View Full Version : Chaining Pokemon ( fishing and radar stories )

8th November 2016, 3:59 AM
First of all is this tread okay to start, because the last one has been closed for a year?This thread will be about your Chaning for pokemon, fishing or radar (maybe both) stories.

15th November 2016, 10:05 PM
Well since there has been no notices,
I would just like to say that when I was chaining a couple months ago for a carnivne, I freaked out when Articino pop out, I was thinking man there goes my 30 streak and after it fled I walked off to go do something else. I didn't find out until lter that roaming legends don't affect your chain, then I was aww fudge, I should've stayed there.

So what are your stories?
You can also post your latest shiny you found by Chaining here as well.

19th November 2016, 5:09 PM
I tried the fishing chaining recently, and I got to a streak of 150 and was about to give up. I thought I'd try one more, mostly due to the fact that there are 151 original Pokemon and out pops a shiny Clawitzer. It is Adamant instead of Modest but has still made its way onto my competitive team.

Hunter Zolomon
22nd November 2016, 9:39 PM
One of my favorite XY memories is when I found a Shiny Gyarados in 9 encounters chain fishing. I was so happy that night.

9th January 2017, 3:41 PM
I haven't chain fished much in XY. I tried it once to see what its like and got a shiny Clauncher. It's a nice way to get some trophy shinies, but I don't like that you can't even try to control the nature of the shiny with a synchronizer.

19th December 2017, 12:35 AM
Since March 2016 I've fish chained 86 shinies, I'm going for a living dex and so far I have all but Cloyster and Huntail.

My shortest fish chain is a tie of 4 reels for a Staryu and an Alomomola. The Staryu was actually the first Staryu to appear on the chain.

My longest fish chain before a shiny was 241 for a shiny Basculin. I was actually going for the Dratini, and actually got the 5% shiny Dratini the next time I chained at 61. Only had 8 shiny Basculin and Poliwhirl before Dratini.

My first time fish chaining in Omega Ruby I first got a Magikarp, then a Tentacool, while fishing for a second Tentacool to evolve I caught 6 more shiny Magikarp before Tentacool appeared.

My first ever fish chain was for Corsola, I didn't know about being near rocks so I fished in the middle of the lake, I did have suction cups however. Corsola was my 3rd shiny ever, after 2 random encounter shinies, and it appeared at 97 encounters.

The shiny I have the most of from fish chaining is Skrelp, I have 11. And fished chained 1 Dragalge.