her ball before Sonia called, "Rain Dance!" The Scratchcat Pokemon blew what looked like a giant, circular raindrop into its paws. It then launched into an impressive double pirouette, sending the raindrop up into the air.

Clouds filled the ceiling, and Bill groaned. "Lady, do you know how much mold you're caushing to grow on my wallsh?" he wondered, wincing as the moist clouds began to dump heavy rain all over the room. Leaf fished around in her bag for a moment and got out a Pikachu-eared umbrella in response to this, and Bill quickly moved to get under its large patch of dryness.

"Of course I do!" giggled Sonia. "But that has nothing to do with my plan, as you'll see... Meowth, use Thunder!"

Bill stopped trying to squeeze water out of his small clump of wavy hair to stare at Meowth in shock. "It knowsh Thunder?!" he asked, horrified. The Scratchcat Pokemon rubbed its furry arm against its charm and held it into the air. With most other Meowths, this simply resulted in static electricity, but this one caused a huge pillar of white lightning to burst from its body into the air. Though Bulbasaur was a Grass-type, Meowth's attack still caused some damage.

"Leech Seed!" yelled Leaf, watching with satisfaction as Bulbasaur's seed projectiles sank into Meowth's skin, sapping its energy.

"This'll be over fast! Meowth, Aerial Ace!" The cat ran forward for a moment before seeming to vanish into thin air. It then reappeared, claws glowing with energy, and slashed at Bulbasaur. "Flying-type move, since you obviously don't know," she explained, watching as Leaf stared at the suddenly weakened Bulbasaur in shock. Aided by its Leech Seed, the bulb-wearing dinosaur struggled to her feet.

"Fine, then. Bulbasaur, Razor Leaf!" Bulbasaur quickly shot her leaf projectiles at Meowth, who was struck by them and fell over. "All right! Now, Vine Whip!" This tactic wasn't as successful; Meowth leapt nimbly out of the way of both vines.

"Meowth, Pay Day!" called Sonia. Much like Clefairy had in Mount Moon, Meowth clenched its fists and opened them as it landed, revealing golden coins. The money was hurled in the direction of Bulbasaur, who extended her vines to block most of the barrage. "Another Thunder!" The bolt of lightning surged into the Seed Pokemon, who gritted her teeth against the painful electricity.

"Hang on, Bulbasaur!" yelled Leaf as her Grass-type's legs began to quiver, threatening to make the little Pokemon fall to the floor.

"It's over! Meowth, Thunder!" laughed Sonia.

At Leaf's feet, Bill grinned. "Three... two... one."

The Thunder soared in an arc toward Bulbasaur...

"What? How could it miss completely?" asked Sonia in shock. Sure enough, the strike had left a scorch mark on the top of the doorway, far away from Leaf and Bulbasaur.

"Becaush shtormsh caushed by Rain Dansh or other weather-changing movesh only lasht for five minutes," responded Bill. "I'm shurprished that you'd forget shomething that crushial to your plan."

"Razor Leaf!" yelled Leaf, taking the initiative. As Meowth was knocked backward, the girl also commanded, "Use your Vine Whip to immoblize it!" The cat's head had just barely brushed with the ground when Bulbasaur's vines tied its arms to its body and its legs together. The Scratchcat Pokemon hissed and tried to wriggle out of the vines, but they held fast. "It's over," said the girl, grinning.

"That's my line!" huffed Sonia. "Besides, it's far from--oh, crap, is that thing doing what I think it is?" A foreboding ball of light hovered above Bulbasaur's bulb, growing larger by the minute.

Leaf waited patiently until Bulbasaur's charge had reached the size of the Seed Pokemon before yelling, "Solarbeam!" The beam of light energy scored a direct hit, plowing into Meowth's stomach. When the beam had faded away, the Scratchcat Pokemon no longer needed to be restrained by Vine Whip--it was unconcious. Sonia recalled it, looking furious.

"Damn it! Well, then, I suppose we're retreating," groaned Sonia. She lifted a walkie-talkie to her mouth and ordered, "Escape Rope!" before pulling out a small, grayish canister. The world flashed white for a moment; when the burst faded, the Rocket was gone.

"Wow," Leaf said, voice at a near-whisper. "She was really good..."

"Oh, who cares about her-poli!" yelled Misty the Poliwag. "You beat her, and that's what matters-poli. Now, this is an interesting experi-poli-ence and all, but I prefer my own body-poli."

"I shecond that," said Bill. "Now, then, I think that I know how to change ush back. Mishty, you'll have to go firsht..."

"I'm suing you if this turns my hair purple or something, Bill-poli," muttered the transformed Gym Leader as she hopped out of the tank and waddled to the Transfer System chamber marked '1'. As Leaf sat down at the computer nearby, Bill nosed the door shut behind Misty.

"Firsht," said Bill, "you need to open the Pokemon Boxsh program." Leaf did so, which opened up a black-and-white window with the words 'DESTINATION' and 'STORAGE' on either side of the screen. "Pick deshtination." This simply had '1' and '2' on it. "If I manage to get the attention of the right people, thish'll have the names of almosht every city in Kanto there. Anyway, shelect thosh two and let me shee it." After '1' and '2' were highlighted, the little rat typed in a command as well as he could with his small paws. "All right, hit Enter."

From the machine came a nervous squeak of "Poli?!" and a few blips and beeps as the program ran. A loud thud in chamber number two, a ding, and there sat Misty, a bit wet but returned to normal. In chamber one was a very confused Poliwag. The Gym Leader sighed in relief as she stepped out of the invention, accompanied by some smoke. "It feels great to lose that ridiculous 'poli' thing," she said happily.

"I'm sure that loshing thish lishp'll feel even better," said Bill cheerfully. "Don't worry about what I did before, Leaf, it should keep doing thingsh the way I commanded it to." Misty closed the door behind the Rattata. Leaf hit Enter once more...

A thud much like the first one, a ding, and a young man with brown, wavy hair and a purplish bruise on the side of his chin poked his head out of the second chamber. His khaki pants and lavender shirt were dirty, probably from going through what their wearer had. Bill grinned as he said, "All right!"

Misty smiled. "Thank you for your help, Leaf. Now, Cerulean City'll finally return to normal!" She then yawned. "Maybe tomorrow, though..."

Bill looked at a nearby clock and raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Whoa, it's past midnight! I think that you two should stay here for tonight. It's a long way back to Cerulean City, after all."

"Good idea!" responded Misty. "I think that I'll turn in right now... good night!"

After a harrowing battle with Sonia of Team Rocket, Leaf and her new friends Bill and Misty have rescued Cerulean City from the threats of the Rockets! However, there are certainly other Administrators that are even tougher than Sonia and Fire... will Leaf be able to defeat them all? Stay tuned!

12th September 2005, 2:01 AM
Nice battle ^.^ I loved Bill's commentary, and it was interesting seeing Misty as a poliwag :P

7th October 2005, 4:41 PM
Yaaay new chapter, but boooo cold. That should probably be a yaaay cold, because I never would've had the time to write this otherwise (I'm in a hilarious stage version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Sadly, this also means that I've had no time for writing for a week or two). Anyway, I noticed that nobody commented on the VS Starmie names, so I got the idea to ask the reader(s) if they knew where I got them from. The prize: a spoileriffic paragraph that's so far ahead in the story that you'll probably forget I posted it by the time it rolls around. Name the character that I stole Drowzee's personality from for bonus points.

O_O This is a first. The proper smilie is in the box for...

VS Koffing ;109;

Leaf stayed in Cerulean City for another three days to answer some of the many questions being thrown at her and Misty by the press, which were swarming the city after hearing of Team Rocket's occupance of it. During that time, she became fast friends with Bill and the Gym Leader, as they had similar interests and were also seeing a lot of each other due to their importance in the events at Cerulean Cape. The researcher was planning on squeezing a bigger battery and a few more features into the In-com before releasing it to the public; the Pokemon Transfer System was his number-one priority, though, as he wanted to make the machines a bit more user-friendly before contacting someone about mass-producing them. To Leaf's surprise, he had presented her with a ticket to the high-class cruise ship St. Anne; there was a party aboard it that he was apparently invited to, but he thought of fancy events as uncomfortable wastes of time. Leaf, on the other hand, was more than happy to score herself a cabin aboard the ship.

Now, she was minutes away from departing from the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy was healing her Pokemon, and Leaf was folding freshly-washed clothes and putting them into her bag after a trip to the laundromat. Many other Trainers were near her, as most large Pokemon Centers had a small common area like the one she was in where the travelers could watch TV and talk about current events.

A blonde news reporter appeared on the screen. "Good afternoon," she said, beaming. "Cerulean City is back on its feet after a run-in with some ruthless criminals." Leaf smiled as the announcer continued, "No other threats to the city's prize Starmie are expected; Team Rocket,"--at this, a large 'R' appeared in a box in the upper-right corner of the screen--"the mysterious band of criminals, seems to have packed their bags. However, many skilled Trainers that we interviewed suspect that this is only a small taste of what the organization can do."

Nurse Joy called Leaf to the counter with her familiar "Miss, your Pokemon are fully healed." Oddly enough, the woman never seemed to recognize Leaf on the girl's many trips to the Center. The brunette supposed that the woman saw too many customers to remember one face out of those millions. Leaf thanked Joy, collected her Pokemon, and left the Center.

As the Pokemon Center door closed behind her, the other Trainers continued to watch as the news reporter continued to cheerfully talk. "In other news, Mount Moon has been closed to civilians without Pokemon and Trainers without up-to-date maps marking a safe route through it after a string of disappearances within the caverns underneath the mountain. According to companions of those presumed to be deceased, most victims wandered into unlit parts of the tunnels and never returned; some say that a girl with brown hair was seen near the areas where the incidents occured." Despite these things, her smile remained on her face, bright and cheerful; a certain darkly-clad boy with spiky hair that was watching elsewhere in Kanto wondered what she was smoking. "Well, it seems that the Vermilion City Electabuzz have lost another baseball game, this time to the Viridian Golems..."

Deep within the caverns, someone struggled. Something else laughed.


Route Five was pretty much deserted; there was one house standing underneath a series of ledges, and the roads on the sides of it were completely smooth. Having just eaten breakfast, Leaf didn't feel like any ledge-hopping and simply walked down the half-mile stretch of land that led to Saffron City's guardhouse. The city was the large, bustling crossroads of Kanto, and Leaf knew that many Gyms weren't far at all from the 'Shining, Golden Land of Commerce'. All in all, it was an extremely important city to Kanto's economy.

Thus, she was more than a little surprised when a guard told her that the road was closed. "Well, like, I'm sorry, but, like, it is," she said in response to Leaf's cry of outrage.


"Like, I wish I could, like, help you or something, but, like, I'm waaaay too thirsty. We're not allowed a like, break, so, like, think of how we must feel, dude. Like, see you later!" And with that, the female guard shoved the protesting Leaf out the door and back into Route Five, then returned to her magazine.

After some deep thought, Leaf decided to attempt an experiment in one certain Pokemon's strength. "Butterfree, go!" The butterfly looked around, and Leaf shook her head. "No, it's not a battle," she responded to its silent question. "I just wanted to try something, that's all. First, grab on to my shoulders," she said as she pulled her hair out of the way, trying to remember how the person she was thinking of had done it. "Now, flap your wings as hard as you can..." Butterfree's wings were a white blur as it did so. Leaf grinned in silent victory as her heels lifted off the ground. "And now, use Confusion to get us airborne!" The brunette was surrounded by a blue glow as she felt her weight seem to leave her; she was lighter than air, soaring through the sky...

...or would be, if Butterfree hadn't suddenly run out of strength. Both girl and butterfly screamed as they plummeted five feet downwards, hitting the ground with a loud thud. "Oh, I hope nothing's broken..." groaned Leaf. However, the sight of Butterfree's slumped-over form lifted some of the concern for herself. "Are you okay? Here, have a Potion," she said, spraying it on the saddened butterfly. "I probably shouldn't have tried that, anyway. Even if that Butterfree on TV could do it right off the bat, it's probably just due to cheap special effects." She gave her own Butterfree a consoling hug, then looked around her. "But now I'll have to find some other way to get to a Gym..."

As she looked around, a signpost caught her eye. "Underground Path: Cerulean City-Vermilion City," she read. "I think there's a Gym in Vermilion, so that'll be my next stop." After making that decision, she walked into the small building behind the sign. It was rather drab; dirty tile covered the floor, walls, and ceiling, with nothing except two pots containing plants that had died long ago to brighten the room. In the middle was a stairwell.

The scenery in the Underground Path was reminiscent of Mount Moon: dark and creepy. Leaf could only see a few feet in front of her, and she'd returned Butterfree to its Pokeball because she'd lost sight of it. What was even scarier were the noises she could hear echoing from some other part of the dark path; one of them sounded very ghostlike...

Click, click, click, click, click... Leaf's first instinct was to flee back up the stairs and try another route to Vermilion. Unfortunately, this plan didn't even get her to the lighted steps; a pair of leather-covered hands picked her up by the arms as another tied up her kicking legs.

"What do we have here?" asked a distant voice.

"Ooooh!" squealed a voice that sounded high-pitched, yet was undoubtedly that of a man. "A cute little girl hostage, ready to be captured. Wow, our boss will be so happy with us!"

"I know. Come on, then, let's get going," said the first of the men. With that, they very calmly carried Leaf's kicking and screaming form far from the entrance the newly captured girl had taken. "Hey!" yelled the man again. "We've got one!"

"Oooh, goody!" squealed the man who was carrying her. "Hey, wait, we were the ones that got her... still, goody!" He set her down in a very comfortable recliner; to her surprise, he was very muscular for someone with such a girly voice. "Now, sweetie, hold reeeeeally still for a second, okay? Okay!" With that, her arms were tied to the chair, and she sighed as she relaxed into it.

"I suppose I should escape, since the rope's not that tight, but this is wonderful after walking for most of the morning..." said Leaf, now in complete bliss.

A Drowzee was sitting next to the chair she occupied. I simply can't believe that they didn't take the girl's bag away, it commented, sounding deeply depressed about the whole situation. This will be another failure on their part, I just know it. And they'll all blame it on me. Everything's always my fault, even if it's utterly impossible for me to have anything at all to do with it! I'm simply a Drowzee, one small, pathetic Drowzee, and yet that girl's escape will be my fault! She'll probably use a Pokemon or Escape Rope or something--why, the possibilities are endless, but that never occurs to them--and I will be expected to stop her! And then, because of that, they'll just replace me with an Alakazam, those are far superior to me. I'm doomed, doomed to live life as an inferior Pokemon...

"Will you just shut up for once?" asked a gruff voice from beyond Leaf's vision. As he stepped into view, Leaf realized that he was probably the leader. The man was fat, bald, and ugly; he wore a red-and-white plaid shirt under a furry vest, probably made from Meowth or Persian skin. His denim jeans were frayed near the edges, and his boots were patched. He grinned as he turned his beady eyes onto her. "So, you've managed to get us a hostage? Excellent work!"

"We know, sir!" cheered one of the other bikers.

One of the others--Leaf was beginning to be able to tell them apart, which was scary--hit the first one over the head and yelled, "You didn't do a thing, you idiot!"

"QUIET!" barked the head honcho abruptly. He then returned his full attention to Leaf. "What's your name?"

The hostage turned an interesting shade of green. "Your breath stinks! Get away from me!"

The man giggled like a schoolgirl. "I know! Isn't it absolutely evil to have week-old fish breath?"

Oh, wonderful, moaned Drowzee. He'll tarnish everyone's reputations forever. Just like he always does. It gave her a doleful look as its master inhaled to expel even more of his horrendously bad breath, then said, His name is Camron. The 'a' and the 'o' in that seem to be excellent for spewing out that horrible smell. It makes me so sad to say that he's my master, because he's such an embarrassment to us all... even getting stuck with some girl who would put me in dresses would be better than this...

"You shut up," muttered the now-identified Camron. "Anyway, I'd suppose that you'd want to know a little something about who we are and why you're here. We," he said dramatically, gesturing wildly around him and managing to look like a fish flailing on land, "are the KANTO--"

"Kanto... Kanto... Kanto..." echoed the Underground Path. The effect would have been dramatic if not for Camron's presence; as it was, it looked like something out of a B-rated horror film. Leaf had a sudden hankering for popcorn from watching the man's dramatics.


"--okemon... -okemon... -okemon..."


"-ation! -ation! -ation!"

Bravo, said Drowzee, more than a hint of sarcasm detectible on its voice.

"Why, thank you!" said Camron cheerfully. "I've been practicing that during commercials on my morning cartoon shows. Anyway! You need to tell me your name, missy, or we can't go on the air!"

Leaf looked surprised. "You're going on the--"

"NO questions answered until you answer mine!" interrupted Camron.

"All right, fine, my name's Leaf," said the girl. "So, why do you want to go on the air? Is 'on the air' television or radio? Will you let me go after this is done?"

"TOO MANY QUESTIONS!" barked the leader of the biker gang. "We're going on the radio right now, Lorraine!"

Leaf frowned. "Excuse me, but my name's--"

"People of Vermilion City!" yelled Camron into a microphone, cutting off the mistakenly identified girl. "I am the leader of the Kanto Pokemon Federation, an evil organization that trumps Team Rocket in coolness and badassness!"

I don't think 'badassness' is a word, sir.

"Will you be quiet? Anyway, we've got ourselves a HOSTAGE! You heard that right, a hostage! This is Lucy--"


"Why are you people always interrupting me? Anyway, this is Laura, my hostage!"

"It's Leaf."

"Put a cork in it! As I was saying, she's screaming in horror right now 'cause we've captured her." Leaf didn't open her mouth. "She's SCREAMING!" Still, silence. "Scream, Lauren!"

"L. E. A. F. Leaf." She then noticed Camron mouthing the word 'scream' and decided to indulge him... somewhat. "Aaah," she said dully.

The bald biker frowned. "Put some heart into it, Laila!"

For once, Leaf decided to ignore his forgetting of her name. Making sure to be twice as dull-sounding as she'd been before, she mumbled, "Aaaaaaah." A huge and somewhat demented smile appeared on her face as Camron turned red as a beet, completely humiliated before Vermilion City's radio audience.

"Oh, come on! I need that McDiglett's meal, Leah! Pleeeeease..."

"Aaaaaa--huh? McDiglett's? As in 'Did somebody say McDiglett's' McDiglett's?" she asked as she tried to wriggle the hand closest to her messenger bag free.

Camron rolled his eyes and nodded. "Yes, that McDiglett's! We want revenge after they charged us tax on their value meals! When they advertise hamburgers for one dollar, they should be one dollar!"

They only had one dollar between all twenty-one of them, explained Drowzee gloomily, shaking its head. The girl at the cash register charged them one dollar and ten cents, tax included; when they didn't have the money, they were evicted.

"I didn't know that you could get evicted from McDiglett's," said Leaf in wonder. "They're even more pathetic than I thought..." The captive sighed a bit overdramatically as she finally managed to fit her hand into her bag, drawing out a Pokeball.

"It isn't pathetic, it's a rip-off!" yelled Camron full blast into the microphone. "The McDiglett's of Vermilion City will PAY for the great injustice they've done to the Kanto Pokemon Federation!"

Leaf grinned; she'd managed to release just the Pokemon for the job. "Butterfree, use Confusion to get this rope off!" she whispered. The butterfly nodded as it untied the relatively simple knot and sent the rope flying onto the enraged biker, where it coiled around the man's legs. The purple Pokemon trilled with laughter as he lost his balance and fell over, and Leaf couldn't help but join in.

I've seen people do many things to get that rope off of them, but that's a first, said Drowzee somewhat cheerfully. Allow me to assist you. The Hypnosis Pokemon concentrated for a moment, then lit up the passage with a blinding burst of light. You want to go to Vermilion, right? Then I'd suggest you go to the left.

"Thanks, Drowzee!" The girl and her Butterfree moved down the passageway as fast as they could, knowing that the Kanto Pokemon Federation were probably in full pursuit. Not even the dire situation, however, could give Leaf the adrenaline rush she needed to make it past ten miles of underground road; Butterfree attempted to lift the girl into the air, but barely made it half an inch before both of them collapsed to the ground. When girl and butterfly looked up next, an ugly Pokemon was floating before them. Its purple visage was contorted into an eternally joyous expression, and the holes all over its spherical body spat out purplish gas that sent Leaf into a coughing fit upon inhalation.

"Hahaha!" laughed Camron. "Thought you could escape from me that easily, did you?" Butterfree answered that question with an excellently-placed Confusion attack, then took off down the long pathway as Leaf slowly got to her feet and followed suit. The leader of the ridiculous biker gang laughed once more. "You're getting tired, aren't you? That makes it much easier for me to dish out some serious payback!"

Leaf released Clefairy and said the first word that came to mind: "Metronome!" The fairy breathed a weak, inconsistent stream of flame that, to Camron's horror, came into contact with Koffing's body...

That was when Leaf remembered an ever-important part of her science lessons in school: never set fire to a Koffing's highly flammable gas. Camron could only stutter, "Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmy--AAAGH!" before the flaming Pokemon enveloped the man in a small mushroom cloud that missed Leaf by mere centimeters... and didn't harm her opponent at all. The fat man and his Koffing instead defied almost every law of physics at once by surviving the blast and inexplicably shooting skyward. "Looks like I'm blasting off!" screamed Camron.

I suppose I'd better go after him, sighed Drowzee, who had walked up just in time to see the stunt occur. And when I do, I'll get nothing from it... he should just be happy he's got me, but no, he's always wanted some Alakazam instead... some snotty creature who thinks he's God's gift to Pokemon or... And, mid-rant, he teleported away.

"Whew..." sighed Leaf, greatly relieved to see the end of her being pestered by the Kanto Pokemon Federation. "Today was very, very weird, but all of this is finally over." Then, realization hit her square in the face. "Oh, crud, I forgot about Butterfree!" she yelped, quickly running in the direction of Vermilion with Clefairy leaping after her.

Well, I couldn't have an entire section of the chapter that consisted of "Leaf walked and walked and walked and walked and..." So, I put the bikers from the Kanto part of G/S/C and the Sevii Islands in here! I stink at writing humor, but I still try. :P Guess away at the two Starmie gag titles!

7th October 2005, 9:44 PM
I love this fic the best ive read to be honest

12th October 2005, 1:14 AM
whens the next chapter

25th October 2005, 10:28 PM
I'm pretty new to the boards and from the few threads I chose to start reading this is by far my favourite. I've read a chapter every time I've logged on here, it's my first port of call. And to be honest I can't believe how few responses you've received!!

For starters, it's very well written so I'm guessing this isn't new to you. It all read perfectly to me, your sentences flow and your description is on the ball. You're a very good writer i.m.o.

Granted this isn't the most original idea I've come across, as you're following the storyline of the videogame - but while that's true, you're also doing this very loosely so it's still a unique story in it's own right. I really like your take on it and as the chapters progressed you've started to add more of your own plot devices and ideas to it - which have proved to be great.

Your story reminds me of the manga series Pokemon Adventures actually, in that you've taken the story and made it your own in much the same way as that did. I'm not sure if that was intentional but I did notice you title your chapters in the same style as this.

Leaf is an excellent character! And despite what people have said about you using dialogue from the videogame, I think it's v amusing to hear her react to the nonsense some of the characters come out with - and also, it gives a nice nostalgic feeling having played the game myself when I recognise something. So I wouldn't change that if I were you, if for the comic value alone. I was also particularly fond of Lass, though I guess that's a moot point to make now ....

Actually, that was my only gripe with the story. Call me soft, but I really don't like fanfiction where Pokemon kill each other or people - I guess it's not realistic yeah, but Pokemon is escapism and it's comforting to read stuff that isn't quite so horrific. But that was only referred to once in this fic so it hasn't put me off.

I've noticed you started posting this fic quite a while ago and it's been a few weeks since you posted this last chapter - I really hope you continue it! I was dismayed to find I'd reached the end already. You've got me hooked!!!

One more thing ...

Anyway, I noticed that nobody commented on the VS Starmie names, so I got the idea to ask the reader(s) if they knew where I got them from. The prize: a spoileriffic paragraph that's so far ahead in the story that you'll probably forget I posted it by the time it rolls around. Name the character that I stole Drowzee's personality from for bonus points.

I'm only guessing buuuut it seems you parodied The Time Warp song for the first Starmie title and the Stars Wars title 'Revenge of the Sith' for the second. That right?

And, really going out on a limb here, but your Drowzee strongly reminded me of the depressed robot from The HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy ..... I'm probably wrong with that though.

28th October 2005, 2:21 PM
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing (and much thanks for the compliments)! As you can see below, never fear, Lass isn't dead (it's too much fun writing her to permanently get rid of her). Cherry really only got a backward glance at Lass's supposed death, and it jumped to conclusions. It's really not the Pokemon doing most of whatever killing has to happen (which is all pretty late in the fic); three-fourths of it's Glitch and others like her, and the rest is either not that often or just mentioned in conversations. The next chapter should be up sometime in the first two weeks of November. I think I'm actually getting faster on writing this (one-month intervals between chapters are actually pretty common), but I didn't have Internet access while I was on vacation. I've been working on getting it done as soon as I can. Everything you guessed at was spot-on (even Marvin the Drowzee and the chapter title thing!), so here's the promised paragraph!

"I was testing you, child," said the old woman. "This has become a very dangerous place, fraught with vengeful spirits... you must be both powerful enough to defeat those that challenge you and sensible enough to back away when their strength overwhelms yours." She noticed Leaf's inquisitive expression and explained, "The Channelers above here... their normal aura has been replaced with something. I can't divine it at all. Every time I try, it forces me out; all that I know is that it has the strangest aura I've ever felt. It's stronger than a human, yet it's got a faintly human tinge to it; resembles a psychic's aura, yet is clearly not; bears the signs of death, yet is alive. Please, if you must go up there, just be careful." Lass nodded quickly, not seeming to have paid much attention, and the two marched up the stairs.

21st November 2005, 12:34 AM
I've been out of town/incredibly busy/hit with writer's block for forever, it seems. And yet, this chapter still stinks. If you can't figure it out, whisker= Rattata, big-whisker= Raticate, spiky= Nidoran M/F, big/stone-blue-slimy= Poliwhirl/wrath, every-kind berry=Oran Berry. I think that untrained Pokemon don't know the humans' names of the various species and plants, which is why the weird names are there. Oh, and the Titanic song belongs to Celene Dion. In other news, this fic's been on the Internet for about a year, and there are about twelve chapters (if you split the Starmies up). So, for this second year, I pledge to do my best in speeding up my writing of this fic. Honestly, it shouldn't take me a month to come up with chapters as short as these. Take heart!


She ran for her life, the whiskers and big-whiskers chasing after her. Over boulders, through bushes that cut her red, furry body, under the wooden structures the humans used to seperate one place from another... but they just kept coming. Why? she wondered to herself. They had strength in numbers, they didn't need a stone-blue-slimy like the two-legged ones raised to fight. Stranger still was the change that had been made to the forest around her. Her kind had always eaten the whiskers, and they had never done anything about it--that was the way life had always been. But then...

Then, the big-blue-slimy had come. Big-blue-slimies were rare enough, but this one knew--knew about changes, about two-legged things and how to use them, about powerful attacks that she'd never seen before and certainly didn't want to be on the receiving end of...

He said that the two-legged ones and those who ate the whiskers were evil, and were to be killed in any way possible. To prove it, he'd murdered a young two-legged male and his male spikies as they were looking for a whisker to put in one of the humans' strange balls; only days later, he found a den of her kind and used his water powers to kill them, young and old alike--though not a drop of blood was spilled, the repulsively damp hole had spoken for itself. It was a step that none before him had taken, one that couldn't be continued if her kind was to survive.

That was why she'd had to steal the blue stone. It wasn't the same as stealing things from the humans, though--the whiskers knew about her, and they watched the stone in darkness and light. However, she'd gotten a girl-spiky to poison them for a human's dropped candy, leaving the stone unprotected. Unfortunately, the next watchers had come early, and she'd had to flee... and now, a long while later, here she was, gasping for breath.

Suddenly, the big-blue-slimy loomed over her, and she nearly let a scream escape her lips. He used his water powers to slam a hard, cold jet of water into her, and the stone dropped from her mouth as she flew into a tree and howled in agony... but he stopped and picked up the stone, letting her crumple to the ground like one of the humans' stuffed toys. Immediately, he began to glow as the change took effect, strengthening him even more...

The swirly-stomached monster's eyes conveyed the grin that his mouthless face could not as he flexed his new muscles. I'll leave this to nature. Have a nice time in hell, Vulpix...

Vulpix? What kind of a name was Vulpix? It was amazing, though--she'd been spared! She slowly got up and sniffed around, smelling a nice aroma. Sure enough, there was a every-kind berry stash hidden in a hollow in the tree next to her, and she ate them all. At once, she felt energy rush back to her. She stretched her back out, hearing a few pops and wincing; it was the one thing that the wonderous blue things couldn't heal.

She then heard noises, and hid in the hollow. They were whiskers, probably searching for her. It injured her pride terribly to hide from whiskers, but she was still not strong enough to fight them. There was no place she could go to be safe from them, except...

Away, she whispered to herself. The thought frightened and excited her at the same time. She would be leaving everything behind--her friends and family, the familiar forest... but also escaping from the stone-blue-slimy and his army of whiskers. But not forever; she'd get help from others of her kind and come back. Someday...

VS Wartortle ;008;

"Finally, Vermilion City!" Before Leaf stretched the port city of Vermilion, home of the Kantan National Port, the ever-failing Vermilion City Electabuzz, and (most importantly to her) the Thunderbadge. She frowned, though, as she noticed how low the sun was in the sky. "It's getting pretty late. I guess that I'll have to visit the Gym the day after tomorrow." For now, she was content with cashing in the Nugget for the large sum of five thousand dollars and gathering information on the city's Gym Leader, who apparently used Electric-types. A Raichu's picture was on a flyer next to some Gym information, and Leaf decided that it was going to be a Pokemon to watch out for. Other than Clefairy's sudden decision that the fake orchid plant near the Pokemon Center's doors was its one true love (resulting in its Trainer's having to clean up the small puddle of drool nearby), things were uneventful.

The next morning found Leaf waiting in a line that stretched to the port entrance as she munched on a chocolate chip muffin. She'd been rewarded for getting up early with a far shorter line to wait in; before long, it was her turn to show her ticket to an old sailor. As he punched a hole in it, he looked down at her, exclaiming, "Oh, my! You're quite young to be coming all by yourself, aren't you? When I was a lad, girls doing such things was unheard of... ah, well. Times do change quickly, don't they? Welcome aboard!"

The boat was packed with Pokemon Trainers, all of them eager to show off to their peers. All kinds of Pokemon were there; in an area set up for target practice, a Dragonair was practicing its Ice Beam next to a Growlithe that struggled to use Ember. Vendors sold all kinds of Pokemon-related things, from dolls to medicine, at astronomical prices. To the white-hatted girl's surprise, most of the girls around her age had at least one Jigglypuff. All of the Balloon Pokemon, when viewed together, looked like entrants in a costume contest--most wore some kind of decoration behind one ear or tied to one appendage, and one of the Balloon Pokemon had a full-body jester outfit that it was trying to squirm out of.

Deciding to join in, Leaf released her quartet of Pokemon. There was a long silence, and then... "OH MY GOD!" As one, the Jigglypuff girls squealed and charged at Clefairy, knocking Leaf, Peach, and Bulbasaur to the ground; they were armed to the teeth with charms, ribbons, bracelets, necklaces, and various other things that could be used to torment the Fairy Pokemon in the name of adorability. Two of the girls, one with what looked like a miniature purple prom dress and one with a tiny tuxedo, were arguing over what gender the pink pixie was. The Pokemon in question was waving its fingers, the only parts of it that could still be seen, in a very familiar way...

The girls all vanished to parts unknown. "I wonder where they went," said Leaf, blinking as she stared down at the bundle of jewelry and costume that was Clefairy. "Oh, well, better get you out of that stuff..."


Between the twin smokestacks of the St. Anne, one could see a strange sight: many preteen girls, their Jigglypuffs above them, hanging onto the thin wire that held decorative flags aloft high above the ship. "Like, quit squirming!" yelled one. "This'll, like, break if you keep doing that!"

"YAAAAAAAAH!" continued the squirmer, waving her legs about and making the wire shake dangerously.

"L-like, do you think anyone's going to find us up here?" asked one.

"Not really," replied another, blushing as a gust of wind flipped everyone's skirts up.

"After this, I'm, like, wearing pants!" wailed the first girl.

Far below them, a pair of sailors had just noticed the strange bunch. "Hey, Ed, shouldn't we get them down from there?"

"Naah," said Ed, grinning strangely. "I can keep an eye on them from here, don't worry."


Back on the boat, Leaf had decided to see what there was to offer. Many people in Pokemon costumes were talking, which hadn't ever really been the brunette's cup of tea (the exception being Lass's chats, but Leaf had never played a big part in them). Then, of course, there were the battlefields. They seemed rather boring in comparison to real-life terrain, as they consisted only of a flat rectangle with two markings where the Trainers stood. Healing machines were a short distance away from each field, and small crowds were gathered around each one.

"Oh, hi there!" called an unfamiliar voice from behind Leaf. The brunette turned to see a black-haired girl who wore a red skirt and white blouse. "Say, where'd you get that weird Pikachu?"

"I... uh, got it in a trade," responded Leaf. It wasn't really that far off from the truth...

"Oh, really? My Pokemon are from around the world!" The girl released a quartet of Pidgey. "Can't you see how much different they are from one another? It's truly amazing, you know, how much difference a continent or two makes."

Leaf squinted at them. There was no difference that she could see--they all had the same cream and brown coloring, the same beady eyes, and the same pink beak and claws. "They look the same to me," she said after close inspection of them, drawing the attention of their Trainer.

The girl took offense to this. "What do you mean, 'they look the same to you'?" she asked indignantly. "I'll show you how much stronger these Pidgey are in a battle!"

"It really isn't worth battling about..." The black-haired girl had already sent out the first of her Pidgey, making it far too late to protest. "Oh, well. Peach, Thunderbolt!" All four of the birds fell after being hit with the attack, leaving their trainer to be even more distraught.

"But... but... oh, I just hate those Pidgey! Why can't there be any Flying-types that aren't already found in Kanto?" With that, she stormed off, leaving Leaf to stare after her and Peach to blow a huge raspberry in the retreating girl's direction.

"I think I've had enough of floor one. How about we see what's down below, Peach?" After a cheerful 'chuu' of agreement, the girl located the stairs and walked down, where she found rows of identical doors. "Wonder what's in these?" she wondered, pushing one open.

"AAAAAUGH! I'm changing my clothes, you dimwit waiter! Sic 'em, Growly!" Leaf slammed the door shut before the Growlithe could pounce upon her with its Tackle, leaving a dog-sized dent in the door.

"Well, that answers my question..." With that, she began to wander the halls some more; what finally stopped her was a faint 'oooooooo...' sound from the door at the end of the hall. "I wonder if that guy's seasick. Then again, he could be doing something else entirely, so I'd better not just barge in..."

"Nooooooo... come baaaaaaack..." Leaf froze, interrupted in the process of walking away, and doubled back. "Please... seasick... ohhhhhh..."

"Okay!" she called, opening the door. "I'm coming--EW!" She froze as the sight of a large pile of semi-digested breakfast entered her vision. Inching slowly away from the offending item, she said, "We aren't even moving yet, and you still got seasick? That's an awfully sensitive stomach you have..."

"Nnnnnn..." The old man sitting behind the desk pointed to his back hurriedly, and Leaf took the hint and delivered the best back rub that she could. Fortunately, her father's skills in his position of chiropractor were slightly genetic, and the man became nothing but better. "Oh, thank you," he finally sighed. "Let me introduce myself. I'm Oceanus, the captain of this ship. My deepest apologies for bombarding you with this awful smell--I'm just not good at all with stationary places. The seas are the only place for me! Anyway, I've got to thank you with something..." He dug around in his desk for a moment before retrieving a cube that was twice the size of a TM. "Here it is!" He explained, "One of the old HMs, Cut. I've always had a talent for fencing, so I ordered many of these back when they were still in production. I thought that my Scyther could spar with me using it--imagine my surprise when it chopped my blade in two!" He then ushered Leaf toward the door. "Now, then, I'd suggest that you get back up onto the deck. After all, I don't want you missing too much more of the festivities!"

Leaf realized that there was something slightly odd about what he'd said. "Wait, why would Scyther need--"

"Get out, twerp." Leaf finally decided to heed the sailor's instructions and left. On her way, though, the lack of activity and mazelike hallways began to get to the girl. She was bored, almost to the point of using her awful dancing and singing skills to, well, dance and sing. Before long, she was bumping crazily into the walls and warbling, much to the amusement of someone behind her.

"...Neeeeeeeear, faaaaaaaaaar, wherEEEEEEver you--" She stopped as a bonk to the head finally snapped her out of her boredom-induced craziness. "I hope that nobody heard any of that," she muttered to herself, blushing. "A song like that... oh, brother..." She looked to her left and right, searching furtively for someone who might've heard her. "On that note, I think I'll find my room." Quietly, so as not to alert whoever was in the suite behind her that their serenader was still around, she walked back to the stairwell.

Our mystery man, who had been waiting for the right moment to approach the girl almost all day, suddenly appeared behind her. "Boo."

"AAAAH!" After calming down, she turned to find a certain boy clad in a black shirt. "You startled me, Tsunami," she moaned.

He grinned. "Good. So, how about a battle?"

Leaf frowned. "I don't know..." She paused as Tsunami held his Pokedex into the air and pushed a button on it. Her singing filled the room. "Oh, come on, stop it!" He simply smiled in an irritating way, shook his head, and continued to hold the red encyclopedia aloft. "All right, I'll do it!"

"Oh, and while your dignity is on the line, I think I'll throw something else in just for the fun of it," he said, taking out another Pokedex. "This is yours if you can beat me... but if you lose, I won't be offering you another. If you want it, it's now or never..." He smirked as he put both Pokedexes back into his bag. "Gramps may think it's all well and good to haphazardly toss this baby into your care, but I'm not quite so trusting. It's bad enough that Fire's got one, after all..." He pointed her toward the stairwell to the first floor. "To the battlefield?"

Leaf nodded an affirmative. "To the battlefield."


The battlefield that the two trainers faced each other on was closest to the wall, with the corner to Leaf's right. A small crowd was beginning to gather around, and Leaf looked around nervously. "You aren't scared of having a little exposure, are you?" asked Tsunami, looking completely at home.

"Of course not!" huffed Leaf, selecting a Pokeball.

"Well, then, my dear, let us begin." With that, he released his first Pokemon: Sandshrew. The tan mouse narrowed its eyes at Leaf, waiting for her decision.

"Clefairy, go!" she yelled, throwing its Pokeball forward. The little fairy looked around it in wonder as the sphere released it, and the audience was soon 'awww'ing its approval. "Water Pulse!" she called, grinning as Tsunami's ordered Sand-Attack was swept into the water bands. Sandshrew's attempt to jump out of the way merely caused it to get hit by the top of the first part of the attack, and it plummeted straight into the second and third rings before hitting the ground.

"Sand-Attack!" yelled Tsunami. By the time that Clefairy had stopped flashing the crowd peace signs, its face was coated in a thick layer of dirt. Grumbling, it tried to wipe the muck away.

"Listen for Sandshrew, Clefairy!" commanded Leaf. She'd heard that Clefairies had excellent hearing, and she was proven right as it whirled to face a snickering Sandshrew. "Now, Water Pulse!" she called. The first ring of water finished it off, and Tsunami returned it to its Pokeball.

"Only to be expected. This one'll knock that Clefairy for a loop--go, Kadabra!" Some people snapped pictures of this new Pokemon; to tell the honest truth, Leaf had no idea why, as it looked pretty ugly to her. It was a dark shade of yellow, with red markings on its belly and a red star on its forehead. Its shoulders and chest seemed to be encased in brown armor, from which two spindly arms protruded. One hand held a large spoon, while the other hung limply by its side. It didn't say a word as it scowled at Leaf.

Though Leaf didn't think much of the Pokemon, Clefairy was still blinded. "Return, Clefairy!" she called, watching as the dirt fell to the floor without a face to stick to. "Go, Butterfree!" The purple butterfly squeaked in terror at the sight of so many people, and Tsunami snickered at the sight. Whimpering, the butterfly faced down its foe.

"Confusion!" both Trainers called simultaneously. The crowd began to murmur excitedly as the Pokemon stared at each other. To Leaf's surprise, the air around both fighters began to spark dangerously; without warning, a blinding light encased them both. When it disappeared, Butterfree looked almost ready to faint, while Kadabra was only slightly winded. "Sleep Powder, hurry!" yelled Leaf. Kadabra was too fast, though, and it was suddenly right in front of Butterfree. The butterfly growled as it began to flap its wings even faster; the PSI Pokemon suddenly whined and clapped its hands to its ears, though Leaf and Tsunami could hear nothing.

Leaf was surprised, but her opponent merely frowned. "I see that you don't know what it's doing," said Tsunami calmly. "That is Supersonic, an attack that confuses if used for long enough. You didn't honestly expect to win against a Kadabra with Sleep Powder and Confusion, did you? Oh, wait--you would've used the almighty Tackle. You're quite the strategist..."

"I don't suppose that Stun Spore is a bad move to make, too?" asked Leaf dully as she watched Butterfree release a clump of orange powder into the air after she'd commanded it. She couldn't help but grin as Tsunami scowled.

"Shoot," he muttered to himself. Kadabra didn't look like it was doing very well; it pretended that its spoon was a drumstick until the metal object hit the PSI Pokemon on the forehead. "Use that item I gave you, already!" The yellow-and-brown Pokemon blinked down at a pink berry that it had pulled from a chink in its armor. It popped the fruit in its mouth and chewed; soon, the unfocused look in its eyes vanished. "Now, Confusion!" Butterfree was down before Leaf could say anything.

"Good job," congratulated Leaf, still stinging a bit from Tsunami's snide remarks. "Now, return." Clefairy's pink and cheerful presence was next to be felt on the battlefield; Kadabra gave it a raised eyebrow, but said nothing.

"Clefairy, hm? Good," said Tsunami, smirking. "I'll show you just what I can do to clueless opponents..."

"Give it a rest, would you?!" yelled Leaf, indignant. "Clefairy, Metronome!"

"Disable." Clefairy had barely begun to wag its fingers when Kadabra's attack forced them to rest alongside its other three. No matter how much the Fairy Pokemon tried, it couldn't lift them again. "Now, Confusion." Instead of into the wall, Clefairy was pulled to its opponent by Kadabra's mental power; Leaf could only watch in horror as Tsunami commanded, "Thunderpunch!" The air crackled with electricity as Kadabra's sparking fists pummeled the pink Pokemon, leaving it severely damaged. "Finish it off, Kadabra! Crush Clefairy against the wall!" Clefairy sailed swiftly toward the wall behind Leaf, unable to move its limbs as its trainer reached for its Pokeball...

But there was a sudden spark of electricity, and Kadabra froze, its face fixed in a startled expression as it released its grip on Clefairy. It seemed to be too late, though; the pink pixie was flying through the air so fast that impact was inevitable. Despite this, Leaf put its Pokeball down. "Aim your feet toward the wall, Clefairy!" The Fairy Pokemon seemed to know what Leaf was thinking; it squatted against the wall for a fleeting moment, then pushed off at an even faster speed than it had been flying at before. Now, it was hurtling through the air at a speed that even Kadabra couldn't stop; with a loud thud as Clefairy slammed into the physically weak PSI Pokemon, the bout was over. Wordlessly, Tsunami returned Kadabra to its Pokeball, and after letting an exhausted but proud Clefairy wave to the cheering crowd, Leaf did the same.

Tsunami frowned after taking another Pokeball out. "You got lucky. Fearow, you're up!" The bird squwaked loudly as it was released, eyeing Leaf disdainfully. The brunette paid no heed to this; she knew exactly what would take the brown bird down fast.

"Peach, time to roast this bird!" Neither Fearow nor Tsunami was impressed by the little Pokemon, but Leaf knew that their opinions would soon change. "Thunderbolt!"

"Dodge it," Tsunami said quickly. After his bird had looped around the attack, he commanded, "Fury Attack!"

"Stand your ground, Peach!" The little mouse looked up at her nervously, but still stayed rooted to the spot. As Fearow zoomed toward the Pichu, closing the distance between them, Leaf commanded, "Thunderbolt!" The little mouse complied.

Tsunami's eyes widened. "Dodge it!" he yelled. It was no use, though; the Pichu and its target were so close to each other that getting out of the way wasn't an option. Fearow squawked in surprise and pain as it was hit point-blank by Thunderbolt. "Not bad, Leaf, not bad at all. Still, that isn't good enough, either. Fearow, Aerial Ace!" The bird vanished, and Leaf winced as Peach suddenly staggered over, struck by the invisible attack. Fearow seemed to laugh as it reappeared above Tsunami. "One more time'll do it!" he shouted, and the huge vulture disappeared once again.

Now, however, Leaf knew just what would stop the attack and give the bird damage. "Build up static electricity around yourself!" Mere seconds after the command had been given, there was a loud, irritated squawk as Fearow reappeared, wincing. "Now, Thunderbolt it with everything you've got!" The bird screeched as the mere annoyance turned into a massive surge, draining away the last of its energy; its foe smirked cockily at it as it fell to the ground, smoking. Scowling, Tsunami returned it to its Pokeball.

"Wartortle, go! Use Dig!" This Pokemon was another that was new to Leaf. It resembled Squirtle slightly, but it was larger and had featherlike ears on either side of its head. Its tail was slightly different, too; the white, tri-curled tail seemed to wave gracefully in the air behind the turtle as the blue Pokemon plowed into the ground. Leaf had to guess that it was an evolution of the Tinyturtle Pokemon. It was much faster than Squirtle, too; Peach had only seconds to prepare itself before Wartortle shot out, striking the Pichu with its Dig attack and knocking it out.

Clefairy was too weakened to make much of a difference in the fight, and Leaf's other Pokemon were unconcious; it was all up to... "Bulbasaur!" A silent agreement took place between Wartortle and the green Pokemon; they nodded to each other, grins appearing on their faces, before their Trainers made their commands. "Vine Whip, Bulbasaur!"

"Wartortle, Rapid Spin!" Bulbasaur managed to lash out once with her vines before Wartortle withdrew into its shell and spun quickly around, making the Seed Pokemon unable to land a hit without getting her vines shredded.

"Knock it off balance! Razor Leaf!" Bulbasaur took aim carefully and fired. Though the leaves didn't cause any damage to Wartortle because of its hard shell, they did send the Turtle Pokemon flying through the air, spinning crazily. Groaning, the blue Pokemon came out of its shell. "Now, use another Razor Leaf!" yelled the female Trainer, whose Bulbasaur managed to score many hits before Tsunami made another command.

"Ice Beam!" he yelled. Wartortle gave Bulbasaur an apologetic look that seemed to say that she would be fainting soon, but she simply narrowed her eyes and shook her head.

Her Trainer groaned. "I hate that move," sighed the girl. "Bulbasaur, try to get out of the way!" The Seed Pokemon leapt as high as she could, but it wasn't much use; her back two legs were both stricken by the attack, rendering her unable to move. "Try a Vine Whip!" The bulb-carrying Pokemon used all of the speed that she could muster to send her vines shooting toward Wartortle. However, even that wasn't enough, for the Turtle Pokemon almost seemed to dance around both vines, despite their attempts to reach him.

"Rapid Spin!" yelled Tsunami.

"For someone who lectures about using stupid moves, that was a pretty bad one," commented Leaf. "Bulbasaur, use Razor Leaf and Vine Whip!" The green reptile knew exactly what Leaf meant; she once again sent Wartortle crazily spinning through the air, but when the Turtle Pokemon emerged, she ensnared it with her two vines much like she had Sonia's Meowth. This time, Wartortle was on the receiving end of an apologetic look before the still-dizzy Pokemon was sent spinning away in the opposite direction courtesy of Bulbasaur; those watchers of the fight who hadn't been paying attention were knocked to the ground as Wartortle landed to the left of the battlefield. It looked back at its opponent with respect in its eyes as it finally succumbed to unconciousness.

There was a long moment of silence before the now massive throng around the battlefield burst into thunderous applause. "Well, I'm surprised," said Tsunami finally, returning his Pokemon to its Pokeball and walking over to Leaf. "I suppose that this Pokedex is yours." The girl began to thank him as the red device changed hands, but he stopped her. "No, it was all you. I meant it when I said that you wouldn't have gotten it if you had lost." With a seriousness that surprised his listener, he then said, "I honestly didn't think that you'd be able to do it. Female trainers as serious about Pokemon as you are... other than the Gym Leaders, they're nonexistent. There will be a lot of doubters ahead, Leaf, and some will act more violently toward you than others. Be careful." His tone of voice returned to a more normal one as he said, "After all, it'd be a shame for you to give up before I can beat you! We're going to have a rematch one of these days, you know!"

"May I have your attention, please," someone boomed over a loudspeaker. "The St. Anne is about to depart. Please exit immediately."

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Leaf.

"You didn't know?" replied Tsunami. "The St. Anne travels around the coastal cities of Kanto and other countries and throws huge parties for Pokemon trainers wherever it goes. Nobody actually travels on it except the staff, though."

"Oh..." sighed Leaf, disappointed. "Well, then, I guess that we should head toward the exit," she said, returning Bulbasaur to her Pokeball so that girl and Pokemon wouldn't get seperated.

"Yep." When they reached the exit, passing the miserable-looking bunch of girls with Jigglypuffs on the way, Tsunami said, "Well, I guess that this is where we part ways for now. Smell ya later, Leaf!"

"Bye!" While Tsunami headed for the road that led to the towns beyond Vermilion, Leaf's destination was the Pokemon Center, where her preperations for the tough battle ahead of her at the Vermilion City Gym would begin...

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Er, to tell ya the truth, I just Copy and Paste the hearts. XD

Vs. Starmie (Episode III): Whoo! At first I thought it was Tsunami who was the Poliwag. XD *get's on knees* PLEEEASE MAKE THIS TSUNAMIxLEAF! ONLY SABER'S FIC IS OLDRIVALSHIPPING!!! PLEASE!!!

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Vs. Koffin: El. Oh. El. All that just because they had to pay a dollar and ten cents for a burger meal!? XD

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Vs. Wartortle: Whee! A Tsunami and Leaf based chapter! XD What're Leaf, Fire, and Tsunami's future Pokemon teams?

So far it is:


Charmeleon (I'm not so sure on Fire's.)


Can't for the next chapter! Lol, Leaf can't sing or dance at all?

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New chapter! Expect to see many more chapters split into two if I start to think that it's been too long since my last update (like this one). A good two-thirds of part two is finished, but Surge hasn't even gotten in on the action yet, and it would make this part have way more than the next one ^^; I won't reveal Leaf's team, because it would ruin something that I wouldn't even trust spoil tags with. All that I'll say is that there aren't any rules against carrying seven Pokemon like she will be and leave it at that. Fire's current team is Charmeleon, Raticate, Ditto, and Porygon; he will eventually have Charizard, Shellder/Cloyster and Electabuzz to finish his team. Tsunami's team, other than Sandshrew/Sandslash and Fearow replacing Rhydon and Pidgeot, will be the same as it would be when you face him at Indigo Plateau with Charmander as your starter. There may be a bit of a surprise somewhere in there, though.


VS Raichu ;026;

The girl sitting at the table had amassed quite a crowd around her; she honestly couldn't understand why. Sure, she was working on a Pokedex, sure, they were cutting-edge, and sure, there were only three in the world, but she really didn't understand what was so interesting about something as pedestrian as typing an entry in. First frowning down at the book next to her and then down at what she'd written, she finally pressed Enter on the small keyboard that had popped out of the little device's bottom; it swiftly flew back into the machine with a soft fwoosh. A new message popped up, showing a picture of a Bulbasaur and reading:

no001 Bulbasaur

Seed Pokemon

Ht. 2' 04'' Wt.15.2 lbs

A strange seed was planted on its back at birth. The plant sprouts and grows with this Pokemon.

The specimen on the table yawned cutely as its Trainer navigated a few other menus. After pushing another button, the screen read:

Scientific Level: 19
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Poisonpowder, Sleep Powder, Razor Leaf.

She put it away, and the crowd instantly dispersed. "Now that that's over..." She walked up to Nurse Joy. They said their usual greetings, unchanged from the last ones in Cerulean City, as the nurse took Leaf's four Pokeballs. After she'd been told to go wait, Leaf sat down and studied the information about the Gym Leader, Lt. Surge, some more.

A pair of Boy Scouts were staring; when Leaf looked up, the redheaded one said scornfully, "You? Challenging the Vermillion Gym? Don't make me laugh!" Leaf didn't have to do a thing; he was already laughing. "Girls aren't welcome there. All of the ones me and Stan here have seen come back here within minutes and go angsting about how horrible they must be and how big of a mistake they've made to try collecting Badges in the first place."

The black-haired Boy Scout next to the redhead laughed. "Too right. Well, I'll be waiting for you to come running back in tears. Best wishes!" The brunette frowned at the Boy Scouts before collecting her Pokemon, leaving the Pokemon Center, and walking the short distance to the location of her next Badge battle.

Vermillion City's Gym was a very plain building. There were no windows and no doors other than the one at the entrance. Leaf walked in, not expecting much...

The inside wasn't much different. Trash cans were neatly lined up; they extended from behind the two Raichu statues at the entrance to the back wall. Three male trainers were watching the entrance carefully; when they saw Leaf, they started to s******.

"Well, well. Come to sell us some cookies?" asked one, a shirtless, burly man who obviously wanted her out of the Gym as soon as possible.

The second speaker was a contrast to the first in every way; he looked to be a featherweight, despite the broad shoulders of his business suit. "I'm afraid not. No Girl Scout uniform."

"If she ain't gonna give us somethin', we'll have to give her the boot!" The third man was dressed in stereotypical sailor clothes: white shirt and pants, black dress shoes, and an ascot tied neatly around his neck.

Leaf found it very hard to be unintimidated. Before she could change her mind, she quickly said, "I want to challenge the Gym Leader here."

The Gym Trainers' responses were much like the ones of the redheaded Boy Scout and Stan. "You honestly think that he'll want to be bothered with a wimpy little girl like you? Don't make me laugh!" A Magnemite materialized before the burly man. "Thunderbolt!"

Leaf barely managed to duck behind one of the trash cans before the electricity whizzed over her head. "That's not playing fair! Bulbasaur, go! Use Razor Leaf!"

"Keep your eyes on your opponent, little girl," laughed the man. "Show her what we do to weaklings in our Gym, Magnemite!" The magnet-tipped Pokemon suddenly seemed to clone itself in a Double Team attack.

"Bulbasaur, hit them with Vine Whi--" A Ditto, which had been posing as one of the trash cans, suddenly gagged and restrained her, pulling her into a sitting position. I'm really starting to hate Dittos, the brunette thought to herself as Bulbasaur turned, distracted by its Trainer's peril. The Seed Pokemon cried out as Magnemite hit her with a Sonicboom. I'm starting to hate how easily I keep getting taken prisoner, too, Leaf thought to herself dryly as the Magnet Pokemon floated over the fallen Bulbasaur and charged itself up, ready to fry the brunette to a crisp. The girl started to get worried. It wouldn't kill me, right? Don't they have laws against it? There was now enough electricity crackling around Magnemite to power a small electronics store. Leaf swallowed.

"Hit her already! Thunderbolt!" All of this electricity suddenly came flying backward as Magnemite discharged it, missing Leaf entirely. Behind the gray Pokemon was, to everyone's surprise, Bulbasaur; the little Pokemon was using her vines to channel the electricity into the ground, where it couldn't do much harm. The man laughed, "If you think that'll really prevent a Thunderbolt of this magnitude, you're wrong! Intensify it, Magnemite!" Bulbasaur fell to the ground as Ditto flicked the vine touching it away, causing every bit of damage to be felt by the Seed Pokemon; she seemed almost to glow from the amount of electricity coursing into her.

The suit wearer's eyes widened. "Rocker, wait, you've gone too far--" Magnemite had stopped, horrified, as it realized that Bulbasaur herself was the cause of the shine. The bulb burst outward, beginning to bloom as the Pokemon that supported it grew taller and wider. As the glow faded away, the crimson irises of the transformed Pokemon narrowed in anger at Ditto, who quickly let go of its prisoner. Frowning, the suit wearer took out two Pokeballs. "I do believe that we shall all have to release our Pokemon to deal with this problem."

As they discussed it, Leaf whispered, "Let's get out of here, Ivysaur." Although she didn't like the idea of retreating, the Seed Pokemon still left along with her mistress. That talk about 'doubters'... that was Tsunami's warning about this Gym, wasn't it? It does make sense, though. Leaf really hadn't seen many serious Trainers of her gender other than Misty. Though they did need to be taught a lesson, she certainly didn't want to face Rocker and his biased friends once more. There has to be some way to get in... they just don't like girls. Wait a minute... I've got it!

To the surprise of both of the Boy Scouts, Leaf didn't look like an emotional wreck when she went into the Pokemon Center. Nor did she stay there for the rest of the day, sobbing about how she was never going to be a great Trainer if she couldn't get the Thunderbadge; instead she calmly went to Joy, got her Pokemon healed, and walked out of the Center.

"Wow..." muttered the redheaded Boy Scout. "She didn't crack at all..."

The black-haired one nodded. "Nothing like that Lass girl..."


After changing into the disguise that she’d bought at the local secondhand store, Leaf was as masculine as she was going to get. Instead of her usual tight-fitting teal shirt, she wore a loose, long-sleeved, purple one. She'd slipped a string through the small hole in the amber she'd found in Mount Moon to make a necklace, which hung loosely around her neck. Baggy blue jeans and brown boots were on her legs and feet; completing the outfit were a blue newsboy cap and the bobby pins and cheap hairspray that held her hair in place underneath it. Whether or not it would fool the Gym Trainers was unknown.

"Why, hello there, young lad!" called the suit-wearing Trainer cheerfully from his position near the wall. "Welcome to the Vermilion Gym. You may call me Gentleman. I will tell you no hints to solve the puzzle unless you challenge me to a battle."

Leaf looked around; there didn't seem to be anything that resembled a puzzle before her. The trash cans, maybe? The disguised girl tried to pull one from its spot, but it was bolted down. Kicking it only resulted in a stubbed toe, and sending out Butterfree to crush it with Confusion didn't do much to help, either. Reluctantly, she turned to Gentleman, who looked like he'd expected nothing less of her. "Battle me."

"Gladly," he responded, pulling out a Pokeball. "Voltorb, go!" A small Pokemon that resembled the sphere that it had come out of sat on the metal floor before her. Leaf motioned Butterfree forward. Gentleman made the first move: "Tackle!"

"Fly up to avoid it, Butterfree!" The butterfly did so, and Voltorb nearly rolled into its opponent's Trainer instead. Hoping to avoid getting her disguise ruined by one of the Electric-type's missed attacks, Leaf called, "Now, use Stun Spore!" Both Trainers held their hands over their noses and mouths to prevent inhaling the pollen. The Ball Pokemon, limbless and unable to roll away from the yellow powder, stopped in its tracks. "Confusion, Butterfree!" Gentleman winced as Voltorb was tossed into one of the nearby trash cans; though it wasn't yet knocked out, it was still unable to continue from its position.

"Voltorb, return." Gentleman turned to Leaf. "You have won, young man, and here is your hint. You must look inside the trash cans to solve the puzzle." He gave her a small amount of money, which she pocketed. "Good luck."

2nd December 2005, 1:29 AM
Those men and boys made me want to strangle somebody... that's just how the boys at my school act. >.>

Anyways, great chapter!

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Sorry about the wait. Between tech week for the Christmas show that I was in and normal Christmas pandemonium, there wasn't any time for me to write. The battle's kinda meh, but I didn't want you to wait any longer.


Leaf's second look inside the trash cans yielded nothing but garbage; the Trainer that had set his Magnemite on her before was snickering. "Afraid to get a little dirty?" he laughed. "Ain't gonna tell you anything else, though, unless--"

"--you challenge me to a battle, I know," responded Leaf. "All right, I will." She returned Butterfree to its Pokeball and reached for Ivysaur's, but stopped. Using Ivysaur while my first visit's fresh in their minds would be a dead giveaway, she thought to herself, and Clefairy isn't exactly masculine. Guess my only choice is Peach... She released the Pichu, which the muscular man before her raised an eyebrow at, and watched as his Magnemite took its place across from her.

"The name's Rocker," he said, "and that pipsqueak of yours is going down! Thunderbolt, Magnemite!" It buzzed an affirmative and unleashed the same attack it had used on Peach's trainer, missing its mark completely as the little mouse leapt away.

Leaf grinned; though the Pokedex hadn't been able to record Peach, it had still given Leaf a number of attacks to choose from that certainly beat repeated calls of 'Thunderbolt'. One of these was... "Sweet Kiss!" The little mouse blew a kiss at his foe, who reeled back, confused. "Now, Mega Punch!" Peach balled his tiny hand into a fist and leapt skyward at Magnemite, smashing his little hand squarely into the Magnet Pokemon's spherical body.

"Don't let that little rat get you, Magnemite! Slow it down with Thunder Wave!" Frowning as the gray Pokemon unleashed its attack, hitting itself in its confused state, Leaf took out her Pokedex and pointed it at Magnemite. With a ding, the red-and-black device showed its owner that the Magnet Pokemon's stamina was nearly depleted.

"Finish it off! Mega Punch!" yelled the disguised girl, grinning as Magnemite was hit and fell with a clunk to the ground. Rocker returned it to its Pokeball, not looking very happy about it.

"All right, kid, you won. Happy?" he said grumpily. "The key to finding the Gym Leader is underneath the garbage. Here's your cash, now beat it!"

"Thanks!" Leaf said cheerfully, confusing the burly man before her. The first two cans that she tried were filled with nothing but crumpled paper, but on the bottom of the third was a large, round switch. "I guess that I'm supposed to press it," she decided, doing so. A loud grinding sound came from the wall, and she noticed that the middle of it was retracting, revealing an identical steel plate behind it. "I guess there're multiple switches," she said. "Oh, well. I'll just try the next one and hope for the best," she decided, moving on. To her surprise, there was a second switch in this trash can, and another layer of the door moved away. However, the third trash can in the row had nothing unusual about it. The two plates she'd taken away moved back, and she frowned. "This thing really doesn't like mistakes, does it?" the brunette wondered to herself. She walked back to the first switch's trash can; however, the switch was gone! "Really, really doesn't like mistakes..."

"You would've had it if you'd just stayed around the first switch," advised the man in the sailor outfit. "You see, the switches pop up randomly based on where the first one is pressed, so you have a good chance if you stay in a square around the first can."

Leaf gave him a smile for his trouble. "Thanks, Sailor!" With that, she went off in search of the next switch; she'd pressed it when he suddenly ran up to her, a Krabby at his side.

"Wait! You were supposed to battle me for that!" He then frowned. "How'd you know that my name's Sailor?"

"Well, Rocker looks like a rocker and Gentleman looks like a gentleman, so I assumed from your sailor outfit that you were Sailor," explained the brunette. She then called, "Go, Butterfree!" The butterfly trilled as its Trainer commanded, "Confusion!"

Sailor frowned as Krabby sailed above his head. "Bubble, Krabby!" The red-and-cream crab got back up and unleashed a slow-moving stream of bubbles.

"Send them back with Confusion!" Under Butterfree's gaze, the Bubble attack became more like a Bubblebeam as the bubbles whizzed into Krabby, knocking it backwards. "Now, Poisonpowder!" Carefully avoiding Sailor as it did so, Butterfree flew above the River Crab Pokemon and deposited a cloud of purple powder onto it; Krabby keeled over, poisoned.

The ascot-wearing man blanched. "Oh, no... Don't give up, Krabby! Vicegrip!"

"One more Confusion, Butterfree!" As Krabby scuttled forward, pincer at the ready, it didn't even notice that it was rising off the ground until Butterfree dropped it, knocking the River Crab Pokemon out.

"Well, you won that hint fair and square, I guess," said Sailor, returning his Krabby to its Pokeball. "Happy hunting!"

To the left of the first switch was the second, and above it was the third; beyond the doors that they opened was a smaller room. Leaf returned Butterfree to its Pokeball and entered. Waiting for her was a middle-aged, burly man wearing an army uniform; his hair was blonde, an unusual color in Kanto. "A scrawny little twerp like YOU actually got past my traps?!" he asked loudly, fixing Leaf with a pair of blue eyes that almost seemed to see right through her disguise. "Just because you made it here doesn't mean you're walking out with a Badge! Anyway, I am Lieutenant Surge, Leader of the Vermilion Gym. You are?"

"Green," said the 'boy', feeling more uncomfortable by the second. "I... um... I'm here for a Gym Battle, sir."

Surge rolled his eyes. "Well, what else would you be here for? Let's get this started! Go, Pikachu!" The mouse that he released was clearly not of the ilk that decorated pencils, clothes, and toys across the nation; its beady eyes were fixed in a glare, and its fur was scruffier.

"Peach, let's show 'em how it's done!" The little mouse grinned at his larger cousin, more than ready to fight.

"'Peach'?" asked Surge incredulously.

Leaf tried her hardest to resist the urge to groan; she was starting to get sick of having to weave around Surge's anti-femininity policy. "It was my sister's," she lied, hoping that the man across from her would believe it.

"Well, I suppose that can't be helped, can it?" He then commanded, "Pikachu, Quick Attack!" The larger mouse took a few steps forward before it seemed to vanish; as Leaf had suspected it would, it reappeared behind Peach and tackled the little Pokemon before using the same speed to return to its previous position.

It's fast, noted Leaf, frowning. But I know an attack that doesn't require speed or power... "Peach, Present!" Peach's entire demeanor seemed to change; even Leaf, who knew what the little mouse was doing, was touched by its act. He scampered up to Pikachu, a sad expression on his face. Surge was trying to regain his mouse's attention, also knowing what Present did, but it was no use; Pikachu was staring back as Peach talked to it in a desperate tone, moved. Both mice smiled at each other, and the Pichu produced a beautifully wrapped present. The wrapping paper was white, and the red ribbon looked like it was satin. Surprised, Pikachu opened it as Peach smiled cheekily. He continued to smile as the present exploded, dealing heavy damage to Pikachu. As the smoke cleared, Leaf could tell that the Mouse Pokemon was weakened and furious.

"Get that little rat with Quick Attack, Pikachu!" As Pikachu ran forward, Leaf smirked.

"Wait for it to appear, then use Thunder Wave!" Mere seconds after she'd made the command, Pikachu pounced, perfectly visible. Before it could hit its target, though, Peach leapt out of the way and shocked his opponent, taking away all of its momentum and sending it crashing to the ground. "Now, Mega Punch!" The next hit was too much for the larger mouse; it fainted, and Surge returned it to its Pokeball.

"Let's see how much that rat likes this! Voltorb, go!" Next on the field was a red-and-white, spherical Pokemon that resembled a Pokeball. The only things that showed Leaf otherwise were its two eyes, currently fixed in a glare.

Leaf grinned. Ha! Everyone knows that Voltorbs don't learn actual Electric-type attacks when they're around this level! "Good work, Peach! Return! Butterfree, your turn!" The purple butterfly emerged from her Pokeball. Upon seeing Surge's smirk, though, Leaf attacked before he could force her to make up yet another lie. "Supersonic!"

"I've got some bad news for you, kid! Voltorb, Shock Wave!" Though Voltorb was clearly affected by Butterfree's attack, it still gathered some electricity around itself and sent it toward the purple Pokemon in a moderately-sized arc of electricity. No matter where Butterfree flew, the arc followed, and it wasn't long before the Butterfly Pokemon was struck. As it fell to the ground, Surge yelled, "One more time!"

"Return," sighed Leaf. As it was without a target, the attack harmlessly dispersed. "Peach, go!" The little mouse giggled; Voltorb was rolling around and crashing into the walls, confused. "Use Thunder Wave!"

To aid his Pokemon in dodging the attack, Surge commanded, "Spark!" Peach's attack missed completely; Voltorb was rolling forward, body crackling with electricity. Before the Ball Pokemon's attack could hit, though, Peach leapt up and away from Voltorb. He landed mere inches away from the red-and-white Electric-type, fist clenched in preparation for the perfect attack...

"Mega Punch!" Voltorb was even more fragile in the defensive department than Pikachu; it was obvious to both Trainers that another hit would finish off the red-and-white Pokemon. "Take it down, Peach! One more Mega Punch!" Surge returned Voltorb to its Pokeball after the hit, but he didn't seem very upset about how quickly his Pokemon were fainting.

Surge's next Pokeball was blue with red stripes on the top half--a Great Ball. "You've been winning because Pikachu and Voltorb don't have much in the way of stamina. The real Gym Battle starts now! Raichu, you're up!" A massive orange rat that easily towered over Leaf's tiny Pichu emerged from the Great Ball. "Slam!"

Raichu was incredibly fast, moving towards Peach like a gigantic orange blur; before Leaf could call out a command, the Pichu was unconcious, felled in one hit by Raichu's strength. His trainer was shocked. Surge isn't kidding--Pikachu and Voltorb were easy compared to this!

"Ready for me to fry that Butterfree of yours?" laughed Surge, grinning broadly. "Or do you have some other Pokemon that you're ready for me to knock out first?"

It was Leaf's turn to grin now. "As a matter of fact, I do," she said, returning Peach to his Pokeball and taking out another. "Ivysaur, go!" The newly evolved Pokemon glared at her opponent, ready to show Raichu's master what it could do.

Surge was surprised at seeing the Seed Pokemon, commenting, "New face to me, but it's going down all the same! Slam, Raichu!" Raichu ran at Ivysaur as fast as it could, slamming into her with a winceworthy hit. "Twice more!" The Seed Pokemon barely managed to sidestep, giving her foe no target. Despite this, the huge mouse kept going, only stopping when it had crashed into the wall.

Leaf smirked, feeling sure that she'd found her opponent's real weakness. Sure, Raichu was fast... but was it smart? "Ivysaur, hold a vine a few feet in front of you, where Raichu's legs would be." The answer to the previous question was clearly 'no', as Raichu saw the vine and continued on, resulting in it tripping and falling to the ground. "Grab it, quick!" Instead of having one vine for two limbs, like with Sonia's Meowth, Ivysaur now had four vines to use on each limb. Raichu Thunderbolted with all of its strength, but it was no use--its captor held on. Knowing just what Leaf would want for a moment like this one, her Pokemon quickly gathered solar energy into a ball that was twice the size of anything Bulbasaur had ever managed. "This'll be over fast! Solar--"

"Iron Tail!" Raichu's tail, which was now silvery instead of its customary yellow, shot up and neatly sliced Ivysaur's bottom vines in two. As Surge had expected, Ivysaur loosened her grip out of pain, giving her opponent plenty of opportunity to slip free. The Solarbeam fired soon after, but Raichu dodged the beam of light with ease. "Now, Thunder Wave!" The paralyzing lightning froze Ivysaur in place, rendering her helpless as Raichu crouched in preparation for its next attack: "Iron Tail!"

"Try to use Razor Leaf!" shouted the disguised brunette to her Pokemon. Ivysaur gritted her teeth as she fired a pair of large leaves at Raichu, who was stopped in mid-jump by their striking it. Leaf was surprised (and slightly troubled) at the fact that they'd managed to draw blood; despite this, Raichu's tail remained its shiny silver, more than ready to repay Ivysaur for what she had just done. Two more leaves struck the face of the charging Raichu, but it wasn't any good--with a triumphant yell, the huge mouse's tail slashed across Ivysaur's bud.

Surge smirked at Ivysaur's screams as petals fluttered to the ground around her--much like Bulbasaur, the plant atop the bud-carrying Pokemon was the most sensitive part of its body. "Well, this is almost done with. Raichu, finish it off. Thunderbolt!"

Leaf wasn't going to lose after everything she'd done to get here... and certainly not when Raichu was this weak! "Razor Leaf!" she called, watching with crossed fingers as a quartet of razor-sharp leaves and an arc of electricity flew at each other, missing one another entirely and striking their targets. Both Pokemon staggered back from the blows, trying desperately to remain standing... but both failed, losing conciousness as their Trainers returned them to their Pokeballs. "It was a tie," said Leaf to herself as she put her Pokeball away, sighing. "I guess that I won't get a--"

"What the hell're you talking about?" boomed Surge, walking over to where Leaf stood. "Your Butterfree's still able to fight, so you won! Very impressive, kid!" he said, giving Leaf a hearty pat on the back that nearly sent her crashing to the ground. "A boy like you won't have any trouble putting either of these to good use," he said, fishing something out of his pants pocket as his challenger recovered. "I didn't think that I'd ever get to have a battle like the one you just gave me! Seein' that Trainers like you are still around--it's downright inspiring. And without any further ado, here's your Thunderbadge and a TM for Shock Wave!"

Despite the circumstances surrounding this victory, Leaf was very polite about the whole thing; she thanked Surge, then waited until she was outside the Gym to toss her hat off and scream, "YESSSSSS!" to the setting sun in front of her. With that over with, she skipped back to the Pokemon Center, happier than she'd been all day.

She entered the Pokemon Center, left her Pokemon at the counter, and stopped; a group of Trainers were clustered around a radio, which blared, "--'Leaf.' I repeat, 'We have the Pokemon Fan Club imprisoned in the basement of the North Beach Flower Shop in Cerulean City, and we shall only unhand them upon the surrender of Leaf. Come and get it, Leaf.' The identity of the party that gave us this message is unknown, as is the identity of Leaf, but we do know that the members of the Pokemon Fan Club are upstanding citizens of Vermilion City, and we pray for their safety. In other news, Cowletta's cow statue, the mascot of their ice cream parlor, has been stolen. Again. Tips on its location may be referred to--"

It was turned off by one of the Trainers, and Leaf sighed, "The Kanto Pokemon Federation. Figures..." She considered what she could do, but was interrupted by the Nurse Joy.

"Young lady, this Pokemon's bud has been cut. Other wounds have been healed by the restoration machine, but I'm afraid that you'll have to wait for its flower to grow back before it gets into any serious battles. I'd suggest that you wait about a week before you leave for your next destination, okay?"

Leaf laughed. They're the Kanto Pokemon Federation. What could they possibly manage to do in a week's time? Give their hostages paper cuts? "That's fine with me, Nurse Joy!" she said, taking back her Pokeballs. "Now, let's see... what would be the top ten attractions in Vermilion City..."

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;004; **Hi there i just strated reading your fic and i yould just like to tell you Oh my gawd this fic is the best.Really i mean it**;231;;315; ;217; ;354; ;004; ;152; ;138;

7th January 2006, 4:25 PM
funny!;020; ;052;

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funny hilarious!never mind what im about to say

The Burnt Shadow
7th January 2006, 5:31 PM
Well I read through the fic and it's pretty good than I expected. Gives a big thumbs up. Oh yeah firered tom I don't think you're allowed to triple post like that...

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Please post when the fic is done im dying to know.

;136; Ya you heard the girl post quck before she strangles lina.

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The Doctor
18th February 2006, 12:19 PM
So far this story's been impressive! Guess the only qualms I have with this is that, while it's main goal is to be a mix of light and dark done well, you may be making it a little too dark. What with that Blaziken and all. But hey, Team Rocket are ruthless so that suits it, I guess. Also how could Leaf could obtain a Cleffa when you can't find them in Kanto. Oh well.

Interest on Fire and Leaf's next Pokemon.

Leaf: That Vulpix at the beginning of Vs. Wartortle could join her team, to later evolve into Ninetales. Maybe that Lapras in Silph. Co as her surfing Pokemon. Her seventh, though. Oh ho, that would be interesting.

Fire: This is just a possible suggestion and you don't have to use it. Considering Johto pre-evolved forms are common in this story (Leaf's Cleffa, Peach the Pichu) Electabuzz could be swapped with an Elekid. But then again I just like Elekid anyway so... yeah.

Plus, I noticed that the clothes Leaf wears to get into the Vermillion Gym are the same ones (bar the hat) that Green (male) from the manga wears in the American version, right down to the amber. I think this will be a Leaf/Fire fic. My evidence?

Note the first time Fire and Leaf meet. She gives awkward advice: "Metapods are green, right?" and does so too suddenly. Fire cares for Leaf as well; he starts (as in jumps in surprise) when he hears she was caught in a cage. When she meets Tsunami, she finds him to be bossy and also tuts when she uses her only Potion. Leaf is annoyed by him and he loves annoying her, particuarly on the S.S Anne.