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16th May 2005, 1:52 AM
May I?
Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon, and if I did, Pikachu would be long gone by now. Haha, just kiddin'! Heh. >>;

*eye twitch* How many times must I post this fic? First time, it got bah-leated, the second time, the forums crashed also bah-leating it, and I'm sure there's more BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER! >< *deep breaths* Yeah, 'tis the prequel of the almost finished story "Two Choices" that some of you might of read but there's a good chance you haven't read "t3h revised edition" before. So enjoy!

A/N: Uh, this plot will be mostly in the Mauville/Veranturf spots, and let's just say that Brendan and May got most of their badges so they are taking a break . . . a really long break. I believe the beginning sucks also btw. Too many characters to introduce.@_@


Chapter One:

What is love? Is it someone that you have a great affection for? That person that gives you that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach? Someone that makes you feel all woozy if they touch you by accident? The score in tennis if you have zero points? It is true that "love" is all of those things; we can all define it, but does that mean we know what it's like to be loved? Or is it to be in love?

The autumn sky illuminated her angelic-like face, giving her a glow that no one but her could muster. Her deep sapphire eyes twinkled in the sunlight, the wind gently playing with her shoulder length chestnut hair. The soft, gentle rustling of leaves gave her the feeling of calmness, serenity. Her hand was entwined with his as she gave it a little squeeze, and their faces came closer and closer together . . .

"Oh . . . damn! Why do I always wake up at the good parts?" A boy Pokémon trainer, known as Brendan Birch, cussed to himself as he sat up in his sleeping bag, running a hand through his snowy-white hair. Trying not to wake up his other traveling companion a few feet away, the young trainer pushed himself out of his sleeping bag, his rear meeting the cold, damp grass.

Breathing in the fresh air, the boy's ruby-red eyes met the true blue of the sky as cirrus clouds slowly passed by, the golden rays of the sun turning them a soft shade of yellow. Though, the sound of snickers and murmurs disturbed this peaceful picture, and Brendan turned his head, finding a group of Pokémon huddled together as if in heated discussion.

"Man, he woke up!" he heard one state sadly in its' native tongue. "And it was getting juicy too!"

"Why does Brendan wake up at the good parts?" another one whined in Pokémon tongue. "His dreams are like cliffhangers! They just keep on continuing and continuing and- oh! Hey Brendan! Heh . . ." The creature laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head.

"Muddy . . ." Brendan snapped his head toward the Pokémon as he warned his Swampert, a smug smile tugging at his lips. "What did I tell you about looking at my dreams?"

"Uh, not to?" the creature that spoke last, now known as Muddy, answered, forcing a fake smile onto his face. He shifted uncomfortably upon the gray boulder which he sat upon, lacing his blue paws together. His light orange whiskers - which were centered perfectly on each side of his face - quivered a bit as he watched his trainer tug on a black and red tee shirt through his bright orange eyes.

"And?" The boy popped his head out of his t-shirt, watching the Swampert through curious eyes.

"Not to ever?"

"Yeah, but you did anyways. Hm, how can I trust you now?" Brendan asked with annoyance but had a hint of playfulness in it as well.

"See, it wasn't my fault exactly," Muddy tried to explain himself. "It was . . . er . . . it was . . . Flare! The chicken did it!" Muddy pointed an accusing paw at Flare, a chicken at least over six feet with red, orange, and toasty tan feathers with bottom feathers that flared out like bell bottoms.

Flare froze in her place for a second, her scarlet eyes filled with nervousness. She dug one of her talons in the soft dirt. "Nuh uh! It was Skittles' idea!" She glanced at the Calm Pokemon, an innocent smile plastered on her face.

Skittles, a Delcatty, shook her head. Her chocolate-brown eyes were filled with amusement as she licked her dark-orange and maroon fur. "It would of been my idea if Sirius over here hasn't suggested it first!" She smiled smugly at the hyena Pokémon for the two were known for their rivalary and the fact that they were pretty keen on each other as well.

"What! It wasn't me!" Sirius, a smug and proud Mightyena, barked in protest. He shivered and shook himself at the mere thought, his ebony and gray fur waving back and forth with each movement. "It was Silver! He's the guilty one! I knew he was always . . . buggy." He glared at the cicada through his crimson eyes.

"No, really? You think?" Silver answered back sarcastically. He rapidly beat his ashy-white wings repeatedly before landing on the Flare's head. His beady, red eyes darted back and forth, staring at each Pokémon for a quick second, clinking his stormy-gray claws together in annoyance. "It's not me Brendan! I'm the most trustworthy Pokémon on your team and you know it! Well maybe besides Cy, but still, would I ever betray you?"

"Uh, duh?" Muddy replied as if this were obvious.

"Thunderbolt over there started it! He's the perpetrator!"

Thunderbolt, a Mantetric, glanced up from his position on the floor, a bored look in his scarlet eyes. He rested his tawny head upon his yellow and blue paws. "Why would I be interested in an old fart like Brendan?" he commented cooly.

"HEY!" Brendan's Pokémon, except Cy, shouted angrily.

"What? It's true you idiots, admit it," Thunderbolt concluded. "And by the way, it's Sapphire's fault; she's the one who actually thought of it last night before we went to sleep-"

"Uh, no I didn't!" Sapphire said, her amber beacon which swung back and forth in front of her head crackling with sparks of bright blue electricity. Water dripped off of her sleek, rubber-like, cerulean skin as she rose from the depths of the crystal-clear lake. "I had nothing to do with this! It was Banana!" she stated, mouthing an apology afterwards.

"Ah ha! It is Sapphire! She mouthed a sorry!" Thunderbolt exclaimed.

"It's not her fault," Banana, a Tropius, stated, her head hovering over the Tai's and Cherry's heads. A pair of fruit (mainly Nanabs) hung around her neck, its' sweet aroma drifting in the air. "It was those two over here. They convinced Cy to read your dream."

Tai, a flirty little Swellow with navy-blue and red feathers preened back and Cherry, a agile and graceful Beautifly with wings decorated in an array of bright and vibrant colors, looked at each other. "It was . . . HIM!" the two shouted at the same time as they flew over to the lake and hovered over it until a massive shape began to emerge from the lake's water.

"Fine! It was me!" a Gyarados, also known as Hydro, admitted. He narrowed his eyes at the rest of the Pokémon in disgust as water dripped off his cerulean scales. "And I would of gotten away from it too if it weren't for you meddling Pokémon!"

"Uh, jinkies!" Sapphire said, diving under water to avoid the gigantic wave Hydro created when he went above surface. The wave hit the land, drenching everything ten feet away from the lake.

"Zoinks . . ." Flare groaned, ruffling her feather, shaking herself dry. "Just . . . zoinks."

"Oops, sorry," Hydro apologized.

"Cy," Brendan said as he took off his bandana and wrung the water out of it, "why did you do what Hydro said? You usually don't listen to the other Pokémon very often stating that your intelligence might turn them for the worse or whatever."

The mysterious Cy, an Alakazam, only shrugged in return. "I was bored and your dreams make very good soap operas," he remarked cooly as he spun his telekinetic spoons through his hands. "We can turn it into a television show and call it Brendan, the boy with no brain!"

"Gee, I'm glad you find my life very entertaining to watch for your pleasure," Brendan replied sarcastically, putting his somewhat soggy bandana back on top of his head and tying it down.

"No problem!" Muddy replied, a smile on his face. "Were you being sarcastic?"

"He may of evolved and gotten smarter but his old Marshstomp self is still in there." Flare sighed and slapped her forehead with her sharp claws. "Now we just gotta figured out where it is and get rid of it."

"Figure out where and get rid of what?" someone asked from behind them in a soft voice that traveled with the wind.

"Hi May!" Cherry greeted her trainer warmly as she fluttered off the tree branch she was resting upon to land on her trainer's head. "We were just talking about yo-"

Muddy's eyes widened at the Beautifly's sentence. "Yo . . . ga!" Muddy finished for Cherry. "Yoga, very, uh, relaxing. Did you know there's an "O" yoga? I, for one, sure didn't."

"That doesn't surprise me," Flare remarked, grinning cheerfully at the glare the Swamp Pokémon gave her.

"I'm sure there is." May smiled, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She ran her left hand through her short, chestnut brown hair as she straightened the wrinkles out of her t-shirt with the other. "Hey Brendan, we're suppose to go to Wally's before nine remember?" she brought up.

"Yeah, yeah, I remember alright," Brendan grumbled, frowning at the sound of his long time rival's name. "Wally . . . Ugh, I can't believe I just said his name!"

"Did we somehow force you to say his name or something?" Muddy questioned curiously.

"No, but-"

"Ah, do not even dare counter my intelligence, young trainer, for you might only hurt yourself doing so."

"Yeah well . . . Back at ya!"

"Are you guys ready to go?" May interrupted Brendan and Muddy's quarrel. "It's already seven."

"But it's only a fifteen minute walk to Wally's!" Brendan whined. "And I don't wanna see him when I don't have to yet! That wanna-be trainer! He gets his like tidey-whiteys in a knot when I beat him in a battle! What's the score now? Oh yeah, ten to zip! Who rocks!"

"Not you apparently since I'm the one that won all those battles," Muddy muttered to himself.

"Well, he does have rocks for brains!" Sirius pointed out jokingly.

"And he is hard-headed if you catch my drift," Silver said, playing along with Sirius.

". . . Some Pokémon team I have."

* * *

The sun peaked over the rolling hills of Verandturf Town, its' rays touching the tops of houses as Brendan and May entered the small town, one skipping in the ankle-deep crab grass, the other trudging through it, head hung low, back hunched over.

In the quiet neighborhood of Pine Crest Drive sat a boy, his feet swung over the wooden planks of his porch. He was staring up at the clouds, his emerald-green eyes sparkling from the golden light of the sun.

Immediately, as both boy and girl trainer entered the town, May squealed and ran toward the boy. "Wally!" she cried out happily to the green-haired trainer, dressed in a button up white tee and khaki jeans. She bounded up the porch steps and hugged the boy in a tight grip as if she were trying to smother him in love. The boy didn't seem to mind though; in fact, from behind May's back, he grinned evilly at Brendan.

Brendan reached Wally's home and scuffed the ground, glaring ice cold daggers back at the green-haired trainer and scatching his head with his middle finger in Wally's direction.

"So May," the green-haired boy began, letting go of May reluctantly, "oh, and 'Brandon,'" Wally 'accidently' said Brendan's name wrong, "how's the badges coming along? I've already got my fifth badge-"

"Ha! Were already on our seventh! Beat that 'Walter!'" Brendan also "accidently" mistook Wally's name as he taunted him. "Guess we know who the better trainer is huh May!"

May looked questioningly at Brendan. "Well maybe-"

"Of course I'm the better trainer right May?" Wally asked, putting on his puppy eyes.

"No, aren't I May?" Brendan too put on his puppy eyes.

"Um . . ." May looked at the boy trainers and sighed. "I'm out of here!" She quickly ran into Wally's house, slamming the wooden door behind her.

Brendan and Wally blinked for a minute before starting at it again.

"Look what you did Birch! You made May run away! I was this close too!"

"You were close? HA! In your dreams Wannabe!"

"Can't you think of any better comebacks!"

"I can!"

"Then try!"

"Well . . . uh . . . You're stupid!"

"You're an idiot!"

"At least I'm not a . . . stupid person!"

"Yeah, well, you're a japanese word for stupid!"

"At least I'm not . . . stupid."

* * *

May sighed to herself, cuddling in her makeshift bed on the floor. Wally and Brendan were fast asleep, shifting and snoring in their own sleeping bags. Reaching for her bag, she took out a small, red and white book. She nibbled on the rubber eraser on her pencil, opened the book and took out a flashlight. She thought for a minute before scribbling down furiously:

Dear Diary,

Well, here I am at Wally's. Brendan and Wally were at it again. I wonder why . . . What's wrong with them? Is there a chip programmed in their brains so whenever they see one another they go insane? I don't know but I'm completely clueless as you are!

May turned off her flashlight and shoved her diary back into her bag. She smiled as she saw the two trainers sleep peacefully; the only time when their not at each other's throats. She closed her eyes and fell into a deep slumber herself.


Gawd I hate the beginning. It does get better, I promise.

LaTeR dAyZ!

16th May 2005, 2:00 AM
Another Hoenn fic I see? Good job and good luck!

16th May 2005, 2:07 AM
Gawd I love the begining. >3

"Jinkies!" >D Love that part. And the scratching-head-with-middle-finger thing. :3

Update soonies, kay? o.o

16th May 2005, 8:47 PM
I have one thing to say to this fic: OMFG!!!11!!1! THIS FIC PWNZERS!!1!1!!! r0x0rz my b0x0rz! Nah, I'm just kidding...here's my review...

Yes, it does get better, Breezy, and I can promise that. XD Anyway, I'm not too sure you know me, so, *scratches head* - PKD, ficcer extraordinaire. Now, I've got to say, Breezy, this fic is way hilarious, but there's only one thing I need to know...how come you put apostrophes after its? It means Its its! o.O That doesn't make any sense at all to meh. You did it twice and misspelled Verdanturf Town. Just a typo - you spelled it Verandturf Town.

Anyway, this fic is good, and it is T3h R3v153d 3d1t10n! Ph34r t3h r3v153d 3d1t10n! Anyway, keep up the good work, my friend, and keep up the hilarity. *scratches head with middle finger* XD


Elemental Charizam
16th May 2005, 9:43 PM
This makes me wanna climb a high building and scream "LOL!" through a megaphone XD

"Uh, jinkies!" Sapphire said, diving under water to avoid the gigantic wave Hydro created when he went above surface. The wave hit the land, drenching everything ten feet away from the lake.

"Zoinks . . ." Flare groaned, ruffling her feather, shaking herself dry. "Just . . . zoinks."

"Ah, do not even dare counter my intelligence, young trainer, for you might only hurt yourself doing so."
Is this sattire? Either way it's hillarious, even for Muddy!

"Ha! We're already on our seventh! Beat that 'Walter!'" Brendan also "accidently" mistook Wally's name as he taunted him. "Guess we know who the better trainer is huh May!"
You need the ' mark I added (and boldified) or it makes no sense.

Anyhoo, I hope you post the rest breezeh, 'tis a amusing fic to read, even after three previous reads.

Black Angel
16th May 2005, 9:57 PM
To be completely honest I think this is the first time I've reviewed any of your fics so I'll try to give a straight forward review.

It was an interesting thing to question love right at the beginning and follow it up with a love/dream sequence. It was also an interesting way to introduce the Pokemon by passing along the blaim of who's idea it was to listen in on his dream. Since I haven't read this before I imagine that Brendan and May can understand their Pokemon in some way, whether it was through their own language or actual actions carried out by the Pokemon and interesting way to learn about their personalities. A rivalry between Brendan and Wally taking to the point of actual fights of anger was also a good way on improving on their rivalry in the games. The only thing I can actually say I disliked about the first chapter were the Scooby Doo qoutes as I just have a pure hate for Scooby Doo since god knows when, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the chapter.

I look forward to reading the rest of your fic.

17th May 2005, 12:59 AM
*steps forward* My name is Blue, and I'm a closet reader of Breezy's fic, 'May I?'. =O

Yes, sorry to say, I read this entire fic before way back when I was a little newbie and had just discovered the Fanfiction Forum for the first time. ^^; I do believe this was the second chapter fic I ever finished, and it was right after I read all that you'd posted so far for 'WSBB?'. I loved that one so much that I did a search for more of your work and came up with this, and I read the whole thing. Too bad I didn't post. XP

Well, at least here's my chance to redeem myself. 8D I feel more comfortable reviewing fics when I'm there to read from the beginning. And I pledge to follow this fic from now on, to the very end, and actually reply this time. ^^;

Okay, now on to the review. XD

This is hilarious all the way through. (^.^) I love your fics because of the humor. They make me crack up every time I read them. I almost laughed aloud at the Scooby-Doo quotes. XD (Which I don't often do on the internet...)

A few mistakes here and there, but hardly noticable. (There's the ever so perpetual mistake of 'would of' instead of 'would have' that I notice in all your works though...)

I can't wait for you to post the next chapter. 8D I haven't forgotten too much of the storyline, but I still look forward to reading it again. (^.~)

Twilight Absol
17th May 2005, 1:03 AM
I love the allusion you meade to Scooby doo, and I must say, I enjoy more of your comical side....I was wondering where the dunny Breezy went, but it appears as if she is back.

"No, aren't I May?" Brendan too put on his puppy eyes.

I do think you need a comma after I though..

17th May 2005, 2:00 AM
The nice thing about this fic is that I can update whenever I want to since I already wrote it. ^_^ Thanks for reviewing and catching my mistakes guys btw. I had a feeling some of you closet read the crappier version though. X3 Some unexpected reviews too, but that's always nice to come to anyways heh.

Well here's chapter 2. Perhaps you can catch more mistakes. =O


Chapter 2:

The sun peaked over the rolling green hills of Veranturf town as the boy slipped his hand into her's, a comforting and relaxing smile on his face. She planted a chaste kiss on his cheek, yet the boy felt like it was special, unique, just for him. The girl smiled warmly, her hair being teased by the northwestern zephyrs, giving her the scent of sweet grass to go with her smell of jasmine. A lingering smirk was held in the young girl's eye as she pushed the boy over and then . . .

"May! Look at this!" Brendan shouted excitedly, shaking the poor girl out of her slumber. It was seven in the morning and we all know how much most girls love their beauty sleep, so combine that with May's somewhat angry mood every now and then and what do you get?

"BRENDAN BIRCH! If you ever wake me up at seven in the morning ever again with no important reason whatsoever, I swear I'll sick Flare on you and make her use her Sky Uppercut to send you to planet Kafloogah! Got that!"

"You heard the lady Birch, shut up!" Wally agreed from his makeshift bed on the couch, throwing his extra pillow at Brendan's head. "Normal people are trying to sleep here!"

"Then why are you still asleep?" Brendan asked curiously, throwing Wally's pillow over his shoulder. "Normal people don't have green hair you know?"

"Not many people have white hair either Brendan," May replied, blinking back sleep from her sapphire eyes.

"Hey, we all live in a Pokémon World." Brendan shrugged, sweeping a hand through his tousled hair. "Isn't that a song for one of the seasons of the Pokémon anime?"

"Pokémon . . . I wanna be the greatest master of them all . . ." Wally snorted, turning the other way, cuddling with another pillow on the couch.

Silence overwhelmed the act of randomness that Wally brought upon the room. Brendan and May stared at each other, one combing a hand through her tangled hair, the other staring at the ceiling, twiddling his thumbs.

"The greatest master!" Wally finished, jolting Brendan and May out of their thoughts.

"Freak," Brendan murmured.

After a few more minutes of restless silence, Brendan and May found it safe to relax, knowing that Wally wouldn't randomly shout out another verse to the song.

"Put my challenges to the test to be better than all the rest!"

Brendan and May look at each other, nervous, too freaked out to speak or to wake Wally up.

"So you wanna be the master of Pokémon?"

"Um, Brendan? He's scaring me," May whimpered finally.

"Do you have the skills to be number- Hey! What are you doing Brandon!" Wally awoke to find the white-haired trainer trying to muffle his face with a dark-blue cotton pillow.

"The names Brendan okay!" he said, annoyed. "You were singing the theme to the Pokémon television show! Do you know how annoying that is?"

"Was it the one where Tracey was in it and Brock wasn't?"


"Then I see how it was annoying."

May, who stifled her laughter from this comment, stretched her legs and ridded herself of cricks in her back. "Now that we're all up, why don't you tell us what you wanted to show me now B Boy? You know, now that I'm up thanks to you . . ." A mischievous glint passed through May's eyes.

"Haha, yeah." Brendan rubbed the back of his neck, moving away from May slowly to avoid getting pummeled into the ground. "You know, I rather not say right now. I mean, it can wait, heh."

"Tell me," she growled.

"Nah, it's okay but um . . . th-thank you?"

"Tell me."

"You know, I'm not really in the mood at the moment. So why don't we all get up and get some breakfast! My treat! Well, actually, Wally's mom's treat since she bought the food."

"Tell me!"

"Aw, do I have to?"

"TELL ME NOW!" Outraged, May jumped on the boy trainer's back, causing Brendan to topple over onto his stomach. May pressed down on the back of his head.

"Watch the nose, watch the nose!" he yelled, muffled by the wooden floorboards. "I kind of need that to breathe- okay, push even harder and further down, that's nice."

"Look what I have to do just to get some answers out of this boy's mouth!" May sat on Brendan's back, trying to bore a hole in the ground using his face. Finally, satisfied with her results, the now content girl trainer got off of Brendan's back; an apologetic smile crept onto her face. "I am sooooooo sorry."

"What?" Brendan sat up and stared at Wally and May, puzzled.

* * *

The toasty fingers of the sun gently touched the tops of trees as the three trainers made their way out of Verandturf Town. A delicate wind kicked up the dust of the road, making the air in front of them a dusky brown, and the sky was a lovely shade of blue, empty except for the occasional white cloud that dotted the sky. The flowers, a variety of deep reds to bright yellows, opened their petals to the heavens cheerfully, greeting the oncoming afternoon.

It was a rather tense moment between the three trainers, particularly between Brendan and May as Brendan kept rubbing his ruby-red nose in a frustrating manner, giving May dark glances every now and then.

"Hey, look at things this way! At least it wasn't your you-know-what!" Wally laughed as he referred to a certain body part that was "forbidden", clutching his stomach at the mere thought of Brendan shriveling up in pain. "I thought you were Santa because of your white hair! Now you're Ruldolph! Ruldolph the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose! And if you ever saw it, you could even say it glows! All of the other reindeer use to laugh and call him names-"

"Hey! There's a bunch of howling Mankeys outside!" a random person yelled from outside of his window in Mauville.

Wally frowned and bit his lip while May forced a smile on her face in embarrassment, but Brendan on the other hand . . .

"Haha, howling Mankeys! Sounds like a rock band! Named after Wally, the worst singer in the world!"

May only shook her head at Brendan's pathetic attempt to redeem himself as the three trainers continued their way down the concrete sidewalk path, occassional glancing inside of store windows. They passed a large corkboard filled with different articles and activities that were going to happen in Mauville, one article catching May's eye. "Hey, what's this?" May ripped down said paper that caught her eye off the Mauville Bulletin Board. "Attention all Pokémon Trainers, Researchers, Coordinators, and other fields of Pokémon! The semi-annual Pokémon Fair will be held in Mauville this year! Food, fun, and . . . another word that starts with F?"

"Catchy," Brendan murmured, starting to rub his nose again.

"Fantastic, freaky, furnish?" Wally suggested.

"That has nothing to do with the sentence, but moving on . . ." May began to read again. "Starts on the second week of October, ends until the beginning of the third week."

"You know, they could make things less complicated by saying October fifth to October twelfth," Brendan pointed out.

"Or better yet, the fifth to the twelfth!" Wally proposed.

"Yeah well, that could be in May for all we know. May, ha. What a stupid month."

"Excuse me?" May glared at Brendan who only grinned back innocently in return. She decided to let it go since she tortured Brendan enough today. Shrugging, she read the rest of the ad. "So be there and be-"

"Dead!" Brendan said cheerfully.

"Square?" Wally answered dully.


"What's with you and the word stupid?"

"Be there and be happy," May answered for them. "Latias, how lame. Anyways, the last night of the fair will be formal, for food, for fun, and for something else that starts with a F. Who knows what will happen . . . What does it mean by that?"

Wally and Brendan began to smirk uncontrollably as plans began to form in their heads . . .



Have fun finding mistakes lol.


17th May 2005, 2:32 AM
XD Ah, Breezy, your fics never fail to put a smile on my face. I probably grinned like a Chesire Cat all the time I was reading that chapter. XD Loved the reference to the Pokémon theme song...

You know what I really love about your fics though? They're so effing hilarious that I completely forget about searching for mistakes and get caught up in the story, through doubling back to try and understand the jokes.

So I have no complaints to report here. XD <- That's probably the only smilie I'm going to use in this post...

Great, just great. XD *bounces around as she waits impatiently to continue*

Twilight Absol
17th May 2005, 5:32 AM
>.< the closet readings gonna stay with me isn't it?
I was confused by what Brendan saw, and I still haven't understood it yet....
I had fun finding mistakes, no worry, more comma missing!!

"You heard the lady Birch, shut up!" Wally agreed from his makeshift bed on the couch, throwing his extra pillow at Brendan's head. "Normal people are trying to sleep here!"

Whos Lady Birch? When did May become Brendan's wife? is it a hint? ooooooh

Great humor, the howling mankeys kept me interested and I laughed out loud when Santa Claus was mentioned :P

Black Angel
17th May 2005, 8:24 PM
It seems May has those dreams to but it will leaning more towards something else...any ways, this chapter was somewhat more dull than the previous one as it didn't really add anything besides the addition of the fair. Your description and grammer were excellent and I can;t wait to find out what happens at the fair.

17th May 2005, 8:53 PM
This fic is rather good. I'm sure I reveiwed it when you posted it before hand. Good grammer as far as I can tell, very nice storyline with some of my favorite characters

17th May 2005, 9:47 PM
Hey I love this story! Is there perhaps a finished version somewhere? If there is can I have a link please? *Puppy dog eyes*

18th May 2005, 10:33 PM
Twilight Absol, what Breezy means is....you heard the lady, Birch! Yeah, there is a comma missing, but, I dunno, I can't explain it in text. If only if only I had an airplane to fly me to your house and explain it to you...

Anyway, this chapter is good, my friend. You, again, spelled Verdanturf wrong, with Verandturf...Dudette, when will you learn? *radical sign* Dude! XD Three missing commas, more or less, but still, this chapter was pretty funny. Stupid. Another word that begins with F. Um...fanfic? :D

Anyway, three point five out of four. That's 3.5/4 or an 8.75/10. Good job, Breezeh!

~ PMD/BE/Dragonfire/Denny!

Sapphire Ocean Princess
19th May 2005, 10:14 AM
Breezy, your fics never fail to make me laugh. Keep writing!
;382; : She expects the next chapter to be done by tomorrow.
Go away Sapphire.

1st June 2005, 5:46 AM
What is taking so dang long for a new chapter!? And you never did answer my question about if there is a finished version of this floating around the net somewhere -_-;

1st June 2005, 6:13 AM
The revised version of chapter 3 is currently at ff.net in my documents, but since ff.net is not being very nice to me (I think I got banned ... again ><), you're going to have to wait a bit.

And yes, there is a finished version of this fic, unrevised, filled with grammar mistakes and horrendous description. I suggest you wait.

Or read the sequel. :P

1st June 2005, 5:40 PM
*reads story again* Lol, this story is so funny! =P Yesh, you like posted this story so many times!

Erm, banned? FF.net is so mean these days . . . ><

1st June 2005, 7:05 PM
I dont mind bad grammer and bad description.....Link me to it im desperate!!!....

Sapphire Ocean Princess
13th June 2005, 7:33 AM
Erm, banned? FF.net is so mean these days . . . ><

I agree, FF.net needs to shape up a little. If whoever running the site keeps banning people (readers, writers and reviewers) Nobody's ever gonna visit that site ever again. I'm one of those who are banned and yet I did nothing wrong. All I did was read stories and still......

Edit: I'm not banned anymore!!! Woohoo!!!!! *goes hyper*

;359; : *sweatdrop*

Sakura Haruno
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i cant wait to the next chap. omg i love these fic stories bu breezy there awesome brendan and may one of the cutest most best couples ever ! lol cant wait till chap.3

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Hmm.... it's shorter than I remember, and dat's okay, seeing as the humor was funny, as always. Since I already know what's gonna happen, I give you... Teh Lapras of Teh Funny, Sadness, and Every Other Emotion Expressed in Here! ;131; Seriously, take it.

Realizing Fate is the sequel after this. The third one is still in process.

Overall, great. I'll rate this fic now.

3rd October 2005, 2:09 AM
Well, as in all your other versons of this, I'll have to say it's superb, this one more so than the others. Great description and shipping.

5th November 2005, 10:24 PM
FF.net is mean. Meanies! Lol. FF.net doesn't read stories that get reported so that's how some people get their accounts blocked without any reason. BS my friend. :P

Wanna know something sad? I spent all of yesterday editing the wrong chapter. --; Ah well, least I don't have to worry about that anymore.

"Disclaimer: Don't own Pokemon... another anime I have yet to capture... (sighs)"

That's the disclaimer from the unedited version. Aren't I such a loser? ;)

May be 14 here btw. Same with Brendan and Wally. And I didn't feel like revising the description that much heh, so it might suck just a tad.


Chapter 3:
The sun beat down on the boy and girl, beads of sweat forming onto their foreheads. The hot wind lightly kissed the boy's cheek, as he looked at the love of his life gently graze the wooden floor of the porch with her thumb, staring into the nothingness, watching people come and people go. He frowned for a moment, reaching out for his water bottle to parch his throat, but there was no need, for as soon as the boy lifted the water to his lips, a small jet of water came rushing at him. He heard the girl giggle playfully, using her own water bottle to squirt the young boy trainer's head. He laughed at this, and squirted the girl too, running away, the world became his and his girls own place to play in. The girl jumped onto the boy's back, and he spun her around, not noticing the dark, looming, grey clouds above them. All they knew was that they were dancing in the rain . . .

It was a goregous day in the small town of Veranturf, the morning sunlight pouring through the open window's of Wally's home, the wind kicking up the lace curtains, bringing in the sweet scent of grass along with it. The town was a perfect picture, but inside the Wood home was intense rivarily.

"Heads!" Wally cried out, hands curled into fists, determination held in his eyes, as Brendan flipped a coin. "Heads, heads, heads-"

"Please no chanting the name of your coin side," Brendan complained, catching the coin with his right hand and flipping it over to his left. "This isn't Wheel of Fortune you know. "Big money, big money!" What baboons."

"Oh, fine, just tell me what the coin says."

"Impatient aren't we? Nervous that you might lose?"

"No, confident that I might win!"

The white-haired trainer only laughed at Wally and took his right hand off his left. ". . . HA! It's tails! Loser!" Brendan cried out triumphantly, staring at the flipped coin with joy. "Guess I get the first fair date with May!"

"You cheated!" Wally whined, looking at the up-faced tail coin in Brendan's palm with agony. "I don't know how, but I'm going to find out!" And with that Wally stomped off, defeated, disappointed, dreadful, and . . . some other d word.

Brendan only grinned cheekily at Wally's back, the sunlight dancing in his ruby eyes. "Thank RegiIce that I got this two-tailed coin!" he cackled evilly, flipping the coin back up and down.

From behind, a voice asked, "Evil, aren't we?"

Brendan looked down, but then had to look up. "Oh, it's you Flare."

"One and only," Flare replied, bending her knees a bit so she could look eye to eye with the boy trainer. "I see you're taking out May, MY trainer. Am I right?"

Brendan nodded happily but confusely at the same time. "Uh, yeah, but thanks for asking. Now excuse, I really got to go and get read-"

"Oh, no no no no no, I think we need a little one-on-one chat. A chicken to fourteen year-old boy with white hair and ruby red eyes don't ya think?"

"Uh, alright. You didn't have to get all specific like that since I'm the only boy here, but whatever melts your butter!"

"Brendan . . . Brendan, Brendan, Brendan, Brendan, Brendan-"

"Do you have to repeat every little thing that you say?"

"No, but you don't own me anyways, so your opinion doesn't matter."

"Okay . . . What do you want to talk to me about?"

"I'll make this short. You hurt May, you die. You embarrass her, you die. You lose her, you die. And if you ever become her boyfriend, date her, and dump her for some other more attractive girl than May, which, in my opinion, I think is quite impossible, you die, get reincarnated, crash and burn, and then die again. Got it?"

Brendan rubbed the back of his neck, wiping the sweat that accumlated there, gulped and nodded. "Crystal."

"Good," Flare chirped, smiling, preening down her red and orange feather and patting Brendan's head with her sharp talons, almost digging them into his scalp. She plucked a few hairs out, causing the boy to yelp a bit. "You two have fun! But remember this; The others and I are keeping an eye on you!" She swiftly turned on two feet and walked out the door, her claws up in flames, burning the white strands of hair in her grasp. She dropped them, and the tiny flame extinguished on the cold wood floor.

"Maybe Wally should of gone first."

* * *

The time flew by, the sky's peaceful light blue color faded into its dark, mysterious form. The half crescent moon shone high above the spectators' heads, casting a silverly glow amongst everything it touched. The moon reminded them of the fun they were going to have in a strange, almost bizarre way . . . or at least of a toe nail clipping.

Among those spectators were Brendan and May, enjoying the cool night breeze.

"How come Wally didn't want to come to the first day of the fair?" May asked Brendan as they passed several booths of french fries, fish sticks, and food. She pulled back the hair that blew behind her because of the wind.

"He has other plans . . . Son and aunt plans," Brendan covered up pathetically, but he continued with it anyways. "So, he had to . . . go . . . to where his . . . aunt took him. Yeah, that's it!" He snapped his fingers triumphantly and grinned at May, hoping that he didn't sense his nervousness.

"Um, right B Boy." May eyed the white-haired trainer oddly through sapphire blue eyes, but decided not to question it anyways. "I left my Pokémon at Wally's house to have some rest and relaxation by the way, so if we get attacked by Team Magma again, I'm depending on you."

"Don't worry, I know your Pokémon are here," Brendan said absent-minded.

"What's that?"

"Uh, I mean, don't worry, I know MY Pokémon are here with me and they can protect you from harm. I'll be your knight-in-shining-armor!"

"Thanks," May laughed as she linked arms with Brendan. "Let's go on a ride!"

* * *

Panic exploded within the Wood residence as a boy with green hair sat on the edge of his seat, his eyes darting over toward the window every now and then as if he were to catch a glimpse of something. Paranoia took over the poor boy's head as he rocked back and forth in an insane-like manner.

"Who knows what can happen tonight!" Wally rung his hands in a nervous manner, turning them a bright red. "May could fall in love with that Birch boy and I'll never have my chance! Damn that Birch! Damn that Birch to hell!"

"Calm down Wally!" Wally's first Pokémon, Kirlia, told him. "Breathe in, breathe out . . ." She levitated over toward her trainer and stood on tippy toe, spinning around like a ballerina. Scarlet eyes met the icy emerald of her trainer as she took her hands and patted Wally's fidgety ones. "Everything will be fine, I promise. May wouldn't just not give you a chance. I'm sure she knows what's going on even though she looks dense at times.

"I know, I know, but I can't help it!" Wally stood up and walked past his Kirlia to stroll the length of his kitchen back and forth and back again. "Brendan and May have known each other ever since they began their adventures! I only see May every now and then on my journey! They know more than I do Kirlia! They know more than I!"

"It's me not I, child. If you're going to have another one of your pessimistic fits, at least do it in proper human english."

Wally, eye twitching, only tugged at his hair, pulling out strands of green hair in pretty large quantities, causing small fright within his Pokémon.

"Kirlia, he's scaring me," Swablu, one of Wally's Pokémon, whimpered, ruffling her blue feathers and flapping her puffy white wings. "Is he always like this when May and Brendan are near?"

"When it comes to May, yeah," Wally's Delcatty murmured, licking her paw with her soft, pink tongue.


Kirlia, Delcatty, and Swablu froze, but began to watch Wally's nervous act with amusement again.

* * *

Outside of the city of Mauville, a group of six Pokémon were huddle together, a strange site to see if anyone happened to glance out toward the outskirts of the fair. One was rather large and in the middle of a small lake, another was tall and standing on the land, her talons up in flames as their light, one flapping his wings upon the shoulders of the tall one, another sitting on the dirt floor, her tail sweeping the ground, and the other fluttering her wings, sending out silvery dust out of it, causing the air around them to glitter thanks to the moonlight.

"Okay team, we got a mission on our hands, claws, paws, whatever," Flare said to the other five May's other five Pokémon. "May is out on a 'date' with B Boy and we're going to make sure he doesn't hurt her!"

"Uh, why?" Skittles asked, confused. "We've known Brendan and May for a while now and I'm pretty sure that we can trust them."

"We can trust May, but Brendan?" Tai shuddered, flapping his wings, causing a few of his blue and red feathers to fly off. "Who knows what he could do!"

"You guys are getting paranoid," Cherry murmured, hovering up and down. "Brendan's not like that! I'd figure that we would want them to get together or something, not try to and watch them like concerned parents!"

"Still . . ." Tai said darkly.

The five Pokémon began to argue until Flare shot out a fiery orange flamethrower from her beak, soon ceasing it when she caught her team's attention again. "Chill it! Whether you like it or not, we have to look out for May nonetheless. Team Magma is out there and May is without her Pokémon! You know how much they want to kidnap Brendan and May because of Mount Chimney and the other places we were attacked, and I, for one, am not willing to risk her life because of some silly argument of whether to trust Brendan or not."

"Fine, we'll look at for May, even though Brendan is there too," Hydro sighed. "But how am I suppose to look for May if I can't even get out of the water!" He looked around at his surroundings. "Do you want me to stay here in the path to Veranturf to Mauville's lake?"

"You can fly Hydro, Flare pointed out.

"Oh yeah, that doesn't look suspicious! I'll just cover up a quarter of the sky!"

"Okay, fine, you have a point, but can't you just act, you know, like a blimp or something?"

"What do you think?"

"Oh, fine! Cherry and I will be a group, Skittles, you go with Thunderbolt, and Tai can keep an eye over the entire fair by flying. You keep an eye out too Hydro. Watch and see if Brendan and May come back this way and try not to get Wally to go to the fair; we don't need another problem on our paws, claws, and wings. I've drawn a map of Mauville this afternoon and made copies." From behind her back, the Blaziken pulled out several sheets of paper, handing a piece to all the Pokémon.

"I've got a question Flare..." Tai murmured, holding the map with his claws.

"Okay, what is it?"

"When did we learn how to draw?"

* * *

". . .Yeah, and so she pretty much shoved the piece of cotton candy down my throat!" Brendan explained, smiling at May's soft laughter. "It like gagged me- it's not that funny!"

"Yes it is!" May giggled, clutching onto her own stick of pink spun sugar. She took a piece off and put it in her mouth, letting it melt on her tongue.

"Seriously though, it felt like I was swallowing a Surskit's web whole!" he exclaimed. "But she moved from Littleroot, so I have nothing to worry about."

"Do I make a better neighbor?" May asked curiously, a warm smile etched on her face.

"Of course." Brendan flashed his own, white, pearly smile back, as the two began to walk in silence with the exception of the bells and whistled going off at the game booths and the loud chatter of the crowd.

"Hey Brendan?"

"Yeah May?"

"I've got a question . . ."

"Alright, shoot."

"Have you ever liked someone before but thought they would never like you back?"

Brendan almost stopped dead in his tracks but realized that would of looked too suspicious. "Yeah . . . Once I liked this girl. She was . . . Well, pretty much perfect. Smart, funny, nice, hot- yeah you get the picture I hope. Anyways, we were good friends, kind of like us; you could call best friends I suppose. We were both obsessed with Pokémon, dreamed about being the greatest Pokémon master, standing up at that podium, raising that trophy high above our heads, enjoying the audience scream and cheer for us. I soon got the biggest freakin' crush on her, and I believe that once she liked me too. Until this other boy came . . ."

"Another boy?"

"Yeah. The girl seem to have this thing for the other guy, so I . . . gave up."

"No way! Out of all the things we've been through, out of all the impossible predicaments, you never, ever gave up! But you gave up on this?"

"Yeah. I'm ashamed of it too."

"But what should I do? I like this boy, but he doesn't seem to like me back sometimes."

"Well, I'm not really good with advice but I would say, never give up. This boy might think the same way too. If you do give up, then you'll never know what would of happened and all your life you'll be wondering, "what if?" And let me tell you May Maple that it's not the best feeling in the world."

May threw her stick of pink cotton candy into the trash can and nodded. "Thanks Brendan. That really helped." She smiled and hugged Brendan in a warm embrace.

Brendan happily returned it, holding her tightly, but thoughts began to run through his head. Who's this boy?

* * *

"Aw, what an absolutely adorable moment!" Skittles said quietly as she and Thunderbolt hid behind some bushes. She smiled at Brendan and May who were still held in an embrace. "Don't they look so cute together Thunderbolt?"

"I've never seen a more disgusting thing in my life!" Thunderbolt gagged, lifting his head from his paws. "I don't see how you get all goo-goo-ga-ga over this 'love' thing Skittles. It's absolutely horrendous."

"Oh, come now T.B. I know that underneath that tough skin of yours there's a real softie!" Skittles proclaimed, poking the Manectric's back with her nose. "So why don't you let the real you out and see romance blossom right before your eyes!"

Blue eyes filled with hurt, the Discharge Pokémon only laid his head back on his paws and closed his eyes. "I've been hurt by someone before and I really don't need you to get on my back right now ok?" he admitted, soon sighing afterward. "Let's just get this night over with without me habing to kill you. And I would appreciate if you wouldn't ask what happened in my past mind you."

"You're not dealing with an idiot like Muddy over here," Skittles replied, sitting on her hind legs, cocking her head to the left, chocolate brown eyes staring at Thunderbolt. "I'm smarter than that."

"Did I ever say you were stupid?"

"Well, no."

"Good. I'm glad you're paying attention. Now leave me alone."

"T.B. what did happen before May captured you anyways?"

"I told you not to ask. Why do you want to know anyways?"

"Because I'm like the only one that can actually talk to you with out getting my head bitten off, silly."

"It's your stupid cute charm that hold me back from attacking you."

"No, it's not! My cute charm works on most male Pokémon, but that doesn't mean that they can't attack every time! Hmm . . . That's oddly suspicious Thunderbolt. I wonder . . ."

Thunderbolt's eyes snapped open and he jumped to his feet and surprise. He stepped over toward the grinning kitty cat and stared at her straight in the eye. "If you're thinking that I like you, then you're clearly mistaken. The day I like you is when Groudon and Kyogre awake from their eternal sleep and have another clash!"

"Uh huh, right. You know you like me. I'm just too cute to handle, I know. It's okay T.B., I understand."

"Latios! I don't you, Skittles!"

"Okay, I see your getting all fidgety Thunderbolt, so I'll leave it at that . . . for now anyways."

* * *

From afar, Cherry and Flare, hiding behind a tall, brown picket fence, overheard Brendan and May's conversation with their keen sense of hearing.

"Who's the boy May likes?" Cherry asked, curious, wondering if Flare knew. "She never told us she liked anyone!" She fluttered her wings and perched herself on Flare's shoulder to rest.

"Don't know, but I'm assuming either Brendan or Wally since they are the only boys that's she really good friends with," Flare replied. "I wish I wasn't so tall so I wouldn't have to bend below this fence."

"Tough cookies there Flar-" Cherry spotted a boy Dustox flying over some trainer's head. "Why, hello . . ."

"Cherry!" Flare groaned, grabbing Cherry by a colorful wing and pulling her below the fence. "Brendan and May are right in front of us! They might see you!"

"Calm down Flare; there are more than one Beautifly in the world," Cherry groaned, wiggling out of Flare's grasp and shaking her wings.

"And what happen to Silver? I thought you liked him."

"Oh, that old fart . . ."


"What? He's so stupid sometimes, it would put Muddy to shame!"

"That dumb huh?"

Flare and Cherry began to watch Brendan and May again when the sound of swooshing of wings caught Cherry's attention.

"Flare?" Cherry murmured weakly, as she turned around and saw what was in front of her.

"What? I'm busy."

"But Flare-"

"What did I say Cherry?"


"What!" Flare gave up in frustration and turned to face Cherry.

"You have company . . ." Cherry pointed to a Charizard, the dragon that had a major crush on Flare. He waved shyly at the Blaziken, the flame on his tail growing bigger its inferno, a Flare rubbed the back of her head with her sharp talons, rather nervous. She swore she got rid of him a few months ago . . .

"Uh . . . hi?"

* * *

May linked arms with Brendan again as they began to walk around the city of Mauville, ignoring the stares that other trainers gave them. People were surprised that the infamous Brendan Birch and May Maple from the Gabby and T.Y.'s Pokémon Report were here in their town, wandering the streets in hopes of finding something to do at the fair.

"Look, it's those trainers that beat Team Magma before!" one little boy shouted, running a few feet to their right, stopping, and pointing at them. "I hear that they're still trying to track them down! That's awesome! I hope I get to kick some evil butt when I get strong like Brendan!"

"Who cares about that! Gabby and T.Y. said they were the next Gold and Krys!" another young girl replied back, placing her hands on her hips. She smiled at the boy. "I hope we get to travel together and then we fall in love just like them!"

Brendan and May blushed at this comment, but still continued to walk.

"Ew, me and you in love! You have a sick mind!"

"Nuh uh!"

"Uh huh!"

The two older trainers only laughed at the young childrens' fight and continued to turn their heads left and right, flashing lights dancing upon their face.

One sparkle of light caught the girl trainer's attention. "Aw, look Brendan, it's a ferris wheel!" May said, excited. "I always wanted to try one of those, but my parents would never let me, saying that it was too dangerous! Let's go on it! Please? For me?"

Brendan only laughed. "Alright, no need to give me excuses to go on it."

* * *

Paranoid, the green-haired trainer tread the length of his kitchen back and forth once more, his Pokémon watching him like a tennis match, back and forth. Wally stopped dead in his tracks and pointed at one of his Pokémon, Magnemite. The Magnemite froze in his spot and began to back away as Wally advanced on it.

"You! You said it's impossible that they can fall in love in one single night right?"

"Well uh, yeah, but . . . uh . . . Why don't you ask Roselia?" Magnemite replied, fear in his one eye as Wally's own eyes began to twitch violently.

"Roselia!" he hollered.

Kirlia, tired of Wally's paranoia, slapped her forehead and shook her head. "It's going to be a looooonnnngggg night . . ."

* * *

"Don't you just love the sights you can see when you're up here?" May sighed happily as she look around at the winking lights below her. Their car stopped at the top of the wheel. "It gives you this magical feeling in the pit of your stomach like anything can happen . . . It's really beautiful."

"It is, isn't it?" Brendan replied, not staring at the lights but at May instead.

"Yeah . . ." May's eyes widened for a moment when she saw Brendan lean in toward her . . .

* * *

Meanwhile, across the clear midnight sky, a lone bird flew, his wings spread wide, the wind running freely though his feathers. His silhouette was eerie as he passed the silvery moon, overshadowing the fair for a few seconds before he swooped down and flipped in the air. With his keen little bird eyes, the Swellow noticed the happy couples laughing and holding hands, a sight that almost made him hurl.

"Skies are clear tonight and love is everywhere," Tai reported to himself as he flew on his back, staring at the sky instead of the couples. "How . . . boring. And kind of lonely looking too . . ."

But the Swellow wasn't alone.

"Hi Tai," a bunch of Wingulls who have known him from his battles against Gabby and T.Y. giggled as they flew past him.

Tai flipped around and grinned. Much better. "Ladies . . ." Tai said back, making the Wingulls giggle even more. He laughed cockily, flicking back his head, puffing his chest. "Oh yeah, I still got-" A girl Swellow flew below him, her feathers a pretty shade of blue and pink that were preened neatly.

"Why, hello . . ." The girl Swellow flew on her back, smiled, and winked at him as she flew past.

"Hello to you too . . ." Tai replied back, chuckling, flying with his head behind him to see the Swellow fly behind him, and he would of continued flying if he hadn't crashed into something hard . . .

* * *

Just as their lips were centimeters apart, a thunk from behind their car swung them back and forth. Brendan and May quickly sat back up, blushing pink, staring straight ahead.

Silence wrapped around them like a snake.

"Uh, heh yeah," Brendan muttered, rubbing the back of his neck as if he were trying to wipe off beads of sweat. The Ferris Wheel circled back to the bottom and the two got off. "That was fun. Thanks for making me go up on it."

". . .Y-yeah. No problem B Boy." Despite suffering through the worse case of embarassment she'd even been through, May managed to force a smile on her face as she laced fingers with the boy again. "I'm glad I went on it."

"Yeah . . . Yeah me too."

The clock struck twelve, and Brendan and May realized they had to get back before Wally went mentally insane. The walk back in the grace of the moonlight was chilly, if not eerie even. The two didn't know what to think of the almost kiss up there on the Ferris Wheel. Did it mean something more? Did May pick Brendan over Wally?

She didn't know herself. It felt more of instinct to lean back in toward Brendan instead of wanting to lean in instead. Like she had to.

Pushing the thoughts out of her head, she said, "Well I had fun." May smiled at Brendan as they stood at the entrance of Wally's house. She whiffed in the smell of sweet grass and played with the loose strands of brown hair that flew out of her bandana while on top of the Ferris Wheel.

"Yeah, me too . . ." Brendan smiled back, trying to hide back disappointed. He was so close . . .

I only wish I got to kiss her on top of the ferris wheel though. . . Things would of been perfect . . . like her . . .

"Well . . . um . . . good night!" And with that May gave Brendan a kiss on the lips before running into the house, slamming the door behind her, forgetting that Brendan was staying there too.

Brendan blinked and touched his lips softly, a slight tingle on them. Now things are perfect.

Joe Vega #4
5th November 2005, 10:57 PM
"Oh, no no no no no, I think we need a little one-on-one chat. A chicken to fourteen year-old boy with white hair and ruby red eyes don't ya think?"

Revised and hysterical!

"I'll make this short. You hurt May, you die. You embarrass her, you die. You lose her, you die. And if you ever become her boyfriend, date her, and dump her for some other more attractive girl than May, which, in my opinion, I think is quite impossible, you die, get reincarnated, crash and burn, and then die again. Got it?"

Brendan rubbed the back of his neck, wiping the sweat that accumlated there, gulped and nodded. "Crystal."


"Kirlia, he's scaring me," Swablu, one of Wally's Pokémon, whimpered, ruffling her blue feathers and flapping her puffy white wings. "Is he always like this when May and Brendan are near?"

"When it comes to May, yeah," Wally's Delcatty murmured, licking her paw with her soft, pink tongue.


Kirlia, Delcatty, and Swablu froze, but began to watch Wally's nervous act with amusement again.


"Oh yeah, that doesn't look suspicious! I'll just cover up a quarter of the sky!"

"Okay, fine, you have a point, but can't you just act, you know, like a blimp or something?"

"What do you think?"

Hydro, you rock.

"I've got a question Flare..." Tai murmured, holding the map with his claws.

"Okay, what is it?"

"When did we learn how to draw?"

Since the author said so.

"Aw, what an absolutely adorable moment!" Skittles said quietly as she and Thunderbolt hid behind some bushes. She smiled at Brendan and May who were still held in an embrace. "Don't they look so cute together Thunderbolt?"

"I've never seen a more disgusting thing in my life!" Thunderbolt gagged, lifting his head from his paws. "I don't see how you get all goo-goo-ga-ga over this 'love' thing Skittles. It's absolutely horrendous."

"Oh, come now T.B. I know that underneath that tough skin of yours there's a real softie!" Skittles proclaimed, poking the Manectric's back with her nose. "So why don't you let the real you out and see romance blossom right before your eyes!"

Aww, love.

"Tough cookies there Flar-" Cherry spotted a boy Dustox flying over some trainer's head. "Why, hello . . ."

Pfft... how is a Dustox attractive? ;)

Sakura Haruno
15th November 2005, 3:56 PM
wow really great chapter breezy .... i love it ..its fantastic and so kawii

anyways that was really good ! i cant believe she kissed him , i am soo happy now ! anyways can't wait till the next chapter

great job !